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Okay, first things first. Don't read this if you are under 18. it is a rape story. It is adult material ONLY. This story will involve underage characters, group sex, rape, and other controversial subjects. It is fantasy ONLY, and should be taken as nothing more than that.

My first story here. Some of the situation is, admittedly, over the top, and I know that, but please accept that with a willing suspension of disbelief. There's no sex in this opening part of the story, just the setup for what could be a long string of sexual adventures.


Andrea Colson looked dejectedly at the judge. He had just finished a rather scathing speech, describing in great detail how he felt about cases like this, about girls like her.  The innocent ones, who had been drawn into their misdeeds by some misplaced devotion to their boyfriends.  He was tired of hearing that kind of defense, felt it had no legal bearing, and was prepared to rule on the basis of the law alone.

She thought of herself as a good-looking girl, but the truth was, that at fifteen she was a true hottie.  She was the shower fantasy of more than half the boys in her school.  Just slightly on the petite side, and sporting a slender build, she had been a bit tomboyish in her childhood, but that had made her lean toward athletics as she entered her adolescence.  Before her arrest, she had been prominent on the high school's gymnastics and swim teams, and the exercise had done her body good.  Curved in just the right places, the petite teen had a nice mane of jet black hair that hung perfectly straight.  She had let it go for some time now, and the lower ends of her hair were long enough to just barely brush the (noticeable) curves of her ass.  She had somewhat wide, dark eyes and a lightly tanned complexion.  She could turn heads of boys and men, wherever she went.

The fifteen year old teen realized that her legal aid lawyer had made a mistake in presenting her as an innocent girl, caught up in the scheme of an older boy.  She had known when Troy had asked her to ‘hold’ the package what was in it.  And she had agreed.  She had, in fact, smoked some pot with Troy and his friends a few times, and enjoyed it a little.  She had drank on occasion, and had given up her virginity to Troy.  She was not quite the perfect innocent, ‘good girl’, that the defense had presented her as, but she certainly wasn’t some kind of juvenile delinquent either.

Regardless, the judge would have none of it.  And with finality, he  read out his sentence, “You will serve one year of time at Morningstar Girls Academy,’ and the gavel fell.

Reform school?  She supposed it could be worse.  Juvenile detention was more like jail time, than a school, so perhaps she was getting the best she could hope for.

The sentence was to begin immediately, so the court officers escorted her to a holding area where she would wait for her paperwork to be processed, and transported to her destination, where she would be spending the next year of her life.

Bureaucracy is fuelled by paperwork, and everything must be duly recorded, all I’s dotted, and all t’s crossed.  Of course the human factor can always lead to errors.

As Andrea’s records were transferred to be processed, one clerk had not noticed that when he typed in her name, he had mistyped it as Andrew, exchanging the 'A' at the end of her name for a 'W'.  That document was then moved on to the next person in the processing system.  That employee had noticed that the name was Andrew, but the gender was marked as female.  She dutifully, changed the record to reflect that Andrew Colson was, indeed, a fifteen year old male, indicted and convicted on a drug charge.

On down the line, one clerk found it unlikely that they would be sending a male to the girls school.  An instant message was sent to the judge’s office. His secretary, who knew that the judge despised bureaucratic nonsense, decided to handle it herself.  She had taken the morning off for a doctor visit, and so hadn't been present in the court when Andrea's case was presented.  She knew that the judge hadn't had a good day, and would be in very foul mood for the rest of the day if he had to handle this himself, so she made a quick decision as to what should be done, and returned her reply.

Andrea sat alone in the small holding room. There were others in there, both boys and girls, kept apart by the watchful eyes of the court police.  She kept to herself, not feeling she had anything in common with the delinquent girls waiting their sentences.

Another uniformed officer came in, and started reading from a clipboard. “Beaumont, Harris, Jenkins, Philmore, Percy, …,” calling out surnames.  She watched as the girls started to stand up, one-by-one, and waited to hear her name.  The guard finished reading through his list, and strangely, every girl was called other than her.

They must be going to juvie, or someplace else, the teen girl thought.

Only a short while later, another guard came in, and started  again. “Acker, Barbour, Bedford…”, he droned, and the boys on the opposite side of the room started to rise and get in line.  When she heard the name ‘Colson’, she looked over, but obviously didn’t feel the need to respond.

‘Colson……Colson..jeez…we didn’t lose one did we? Andrew Colson!”

She hadn’t really hear him say ‘Andrew’, but had merely responded to what sounded like her name.  “Sir?  I’m..umm..Colson…”, she called out from her side of the pen.  She watched the guard look down at his clipboard and shake his head.  “What’s your first name?”, the man asked.

‘Andrea, sir”

The guard shook his head ruefully as he heard her state her name.  “Wait over there,” he told her, and walked over to the small window where the other guards kept watch on the room, engaging in a discussion with them. 

“We got a problem here.  Somebody listed that girl as getting transferred to Ironwood Military School.”

The guard at the window looked at the clipboard and chuckled. “Looks like you got a problem, not we,” he said. “You know they’re gonna hold you past quitting time, until they straighten this out.”

“Shit. It’s godamm Friday, and I got some plans.”

“Well…you know you could just take her. Once they have her there, it’ll be their responsibility to straighten it out.”

The transport officer nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” Turning his attention back to Andrea he simply said, “Line up with the others, Colson.”

Confused, Andrea did as she was told.  She didn’t really know the system.  Maybe they were making two different stops?  Could that be it?  She wanted to ask the guard, but his irritated demeanor didn’t give her the impression that he’d be receptive to any questions, so she waited in line as the rest of the boys were called, and ushered out single file to load into the transport van.

(to be continued)

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Sorry, still no sex yet, but we'll get there. I want to be nice and thorough setting all this up.

‘Colonel’ Trent Hawke watched out the window as the transport van pulled into the yard.  Even after years as the headmaster of the Ironwood Academy, her still thought of the rank colonel in the quotes. It was really a  joke, to him, just a title given to promote the military aspect of the reform school.

He had served in the actual army, gone all the way to retirement, but had never been an officer.  His career was undistinguished, and he had gotten through twenty years mostly by just staying under the radar.  His time had been spent as an MP, and much of his service was in military jails and prisons.  When he retired, his pension was not that great, but his experience qualified him for this position, where he could make way toward a second government pension.

