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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

A young waitress finds out that, sometimes, the real action happens....AFTER the bar closes!

A Story By Vile8r

Closing Time: Rachel's Ordeal

Andy Rouse had one hell of a hard-on at the moment, as he stared at the gorgeous blonde girl sitting across from him in his office. She was short and petite, standing 5’ 1”, and probably only about 110 lb at the most, Andy estimated. She had long, blonde hair past her shoulders, sparkling blue eyes, and full red lips. The kind that would look really good wrapped around a cock, Andy smirked to himself.

   And her body! Wow! Her tits, well, Andy had seen a lot bigger for sure. From what he could see of them under the girl’s t-shirt, he figured them to be about a 32B, maybe a little bigger but not by much. But they were firm and perky, and he liked that.
   She was wearing a pair of denim cutoffs that showed off her slender, tanned legs and cute, round butt. Overall, she had a very tight, fit body.

Andy enjoyed the scenery for a few more seconds. What really had him excited, was this young woman was looking for a job. At his bar!

Andy was the owner and proprietor of The Snakepit, a bar in the small town of Rutler. It was close to the Rutler Truck Stop and Travel Inn, located on the outskirts of town near the interstate highway. It was a popular hangout for both the locals and the truckers passing through.

  Most respectable young women stayed away from the place. Which made it all the more surprising to Andy that this girl was looking for a job there.

 The girl in Andy’s office this day was Rachel Preston. Rachel would have preferred to be looking somewhere else for work, but right at the moment, she needed a job. Not too long ago, she had been a happy-go-lucky college student, immersed in her studies at the state university. Then tragedy had struck her peaceful life.

Rachel had been born and raised in Rutler. For the last 20 years, her father had been employed at an auto parts factory. In fact, it was the main employer of the small community, supplying jobs to close to half the families in town.
  She had liked growing up in Rutler, but as soon as she was finished high school, like many of her friends, she headed for the bright lights of the big city. She wanted to attend college and pursue a business degree. Her father agreed to help put her through school. He didn’t want her to waste her life staying in Rutler.

   Then came the day Rachel’s father was in a bad accident at the plant, getting his arm caught in a large drill press and having it nearly severed. Although his arm was saved, he was told he would not be able to work for at least a year while he went through physiotherapy. He had long-term disability insurance through the company’s benefit plan, but it only amounted to about half of his normal monthly salary. The family’s finances were going to take a major hit.

   One of the first things to fall on the chopping block, was Rachel’s college education. She still had a year left to go to get her degree, but her dad told her he would not be able to afford another year of paying tuition. Rachel realized she was going to have to take a year off from school and get herself a job.

  She tried working at a job in the city, but realized she was never going to get ahead, when most of her pay had to go towards rent and groceries.

   The solution, she reluctantly realized, was to move back home to Rutler and live with her parents and siblings. She’d have to find a job there, but at least she would be able to put a larger chunk of her paycheques away in the bank and hopefully get enough saved up to head back to college in another year.

 So now she found herself sitting in Andy Rouse’s office at The Snakepit, interviewing for a job as a bar waitress. Rachel had tried her hand at a couple other jobs in Rutler, a cashier at Wal-Mart, and waiting on tables at a greasy spoon diner. But neither job paid very much.

   Then one of the regulars at the diner suggested she apply for a job at The Snakepit. He told her the owner, Andy Rouse, was looking for a new waitress. The pay was more than what she could make at the diner and the tips were really good! She could easily make as much in one week there as she made at the diner in two weeks.

Andy cleared his throat and shifted in his chair. He pretended to be reading Rachel’s resume.

“So I see you’re 21. That’s a good thing. Couldn’t hire you at all if you weren’t! Now I see you also have some waitressing experience.”

“Yes sir, I do. I have spent the last month working at Ned’s Diner and when I was in high school, I worked part-time at the Bluebird Café on Main Street.”

Rachel’s soft, feminine voice made Andy’s cock twitch a little harder.

“Well, working here is a little different than slinging hash at Ned’s, but at least you got a bit of experience,” said Andy. “A little is better than none.”

“Thank you, sir,” Rachel replied.

He cleared his throat again. “Now, I do have to explain a few things to you. As part of your job, I expect you to dress revealing and flirty. You know, sort of like you got on today. Short shorts and skirts, high heels, boots, tops that show off a bit of cleavage, a bit of midriff, I think you get what I mean!”

Rachel nodded slowly. This was the part of the job she knew she was not going to like so much. She knew she had a nice body, although it was far from being perfect. Rachel had always been a bit self-conscious of her small-sized breasts.
  Rachel had no problem showing off her body….when she wanted to! But to do it intentionally, so drunken men…..many of them old enough to be her father….could ogle and gawk at her, well, it was just a tad unsettling to her. But she needed the money and she realized sometimes things had to be done that she may not completely like in order to make that money.

“So now, that ain’t gonna be a problem, right?” Andy asked.

“N-no, it won’t be a problem at all,” answered Rachel with a smile.

“Another thing,” Andy continued. “You don’t have a boyfriend, do you?”

Rachel shook her head. “No, I don’t. I have no time for guys right now.”

“Well that’s good then,” replied Andy. “Because if you did, he wouldn’t be allowed in here when you’re working. I have a rule… boyfriends or spouses on the premises! When you’re serving customers, I want you to make it appear like you’re available to every guy in the place. I want them to think that they can take you home if they want! Now….whether you do or not, that’s your business. Not my concern what you do on your own time, but I want those guys out there drinking and spending money, thinking they MAY have a chance with you! That’s the kind of shit that makes them spend more money! And makes tips for YOU!”

Andy glared at her across the desk.

“I mean, it’s your job to sell that booze behind the bar. And the way to do it is with a little flash of cleavage, show a little leg, give a little rub against someone when you’re setting drinks on the table, stuff like that. You understand?”

Rachel gave a little nod.

“So you can see why I don’t want boyfriends around here! One thing I don’t need is some guy getting all pissy and starting a fight because he sees some other guy flirting with you and thinking you’re gonna bang him! Ya got me? And that goes for family members too. You just tell ‘em to stay away when you’re working!”

Rachel was a little taken aback at Andy’s crudeness. He didn’t seem to care at all how he talked around her.

“Okay, ummm, sir, I un-understand!” she said. “That won’t be a problem.”

“Good,” he said.

“I gotta say though,” said Andy, his eyes roving across Rachel’s body.
“You are a looker! The guys are gonna like you. You think you can handle yourself in a place like The Snakepit?”

He gave a little chuckle. “A pretty girl like yourself, you’re gonna have a lot of guys hitting on you!”

He didn’t mention that he’d be one of them!

Rachel blushed a little bit. She wasn’t totally naïve and she had noticed him checking her out from the time she walked into his office. She had been expecting him to say something like that.

“I grew up with two older brothers and I took some self-defence classes in college,” she explained. “I think I can handle myself all right.”

“Okay, well there’s not usually too much to worry about here,” Andy said. “I keep a close eye on my waitresses and when we get really busy, there’s a couple local guys I hire for bouncers.”

“So, do I get the job?” asked Rachel with a hopeful look.

Andy looked at her and smiled. He reached across the desk and shook her hand.

“Yeah, I think you’re an okay kid,” he said. “I know your old man and it was a pretty crappy thing what happened to him at the plant. If you need the job, I can help you out. We’ll start you out on the dayshift for a couple weeks, see how you do, then put you on nights.”

“Okay,” said Rachel, standing up from the chair. “Thank you so much! I won’t disappoint you.”

“Be here tomorrow at noon sharp and we’ll get you started,” he said.

He escorted Rachel out of the office and back through the bar to the front entrance.

“See you tomorrow!” he said.

He watched as Rachel walked to her car, her tight, round ass wiggling sexily in her denim shorts. Andy walked back into the bar and sat down at a table where several of the local barflies were congregated.

“Wow, who was the little hottie you had in your office, Andy? You bangin’ that?” laughed one fellow by the name of Eddie.

Andy blushed a little.
“Shit, I only wish! Her name is Rachel Preston. She’s gonna be my new waitress. Starts tomorrow.”

“Hey, that’s one of Ralph Preston’s kids,” said another guy by the name of Bud. “Hell, I’ve know her since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. Always was kind of a cute little thing. I see she sure has grown up now though! What I wouldn‘t do to be about 25 years younger!”

“Hell yeah, that girl is damn hot!” said one more of the patrons at the table, a guy named Doug. “If I remember right, I think my boy tried to date her back in high school. He always said she was pretty sweet.”

One other fellow by the name of Graham, also spoke up.
“I used to live just a couple doors down from the Prestons. Yeah, I remember her growing up. Used to watch her and her hot little friends walk past my place all the time.”

“You gonna get any work done with her around?” joked Eddie to Andy.

“It’s gonna be tough, all right!” chuckled Andy. “I’m gonna have a hard time keeping you old perverts away from her.”

“Well it’s about time you hired someone new,” said Bud. “It’ll be nice to have some new eye candy around here.”

“Yeah, we’ve gotten kinda tired of looking at Sarah’s old ass,” laughed Graham glancing over at the blonde-haired woman working behind the bar.

She had been listening to the mens’ conversation with disgust. Sarah Bloom was 36 years-old and had been working at The Snakepit for the last five years. She had been pretty in her younger years and was still a reasonably attractive woman. But raising three kids and living with an abusive husband were bound to have a toll on you eventually and it was beginning to show on Sarah.

Sarah had known Rachel since she was a young teen. She used to babysit for Sarah occasionally. It pained Sarah to see little Rachel come into the bar looking for a job. This was not a place for a young girl like her. Sarah hoped Andy hadn’t been too much of a pig during the interview. She knew how he could be.

  “Graham Wilkins, you can just go fuck yourself!” she retorted.

“It’d be the first action he’s had in years!” Eddie guffawed.


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Great story so far. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Rachel.

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Two months later:

   Rachel pulled up behind The Snakepit in the parking spots reserved for the staff. It was Friday night and Rachel was actually looking forward to her shift. Fridays and Saturdays were always good tip nights!
  It had been about 6 weeks now since Andy put her on nights. She had spent her first couple weeks working the dayshift. Rachel was a quick learner and it didn’t take long for Andy to see that she was going to be a good waitress, even better than some of the ones who had worked there for a while.

