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Give me more background on the characters
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Blackmail and rape is all good and fine but add torture
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I want to see more of Theo “playing” with Sandy
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Lose Theo
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Author Topic: Corrupted innocense  (Read 21209 times)

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November 20, 2017, 10:57:46 AM

Offline EvilBastard

Theo isn’t very bright, actually when saying that he isn’t very bright it is like a compliment for him, most people just call him the retard. He has a serious learning disability and, at 19 years old Theo has the mind of a 6 or 7 year old boy. At first that was not much of a problem, but when at age 14 he reached puberty, or better, his body reached puberty while his mind stayed on the level of a preschooler, the frustration started to change him. Tantrums and outbursts of rage and fury made Theo dangerous and unpredictable but lucky for him and his parents a unique therapist with rather unusual methods managed to calm Theo down by teaching him to masturbate. His parents were horrified when they discovered it, but the result spoke for itself and because of that, Theo was allowed to stay at home instead of being locked away, so they didn’t say anything about it, just made sure that Theo understood that he should only wank himself when he was alone.

But retarded or not, Theo is an adolescent young man and ever since that young couple moved in next door 11 years ago, he had really liked the woman. She had been pregnant with their first child back then, and since then she had born 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. But more important, she had always treated Theo with kindness. Over the years his liking her had become a crush and finally an obsession. Theo wanted her, needed her, and the fact that she was 15 years older and married didn’t matter to him.

Her husband is an engineer and has to maintain and service machines all over the world, which means that he is often gone for weeks, sometimes month, leaving her alone with the kids. For Theo that is a clear indication that she must need him, because Theo is always there and would never leave her. But Theo also knows that she doesn’t see him like he sees her, so it is quite obvious that he has to convince her.

Now he might not be intelligent, but that doesn’t mean Theo is not smart, a kind of street smart that develops when everyone is looking down on you and because people don’t think that Theo understands, they usually talk quite openly in front of him. When he noticed that his mom always took a pill before going to bed, he asked her about it and she told him that she has trouble falling asleep and those pills help her. Theo got all excited about it, and she thought he was worried, so she explained that 1 pill is quite safe and only makes her drowsy enough to fall asleep. Even 2 or 3 pills would be safe, only by taking 20 or more they would be dangerous. Theo nodded to that and the subject was off the table, or so his mom thought.

But Theo got a wonderful idea from that, knowing that he was not allowed to masturbate when others would be able to see him, but desperately wanting to do so when his cute and kind neighbor was around, he figured that, if she would sleep without being disturbed by him, it would be ok.

Theo knows of course that he can’t just give her the pills, but he also knows that the neighborhood barbeque is coming next Saturday, and Theo always helps out by serving people drinks and food, so that will be his chance, especially because her husband is on one of his business trips again.

Patiently Theo waits until all younger children are in bed and only then he swipes 5 of his mother’s pills, carefully grinds them and stirs the powder into her orange juice before he brings it over with a smile. It doesn’t take long and she begins to yawn and within 30 minutes she excuses herself and heads home to sleep. Theo waits another 30 minutes and then he also excuses himself, but instead of going to bed, he just gets the neighbor’s key that his parents have in their key box in case they accidentally lock themselves out and walks over to her house. Silently he sneaks up to her bedroom and opens the door. Theo gasps when he sees his beautiful neighbor on the bed. She must have been so tired, that she collapsed on the bed before she was ready. Her clothes lie on the floor, her nighty is still on a chair, the only thing she is still half wearing are her panties, but those are down at her knees.

Theo never saw a naked woman before, well, not life, he only had seen some pictures in a magazine that some of the boys had given him to taunt him, but this is very different, this is the love of his life. Theo notices that his penis is painfully hard, but before he releases it from his shorts, he pulls her panties completely off and throws them on the pile of clothes. Theo is in total awe as he looks at her angelic face, framed by her long, blond hair.

“I love you Sandy” he whispers, for the first time ever using her first name instead of calling her Mrs. M. as he usually does “I really love you!”

She looks different like those women in that magazine, her titties are smaller and softer, they sag and don’t stand up like perfectly round hills, her nipples do not poke out and between her legs she has hair, just like him. Her asshole is tiny and pink, not stretched and brownish like those women in that magazine, but Theo things she is the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Gently he touches her tits, just a handful each, and so very soft. Theo almost jumps back when her nipples begin to harden under his caress and she groans a little in her sleep, but Sandy doesn’t wake up and he has more time to explore her. The slit between her legs is closed, but Theo knows from the magazines that it doesn’t have to be, so he gently opens it up with his fingers to see the pink inside of her lips. For reasons he can’t understand his excitement grows even more and he finally lets his rock hard penis out of the confinement of his shorts, to his surprise it is already dripping.

Remembering why he is here Theo begins to wank, but then he stops again. His love is naked, he should be too, so he quickly takes all his clothes off. Sandy turns to her right side now and there is a half-smile on her beautiful face. Theo can’t hold back any longer, his member is throbbing painfully and so he starts wanking again, his eyes glued to the naked body of his gorgeous neighbor. Usually he plays around with himself for 20 to 30 minutes, but he is much too excited for this now and after not even 5 minutes he explodes like he never did before. His cum shoots out in like the jet of the fountain in the park and it doesn’t stop for a long time. Standing beside Sandy’s lower legs his sperm has catapulted out so forcefully that even her face and hair is covered and so is her left boob, her thighs and her bum. For a second Theo is scared that she might wake, but Sandy doesn’t seem to notice, her breath is slow and even only her nose twitches a bit.

Theo smiles, he feels a lot better now, but even though he just came harder than ever before, his pecker doesn’t really relax. It softens a bit, but not like usual when it becomes all flaccid and lax after cumming. He looks at Sandy’s naked body and smiles happy. Remembering some of the pictures in that magazine Theo gently puts the tip of his pecker on Sandy’s lips, but she doesn’t open her mouth, not even when a bit of cum flows out and stains her pouty lips. Theo frowns, but then he remembers something else and turns to Sandy’s slit again.