Hawke didn’t give a shit about the boys here.  He didn’t care why they were here, or what they would do when they left.  He didn’t give a crap about rehabilitation.  He really didn’t care about discipline, other than keeping trouble down to a minimum, in order to keep the ‘higher ups’ in the Corrections Department out of his ass.  And he had assembled a staff that mostly had the same attitude.

As such, the unwritten rule for the detainees at Ironwood Military Academy was, “It’s not the rules that matter, just don’t piss of the staff.”

He was watching idly, as the van pulled in and the transport officers started herding out the new ‘recruits’.  They didn’t use normal correctional terms here.  That was the overall philosophy of the school.  The inmates were ‘recruits’.  There were ten arriving today, and Hawke noticed that the last one to exit the van and line up with the others was rather on the small side, and a bit frail looking compared to the older boys.

He stared a little harder, and removed his glasses, wiping the lenses and putting them back on.  Was that a girl?  “What the fuck?” he muttered out loud.

The ride had been quite long.  Where was this place?  Andrea felt she must be out in the middle of nowhere by now. Riding in the back of the van with the nine boys hadn’t been an enjoyable experience.  Of course, nothing had happened, with the watchful eye of one of the transport guards there, but she could feel their stares, and hear some of the whispered comments.  She really still hadn’t figured out why she was being transported with them.  But had come to the conclusion that maybe the boys’ and the girls’ schools were on the same property.

Finally, the van came to a stop.  The back was windowless, so she hadn’t been able to see where she was going.  Once it was halted, there was a brief pause while the driver exited, before the rear doors were opened. Male voices started to shout, barking out commands like some kind of boot camp sergeants. “Everyone out, line up, eyes front!”

Everyone? Andrea could only conclude that meant her as well, and she came out of the van with the boys.  It was hot, and looked pretty barren.  Apparently they had traveled out toward the desert.  The place looked much like she expected, plain unadorned buildings, lots of fences with nasty looking barbed wire on top. And everyone she could see was a male. The guards were males, the group of …inmates?...students? that she could see off in the distance marching in uniforms like some kind of military unit…they were all male.

The van driver and guard were in some kind of heated discussion with the guards here, and the way they kept looking over at her, she knew it was about her, and that the whole thing about being brought here was probably some kind of mistake.  While that was going on, the doors to the building in front of which they were lined up opened, and another older man in uniform came out.  His uniform was something like the guards here, looking more like a soldier or something, and he had on a bunch of colors and decorations that made him look like he was in charge.

The older man strode over to where the heated discussion was taking place, and the guards there started to talk to him. More words were exchanged, and nobody over there looked happy at all.  Finally, the clipboard (the one she guessed had the orders or whatever on it), was thrust at one of the guards, and she could hear the officer guy saying loudly, “So you’re just going to leave her here for ME to deal with?”.  The only response to that from the transport guards was a shrug and nod, as they took back the signed clipboard, and got in their van, leaving her there.

(to be continued)

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Hawke was fuming.  What a fucking disaster!  It was like the fucking universe was conspiring against him to put him in a bad spot.  This just had to happen on a Friday.  It was already six o’clock, and there was nobody he could call, nor would there be until Monday.  That meant he was stuck with the girl for the weekend, no matter how this worked out.

And no matter what, he couldn’t see how that would work out well for him.  No matter what choices he made to accommodate her, somebody was sure to call it the wrong way of handling it.  If he sequestered her away from the male population, some damn liberal group would accuse him of putting her in solitary confinement (which would be the case, since there was no way to give her any kind of private quarters other than that).  If he let her mix with the males, he’d have to sign off on all kinds of overtime to keep an eye on her, and that would bring the brass down on him.

He had separated her from the males immediately, and had her escorted up to his office, where she was waiting outside.  He had searched the records of the corrections department, and discovered that whatever kind of weird clerical error that sent her here was universal. There was NO Andrea Colson on record, sentenced to Morningstar Girls’ School.  Only Andrew Colson, sentenced here.

And then he realized. Nobody knows about this.

For a good deal of time, Colonel Hawke sat at his desk, letting the wheels in his spin, while the girl waited outside to meet with him. After a long period of thought, he pressed the intercom button on his desk. “Call the senior staff, have them come to my office for an emergency meeting.”

The voice on the other end of the line spoke, “Recruit Colson is still waiting, Colonel”

“Well, she can wait some more. Get the godamm staff in here, now”

She had waited out here forever, it seemed. They had told her to stand at attention, and of course, she obeyed, but after nearly an hour, the secretary, who also wore a military uniform told her she could sit.  She had gratefully accepted the offer.

Forever and a few minutes later, the intercom buzzed. Andrea looked up hopefully.  Maybe now, she could meet with the headmaster, or warden, or whatever, and he would get this whole mistake straightened out.  But she heard him bark at the woman to get the staff in there, and let her wait some more, and so she did.

In spite of how nervous she was, in her uncomfortable situation, she was glad to be up here.  They had separated her from the other ‘recruits’ immediately, and she had seen them marched into the building, being instantly harassed and bullied by two guards.  The situation reminded her of some boot camp scenes she had seen in movies and television, and she sure didn’t want any part of that.

A bit later, several different men came through the room, each of them giving her a look over, before walking into the Colonel’s office.  She waited…and waited…and waited.  And after another forever, the door to the office opened, and a uniformed man stepped halfway out. “Miss Colson, step in here, please,” the man said.

Andrea felt a bit hopeful about that.  He had called her Miss Colson, instead of recruit, and had seemed to speak politely to her. 

Standing, she nervously entered the Colonel’s office…

(to be continued)

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This looks awesome Gamegrrl! I love it so far!

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Andrea had no idea that she was now the target of a vicious conspiracy.  In fact, she was under the impression that quite the opposite was true.  They had let her sit as they explained to her the situation.  The colonel spoke to her much like a kindly fatherly gentleman, detailing the error that had sent her here.  He expressed his sympathy for how she must feel, being caught up in such a plight, but regretfully, because of the timing, he explained, nothing could be done about it until Monday.

She understood that, and had no other choice than to accept that fact, but she was still filled with hope.  As dismal as the prospect had seemed at first, she actually now found herself looking forward to arriving at the girls’ school.

