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Stick to the basics, lots and lots of rape
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Add more humiliation
6 (27.3%)
Add public humiliation
3 (13.6%)
Add more realism by concentrating on Sandy’s days even without the gang
3 (13.6%)
Give me more background on the characters
3 (13.6%)
Blackmail and rape is all good and fine but add torture
0 (0%)
I want to see more of Theo “playing” with Sandy
2 (9.1%)
Lose Theo
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Add a sequence of Sandy shopping with the gang, or some of them
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Nice try to draw Sandy, but I want to see a photo of the real Sandy
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November 23, 2017, 10:30:30 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Thank you, I am not much of an artist, but I love drawing poor Sandy in humiliating and painful situations

November 23, 2017, 10:36:29 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

It is Steve’s turn now, but one look at Sandy’s bruised and now slightly bleeding cunt and all the cum flowing out of her ass and slit and he decides to go for a blow job, sloppy seconds are not exactly his idea of fun. He had been fascinated watching the young mom do the retard this morning, she really seems to have a talent for this and Steve wants to experience it himself. Sandy has rolled up into the fetal position after Jake was done with her and Steve orders her to crawl over to the old couch now.

“On all fourth, don’t you dare to get up” he says and grins when she obeys. They really do own the helpless Milf, astonishing how fast she has accepted her role. Maybe she always had a submissive side, or she is just too scared to argue. No matter what, as long as she does what she is told, the guys are happy.

Steve sits down on the couch, unlike the others he is still completely dressed, so now he opens his pants and his cock jumps up, happy to finally be free. Sandy squats in front of him, waiting for his orders, so nice to have a slave, isn’t it?

“Play with my cock” Steve tells her “Be creative, show me what you got. Use your hands, your lips, your tongue, make me cum as I have never cummed before.”

Sandy looks almost grateful, her cunt is raw by now and burns like fire and she doesn’t even want to think about her stretched asshole. A blow job is the least painful for her, but the guys can’t know that yet, and Sandy most certainly will not volunteer her last little secret. She gently takes Steve’s erect cock into her left hand and begins to stroke it when Tony suddenly shouts

“Whoa, now that I call a Kodak moment”

Sandy half turns her head to see what is going on and gasps in horror when she sees everyone snapping pictures. She had been so ashamed and hurt that she never realized that every minute of her rape ordeal has been photographed and taped.

“Please … no more pictures …“ Sandy tries to protest and the guys just laugh and continue and Steve angrily hisses

“Get on with it bitch, or should I call you cow now?”

Realizing that even if, by some miracle, she would get them to stop taking pix and videos now, the damage is definitely already done, Sandy turns her attention back to the throbbing dick in her hand. Stroking it gently she bends forward and begins to lick the hairy balls, sucking each of them into her mouth one by one, teasing it with her tongue. Steve moans in pleasure. His ex-girlfriend had sucked him off sometimes, but what Sandy is doing to him is so much better.

“Oh god guys, she is a cock sucking goddess” he moans and Sandy blushes deeply, but continues. Maybe, just maybe if she can convince them that her blow job skills are really good, they might rape her snatch and ass less.

Sandy places hundreds of soft, wet kisses all over the pulsating cock now before her tongue darts out and with just the tip of her tongue she tickles the pee slit. Steve groans loud, this is amazing, he never felt this before.

“Again” he orders “Whatever you just did, do it again!”

The others come closer now, most have considered a blow job something like a consolation price so far, something you might get as foreplay or when your girls has her period, but Sandy seems to be very skilled at it. Maybe they should try that soon too.

The young mom has now suck the head of Steve’s cock into her warm, wet mouth and teases it with her tongue. Steve rolls his eyes in total pleasure and doesn’t move at all, he wants this talented Milf to take total control, it is heavenly.

Adjusting her head slightly Sandy begins to take Steve’s monster deeper and deeper inside and again they all see how it starts to bulge out her throat. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable with it, no retching or gagging at all. When all of his manhood is inside her, Sandy’s tongue comes out again and teases his balls. Steve groans real loud now, but as wonderful as this is, he will soon need to cum, and for that he definitely needs more movement.

As if Sandy has read his mind, she start to raise her head, and then dances down again, gently at first, slowly, but in time she picks up the pace and soon enough Steve is face fucking the young mom, but without moving as much as a muscle. She is doing it all for him and he absolutely enjoys every second.

When his dick begins to twitch violently, Sandy knows that he is about to cum. She also knows that all men like it when their sperm will be swallowed, and even though she never really liked the salty, slimy taste, she takes the thumping cock deep into her throat and gently squeezes both Steve’s balls with her hands. That does it, with a scream that could have woken up the dead he explodes in her throat. Waves and waves of cum bursts flood Sandy’s    throat and pharynx, way too much for her to gulp down and again sperm begins to flow out of her mouth and nose. She endures it bravely, tries to swallow as much as possible, and stays unmoving in position until Steve finally moans one last time and pulls his, now limp, dick out of her.

“You guys can have her cunt and ass” he croaks happily “I call dips on her mouth, tongue and throat.”

“You can’t call dips on anything” Tony grunts “And to prove that, I will have her suck me right now, cause it is my turn.” He plops on the couch next to Steve and orders Sandy to do him now.

Still a bit breathless from Steve, the young mom obeys, hoping that her blow job performance will convince Tony too. If they all will prefer liking and sucking instead of raping her cunt and ass, those 6 weeks might not be as hellish as she expected. Of course being a sex toy for 7 adolescent males is definitely humiliating and painful, but at least the pain could be kept to a bearable minimum this way.

Tony is impressed, maybe not as much as Steve, but he also claims that this was the very best blowjob of his life. Sandy almost smiles in spite of everything else, but then Marty destroys all her hopes of a relatively painless conclusion of this humiliating day.

“Gimme the couch” he told Tony who got up stilling grinning. Marty gets on and lays on his back, his proud member standing up like a flagpole “Now get on top bitch” he growls at Sandy, but when she positions herself over his cock he impatiently grabs her hips and pulls her down hard. making her cringe in pain again.

Marty is probably the only one of the guys who loves saggy tits. He loves how they jump and wiggle, he loves how soft they are and he especially loves that he can really squeeze and crush them. Having had to accept that he lost the draw and is the last one getting to use Sandy, he has watched her when the others took their turns. He notice how she flinched every time someone made a humiliating remark about the udders, how ashamed she has been when they made her go braless. Yes, Sandy is unhappy about the softness of her titties, and she would love to keep them hidden in those rigid bras so the world would never even guess how saggy they are.

Apart from satisfying himself in cunts, asses and throats, Marty enjoys mind fucking people, and Sandy being ashamed of the shape of her tits will give him the perfect target to get to her.

While raping her aching cunt hard Marty grabs both of the heavily bouncing sag bags with his hands and squeezes them just at those points where Theo’s big hands have bruised them earlier. He is rewarded by a beautiful scream of agony from his helpless victim.

“You call those tits?” his voice carries contempt and disgust “You should be ashamed of yourself. Real women have firm, round mounds, pleasing to the eye, crowned by perky nipples that stand out proud. You have saggy, empty skin bags, with fat, ugly, inverted warts. I really don’t like fake tits, but in your case I would suggest a competent surgeon. Either have those ugly things removed completely, or at least have them filled with silicon to make them look a little better.”

The pain that his rock hard pecker is causing inside her bruised cunt is almost forgotten when his words sink in poor Sandy’s mind. Big tears of shame and humiliation flow freely down her cheeks, but it gets even worse when the others start to laugh and comment on Marty’s cruel speech.

“Yeah, what a waste of skin those are” Pete chuckles

“If they were at least big, like double Ds or something, but no, they sag like granny udders but are barely a handful” Steve adds with an evil grin

“If not for the milk, I would really want to cut ‘em off” Jake comments coldly “I mean really, the bitch fed 3 kids with those tiny bags? It is a miracle they didn’t starve.”

Sandy wants to scream at them “You forced me to be naked, if you don’t like what you see, let me get dressed” but she knows that they would only punish her for this, so she just cries quietly and endures the verbal humiliation while Marty mercilessly rapes her.

Theo watches closely and looks at everyone, counting them down on his fingers. Then a big smile appears on his face. As soon as Marty is done, it is his turn to play with Mrs. M. again and he already knows what he wants to do with her. He wants to take her like Wally did. Wally is his hero now, and he really, really wants Wally to like him.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 23, 2017, 12:49:42 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Please have a look at the poll, I like to know how you want me to continue

November 23, 2017, 08:56:19 PM
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Offline gscmar64

You're writing Erotica. Pictures only enhances the story but the one's in my mind reading the word  bring the story to life! Keep doing what you're doing, it going great to date!

November 24, 2017, 07:53:02 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Wow, thanks, that is a nice compliment. I will still let the poll ride for a few days and see if anyone has a suggestion I can add to the story.

