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September 13, 2018, 01:30:58 AM

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Cries in the Night

The house literally shook from the thunder, as the night lit up like day from the lightning flash. It was the biggest downpour in years, and it was hitting with a vengeance.  I was not in the best of moods, this particular evening. My girlfriend was being a cunt all evening, and nagged at me endlessly. Furthermore the idiot got so fucking drunk she blacked out on the couch. She’s been doing that a lot lately.  Would have been nice to feed her a load of jis before going to bed, but fat chance of that happening now. Fucking cunt.

Everything about her, and her fucking bitch tail of a daughter drove me fucking nuts.  She had once been pretty hot looking for a dumb skank, but while I was away in jail she started letting herself go. Her body was still ok, but her tits had started to sag a bit, and her face was showing the signs of wear and tear. Her cunt had always been saggy, but she sucked a mean cock and her shitter was always nice and tight. Usually took a few slaps, to get the whore to turn over and give up the ass. She always whined saying “why can’t we make love normally?”. Make love? Not fucking likely. I was fucking her, and since her cunt had let itself go, I sometimes preferred her ass. She always tried to convince me to let her suck me instead, which infuriated me. I had to let the hands fly from time to time to remind her of her place. Then the stupid cunt would lay there curled up, sobbing as though she wanted sympathy which pissed me off even more. She was nothing. She had always relied on men to support her, and went on welfare when she didn’t have some guy to pay her bills. Currently, I was here for free lodging so long as I bought the food (and booze), and I had access to her cunt on a regular basis; not that I was ever faithful to the bitch. I know for a fact that she hadn’t been faithful when I was in the can.

Her bitch daughter always gave me attitude, and she always argued with her mother, asking her why she stayed with me. I frequently heard them arguing about me when they thought I couldn’t hear.  Little mouthpiece even went so far as to call the cops one night when I was drunk and throwing things, which I wouldn’t have been doing in the first place had her cunt mother not pushed me over the edge. She must have been thrilled when I was arrested later for trafficking firearms, and went away for a few years. When her mother took me back in after my parole she was mortified.

The daughter was one of those dumb white trash cunts who thought she was better than the people in her surroundings. She acted like a smart ass, participating in various school events, fantasizing that she would someday go off to college and have a better life than this, cheap run down basement apartment her mother rented in some house. Fucking idiot. Her mother was a cheap drunken whore, and so would she be some day.

When I first came back, I noticed that the little bitch had started to fill out nicely. Nice tits, a nice ass…not to bad. Better than her whore mothers body. She had that youthful tight look to her. I hated the little bitch, but her ass was something to look at. I could see the disgust and discomfort in her eyes when she saw me checking her out. She got into the habit of wearing loose fitting sweat pants and shirts so her figure wouldn’t show as much. Guess my obvious leering made her feel creeped out. Whatever.

Either way, I had some peace and quiet now. The snotty daughter, had finally shut up and gone to bed, and my old lady was fucking out cold from drinking and some pills. I had some peace and quiet to drink, and watch some TV. I broke out the whiskey, and cracked a beer. I liked the combination, shooting whiskey with beer chasers. The girlfriend and her daughter usually got nervous when I started drinking heavily, but the fact is even when I drank, I only blew up when someone pushed me too far, so too fucking bad. I’m paying for the food on the table, so I can drink!

The storm raged, while I drank and watched various crap, ranging from sports to old movies. I bored after awhile and went to my video selection and stuck in a porno.  The beers and whiskey kept flowing as I watched hot sluts slinging their cunts for the camera. Loved these fucking whores…they were born to satisfy cock. I kept boozing, watching the hot cunt on the video as the thunder rattled the house……………….

……………..must have dozed off, the screen was static, the video was over and the storm still raged. I had an erection, and ran my hand down, to feel my hardened member. Looking over at my drunken bitch on the couch, I thought of giving her some cock, but I knew full well that the stupid cunt was impossible to wake up, and to be frank, I didn’t feel like shoving her slumbering form around.

Standing, I walked to the bathroom, to take a leak. Holy fuck I was woozy, the whiskey and beer had taken its toll and I was staggering as I stumbled. As  I stood in the bathroom, I relieved myself, and staggered out.

Walking down the hall, I paused by the bitch daughters room. Not sure why, but I casually pushed the door open and took a look in my drunken stupor. She was sound asleep, but the blankets had shifted slightly off of her body, exposing her somewhat. She was sleeping in a button up shirt and a pair of panties. From my angle, I stood there, drunk as fuck, staring at her nice form. She was not wearing a bra as her nipples showed through the thin button up shirt she wore as a panama top. From this angle, I could see the entire right side of her body, as she was only partially covered. Her legs looked lean and soft in their youth, her tummy flat and her small tender mounds, nicely formed rose and fell with her breathing. Looking further down, I could see her pubic mound, nicely outlined through her panties, and just the slightest hint of her labia was barely discernable. Staring I saw the sight of her inner thigh, just as it met the panties, with that slight indent so erotic.