  The customers really liked her and while the sexy flirting had been a little awkward for her at first, Rachel was finding she had a knack for it. It was kind of fun, actually! And it really helped bring in the tips! Of course, she usually had to turn down several propositions every night, from men hoping to take her home, but she was getting quite accustomed to that. It was all part of the job!

Rachel’s parents had not been too happy about their daughter working at a place like The Snakepit. It had a reputation of being a very rough place at times, not to mention her father just didn’t want her working at a bar.
   But Rachel explained that she was just a waitress. It was really no different than working in a diner. The customers were just a little drunker! She also explained about the money she could make, and then her parents grudgingly agreed.

And the money had been good! Already, Rachel had saved more in the bank in the last two months than she had with all her other jobs combined.

Rachel was in the back office of the bar, signing her time card, when Andy came walking up.

“Hey there kiddo, looking good for a Friday night!” he said.

And she did too! Rachel was wearing a pair of tight red shorts that really helped show off her slender legs. She had on a matching red long-sleeved blouse. The top two buttons were undone, showing just a peek of her white lace bra. Rachel used a push-up bra to help give herself a little more cleavage. On her feet she wore a pair of black pumps with two-inch heels.

Yep, when DON”T you look good, girl?   thought Andy.

“Hi Andy,” said Rachel. “Gonna be busy tonight?”

“Well, I sure as hell hope so,” he said. “It should be a good night. It was payday!”

“Oh, right on!” said Rachel excitedly. Paydays were always good.

“Ummmm, speaking of paydays, can I talk to you for a minute, Andy?”

“Sure,” he said. “We’ll go in the office.”

They walked into his private office and he closed the door.

“What can I do for you, sweetie?”
“Well, it’s been two months now, that I’ve worked here,” Rachel explained. “When I started, you said if I did a good job, I’d get a raise after two months.  You know I’ve been doing a good job, so I guess what I’m asking is, am I gonna get the raise?”

Andy let out a laugh.

“There’s not much gets past you, is there? Yeah, you’ve been doing a damn good job around here, Rachel! I’m thinking about it. But you know, there is a way you could help me make up my mind.”

“And that is……?” asked Rachel with a puzzled look.

Andy ran his tongue over his lips and rubbed his crotch as he sat on the edge of the desk.
“You show me some gratitude with that sweet little mouth of yours!”

Rachel crossed her arms and looked at her boss with disgust.
“Really, Andy? Really? You expect me to give you a blowjob so I can get a raise? Sorry! Ain’t gonna happen and you know it!”

This was a little game that played out at least two or three times a week between her and Andy. The man really was a pig! She would want something and he would suggest he give her a blowjob. He did it with all the waitresses.
They all told him to get bent!
  When Rachel had started at the bar, the waitresses had all warned her about Andy and his lecherous ways. It was mostly all hot air and the girls had told Rachel that Andy was really quite harmless. He talked a lot, but as far as they knew, he had never tried anything with any of them.

  Still, they told her to be careful around him. She was young and pretty and who knew what went through his mind. Rachel followed the lead of the other girls and was just firm and no-nonsense with him. He would make his sexual innuendoes and crude remarks, and Rachel would just firmly tell him, “NO!”
  He would laugh and walk away and that would be the end of it. Any other workplace, Rachel knew he’d have been out on his ass ages ago on sexual harassment charges. But the girls in the bar just shrugged it off. It was Andy’s bar and it was just the way he was!
  Rachel did get a little creeped out at times, knowing he was always checking her out, but she figured it was no worse than the old perverts in the bar checking her out. That was even creepier, as she knew a lot of them were old friends of her dad’s and had known her as a young girl, watching her grow up.
Rachel turned to leave the office.

“Hey, where are you going?” chuckled Andy. “I’m waiting!”

Rachel flashed him a middle finger as  she walked out the door.
“My shift starts in a few minutes, Andy, I’m going to work!”

Andy watched as she walked out the door.
Damn, that ass looks good tonight!  Andy didn’t know what it was going to take, but ever since he had hired that girl, getting inside her panties had been one of his favourite fantasies. He had jerked off many times thinking about having that tight 20 year-old college girl body riding his hard cock.

Rachel saw two other girls behind the bar. It was Angie Somers and Brooke Hines, who would be working with Rachel that night. Angie was 28 years old. She had went to school with Rachel’s older sister Debra. She had been working at The Snakepit for about two years. She was a single mother with two small children.
  Angie was a little taller than Rachel and had long dark hair. She was quite slim, some would say maybe a little on the “too thin” side, but still had lots of curves. Tonight she wore a short, black dress and knee-high boots.
Brooke was 30 and was a short curvy redhead, with huge tits. They were about a 36DD and made her quite popular with the men. Rachel and Brooke didn’t really get along that well. Rachel figured it was because Brooke, who had always sort of been a favourite with the customers, felt threatened by Rachel, with her youth and pretty looks.
“Hey, Rachel, how are you tonight?” asked Angie.

“Oh, not too bad,” Rachel smiled. “But I just went through the painful process of asking for a raise from Andy.”

Angie nodded knowingly. “Hmmm, yeah. I’ve been through that before. Let me guess. He asked for a-”

“-yeah, blowjob?” laughed Rachel, finishing Angie’s sentence. “Yeah, he did that, all right. And I gave him the usual reply. NO FUCKING WAY!”

Angie shook her head. “He’ll never give up, will he? Oh well, just keep bugging him. He wants to give you the raise, he just has to play his little game first.”

“I’ll take Section 1 tonight, if it’s okay ?” said Rachel.

The bar was split up into what the waitresses called Sections 1, 2, and 3. Each waitress would look after one section.

“You can have Section 1!” said Brooke. “I hate it!”

Most of the waitresses hated working in Section 1 when things were busy because Section 1 had the pool room. Andy didn’t have any pool tables right in the bar. They were situated in a separate room at the far end of the bar. It was a fairly big room, containing four pool tables.
  The waitresses found it a real pain in the ass, because they couldn’t see what was going on in the room and never knew when people needed more drinks. They always had to remember to go in there to check up on the patrons and sometimes when it was really busy, they would forget.
  Andy had often talked about knocking the wall out between the bar and the pool room and opening it up. But it was a load-bearing wall, and removing it would require extensive renovations. Renovations that would cost money and Andy didn’t like spending any more money than he had to, as his waitresses would certainly attest.

Rachel didn’t mind it though. The guys would often play pool for money and if there was a couple guys on a winning streak, they’d always tip good.

Rachel grabbed her tray and headed out on the floor. Section 1 was about  three-quarters full and for the next hour it kept Rachel pretty busy, delivering drinks. Angie and Brooke were busy in their respective sections too and Andy was kept hopping behind the bar filling all the orders.

  He had a big smile on his face. He always smiled when he knew he was making money.

Then they came walking in!
Rachel looked up as she was setting a glass of beer down on a table. A group of five men made quite a loud entrance as they came tromping into the bar.

  They were a rough-looking bunch, to say the least. All of them burly and unshaven, a couple with shaggy-looking beards. Their faces and arms had deep brown tans and it was quite obvious they were men who spent a lot of time outside.

  The men sat down at a table in Section 1. Rachel made her way over to them. Their eyes immediately lit up as they saw the pretty blonde approaching their table.

“Well, hol-eeee shit! They DO have some real women around this town!” said one of the guys. He wore a tattered baseball cap with a “CAT” emblem on it. He had a scruffy sandy-coloured beard.

Rachel blushed as she walked up to the table. She couldn’t help but notice to herself that none of the men were really making eye contact with her. Their gazes were more concentrated below her waist. But by now she was used to it.

“How are you guys doing?” she asked. “My name’s Rachel and I’ll be your server tonight.

“We are just doing fine, Rachel! And might I say that is a very pretty name!” said another of the men, this one looking to be the youngest of the bunch. Rachel figured he couldn’t be more than a couple years older than she was.

“Well, thanks. So where did you fellas come from?” Rachel asked them.

The first guy spoke up.

“We’re with Northwest Construction, working just outta town on building that new overpass on the interstate. We’ve been working like dogs the last couple weeks to get ‘er finished, so tonight I decided to take a few of the boys out on the town. I hope yer fast on yer feet, honey. Cuz we’re gonna be doing a lot o’ drinking!”

Rachel gave a little giggle. “I will do my best to keep your drinks full. I hate to see thirsty men!”

The man with the sandy beard held out his hand.
“My name’s Carson. Carson Matlin! I’m one of the foremen on the job and this is my crew.”
Carson pointed to each guy around the table as he introduced them to Rachel.
“That’s Bruce, that’s Derwin, that fella there is Owen, and the young buck is Tad.”

“I’m pleased to meet you all,” said Rachel.

“We’re damned pleased to meet you too, Rachel,” replied Owen. “Working everyday, we don’t get to see too many pretty girls.”

Rachel took their drink orders and headed back to the bar. The men watched her sexy body move across the floor.

“Goddamn, boys! That is fucking hot!” exclaimed Bruce.

“I could most definitely tap that,” said Derwin, licking his lips.

“Well, your wife might not like it too much!” laughed Owen. “Not to mention she’s a bit young for you.”

“Who cares?” retorted Derwin. “It’s been three weeks since I had a piece of ass. I am ready to fuck just about anything. And since when did something like being “too young”, ever bother you, Owen?”

“It sucks we gotta be away from home for weeks at a time,” said Tad. “I haven’t seen my girlfriend in ages! That blondie is looking pretty damn good right about now!”

Carson just sat there and listened to his men talking. It was something he had noticed in working construction for nearly 15 years. After being out on a job for a long time, the usual topic of conversation always revolved around “sex”!
Usually bemoaning the lack of it!

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“So, who’s that bunch?” asked Andy as he pulled cold beers out of the cooler for Rachel’s order.
“They’re one of the crews out working on the new overpass,” explained Rachel.