November 24, 2017, 07:53:58 AM
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“Over to the table with you, bend forward, both hands on it, legs apart and on your toes” Theo barks the exact same words Wally had used with Sandy, eagerly looking over to Wally for approval and smiling happy when he gets a nod.

Sandy is limping pretty obvious now when she obeys, the insides of her bruised cunt are raw and a thin trail of blood trickles down her left thigh, mixing with all the cum seeping out of her. Sandy’s eyes are focused on Theo and she is clearly scared of the retard now, no wonder after his show of strength earlier. Anyone who can pick her up with such ease and throw her half across a room as if she would be weightless is dangerous, and if that someone has the mind of a child, without being able to consider the consequences of his doings, he is even more threatening to her life and health.

Once in position Theo gets behind the unfortunate young mom and, just like Wally did before, wants to shove his fat cock into Sandy’s cunt, but he is too excited and lacks the experience, so he misses and his dick just scraped along her soiled pussy lips.

A few of the guys chuckle, but when Theo roars in anger they shut up immediately. Wally wants to calm the angry retard, but before he can say a word, Sandy, in fear for her life, has gently taken hold of the throbbing cock with her right hand and guides it into her aching cunt. The moment Theo feels his pecker inside he groans with pleasure and all his fury is forgotten. Methodically be begins to rape his helpless victim, looking at the others in triumph. Yes Theo can do everything the others can, they are his buddies now, he is one of them!

Having wanked twice while watching the guys raping Sandy, the pressure on his balls isn’t that high anymore and he can take his time now, enjoying the feeling of his cock getting massaged by Sandy’s aching cunt. Marty’s cum and her own blood has lubricated her nicely, so for Theo it is a very satisfying experience, so much better than masturbating.

Everyone is recording this again because no matter how many pictures and videos they have of Sandy getting abused, letting a mentally retarded boy fuck her is still the best blackmail material they can get to make sure that the young mom will stay obedient and under their control.

For about 30 minutes Theo keeps systematically thrusting in and out of Sandy cunt, causing several more small blood vessel inside her to burst and soon more blood than cum trickles out of her, coloring the retard’s cock red. Now everyone, not just Jake starts to wonder why her body doesn’t provide the necessary juices to make this enjoyable for her. Is this because she is unwilling, because she is getting raped? Or is there some other reason that she is not getting wet? Wally makes a mental note to question Sandy about this.

Finally Theo’s face distorts into a grimace of pleasure and with a loud roar he grabs Sandy’s hips, pulls her forcefully into his crotch and shoots his load deep into the trembling mom. For a long time he holds her like this, as if he never wants to let go of the soft body in front of him, but at last his face relaxes and with a happy smile he pulls out and releases Sandy, who immediately falls to the floor and curls up into the fetal position again, her whole body trembling and shaking as she sobs silently.

Wally looks at his watch, it is late, very late. Theo needs to get home and Sandy has to pick up her kids if they don’t want to make people suspicious. But he is unwilling to let her go, there is still so much he wants to try. Stepping up to his sobbing crying victim, he kicks her in the side

“What did you tell your parents when you asked them to watch your kids?” he asks.

It takes a moment before the young mom is able to reply “I … I said that … that I was … was called in to work Walter … I told them … that … that a colleague had … had called in sick”

Sandy is a nurse at the local hospital, just part time for now because her children are still too young, but she never wanted to give up her job to stay at home, she loves her work too much for that.

“Very good, you will call them now and tell them that another bitch has called in sick and need to work another shift. Tell them you have to work all night and will need to sleep after that, so, uhm, you will pick up your kids tomorrow afternoon, late afternoon or early evening. And be convincing!”

They allow Sandy to catch her breath and calm down for 15 minutes and only when she is able to speak without stuttering they hand her a phone and let her make the call. Though it doesn’t happen often that she is called in to work outside of her regular hours, it has happened before and her parents are not the least bit suspicious, just the opposite, they are happy to have their grandchildren for another day.

The problem is to get Theo home. He doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t care the least bit that his parents will miss him. Theo wants to stay with his friends and play with Mrs. M. some more. Only when Wally takes him aside and patiently explains to him that Wally would be in big, big trouble with Theo’s parents if he would not bring him home soon, Theo nods.

“I don’t want you in trouble Wally” he smiles at his bestest friend in the whole world “I will go home now then”

“You do know that you can’t tell your parents what we did, do you?” Wally asks cautiously.

“Yes Wally, it is a secret. I wont tell no nothing”

“But they will ask, so what will you tell them?”

“I say it is a secret”

Wally grimaces about that. Theo’s parents will be extremely suspicious if he wont tell them anything, they can’t chance that, so he tries again.

“How about you tell them that we all played games Theo, that is no lie, isn’t it? But don’t tell them that San… uhm, Mrs. M. was here. Tell them we played Wii games. Do you know what a Wii is?”

Theo got all excited “Yes Wally, I know, I have one at home. I love playing aerobics on it and gymnastics.”

“Perfect” Wally smiled “That is pretty much what we really did today, isn’t it? Aerobics and gymnastics!”

All the way to Theo’s house he let the simpleton tell him how he played with his Wii at home, knowing exactly that this will stick in the mind of the mentally challenged gentle giant, and he is right, the moment Theo’s mother opens the door the retard smiles happy and bursts out “We played Wii mommy, and I was really good, really, really good!”

Theo’s mother smiles back and looks at Wally who nods in agreement “Oh absolutely, Theo is talented like hell. Excellent team player too.”

“Thank you Walter” Theo’s mother smiles at him “You are a wonderful young man. I haven’t seen my boy this happy for a long time. Please come by any time.”

With this problem solved, Wally rushes back to his uncle’s house. They will have Sandy all night and most of tomorrow, this will be fantastic, and not just for fucking her battered body, there is so much more he wants to do to her mind now.

November 24, 2017, 11:11:47 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Can't wait to read more humiliation of Mrs. M

November 24, 2017, 04:10:06 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

I can't let you wait now, can I? :)

November 24, 2017, 04:12:18 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

The moment Wally is in the shabby living room again he sees Jake on the couch, making Sandy giving him one of her, now famous, blow jobs, while the others stand around cracking jokes about her soft tits and the blood still seeping from her cunt. Not wanting to interrupt he waits, but the second Jake cums into Sandy’s throat, he calls to them.

“We need to talk” Wally announces and his voice sounds strangely calm, almost sympathetic. He pulls up one of the grimy easy chairs and tells Sandy to sit down, but when she obeys, quite shaky, he laughs.

“Not like that Sandy. I am sure this is how you have been taught to sit, but when you are alone with us, you are not a lady. Open your legs wide, never cover your cunt or titties. You know why Sandy?”

To his surprise she nods and obeys.

“You know why? Ok, tell us then.”

“Because when I am with you, I … I am no longer a person” Sandy replies and everyone looks at her in amazement.

“Very good Sandy” Wally nods “Very perceptive of you, your answer is even better than what I was going to say. Yes, you cease to be a person once you are alone with us, you have no rights any longer and all you will do is what you are told. Excellent, so you know your place. I like that.”

“Ok, but this is not what I want to talk about. I want to know what that is” he points to the puddle of cum and blood that has appeared between her open legs, seeping in the grubby fabric of the old chair.

Sandy blushes deeply, not even looking where Wally is pointing. “It … it is semen Walter, from all of you. I am sorry, I will clean it up.”

“Not the cum, that is to be expected, but why the hell are you bleeding? We all noticed that the only lubrication in your cunt is our cum, you stayed completely dry. I want to know why.”

Sandy blushes even deeper, but she doesn’t want to tell those cruel young men her very last secret, so she tries to come up with the only logical explanation she can think off.

“I … I did not … didn’t like to be ra… I mean used Walter. I was not … I am not ready for that. I … I never was used that way … I mean … without my consent … without me wishing it to happen.”

But Wally is not dumb, he can see how she is avoiding to look at him, or any of the others and he knows there is more to it.

“That is part of the truth Sandy” he purposely let’s his voice sound sympathetic “But there is more, isn’t there? I think you are frigid, am I right? You can’t enjoy being fucked at all. Come on, tell me.”

Sandy’s face is bright red by now and she slowly nods “Not like that Walter” she whispers “But … but you are close. I … when I was born … I mean … it is not uncommon … but … but my birth was long … and complicated … and … and some of my nerve ends … they were crushed. Not uncommon … really … it happens to 1 in 1000 … except … well … usually nerves get crushed in joints … like fingers … elbows … toes … sometimes even shoulders. It … it leads to a lil’ numbness … nothing bad … but people who … who have this happen to them can … in that area they can only feel pain … nothing else. In my case … well … it ... it affected my vaginal region … that is why I cannot be stimulated … not get wet … but … but everything else is normal.”

