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December 04, 2017, 04:19:26 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Finally home Wally waited for Sandy already to collect her milk. “So, did you get a nice bikini?” he asks with a devilish smile.

After Sandy is forced to tell the story, she complains bitterly.

“I … yes … but, but this wasn’t right. You broke your own rules. You said you wouldn’t force me to be naked in public within 50 miles of my home and work, but the mall is not even 10 miles away. Please Walter, I try to obey all the rules, please do the same.”

“Did either Pete or Tony force you?”

“Well, yes, in a way they did. Either I would wear that ridiculously tiny micro bikini and stay at least 3 minutes out of the booth, or they would make me buy one that really doesn’t fit me.”


“Yes Walter?”

“They didn’t force you, they gave you a choice. You opted for 3 minutes of wearing a wrong bikini instead of a week, that was your decision, wasn’t it?”

Sandy blushed angrily, so this is how the guys will play it? If she accidentally breaks a rule, she gets punished, if they break one, they talk their way out of it. But what can she do? At least the first week is over, so there are “just” 5 more to endure the rape and humiliation.

“Oh, by the by, great news Sandy” Wally tries hard not to laugh when he sees her angry face. “Tomorrow after church, Marty will babysit your kids and you can come over to my uncle’s house again for a little party. Marty isn’t happy to miss it, but he and Steve played rock-paper-scissors and guess who won?”

Sandy pales, she has counted on a Sunday at home, kinda hiding behind her children. So much for a little healing, even with Marty and probably Theo not there, 5 horny guys sharing her for 1 afternoon would be bad enough. But again Sandy has no choice so she nods meekly.

Another problem is rule number 1 in section I. 2 pieces of clothes are enough. Ok, she is allowed heels and panties in church on top of those 2 pieces, but how can anyone dress decent enough for church with just a skirt and a blouse, or maybe a skirt and a jacket? Sandy had tried in front of her mirror, and the best combination she has come up with is skirt and jacket. No blouse she owns can hide the leaping and wiggling of her soft mommy titties, the jacket is a bit more supportive there, but it offers a much deeper cleavage, even buttoned up. She usually loves Sundays, but tomorrow will be pure horror.

To Sandy’s dismay she sees Tony, Pete and Wally in church the next morning. Only Tony is catholic, that she knows, but she can’t very well walk up to father Brian and tell him to ban all non catholics from service. She feels extremely uncomfortable, the rigid fabric of the jacket feels quite scratchy on her naked boobs, and, of course, a lot of people look at her outfit disapprovingly, but everything goes well until communion. Sandy has no idea if father Brian does it on purpose or if it is just an oversight, but when it is her turn to receive the host from him, he holds it out way too far to reach. Since she is kneeling, she can’t get any closer except for leaning forward and when she does, Sandy knows that he will get a much better look at her boobs than he should. Blushing desperately the young mom has no choice but to lean forward. Father Brian acts as if nothing happened, but for the rest of the service he has a very cheerful smile on his face.

Driving her children home Sandy tells them that Marty will be there this afternoon. They are actually happy and excited about it, they love Steve and Marty, because they always bring video games they have lots of fun with them. Sandy of course is not happy nor excited at all when she quickly changes into a simple t-shirt and shorts, but she has made a deal with the devil(s) and that includes a trip to hell.

The moment she steps into the rundown old house in the Elms, Sandy dutifully undresses and then greets everyone with a hug and gently squeezing their balls. She is determined not to give them an excuse to hurt her more than usual. After Jake whipped her bum, Sandy was unable to sit for 2 days and she doesn’t want that to happen ever again.

The young mom expects something like last weekend all over again, but there she is dead wrong.

“Last weekend” Wally begins “was a wonderful little gathering to get to know each other better, but let’s be fair here, it wasn’t anything we expected. We are a group of young studs here, Sandy, we <<invited>> a Milf because we thought you would be able to show us new tricks, but dammit, you don’t know zilch about partying with guys. Ok, I grant you this, you are a fantastic cock sucker, that is a given and nobody will deny that, but the whole dry cunt and virgin asshole business is a bit of a disappointment.” He grins satisfied when Sandy blushes deeply and lowers her eyes in humiliation.

“And then the double and triple penetration matter, hell I mean we are between 17 and 20, so we never really had an opportunity to learn how to do that. But you Sandy, you are like 33, 34? Whatever, you should have known and you should have been able to teach us. Ok, you are a prude, and I guess it’s your hubby’s fault as much as yours, after all he never brought some horny coworkers home to have a bit of fun with you. Ok, what I am trying to say here is, we agreed not to hold it against you, but instead figure it out with you. And this wonderful sunny afternoon is now day 1 of your training.”

Everyone grins and Sandy only prays that the ground will open up and swallow her, but wally isn’t done yet.

“Since cock sucking is your one and only talent, we will go from there. Steven is gonna lie down and you will suck him and as soon as you have found your rhythm, Pete will go behind you and start fucking either your cunt or ass. Which one is it again Pete?”

“I wanna do her cunt while it’s still dry and not fulla your guys cum” Pete chuckled.

“Ok, so the cunt it is. What are you waiting for Sandy? Get down.”

Obediently Sandy kneels over Steve and begins to pleasure him with her moist, warm mouth and her quick tongue, and it doesn’t take very long until Pete is behind her and rams his cock into her unprepared pussy. It is pretty hard to keep her balance this way, but once Pete has settled into a steady rhythm, Sandy is able to adjust and both guys get real pleasure out of her efforts.

Pete comes first, but Steve is not far behind, but both pull out just seconds before they explode so that Pete sperms Sandy’s ass and back and Steve her face and hair.

“Hey” Wally laughs “That almost looked pretty good. Looks like you are getting the hang of it Sandy. Let’s do this again now, but this time with Tony and Jake. Who wants which hole guys? Throat is a must, ass and cunt is optional.”

“Blowjob” Tony grunts “But I wanna sit, not lie down. And I want all the way in her throat until my balls bounce of her chin” he strokes his 9 inches and smirks when Sandy pales again.

“Yeah, like I want her ass again” Jake chuckles “I always take her ass, that cunt is too well used at her age and I’m not much into all those lips and tongue stuff.”

“Suit yourself” Steve is still breathing pretty fast “You don’t know what you are missing.”

As soon as Sandy begins to lick Tony’s shaft, Jake is behind her and forces his fat cock into her anus. He does everything to get her off balance, but Sandy is a bit better prepared now and anticipates most of his moves, so that she is able to concentrate on Tony’s member spearing her from the front without Jake flopping out of her tight little asshole. This time they don’t climax at about the same time, Tony is first and explodes deep in Sandy’s throat, and almost 10 minutes later Jake does the same into her other end. Again both are quite satisfied and Wally laughs delighted.

“Excellent Sandy” he slaps her bum cheerfully “You are getting to be quite a good fuck slut. So now we know that you can take it in front and back, let’s do the next step. Still just 2 of us, but this time slit and ass. I will take the cunt, since Pete graciously left it dry for me, so who wants to assfuck her?”

“I always wanted to try that” Steve smiles.

Wally gets on his back on a filthy old blanket and as soon as the young mom has lowered herself on his rock hard cock and begins to slowly move up and down, Steve gets behind her and rams his already hard again dick into her asshole, very nicely lubricated by Jake’s cum. For a while they struggle, but both Wally and Steve are willing to adjust their speeds and soon they are raping both Sandy’s holes in perfect harmony. The pain is pretty intense but apart from a few silent tears she endures again, finding it much easier now to keep her balance.

“Whoa” Wally cries out when he finally floods the whimpering mom’s dry cunt with his sperm “This is fantastic. Oh my god Sandy, you should be proud of yourself, you are really a quick study, isn’t she Steve?”

Grunting his agreement Steve forces his dick in the tiny asshole one last time and explodes for the second time this afternoon, beaming with pleasure. “Didn’t know your ass is that tight Sandy” he laughs “I still prefer your cock sucking skills, but I will definitely get some more of your shitter too.”

Wally catches his breath now and pushes the trembling nurse off him. “That went well, I’d say. So I guess it is time for the final lesson. Triple penetration, let’s see if our little toy can ace that too.”

Pete, Jake and Tony laugh excited and throw a few pillows on the floor to make it comfy for all of them. Tony lies down, he wants Sandy’s, now well lubed, cunt this time, Pete looks at Jake and says “Ass again, I guess”

“Nope” Jake grins evilly “My cock was in her ass already, now I want to stuff it down her throat. Remember when she told us last week about them germs and bacteria? I want the bitch to get those from her ass straight to her mouth now.”

They all laugh at that and so it is settled. Jake will use Sandy’s throat and Pete will have the pleasure of her tiniest hole. It takes a while, for about 10 minutes Pete and Tony don’t harmonize at all, while Jake is getting an incredible blowjob (he doesn’t want to admit it, but even he realizes that this is Sandy’s best feature). Finally Pete and Tony manage to coordinate their rhythm and begin to enjoy the young mom too. Tony even starts to suck Sandy’s bouncing udders, drinking milk right from the cow.

Of course Jake cums first and amuses himself smearing his cum into Sandy’s nostrils, forcing her to breathe through her mouth while the other 2 are still satisfying themselves inside her, but they both climax too and after being raped constantly 9 times, they allow the shivering, trembling Sandy to curl up and cry.

“That was better than expected guys” Wally announces “We now officially own a real 3 hole bitch, let’s make good use of her as long as she lasts.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more 

December 05, 2017, 05:03:36 PM
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Offline gscmar64

This is progressing fantastically EvilBastard, soon she'll be serving five guys in no time flat!

December 05, 2017, 08:39:39 PM
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Offline vile8r

They sure are getting their mileage out of Sandy!

December 07, 2017, 04:17:18 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Sandy, leaking bad from ass and cunt, has serve them Whisky in shot glasses to celebrate her first training session, but when she is tending to everyone, Jake says

“There, see it now? She is doing it again, look at her face.”

Sandy almost drops the tray, what does Jake mean with that? What is she doing wrong? Oh god, not another whipping please, but to her dismay the others now all agree with Jake.

“Yep, definitely” Marty says

“She is” Tony agrees

“Absolutely” Steve nods to that.

Sandy is puzzled, in her mind she retraces her steps but can’t find anything wrong with what she has done. Or maybe she served them in the wrong order? Is there a rule for who should get his drink first? She can’t recall that, but isn’t sure any longer now. Wally finally saves her.

“Sandy, we all notice that you frown at us when we drink alcohol. Do you think that you are better than us? Do you believe we shouldn’t drink? This is very impolite, you know.”

“I … I don’t Walter, not … not because you … you drink alcohol. I am hurting from … from all of you using me, maybe that is why you think I am frowning … but … but I am not … I swear.”

“I don’t know Sandy, we all know that you don’t drink much at all, we have seen you at neighborhood parties, you never drink any hard liquor and never more than 1 or 2 glasses of wine or champagne. I think you loath us for drinking, and even if you don’t admit it to yourself, you believe that you are better than us for not drinking.”

“No, no, please, I just … I can’t take much Walter. I … I get giggly after 2 glasses of wine and very tipsy if I should drink a third. That is why I never drink much, not because I think I am better than you.”

“Oh come on Sandy, how can you know how you would react if and when you would drink some more? I bet you have never been drunk in your life.”

Sandy blushes deeply, swallows twice and only then replies “Once, Walter, once I got drunk. Out of curiosity, I … I wanted to try it, so I asked my husband to watch over me and … and purposely drank too much.”

“Really?” Walter grins now “What happened?”

Blushing even deeper Sandy continues “It was at a Christmas party, when … when my husband and I worked at a hotel bar to earn a little extra. We were both still at university and needed the money, and … and at that party everything was free for employees, so … so I thought it would be a good time to try. I drank 1 of everything they had, whisky, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, even some waldmeister. I don’t remember much after that, so all I know is what my husband told me the next morning.”

“Ok, now you have to tell us what he told you Sandy, and I mean EVERYTHING, don’t leave out any details!”

“Well … he said I danced for a little while, then … well I told him that I feel sick. He took me to the bathroom in the room we all had our coats and I … I vomited all over the toilet … sink … even myself. He had to take most of my clothes off and … and wrapped me in his own sweater. Then he put my coat around me and called a cab. The driver … well he didn’t want to take us … me … only after my husband told him he would pay for any cleaning plus $ 200 extra if I would actually throw up again … so we finally got home. My husband said he had to undress me and put me to bed, even though I was somewhat awake, I didn’t react to anything and … and fell asleep right after I was in bed. He joked about it later, saying anyone would have been able to steel me, because I was like … like in a coma. When I woke up the next morning, I felt fine though. Probably because I got rid of most of the alcohol before it could go into my bloodstream. So maybe now you understand why I stay away from alcohol Walter.”

Sandy smiled apologetic, but most of the guys looked at the naked mom with a scowl.

“I dunno” Pete says “If she didn’t have a hangover afterwards, why would she shy away from alcohol? I mean I would drink 10 times as much if I wouldn’t be hung over the next day.”

“Yeah” Jake agrees immediately, “she  feels that she is better than us, that story is just a load of bull.”

“I’m not sure guys” Wally pretends to think about it. “How about if Sandy proves to us that she isn’t presumptuous and arrogant?”

“And how will she do that?” Steve asks

“She could drink with us.”

“Nope, not with us” Jake shakes his head “That will not do. But if she drinks, say, like a six pack in 20 minutes to show that she is not a disrespectful bitch, I could go for that.”

The others agree and Wally nods too “6 beer in 20 minutes. Hmmm, is that fair? Let’s try it out first, we don’t want cheat Sandy and ask her to do something that can’t be done.”

They all grab a beer and drink it, no one needing more than 2 minutes for that, so they agree that a six pack in 20 minutes is more than fair. Jake even tries to make her do it in 15, but the rest is fine with 20. Sandy has to sit down on the floor, 6 bottles of beer on one side, a bottle opener on the other, and then Wally says “GO” and she starts.

She never liked the taste of beer, but the young mom figures it will be a lot less painful to drink this now than being whipped by Jake again. She has no idea that it is all a setup, but even if she would have been suspicious, Sandy would not be able to do anything about it.

The first beer goes down easy enough and the second isn’t too much trouble either, but the third is a lot harder for the innocent nurse. She burps frequently and the guys making jokes about the cumpuddle that is building up between her legs now isn’t helping much either. When she is finally done with the third beer, Sandy feels a bit lightheaded, but 10 minutes are over and she has 3 more to drink, so she grabs the next bottle.

It gets harder and harder for her, the bitter taste, the burping the guys cracking jokes at her expense, nothing is helping, but Sandy is way too scared to find out what they will do if she doesn’t succeed and so, after 20 minutes sharp she drops the last bottle and tries to smile.

“She made it, our goody-goody neighborhood Milf actually downed a six pack in 20 minutes” Tony laughs delighted.

“Damn” Jake grins “I would have lost that bet. Glad we didn’t bet on it.”

“Well Sandy” Wally smiled at her “You did it, so what are you waiting for. Get up and get us another round of drinks. You are not here to sit around and relax.”

Obediently the young mom tries to do as she is told, but getting up isn’t that easy for her now. Her head begins to spin and before she knows it, she is back sitting in her puddle of now semi dried cum.

“Oops” she giggles silly and tries again, but only when Steve takes her hand and pulls her up she is able to get on her feet.

