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Give me more background on the characters
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Blackmail and rape is all good and fine but add torture
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I want to see more of Theo “playing” with Sandy
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Lose Theo
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Author Topic: Corrupted innocense  (Read 18109 times)

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January 12, 2018, 08:59:24 AM
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And thank you too, I am really enjoying the encouragement  :) The hospital idea is great and I will follow up on it for sure, but right now let's go back to see what Wally and the gang are up to.

January 12, 2018, 08:59:50 AM
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The first good news for Sandy in weeks is a call from her hubby that the Italian project is, after some delays, finally coming to an end. He expects to be home in about 2 weeks and Sandy can’t wait to finally have him back in her life. Surely the guys will have to back off quite a bit when her husband is home.

By now the cute nurse should have realized that whenever something good happens to her, something bad will follow immediately and of course this is no exception. When she informs Wally at his uncles house about her husband coming back in 2 weeks, he innocently asks

“Oh, interesting. When did he tell you that?”

“He called last night” Sandy answers truthfully and can’t hide a smile.

“Last night? Really? And you are telling us that now? This is a clear violation of the rules. Section III, paragraph 3 states that subject – that is you Sandy - will inform her owners of her husband’s and kid’s schedules. You should have called me right after talking to him but you didn’t. This clearly calls for punishment, doesn’t it?”

“I … I thought by telling you as soon as I see you again it … it is like immediately Walter” Sandy stammers shocked “He … he is not coming back today but … but in 2 weeks … so you have plenty of time to adjust to that.”

“Bullshit” Wally grins “Immediately is just that: instantly! Not a few hours later, not the next day, right away. You didn’t do that, so you will have to accept punishment for breaking the rules. Am I right guys?”

Of course they all agree and since it is absolutely obvious that Sandy is guilty, a mock trial is not necessary. The verdict is set to 5 strokes with a whip, 3 on her tits and 2 on her ass, but since the new rules state that an alternative nonphysical punishment has to be offered to Sandy, Wally comes up with a substitution. 

“If you want, you can avoid the whip by deciding to run completely naked through the park at 5 am tomorrow morning” he states matter-of-factly “We will drive you to the northern parking lot and you will run to the southern one where we will pick you up.”

Sandy needs a long moment to think about this. Since her sessions with Jake she isn’t too keen on getting even more whippings, but completely naked through the park? She almost goes for the whip, but then she remembers that Wally said 5 am, not too many people will be up that early and it is very, very unlikely that those would be in the park at this hour. She will probably not be seen by anyone at all.

“I … I will run through the park Walter” she says

“Very good” Wally grins evilly. Sandy has no idea, but he knows that the local ornithologists society will meet at 4:30 am in the park in hope of getting some rare pictures of whatever weird birds they want to take pics off. Not only will those weirdoes be there to watch the naked mom run from one parking lot to the other, but they will also have their cameras at the ready to take delicious pics of this very rare nude bird.

No one but Wally knows about the ornithologists, so everyone is quite surprised that Jake seems to be cool with Sandy’s choice, he doesn’t complain about the new rule at all and doesn’t try to argue that she really, really should be whipped this time. In fact he keeps smiling a lot and seems to be extra nice to the young mom. Does it have something to do with those fading marks on Sandy’s ass? Did he maybe whip her out of turn? But why doesn’t Sandy complain about that?


They pick up their unaware victim at 4:30 am the next morning, by then Wally has informed all of them about the bird watchers, and tired or not, they are quite excited to watch poor Sandy literally run into his trap.

Knowing that she will have to get naked once they reach the parking lot, Sandy is dressed in just a light summer dress, easy to take off, but for her much more important, easy to put on afterwards too. Other than that she doesn’t wear anything, even though the new rules would have allowed shoes and panties, but why bother with something that could getting dressed a little slower when you don’t have to. As soon as they arrive at the northern parking lot, she takes off her dress and is about to run for it when Wally stops her.

“I walked this path a few times and walking to the southern lot takes about 20 minutes, so you got exactly 12 minutes to reach it, after all, you are supposed to run. If you are not there in 13 minutes, we will leave and you will have to see how you’ll get home. Understood Sandy?”

Paling in horror Sandy nods. She isn’t much of a runner and 12 minutes doesn’t seem to be   enough time to get all the way to the other side, she really will have to hurry to make it happen. But the thought of being stranded completely naked at least an hours walk from home is quite a motivator. The young mom has no idea that the time limit is Wally’s way to make sure that she doesn’t spot the ornithologists before they will see her and run all the way around them, because a detour like that would cost way too much time to reach the southern parking lot within 12 minutes.

“It isn’t 5 yet, so wait. Some of us will drive to the other side now, taking your dress with them, to make sure they will be awaiting you when you come running, the others will follow with me right after you start here. That way, traffic permitting, you will be sure to have someone at the finishing line and you wont have to be naked longer than absolutely necessary.”

Sandy nods gratefully, that is unexpected, but she likes the idea, even though it means that she has to wait completely naked at the starting point a while longer. But she knows she will be happy to get dressed right away when she will have finished her humiliating task. Of course the guys leaving right now have no intention to drive to the south parking lot. They will stop half way to watch Sandy’s run and get some nice pictures and a video of her so “shamelessly” flaunting her naked body in a public park. Later they will just claim they have been stopped by a police car and are therefore late. Anyways, it only takes about 7 or 8 minutes to drive from one end to the other, so Wally will easily be there long before Sandy arrives.

Giving Steven, Tony, Pete and Marty enough time to get into position, Wally makes Sandy wait until exactly 5:00 am before he tells her to go. The young mom is extremely afraid that she will not make it in time, so she really starts running at full speed from the first second. Her bare feet immediately begin to hurt from the rough gravel path, her long blond hair flies behind her like a halo in the wind and her soft tits jump, dance and wiggle as she rushes down the small path towards the southern end of the park. This is a nightmare for poor Sandy, but she is determined to get it over as soon as humanly possible.

Not quite halfway through the park she freezes and cries out in terror. There is a group of people slowly walking towards her, and not only that, they all carry cameras and binoculars. For the moment they haven’t seen the naked nurse, all seemingly looking up in the sky and the treetops, but if she will continue down the path, they will not be able to miss her. For a second Sandy considers running back, or as far as possible around them, but she knows that back is no option, nobody will be there for her, and any detour that might keep her out of sight of those people will cost too much time and the guys will be long gone before she can get to the southern lot. Her choices are to either run right through those people and definitely be seen by them, or be stranded naked at the park and try to make her way home on foot and definitely be seen by quite a lot of people in the awakening streets of her hometown.

Sandy swallows a few tears and starts running as fast as she can again, ignoring the bobbing and leaping of her soft mommy udders. She is almost upon those bird watchers before they even notice her but then one of them cries out

“Holy shit, a NAKED woman!”

Everyone turns towards her and they don’t need long to get their cameras ready and wildly snap photos of the panicky young mom running right through the group. Sandy tries to block out their voices, but she can’t help to hear some of the surprised comments.

“… look at those titties bounce …”

“Oh my GOD she has a hairy cunt …”

“… nobody will believe that … take loads of photos …”

Then she is through, the voices beginning to fade behind her and Sandy almost relaxes until she hears heavy footsteps behind her and a voice calls out

“Stop, STOP immediately!”

As if she would stop to allow them to take even more pictures, Sandy runs as fast as she can again, hoping that she will shake the idiot who is follow her or at least reach the parking lot and jump into the car before he can grab her. The footsteps are coming closer and closer and a man’s voice calls her to stop again, which of course Sandy doesn’t but then all of a sudden she feels two tiny needle penetrate the skin of her ass and nanoseconds later 5000 volts of electricity explode into the young mom’s body. Sandy is hit by a taser gun!