“Construction workers, huh? Those bastards make good money…..and they
like to drink! You make damn sure you look after them good tonight,” said Andy. “They’ll spend lots of money!”

Rachel delivered their drinks, a round of beers and a tray of whiskey shooters. She was rewarded with a $20 tip. She tucked the bill down inside her bra and smiled to herself. If this was the way these guys were going to tip, Rachel was going to have a VERY profitable night!

True to their word, the work crew kept Rachel very busy. They were going through booze like it was going out of style. Rachel was glad a few of the tables in her section eventually cleared out, so it lessened her workload a bit. The crew guys were enough as it was!

After a few rounds at their table, they got up and meandered into the pool room. For a Friday night, the pool room was not that busy, which surprised Rachel. Usually it was right full of people.

It made a little more work for Rachel as she was kept travelling back and forth between the pool room and her other section. Carson and his boys were not slowing down in their drinking. Rachel didn’t mind though, she figured after a couple hours she had already made about $200 in tips from them.

  Rachel came walking into the pool room to see if the men needed another round. She pretty well knew they would. They needed another round every time they saw her.

“Do you boys need another round?” she asked.

“Damn right, we do sweetie?” answered Bruce.

“And bring more shooters too!” yelled Carson.

“What I really need is a hot piece of ass,” Tad smirked.

Rachel looked over her shoulder as she walked back to the bar.
“Sorry,” she shrugged, “I really can’t help you there!”

Rachel left the room and Tad grabbed his crotch.

“Oh, I think you could, honey,” he said. 
“Mmmm, mmm, what I wouldn’t give to spend a few minutes with her!”

Rachel was back in a few minutes with a fresh round of drinks and more shooters.

The men were just racking up the balls for another game of pool.

“Hey, why don’t you have a game of pool with us?” asked Owen.

“I’d love to,” replied Rachel, “but my boss would have a fit. I’m pretty busy right now.”

“Oh come on,” chuckled Derwin.

“Yeah, we’re playing doubles. You can be my partner,” said Tad. “Then I don’t have to have Bruce!”

“I’m not really that good,” said Rachel.

“Bah, neither is Bruce, but you look a whole better than he does,” joked Tad.

“Hey, watch it pal!” Bruce shot back. He shook his fist good-naturedly.

“Maybe another time,” said Rachel, “but I gotta get back to work.”

Back at the bar, she paused for a minute to have a drink of cold water.

“Whew, those crew guys aren’t giving me a moment’s rest,” she said to Andy.

“Yeah, they’re liking you! Keep up the good work and they’ll keep spending money, and lots of it!” he beamed.

“Well, you won’t believe it! As busy as I am, they just asked me to play a game of pool with them.”

“Go ahead then!” said Andy.

Rachel gave him a weird look. This was unexpected!

“You….want me to?” asked Rachel. “But who’s gonna look after my tables?”

Andy gave a a dismissive wave of his hand. “Ahhhh, shit, the bar’s died down a bit. Brooke can handle your section until you’re back. You’ve been givin’ ‘er all night. Take a little break. If it’ll keep those boys happy if you play pool with them, then go for it!”

“Okay, but Brooke ain’t gonna like it,” said Rachel wistfully.
“Ahhh, fuck that moody bitch,” snarled Andy. “She won’t complain if she knows what’s good for her.”

Rachel set her tray down, grabbed herself a can of Pepsi from the cooler, and headed to the pool room.

“Hey, girl!” yelled Tad as he saw her enter the room.

“Good news!” said Rachel. “My boss told me to take a break so I’m coming to play pool with you.”

“All right,” said Derwin. “We’ll start a new game.”

The men handed her a pool cue and re-racked the balls.

“Ladies first!” said Tad. “You break!”

“Like I told you, I’m not very good,” said Rachel nervously.

She held the cue awkwardly and lined up on the cue ball. She hit the balls and they scattered around the table.

“See, that wasn’t too bad,” said Carson.

Not that any of the guys were paying attention to the shot she made. They were admiring how the fabric of her shorts stretched tight across her ass as she bent over.

The other men all took their turns then it was Rachel’s again. She was struggling to get lined up on the cue ball.

“Here, sweetie. Let me help you,” said Tad.

He came around the table and stood alongside Rachel. Tad was over six feet tall and towered over the petite girl. He reached down to help show her the proper technique of holding the cue. His right arm was across her back so he could move her right hand and his left arm was down holding her left hand. Tad was able to look right down inside Rachel’s blouse and see the curve of her breasts inside her bra. He felt his cock stirring.

  It felt so good, pressing against her warm firm body. Tad breathed in the fragrant scent of her perfume and her silky soft hair brushed his arm. He could just imagine what it would be like to have this gorgeous girl underneath him with his cock buried deep inside her.

 He helped Rachel take the shot and she let out a little squeal of glee as she watched the ball she had been aiming at disappear down the pocket.

“I did it! I sunk a ball!” she squealed as she gave a little hop.

Owen and Derwin smiled to each other as they watched her small perky tits bounce under her shirt.

“Nice!” Derwin whispered.
The game continued, with Tad insisting on giving Rachel assistance with each shot she made. Rachel couldn’t help but notice, his body seemed to press a little harder and his hands roamed a little more, with each time he was close to her. And the other guys too, Derwin and Owen, seemed to be taking a few liberties, as well, doing things that caused them to “accidentally” rub and bump against her.

  Rachel was beginning to feel a bit uneasy. It reminded her of things the boys used to do to her in school. Rub against her in the hallway, give her little pinches on the butt, snap her bra, juvenile stuff like that.
   She always kind of figured it was the price she paid for being a cute girl. But she had hated it too! It also disgusted her to notice that Derwin was wearing a wedding ring. What the hell was he doing trying to flirt with her?

Finally, the game was over. She and Tad had beat Owen and Derwin.

“All right, my girl!” said Tad as he high-fived her.

“Well, I really have to get back to work,” said Rachel, glancing at the clock on the wall. They had been playing for nearly a half hour.

“See ya, Rachel! Thanks for the game,” said Derwin.

Rachel hurried back to the bar. She ran into Brooke.

“You done playing pool with your boyfriends?” she sneered.

“I’m sorry I took so long,” Rachel apologized. “But Andy told me to take a break.”

“Yeah, well, now that you’re done giving out blowjobs in the pool room, you can get back to work!”

Before Rachel had a chance to respond to Brooke’s sarcastic remark, she had turned and walked away. She knew taking that break to play pool would

cause nothing but trouble with Brooke. Brooke already didn’t like her because, well, as far as she was concerned Rachel was just a little too curvy, a little too perfect, a little too perky. Rachel also knew that Brooke considered her as Andy’s little pet and that he let her get away with stuff that the other waitresses couldn’t.

  Oh well, let her think what she wants, thought Rachel. It’s no skin off my butt!

Back in the pool room, the guys were still talking about Rachel.
“Goddamn, she is one hell of a cutie!” said Owen.

“Yeah, I’m sure glad we came here tonight,” said Bruce. “A little shithole town like Rutler, you probably don’t get to see cunt like her too often!”

“I sure wouldn’t mind partying with her,” said Tad.

The other men smiled at him knowingly. They had all worked away from home enough over the years to know what that meant.

Carson suddenly got up from the stool he was perched on.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes, boys. Keep the party going!”

Carson walked up to the bar and motioned to Andy to come over. He extended his hand out.

“Hello sir, the name is Carson Matlin. You’ve seen my boys in here tonight partying, I take it?”

Andy shook his hand.
“Pleased to meet you. I’m Andy Rouse. I own this place, and yeah, I saw your guys tonight. You’re working out on the new overpass, I hear.”

“Yeah, we are. Gotta say, ya got yourself a nice little establishment here. Me and the boys are quite enjoying ourselves.”

“That’s good to hear, Mr. Matlin,” said Andy. “I’m glad to see you came in tonight.”

“I was wondering if you and I could talk a little more privately?” said Carson.

“Sure,” replied Andy.

*** I apologize that the build-up is taking a bit of time, but I will make it worth your while. The action WILL start in the next instalment......I PROMISE!

November 17, 2017, 04:03:06 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Absolutely nothing wrong with a long set up except for the attitude of "Graham" not thrilled with that! ;)

November 18, 2017, 10:19:56 AM
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Offline vile8r

“Sure,” replied Andy.

He motioned Carson over to the door of his private office and they stepped inside.

“Is there a problem?” asked Andy with a look of concern. “I hope you’ve been getting good service!”

Carson smiled. “Oh, no need to worry about that, Mr. Rouse. Your waitress, Rachel, who’s been serving us, she is something else!”

Andy smiled back. “Oh yeah, she is! She’s one of my best girls.”

“Well, it’s her I’ve come to talk to you about,” said Carson. “I’m sure you’ve likely noticed my boys have taken a bit of a shinin’ to her?”

“Yeah, I noticed,” said Andy. “Everybody who comes in here usually takes a shining to her!”

“My guys have been out working now for several weeks. Working damn hard too! They deserve a bit of a…..reward. I wanna give ‘em one. Not only that, Mr Rouse, but you look like a guy who likes to make money.”
Carson reached in his pocket and pulled out a large wad of bills. He peeled several off and set them on Andy‘s desk.

”That’s $1000, sir! It’s yours, if you can get Rachel into coming over to our motel tonight for a party after she gets off work.”

“A “party”, huh?” asked Andy. “Now, this party wouldn’t happen to involve you boys all banging her, would it?”

Andy chuckled to himself. He had dealt with this sort of thing many times before in his years of operating a bar. Usually, when a bunch like this wanted a girl, or girls, to come back to their motel with them, it was for one purpose and one purpose only. To fuck the shit out of them!
  He cleared his throat. “Are you proposing I prostitute my waitress out to you boys?”

“Well, you don’t have to say it quite that way,” said Carson. “Just ask her if she’ll come party with us. Tell her it’ll be good PR for the bar. You can split that money with her! I could just ask her myself, but I got a feeling she’d listen to you a bit better, seeing as how you’re her boss.”