“Sowwy” she mumbles and tries to keep her balance and then she looks at the guys and adds “Jus’ a moment please, I gotta go to se basroom furst”

“Nope, no bathroom for you Sandy” Jake interferes immediately. “You can go outside if you need to piss.”

“But … but I’m nekkit” Sandy giggles and blushes.

“Then you wont piss on your shoes for sure” Jake says and everyone laughs.

Before Sandy knows what is happening, he takes her arm, leads her to the back door and pushes her out onto a porch and down from there into the yard. It can hardly be called a garden, more like a garbage dump. Sparse grass on lots of dirt is pretty much covering all of it, but Sandy doesn’t care now. The cooler evening air has sobered her up instantly and she is very much aware that she is completely naked and outside, but her bladder also reminds her that she desperately needs to pee. Blushing in shame she steps off the shabby concrete path, squats down and not a moment too soon, because a thick beam of golden beer piss pours out of her, flushing the last remnants of cum and blood from her swollen pussy.

As good as it feels to empty her bladder, as humiliating it is to squat and pee in front of those 5 guys who have raped her all afternoon.

“Look at that” Pete chuckles, “she keeps avoiding to piss because she doesn’t want us to watch her, but now it’s just gushing outa her.”

“Yeah” Tony laughs and looks at his phone, recording Sandy’s desperate pissing “It would make a great YouTube video. Hear that Sandy, if you ever break our deal, that’s where you will find yourself.”     

But it is late, and as much as the guys would love to play some more with their unwilling victim, Sandy needs to get home to her kids. Again Wally makes her clean up first, while the others drive back, but to Sandy’s total surprise he tells her on the way home

“It was a pretty good first week Sandy, and to show you that we are not all bad, we will allow you to wear a blouse in church again. Mind you, NO bra, but I think you will be happier when you wear a blouse under your jacket again.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

December 08, 2017, 05:41:24 PM
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Offline vile8r

Another great episode, EvilBastard!

December 09, 2017, 05:58:33 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Sandy doesn’t realize it, but the next week slowly begins to feel more “normal” to her than the last one. She still blushes when she notices people starring at her bouncing mommy boobs, but she doesn’t feel like crying anymore. Even working in her front and back yard in a bikini doesn’t seem that horrible now, after all, it is summer and she is getting a nice tan.

It still feels odd not to get dressed for 2 hours in the morning, and the short bathrobe the guys made her buy online is not helping at all, but Sandy no longer trembles every time someone knock or rings the doorbell (much to the delight of the mailman, who finds a lot of excuses to see her every day now).

Of course there are changes from last week, like Wally coming by earlier now. Apart from fucking Sandy, he really enjoys watching her doing household chores, since she has to do them naked as long as she is alone with him. He likes to sit down, watching Sandy and chatting about pretty much everything, but the moment she relaxes a little and starts to forget that she is naked and he is her blackmailer, he almost innocently reminds his victim of her new status by saying something like:

“You know Sandy, when I first saw your tits, I thought << damn they are saggy, not even big, but smallish and saggy>>, but now I kinda like the natural look. Either my I changed my opinion about boobs in general, or your little empty skin bags grew on me.”

When Sandy blushes deeply and is again very much aware of how exposed she is, he happily changes the subject again. During those talks Wally learns a lot about hospital work and the duties of nurses and assistant nurses and he is rethinking his career choice, maybe he should go for the 3 year program and become a registered nurse after all, so it comes as no big surprise when on Tuesday, while Sandy is again working in the front yard, Wally’s mother stops by.

“Hello Sandy” she says frowning at her bikini a moment but then smiles again “George and I want to thank you for tutoring Walter, especially because it is your positive influence that he is now considering the full program.”

“Hello Milly” Sandy smiles back, trying not to think about being more or less half naked “I am glad Walter is thinking about it now. Male nurses are in demand, and it would be a shame if he would just do the assistance class, I know he will be much happier when he does the 3 years.”

Milly nods, still not too happy that her oldest son is determined to become a nurse instead of a doctor, she did have high hopes when he decided to go into medical. But she shrugs it off and with a last look at the young mom in her bikini, she continues home, wondering what Sandy is wearing when tutoring her son. Luckily she has no idea!

When the boys come over now they no longer just rape Sandy but gang bang her every time. After all, she does need the training, doesn’t she? And it works too, Sandy’s balance is improving and she begins to sense what they expect more and more now, so they hardly ever slip out of her cunt or ass while abusing her now.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pete orders Sandy to wear sneakers and don’t take them off until he tells her too. He makes very sure she understands that will wear those in bed too and is not allowed to take a shower (though she may wash herself everywhere but her feet). Marty who is with him when he orders that looks at him grimacing seriously.

“Are you mad? Her feet will stink big time.”

“Yeah” Pete blushes “that’s what I want. I kinda have a foot fetish, sorry man, but I really have to know what they smell after at least 2 days in sneakers.”

He makes Sandy keep those sneakers on until Thursday afternoon and if Sandy expected him to be the only one coming over to smell her sweaty feet, she has a surprise coming. Everyone but Jake and Steve are curious enough to be there, but when she takes her sneakers off, only Pete gets all excited. The others scowl and frown and insist that he takes the embarrassed young mom to her bedroom and order Sandy to take a shower the moment Pete is done with her.

Upstairs he makes her sit on the bed and then pushes her backwards, ordering both feet high in the air. Sandy almost throws up when Pete starts to sniff and lick her feet, sucking her toes inside his mouth, moaning with pleasure. He keeps licking her feet even while he rapes her, poor Sandy thinks she has seen everything now, but she is far from that. Much, much weirder things are still awaiting her, and she will not enjoy any of them.

At work, or better on the way to and from the changing room, the young nurse now completely ignores the men who still assemble to watch her soft mommy titties bounce under her top. She hopes and prays that this is going to get boring for them, but that only shows that Sandy doesn’t know a lot about the filthy minds of men.

When Wally comes to collect her milk on Friday, he has a welcome surprise for the young mom.

“This weekend you are basically on your own Sandy” he announces. “We know you have to bring your kids to your in-laws on Sunday, and we figured you holes need a bit of rest so your hubby can enjoy them next week. I’ll still come over to collect your milk though, so keep pumping until the very last second.”

No rape for 3 days, that sounds almost too good to be true, but Sandy is very relieved about that. She prays that her husband will not suspect anything, and with 3 days to heal, it might just be possible. Obediently she keeps her breast milk ready for Wally every day and she isn’t really surprised when he comes by just minutes before she has to leave for the airport to get the last bit of it before she leaves. If Sandy had known that this is not just a little game to humiliate her, she might have panicked, but she is blissfully oblivious of it and so the young mom happily leaves to finally see her husband again and have a full week of love and joy in front of her.

Wally has carefully measured Sandy’s milk output every day for the last 2 weeks. A first it stayed exactly the same amount, but on day 8 he notices that it is a bit more. At first he things it might be bad timing, and she might have pumped up one more time before he collected it, but on day 9 it still is more. Day 12 shows one more ounce again and Wally grins happy, so this is working, the constant pumping really does make Sandy’s mammary glands produce more milk. This will be so much fun!


Sandy’s week of freedom is over so fast that it feels if it was just a few days, or maybe even hours. But before she really knows it, she is back at home where she finds a note on her bed.

“Take a bath, pack your toothbrush and come to this address. Wear the white dress with the blue flowers, nothing else.”

Sandy has no idea where the address on the note is and she has to google it to find out that it is a rural road, some 73 miles away. She gulps in horror, the 50 mile rule will not apply there, the guys will be able to have her completely naked outside. It appears to be a farm, which makes it worse because Sandy is not really an animal type and she is deadly afraid of dogs, all dogs, no matter what size or breed. She can only hope and pray that there will be no animals.

After a week of dressing anyway she wanted, it feels extremely awkward to skip underwear and shoes again, especially with this dress. It is a beautiful cotton summer dress, made for the real hot days, but the thin fabric is hugging her naked body and though it isn’t see-through, it still shows pretty much everything.

Sandy takes a deep breath and obediently takes a bath, who knows when she will be able to clean herself up again. 4 more weeks, oh god, 4 long weeks are still in front of her. And she knows with her children at their grandparent’s house, Jake and Steve on summer break in school, Wally not starting college for almost 2 month and who knows how much time the others will have, it will be a horrible, hellish time for her. But she has to go through with it, the alternative is unthinkable, so, with a deep sigh she wipes the tears away and gets ready.

It takes her almost 3 hours to find the place, and it is after 9 pm when she finally arrives. It really is a farm, but it looks as if it has not been lived in for quite some time. The old house desperately needs a coat of paint and the walkway is overgrown with weeds, but it sure is a big house. There is also a barn, but that looks abandoned and to Sandy’s relieve she is not greeted by barking dogs. She parks next to 2 other cars she recognizes as Wally’s and Tony’s, swallows a few times and, summoning all of her courage, gets out of her car and walks over to the house.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

December 10, 2017, 07:32:05 AM
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Offline gscmar64

Love how logically this story is progressing

December 10, 2017, 08:30:42 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

The door is open, so Sandy steps inside carefully looking around. Nobody in sight, so she meekly calls out “Hello”

The house is filthy, thick layers of dust everywhere, the furniture are old and everything reminds the young nurse of a horror movie. If it wouldn’t be for the cars outside and footprints in the dust one the floor she would have thought that she is all alone. But then she hears familiar voices and quickly takes off her dress, knowing that she isn’t allowed to wear anything inside a building.

“Hey, she is here” That is definitely Marty’s voice

“I thought I heard a car pulling up” Tony replies

“Yep, the lost toy has returned” Wally chuckles

Moments later doors open and footsteps are heard and soon the naked mom is surrounded by 6 of her blackmailers, only Theo is missing from the group. They are all in a great mood, especially when they see that Sandy has obediently taken her dress off and the cooler evening air has covered her soft skin in goose bumps and made her fat nipples stand out proud.

“Welcome Sandy” Steve is the first one downstairs “I bet you missed us, didn’t you?”

Luckily the others arrive and safe the young mom from answering. Everyone admires her tan lines, it is quite obvious that Sandy has spent the last week mostly wearing her bikini and not much else. She shivers a little, not so much from the cool evening air, but from shame and humiliation when everyone is talking at once.

“Alright” as usual it is Wally who takes control “Let’s get rid of the immediate pressure on our balls first and talk about the rest later.”

He grabs Sandy’s hand and leads her upstairs into a big bedroom that has obviously been more or less cleaned by one or more of them. Not that it really is dirt-free, but at least the layers of dust have been removed and the bed has new sheets and pillows.

Pete gets on the bed first, and Sandy is pushed on top of him, Jake (of course) enters her ass as soon as Pete is inside her cunt and Steve comes around to use Sandy’s throat. They all are excited and it doesn’t take long for them to reach their climax, but to Sandy’s surprise they all pull out before they cum and each one shoots their sperm into a glass pitcher standing on a nightstand. Before Sandy can even ask why, Wally crawls under her to take Pete’s place, Tony rapes her ass and Marty fills her throat. They all finish with exploding into that pitcher too, so that it now contains quite a lot of gooey, salty cum and, of course Sandy doesn’t get a second to recover after all 6 have satisfied themselves in her, the moment they are done Wally barks

“Ok, that was liberating, so now let’s go downstairs and tell our toy what we have planned.”

When Sandy doesn’t get up immediately, Jake grabs her hair and pulls the whimpering Milf out of the bed, he doesn’t let go of her until they all are downstairs again.

“A toast” Marty calls and everyone grabs a glass which Steve fills halfway with whisky, only Sandy’s glass is filled from the glass pitcher they all used to cum in. In horror the young mom watches the thick, slushy mass filling her glass to the rim, it looks and smells disgusting, but Sandy knows that she has no choice but drink it all, so when Tony says “Bottoms up” she sighs deeply and pours the vile mix of 6 guy’s cum down her throat, trying to do it as quickly as possible before a gag reflex can set in.

“Looks like Sandy still remembers who she is” Jake snickers happy

“Yep” Tony agrees “She is a natural. Just 2 weeks of our training and she understands her position in society.”

“I knew she would” Wally smiles and can’t hide a certain feeling of pride “Deep in her heart Sandy has always known that she is inferior and was born to obey her betters. Why else has nature taken away the feeling of pleasure in her cunt? It is clearly a sign that she has to concentrate on giving pleasure to others, not to have sex for her own selfish reasons. Am I right Sandy?”

The young mom blushes deeply, Wally has hit a nerve with his bold statement and she actually has wondered before if her inability to enjoy sex might be some form of punishment. She never thought that it might have been a sign from nature, or god, but in a warped way Wally might be right about this, or isn’t he? She nods, more to herself than to the others, but of course they all think that she agrees to Wally’s statement and grin.

“Ok” Wally takes charge again “Look around Sandy, this place is filthy. We brought all the necessary cleaning equipment, so whenever you are not in use by any of us, you will scrub, vacuum and clean until this house is spotless. Of course your major task is to provide your holes for our pleasure and you will also prepare all meals and serve us food and drinks. As you can see, the vacation is over, so get to work.”

“You forgot to mention the bedrooms” Pete interrupts “I still can’t believe there are 8 bedrooms in this place.”

“Well, my grandparents didn’t have no internet and out here you only get 3 TV stations. So they had 7 kids instead.” Marty laughs.

“Whoa, you have 6 uncles and aunts?” Steve is impressed.

“11 actually, my mom comes from a big family too. Why do you think I’m an only child, they hated having to share everything with their siblings.”

“I thought they took one look at you when you were born and decided that they already have the winning entry for ugly-people.com and stopped right then” Tony chuckles and everybody laughs.

“Ok” Wally pulls them back to reality “Yes Sandy, there are 8 bedrooms up there. We more or less cleaned 6 of them so we will have a place to sleep, but you will still have enough work getting them spotless. Since we are nice guys, we decided to give you a room too. Oh yes, one more thing, you will stay naked, no matter what. We are far enough from home, so there is no need for you to cover your empty skin bags, your hairy cunt or you ass outside.”   

“Yeah” Jake gets into the discussion now “And even though there are 4 bathrooms in the house, none of those is for you. You wanna piss or take a shit, you will announce it to all of us and will ask for permission. And none of this I-need-to-use-the-bathroom-crap either, you will say PISS or SHIT like any normal person. And your shower is outside, next to the barn, where the hired help washed themselves during harvest season. Don’t think you can sneak off and use a toilet when we are all asleep bitch, if we catch you, you will think the last time I used my belt on your ass was a Disneyland picnic. Got that?”

Sandy is no longer able to fight her tears, the idea of what kind of humiliation is waiting for her is just too much, and, very much to Jake’s enjoyment, her eyes begin to water and big tears start to drip down her cheeks. He had fought Wally on disciplinary actions and though the majority of the guys had turned down most of his ideas, they finally did agree on at least some kind of punishment if and when Sandy would break one rule or another.

Wally has insisted to make it a trial before punishment though, like in a courtroom, with the one accusing Sandy of anything as the DA, Sandy as her own defense attorney, witnesses to the crime, one of them playing the judge and the rest would be the jury. Even Jake liked that idea, knowing that in all probability he would be the DA most of the time, and Sandy would be way too scared to really defend herself.

Jake had opted for hanging by her tits for maximum penalty, but he had been the only one on that, all others had voted for a maximum of 20 strokes with a belt or whip. But at least Jake had been successful in getting them to agree that it doesn’t have to go on Sandy’s ass. Her back, her tits, her thighs and her cunt are now optional too, and for the very improbable case that she would try to run away, a bastinado would also be possible. But Jake’s proposal to tie their victim up at night didn’t get a majority either, even though Pete loved the idea and Marty wasn’t against it.