Helplessly she falls to the ground, desperately trying to get up again, but her body doesn’t obey her anymore. Even though fully conscious and very much aware of everything going on, Sandy’s limbs thrash around uncontrollably while her muscle spasm violently. Slowly and completely out of breath a police officer walks up to the naked nurse, bends over her, still breathing heavily and shakes his head.

“Dammit Lady, you should have stopped when I called you. Now lay still, you have just got an electro shock, but don’t worry, the spasms will stop in a few minutes and you will be able to get up again. Oh, by the way, you are under arrest for public indecencyI don’t suppose you have a driver’s license or some other ID stashed in your cunt, huh?” He chuckles happy about his little joke. In fact now that he had time to catch his breath again he doesn’t seem to be angry at all, just the opposite, his eyes run up and down Sandy’s body, her soft titties drooping to both sides of her ribcage, her legs still flapping wildly, up, down, side to side, so he gets a real good view of her hairy cunt and her meaty lips. Inadvertently he licks his lips, this sure is one sexy little minx, too bad he can't just hump her here and now. He smiles happy to himself, his colleagues will surely envy him for getting the catch of the day. Maybe he should take off his shirt and cover her somewhat, nah, that would spoil everything, and after all, she wants to be exposed, right? Why else would she be completely naked in a public park? She probably likes to flaunt her tits, cunt and ass in the open!

9 minutes later Sandy’s muscles begin to obey her again and, with the help of the officer she is able to get up. Meekly and crying softly she lets him grab her arm and walk her towards to next entrance when Steven comes running, waving his arms, holding Sandy’s dress in one hand. The policeman stops and looks at him very suspicious.

“Oh my god, thank you so much officer” Steven says as soon as he reaches them. “Aunty Sandy, oh my god, you are sleepwalking again, oh my god. Thank god the nice officer found you before you got hurt.”

He puts the dress into Sandy’s hand and turns to the officer “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a hero, oh my god, I can’t even imagine what could have happened to my aunt if you wouldn’t have found her. We really thought her sleepwalking phase was over, but apparently we were wrong. I woke up at around 4:30 and just caught a glimpse of her leaving the house. By the time I alerted my parents and my brother she was out of sight and ever since then we are looking for her.”

Still suspicious but also quite confused the police man releases Sandy’s arm, giving her a chance to quickly put on her dress. At least she is no longer naked, even if the thin fabric still shows pretty much everything.

“She wasn’t walking son” he says to Steven, “she was running like hell when I saw her, and bloody naked too”

“Yes officer, Sir” Steven quickly agrees “That happens when she wakes up from her sleepwalking and finds herself naked somewhere where she doesn’t want to be, she runs and tries to get home, Sir. Surely you understand why she would do that, don’t you? You would probably do the same in her place.”

“Uhm, yeah, I guess” he grumbles still a little suspicious “But, but I have to take her in. She was naked after all and that is against the law son. And son, if you people know that she is a sleepwalker, why do you let her sleep naked? That doesn’t make sense.”

“Oh no Sir, she doesn’t sleep naked, never Sir, but when she walks in her sleep, she apparently takes all her clothes off, like tonight, her nighty and panties are still lying next to her bed Sir. We all just grabbed one of her dresses before we started to search for her, you know, to cover her as soon as we would find her. Please, officer, please, have a heart. Can’t you see how embarrassed my aunt is? If you arrest her, it will become public knowledge and that will surely ruin her reputation for ever, or at least people will make fun of her and a lot of weirdoes will imagine her naked running through the park. I promise we will take better precautions so she will not be able to leave the house if she ever sleepwalks again, but please Sir, I beg you, let me take her home.”

The officer scratches his chin, if he lets her go his colleagues will never believe him that he caught a naked woman in the park, and quite a good looking one too, but once he takes her to the station, she will have to be processed and that young man is right about the fact that it really could ruin her reputation. He looks at the trembling young woman, tears flowing down her cute face, dripping on her summer dress, wetting it and making her nipples clearly visible again. Dammit, he really should have taken a picture or two with his cell phone. He sighs deeply and decides to be a good guy today.

“Alright son, take your aunt home then. But you better make damn sure this wont happen again, the next time she might not be so lucky, I mean hell, a naked woman all alone at this hour? She could have run into the wrong kind of people, you know?!”

“Thank you so much officer” Steven smiles relieved, takes Sandy hand and pulls her with him towards the parking lot. He is really happy that they were watching her and he was able to quickly improvise and come up with a believable story to convince the cop to let her go. This joke almost went too far!

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 12, 2018, 12:22:04 PM
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Willing to set her up for further blackmailing, this time from the local police department. Get a bird watcher to release pictures they taken as evidence then distribute her photo to all and have one find her at the hospital?

January 13, 2018, 04:29:12 AM
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Oh it is too early to completely ruin Sandy's life, let's play with her a bit more before we do that

January 13, 2018, 07:15:17 AM
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It is still a few minutes before 6 am when they get Sandy home, she is almost catatonic, crying softly but not saying a word. Without resistance she lets Steven lead her into her living room but he has to push her on the couch, by herself she would have just remained standing. Her eyes are staring into nothing and she doesn’t seem to be aware of what is going on around her.

Tony walks into the kitchen to make coffee, while Steven, Marty and Pete try unsuccessfully to snap Sandy out of her trance. A few minutes later Wally and the rest of the gang arrive, Pete has called them as soon as Steven came back with Sandy.

Wally listens carefully to every detail the four tell him but when Steven tells him that Sandy is in shock, not because of the tasing, but for the simple reason that she was almost arrested for public nudity he shakes his head.

“Then she needs to get out of that shock right away. We have to get her back immediately, if we let her, it will only get worse, she will crawl into a corner of her mind and shut the whole world out.” With that he turns to Sandy.

“Whoa Sandy, you got tased? Really?”

She just looks through him, her eyes vacant. Wally shakes his head and then slaps her face with his bare hand several times.

“Earth to Sandy, earth to Sandy. I am talking to you!”

“Yes” is all she says, but at least it is some form of response.

“Ok, you got tased, didn’t you?”


“Tell me what you remember, tell me everything. Come on Sandy, snap out of it.”

“I … I was tased.”

“Yeah, that much we know, but what happened then? I mean, did you lose consciousness?”


“You were fully conscious all the time? Did you see everything around you? Hear what was said? Did you know what was happening to you?”


“Come on Sandy, stop those fucking one word responses. Tell me EVERY detail NOW!”

“I … I fell … the … the electricity … exploded … exploded in my body … it … it made my legs … my arm flay and … and flap … no control … none. I … I saw everything … heard everything … but … but I was unable to … to move … or speak.”

“For how long?”

“I … I do not know … minutes … 10 maybe … maybe more … maybe less … I do not know.”

“Pretty much 10 minutes as far as we could tell.” Pete brings coffee for everyone.

Without mercy Wally barks at Sandy: “Why does Pete have to make coffee, that is your job, and why the hell are you still wearing that dress? Get up, get naked and serve mommy milk for our coffee.”

Angry words finally work, this is something that has been her routine for so long now that it really forces the young mom out of her shock back into the real world. Walter is angry with her, that means possible punishment, Sandy has to prevent that at all costs.

“I am sorry Walter” she mumbles, gets up, pulls the dress over her head and lets it slide down before she walks over to everyone offering her titties, milking them right into their cups and on demand, let’s them drink from her udders. Over two month of pumping up milk every two hours have shown results. Sandy’s boobs have not just filled out but her milk production has increased very nicely, of course it is still much less than during those times she has breastfed her children, but it is getting more and more every week.

Wally grins, so routine got Sandy out of it, very good. But way more interesting is that taser experience, fascinating that she was aware of everything without being able to react. So she was able to experience the full humiliation while her body was completely out of her control. That cop could have done anything to her without Sandy being able to lift as much as a finger to prevent it. Ok, he was a cop, so he didn’t do anything, stupid idiot, but that surely needs to be examined some more. A taser gun just jumped up to the number 1 spot on Wally’s wish list.

