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August 10, 2015, 10:09:47 PM

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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Confessions of an Appalachian Hustler


I grew up in a small city in the Appalachian Mountains.  It was not really in the north or the south.  If you were from Georgia, you definitely would have called us Yankees, but if you were from Vermont you probably would have called us Southerners.  I was raised by a single mom who was working all the time.  When she was at work, I had babysisters when I was really young, but I was left alone at an age much younger than most children.  I was very mature for my age both mentally and physically.  She wouldn’t talk about my father.  I figured out later in life that he was some guy that seduced her when she was young and then vanished.  Maybe that’s why I ended up being the way I am?

From an early age I learned how to talk girls and women into doing anything I wanted.  Some of my earliest memories are of talking some girl into going into the bushes with me to play the game of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’.  Besides being big for my age and much more mature in how I acted, I learned early on my intelligence exceeded that of most people around me.  People, especially girls, were so easy to read and manipulate.

Our house was an old one a little run down on the edge of town right up against the mountain.  There was this old row of bushes in the back yard along the edge of the woods.  The bushes had grown out and away from the trees seeking light as they aged.  By their own weight, the bushes has folded over creating a hollowed out area inside that was nearly six feet high, so I could stand inside and walk around.  When you were inside, you were completely hidden from view due to the thickness of the foliage.  It was my fort as a kid, and it was where I took girls, at least when it wasn’t winter.  I managed to pull an old couch into there and a couple chairs.  I worked tarps into the upper branches to keep the rain out.

It wasn’t long after I started bringing girls into those bushes that the ‘showing’ led to ‘touching’.  I quickly discovered a girl touching me down there felt a lot better than me touching myself.  I would have them pull on me until I got all flushed with something.  I didn’t know what an orgasm was then, but I was having them even if I wasn’t ejaculating yet.  I liked touching them too, but I knew there something missing about that.  I had a girl swipe her dad’s Playboy magazines for me, and looking through the pages, I saw what I wanted.  I wanted a girl with real boobs and actual hair between her legs.

The issue of course were the girls in the pictures in Playboy were at minimum twice my age and usually much older than that in their 20’s.  My desire for a more mature girl led me to Kathy.  Kathy was a tall girl with long black hair and was what would be called an early developer.  She seemed to have a year round light tan too.  She was also three years older than me and got attention from boys much older than her.  Even high school guys would try and talk to her.  She had this exotic look that all the guys found appealing; her dark eyes were especially compelling.  It took some real smooth talking on my part to finally get her into the bushes with me.

“You ever seen one before?” I asked Kathy staring at her tits and feeling myself getting hard.  Her tits weren’t big enough yet to grace the pages of Playboy, but for me right then they were amazing.  I knew they would easily fill my hands.
“Yeah, I have,” said Kathy laughing a little smugly.
She continued, “I walked in on my brother by accident.  He had a boner and was jacking off.  He’s 18 so a lot older, and I know you’re smaller than him.”
With that comment, I stood in front of her very close, undid my jeans and let them drop to my ankles.  Going commando, I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Kathy’s mouth dropped open with astonishment, partly because of my abrupt unabashed actions and partly because of what was pointed at her only a foot away from her face.  She was sitting in one of the chairs in the bushes staring at it in shock, and I asked, “So, is it smaller than your brother’s?”
It took her several seconds to respond, but finally in a hushed low tone of bewilderment, she said, “No.”

I reached down and took her hand.  She tried to pull her hand back, but I was much stronger despite being younger than her.  I forced her hand to it, and made her curl her fingers around it.  I seized her hair with my other hand forcing her face up to look at me and leaned down delivering a hard kiss on her semi-willing full lips.  When my tongue found her tongue, I heard her moan into my mouth with the beginnings of surrender.

Stepping out of my jeans, I pulled her out of the chair and back onto the couch with my lips still locked on hers.  She never lost her grip on my cock and was pulling on it without me forcing her now.  I tugged at her shirt yanking it up to her armpits.  She briefly struggled but then sighed and raised her arms allowing me to pull it over her head.  I almost felt like weeping with joy when she unhooked her bra.  Staring at her wondrous tits, I noticed her hand was gone.  I took her hand again forcing it back on me.  She rolled her eyes a little at that, but started pulling on it again with less reluctance now.

Kathy squeaked with surprise when I grabbed both her tits squeezing them hard admiring how they filled my hands just as I had hoped.  I played with her nipples fascinated with how hard they got under my touch.  She gasped and moaned when I leaned down taking a nipple in my mouth.  I unsnapped her pants with one hand holding her wiggling body with my other arm.  Sucking voraciously on her nipple, I pull her zipper down.

Sensing things were going too far, she struggled some as I shoved a hand down her smooth belly reaching for her crotch.  I held her in place kissing her mouth again to calm her.  I got a thrill feeling hair on my fingers and forced my hand further into her pants.  I found her cleft and starting rubbing with a finger where I knew girls were sensitive.  Kathy’s reaction was more than I was familiar with, she trembled almost violently and moaned again into my mouth much louder than during our first kiss.  I found a hard little knob and slid my finger back and forth on it.  To my surprise her hips started moving in rhythm to my finger.

Her hand on my cock had gone limp, but I ignored that for the moment fascinated with her reactions to my finger.  What had been just slightly moist, started getting very wet allowing my finger to glide along her fissure.  I could feel that tiny knob pulsating against my finger, and I began slipping my finger just a little inside her.  She was panting as if she was running and whimpering strangely.  Suddenly she hugged me hard and let out, “EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!”

Her head was on my chest as she gasped for a few seconds, and then she giggled obviously pleased.  I stroked her long black hair, and she sighed seemingly content.  I took her hand and put it back on me.  She pulled her head back to look me in the eyes.  Nodding acceptance, she resumed pulling on me.  I had her sit next to me and pump her hand up and down on it.  After getting so turned on by touching her and watching her wiggle and make noises, it didn’t take long before I groaned feeling that flush I liked so much.

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I like it Jed!  Can't wait for some more!

August 12, 2015, 07:33:30 AM
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This third time with Kathy in the bushes I wanted things to go further.  I had a plan based on things I heard older boys saying.  The second time I got Kathy in here, I convinced her to strip naked, and I did too.  We touched each other like last time.  This time I had her on her back on the couch with her legs spread, and I was looking at it really close gently tickling the hair between her legs.  I commented, “I expected it to be more curly.  I thought hair down here was supposed to be really curly?  It’s almost straight?”
“Girls in gym class asked me about that too.  I asked momma, and she said that’s from my grandmother.”
“Your grandmother?”
“Yeah, she’s Japanese.  I’m a quarter Japanese, and everyone says I look like her.”
“Oh,” I said thinking the mystery of her exotic look is now solved.

I reached my arms under her thighs and found her hands taking hold of them.  Kathy looked at me curious, but let me hold her hands.  It was clear she didn’t expect me to do what I did next.  Pulling on her hands to hold her in place, I lower my mouth directly on it and immediately began licking.  Kathy screamed so loud in surprise, I was thankful mom was at work.

I had heard some older boys joke about eating pussy and quizzed them on the subject.  It soon became clear they were full of shit, and none of them had ever done it.  I knew that knob was the sensitive part and rasped my tongue along it.  Her initial scream was accompanied by her clamping her thighs on my head boxing my ears.  I didn’t know that was going to happen, but I didn’t stop licking.  Her thighs relaxed a little, but soon she was bucking against my face gasping out, ‘yes’ over and over again.  I actually was enjoying the taste of her and experimented with shoving my tongue inside in addition to licking that knob.  Much faster than with my finger, she got very wet.  It was like she was gushing into my mouth, and then within a few minutes of me starting, she began cumming really hard.  She even screamed out my name, which I took as a good sign.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you did that!  It was so good though, really good, even better than your finger.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
I held her and let her trembling calm down some and then commented, “It would be nice if you did that for me too.”
She looked at me, and I could see she knew where I was going with that and asked, “You mean a blow job?’
“I don’t know?  I never did that.”
“It only seems fair after what I just did for you.”
“I know, but…..but what if I’m no good at it?”
“You can’t get good without trying.”
“OK,” she finally said with some resignation.