“Familiarize yourself with the house Sandy” Wally ordered “And hop to it. There is lots to do.”

Sandy swallows a few times and wipes her tears away, no use crying now, she tells herself and nods to Wally.

“Yes Walter” she says, her voice still a bit shaky “If you would kindly point me to the kitchen, I like to start there” and quickly she adds “with your permission, of course.”

Wally grins, now that is what he wants to hear from his victim. His plan has been all along to force Sandy to slowly accept her role. The others might be in for just the rape and fun, but Wally wants to get Sandy to completely forget about women’s liberation, about anything that is her and submit to the role of being some expendable toy who needs to prove her worth every day so she may be allowed to stay and serve. Nope, there is no freedom in this for Sandy. Not after 6 weeks, not ever. Wally will keep her as long as she will look pretty enough for him and then, well he is sure he will find someone who will want a submissive slave when he is done with her. Maybe some old guy, who will still think her attractive when she no longer is that for him. But for now the naked mom of 3 kids is perfect for him and a textbook test subject to work on.

Marty shows Sandy where the kitchen is and she is not really surprised that it is a very big kitchen, not after she heard what Marty said about 7 kids. The guys have been shopping, boxes and bags of food are stacked on the table and the young mom realizes that she will be here for a while. There are enough groceries for a week at least, but before she can put them away, the place desperately needs cleaning. Wally didn’t lie when he said they got everything to tidy up this place, Sandy finds a hole box of cleaning utensils and begins right away.

It is almost 1 am when the tired young nurse is satisfied with the kitchen. The guys never interrupted her, playing video games and drinking in the living room. Sandy puts the last bit of food into the fridge and only then she starts to wonder why an abandoned farm has electricity. She can’t know that Wally had insisted that Marty would call his grandparents up front and not just take over their farm. His grandfather had been skeptical, but his grandmother was thrilled to hear that one of her grandkids would want to camp out on the farm with a few friends. She arranged that they would have electricity for the time they would be there and even informed the neighbors that a few boys would be there, just in case they would think them vagrants and call the sheriff. 

Now 1 am might not sound that late, but Sandy got up at 5:30 am Italian time to catch her plane back home, and Italy is 6 hours ahead of us, so for her it really has been a very long day. Not that the guys care about how tired the young mom is, they all decided earlier that Sandy should not get any sleep for at least 48 hours and those 48 hours started when she arrived at the farm, when Sandy had been up and about for 16 ½ hours already, so she has a long time to go before they will let her rest.

“You took your sweet time in the kitchen” Tony grumbled when Sandy finally comes out.

“Yeah, what’s the matter with you?” Steve pretended to be angry but could hardly suppress a grin.

“If you think that you can buy time by going slow, you have another thing coming” Wally adds “So don’t stand around like an empty coat hanger, dust the living room, then vacuum it and after that scrub that floor so clean that we can eat off it, which by the way you might have to do if you dawdle again.” 

They all grin happily when Sandy blushes and hurries back to the kitchen to get the cleaning utensils. It is fun watching the naked mom at work, all women should do housework in the nude, ok, all women who are pretty enough anyways.

Watching Sandy dust is exciting, all that stretching and getting on her toes is quite sexy, the vacuuming isn’t really that much fun and quite noisy, but when she gets on her hands and knees and starts to scrub the old hardwood floor, Marty can’t hold back any longer. He unceremoniously approaches her from behind and rapes her ass before Sandy can even react. The others laugh at her surprised face, but then they join in and the tired nurse gets gang banged once again.

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Offline EvilBastard

At around 4 am Sandy is finally done with the living room and only now she notices that most of the guys have gone to their rooms, just Steve and Tony are left watching her.

“I think you better do the bathrooms next” Tony grins when Sandy yawns, her eyes pleading to be allowed to sleep.

“Yep, bathrooms are important” Steve agrees and they both grab her and lead her to the first of 4 full size washrooms.

They are filthy enough, skid marks in the toilets, urine stains on the floor and the showers and tubs all moldy. Sandy sighs, this will take a while, so she hurries down to the kitchen to get bleach and a drain cleaner before she starts.

Though every bathroom contains a toilet and a tub, 2 of them have an extra shower, while the other 2 have filthy shower curtains in the tubs. They all are different in size and shape and it does look as if Marty’s grandparents started out with 2 bathrooms and gradually build more by putting new walls in when the family got bigger. The smaller once have hard to reach corners and Sandy has to crawl on all fourth a lot to reach them.

By 9 am Steve has a quicky in her bruised cunt before he goes to bed, but Wally is up and starts his day by making the tired mom suck him off and hold his dick while he is pissing. But when Sandy offers to interrupt cleaning the bathroom to start breakfast, he shakes his head

“You do what has to be done. I’ll just have coffee for now.”

A few moments later Tony rapes Sandy before going to bed and within the next hour she gets interrupted twice for the morning fucking session of Marty and Pete. It is almost noon when she finishes the last bathroom but just when she wants to get up, Jake grabs her head from behind and forces her face on the toilet seat.

“You missed a spot there bitch. Lick it off!”

Only when the desperately crying mom really begins to lick the seat he slowly relaxes his iron grip, but forces both of her hands back, twists them painfully and starts to rape her asshole. Sandy isn’t allowed to stop licking until he is done and explodes deep into her. 

“Geez bitch” he mumbles satisfied “you better brush your teeth and wash out your mouth. Disgusting where you put your tongue, and I thought nurses would know a bit about hygiene.”

Of course Sandy doesn’t get a break, the moment she comes downstairs she is milked into everyone’s coffee and then has to prepare a brunch for them. Only when everyone is finished with breakfast and they all get to satisfy them inside her again and she has cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes, Marty takes the tired young mom to the barn and shows her the shower his grandpa had built for the harvest helpers.

Gratefully Sandy steps into the beam of water and immediately cries out and jumps back. The water is freezing cold. Marty laughs and Pete asks

“Is it really that cold?”

“You betcha” Marty grins “When the old well dried up, my grandpa had to go down to almost 300 feet before he hit water again. This water is just above freezing and damn cold.”

“But it’s kinda normal in the house” Steve remarks

“That’s because the house has a boiler room in the basement. The water is stored there first and heated to about 60 degrees, and every bathroom has separate heater for the tubs and the showers. But Sandy doesn’t need all that, does she?”

They all agreed happily that warm water was a luxury their toy doesn’t need. But to their surprise, Sandy is back in the shower already. Ice cold or not, she feels dirty after cleaning the house all night and she is dead tired, the cold water helps with both and so she tries to ignore it for the moment and scrubs herself, washing every inch of her soft body.

“Best get some soap deep in your cunt and ass too” Jake laughs “Or do you want me to shove it in there?”

Blushing deeply the young mom obeys before Jake can “help” her. With her condition naturally she has never attempted to play with herself, so it is now very embarrassing for Sandy to have to insert soapy fingers into her own pussy and asshole, especially with her 6 blackmailers watching and cracking jokes about how clumsy she is.

A little refreshed the young nurse finally steps out of the shower and looks around for a towel.

“You better move around to get warm and dry again” Wally suggests grinning evilly “Why don’t you run around the yard, it is a nice sunny day for some exercise, don’t you agree guys?”

“Yeah” Jake loves that idea “Let’s make those skin bags jump and wiggle.”

“Dammit yes” Steve is all excited about that too “Let’s see how her udders move when she is running and compare that to the bouncing when we fuck her.”

Whimpering in shame the cute nurse begins to jog, knowing full well how much her soft mommy titties will bounce and leap, but jogging isn’t enough for them and so Jake yells at her

“RUN bitch, RUN, or do you need some encouragement from my belt to really get moving!”

And Sandy runs as fast as she can, making her already pretty milk filled udders rebound and leap, her nipples hard from the icy water standing out prominently and everyone is recording her again, getting excellent YouTube material, almost too hard not to post.


They make the poor nurse run for about 10 minutes, then Marty is too hard again to wait any longer. He grabs Sandy’s hair when she passes by him and throws her to the ground, mounting her right away. The others don’t hold back either and for the next hour the helpless mom gets raped again and again on the grubby ground near the barn. So much for taking a shower to get clean again, by the time the last one is finished inside Sandy, she looks more like a farm animal than a young woman. 

“Looks like Sandy’s shower was for naught” Wally grins, looking down at the whimpering nude mommy, rolling herself into a ball of sorrow, pain and shame. “I guess she needs a bath.”

“No way” Jake protests immediately “We agreed, she can’t use any of the bathrooms!”

“Oh calm down Jake and quit bitching” Marty is getting quite annoyed with Jake always complaining about something or another. “Nobody said nothing about a bathtub, Wally just mentioned she needs a bath, and I happen to know the perfect place for that.”

“Ok, as long as she aint getting into a bathroom” Jake grumbles.

“A few minutes from here is the snake river, and no, there aint no snakes in it, it is named for the way it snakes through the countryside. The water is cold, even in the summer cause it comes down from the mountains, but probably not as cold as the well water, so that would be a great bathtub for our dirty little bitch here.”

“Sounds good” Wally agrees “Let’s go to the river and when we get back, Sandy can start dinner. After that I suggest poker night until we drop while bitchy here can clean the bedrooms.”

They all agree and Marty is right, the river isn’t far, just a few minutes down an overgrown path. Steve even remebers to bring soap and so they unceremoniously throw the aching mommy into the cool water. Sandy resurfaces immediately, spitting water and splashing around for a minute or so. She isn’t a very good swimmer, but relaxes the moment she realizes that she is able to stand in the water. Marty was right, the water is cold, but by far not as cold as the well water, so Sandy gladly accepts the soap Steve offers her and begins to wash again.


Of course they make her run all the way back to the farm again once she is clean, but since it is getting late, Sandy is allowed to go straight to the kitchen and cook dinner for them. This time Wally makes sure that Sandy gets something to eat too, just potatoes and vegetables, but the tired Milf hasn’t eaten anything since she arrived on the farm, and without food she will collapse sooner or later, and nobody wants that to happen.

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After dinner the overtired mom is send upstairs to clean all 8 bedrooms, even though the guys did tidy up the rooms they were using, they are far from being called dirt-free and Sandy still needs about an hour for each of those. Next is the room that nobody is using, but Wally insists that she has to get it spotless too and last she has to take on the room she is supposed to sleep in, if and when they will allow her to sleep. It is the smallest of them all and doesn’t even have a window. It also doesn’t have any furniture, all there is in the room is an old mattress on the floor and a pillow. But even that looks like heaven to the poor, tired mom. She does her very best to make the room as welcoming as possible and then walks downstairs to ask if she may be allowed to rest at least for an hour.

While the naked Milf is cleaning the bedrooms, the guys play poker and drink whisky. They are all really happy about this day and talk about everything they forced Sandy to do, especially the running bit, with her saggy skin bags bouncing and leaping like bags of jello during an earthquake. The more they drink, the more ideas they have for their cute victim, but then Steve surprises them all when he says

“You know what I would love to see? I’d love to watch Sandy getting really raped.”

“Isn’t that what we have been doing for weeks now?” Pete laughs

“Yeah, no, ok, what I mean is not like this, not blackmailing her to accept it, I mean like someone, or a group, just grab her when she doesn’t suspect anything and really, really rape her. I mean with everything, ripping off her clothes, beating her until she stops fighting them, tying her up and then abuse her in every way, threatening her life and health. You know, real rape!”

“We could role play that” Jake offers, getting all excited now.

“No, that wouldn’t be the same. She would know it is role play, and so would we. It should be a real rapist, some mean mother, or a group of them. Maybe BDSM freaks too.”

“Oh that’s stupid.” Tony shakes his head “We already have to share her, so letting someone else fuck her would cut into our time.”

“Yeah, and you know, them real rapists as you call ‘em, they usually kill their victims when they are done with ‘em. I prefer to keep Sandy for a while.” Marty adds

Wally scratches his chin “Steve has something there. So far Sandy thinks that only the 6, ok, counting Theo, the 7 of us are bad guys who enjoy abusing her. If she would be grabbed and raped like Steve says, she would have to realize that men in general love to fuck her. Marty is right of course, we don’t want some guy kill our toy as long as she is still useful to us, but Steve is right that a role play wouldn’t do either. Let’s keep this on the backburner for now and think about how it can be done. If anyone of you has a realistic idea, we can talk about it again.”

“Well” Tony looks at them “I kinda do have an idea. Just a thought, but it may work.”

“Out with it” Steve is totally into this now, proud that Wally likes his fantasy.

“You all know those bums hanging out in the old factory district?”

“Oh forget” Jake groans “They are petty criminals, not rapists. They are way too scared that they get flushed outa there by the police if they really do something major.”

“I know” Tony grunts “Let me finish ok? I mean, we want her getting roughed up, and we want her to see that all men like to fuck a bitch when they know they can get away with it, right? So why not talk to those bums? If we tell them that Sandy can’t cry RAPE, they would definitely go for it. I mean, look at those wrecks, they prolly didn’t get pussy and ass for years, maybe decades. If they know they can grab her for a night and do anything they like to her, and then set her free again and she wont ever tell anyone, they’d do it for sure.”

“Fucking great idea Tony” Wally nods enthusiastically “But how do we get Sandy to go to the old factory district? She’d smell a rat if we just order her to go there and we want this to be a surprise, right?”

Now Pete has an idea too, he grins happy and says “How about one of us will drive her somewhere, anywhere at all as long as we have to go through there. And then we can, like pretend to get real mad at her for something and kick her out of the car, tell her to walk home. That could work.”

“Hmm” Wally isn’t convinced “She would be suspicious, I mean, we have other means to punish her if she screws up. But the base of the idea is sound. One of us drives through the district with her and then the car breaks down, outa gas or something. He tells her to stay with the car while he walks back to some gas station they passed on the way, or sends Sandy to the gas station while he waits at the car. If the bums know when she will be alone and helpless, they can grab her.”

Now everyone is excited. This will be some fun and Sandy will have to realize that all men want just one thing from her. She will never feel safe again. They agree that this is definitely a plan they would follow up on when they will be back home, unless it will not sound as much fun when they are sober again.

“But how will we know? I mean, it is all great and fine when Sandy gets roughed up and abused by bums, but I prefer to be there, participate or at least watch it.” Jake says and the others nod.

“Yeah, that would be the whole point of it” Steve agrees “Maybe we could hide somewhere and watch it all.”

“Or” Jake grins “or I disguise myself as a bum, participate in her abduction and rape and record it all for you guys to watch.”

“She would recognize you” Tony shakes his head.

“Ok, what if I can fool you guys with my disguise, will you let me do it then?”

They all laugh but agree on it. If Jake can fool them, he would fool anyone, after all, they all know each other since pre-school.

Just when Jake suggests to make the poker game more interesting by letting the winner have Sandy all for himself for a full day, the tired mom comes down the stairs, stumbles, almost falls and barely holds on to the handrail to catch herself. The guys all laugh, how funny is that! Ok, it would have been funnier if she would have really fallen down the old stairs, but this was amusing enough for the moment.

“I have cleaned all bedroom” she announces yawning “May I please get a little rest now? I have been on my feet for almost 2 days now and I am very tired. Please.” 