The colonel had continued to address her.  “Now as to the current situation. Understand this, recruit Colson,” she noticed he had switched to the formal address, and seen a slight change in his demeanor, “You are, regardless of the bizarre nature of your situation, convicted of a drug charge, and the ward of the state.  The rules here will be absolutely adhered to.  Other than accommodations regarding your safety, you are going to be treated exactly the same as any other recruit sentenced here.  Do you understand that?”

Andrea swallowed nervously, but nodded meekly.  “Umm…sir? May I call my parents, and tell them what is going on?”

The colonel shook his head.  “New recruits are not permitted outside contact during their first week.  I have sent an email to your court-appointed legal aide, describing the nature of your situation, and he will make the necessary contact.”

Her heart sunk a little at that news, but at least someone was letting her parents know what was going on, so that was okay, she guessed.  She nodded again, still meekly, “Yes, sir”

“Very well,” the colonel said, and with a press of the intercom button, the office door opened, and another uniformed guard entered.  “Sergeant Perkins, this is recruit Colson. I know it’s late, but we need to get her processed.  All of the standard procedures are required, however I’ve assigned her to the isolation wing, due to the circumstances.”

“Understood.” The man turned to Andrea and seemed a little hesitant.  He ordered her,  “On your feet, recruit.”  His command was firm, but lacked the barking powerful nature that she had seen with the boys earlier.  Nonetheless she stood up immediately, and without thinking, responded,  “Umm, yes sir.”

The sergeant had not received any correction for addressing the young girl, so he was emboldened.  He thrust his face right into hers, and barked,  “DID I ASK YOU A QUESTION, RECRUIT?  I DID NOT HEAR MYSELF ASK YOU A QUESTION, SO WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN TALK TO ME?”

Andrea flinched back at the sudden viciousness, and almost let out a little squeak of dismay.

The sergeant, noticing the non-response of the staff members, now understood that there would be no difference with the girl than with any other new recruit, and immediately ordered her to march to his step count, walking out of the office, shouting “Left, right, left, right….”

It had been much easier to convince the senior staff to go along with the idea, than Hawke had anticipated.  In fact, they were all for it, and the chief concern was with the risk of being caught, and would the reward be worth the risk.  During most of the time that she had been waiting outside, that was the main point of their discussion.  There would need to be some bribes, notably the two transport officers, and her lawyer.  Favors of course, would need to be called in, especially when, later in the week, they reported Andrew Colson as having escaped.  That would bring some scrutiny down on him, but he knew whose strings he could pull to quiet that down to a minimum.

The question, of course, had come up. Why? Why go to all that trouble to avoid some oversight committee looking into what happened during her  single weekend here?  Why not just sequester her away, send her off Monday, deal with the bureaucrats, and wash their hands of it?

Hawke wondered himself about that.  While it was true that he didn’t like anyone poking into ‘his’ school, this certainly seemed like a bit much to avoid a bit of controversy.  Truthfully, though, from his first look at the girl, he had started to become attached to his idea, and the more he mulled it over in his head, the more he really wanted to see it come to fruition.

If he was being honest with himself, he was eagerly looking forward to feeling his cock sink into that hot teen pussy.  And he knew that his staff officers had the same thing on their minds.

“Not to mention the money that can be made.”  That really got their attention.  “How do we end up making cash off of this situation?”

One of the officers spoke up, “Well, we could probably charge the recruits out of their funds to spend time with her.”

Hawke had nodded to that, but then said, “True, but that’s nickel-and-dime stuff.  We have, right here in our midst, recruit Margrave.  Margrave was initially charged with filming and distributing videos of his sexual escapades with girls in his high school, as young as fourteen years old. They couldn’t make most of that stick, and since his family’s got serious money, they got him to plead down to a misdemeanor. He’s going to be with us for six more months.  I’d be willing to bet he knows some people in the video industry willing to deal with….underage products.”

“You’re shittin’ me. You wanna  sell film of her?”

Hawke chuckled.  “IT’s a big buck industry.  And we don’t have to do a thing.  Cut recruit Margrave in on the deal for his connections, and then let the rumor mill spread the word that recruit Colson is fair game.  We get some cameras set up around the facilities, and film the fun.”

Hawke had never chosen these men for their scruples or moral code, only for their willingness to keep things quiet.  There wasn’t much more discussion before all of them were in agreement.

After that, was when Andrea had been called in and they explained the situation to her.  As sergeant Perkins marched her out, she had never noticed the eyes of those four men glued to her fine young ass, and had no idea what fantasies they were playing out in their heads for their own private amusement.

But it wasn’t going to be long before she found out…

(to be continued...)

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Sergeant Perkins was a grueling drill instructor.  As he marched Andrea through the mostly deserted halls of the administration building, he missed no chance to jump on her for any mistake, real or perceived.  She learned quickly, not to make a sound, not to fall out of step, not to let her posture droop, or even to look left or right.

She had been taken down and out of that building, marched through a walkway surrounded by a high fence, topped with barbed wire.  From there, she was led into the next building where the processing was going to take place.  They had stopped only once, when the sergeant had received a text.  He looked at the message, and chuckled, and then put his phone away, finishing the march.
Processing was mostly what she thought it was going to be, long periods of filling out papers, answering questions, reviewing her medical history.  The sergeant had mostly dropped the drill routine, and was businesslike, not yelling or screaming at her unless she got out of line, which she made sure not to do.  It was well after normal hours, so nobody was in the processing offices other than her and sergeant Perkins.

Unbeknownst to Andrea, all of the paperwork was still being filed under the name, Andrew Colson.

When all of that was done, Perkins took her to another room, a small bare room, of mostly concrete block.  There was a long window on one wall, that was mirrored, and she thought that probably people could see through it from the other side. He made her stand at attention, her back against the concrete wall, facing that mirrored window. He left the room, leaving her alone for several minutes before returning, and then began to read a prepared statement.

“Pursuant to DOC regulations, cited Section J, Paragraph 33, section A, all wards of state correctional facilities will be duly searched upon entering any facility….”

Andrea was listening, getting a little lost in the legal sounding words, but understanding there was going to be some kind of search. Did that mean they were going to pat her down?

He kept going on, and she did get the idea that there was a camera on the other side of the window, because of the unusual nature of her circumstances.  The search process would be filmed for ‘her protection’.  She also heard Perkins read that no physical contact other than ‘necessary’ would be made between her and the staff.