Her giving in verbally was one thing, but now she seemed frozen with inaction.  Coaxing and guiding her off the couch, I had her kneel in front of me.  Sitting on the couch, I pulled her in close to me between my knees.  Even before anything started, I immediately discovered I liked her kneeling in front of me.  It annoyed me that she was about two inches taller than me.  I knew it was just because she was three years older, and I would end up taller than her in a year or so at the rate I was growing, but it still bugged me.  With her kneeling in front of me, I had a feeling of power over her; additional power, as I already felt like I was in control.  At least I had pieces of carpet down, so her knees weren’t in the dirt.

Again she seemed frozen, so I took my right hand and wound it in her long black hair getting a good grip on it and forced her face right to it.  She had sealed her lips shut looking up at me frightened.
“Open your mouth Kathy,” I ordered sternly.
Her dark doe-like eyes looked into mine, and I could tell she knew she had to obey.  She swallowed hard, and her lips parted.  With eyes half closed now, she slowly took the head in her mouth.

I had to suppress a groan of immediate pleasure at the sensation of her warm wet mouth.  I knew instantly this was my new favorite thing in the world.  I moved her head back and forth on it, getting more of it in her mouth.  Soon she was moving her head on her own.  I whispered words of encouragement and instruction.  She was sucking and trying different things, and I told her what felt good.  When she scraped me with her teeth, I warned her not to do that.  Nodding with it in her mouth, she didn’t do it again.  She was striving to please me, exerting effort and sucking strongly on it.  I had her do it for several minutes, and I felt that flush building in me.  When I got my gratification my hips jerked at her face, the involuntary nature of my actions surprised me.  It was definitely more intense than with her hand.

She took her mouth off it looking at me all dewy eyed and hopeful and asked, “Was it OK?”
“It was very good, but I know you’ll get even better as you get more practice.”
She nodded looking a little pleased at my compliment.  It was at that point I knew I completely owned this girl.  She started to get up, but I held her there and moved her face back to it.  I was still hard.
“Again?” she asked.
She obviously didn’t want to do it again so soon, but then she opened her mouth and took it back in.  With both hands in her long black hair I sat back and enjoyed the best sensation of my life.

August 12, 2015, 09:26:12 PM
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Have I mentioned how boring school is for me?  I was reading at an adult level the first year of elementary school.  That was years ago, and now I finish reading all the texts they give me the first couple weeks of a new year.  I remember everything I read too.  There’s just no challenge to school.  Some teachers had tried to accuse me of cheating, but the counselors are talking about me being a genius based on standardized tests.  The only thing not boring about my life these days is Kathy.

Kathy’s mouth was moving on me, she felt me shake and held it in her mouth as she knew I liked until I relaxed.  Looking up at me she whined, “That’s three times.  Can I please stop now?”
I glanced at my watch and noted that I had been making her do it for over an hour.  She was working her jaw, and her mouth was obviously tired and sore.
“I’m doing it so much these days.  You always seem to want it more and more,” she complained.

I had been requiring her to be here every day, and an hour was the usual before I let her go home.  It was part blackmail, as she was terrified I would tell the whole neighborhood and everyone in her junior high what she was doing with me, but she also seemed incapable of denying my wishes.
“Well, I do have this idea that might take the pressure off you some.”
Kathy nodded listening.
“I noticed you’re friends with that girl Cindy.”
I told her what to say to her friend.

Cindy was different from Kathy in some nice ways.  While Kathy was dark and exotic, Cindy was a strawberry blonde with a country kind of wholesome look to her.  Also, thankfully she was two inches shorter than me instead of taller.  The two girls may have become friends because they were the most developed in their class.  It was Cindy’s curves and pretty face that got my attention.  I wasn’t alone in noticing that, and I knew older guys were always asking her out, but her mom wouldn’t let her date yet.

Kathy had been telling Cindy about my unusual endowment, and it had taken quite a lot of convincing on Kathy’s part to get Cindy into my bushes to see the kid with the big dick.  Kathy and Cindy were sitting in the chairs, and I was on the couch.  I stood and slowly pulled my jeans down giving Cindy a glimpse, then saying, “You have to show me something too.”

Kathy pulled her top off and unhooked her bra as if it was no big deal, and started pestering Cindy to do the same even pulling at her shirt.
“OK!” Cindy said, and shaking a little she undressed from the waist up.
“You have very nice breasts Cindy.”
“Thank you,” she said red-faced.
I dropped my pants and watched as her face got even redder.

“You can touch it if you want,” I told her.
Cindy shook her head still very embarrassed.
“Ah Jeez Cindy, look,” and Kathy reached out and stroked me a few times.
Cindy watched it bob in front of her face still looking frightened.  I took Cindy’s unwilling hand, and moved it to my cock.  Once she felt it, some of her fear seemed to evaporate as she explored my length with her fingers.

“Have you ever given a blow job Cindy?” I asked.
“No!” she said a little too loudly.
Both Kathy and I worked on her implying she was ‘too chicken’ and then said ‘everyone is doing it’, we used all the clichés.
Finally to demonstrate, Kathy leaned down taking it in her mouth and moved her head for a few seconds before stopping and saying, “See, it’s no big deal.  What are you afraid of?”
Faced with all the peer pressure, Cindy finally leaned down and took it in her mouth briefly.
“That wasn’t so bad,” she observed.
“Just don’t touch him with your teeth,” Kathy instructed her.
Cindy leaned down and sucked me some more.  Kathy and I both began critiquing her technique watching as she listened to us and tried harder.

I had the two girls kneel in front of me and take turns sucking for about 45 minutes until Cindy said she had to go home for dinner.  I made Cindy promise to be there the next day after school.  I didn’t let Kathy leave until over a half hour later.  Before Kathy left working her tired jaw, she said she would make sure Cindy showed up.  It seems she threatened to tell kids at their school about what she saw Cindy do to me.  The silly girl should have known Kathy was just as afraid of them finding out about her too.  Once I got Cindy out of her clothes, I saw her light blonde pubic hair was indeed very curly just like those pictures in Playboy.  I soon had my face smashed into her crotch making her writhe and gasp with pleasure.

August 13, 2015, 01:40:21 AM
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Jed,  as usual you are the master of story telling! Always such a pleasure reading a new work from you!

August 13, 2015, 06:33:06 AM
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Thanks vile, and thank you Plaything.

I have lots more for this one, just still tinkering with the chapters.

August 13, 2015, 11:19:32 PM
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I had one or the other, but often both of the girls Kathy and Cindy over every day.  I couldn’t have been more pleased having two hot girls blowing me all the time.  They complained when I shoved it too deep making them gag and choke on it, but it felt good trying to get more of it in their mouths.  I was convinced I could get them to take all of it if I kept trying.  One Saturday morning with Cindy going down on me and that feeling building inside me, I grabbed Cindy’s head really hard and something different happened.  I felt myself ejaculate.  I wasn’t sure who was more surprised, me or Cindy.  It wasn’t much that first time, but it felt really good.  Cindy felt it too, and tried to pull away grunting around my flesh in her mouth in protest.  I’m not sure why, but I held her face against my pelvis even forcing more of it into her mouth.  I held her there until I felt her eventually swallow.

When I released her head, she came up sputtering, trying to spit out what she had already swallowed and was really mad screaming, “Did you pee in my mouth?”
“No,” I said calmly.
“What was that then?” she yelled.
“Semen, you silly girl.  Don’t you pay attention in Sex-Ed?”
She kept complaining and making a fuss about it until I got annoyed and grabbed her by her long curly blonde hair, “Just shut up about it.  It’s normal and about time that happened.”
With my hand in her hair hurting her some she seemed to calm down.  Finally I said, “Be back here this evening after you eat dinner with your folks, say around 6.”
“You going to make me swallow that stuff again?”
“No, not tonight I won’t,” I said distantly thinking about other plans.

I’m not sure why I waited as long as I did.  I guess I didn’t feel like I was really a man until I came like one.  All games with girls were now behind me.  My orgasms were not dry any more.  I knew I needed to start fucking Kathy and Cindy immediately.