“Sandy, Sandy, Sandy” Wally shakes his head pretending to be disappointed “How can you think about sleep when your work is not done?”

“I … I am done with the bedrooms Walter” Sandy hurries to say “And the hallway, the stairs, and … and I cleaned the kitchen after dinner … and washed the dishes.”

“Yeah, yeah, so what. Didn’t you ever wonder what is behind that door?” he points to a small door besides the stairs.

Sandy is tired and confused, she has done everything they told her to do and that door, hmm, well, probably a closet, or maybe a basement. Do old farmhouses have basements?

“You really didn’t pay attention to Marty today, did you Sandy? He told us about the old boiler room in the basement, where the well water is stored and heated. Don’t you think that you should clean that too?”

Blushing Sandy automatically nods, she is really getting into the role Wally wants her in and feels guilty now that she didn’t think about a basement. “Yes Walter, I remember now, I will clean the basement then with your permission.”

Wally grins, he never expected Sandy to catch on this fast, he had originally estimated that it would take him at least 3 month before she would begin to accept her new role. She must have had a submissive streak inside her all along and he is the one who dug it up and now builds it up.

“You have my permission Sandy” he nods graciously before he turns to Marty “Will your grandparents mind very much if Sandy will kill all the spiders and rats?”

Sandy’s eyes widen in panic, like most people she is afraid of spiders and the prospect of finding rats down there is even scarier.

Marty almost gags on his whisky, trying so hard not to laugh, but he manages to sound pretty serious when he replies “Not really Wally, they don’t care much for either, so she may kill what she finds.”

Biting her lower lip so hard that the scared nurse tastes her own blood, she summons all her courage, grabs a broom and opens the door to the basement. The stairwell is dark and Marty tells her that there is a light bulb hanging from the ceiling downstairs, so Sandy slowly walks down, keeping one hand on the wall to guide her. Moments later the light goes on in the basement, Sandy screams and runs up the stairs again as fast as she can.

“Rats?” Pete asks innocently while the other chuckle.

“Sp …spiders … lots and lots” Sandy whispers pale as a sheet

“So what?” Wally growls “We aint in south America, those spiders wont harm you. Get down and clean the fucking basement.”

Crying softly the trembling mom obeys. Nobody knows it yet, but cleaning that basement will be the cause of nightmares for Sandy for many years to come.


Once Sandy finally comes out of the basement and, still sobbing, declares that it is now clean, the guys make her take another ice cold shower to get rid of any surviving spider and all the grime and dirt. Back in the house everyone rapes her before going to bed and only Jake and Wally stay up to make sure the tired Milf will not fall asleep. But it isn’t easy to keep her awake, now that pretty much all her cleaning chores are done. Wally makes Sandy sit down and he and Jake ask her questions about absolutely everything, knowing that she will probably answer truthfully, because she is too tired to make up anything.

Interesting enough they learn about her unnatural fear of dogs this way, something Wally finds extremely fascinating.

“Are you saying you really totally freeze when any kind of mutt gets close to you? I mean, like you are completely unable to move at all then?” he inquires.

“Yes Walter” the naked mom confirms “I don’t know why, but dogs scare me.”

“You mean, we could have just walked up to you with Mrs. Rooney's old poodle and you would have been frozen stiff, letting us strip you and use you? Really? Without you resisting?”

Sandy blushes deeply, she never thought about how helpless she would be in that kind of situation. Wally’s question is making her aware of what might happen. Would her fear of being raped help her overcome her fear of dogs? After all, she didn’t freeze up when the guys started to blackmail her and forced her to take off her bathrobe. Slowly she nods

“I don’t know Walter, it is possible.”

Wally loves that idea, maybe they can use it with the bum scenario to find out what scares Sandy the most. Jake tries to make Sandy tell about her sex life with her husband, but for the first time since they are blackmailing her, Sandy refuses to obey.

“Leave my husband and my children out of this” she growls angrily and Wally grins and comes to her aid.

“Yes Jake, I have to agree with Sandy on this” he says “Unless she wants to tell us, her family is none of our business."

Wally is deep in thoughts about Sandy’s fear of dogs and how they could use this, while Jake is sulking now, he isn’t happy with the way Wally keeps “protecting” the stupid Milf. If it would be up to him, Sandy would be in a constant state of fear and pain, but Wally is pretty good at manipulating the others to agree with him and Jake is getting frustrated about that.

Both don’t notice that Sandy’s eyes close and her head slowly sinks down to her chest. Her breath slows and the cute victim is asleep in the chair

“Shit” Jake jumps up “The bitch is sleeping Wally. She actually dares to defy us!”

Wally looks up and grins when he sees the sleeping Milf, not even waking up from Jake’s outburst. He regrets that he has even agreed to making her stay awake that long, after all they want her awake and lively for fun and games, not over tired, but he didn’t want to go back on his word in front of everyone, therefore he never said anything before now.

“No big deal” he tries to calm Jake “She will be more fun to play with when she has a few hours of sleep, and this way we both can get some shuteye too.”

“It is a big deal” Jake shakes his head and grins diabolically “She disobeyed, and that calls for punishment.” He gets out his cell phone and takes a picture of the sleeping Milf.

“Cool down” Wally is a bit concerned now, he doesn’t really want Sandy to be physically hurt too soon, mental torment and rape is more than enough for him to control her, at least for now. But of course he knows how much Jake wants to hurt their victim.

“Nope” Jake is happy now “I am calling for a trial. I will be the DA and don’t even think about being the judge and go easy on the punishment, you are my witness, so you can’t play 2 roles.”

Wally curses silently, Jake beat him with his own rules. Oh well, nothing he can do about it now and maybe a little pain and more fear will not be that bad to make Sandy aware of her own situation, so he nods in agreement but stops Jake from waking the young mom.

“You want a trial, you get a trial, but since she will have to suffer for her disobedience, you might as well let her sleep. No use in waking her now and then have her fall asleep when you will be punishing her, is there?”

Though Jake is quite sure that Sandy will be in way too much pain during her punishment to be able to sleep through it, he is happy enough that he beat Wally at his own game for the moment and decides to get some sleep for himself. He wants to be very much awake for the trial and in top form for the whipping of the poor nurse.

Before Wally goes to bed too, he leaves a note taped to the chair Sandy is sleeping in

“Yes, she fell asleep! But there is no need to wake everyone, Jake has already claimed his right of trial and we will do that after breakfast!”

Marty is the first who comes down and finds the sleeping Milf, he grins after reading the note, wakes poor Sandy by shaking her roughly and uses her throat to release the pressure from his balls before he orders her to make coffee and start breakfast.

Sandy is deadly afraid of what will happen to her, but she is glad that she did at least get a few hours sleep and when Marty just rapes her without saying anything about finding her asleep in the chair, she hopes that it will blow over without consequences. The coffee is ready when Pete comes down and after he satisfies himself inside Sandy’s cunt, she begs

“May I please use the … uhm … I mean go outside to … to pee, please.”

“Great idea” Pete grins, “in fact, I need to piss myself, so I will go with you.”

Sandy hates the idea, but there isn’t anything she can do to avoid it, so she walks outside a little off the path and kneels down to pee. Pete watches her for a moment and then orders

“Don’t you dare to move, keep your eyes and mouth open” and before Sandy knows what is happening, he starts to piss on her, snorting happy. “You wanted a warm shower, here you get one now”

Marty, who has come out to watch Sandy pee, immediately gets his cell phone out to record it and when Pete is finally done and Sandy has licked his dick clean, they both order the whimpering mom to take a shower.

One after the other the guys wake up, rape Sandy and amuse themselves by watching the short video of Pete pissing all over her. They are all very excited about the pending trial and slowly Sandy realizes that her few hours of sleep will have consequences for her after all. When everyone is done with breakfast and Sandy is in the kitchen to clean up, they prepare the living room for trial.

Tony and Pete both want to be the judge, so they play rock, paper, scissors to determine who will get that part, Pete wins and Jake is quite happy about that. After seeing how Pete pissed all over Sandy, he hopes that Pete will be more willing to really punish her than any of the others would.

Just before the trial starts, Wally sneaks into the kitchen and whispers “Don’t give up too easily. Remind them that nobody ever told you anything about staying awake for a certain time. Tell them you were lead to believe that when the house is all clean, you would be allowed to sleep.”

Sandy looks at him puzzled. Is Wally really trying to help her? And if he is, why? But the young mom has no time to think this through, Jake is already calling for her in the living room and she hurries over, not wanting to aggravate them any more than necessary.

The trial starts with Jake’s short and precise opening statement

“The bitch slept without getting permission first she therefore disrespected all of us and needs to be punished. I suggest 20 lashes to her wide open cunt to remind her who she is and who we are.”

Sandy pales in terror. 20 lashes to her already bruised and hurting pussy, she would never be able to take that much pain! Tears of fear begin to roll down her cheeks, but then Pete orders her to give the defense opening statement, and with a trembling voice she tries her best to follow Wally’s advice.

“Pl … please … I had been up and … and awake for 2 days … and … and I have been told that I … I am not allowed to sleep until the house was clean. I … I had finished cleaning every room … and … and I was told to sit down and answer questions … which I did … until both … Wally and Jake stopped asking them. At that time … I … I must have fallen asleep … not that I wanted to … but … but it just happened. I am so sorry about that … I never would disrespect you … it just happened. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you?” Jake yelled at the trembling naked nurse “FORGIVE DISRESPECT? Never, you screwed up and you will have to pay the price. That is not just the way it is, that is justice!”

Marty, Tony and Steve playing the jury look at each other and nod. “Guilty” they all say. Now it is up to Pete and he is torn. Yes, Sandy fell asleep without permission, so she is guilty, but 20 lashes on her cunt? No, that is too much! He clears his throat and announces

“Thank you gentlemen of the jury. I have heard the evidence and here is my verdict: 15 lashes on her back and ass, to be carried out immediately. Court is adjourned!”

Jake frowns but he is sure he will get his chance the next time. And 15 lashes isn’t bad, one look at his crying victim shows him that she is terrified. They all escort Sandy outside and tie her up between 2 trees. Jake gets his belt out again and starts to hit the petrified nurse while everyone else is counting every strike out loud. 

Sandy screams miserably every time the belt hits her soft skin and actually loses consciousness at the 12th blow so that Marty has to run to the barn, grab a pail, fill it with ice cold water and revive her again so that Jake can finish her punishment.

The young mom’s back and ass are heavily bruised after Jake is done, 15 fiery red welts decorate the soft skin, but there is no blood, so her skin never broke even though Jake has really given his best. He isn’t too happy about that and is determined to get a real whip for the next punishment. As soon as Sandy is untied, Wally wants to take her to the shower, but Jake is quicker. He forces the shivering, crying victim on all fourth and brutally rapes her ass, slapping the red welts with his bare hand to cause even more pain. Only when he is done with that he notices that none of the others wants to rape her right now. Jake shrugs and pulls out, letting Wally take her to cool her wounds. 


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Offline EvilBastard

After a long, icy shower to cool her back and ass, Wally takes Sandy into his room, makes her lie on her tummy on his bed and has Tony apply a cooling salve on the fiery welts. Then he calls everyone to the living room for a meeting.
“Ok guys, we have to talk about punishment” he announces seriously “For Pete’s sake, she fell asleep, not tried to report us to the police or something. Now Sandy wont be fit again for a day or two, and that means we can’t play with her as planned. I really hope you learned from this.”

“WHAT?” Jake is pissed now “Just because you are some bleeding heart socialist we all have to pamper her? Shit man, we OWN that Milf, not going to marry her. I’ve had it with your soft approach! What good is it to blackmail her into submission, if we can’t play rough? If I want a girlfriend, I get one, but Sandy is property, a fucking slave to use and abuse, not your mommy!”

For a second it looks like as if Wally is going to punch Jake, but then he just takes a deep breath and sits down.

“Ok, she is property, that much is true, but she is also freaking rare property, like a Ferrari. Of course you don’t get one to leave it in the garage and polish it, you want to drive it, but you have to take care of it too, or it’s gonna fail you sooner or later. I’m not saying Sandy isn’t to be punished, but what I say is that we have to choose punishment wisely and make sure she isn’t damaged so bad afterwards that we have to cancel all plans we had for her to let her recover first.”

“Shit man, you talk like I just skinned her. She ONLY got a few strokes with a belt” Jake is steaming “That was a very common punishment for KIDS not even 100 years ago.”

“Yeah, but 100 years ago people were a lot tougher you moron! I would like to see you after I whip your ass and back like that. Come on people, you saw what happened! It shocked me too, I didn’t think it would affect her that bad, but it did. So let’s talk about it now. I know some of you still want her whipped on occasion, and that is cool, but let’s set some limits here. I suggest no more than 3 strikes at one place, and no more than 10 at any given time. So, like she is sentenced to 10 strokes, 3 go on her back, 3 on her ass, 3 on her tits and 1 on her cunt. That way Sandy wont have too many injuries in one place and should recover much faster.”

Everyone but Jake agrees so even he has to go with the majority, but Wally isn’t done yet

“And use your imagination guys, whipping isn’t the only way to punish our toy. Remember her weaknesses, like she is a fucking prude, so consider exposure. Or we could cage her when she needs to be punished. There are so damn many possibilities. Use your fantasy!”

“How about tying her tits up real tight?” Steven offers and Wally nods

“Oh, I know something” Pete is all excited now “We can tie her to the hood of a car and drive around with her, you know, like hunters do with dead deer.”

“See” Wally smiles “Lots of ways to punish Sandy IF and WHEN she really screws up. But we have to make sure the punishment will fit the crime, so let’s not overdo this again. Minor offenses get minor punishment, only the real screw up gets something major. Can we agree on that?”

Again it is almost unanimous, only Jake votes against it and again he has to recognize the majority, even though he is really pissed off by now.

They let Sandy sleep and it isn’t much fun on the old farm without having their naked Milf to serve them and even less fun not to have her holes available, but they all want her to heal fast, and they know she really does need sleep.

Steven is the first one coming down in the morning and is greeted by the smell of fresh coffee. He runs into the kitchen and smiles big time when he sees the naked young mom preparing breakfast. The welts on her back and ass still glow, but she seems to be ok. When she sees him she smiles embarrassed

“Good morning Steven, coffee is ready, and breakfast will be soon.”

“Excellent” he beams and almost kisses her before he remembers that she is just a slave. “Gimme one of your famous blowjobs, will you, my balls need relieve and I bet you're hungry too.”

Without hesitation Sandy kneels in front of him and begins to lick and suck his hard dick. She really is a natural at this, for Steven it is her absolute best feature and he enjoys Sandy’s efforts for a long time before he explodes deep into her throat. She is so used of being taken advantage of now that the cute nurse doesn’t miss a beat, as soon as she has swallowed his cum and cleaned his cock she is up on her feet again and back at her breakfast preparations.

“Would you like scrambled or fried eggs today Steven?” Sandy asks as if he didn’t just rape her throat.

“Uhm, fried I think, easy over.” He replies with a grin. Wally is right, she must have always been submissive, how else would some prudish, stuck up suburban wife and mother slip into the role of slave that easy?

One after the other comes down and they all smile when they see that Sandy is available again. Of course breakfast takes quite a while with the constant interruptions of someone satisfying himself in Sandy, but nobody seems to mind, not even Jake. When they are all done Wally orders

“Sandy, there is laundry to be done today, just briefs and socks, but I want you to take care of that. Oh, and there is no dryer, so you better hang up a clothes line in the yard.”

