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Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Chasing the Thrill by Skygazer

She sat nervously in the dingy bar near her hotel, as she drank yet another Whiskey sour. Her business trip was over and tomorrow she would have the long drive back home.  She had already called her family and gave her virtual kisses to her husband and children. It was growing late and she knew she should be in the hotel asleep. Instead, she sat on the stool, dressed for attention, but mostly ignored the men who gave her some. She wore a simple blouse, white, with her prettiest red lace bra under it, that showed, along with a skirt of hers that was just a bit too short. It had come in handy in the past when dealing with customers, just a nice bit of flirty distraction without screaming “Slut”. Under it was her matching panties, also sheer and red and lacy. Sheer black open stockings, paired with heels completed the ensemble. She was wearing perhaps a touch more makeup than she should, but her eyelashes were full and her lips were ruby red. She knew she looked hot for her age, especially with the low cut blouse displaying her girls.

Throughout the night, a few men approached her. She shot them all down quickly. To some, it was confusing. They were nice and respectful to her. They didn’t brag, they were witty, and charming. A couple of them left the bar later with other women, wondering why that woman who was dressed for attention had turned them down. She would have a hard time admitting the reason as well. It was growing late however and she did have a long drive tomorrow. She signaled the bartender to settle her bill when a man came up and said he'd cover it. She began to protest, but then he firmly put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her down to the stool and told her bluntly not to argue. And she didn’t. After he paid the bill, he grabbed her hand, without asking, and pulled her back up.

“Turn around,” is all he said and though her face flushed, she did it. As soon as her back as turned, she felt him massaging her ass, grabbing it as he bent down by her ear.

“I like meat on a bitch,” he said, and turned her facing him again. She should have protested but she said nothing when he took her jaw and made her look up at him. He said, “You’ll do” and then pulled her along with him, anxious and confused and excited all at once. The other men, they didn’t know what her problem with them has been, but she did. Their crime was asking. He just pulled her out of the bar and she saw the glances, some from the men who'd been there. Was it jealously? Understanding of their error? Disgust? She didn’t know, but she followed the man who hadn't asked a thing of her. Instead he simply told her.

Once they reached his car, he shoved her against it, her chest on it, as she felt her skirt hiked up. She whimpered a bit as she felt his hand on her ass, then slid down to cup her soaked pussy. He pushed her harder against the car, as both of his hands snaked down, her skirt hiked up heavily. He pulled her panties down to her knees then his hands went back up, legs kicked apart as 3 fingers slid up her wet cunt and a middle finger from his other hand slid up her ass. She trembled, face red, about to cry from embarrassment. Then his mouth was against her ear as he stroked her sex internally with his 3 fingers. He pulled the finger out of her ass, grabbed her hand, and made her look at her wedding ring.

“How many kids?” he said, as he thrusted them deep in her.

“T….th...three,” she feebly answered. 

“All natural right? I can tell,” he breathed into her ear. “It’s fine, that ass is still worth something” With that, he pulled away from her. She started to pull up her panties and he teld her to leave them. She hesitated for a moment and until he started back towards her and she quickly stepped out of them and left them on the parking lot.

“Get in the fucking car. Now”

She got in, her heart raced, hands shaking as she sat down. It was a very nice car, European, with heavily tinted windows. The second he sat down, he grabbed her head and shoved it to his crotch, his cock already free. In seconds, he’s shoved her head down on it, as she gagged and whimpered more, startled by the intensity. She’s had aggressive men, but rarely like this. Not for years. As he started driving, she heard the window being rolled down on her side. It was a busy street with lots of foot traffic, and her head was bobbing quite visibly on his cock to anyone on the sidewalk. She did cry a bit at that now. He, for his part, said nothing, other than to take it as he erupted in her mouth. She choked most of it down, drooling a bit as her chest shuddered. He let her head up and some teenagers were walking quickly beside the car, as they held their phones as he sped up. Her heart hurts, it is pounding so bad. He asked her what hotel and she told him, as she realized that he’d just been driving in circles around the block, slowly.

When they pulled into the parking lot he told her to give him her bra. She told him no at that. That without support, against her blouse, it’d be like wearing nothing. Then her face rang hard as it is slapped 3 times in succession. She trembled, eyes wet, as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. He held it in his hand as he got out, and then pulled her out of her side. He grabbed her purse and shoved the bra in it, leaving it hanging mostly out as he ransacked and took all her cash and the hotel key card. Her face was red, especially the cheek,and her chest strained against the thin fabric, her nipples showing to everyone through it. He pulled her into the lobby, calm as can be. She looked like a cheap whore stumbling after him, her bra in her small purse, as it dragged the floor. She felt every stare as they got in the elevator, but before it began to close, she was shoved down to his crotch. He’s zipped, and slapped her face when she instinctively began to unzip him. She is confused, but understanding came as he jerked her back up. He didn't want her to blow him again. He simply wanted everyone in the lobby to think that was what she was going to do.

Instead he untucked her blouse and hiked her skirt up so far around her waist that her ass showed as did the lack of panties. He slid a hand on her behind and shoved his middle finger in her ass again as he walked her down the aisle. It took a minute before she realized that they aren’t even on the right floor. A woman opened the door and saw her and she wanted to run. As soon as he felt a difference in her movement, however, he hooked his finger hard in her ass. They walked pointlessly around the floor. Two kids ran by and stopped as he pulled up her skirt, and she cried a bit at that. When he saw her turn purple, and perhaps not wanting to be kicked out, he walked her back to the elevator. He never removed the finger though as they went to the right floor this time. He quickly took her to the proper room and shoved her in, putting the do not disturb sign up.

As she began to take off her clothes, he slapped her hard again, which stunned her and left her shaken and confused. He found the remote and turned the tv up loud and took her bra and threw it in the toilet, then peed on it before flushing. He smiled at her as he saw her there trembling, so unsure of herself. He wasn’t however. He turned her away from him towards the mirror, ripped her skirt away, and threw it to the floor. He then grabbed her head and walked her right up to the mirror. Her makeup had ran and smeared. Lipstick as well. Her hair was a mess, her chest was free and all but visible to everyone. Her pussy and ass are fully exposed, but she was still in her stockings and heels.

“Alot of work goes into hiding the fucked out cunt, doesn’t it?” He said as he reached down and spread her, as he speared his fingers into her pussy again. “How many people know what a complete skank you really are? That you’re just a dumb cunt?”

She whimpered, shrugging, when he yelled at her again.

“How many? Does your husband know you’re nothing but a bar whore?”


He chuckled. “No, you’re gonna hide it until it all falls apart, aren’t you? Fine by me”

With that, he spun her around, and shoved her to the floor. She hit her knees and screamed in pain at the rug burns. With her on her hands and knees, he stepped behind her and kicked her legs apart, which elicited another cry. As he knelt behind her, he grabbed her head and one of her arms, and shoved her head to the floor. Her cheek hit the hard floor and she cried as his hand held her painfully against the thin carpet. She felt him spit on her crack and then forced his cock in. There was nothing gentle, as he held her hips, and rammed it in a single thrust. As she began to scream again, he picked up her head and slammed it on the floor again, leaving her dazed.

“Shut up cunt. Take it. Cry all you want just keep your whore mouth closed until I tell you otherwise”

And with that, he began the most painful ass fuck of her life. She was no stranger to anal sex, even occasionally with her husband and some painful acts in her past. This was different. He didn't fuck her for his pleasure, nor hers. She sobbed uncontrollably on the floor as he slammed into her again and again, just to make her hurt. Her body convulsed with every thrust as she heard his animalistic grunts. It felt as if it went on forever but she had no idea as she was just awash in pain. She only knew she was soaked in sweat and breathed raggedly. She kept in the screams until she felt him pop out and grabbed her and threw her back against the wall. She slid down it dazed and he gripped her head, as he shoved his dirty cock in her mouth as he skull fucked her, pressed between the wall and his stomach as he pounded it. She clawed at him, dazed, dizzy, retching on the smell and taste of blood and shit and bile in her throat. Her eyes were fuzzy, wet, as she gasped for air as he pulled out of her throat. She felt streams of hot cum soak her hair and face as she sobbed, humiliated. He squeezed out some remaining cum and held her eye open as he wiped his cock on it, which made her yelp in pain as it burnt her eye. He then shoved her away, zipped up, and left her there.