For a moment everyone is quiet then Jake bursts out laughing, making Sandy blush even deeper.

“You mean to tell us that you can be fucked but you can’t enjoy it? Ever? I mean you have 3 kids, so your hubby is obviously fucking you, but when he does, you are in pain? Really?”

Sandy shakes her head vigorously, but she has to swallow a few tears of shame and humiliation before she can answer.

“No … not like that … it … it doesn’t have to hurt … I mean not with my husband” she swallows a few times, feeling extremely ashamed having to talk about her marital sex life. “He … he makes love to me … not … not uses me like you all did. And … and I …” she blushes crimson and whispers “I lubricate myself before he … he enters me … so … so it would not be too painful.”

“Ok, so you slap some Vaseline down your fuck hole” Jake is really amused by this “But no matter what, you still don’t get off on being fucked, right?”

“N…no … I don’t or…orgasm … I can’t” Sandy whispers while fresh tears drip down her face.

“So let me summarize” Jake loves every moment of Sandy’s humiliation “Your cunt is completely useless, your udders are saggy and ugly and your asshole has never been used before today. Why the hell did your hubby ever married you? I mean what is he, a wimp? Or does he needs a social project to take care of and doesn’t like to feed the homeless or what?”

Everyone laughs now, some of the guys sound a bit unnatural though. Pete just shrugs

“So what? I never cared if our toy is enjoying what we do, as long as she opens her cunt, ass and mouth for my pleasure. I want to satisfy myself in her, if that causes her pain or pleasure is totally irrelevant, as long as I enjoy myself.”

Most of the guys nod, but Jake is not done yet.

“Fine Pete, I don’t give a shit about your kicks, I just love the idea that the bitch will never enjoy it when I fuck her. We didn’t pick her for being our sex slave to make her scream in pleasure, but screaming in agony does sound just perfect to me. In fact, I do want to hurt her, I want her to know, to feel that she is nothing but 3 holes to be used and abused.”

“Ok” Wally “Gets up now and his tone of voice is angry “Why don’t you all tell us what pricks you are, and see if I care. I needed to know why our toy is not getting wet, and now I know. Discussion is over.”

But over or not, Sandy’s last little secret has put a dampener on the mood. Wally decides that it is time for plan B.

“Tony, get my sports bag outa your trunk, will you” he orders and when Tony comes back with the bag, he opens it and to everyone’s surprise it doesn’t hold any sex toys or ropes and bondage stuff, but cans of food and bottles of liquor.

Wally points to Sandy and then to the bag “Take what you need and cook us a decent dinner. The kitchen is over there.” he orders.

Reluctantly Sandy selects a few of the cans, not used to this kind of food. She prides herself of only using fresh vegetables and meat for her family, but now she has to make do with what she has. It is dark outside by now and to Sandy’s horror the kitchen window has no blinds nor shutters and though it is quite grimy, it is in the side of the house and clearly visible from the driveway and partly from the street.

“Please” she begs Wally “Please may I get dressed?”

“No” Wally voice is makes it quite clear that this is not up for discussion “You are inside, you stay naked. And if anyone of the neighbors catches a glimpse of your saggy skin bags, so what? You heard Jake, they are ugly, and I bet the people in the Elms have seen plenty of ugly tits before.”

Sobbing silently Sandy takes the cans into the kitchen. She tries to stay away from the window, but in her heart she knows that, with the lights on and the darkness outside, she will not be able to avoid exposure if anyone will walk by the house.

She busies herself finding pots and pans and a can opener, trying desperately not to think about her situation, or listen to her tormentors in the living who have opened some of the bottles now and started to drink, but when Steve asks a question, she can’t help but listen carefully.

“So what about her milk? I mean, there wasn’t really much in her udders, but I sure like the taste.”

“Yeah right” Pete immediately agrees with Steve “I mean a milker is something special. But judging from the size of her tits and the shape of them, she can’t hold much.”

“You are right, and you are wrong” Marty now gets into this “I mean like, you all know my mom, right?”

Everybody nods.

“Well her tits are tiny, like b-cups, Sandy’s are c-cups, so bigger than my mom’s.”

“Can we like not talking about your mother’s tits here” Pete’s voice shows real disgust “I mean it is one thing to rape a young Milf, but the idea of your mother naked is really repulsive.”

“Relax” Marty interrupts before the others can start talking about his mother “I just mean that when my mom was preggy with my little brother 3 years ago, her tits really developed. I mean like shit, you know, they looked like ds, or double ds. And I did catch a glance here and there when she was breastfeeding him, so all I am saying is that Sandy’s tits could fill out too when she is preggy.”

“Yeah but you’re missing the point here” Steve shakes his head “We don’t want Sandy preggy, we just want her milk, and enough of it to enjoy it.”

“Actually that is not a bad idea Marty” Wally now gets into the subject “Not getting her pregnant, of course not, but we should find out what stimulates women’s tits to produce more milk and see if we can use that on Sandy.”

“I can google that” Steve offers immediately, but Wally has a better idea. “Get in here bitch, the food can wait” he calls out for Sandy.

Trembling the young mom obeys and comes back into the living room, very conscious about her soft titties bouncing with every step she take. The guys are sitting around the low couch table, and several bottles are open, all hard liquor, Sandy recognizes Tequila, Vodka and Bourbon and she shivers unintentionally, hoping that the alcohol will not make those young men more aggressive than they already are.

“Say Sandy” Wally addresses the naked nurse “How much milk did your tits produce say during breastfeeding? Or when you were pregnant?”

“I … I am not sure Walter” she replies honestly “But … but it was a lot.”

“So more than now, right? When did become less, like when you stopped feeding, or what?”

“Not at first” Sandy answers truthfully “At first I still had to pump milk out, but in time I managed to reduce it.”

“Ok, so what are you saying? 6 month after stopping to titfeed, your production was down to what it is now?”

Knowing exactly where this is going, Sandy hesitates, but she is too scared to lie, so she replies “No … it … it took years … I mean … a few weeks after stopping to breastfeed my daughter … the milk production went noticeably down, but then it only became a lil’ less every year until now.”

Wally grins happy. “So you are saying that, when your udders get sucked dry regularly, they are stimulated to produce more? It is all a question of supply and demand?”

Sandy bites down on her lower lip but nods. That is exactly what she has been afraid off.

“Get over here and bend forward” Wally orders and when the helpless young mom obeys he grabs hold of her left tit, pulls the nipple into his mouth and begins to suck. After a little while his face breaks into a smile.

“Yep milk again” he announces happily “She was dry just a few hours ago right Steve?”

“Totally dry, yeah” Steve agrees grinning from ear to ear.

“So Sandy” Wally turns to the horrified nurse again “How often would we have to suck your udders out to make them produce more?”

“I … I really do not know, sorry Walter” Sandy is shivering now “But … but I guess it would have to be very … very often.” She hopes to discourage them by that and it almost works.

“We really can’t suck on her teats every couple of hours Wally,” Pete says “I mean we wouldn’t even be able to see her that often without everybody getting suspicious.”

“Yep” Wally replies but the smile stays on his face “You said something about pumping your tits Sandy. Tell us more about that.”

Blushing deeply Sandy has no choice “Well, when … when I had too much milk … or … or when I went out … not getting a chance to breastfeed for a while … I … I used a breast pump … getting my milk into a bottle … and … and then my husband could feed our children with my milk from a bottle.”

“That pump Sandy, did it do the same trick as actual tit-feeding? I mean did it stimulate your udders to produce just like the real thing?”

“I do not know Walter. Maybe, I … I never thought about that.”

“Well think about it now Sandy. When you are alone, no matter where, at home, at work, even shopping or in church, anywhere at all, you will now pump your teats dry every 2 hours. And so you don’t even think about cheating, you will store all your tit milk and deliver it to me every day. Don’t worry, no one will ever notice anything, cause I am about to start my training as a nurses assistance, so when I come over to your house every day from now on, we will just tell people that you are tutoring me. Got that? Oh, and by the by, do you still have that pump?”

Sandy gasps in horror, but there is nothing she can do about this. Wally really has thought about everything and leaves her with no excuse to argue. New tears appear on her beautiful face as she replies

“No … no Walter, I do not have that pump anymore.”

“No problem, you will get a new one on Monday.” Wally states happy and when Sandy silently nods to that he continues. “Excellent, so this is settled” Wally grins and slaps her bare bum quite hard “And now back in the kitchen Sandy, I am getting hungry.”