With his fingers he opens her cunt lips once more and then slowly, deliberately rubs his still semi erected cock against the inside. Instantly he gets hard again, it feels so great, so right! Rubbing a bit harder he gasps in surprise when the head of his cock suddenly slides into Sandy, revealing that there is an actual hole. Carefully he forces his dick deeper inside, and even deeper until all of it is in Sandy’s hole. It feels wonderful, much, much better than masturbating. Slowly Theo pulls out and then forces his cock back in, again and again, faster and faster. His left hand finds Sandy’s bouncing tittie and begins to massage and squeeze it, her nipple hardens again under his touch and Theo pinches and pulls it.

To his dismay Sandy’s smile is gone now and a serious frown is painted on her angelic face as she groans in pain in her sleep. But Theo doesn’t really care, this feels much too good to stop just because Sandy doesn’t seem to like it. After all, he loves her, so she will have to take whatever makes him happy, isn’t that how it is when you love someone? Theo is a little angry that Sandy doesn’t seem to enjoy his efforts, so he starts to pinch her nipples harder now and when she groans in pain again, he slaps her tit. For some reason he feels good about that. Sandy doesn’t appreciate him, so she needs to be punished. Exactly like his parents always do with him when he doesn’t value their efforts.

“This hurts me more than it hurts you” he whispers and smiles happy when he watches Sandy’s nipples and titties beginning to bruise. Hurting this beautiful young woman is even more exciting than caressing her, especially while thrusting his hard cock in and out her slit hole.

Theo’s dick starts to twitch again and he knows what that means. One more hard thrust as deep as possible inside Sandy and he explodes for the second time this evening, but for the very first time of his life inside someone’s snatch.

Extremely satisfied Theo pulls out of Sandy’s hole with a loud plop and, for a while, watches his sperm oozing out of her slit. He planned to keep this a secret, but after having cum inside of Sandy, he knows he will have to tell someone, it is just too good to keep it all to himself. Of course he will not be able to tell his parents, they will never understand, but the boys might. After all, they have those magazines and always talk about “fucking bitches”. Theo wonders, what he did with Sandy, might that be “fucking”? If so, he wants to do it again and again, every day and every night, because it is wonderful.

But the boys will not believe him, they never do. They always call him “retard” and make fun of him. Theo frowns, he needs to tell someone, but if they don’t believe him it is no good. Suddenly he smiles, they will believe him if he can prove it, and prove is easy. Theo grabs his shorts and pulls his cell phone out of the pocket. He starts taking pictures of the naked Sandy, dried cum on her face and in her hair, slightly bruised his and nipples and best of all, his sperm still flowing out of her hairy slit. For good measures he shoves his cock into her cunt again and then puts it on her pouty lips for some more pictures. That is prove, Theo smiles to himself, they will have to believe him now. 


to be continued if you like. Let me know

November 20, 2017, 12:21:57 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Great first story, which HAS to be continued, not should but HAS to be, just doesn't seem right to leave it at this point!

November 20, 2017, 12:30:34 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Please please continue the story. It would be a shame not to see what else Theo does.

November 20, 2017, 03:00:17 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Wow, so some of you like my weird idea  :D, that makes me happy and I will gladly continue this lil' story.

November 20, 2017, 03:01:54 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

To Theo’s surprise, it is still quite early, just after midnight. He smiles as he gets dressed, the boys might still be up and around. They never participate at the neighborhood barbeque, they call it “bourgeois” and “suburban”, but they will probably hang out somewhere.

Quietly Theo sneaks out of Sandy’s house, returns the key to his parent’s key box and checks the playground. Sometimes the boys hang up here, drinking beer and smoking, but not tonight. Theo needs to tell someone what he has done to Sandy, but he has no idea where to find the boys. Aimlessly he walks through the neighborhood, avoiding the last adults still drinking and dancing at the barbeque side, but it takes until 2:30 am until he spots Steve and Tony just getting out of Steve’s car in front of his parents’ house.

“Hey” Theo yells out, much too loud for the sleepy suburban neighborhood “Wait up boys, I have to tell you something”

Both caution him to be more quiet, and when Theo tells them in great detail what he has done to and with Sandy, they just grin and wink at each other.

“Sure retard” Tony says “You porked the Milf of the neighborhood, the goody-goody, the total prude. Nobody has ever seen a glimpse of her body, but you drugged and fucked her. Damn retard, I wish I would have your great imagination!”

They both laugh and Theo realizes that Tony, no matter what he said, doesn’t believe a word he has told them. He smiles now. Happy that he anticipated this and takes out his cell, flipping to the photo section and then proudly handing it to them.

The guys gasp in total disbelieve. This is Mrs. M., naked as a jaybird, soft, saggy mommy tits, hairy cunt and holy shit, the retards cock in her cunt and cum all over her Milf body. What the fuck, she is the most prudish wife in the area, hell, probably the country, but retard has scored with her. Sandy has been in all adolescent dreams in the neighborhood, and probably in quite a few of their fathers too, but she has always been prim and proper, so pretty much everyone has realized over time that they would never ever get to see her body, not to mention fuck her, but this changes everything now.

“Damn Theo” Steve grunts, not even realizing that he just has called him by his name and not retard as they all usually do “You are a fucking genius. Send me those pix will you, all of them. My number is …”

Tony has grabbed his cell phone too, but not to receive copies of Theo’s pictures, he is calling the rest of the gang, telling them to get over to the playground immediately and bring beer.

Theo is proud and happy, but now that he had a chance to tell someone, he is quite tired and wants to go home.

“You can’t leave now Theo” Tony slaps his shoulder “You are our hero, you need to tell the others everything you did and share those pix. Remember how we shared the magazine with you? So be a buddy now and come with us. You can go to bed later.”

Theo is tired, but for the first time in his life the boys treat him like an equal, so he agrees to join them. As soon as everyone is there he has to tell them what he did with Sandy in every detail again while Marty invites him into their what’s app group to share the pictures easily. Theo is almost asleep now, so They take him home and then back to the playground.  All of them are excited like hell. Prude Mrs. M. naked and freshly fucked what a stroke of genius, and that from the retard! For hours they talk about her saggy mommy tits, her hairy cunt and the tiny, definitely unused rosette and what they all would do to Sandy, until Wally finally says

“Yeah, yeah, all talk and no play. You guys are so childish. None of you has the guts retard has, none of you is really doing anything but staring at her pix. Well, I will not sit around here and just talk, me and retard will collect on this adventure.”