Kathy arrived a couple hours after Cindy left.  Thinking about it again as I opened the door for Kathy, I smiled about the fact that Cindy left with my first cum in her belly.  It seemed fitting that Kathy would be my first in a different way.  Kathy gave me my first blow job too.  When Kathy showed up, I had her come down to the basement.  Mom was working a double at her waitressing job and wouldn’t be home until after midnight.  I put a few towels down on the carpet.  Kathy looked at them curious, but lay down on them as I instructed.  She was already excited and turned on while she stripped naked knowing I was going to lick her.

I worked my tongue on her pussy until I got her moaning and gasping.  Her hands were in my hair while she squirmed in passion.  I stopped and moved my body up.  She let out a little groan of disappointment when my tongue broke contact, and opened her eyes looking me in the face with curiosity as I positioned my hips between her legs.  Right then she felt it poking her inner thigh, and her eyes went wide with shock.  Realizing what I intended, she tried to twist out from under me, but I jerked my hips forward penetrating her.

Kathy screamed as I felt something tear inside her, and then she screamed again as I thrust deeper.  Her pussy felt heavenly the way it tightly gripped my cock.  I began humping her as fast as I could.  She was crying and shouting over and over, “It hurts!  It hurts!  It hurts!  It hurts!  It hurts!  It hurts!”
Kathy finally stopped yelling, and just turned her head to the side with tears flowing from her eyes.  I have to admit that first time with my cock inside a girl’s pussy, I only lasted a few minutes before I began shaking and gave her one last thrust.  I could feel myself squirting inside her, and Kathy turned to look me in the eyes in shock again.  I could tell she felt me ejaculate too.  I collapsed on her breathing hard.

“How could you do this to me?” she wailed.
“If it wasn’t me taking your virginity, then who would it be?”
“I was hoping I’d have a real boyfriend one day, and he would do it.”
I leaned up looking in her eyes and said, “I am your boyfriend Kathy, and I love you.”
Her face got real serious just then, so I leaned down and kissed her.  Breaking the kiss, she asked, “What about Cindy, she your girlfriend too?”
“You brought her to me, so that’s kind of your fault.”
She got quiet knowing I was right.  Eventually she asked, “Are you going to fuck her too?”
“Yes, later tonight in fact.  And, don’t tell her it’s coming.  I want her as surprised as you were.”
“I suppose you’re going to fuck us both whenever you want from now on, just like when you make us blow you.”
“Yes,” I answered.

I hadn’t completely lost my erection.  I was still inside her, and I could feel my desire building again.  I pulled back a little staying inside her, and then shoved deep again.
“Oh!” she said in surprise.
As I began thrusting again, Kathy opened her legs a little wider to make it easier for both of us.  She was wincing at each thrust, so I knew she was sore, but she was also getting aroused.  I experimented with different angles until I knew I was rubbing that hard tiny knob of her clit.  It didn’t take long for her to clutch me and scream out my name with a very intense orgasm.  Later she was actually reluctant to leave.  I’m sure she was thinking about me being with Cindy in the evening and was wishing it would be her again.  Given how unsteady she was walking when she left, I doubt she could have handled any more that day.

August 17, 2015, 11:18:07 AM
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I used cold water, but I couldn’t get all the blood out of the top towel from popping Kathy’s cherry.  At least the carpet was fine.  I had more towels down when Cindy arrived.  Cindy was just as pleased about me going down on her as Kathy was.  She had been expecting an immediate blowjob and being forced to swallow more of my cum.  I got her all wet and sloppy and panting with desire, and then moved up between her legs.  Just like Kathy, she didn’t expect that and knew immediately what I planned to do.  Where the difference was is that Cindy began fighting me hard even screaming for help.

Wrestling with her hands, I pinned them above her head and slapped her face hard several times until she stopped screaming.  Cindy was looking at me with terror.  She could feel my cock pressing against her snatch and knew she couldn’t stop me.  I lean down harshly saying, “No one is going to help you, and who would you tell any way.  Kathy will say you’ve been coming over here blowing me for weeks now, so no one will believe you didn’t want this too.”

I made it clear to Cindy that I owned her ass and would do whatever I wanted including fucking her and cumming in her mouth.  She had a lost look in her face, but all the fight was gone.  Adjusting myself, I applied hard pressure to her pussy watching her grimace in pain.  She let out a scream as I felt her hymen give way.  She sobbed and tried not to look at me while I fucked her steady.    She didn’t yell that it hurt like Kathy did, but she was cringing with each thrust.  I wanted it to last longer than the first time with Kathy to punish Cindy for her resistance.  I plunged into her body for several minutes until I could feel it building in me.  Groaning with my release I stiffened on top of her and sprayed her insides with my lust.

I rolled off her gasping for breath.  Cindy turned away from me and curled up into a ball not making any sounds now.  I saw her blood on my cock, and wiped it off with a towel.  After a few minutes, Cindy seemed to regain some composure and sat up.  She winced when her pussy brushed the towel under her.  Looking around a bit hazily she saw her clothes and started to crawl towards them.  I grabbed an ankle dragging her back saying, “Not just yet.  You’re going to take more of my cock before I let you go home.”

She was pleading with me that she hurt too much couldn’t take any more.  Seeing her pert shapely butt presented in front of me on her hands and knees, I took her by the hips and forced myself inside her from behind.  She howled in distress at the penetration.  I grabbed and then wound my hand into her curly blonde locks for leverage and plunged deep inside her.  Her hands collapsed and she fell to her elbows keening in misery.  I slammed into her from behind determined to fuck her into submission.  With a firm grip on her hair and one hip, I drilled into her for a very long time.  All resistance was gone, but she was begging me to finish.

“You can beg better than that.  Beg me to fuck you harder, and maybe I’ll finish quicker,” I huffed out breathing like a long distance runner.
“Fa….fa….fuck……fuck me harder…..fuck me harder,” she managed to wheeze.
“You can do better than that.”
“Please fuck me harder!” she sobbed.
“Who owns you?”
“You own me.  Fuck me harder!”
“What can I do to you?”
“You can do whatever you want to me.  Fuck me harder!”

She was blubbering with piteous humiliation now.  Her face was on the carpet soaking it with her tears.  I had her by both her hips now.  Her begging and that feeling of absolute power I had over her was bringing me to the edge.  I delivered a few more pounding thrusts and with a very satisfied groan starting shooting inside a completely defeated little blonde named Cindy.

After wiping her crotch carefully with a towel I gave her, Cindy dressed slowly and painfully.  With her head downcast, she just nodded when I told her to be at my house at 1PM the next day.  Watching her hobble towards the door, I added, “Don’t let your parents see you walking like that.”
Cindy didn’t cum that first time with me like Kathy did, but I wasn’t worried knowing she would very soon.

The next morning Kathy begged me to just let her suck me off saying she was still in too much pain for the other.  I magnanimously agreed.  Even after feeling me ejaculate inside her tight pussy last night, the silly girl was caught completely off guard when I dumped a big load in her mouth.  I did the same thing I did with Cindy and held it there until I felt her swallow it.  She didn’t react as angry as Cindy did, but then Kathy had always been the more subservient one.

Cindy was even more sore than Kathy when she showed up on time.  She acted frightened of me, but not terrified like last night.  She was relieved when I told her I would give her pussy a rest, but she knew I was going to cum in her mouth.  She whined a little about that, especially when I sent several spurts of hot cum down her gullet.  I know the volume was a lot more than she swallowed yesterday.  Later she said it wasn’t so bad after she swallowed my second load.  Even with the little bit of griping she did, I could tell that after last night I had finally completely subjugated Cindy.

August 19, 2015, 08:43:31 PM
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I'm enjoying this one Jed . . .can't wait for more!  ;)

August 19, 2015, 10:12:49 PM
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It took a few more sessions of fucking to get both girls broken in, but soon they were banging out multiple orgasms every time and loving every inch of what I was giving them.  One afternoon Kathy was kissing me goodbye, and then hugged me close sighing with contentment her head on my shoulder.  When she pulled back I noticed something, I mean other than that facial glow she had of being freshly fucked.  I was about an inch taller than her now instead of 2 inches shorter.  It seems I was in the midst of a growth spurt.  My height was finally catching up to what was hanging between my legs.