What kind of physical contact would be necessary, she wondered, and wasn’t there supposed to be a woman guard to do that?  As official as the whole thing sounded, she was getting nervous about the idea, and had lost track of what Perkins was telling her.  She was brought back to attention by him suddenly thrusting a clipboard at her.  “If you understand that you are being filmed for your protection, and for the protection of the facility, sign,” he said.  They way he said it, it didn’t sound like he was actually making it an option, or inviting her to read the statement she was signing, and she nervously scrawled her signature on the indicated line.

Taking back the clipboard, Perkins folded his arms over his chest. “Good. Now strip, recruit.”

Andrea just blinked, her mouth opening in a small gape. “Umm…what, sergeant?”, she asked.  She had already learned you don’t call the sergeants  ‘Sir’. That was some kind of military rule or something.

Perkins was on her instantly, his face an inch away from hers, the angry scowl and bark back in his voice, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, WHAT, RECRUIT?”, he screamed at her. “IT’S A SIMPLE WORD! STRIP! IT MEANS YOU TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES!”

As frightened as she was of the sergeant’s anger, that seemed too much to just do without some kind of explanation. “Umm…sergeant…isn’t there supposed to be a woman to do this?”

He stopped yelling, and stepped back. “Okay, recruit. I understand your situation, so I’ll go a little easy on you this time. Now listen up. There ARE no women here. And you have to submit to a strip search according to regulation. That’s the bottom line. You heard me read that I won’t make any physical contact with you other than necessary, and you know that this whole procedure is on camera. So get over your anxiety NOW, and we’ll forget this insolence. If you don’t strip off your clothes, though, that becomes one of those situations where it then becomes necessary for me to make physical contact, do you understand?”

She swallowed hard and nodded.  He was telling her that if she didn't take off her clothes, he was going to.  “Yes, sergeant.”

“Then STRIP!”

She had to suppress a whimper as her fingers moved to begin unbuttoning her blouse…

In Hawke’s office, four pairs of eyes watched the proceedings on their monitor.

Major Goodall, one of the staff officers let his disappointment show. “Damn, I was kind of hoping she’d make Perkins strip her.”  That got a small chuckle from the rest.

Hawke responded with a nod, "Well, that would make for a nice starter video, but I gave him some explicit instructions about how to conduct the search, so we'll get a good show out of it, nevertheless."

“You know, we really should let Perkins fuck her.  I mean, he deserves it, right?”  That came from Major Volks.

But Hawk just shook his head.  “He does, but it’s not time for that yet.  Just make sure he gets a nice bonus in his pocket, and let him know he’s near the top of the list for when it’s time for us to start getting our fun.  He’ll understand.”

There was a general nodding and assent from the staff, though they all were a bit disappointed at not getting to see the young teen get a good fucking, though what they had planned for this session would at least make up for some of that.

(to be continued...)

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Andrea had dressed very nicely for her court appearance that day, Not that it had helped her.  She reached up and had to undo her collar button first.  Even though she was supposed to stare only straight ahead, she could see Perkins a little off to the side, his eyes on her blouse, watching the first button come undone.

“Don’t fuckin’ take your time, recruit,” he said menacingly, “or I’m going to assume you need my help!”

That was the first time she had actually heard him speak with any vulgar language, and it made her jump a little.  It also had the desired effect of making her hands work more quickly.  She had to stifle a small whimper, almost a sob actually, as she pulled the hem of her blouse from her skirt and pulled open the last button, sliding it down off her arms.  Perkins didn’t even try to suppress a leering grin as the girl’s lacy bra came into view.  Her breasts were not overly large, especially considering her petite frame, but they were certainly well-developed, nice, round and high-standing, and it was immediately apparent that the bra served for modesty, and really wasn’t needed for support.  He could see the athletic tone to her swimmers body, a nice low-key six pack formed on her stomach, fit and firm, but still feminine in nature.

Andrea couldn’t help but notice the leering grin, and her lightly tanned skin flushed in embarrassment.

Perkins wouldn’t give her any excuse to delay, though, growling out, “Fucking strip, recruit!”

Her jewelry and watch had been taken back at the courthouse, so she had no choice but to continue removing her clothing.  Though she bypassed her skirt and brassiere and went for her shoes, instead.  That bought her all of a minute’s time, and unfortunately, just made Perkins grow more impatient.

She had to simply toss each garment into labeled box as it was removed, and once the shoes were deposited, she removed her belt, and then with a sigh, her fingers worked the zipper of her skirt down.

Perkins had begun to pace impatiently, and she didn’t like the fact that he was behind her when she slid her skirt down, daintily lifting one leg and then the other to slide her legs out of it.  She especially didn’t feel good about what she saw in the reflecting window, the way his eyes were fixed on her panty-covered ass, and how he was nodding, as she heard him say, “Good, recruit. Now the rest, keep going.”

She was just kind of frozen there, in nothing but her undies, knowing she was expected to take them off, but hardly able to force her hands to make those motions.

Perkins was actually pleased with her frozen state. He had honestly hoped that she’d resist from the outset. But there was going to be a time and place…..a time and place where he would derive much pleasure from ripping to shreds whatever clothes this little bitch had on her.

For now, he stuck with the script.  He stepped up behind the frozen girl and reached up, expertly popping the snap on the back of her bra, quickly, speaking low and menacingly, “You want some more help with that?”, while thinking to himself, Please say yes.
But she just shook her head rapidly, and peeled the bra down her arms.

In another building, upstairs, four men literally groaned as Andrea’s breasts were freed from her bra, springing up a bit with a firm teenage jiggle.

“Goddammm.  I don’t know how Perkins does it.”  That came from Captain Lear.  “If I was there in that room,  I swear I’d be fucking the shit out of her already.”

Goodall spoke up in response, “At the very least I’d have those tits around my cock.”

None of the four had seen an actual pair of fifteen year old breasts since they themselves were teens.  Sure, there was plenty of porn sites to look at ‘pretend’ high school girls, but they were all eighteen in real life, some of them much older than that.  And Andrea’s were quite the spectacular pair for her age.  Not so much in size, but in how nicely they had rounded and stood up and out.

Hawke just said, “He’s a good man.  He knows where his bread is buttered.  We can count on him to stay on script.”  He shrugged, “Shit, even if he does fuck her….we’ll get that on tape as well.  But I don’t think he’ll screw up his future shots with her.”