She sat there numbly, before she broke down in sobs and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. She heaved three times before she realized her bra was still in the toilet. It lay there ruined. She grabbed her toothbrush and brushed her mouth multiple times. Even after rinsing her mouth out, she still tasted it. She looked at her toothbrush and threw it away. She knew if there was a video camera in the room, and it stopped here, no jury would let him go free. But life didn't stop there, she thought. She stepped in the shower and finally noticed the trail of blood down her leg from her ass. Every step hurt her insides. She washed herself off, her knees were scrapped and her ass burnt when she washed it. Finally, after a short cry in the shower, she headed to the bed, whimpering as she pushed four fingers in herself and humped her hand until she came, and then fell asleep.

When she woke, she stank of ass and sweat and sex still. She pulled the blanket off her and her thighs and cheeks were crusted with dried blood and there is a small stain on the bed. She got out of the bed, in pain, and took another shower. She got out a normal pair of panties, and put on a pad, though in a slightly different space than usual, higher up to the back. She put on her makeup, a bit heavier on the one cheek. She spoke only to herself as she applied the makeup.

“My heel just broke, stupid cheap things. It was so embarrassing just crashed into the wall” she said as she worked on her story. Looking at her discarded heels, she picked one up. Held tight in her hand, she slammed it onto the counter until the heel snapped off of it. She then dressed the rest of the way and looked at herself. Other than her skinned knee and bruised cheek, she looked the same as she ever does. She promised to herself that this is the last time. This will never happen again. As she headed out, she made sure not to look at anyone, hoping no one from last night saw her. She reached her car, and got in, wincing as she sat down.

“No..this time I mean it,” she whispered, “This time will be the last” she said, for the 7th time in 13 years.

“This time will be the last…..”

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Chapter 2

She stumbled slowly out of the bar. Every inch of her body hurt. Warm fluids ran down her thighs with every step she took, streaking her legs. Worst of all was the pain in her gut. She felt so bloated and her ass ached with the large plug that filled it and kept everything inside. How did she get here? How did she let things get so out of control? It was only a month ago when she had gotten that first damnable email.

5 weeks earlier…

Two years. Two years since that stupid crazy night with the man at the bar, she thought. She sometimes lied to herself and made herself believe, at least for a moment, that it was all horrible. That she didn’t enjoy a moment of it. Sometimes she even believed it. But lately, her urges, her “itch” had came back with a vengeance. Nothing she did seemed to ease it. She’d done some roleplays on chatstep. She’d read some rough sex stories. She’d even flirted with the idea of going out to a bar again. But then she had found Ravishment University. It was perfect for her. It is a home away from her real home. It was an escape from her responsibilities at work, the pressure to be a perfect mom and wife at home. It let her explore her darkest kinks. Rough sex, violent rape, even worse, she could masturbate to it all. Why she’d even roleplayed with several people there. Some of the roleplays were just fun, while some almost made her want to cry when she orgasmed to the ideas put forward. She’d even made a few friends who understood her urges. Maybe they pushed her buttons some, but so what. That was part of the fun. But a few days after the start of the new year, everything went to shit.

It had been a normal day, in most ways completely unremarkable. Just yet another boring day at her office, doing the same boring shit, shuffling through the mind numbing routine that was her work life. Home wasn’t significantly better, at least in the boring department. It wasn’t that she didn't love her children, she completely did. But they were all hitting that age in which they simply needed her less and less. Even her youngest would rather play video games than spend time with the family and her girls were doing their level best to be “women” and thus they didn't need their mom anymore.

Meanwhile, her sex life with her husband was good, if remarkably boring and routine. The closeness was nice, even good, but ultimately it was just boring. The whole routine was just dragging her down. She simply couldn't wait to get home and chat, and she had even begun to chat with some people while at work. One man she had chatted with regularly had her grinding her thighs in her office so much she had to rush to the women’s room to finger herself furiously, almost exploding in the stall.  It had felt so naughty, she had felt so alive at the danger of being caught as her 3 fingers pumped deep into her soaking wet pussy. Some days, as she chatted at work, she feared someone would smell the stink of sex on her.

But when she got home today, things didn't go as planned. In her emails, there was one, sent from someone whose name she didn’t recognize, simply titled “I KNOW EVERYTHING”. She opened it up, confused at first. As she read it, however, she quickly turned pale.






She wanted to throw up as she read it. It was the most terrifying thing she had read in her entire life. Someone knew. Someone knew everything about her alternate life and her real one. She rushed to the bathroom and heaved, as she threw up all over the toilet and the bowl. She trembled, sweating and pale and leaned over to throw up again. She saw it all falling apart, everything she has worked for, her family, her life, going away.  She knew she couldn't let it happen. She leaned over and threw up once more, shaking, as she almost numbly got into the shower and washed the puke off herself. The water was almost scalding but it woke and braced her for what must be done.

She got out of the shower, dried herself off, and then cleaned up what puke has missed the toilet. Then she got her phone out, set it to record, and did what she had to do.

“Hello Sir,” she said, not knowing what to call the mysterious emailer. “I know you wanted to see this dirty fuck play with herself didn’t you?”

As she said that, she started to massage her breasts and reached down to play with her pussy. She almost cried when she found that she is soaked. Her life was in the hands of a stranger and she was wet. Worse, she was sopping wet. But she kept the smile. It was probably obvious that it was a fake smile, as she rubbed and squeezed her large tits, but she did a good enough job. The moans she made as 3, then 4 fingers pumped in her meaty cunt are all real though and she knew the emailer will know that.

“Is this good Sir, am I being a good fuckhole? Am I being a good whore?” She said, her body shaking as she tugged her nipple hard, bucking faster as she grinded down on her hand. She reached down and squeezed her clit, tugging it almost violently as she buckled and came. She collapsed, panting, as she reached over to stop the video, and then emailed it to whoever had her life in their hand.  She hoped that would be enough, but she knew, deep down, it wouldn't be. It would never be the same again.

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Chapter 3

Her hands trembled as she looked down at her phone. Twelve pictures. How could twelve pictures be harder than masturbating and demeaning herself on video. Whoever he was, he had found a way. A way that terrified her. Just like the previous message, this had arrived on her personal email. It was all she could do not to throw up when she opened it. Not because of the message, though that was horrifying enough. No, it was the picture of her middle child, Sarah. It was clearly at the nearby park, her sitting near her friends, chatting.

He was local. He not only knew everything about her life, but he had been close enough to see her daughter. The very thought revolted her. He didn’t even bother to threaten her with this message. Just the image of her daughter. That said enough.

So here she was, making sure the images all met his requirements. She flicked over to the first one. It was simple. It was just a picture of her in her work clothes. The only requirement, however, was that her badge had to be visible. So she had simply gone to the restroom at work for it. She was wearing a simple white blouse, and a medium length skirt with black leather booths that went up to mid-calf. She made sure she not only had her badge front and center, but the smile as well. That had been very clear. No tears, no sad looks. Happy and wanton.

The second picture she had also taken in the restroom. Except she was no longer wearing her blouse. She was just showing her ample bosom, but her face was clearly in the shot as well. Sitting on her chest, just under her chin and also clearly displayed, was her drivers license. She smiled big in it as well, but she was terrified why he wanted her personal information displayed when he clearly knew it.

The rest of the pictures she waited until she had arrived home to take. The third picture was taken in the master bedroom. She was still in her bra, but the skirt removed. The boots however, stayed. She had to set up the phone’s photo timer for this, as she spread her legs lustily. Between her legs, rested an index card, with her work and cell phone number clearly printed.

All of the other photos had her completely nude, except for the boots. She was to wear them in every shot. The fourth picture had her wearing the brightest and most whorish red shade of lipstick she had. She was to wear it thick on her lips. And she did. Then she got in front of the mirror, writing WH on one side of her mouth and RE on the other cheek. She then tried to make the lustiest look on her face, while she took another timed picture, her mouth an O, marking herself a whore.

Her tits were center stage in the next picture. Exposed, but her face still in frame, each one proudly proclaimed a word. FUCK on her right, HOLE on the left breast. Again, she made sure she looked both happy and dirty in the picture.

The sixth picture featured her pussy, legs spread wide, in her fuck me boots. The first bit of lipstick was on her, but it wasn’t a word. Instead, her meaty lips and clit were bright red now, lipstick smeared on them. It looked absurd and trashy all at once.

