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September 04, 2015, 04:26:25 AM

Offline Jed

Two best friends are having a night out and hit the bar a bit too hard. forced
to walk home things get out of hand when they decide to cut through the park.

It was late on a Saturday night, cold and misty as winter set in. The night life in the city never stopped though and like always the town was abuzz with partygoers. Two such partygoers were Emma and Paige, best friends since primary school. The inseparable pair were celebrating as they’re high school days were at an end. Both were excited for what the future held and couldn’t wait for the next stage of their lives. Tonight they were letting their hair down and having a good time, though perhaps too good of a time. It was 1:30am and both girls had been hitting the bars pretty hard. Emma however at least had the sense to realise that it was time to call it a night. She had always been the more sensible of the two, the voice of reason in most cases. Paige though, was a little more reckless and couldn’t hold her alcohol as well as Emma. She often told herself that she would take it easy and not be so bad, but tonight was a special occasion and she was pretty bad, even for her standards. Emma had expected it but made the mistake of having one or two more than she should have. Still, she felt she was capable of getting the two of them home in one piece.

The pair left the pub and made their way towards the cab rank around the corner. Paige stumbled a little but was able to walk without Emma holding her, at least for now. They reached the rank and saw a huge line of various drunk patrons. Both girls sighed as they saw at least thirty people waiting in line. It was freezing cold and there was no chance they’d be getting in a cab in under an hour. Emma checked the time on her phone, seeing it was nearing 2am. They couldn’t walk home, it was way too far. They would just have to wait, there wasn’t any other option.
Emma was guiding Paige toward the line when suddenly there was a loud splat on the ground, she looked down to see a rather large puddle of vomit on the ground near her feet. Paige was leaning over, adding to the puddle. Emma rolled her eyes as she held her friend’s dark brown hair up, as to keep it from getting vomit in it.
“You gotta stop doing this, honey” said Emma, rubbing her friends back as she finished throwing up.
Paige eventually stood up straight, looking the worse for wear. Emma gave her a doubtful look before moving her on, making sure they avoided the puke. Half the people in the line were staring at the pair. Looks of joy, pity, and disgust were amongst the faces in the crowd. Emma glared back at some of them as they took their place at the back of the line.

A few minutes passed and it was getting even colder as the night wore on. Emma was rubbing her arms and keeping an eye on Paige who was looking like she could barely stand upright. The line for the cabs seemed like it wasn’t moving at all, yet she could have sworn that she had seen several cabs come and go. As she checked on Paige again she noticed her friend’s eyes were closed and she was swaying back and forth, shivering in the cold night air. Emma was equally as cold, even though she had been wearing warm clothing, jeans, a thick sweater, even gloves a thick scarf. Paige had been wearing similar clothes, but looked like she was freezing to death.

Emma wasn’t sure what to do. If Paige got too much worse she might well pass out or something. It would be ages until they got a taxi. Emma thought for a minute, before getting her phone out again and looking up her contacts. A mutual friend lived relatively nearby, within walking distance at least. Emma was sure her friend Alexandra would be home. She quickly sent a text to her and hoped she would get a reply soon. She looked at Paige who had opened her eyes and was taking in her surrounds.

“It’s cold...” uttered Paige, her eyes hazy and unfocused.

“I know, honey. Look, we’re not getting anywhere here, I’m thinking we might head to Alex’s place. How’s that sound?”

Paige smiled and rested her head on Emma’s shoulder as they waited for an answer from Alex. As they waited, a group of guys a few places ahead tried to get their attention.

“Hey, cutie!” yelled one, gaining Emma’s attention.

“Your friend doesn’t look too good. Me and my mate are getting a ride soon, wanna tag along?” asked the other male.

“No, thanks!” answered Emma, seeing the playful looks in the boys eyes.

“Come on babe, we’ll warm you and your friend right up.” added the other boy.

“Just fuck off.” shot back Emma, glaring at them.

“Whatever…” replied the boys, rolling their eyes and turning away from the two girls. Not before one of them grabbed his crotch and made an obscene gesture towards them.

Emma’s phone buzzed and she quickly looked down, seeing a reply from Alex. She smiled as she saw exactly what she wanted, a message saying: yep, home now. Come over when ya’s want.

“Okay, honey, we’re gonna go walk to Alex’s place, okay?” said Emma, placing a hand on Paige’s face and turning towards her.

Paige nodded her head and the two began making their way towards the crossing. It was cold and Paige was hardly in a condition to walk, but it should only take about ten minutes, so Emma was confident they could make it there in no time. They crossed the road and walked down the sidewalk several feet before approaching the park. Emma looked around and saw that the park was relatively empty. If they cut through the park they could shave a few minutes off the walk. Emma stopped and held Paige so she didn’t fall over, looking around the park. There was nobody there and it really did seem to be getting colder by the minute, besides, Paige was looking the worse for wear, like she could barely keep from passing out. Emma argued with herself for a few seconds, before deciding they would cut across the park as quickly as they could. She helped Paige and they set off, steeping over the rail and as quickly as she could guide her friend, they walked across the park field.

The wind picked up and a painfully cold breeze blew against the two girls, making both of them shiver. Paige was clinging to her friend, her teeth practically chattering as they walked. The breeze seemed to stay, swirling around them, almost taunting them. They made their way through the field and reached a path that led straight to the other side. Emma smiled, knowing they were only a few miles walk from Alex’s place. The two girl’s followed the path, passing between two thick and gigantic trees. As they passed through and out the other side there was a big picnic table, under a tall light post. As they neared the table, Emma quickly noticed several people were situated around it, all looked to be men. She studied them, realizing there were about four of them, all looked like teenagers.
Emma stopped, unsure whether to proceed. The boys were all mucking about and clowning around, typical boys. She didn’t like the situation, though what would she do, turn back? Paige groaned and almost fell to her knees. Emma stopped her and kept her upright, cursing under her breath.

She couldn’t go back now, Paige couldn’t last much longer. She had no choice but to proceed and hope they would pass the group without any trouble. Hesitantly, she held Paige and walked her down the path, nearing the group of boys. Emma kept her eyes off the group, instead looking at the ground or on Paige. The boy’s shouts and laughs were getting louder, soon they’d be passing them. Emma made sure they walked as fast as they could, without being too much trouble for Paige. They kept walking, Emma preying they would pass right by.
It seemed like they were past, maybe the boys were having too much fun mucking about to notice them. Emma looked up and saw the park exit, knowing they we practically home. Suddenly there was a loud wolf whistle and then a shout from the direction of the group.

“Ladies, what’s the rush?” shouted one.

“Come on over here girls, it’s still early.” Shouted another.
Emma ignored their words, focusing on exiting the park. Before she could, a boy stepped in front of them and blocked their way. Emma tried to move to the side and get past but he quickly moved to block her again.