In nothing but her panties, Andrea was on the verge of tears.  The naïve girl had been convinced that this was all necessary, and by the book, but it didn’t mollify her emotions at all.  Being filmed for ‘her protection’, didn’t seem to help either.  Knowing that the camera was just on the other side of that mirror only made her feel more vulnerable and exposed.

Perkins had waited for a moment, and then he leaned in close behind her.  He didn’t bark this time, but hissed, almost a whisper, close to her ear, “You want me to help you with those panties, or are you going to do it yourself?”

She started quickly, nervous hands flitting down to take the waist of the garment.  The only way she could make herself do this was to close her eyes, so she wouldn’t have to see herself stripping in the mirror.  Perkin watched raptly (along with the four pairs of eyes
in the colonel’s office), as the skimpy panties rolled down off her hips.

Poor Andrea didn’t know it, but hesitating the way she was, she was drawing out the anticipation, making  the watchers all the more eager.  The front of her panties slipped down, giving first glimpse of a patch of ..not quite fully grown hairs…but more of a fuzz.  As she bared her teenage mound under Perkin’s scrutiny and for the camera and who know how many future watchers, it could be seen that she had already begun to trim her small patch.  Being on the swim and gymnastics teams meant she need to keep a certain amount of shaving to avoid the embarrassment of excess hairs showing.

Finally, she stepped out of the panties and tossed them into the box.  Standing straight up again, instinct made her try to put a hand over her tight mound, and place an arm across her breasts.  But Perkins would have none of it.  He rushed up to her, sticking his face in hers, barking harshly, “ATTENTION RECRUIT! YOU WILL REMAIN AT ATTENTION UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD OTHERWISE! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”

She let out a little meek squeaky, “yes, sergeant”

Perkins nodded to her, and she could see him pull a pair of latex gloves from his pocket. She wondered, not daring to move or react, what that could be for? He slipped them on, making a point of snapping the rubber in place right in front of her frightened face, “Okay, recruit Colson, now the physical search.”, he said, and she could see that he was positively grinning with delight.

She couldn’t help herself, she blurted out, “But you said you wouldn’t touch me!”

He didn’t even chastise her for that, just kept his grin up, “I said there wouldn’t be any contact other than necessary.  This is the necessary part. Now bend forward at the waist, hands on your knees! DO IT NOW!”

(to be continued....)
P.S.  I am probably done for today.  If you are reading this, and looking forward to the next installment, there'll be more tomorrow.

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Great story

June 06, 2015, 04:17:07 PM
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Offline Gamegrrl

Andrea just stood there, frozen in sheer terror at what she had been asked to do. Before Perkins could reprimand her, though, she heard the buzz of the phone in his pocket. He stepped away from her and checked the phone, reading the text that was there, and gave a small chuckle.


He eyed the naked teen in front of him, making no attempt to hide his gaze from her as he let his eyes roam up and down her figure.  "Well, recruit, while you were filling out your papers, I took the liberty of looking up the standard procedure for body searches in women's facilities. After all, the colonel did say that everything would be by the book."  He started to walk around her as he talked, dropping his gaze to the beautiful curve of her ass as he walked behind her, seeing how her thick straight hair almost brushed against the upper curves.

"I had sent a message asking for instructions from the colonel, and that was him replying. He says do it according to standard procedure."  He was on her left now, his eyes taking in her full breast, seeing how the cold air in the room kept her pink nipple at attention. 

"So turn around. Present your rear to the camera, and bend over."

He didn't bark the order, in fact he said it very calmly, matter-of-factly.  And she did exactly as he had hoped she would.  She stalled, hesitating.

Quick as a cat, his strong hand shot up to the back of her neck, gripping her hard.  His other hand grabbed her by the shoulder and he easily spun the petite young beauty around, facing the wall.  Tightening his hold on her neck, he forced her down, making her bend at the waist. "Bend over!", he shouted, and the teen girl complied, going limp in his grip, letting the burly guard force her into the obscene position.

"Legs apart!", Perkins shouted, but didn't wait for her compliance.  His booted foot gave a sharp kick to the inside of each ankle, shoving her legs out to a little past shoulder width, while he maintained his grip on her neck. He made sure to stand off to one side, enough for the camera to get a good view of her in this position.  Holding her so, he let his eyes move down to stare between her thighs.

He almost groaned at the sight.  Between her open thighs, her teen mound peeked back, a bit of the fuzz visible around the pinkish slit.  He could see how tight she was, how even with her legs pushed apart, the folds of her tight pussy clung together, remaining closed, a tight little crevice.

Keep it together, Perkins, he told himself.  You’ll get in there when the time is right.  But god how he wished that time was right now.
But there was work to do, he intended to earn that promised bonus

The same groan that Perkins had stifled was heard in four different voices back up in Hawke's office.  Goodall, ever the act-first-think-later type, was ready to stand up and head straight down there.  "What the fuck. I say we just go down there and ream the little whore.  We're already in this over our heads.  Nobody can ever find out she was here, so why not?"  He was half out of his seat, and it looked like Lear was ready to follow him, when Hawke slammed his hand down on his desk, "SIT DOWN!"

The three of them looked at Hawke.  He waited a moment, and said in a calm, smooth tone. "You're right.  We're all in this now.  Just what we have subjected the girl to right now would land each of us in prison for years.  And we're all partners.   We're all going to share in the spoils of this venture," and he took another look at the lush pussy that was on display on the screen, as the sergeant was preparing for the anal cavity inspection, spreading a small bit of lube on his gloved finger.  He hit the pause button on the playback, freezing that image on the screen, "and in all of the material benefits our little porn star can provide for us as well."

"But don't ever forget....not even for a second, that I'M the partner in charge, here. She'll get fucked, when I say she gets fucked, and by who I choose to let fuck her. Understand?"

He leveled a hard gaze at each man in the room, and one by one, they nodded their assent.  When he was sure he had everyone in line, he hit the play button again.  All eyes turned back to the screen...

(to be continued...)

June 06, 2015, 06:27:30 PM
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Andrea stood, bent at the waist, the lush teen curves of her ass thrust out toward the camera.  Perkins had told her to grip her cheeks and to spread them open, and she had done so.  She was no longer able to suppress her sobbing, in spite of her fear of the sergeant, but he wasn’t chastising her for it.  Indeed not, he counted on it.  He was going to let her cry through this part, and then when it was time, he’d help her soothe those tears, and earn himself a fat hundred bucks in the process.