The seventh pictured her ashamedly wet slit, with SLUT proudly proclaimed over it. Her lips were parted in it, her clit protruding, making sure anyone who saw it would know she was clearly aroused.

Her eighth picture, still nude but for the heels had her posed on her own son’s bed. Three of his pictures were clearly on display on the bed. The words written on her, damning her, as she shoved the grip of his controller in her soaked cunt. She trembled as the flash captured her debauchery in his room.

The ninth was harder. It had her sitting, once again, on her child’s bed. This time, she was surrounded by her middle daughters pictures, again fingering herself as she licked one of Sarah’s thongs. She was both aroused and full of disgust as the flash captured the image. Damning her more.

For the tenth picture, she was in Alisa’s room. Again on the bed. Again surrounded by pictures of her. This time, however, she had one of Alisa’s trophies, sliding just a bit into her pussy, far too easily to her shame. Her body was flushed, and her stomach quivered as the picture was taken.

She now flipped over to the second to last picture. It had been hard to angle for the camera. But she had taken her dildo and pushed it in her ass and spread her ass wide, giving anyone who viewed it a good view of her curvaceous ass. It was a relatively simple shot, with her looking back good enough to get a good shot of her face. It took 3 shots to get that right.

In the final picture, the hardest one, was simply her on display back in her bedroom. It was a close up shot, faking fellatio on her husbands gun. To her shame, she even briefly thought how much simpler it would be if she loaded it and pulled the trigger. But she was either too weak or too strong to seriously entertain the notion. Instead, she wantonly sucked it, almost eagerly, taking several seconds to stop after the picture flashed.

Her hands trembled as she added each one to the email that she had crafted for her mystery stalker. Then she hit send and sobbed, but as she cried, she reached down and began to rub herself. It only took her a moment to begin humping her hand, pinching her erect nipples as she brought herself off quickly to a powerful orgasm.

It wasn’t even two minutes later that her phone dinged that an email had arrived. She opened it, and cried, throwing the phone against the wall. Everything was wrong and it was spiraling out of control.

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Chasing the Thrill Chapter 4 by Skygazer

How did she find herself she wondered. She stepped away from kiosk and turned on her new phone. It had been 2 days since she had got her last message, leading her to hurl it against the wall, shattering it into a dozen pieces. She had come to the mall to replace it, because the message itself had directed her here, on Saturday. The phone booted up and she quickly setup her email and brought up the damnable email in question. It was very much like the previous ones. A demand, and a threat.

The threat this time came in the form of a short video. It was of her daughter, Alisa. Worse, it was video of her changing. Thankfully she wasn’t nude, but the video clearly showed her stripping to her underwear as she switched outfits. In her bedroom. The bastard had been outside her window, watching and filming her. There could be no clearer message sent to her. It screamed I know you, where you live, your routines. I’m watching you. She shuddered and turned off the video and read her instructions. She was dressed as instructed.

She was wearing a very cute, sexy, short dress. It was black, with a red belt around her waist, and her best red pumps, with 4 inch heels. Along with it, she had her small pocket purse. It showed off her ample cleavage, but not in such an obvious way that it would make everyone glare at her. The same was true of the length. It easily cleared her curvy rear, but short enough that bending down had to be done delicately or one’s panties would be shown off. That is, if she had any on. She didn’t. The instructions were very clear on that. No bra, no panties. Or else. It was never exactly clear on the “or else” part but what the picture earlier in the week and the video implied was more than enough for her.

She set about the mall, looking at the men as they walked by, without trying to be obvious. Attention was not to be brought upon herself in any blatant way.  That meant no married men or anyone here with a girlfriend or in a group. Of course that was just the first rule. And the easiest. The second was more cruel. No one who appeared to be her age. They had to be either significantly older or younger than herself. Again, hard, but nothing too severe. The last, however, was intended for pure humiliation. No one was to be attractive. Fat, ugly, sickly, anything but someone she might at least be sexually attracted to. She headed to the middle of the mall, deciding to stick close to the comic store and Gamestop.

Most of the people about there were too young, remembering her first rule, no undue attention, and surprisingly, most were average looking. Eventually however, a man arrived that perfectly fit the bill. He was probably college aged, maybe a bit older. Plain and unremarkable would also describe him well, if he lost about 150 lbs. She closed in on him in the Gamestop, tapping his shoulder.

“What’da want” he said, smelling of someone who clearly didn’t value hygiene enough. His hair was greasy and his clothes hadn’t likely ever been properly washed. She wanted to throw up at the very thought of what she was going to do. Instead, she swallowed it down, put on the fake empty smile she was getting so very good at, and responded to him.

“May I ask you your name?” she said, her fingertips lightly touching his arm. He frowned at her, clearly wary as to why she would be talking to him.

“Jeff….Jeff Yates. Do I know you?” he asked, perplexed.

“I thought you fit the description. One of your friends, I cannot say who,” she said, lying out of her teeth. She shook in fear as she followed the script. “One of your friends, who shall remain nameless, wanted me to meet you here.”

“Who? Why? Who even knew I was gonna be here?” he said, as he stepped back.

“Relax honey, this isn’t a trick. Well, not that kind of trick anyway. You’re just supposed to follow me to the restroom down the hallway over here. The employee one. There I’ll do something very, very nice to you, and you can go. No questions and payment is already taken care of.” She trembled almost violently as she got that out, hoping he didn’t hear the quiver in her voice.

“ can’t be serious? Who put you up to this?” he asked, unbelieving.

“No one honey, I told you I have a job and I get paid either way. It’s now or never though, I can’t wait all day.” With that, she turned and walked away, but slowly. Though it took him a few seconds, he quickly followed her,

“This isn’t a setup?”

“No, it’s not a setup. Just follow me.” Which he did, keeping pace, until they hit the hallway and headed towards the employee’s bathrooms. The email had stated the door would be unlocked and when she turned the knob, it was. They both entered the small room and she smiled that blank smile and sat down on the toilet seat. With a practiced ease she didn’t feel, she hiked up her dress and tugged it down at the same time. Seated with her legs spread, he could easily see her pussy and her chests hung free. With that sight, any reluctance disappeared but she had to put a end to anything quickly.

“Ok, rules. Your mystery friend only paid for oral, but, while I’m doing my thing, you can touch any part you want, but once you cum, in my mouth, that’s it. We go our separate ways. Understand?” When he nodded, she beckoned him closer, unzipping him. His large gut freed, she pulled down his pants and underwear. The smell overwhelmed her and it took all her willpower not to gag. She took his smallish dick, maybe 5 inches top but fully hard, into her hand and stroked him. He reached down and roughly massaged her breasts, clearly ignorant of the ways to please a woman. It was painful, but in a clumsy way. She grunted but smiled, then handed him her phone.

“You are to record this, so I can deliver proof. Don’t get your face in it, just film me working.” With that, she handed the phone to the fat man, and leaned down to suck his dick. It tasted vile, and again, it was all she could do not to gag or get sick. He moaned and put his hand in her hair.

“Oh that's good you fucking whore. Suck it. Suck my dick bitch,” he said, pushing her head down. She gagged more, but not because of the size of his cock. He held her head tight and fucked at her mouth, her nose and face being smashed into his belly as he grunted. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before he filled her mouth with his cum, holding her head tight as he shuddered once, twice and then stepped back.

“Oh fuck, you are amazing. God, how long you been whoring? Damn that’s the best suck job I’ve ever gotten.”

All she could think, as she stuck out her tongue to show the cum and then swallowed and wiped her mouth was that it was likely the only one he had ever received. She then got up, and took the phone back and thanked him. As soon as he left the bathroom, she leaned back over the toilet and gagged herself with her finger, until she threw up the vile cum. Trembling, clinging to the toilet, she cried for a few minutes. She then got up, cleaned herself up, and headed back out into the mall. She had 3 more men to bring back before her day was done.

It took talking to 5 men to get those three, but she did it. One just straight up walked away from her, disgusted that anyone he knew would even think he would do such a thing. The other to refuse simply didn’t follow her. She went to the bathroom and waited ten minutes, but finally she had to resume her hunt. The rest came. The businessman in his 50’s, pudgy and hairy. The greasy skinny kid. And last, the old scrawny man. Each one believing her a whore. Each one thrusting and talking down to her as if she was a whore. Each one filming her.