Sandy nods “Yes Walter, I will do it right away.”

Wally really enjoys to watch the naked young mom doing chores and the prospect of making her wash their dirty socks and underwear is delicious. Of course not everyone is satisfied with that, especially Pete, the foot fetishist. He orders Sandy to smell all the socks first and then tell him who she thinks they belong to. Not surprisingly she is quite good at that, since she has been abused by all of them for weeks now, so the young mom identifies most of the socks by their stench and only makes one mistake with Tony’s socks who she believes to be Wally’s.

Steven and Wally watch Sandy when she does the laundry and Steven points to her back and ass and whispers “You are right Wally, that was too much. I am amazed that she is up again as if nothing has happened.”

Wally just nods, he too is surprised that their delicate toy is so willingly doing her chores again, he would have expected her to be completely out of the loop for at least another day.

“May I ask you something Wally?” Steven blushes a bit, not sure if he should ask, but Wally just raises an eyebrow and says “Go ahead”

“Well, I dunno, I may be off, but I think Sandy tits are bigger now than at the beginning.”

Wally laughs and Sandy blushes crimson “You’re not wrong buddy” Wally agrees “And not just her tits are bigger now, but her milk production is up too. When we started milking her udders, the daily output was a mere 10 ounces, she is producing 15 now and I bet we can get a lot more out of those udders.”

Sandy sighs deeply, of course she has noticed the increase in milk, but she had hoped that the guys would lose interest. She has enough for their coffees and they never milk her at any other time, so why would they even want to intensify her production? The young mom is much too naive to believe that there are 2 reasons for it. First, her boobs grow when she produces more milk and the guys do like bigger boobs and second, Wally wants her mammary glands to get used to the fictitious need for more and more milk, so that she will start leaking, just like she did when she was pregnant or breastfeeding. It will surely add to the humiliation of having to stay braless when her tops will get wet all the time.

The guys really have missed Sandy and make up for it by gang banging her while she has to wait for the washer to finish. Everyone except Jake tries not to touch the still prominent welts on her back and ass, it just doesn’t feel right to hurt her more than necessary.

When the laundry is done Sandy takes it outside to dry on the clothes line she put up between the same trees she was tied to yesterday. While she is busy doing that, a car rolls onto the yard. Sandy almost faints when she realizes that an old man gets out and stares at her naked body. Before she can react Marty comes out of the house and he is as shocked as she is.

“Ahm, ah, grandpa” he stutters “We … I mean … what are you doing here?”

“So that’s why you want to use the farm” the old man grumbles “I figured that there is an alternative motive if 6 boys want to stay at a place with no internet. Who is that slut? She looks too old for you guys, is she some whore?”

Sandy almost dies when she hears those words, but maybe, maybe this will be her salvation. If Marty’s grandfather finds out what they are doing to her, he surely will stop it once and for all. Hope appears in Sandy’s eyes, she is sure now that her torment will end today, but just to be on the safe side, she continues hanging the wet socks and briefs while the old man follows Marty in the house to talk.

It takes more than 30 minutes then Marty comes out and calls for Sandy to join them. His grandfather looks the naked mom up and down and to her devastation he starts to grin evilly.

“You could have done worse boys” he chuckles “For a mother of 3 she looks pretty good. And she was a prude when you started to fuck her? Look at her, naked and ready for abuse. By the by, nice welts there, looks like you guys know how to treat your slut.”

Sandy pales and is speechless. Did this old man just compliment them on blackmailing her? But before she can react to all this the old man turns to her.

“Hands on the fucking table bitch” he growls “Let’s see if I can still fuck a slut without the need of Viagra.”

Sandy stares at the old man in total disbelieve, but he means business and undresses right in front of her. Since she isn’t moving, Jake, who still grins proud at Marty’s grandpa’s comment about Sandy’s welts, grabs the petrified nurse and forces her into position. Moments later the old man is behind her and has no problems forcing his dick into the young mom’s aching cunt.

“YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWW” he yells and starts to fuck her mercilessly.

The guys all cheer him on, but it still doesn’t take very long before he explodes inside the crying nurse.

“Now that was fun boys” he breathes hard “But next time I’ll bring Viagra, I came far too soon to have a good fuck. Say, can I borrow your bitch for an afternoon? Would be fair, after all, you get to use my farm.”

“Uhm, I guess so” Marty looks at the others, definitely feeling uncomfortable.

“Good, why don’t y’all go to town tomorrow afternoon” his grandfather suggests while getting dressed again “Me and a friend will stop by and take care of your filly.” He snorts amused.


The guys have mixed feelings about leaving Sandy for the old geezer and whoever he will bring along, but they know that he has them by the balls now. Ok, he has raped the cute nurse and therefore is as guilty as they are, but let’s face it, his life is pretty much over already, so what would he care where he spends the last few years. Nope, if he wants to have their victim for himself, they will have to let him. It is just for an afternoon, what can happen in one lousy afternoon?

Wally is especially concerned after Marty’s grandpa’s comment about the welts. He really hopes that the old man will not hurt her more, but it is out of his hands now.

The remainder of the day goes by without any further incidents, but the guys are in a gloomy mood and that doesn’t change much the next morning. Marty makes sure they all leave before noon, knowing that his grandpa is one of those overly punctual ones and he really doesn’t want to meet up with the old guy again.

All alone on the farm Sandy considers her options. This is definitely not part of the deal and there is no rule that says anything about being abused by old farmers and their friends. Maybe she should just get into her car and drive home. They will punish her of course, but after Marty’s grandfather raped her and complimented Jake on the welts on her back, punishment by the guys doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

But when the young mom looks for her dress and car keys, she has to find out that someone must have anticipated her thoughts, both are safely in the trunk of Tony’s car and she is trapped once again. At 4 minutes to 12 a car rolls onto the driveway and Marty’s grandfather gets out and takes a strange think out of his trunk. It looks like some kind of machine, if Sandy’s husband, who is an engineer, would have seen it, he would have told her that it is a powerful portable generator, but of course he isn’t there to warn her. The old geezer calls for her and reluctantly Sandy obeys and walks out of the house towards him, when another car arrives and an old man gets out, chuckling when he sees the naked mom coming to meet them.

“So that’s her, huh?” he nods to Marty’s grandpa “Not bad, not bad at all. And I always thought your grandson is a looser.”

“He is a looser” the old geezer replies “He just got lucky to have clever friends.” He turns to Sandy who is now right in front of them and barks “Hands on your back and on your knees slut, nobody wants to see something like you on its feet.”

There is something so evil, so vile in his voice that Sandy immediately gets down to her knees, thighs apart, as the guys have taught her. She wonders for a moment why Marty’s grandfather is walking with a cane today, when just yesterday he didn’t seem to need one, but then he hits her open cunt with it the second she is on her knees and Sandy screams in agony.

As if nothing has happened the other old man says “Nice tits she has George. Saggy for sure, but I always liked them natural. Not as natural as my Lisa’s of course” he shutters “Damn that woman is old now. I swear her wrinkles have wrinkles and you can tie her tits in a knot with lots of empty skin to spare.”

They both laugh, completely ignoring the crying young mom. “I know what you mean Verne” Marty’s grandfather replies “My Iris is so fat now that it is easier to jump over her than walk around. I really don’t know why old women have to get that ugly. I can take a whole box of Viagra and still don’t get hard when I see that wobbly mass of fat and wrinkles.”

“I hear you old buddy, I so hear you.” His friend agrees “But that one here” he points to the sniffling Sandy “now she is getting my old juices flowing, even without Viagra.”

He isn’t exaggerating, his pants show a nice sized bulge and again the old men laugh staring at the naked, terrified nurse kneeling in front of them. The tip of the cane has hit Sandy’s clitoris, crushing the sensible tiny knob, causing extreme pain, but she knows that she isn’t allowed to close her thighs without making those men angry, and the young mom sure doesn’t want to aggravate the mean old geezer. They are vicious enough when in a good mood.

George fumbles in his pocket and gets a box of Viagra out, he nods to his buddy and says

“Let’s go to the house, get some water and then take that bitch to the barn for some fun.”

“Why bother to get water when she can get it for us?” Vern grins

“You are right” Marty’s grandpa laughs “On your feet, two glasses of water, and run as if your life depends on it, which it very well might.” He barks at Sandy and hits her with the cane again, but the frightened nurse is already getting up, so he misses not only her clit but her cunt all together. Though he does get her thigh, it doesn’t hurt half as much as before and Sandy runs to the house as if the devil is behind her.

She arrives at the barn even before the two old men get there, quickly falls to her knees again and holds up the two glasses of water.

“Say what you want George” Verne chuckles “You grandson has trained her well. There might be hope for him after all.”

George just grunts and takes one of the glasses from Sandy’s trembling hands.

“Takes about half an hour before the pill kicks in” he mutters “Let’s use that time to examine this animal.”

“I could fuck it right now” Verne grins “But since is your party, I’ll let you have her dry, not all soaked in my cum.”

They order Sandy to stand and then tie rough ropes around her wrists and ankles.

“Please …” she tries to tell them that they wont need to tie her up because she has never tried to escape the boys, after all, with those pictures and videos in their hands, it wouldn’t make any sense to run away. But before she can say another word, Verne backhands her brutally.

“Shut up bitch. You only talk when spoken too. GOT THAT!”

Quickly Sandy nods and the old men pull her to the back of the barn and tie her to two large support beams. To Sandy’s horror she realizes that there are many iron rings hammered into those beams, just as if they have been put there to tie people up. “Oh my god” the helpless mom realizes what this is “This isn’t the first time they do that to somebody.” Sandy’s arms are stretched so much she has to get on her toes, but when they tie her ankles to the rings, even her toes no longer touch the ground.

Almost as if to confirm her thoughts Verne laughs out loud “When you called yesterday and told me you got a life one, I almost had a heart attack. How long has it been since we got ourselves a slut?”

“Hell, it must be 30 years” George nods “It was so easy back then, some desperate women asking for work, and boom, we had them. But times changed, and suddenly the law was looking for them when they disappeared. Too bad, but at least we got this one now, and best of all, we don’t have to kill her when we are done, she wont tell nobody.”

They both laugh and Sandy almost faints. George puts the generator in front of her and fiddles with a few wires, then he takes out 4 alligator clamps and to her horror attaches one each to her nipples, another to her still aching clit and the last one to her left cunt lip. He then attaches the wires to the clamps and grins.

“Ready to hear her scream?” he asks and Verne nods eagerly.

George starts the generator and gets a remote from the case. Sandy’s eyes are open wide in total terror and both men enjoy her fear almost more than anything else.

“Give it a shot” Verne says all excited and George presses a button.

Sandy screams in agony, it feels like a million tiny hot needles penetrate her skin and run amok inside her body. Her heartbeat accelerates, her pulse races and her eyes bulge out of her head. She almost loses consciousness, but George presses the button again just in time to keep her conscious and in pain.

“Nice” Verne says matter-of-factly “I almost forgot how much fun that is.”

“Ok, let’s start her training. You want to begin?” George asks and Verne nods.

“What is your name?” he asks Sandy

“S … Sandy” she replies truthfully.

“Wrong answer” Again the electricity runs through Sandy’s unprotected body and she screams in total agony, again they shut it off just before the young mom loses consciousness.

“What’s your name?” Verne’s voice comes again and Sandy desperately tries to think. What would those men want to hear? Definitely not the truth, she has to find out what they want, or she will be in more agony than she will be able to take much longer.

“My … my name is … is whatever you want to call me … s … sir” she whispers and braces herself for more pain.

Instead she hears Verne’s voice again “Acceptable answer, don’t you agree George?” George nods and Verne continues.

“What is your purpose?”

“My purpose … uhm … to serve you? To … to provide my body … and … and my skills for you to … to enjoy?”

“Hey, she aint bad. Your loser grandson has taught her well” Verne laughs

The questions go on for a while, and Sandy gets most of her answers right now, still she is shocked 3 times more before the old geezers tire of this game and untie her. She falls into their arms, her muscles don’t want to obey anymore, but of course no one catches her, so the brutalized nurse just lands to the dirt floor where she immediately rolls herself into a ball and weeps out of control.

George looks down, shakes his head and kicks Sandy hard in her kidneys.

“If you don’t want me to shove an electrode up your cunt and turn the generator to full power to fry your insides, you better get on all fourth now and get ready to serve.” He grumbles.

It takes Sandy 3 tries to get into position, her body trembles and shakes violently, but finally she is able to get on her hands and knees. The very moment she is up George shoves his cock into her asshole and Verne kneels in front of her, forcing his dick into her mouth. Very much unlike the guys, the two old men seem to rape her for sports, not really for pleasure. While the guys usually groan and moan when abusing her holes, the old geezers mechanically fuck the young mom and talk to each other.

“Her ass is still tight, must have been untouched before my grandson started blackmailing her” George remarks matter-of-factly.

“Too bad we didn’t get her when it was still virgin” Verne laughs “But her tongue is quite good, very skillful, I haven’t had a blowjob like this in decades. Remember that mother/daughter team we had in 82? Damn, I miss those days”

“Do I ever” George chuckles amused “The stupid slut told me to pay her daughter like an adult, ‘cause she worked like one in the fields. So I told her that if she insists that I treat her 14 year old daughter like an adult, I will gladly do so.” He laughs evilly “And we sure did that night!”

Their Viagra amplified stamina seems to last forever and, without cuming, they change positions several times, fucking Sandy’s ass and cunt raw. They don’t mind her bleeding at all, in fact Verne calls it her “natural lubrication” when his dick turns all read from it. But even Viagra doesn’t last forever, and George is the first to explode into the young mom’s aching cunt. Minutes later Verne floods her throat and both grin satisfied.

“You said something about the uses of saggy udders, I believe” Marty’s grandfather says after pulling out of Sandy.

“Yep” Verne nods “My favorite is the Marquess of Queensberry treatment.”

“Is that the guy who invented the boxing rules?” George looks puzzled “What does that have to do with her udders?”

“You know your sport history” his buddy laughs “Yep, that’s the guy and look at those ridiculous bags of skin and fat. Don’t they remind you of those speed bags for training?”

“Shit, you are right” George laughs, “let’s set her up for a round.”

The helpless nurse is pulled to her feet and forced over to a vertical beam where her hands are tied together and a long piece of wood is prepared with plastic cable ties to serve as a spreader bar and again Sandy is helplessly fixed in place, with no chance to move. The old geezers nod satisfied and Verne begins punching the quivering tits with his fists, laughing in delight when the soft flesh is squashed with every hit and his victim screams in agony.

“This is fun” he says after a few minutes, trying to catch his breath, watching in appreciation how the bruised and crushed udders quiver heavily. “Your turn George.”

But Marty’s grandfather has a better idea “Boxing is all good and well” he chuckles “But it is a bit antiquated. Let’ try kick boxing.”

He swiftly kicks Sandy in her lower abdomen and curses even though the young mom screams in pain. “Damn, I wanted to shove my foot into her cunt, just to see how deep it will go in.” he mutters “Lemme try again.”

He gets a bit closer to his dangling victim and this time his foot hits her forced open pussy, but doesn’t go inside. He tries again and again, not caring that Sandy is hanging there unconscious until he finally manages to get half of his foot into her bruised and bleeding cunt.

“Now that takes skill” he grins “Wanna try it too Verne?”