Now that I was producing cum and fucking Kathy and Cindy as often as I could, I knew I had to be careful about not getting them pregnant.  Until I can figure something out, I would have to use condoms.  I went to the drug store and looked at the variety on the shelf.  There was one box called Magnums, but I ended up getting a box that said extra-large hoping it would be the right size.  The guy at the register looked at me and shook his head ’no’.  Thinking quickly I said, “My uncle sent me here to get them for him, even told me which ones to get.  I think he thought it was funny to send a kid.  I don’t think it’s funny at all.  I’m embarrassed, and now he’s going to laugh and make fun of me when I come back without them.”
The clerk looked at me for a few seconds and then rang them up, bagged them and took my money.  I don’t even have an uncle that I know of.  Mom was an only child.  After that I went to stores with girls working the register.  I can talk a girl into anything.

I soon discovered I hated condoms.  I didn’t want any desensitizing latex between me and my girls.  I needed some kind of birth control for them.  I started looking into gynecologists in the area, but I needed a certain type in particular.  I can read people, and after searching for a couple months I was sure I had the guy.  I told Kathy and Cindy my idea.  They were not very happy but by this time, they didn’t refuse to do anything I asked.

I made an appointment over the phone pretending to be the father of two teenage girls.  My voice had deepened enough I didn’t even have to try a fake voice.  I went in the office first and started chatting with the receptionist.  I could see she was confused why a boy had walked in, but I soon had her laughing at my jokes.  Kathy and Cindy came in the office and sat down saying they were waiting for our dad, and I was their brother.

I had a theory some men become gynecologists because they’re horny like me and wanted to see up close and then fill pussies.  I was sure Dr. Robert Shelton was just such a guy.  I had followed him and saw how he ogled girls, some of the girls he checked out were not shall we say ‘above the age of consent.’  I asked the receptionist to show me to the bathroom.  Kathy and Cindy got up and went into the doctor’s office while we were gone.  I walked around to the examination area and came in the back way to his office.  The doctor looked around at the three of us confused.  I started explaining I needed the two girls to have birth control.  He still confused said their father needed to be here for that.
“Well, he’s not coming Bob, but you wouldn’t want to get these girls pregnant would you?”
“I still need their father…ah, what?  Me get them pregnant?”

I looked at Kathy and Cindy, and red faced they stood and dropped their skirts to the floor.  Neither was wearing panties.  They pulled their shirts over their heads and unhooked their bras.  Before the befuddled doctor knew what was happening both girls naked except for shoes and socks were kneeling in front of him opening his pants as he sat at his desk.  By the look on his face when Kathy started sucking on him, and then they switched and Cindy took over, I knew we had the right guy.

“So the deal is Bob, you provide them with birth control and once a week either Kathy or Cindy provides you with a service.”
He was looking down at the two gorgeous teens kneeling provocatively in front of him.  They switched again and Kathy was throating him.
“I can fuck them too then?”
“Deal then son.”  He reached out with both hands and took a hold of a breast on each girl.  I saw Cindy recoil slightly from his touch, but she glanced at my stern face and leaned forward letting the doctor fondle her.  I left the office closing the door behind me, and told the receptionist who had wondered where everyone went that dad didn’t want to talk in front of me.

August 19, 2015, 10:21:16 PM
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Great story . . . as usual!

August 20, 2015, 04:00:16 AM
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Excellent job you're doing here Jed! Two thumbs up!

August 20, 2015, 10:29:07 PM
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Offline Jed


During this period of breaking Kathy and Cindy in and well before I found Dr. Bob, Mom started having a friend from her day job over on those few days she didn’t work evenings.  Her name is Brenda.  The first time I saw her, I was shocked at how gorgeous she was.  Now this was a woman that really could be in Playboy.  Her body was unbelievable, and she had beautiful light brown curly hair that fell all over her shoulders.  She was pleasant too.  I complimented her on her looks to try and get noticed, and she would always respond with something like, ‘Why aren’t you sweet.’
I know she’s 30, as I heard her complain to mom when she turned 30, and mom who is only a few years older said she didn’t take it that bad when she turned 30.  I also heard her complain about how she and her husband were trying to have a baby, but they were worried he had some fertility issues.

Mom likes to tease Brenda about how she should work tables like she does in the evenings and on weekends, saying that her breasts alone would get her five times the tips that she gets.  I hate it that mom has to work so many hours just to keep us afloat.  The house we live in is so run down, and we only rent it.  I really need to figure out how to get us more money.

One day I wanted to go to the new mall.  It’s a couple miles out of town in one of the nearby communities where there was more room to build something like that.  Brenda offered to drive me, and gazing at her voluptuous body, there was no way I would refuse.  Sitting in her car while she drove, what she was wearing was driving me crazy.  The amount of cleavage she was showing looked like the Grand Canyon, and her skirt was short and riding up so far that it was an inch or so from her crotch.  I decided to just go for it.

While she was driving, I reached over and rested my hand on her thigh right at the edge of her skirt.  She felt it and glanced down, and then looked over at me raising an eyebrow.  She didn’t seem mad, rather she looked amused actually, but her expression had this unspoken, ‘Really?’  She reached down and gently took my hand and moved it off her thigh.  I had sort of expected that and decide to go ‘all in’ as a gambler might say.  The next time she glanced over at me, I had opened my pants and had my cock out.  Her reaction scared the shit out of both of us.  She drove off the road and just barely missed a tree before regaining control.

She pulled over on the shoulder gasping at the near miss.  She looked at me again, and then down at my lap breathing hard.  I put my hand on her thigh again, and without waiting for her to try and stop me, moved my hand under her skirt.  I had my hand in her panties and was manipulating her clit before she could collect herself.  With both hands still gripping the steering wheel hard, she looked down at where my hand was in her panties and then at my crotch again, back and forth a couple of times in obvious bewilderment.  Seeming to calm herself, she reached over to grasp me as if to confirm it was real.

She got a determined look on her face and started driving again.  My hand was still firmly in her panties abrading her clit.  I could feel her getting wet.  She turned up a dirt road and parked the car.  We had a long languorous fuck in the back seat.  I took my time and explored that gorgeous naked body of hers.  After that, she offered to give me a ‘ride’ as often as possible.  Mom was very grateful for her help.  After a few months she announced that she and her husband were having a baby.  I was happy for them, but I already knew I had knocked her up.  I noticed her tits had started swelling with milk recently while I was playing with them.

I had a reason for wanting to go to the mall.  Girls hung out there.  Older pretty girls with nice curves.  Kathy and Cindy lived close to me and could walk to my house.  As far as girls that lived nearby, they were the only two up to my high standards.  I was by no means bored with them, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to explore my options with variety beyond them and Brenda.  I had always been able to pass for a couple years older than I actually was, but now I had gotten to the point I could pass for several years older.  I was always the biggest and tallest kid in my class, but now I had some facial hair too.  I had lost that baby face that made me look young.

The mall was where I met Lisa, a stunning brunette with amazing tits and a gorgeous ass.  That first day I met her, we were making out, and I was feeling her up.  I got her to agree come over my house the next day.  She told her dad who drove her she was seeing a girlfriend.  Lisa already told me she was no virgin being with a guy prior to me a few months ago, but I don’t think she was prepared to see what I was packing.  I got her too turned on to refuse me and soon she had her legs wrapped around me moaning.  She came pretty hard that first time.  She had blown guys too before, but I let her know she needed to work on her technique.  Kathy and Cindy were a lot better.

Then there was Claire, she was a fiery redhead with a hint of freckles and a great body.  It didn’t take me long to find out she was a real redhead.  She cried a little at getting deflowered but was soon obeying my every wish.  Probably the most beautiful girl I snagged at the mall was Carmela.  Her father was a well to do pediatrician from Peru, and her mother was a former Miss Peru.  She had long flowing black hair similar to Kathy’s but more wavy instead of straight, full firm breasts and a great ass with flawless caramel skin.  She had a devout Catholic upbringing and got a little hysterical when I took her virginity.  I had to slap some sense into her like I did with Cindy.  I didn’t fuck her twice that afternoon, partly because I wanted her to calm down before the next time and partly because Cindy would be there soon.  It wasn’t long before an eager Carmela was coming over almost daily.  She was quite the screamer and loved wrapping her legs around me.