The guys all laugh, and slowly everyone begins to realize that blackmailing Sandy is so much more than just being able to fuck her. They all had made fun of her soft mommy tits, her skinny legs and her firm ass, but all of them, except maybe Jake, really thought of Sandy as a beauty and silently congratulate themselves for getting the, by far, best looking woman of the neighborhood to be their personal toy to use, abuse and humiliate. No other woman of their suburb would have been the same, no Sandy is definitely first choice.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 25, 2017, 09:03:47 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Back in the kitchen, Sandy is doing the best she can with the canned food Wally provided, but she isn’t happy at all with it. She shrugs unhappy, but then she reminds herself that she is cooking dinner for her tormentors, not people she cares for. That thought helps a little, especially when she involuntarily has to listen to what those young men are talking about. Of course it is all about her, her soft titties, her unshaven pussy, her inability to enjoy any kind of penetration and Jake keeps bragging about how he deflowered her anus.

When Sandy is finally done with some kind of chilly she puts it in bowls and the bowls on a tray and just when she is about to bring the food to the living room, Marty calls out

“What the fuck is taking so long? I am hungry!”

Their voices are a bit slurred now, but they all start to grin when the naked mom comes in, carrying the tray with their dinner. All the cum is dried by now, but some blood is still leaking down Sandy’s thigh, her tits show definite signs of bruising, but to those drunk young men she looks almost like an angle when she starts to serve them.

“Wot da fuck” Pete grins “Looks like she got sum chilly fer herself too” and he points at the seventh bowl on the tray.

“Nah” Wally chuckles “she never realized dat retard is gone now.”

They all laugh about that and it is true, Sandy really forgot that out of her 7 rapists only 6 are still here. Embarrassed she wants to take the last bowl back to the kitchen, but Jake stops her in her tracks.

“You gonna eat dat, bitch. But no spoon, no hands, you gonna eat like da bitch you are” he puts the bowl on the floor and motions to Sandy to get on all fourth.

Everyone grins, only Wally shakes his head about this unneeded humiliation, but he shrugs it off and continues to eat his dinner. Not that Wally is at all opposed to humiliating their cute Milf toy, but he prefers a subtle approach. Gulping in shame Sandy gets down on the floor and obediently starts to lap at the chilly with her tongue, much to the amusement of the guys. She almost chokes, never having liked spicy food at all, and the cruel comments of her tormentors don’t make it any easier, but Sandy has no choice, so she bravely tries to eat like a dog.

“Wotta we gonna do wif .. wif … DAMMIT with her. We got all night, right?” Steve definitely has enough alcohol, but, just like the others, he is not ready to admit that.

“We’ll fuck her, wot else” Pete chuckles.

“Yeah, wot else” Marty tries to agree but is interrupted by a yawn.

“Guys, guys” Wally grins “We all had next to no sleep. I suggest anyone who likes to get a few hours of shuteye does so in any of the rooms upstairs or down here on the couch. Anyone who wants to play with Sandy can do that, but if we all take a nap, she can clean the kitchen and when she is done with that, clean the rest of the house. What do you say?”

Marty’s yawn has been contagious and everyone realizes that they really are tired. And the best thing is, Sandy will still be here when they wake up and can take care of their morning woodies. The fact that the unfortunate young mom must be tired too is irrelevant, she is their slave, and slaves don’t need to sleep. When everyone goes up to find a place to sleep, Wally takes their victim aside.

“It is 1am now” he states “You will make coffee at 6:30, and prepare everything for breakfast. I’m afraid it will just be bacon, eggs and toast, but I didn’t bring anything else. Don’t make breakfast, just get everything ready. If you want you can take a shower, no, let me rephrase, you WILL take a shower, cause you are filthy and stink like old cum and at 7 am you will find me and wake me with a blowjob. You got that?”

Sandy nods.

“I expect the kitchen and the living room to be clean when I get up, so you better have it all done by then.” He slaps her bare ass hard again and walks upstairs to get some sleep.

Sandy waits for everything in the house to go quiet before she dares to go the bathroom. She needed to pee for hours but has not dared to ask her rapists in fear that they would force her to let them watch, or worse, send her into the back yard to do it because “a bitch doesn’t use bathrooms”. The second she sits down her muscles give in and it feels as if Niagara Falls is rushing out of her battered pussy. Sandy is so relieved that she finally is able to empty her bladder, that she doesn’t notice the door opening, but then she hears Pete's drunken chuckles and almost jumps up.

“I had been wondering all day when you would need to go” Pete grins drunkenly “So you don’t wanna show us huh? Well, I am tellin’ on you tomorrow. But now, remember wot Wally told ya, legs OPEN when ya sit.”

Sandy has no choice but to obey and for minutes Pete watches how her deep golden pee splashes out of her and grins happily. When Sandy is finally done he allows her to wipe before he pushes her from the toilet.

“Always wanted to watch dat” he confesses “Bet da guys wanna watch too. But hey, I aint no meany, so fer lettin’ me watch you piss, you can watch me now. Oh, better, you can help me. Here, hold my cock, you have to aim, ok?”

Sandy barely manages to direct his semi erect dick towards the toilet when he starts to piss. Like her he must have waited pretty long before this and it takes minutes until he is done.

“K, k, shake it now “Pete chuckles “and now lick it clean.”

Retching in disgust Sandy obeys, and she half expects to be raped orally again, but Pete is too tired now. He pulls his softening pecker out of her mouth and, without a word, walks back upstairs.

For minutes she washes her mouth, feeling worse than ever on this day of hell, but having no real choice Sandy then begins to clean up in the kitchen. When all the pots, pans and dishes are done, she start to scrub the appliances, the old sink, the tiles and finally the floor. By 3:30 the tired mom moves to the living room, she dusts everything and sweeps the floor first, swapping it with the old mop she found afterwards. Sandy doesn’t  dare to use the vacuum cleaner she found in a kitchen closet, for it might wake her tormentors.

She is very tired, and when everything she is able to do is done, she still has more than 2 hours before she can start with coffee, but without an alarm clock she is too scared to lie down on the grubby couch to get some much needed rest. instead she sneaks upstairs, finds the bathroom and takes a long, cool shower, not just to clean herself, but also to keep awake.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 27, 2017, 02:59:26 AM
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Offline shannyfries

This is awesome! Cant wait to see what they have in store for her next....

November 29, 2017, 11:37:50 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Around 5am the darkness slowly fades and the birds begin to chirp. Sandy is glad that she can switch off the lights now, giving her at least a minimum of privacy from outside. She feels a little better after taking a shower, and carefully examines her body after yesterday’s torment. The bruises on her soft breasts are not too serious, they will probably fade within the next few days and don’t look as if they have done any severe internal damage, but her pussy is quite raw inside and she expects that the day will make it even worse.

She hesitates to turn and look at her violated rosette in the mirror, but then the “nurse” in her takes over and she forces herself to take a look. It isn’t half as bad as she expects, sure, her hole does look a bit stretched, but the muscles have contracted again and the telltale brownish rim is not yet visible. She prays that it will never show, but knows that it eventually will. Maybe, just maybe the 6 weeks will not be enough to make it too obvious, Sandy hopes against hope, still believing that her personal hell will be over by then as promised.

Fearing that she might fall asleep before it is time to prepare breakfast, she busies herself by scrubbing the upstairs bathroom. Not that she is able to do much, but at least she manages to get most of the grime of the tiles and with the help of a bottle of bleach she even gets the toilet pretty clean again.

Silently she rushes down to the living room again to check the only watch available to her in the house. 6:17 am, almost time. The sun is up now, still low, but it is enough to see everything in the old kitchen. Sandy begins with the preparation for breakfast. Wally has been right, it wont be that much, and since all of them are still living with their parents, they are probably used to a much better meal, but she can only work with what he has given her.

When she starts the old coffee maker, Sandy’s heart almost skips a beat, in the quiet of the morning that thing sounds louder than a garbage truck. What if someone will wake and screw up Wally’s schedule for her? Will he punish Sandy for any possible delay caused by one of the gang?

Sandy doesn’t believe that they will report her to the authorities now, not after her giving them everything they ordered, but they might still take away the few privileges she has fought for, like wearing a bra at work, or whatever else they might think of to punish her. Shivering, not just from fear and shame, but also from the cool morning air, Sandy quickly closes the kitchen door, hoping that nobody heard the loud noises of the coffee maker.

She has never been naked for this long in her life, ever since she had to strip for them at 2 pm yesterday, Sandy has not been allowed to dress again. Almost 17 hours now, Sandy shivers again. She doesn’t know it, but she looks adorable, goose bumps all over her soft, white skin, her fat nipples poke out prominently because of the cool air and her areolas crinkling up right into the nipples, looking almost like a solid areola/nipple unit. Her long, blond hair quite a bit tangled now after washing it because she has not been able to find a hair brush anywhere and the comb she did find wasn’t really able to tame her thick, beautiful mane. Sandy almost looks like a hippie from the 60s, but she sure doesn’t feel like flower power and free love. Searching her purse Sandy finds what she is looking for, several hairbands she always brings along. Routinely she twists her long hair into a ponytail and secures it with an elastic dark blue hairband. At least now the wild strands of hair will not constantly get into her face. 