“Sure” Pete grunts angry “You are such a great fucker. Those sleeping pills don’t work forever you know. Chances are that when we go over there now, she wakes and then we all end up in jail. Retard is safe enough, nobody will blame him cause he is what he is, maybe Steve and Jake will end up with a slap on the wrist cause they aint 18 yet, but the rest of us will do some serious jail time for rape.”

Most others nod to that, but Wally isn’t done.

“Ok you wankers, let’s examine the situation here. We have pix of Mrs. M. naked, cum all over her, cum oozing out of her cunt and a naked retard on quite a few of those pix. Now what does prevent us to report Mrs. M. to the authorities for seducing a retarded freak?”

“Are you mad?” Tony interrupts him “He drugged her, not the other way around, retard raped her, not she him.”

“Yeah? Show me on those pix were it is apparent that she didn’t invite him and abused the well-known fact that he in mentally unfit? I say that is typical for a Milf, her hubby is on yet another business trip and she needs her cunt oiled. She probably has done this for years with poor Theo.”

The guys are silent for a while, only Pete starts to understand where Wally is going. “Yeah, she probably did seduce poor Theo and we are his friends. We have to look out for him, right? No way we let some suburban slut, hiding behind a reputation of prudishness and purity sexually abuse our helpless mentally challenged friend.”

“What?” Jake looks totally confused now “I don’t get it, retard just told us every detail about drugging her, what are you trying to say?”

“Just what we are going to tell Mrs. M.” Wally grins and now even Jake gets it. “Look guys, she is a prude, she is a prim and proper wife, mommy and whatever. If we threaten to go to the police, or better, to our parents, the church, her family and friends, and show them those pix and tell everyone that she is taking advantage of poor Theo here, her reputation will be ruined. Even if nobody believes us, she will have to live with the simple fact that everyone who knows her will have seen her sum crusted naked body and retard’s cock in her cunt and mouth. She will never let that happen. So we will offer her a way out, if and only if she agrees to let all of us fuck her from now on.”

For minutes everyone thinks about this. It is blackmail, definitely criminal, but it is only blackmail if Mrs. M. agrees, until then it is just a few friends trying to safe their helpless buddy, isn’t it?

“Ok, but how do we do this?” Steve finally asks.

“Simple” Wally replies “2 or 3 of us will visit Mrs. M. tomorrow, oops, I mean this morning. The pills will have her still quite drowsy, so she wont be at her best. We confront her with the story first, then, when she denies everything, we back it up with some of those pix, but we will select those were it isn’t too obvious that she was drugged. If she isn’t as prudish as we all think and goes to fight this, we can still get out of there, claiming all we wanted is to help a poor retard, but if, and I am absolutely positive about this, if she really is that prim and proper goody-goody, she will break down and beg us not to report her. Then we will pretend to think about it and finally, when she is promising anything to make us reconsider, I will tell her what she can do to prevent this going public.”

Everybody is excited now, but nobody wants to be the one accompanying Wally. Finally Jake agrees, and so it is set. Wally and Jake will confront Mrs. M. in the morning, but it is 6:37 am now, too early for that. They agree that they should not knock on her door before 8:00 am, so what now?

Tony’s parents are out of town, so they all go over to his house. They are all tired, but way too excited to sleep, so they decide to have breakfast while they wait. Finally it is 8:00 am and Wally and Jake walk over to Mrs. M.’s house. The guys fall completely quiet, nobody wants to talk anymore. Slowly the minutes tick away, and then their cells buzz all at the same time. It is a notice in their what’s app group: “Get over here” nothing else. Minutes later 4 tired but overexcited adolescents knock at the door of Mrs. M.’s house.


to be continued if you like! Let me know

November 20, 2017, 05:54:02 PM
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Offline vile8r

Damn EvilBastard! You have got a hell of a story going here! Love the dialogue and the way you've portrayed Theo! Next chapter should be damn good!

November 21, 2017, 05:36:48 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Thank you, I am glad you like my lil' story so far. I will continue later today, and I promise not to forget Theo, his role is still vital even though the gang has taken over for now.

November 21, 2017, 07:47:16 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

The door opens right away, as if someone was waiting for them, but whoever is opening it, stays hidden behind. A bit reluctant the guys step in, but then they all start to laugh when they see Mrs. M. wearing just a bathrobe. No wonder she is trying to stay out of sight, what would the neighbors think if she lets a group of young men in her home not properly dressed.

Her hair is tangled, as if she just got up, but her eyes are puffy and her nose is red, she has definitely been crying. Mrs. M.’s voice is barely more than a whisper when she asks them to follow her into the living room where Wally and Jake are waiting, both sprouting a big grin on their faces.

“There you are“ Wally greets them “Sorry for the wait, but Sandy has been a bad girl and slept in today. We had to ring the doorbell 3 times before her oldest son finally opened and then he had to go wake mommy. I guess she likes to sleep longer after seducing the retarded kid from next door.” He laughs evilly and Mrs. M. blushes crimson.

“Now Sandy, why don’t you tell the guys what we agreed on, will you. Look how anxious they are to hear all about it.” Wally continues unmoved.

Her eyes plead for mercy but Wally just hisses “Tell them already, we don’t have all day.”

“I …. I … uhmm, I mean we …. “Mrs. M.s’ voice is almost breaking as she tries to talk “We agreed that … that you will not … not tell anyone about … about what happened …. apparently happened last night …. and … and you will not … not show those awful pictures to anyone.” Fresh tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

“Yeah, yeah, yadda yadda yadda” Wally interrupts her “Tell her what you agreed to do so we wont show and tell.”

“I … I agreed to … to … to let you … let you see me … my … my body … and … and touch me … and use me … sexually … for … for 6 weeks” she can’t keep her composure any longer and slumps down to her knees crying desperately, but Wally shows no pity.