“Where you going, girl?” asked the teen, reaching out to stroke Emma’s shoulder.

“Just get out of the way!” growled Emma.

“Hey, your friend doesn’t look too good” stated the teen, running his hand though Paige’s long brown hair.

“Don’t touch her!” snapped Emma, swatting the boy’s hand away.

The boy smiled and then looked back at Emma with a sly grin. She glared at him as he brought his finger tips to his mouth. He looked over at the group and smiled again, making Emma feel incredibly scared.

“Please, just let us get through” pleaded Emma.

“Ah, you can spare some time with us. Your friend looks like she could use a rest.” Insisted the teen.

“No, just leave us alone!” shouted Emma.

The boy scoffed and then quickly grabbed hold of Paige, pulling her from Emma’s arms. Emma shouted in protest, trying to keep hold of her friend but was suddenly yanked back as a strong pair of arms grabbed her around the waist, pulling her away from Paige.

“Noooo!!” cried Emma at the top of her voice as the two girls were torn apart and she was forcibly dragged back as she watched the teen holding Paige and immediately start kissing her mouth and neck.

Emma struggled in vein as she was dragged back to the table and thrown into the group of teens. She panicked and tried frantically to get away but was easily overpowered by the group and forced onto her back, on top of the picnic table. She couldn’t see Paige anymore as the group of teens leered over her, pinning her arms down and laughing loudly. Soon though, she could hear her friend crying out in protest, Emma began tearing up as she realized that it was all her fault. Cold hands roamed her body, slipping under her jumper and pulling it up. More hands began pulling at her jeans and undoing them. The group of teens became a pack of wolves as they tore at their prey on the picnic table. Emma cried out again as she felt her jeans being yanked down and the cold night air swirl around her bare thighs. Tears ran down her face as she heard gleeful laughter from the animals around her and the cries of her best friend in the distance. The night had gone from the most celebrated to the worst Emma could have imagined. This was just the beginning though, the worst was definitely yet to come.

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Offline Jed

Animalistic cries and shouts echoed throughout the park as the group of male teens all mauled Emma as she struggled hopelessly against them. Her panicked cries of violation and horror were drowned out and ignored by her attackers. She kicked against them, trying desperately to escape them but there were too many of them and within minutes her clothes were being torn off her slender body. Her scarf, sweater, and jeans were all being tugged and pulled off by the group. Soon the cold, frightened, girl was left only in her underwear as the boys all cheered and celebrated, seeing Emma scantily clad. Cold Hands wandered over her body, touching every inch of her as her hands were pinned roughly against the table and her legs pulled wide apart as they draped over the end of it.
A few feet away, Paige had been dragged over to a nearby light post and the teen who had taken her was forcing her against it. The dazed girl could barely talk, groaning in protest and weakly pressing her hands against him as he ravaged her, unrelentingly. He kissed her neck and collar bone, ignoring her cries of protest. He roughly mauled her tits with one hand as his other hand forced its way down the girl’s pants, seeking out her panties and then slipping it down further.

“mmm…stop…I… don’t want to” uttered a barely conscious Paige, as the teen forced himself on her.

“Like you have a choice. Besides, tonight ain’t about what you want, bitch. Tonight’s all about what we want, and we want that sweet pussy of yours.” answered the boy with a sinister tone.
Paige uttered a cry of protest as the boy slipped his hand under her top and pulled her bra down, squeezing her breasts with his hand.

“You like that, don’t ya, bitch?” laughed the teen, biting his lip as his other hand slipped between Paige’s underwear and felt her soft, smooth, pussy.
“Nooo!’ groaned Paige, dropping her head as his hand firmly rubbed between her legs.

The drunk girl could barely stay upright without the male teenager’s strong hand keeping her pressed tight against the pole. Her cries of protest were falling on deaf ears and after he had squeezed her tits and rubbed her snatch for a bit he stopped and placed both of his hands on her shoulders, pressing down so she would get on her knees. Paige put up little resistance and soon fell to her knees as the male stood in front of her, unzipping his fly. He took hold of her hands and pulled them up above her, using one hand to hold them together by the wrists. The male studied Paige for a moment, noticing she was on the verge of passing out completely. She looked half asleep as she sat shakily on her knees, swaying back and forth slightly. He figured he’s best make her suck his dick while she was conscious, he could always fuck her later, awake or not. A smile flashed across his face as he pulled his already semi-hard cock free from his pants and stepped forward, pressing the head against a dazed Paige’s lips.

Paige resisted, frowning and turning her head away as she tried to avoid the teens cock. This simply made him laugh and then reach out with his hand, firmly gripping her jaw and squeezing. Paige groaned as he cruelly squeezed her jaw and forced her mouth open. The male held firm, then thrust forward, feeding his cock into the intoxicated girl’s mouth. He groaned as his cock entered her warm mouth, feeling great on his dick in contrast to the cold air. He quickly moved his hand to the back of Paige’s head and held it firmly, gripping a bunch of her hair in his fist.

“You’re gonna suck now, bitch. No biting, or I’ll knock all your teeth out, got it!?” commanded the teen in a stern voice.

Paige didn’t respond much at all, a disgusted look painted on her face as the male forced the entire length of his cock into her mouth. The teen chuckled then groaned as his cock went hard in the helpless girl’s mouth, savouring every second of it. He forced her head forward, making sure she took every inch of his manhood in. He held her wrists together, closing his eyes as he thrust his cock in and out of Paige’s mouth. He could hear cries of protest coming from her but didn’t care a single bit. He was going to enjoy this one and didn’t care if she was passed out or awake, he knew both this one and her friend were in for a long night.

Several feet away, Emma was being held down, her arms and legs held tightly down against the table as one of the boys was stripping her of her underwear. It was painfully cold and Emma’s entire body was covered in Goosebumps and even going blue from the freezing night air. The boys seemed to be taking pleasure in this, even pointing out how her nipples were already hard. Emma was in tears as the boy tore off her black bra and matching panties, leaving her completely naked on the picnic table.

“woohoo!” shouted one of the teens holding Emma’s arm down.

“We gonna mess you up, bitch!” laughed another.

Emma cried out in horror as hands roughly pinched and squeezed her breasts, pulling painfully on her nipples. She felt a rough hand move down between her legs, pinching her inner thigh and soon after that, her pussy mound. The teen who had stripped her began undoing his belt and pulled his cargo pants down as he approached the end of the table. The boys made sure Emma’s legs were pulled wide apart so their pal could step right between them as he took his cock in his hand. He looked into Emma’s frightened eyes, smiling as he saw her expression.

The other boys were shouting at her and saying the most demeaning things they could come up with. One of the boys holding her arm down was even pulling the rings from her fingers and her bracelet, pocketing the jewellery. The others were spitting insults at her, calling her an ugly, fat, slut and other demeaning things.