He needs to know for how long she will be unable to control her body, and how violent her muscle spasms will be exactly. I mean, if you are going to rape a tased Sandy, you really don’t want to get a kick in your crown jewels, do you? And off course he has to find out if those electro shocks will do permanent damage if you use them on the same person many, many times, or if the intensity of the shock and the time that it will disable that person will decrease if that person gets tased too often. Questions and no answers, but at least he does have a new project to think about.

Watching Sandy milking her tits into Marty’s coffee is just too much for Tony, even though they agreed to take it easy on her after she went into shock, he can’t hold himself back any longer and roughly pushes her to the floor on all fours and enters her dry cunt with one hard thrust. She squeals in pain, but Tony’s cock is too hard to stop now and he starts to really pound the cute Milf. That it hurts Sandy when he fucks her, something that just a few weeks ago has bothered him, is now the best part of raping the young mom. In fact when her whimpering stops for a moment, Tony leans forward and brutally squeezes her wobbling tits and twists her fat nipples until Sandy rewards him with a scream of agony. Damn yes, fucking her is for him to enjoy, not her, and that is the way it should be.

Sometimes he wonders if he is ever going to have a “normal” relationship again, but then he thinks, so what? As long as they own this cute mom, he will never have to worry about getting laid again, and shit, why would they ever want to give up 3 holes, 2 hands and a couple of tits? There is no reason for that, she is the perfect fuck toy!

Even though some of the guys frown when Tony breaks their pact and starts fucking Sandy, it doesn’t take very long before they all get horny enough to forget what they agreed upon. Even before he grunts and explodes his full load in her aching cunt, Pete and Marty have unzipped their pants and freed their throbbing cocks and as soon as Tony is done, they grab her. While Pete enjoys the now overflowing wet cunt, Marty makes Sandy slurp his cock, still riveted how skillful the young mom is with her tongue.

As weird as this may sound, the brutal abuse of her body is exactly what is needed to conclusively break the shock Sandy is in. For the last few month that was “normality” for the cute nurse, so when the guys now treat her as if nothing has happened, her tortured mind is able to finds its way back to the daily routine she is used to and suppress the events that have led to the shock. Two hours later the guys are all spend and Sandy cleans up the mess they have caused as if nothing has happened in the park.

More than ever Wally is convinced now that Sandy needs exposure. In his mind the young mom has to get used to be naked in front of absolutely everybody, young and old, strangers,  friends, family and acquaintances, but today has taught him that she is still quite a long way from accepting this, so he needs to be careful how he will enforce this on her. He remembers how easy going Sandy was when they got her drunk that one night, so alcohol will help, but the fact that she just pukes and then sleeps it off is not what he wants, so it is time to start a few experiments with how much of what alcohol will get her drunk enough to relax without throwing up. There is no better time than now, so while everyone is watching the naked nurse cleaning up, he goes down to the basement to get a few bottles of wine.

Sandy is a bit reluctant to accept a glass, but Wally smiles and says “I think we all earned that, it was a hell of a morning, wasn’t it?”

The first glass doesn’t do anything to Sandy, but after the second she begins to relax a little more and the third makes her quite giggly. Wally remembers that she had said that 3 was her absolute limit, but he needs to know, so, even Sandy refuses, he makes her drink one more.

For a while everything is fine, she dances again when he switches the radio on and seems to forget that she is naked with 6 of her blackmailers watching her, but all of a sudden her face turns green and the young mom dashes to the guest bathroom. Fascinated they all watch Sandy getting rid of the wine again and Wally shakes his head. She didn’t lie about her limit, like she has apparently never lied to them before. Why? If he would be blackmailed by someone, he sure would try to feed them as much misinformation as possible, but not Sandy. Very strange, but even more valuable to know.

Once Sandy is done, they lead her to the upstairs bathroom, make her brush her teeth and then put her to bed. Everyone rapes her limbless body one more time for good measure and then they let their cute victim sleep it off lying in a puddle of cum.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 13, 2018, 02:50:08 PM
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Logical continuation  i agree with Walt it time she's nude in a shopping centre, even have a good excuse for it "Has to by new clothes that shows off her figure better!"

January 14, 2018, 07:11:24 AM
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Wally’s alcohol tests with Sandy don’t really go too well, either she gets giggly and quite childish, but still stays quite aware of being naked and doesn’t want that, or she relaxes beyond her prudishness but throws up soon after and falls into that deep sleep, but he can’t figure out the exact amount of liquor to get her fully relaxed without puking. But the god of rapists is kind to those who serve him and he sends Wally a friend to help with his problems.

On Tuesday morning he runs into Tony and asks why he hasn’t been meeting up with them lately and Tony rolls his eyes and tells him that his cousin is visiting and his parents make him spend every free minute to show that guy around.

“Imagine my cousin Francesco once studied to be a priest, a fucking priest! Can you believe that? I mean he broke it off, but still, he actually studied catholic religion to become a fucking preacher.”

“Why not” Wally replies “Some people do, that’s why we have priests.”

“Yeah, but not Franky. If you knew him, you would know what I mean. That guy is probably worse than us when he wants to fuck a girl, I mean like, he is super horny at all times and doesn’t care how he gets pussy, as long as he does.”

“Really? And he almost became a catholic priest? That’s weird, ok, I see what you mean. What does he do now?” Wally’s mind is doing somersaults, he always wondered if religion might be a way to get a firmer hold on Sandy, but he doesn’t really know much about Catholicism and when he googled it, he soon realized that he would never know enough to bluff Sandy. But if that guy has studied it, he might be just the right person to talk to.

A meeting is soon set up and Tony is right, Franky is most definitely no priest material. He curses and drinks like a sailor and all he really cares about is getting laid. But when Wally asks him about priesthood he grins and is willing to tell him all about his 3 years at the seminar. Wally decides to come clean and they call the gang together and tell Franky all about the blackmail. Franky is really impressed and wants in, but Wally needs him for a much more delicate role.

“You see Franky” he starts to explain “Sandy is a fucking prude and no matter what we try, she totally freaks out when we get her naked in public. Topless at the lake is ok now, she is more or less used to it, though she still blushes and stutters a lot, but naked makes her go bonkers. Now, we all watched her of course and we know that ever since the blackmail started, she has not gone to confession.”

“Oh that is not a real problem no more” Franky interrupts him “It’s not like ages ago when every catholic had to go at least once a week. She can go whenever she decides it is time again.”

“I know” Wally agrees “But we think she doesn’t go anymore because she doesn’t trust father Brian. Ever since he made her lean forward so far that he could get a good look at her boobies, she stays away from him. I mean I do understand that, what would that guy do if she would have to confess to him what we have done with her for those last few months, right? But that is where you would come in, none of us, nor anyone we know would be able to trick Sandy into believing that he is a catholic priest, but I bet you could.”

“Sure, I could pull that off” Franky nods “But for what? To hear from her what you guys already told me? I would rather fuck her ass if you don’t mind.”

“No Franky, the confession is only step one. Let me tell you what I think we could do. You are here for what? 2 more weeks?”

“Yup, why is that important?”

“Wait and see. Let’s say we get father Brian away from the church, and let’s say Sandy would be there and you could introduce yourself to her as a visiting priest and get her to confession and then, and that is my plan, you react totally different when she is done and, by whatever means necessary, make her understand that you have to talk to her in private. Get her to invite you to her house and then …”

They all listen to Wally for the better part of an hour. Franky asks a lot of questions but when they are finally done they all laugh. Wally is a genius, that really could work.