“Damn Sandy, tell them ALL about our deal. I swear you are already making me regret this with your constant whining and crying. Do you prefer that we do tell everyone that you keep seducing mental retards and show them the prove pictures?”

“No … please no … I will tell them … please Walter … I will” She gulps several times and swallows her tears. “I also promise not to … to be such a stuck up prude any… any more. I will … will wear more dresses and skirts now… not … not pants so often … and … and I will not wear a bra any more … except at work … and church.” Sandy looks over to Wally and he nods, but he also makes a hand sign for her to continue.

For a moment her face goes blank, but then she remembers “Oh yes … there is … is a safe zone around my house … 50 miles … a safe zone of 50 miles where … where you … nobody can demand that I … I do anything in public that … that would compromise me.” Again she glances over to Wally and sighs in relieve when he just nods satisfied.

The guys immediately see why Wally must have agreed to a safe zone. After all, how could they blackmail Sandy with nude pix and made-up stories if they would force her naked in public. That was a smart move. Jake is too excited to stay quiet any longer and bursts out
“Sandy will have to go where we tell her, I mean when her hubby is gone and the kids are some place safe. She has to get naked whenever we are alone with her. But now her kids are upstairs, so maybe that doesn’t count.”

“Not quite” Wally interrupts “Steve, take first watch at the stairs and warn us if the kids come down, and Sandy, loose that robe!”

Steve grumbles, but does as he is told, but Mrs. M. looks like she is frozen in time, she just stands there and stares at Wally.

“Now bitch, or the deal is of” he hisses and slowly, ever so slowly Sandy’s trembling fingers reach for the belt of her bathrobe and, with a real effort she finally manages to open it and then lets the robe drop to the floor. They guys stare at her naked Milf body. Sure, they had seen the pix, but this is so much better. Soft, saggy mommy titties, the hairy snatch, a firm tummy and gorgeous long legs. WOW, Mrs. M. is a beauty, especially for a thirty something mom of 3 kids.   

“Go ahead guys” Wally chuckles “Touch her, play with her, but no fucking right now, with her kids upstairs it aint safe. Sandy will bring them to her parents this afternoon, then we will get to use her pathetic granny body.” He laughs, but the bulge in his pants clearly says that he doesn’t find Sandy’s body as contemptible as he tries to make her believe.

Poor Sandy finds herself surrounded by 5 young men between the ages of 17 and 20, all squeezing, pinching, touching her soft tits, her nipples, her ass and her hairy cunt. Crying softly she lets it all happen, there is absolutely nothing she can do about it now. Wally had made it very clear, either she would serve them for 6 weeks, or they would not only tell everyone that she seduced the mentally disabled neighbor’s son, but they would back it up with those awful pornographic pictures. She bites her lip not to yell out when Wally twists her sensitive nipples. 6 weeks of hell, but she will have to go through it.

If Sandy would know that those 6 weeks were nothing but a number Wally had thrown in to make her think that it was only a limited time period she will have to obey them, but he doesn’t plan to give her up for as long as he will have fun with her mommy body, she might have reconsidered, but Sandy doesn’t know that. She believes that those young men will quickly tire of her, since she is quite a bit older than them and has no idea that none of them ever had a real woman before, so they will enjoy her much more than she can imagine. And then, Sandy is factually their slave. Who, in his right mind, would give up a sexy, helpless slave? Definitely not these guys!

Just when Tony relieves Steve from watching out for the kids, the doorbell rings. What the fuck? Who could that be on a Saturday morning before 9:00 am?

“You better answer that, Sandy” Wally grumbled annoyed “And put that bathrobe back on”

The guys can’t help but grin, even though the doorbell interrupted their fun with Sandy, it is so fucking cool to watch how she has to obey them. They stay in the living room, listening to their Milf opening the door and then they grin even more when they hear Theo’s voice all excited.

“I saw the boys visiting you Mrs. M., can I come in too? Please!”

Before Sandy is able to answer that Wally yells from the living room “Of course you can Theo, you are our hero now, so you will always be welcome here. Come on in and see what we are doing to the love of your life.”

They all laugh, all except Sandy of course and as soon as she returns with the retard, Wally orders her to drop the robe again. Without needing a word everyone steps back and makes room for Theo who immediately produces a sizeable swelling in his shorts.

“Oh, oh” he stutters “You get nekkid for everyone now Mrs. M.? Not like before?”

“No Theo” Wally explains “Sandy does what we tell her now, but only if you promise never to tell anyone but us. It is a secret that only friends can share. If you promise to keep the secret, you can play with Sandy whenever one of us is with you, but if you tell anyone we will have to cut your tongue out.”

Theo looks scared for a moment but then he smiles happy “I don’t tell nobody, I promise. I want to play with her like last night. Do you play with Mrs. M. too?”

“Yes Theo, we play with her too” Wally grins evilly “But you know, her kids are not allowed to know that we do, so we have to be careful. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Wally, I understand. Like last night. We only play with Mrs. M. when we are all alone with her and tell nobody nothing.” Theo smile excited, he always wanted to have friends and now he doesn’t only belong to the gang, Wally even called him their hero. Life is wonderful!

“Can I wank now?” Theo asks “She makes me want to”

They all laugh and Theo looks a bit embarrassed. But Wally puts a hand on his shoulder and says

“You don’t need to wank anymore Theo, Sandy can do that for you now” he grabs Sandy’s hand and forces it against the bulge in Theo’s pants, but then he remembers something of the retard’s detailed story and an evil grin appears on his face.

“Remember Theo when you told us last night that she didn’t open her mouth for your cock? Would you like Sandy to do that now? She could kneel in front of you and you can push it all the way into her throat, ordering her to lick and suck your pecker until you cum. Would you like that?”

The horror in Sandy’s eyes is priceless, but Theo is, of course, all excited about the idea, so before she can even protest, Wally pushes the helpless naked mom to her knees and forces her face into Theo’s crotch.

“Pull down your shorts big guy” he chuckles “Let Sandy get a taste of your manhood.”