Andy looked at Carson and then at the pile of bills on his desk. A grin formed on his face. Carson could tell from the look in Andy’s eyes that the wheels were in motion. Andy was thinking an evil thought.
  Instead of being offended and telling this guy to get lost, it aroused Andy, the thought of five strange men banging the hell out of his cute waitress. Then he realized to himself, this could be IT! This could be HIS ticket to finally getting between Rachel’s heavenly thighs!

“I, um, have an even better…… proposition….. for you, Mr. Matlin,” said Andy slowly.

“And what would that be?” asked Carson.

“You, ummm, give me $1500, and I will let you and your boys do Rachel right here in the bar! I’ll get her to stay late to close, I’ll lock the doors and shut off the surveillance cameras, and the place is yours for the night! How does that sound? And little Rachel will be all yours to do whatever you please with!”

Carson’s eyes lit up.
“Seriously? You’d do that?”

“Damn straight, I would. Like I say, for $1500! And you and your guys can help yourself to all the free booze you want while you’re here!”

Carson held out his hand. “Andy, you have got yourself a deal!”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out an extra $500 to put with the rest on the desk.

“Now, there’s just one little condition,” said Andy.

“And what is that?” asked Carson.

“I get a turn on her too!”

Carson let out a snicker. “Ahhhh, the dirty old boss wants a piece of ass too, huh?”

Andy gave a sheepish smile. “Fuck man, you don’t know what it’s like working with that girl. I walk around with a constant hard-on! I’ve wanted to fuck her since the day I hired her!”

“Well, we’ll help you get rid of that hard-on tonight,” said Carson, clapping Andy on the shoulder.

He turned and left the office. Andy stuck the money in a drawer of his desk and headed back out to the bar. He saw Rachel and waved her over to him.

“You know that raise you were asking for earlier tonight?” he asked.


“I’ve got a way for you to earn it.”

Rachel gave Andy an impatient stare. Really? As busy as she and the other waitresses were, and Andy was playing his dumb little games again?

“Okay, I’ll bite. How can I earn my raise?”

“I want you to close up tonight,” said Andy.

Rachel’s face lit up. Well, what do you know? He wasn’t playing his sick games. He was serious!

“You want me to close up?” she said , as though she hadn’t heard him properly the first time.

“Yeah, it’s starting to die down, I’m gonna let Angie and Brooke go home soon and I’ll get you to close up. You’ve helped Angie do it before, I think you can handle it yourself. You do a good job and I’ll give you the raise, okay?”

“Um, yeah! For sure, Andy! I can do it. And, uh, thank you!”

“Well, if you do have any problems, I’ll  just be upstairs and you can call me.”

Rachel went back to work, feeling very self-satisfied. It felt good that Andy was finally giving her more responsibilities and also that she was finally getting her raise. More money meant she’d be able to get out of Rutler that much quicker and back to school!

She had phoned her parents and told them she would be home a bit later tonight. They worried about her working night shifts, so she would always phone them if she was running a little late.

In the pool room, Carson had just explained to the men about the deal he had made with Andy.

“Sonuvabitch! For real?” asked Bruce.

“Damn right, for real!” said Carson. “I figure the way you boys been working, you’ve earned it!”

Tad slapped him on the back. “Boss, you’re the best! I can’t believe we’re gonna get to fuck that little blonde fox!”

“And we can do ANY thing we want?” asked Derwin. “In ANY hole we want?”

“You got it!” said Carson. “I gave Andy $1500. After this bar closes, she’s all ours!”

 The men quickly shut up as Rachel brought them another round of drinks. If only Rachel could know the twisted thoughts going through the minds of the five men as she set their drinks on the table.

  It was now almost closing time. The bar had cleared out except for a few stragglers here and there. And the crew in the pool room. For them, it seemed the party was just kicking into high gear. They had ordered several rounds for last call and showed no signs of slowing down.

  Andy had let Angie and Brooke go home early, which didn’t bother them. Rachel was busy cashing out and doing all the closing up activities. She had helped close up before and was familiar with the routine. She had just never had to do it all herself.

 Andy had told her he was going to bed. He lived in an apartment above the bar, so he wasn’t too far away if she needed him.

  Finally, Rachel was finished and was ready to turn the lights out and lock the doors. She had already shut off the “OPEN” sign. But there was one last job to do. Get Carson and his men out of the bar!
  Andy had told her earlier, that seeing as how they were spending so much money in the place, to let them party right up until she was ready to leave. He didn’t normally let people do that.

 She walked back to the pool room where they were still hanging out. She could hear the hooting and hollering long before she got to the doorway.

“Hey Rachel!” Tad whooped as he saw the blonde hottie enter the room. “Come back to party with us?”

“No,” she said firmly. “I came in here to tell you guys it’s time to pack it up and get out. I’m ready to lock the doors.”

“Oh come on,” whined Owen. “We still have a few drinks left!”

“Well, you’ve had more than enough time to finish them,” said Rachel. “Now come on, you got two minutes to get out of here. I’m tired and I want to go to bed!”

“We were hoping you would have another game of pool with us,” said Carson.

“Yeah, but this time we thought maybe we’d use your holes!” said Derwin with a sick laugh.

  Rachel began to feel a bit uneasy. The five large men were forming a semi-circle around her.

“Come on, Rachel, just one little game,” said Bruce, licking his lips.

“Okay, that is enough!” snapped Rachel as she began to back towards the doorway. She felt herself getting flustered. “You guys had better get out of here before…..before….”

“Before what, honey?” asked Carson.

Rachel gathered her composure and tried to make herself as tall as she could.

“I’ll call Andy down here!” she said defiantly.

“Who, your fat-ass boss? We ain’t scared of him!” Bruce sneered.

“Nope, but I think you oughtta be scared of us,” said Owen with an evil chuckle as he grabbed at his crotch.

November 19, 2017, 10:04:19 AM
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Offline vile8r

Rachel was feeling very scared now. This was a situation she had always been warned about by the other waitresses. And one of the reasons there was always two people doing closing. Rachel had thought it odd she was asked to close up by herself, but didn’t think too much of it. She knew Andy would be around if she needed help. Like now!

“Get ‘er boys!” said Carson.

  With a panicked look on her face, Rachel spun around to run from the room. Her right ankle twisted and the heel on her shoe broke, sending her sprawling on the floor. The men were on her like a pack of dogs.
  Tad was the first to reach her. He pulled her to her feet, squeezing her breasts through her shirt.

  “Mmmmm, those babies feel really good!” he said.

He lifted her like a rag doll and tossed her to Carson, who caught her and shoved a rough hand between her legs. Rachel squealed as he squeezed her crotch.


“I wanna bury my cock in that tight little snatch!” Carson hissed in her ear.


Carson pushed her over to Bruce. The large man wrapped his thick arms around Rachel and carried her to the pool table. She kicked and flailed furiously. As he threw her down on her back, Derwin and Owen grabbed her arms and pinned them down.


Tad grabbed the front of Rachel’s blouse and ripped it open, the buttons flying in all directions. Tad continued to pull on it, the thin fabric tearing completely away from her body. Tad reached in and grabbed the large wad of bills Rachel had tucked inside her bra.

“Holy crap, girl! You made pretty good on tips tonight,” he said, admiring the large roll of money. He set it on a table.

“Don’t worry, you can have it back after we’re finished.”

While that was happening, Bruce yanked open the snap on her shorts. Rachel was a fighter and she was kicking like crazy, making it hard for him to get her shorts down.

“Tad! Give me a hand!” he yelled.

Between the two of them, they started yanking and pulling on her shorts, getting them down past her hips. Their hearts raced as they glimpsed the tops of her silky smooth thighs.


As they got her shorts to her knees, they both yanked as hard as they could and the shorts just ripped in half.  Bruce tossed the tattered garment on the floor. Tad had grabbed her white lacy panties and separated them from her with a couple hard tugs. The sound of the tearing panties was loud in the room as they came off her in two pieces. She screamed loudly again.


“Heh, heh! Nobody here to help you, little girl!” Carson gloated as he watched his men strip the helpless girl on top of the pool table.

“Sonuvabitch, she’s got a sweet body!” said Derwin.

“Gonna have a lot of fun fucking this honey!” said Bruce.

The guys were all checking out Rachel’s sweet shaved pussy as Tad unsnapped the front of her bra and pulled the cups away from her small size 32 breasts.

“Ohhhh, man, those are nice!” he said.

The bra joined her panties and the rest of her torn clothes on the floor. Carson began to unbuckle his pants.

 “It’s time for some fuckin’!” he said.

Rachel screamed wildly as he approached the pool table.


This was like a nightmare, something from a movie. But it was all too real!

Carson grabbed her left ankle and pulled off her shoe.

“I like bitches to be totally naked when I fuck ‘em! That includes the shoes,“ said Carson.
He grabbed her other shoe and pulled it off too.

“Now get ‘er legs spread!”

Tad and Bruce grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. Derwin and Owen kept hold of her wrists.

Rachel’s face was twisted up in terror as she watched Carson climb onto the pool table between her outstretched legs. His large erection jutted from between his legs, the head gleaming with pre-cum.

“Man, oh, man, this is gonna be good!” said Owen.

Carson gripped Rachel’s slender hips and lined himself up at her pussy entrance. With a savage buck of his hips he was inside her!


“Whoa, she’s a screamer!” chuckled Tad.

Rachel was not a virgin. She had lost her cherry to a smooth-talking boy in high school when she was 17.

During her time at college she had hooked up a few times with hot guys. But she had not had sex since she moved back home to Rutler five months ago.
  Oh sure, a few guys she had went to school with, and who were still hanging around town, had hit her up for dates when they found out she was back at home. But she had politely turned them down. Rachel was not interested in getting involved with ANY of the guys in Rutler.

 So now, having sex forced upon her, was proving to be very painful! It had been a while since Rachel had had a cock inside her. And especially not one being driven into her by a large brutal man!

Rachel continued to scream as Carson laid his weight onto her, her pussy struggling to stretch around his rock-hard shaft. She felt his hot, alcohol-laden breath against her face. The other men cheered him on, exhorting him to fuck her harder.
  Carson’s hips worked back and forth, his body slapping loudly against the cute blonde girl. His big hands were wrapped around her tiny waist, pulling her back against him with every thrust.