“Ok” Franky has a few more things to clear up. “I will need a real robe, if she is as religious as you guys say, she would probably spot a Halloween costume, and those robe, don’t make a mistake, are fucking expensive and you can’t just buy them in a shopping mall.”

“I got that covered” Tony grins “Father Brian has his robes cleaned at my mom’s dry cleaner. I could get one for you for a day a two, no prob.”

“Fine, that sounds good, but what do I get out of this? I mean except for the great feeling that I am helping you guys, I still want to fuck your Milf too.”

“Fair enough” Wally nods “We will play a blindfold game with Sandy at my uncle’s house and you can sneak in as soon as she is blindfolded and empty your balls in all her holes. Is that ok with you Franky?”

“Now you’re talking” Tony’s cousin laughs in agreement “Let’s do this people.”


Thursday father Brain receives an urgent call that there has been a serious car accident near Branville (about 90 miles away) a catholic man is dying and no other catholic priest can be reached. Grumbling he gets into his car and drives off to make sure that man will receive the last rights before he dies. Once he is gone, a young priest, wearing a robe that is just a little too big for him, smilingly walks into the church and seems to be very interested at the altar.

Sandy is still puzzled when she pulls into the parking lot, why would the choir want her to come over to the church today? She is not a member, her singing voice is, uhm, rather squeaky, but she did get that call from Markus and he insisted that she would come over right away. She walks into the church and it is empty except for a young priest she has never seen before. Smiling she walks over to him and asks if he has seen the choir leader around.

“I am afraid I do not know any Markus my daughter” the young priests smiles back at her “I am father Francesco, just here for a short visit. May I help you in any other way?”

“Thank you father, I am Sandy” she is a bit angry. Apparently someone played a practical joke on her and she fell for it. “I will just go home again, it must have been a prank.”

“Since you are here now my daughter” Franky has no intention to let her go now “Tell me, when was your last confession?”

Sandy blushes furiously, but then her face lights up again. It is true that she has avoided father Brian, especially for confession, but a visiting priest is perfect. She finally can confess all her sins to a man who will soon be gone again. “It has been a few month” she tells him “But if you have the time, and I am already here, I would be happy to do it now.”

“And I will be happy to hear it” Franky has to bite his tongue to prevent himself from grinning victorious. This was too easy, let’s hope the next part goes over without any problems too.

Sandy’s confession takes a long, long time. Franky really enjoys hearing it all from the cute nurse, even though he does already know everything from the guys, but he is getting a bit nervous at the end, not knowing how quickly father Brian might be back.

He has, guided by Wally’s instructions, made Sandy also tell him in confession about her nerve damage, and like Tony said, he was very good about making Sandy believe that she has been the one leading this kind young priest to ask such questions. When she is finally done confessing, she is positive that he will give her the worst ever penance that she has ever received, after all, sins like this can’t go away with a few Hail Mary’s, but instead father Francesco says

“My poor daughter, you surely have suffered a lot, but I do think I know why. It is impossible to tell you this here, but I feel a great need to discuss this with you and hopefully get you to see the light of our Lord and savior. Is it possible to meet with you later today, somewhere where we will not be disturbed, somewhere private?”

“I … I don’t know father. If you like, you could come to my house when the children are asleep. I … I think I can arrange for us to be alone.” Sandy really hopes she can get the gang to leave her alone tonight. Maybe they will understand that she has a guest.

“Please give me your address” Franky agrees, glad that Sandy can’t see the triumphant smile on his face.

10 minutes later Sandy is on her way home, feeling so much better now that she finally got the chance to confess all her sins, but a little worried about what that young priest wants to talk about tonight.

Franky almost gets caught though, he has to wait until Sandy is gone and when he wants to leave himself, father Brian drives up and gets out of his car, his face really angry for squandering hours to drive all the way to Branville, then searching for a dying catholic in the hospital and the police station, just to find out that some prankster has wasted his time. Franky barely escapes through the back door, but he is quite sure that father Brian never saw him.

January 14, 2018, 01:04:25 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

To Sandy’s surprise Wally seems to be very understanding when she calls him and tells him that tonight a visiting priest will be her guest at her house. Who knows, her rapists maybe cruel, but they all are Christians after all, that would account for their surprising acceptance of this last minute change of her schedule.

At 9:15 pm father Francesco is at the door and Sandy anxiously lets him in. She has tried to figure out all day what he so desperately wants to tell her, but has come up empty, so she is very curious now and a little afraid too. Politely she offers him a glass of wine and waits for him to start the conversation.

“When I heard your confession my daughter, my heart went out to you.” Franky begins trying his very best to keep his eyes from staring at those bouncy tits under Sandy t-shirt. “But the more you told me, the more I realized that all this has a purpose, a purpose that should have been clear to you for many, many years. But since you never saw it, our Lord has sent those young men to teach you.”

Sandy almost swallows her own tongue. What is he talking about? That is crazy? God send the guys to rape her because she is ignoring her purpose in life? Father Francesco must be stark raving mad.

“I can see that I am confusing you even more” he smiles “Let me try to explain. When you were born you were marked by the inability to feel joy in your vaginal region. What you think is a birth defect is indeed a sign. A sign that you shall serve, not seek pleasure, and is that not what you are forced to do now?”

Sandy gasps, that is silly, isn’t it? It happens to 1 person in 1000, so it isn’t a sign at all. But then, she has never heard of any other documented case were the crushed nerves cause this kind of damage in that place.

“And you dear Sandy, what are you complaining about when they make you show your body openly? Does not the bible say in proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. But you insist on being clothed in fabrics? And frown and cry in fear of the future? And I Peter 3:3-4 says Don't be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. Are you understanding what I am trying to tell you Sandy?”

The young mom is beginning to feel extremely uncomfortable. What if this young priest is right? What if her own arrogance has brought all this upon her? He is a man of God, how can she doubt him? Sure, even men of God have been known to make mistakes, but father Francesco is quoting the holy bible and the bible cannot be wrong, can it?   

Franky sees that he is slowly getting to the naive young mom and quickly adds another carefully selected quote to confuse her further “In I Corinthians 11:3 it says and the head of the woman is the man. And are those men blackmailing you are not teaching you just that? And in Judges 19-24 it is stated So the man took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them; and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go.”

Sandy gasps in horror, she has read the bible, of course, but for some reason she must have completely misunderstood that message. It seems all so dark, but at the same time it is beginning to make sense to her in a weird way.

“But fear not my daughter” Franky is totally into this now “Because in Joshua 1:9 it says Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. And that my dearest Sandy is the message that you should always, always keep in your heart. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? Do you begin to grasp what you should do for our savior?”

Slowly Sandy nods, even though she is not really sure she does understand, but of course Franky has anticipated that so he drops the quotes when he continues.

“You have been singled out by the Lord to become again what women over the centuries have lost my daughter. You are here to serve men and your unique condition allows you to do just that. Isn’t that wonderful? And be proud of your inner beauty and don’t disguise it by clothes and jewelry. I am not saying you should be naked from now on, but when you are, whatever the reason may be for it, even if you are forced to be naked, do not feel ashamed, do not feel bad, don’t get discouraged by others staring at you or their silly comments. Do you understand Sandy?”

“Y…yes father, I … I think I do.”

“Wonderful, then show me Sandy. Take off those devil’s garments and show me your full beauty.” Franky is glad he is wearing the wide robe now, but just in case he stands up to make sure his growing erection is not showing when the young mom actually undresses in front of him now and kneels naked at his feet.

“How do you feel now Sandy?”

“Naked father”

“Are you ashamed that you are naked?”

Sandy blushes and nods

“Should you be ashamed that you are kneeling in front of me just as God has made you?”

“No father, I should not. And I promise that I will work on this, it is just so hard to overcome what all those years have been natural to me.”