Sandy tries to pull back, but Wally has a firm grip on her long hair and seconds later Theo’s shorts are down and his rock hard dick is in her face. Sobbing in panic she keeps her mouth firmly closed. Of course she had known that the young men would rape her when she agreed to their terms, but Theo is mentally a child, she can’t do that to him, he might have started all this, but he is as innocent as she is. Wally bends down and whispers

“You better give the retard the best blow job ever or the deal is off!”

Whimpering in fear and total humiliation the poor mom has no choice but to obey, she closes her eyes, tries to imagine that she is alone with her husband and begins to lick up and down the thick shaft, immediately tasting the salty pre-cum of the mentally retarded boy. Usually Wally would have ordered her to open her eyes again, but he saw a unique opportunity opening up and silently motions the guys to step back before he released Sandy’s hair and takes a few steps back himself. As quietly as possible he takes out his cell and begins to video tape the cute, naked Milf expertly licking and sucking the retard.

Sandy is really good at that, who would have thought that the prudish mommy would know exactly how to stimulate a man’s tool, but apparently there is more to the private Sandy than anybody would have guessed. Licking the shaft is just the beginning, she then sucks Theo’s balls inside her warm, wet mouth making the poor boy groan in pleasure. Finally her lips wrap around the tip of his pulsating cock and slowly, ever so slowly she sucks his fat 9 inches inside, deeper and deeper until the guys can see her throat bulging. Theo moans and groans, his eyes wide open, staring down at the naked Milf giving him his very first blow job.

All of the guys have their peckers in their hands, wanking like crazy, but Wally, Marty and Pete are also recording it all from different angles. This is gold, so much better than the dark pix Theo took last night, everyone who would watch this video would be completely convinced that this suburban slut is viciously and irresponsibly taking advantage of a poor retarded boy for her own pleasure.

All of a sudden Theo grunts, grabs Sandy’s hair and starts to brutally fuck her throat making her whimper in surprise and pain, but Theo doesn’t care anymore, he needs this now and if Sandy likes it or not, she will have to endure it. He remembers how he felt last night when she frowned in her sleep because he was hurting her, and it excites him even more. Love is pain and pain is love and he loves Mrs. M., so she will have to feel it now. After all, Wally has told him that he can play with her and Wally is his bestest friend now.

Theo’s cock begins to twitch, one, two more vicious thrusts deep into her throat and he explodes, cumming even heavier than last night, filling Sandy’s throat with so much sperm that she can’t swallow fast enough and part of it is forced up, flowing out of her mouth and nose, dripping down on her soft, still profoundly bobbing mommy udders. Theo just groans and presses his softening cock deep inside the love of his life, oblivious to the fact that she is unable to breath now. Sandy desperately tries to push him away, but Theo is too strong for her. Only when her face is turning bluish the guys step in and separate the two, but not just to safe sandy from suffocating, no, they do have an ulterior motive. As soon as Theo is far enough away they all wank into the face and hair of the helpless Milf, adding loads of cum to Theo’s sperm, making the mom of 3 young kids look like a cum dump.   


To be continued if you like. Let me know!

November 21, 2017, 10:08:17 AM
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You should most definitely continue. This is a fantastic story. I can't wait to see what all you have the boys do to Mrs. M.

November 21, 2017, 02:43:28 PM
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 ;) just watch the read count and you'll know if it's liked or not! By now you should be aware that you developed a dedicated little following who reading this fantastic story!

November 21, 2017, 05:19:30 PM
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Thank you all for the encouragement, it really, really helps me to write this little fantasy story. It may be silly, but when I don't get any response, I lose interest in my own story, so please keep your comments coming

November 21, 2017, 05:24:38 PM
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When Wally is about to order Sandy to lick all their dicks clean Tony came in whispering “Her daughter is coming.” Quickly Wally throws her the bathrobe and not a moment too soon. The very second she ties the belt her 6 year old walks in, looks at the boys with a serious frown and then turns to her mommy, oblivious of the cum in her hair and face.

“Mommy, I am hungry. When is breakfast?”

Sandy looks at Wally and he smiles, not a happy smile, but at least he tries.

“Breakfast will be soon sweetie” he says “Sorry about keeping your mom, but we are leaving now.”

“I don’t wanna leave” Theo pouts “I want to play some more.”

“Later Theo, I promise” Wally tells him “But now Mrs. M. needs to take care of her kids.”

Then he turns to the little girl and continues “Run up sweetie, tell your brothers that mommy will make breakfast now.”

He waits until the girl is gone and then turns to Sandy again “Make sure you bring them kids to your parents and be at this address at 2 pm. Not a minute later, you hear, or you will be punished.” He shoves a note into the pocket of her bathrobe and then he adds “Wear a summer dress, no shoes, no bra. Oh, when you expect your hubby back?”

“I … I am not sure, in 3 weeks, maybe 4” Sandy is too scared to lie to him now.

“Excellent” Wally grins evilly “Remember bitchy, 2 pm, not a second later.”

They all leave, not too happy about it, they could have played with Mrs. M. for hours, even days, but getting her this afternoon without interruptions is better than nothing.

As soon as they are outside Marty asks “Why are you so happy that her hubby aint be back for weeks? Even if he is at home, he would be out at work all day.”

Wally rolls his eyes in despair “You idiot, as long as he is outa town, he wont see possible bruises or marks on her. I figure we will have to let anything heal for about a week, so since he aint gonna be back for at least 3 weeks, we don’t have to be careful for another 2.”

Everyone grins at that and admires Wally for thinking about all the little details. He is a great leader and they all accept that, even Theo who doesn’t really understand what is going on.

“Now everyone get a couple of hours sleep. We meet at Tony’s. We will need 2 cars, mine is in the shop, so who can get one?”

Pete and Tony volunteer there wheels and while everyone else is going home, Wally accompanies Theo. This wont be easy, but he knows he has to speak to Theo’s parents to make sure they wont get too suspicious when they all suddenly include the retard.

Wally is a charmer, and after 30 minutes of assuring them how bad they all feel for being such irresponsible morons all those years, he actually convinces them that the gang wants to make good on every cruel trick they have played on Theo and they even call Wally an “upstanding young man” and a “responsible adult”. With that settled Wally promises to pick up Theo around 1:30 pm and gets some sleep himself, not much, but it has to do for now.