“You’re probably gonna enjoy this, aren’t you, slut?” shouted one of the teenager.

“Yeah, she was probably preying we’d notice them and give her and the other one a good fucking.” joined the other.

The boy at the end of the table moved close and spread Emma’s thighs apart a bit more, looking down at her bare pussy. He eyed the girl up and down for a moment, drinking in the terrified look on the girl’s face. She was actually really, cute. He guessed around eighteen years old. Honey coloured hair, green eyes and creamy, white, skin. She was slender but not skinny, her boobs a nice handful but not as big as he liked. Still, he was going to have fun with this one, her sweet, perfect, pussy just screamed out “fuck me”.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.” Said the male teen as he worked his cock in his hand a few times before guiding it towards Emma’s pussy.

“Please...god…don’t do this to me, please!!’ gasped Emma, tears streaming down her face.

The teen laughed evilly at her begging and then looked down between her legs, pressing the head of his cock against the entrance her beautiful, young, snatch. Emma began to hyperventilate as she felt him press against her and then the head of his cock sink in about half an inch, before he took her gaze again and lunged forward, spearing into her with an almighty thrust. The teen boy groaned loudly as his cock entered the girl’s tight snatch, biting his lip as he buried the entire length inside her.

Emma screamed out loud as she was violated there on the table, hearing nothing but joyful laugher from the boys around her.

“Arghh!, fuck yeah!” growled the male as he buried his entire length into her, balls deep in the teenage girl.

Emma was balling her eyes out as she felt his cock spear into her, his hips colliding with her. The rest of the group howled in joy as their buddy violated Emma and the rape began. The main boy leaned over the table, roughly fucking Emma with strong thrusts as the group held her down on the table. He didn’t take his eyes of hers for a second, focusing on the distraught and teary eyes of his victim. He groaned loudly again as his cock worked In and out of the girl, shaking her entire frame with every powerful, inward, thrust. The rest of the group were still pinning her down but used their spare hands to maul her young body. They were clawing at her breasts, hips, and thighs, digging in and mercifully pinching and squeezing her. Some were being so rough they were scratching her, leaving red marks up all over her arms and legs. A few of them were getting pretty excited themselves and were rubbing their crotches and feeling themselves up as they watched the rape going on before them. The male raping Emma pulled back a little then thrust powerfully into her again, making her grunt from the impact. He grinned as he slammed in and out of the distraught girl, gritting his teeth and holding her firmly by the hips. With each punishing thrust Emma was rocked back and forth, feeling his balls slapping against her butt.

“Auuuhh…Nnhh! Uuhhh…Nhhnooo! NhnNoooo!!!!” howled Emma as she was violated, breaking down and becoming hysterical.

She suddenly felt her hair being pulled and her head jerked painfully to the side as one of the boys let her arm go and painfully twisted her hair so she was forced to look at him. He chuckled at the distraught look on her face as she was roughly fucked by the lead teenager, seeing the broken look in her pretty eyes. He lowered his head and forced his mouth against hers, drawing a reluctant kiss from the terrified girl before breaking it and cruelly spitting in her face. Saliva ran down the girls tear stained face, some getting in her eye and blinding her. The rest of the group began to get comfortable and loosened their grip on Emma’s wrists and legs, deciding they’d rather focus on molesting the teenager’s body a bit more.

The boy fucking Emma picked up his pace, breathing loudly and groaning as he pounded her roughly on the table. He loved how tight she was, her pussy was like a soft, velvet, vice, around his cock. Despite how cold it was he felt great, his dick felt great inside the struggling teen girl. He reached out and mauled one of her tits as he continued the fucking, painfully squeezing her sensitive breast. He was enjoying himself but could already tell he was nearing climax, as much as he hated to admit it. He moved a hand down the length of her body, from her breast down to her thigh, gripping firmly all the way down. Her skin was so soft and delicate, he squeezed her inner thigh tight as he felt his balls churning between thrusts.

Emma simply sobbed, her body rocked back with each thrust as the male raped her. She was cold, scared, and in pain. These boys were animals and all she could do was lay their silently, too cold and too tired to scream anymore, it wasn’t like anyone was coming to help her or Paige. She could only wait it out and after another ten minutes of being mauled and attacked by the group around her, she heard a loud groan come from the teen raping her. She looked on in horror as he thrust in, held her tight and groaned again. She immediately felt him inside her, his cock blowing its load, sending torrents of cum into her violated pussy. He pulled roughly on both her tits again as he emptied his balls into her and after a few more moments of savouring the amazing feeling, he finally pulled his cock free.

He eventually let go and stepped away from Emma who was crying uncontrollably, her hands on her face. There was a brief moment of peace for the hysterical girl before she was roughly pulled off the table then quickly spun around and bent over the table. She grunted as she was pushed down violently, her breasts mashed against the table as she was forced face down.

“Nooo!” cried Emma, balling up her fists and screaming out loud.

Within seconds she was firmly being held by the hips as another cock was lined up between her thighs. The girl cried uncontrollably as she heard more shouts of approval coming from the group, whistles and laughter coming from all around.

“Hey man, I’ll take sloppy seconds!” exclaimed one of the group.

“Something tells me we’ll all get a piece of this bitch before the nights over” said another.
Emma sobbed, then her eyes went wide and she cried out loud as another of the teens thrust painfully into her and the rape began anew.

Several feet away, Paige was still being forced to suck the lone teen’s cock. He roughly skull fucked the girl, making sure he got the most out of her. He gritted his teeth and let out low moans as his cock went deep in her mouth and down the intoxicated girls throat. This had been going on for a while now and Paige was struggling to keep up. His cock may have been in her mouth but she wasn’t sucking, her eyes practically glazed over. The male was happy to skull fuck her a little longer before he got to business. Suddenly the girl sprang to life, coughing and letting out loud groans, she moved her hand up frantically, trying to pull away from the male. Annoyed, he tried to keep her on task but she was clearly panicked about something. He decided to give her a breather and reluctantly pulled his cock from her mouth and let go of her wrists.

A second later, Paige was doubled over on the ground, throwing up again as she coughed and spluttered. The male teen looked on in disgust as the girl hurled several more times, before wiping her eyes and then her mouth. She looked a mess, but the boy hadn’t been put off in the slightest, in fact he took it as a signal to press on.

Paige looked dazed and totally out of it. Her eyes were unfocused and she could barely sit up straight on her own. She was cold, shivering on the damp grass she was sitting on. She looked up, seeing everything spinning but could make out the male leaning over her and grabbing her.
He roughly grabbed Paige by the shoulders and moved her away from the area where she had been throwing up. Then, he pulled her sweater off completely, followed by her top. He forced Paige onto her back, making her lay on the cold, dewy, grass. He knelt down beside her and quickly slipped off her jeans, pulling them down her legs and the tossing them aside. Paige squirmed on the cold ground, shivering as the boy then pulled her underwear down to her ankles and yanked her bra down, exposing her large, rounded boobs.