I took the three new girls one by one to Dr. Shelton for examines and birth control.  He asked about their availability, and I said that might take a few weeks.  I offered that both Kathy and Cindy would both see him each week instead of just one of them a week, and he agreed.  He did make me another proposal.  It seems he and several businessmen in town were known for road trips east to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC to strip bars and for hookers.  He thought they might be willing to part with their money here in town if they had some interesting options.

August 21, 2015, 12:13:24 AM
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Wow! The Appalachian hustler does get around, doesn't he?  ;)

August 21, 2015, 03:19:23 AM
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Thank you vile and Plaything for your nice comments.

August 21, 2015, 10:41:15 PM
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It didn’t take long for Kathy and Cindy to find out about the other girls.  They were not happy at all about that, but I had full control over them.  I used Kathy and Cindy to deceive the new girls as I broke them in too.  It wasn’t long before I had all three new girls just as addicted to sex with me as Kathy and Cindy were.

In the lobby of the hotel, the two men looked Kathy and Cindy over with obvious approval.  I had them dress just as they would for school except they weren’t wearing bras or panties, and their blouses were unbuttoned further down than the school would have allowed showing abundant cleavage.  Their nipples were evident through their blouses.  I had rubbed their nipples to make them hard just before the men arrived.  They were giving the guys glimpses of their pussies under their skirts as I instructed.

Both girls gave me mournful looks their heads turned towards me as the men led them to their hotel room.  I told them the men better be pleased or there would be hell to pay.  I made a deal for $300 for an hour and a half for both of them and as many times as they could do them.  Kathy and Cindy met men in the hotels in town, motels in the surrounding area and at the guy’s homes when their wives were gone.  Sometimes they did the guys in their cars.  I was astonished at how much money they were making for me.  Oh, I gave Kathy and Cindy 20 percent and they soon liked the things they could buy with that and show off at school, and Bob got some finder’s fees, but I was rolling in dough.

Brenda drove them to their dates, but she didn’t like it.  Kathy and Cindy complained that Brenda called them my whores, so I had a talk with Brenda.  With my hands on both her shoulders, I explained all I had on her including how old I was when she was having sex with me, that I fathered that kid so evident in her belly, and that she was complicit in an underage prostitute ring driving young girls to meet older men.  I also told her if she wasn’t nice, I would force her to sleep with the local businessmen too after her pregnancy was over.  I said then she could be my whore too.  I saw in Brenda’s eyes that she believed I could do it, and she promised to be nice.

The promise wasn’t enough, so I felt I needed to make a point.  My hands on her shoulders pushed down.  At six months pregnant she didn’t go down to her knees gracefully.  It had been about 3 months since she last blew me, and she foolishly tried to seal her lips shut at first.  I pulled her hair and twisted her arm painfully until she gave in and opened wide for me.  I brutally fucked her mouth rougher than I had ever been before with her.  I relished the gagging sounds she made especially when I began filling her mouth with my cum.  I held it there until she choked all of it down.  Wiping her lips, she made an observation, “You seriously need to talk to that doctor guy about how much you cum.  It’s not normal.”

Surprisingly, it was hysterical Carmela from the good Catholic family that I was able to turn out first of the three new girls.  She would do anything to keep her parents from finding out she not only lost her virginity to a gringo, but he was fucking her regularly.  Bob the gynecologist was fucking her bent over his desk while I watched her nubile naked body quivering.  Her head was shaking in disbelief at what was happening.  Her tits were swaying in time with Bob’s thrusting.  She stared at me with dark tear filled eyes whining over and over again in Spanish things like ‘Why?’, ‘What’s going on?’ and ‘How can this be happening?’

Carmela’s anguish turned me on, so rather than waiting, I walked over to her unfastening my pants.  As I began forcing my cock deep in Carmela’s mouth shutting up the running dialog of Spanish whimpering, Bob began talking around his grunts of effort as he pounded her pussy, “Damn kid, I guess the mystery of how you get these girls is solved.”
“I’d rather you didn’t call me kid.”
“Nope, doesn’t sound right to me either after seeing what you got packing.”
We both got quiet as we spit roasted the Latin beauty I had brought to his office.  I had plans for her.  I will truthfully bill her as the teen daughter of a real beauty queen, and guys will pay a premium to fuck her.  Dr. Bob groaned as he came in Carmela’s pussy.  She felt it and sobbed around my cock.  Bob sat back and watched me with interest.  Remembering what Brenda said about my cum, I pulled out at the last moment.  Still holding Carmela’s head up by her hair, I spurted directly in her face, four separate spurts until her entire face was coated like a glazed donut.

Carmela just blinked in confusion, cum dripping off her chin, nose and ears and soaking her long black hair.  I could tell she was traumatized by the events in the office, and was still trying to understand why her new wonderful boyfriend just gave her to an older man for sex.  I asked him, “Hey doc, I was told I cum more than usual.”
He leaned in looking at what a mess Carmela’s face was and said, “Yeah, that is a bit much.  You have a big set of balls, but still it’s a lot.”
“Is it something to worry about.”
“I doubt it.”

I had to help Carmela to Bob’s private bathroom to clean up.  He had a shower in there.  She took a long time but seemed to be coming around and acting less catatonic.  I told her to clean up the cum that dripped on the floor and Bob’s desk, and she did naked on her hands and knees.  I noticed Bob hadn’t dressed yet.  I figured he wanted another go, and I didn’t mind considering the new clients he found.  I led Carmela over to him and forced her to her knees.  She looked at me and said, “I thought you loved me?”
“I do love you Carmela.  Now suck Bob’s dick for me.”
She looked at me and then around for some escape, and then over at Bob’s cock.  With a whimper she opened wide taking him in and began moving her head just like I taught her.

Three days later a trio of men wanted a beauty queen fantasy.  I had Carmela get her hair and makeup done professionally.  I dressed her in a low cut ‘evening gown’ with a ‘Miss Peru’ banner.  It wasn’t a real evening gown as those are typically full length, and this skin tight dress barely covered her hips.  She had on no bra or panties, just the dress, banner and high heels.  There was so much cleavage showing her nipples were just barely covered and were prominently poking out of the shear material.  I insisted on being present.  She paraded around on the ‘walkway’ for them, and then they got to unwrap her.  I charged them $2200 for 3 hours, but they got a bargain.  They must have been popping Viagra before they showed up.  I counted five orgasms each for two of the men, and the third guy had six.  There was hardly a time during the whole 3 hours that Carmela’s mouth and pussy weren’t both filled.  When the angle allowed, she looked at me hoping for signs I would stop what was happening to her.  Instead, I mouthed the words ‘good girl’ to her as the men used her.

I’m glad I had the foresight to have Carmela arrange with her parents to stay at her new friend Kathy’s house.  She told them Kathy was helping her with her reading and her math.  Carmela’s English was very good and her math was too, but her parents expected her to go to medical school and wanted her academic record to be perfect.  By the time the men were done with her, Carmela could barely walk or talk.  I carried her out of the motel room and placed her in the back of Brenda’s car to take her to my house.  I slept downstairs with her, waking twice in the night to fuck her.  She sobbed in pain against my shoulder each time, but endured it without complaint because it was me.

I was typically getting a minimum of $100 for Kathy and Cindy, sometimes $150 or $200 when it was longer, but I wouldn’t take less than $250 for Carmela.  Even at that high price, I had trouble meeting the demand.  All three of them were very busy girls.

August 22, 2015, 06:30:46 PM
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Offline Jed


I told Lisa to strip in the doctor’s office that he would be in soon.  She thought it strange that he was examining her in his office and not next door in the examination room.  While we waited, I started feeling her up.  She wiggled and complained, “What if he comes in?”
I touched her getting her nipples hard, and then got a finger inside her working it until she started moaning.  That’s when Bob walked in and sat down on the couch and not at his desk.  Lisa was flushed with both arousal and embarrassment now, as I led her naked over to Bob.

It was when I told Lisa to kneel in front of him that she knew.  Bob opened his pants and pushed them to his ankles.
She looked at me and asked, “Why?”
“Do you think birth control is free?  We couldn’t let your parents know, and we have to pay him somehow.”
She looked devastated by the events, but when I pushed her head closer, she opened her mouth and took him in.  She sucked on him for only about a minute before he told her she could stop.  She was relieved until he told her to get in his lap.  He guided her up until she was straddling him with her knees on either side of his thighs.  He pulled his shirt off and moved his feet out of his pants.