They all meet at Tony’s house at 1 pm, none of them feels tired even though they hardly slept.

“Where are we going?” Jake asks

“My uncle’s house” Wally explains “He is a musician and on tour right now. I have a key and it is in the Elms.”

Pete whistles and grins “Shady ville huh? That’s a great location. Nobody will ever notice anything.”

They all nod. The Elms are a shabby part of town, low rent, low income district and even a lot of bums. People there don’t care for anyone but themselves and nobody would call the police if they would hear someone scream. It is the perfect place to play with their new Milf toy.

Wally puts a sports bag in the trunk of Tony’s car before he picks up Theo and they all drive to his uncle’s house. It is an ugly part of town alright. There is not one building that has seen a fresh coat of paint in decades. The yards have not been cared for and are overgrown with weeds and wild grass and the streets are grungy and dirty, in short, it is a perfect place to play with Sandy.

They get inside the house and open all the windows because the air is stuffy inside. Wally has barely time to show them the rooms, especially the grimy old concrete basement before they all hear a car stopping in front of the house. Sandy gets out, looks on the note again and shivers a little when she realizes there is no mistake, this is the address Wally gave her. She is wearing a blue summer dress and her feet are bare, as instructed and the moment she walks towards the house they all see that she obeyed not wearing a bra too. Her soft, saggy mommy titties happily bounce under the thin fabric of the dress and she blushes deeply, knowing very well that everyone will immediately notice that she is braless.

Meekly she knocks at the door and Jake opens, looking at his watch “1:54 pm, you are cutting it close bitchy.”

Theo run towards Sandy and hugs her “Hello Mrs. M., I am so happy you are here. Now we can play again.” He turn to Wally and says “She is not nekkid”

Everyone laughs and Sandy blushes even deeper. “You heard Theo” Wally chuckles “Get naked and by the way, from now on, when you are inside with only us present, you will immediately take all your clothes off, you get that?”

Sandy sniffles softly and a few stubborn tears roll down her cheeks while she grabs the hem of the dress, pulls it over her head and lets it slide to the floor. Her panties follow soon after and she is completely exposed again, naked in front of those cruel young men.

“What the hell is that?” Pete cries out angrily and points to the fading imprint of a bra on Sandy’s bare skin “We said NO fucking bra you bitch!”

“I … I … sorry, please, I just … just wore a bra to bring the children to my parents. I took it off right after. I swear …”

Before Sandy can continue Wally backhands her so hard that she almost loses her balance.

“We agreed on church and work you bitch” he yells at her “Are your parents church or work?”

“No … no … but … pl….please … they would … would know something is not right. Please … my parents …and a few … a few other places are the same … the same as church and work. Please understand … you … you wouldn’t want anyone getting suspicious … would you?”

Wally thinks about this for a moment “Hmm, parents huh? Define other places.”

“Just … like maybe places that … that would be … conservative. Doctor’s office … and … supermarket … and PTA meetings … the theater … and … and anywhere were people would … would feel uncomfortable when my … my boobies would bounce so much.”

“You just said EVERYWHERE! That’s not the deal we agreed upon. Let’s examine this. Doctor’s office, NO FUCKING BRA and because you tried to pull one over on us, NO PANTIES either. Supermarket, NO BRA, let them see how your pathetic udders jiggle, PTA meeting, ok, I know some of those hypocrites, we will allow a bra, theater, let me guess, you don’t mean a movie theater, so we are talking about dressing up here, that is definitely a NO BRA situation. But, just to be fair to your prudish nature, should you ever have to go to a funeral, we will allow you to wear a bra there too. And guys, what do you say, we do allow one when she goes to her parents?”

They all grin and pretend to think about it. “Ok I guess” Marty says and the rest nods their approval.

Theo is confused about all the yelling and talking, so he just steps up to the naked Sandy and starts to squeeze her soft titties, smiling happy, enjoying the smooth skin.

“I like your tits Mrs. M. and I like how they jump and wiggle. If people get mad at you when they see them bounce under your clothes, you tell them that I like it, ok?” before the guys can laugh he has another idea “Or, or I go with you and hold them, I can hold them so they wont bounce see” To prove his words he grabs Sandy’s udders with all his strength and squeezes them so hard that she cries out in pain.

Everyone laughs now, the idea of the retard following Sandy around, holding her soft skin bags with his hands to prevent people from seeing how they wiggle is just too funny. But Theo is angry now, angry at Sandy for crying out in pain when he just wanted to help. Not letting go of her tits he lifts her up high enough to be face to face with him, which is quite a task, considering that he is 6’ 1’’ and she is 5’ 4’’ and of course it causes her to scream in agony. The strain on her soft boobs is incredible and her full weight is now tearing at them. Not that Sandy weighs that much, 117 pounds makes her a lightweight, but her tits have not been created to support that.

Even angrier now because she is screaming again, Theo throws the poor mom halfway across the room, letting her crash into a wall. “You are mean to me” he grumbles “I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

The guys watch all this in awe. They had no idea how strong the retard is and right now they really don’t want to mess with him. But then Marty breaks the silence

“Am I the only one who thought that was awesome?” he asks “Not reta… uhmm, Theo getting mad, more like suspending Sandy from her tits? I mean like AWSOME! That was so fucking sexy.”

“Hell yeah” Pete agrees and all but Jake nod to that “Maybe we can tie her udders and hang her by them sometime.” Pete grins

“Damn yes” Steve grins happy at that idea “And then fuck her while she is suspended by her tits. That would be something.”

“Fucking her is the clue” Wally interrupts their fantasy “Or are you all queers or eunuchs now? I thought we bring her here to have some fun?”     

Please keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 21, 2017, 07:16:43 PM
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I'm lovin this story. I'm ready for more. You're getting me addicted.

November 21, 2017, 09:09:33 PM
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A damn fine read Evilbastard, as I said else where only one little lapse- you totally glossed over her initial finding out what Theo did and it's fucked her over!