Of course Verne does and he only stops when his foot is drenched in Sandy’s cunt blood too.

“What now?” he pants breathless “Wanna go for another round of fucking?”

“Nah” George replies “We aint as young as we used to be. Let’s revive her and go home.”

They pour some icy water over the helpless nurse and just when they are about to get dressed, the guys come back from their trip to town.

Wally gasps when he sees Sandy limply hanging in her restraints. He turns to Marty’s grandpa, his face red and angry, but before he can say anything George grumbles

“That was enjoyable. We will have another session with your slut on Sunday. Have her ready by then.” And he and his buddy turn and leave. 


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Offline EvilBastard

“See” Jake says triumphantly looking at the semi-conscious young mom, hanging in the ropes “This is how you treat a …”

He is cut off by Wally’s left hook to his chin and goes down like a wet sack.

“Cut her lose and carry her to my bedroom” Wally barks angry and to Jake he says “Aye, this is how you treat her IF you don’t care if she lives or dies, or if you can use her again tomorrow. But this is NOT how we want it done. If you really want to treat someone like this, I suggest you team up with Marty’s fucking grandpa and his buddy. This is not ever gonna happen again!”

They can’t do much for Sandy but put some salve on her bruised tits and abdomen and let the young mom sleep, hoping she will feel better by tomorrow.

Back in the living room Marty smiles embarrassed and apologizes “I had no idea, guys, I mean, I never liked that asshole, but for me he was just my grandpa, not a sadistic murderer.”

“Not your fault” Wally nods “but just so you all know it, when that freaking geezer returns on Sunday, we will no longer be here. As soon as Sandy looks somewhat presentable again, we are going home. I loved the idea of having this farm to play with her, naked all day and night, inside and outside, but look what those bastards did to her! Next time they might just accidental kill her and all they will do is say <<Oops, sorry guys>>. I want to keep Sandy for a long time, and those fucking bastards will not take over from us.”

Everyone nods in agreement, even Jake doesn’t dare to argue, his chin is already changing to a purplish blue and he doesn’t want to give Wally another reason to hit him again. 

It takes 2 days before Sandy is able to move without too much pain again, 2 days the guys have to let her rest and can’t even fuck her. What a waste of time, especially since tomorrow is Sunday and Marty’s grandpa wants to torture her again. Wally is right, this is no way to treat her, unless you don’t care if she will die.

Saturday afternoon everyone packs their stuff, Sandy gets her dress back and they leave the farm. Wally tells the young mom that she may sleep in tomorrow, but after church they expect her at his uncle’s house. Sandy is almost grateful and nods, three weeks of blackmail are over, but more important, she knows now how far the guys are willing to go, and that is almost worth the agony and suffering of those last few days.


Right after church Sandy drives home, and changes. Nobody has told her what to wear, so she decides on jeans and a t-shirt. No underwear, socks or shoes of course, the rules specify that 2 pieces of clothing are enough for her. The rough fabric of the jeans rubs her cunt, but she doesn’t care too much, it feels so much safer to wear pants than a dress or a skirt with no panties to cover her pussy.

She arrives in the Elms just after 1 pm and immediately notices 3 cars belonging to the guys parked in front of it. With a deep sigh she readies herself and knocks at the door. Pete opens and calls out “She is here guys”

As soon as the door is closed, Sandy obediently takes her t-shirt off, but just when she pushes down her jeans, Steven comes running downstairs and hugs the surprised young mom and then kisses her. Sandy almost loses her balance, what the hell is that? She is used to be treated like their sex toy, but a kiss? None of them ever attempted to kiss her before.
Wally comes out of the kitchen and though he doesn’t say anything, the look he gives Steven says it all. Sandy is their slave, not their girlfriend and personal attachment to her is absolutely not desirable.

They all take great interest in looking at her bruises and welts, and they are happy that she is healing quite well now. Only after that is done, Pete takes her by the hand and leads the naked mom upstairs for a triple penetration session with him, Jake and Marty. They all have missed fucking their Milf and so Sandy is totally flooded with cum in all holes and, of course, as soon as those 3 are done, the next shift takes over and overflows her holes even more. Finally satisfied they take the leaking young mom to the basement.

“Surprise” they all yell “It’s a welcome back usable Sandy party!”

Sandy hasn’t been to this basement yet and for the first time she sees that Wally’s uncle has built in a crude bar. Not very professional, but good enough to have friends over for some fun. It surely will not be fun for Sandy, but the guys all grin and moments later she holds a glass with something that smells and almost tastes like a mixture of orange and blackberry juice. Wally even offers her a cigarette, which she gladly accepts, since smoking is the only vice of the young mom. The guys all grab beers and encourage Sandy to drink up, and because it does taste nice and sweet, she has no problem with that at all. As soon as her glass is empty, Tony refills it from a pitcher.

It doesn’t take very long and Sandy begins to feel much more at ease. Sure, she is still completely naked in a basement bar with 6 of her blackmailers, but those boys are basically nice, after all, they did safe her from that awful old man and his crony. Sandy begins to giggle, this little bar is quite lovely, ok, maybe not lovely, but still somewhat enjoyable.

The music is loud and not really Sandy’s taste, but when Tony takes her hand and starts to dance, she happily agrees, oblivious or at least uncarring of how her soft mommy udders swing and bounce, just enjoying the moment and the party. She doesn’t even notice that Tony lets go of her hand and she is now dancing alone for a very delighted audience. Her soft boobies jiggle and bounce in the wild rhythm of the music, her long blond hair flows around her head almost like a halo, it sure is a fantastic sight to watch the young mom dance for everyone.

Sandy is a wonderful dancer and the fact that she is naked makes her dancing look even better. It doesn’t take very long and Wally gets naked himself, changes the music and begins to dance with her. They haven’t seen Sandy smile since they began to blackmail her, but the Vodka in her drink changes all that now, she is totally transformed, giggly and happy. Everyone wants to cut in and dance with her now, it’s almost like one of those neighborhood parties, with the exception that they all are naked now.

When Steven twirls Sandy around she suddenly stops, her face loses the happy smile, gets sickly green and with an “Uh uh” she runs out of the bar, up the stairs and out the back door. The guys follow as fast as they can, not knowing what is going on, Jake even thinks Sandy is trying to run away, but when they get into the backyard they see Sandy down on one knee, puking as if she wants to set a new world record in throwing up.

For about 15 minutes Sandy pukes, retches and moans, then she slowly, very slowly gets up and looks at the guys, her eyes are bleary and she doesn’t seem to understand where she is or what she is doing here. Wally takes her hand and leads her to the bathroom. Puts his own toothbrush with more than enough toothpaste in her right hand and says

“Brush your teeth Sandy and don’t forget to gargle.”

Like in trance the naked mom obeys and doesn’t stop until Wally takes the toothbrush away from her and leads her to the largest bedroom, where he pushes her on the bed. Within 5 minutes Sandy is asleep, and no shaking, no yelling is waking her up. They all grin

“So she told the truth about that, didn’t she?” Tony snickers

“Sure did, so what now?” Steven replies

“Now we play fuck the sleeping Sandy” Pete suggests and they all laugh.

It is different raping an unconscious body, the total lack of any response from her is challenging, but it sure is fun too. By 4 am Sandy lies in a puddle of cum, oozing out of her ass and cunt and her face, hair and tits are drenched in it too. She looks more like a drunk, cheap whore than a respectable suburban wife and mother, but the guys have not forgotten how happy she was while getting drunk.

“Maybe we should fill her up more often” Steven says “It was fun when she was not frowning and looking at us as if we just stole her lollipop.”

“Yup, she sure is a fun drunk, but the throwing up business wasn’t too amusing” Wally agrees “Maybe next time we start her slow and try to find the limit that makes her giggly and tipsy but not puke it all out.”

Jake runs downstairs to fetch Sandy’s t-shirt, he wipes her ass and cunt with it and then soaks it in the cum puddle between her wide open legs. “Let her wear that on her way home” he grins and the guys laugh. It is so much fun to humiliate their cute nurse and a cum encrusted top on a prudish mommy is a great idea.


Sandy wakes up early on Monday morning. Her head feels fine, she really got rid of most of the alcohol before it had a chance to get into her system, but her ass and cunt do hurt bad. Quietly she gets out of bed, wondering how she got there, and why Wally is sleeping next to her, but whatever happened, she knows that the guys will expect breakfast when they will wake up, so the cute nurse tiptoes to the kitchen and begins to prepare everything.

As usual Steven is the first one up and enjoys his morning blowjob in the kitchen, drinking coffee with a dash of Sandy milk in it. When the young mom asks what exactly happened last night he grins and shows her the video of her dancing so happily. Sandy blushes deeply, but Steven just smiles and hugs her.

“Don’t be embarrassed” he says “It was wonderful to see you smile and have fun, and hell you are some great dancer. If you just accept who you are and embrace the fact that we all want your body, you would have a much better time with us, even without alcohol.”

Sandy blushes even deeper, don’t they understand that she doesn’t want to be reduced to a sexual object? All she wants is her old life back, no more rape, no more orders, no more forced nudity. Is that too much to ask?

One after the other comes downstairs and soon Sandy is leaking cum out of every hole again, but today is different. Marty and Tony have to go to work and the others have things to do too, so by 10 am Sandy is allowed to get dressed and drive back home. She does wonder why her t-shirt is scratchy and can almost stand by itself, but when she pulls it over her head, the tell-tale smell solves that mystery and again Sandy blushes crimson. What happened last night? Obviously she didn’t just dance for them.


The moment Sandy is home, Theo comes over and bitterly complaints that she hasn’t been there for him. He makes her suck him off and only after that he feels a bit better. Sandy had planned to take a long bath, go shopping and then do a much needed house cleaning, but instead she is forced to play Wii aerobics with Theo for hours.

While the young mom concentrates on doing the aerobics with the mentally retarded boy, Steven’s words come back to her mind. “If you just accept who you are and embrace the fact that we all want your body, you would have a much better time with us” Well, she is more than just a fuck toy, but he is right about one thing. Maybe if she would just accept that they really want her, of course it is wrong, but it could be a compliment in a weird kind of way. She is between 12 and 16 years older than those young men, but still they desire her, isn’t that a praise? Even if they blackmail and force her to do what they want?

Sandy thinks about how happy she looked on that dancing video, she really loves to dance. Unfortunately her husband is not much of a dancer, it always looks like the inner engineer in him is calculating the most efficient way to move to the music, instead of just feeling the rhythm. Maybe she should try to adjust her attitude to this horrible situation and take it like a compliment that 6, ok with Theo 7, young men don’t even shy away from criminal activities just to have her naked body. Maybe the last 3 weeks of her blackmail will not be as bad as the first 3 if she manages to change her attitude and maybe even feel a lil' flattered by this. The young mom looks down at herself and notices the heavy wiggling and bouncing of her soft boobies. Maybe even that isn’t something to be ashamed about, after all, men seem to love watching them leap and jiggle, so it can’t be a bad thing. Sandy decides to try it this way and resolutely steps of the Wii pad and smiles at Theo.

“Theo sweetie, I have a lot of things to do today, we will play some more another time, ok?”

“Awe” Theo pouts “But before you go, I wanna get inside your slit, ok?”

Sandy sighs, but then decides to start with the new attitude right away, so she smiles at the retarded boy and nods “Ok Theo, how would you like to do it this time?”

Theo wants her in the missionary position, so the young mom lies down on her back and allows the big boy to enter her. He is so excited that it doesn’t take very long until he finishes and as promised, he packs up his Wii console and leaves so Sandy can finally get things done.

There is no more time for a bath now, a quick shower will have to do and then she stands in front of her wardrobe to choose what she will wear today. It is cloudy all day, so Sandy almost picks a sweater and jeans but then she shakes her head and mumbles to herself “Attitude”. So she selects a tank top instead of the sweater, but still goes with her beloved jeans. Sandy drives to the supermarket she always used to shop at, telling herself that there is no longer the need to drive all the way across town, because she is no longer ashamed of her bouncing boobies, but when she arrives at the parking lot, her hearts does skip a beat and her pulse is up quite a bit. It is easy to decide things in the safety of your own house, but to really do them is quite another thing. Taking several deep breathes the young mom forces herself to get out of the car and walk into the market. She does her best to ignore the stares, smiles and greets everyone she recognizes. Dammit, her boobies really do bounce a lot, but as much as people, especially men, stare at them wiggling and leaping with every step she takes, they do stare at her bare feet too. Stubborn Sandy ignores them all until she overhears a little girl and her mother.

“Mommy, that woman has no shoes on”

“Yes dear, and apparently she is missing something else too. Some people just know no decency.”

That is too much for the prim and proper nurse, she hurries to the cash register, quickly pays for her groceries and almost runs back to the car. This wasn’t as easy as she had imagined it at all, maybe she should go back to shop across town again.   


Back at home Sandy is about to start vacuuming when Wally comes by. He grins happy when he sees what she is about to do and Sandy has no choice but to undress for him again.

“Don’t let me keep you from your chores” he smiles and of course the young mom has noticed how much he likes to watch her doing housework naked. “Attitude” she mumbles to herself again and forces a smile on her face.

They talk for a while about this and that before Wally innocently asks “Did Tony ask you about tonight?”

“Tonight?” Sandy looks up “No, he hasn’t been here and he never asked anything. Why? What is tonight?”

“Ah shugs, I wanted to let Tony ask you. But alright then” Wally pretends to be annoyed by this. “Ok, Tony has this online buddy he plays WoW with, an Italian guy, I mean not Italian American, but this guy really lives in Italy. So Tony figured that would not violate the rules, especially not the 50 mile rule and when they chatted, he told him about you and I think he even included one or another picture.”

Sandy pales, her pictures are already being send out to others? That is not what they agreed upon.

“Sending my photos is against the rules Walter” she is getting very angry “Once pictures are in the internet, they can never be deleted or recalled.”

“No, silly Sandy” Wally laughs “He didn’t POST your pic, he send it, so only that guy can see it.”

Sandy is not convinced, but she doesn’t know enough about postings to argue, so instead she asks “What is a WoW?”

“Oh, sorry, World of Warcraft, an online game. Anyhow, that Italian guy doesn’t believe that Tony told him the truth, he even accused him to have sent some online pic he found somewhere. That pisses Tony off big time, as you might imagine, so he told his WoW partner that you will come online on cam chat tonight and will tell him personally.”

“WHAT?” Sandy is really shocked now “He told him WHAT? I will not do such a thing!”

“Oh but you will Sandy. We promised no nudity within 50 miles of your home and place of work. Now that guy is in Napoli, Italy, so roughly 4,500 miles from here. Be a sport, will you, Tony’s parents are out tonight, so be at his place at 8 pm. All the guys will cheer you on, I promise.”

Sandy doesn’t know what to say, this is so absolutely not right, but when she searches the rules in her mind, she can’t find one that would specifically exclude a cam chat online. They sure don’t make it easy for the young mom to adjust her attitude and see anything that might be positive in any of this.

At 7:45 pm she knocks at Tony’s door, he lets her in immediately and leads her to his room where the whole gang, except Theo, is already waiting. Of course Sandy has to get naked, after all, she is here to be the living proof for Tony’s bragging about them OWNING the neighborhood Milf. Sandy has to kneel on a very uncomfortable chair at Tony’s PC and open cam chat when a pinging sound tells her that the Italian guy is asking to connect.