Checking the clock in the living room again, Sandy sighs. Just 7 more minutes before her suffering will start again, and worse than just that, she has no choice but to start it all herself today. She takes several deep breaths and exactly 2 minutes before she is ordered to wake Wally, the young mom silently sneaks up the stairs again, slowly opening doors to see who is sleeping where. Of course it is the very last door she opens and Wally is softly snoring, lying on his back, the sheets bunched up at his side. He is wearing just his briefs and Sandy can’t really overlook the bulge of his semi erect cock poking against the thin fabric.

As quiet as possible she gets on the old mattress, gently pushes his underpants down and, with a little shiver of resentment closes her soft lips around the tip of Wally’s stirring cock. He groans in his sleep, but when Sandy begins to bop her head slowly up and down his shaft, soon taking it deep into her throat, Wally wakes and chuckles happy.

“Now that I call a nice wake up alarm” he moans and stretches still sleepily.

Wally lets Sandy do her magic, enjoying every second of her skillful attention to his pulsating member and only when he can’t hold on much longer he grabs her ponytail and takes control, really fucking the cute mom’s face now until he shoots his load deep into her throat.

“I could get used to that” he chuckles satisfied “I bet your hubby lets you wake him every morning when he is at home too.”

When Wally mentions her husband Sandy feels a stab to her heart. She is cheating on her only true love, the one man she never wants to hurt, but the irony of it is, that if the gang would have gone forward with their wrongful accusations, he would have been hurt even more. No, Sandy’s decision to allow them to blackmail her will cause her family less pain than the alternative would have done.

Wally slabs her bum again and orders “Now wake up the others just like you woke me.” And he pushes her off the bed.

Obediently Sandy walks into the next room where Pete is sleeping in an old armchair and Marty is curled up on the floor with a pillow. Since Pete is on his back, he is an easier target for a blowjob, so Sandy kneels in front of him first, gently frees his dick and starts to lick and suck. Pete reacts immediately but while Sandy is slowly taking his cock deeper and deeper inside her, she suddenly feels a hard kick on her bum, making her scream in pain, but with a rock hard pecker in her throat she only emits a gurgling sound.

“Lift your ass bitch” Marty growls “I’m not waiting until you are done with Pete.”

The moment Sandy’s butt is up he shoves his dick into her cunt, instantly causing pain again, but of course he couldn’t care less. Lucky for Sandy, Pete is still letting her set the pace, so within a minute she is able to coordinate the movements of both the cocks inside her throat and pussy. But not for very long, Marty soon gets wilder and wilder, his thrusts more forceful and when he forces Sandy’s head hard into Pete’s crotch, Pete grabs Sandy’s hair in an iron grip and takes control away from her, fucking her face violently.

For the first time ever since Sandy has taught herself to deepthroat to make up for the dryness of her cunt, she gags and almost throws up, but both young men are somewhat in a hurry to relieve the tension on their balls, so it only takes a few minutes for both of them to explode into their unwilling victim.

“I hope coffee is ready” Marty growls after pulling out of Sandy’s aching cunt and when she nods he grins. “Good bitch” he slaps her bum hard, pulls his pants up and leaves the room.

Sandy has to take a few calming breaths before she is able to go into the last room where Jake and Steve share a kingsize bed and Tony is sleeping on the floor. She trembles after this experience, if 2 cocks inside her at the same time caused that much pain, what will 3 of them do to her? She hopes and prays that at least one of those 3 is a sound sleeper.       

Sandy’s hopes are immediately destroyed when she quietly opens the door and sees all 3 guys standing there waiting for her.

“About time” Jake growls “Who told you to wake us last?”

“I … I … “ Sandy begins to stutter

“No matter” Steve interrupts her right away, not wanting Jake to get mad at anyone. Then he smiles at Sandy and continues “You poor thing, you worked so hard and nobody shows you any gratitude. But because we know that this isn’t easy for you, the 3 of us have decided to show how much we really appreciate you.”

Jake and Pete look at him as if he just said the moon is purple and pigs live on trees, but before they can say anything, Steve continues.

“We thought long and hard what an older woman like you probably never gets, and then it came to us, you never get a triple penetration! So we decided to show you how it feels when 3 horny young guys desire your body all at the same time. Pete her will lie down on the floor and you will get on top of him. Just relax, Jake and I will do the rest. Just enjoy all the attention, ok?”

Poor Sandy almost fainted, but there is nothing she can do or say, so, obediently she lowers herself over Pete and lets his rock hard dick slide into her cunt, still wet from Marty’s cum. What happens next is a nightmare. Jake positions himself behind her and shoves his cock into her unprepared ass, while Steven kneels in front of Sandy and forces his member into her mouth.

It is quite obvious that none of them ever tried this before, their movements are uncoordinated, everyone tries to fuck Sandy at his own pace, and, of course, it doesn’t quite work out. Jake and Pete curse and yell because half the time they slip out of Sandy’s holes, Steve, who expected something like the day before, is more than disappointed because the young mom is way too busy trying to keep her balance than being able to concentrate on a decent blowjob. In short, they all are very frustrated, and they all blame Sandy for that.

November 29, 2017, 01:34:02 PM
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Offline vile8r

You just never run out of ideas EvilBastard! What a classic!

November 29, 2017, 07:00:37 PM
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Offline gscmar64

So her true debasement begin, time for five guys to be pleasured by her at the same time!

November 30, 2017, 11:25:53 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Well, uhm, not quite yet guys. I have decided to stretch this all a bit, but do read for yourselves

November 30, 2017, 11:26:55 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

When Sandy is finally released by Steve, Pete and Jake she walks downstairs again. Wally, Marty and Tony are sitting around the dining table drinking coffee and grin at her, making Sandy blush furiously, knowing that they are so happy because her soft mommy boobies bounce so happily on the stairs.

“Come over here” Wally orders the young mom, and when Sandy obeys, he grabs her right tit, forces her to bend over the table and begins to milk her right into his coffee.

“Awesome” Tony laughs “Get over here bitch, I want some milk too.”

“So do I” Marty quickly agrees “Usually I don’t take milk in my coffee, but I think I will try that from now on.”

They are all happy and amused about Sandy’s humiliation, but what she doesn’t know is that Wally had talked to both while she was being triple raped. He had made it very clear that they definitely wouldn’t want to give up sandy after 6 weeks and both had agreed to that.

“But if we keep treating her like a slave, like dirt, she might not go for that” he adds.

“So what? By then we will have so many pix and vids, she wont be able to do anything about it.” Marty says.

“Yes, she still has one option we never thought of” Wally looks gloomy “She could kill herself.”

“No way” Tony disagrees “She is roman catholic, they don’t do shit like that.”

“Think about it guys” Wally continues “We have raped her, deflowered her asshole, made fun of her, shamed and humiliated her, and we are forcing her to change her life in a way that she hates. If you were in her position, and you would have to realize that it will only get worse, what would you do?”

For a while they are very quiet and then Marty nods.

“Yeah, if I would have to think it will get worse, I might just shoot myself.”

Tony nods to that “But Wally, what are you saying? Should we stop fucking her, or what? I mean she is gold, I never had so much fun before.”

“Shit no” Wally exclaims “We got ourselves the choice Milf of the neighborhood, maybe of the city, no way we will stop using her. All I am saying is, that we should go easy on her for a while. No more gang banging, like only 1 or 2, not more than 3 of us at one time, and we should avoid anything that will cause too much suffering. See guys, I am talking about teaching her to accept it, not scaring her to death.”

“Ok, I am all ears. How do you propose to teach her?” Marty is curious now.

“Let’s start by not making fun of her body all the time. Ease her into this nudity thing. I mean, Sandy still has to be naked whenever possible, but we should treat that as something totally natural. I think the braless rule will help too. At first she will be terrified, knowing everyone will see her titties leap and bounce, but in time she will get used to people staring and accept it, right?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. So we are a bit nicer to her for now? Not forever, just so she can get used to it?” Tony asks.

“Yep, firm but fair. And we have to make it look as if she can please us and will be rewarded for that. On the other hand she will learn that if she upsets us, she will have to be punished. It will look as if she is actually in control about her treatment.”

“Ok, you got my vote” Tony grins and Marty agrees too “But what about the others?”

“We will tell them when we get a chance without her listening.”

“You know Wally” Marty grins a bit apologetic “I almost challenged you on taking up the lead, but when you came up with your uncle’s house, I knew the others would side with you. After all, my alternative would have been my grandpa’s old farm, and that is in Steward county, about 70 miles away from here. But now I am glad I didn’t confront you, cause you really think of everything. So, ok, I will admit it, you are the better leader.”

“Your grandpa has a farm we could use?” Wally is all ears now. “That would be fantastic. But are you sure he wont notice anything?”