The last one was the man in his 60’s at least. He had spit on her repeatedly during it, calling her slut. As his spit stung her eye, he slapped her, again and again. It wasn’t brutal or even that painful, but it was him telling her what her place was. When he came he held her head tight and then pulled back, looking her over. As he filmed her, he told her that he had a 100 if he could fuck her. She wanted to say no. She should have. But, despite the tears in her eyes, she was wet and shaking and full of hate and disgust for herself.  She bent over the toilet and the old man slapped her ass, once, twice, three times. He then shoved his already hard cock into her meaty cunt, and began fucking her. Throughout, he slapped her ass and called her names. She grunted, playing with her clit as he fucked her, crying out as he grabbed her head and shoved it down. She fought, but he grabbed an arm as she slipped and then yelled in shock at the cold water as he dunked her in the toilet. She flailed as he did so, but he suddenly shuddered and she felt warmth in her crotch even as she shuddered in shock at the dunking she had just experienced. He thrust a couple more times and pulled out. He then threw the money at her and just zipped and left, tossing her the phone. She cried as she fingered her wet and dirty cunt, finishing herself off before she realized that the video was still recording. She stopped it, then sent her blackmailer them, one by one. A piece of her life and soul going to someone breaking her down. She cleaned herself up and headed home, empty inside. It would be almost 2 weeks before he would message her again.

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Chapter 5

Two weeks. It had been two weeks of dread, fear, and oddly longing, since she had last received an email. Two weeks and she had just started to feel like herself again. That this hell might be over. That she might return to her life again.

It was a delusional lie. This time he didn’t send her an email. It begun with a text. Her phone buzzed while she was at work. She had arrived only an hour ago but it was a slow day so she reached down and turned on her phone to see what it was. She assumed it was her husband asking her to pick something up on the way home. It wasn’t. It was a single, simple text.


She glanced down at it, then jumped as the phone on her desk started to ring. Hands shaking, she picked it up.

“This is Tara, how may I help you?” She said with the faintest quiver in her voice.

“You can help me, you worthless fucking cunt, by sitting still, and smiling while I talk. Can you do that?” the voice answered. It was modulated like she had seen in movies before, making it impossible to recognize.

“Ye….yes Sir, I think we might be able to help you with that,” she answered. It took every bit of her rapidly diminishing willpower not to cry. She held on to her smile, but just barely.

“Good, just smile and nod you fucking whore. It’s time to for you to make a trip.” he said as she struggled to maintain her smile. “You are going to tell your boss you aren’t feeling well. You are going to drive to 1200 Champion lane, to the motel at that location. Don’t worry, it’s a run down piece of shit, just like you. You will give your name to the man at the front desk and he will give you a key to room 3. It’s the one on the outside corner in the back. There is an outfit in the bathroom. You will put it on and the makeup and be ready by 10 am. Do you understand?”

It took her several seconds to stop shaking enough to speak. “Are you going to be there?” she finally stammered out.

“Don’t worry about that. Do what I fucking said you dumb ruined old cunt. Now!”

She jerked as the phone went dead in her hands. She wanted to cry. To call the police. To do anything but what he had told her. Instead, she went to her bosses office and told him she wasn’t feeling well and if she could leave. He easily believed her, pale and shaken as she was and told her to rest up and have a good weekend. She knew that was impossible however as she got her things and got in her car and drove. When she got to the motel, she saw that it was indeed run down and sleazy looking. It wasn’t even a normal motel, but was instead one of those sad little hourly ones. She parked, her hands shaking as she got out and walked up to the front desk. A fat, ugly man leered at her as she gave her name and asked for her room. He told her it was all paid up and his fingers lingered on her hand as she took the keys.

She went behind the motel and found her room, in the back corner just like she had been told. She entered, locked the door, and sat down, crying for a moment. Her hands trembled as she tried to slow her breathing. She left her purse on the table and then went to the bathroom. There, hanging in the room, was just a few things. She reached up and pulled on the stockings and panties and put them on. The panties were mostly for show as they were crotchless, and mostly were there for the stockings to clip to. She pulled down and put on the microskirt as well. It barely fit her. Hell, it would barely fit a 10 year old. Her ample ass easily poked out of it and any bending over left her fully exposed.

Next was the top, a completely sheer white top, stretchy, that contained her chest, but hid absolutely nothing at all. Looking in the mirror, she looked like a street walker. A common, if old, whore. On the sink was some makeup, with only one word. Heavy. She sat on the toilet, and cried. When she noticed the time was close to ten, she got up and followed the instructions, heavy blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick, with heavy rouge. With it on, she did look like a painted whore. She then headed out to the bedroom and sat down and waited.

It wasn’t long before someone attempted to open the door. She got up, almost numb as she unlocked and opened the door. She almost screamed when she saw who was standing there.

“Ja..jason?” she asked numbly, in shock.

“Of course it’s me, you dirty slut,” Jason said as he walked in. She was in complete shock now. Of all the people who could have walked in, she had never expected him. Jason Rivers. Her oldest daughters former boyfriend. She had never liked him because he was exactly like those boys she had once dated almost exclusively. Arrogant assholes who thought the world revolved around them and made themselves feel good by bringing down those around them. He had tried that with her daughter but thankfully Alisa was stronger and smarter than she ever was. And now he was here before her. He was the “man” who had been tormenting her?

“Why, why are you doing this to me?” She asked, confused and desperate for answers.

“Why? You’re the one who has been sending me dirty pics. I’ve never heard someone so nasty like you before. The things you said you wanted me to do to you? I thought you hated me but you just wanted me you fucking slut?”

She tried to understand what he was just saying and it hit her, right before he did. Understanding slowly came to her. Her blackmailer had send some of those pics to him. Pretending to be her. She started to ask more when he backhanded her brutally, snapping her head and sending her to the floor.

“Fuck, that hurt a bit,” Jason said, holding his hand. Looks like it hurt you a bit more but you like that don’t you. Say it bitch”

She was dazed, shaking as she looked up, holding her cheek. She was crying, her cheap makeup running a bit as she forced the empty smile. “I like to be hurt”.

He smiled and slapped her again. And again, and again. She had to curl up to protect herself as he slapped her all over, finally stopping after some twenty plus hits. He panted as she slowly uncurled. Her face, ears, sides, and back all stung. She slowly tried to get up when he grabbed her, and threw her against the wall. She stumbled and hit the wall face first, slumping down it. He quickly dragged her dazed body up, blood from her nose smeared on her face and the wall. He jerked her around and grabbed her cunt and smiled, looking at her.

“Holy fuck. You are wet. You’re fucking soaked!” he said excitedly. “I thought you were just making shit up, but you like this don’t you sick fucking bitch!”

She numbly nodded, hating herself. Her nose hurt, bad, and she was terrified but she was beyond wet. Even with her nose fucked up, she could still smell herself. She whimpered as he held her up by her hair and punched her in the stomach, as she doubled up and hit the floor. He was ecstatic as he dragged her up again, pulling back to punch her in the face. She threw up her arms as she sobbed hysterically, begging him to stop.

“Please, god. Jason. Not my face. Please. I can’t explain that” she begged. Her nose already felt swollen. She looked at him in desperation. “Please, just fuck me.”

He smiled at that and pulled her hair hard to hurl her on the bed. He shoved her face down, swatting her her multiple times as he forced her legs apart.

“You like it up the ass don’t you? That’s what you said. Your ass is so well fucked it doesn’t need lube right?”

With that he started pushing in her ass, making her scream. It was slow at first, but he was aggressive, shoving with all his strength. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head backwards as he fucked deeper into her ass, her makeup smeared on the sheets as she sobbed. One thrust, two, three, then he shoved in fully deep into her dry ass. He fucked her with all his strength, never before having anal. It hurt him some at first, but she was quickly becoming wet. Or so he thought. She sobbed under him and soon he pulled out to see a bloody and messy cock.

“Fuck, this is what you like you sick bitch. Nasty, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”

With that he shoved back in and pounded her bleeding ass, slapping her cheeks and back, sometimes reaching up to slap her head. For her part, the pain was overwhelming so she did what she always did. She humped her hand and cried, hating herself more and more with every thrust. Her ass hadn’t hurt this bad in two years but now, her body was on fire and she was out of control. Despite everything however, he couldn’t last forever in that ass and soon blasted deep inside it. She collapsed under his weight and whimpered, still thrusting her fingers deep in her.