“Not natural at all my daughter, just social conventions and a misguided sense of modesty. I do understand you Sandy, it will not be easy, but your promise warms my heart and I am proud of you. Let me ask you though, what will you do when your blackmailers tell you now to undress in front of total strangers?”

“I … I will understand that … that it is my place to … to obey and I will do it … trying my best not to feel shame … and show my … my inner beauty.”

“I am so proud of you my daughter, but what if they make you undress in front of people you know? Will that be different?”

Sandy shivers unintentionally, the idea terrifies her of course “I … I will still obey father. I know now that my body is a gift from God … and … and even if I am completely petrified by that situation I will keep that in mind always … and I will be a good Christian woman and obey.”

Franky can’t believe how naive that young mom is. She actually swallowed all his bullshit. Damn he wants to fuck her so bad right now, but he knows that if he would do that, he would kill everything he has achieved tonight, so he bites down on his lower lip and continues as planned.

“Do you still remember Judges 19:24-25?”

“The one were the man gives his … his concubine to others to be abused?”

“Excellent Sandy, yes, that is the one. So when something like that happens, when they would actually throw you to others for abuse, what will you do?”

“I will accept it as my fate father Francesco, like I should.”

“I see I have nothing more to teach you my daughter. I am so happy that God send me to this place to meet you and guided me to help you understand who you are and what he expects from you. Let me give you this on your way before I leave: Jeremiah 29:11 'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord. 'They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Be well Sandy, I wish you all the best.”

“Go with God” she quickly replies and stand up to get dressed before she will accompany him to the door.

“Uh? What are you doing Sandy?”

“I … I just thought I get dressed before I bring you to the door father?”

“Why is that? Are you already forgetting your promise not to be ashamed of your body anymore?”

Sandy blushes and nods. Still, saying goodbye to a priest completely naked at the open door, where all her neighbors might see her is a nightmare, but a nightmare she better gets used to, so why not start right now. Swallowing a few stubborn tears she walks with the fake priest to the door, opens it wide for him and whispers her goodbyes.

“It was a pleasure to meet such a courageous young woman Sandy” Franky says in an effort to make the naked mom hold the door open as long as possible. “I am positive that you will serve our Lord well and receive a wonderful reward in the next life.”

“Thank you for all your help father Francesco” Sandy replies, feeling extremely exposed and vulnerable standing naked in the open door, the light shining bright from behind her, making sure that she is very visible from the street. But she is eager to prove to the priest that she has learned her lesson well and though all her instinct scream at her to at least cover her soft mommy tits and her hairy cunt with her hands, she doesn’t do it.

“I am so very pleased with you my daughter” Franky still tries to stall, knowing that the gang is hidden somewhere close and watching everything, probably taken photos and videos of the stark naked Sandy in full public view.

“You have really understood our Lord’s message and I know that you will do him proud from now on. I just wish I would be able to guide you on your way, because it will not be easy Sandy. But I do know that you have the strength and the willpower to do it. Just try to get comfortable with your body my daughter, be naked as often as you can when you are alone, like right now. Look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you are, and do not feel the need to get dressed when someone is ringing the bell. This is your home, nobody can dictate a dress code in your own home.”
Sandy nods and tries to smile to hide how terrified she really is, but she wishes he would finally stop talking and go, and since Franky really runs out of things to say, he does.

Happily Sandy closes the door again and shivers. Life just got harder, but at least she now knows that this has a purpose. She is God’s creation and he wishes her to be proud of her body and serve men any way she can without getting pleasure from it for herself. Most definitely not an easy task, but she will do her very best.

Just like father Francesco suggested, she forces herself not to get dressed even though he is gone and she even stands in front of the full length mirror in the entrance and looks at her body. It is true, she is somewhat pretty, not like a model, of course not, but most people guess her age at early 20th and are really surprised to hear that she is 33 and has 3 children already. Too bad that her boobies sag so much, but how did Jake call it? Natural? Yes, they are natural, like God has given her. So if it is her task to please men by showing them her body, even by letting them touch and use her, then who is she to deny God’s will?

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 14, 2018, 08:15:06 PM
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She believes a priest over a group of boys raping her, unbelievable! great interlude chapters EvilBastard

January 15, 2018, 01:55:48 AM
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I know, dangerous terrain here, but to stress how naive Sandy is when it comes to church and religion, I had to give it a try. In reality it would have taken more than just a visit by one priest to convince her, but I don't think people would want to read 7 or 8 chapters with just talk, talk talk and no action, so I delivered the short version

January 15, 2018, 04:05:57 PM
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Sandy almost jumps when the doorbell rings. Instinctively she dashes to the living room to quickly get dressed but then father Francesco’s words ring in her head “ … and do not feel the need to get dressed when someone is ringing the bell. This is your home, nobody can dictate a dress code in your own home.”

Does she really have to do this now? Maybe she can start tomorrow? No, absolutely not, she has waited 33 years already, If she would be dressed right now she would open the door dressed, but she is naked, so that is how she will open it. Sandy’s hands tremble when she reaches for the doorknob, but she turns it and opens the door, at least a little. Nobody said she has to open it all the way, after all.

Wally, Steven and Tony are outside and they all grin when they see that she is completely naked. “We saw a priest come from your house Sandy” Wally says “And we thought that, when your visitor is gone, we could come in.”

Sandy has never thought that she might one day be happy to see her blackmailers in front of her door, but the simple fact that only people who have seen her naked uncounted times have come to visit when she opens the door like this for the first time ever, is somewhat soothing.  She ushers them inside, risks a quick look up and down the street to see if anyone else might have seen her and then closes the door with a deep sigh and follows them into the living room.

“How did you know it would be us, Sandy?”  Tony asks innocently

“I … I didn’t”

“But you opened the door in the buff. What if it had been someone else?”

“I … I was naked when you rang … so … so I decided there was no time to get dressed first.” Sandy’s face is deep red now.

“Ok, cool” Tony grins “Very civil of you. I mean not letting visitors wait outside just because you are not dressed. Very civil indeed.” 

The doorbell rings again and Sandy almost faints, please let it be to rest of the gang she prays when she hurries to the door, and to her relief it really is just Steven and Jake. She lets them come in and Wally nods at her happy.

“Wow Sandy, you really mean that, don’t you? About opening the door the way you are, not getting something to wear first. Very decent of you, I’d say. But we just came over for a quicky and to tell you that you will come to my uncle’s house tomorrow at 3 pm. Steven here will babysit your kids, so pack a toothbrush, ok?”

Sandy nods unhappy, so another night away from home, but all that will soon be over, only 5 more days until her husband will be back. That will make it all easier, even now after she discovered her real purpose in life.

Before the naked mom can really begin to think about this very weird day, Jake pushes her hands on the dining room table and enters her still tiny asshole with a hard thrust. Oh yes, quicky time now, she almost forgot that part of Wally’s speech. They mean it though, all 5 of them just blow their loads into Sandy’s holes and leave again without asking for drinks or anything else. The cute nurse doesn’t know it, but this was nothing but a check up on what Franky had told them after leaving her. They wanted to see with their own eyes if his story about really convincing the naive mom was true.


Sandy arrives at the Elms a little early, as always, she knows that even a few minutes late might cause another punishment and she doesn’t want to risk that. Everyone but Steven is there already, and he made it very clear that he is quite miffed about having to babysit so the others can play with her. Of course Sandy drops her clothes at the entrance again and of course that is where they will stay until she will be dismissed by the guys, but something seems to be different today. Just after they all empty their balls into her holes, Wally sends her to the kitchen to prepare snacks, and he makes sure she knows to prepare lots of them because there will be no time for dinner today. Weird, they must have something planned, but nobody tells the young mom anything and even stranger, as soon as Sandy is in the kitchen, they all go upstairs instead of the living room. Sandy has a bad feeling about this and soon enough she finds out why, because the doorbell rings and Wally just calls down

“Get that please Sandy, it should be a new console I ordered. Just sign for it, will you.”