She heard his voice, after a pause (during which he had spread some lubricant on his little finger. He didn’t need to use any of his other fingers, he figured, as the girl was rather small, even for her age).  “This is the first part of the search.  Do your best to relax, recruit.  Fighting this will only make it worse, and make it take longer”

And then she felt the cold lube against her tight sphincter and the pressure of his little finger.  Andrea’s eyes shot wide open, and she started to bolt to an upright position, but Perkins had anticipated that, and placed a muscled arm across her back, holding her in her bent position. “Hold still!”, he said firmly, though he kept the harshness out of his voice. “This’ll be over before you know it”, he said, as he pushed firmly with that finger, feeling it sink past that incredibly tight orifice.

It was the most horrible nightmare that Andrea could have imagined.  The pain was not as bad as she had imagined, but the indignity, the shame of having this man push a finger into her bottom, making her spread herself so lewdly for the camera was more than she could bear.  She tried hard to stifle her sobs, unsuccessfully, and unseen Perkins grinned as he heard her.  “Now…I just need to work it around, search your insides,” the man said as he started to swirl his finger in her tiny pucker.   He was gratified to hear her gasp and her sobbing grow more intense.  Without bothering to offer an excuse, he started to add a thrusting motion to his swirling, pushing his little finger in and out of the poor girl’s ass.

With her back to him, and the camera, Andrea didn’t see him grin at the camera, knowing that the senior staff were watching the whole show as it happened.

There was a long time of silence in Hawke’s office as the sergeant made quite a show of ‘searching’ the teenage ass for ‘contraband’.  Hawke himself was only half watching the screen, his eye equally perusing his staff officers, watching their reaction.  He noticed that Major Voks was particularly rapt, staring intently at the screen.

With a bit of a chuckle, Hawke spoke up, “Something of a n ass man, are you Voks?”, he asked jovially.

Volks blinked, coming out of his reverie, but not turning to look at Hawke, his eyes staying glued to the screen, “Yeah, colonel.” He admitted with no shame, “And that is positively one of the sweetest I’ve seen.”

“Indeed it is…indeed it is.” Hawke was already anticipating that this ‘introductory’ video would net a good deal of cash when presented on the right market, even without the girl taking a cock. He made a mental note to get cadet Margrave in here first thing in the morning, to get the ball rolling.

They all watched raptly as Perkins finished toying with the sobbing  captive,pulling her  back up to a standing position.

(to be continued....)

June 06, 2015, 07:56:06 PM
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Andrea groaned as the sergeant withdrew his little finger from her worked over anus.  It was a relieved sound, the girl grateful…sooo grateful…that the humiliating ordeal was over. 

Perkins chuckled, but only inwardly.  He had just finger-fucked the hot young teen’s ass.  She might have been fooled into thinking that was the normal way to search a body cavity, but there was NO way anyone watching the ordeal could mistake it for anything other than what it was, a quick fast finger fuck.

He had been gratified to hear the tone of her sobbing change.  No doubt the girl was crying, but he knew that his ministrations were having their affect on her body.

Andrea had noticed it as well, but in her emotional state, she simply denied it.  It had to be some freak thing…some psychological way of trying to deal with the horror of her situation.  She couldn’t accept the fact that the sergeant had worked up her body with his search, made her start to feel the stirrings of arousal.

He snapped the gloves off while she remained bent, and then decided to give something a try, see how she responded.  So he put a fist at the base of her neck and gripped her long hair there, tugging her up to a straight posture and turning her back to face the window again.

Andrea let out a small gasp at that, but stifled her instinct to protest or try to pull away, allowing herself to be manhandled into the ‘attention’ posture once again.
“Now, recruit, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”, Perkins asked her.  He was speaking to her in a soothing voice, acting as if he was trying to help her get over it.  “I did my best to make it quick and painless, didn’t I?”

The tearful teenager nodded meekly.  In truth, he had quite prolonged the ordeal, but she had no way of knowing that. “Yes, sergeant,” she responded, her voice small and weak.

“Good, then don’t you think you ought to thank me for that?”

She blinked once, and almost…almost…looked down in shame.  But she remembered that there could be trouble for not keeping her face and eyes straight ahead, “Th-thank you, sergeant”, she said in almost a hushed whisper.

Perkins was moving behind her, saying in a low, soft voice, “That’s good, recruit.”  Looming over her from behind, he said “The next part of the search.  Face the camera and lift your breasts, making sure there’s nothing concealed under them.”

Andrea gasped a little, and her mind went into a confused state.  She could see her reflection clearly in the window.  There was no way she could be concealing anything under her breasts.  They were standing up and out (perfectly in the opinion of the few who had seen them), not a single inch of flesh hidden from view. “ breasts sergeant?”, she asked, wondering if she had heard right.

“Yes, cadet,” he said, letting impatience creep into his voice. “What part of that don’t’ you understand?  Your breasts…your tits…your melons…funbags…whatever you call them….lift them so I can inspect under them, got it?”

“Y-yes, sereant”, Andrea replied meekly. With some hesitation, but very little, not wanting to provoke the man to anger again, the petite teen girl lifted her hands.  Perkins watched her reflection from behind her as she put them under her breasts in a cupping posture, pushing upward, bulging the ripe flesh of her mounds up and out.

He had to keep himself from chuckling.  “No, recruit.  Not like that.  How do I know your hands aren’t covering up something?”

If Andrea wasn’t such an emotional wreck right now, she probably would have some serious doubts about this process, but she hadn’t really gotten over the terrible ordeal of the anal search.  Tears were still flowing, albeit more slowly, so she didn’t give it much thought when he chided her.  “, sergeant”, the girl asked.

Perkins was actually elated, but needed to keep up the irritated act.  He reached around from behind her and slapped her hands away from her breasts, “Stay at attention, recruit.  I’ll show you what I’m talking about!”

And then his bare fingers were taking her nipples between them.  The pink nubs were still stiff from the cold air, and Perkins had no doubt that it was also partially due to the ass fucking his finger had just recently finished giving her.

Andrea let out a shrill gasp as her nipples were suddenly pinched, her eyes shooting open wide. “Quiet!”, Perkins hissed at her, his mouth close to her ear.  He lifted her breasts, dragging them up by the stiff nipples, feeling her body start to squirm.  It was subtle as the addled teen tried to keep herself from breaking her ‘attention’ posture, but it was there.  His gaze feasted on the way her firm mounds jiggled as he pulled up. “Nothing underneath,” he said, and gave them a tug inward, watching the jiggling rippling flesh under the control of his grip.