The boy grinned as he crawled over the intoxicated girl and mounted her, laying over her so they were face to face. He took in the sight of the barely conscious teen, admiring her looks then taking his cock in his hand and guided it too her vulnerable pussy. He pressed it in and eased the head into her, closing his eyes as he sank inch after inch of his cock into the defenceless, drunk, girl. There on the grass, he thrust in and despite the faint pleas of Paige he raped her on the grass. The dazed girl grunted softly as he fucked her on the ground, her eyes closed and her head turned, face resting on the grass. He grinned and went about fucking her with long, smooth strokes, running his hands all over tight, firm, body. She was so soft and delicate, not to mention attractive. Tonight had obviously been a special night, because she had gone all out on the make-up.

He took his time, easing in and out of her, loving the soft groans coming from the girl as he trust into her. Her warm pussy was heavenly around his dick and he was soon picking up steam, quickening the pace. He brushed her brown hair from her forehead, stroking her cheek with his hand as he fucked her.
He leaned down close to her, kissing her cheek and neck as he thrust in and out of her. He licked her face and planted small kisses all the way up to the dazed girl’s ear. He nibbled on it a little, brushing her long, silky, hair out of the way.

“You’re all mine tonight, bitch. We’re gonna fuck you and your friend until the sun comes up. So until then, you better just relax and enjoy it, because there ain’t nothing you can do about it.” Whispered the boy into Paige’s ear.

Paige was mostly unresponsive, letting out the faintest of moans as the boy raped her on the grass. He picked up his pace again, powering into her as he squeezed her tits with his hands at the same time. He chuckled as it seemed she was so out of it, she may actually have passed out. He didn’t care, just simply continued fucking her. He could hear the sound of his pals behind him, no doubt enjoying their prize. He figured there was plenty of time to enjoy her as well, if need be he’d get them to bring the two girl’s to his place nearby. He smiled as an evil plan developed in his mind, stopping only to grab Paige’s leg and raise it up as he fucked her senseless on the cold ground. By now she was laying their quietly, not making a sound. He moved his hand up and rolled up her eye lid, getting no reaction from her.

“Huh!, guess she passed out.” Chuckled the male as he continued on.

Meanwhile, Emma was being brutally raped, still bent over the picnic table as one of the teens fucked her, the others now with their cocks out. A few of them were rubbing their cocks against Emma, her face especially. One of the boy’s dick’s was forcing itself against her cheek, rubbing her tear stained face all over. Another was rubbing against her chest and belly, like a warm, snake slithering over her. Emma had gone quiet as the boy fucking her had a firm grip of her hips, pinching them painfully as he fucked her. Emma had gone numb to the situation, no longer shouting or screaming. She simply stared ahead, a dead look in her eyes as her body was rocked back and forth, hands and cocks roaming her young body.

She could only hope it was coming to an end soon, but she had no idea what these animals had in store for her or for Paige.

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Offline Jed

Paige lay silently under the weight of the rutting teenage boy. In the cold night air he paid no mind to her state of unconsciousness, groaning loudly as fucked the girl with quick strokes, loving the feeling of her tight pussy around his large cock. He held her rounded tits for leverage as he thrust in and out of her, rocking her smaller frame back and forth with each inward thrust. He couldn’t believe he had gotten this stunner all to himself, at least for the time anyway. He felt so horny he looked down at the girl and then lowered his head kissing her face and mouth. She still wasn’t reacting to anything, even his slimy tongue running all over her face and neck. God, she even tasted good to him. He continued his thrusts, feeling his balls swell and begin to churn. He tried his best to hold off the urge to cum, still enjoying the girl’s snatch way too much to stop now. He slowed his thrusts a bit and eased in and out of Paige, feeling his balls slap against the girl’s ass as he fucked her slow and deep. He laughed as he heard cries of distress coming from behind him, figuring the guys were teaching the other girl why she shouldn’t be out so late.

Emma had consigned to her rape by this point but the boys were becoming even rougher with her. The boy fucking her as she was bent over the table was harshly pulling her by the hair, yanking back on it with all his strength. At the same time two of the boys were holding her by the arms, keeping her down over the table. Another who stood beside her was cruelly using his cigarette to burn her on her back and side. Emma was in tears as she was being savaged by the group. The boy fucking her was purposefully ramming her as hard as he could, slamming into her as he pulled on her hair. Every time he thrust hammered into her, there was a loud meaty slap as he collided with the meaty flanks of Emma’s ass. All the group were still taunting Emma and shouting out the most insulting things they could think of.

The male raping Emma let one hand off her hair and moved it down to her backside, slapping it as hard as he could between the thrusts. Again and again, he slapped the cheeks of Emma’s ass until they were red. As he continued the assault on her now aching pussy, he slipped two fingers between her cheeks and roughly pressed them against her butthole, cruelly pressing them in. Emma gasped then groaned loudly in pain, only to be slapped in the face and then roughly kissed by one of the boys who was holding her by the arms. She shook her head, wailing loudly as she was raped and her ass was forcibly penetrated by her rapist’s fingers.
The group of boys all laughed and hi fived each other, making light of the cried and noises Emma was making.  The one with the cigarette cruelly pressed it against the small of Emma’s back, keep it there and hearing her cry out in pain.

The male teen fucking her had managed to sink a single finger into the girl’s rectum, cruelly and unmercifully working it further in. he could tell from the way the girl was trembling that she was in great pain and discomfort. It was only making him more turned on, his enjoyment increased at the girls suffering. He was however close to reaching climax and decided to finish strong. He removed his finger from Emma’s ass and took her firmly by the hips with both hands. He groaned loudly, leaning down over Emma, his chest pressing against her back as he roughly fucked her for all he was worth.
“aww…arghh!..arggh!!!’ arggggghhhh!!’ groaned the male as he pulled her into him by the hips and thrust deep into her, his cock trembling and then shooting several shots of cum deep into Emma’s pussy. He held her close, wrapping his arm around her belly, clinging to her as he emptied himself into her completely. Emma was shaking, freezing cold and utterly heartbroken. She felt the teen kiss the nape of her neck then let go of her, his cock slipping out of her with a wet sloshy noise. Tears rolled down her face as she felt him remove his cock and walk away, cum dripping form her pussy.