Carson looked down at Rachel, admiring her sweet, curvy body. God! She looked good! He couldn’t recall being this excited in a long time to fuck a girl this pretty and this young.
  As a younger man, travelling around the country and working construction jobs, he had participated in many gang rapes. Going into a small town, hitting on the local girls, inviting them out to a party. Many of the dumb little sluts had thought it exciting to have these rough and tumble strangers coming to their sleepy little towns.
  That is, until they had one of these girls pinned down and laying the hot cocks to her!

  It had eventually caught up to Carson. He spent 5 years in a state prison for a gang rape he was involved with in Kansas. That had been 10 years ago. He was 30 when he got out and was 36 now.

  Carson could feel his nuts swelling and knew a big load was on its way. Cum on her belly or let loose inside her? Carson decided it was going inside! There was no feeling in the world like a tight pussy clamping down on his cock when he let loose.

  Rachel saw the look on his face as he sped up his thrusts. She knew what he was getting ready for.


“Too late, darlin’,” he said as his whole body shuddered in the midst of a powerful orgasm.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKKK!” he yelled out as his dick went rigid inside Rachel and a torrent of cum shot into her.

Rachel let out a wild scream. What a nightmare to have this horrible man rape her and then cum inside her as well!

Carson quickly pulled out of her and wiped his slimy dick using a piece of Rachel’s ripped blouse.

“I’m next!” yelled Tad.

“Uh, uh!” said Carson sternly. He pointed to Bruce.

“He’s senior guy on the crew after me. He goes next!”

“All right!” yelled Bruce.

Carson took over holding Rachel’s leg and Bruce dropped his pants exposing his thick hard-on.

“UUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he grunted as he impaled Rachel with his rape tool and began a solid pounding of her cunt.

November 20, 2017, 02:18:48 AM
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Offline shannyfries

Oh this is good, really good!

November 20, 2017, 09:51:30 AM
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Offline vile8r

Bruce was 32, just a little younger than Carson. He was married, but no way was he going to say ’NO’ to fucking a girl as young and hot as Rachel. His wife had been a looker back when he married her 10 years ago, but now having popped out a couple kids, she’d sort of let herself go.

  Anytime he had a chance to dig into some fresh meat, especially someone as sweet and delectable as Rachel, well, he was going for it! He didn’t give a shit what his wife said.

“Jesus…..Christ……you’re……tight……girlie!” he said as he fucked her.

He was slamming in, pulling back and slamming in. Just a rough, brutal fuck!
His callused hands kneaded and groped at her soft tits.


She couldn’t understand where the hell Andy was. Surely he could hear her screams and her calls for help. When he was upstairs in his apartment, sometimes he would complain to the waitresses that the jukebox was too loud. And Rachel knew he wasn’t a very sound sleeper. He HAD to be able to hear what was going on! And he’d also be able to see what was going on with the video surveillance cameras in the bar which were linked to a computer in his apartment so he could always see what was going on downstairs. So why the hell wasn’t he coming to help her?

Well, probably because Andy was busy. Little did Rachel know, Andy was very intently watching what was going on downstairs! He was sitting in a chair at his computer desk, his fat cock in his hand, furiously stroking as he watched his hot waitress being assaulted on a pool table.

  “Sonuvabitch,” he muttered to himself, a small trickle of slobber on his chin. “This is better than any fuckin’ porno I’ve ever seen!”

First, he had excitedly witnessed Rachel being forcibly stripped of her clothes. That right there had almost caused him to blow a load, getting to see for the first time, Rachel in all her naked glory! She was everything he had ever expected and more. Rachel wasn’t the only of his waitresses he had ever seen naked, but she was, by far, the best one!

  Now, Andy was watching as first Carson, and now Bruce, slammed their raging cocks into her tight cunt. Soon he knew, it would be his turn! His heart pounded with the anticipation.

Downstairs, Bruce was just pulling out of Rachel. He had spent a large load of spooge into the sobbing girl and now climbed off the table, sweat running down his face.

“Fuckin’ awesome!” he panted.

“Owen, you’re up!” said Carson.

Bruce took hold of Rachel’s arm and Owen quickly climbed on the pool table, his grubby blue jeans down around his knees. The 29 year-old guided the head of his swollen rod up to Rachel’s pussy lips. Rachel’s tortured pussy was forcibly stretched open again as Owen penetrated her.

  “Cock-teasin’ little bitch!” he growled. “Gonna fuck you good!”

He proceeded to make good on his promise as he lowered his wiry body onto her, his hands slipping under her ass and lifting her up. The table shook as Owen thrust in and out, his cock making squishing noises inside her.

All night, he had been dreaming about his cock ploughing inside her tight depths, now it was happening! She was a great fuck!

He came sooner than he wanted. Her pussy felt so good, squeezed around his turgid shaft. He gave her one…two…..three more powerful thrusts and then came the wonderful sensation of semen racing up his shaft and exploding from the tip of his cock. Owen held himself inside Rachel, his dick throbbing and pulsing.

“Just for you sweetie,” he panted breathlessly.

He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. She spit back at him.

“G-get off me, pig!” she said.

Owen cocked his hand back to slap her, but Carson grabbed him.
“NO!” he snapped. “There won’t be any of that shit!”

“But Carson!” Owen protested. “You seen what she did! We don’t put up with that shit from no bitches!”

“I saw exactly what she did,” said Carson. “But we don’t beat women. You wanna get revenge, you do it with your cock!”

A smile crept across Owen’s face as he climbed off Rachel. He pointed at her with a menacing finger.

“Yeah, what he said! I’ll get my revenge on you, you little slut! With my cock!”

Carson then directed for Derwin to have his turn. He and Owen switched places and Derwin pulled down his pants, showing off his thick, heavily veined cock.

“Pl-please…………n-no…….more!” Rachel whimpered.

Derwin just ignored her as he climbed on the pool table. He was going to fuck her and frankly, the more she protested the hornier he got. He got himself settled between her thighs and slowly pushed into her, grinning as he watched his schlong disappear between her pussy lips.

Derwin, like Carson, had also spent time in jail for the crime of rape. He was 26 and had went to jail when he was 21. He had gotten in with a bad gang in the city and one night they robbed a fast food joint. A really cute 15 year-old girl had been working behind the counter.

The leader of Derwin’s gang, pissed because they hadn’t gotten a lot of money from the tills, took the cute girl with them.  
He said he was taking her in trade. They had taken turns that night, four of them, raping her over and over in the backseat of their car. It was a night Derwin would never forget. Just like tonight!

He had gotten married when he got out of jail a year ago, to a girl he’d known since high school. But Derwin was not a loyal husband. Working away from home, when Derwin found some fucking, he took it! Married or not!

Rachel was just the kind of girl he liked, young and hot! He raped her with reckless abandon, his cock working in and out of her like a piston. He was vaguely aware she was crying, but he didn’t really care. Like he cared whether or not he was hurting her or not? All the money he’d spent in this place tonight, getting drunk? Fucking the hot waitress was something he deserved!

He marvelled at her tightness, it felt so fucking good! A lot of times, it was some loose old bar skank they ended up banging after the bar closed. But to get a prime piece of meat like this……wow!
  Derwin was going to make it last. Well, try to anyways! But as her tight pussy wrapped around his cock, he realized he could no longer control himself. It was like she was milking him and soon he had to give into his animal urges. He let out a loud groan of pleasure as his balls poured their contents into the poor girl. It seemed like his cock would never stop spurting, but finally it did.

Derwin pulled out, a large gob of jizz still hanging from the tip of his dick. Carson tossed him some of Rachel’s clothing to wipe himself.

“All right! My turn!” whooped  Tad. He let Derwin take hold of Rachel’s leg he was holding.

Tad dropped his pants and had his cock out in a flash. He stroked it slowly, smearing the pre-cum around the head.

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for you, Rachel,” he snickered. “I haven’t been fucked in about 3 weeks and I’m long overdue!”

Tad crawled onto the pool table, sliding his hands along Rachel’s smooth thighs. He rubbed the head of his dick across her red, swollen pussy lips before plunging into her.


The 22 year-old began a hard, powerful fuck, driving his cock in and out of her forcefully. He was making sure all eight and a half inches of his fuck weapon were buried in her with each thrust. His balls slapped against her ass.

“UUUHHHHH……UUUHHHH…..UUUUHHHH….UUUHHHH!” Tad’s grunting and huffing drowned out Rachel’s crying and whimpering.

He dug his hands into Rachel’s butt cheeks and pulled her up against him. It felt awesome, her firm stomach pressed against his as he powered his cock in and out of her.

It was such a shame, he thought! If circumstances had been different, he could have just taken her back to his motel room and the two of them could have had a session of wild fucking. But Rachel had to play the uppity little bitch and so now, she was gonna get it hard!
  Tad had a girlfriend back home, a pretty girl by the name of Amy. Rachel sort of reminded him of her. Amy was great in the sack, and Tad certainly couldn’t complain about the quality of sex he got from her. But like he had said earlier, it was three weeks since he had last been fucked!

He felt a little twinge of guilt about not being loyal to Amy, but screw it, he thought.
He was a man and a man had urges that sometimes just couldn’t be ignored. When he got home, he would make sure Amy got all the attention she deserved. But tonight……he was being selfish and satisfying himself.

Tad’s powerful cock hammered against Rachel’s cervix. He couldn’t recall fucking a girl this hard in a long time. The walls of her cunt were wrapped around him like a glove, his cock filling her completely.

“UUUUNNNNNHHHHH……..UUUUNNNNNNHHHHHH!” he groaned with satisfaction as he finally came. Rachel stared vacantly at the ceiling as she felt more wetness inside her. It terrified her, the horrible prospect of one of these brutes getting her pregnant.

Tad had waited until his dick stopped spasming  and started to pull out of Rachel. She suddenly caught movement out of the corner of her eye, near the doorway of the pool room. It was Andy!