“I can’t wait to tell everyone what a fucking slut you are,” Jason said cruelly.

“Please, god,” she said between sobs. “Don’t, you can’t. I’ll do anything,” she whimpered, crying for an entirely different reason now.

“Anything huh? Are you really a shit eater like you said? Are you that nasty? Because you made my cock nasty you stupid milf.”

She felt another piece of herself, her soul break away as she put on the mask. She wore the fake smile and fought back the tears.

“Yes. I’m a shit eater. But only if you don’t tell anyone”

“Then clean this fucking cock you sick bitch,” he said, as he popped out of her ass and grabbed her head and shoved it down on the bloody and messy cock. It was all she could do not to immediately throw up on the coppery and earthy tasting flesh. But she did as told. She was sick. She was a slut. She was a whore. No decent woman would do this she thought as she bobbed up and down and cleaned his cock. She forced down the bloody mess, her face pale, her ass hurting. He pulled out of her mouth and gave her a look of utter disgust. It was a look of a man who had thought he had wanted to see something, but now regretted that he did.

“ have fucking problems,” he said, as he zipped up. Then he gave her one more look of disgust and walked out, leaving her there, shaking and bleeding from her nose and her ass. It felt like history had repeated itself but then her phone rang, shocking her back to reality.

“H...hello,” she said, almost numb.

“A beautiful performance my whore. It was beautiful to watch you used like you deserve.”

“” she asked, looking around.

“Camera, upper corner of the room. Oh, and the gentleman from the front desk is coming. He needs to be paid. Do it, and I’ll send you a very special video,” her blackmailer said, then hung up on her. The door was opened and the fat old man leered at her.

“You got my bed bloody. That’ll be extra,” he said, looking at her like meat.

“ much?” she asked, wondering how much money it would cost her.

“200. And I want pussy, not just oral. And no condom.”

“J..just not in me ok?” she said, feeling defeated. She fished out the money, her kids money she had intended to deposit in their college accounts, and handed it to him. He took it and looked down at her. He wore the same look of disgust as Jason had. A fat, old, ugly fuck, and he was looking down on her. When he shoved her chest she just laid flat. He took her legs and folded them by her head, almost crushing her chest under them as he slid into her wet cunt easily. He fucked her slow and deep. It wasn’t a violent fuck at all. She wished it would have been. Instead it was a slow fuck that took close to thirty minutes, his slobber on her mouth occasionally as he used her to get off. She didn’t cry, or fight, or even moan. He just used her as his personal fleshlight until he finally stiffened.

“Please, pull out,” she weakly said, but it was too late. She felt his heat fill her cunt, burst after burst of his vile cum. He rested on her, almost wheezing after the experience and then stood up, took the money and left her. She laid there and finally cried as she shoved 4 fingers in her cum filled twat and fucked her hand for nearly ten minutes before she came. It was a weak orgasm, unsatisfying and she just felt defiled.

Dejected, she took a long shower, walking out and switching back to her work clothes. Her phone buzzed with a text message. She picked it up. It looked like an IP address, and when she clicked it, it took her to an old style ftp site. She hadn’t seen those for a good while. She clicked through each file. They were pictures and videos of her and her family. All the one’s she had seen. The latest one was of her, today. It ended shortly after she got herself off. She stared numbly at how easily he could expose and destroy her. Her phone buzzed once more and she checked the text message. It simply said, “Refresh”.

She refreshed the page and a new link had appeared. It was simply a date from 3 months ago, after she had been playing on RU for a while. She opened it. She watched it. She knew then, her life was ruined. That he could do anything. She drove home, and showered again. She watched the video one more time and just cried herself to sleep. Her life was ruined.

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Chasing the Thrill – Chapter 6

The link she had been sent had all but destroyed her. She knew now, fully, and without doubt, that not only was she not safe, her family wasn’t either. Any doubts, any resistance was crushed from her as she watched the video for the fourth time. It was almost immediately clear when it was from. She had been a member of Ravishment University for about a month, chatting, playing, and having fun. She had foolishly mentioned a final end of summer trip with the family. They had all driven out and swam and went tubing on the river thanks to some unseasonably warm September weather. At the end of the day, they had been all exhausted and picked up some food and drinks and headed home.

The video that played showed them arriving home. Somewhat burnt from the sun, still wet, carrying in some KFC and drinks. The family, both in her memory and on screen, set down the bucket and drinks and dispersed to change into some more comfortable clothing. The five of them went both upstairs and downstairs, for a quick rinse off in the shower, to change to pajama’s, or just get out of the wet clothing and something dry. This is where her memory and the video differed. In the video, as soon as the room departed, a tall, older man, in his late 50’s or perhaps early 60’s, walked into the frame. He smiled quickly at the camera, quickly poured something into their drinks, and walked out the front door.

She shuddered, seeing the stranger, almost certainly her blackmailer, drug their drinks and leave, not a care in the world. It was another 3-4 minutes before anyone headed back to the food and drinks, started to set everything out.

She had to take a breath every time she saw that portion of the video. He’d been planning this for months. He’d been, even at that point, already inside her house. No wonder he knew everything about her. She’d never had a chance, she realized. The second she had joined that damned site and left enough clues and her IP address, he’d had her. With a shaky hand, she restarted the video. It was playing at double speed at this point, flying through their dinner and them playing a game. She remembered they’d been tired, so had settled on Smash Up. It was short enough to get one game in to cap off the very early end to a family day. They had all written it off on the sun and swimming, but she knew the truth now. By nine, every member of the family had been in bed and in a deep sleep. She knew the exact time because what played next.

The video jumped once more as they all went to bed. It was now clearly of someone outside, using a hand cam with “night vision” equipped. In the video, they clearly walked around the entire house until they went to the back door. She watched as they held up a key, clearly a copy as it didn’t match any they owned (she had checked), and entered the house. It was only 9:30 PM according to the clock in the kitchen, as the man, her blackmailer, walked casually around her home. Any normal day and he would have been caught. Most people in her house were up past ten, often eleven. But he knew there was no danger. After all, he’d drugged them all. The man filming paused occasionally, to show her mail, their laundry, all of it caught on film. Anyone who saw it knew where they lived. Worse was watching him as he picked through their laundry. He pawed at their swimsuits, then unzipped and pissed on hers. She understood the message. He had marked his territory.

Then, in the video, the man went to her son’s room. He strode in, with no worry or concern. He smiled into the camera, and then panned back to her son. He then pushed him gently onto his belly and pulled down his boxers, exposing his ass. He reached down, spreading his cheeks for the cam, before rolling him over and exposing his chest and penis. The first time she had watched the video she had thrown up in terror. She had expected him to do more, but then the man simply smiled into the camera again and waved his finger no.

The video then next showed him walking into her younger daughter’s room. He was slightly more explicit with her. He rolled her onto her belly and pulled down her pajamas and spread her wide, allowing the camera a view of her naked ass and exposed vagina. He then rolled her drugged body on her back, and lifted her legs up, setting the camera on the bed, aimed at her sex. His fingers then slid against, and spread them, violating her poor daughter as he exposed her completely. He pulled the camera closer and spoke softly, as he mentioned her hymen was intact. He then exposed her chest and tweaked her nipples. She was so drugged she didn’t react in the slightest, though her small nipples stiffened. He then panned down her body and stroked his cock on her face, but, as with her son, he smiled once more into the camera and waved his finger no.

The video then showed him heading back downstairs. He moved through the house effortlessly and hit her kids in order of age. He knew where every single room was located. She wondered if he had cased the home when they were gone, or if he had visited it multiple times before. He walked into her oldest’s room and stood over her. She was sleeping in a t-shirt only, and only had her sheet over her. He peeled it, then her shirt, off her unconscious form. The camera panned slowly over her nude and mostly fully developed form. Again he pushed her on the belly, like the others, spreading her cheeks. Unlike the others he pushed his middle finger deep in her ass. She was completely limp, and made no sounds as he did so. He then pulled his finger out and faced the camera as he sucked his finger. He then winked and rolled her over. Again, the camera was placed on the bed, and her legs were held up and lips were spread wide. Like her, her daughters lips were meatier, and he spread her obscenely wide and pulled the camera close.