The group all hi fived the teen who had just raped Emma and he took a cigarette and lit it. Emma was left alone for a few seconds, slipping down to the ground beside the table with her head in her hands. The group stood around her, some just joking around others looking at her with devious grins on their faces. Emma had several burn marks on her back and near her ribs. There were scratch marks all up her arms, legs, and thighs. Even her face had red marks on it from being slapped several times. Streaks of mascara marked her cheeks from the tears that had run down her face for the last hour. One of the boys looked over their shoulder to see their mate who was fucking Paige. He chuckled and pointed.

“Huh!, Jackie boy’s fucked that one unconscious!” he exclaimed, taking a puff of his cigarette.

Emma had heard every word, her heart sinking as she thought of the bastard who was forcing himself on her. She hoped the two of them would get out of this in one piece, preying they were done with her and lost interest. She went to move but was quickly grabbed by the shoulder and pushed back down on the ground.

“Noo!!” cried Emma, looking up at them with pleading eyes.

“You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart. We still got big plans for you!” exclaimed one of the boys.

With that, one of them stepped up to her and pulled his cock free, shoving it in Emma’s face. Emma turned her head but hands quickly grabbed her and roughly forced her to look straight ahead.

“You’re gonna suck some cock now, bitch. And if you dare bite or do anything but suck, we’re gonna hurt you so bad, no guy will ever wanna touch you again, got it!?”

Emma broke down again, shaking as the teen pressed the head of his cock against her lips. Emma, a total wreck, submitted and opened her mouth, immediately having it filled with the teen’s meaty cock. The teen chuckled and then placed both his hands on her head, thrusting into her mouth as he pulled her head forward to meet his trusts. He groaned loudly, closing his eyes and raising his head as Emma’s warm mouth engulfed his ridged cock.

The teen fucking Paige couldn’t hold off much longer. He had tried to resist as best he could but this girl was so tight and perfect that there was no holding back. He groaned loudly as his balls churned and is dick began to throb. He mauled the girls tits a few times even buried his face in them a few more times before he frantically thrust into her a few more times and then groaned loudly, looking up into the night sky as he blew his load, filling the unconscious Paige’s pussy with his hot cum. He smiled to himself as his cock spurted out a few more times, squeezing her tits tight as he did, finally finishing and pulling. He sighed and sat back, his cock losing wood, but not before he wiped his cum stained cock with the girl’s top, cleaning it before tucking it back into his pants. He looked over the girl and leaned back over her, giving her another slippy kiss on the mouth, before standing up and dusting himself off. He turned and looked over at the group, seeing them huddled around Emma. He looked back over at Paige, before leaving her and re-joining the group and lighting a cigarette. He watched as Emma was forced to suck one of his mate’s cocks, while another kneeled beside her, playing with her tits as she sucked. They all watched as Emma was made to cup the boy’s balls, lick the shaft and give a thorough blow job. The male was firmly keeping her head in place and forcing all ten inches of his rock hard cock, down Emma's gullet. The other’s all watched on in glee or roughly squeezed her sore tits, one even sucking on them. Another sat down beside her and forced his hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy.

“Gross dude, she’s got two loads of spunk up in there!” said one of the group.

“Man, he probably likes the feel of Jackie boy’s jizz on his fingers!” joked another.
The male rubbing Emma’s pussy stopped and stood up, looking embarrassed. He gave a look of shame and re-joined them.

“Well, I never got a go with her.” Exclaimed the teen.

“Hey, there’s one over there with one load in her” pointed out one of the group.

“Nah man, this one is hotter!” answered the disappointed teen.

The group all laughed and watched on as Emma groaned loudly and began coughing. The teen she was being forced to suck, pulled his cock from her mouth and a torrent of cum began to drip from the distraught girl’s mouth. She doubled over on the ground, coughing and spluttering as the teen she was sucking laughed and turned to the group. Emma wiped her mouth, cum running over her hand and down her neck. She sobbed, feeling so ashamed and degraded, feeling like she just wanted to die. She sat on the cold cement ground, trying to catch her breath as a cold wind swept over her and made her shiver and shake uncontrollably.

“p..please… now. We wont t..tell anyone. Just let us go” begged a shivering Emma.

The group of boys all laughed and poked fun at the shivering girl. Most had a look of disgust as they looked at her, seeing streaks of cum down her chest and boobs. cum also leaked down her crotch and was caked over her inner thighs. They began talking amongst themselves, some still eager to get their turn with her or with Paige.

“She is pretty nasty, dude.  Ain’t no way I’m sticking my dick in her looking like that” said one of them.

"Hey, what time is it?” asked another.

“It’s about three.” Answered one of the group.

“Well, Danny only lives a few blocks away, and he’s on his own.” Stated the male.

“Plus we got the car around the corner.” Said another of the group.

“So, let’s get these honeys around to Danny’s, clean em’ up and have ourselves a party!” replied the male, looking at Emma and motioning his head towards Paige.

The group all looked at each other, then nodded. Emma had heard every word and was fear struck over what awaited her. She looked down in dread as two of the teens grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. Two others went over to Paige and did the same, pulling the dazed but semi-conscious girl to her feet. They split the two girls up as they forced them across the field of the park and too the exit nearby. They all met at the car park and forced both girls in the back seat, both in the middle with a boy at either side. The rest piled in the front and began joking and mucking around as they drove off and left the park, not a soul around to see what was happening.

Emma, as tired and hurt as she was, looked at Paige who was sobbing but looking back at her. They both held each other’s hand but were quickly grabbed by the boy next to them and roughly mauled and molested as they car drove down the street and towards its location. Both knew their torment wasn’t anywhere near over, they just wanted to get out alive at that point.

September 04, 2015, 04:28:44 AM
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Offline Jed

The half painted sports car sped through the suburbs as the boys raced home with their prizes. Both Emma and Paige were squeezed in the back between two boys who both had their hands roaming over the girl’s naked bodies. Neither girl were saying anything audible as they felt cold, rough, hands wondering over their breasts and between their legs. It was a violent and jerky ride, the driver taking great delight in drifting around corners and breaking harshly, making Paige groan as she felt her stomach churning. The boys in the back weren’t complaining, both kissing and sucking on the girl’s necks or cheeks as they roughly groped them in the back seat. Eventually the car slowed and after a short ten minute drive they turned into a dark lit street that had a lot of neglected houses along it. They drove right to the end of the street and turned into a driveway on the left, the car bumping up and down as it drove over a small hill and into a garage. The boys at the front jumped out quickly, yelling and screaming as they slammed the doors closed.

The male teen next to Emma opened his passenger door and got out, quickly reaching back in and pulling her by the arm. As she was being grabbed, Emma leaned forward and whispered “sorry” into Paige’s ear, before being yanked away and roughly pulled out of the car. Paige soon followed and within seconds both girls were being forcibly dragged from the car to the front door of the house. Paige suddenly fell to her knees and was grabbed roughly by her left arm as the male teen holding her viciously tried to get her back to her feet. Paige groaned loudly as she was pulled, before leaning over and throwing up again on the driveway. The boy let go of Paige for a few moments while she threw up, quickly tiring of it and forcefully pulling the sick girl to her feet by harshly grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking her back, forcing Paige back to her feet.