I don’t even recall making the decision. One second I was staring at the little cunt’s hot looking body, and he next I was staggering drunkenly across the room. Pulling the covers off I fell upon the sleeping form heavily. She jolted disoriented from the sudden weight upon her and before she could react I Grabbed her night shirt and ripped it open.

“What are you...oh my god, stop!.....Mommmmpphhh”, as my hand clamped over her young mouth, I pinned her struggling body down, and clumsily began to paw ate her tender little breasts, mauling them, pinching the tender buds as she wriggled frantically beneath me, trying to cry through my hand as she tried to pull my hand off her mouth. I lowered my mouth to her tits and started kissing and sucking on them sloppily in my drunken haze, as I drooled on her soft mounds, while she continued to struggle.  As I forced myself between her legs she bucked her hips a few times in and attempt to throw me off. In doing so I felt her pubic mound press up against my erection, getting me more excited. Reaching down, I pressed my hand against her panties and felt her pussy lips through the soft material. Grabbing the material I started to pull. Immediately both of her hands went to hr panties, trying to hold on to them as though holding on for dear life. I was stronger and quickly the tug of war started causing them to rip, and so I had ripped on side, which allowed me to simply push them aside as they were now only attached to her left leg.

Her screams through my hand were getting more desperate now, but my hand was clamped firmly over her mouth, probably hard enough to hurt. Reaching down, I yanked down my sweat pants and boxers, releasing my straining cock from its restraints. I stick two fingers in my mouth, and crudely rub them between her legs as she cries out in disgust. Wasting no time, I grab my cock and guide it to her little twat as she squirms desperately. I make contact, but her struggles make it difficult for me to penetrate. After a few failed attempts, thrusting my hips forward to have my cock slide off and not penetrate it’s target, I pinned her well, and made contact. I pushed hard against her resisting twat, as she cried out in denial and pain at the roughness of the attempted penetration. As soon as her lips started to yield and she opened a bit, I jammed my hips forward with all my might, forcing several inches into her tightness, barely registering the resisting cherry that I tore through as her body arched and she squealed a high pitched scream as she was split open. Now that I had got part of the cock in, the rest was inevitable. Twisting and jerking my hips, I forced inch after inch into her amazingly tight pussy as she screamed and jerked with each thrust.  Finally I had my entire cock buried inside the crying girls tight little fuck tube, as she still wriggled frantically, screaming through my hand as tears poured down her face. Fuck her tight little quim felt great on my cock. Much better than her bitch mother’s saggy fuck hole. I should have fucked the little tightie long ago!.
Then I started to fuck the bitch, hard. I was drunk, so my technique was clumsy, but it still felt good for me, jamming my cock in and out of that tight little cock socket of hers! I focussed purely on my satisfaction as I slammed my hips between her legs repeatedly, breathing heavily from exertion as I pounded her little cunt, slamming my cock into her tightness, enjoying the feel of it resisting, and the feel of hitting her cervix with each thrust.  My techniques was drunk and sloppy, but what I lacked in finesse I made up for with sheer aggression, fucking her so hard the bed shook with each thrust. The room echoed with the sound of pounding, her muffled screams and the sound of the bed sliding on the floor.

I fucked the little twat hard for several more minutes, breathing heavily, sweating al over her as I delighted in the feel of her fucking tight little cunt resisting each thrust and clamping down on me when I thrust in. Then I felt my orgasm approaching, and started really driving my pelvis hard, fucking that tight little cunt of hers with savage abandon and then I came hard, exploding inside her, spraying her tender young insides with cum as I planted my cock balls deep inside her, holding her fast. After a few seconds of my cock pumping as my body seized rigid on top of her, it ended and I finally sagged, laying on top of her, my cock still deep inside her, as I panted trying to catch my breath.

My hand left her mouth, and she started sobbing loudly as I lay there, noticing that her little cunt contracted with each sob.  After a few moments of laying there in shock, she started trying to push my relaxed form off of her body. It was hard, given our size differential, so I decided to roll off of her, as I had already gotten what I wanted. As I moved off, I felt my softening cock sliding out of her. As it popped out, it slapped against her inner thigh, and as I rolled away, it snaked across, leaving a trail of blood and fluids. I looked between her legs and saw my sperm and her blood, leaking out of her freshly deflowered cunt, which still twitched from the trauma it had endured.

I lay on my back for a few more seconds, trying to get my bearings. My head was still spinning from the booze. Finally I struggled to my feet and pulled up my pants, as she curled up in the foetal position facing away from me, still sobbing hard, her whole body shaking with each sob.

Staggering to her door, I had to put my hand on it to keep my balance as I released a loud belch. Satisfied, I closed the door and headed down to the kitchen to get another beer, as her sobs continued. Popping a beer, I sat down in my recliner and started flipping through the channels. I could hear her sobbing loudly for what seemed like forever as I watched a war movie. Only after some time did her sobs quiet down, and I assume she fell asleep.

The thunder was still roaring.