“Yeah, I am positive. He sold most of the land to some development company which started to build houses on it but then ran outa money. So it really aint a farm no more, just an old farm house grandpa abandoned years ago, some grassland and unfinished construction sides. My grandparents are living in some old folks condo in town now. But, like I said, it’s a good 70 miles drive from here.”

“Ok, 70 miles is far, but still, it sounds like a perfect place to spend some time with Sandy once she has really accepted her role as nude toy.”

After that they waited for Sandy to come down.


Breakfast goes over very smooth, everyone gets his own personal shot of “Sandy milk” and Tony even compliments her on the exquisite taste.

“You should be real proud Sandy” he says with a smile “Like most women could never be a wet nurse, but you are special. Instead of hiding the fact that your titties are lactating, you should be proud of that. And let me say this, your milk tastes heavenly.”

Sandy blushes again, not sure how to understand this. Is that really a compliment? Did Tony just threaten her with exposure of this little secret? But when Sandy looks into his eyes, his smile appears to be genuine, so she tries to relax.

After breakfast the guys are horny again, but when Jake just grabs her and pushes Sandy’s face into his crotch, Wally intervenes.

“Guys, guys, let’s not make this a circus show again. There are bedrooms upstairs as you all know. I suggest who ever needs to empty his balls will take Sandy into one, ok?”

When Marty and Tony immediately agree, the others just shrug and so Sandy is taken upstairs and for quite a while she is busy being raped on a one on one basis. Not that it isn’t still painful and humiliating for her, but at least it isn’t as public as it has been the day before and she doesn’t have to listen to all the humiliating comments about her udders bouncing like mad.

Whenever Sandy is being used by one of them, Wally takes the opportunity to inform the 3 who haven’t been there about his new plan. Steve and Pete have no problem with it, only Jake argues angrily. But he has to accept that they share the ownership of Sandy, and when 5 out of 6 agree to something, he has to accept it.

They all work on a set of rules for their toy and hand them over to Sandy in the afternoon, after allowing her a long shower. 

The rules:

Section I clothes:

1.   Generally 2 pieces of clothing are enough. Any of the following combinations is ok
a)   T-shirt and skirt (or pants, preferably shorts)
b)   Sweater and skirt (or pants, preferably shorts)
c)   Jacket and skirt (or pants, preferably shorts)
2.   Panties are allowed in addition to the former when:
a)   At work
b)   In church
c)   Husband is not away on a business trip
d)   Shopping, unless told otherwise
e)   PTA meetings
3.   Bra is allowed when
a)   At work
b)   On route to or at subject’s parents’ house
c)   PTA meetings
4.   Shoes are allowed
a)   At work (sneakers or clocks only)
b)   In church (heels only, no flat shoes)
c)   PTA meetings (subject will ask first which kind of shoes she is allowed to wear)
d)   When temperature drops below 59 degrees Fahrenheit but only outside
e)   Specific shoes when ordered to wear them
5.   When inside with nobody present who is not privy to the agreement, subject will immediately undress and present herself completely naked
6.   Coats of any kind will only be allowed when the temperature drops below 59 degrees Fahrenheit and ONLY outside. As soon as subject enters a building, car, bus or any kind of shelter, subject will take the coat off, or, if that is not possible, open it wide enough that everyone will be able to get a good look at her bouncing udders
7.   At beaches subject will wear as little as possible:
a)   Family beach – bikini
b)   Optional beach – naked or bikini bottoms only, depending on the beach rules
8.   When tending the front or back yard, subject will wear either a bikini, or a tank top and shorts, nothing else
9.   When shopping for shoes subject will wear a maximal knee length skirt and no underwear at all

Section II behavior codex when alone with her owners:

1.   See section I paragraph 5
2.   Subject will greet all owners by gently squeezing their balls
3.   Subject will never close her legs unless ordered to do so
4.   Subject will never attempt to hide her saggy tits, hairy cunt or round ass
5.   Subject will never hesitate nor argue, but always immediately carry out what she is ordered
6.   When left alone at one of her owners for any length of time, subject will immediately busy herself around the house/apartment by cleaning everything that needs cleaning
7.   When not in use, subject will kneel and await orders

Section III additional duties:

1.   Subject will pump all the milk out of both her tits every 2 hours, no matter where she is and hand over the milk to her owners daily
2.   Subject will once a week inform her owners of her weekly schedule
3.   Subject will inform her owners of her husband’s and kid’s schedules
4.   Subject will make herself available whenever possible by immediately calling her owners when there are any schedule changes
5.   When anyone not privy to the agreement will start to flirt with subject, she will flirt back
6.   Subject will always sleep completely naked, unless she is on her period. At that time she may wear panties while sleeping
7.   After getting up, subject will not get dressed for at least 2 hours and will only cover herself with a bathrobe, unless subject has a pressing engagement in the morning (work or a scheduled appointment)
8.   When subject’s husband is home, she will seduce him at least twice daily
9.   During the month of April until October subject will tend her front and back yard at least twice a week (see section I paragraph 8 for additional rules)

Section IV subjects rights:

1.   Nothing will be done to endanger subject’s relationship with:
a)   Her husband
b)   Her children
c)   Her job
d)   Her family
2.   Subject will not be forced to completely undress in public within a radius of 50 miles around her home and place of work
3.   Subject has the right to cancel scheduled event in case of emergency with any person named in section IV paragraph 1, but will have to prove the emergency later
4.   Subject may call for discussion when she is faced with a situation she is sure she can’t handle. If subject can present her case well enough to get a majority of her owners to agree, a compromise will be negotiated
5.   Subject will not be subjected to anything that will have a permanent effect, e.g. scars, tattoos or similar disfigurement
6.   When people are present who are not privy to the agreement, subject will be treated with respect and will be called Mrs. M.

Sandy gulps several times and then she shakes her head.

“You … you said 6 weeks … this … this sounds like it is forever.”

“Yeah well Sandy, you initially agreed to, let me quote your own words on this <<I also promise not to … to be such a stuck up prude any… any more. I will … will wear more dresses and skirts now… not … not pants so often … and … and I will not wear a bra any more … except at work … and church>>” Wally smiles, he knew that it would pay off if he would memorize her little speech.

“You see, you promised not to be such a stuck up prude, and that was never limited to 6 weeks. If you examine the rules carefully, you will see that everything that concerns you being prudish is really meant forever, while there is no mentioning of being our toy for all times. Ok Sandy?”

“You mean I will never again be allowed to wear a bra except for those named concessions?” Sandy gulps.

“Oh come on Sandy” Tony gets in the discussion “You have great tatas, it is a damn shame that you keep stuffing them into a bra all the time. When people stare at them wiggling under your clothes you should take it as a compliment.”

Sandy isn’t sure about anything anymore. Instinctively she feels that something is very wrong, but having been awake for more than 35 hours while having been raped most of that time makes it hard for her to concentrate, and even though it has been a horrible day, for some reason all the young men have treated her much better than yesterday. She nods, for the moment Wally’s explanation has to do.

“May I … may I keep those rules please” she asks meekly “I am dead tired and I don’t know if I will remember them all”

“Of course” Wally laughs happy “We all have copies, that sheet is yours. But now it is time for the gang to leave, not you just yet Sandy, you will have to clean the house first and I will stay to make sure you do a good job.”

The guys actually leave without demanding a good-bye fuck. Marty even kisses Sandy’s cheek before he follows the others to the cars. The tired mom is a bit surprised, but she takes the new behavior as a good sign and obediently begins to clean up the mess they made over the weekend.

Wally watches her and can’t help to feel fantastic. Not only can they get as much sex out of Sandy as they always wanted, but the cute Milf has to play their private naked maid too. His uncle’s house has never been this tidy before. He makes a mental note to get Sandy to do a lot of naked housework, she looks adorable doing it.

On their way back he lets Sandy drop him just outside their suburb so people will not get suspicious. She rushes home, gets dressed properly and then drives all the way over to her parents to pick up the kids. As tired, ashamed and humiliated as Sandy is, finally being able to hug her children again lets her smile for the first time in 48 hours.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

November 30, 2017, 02:26:27 PM
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Offline gscmar64

All very reasonable concessions for her to be given after all they already have her at their mercies and didn't have to be considerate at all! Very logical continuation!

November 30, 2017, 03:53:06 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Thank you, I'm glad you like my little twist. According to the poll people want more realism, so I am trying my best  ;D

November 30, 2017, 03:53:32 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

The week just flies by for poor Sandy, she obediently buys a breast pump on Monday morning right after the kids leave for school and really makes an effort to follow her orders and pump both her sweet titties dry every 2 hours. She also goes shopping in her regular supermarket for the very last time. When all those people she knows, or at least has seen around for many years openly stare at her bouncing tits und the loose t-shirt, she decides to buy her groceries somewhere else now, preferably at some place way across town.