So that is what this is all about, a test if she will be true to her word and answer the door naked. It all sounds so easy when you promise it to a man of God, but when you really stand in front of that door, knowing that some stranger is waiting for you to open it, it is very hard not to grab the dress that is just next to you, nicely folded on a chair. Sandy’s hands are shaking and she needs several deep breaths before she is able to open the door. The delivery guy almost drops the packages when he sees the naked young mom, but then his face breaks into a bright smile. Damn, this must be his lucky day!

After Sandy has signed for the delivery he grins at her and asks “What about a tip sweetie?”

Since it is obvious that she hasn’t any money on her, he is hoping for something even better, but Sandy maybe naive, but she is definitely not stupid, so with a sweet smile she looks at him and replies “I think you already got the best tip you ever got in your life” and closes the door.

She almost faints when she puts the packages on the living room table. So this is it, is it? They sure didn’t need very long to find out that they can expose her to absolutely anyone now. What will be next? Or better, who will be next? The mailman? The pizza guy? The whole neighborhood? Or will they send her completely naked to the beach now? Probably everything and then some. Oh God, is that really what her purpose is? She desperately wants to talk to father Francesco about this again and hopes that he still is in town, because this really is so much worse than she imagined when she promised to try yesterday.

Just as if Wally had read her mind he calls down to Sandy

“You know what, forget the snacks, we will order pizza later!”

Of course they do order pizza and of course Sandy has to get the door, but this time it is different. The console delivery was pre-paid, the pizza is not and when the naked young mom takes the pizza from the smiling delivery guy, he expects to be paid. Having no money Sandy calls for Wally, but he just yells back

“Pay him any way he wants.”

The pizza guy hears this of course and his smile gets even bigger than before. Reluctantly Sandy asks him to come in, takes a deep breath and tries to put on her best professional nurses smile

“Is there … any way I … I can pay you … without money?” she stutters embarrassed

“Hell Lady, it is a lotta pizza, so that’s gonna cost ya.” He looks around and then walks to the couch and sits down. “Why doncha show me wot ya have t’ offer.”

Biting on her lower lip hard to keep from screaming in frustration, Sandy forces the smile back on her face, walks over to him, unzips his pants and isn’t really surprised that his cock is already rock hard when it jumps out. She kneels in front of him and begins to lick his shaft until the first drop of precum appears. Her soft lips open and take the head of his dick inside, teasing it with her tongue. He groans with pleasure and slowly, ever so slowly Sandy takes him in deeper and deeper until his cock is buried in her throat, his balls at her chin and his pubic hair tickle her nose.

Usually Sandy feels the telltale twitching and jerking before someone will cum, but this guy is way too excited and before the naked mom can do anything he pulls out and explodes all over her face. A full load of sticky, salty cum goes in her hair, her eyes, her nose, drips down her cheeks and some even got in her mouth and drips now down her chin and lands on her soft titties.

“Not bad for an older bitch, not bad at all. But next time you better have some money around or I will take nothing less than you ass, you hear?”  the young pizza delivery guy is still breathing very labored, zips up his pans again and is out of the door before Sandy even knows what is really happening. Obviously he had planned to use the blow job as an appetizer and then fuck her ass, but Sandy’s fantastic sucking skills ruined his plans.

After eating the pizza, even Sandy gets a couple of slices though Marty commented that she has already eaten after seeing her face, Wally tells her to kneel again, steps behind the naked young mom and very carefully secures a blindfold over her eyes without getting it entangled in her long hair.

“We are going to play a little game with you tonight” he chuckles after making sure that Sandy is completely unable to see anything.

Someone, from the feel of it Pete, takes Sandy’s hand and pulls her up. He leads her do the basement door, down the stairs, but not into the bar, into another room that Sandy has never been in before. He pushes her down on an old cot and Sandy shrieks feeling that someone is already on there.

“Hey” that is Tony’s voice “Careful, you should mount me, not castrate me”

Everyone starts laughing and for a moment Sandy thinks that there is a voice that doesn’t belong to her blackmailers but still sounds somewhat familiar. Before she can try to place it, Tony rams his fat cock into her cunt, someone shoves another dick into her left hand and a hand pulls her ass cheeks apart and fingers her tiny rosette roughly.

It doesn’t take very long before that cock in her hand is in the young mom’s throat and the hand on her ass is soon replaced by another fat cock. Sandy is a bit puzzled though, they have used her this way before, so why the blindfold now?

Something really doesn’t feel right, but our helpless nurse has no idea what it is. If she would have seen Wally staying behind when the others took her to the basement, she would know that he silently opened the door and let Franky and 4 of his friends in to join them in the basement soon after, but, of course she has not seen any of that.

Everything is different. Sandy thinks at first that the blindfold might be the reason, but it still doesn’t seem right. She has been gang raped more often than she can recall and it always has been painful, but this is way worse now. The guys had found a certain rhythm when 2 or 3 abused her at the same time, but that rhythm seems to be totally gone now.

They turn her around after a while and again she is brutally entered and still something is quite wrong. The pain is way more intense, she is used to the guys raping her for their own pleasure, but this time it feels as if they have dropped every precaution and abuse her as if it doesn’t matter if she gets hurt or even killed by it as long as they get what they want. Her soft titties get punched, squeezed and twisted with no care at all and even the grunting and moaning sounds different. And something else is weird, nobody speaks. Usually the guys talk to each other or even try to make Sandy talk to them, but not tonight.

And then Sandy realizes what tipped her of much earlier, it is the smell. She can easily identify any one of her blackmailers by scent now and whoever is raping her smells different, and not just one, definitely more of them. But what can she do about this? A few hours ago she more or less voluntarily blew a pizza guy, she has been raped by Josh, by those doctors, at that awful parking lot and even by bums, so a few more now should not make a difference. So why the blindfold?

More than 7 hours the crying nurse gets gang bang brutally, her cunt and ass are raw and bleeding quite a bit, her thighs and tits are beaten by fists and open palm and in the end she even faints a couple of time from agony and exhaustion. But they always wake her up again to continue her torment. But even a large group like this has limits and after all 10 of them have blown every load inside the whimpering young mom, Franky and his friends leave and finally Wally removes the blindfold and they have to help the bruised and bleeding Sandy up. Tony and Jake get her upstairs and into the tub, so Sandy can take a bath and clean her battered body before she is allowed to sleep. 

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 15, 2018, 08:42:47 PM
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Do I detect a new form of Saturday night entertainment for their little town UGS- Unidentifiable Gangbang of Sandy?

January 16, 2018, 08:32:53 PM
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When Theo comes over the next day, he is in a brooding mood. They have developed a fixed routine for his visits, starting with a blow job (Theo really loves what Sandy can do with her tongue to make him happy) and then they play Wii aerobics for an hour or so. But today the childlike young man is distracted and not even Sandy’s oral skills can change that. The young mom has learned by now not to rush Theo, so she goes through with Wii aerobics while he just watches her. Sandy is already halfway through the program before Theo begins to speak.

“Wally says I can’t come over any more when Mr. M. is home. But I like to play with you.”

So that is it, Theo is unhappy because his daily routine is going to change. Being a neurology nurse Sandy knows how important routine is for mentally retarded people, so this is not something that can be just ordered. She forces a smile on her face and turns to Theo

“That is true Theo, you know how it is when a mom and a dad need time together, don’t you? And even though I am not your mom, I am a mother and Mr. M. is a daddy. But you know what you can do for me when Mr. M. is home and we can’t play?”

“No” Theo looks at her still frowning “What?”

“You can have a look at other Wii programs. I know you like aerobics most of all, and I like it too, but I also like dancing a lot. Do you think you can find a good Wii dancing program we can play?”