“No hymen,” was all he said as he lowered her legs then slid two fingers into her sex. He pushed them into the knuckles, then pulled them out and again smiled at the camera as he sucked his fingers. He then panned up her naked body to her face, as his fingers entered the field of view as he wiped them on her cheek. He then held her jaw, running his thumb along her lips and then into her mouth. He then pulled his hand away and then she could hear the sound of him unzipping. The camera panned down to his cock, and then to her head as he pushed himself into her limp mouth, and she watched as his cock hardened in her mouth. He only thrusted a few times, then pulled out. He then very carefully smeared his cock head along her lips, pre-cum glistening on them like some form of demented lipstick.

“All girls need their lip gloss,” he said, as he stroked her hair. Then he smiled, shook his head no, put the t-shirt back on her daughter, and headed upstairs.

Watching that made her throw up, or at least dry heave, for the fourth time. He had touched her kids. She wanted to murder him, strangle him. She had never felt so powerless in her entire life. She heaved once more, than returned to the video. As always, it showed him walking upstairs to their room. As always, it showed him pulling their covers to the floor. Then the blackmailer very gently moved her husband to the side of the bed, giving her side more room. The camera briefly panned around him, before returning to her unconscious body. She is also wearing an oversized t-shirt, in this case, one of her husband’s. She is stripped just like her oldest daughter and rolled onto her belly. The camera pans over her body slowly, as he spreads her ample ass, exposing her brown eye and her meaty lips and outy clit. Much like her daughter, he spears her ass, but this time it is with two fingers, then he spits in her ass and shoves in a third. Unlike her daughter, he fingers her ass roughly. Whatever he had given them, however, leaves her completely dead to the world. Eventually he pulls his fingers out of her ass and uses her hair to wipe them clean.

She heaved again into the toilet, wondering why she is torturing herself watching this. She should be calling the police, anyone. Instead, shaking, she restarted the video. In it, she is being rolled over, and much like before, the camera is put on the bed and her legs are raised and spread and the camera is pulled close. Her vagina is exposed and she is slightly ashamed. Her lips and clit are larger than normal. Nothing freakish, but enough that thin thongs and tiny bathing suits were never an option for her. Seeing it up close on camera makes her ashamed and embarrassed. It should make her angry but that thought only comes to later. He then shoved three fingers deep in her, her body shaking on the bed in the video. He leaned in and spit on her and forced in a fourth as the camera pans up and then is placed on her belly. On the video all she can see is her slightly propped up head and her DD breasts. The sloshing and sucking sounds of her fingering can be heard. Then suddenly she is slapped hard twice. The camera lifts up, and it is clear the man is standing over her again.

She cried, sitting on the toilet, rubbing herself as she watched the video. She couldn’t help herself. She hated herself. Her body jerked when the video version of her had been slapped. She now fingered herself as she played the video. In it, she can hear him as he unzipped and spread her legs over his shoulders. The camera was panned to her vagina as he shoved in her and started raping her drugged body, her husband there but as limp as she was. He panned up and down her body, her chest, her pussy, and back to her face as he pumped hard into her. It doesn’t go on too long before he pumped one last time, deep, into her. He pulled out, took a dirty pair of her panties, and cleaned her pussy. She shuddered at that, as she humped her hand. He had already raped her. He had already cummed in her before she had even known it. She then watched as shoved his cock in her husband’s mouth and cleaned and wiped his cock in it. He then pulled out, peed in their toilet, leaving it unflushed. He returned to her side, camera panning along her face and body one last time. He then dressed her and pulled the covers over them. The video showed him walking out and then went blank. Before it had gone blank she had cum, her legs quivering over the toilet. She was disgusted with herself but she was an addict who couldn’t stop. She wiped her hands on a towel, pulled her pants and panties back up, and screamed when her phone buzzed.

She’d been expecting the text. She knew that something had to be coming. The video was a statement. She grabbed her phone and turned it on, bringing up the message. It was a different number every time. He knew he had her and yet he still took no chances. The message was simple.

“I know you’ve watched the video. Four times now. What would you do to protect your children? Give up your dignity? Your body? Your soul? Let’s find out. Take the box outside the front door. Be at the address tonight. You or your family. It’s up to you who is destroyed”

She dropped the phone and cried. She already had lost any respect for herself she ever had. She felt she was a shell of the woman that she had been. That might have been true, but she had no idea how much worse it would get. So she went outside and got the box that was waiting for her. Inside was what she expected. She had no hope anymore. She knew things were coming to a head. Tonight, she felt, everything might change.

She had no idea how right she was.

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Chapter 7

She stood in the filthy gas station restroom, as she struggled not to cry. No, that wasn’t true. She wanted to cry. The tears simply wouldn’t come. She took her clothes she had worn there and tossed them in the bathroom trash can along with the recently used hair dye box. She didn’t know why she was to do so, but she knew she couldn’t say no. Her or her family. That’s what the text had said. She was trash. She was broken. She would pay the price he demanded. She had failed as a wife and had failed to protect her children. This, at least, was something she could do for them. She glanced up at the mirror, at looked at the tired, naked woman staring back at her. She was 40 years old but she felt so much more than that. Her body, however, didn’t look it. Yeah, her large chest was sagging but she had never had perky breasts. Not with DD’s. It was the eyes. Her eyes looked as empty as she felt. She also barely recognized her hair. She hadn’t been blonde in twenty years and now, she was a cheaply bleached blonde. She willed herself to cry one last time and when that failed, she sighed and walked over to the box she had brought. She had rode the bus here, leaving her car at a Wal-mart over 3 miles away. She had rode here, with the box, to easily the shittiest part of town and was now ready to follow the directions.

She bent over in the small and filthy bathroom and opened the box. There was a list with her orders, and her “supplies”. First was the KY Jelly. She was to use it with the metal anal plug also in the box. She hurt just looking at it. It was easily 3 inches wide at the largest. She liberally applied the KY to the plug and then lubed her ass. Despite all that, it took a couple minutes fingering her ass and working and failing to get it to pop in. When it did, she cried out as the obscene plug stretched her sphincter and colon.  She breathed hard for minute, shaking, before she returned to the box. The plug felt enormous and hurt somewhat as she bent over it, looking for the next step.

She found the clips and chain. The clips were not the small lighter ones she’d played with before, but had heavy springs and metal teeth. She almost screamed as she clipped her left nipple. The metal teeth dug into her flesh, almost piercing it. She gasped and held onto the filthy sink and composed herself. She barely was able to attach the second nipple clip, but managed barely to do so. Her nipples were now connected by a thin chain connecting to both clips. From there trailed one more clip, that reached down between her legs. She steeled herself and spread her legs. She could already smell herself. What was wrong with her. She bit down hard on her lip as the clip squeezed cruelly her clit. She yelped and stood up and then she did almost scream as the chain pulled taunt. She could barely straighten up, but any arching of her back caused pain as her nipples and clit were pulled. She bent over a bit and the pain immediately eased. Next in the box was simply her “clothes” if they were fit to be called that.

First she pulled out the fuck me boots. More a collection of straps, with a four inch heel, she sat on the toilet and slowly put on the bright red boots. She slowly strapped them on, as they almost went to her knees. Once again, she had to halfway admire her blackmailer. They somehow fit perfectly, just like the chain just barely let her stand but no more than that. Next she pulled out her dress. Like her boots, it was bright red, and it felt tiny in her hands. She pulled it over her and regretted it immediately as her nipples and clit were painfully tugged. She managed to get it on and work it over her chest and barely over her ass. There was no underwear in the box, not that she expected any. What she didn’t expect, was that when she stood before the mirror, was how sheer the dress was. It had a plunging neckline that all but fully exposed her chest. Her stiff nipples and the chain were clearly visible through the sheer, tight fabric. It clung to her, letting anyone who looked see the chain that ran down her belly, disappearing at her crotch. Her areola were visible as well, thought just barely. She was clothed but barely and she almost looked like a whore. With the makeup included, she would look like one. She applied the thick red lipstick. It was actually a very expensive brand, the kind that stays on all day and doesn’t come off easily at all. She applied it, as she was told, to both her lips, though more lightly downstairs. Still, it made her pussy lips look engorged and flushed and again she was ashamed at her wetness.