“Well, well, looked who’s joined us?” asked Carson. “It looks like the boss, Rachel. He’s gonna be mad at you, finding you laying down on the job!”

All the men laughed.


Andy’s cock was hard as granite as he entered the room and saw Rachel stretched out on the top of a pool table, still held down by four guys. Tad was just finishing up and climbing off her.

“Oh, I’m here to help, all right,” he said with a sick grin. “You fellas just keep holding her right there. Ol’ Andy’s about to get what he’s been waiting for!”

The look on Rachel’s face was priceless as she suddenly realized what Andy was there for. He wasn’t going to help her! He was going to join the rest of these animals!

November 20, 2017, 10:23:32 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Lovin the story so far vile8r. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

November 20, 2017, 12:14:54 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Another classic, the only thing missing is preparing her butt with a pool cue while being raped! But that's if i was writing this! ;)

November 20, 2017, 05:41:06 PM
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Offline vile8r

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Another classic, the only thing missing is preparing her butt with a pool cue while being raped! But that's if i was writing this! ;)
To tell you the truth, I wanted to put a scene like that in the story, but I actually wrote this for another person, and they didn't want that in there, so I left it out. Were I writing the story for myself, yes....I would have definitely put something like that in it!

November 21, 2017, 11:45:37 PM
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Offline vile8r

Andy stood at the end of the pool table and dropped his pants, showing a fat, thick cock standing at attention. It had a large purple head the size of a golf ball and veins stood out along the length of the shaft.

Andy told Carson and Derwin to let go of Rachel’s legs. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to the edge of the table so her legs were dangling over the edge. Owen and Bruce continued to hold her arms.

“Oh Rachel, baby,” Andy said, licking his lips as he gazed down at her reddened and swollen pussy lips. Her abused cunt still looked damn good, even after being savagely fucked by the five other men, although cum and a small bit of blood oozed from it.
“I have waited for this moment since the day you walked into my office! Been dyin’ to get inside that sweet little hole of yers!”

Using Rachel’s ripped shorts, Andy wiped away some of the excess cum dripping out of her and smeared on her inner thighs. Then with his large sweaty hands, he lifted her legs up and placed them on his shoulders.

“Oh G-g-god! NOOOOOO! A-Andy! Please! NOOOOOOOO!” Rachel begged as she shook her head from side to side.

It was bad enough being raped by these other men, but now for it to happen from the one man she thought she could trust…..! I mean, she always knew Andy was a sexist pig, but it had always seemed so harmless. She had never imagined he would actually go through with something like this!

Rachel’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed as Andy’s thick shaft penetrated her. He pushed in about halfway and then pulled back. Then shoved in again, even harder. He let out a grunt of pleasure as his thick rod bottomed out.

“God……damn!” Andy exclaimed. He was doing it! He was fucking Rachel!

He began to slowly rape the object of his masturbation fantasies, his big hands wrapped around her thighs. His flabby ass cheeks shook and jiggled, as he worked his nasty fuck tool in and out of the blonde girl. Rachel lay there, her eyes tightly closed, her mouth wide open, letting out gasps of pain as the thick shaft stretched her open.

  Andy’s fat gut pressed against her and she felt small droplets of his sweat fall on her. He was so repulsive! In and out……in and out……in and out…..! His fat dick sawed back and forth inside her, the purple head like a small fist pounding her insides.

  He was so out of shape, Andy would have to slow down after every 5 or 6 thrusts and catch his breath, just holding himself inside her. Then, slowly, he would start up again. He didn’t care, though. It felt so great having his cock buried in her, he didn’t care if he was at it all night long!

Andy’s fat, flabby body was quite a contrast to the more wiry, muscular bodies of the construction workers.

 But soon, his balls were ready to release their seed. However, unlike the others, Andy had no intention of cumming inside her. He loved spraying loads on a girl’s stomach. And that was exactly what he did as he pulled his slimy dick out of Rachel and furiously stroked it.
  He grinned as he watched a thick stream of spooge shoot forth and deposit itself on Rachel’s tummy. Andy continued to stroke himself, milking all the cum out of his balls that he could.

  He backed away from Rachel, admiring the gobs and streaks of cum stuck to her smooth tummy. The other men released her arms and she slid off the table into a heap on the floor.

“Damn, that was some of the best fucking I’ve had in a long time!” said Andy.

“You and me both,” said Carson, slapping Andy on the back. “You laid into her good!”

“Well, like I said, I been waitin’ fer that fer a long time!” Andy replied.

“So what’s next?” asked Bruce. “We ain’t done with her yet, are we?”

“Shit, no!” said Carson. “But let’s take a break and have ourselves a drink first!”

Andy had pulled his pants back up and he went to the bar and came back with a tray of free beers for everyone.
“It’s on the house!” he chuckled.

The men sat at a table as they plotted their next move.

“I think we oughtta get some mouth action from her,” said Owen.

“Fuck yeah!” agreed Derwin. “Nothing better than some hot bitch’s mouth wrapped around a cock!”

“Hey Andy,” said Tad suddenly. “You see the mess Rachel left on your pool table? She’s left a hell of a fuckstain on it!”

Andy looked over and scowled at the large puddle of semen pooled in the middle of the table.

“You messy bitch!” he snarled at her. “A good whore would know how to keep all that inside her. Those pool tables are expensive to get re-covered!”

“I say make her lick it up!” Tad snickered.

“Good idea!” said Andy as he pulled Rachel to her feet and pushed her onto the table. “Start licking up your mess….all of it!”

“N-no……I-I c-can’t…..” she whimpered.

“You can…..and you WILL!” snapped Andy.

Rachel closed her eyes as she slowly began to lap at the slimy mess. It tasted horrid!

“Look at that ass!” said Carson as he watched her on her hands and knees. “She’s been wiggling that at us all night long! Getting us all hard as hell!”

“Then let’s do her ass!” Tad shouted out.

“Yeah!” said Carson. “ We’re gonna teach her a lesson of what happens when you shake that cute little thing around!”

“All right!” whooped Tad.

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He was forever trying to get some anal action from Amy, but she would have nothing to do with it and would get quite mad at Tad every time he asked.

“Who gets her first then?” asked Bruce.

“Me, of course! I’m the boss!” snapped Carson.

“Oh, quit pulling that shit,” said Derwin drunkenly. “You got her pussy first, I think one of us should get to break in her ass!”

“Hey fellas, don’t get in a fight!” said Andy. “I’ve got an idea of what you can do. Hold on a sec.”

Andy went back to his office and came back with a large beer mug, some small scraps of paper and a pen. He handed out the scraps of paper and got each of the guys to write their names on them. Then the papers were folded up and tossed in the beer mug.

Andy closed his eyes and drew out a piece of paper. He unfolded it and read out the name.


“Hot damn! I get her first?” he exclaimed.

“Yes, you do!” said Andy.

“All right!” Derwin said as he was on his feet in a flash.

Rachel was still licking at the puddle on the pool table. Her tongue was coated in gross cum and she felt like retching but knew she had to hold it down. Andy would really lose it if she vomited all over the place.
  Derwin grabbed Rachel and pulled her off the table. She was spun around so she was facing the pool table, her legs pressed against the edge.


Rachel had never had anal sex, although a couple boys in college had tried to talk her into it. She had heard stories from some of the other girls about how painful it could be if you weren’t properly prepared. Being raped against the side of a pool table had to certainly fall in the category of “not being properly prepared!”

Derwin kicked her legs apart and pulled the firm cheeks of her ass apart. She flinched as he poured a bit of cold beer down the crack of her ass.

“Sorry, honey, but that’s all you’re gonna get fer lube!” he smirked.

Rachel tensed up as she felt the head of his cock pressed against her anal entrance. She let out another loud scream.

“Save yer screamin’ for when I get inside ya!” Derwin said. “That’s when it’s gonna hurt!”

Digging his hands into Rachel’s hips, Derwin drove his cock hard against her tight sphincter, feeling it give way. Rachel being so much shorter than Derwin, he was close to a whole foot taller than she was, he had to bend down with his knees to get his cock into the proper position.

  He straightened up then, as he drove his cock into her. As he did that, he lifted Rachel’s feet right off the floor. Her head was thrown back and she screamed like she was trying to rattle the windows. It felt like a white-hot spear entering her body as Derwin slammed his dick into her shitter.

“Holy shit! What a tight hole!” he exclaimed.

He wasn’t able to shove it all the way in, the friction was too great. He backed out a bit then rammed in again. Derwin had to do that about three times, before he got his shaft buried in Rachel’s ass. Each time she screamed bloody murder. The pain was intense.

  Her fingers were gripping the edge of the pool table so hard she thought they would snap off. Her whole body shook and shuddered.


“Ain’t gonna stop when it feels this good, honey,” laughed Derwin.

He began to fuck Rachel’s ass with hard hammering thrusts. His balls slapped against the back of her legs. Sweat ran down his face from the exertion of forcing his dick in and out of her. Slowly though, she did begin to loosen up slightly, making it easier for him.
  Derwin began to fuck faster, Rachel barely able to keep her feet on the floor.


Derwin let out a loud yowl as his cock jerked inside Rachel’s tight depths. His hips shuddered as he unloaded inside her. It reminded him so much of the night with the girl from the Burger King.

Derwin pulled out, the head of his cock making a popping sound as it slipped free of her sphincter. He looked down at his blood and shit-streaked shaft. He used Rachel’s clothing to wipe himself clean.

“Been a long time since I popped an ass cherry,” he mused.

“And ya did a fine job!” said Carson. “So who’s next?”

Andy drew another scrap of paper. “Bruce!” he announced.

Bruce jumped up and got in position behind Rachel who was still leaning against the pool table trying to catch her breath. He pressed his hard rod between her cheeks.


Bruce said nothing as he pushed into her. Like Derwin, he also had to bend at the knees and brought her up off her feet as his cock drove home. He grabbed a handful of Rachel’s blonde hair and pulled her head back . Slowly, but forcefully, he worked his thick erection in and out of her.

“Shit, yeah, this feels good!” he said.