“I really like the tits on this one,” said Bob.
Bob was squeezing Lisa’s tits and thumbing her turgid nipples and continued, “I mean all your girls have great tits.”
Lisa looked back at me after the ‘all your girls’ comment.  She didn’t know about any other girls.
“It’s her areolas.  They must be the size of silver dollars.”
He was talking about her like she was a piece of meat not even present.  His pulled her closer and began sucking on her nipple pulling it into his mouth.  He moved to the other nipple and put it in his mouth too.  I could see her wincing at his teeth.  I saw her whole body react when he slipped a finger inside her.  I had gotten her aroused and she couldn’t help responding to him as his rubbed her clit.  Her hips moved involuntarily to his finger.  Tears were rolling down her cheeks in shame.  This went on for a couple minutes until I heard him whisper in her ear, “Put my cock in your pussy.”

She was shaking her head ‘no’, so I calmly told her to do it.  Sobbing, she reached down taking hold of it.  She aimed it, and then settled down on it.  I knew she was very wet, and it slid in easily.  Bob got a blissful expression on his face as he felt the penetration.
“Now ride me,” Bob told her.
She didn’t move, so I ordered, “Bounce up and down on him.”
She started moving but too slow, and Bob slapped her butt hard making her yelp saying, “Get that ass moving girl.”

She started moving faster with her hands braced on his shoulders.  She rose too high at one point, and he slipped out of her.
“Get it back in there!”
She put it back in, and resumed bouncing.  I saw she had closed her eyes and her mouth was open panting.  I knew by the way she was shaking she was very close.  I could hear a sound beginning in her throat, and then she started shuddering and losing her rhythm of riding him.

“AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Lisa screamed and collapsed on his chest gasping.
Bob began laughing and pulled her head back kissing her.  She didn’t respond to his kiss, but she didn’t pull back either.  Breaking the kiss Bob told her, “You really are a hot little firecracker.”
Bob rolled with her until she was on her back on the couch.  He pushed back inside her commenting, “You might be done, but I’m not.”
With that he started fucking her hard.  He told her to wrap her legs around him, and she did without looking to me to see if it was OK.  Bob gave her a long hard fucking for several minutes until he stiffened and came inside her.  She did look at me in confusion feeling Bob shooting inside her.

I had Lisa give me a blow job in the back seat on the way home.  I could see Brenda fuming about that as she drove.  She hated when I had the girls do me in the back seat of her car.  I knew she was just envious of them.  Two days later I took Lisa to a motel at the edge of town, and told her she had to do whatever the guy in the room wanted.  After she came for Bob, she felt she was a dirty girl and deserved this, so she went with the guy.  I got $150 for her, and later she got her cut of $30.

The new client was feeling up Cindy while we negotiated a price.  He was a massive man dwarfing the tiny blonde.  Cindy is the smallest girl I have.  She’s only 5’1” and 95 pounds, and this guy must have been 6’9” and well over 300 pounds.  Despite the fact that Cindy by now had lost count of the different men she had fucked or blown, she still had this wholesome fresh innocence about her that drove men crazy with lust.   She stood in front of the seated man arms at her side letting the man’s hands roam on her body.
“Is anal an option?” he asked.
Admittedly the question took me off guard.  I knew what he meant, but I hadn’t considered that even for myself.
“No,” I answered thinking that this was one of those times that reminds me that I am still young and inexperienced in many ways.  When the man said ‘anal’, Cindy looked confused and glanced at me relieved when I said ‘no’.  I don’t think she knew what he intended, because it surely would have killed her.  A few minutes later Cindy was being crushed under the weight of the huge man.  I could see an ankle and foot proving she was there but other than that, it was just his humping body on the bed.  I mean if I was deaf, Cindy’s screams assuredly let me know she was there too.  The man is gigantic, and things it seems are proportional.  I mean I’m known for being big, but this guy is ridiculous.

The man’s request for anal did get me thinking though, and I began exploring the possibility.  All five of my girls couldn’t contain their curiosity and asked why I was sticking my finger in their butts.  As I suspected, Cindy had the tightest pooper.  She squeaked and whined when I worked a single finger in.  Carmela seemed uncomfortable about it too.  Kathy and Lisa didn’t complain too much until I worked a second finger in.  Using some of Claire the redhead’s spit as lube, I had two fingers inside her ass all the way to the last knuckles while she was happily going down on me.  It looks like I have a winner I thought, but I doubt Claire is going to see it that way.

August 23, 2015, 06:07:10 AM
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Offline Jed


I took Claire for her second visit to Dr. Bob.  Like Carmela and Lisa, she didn’t know what the second visit meant and thought it was a routine exam relating to her birth control.  I had her undress completely in the exam room and get in the stirrups.  I strapped her ankles down with thick Velcro straps, and moved them very wide until Claire complained.  I shifted her butt until it was almost hanging off the edge of the padded exam table.  It was when I began strapping her arms down so she couldn’t move that she got nervous.  Claire is the tallest of my girls and broad in the hips without being the least little bit fat.  She has small light pink nipples on ample breasts, and matching curly red hair on her head and below her freckled belly.

I admit it was turning me on seeing her restrained with her legs spread very wide and her pussy at just the right level for a good fucking.  I could see Claire had noticed that too and was breathing hard.  I opened a jar of Vaseline and began coating two fingers.  Leaning down I shoved my head between Claire’s thighs and started licking.
“What are you doing?  Are you crazy?” she hissed trying not to yell.
Ignoring her I work on arousing her with my tongue.  I began working my Vaseline coated fingers into her ass at the same time as I was rasping my tongue on her clit.  Claire thought it was some kink of mine that I stick fingers or a dildo in her ass all the time now.  She didn’t know yet I had been slowly loosening her up back there.  Just as Claire was getting really turned on, moaning from me going down on her and her hips undulating against my face, Bob walked in.

I looked up and saw Claire’s face turn a bright red matching her hair.  I stepped aside, and Claire looked with embarrassment back and forth from me to Bob.  Bob had a doctor’s lab coat on and opened it dropping it to the floor.  He was naked under it.  Claire’s mouth hung open in astonishment.  Bob quickly walked between her legs, lifted his cock aiming and pushed inside her pussy.  Claire reacted as if stung by an insect and began stammering, “Wha…Wha…Wha...Wha…What’s going on?”
In what was now a familiar story I explained, “It’s OK Claire.  We have to pay for your birth control somehow.  It’s just sex.”

Claire was shaking her head in disbelief and struggling in the stirrups, but I had made sure she was very secure.  Bob grinning with pleasure was happily pumping his cock deep into Claire’s pussy.  I could tell she was about to start screaming, and I turned her head towards me and covered her mouth with mine kissing her.  I was caressing her tits and rubbing her nipples, and all the sensations were overwhelming her.  I felt Claire jolt as if electrocuted, and breaking the kiss saw Bob was fingering her clit while he fucked her.  Claire tried to say something in protest, but it came out as an inarticulate moan.  She gathered herself to try and complain again, but I whispered in her ear, “Sssshhhhhhh, just relax and enjoy it.”

Her complaint again came out as a loud moan, and then her hips started moving in rhythm to Bob’s thrusting and his sliding finger.  Claire kept looking back and forth between me and Bob completely disoriented and gasping with arousal.  She was shaking and pulling at the restraints, but not to try and escape anymore.  Her mouth hung open, and her eyes started rolling back in her head and, “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Bob held his cock inside Claire waiting for her thrashing around to calm.  Just when she completely relaxed, he pulled out and nuzzled his cock head lower.  Finding her anus that I had pre-lubricated for him, he pushed hard against it easily breaking the seal of her anal ring.  With a second hard thrust, he was deep in her bowels.  Claire felt it and raised her head back up looking at Bob and gasped, “He’s in my butt?  He put it in my butt?”

“It’s OK Claire.  I’ve been getting you ready to handle that.”
Claire was still trembling from her orgasm and trying to fathom all the events of the last several minutes, while Bob fucked her steady in her ass.  Sensing she was about to complain again and maybe even scream, I forced her head over to me and pressed my cock against her lips.  She wasn’t particularly willing, but I got it in her mouth, and she did start sucking as I taught her.  When Bob finally groaned and filled Claire’s pooper with his spunk, I pulled out of Claire’s mouth and took his place.