Her eye-shadow and eye liner on the other hand, was extremely cheap and gaudy. Her eyeliner was thin and gloopy. The eye-shadow was red as well and looked absurd on her. The blush was to be applied heavily as well and was equally as cheap. Once everything was applied, she looked in the mirror once more and barely recognized herself. In the mirror was no longer the long red haired busty mom of three children. Instead, what stared back was a bleached blonde whore, whose body was barely contained by the thin red dress, in boots that screamed “use me”. Two things came to mind as she stared at the woman in the mirror. The first was that anyone who saw her would notice her, for good or bad. The second was that even if someone who knew her saw her, they’d likely not recognize her. She looked down at the watch and saw that it was almost 10pm and she stepped out of the bathroom and almost screamed as HE was there.

Before her stood the man that she had previously only seen the video at her house. The intruder. The blackmailer. The destroyer of her life. She froze there as he smiled and took her hand and pulled her gently. She stumbled for a second in the heeled boots, then walked besides him as the slowly walked towards a broken down bar across the street.

“I know you have so many questions, cunt. I’ll give you one but then you have a long night ahead of you. You understand that right?” he asked, almost gently. All she could do is nod, any fight knocked out of her.

“My name is unimportant, cunt. But we’ve played many time with a “whorebreaker” remember? That’s the closest to my real name you will ever get. It’s an accurate name however. Now see that bar?” he asked. She again nodded and he smiled smoothly as he ran he hand down and cupped her ass, feeling her plug.

“Good. We are going to go in there. We will spend a short time drinking and dancing. Then we will go to the men’s room. You will likely spend hours there and you will do anything and everything asked of you. You will smile, you will be happy, you will cum, and you will be used like the fucking trash you are cunt. Understand?”
She nodded, speaking for the first time.

“Yes,” she said numbly. He nodded and pulled her along with him and they entered the bar, his arm possessively around her. He proudly showed her off, smiling, as they walked up to the bar. She struggled to find a way to sit at the stool without having her ass hang out, aware of all the eyes on her. Just as she managed to, and sat down, she felt play with her ass as let the dress slide back up. She was an object to him, to everyone there. She barely felt human anymore as he ordered some vodka for himself and a whiskey sour for herself. She downed it almost immediately and he looked at her and whispered smile. The blank smile of someone hollowed out greeted him and as he chatted easily with the bartender. When she was handed another whiskey sour she drank it more slowly, and noticed that a couple hundreds were passed to the bartender when her “man” paid. She could feel the eyes of the almost entirely male room on her. He patted her ass loudly and smiled at her.

“Let’s dance, cunt” he said, and pulled her up to the dance floor. She followed him, pulling down her dress as he fed the jukebox and started to dance with her. The bar didn’t actually have a dance floor, but it didn’t matter since they weren’t really dancing. Instead, it more him heavily groping her while she faced the crowd of men. A woman got up and left, the only other woman, while several had started watching her much more intently. He pulled her close to her, kissing her as she felt him expose her ass again, this time spreading her cheeks and showing off the plug deep in her ass. She blushed as he pulled the dress back and spun her around facing everyone. He held the back of her neck tight and smiled out at everyone, a different more honest smile than hers, as he pulled down the dress, exposing her tits and the clips on them, her nipples purple. He then grabbed the chain and started walking. She all but cried as she followed him pain wracking every step, as they headed back to the mens room. She followed him in and as soon as the door shut behind them, he slapped her and threw her to the floor. She screamed as she hit it, the clip pulling off one nipple, making it both ache agonizingly and bleed. The other was quickly pulled off as well by him, causing the same ache and minor bleeding.

“This is your first loads my cunt,” he said as he shoved her face down on the dirty floor and hiked up the dress. She screamed as he pulled out far too quickly the large plug, her eyes wet, making the cheap mascara run as he shoved into her gaping ass and reamed her quickly. He pumped into her gaping ass, mocking her.

“By the time tonight is over, your ass will be looser than your whore cunt,” he laughed, ramming into her fully and easily due to the stretching she had received. Behind her, a door opened and though she couldn’t see, she knew at least one man was watching her ass get fucked. Thankfully, before too long, she felt her blackmailer stiffen and hot cum fill her battered ass. But he wasn’t done. He told her to stay put, which she did, meekly keeping her face on the piss stained floor. He had the vodka with him still and he poured a shot’s worth in her ass. It burned and she tried to pull away, whimpering as he held her tight and rammed in one brutal thrust, the plug back in her. She cried and slapped at the floor as the vodka burned her gut. He grabbed her hair and stood her up and she realized that 3 men were already in the bathroom. He hiked up her dress and jerked down the top, as she felt weird. She felt buzzed which didn’t make sense, she hadn’t drank much at all. Her nipples were huge and puffy now, with a bit of blood around them as he spread her legs for the men in the room. He then pulled her by the chain, now only attached to her clit, into a stall and shoved her down on it and told her to stay.

“Gentlemen,” he said, turning back to the now 4 men in the room. “This cunt may be used any way you want. I have condoms if you are concerned, but they must be properly disposed of if you use them. She is in the stall, so if you need to take a piss, feel free to take one anywhere you need to. On her, in her mouth,  in her pussy, I don’t care. You may also piss in her ass, but the plug must be reinserted immediately. You may fuck her mouth, her tits, or her pussy, but not her ass. That belongs to me. However, just like the piss, you may cum in it as long as the plug is immediately reinserted. You may be as rough as you like as long as no real permanent damage is done, other than to her holes. She is clean, as of this moment, though I make no promises that she will be disease free after tonight. You can force her to drink, spit on her, make her fuck objects, I honestly don’t care. Now that I’ve had my fun, I’ll sit in the corner and please, spread the word.” He then walked over to her and kissed her deeply. She already looked a bit drunk, the vodka clearly being absorbed directly into her bloodstream.

“After tonight, no man will want you, cunt.”

With that, he stepped away and the first man came in. He was an older black man, cock already out and being stroked as he grabbed her head and she didn’t even resist. She went down on him as he fucked up in her throat. He didn’t talk to her, flirt with her, nothing. He knew he wanted to get off and she was a tool for that. He gripped her ears painfully as he shoved he down, fucking her throat faster and faster. Through wet eyes, she could see more men in the room, some with their phones out, filming her. Before long, she felt his cum fill her throat, barely tasting it as he spurted again and again. After a minute, he pulled out. Shoving her head back.

“Always wanted to do this to a white whore,” he spoke, for the first time. Then hot piss hit her face, down her chest, and between her legs. He made sure to get her all over, as she spat the salty taste on her lips. She trembled as he zipped up and left the stall. In the background, she could hear her blackmailer explaining the rules before another man stepped inside.

“Get up and bend over slut,” was all he said as she did as she was told. He slid into her cunt easily and laughed at her as he started fucking the hell out of her cunt. He reached down to grab her head and jerked it back, looking intensely at her as he pounded her cunt. She bucked against him, drunk and soaking wet as she was fucked for the second time this night. When he got close he told her to stick her ass up and she did and he pulled out, and forced the plug out of her ass, which caused her to cry again. She could feel the makeup running down her face as she felt hot cum again fill her ass then whimpered as the plug was painfully reinserted. Her ass was in agony, unable to handle the stretching and abuse it had taken.

The next two men both wanted the same thing, both gagfucked her as hard as they could and both used her as urinals, making her drink every last drop. After both men were done, and all the piss had been swallowed, everyone in the room applauded. She was dragged out of the stall as the men groped her and passed her around, kissing or spitting on her. Several men were filming the debauchery as they stroked their cocks and she was brought a funnel.

“Sit and hold your head up bitch with that in your mouth,” they laughed and ordered her as she did so, the large funnel painfully forced into her throat. Several men surrounded her as some peed into the funnel as others poured drinks into it. She struggled to force it all down, salty piss and stale beer mostly flooding her throat. Someone grabbed her head and had a bottle of hand soap and poured it into the pee and alcohol mix. She somehow choked that down, gagging bad as she chugged it. Finally, the funnel was pulled from her mouth and she somehow kept from throwing up. She was shoved onto her back and a guy thrust himself in her as her head was turned and a cock was shoved in her mouth. Someone else had grabbed the chain and was pulling hard on it as she squealed around the cock in her mouth. She just bucked and jerked under the multiple men, as others groped or held her legs wide. Her pussy ached as one man came in her and another took his place. Hot cum filled her throat and another cock was shoved in her aching jaw.