Around 3:30 pm Wally visits her too. He makes Sandy take off her t-shirt in the living room to control if she is braless, as if he hasn’t seen that by the way her boobies are bouncing, and then he collects the milk she has stored for him in the fridge.

“When is your next milking?” he asks grinning.

“In about 30 minutes” Sandy replies blushing, so he stays, makes Sandy get completely naked and watches TV on her couch while Sandy has to kneel at his feet, pumping her breasts. Wally is totally fascinated by how the vacuum really enlarges her nipples.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like your fat nipples Sandy” he says “But they never stand out much. Maybe this pump will help you to develop sweet pokies, that sure would look nice under your tops.”

The idea is enough to shock the young mom, not just bouncing boobies but also nipples poking through the fabric of her clothes, but she tells herself that pumping milk has not done anything like it during the times she was breastfeeding, so there is hope that it will not happen now.

After a quickie in the bathroom Wally leaves with the milk before her kids come home from

Tuesday morning Theo comes over all excited and after he gets the blowjob he demands, he unpacks his backpack, hooks his Wii up to Sandy’s TV and makes her play aerobics and gymnastics with him for 2 hours. Sandy has no idea what this is all about, but she is almost grateful that he never ordered her to get naked or raped than “just” her throat.

Wally is back in the afternoon to collect her breast milk, but he wants something else too.

“Let’s inspect your wardrobe” he says with a grin “I am quite sure you will need some new clothes in the future.”

Sandy has no choice but to lead him into her bedroom and allow Wally to inspect her closet and her underwear drawers.

“Just as I suspected” he smiles “My grandma has sexier stuff than you.”

He carefully selects what he things is wearable, but in the end the pile with those clothes he discarded is much bigger than the ones he finds acceptable. He then orders the naked young mom to log into her computer and gives her a list of internet shopping pages where he shows her what to buy. Sandy is not too happy about this, but her fear to end up on porn sides doesn’t come true. Most of the dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts lingerie Wally wants her to get are not her style, but at least they aren’t pornographic either.

With a quick look at his watch Wally orders the young mom to suck him off before he leaves just minutes before her kids come back from school.

Sandy works on Wednesday morning and it takes all her courage to drive to the hospital braless, walk through the basement were some of the janitors grin happily at her, not taking their eyes from the heavy giggling inside her blouse, until she reaches the nurses changing room and is able to finally secure her soft mommy tits again. But there is still the matter of pumping milk every two hours and some of her colleagues even ask if she is ok, going to the bathroom that often. Sandy blushes deeply and mumbles something about a slight bladder problem, nothing serious at all.

After her shift she realizes in horror that those janitors who saw her in the morning must have talked about it, because on her way from the changing room to the parking lot she runs into 9 janitors, 7 male nurses and even a doctor, all grinning and staring at her jiggling jugs.

The moment Sandy is home Jake and Steve knock at her door. Sandy is quite afraid of Jake by now, not that she isn’t afraid of all of them, but Jake’s angry attitude scares her most. They demand that she proves to them that she is braless now, of course just taking off her top is not enough, the young mom has to get completely naked, just like the rules specify.  Steve even trails the marks of her bra with his fingers, before he nods satisfied.

“Yep, at least 30 minutes old, she did take it off right after work” he states and Jake nods to that.

“She is a bad girl though, needs to be punished.” Jake growls and Steve looks puzzled. “Why?”

“She didn’t greet us right. I dunno about you, but I insist on a correct greeting.”

Sandy pales, it is true, she didn’t squeeze their balls when they came in. “Please forgive me” she hurries to say “It is still very new to me.”

“You are forgiven” Jake chuckles, loving the fear in the naked young woman’s eyes “But that wont safe you from punishment.”

“I don’t know” Steve says “Maybe we should let it go this time.”

“You do what you want” Jake replies merciless “I insist on teaching Sandy a lesson, and she broke the rules.”

Steve feels very uneasy about this. Wally has made it perfectly clear to treat Sandy not too harsh. But then, Wally did say that she needs to learn, and Jake is right about the forgotten greetings. He shrugs.

“Well, do it quick then, her kids will be home soon and I want to get a load of my balls.”

With an evil grin Jake pulls his belt free and orders Sandy to bend down, presenting her ass to him. He forces her panties into her mouth and secures them with duct tape before he starts. 10 times he makes her scream in agony, muffled by her make shift gag and her sweet bum turns bright red with thick, ugly welts decorating it prominently.

“That’ll teach you to disobey orders” he laughs slightly out of breath while he adores his handy work on the helpless mom. Steve frowns seriously, he will talk about this with the rest of the gang, but for now the damage is done. They might have to get Jake under control in the future, but how escapes Steve.

Jake is satisfied with Sandy’s punishment, and since she is in a perfect position now, he pulls his rock hard pecker out and begins to rape her asshole again, definitely his favorite part of the young mom’s anatomy. Of course he feels free to slap her burning cheeks while thrusting deeply into her, a little extra pain can’t hurt at all. Jake really is a closet sadist, much too smart to show it openly, but whenever he gets a chance he will cause as much pain as he can.

Steve has almost lost his sexual appetite after this display of senseless cruelty, but when Jake is done, he tries to remove her gag as gentle as possible, wipes away her tears and smiles at his sweet Milf.

“How about giving me one of your world famous blowjobs Sandy?” he asks keeping his voice soft and low “I never had anything like it, you are really talented, you know?”

Even though Sandy doesn’t want to hear compliments like this, Steve’s voice and gentleness calms a little and obediently she kneels down in front of him and sucks him off, making the young man groan with pleasure.

When Wally shows up to collect her milk, he immediately notices the deep welts on her round ass and makes Sandy tell him everything that happened. Angry he shakes his head, but though Sandy tries to find out what is going on, he doesn’t tell her anything.

The young mom has noticed the change of behavior of course, but not knowing Wally’s master plan to ease her into submission, she has come up with the only plausible explanation she can think off. In Sandy’s mind everyone is good, so she believes that, after the first rush of testosterone, everyone, except Jake, feels sorry about what they did to her and soon, very soon they will stop blackmailing her and let her go back to her life. Sandy will be disappointed of course, but she better gets used to that, because from now on her life will hold a lot of disappointments.

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Offline EvilBastard

On Thursday Sandy has to work again, but this time she is prepared. Instead of coming to work on time, she shows up 30 minutes earlier and only runs into 1 surprised janitor on her way to the changing room. She can’t avoid them on her way out, of course, but Sandy just bites down on her lip and walks by them without a word, enduring the snide remarks and wolf whistling bravely.

She is not really stunned when moments after she is home Marty and Tony show up, but she has learned her lesson well and greets both naked and by squeezing their balls gently. To Sandy’s surprise Tony takes out a container of ointment from his backpack, and gently applies it on the welts on her bum before anything else. It actually feels good, very cool without biting into her bruised skin at all.

Marty smiles and asks “So Sandy, did you have a chance to order any of those clothes Wally showed you in the net?”

Sandy blushes and nods “Yes Marty, I did. Not all of them, I can’t afford that, but I did order some. They should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.”

“That’s great” Marty still smiles ever so nicely “Show us what you bought, will you.”

While the young mom logs into her computer and shows them the two dresses, the t-shirts and the lingerie she has ordered, Tony gently squeezes her tits.

“Wally says it looks fantastic when you pump your titties. When are you due for another milking?”

Blushing even more Sandy looks at her watch and whispers “Just about now Tony. Do you like me to start?”

“By all means” he grins and Marty immediately agrees.

This is really strange, they have been here for 20 minutes now and both have not yet raped her, or even mentioned that she should get into position. Sandy nods to herself, they feel bad about everything and soon she will be free, there can be no other explanation.

Sandy is almost done with pumping all the milk out of her breasts when the doorbell rings. She almost loses the pump when she jumps in panic. Nobody can see her like this, naked, with 2 young men, but Tony calms her down.

“Don’t you worry” he grins “That must be Wally, stay here, I’ll get the door.”

But when he opens the door Sandy hears an unfamiliar male voice “Hello young man, may I ask if the owner of the house is at home?”

“Why?” Tony replies “What do you want?”

The stranger chuckles “No need to get aggressive young fellow, I’m not here to sell anything, but, if you have to know, I am with the CGC, Colonial Gas Company, and it is time for the annual reading of the meter. So I would appreciate if you could get the owner so I can do my job.

“Oh, uhm, yeah” Tony is not sure what to do now. “Uhm, she is busy, ya know” he grins a bit embarrassed “Could you come back another time?”

“Actually I am on a tight schedule. I promise it wont take long, so get her for me please.” The stranger’s voice in beginning to sound annoyed, or is it suspicious? Whatever it is, it is enough for Marty to whisper to Sandy to get dressed immediately while he rushes up the stairs to hide in one of the kid’s rooms. One young guy at home with a braless Milf is one thing, but two would look even more suspicious.