“We’re gonna need to clean this bitch up!” exclaimed the teen.

“Yeah, both of em” answered another.

The two girls were dragged inside, Emma screaming out loudly until a firm hand clamped over her mouth and muffled her cries. The group disappeared inside and shut the large, heavy, wooden doors, locking it from the inside. The minute the door shut and clicked as the lock was turned, Emma and Paige were quickly taken down a passage and taken into a living room. Both girls were helpless as they were dragged over to a couch and thrown roughly onto it as the whole group of boys flooded the small, filthy, living room. The two girls sat together on the couch, naked, holding each other as the room filled with the boys from the car and two more which must have already been in the house. One of which looked incredibly mean.
He looked older, maybe in his mid-twenties. His was a black male, slim but masculine, wearing baggy jeans and a white singlet which showed his toned body. He had incredibly short hair, maybe an inch long, facial hair covering most of his face. His bare arms and shoulders were covered in tattoos and marks which looked like scars. He had a mean demeanour about him and looked like the kind you didn’t want to upset. He had a bottle in his hand which he sipped as he studied both the girls. They huddled on the couch as the group of boys were chatting and pointing at them, all making obscene gestures towards them. A few minutes passed where the girls were left alone, the boys happy to have a drink and get their energy up. Eventually the black male broke his silence, eying off the girls and turning to one of the other males.

“These bitches the entertainment then?” he asked one of the teens, a grin on his face.

“Shit yeah!” the teen responded.

The black male looked back over at the two girls before putting his beer down and approaching them. The girls both moved back on the couch as he neared them, trying hopelessly to avoid him. He quickly grabbed Emma’s leg and pulled her so she was forced into her side, on the sofa. He swiftly lifted her leg up and studied her bare pussy as she panicked and tried to get away from him. She had a nice mound on her with a small tuft of light coloured pubic hair covering it. He loved that this girl wasn't all skin and bones, having a few curves on her. He took a few moments to look her over then did the same to Paige, yanking her legs apart and getting a good look between her legs. Paige was still out of it and didn’t have the strength to resist him, simply sitting there as he yanked her legs apart. The male saw that both girl’s had a fair amount of cum plastered over them, slimy semi dried semen at the entrance of their fuck holes. It wasn’t very nice to see and the black male wasn’t about to stick his dick into a slimy pussy. He turned back to the group and began talking.

“These white bitches need to be cleaned up before we do anything else.” He stated.

“Let’s spray them with the hose!” joked one of the teens.

“Yeah, that would be fucking awesome, man!” added another with a grin on his face.

“Nah, I got a better idea,” said the black male, looking over at Emma. “Let’s make these bitches clean themselves up!.”

“Say what?” said one of the group.

The black male didn’t answer, just motioned for them to join him by the sofa the girls were on. They quickly went over to him and Emma and Paige were soon surrounded by the group of male teens. Naked and defenceless, the girls could do nothing as the black male ordered the group to grab the two of them and force them on top of each other. The group quickly did as asked and several boys grabbed hold of Emma and forced her so she was laying over a dazed page, in sixty nine position of course. Emma had tried to resist but there were far too many hands on her to do anything. She was soon laying over Paige, her face between her best friend’s legs. Almost immediately after that her head was pushed down so her nose was pressing against Paige’s pussy. Emma uttered a cry of protest, hearing Paige also groan out loud. She tried frantically to remove herself from where she was but the boys wouldn't have it, using their strong arms to keep Emma firmly in place.

“Lick her clean, bitch!” yelled one of the teen.

Emma refused, groaning loudly and keeping her mouth closed. She was quickly slapped hard in the side of the head and then felt her hair pulled harshly until she cried out in pain. Quickly after that her head was pushed back down and her mouth was smothered by her friend’s cum slimed snatch. As much as she tried to resist, there was no getting out of it. Emma was forced to reluctantly open her mouth and stick out her tongue, immediately tasting salty cum on the lips of Paige’s pussy. within moments she could taste it much more strongly and as her tongue probed a bit deeper she had a hefty glob of it on.

There was a loud cheer from the group of boys as they crowded around the sofa as Emma’s head was held down by a teen and she was forced to lick her friend’s pussy until it was clean. A few of the boys were also trying to make a dazed Paige do the same with Emma, but no matter what they did she couldn’t do it, she barely knew where she was. They tried pressing her face against Emma’s ass and get her to lick between her legs but Paige was struggling to remain conscious. The boys eventually gave up, instead opting to muck around with her a bit. Taking their cocks out and rubbing them all over Paige’s face, even their balls were pressed against her forehead. One of the teens pressed the head of his cock against Emma’s ass but was stopped by the black male before he could do anything.
“No man, I get the cute one. You guys get the slut.” Stated the black male.

The teen smiled and moved away from Emma, instead taking one of Paige’s hands and placing it around his cock, making her jerk it.
The boys were watching on as Emma reluctantly continued her task, almost in tears as she went about it. One of the boys leaned in and saw that a fair bit of cum was gone already, he laughed at how good of a job Emma was doing. Emma herself was still in a state of shock but her hair was being painfully twisted and her head firmly pressed against Paige’s crotch. She sobbed as she went about licking and tonguing her best friend, feeling disgusted and degraded. She felt hands brushing over her lower back and hips, while others roughly mauled her tits as she was held in position over her friend. For several more minutes she was forced to eat out Paige's snatch until it seemed she had gotten all the deposited cum inside and out, it looked relatively clean. The boys all chuckled again as they let Emma raise her head and they saw the disgusted look on her face. She looked and felt like she had just gone down on her sister, or some close family member.
Emma was allowed to sit up a little, looking up at her captors as they leered over her and Paige. She glared at them and wiped her mouth, the strong taste of cum almost overpowering. The humiliation and degradation was all too much and she broke down, crying as she felt so utterly helpless. The events of the night, the violation, the humiliation, was more than anyone should ever have to endure. She had just wanted to celebrate the end of high school, not this hell she and Paige had ended up in.

“You…bastards!” she cried, wiping her eyes.

“You liked it, bitch. Said one of the teen. “Whores like you love the taste of a guy’s jizz.”

“Fuck you all!” shouted Emma in response.

She was quickly grabbed painfully by the scruff of the neck and pulled off the sofa, falling to the floor. The black male held her firmly and made sure she was looking up at him as he crouched down beside the weeping teenager. He glared at her and placed his other hand around her neck, tightening his grip, threatening to strangle her.