November 22, 2017, 12:48:24 PM
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Yep totally right about skipping the blackmail talk, but I thought it would be too long a chapter with no action but a mind fuck, so I let wally and Sandy explain the "agreement" to the guys. And, uhm, sorry for making an addict outa you, but I really take that as a compliment

November 22, 2017, 12:51:22 PM
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Sandy is still lying where Theo threw her, her soft mommy tits clearly show first signs of bruising where his strong hands had held them in an iron grip, her head throbs from crashing into the wall and she is whimpering softly. But that doesn’t matter to the guys, she is naked, she is unable to refuse them, so who cares if she is unwilling and in pain?!

They all had agreed that Wally will get her first and the rest of them had drawn straws, ok, not really straws but matches, to determine who would be next in line. The only uncertainty in this has been Theo, but after his little demonstration of strength and rage none of the guys would dare to get in his way if he would decide to cut in line. Luckily he is still sulking right now and grumbling about Sandy being mean to him.

Wally steps up to the helpless, naked mom and barks

“Stop pretending that you are hurt and get up bitch. Over to the table with you, bend forward, both hands on it, legs apart and on your toes.”

He has chosen that position because every inch of Sandy’s body will be visible, and that is important because the others will take pictures and videos of him raping her. The more material they will have, the better their hold on the innocent mom. After all, the only promise they made to her was deleting the initial pix Theo took when her 6 weeks will be up, everything after that will be subject to further negotiations, and none of them is planning on setting such a perfect Milf slave free when she will still be good for use and abuse.

Crying softly Sandy obeys and limps to the old table. She knows that she is in way too deep now to refuse them, and her only hope is that those 6 weeks will fly by without leaving her soul scarred for life.

The very second she is in position, Wally shoves his rock hard cock into her unprepared pussy. Sandy squeals in pain, but he doesn’t care, actually he enjoys the soft whimpering much more than he would have any sounds of enjoyment because Sandy is just a body to be used, not someone he wants to love and cherish. Wally’s dick is “only” 8 inches long, but that is more than enough to bang against her cervix with every hard thrust, causing additional pain. He pounds her mercilessly, all the way inside, all the way out, moaning with pleasure. Sandy’s shame and pain feels so much better than the delight any of his former girlfriends had displayed when fucking them.

The guys chuckle and snicker when they see what Wally brutal thrusts into Sandy’s dry cunt do to her saggy tits. They really go wild, bouncing up and down and in any direction, looking a bit like a skin bag full of jello during an earthquake. These new videos will be great, maybe when they will be done with Sandy one day, they will be a hit on some internet porn channel.

Theo watches the love of his life being ruthlessly raped by Wally and slowly his frown turns into a smile. So this is how Wally does it, he has to try that way too, it looks like fun. That Sandy is crying doesn’t really matter, she has been mean to him, so she deserves to be unhappy now. Anyhow, love is pain and pain is love, so it is quite alright that she is hurting. Theo wonders how long Wally will play with her, his own cock is definitely ready for some playtime too, but when he looks at the others, so are they. He turns to Steve

“When do I get to play with Mrs. M.?” her asks

“Uhm,” Steve isn’t sure what to say, he knows that Pete is next, but he doesn’t want to risk another temper tantrum from the retard. Lucky for him Marty comes to his aid.

“You already played with her this morning Theo” he explains, trying to sound cheerful “And you really had fun, didn’t you?”

“Yes” Theo smiles remembering his cock in Sandy’s throat “It was wonderful Marty”

“So you see, we are all friends here, and everyone wants to play with her. You were first, Wally is doing her now, then Pete, Jake and so on. But when everyone has had a turn, you will be on again. Until then, enjoy watching and maybe you will learn something too.”

Theo frowns seriously, he looks at all the guys who will be playing with Mrs. M. before he will get another turn, but then his face lightens up again. Marty did say they are all friends, and that includes him. Theo always wanted to have friends, and after all, they let him play first, even if that was many hours ago. He nods to Marty and smiles

“Ok friends, I understand. I will watch and maybe wank a little until it is my turn again”

By now Wally is ready to blow his load, he grunts and moans, shoves his dick inside Sandy’s unprotected cunt one last time and then explodes deep into her. He shivers in pleasure and slaps her as cheek hard with an open palm to get one last scream of pain out of his helpless victim before he pulls out of her raw slit.

“Boy that was good” he grins. “The bitch stayed dry until I flooded her. It was like a fantastic cock massage. I think I like dry fucking even better than wet pussies.”

“Yeah well, thanks for telling AFTER you creamed her.” Tony grumbles.

Pete is already at Sandy’s side. “Get on the table” he orders “On your back, you’re ass lil’ over the edge, legs bend, wide and up” And to make a point he brutally twists her left nipple, making poor Sandy cry out in pain.

Of course she obeys, what choices does she have? But when she is in position, Pete starts to use Wally sperm oozing out of her bruised cunt to lubricate her tiny asshole.

“Pl…please NO” Sandy cries out “Not … not that. It … it is too unhygienic … not safe. My … my intestines are full of bacteria … e-coli and ,,, and other harmful germs. This is how AIDS started … please … you don’t want that.”

For a second everyone is silent, then they burst out laughing. Pete grabs Sandy’s hair and forces her head up.

“You are a three hole bitch, and the fact that your ass is virgin makes it even better for me. And just because you dare to lecture us, I will make you lick lil’ Pete clean after I ass fucked you. Now shut up and be a good Milf!”

Sandy doesn’t dare to protest again, if mentioning AIDS doesn’t scare them, nothing will, and the idea of being punished by licking a penis that has been in her bum is bad enough. Who knows what they will come up with if she tries to refuse anal rape again?

Pete has a hard time lubricating his victim’s tiny rosette, she is really tight down there and it takes a while to push Wally's cum inside with one finger. Finally he succeeds to add a second finger and then a third, slowly stretching the unwilling Sandy until he puts the head of his dick against her hole and starts pushing. It takes a while, but slowly he gets deeper into the whimpering mommy until his balls hit her ass.