He is definitely impress with the naked nurse and after chatting for a few minutes, he opens his pants, unpacks a very large cock and starts to masturbate. The guys find all this very amusing and when the Italian guy asks Sandy how she likes his tool, she blushes even deeper and stutters “Well … it ... it sure is big”

Of course he wants to see the young mom getting fucked, so they all take turns showing him in every detail what Sandy’s holes are good for. He cums 4 times wanking while watching Sandy being abused, and in the end he apologizes to Tony that he didn’t believe him. He calls Sandy “bella Donna” and wishes her many more kids and then he is offline.
“Looks like you have a new fan” Jake chortles and the young mom nods unhappy about that.

“Yes, but please, no more new fans” she pleads “For me it is hard enough to cope with all of you, please, no more, I beg you.”

“No promises Sandy, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are not willing to share you with any other guys. There is just not enough of you to serve more than us.” Wally says to Sandy’s relieve, but the others grin when they see that he has crossed his fingers behind his back.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

December 24, 2017, 05:34:33 PM
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Best way to read this one- binge it when no one is round!

December 24, 2017, 06:58:54 PM
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But when nobody is around, nobody replies. And when nobody replies, I stop posting  8)

December 24, 2017, 06:59:39 PM
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Sandy is quite surprised when Steven comes by on Tuesday morning asking for her help. Really asking, not ordering, and he doesn’t even care to rape her. He seems very distressed and when Sandy asks what is troubling him, he actually blushes.

“Well, see, it is this, uhm, I kinda screwed up at school. Not now, when, uhm, when we started to come over here to … you know.” He takes a deep breath and continues “See I skipped school to be here, and when my guidance counselor cornered me and told me he wants to talk to my parents, I told him they are in Europe. Of course he didn’t believe that my parents would just take off and leave me all by myself, so I told him my aunt is living with me until they are back. I thought that was a smart move, with summer break coming and I thought he would forget by the time school will start again, but he didn’t, apparently teachers do work during summer break, or something. He called this morning, telling me that either my aunt and I show up for a meeting this evening, or he will come to my house tomorrow.”

Sandy can’t help but feel a little satisfied about this. Steven skipped school to rape her and now he is in trouble, that does sound like poetic justice, doesn’t it?

“Ok,” Steven looks at her “I talked to Wally, and he says you have to play my aunt, and he also says you should wear your uniform to the meeting with my guidance counselor because men love nurses and such. So please be ready at 7 pm, ok? I will pick you up, we meet with Mr. Myers, you tell him something like you will make sure I wont ever skip school again, or whatever, and for that Wally says you get a big bonus, like be allowed to wear a bra again when outside the house or something.”

Now this is really something Sandy hasn’t expected, she would be able to restore at least some normality to her life, and all she will have to do is pretend to be Steven’s aunt for a short meeting?

“I see Steven” she smiles “but there is one little problem. We are not allowed to take our uniforms home, they stay in the hospital, so I will have to accompany you in my private clothes.”

“Shit” Steven shakes his head “Wally said men believe nurses more than anyone.”

“Well then maybe I should tell that Mr. Myers that I am a nurse.”

“Hmm, yeah, that might work, but a uniform would have been like prove, you know.”

Sandy promises to be ready at 7 pm and Steve hurries off again without ever having touched her. The young mom can’t stop smiling, her private hell is already getting a little better, and in less than 3 weeks she will be free again. If she would have seen Steven now, she would lose her smile fast, but of course she doesn’t.

Steven runs straight to Wally’s house, his parents are both at work and the gang is meeting there.

“She agrees” he grins “But she doesn’t have a uniform, something like they have to keep those in the hospital.”

“Dammit” Wally isn’t happy “Ok guys, how much money do you have?”

“Why?” Marty looks at him skeptical.

“Because there is a uniform shop downtown and I will buy her one right now. I really want her to be dressed appropriately for this little outing.”

They come up with $ 82 between them and Wally shakes his head “That wont be enough guys. Come on Tony, Marty, you guys have jobs, isn’t there any way for you to get money?”

Tony sighs and takes out his bank card “But I need to get that back, ok? I am almost at my limit.”

They drive to the uniform shop, stopping at an ATM on the way, but only Wally goes inside. It would look very suspicious if 6 young men would buy one female nurses uniform. Wally explains to the salesman that he wants a real nurse outfit for his girlfriend for a naughty doctor role play, the guy grins and shows him what they have. The cheapest one is only $ 79, but it is a pants/top combination, too conservative for Wally, so he ends up buying and nice, short dress and a nurses cap for $ 129,95. Next stop is a shoe store to get white clogs, another $ 59 and now they are all broke, but they have what they want.

Wally drives over to Sandy and smiles big when he presents her with their gift. She isn’t too happy about it, especially when Wally makes her try it on right away, without underwear of course.

“But Walter, I have to wear underwear with this. You want me to play Steven’s respectable aunt, not a porn actress, don’t you?

“Yep, for sure Sandy” Wally agrees “But that is at 7 pm, now I want to see you wearing this like every nurse should” he grins and Sandy has no choice.

The dress is not actually see through but when the sunlight hits it just right, it shows her body shining through, and of course her soft, saggy titties do bounce delightfully under the white uniform. Wally is hard immediately and takes his cute nurse to the kitchen, orders her to put her hands on the counter and get on her toes. Then he lifts the uniform up over her firm bum and fucks her dry cunt while Sandy is forced to look out of the window, onto the street where all her neighbors live.

When Wally is done he grins happy “Ok, perfect. Wear this dress, the cap, the clogs and of course panties and a bra when Steve will pick you up. This will work, I know, that Mr. Myers is a sucker for a cute face and no man ever can resist a nurse in uniform, especially one with long blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous smile. Thanks Sandy, if you convince old man Myers, you get rule change of your choice. You are a life saver.”

Sandy shakes her head when he runs out and smiles. A rule change of her choice, this is wonderful. Now what rule will she change? To be absolutely certain she gets the file with all the rules again, she does know them by heart, but she wants to be sure that she really picks the worst of them. After reading them over and over again, she decides that the best change has to be section 1 paragraph 1, it will now say 3 pieces of clothing are enough and will always include a bra to support her soft mommy titties.

At 6 pm Sandy takes a long shower and gets dressed as Wally ordered and when Steven arrives at 7, she is ready. Sandy expects that they will take her car since Steven doesn’t own one himself, but he drives up in Wally’s old Toyota. Wow, Wally must really be concerned, he never lets anyone drive his car.

Steven is a bit nervous, and tells Sandy what he expects of her once they meet Mr. Myers.

“You are my mom’s sister, ok, and you were working night shifts when I skipped school, that’s why you didn’t notice. Oh, and you are grateful to Mr. Myers that he asked for this meeting. And tell him you will like ground me for a week or so, like no parties for a month, anything that comes to mind to show that you take this serious.”

They drive for a while and then, without a warning, the car stops.

“Oh shit, oh fucking shit” Steven cries out. “Wally told me he is low on gas, oh shit, I should have stopped at a gas station. Dammit, we are gonna be late, shit, shit, shit!”

He jumps out opens the trunk and starts cursing again “Fucking jerry can is empty too. Oh god, we are gonna be late, I am so stupid!”

Sandy gets out now too, she looks around and notices that they are in the old factory district, which is pretty much abandoned these days. All around them are deserted plants and nobody is in sight. Instinctively she shivers, this scenario has something of a low budget horror movie.

“Ok, think Steve, THINK” Steven hops around like a mad man “Ok, ok, I go back to the gas station we passed a few minutes ago, can’t be that far. And I call Mr. Myers and tell him we are going to be late. No, no, you go to the station and I call him now, that way is quicker.”

He pushes the old jerry can in Sandy’s hand and almost yells “Go, go, we need to hurry. Go now!” then he pulls out his cell phone and searches for the number.

Sandy feels quite uneasy, this isn’t a part of town she wants to take a walk alone. But Steven is so convincing that the young nurse is not the least bit suspicious about all this. He will later tell the guys that he should get an Oscar for his performance and they will all agree.

Feeling quite weird in her nurse’s uniform Sandy walks as fast as she can. All those abandoned building look creepy, most windows broken or boarded up from the inside, like a ghost town. There must have been hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs lost when those factories closed long ago. Sandy shivers again and walks even faster until she comes to a crossing. She doesn’t remember where they had come from, with Steven driving she really didn’t think about concentrating on the road. Should she go back? That would take too much time, the road has taken a long curve and she can’t even see the old Toyota any more.

Suddenly Sandy hears someone whistling, not a melody or a song, more like an alarm, she shudders again, so someone must live here and maybe that someone is watching her, or Steven. Only homeless people would want to live in abandoned buildings, or maybe some drug dealer has a laboratory here. Sandy is quite close to panicking and decides to ignore the side roads and keep walking straight on.

Then she hears a disembodied voice coming from one of the buildings “Nursy, wotcha doin’ here nursy?”

Terrified Sandy begins to run, which is pretty hard when wearing clogs. She tries to stay in the middle of the street, not too close to those creepy buildings when all of a sudden a man appears in front of her and he has a gun. Sandy freezes in shock and he comes closer and closer. His clothes are in rags, he wears an old grimy baseball cap and grins at her, showing broken and decayed teeth. Sandy guesses he must be about 50 or older, but it is hard to tell with homeless people.

“Good call nursy, would have hated to shoot ya” his voice is hoarse and he reeks of sewer, cigarettes, alcohol and urine. He comes very close to Sandy now, pointing the gun at her tummy. Twice he walks around the terrified nurse, mumbling something about “having found a life one” and then he grabs Sandy’s hair and pulls her toward one of the old buildings “Ya better not try no funny stuff nursy” he grunts “We can do this da easy way or da hard way, up t’ ya.”

Inside he shoves her into a dirty room with a grimy mattress and waves his gun in front of her face. “Yeah nursy, ya guessed it, I’m gonna fuck ya. Ya can git naked now ‘n lemme have sum fun, or I can shot ya ‘n fuck yer corpse while it’s still warm. Doesn’t make no difference to me, so yer decision, but do it fast, I’m horny like shit”

Tears flowing freely down Sandy’s face as trembling fingers begin to unbutton the uniform. She had been so happy that she was allowed to wear underwear today, but now it doesn’t matter at all any more, she is forced at gun point to take everything off to be raped by some dirty, reeking bum. And the worst of it, he wasn’t lying when he said he is horny, His filthy pants are stretched to the max at his crotch and he is rubbing himself with his free hand.

“Shit” he curses when Sandy is completely naked “Why do I have to git a saggy titted one? I never git one with firm tits, always them empty skin bags, shit!”

To show his displeasure he whacks Sandy’s right tit so hard with his gun that the crying nurse falls backwards on the filthy mattress. As soon as she is down, he drops his pants to his ankles and jumps on her tummy, shoving his rancid, rock hard dick in her face.

“Cum on nursy, ya know ya wan’ it, show Papa wot ya can do with that whore mouth o’ yers.”

Scared for her life Sandy has to lick his cock, and it doesn’t just smell like urine, it tastes like that too, he probably never washed himself for month, maybe even years. But the bum has no time for Sandy’s skills, with his left hand he grabs her hair and begins to brutally fuck her throat for a long time. Just when Sandy is convinced that she will throw up he pulls out and backhands her viciously.

“Yer sum Miss prim ‘n proper are ya? Shit, I never git a good slut, but no matter now” He slides down between her legs but instead of raping her now, he forces the barrel of his gun inside and laughs when poor Sandy screams in pain and fear.

“I can shoot ya with me cum or me gun. Yer choice, but ya have to beg fer it.”

The shame and humiliation is so overwhelming that Sandy needs several tries to find her voice and the bum uses that time to rape her dry, aching cunt with the gun until she finally stammers “Pl … please … s … sir … not … not the gun … please. I … I want your … your cock in … in me …”

“Yeah, always da same with ya uptight broads. Once ya see n’ taste me manmeat, ya want more ‘n more.” He sighs in mock despair, pulls the gun out of her and immediately starts to violently rape her. Sandy has no idea how long this all takes, agony, shame and fear flood her body as the old bum amuses himself by punching her bouncing, wiggling udders while he rapes her. But then he is finally done, a stream of cum explodes into Sandy’s cunt and he pulls out immediately, laughing at the loud plopping noise Sandy’s pussy lips make when he gets his cock out.

“Ya like dat, don’t ya nursy?” he asks forcing the barrel of the gun into her mouth now.

Scared out of her mind the violated nurse tries to answer, but with the gun in her mouth, she can only make gurgling sounds, which again makes the cruel bum laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, ya uptown cunts always like good downtown meat” he snorts. “Ok, yer been a good slut, saggy tits ‘n dry cunt, but yer tried, so me’s gonna make ya happy.”

He gets up, pulls his pants back up, bends over the trembling young mom, grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet. Before Sandy knows what he is up to, he forces the naked nurse out of the building, into the street and calls out loud.

“Look wot me found guys. Uptown cunt ‘n ass. Cum ‘n get it!”

Moments later ragged figures appear from all over. The stinking filthy scum of the earth slowly walks up to them, eyeing the naked, helpless nurse. Sandy almost faints, but the iron grip of the guy holding her hair is not letting her fall down.

“Ya really sharin’?” a toothless, skinny old man asks Sandy’s abductor.

“She aint worth keepin’” he replies and throws Sandy’s nude body towards the old guy.

Within minutes Sandy is surrounded by reeking, filthy bums. Grimy, dirty hands touching her soft skin everywhere, roughly squeezing her bruised boobies, pulling and twisting her fat nipples and fingering her cum oozing pussy and her ass. 

Then one bum takes charge, he forces the crying nurse on all fourth and begins to rape her doggy style. More and more of them appear and to Sandy’s horror they all drop their pants and show soiled and grubby dicks in different states of erection, all waiting to penetrate her. One of them even pulls out a used condom shoving it over his cock, mumbling something about “never know wot kinda infections them cunts from uptown carry”

Sandy has no idea how many bums rape her, nor does she know how long this is going on, at some point a merciful darkness engulfs her and when she finally wakes, she finds herself all alone, naked and in the middle of the street. The young mom never noticed the one bum who didn’t quite fit in, who didn’t stink as bad as the others, even his clothes had not been that dirty. She also didn’t notice that it was that one who first raped her tiny rosette and with that inspired others to use that hole too. She never realized that this one recorded the over 4 hours of her brutal gang rape either, and not just with a cell phone, but with a real quality video camera. No, Sandy has no idea that Jake has been one of them. She tries to get up but fails and so she begins to crawl in the direction she hopes Steven will be waiting for her. One question burns in her tortured mind: Why didn’t he come looking for her when she didn’t return?

From one of the abandoned factories Steven, Wally, Tony and Marty watch her crawl down the deserted street. Jake comes over, taking off his fake beard and wig, grinning from ear to ear.

“That was awesome” he exclaims “But you better explain to me why it is ok to have Sandy viciously raped and abused by them bums, but I am not allowed to whip her back and ass.”

Wally rolls his eyes in mock despair “Are you really too stupid to see it?” he asks “Sandy has to learn that for every straight male out there she is nothing but 3 holes to abuse if they think they can get away with it without facing consequences. She has to realize that we are not freaks, but very totally normal, and after Marty’s grandpa and those bums, she will even think that we are the much more preferable kind of rapists and the rest of the men of the world is much worse. That way Sandy will begin to trust us, even see our little group as a safe heaven. We only punish her when she screws up, they all either don’t care if they hurt her big time, or even enjoy it.”