“Look you stupid, white, slut. If you wanna get out of here without any of your teeth missing or a nice big scar down that pretty face of yours, you’ll do what we tell you, got it?” said the black male.

Emma nodded, looking terrified as he tightly squeezed her throat and a nearby teen produced his flick knife and pointed it at her. The black male squeezed for a little while longer before releasing her and letting her fall onto the floor, coughing. She immediately backed up on the floor, her hands on her throat as she recovered from the choke.

“Alright, I’m going to get this once cleaned up and have some fun. You guys do what you want with that one, if she’s even alive.” Instructed the male.

He quickly leaned over and picked Emma up by the shoulders, lifting the girl up to her feet and moving her from the living room and down the corridor, leaving the large group of teenagers with a barely conscious Paige. There were a few cried of distress from Emma as she was dragged down the corridor and into another room. The other teens all laughed and joked about it for a few moments, before setting their sights on Paige who was laying sprawled out on the sofa, her eyes closed.

The teens ascended on Paige and all began mauling her body and jerking their cocks as they stood over the teenage girl. She lay there helpless and almost unaware if her situation, her face looking blank and without expression. One of the teens eventually climbed onto the sofa and moved between her legs, lifting them up and then slipping snuggly between her thighs. He worked his cock a few times in his hand, before guiding it to the entrance of Paige’s pussy. He easily slid it in and with a low moan thrust forward and buried his cock in the teenage girl, leaning over her as he began fucking her. As he worked in and out of the dazed Paige, the others either watched on or rubbed their cock over various parts of the girl’s body. One of them was quick to force her mouth open and feed his cock into her gaping mouth. There was a slight frown on the girl’s face as well as a groan of protest, quickly muffled by the cock be shoved into her mouth.

The room was filled with loud cheers and laughter as Paige was roughly fucked on the sofa, her expression barely changing. Her eyes were closed and she looked as if she were asleep. The only sign that she was actually conscious was the light, girlish, moans she was making as the teen laying over her was thrusting away. The other teenagers loved the sight of this hot girl getting pounded senseless on their Sofa. As the teen on top of her powered away, Paige's body shook as he collided into her, his hard, firm, body crashing into hers . All the while, the cocks of four other teens were rubbed against her lean body while another was in her mouth. The obscene act went on for over half an hour before one of the teens standing over her jerked off and blew his load, spraying hot jizz all over Paige’s belly and tits. Two other boys found it funny and decided to add their own, squeezing her tits or making her jerk their cock with her hand until they came and blew their load as well. They soon added their Jizz to his deposit, smearing both Paige’s tits in cum. One of the teens held off on blowing his load, instead wanting her mouth. The teen fucking her mouth was savouring every second, loving the feel of her warm, wet, mouth around his cock. He also wanted a chance to get into her pussy, knowing his buddy inside her must be close to finishing.

His wish was soon granted as the teen fucking Paige groaned loudly a short time later and pulled out of her, blowing his load and spraying his cum over her pussy mound and thighs. More and more shots of jizz rained down on Paige and after while the teen was done and he moved away so someone could take his place. The teen fucking her mouth quickly removed his cock and took position between her legs. He grabbed a towel from the floor and wiped over Paige’s belly, crotch and thighs, cleaning her up a bit. Happy she was clean enough, he lay over the brown haired girl and eased his cock into her, staring down at her as he was soon balls deep inside of her. He reached his hand out and stroked the teens face, then opening her eyelid with his thumb, seeing she was still pretty out of it. She was a babe alright, a dreamy face and a nice tight body. The chance to fuck a girl as good looking as this was incredibly hard to come by. Not to mention she had one tight pussy, as good as any he'd been inside of before. Her pussy felt like a soft, velvet, vice around his cock. Just right for his 8 inch cock, fitting nice and snug. He chuckled and then got into rhythm. The other teenagers all cheered him on, some high fiving him as he worked his cock in and out of the dazed teenage girl.

Not for a second was there any hesitation or merciful thoughts from teenagers. They had their prize and they couldn’t care less about her. As far as they were concerned, these girls were stupid enough to get tanked and be out walking at night. they deserved this and maybe it would teach them a lesson. These fella's had done this before, many times. this particular pair of girls were just the next victims on their list. The best thing about this one was that she was so out of it, she’d never be able to remember or be a reliable witness come the time they had to ditch her. At least after the plied her with enough alcohol any redneck would be put to shame. As for the other one, their buddy, who was probably fucking her brains out right now, would find a suitable solution for her.

For over half an hour Paige was fucked roughly by the male on top of her. He groaned loudly, squeezing her tits or squeezing her throat as he power-fucked her on the Sofa. The sound of flesh smacking against flesh filled the room, amongst the cheers and laughter of the other teenage males. It was almost a shame for them that she wasn’t more responsive, wishing they could hear her cries and screams. Instead they got the occasional grunt or moan from her when the guy fucking her was being particularly rough. On occasion he would lean down and take as much of her tit into his mouth as he could. As well as biting on her nipple, hard sometimes, to get a response from her. Paige did let out a cry when he was really cruel and bit her nipple painfully hard. He laughed at her reactions then focused on his job at hand, reaching the home stretch as he felt his balls churn.

He picked up his pace, slamming into her with almost animalistic thrusts. The teens all cheered him on as he worked quickly in and out of Paige with fast, hard, strokes. He grunted loudly, his biceps straining, before leaning in and kissing Paige roughly on the mouth, snaking his tongue into hers as he felt his cock tremble. Seconds late his jizz exploded into her, shooting deep, coating the inner walls of her pussy with cum. He groaned a few more times as the last few spurts of cum shot into Paige and he broke the kiss, stroking her face. He let out a deep breath, a satisfied smile on his face. Eventually he got up off the Sofa, leaving Paige in the fetal position. Most of the group were satisfied, having lost a lot of their lust for the girl. One however hadn’t and his patience was wearing thin. He’d held off using her mouth and her pussy. Instead he wanted to try out the other hole this girl possessed. He wanted to see if this would get the girls attention, a sick smile spread across his face.

The male teen moved towards the couch and took hold of the girls shoulder, moving her so she was laying on her stomach. He moved back a bit and then got on the sofa, sitting up on his knees as he spread her legs enough to move up close. He stared at the girl’s perfect butt, admiring its beauty. He loved a girl’s ass and had always made sure he got right in his girlfriend’s ass when he got a chance. Now he had the perfect opportunity and he wasn’t about to pass it up. He scooted right up to her, keeping her legs parted wide with his knees. He placed both his hands on Paige’s shapely ass cheeks and squeezed them a few times before spreading them and slipping his thumb firmly between them. He quickly pressed his thumb against Paige’s butt hole and sank it in about half an inch. His cock was already so hard, just the idea of spearing his cock into this girls tight, snug, asshole was becoming too much for him. He looked around, hoping to see something that could make it easier to get his cock all the way up her butt. There wasn’t anything on hand, certainly nothing that very useful. He guessed he was going to have to do this the hard way.