“Oh God it’s too big!  It hurts!” shouted Claire, as I forced my cock in her ass.  Admittedly, it was a tight fit even though I had greased it up well with the Vaseline.  This was the first time I fucked a girl in the ass, and I was enjoying the sensation.  I purposely let Bob loosen her up first.  I fucked her steady not trying to hurt her, but making sure she would be able to take cock up her ass any time it was needed.  Claire didn’t know yet, but her ass was going to get a regular workout when I started offering her to clients.  Claire eventually shut up and just stared at me while I reamed her ass.  After I filled her bowels with my load joining Bob’s, I made Claire blow Bob before we left.

Brenda drove Claire and I home.  Claire was whining about what I let Bob do and kept complaining about how awful he tasted.  Of course it tasted awful, it had been in your ass I was thinking.  It was getting annoying, so I turned Claire on her stomach, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.  The rest of the ride to her house, I fucked a whimpering Claire in her well used ass on the back seat of Brenda’s car.   Brenda was silent as we dropped Claire off and drove me home.  As I exited her car, Brenda said to me, “You really are a disgusting little pervert aren’t you?”
Walking away and without turning around I replied, “I’m not little.”
Three days later Brenda went into labor.  I made other arrangements for drivers for me and my girls long overdue.  I needed several drivers now with the business I was getting.

The huge 6’9” huge guy kept asking about anal for months now.  All the girls were terrified of him, and he did work his way through all my girls.  I finally quoted him an excessive figure and he agreed.  I’m not so sure it’s worth it now watching him slam a truly massive prick into Claire’s ass.  She was screaming into his hand cupped over her mouth, which looked like a practiced move on his part.  Her eyes above his hand looked like those of a terrified animal in agony.  When after an incredible amount of time he finished, Claire had gone catatonic and was just staring glassy eyed at the wall.  Her ass was gaping open and raw looking with a trickle of blood at the edge.  The huge client help me dress her and carry her out to his car.  We took her to Dr. Bob who said she would most likely recover but to give her ass a break for at least a week.

September 01, 2015, 04:45:37 AM
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Offline Jed


An interesting event occurred recently.  The guidance counselor asked to see my mother and myself.  It seems due to my academic achievement and scores on some tests he administered, they are recommending I be advanced two grades.  He said they usually don’t do that because the child becomes bullied by older bigger children, but then he looked at me noting I was actually slightly taller than him and said this didn’t seem an issue.

My mother was proud of me, and I was delighted, but most of my delight had to do with I would now have classes with more mature girls.  I would be around them all the time and not be forced to meet them in places like the mall.  I’m sure if the fathers of the pretty girls had full knowledge of what that would mean, they would react in horror.

By pure chance none of my girls are in my new school.  Kathy, Cindy and Lisa are grade ahead in senior high school, and Carmela and Claire go to the private Catholic school.  Many of the students at my new school had gone to the same school I recently did, but none seem to recognize me due to my growth spurt.  With the facial hair I now had, there was a rumor I had been held back two years instead of advanced.

By the attention I was getting it seemed like I could if I wanted fuck my way through the entire female student body.  However, I have very high standards, and was focusing on three of the best looking and most mature girls.  By mature, I mean nicest tits and hottest bodies, but I also want a pretty face.  I was patient when I talked to these three girls setting them up.  I mean I was getting laid constantly by my girls in the morning before school and after school.  Nearly every night Kathy would sneak out and sleep with me.  Cindy did this too sometimes, so often both of them were in my bed at night, going home before their parents woke.

It’s rather ironic that I was sent to the principal’s office because of a fight between two girls.  It had been a hair pulling finger nail scratching fight over me.  The only thing was, I had never spoken to either girl, nor was I interested in either of them.  This is what I told the principal.  She nodded in understanding saying it was the girl’s fathers that were trying to place the blame on me.  It seems the girls talked about nothing but me at their homes.

I was worried this could be a recurring issue and decided on a course of action.  The principal appeared to be in her early 40’s and not bad looking, so thinking about the three girls I did intend to fuck very soon, I gave myself an erection.  The principal was seated so it was right at eye level for her view straining in my pants.  I saw her look with shock at the size of the budge in my pants, and I pretended to be extremely embarrassed and faked being shamefaced saying, “I’m sorry.  This always happens when I’m around attractive women like you.  I can’t seem to control it.”

The principal didn’t know how to react and let me go.  The next day she called me back into her office.  This time I ground my erection into her thigh as she was standing near me.  I caressed her large breasts she tried to hide under her business suit.  I wasn’t long before I had her sitting on her desk with me between her legs banging away at the old gal.  I fucked her about once a week for the next couple months until I told her I read a news story about a teacher getting 12 years in prison for sex with a student much older than me, and I didn’t want that to happen to her.  I had no troubles at school after that.  Any teacher that had an issue with me, I just complained to the principal.

I felt I needed another blonde, and Keli seemed a perfect complement to Cindy.  Cindy’s strawberry blond hair has hints of red in it and is long and curly at her shoulders, while Keli’s flaxen light blond hair is almost straight and very long down to her waist.  Both blond girls have nice tits, but Keli’s were definitely bigger.  Cindy has hazel eyes, while Keli’s were the deepest blue I had ever seen.  Keli is a few inches taller than Cindy too with a Nordic look to her.  Although, Keli didn’t seem very tall now on her knees in front of me behind the bleachers.  I take her behind the bleachers often, the site of our first kiss.  While my fist was in her long blond hair pumping my cock in her mouth ever deeper watching her struggle not to gag, I was thinking about how I got her.

It started with Keli a few weeks ago.  While I was chatting with her, she explained she had a boyfriend who was a junior in high school, and that’s why she couldn’t see me.  She complained about how her dad thought her boyfriend was way too old for her and never let them be alone.  She had her head down with her hands fooling with the edge of her sweater while she talked.  I just nodded and moved closer to her until my crotch bumped her hands.  In surprise at the bulge she felt, she looked up at me.  That was when I kissed her hard.  She gave in briefly, but then struggled a little when I began groping her tit under the sweater.  I pushed her back against the bleachers so she couldn’t retreat, and soon she surrendered and her arms were around my neck moaning into my mouth.

That night she sneaked me into her basement when her parents were out to dinner.  She thought it would be more making out and some more second base, but once I had my hand in her panties, she couldn’t stop herself.  I soon had my nose buried in her blond pubic hair licking her close to an orgasm.  I had figured that older boyfriend had deflowered her, and I was right.  She still grunted in surprise and some pain when I entered her, but then she was moaning with pleasure just seconds later.  When she came it was so loud, I teased her that her parents probably heard in the restaurant.  We were soon fucking whenever we could.  Behind the bleachers was for blowjobs, but I found out when the music room was empty, and we went there to fuck usually with her bent over a desk.

Inevitably, we went to Dr. Bob for birth control.  The poor girl had no idea what the second visit meant.  Keli got very nervous when I strapped her into the stirrups in Bob’s examine room.  She was totally nude chest heaving asking, “Why do I need to be completely naked and strapped down?”
“The doctor said it was necessary.  It will be fine.”
I kissed her reassuringly, and began playing with her nipples.  She groaned in protest in my mouth and broke the kiss saying, “Are you crazy?  He could come in.”
“He’s already here Keli, behind you.”
“Don’t worry Keli.  I’m here to help you and your boyfriend do what your parents might not like,” said Dr. Bob, as he came around to where she could see him.

Bob came around between Keli’s strapped down widely spread legs and got his face very close to her pussy in a parody of examining her.  I could see she knew something was wrong, but stayed quiet.  She did let out a squeak when she felt Bob’s tongue lick the length of her slit.  Keli started trying to yell, but I covered her mouth with my hand and whispered my well-practiced lines in her ears about needing to pay the doctor.  She struggled and tried to scream through my hand, but eventually Bob’s tongue got her moaning and her hips moving.  Once she was too turned on to protest anymore, Bob stood up, dropped his pants, entered her in one rapid motion and started fucking her.  I kept telling her it was OK and everything would be fine.  She kept trying to scream through my hand, but her body was responding to him.  Predictably, she started cumming from Bob fucking her and got real quiet and confused after that.  I fucked her next while she was trying to understand what had just happened.  Before I could finish, Dr. Bob pulled her head down upside down over the edge of the examine table and shoved his cock in her mouth.  I could hear her protesting around his flesh while he fucked her mouth, but he didn’t stop until he came.