Tony comes into the living room now and says “Uhm, Mrs. M., there is some guy from the gas company who wants to talk to you. Sorry for interrupting your, uhm, yoga lesson, but he insists on reading the meter.”

Sandy hurries to the entrance as soon as she is dressed, very aware of her bouncing titties, but she manages to smile and lead the man into the basement where he reads the meter but manages to keep one eye on her braless tits at all times. Not 10 minutes later he is gone, and while Tony and Marty are really excited of having watched their braless toy with a stranger for the first time, Sandy’s face is bright red, but of course she strips naked for them again, not wanting to break another rule.

“Whoa” Tony chuckles happy “That guy’s eyes were really glued to your udders Sandy. You should be real proud about that. It’s exactly what we told you, men love them, all men, even old guys like that one.”

“Yeah” Marty agrees “This was exciting. We have to watch you in public, like shopping, or a walk in the park, oh no, better than just a walk, jogging in the park. I bet your boobies really go wild when jogging braless, especially when they are empty like this.” He points at Sandy’s tits hanging limply down after being pumped dry.

Just then the doorbell rings again, but this time it really is Wally. The guys tell him what happened and he laughs and totally agrees with Marty’s idea of jogging in the park. That would be totally delicious.

“But that guy screwed up our schedule” Marty complains after checking his watch. “Her kids will be home in less than 20 minutes.”

“Ok” Wally nods “No sweat guys, you will get another turn.”

Sandy is puzzled about that, but the guys actually leave without having raped her once. Maybe life is finally looking up for her. But that wonderful idea is shattered when her husband calls in the evening. He tells her that his project will be finished on time, but his company has ordered him to do another one in Italy right after. He wont be able to come home, but he has another idea to make up for it. As soon as the schools close for summer break, he wants her to take a week off, bring the kids to his parents and visit him in Italy.

Of course Sandy knows that the guys will add that week to the 6 she has agreed upon, but the thought of escaping everything for a wonderful week in Italy with her husband is tempting. Since she is obligated to inform Wally about any schedule changes, she calls him right away. To her surprise he is not angry at all.

“That is excellent Sandy” he says “You can have a great week with your hubby, but, and you better take note of this BUT, when you will be back, the kids will stay at their grandparents and you will have much time to play with us. Isn’t that great?”

Sandy doesn’t agree, but there is nothing she can say to change it now. It was just to be good to be true, and Sandy has to pay the price for a week of normality. With a deep sigh she accepts Wally’s proposal, as if she would have been able to turn it down.

Sandy finds a new supermarket to shop on Friday, it’s across town and though people still stare at her bouncing boobies, it isn’t as bad as if she would know those people. Maybe they will get used to this shameless display in time, although Sandy probably never will.

The moment Sandy is back Theo shows up, again bringing his Wii to play, but while he is hooking up to her TV after a satisfying blowjob, Pete comes along. He insists on raping Sandy doggy style first and makes sure Theo understands that playing aerobics and gymnastics with her is so much better when she is naked. Theo is totally agrees of course, and poor Sandy knows that he will always demand it from now on.

Sandy’s graceful moves, her extreme flexibility and, of course, the leaping and wiggling of her freshly pumped dry titties gets both guys horny again fast and so the helpless young mom is raped twice more by both of them before they leave.

When Wally collects her milk that afternoon he grins happy.

“We have a great surprise for you Sandy” he assures her while taking her missionary in her own bed. Wally has started to fuck his cute nurse in her bed to show her that he can use her even in places that in Sandy’s mind belong to her husband. It is all part of his plan, not just that nothing is safe for the young mom anymore, but that everything is “normal” now.

“We all skipped in and got the money for a new bikini” he continues cheerfully “After all, that old one piece bathing suit you have is way too boring for Europe. Pete and Tony will take you shopping tomorrow, and don’t worry, Steve will babysit.”

Sandy has a very bad feeling about this, but what can she do? Going shopping with two men 15 years younger than herself, and for a bikini at that, can’t be good. But she knows that Steve is great with children, he and Marty have proven to the neighborhood that babysitters don’t have to be girls, especially for children old enough not to need diapers, so at least her kids will be in good hands.

“I … I can buy one myself … thank you Walter” she has to try, but Wally only laughs.

“Don’t worry, they will not go with you, just meet you there and kinda be around to signal you which one you should buy. And yes Sandy, you will try them all on and then step out of the changing room, so the guys can see you wearing it. But you really needn’t worry, we don’t expect a string bikini, just something sexy without making you look like a whore, ok?”

Sandy nods, what else can she do. At least the horror idea of a string bikini is no longer on her mind. But what is sexy to them? Probably something that will show way more than she will be comfortable with.

Saturday comes along way too quickly, and Steve arrives at 10 am, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hey Mrs. M.” he announces loud enough for the neighbors to hear “Thanks for trusting me with your kids again, we will have a great time. I got some kickass new games for your boys and brought my Wii so your daughter can have fun too. I got the aerobic and gymnastic games for the Wii, do you know those? They are fun.”

Sandy blushes deeply and ushers Steve inside. Her eyes shoot flames of rage at Steve but before she can say anything he quickly whispers

“Don’t worry, I am not into kids, I will really just play games with them, NOTHING else. The good stuff is for you and the gang.”

With mixed feelings Sandy drives to the mall. Wally told her to go to the department store and look for beach fashion, and true enough there she finds Pete and Tony, pretending to look at bathing suits. She walks over where the bikinis are and begins to select some that she hopes will satisfy the taste of the guys. They are all somewhat daring, without being too naughty, so hopefully they will do.

Feeling quite awkward to try on something that will come in touch with her most intimate parts, Sandy enters the changing room area. An older saleslady, looking at her very disapproving for being braless, makes her show all 3 items and reminds her not to leave them in the booth, but bring those she doesn’t want back to her.

The first bikini Sandy tries is almost ok, still a bit less fabric than she prefers, but it covers her nipples and vaginal area just fine. As ordered she steps out of the booth, walks up and down a bit to let Pete and Tony get a look and then goes back to change in the second one. Now that one is a shock, the bottom is definitely too tiny, quite a few off her naughty pubic hairs escape, no matter how she tries to pull and stretch it. But Sandy knows the guys have seen her walking in with 3 pieces, so not stepping out of the booth to show them all 3 is not an option.

Blushing deeply she pulls the curtain aside and, just like before, walks up and down a bit until she is certain that Tony and Pete have seen her. Quickly she returns, but not before she hears the saleslady grunt in disgust. The third bikini bottom does cover her bits again, but the top is really awkward, it doesn’t support her soft breasts at all and they wiggle and bounce just as if she is topless. Sandy sighs, but having no choice she steps out again to model it for the guys.

Now she needs to get their opinion, and Wally has told her how to get it. Afraid that she will be told to buy either 2 or 3, Sandy walks out of the booth, hands all 3 bikinis to the saleslady and says

“Keep them for me for a little while please, I am not sure which one I want yet”

The older lady snorts, but takes the bikinis and puts them on a rack behind her.

Sandy walks over to the micro bikini shelf and pretends to look at some of those when she hears Tony close behind her whisper

“Hey there sweet neighbor. We know that you want number 1, but I think 2 is perfect and Pete really likes 3. So it’s an impossible situation right now, isn’t it? But we don’t want to make this too hard on you Sandy, so we came up with a compromise. If you try on one of those micro bikinis, the one to your left, no, the next one, yep, that it, so if you try that on and say model it for us for 3 minutes, we will both vote for number 1. How is that?”

Sandy has to bite on her lip hard to prevent herself from crying. A micro bikini? 3 awfully long minutes in a public area with showing pretty much everything? But the alternative is either number 2 or 3 for a vacation with her husband. She nods and whispers back

“Ok Tony, but no pictures, please”

“No pix, I swear” Tony replies and watches Sandy grab the embarrassing piece of fabric and walk back to the changing rooms. He grins, everything happens just as Wally predicted it would. And they never planned on taken pictures, someone would have seen them here for sure, it is all an exercise for Sandy to get used to public exposure.

It takes a long time until Sandy appears again, wearing pretty much nothing at all. Though her nipples are barely covered, at least half of her pubic hair is sticking out and it looks really ridiculous. Even if her cunt would have been shaved, this is bikini is most definitely not what a catholic wife and mother should wear in public. Pete and Tony grin when they see that several men have spotted Sandy and some of them really get excited. The saleslady does notice her too and forcefully tries to push her back into the booth, but Sandy resists long enough for the 3 minutes to be up.

The guys chuckle when they overhear the older lady scolding the poor mom “This is a decent store, not a peep show, you get dressed and get out of here. And get a bra for Pete’s sake, your breasts are in dire need of support.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more