The teen moved in closer, spreading Paige’s cheeks wide apart as he brought his hard cock to her ass. He slid it up the crevice of her ass cheeks, brushing the head up and down it a few times, before pressing it against her butt hole. He knew it would take some doing, sitting up and spitting on his hands, rubbing his cock several times, even spitting on the head of his cock, getting it slimy and wet. He took a deep breath and focused, positioning his cock against her ass and pressing hard into her anus, desperate to sink the entire length into her. He let out a loud grunt and rubbed the bud with saliva then inched into it with all his strength. A dazed murmur came from Paige as she sensed what was happening, whimpering loudly, the male teen took it as a good sign. He grunted again and managed to finally sink the head of his slimy cock into the drunken girl’s ass. He firmly gripped her cheeks, spreading them apart as he groaned softly, finally getting the entire head of his cock inside her as her anal ring gave way. This brought a loud cry from Paige as she felt her anus being stretched to accommodate the massive girth of the teenage boys cock. He leaned over her, almost pressing down on her as more of his cock slowly inched its way further up her butt, painfully stretching her sphincter. He began to grin, feeling the tightness around his cock as he buried it deep inside Paige. He gave her left cheek a spank and then with all his strength thrust forward, forcing the remaining four inches of his cock up the dazed girls butt.

“Argh!!” cried Paige, feeling pain engulf her bowels and abdomen.

Her eyes were open, watering from the pain as she felt all the teens seven inches up her backside. She groaned in pain as he began thrusting, working his cock in and out of her ass as he held her down firmly on the sofa. Tears ran down Paige’s face as she was sodomized on the sofa, gritting her teeth as the pain shot through her. It felt like  there was a large lamp post being shoved up her butt, from the pain she was experiencing, not that she had ever done anal before. She could only lay there with the teen boy on top of her a she rutted in and out of her ass. She looked to the side and even though the room felt like it was spinning, she could make out several of the other teens laughing and pointing at her.

The teen fucking her was finding it easier now, having stretched her out enough to properly fuck her as with smooth, quick strokes. This was still drawing cries of protest from the raven haired girl, but he couldn’t care less. He spanked Paige’s ass a few more times as he focused all his attention of fucking her ass as hard as he could. He did reach out and take her long dark brown hair in his hand, pulling on it like it was a mane. He yanked it back so Paige’s head was pulled back as well, straining her neck. He gave her ass cheeks a few more hard spanks, making it a tinge of pink, as he pulled, pretending to ride her as if she were cattle. In a way that’s what she was at this point and pretty close to how Paige felt.

For over twenty minutes the teen roughly fucked Paige in the ass, continuously pulling her hair and cruelly taunting her. The rest of the group all gathered and watched as the sodomy went on. They would cruelly slap her in the face or pinch areas of her body like her boobs thighs or belly. It didn’t take long before there were more red marks over her body from the abuse. Finally, after 30 minute of hell, the teen screwing Paige groaned loudly and pulled her up by wrapping his arm around her waist and forcing her up so they’re bodies pressed tightly against each other’s. He bit on the nape of Paige's neck as he pumped several loads of cum deep into her sore, abused, anus. He held her tight and didn’t let go until he had emptied all he had into the sobbing, hysterical, girl. After finally finishing he let go of her and pulled his cock free with a loud popping sound as his slimy cock came free.

The male teen looked down at his cock and saw how much of a mess it was. Deciding it wouldn’t do, he pulled Paige close to him and using her long, silky hair, wiped his cock clean with it. Paige whimpered while the rest of the group all laughed at the sight of her hair getting sticky cum stuck all through it. The teen was finally happy and let her go, laughing as she curled up on the couch, crying her eyes out.

“Well, she’s a fucking mess, again.” Stated one of the teens.

“Ah, who cares? We’ve had our fun.”

“Still dude, we gotta do something with her.” Said another.

“Fuck, just kick her ass out, who cares.” Responded the teen.

“Nah man, she or her friend will probably go to the cops.” Answered one.

“She’s tanked, no one will believe her.”  added one of the group.

“She seems pretty aware at the moment.” responded another.

“Fine then, get that grog from over there and let’s load her up. Make sure she can’t remember nothing or at least so fucked up no one believes her anyway.” Ordered one the main teen.

The group all nodded and then forced Paige to sit up on the sofa. A bottle of bourbon was brought over to her and they quickly pressed the bottle to her lips and made her drink from it. For about five minutes straight they forced Paige to drink the large bottle of bourbon. After that she began coughing so they let her stop. Within a few minutes Paige began to throw up, all over the floor. She was quickly taken outside to the back yard and the male teens decided it would be fun to clean the girl up by spraying her with the hose in the freezing cold night air. Paige literally cried out loud as she was sprayed with cold water. Her entire body shivered and shook uncontrollably as the cruel, nasty, teenagers sprayed her. The guys all laughed and made fun of her as she cried her eyes out and sat on the damp grass, freezing cold and drenched in water.

“That’ll teach you to throw up, bitch!"

They eventually stopped and picked a shivering Paige off the cold grass and moved her back inside. She was roughly dried with a towel, the teens taking time to roughly pinch her or generally hurt her while she was dried with a dirty old towel from the garage. By the time they were done with her, Paige had streaks of oil over her entire body. Not satisfied with their torment yet, they made sure she finished off the bottle of bourbon and then had her thrown into the corner.

Paige lay on the floor, naked and motionless. The only sign of life was her stomach as she breathed, otherwise she didn’t move an inch. The group went about their business as they waited for their buddy to finish up with Emma. As Paige lay dazed and abused on the floor, her skin covered with red marks and oil steaks, she felt herself grow weak and tired. Both her her vagina and butthole were sore and aching, while her mouth and hair were both plastered with dried cum. She felt worthless, abused, and just wanted to die. As she sensed herself losing consciousness, she prayed that somehow she would wake up and it would all be over.

September 04, 2015, 04:32:20 AM
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Offline Jed

My friend Mel intended that there be more of this story, but she never got around to it.  I once asked her to post it here, and she said she would.  I sort of just went and found it and copied it here based on her saying she was going to do that at some point, and didn't get around to it before she passed away.

September 04, 2015, 05:47:14 AM
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Offline shannyfries

It's a great story. To bad  it won't get finished. I'm sorry for your loss.  Maybe you can write the rest?? You have some good stories.

September 04, 2015, 10:52:46 PM
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Offline vile8r

Wow Jed! Thanks for posting this.  What an appropriate tribute to Mel!  This story is GREAT! I loved every sentence!