He could see that her squirming was growing.  Her narrow, concave tummy was writhing slightly, the soft abs showing the motion.

“Nothing on the outside,” the sergeant continued.

Andrea had closed her eyes, in spite of the fact that she could get in trouble.  Her soft lips were parted, her breathing audible to Perkins’ ears.  He tugged out on the nipples, pulling her breasts apart, separating them, still admiring the liquidy ripples in the creamy flesh.  “And nothing hidden between them.  Very good, recruit.”

Andrea was so relieved that that procedure was finally over.  Or so she thought.  “Of course, the official procedure requires that two guards inspect, and since I’m the only one here, we’ll just go through the procedure again.”

Again, the teen girl gasped.  She wasn’t sure she could take another round of those ‘inspections’.  She shamefully realized that what the sergeant was doing was working her body up, sending erotic sensations through her adolescent flesh, working on hyperactive hormones.  He could hear her whimper softly as he mentioned re-inspecting her.

And he was fine with that.

“One more time…first the undersides”, he said, once again pulling up on her nipples.  This time he added a small roll to his fingers, tweaking the hard nubs in his grip, giving the creamy breasts a little shake so the camera could catch the more intense jiggling.

Andrea didn’t know that her head had rolled back enough to rest against the sergeant’s chest.  Perkins noticed it, but let it be.  He enjoyed the sight of her face, looking down on her, her eyes closed, lips parted more than she realized.

“Now the outsides,” he intoned again, pushing her breasts together.  This time he changed his grip, releasing the nipples and placing his hands under them, his hold kneading into the soft orbs.  This brought a subtle moan to her lips, which she quickly silenced.  Perkins let it be.

“And finally now the  insides, once again.”  His kneading grip now pulled apart the milky mounds one more time, openly fondling now, not trying to hide the obvious motion.  He could see that the teen was letting her body go, her curvy hips starting to squirm visibly in the reflection.

“There we go, recruit,” he said, putting on his soothing voice, “That’s all done.”  Done it might be, but the sergeant hadn’t pulled his hands away from her breasts, nor ceased his open fondling of them.   Well, he did finally release one of them, his hand starting to slide down along her firm stomach, as he practically whispered into her ear, “Only one more place to search, recruit”

All four men in Hawke’s office knew that, had they been alone watching this, they’d have their cocks in their hands, and probably would be working up their second or third load by now.   It was only some manual manipulation, but the reality of it was really starting to hit home in the four men’s minds.

This was a real teenage girl.  An actual prisoner…a virtual sex slave…for real.  And when their time came, they’d be able to freely rape the shit out of her!

June 06, 2015, 09:02:58 PM
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Offline Gamegrrl

Perkins knew he had the girl.  She was his, for now.  He could push her down to the ground and ram her full of his cock, and she would scream and beg him for more.  She was that much out of it.

But he wasn’t going to do that.  He was going to stick with the plan.  He could get away with it, he knew.  If he fucked her right now, Hawke would have to adjust his plan on how to indoctrinate her, but it wouldn’t ruin things.  And what could Hawke do about it?  They were all in it deep.

But being on the outs with Hawke wasn’t a good idea.  If the colonel saw him as a threat or a rival, well, the colonel was the man with connections, and those could prove dangerous to people he thought were trouble.

And Perkins wasn’t really the type to make those waves.  He knew he would have a good thing going.  Good money to line his pocket, and he’d have access to this sweet young pussy in the future.  Often, if he got his way.  So he just followed the plan.

How important was the façade?  He didn’t really know.  He’d pretty much dropped it by now, leaning into her from behind, his thick, hard bulge pressed lewdly against her lower back.  He was hungrily mauling at one of her sweet tits, plying the flesh like bread dough, and sliding his other hand down her taut tummy, eagerly working toward the tight teen snatch.  He might not be fucking her tonight, but he was damn sure gonna give her that hundred dollar climax.

“How on earth is he not fucking her already?”, Captain Lear asked, his voice amazed. 

Hawke smiled.  He had picked Perkins for this assignment because he knew him well enough to know that he would stick to the plan, and not step out of line.  What he hadn’t known was that the man had an instinct.  He seemed to know just how to manipulate the girl.  He had made her fear him, and then humiliated her, and now he was soothing her, working her body up. 

Although all this was new to Hawke, he played it off with the officers like he had planned it.  “I told you he was the right one to handle her”

He was almost cut off by Volks’ sudden cry, “Shit!  She’s fuckin’ wet as a whore!”

All eyes returned to the screen.

Perkins traveling finger had found the young teen slit, and he chuckled out loud as he found it wet and wanting.  He knew that somewhere in her mind, the part of it that had shut down, she was probably still horrified, aghast at what was being done to her, but her emotions were whirling, confused, conflicting, and her body was needy, hungry for release.

She’d sleep it off tonight, and when she woke in the morning, she’d be furious at what had been done to her, and mortified at her own response to it. But that was tomorrow.  And who was she going to tell, anyway?  It hardly mattered any more if she knew what they were planning for her.  If it worked out, great.  If it didn’t…well nobody was ever going to find her body.

He leaned close to her ear, “That’s a good girl,” he said, his voice a low rumbling as his thick finger squirreled into her juicy cunt, immediately burrowing to find her tiny clit, feeling the rapidly growing moisture, building up on her nubile folds.

“You got anything hid down here? Do ya, girl?”, he asked in that low hoarse rumble, starting to wiggle his fingertip hard on her clit. He loved hearing her let out that squeaky gasp.

Andrea was hardly able to think, and the part of her that could think, was not in control right now.  The lust addled teen was dimly aware of the small voice that was coming from somewhere deep in her, the voice that was screaming  NO! THIS IS WRONG!

She was also aware of how she felt.  How she had wept and cried, and how the sergeant had rewarded her for enduring the ‘necessary procedure’.  How he was now soothing her body, making her feel soooo good, building up a fire inside of her, and promising to stoke that fire even higher.

And she knew…knew with a fatalistic finality that he would be moving that probing finger down further, searching her weeping pussy, finding her clenching hole and pushing into her, and ohgod how she was ashamed about how much she wanted that right now!