“Ok, I get that” Jake nods slowly “But allowing her a rule change for that little lesson is quite costly for us.”

“A rule change? For what?” Wally grins “She never did convince Mr. Myers to let Steven of the hook, did she? And that was the requirement for being allowed to change any one of the rules.”

They all start to laugh, Wally sure is a smart one.

December 24, 2017, 09:10:31 PM
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Seasons greetings to all our readers from Sandy and the gang

January 06, 2018, 04:35:08 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Will we be getting more of Sandy's Misadventures with the assorted males characters any time soon?

January 07, 2018, 10:38:44 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Whoa, when nobody commented any more, I thought you had lost interest in Sandy's misadventures. But sure, I have written quite a bit more and will be happy to share it.

January 07, 2018, 10:39:32 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Watching the 4 hour 19 minutes bum rape movie the guys make sure they all get copies. Pete suggests that they could sell in on Dark Net for at least $ 100,000, but Wally stops that right away.

“Half of those who want to buy real rape pornography in Dark Net are undercover cops you idiot. Instead of getting rich, we all end up in jail.”

“It was just an idea” Pete shrugs “Anyway, I wouldn’t risk jail for a measly $ 17,000”

“You said $ 100,000, not $ 17,000” Marty argues

“$ 100,000 divided by 6 is $ 16,666. Who is the idiot now?”

But since Marty still feels guilty about his grandfather, Pete quickly changes the subject.

“Don’t feel so bad Marty, every family has one like that. I have an uncle who almost lost his license to practice medicine twice. He is a gynecologist, you know, and twice he was accused of drugging and playing around with his patients.”

“How can he still have a license after that?” Steven asks, shaking his head in disbelieve.

“Oh, both times the women dropped the charges, but curiously the first time after he sold his house and the second time after he cashed in his life insurance.”

“Are you saying he paid them off?” Jake sounds intrigued.

“There is no prove, but yes, we all know he did. I mean he sold his house, cashed in his life insurance policy and still has no money to his name? Anyhow, I’m just saying that there are black sheep in every family.”

“Fuck sheep” Wally interrupts “Are you saying he is still practicing medicine?”

“Yup, he is” Pete nods “He and 4 other questionable characters have a medical office near the railway station. No decent woman is going there of course, just whores and such, but yes, he is still in business.”

“Hallelujah” Wally jumps up “Don’t you see what that means? Sandy has to go see a doc once in a while, a real one. And if her gynecologist or physician sees that her asshole is stretched now, that her cunt is used 10 times as much as before, if they discover that her tits produce more milk again and are often bruised, they might, shit no, not might they WILL get suspicious. But if she has to go to Pete’s uncle now, we have an ally instead of an enemy.”

“Don’t you listen Wally? I said NO respectable woman will go to my uncle.”

“Yeah well, it is not like Sandy has a say in this” Wally grins “We will just order her to go there from now on.”

“Are you saying we tell my uncle everything?” Pete is not thrilled at all “Or just send her to see him without him knowing about us?”

Wally thinks for a long time before he replies “We will have to tell him. On the downside he will know that he can treat her anyway he likes, but on the upside, if he finds out before we tell him, he would have us by the balls. Nope, we tell him and make sure he accepts that he can do what he wants when she is in his office, but the buck stops there.”

Sandy is not at all happy when the guys order her to change physicians, but Wally argues that, just in case she gets pregnant, she wouldn’t want anyone to know and at least keep the option of an abortion open before her hubby finds out. That does make sense to the young mom and she agrees reluctantly. Her first visit to the new gynecologist is already arranged, but when the young mom arrives, she is positive that Wally has given her the wrong address, this building looks more like a rundown office complex that has seen much better days. But there it is, a sign saying

“Health care center Dr. Stevenson md ob/gyn, Dr. Mcelroy md dpm, Dr. Lidquist md dpt, Dr. Barkovic md ent, Dr. Mueller md, Dr. Dwyer md”

With mixed feelings Sandy rings the bell, but at least it is a logical mix of pretty much all kinds of specialists, a gynecologist, a podiatrist, a physical therapist, ear, nose and throat specialist and 2 general practitioners. It does look like sensible mixture for a joined medical office. An older man in a lab coat opens the door for her, apparently there is no reception, or receptionist, or anything that looks even remotely like a real doctor’s office. The man introduces himself as Dr. Mcelroy, asks her inside and tells her to sit in the “waiting room”, which is a dreary, windowless room with a lot of mismatched chairs and nothing else. A few minutes later another man comes in and looks her up and down. Sandy gets up, but he just motions her to sit down again and he leaves without a word. Three more men enter a while later and finally one of them introduces himself to her, while the others just look at her as if they want to appraise her for something.

“I am Dr. Lindquist, come with me.” Is all he says, so the unsettled young mom follows him into a room that looks more like an office than an examine room. The bearded man opens a file folder and looks at it, nods a few times and then looks at Sandy again and begins to frown.

“Well, Mrs. M., are you here for a physical or what?”

“Yes … I … am” Sandy is confused, why is he frowning?

“Then undress, will you. It’s not like we have all day for you.”

Confused Sandy looks around for a changing room, or at least a screen, but there isn’t any, and why should she undress for a physical therapist anyways?

“Oh come on Mrs. M.” Dr. Lindquist grumbles “You come here, barefoot and obviously braless and you tell me you need privacy to take off your clothes? I will see you naked anyways, so you might as well undress here and now.”

Blushing furiously Sandy begins to strip, what kind of medical facility is this? She regrets very much now that she has allowed Wally to talk her into coming here.


The bearded doc watches her every move closely, a weird smile on his face when Sandy drops her jeans and reveals that she isn’t wearing panties either. Naked and ashamed she stands in front of him but he is already looking back at the file folder.

“Ok” he finally announces “Since this is your first visit, we need to get some information from you. Go out this door again and into the second room on the right.”

“Like this?” Sandy is outraged, after all, he just made her get completely naked.

“Yes like this” he groans and rolls his eyes “Don’t pretend to be shy, we know who you are, now scoot.”

They know who she is? The young mom is getting even more confused now, but his overconfident behavior works well enough to make her get out of his office, down the hall and into the room he told her to go.

A man sits there at a cheap desk, he wears a lab coat and a surgical cap. A SURGICAL cap, in this place? Sandy is quite sure that there is now surgery going on here, except maybe for the illegal kind, but before she can say anything he starts

“I am Dr. Barkovic, have a seat.”

Obediently the naked mom sits down on the only other chair in this room and for the next 15 minutes she answers questions and watches the doc taking notes, really puzzled why an ear, nose and throat specialist is doing the paperwork. Apart from some very standard questions about her insurance, place of work and family situations he does ask quite a few intimate once that are really none of his business, but Sandy is still intimidated from the “We know who you are” statement of Dr. Lindquist, so she answers them all.
“Alright” Dr. Barkovic nods “That should be everything for the moment. Be a dear and go back out, pass the waiting room and then go into the third door on your left.”

Shivering is shame and fear she obeys again, wondering if they want her to explore the whole floor naked, but what choice does she have now? In that next room another man waits for her, and he is dressed completely for surgery, including a mask. But, for the first time since Sandy arrived, she notices that, no matter what those men are wearing, none of them wears gloves.

“Ah, Mrs. M. I presume” the masked man greets her “I am Dr. Dwyer, and don’t mind the mask, I have a bad cold and don’t want to infect anyone. Stand here will you, hands behind your head. Let’s do a breast cancer check.”

But what he does has nothing to do with a cancer examination, he roughly squeezes and mauls Sandy soft mommy titties and seems delighted when she whimpers in pain.

“I can feel your mammary glands are active, strange that” he remarks “Says in your file that your youngest kid is 6 years old. Are you still breastfeeding?”

“I … no … not breastfeeding” Sandy blushes again “It … it never completely stopped after … after my first pregnancy.”

“Ah alright, Quite common that a century ago, you know” he mumbles “You would have been a great wet nurse back then. But, never mind that, can’t feel any tumors, so off you go, next room to get weighed.”

Another man awaits Sandy next door, the youngest of the bunch she has seen so far. He introduces himself as Dr. Kevin Mueller and pushes her on a medical scale. He seems to have trouble adjusting it and it takes quite a while before he nods satisfied.

“117 lbs,” he tells her, as if Sandy wouldn’t know her own weight “A bit skinny really, what are you? 5’ 4’’? Oh yes, 5’ 4’’, it’s in your file. Want me to measure your height too?”

“Uhm, no … 5’ 4’’ is correct, I … I don’t believe I have grown or shrunk lately”

“Excellent, excellent. Nice joke, not grown or shrunk. I like bitch … patients with a sense of humor. Very good. Now go back to the examining room, will you.”

“Which one is that?” Sandy has no idea anymore.

“Ah, a bit confusing in the beginning, I can see that. Out this door and the second door on the right.” He says and then he actually slaps her naked behind when Sandy walks by him.

When the young mom opens the door she is greeted by 2 docs this time, the masked one, Dr. Dwyer, and an older one she has not yet been introduced too. He has done a lousy job at combing his hair over a large patch of baldness and looks at the naked mom expectantly.

“I am Dr. Stevenson” he says and then turns to Dr. Dwyer “The chart Albert, if you don’t mind.”

Dr. Dwyer tosses over a page on the flip chart behind him and to Sandy’s horror the now visible page says

Mrs. M. tit size bets

Tom 35‘’
Albert 33’’
Kevin 30’’
Oscar 32’’
Everett 36’’

That is why all those men had come to stare at her in the waiting room? To bet on the size of her breasts? Sandy wants to scream in frustration, but before she can even say anything Dr. Stevenson growls at her

“Hands up, behind your head and stand still will you, I don’t think I won this one now when I am looking at the pathetic excuses for tits dangling from your chest, but I have to make sure.”

A tape measure is wrapped around her soft, saggy titties and, under the probing eyes of Dr. Dwyer Dr. Stevenson measures her breast size.

“Dammit, it exactly 35.5’’, right between Tom and Everett” he grumbles. Dr. Dwyer makes him measure again, claiming he didn’t hold the tape measure right the first time, but the result is still the same.

“Oh well” Stevenson shrugs “They have to work something out I guess. And you” he points to Sandy “you will follow me.”

They go into the next room and he grabs a glass bowl from a shelf “Fill this, we need a urine sample.”

The young mom takes the bowl, very irritated that it isn’t a sterile container and looks around for a bathroom.

“I said fill it, not hold it” the doc sounds highly annoyed with her.

“If you please point me to the bathroom, I will.” Sandy is still quite irritated and her voice shows it.

“I said piss in the bowl, not take a bath” Dr. Stevenson growls angry “What are you waiting for? Squat down and piss!”

Blushing crimson Sandy is barely able to hold back her tears. This is not a medical health center, it is a medical humiliation center and she seems to be their only victim today. But she has gone this far now, what else can she do than obey again. She squats down, places the bowl in front of her and after imagining the privacy of her own bathroom, is finally able to pee.

The old doc is watching her with a big grin on his face and when she is done, he orders her to give him the bowl. “Good girl, now follow me to Dr. Barkovic.”

Without even looking back if Sandy is following him, he walks out of the room, down the hall into another examination room where Dr. Barkovic is already waiting. He orders Sandy on the checkup table on her hands and knees. “Ass up” he grumbles and as soon as she is in position, he rams a finger into her anus, then another and another.

“Tight, still very tight” he mumbles and then to Dr. Stevenson “No wonder they want us to pay special attention to her ass.”

He pulls his fingers out and sniffs them, grinning he offers Stevenson a whiff and then grabs Sandy’s hair, forces her head up and makes her smell his fingers too. She almost throws up, he is not wearing gloves now either. Isn’t anyone here aware of germs?

“Who’s turn now?” Stevenson asks

“Lindquist is already waiting in 4” Barcovic replies and Stevenson grabs Sandy’s hair and pulls her to the next room, where she has to lie down on her back, knees bend and feet up. Dr. Lindquist is finally doing a real medical examination of her abdomen, though he is pretty rough about it and more than once the young mom whimpers in pain. All the time Stevenson is standing there and staring at her cunt. Mumbling something Sandy doesn’t understand.

Without a word both men suddenly leave the room but minutes later Dr. Mueller walks in and growls “Why are you not in the chair yet?”

The dreaded chair, but at least it promises to be the last and final examination, or it usually is, in real gynecology offices. So Sandy gets up quickly and sits down in the chair and puts her feet into the stir ups. Dr. Mueller doesn’t bother with gloves either when he starts to poke and prod her wide open cunt, and he sure seems to enjoy it too. He even caresses her tiny rosette with his thumb while fingering poor Sandy’s pussy, somehow desperately trying to stimulate her clit, even though he knows that this is impossible.


Finally even this atrocity is done and he leaves the humiliated young mom trembling in the chair without saying a word. Sandy wonders if she should get dressed, but even though she wants to, she has no idea where her clothes are, so she just waits. It doesn’t take that long, after about 15 minutes all 5 physicians walk into the room and Dr. Stevenson declares solemnly

“Nothing wrong with you at all Mrs. M., medically speaking that is of course. Generally speaking there is lots and lots wrong with you, like smallish saggy tits, a dry cunt that can’t be stimulated and your asshole is still much too tight, considering that the boys have been at it for more than 3 weeks now.”

Sandy blushes furiously, so that is the reason she was treated by a podiatrist, a physical therapist, an ear, nose and throat specialist and 2 general practitioners instead of just a gynecologist, they knew she doesn’t have a choice but to accept any humiliationthrown at her.

Stevenson grins and continues “There is still the question of payment.”

“No” Sandy says resolutely, she is not going to give those men money for humiliating her “I already gave Dr. Barkovic my insurance information, I owe nothing.”

“Don’t be silly Mrs. M.” Stevenson shakes his head “We can only charge your insurance for a physical and a gynecological examination, that would be quite unfair, because only 2 of us would get paid. But all 5 of us lovingly cared for your saggy udders, dry cunt and firm ass, so we all should get something for that. Now, my nephew says you have been trained as a 3 hole slut, let’s find out how you handle 5 real men, not just a few boys.”

Before Sandy even knows what is going on, 3 pairs of rough hands pull her out of the chair and onto the cot where Mueller is already waiting, spearing her unprepared cunt with his fat cock, seconds later Barkovic’s dick joins Mueller’s in her cunt, stretching it extreme wide open while Stevenson enters her tiny asshole. Dwyer slaps her cheek with his rock hard member until the young mom instinctively starts to lick it and Lindquist grabs her right hand, makes her play with his dick and balls until there will be an opening for him.

What the young mom definitely doesn’t need is more rapists, but that is exactly what she got now, 5 immoral and unethical doctors who enjoy raping Sandy in the most humiliating way possible, slapping her bum, squeezing and milking her soft, bouncing mommy udders and not stopping for hours, just changing holes for their cocks. But it still gets worse, when they are finally done inside Sandy, they force her up on her feet, not even giving her a moments rest and Stevenson hands her the bowl she had to pee in hours ago.

“You want your clothes back before we kick you out?” He asks “Then drink that, and ALL of it.”

They all laugh when the helpless young mom takes the bowl with trembling fingers and, with a little “help” from Stevenson, drinks her own piss.

“Come back Monday in 4 weeks” Stevenson orders her when she has finished drinking the acidy urine. “You will now have a physical once a month, we have to make sure you stay healthy.”

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