Pete grunts happy, he only had two girlfriends so far and both had quite a bit of experience, so this is the very first time for him to deflower any hole. It isn’t as easy as he had imagined, but it sure is worth the effort. Slowly he begins to pull out and shove his cock back in, Sandy is extremely tight, and she probably tries to make it even harder for him by contracting her anus muscles, but Pete doesn’t care. He stretches her with every thrust and after about 10 minutes he is able to fuck her virgin ass freely.

He had planned to ass fuck Sandy for a long, long time, enjoying every second, but the extreme tightness of her hole makes this tremendously stimulating and after just 5 minutes free fucking Sandy’s ass he can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load deep into the poor mommy’s intestines. Groaning in total pleasure he pulls out of her and everyone starts to laugh when a loud plop announces that his dick is out again.

True to his threat he walks around the table and smacks his softening dick on Sandy’s lips. “Clean it bitch” he orders and when Sandy doesn’t open her mouth right away he punches her left tit hard, making her cry out in agony.

Impatiently Jake waits for Sandy to finish cleaning Pete’s cock with her tongue, he wants her on all fourth, like a real bitch should be, but as long as she is on the table licking Pete’s shaft, he can’t order her into that position. Finally Pete is satisfied and Jake grabs Sandy’s hair and pulls her off the table, grinning when she is unable to turn quickly enough and falls straight on her back, moaning in agony.

“You’ve been comfy on your back too long, so on your hands and knees now, like a good doggy” he grunts and kicks her side for good measure while the poor Milf struggles to obey.

The moment Sandy is on all forth Jake is behind her, his throbbing cock ready, but he hesitates. Both her holes look inviting, so which one should it be? The bruised, hairy cunt with those meaty cunt lips that would wrap so nicely around his cock? Or the still tight and only used once asshole? Pete’s cum oozing out of Sandy’s ass help him to make up his mind and he thrusts his throbbing dick into her aching cunt. Jake likes to watch his cock plowing in and out, so by raping her slit, he can not only see his own pleasure, but also the abused asshole leaking sperm.

Being the youngest of the gang, Jake has not had that much experience. From the money he got at his 15th birthday he had paid a whore to get his very first sex, and a few month ago he picked up a drunk older slut who turned out to be a real horny bitch and he had fun with her for a whole weekend until she went back home to her hubby.

But now his luck has changed, he, ok, the gang, now owns Sandy, and Jake sure planned to use and abuse the innocent, helpless mommy until he would find something better, hopefully younger too. Unlike the others, Jake is not really into saggy tits, even if the rest of Sandy’s body does look a lot younger than 34.

Thrusting in and out of Sandy’s aching cunt without any emotions is fantastic. Sex is sex, not making love, and since Jake has never made love, he doesn’t know the difference. Wally’s sperm has lubricated her cunt well enough, even though it is beginning to dry now, but Jake can’t help but wonder why Sandy isn’t getting wet by herself. Shouldn’t her body provide the necessary lube? Oh well, who cares, as long as he can fuck her.

Theo is totally fascinated by Sandy’s bouncing udders. While Jake is pounding her mercilessly, he gets down on his back, crawls under her and grabs the right tits, pulling the half inverted nipple into his mouth. He bites down on it, making the poor mommy scream again, and then Theo starts to suck. Who knows why, maybe an instinct, maybe curiosity, but he slurps and sucks on her nipple until …

“BAHHH!” Theo cries out and spits on the grimy hardwood floor “YUCK, she is leaky!”

Everyone but Jake, who is still pounding Sandy’s cunt, looks at Theo and at the floor. Some thick, grayish white fluid, mixed with Theo’s saliva is slowly flowing towards the middle of the uneven floor.

“Oh my god, we got ourselves a milker” Wally laughs “Look at that, our mommy is still producing, who would have guessed? How old is her daughter now? 5? 6?”

Theo is confused, Wally seems to like that Mrs. M.’s tit is leaking, so it must be a good thing after all. And all the others agree with Wally too. Steve even gets down on the floor and now sucks her left tit.

After a minute or so Steve starts to laughs “Yep, thick, sweet milk. Very tasty I say”

Now everyone wants a taste and Sandy is horrified. Ever since her very first pregnancy her mammary glands have produced milk. It never stopped, even though the quantity varied greatly when she was not pregnant or breastfeeding, it really wasn’t much at all, but never any less than 3 or 4 mouthful from each breast. Her husband enjoyed drinking some of her milk sometimes, but she had cautioned him, telling him not to do this too often, or her glands might start producing more again. But now her secret is out, and by the reaction of her rapists they will probably love to shame and humiliate her by milking her as often as possible.

“Oh this is grand” Tony chuckles “We think we are getting us a bitch and end up with a cow.”

The guys are roaring with laughter and Sandy breaks out in more tears. Isn’t it bad enough that they are raping and abusing her, do they have to keep humiliating her like this too?

They get a little distracted when Jake suddenly yells out and explodes into Sandy’s unprotected cunt. He pulls out with a toothy grin and says “Who`s next?”   

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 22, 2017, 01:02:50 PM
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By the by, there really is a Sandy and she really is an innocent prude, believing that only her hubby should ever see her naked and have sex with her. (luckily I am that hubby so the pictures I am drawing pretty much does show Sandy, or at least as close as my limited talents permit). And there really is a Theo next door, with a 19 years old body and the mind of a 6 year old. Even the neighborhood gang is real, but I changed all their name, ok, all but Sandy's, her I love to be recognized ~grins~

November 22, 2017, 01:13:21 PM
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It was meant as a compliment. And I'm in need of another fix.

November 23, 2017, 05:06:05 AM
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By the by, there really is a Sandy and she really is an innocent prude, believing that only her hubby should ever see her naked and have sex with her. (luckily I am that hubby so the pictures I am drawing pretty much does show Sandy, or at least as close as my limited talents permit). And there really is a Theo next door, with a 19 years old body and the mind of a 6 year old. Even the neighborhood gang is real, but I changed all their name, ok, all but Sandy's, her I love to be recognized ~grins~

Oh SHIT, I just re-read my own post and realized that it could be easily misunderstood. So, to clarify this: The people I am writing about are more or less real, the story I am writing is PURE FANTASY. Nothing like this ever happened.

November 23, 2017, 10:17:08 AM
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The illustrations really complement the story, Evil!