“I like dancing too” Theo smiles happy “My friend Susan has a Wii dancing game, but I am not very good at it.”

“You can practice when we can’t play here anymore Theo, so you will get very, very good at it. And when we will have time to play again, you can teach me how to do it. Will you do that for me Theo?”

The retarded young man smiles again and nods vigorously “Yes Mrs. M., I can do that. I will practice every day and then I will teach you. I like teaching you, you are nice and I like nice people, especially you, because you are so pretty.”

That went well and Sandy smiles relieved. One problem solved, uncounted ones to face. There is no doubt that her husband will notice how much she has changed and since he is not a religious man, she can’t really tell him anything about father Francesco and what he has told her. But Sandy doesn’t want to lie to him either, not openly anyways. It is one think not to tell him about the blackmail, but to make up lies to cover for that is out of the question, it will not be easy at all. She has something like half a plan for when he will be home again and it begins with telling him all about finding out about his dark side and that she is now ready to accept it and willing to try how far she can go. Hopefully that will be enough to distract him and hopefully he will think that this explains why his prudish wife suddenly walks around braless all day and tries so hard not to be ashamed of her body any longer. But if that doesn’t work out and if he begins to ask questions, specific questions, she will not lie to him and tell him everything that has happened while he was away on business. Sandy hopes that it will not have to come to that, she honestly has no idea how he will react when he finds out, but she is determined not to lie.

Just minutes after Theo left the phone rings and Sandy almost doesn’t answer it when she sees that the caller ID is suppressed. She doesn’t feel like talking to some call center trying to sell her insurance or hedge funds shares, but then she is scared that it might be one of the guys and she might get punished for not answering the call, so she picks it up anyway. The young mom is really glad she does, because moments later she hears the familiar voice of father Francesco who tells her that he feels the need to check with her.

Of course she has no idea that Wally, Steven Jake and Tony are listening in, and that this call was really Steven’s idea because he feels bad about rushing her into all this and thinks it is better to check up on her by someone she would definitely tell the truth to. And he was right about that, for almost two hours Sandy tells Franky all her troubles and fears and is extremely relieved when he finally (after checking with the guys of course) says

“I see my daughter, maybe we went a little too fast on this. Maybe I have been too eager to get you on the right way and have asked too much of you. Let us go a tad slower and take this step by step so you can adjust to your purpose at your own pace.”

“Is that possible father?” Sandy asks and sighs in relieve “Please tell me what you think, please tell me how I can do this.”

“Let me think Sandy. You did tell me that you have gotten used to being topless at the lake, do I understand that to be correct?”

“Well, yes, a bit, yes. I still feel very uncomfortable when I am father, but I do not panic anymore.”

“Very good my daughter, very good. So instead of going completely naked now, we will start slow by you going for a swim, let’s say 3 times while you are there, and every time you get out of the water, you will change your wet bikini bottom for a dry one without covering yourself. But before you slip into the dry one, you will put some sunscreen on you body. That way you will be naked for a few moments, but you will be busy and it will all seem quite natural. How does that sound to you?”

Sandy gulps, it is still quite a big step for her, but so much better than staying naked the whole time “It … it sounds like something I can try father”

“Very good, and how do you feel about opening the door?”

“It is horrible father, I die a little every time I have to do that.”

“Well then let us try to do that step by step too. You have been doing that wearing your bathrobe, haven’t you?”

“Yes, and that still makes me blush and tremble father.”

“Well, we can’t go back, Sandy, but we don’t have to jump forward either, so what do you think about a flimsy nightie as the next step and once you get used to that, maybe just panties before you open the door completely naked, as you ultimately will have to do?”

“Oh my God, is that really necessary?”

“The bathrobe would be a step back, my daughter, and we need to move forward, don’t you agree? Do you have another suggestion how we can achieve that?”

“No … no I don’t father. I will do it then.”

“And about your husband Sandy, I agree that you should not lie to him. Your plan sounds solid to me, but if and when he begins to ask questions, I suggest that you do not tell him about the blackmail. Try to work something out that will not be an outright lie, but will also not put you in harm’s way my daughter.”

Sandy nods and realizes that he can’t see her so she quickly adds “I will think about it father.”

“I am sorry Sandy, but I have to go now” Franky has no idea what to say anymore “But I promise I will check with you again in the next few days. Go with God my daughter.”

“Thank you so much father, I feel a little better already.” 

Wally frowns a bit, after yesterday he had hoped for more, but he agrees that they should not push Sandy over the edge by going too fast and this compromise is still so much better than they had 3 days ago. He chuckles amused imagining Sandy opening the door for that horny mailman in a see through nighty tomorrow. Damn, she doesn’t have one, better take her shopping again.


When some of the guys come over to ask Sandy if she would like to go shopping for a few sexy things to surprise her husband, she is not the least bit suspicious and by the afternoon she has 2 new, sheer nighties, 2 white t-shirts and a blouse that are not exactly transparent but not completely solid either and, depending on the light, do show more than just the outline of her soft titties clearly and the darker skin of her nipples and areolas always shine through the thin fabric. She also got two pretty short jeans shorts to wear with the t-shirts and the blouse. Sandy almost smiles when she buys those, thinking that the guys have no idea why she so willingly agreed to get them. She plans to alternate between the night shirts and those tops and shorts when opening the door in the future, father Francesco will surely agree that do that in the very same outfit every day would be suspicious, and all those clothes will definitely show more of her body than the bathrobe has done, so it is a step forward for her. But before Sandy finalizes her decision, she asks the guys if it would be a rule break if she wears those instead of her short bathrobe.

Wally pretends to be surprised and tells her they will need to see her in those outfits when they will be back home and makes her model them all for them. The nighties are both perfect, the thin fabric is transparent enough to show absolutely everything and hide nothing. She might as well be naked. The t-shirt and the blouse cover her much better, but they still show enough for the boys to make them smile. Especially when they find out what Sandy doesn’t know. One of the shorts is short enough that, when Sandy bends forward to pick something up, it shows some of her pubic hairs.

“The nighties are fine with us Sandy” Wally orders the cute nurse “But instead of 2 hours every morning before you get dressed you will wear one of those all day every day as long as you are at home. When you leave the house you will wear one of the t-shirts or the blouse with one of those shorts, at least for now as it is warm enough. When it gets colder we will have to go shopping again I guess.”

“Thank you Walter” she actually thanks him for exposing her, the guys have to really concentrate keeping a straight face “But if this is all I am allowed to wear for the next weeks, I will need to go shopping much sooner. Don’t worry, I know now what you want me to wear, I can buy half a dozen t-shirt like those 2, a few more nighties and some blouses in a similar quality. And maybe I will get a jeans skirt or two. I know, it has to be rather short.” She smiles at them.

They silently congratulate themselves for getting Franky involved. 3 days ago this would not have been possible and now Sandy seems eager to learn how to expose her body to the world.

“You know Sandy” Steven suggests “You should buy tops with more cleavage too, and you really don’t have to button your blouses that far up. Maybe just leave some more buttons undone you know, it does look nice with any blouse, even those not transparent.”

Sandy nods, why didn’t she think of that before, that way she has a little control and can do what father Francesco suggested, do it step by step. She smiles at Steven “Thank you, I will try that too.”

After a quick goodbye fuck they all leave since Sandy has to start dinner for the kids now, but they all will be there when the mailman will come tomorrow. They want to see his face when prudish, stuck-up Mrs. M. opens the door in a transparent nighty.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 18, 2018, 12:24:26 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

The morning finds all 6 of them pretending to help Tony to fix his car just opposite Sandy’s house. They don’t have to wait long, the mailman is on time, but to all of their surprise it is not Mr. Shievers, the usual postman, but and old guy, probably his holiday substitute. This is even better, they all grin and wait for Sandy to open the door.