He let go of her hair and used her tits as small handles to pull her body back against him. The others cheered him on as he pounded her turd chute. By the time he came, Rachel’s screams had subsided to painful whimpers.

Bruce shot more white jizz into Rachel and pulled out. He had wanted to fuck her longer but her shit channel had been so tight and the pressure on his dick felt so good, he hadn’t been able to hold on more than 5 or 6 minutes.

“Carson!” yelled Andy as he drew another name from the beer mug.

“Okay!” whooped Carson as he finished downing his beer. “Time for some ass action! Hang onto that pool table tight, Rachel!”

She barely had time to recover from Bruce’s pounding and Carson was behind her. He rubbed his cock up and down her ass slit, lubricating the head with some of the cum oozing out of her, before he pulled her ass cheeks apart. He bent down and rammed into her.
  Rachel thought her raw throat could not bring out any more screams, but one leapt out involuntarily.

Carson pulled back and slammed in again, driving the air out of her lungs.

“S-S-STOPPPPPPP!” she bawled. “Y-You’re h-hurting meeeeeee! Oh G-god……..f-feels… y-you’re ripping… a-apart!”

“That’s the whole idea of an ass-fuck, sugar!” he smiled.

He twisted his hips, trying to push in as deep as he could. Carson was savage and merciless as he raped her with long, hard strokes. Rachel’s face was twisted up in an expression of absolute agony. She had never experienced such pain. She wanted to just pass out.

  Carson pulled almost all the way out and rammed in again, revelling in the feeling of her tight ass muscles gripping him. He slammed her hard against the edge of the table as he felt cum spurt into her bowels.

“Whoa, that was one fine ass fuck!” he panted as he slipped out of her.

More cum oozed out and dribbled down the back of her thighs. Carson slapped her across the ass cheeks. Rachel could barely stand any longer and she slumped against the table.

The next name Andy drew was Tad. Tad’s face was flush with excitement as he approached Rachel. He bent her over the table and inserted himself into her. She didn’t scream this time, just let out a loud agonized moan.
  Tad pulled her back by her arms as he pumped his cock in and out. She was very well-lubricated now and he fucked her ass with little effort. Tad didn’t get anal sex very often and he was thoroughly enjoying this.

  “Oh, Rachel, I knew yer ass would be a sweet fuck!” he said. “Only way this would be better was if you were my girlfriend!”

  Rachel could feel his hot breath on the side of her face as his body pressed against hers. The pain wasn’t quite as sharp anymore, but more like a very intense ache inside her as his shaft spread her ass open. He let her drop back down onto the pool table as he spurted thick ropes of cum into her butt.
  He pulled out, his dick covered in a gross slime of cum, blood and shit. Tad wiped it off with Rachel’s torn shorts.

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The last person was Owen, waiting impatiently for Tad to finish up. He gave Rachel a couple hard smacks on the ass as he pulled her up to her feet.

  “Come on, you little piggy,” he said. “Time for another dick up the ass!”
  Rachel was in a semi-conscious state, barely able to speak. Owen rammed into her, her feet lifting off the floor again. Her body was limp as he wrapped his arms around her waist and began to piston in and out. His balls slapped against the back of her thighs.
  Owen squeezed and pinched her nipples as he slammed her shitbox. Even that barely got a response from her. Rachel was staring vacantly at a far-off spot on the other side of the room. Her body was being used like it had never been used before, just a toy for these louts.

   She was barely cognizant of his cock moving inside her. Her lower body was going numb. She wasn’t even sure if she still had legs, she couldn’t feel them. Luckily, Owen was a fast cummer. He didn’t last too long inside her and soon he pulled out and sprayed his jizz across Rachel’s back.

“That ass is wrecked!” he said as he looked down at Rachel. She slipped from his grip and lay in a little ball on the floor. Her anus was a red, gaping hole with a stream of cum oozing out of it.

“Yeah, she’s gonna be sore for a few days,” said Carson. “Ya might have to give her some time off, Andy!”

 Andy laughed. “I’ll think about it.”

“You gonna pound yer sweet little waitress’ ass too?” asked Derwin.

“I am, but not just yet. I’ll git her later,” said Andy. “You boys look thirsty, I’ll git you another round of drinks.”

“Damn right, I’m thirsty!” said Bruce. “Ass fuckin’ is hard work!”

Andy returned with more booze and this time also brought Rachel a bottle of water. She took it from him and sipped at it slowly as she tried to sit up.

The men sat around drinking and joking with each other. It seemed like what they had just done to Rachel, was the most natural thing in the world. After about fifteen minutes, they turned their attention back to Rachel.

“I think it’s time to feed her some dick,” said Andy. “And this time I git to go first. I been waitin’ a long time to stick my cock between those lips.”

“Okay,” said Carson. “She’s all yours!”

Andy walked up to Rachel as he unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor.

“Rachel!” he barked. “Get on your knees!”

She looked up at Andy, tears in her eyes.
“A-Andy, pl-please! Stop th-this! I hurt! J-just let m-me go! I won’t tell a-anybody! Please!”

“You want that raise, don’t ya?” he smirked. “Well, this is gonna be how ya earn it! I told ya that earlier…..and I meant it!”

With one big hand he pulled Rachel by her hair up to her knees. He pressed his sweaty cock against her lips. Rachel tried to turn her head away, but Andy grabbed her. Pushing his thumb into the corner of her mouth, he pried her lips apart and pushed the head of his cock in. Rachel immediately gagged. He tasted of sweat and stale urine.

“Now, c'mon cunt, suck it," he ordered. “And no fuckin’ teeth…..or ya’ll really get it!”

Andy, using his big hands moved her head back and forth slipping his
cockhead in and out of her pretty lips.

"Oh baby," he muttered. "You got a real hot mouth."

He increased the pace using her head like a rag doll
pushing her face on and off his cock.

"Let me feel that tongue. C'mon lick it," he yelled out as he
fucked his shaft in and out.

Rachel started moving her tongue around in her mouth as
the big cock pistoned in and out. She wanted to die. A little sticky substance
touched her tongue from the tip of his penis. It
was his pre-cum and it was in her mouth.

"Oh my god," she thought. "He's going to cum in my mouth!”

Rachel had never been totally comfortable giving blowjobs. It wasn‘t that she didn‘t know “how to do it". She actually felt she wasn’t too bad at it. But after a bad experience in high school, she had never trusted boys.
  A boy she was dating had asked her to swallow his cum. Rachel had vehemently refused and told him she would give a blowjob, but NO way was she swallowing. He had dropped the subject and she thought that was the end of it.

   Then as she began, the bastard held her head down on him and came in her mouth. Rachel was furious and didn’t talk to him again for weeks. It had been so gross!
Now Andy pulled harder on Rachel's head forcing his
cock deeper into her mouth. His cock head hit the back
of her throat.

"Here we go, sweetheart. Ready to swallow my cum?"


Fear rushed through Rachel as she heard his words. She struggled to get free, she couldn't breathe. Surely she would choke on his big cock. Andy had her head held tightly as he forced his prick in and out of her mouth. Rachel’s attempts to free herself from Andy were of no avail.

  Andy moaned from the terrific feeling of his cock in Rachel‘s warm mouth.

 "Ohhhhh fuck! This bitch is good, guys. You all
gotta try her out."

Tears began running from Rachel's eyes as she knew her situation was hopeless. They were all going to have her.

She felt Andy's balls against her chin and his sweaty pubic hair on her lips. His fat gut was pressed against her forehead. His dick jerked inside her mouth and thick jizz spurted into her throat. It was kind of salty and felt so sticky and gooey as she moved it around with her tongue, not quite sure what to
do with it. 
 Rachel coughed as she struggled to swallow it all. The sensation of the musky fluid sliding down into her stomach was sickening.

Andy pulled out and patted Rachel on top of the head.
“Yeah, I knew you’d be a good little cock sucking bitch! I thought Brooke was good, but you’re way better!”

Rachel spit and coughed as she tried to get the horrible taste out of her mouth. Carson walked up, dropping his pants.

“No use getting rid of that taste. Ya just got more coming!” he chuckled.

November 27, 2017, 04:29:49 PM
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This post shall be the conclusion of Closing Time!

Carson pushed his dick inside Rachel’s mouth. She didn’t have the strength to resist this time. Holding her head tightly, he fucked her face with his stiff meat. Carson rammed his cock repeatedly in and out of her mouth.

  The gagging sounds continued coming from Rachel. The sounds of Rachel's discomfort only excited him that much more. The gurgling and gagging sounds coming from her made Carson crazier with his lustful fucking of her mouth.
Faster and faster he fucked her mouth, trying to force his hot meat farther down her throat. Rachel’s fear intensified as now she needed to breathe.
"Take it bitch! That's it, take it. All of it. Swallow!
Swallow my cock, whore," said Carson.

His knees buckled as he felt himself release his load in her mouth. Rachel grimaced as the sticky stuff coated her throat again.

“I’m next!” yelled Tad.

He had his cock out and was stroking it hard. He stood in front of Rachel.

“Get it in your mouth, sweetie!” he ordered her. “Wrap those pretty lips around me!”

Rachel stuck her tongue out as she gripped the base of Tad’s hard shaft and slid her mouth over the head. Tad’s dick had the same putrid taste as Carson’s. She had realized it was the taste of ass…..her ass!

Tad allowed her to slowly slide her mouth and tongue along him for a little while. The soft, wet sounds her mouth were making made him even harder. But soon he decided he needed to step things up. He wrapped a hand in her hair and forced her head down farther on him.
  Gagging noises increased from Rachel's throat as she tried to breathe, but his rapid thrusts down her throat were too fast and deep.

"I've always wanted to throat-fuck a girl like this,” said Tad. "My girlfriend doesn’t let me do this!”

Rachel continued gagging as he fucked her throat as if it were a cunt. The other men cheered him on. It made him fuck her face even harder.

"Damn! This bitch's throat is gonna make me cum. Oh fuck…..AHHHH!….I'm cumming, bitch!"

Tad pulled Rachel's head quickly into his groin and let out another low deep groan.