I had to slap Keli around pretty hard and make threats to get her into the motel room with her first client, but eventually she was too afraid not to do what I demanded.  I made her fuck or suck five different men one after the other that afternoon before allowing her to go home and try to understand it all.

So now I had another blond to please my clients, but there still seemed to be some gaps in what I had to offer.  I was working on two other girls at school.  There was a short brunette Chelsea I had just started to fuck and would soon take to Dr. Bob, but she was similar to Lisa.  That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as both Lisa and Chelsea were hotties, but I want girls with variety.  One girl I had not yet nailed, but I was getting close.  She hangs out with the Goth crowd wearing black all the time.  She has her hair dyed jet black with highlights of blood red in it and wears black lipstick.  She has a pale but very pretty face.  She calls herself Acantha, which apparently means thorn.  I know it’s not her real name, but she won’t respond to anyone including the teachers unless they call her that.  She was being resistant not wanting to be teased by her Goth friends for being seen with me, but I did make out with her a couple times.  She wears loose fitting black cloths with multiple layers all the time that don’t let you see her body that well, but I’ve gotten my hand in there and confirmed what I suspected.  Acantha has a great set of tits.  She’s also very responsive.  I can get her moaning within seconds of making out with her.  She told me she’s a virgin, but that won’t be true for very long.

I also think I need an older girl or girls to get more clients.  I need to work on that, and I know just who I'm going to get.

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Offline Jed


I couldn’t help but admire Brenda’s gorgeous naked figure in my bed.  With her taut voluptuous body, narrow waist and complete absence of cellulite, no one would guess she had delivered our daughter less than 2 months ago.  She could still pose for Playboy.  I couldn’t admire her great tits right now as she was on her belly face down, but her ass was fantastic.  Her body was glistening with a sheen of sweat.  I traced my finger feeling it moisten and slid my finger from her shoulder down her back and across her beautiful butt to her thigh.

I knew the sweat was from our recent struggle.  She fought me like a wildcat, and it wasn’t easy to strip her naked and tie her spread-eagled on the bed by her wrists and ankles to the four bedposts.  I knew she would be cursing me right now except for the two pairs of my soiled underpants stuffed in her mouth bulging out her cheeks and secured with duct tape.  Her mute noises of protest were rather pleasant to hear.

I had called Brenda and used threats of blackmail to get her over here.  I let her assume I wanted to resume the taxi service she had provided.  I had long made other arrangements.  My needs were far more extensive now than they had been.  I began undressing and asked Brenda, “Do you remember what you said to me that last evening just days before you gave birth to our beautiful daughter?  You called me a disgusting little pervert.”

I climbed up on the bed and straddled Brenda’s thighs and continued, “I had just finished fucking Claire in the ass when you called me that.”
With that comment I hefted my cock and gently nestled it in Brenda’s butt crack like a hot dog in a bun.  Brenda was struggling severely now desperate to escape, but she was well secured.  She knew what was coming and was obviously terrified.

I drizzled a tiny bit of olive oil along my cock, and then worked it between her butt cheeks to coat it.  I wanted to take her completely dry to inflict the most pain, but I knew that would abrade my cock potentially even wounding it.  I used my cock too often to risk that.  I leaned up letting the tip slide between her cheeks until it got to that little rose bud of her anus.  Brenda was trying to scream through my dirty undies feeling me slowly put weight on her sphincter.

Gripping my cock with one hand to keep it from bending and bracing myself on Brenda’s shoulder with the other hand, I lifted my knees off the bed putting the full weight of my body over my cock.  Brenda was thrashing her head around her brown curly hair flailing as the pressure on her anus built to excruciating heights.  Ever so slowly I felt the muscle weakening, and then it just gave way completely, and I drilled deep into her rectum.  Brenda slammed her head on the bed in agony.  I pushed it hard penetrating her as far as I could and held it there.  Her bowels were spasming around my flesh.  Brenda was struggling feebly now and moaning in agony at my intrusion, so I asked, “What’s the matter?  Doesn’t hubby ever fuck you in the ass?  Maybe he does, but you barely notice it.  I mean you wouldn’t have begun fucking me last year if he was satisfying you.  He must have just a tiny little thing.”

Brenda tried to scream again obviously angry at my words, but it turns to a gurgle as I begin moving.  I mean this to be a punishment fuck, so my initial slow movements begin to build to a swift pace.  It wasn’t long before I was hammering away at her ass with rapid butt cheek crushing thrusts.  She felt rough and abrasive hurting me a little, but I drew pleasure knowing it was hurting her a lot more.  I purposely detached my mind drawing out Brenda’s ass rape as long as possible.  Her face turned to the side was soaked with tears.  I got a rhythm going penetrating her bowels at deep as possible with each thrust.  I fucked her like this for about 45 minutes.  She moaned continuously in pain at first, but after a while she just stared to the side in shock at the awful pounding I was giving her.  Ready to finish, I slammed as hard as I could into her ass making her moan again, but I saw her eyes looking hopeful I would be done soon.  When I came, it was particularly satisfying.

Feeling my spunk enter her bowels, Brenda thought her punishment was over.  She was wrong.  I pulled out and briefly admired the rectum wrecking job I did on her ass.  It looked even worse than Claire’s ass did the first time the huge guy fucked it.  Feeling good about things I went and got a ping-pong paddle.  When I got back to Brenda, I showed her the paddle and said, “Time for the next part of your punishment.”

I then proceeded to make Brenda’s butt cheeks as red, sore and raw looking as her anus by giving her a severe paddling on her ass.  I took my time sometimes waiting as long as a minute between whacks on her ass.  I would raise my hand up high and bring it down hard each time.  I counted how many times each cheek got smacked wanting to evenly distribute the punishment to both cheeks.  Brenda was a complete wreck when I finally stopped at 50 smacks, 25 on each cheek.  I only stopped because it looked like her cheeks would begin bleeding at any more paddling.

I got in front of Brenda and yanked the duct tape off roughly.  I watched while she tried to spit out my filthy undies and laughed when she couldn’t.  I pulled the disgusting underwear from her mouth and gave her several long drinks of water from a bottle.  Once her mouth wasn’t dry any more, I pulled her up by her hair my cock an inch from her face and said, “If I like how you suck me off, I’ll let you go home.  If I don’t, then I’ll fuck you in the ass again and after I finish that, I’ll get the paddle again.”
Brenda tried really hard to give me a good blow job even while gagging at the taste of her own shit on my cock.  I was soon slamming my hips against her face forcing it into her throat.  It had been about 5 months since I last came in her mouth, and I enjoyed making her swallow my load.

I sent a very contrite Brenda home.  The bed was a mess.  I had to change the sheets and flip the mattress for Kathy, Cindy and I to sleep comfortably.  I took turns fucking them during the night.  Later Brenda told me she had to sleep on her stomach for over a week, and it constantly reminded her of what I did to her ass.  She told her husband she fell off a chair onto her butt trying to get in a high cupboard.  He told her to be more careful.

Some men, not very many men actually but some, don’t want girls they think may be underage.  For these men I was happy to offer Brenda.  Brenda is hot enough that all my clients wanted to try her, it was just a few that only wanted her.  I made sure she was very busy.  The first few times I handed her the 20% she earned, she cried but still took it.

The 6’9” over 300 pounds guy turned out to be a gentle giant of sorts around me.  His name is Jim, and he began helping me out in circumstances where a client got out of line with the girls or even with me.  Once they had Jim standing over them, unruly clients became quite reasonable.  To compensate Jim for his help, I told him he could fuck Brenda in the ass any time he wanted.  To Brenda’s constant nightmare, this ended up being daily usually first thing in the morning before other clients showed up for her.

Brenda’s husband thought she returned to her old job, as she was bringing home several hundred dollars a week.  She was making that money from morning until early evening on her back, on her knees or on her stomach taking cock in all her holes and making me thousands of dollars each week too.