It is perfect, she really stands there in her transparent nighty. The old geezer almost drops his mailbag

“You … you are naked!” he gasps

“No, I am wearing a nightshirt” Sandy replies quick-witted, which really surprises the guys. They have expected her blushing and stuttering, she must have prepared herself for this.

“Yes, but underneath you are naked!” he insists

“Of course I am” Sandy is still quick witted “We all are naked under our clothes.”

“Ah … but … but I can see you through yours.” He doesn’t give up.

“If you don’t like it, why don’t you look somewhere else. Now do you have another reason for ringing my doorbell than to tell me that I am naked under my clothes?”

“Oh … uhm … yes … I … I have some mail for you”

“Thank you” Sandy grabs her mail and closes the door in his face.

The guys almost topple over laughing. Steven grins proud and says “Mailman 0, Sandy 3”

But before they can go in to have a little victory fuck, they see that the old guy has taken out his cell phone and is calling someone. All they can hear is

“Yes … naked … you better see … I don’t care … bring a fake package then …”

Now this is getting better and better, they decide to wait and within 30 minutes a postal truck parks right behind them and a guy comes out with a package, going straight for Sandy’s house and rings the doorbell. Again the young nurse opens the door in her see-through nighty.

“Sorry Ma’am” the postman stares at her body “But, uhm, I have a package for Mr. Millner.”

“You got the wrong house.”

“I do? Isn’t this 754 Oak Street?” That address is halfway across town, what a lame excuse.

Sandy sure seems to think so because she closes the door without saying another word. What a great morning, she actually exposed herself to 2 total strangers. That has to be topped and definitely today, because in not 3 days her hubby will be back and they have no idea how everything will go on when he is here.

They all go visiting Sandy and get rid of the pressure in their balls from watching her with those 2 mailmen. Then Wally tells Sandy

“Time for another visit to the lake Sandy. Don’t bother to take the kids, Marty has some great new games he wants to play with them, so he will babysit while you get a nice tan for your hubby. Oh yes, do find a nice spot near the tree line, will you. The shoreline is so crowded all the times.”

Sandy is absolutely not happy about this, she had other plans today, but Wally has not suggested a trip to the lake, he has ordered it, there is nothing she can do but obey. Marty doesn’t seem too happy about it either, but since Steven babysitted her kids the last time, he knows it is his turn.

Sandy makes sure to pack 2 bikini bottoms, so she can do as father Francesco suggested and a spot next to the trees suits her well, hopefully not too many people will notice her there. Of course Wally just wants her closer to where they will hide and watch and, on the off chance that one or more of the guys staring at Sandy’s boobs on the beach decide to get more from her, she will be easier to fuck where not too many people can see it.

As usual by now a lot of men look up when Sandy comes to the beach. It didn’t take long at all for everyone in the whole area hearing about that young mom with her 3 kids who goes topless on the beach and “business” is booming. Suddenly all kinds of fathers offer to take their children to the lake and even more single men feel the urgent need to take a swim in the cool water. Of course nobody ever knows when Sandy will be there and a lot of them get disappointed, but not today. At first they keep their distance and just watch from their towels and blankets, but as soon as the cute Milf takes off her top, a lot of them move in closer.

They all notice that Sandy didn’t bring the kids and that she put her blanket down pretty far from the shore. Maybe today would be a good day to get to know more of that sweet mom, no kids to worry about is good, isn’t it? And away from most of the others on the beach can’t be bad either.

Sandy decides that if she has to do this, she might as well start right away, so as soon as she finds a spot, she takes off her t-shirt and shorts and goes for a swim. The water never really gets warm, but it isn’t that cold either, though cool enough to get her fat nipples to stand out proud and her areolas to crinkle into them. She isn’t much of a swimmer, so after not even 15 minutes Sandy walks back to her blanket and very, very reluctantly takes off her wet bikini bottom, places it on the blanket to dry and towels herself off. Within moments some of those who have watched her every move come closer. She is completely naked now, that they have to see!

It is an eerie situation for the embarrassed mom, surrounded by all kinds of men, but nobody is saying a word, they just stare at her naked body as if they have never seen a woman before. It gets even worse when Sandy doesn’t immediately put on her second, dry bikini bottom but begins to apply sunscreen on her body first.


Finally someone begins to speak, a young man with sunglasses offers to do her back and another immediately calls out wanting to do the very same. But then guys with cameras come over and a lot of fathers, husbands and boyfriends get the hell away from there because they sure don’t want to be on those pictures and who knows where they will be posted. There would be hell to pay at home if that would ever be discovered. Unfortunately those 2 who offered to help Sandy applying the lotion stay and almost get into a fight about it until Sandy, just to stop any more commotion, tells them that they may both help.

Of course they don’t stick to her back, they really don’t care that she has done most of her body already, nope, they put sunscreen everywhere, especially her tits, ass and the inside of her thighs. The young mom doesn’t get a chance to put on her bikini bottom anymore, because as soon as the photographers are satisfied that they have enough photos, one of them takes off his bathing suit and pushes Sandy down, his erect cock right in front of her face.

Unhappy the young mom decides it is better to suck those 2 now and keep it all quiet before anyone else gets any ideas, but it is too late for that. Quite a few men have noticed what is going on and soon enough they actually line up to fuck her.

Sandy is close to panic. This is NOT right, not right at all. It is worse than anything so far, because she is at a family beach at the lake close to home. But no matter how she protests, horny guys are almost impossible to stop once they see a naked woman. But then the weirdest thing happens, Jake comes along and loudly declares

“There you are aunty Sandy. Oh my god, are you people crazy? My aunt has a mental disability, she doesn’t know what she is doing, but you all do. POLICE! HELP! SOMEONE HELP US!”

Seconds later she is alone with Jake and smiles gratefully. Jake just smiles back, takes her hand and walks with her into the water whispering “Clean yourself as good as you can, as soon as you are not leaking anymore, I’ll take you home. Wally is furious, but screw him, this went too far, even for me.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 18, 2018, 05:06:59 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Is Sandy beginning to accept her new lifestyle, why what will her husband think when he gets home unless he hired  Walter to try to make these changes? ;)

January 19, 2018, 10:04:37 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Yes, absolutely, Sandy has finally accepted her role and though she still doesn’t like it one bit, she is growing into it, accepting the fact that her body doesn’t belong to her any longer and needs to be displayed to and used by whomever wants it. The final goal of this story has been achieved and this is how the story of Sandy’s blackmail ends. Her husband comes back and, though he believes that his cute wife has changed to please him and his soft form of BDSM fetish, and never finds out about the gang, he still changes the rules in his favor.

Josh gets a girlfriend and lost interest in Sandy, Wally is totally frustrated and desperately searches for another victim without ever finding one. Steven and Jake finish school and go off to college, Marty gets married and has 2 kids of his own now. Pete signes up and is currently MIA in Afghanistan, while Tony still works in the family business.

Only Theo still comes over to play Wii with Sandy whenever the young mom has time for him. So everything is back to normal, or is it?

Well, there is one person who doesn’t go back to the way she was before the blackmail. Sandy doesn’t wear bras any more, not even at work. When at home she now has a variety of nighties and housedresses to wear and they are all transparent. She frequently goes to the sauna and always on mixed days and on the beach, no matter if close to home or on vacation, she usually is completely naked (but she never allows anyone to apply sunscreen to her body any more).     

Stay tuned for another Sandy story, featuring the very same cute, naive, prudish Milf, but the rest will be completely different (Ok, not completely, after all Sandy is who she is and I don’t ever want to change that, but the story around her will be very different.)

January 26, 2018, 01:25:56 PM
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Offline vile8r

Glad to see you've kept this story going! Poor Sandy has been put through quite an ordeal.

January 26, 2018, 06:48:11 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Aye she has, but this was nothing compared to the next story ;D