To the distant audience, watching on the screen, the tableau that was playing out before their eyes was more erotic than any of them had imagined it would be.  Perkins had this little bitch groaning, moaning, using not words, but incoherent whimpers and moans, and her body to beg him for more. They watched as the girls hips went into a squirming frenzy, his finger rapidly diddling away at her clit.

He had not stopped his pawing of her full breasts with his other hand, keeping the fire going there as well, working them both over, alternately, griping at the milky mounds, trapping the nipples in his fingers.

He was still speaking to her, keeping his voice low and soft, “mmm…now I have to get up inside of you to make the search official.”, he said, pulling his fingers away from her clit.

Andrea instantly missed the powerful surging of sensations that he had been producing in her body.

“You want me to do that, girl?”, he asked. “You want me to search your hot little pussy?”

He knew she wouldn’t answer verbally.  But he knew she wanted it.  Andrea stared up into his eyes, her head still rolled back against his chest, and gave a little nod with a deep blush creeping over her face.

He laughed a little. “That’s not good enough, girl.  You gotta tell me…no ask me.  You need to ask me nicely to search your hot little pussy.”

NOOOOO!, her mind screamed at her.

YESSS! Her body screamed at her.

Her body won.

In a faint, little timid voice, Andrea asked the sergeant, his finger still teasingly trailing up and down her teen slit, “S-sergeant….would you…search my…h-hot..pussy?”

Inside of her, a little part of her mind died, and she just didn’t care right now.

Perkins immediately rewarded her compliance. His thick finger plunged hard right up into her tiny hole.

(to be continued...)

June 07, 2015, 02:01:47 PM
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Offline Gamegrrl

Andrea let out a strangled cry, a half moan, half whimpering sound.  Perkins finger had pushed all the way up into her spasming love hole, and her response was immediate and obvious.  Her whole body tensed, her hips bucking out against his hand, plunging her nubile mound onto the invading digit.  Her full breasts literally bounced up high with the sudden jerk to her body, and stayed in motion as she continued to writhe and thrash.

God, she was tiny down there!  He could feel her young muscles making her clench and grip his finger.  How tight she was!  He shifted his grip on the addled teen, releasing her breast, reaching behind her, gripping her hair.  He pulled, leaning her back, supporting her with his strong arm, and then began to wriggle his buried finger, amazed at how much pressure he had to use in her tight young channel.

Andrea stared upward, her body leaned back against Perkins’ broad body, precariously balanced there.  He kept a firm hold on her hair, keeping her face turned up, his eyes piercing into hers, watching the play of conflicting wild emotions.  She let out a little cry as her wet, needy pussy was tickled by the wiggling finger, her body twitching.

Perkins looked up briefly at the camera behind the mirror and mouthed the word ‘tight’, as he started to slooowly, agonizingly slide his finger out, and then plunge it back in, staring down at her widening, glazed eyes.  Again, and then again, he repeated that motion, swirling and wriggling the thick digit as he moved it in and out of her young pussy.

Andrea was no virgin, but she was not greatly sexually experienced either.  She had given up her virginity to her boyfriend, and they had sex several times.  She had always liked it, but more because of her feelings toward him, rather than any particular skill he had in lovemaking.  But what Perkins was doing to her body with just his finger was more intense for her than anything her boyfriend had ever done with his cock.

Perkins stared at her pleasure-ridden face as he fucked her with his finger.  In and out, in and out, faster and harder his flicked his finger.  He could feel her responding, her breathing getting more hoarse and ragged, the wild thrashing of her hips growing frantic, and when he sensed that she was on the verge of a massive release, he grinned down at her and pulled his finger out of her.

Perkins was elated to hear that tiny cry of dismay squeak out of her small mouth.  He held her there, bent backwards precariously, and told her, “That’s a good girl, recruit.  You’re not hiding anything down there, either.”  He gave her fuzzy mound a little encouraging pat.  “The search is over, see?  That wasn’t so bad.”

She no longer even heard the inner voice that told her she should be relieved, that she should be glad he was done.  All she could hear was her screaming body, wanting, needing him to finish…to give her that extra push to send her over the edge to a powerful release.

“Aww…what’s the matter recruit?”  Perkins asked her, a superior smirk on his face.  “You look like you want something.”

Practically without thought, fueled by need and desire, Andrea parroted the phrase he had told her to use earlier, “S-sergeant….would you…search my…h-hot..pussy?”  She was mortified and dismayed to see him shake his head.  “No, recruit, the regulations don’t allow for that.  I’ve completed my search.”  He laid his hand along her ripe pussy, cupping the mound, laying his finger along the length of her slit. 

“But you have been a very good girl, haven’t you.  Maybe you deserve a little reward”,  he said, giving her a little squeeze, making her body shiver as tingles shot through her.

“If you ask me real nice….I’ll fuck your little pussy with my finger,” he said, “Would you like me to do that, recruit?  You want me to make you cum?”

The deep blush that covered her face as she bit shyly on her lip and nodded were priceless, but Perkins wasn’t satisfied yet.  His voice grew even more low and rumbling, his finger sliding its length along her cleft as he said,  “No, recruit. You have to ask me…..”

Again, the poor teen’s response was automatic, yet still muted, still shy and embarrassed to hear the words come out of her mouth.  “Please..sergeant.  Please would you fuck my…make me cum?”

Perkins didn’t miss the fact that the teen prisoner asked him to fuck her pussy, omitting the word finger.  He really didn’t know whether it was just a slip of the tongue, or would she really want him to whip out his cock and give her a proper fuck.  But it didn’t matter, he wasn’t going to do that yet, no matter how much he throbbed and swelled in his uniform trousers.  But he certainly did intend to reward the little toy girl for her compliance.

Pressing two of his fingers together, her shoved both of them right up into her, gratified to hear a loud squeal as her whole body arched up in his grip.  Giving her no time to adjust to the thick invasive presence, he put his hand to work, ramming …hard, fast, relentlessly.  The teen sextoy responded immediately, flooding her orgasmic juices over the twin giners, leaking out onto his plunging hand.  She shook, and trembled, and writhed, and whimpered, as she was overtaken by the most powerful climax she had ever experienced in her short life.

And Perkins smiled.  She was his.  He knew it.  She might be Hawke’s property.  The staff officers might be her managers, and make most of the money off  of her.  The recruits and cadets would be given unwritten permission to take her whenever and wherever they could get away with it….but she was now his girl.

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More more I want more I love this story