Rachel felt his cock inside her throat suddenly throb. It began pulsating over and over, Rachel feeling his warm cum running down deep within her

Tad held himself in her mouth a bit longer, enjoying the sensation of her lips wrapped around him.

"How could this be happening to me?" Rachel thought. She could not comprehend how these men could do something like this to a girl. Especially when two of them were married and one had a girlfriend!
  Had they no conscience? And her boss! What the hell was the deal with him? As much of a pig that he was, Rachel had still trusted him to protect her……. NOT join in! She had just been doing her job….she never deserved something like this!

Tad finally pulled out to allow the next man to have a turn with her mouth. It was Derwin. Rachel didn’t like him. Well, she didn’t like ANY of the men, but Derwin especially!

He was rough and brutal as he forced his cock between her jaws and took hold of her by the hair.  He grunted as he shoved his cock to the back of her throat.
  “Yeah……yeah…..yeah!“ he said over and over as he pumped into her mouth.

Rachel’s jaws ached horribly but she tried best as she could to take Derwin’s abuse. He rocked back and forth as he fucked Rachel’s face. Looking down, he could watch her lips wrapped tightly around him. As he felt her tongue slide along the length of his shaft, Derwin knew he would be blowing his load soon.
He grabbed her head with both hands as he felt semen erupting from his
cock. Derwin began extracting his spasming cock from Rachel's mouth. As it slipped out, another blast of cum shot into her mouth onto her tongue.
   More sperm hit Rachel in the face as she coughed, spitting up some of the thick jism just deposited in her throat. It dribbled from her mouth and
she felt some running down her chin.
"C'mon whore, eat it. Swallow my cum," Derwin demanded. "Don't you dare spit it out."

Rachel fought the urge to vomit as she swallowed Derwin’s cum in her mouth. She used the back of her hand to wipe it off her face.

Owen was ready, now to take his turn. He walked up to Rachel and pushed her down on her back. He straddled her face and lowered himself so his cock stuffed Rachel's mouth. Rachel was too powerless to resist.

  At the same time, he pulled Rachel's legs up, tucking them under his arms, thereby exposing her sweet cunt.

"There's another hole here, who wants in?" he asked to the others.

Then Rachel felt a hard cock brush across her cunt. She couldn't see anything but Owen in front of her as he kept humping her throat. But she knew what was happening when suddenly she felt her pussy lips spread apart and something hot push up inside her.
  It was Bruce fucking her!  His hard shaft pounded deeper and deeper, pushing into the inner depths of her. He forced her cunt walls to painfully stretch open.

“Yay, Bruce! Slam the little hottie!” yelled Tad.

Rachel lay there helpless on the floor as the two men used her body. Owen with his hips hovering over her face, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth and Bruce buried in her tight love hole.

Owen began to cum. His mouth hung open as he let his balls spill their contents into her throat.
“Oh yeahhhhh, baby, that feels good!“ he moaned.

As he pulled out, Owen squeezed her cheeks closed demanding, "Swallow my fuckin' cum, you little tramp. NOW!"

Rachel became even more frightened as he yelled at her. She closed her eyes, and swallowed the mouthful of his hot jism.

"Good," Owen replied.

Bruce, seeing Owen was finished, pulled his dick out of Rachel. He also straddled her face and lowered himself, pushing his wet cock into her mouth.
Rachel could taste the musky juices of her pussy on him. Bruce began doing push-ups over top of her, his dick pistoning in and out between her lips.

The other men sat back in their chairs and watched the wonderful show before them. Carson reached over and high-fived with Andy.

“God damn, that little waitress of yours was quite the treat. I haven’t had this much fun fucking a chick in a long time!”

“Yer welcome,” smiled Andy.

After having his cock in Rachel’s pussy, it didn’t take long for Bruce to cum in her mouth.

Bruce let out a loud animalistic grunt as he unloaded more baby batter into Rachel’s sore throat. He pulled out before he was completely finished.

"Now, lick the rest off."

He jerked his cock a few times squeezing out one last big glob on the end of it.
"C'mon, stick out your tongue."

Rachel opened her mouth reaching her tongue to his cock. Bruce could see strands of his sperm still hanging from the roof of her mouth as he wiped the glob of cum on her tongue and shoved his cock in one last

"You've gotten pretty good at eating cum," Bruce remarked. “Keep up the good work.”

Bruce came back and sat down, guzzling a cold beer.

“Holy shit, we hammered her good,” he said.

“Yep, poor little Rachel’s gonna have some trouble walking for a few days,” chuckled Carson.

He turned to Andy.
“Now, there ain’t gonna be any repercussions for this, is there? She’s gonna keep her mouth shut, right?”

Andy grinned. “Yeah, I’ll make sure of that. She won’t say a thing if she knows what’s good for her. And my brother is the local sheriff, won’t do her much good goin’ to him. He’ll believe me over anything she tells him!”

“Is he a piece of work like you?” asked Derwin.

Andy scowled at Derwin, then laughed. “Fuck, he’s even worse!”

The men all laughed.

“I-it’s going to be on th-the sur-surveillance c-cameras,” Rachel suddenly piped up in a barely audible voice.

“What are you blathering about?” asked Andy. “You dumb cunt! I control the surveillance cameras! I can delete anything off them I want, and who says they were even turned on?”

He smiled to himself. The cameras in the pool room were never shut off. He knew, later, he was gonna have one hell of a good video to watch!

“Well, me and they guys are pretty well done here with Rachel,” said Carson as he stood up.

“Just a sec,’ said Tad.

He had picked up the wad of bills they had pulled out of Rachel’s bra earlier.

“We, ummm, better give her back her tips. I think she earned them!”

He walked over to where Rachel had pulled herself up into a sitting position on the floor. He handed the money to her but then pulled it away, just as she reached for it.

“Uh, uh!” Tad said. “You’re gonna have to get it back from us!”

He peeled off several bills and rolled them up tight, then pulled down his pants and tucked them into the crack of his ass.

“You want yer money back…..then pick it out of my ass…..with yer teeth! No hands!”

The other men whooped and cheered at this new game of humiliation. Rachel shook her head.

“N-no…..I w-won’t do th-that!”

“You ain’t got a choice!” said Carson as he walked over. “The man wants you to pick money out of his ass….you do it!”

Rachel saw Carson coming and climbed to her knees.

“O-okay….I’ll d-do it! Don’t h-hurt me!” she cried out, holding her hands up.

Tad turned around and stuck his ass out towards Rachel. She closed her eyes and put her mouth up to his hairy butt cheeks. The stench of his ass filled her nostrils. She tried to pick the money out from between his cheeks with her teeth.
  He had pushed it in there tightly and she had to press her face right to his body to get hold of it, her nose right against his anus.

“That’s right baby,” said Tad as he pulled his pants back up.

“All right, now you’ll do that to all of us!” said Carson.

Each of them, except for Andy, took several bills and did the same as Tad, rolling them up tightly and inserting them between the cheeks of their asses.
Andy helped out by holding the back of her head and making sure she got her mouth and nose right into their butts.

First Carson, then Bruce, then Tad. Rachel’s eyes were tearing up and she felt sick to her stomach from the stink of the mens’ asses. The foul taste stuck to her lips.

After Tad, she had to crawl over to Owen and then Derwin. Derwin had really stuck the rolled-up bills into his anus. Rachel practically had her whole face pressed between his cheeks before she got her teeth on the money and pulled it out.

“Good job, girlie!” said Carson. “I guess you REALLY wanted those tips!”

Rachel looked down at the floor, totally humiliated. She had never felt so utterly used in her life.

Carson and his boys finished up their drinks and headed out of the bar. They were all laughing and joking, totally satisfied with themselves.

I hope you all burn in hell! thought Rachel.

Andy had followed so he could let them out the back door. Then he returned to the pool room. Rachel had started crawling on her hands and knees to the doorway. She had tried to stand a couple times but her legs wouldn’t support her.

Andy pulled her to her feet.

“Come on Rachel! We’re going to the office…..just you and me!”

“N-nooooo, let me g-go! Andy! Please!” she bawled.

Andy pulled her around behind his desk. He pushed her face down onto the desk and kicked her legs apart.

“Now you ain’t gonna say anything about what happened tonight,” he said as he unbuckled his pants. It wasn’t a request, it was a statement.

“Cuz, if you do, I’ll tell my brother about how money seems to keep disappearing outta my bar! And I’ll set it up so it looks like you’re the one who’s doing it!”

Andy pushed Rachel’s butt cheeks apart and began forcing his thick cock into her ass.

“AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Rachel squealed as her tortured ass was forced open again.

Andy began stroking hard in and out. He huffed and puffed with exertion.

“Fuck, you got a sweet ass, girl!” he said.

Rachel could barely breathe as her body was pinned down on the desk by Andy’s weight. She grimaced and whimpered in pain as she felt his fat dick pump away inside her. It seemed like he was shoving himself right into her stomach.

“Ohhhhhh…….ohhhhhhhh….. Yeahhhhhhhh!” Andy moaned as he slapped his body against Rachel’s.

At the last minute before he came, he pulled out and sprayed gobs of his white jizz across Rachel’s ass cheeks.

“There, now I’m done,” he said. “You and me will definitely be doing this more often.”

He pulled Rachel up and put his face down by hers.

“So you will be quiet about all this, right?”

She slowly nodded. “Y-yes, I w-will!”

“Good, I’ll give you the rest of the weekend off. I think you earned it!”

“H-how do I get h-home? I have n-no clothes!” she whined.

“Hmmmmm, that does present a problem doesn’t it?” Andy chuckled.

He walked over to a closet in his office and pulled out a large oversize t-shirt. He tossed it to Rachel.

“Here, throw this on! Then get out of here!”

Rachel slipped on the t-shirt and then found her purse and car keys. She stumbled out to her car. As she sat in the driver’s seat she began to sob uncontrollably. This had been the worse night of her life!


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I loved how you ended it!

Liked how the guys made her pick money out of their asses?

November 28, 2017, 10:02:48 AM
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Yes I did. It was an unexpected twist that made her humiliation all the better.

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I am also planning a sequel for this, with much more action between Rachel and Andy.