“I want to piss in her ass!” someone yelled as someone else screamed for her to be fisted. As the two men dumped their loads in her, she was flipped over. Her head was swimming, drunk, as her plug was once again pulled out, then she felt a cock press in her ass and start pissing inside her. Heat filled her ass, burning her as she cried, confused and overwhelmed. He had obviously not peed for a while as everyone cheered as he pressed deep and filled her full. As soon as he had pulled out, the plug was shoved in, causing her to scream for them to stop. Her gut hurt, so full. She tried to crawl but someone held her hips as another man grabbed her head, fucking her mouth viciously, jerking her head up and down, making her dizzy. Then she felt something cool pressed against her pussy and then a sudden massive pressure. She tensed up as she felt a fist jabbing at her greased cunt and screamed and gagged on the cock pounding in her throat.

“Now!” someone screamed and the chain was jerked so hard the clip pulled free, tearing at her clit and making it bleed as blood rushed to the massively swollen purple bud. She spasmed and came as the fist was forced into her, punching into her insides. The men chanted around her, yelling for him to “ruin the bitch”. She bucked and spasmed in agony, as another load filled her throat, making her choke as she screamed again and again, cum leaking out her nose. He fisted her harder and harder, and she simply couldn’t stop orgasming. She finally slumped and she felt her pussy gape as the man popped his hand out of her. Men kept playing with her but she was aching and weak when her blackmailer told everyone to step back. She looked at him drunkenly, as he grabbed her by her head and pulled her up. He told her to inhale as he broke something under her nose and her eyes widened as she inhaled the popper. She breathed raggedly as he stroked her face and held up a toilet brush.

“Who thinks she needs her whore cunt cleaned out?” he said, smiling evilly. She screamed no but a large man slapped her and multiple men held her down. They spread her legs and she bucked and screamed for them to stop when he started to push the stiff brush into her gaping cunt. She screamed harder as it was forced in. The pain was agonizing as the bristles tore at her insides, shuddering. Everyone laughed as her pussy was violated by the brush. She sobbed as it hit her cervix, clawing and dragging her cunt walls as he fucked her with it. Someone else came up behind her with a plunger and started feeding it into her ass, shoving it in painfully beside the plug. She flailed, trying hard to pull away, as she came again. Another man held her head as she was pissed on, then drove his cock into her mouth, fucking it like a loose cunt. They kept playing with her, sharing her, fucking her, and used another popper on her to keep her screaming.

Men poured more beer and vodka down her throat, while a bottle was fucked completely into her pussy, as her nipples felt like they were being pulled off. She was delirious, high and drunk, fucking like an animal. As she got more and more nasty looking, the men treated her rougher and rougher. Another man pulled out her plug and shoved in, cumming and then pissing in her bowels. Then the remains of someone’s beer was shoved in her ass, as another man fisted her. They replaced the plug and slapped her, spat on her, fucking her again and again. She had lost all count of how many men had fucked her, so drunk she couldn’t think at all. It was just unending cock, piss, objects and pain. She was dragged back into the toilet and her head was shoved in the toilet as she was fucked which made several of the men laugh, flushing occasionally only to let her breathe. When those two were done, she slumped, barely breathing, in shock. A couple men slapped her before calling to her blackmailer, who nodded. Instead of a popper, this time he plugged her nose with cocaine, keeping it there until she had snorted it.

She shook, her nose burning as she was dragged between the urinals and man after man fucked her mouth or peed on or in her. She was shoved to the floor and a man pissed in her cunt, before fucking her and cumming on her face. She lost track of all time, both energetic, high, drunk, and exhausted. Two more men fisted her, making her cum as one well endowed man throated her until she threw up and then the funnel was brought out as her vomit, toilet water, piss, beer and some more soap was poured in and she was forced to choke it all down. Sometime, around 2 am in the morning, she finally collapsed in a heap.

The blackmailer shooed the men out, bought the remaining men drinks, and stepped back into the restroom. She was lying face down in her own vomit, a mix of yellow and white. Cum leaked out of her gaped pussy, and her stomach was swollen from everything that had been either dumped down her throat or filled up in her ass. The plug held her red and bleeding ass tight. Her pussy was a swollen and bleeding wreck. More later men had used condoms and had emptied them on her face. Her body was bruised but her nipples and clit were bruised and bleeding still. He knelt down beside her for a moment, somewhat worried. He felt for a pulse and found it, weak, but very steady. He covered her mouth and shoved more coke up her nose. Finally, slowly, she inhaled through her nose and responded.

“P…..please,” she whimpered. “Just kill me”

He smiled down at her, stroking her hair.

“Not tonight dear. You’re simply too much fun. I’m not done breaking you.”

He pulled her up, straightened her up as much as possible and slowly walked her out the back entrance. She was blank, and simply moved where he told her too. It was probably too much, but he gave her another popper and she somewhat returned from whatever void her mind had escaped to.

She stumbled slowly out of the bar. Every inch of her body hurt. Warm fluids ran down her thighs with every step she took, streaking her legs. Worst of all was the pain in her gut. She felt so bloated and her ass ached with the large plug that filled it and kept everything inside. How did she get here? How did she let things get so out of control? It was only a month ago when she had gotten that first damnable email.

She barely understood when her blackmailer sat her beside his car. He pulled out a large cup and told her to relax. The car barely held her up as he jerked out the plug and put the glass against her ass. Her insides voided, filling it. As soon as the cup was filled, he pulled it away as her guts pushed all the fluids out. He stripped her naked and used the ruined dress to clean up her ass. He made her drink down the vile contents, then raped her ass against the car, slamming into her as hard as he could. Then he came deep in her ass. She slumped, barely conscious as he stepped away. He dragged her in his car, well out of the sight of any cameras.

“H...home, I...its too late. I..I need to go home,” she said, exhausted.

“Don’t worry cunt. You will be home soon.” He stroked her head gently as she passed out again, despite the coke and poppers. He had thought about waking her up to blow him, but she’d likely have just made a mess. Instead he let her drift off into oblivion. He put the car in gear and drove away.

She felt herself being shook, and weakly raised up. A look of utter confusion spread across her face. She was being carried into a house and the sun was up. She’d been out for hours. She looked and didn’t recognize either man who was holding her. They took her to an empty white room that contained a bed and nothing else. She was dropped, and she sobbed weakly as the blackmailer stepped into the room.

“H..home...i..i can’t explain...I need to get home,” she said, her mind a mess. Hungover and over exhausted.

“You are home. You threw away your clothes. You knew what you were doing. This is home cunt.”

“Please… children….,” She said, as she collapsed, crying.

“Your children are safe. Your husband is safe. I keep my word cunt. You however, are not safe. You will be streamed on secret websites daily. You will suck, fuck, be raped, beaten and used. Thousands of people will happily pay to see you.”

She cried harder, shaking. “My family, please….”

“Will get along just fine without their whore of a wife and mother. You disappeared. You will be forgotten. Sky, is dead. Now, look up. See those cameras? That is your family now cunt. Now give me your hand.”

She sobbed, broken and empty. She crawled to him and gave him her hand. He took it gently, and looked at her, lifting her chin with the other hand.

“What is your name?”

She blinked at him, still barely able to think. “S...Sky AHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” She tried to pull her hand away as he grabbed her pinky and dislocated it, shaking in agony.

“What is your name?”

She blathered, freaking, trying to think of what he wanted her to say when he took her ring finger and dislocated it as well.


“I am your God, but what is your name cunt?” he said, smiling.

“C…..cunt,” she sobbed.

“That’s right cunt. Now Sky, do you see that bowl, get it now.”

She started to move to grab it when he dislocated her middle finger. She screamed, awash in pain.

“Sky. Is. Dead. Now get the bowl Sky,” he ordered. She hesitated, starting to move, then stopped. She knelt, tears streaming down her face. He stroked it lovingly and leaned down and kissed her.

“Good cunt. Now get your food bowl. Now wave to the cameras and say hi. You’ve found your secret home.”

She waved, no longer faking an empty smile. It was empty. And it was a smile, but it came honestly. She waved to those at RU and those from the dark web. Her family was gone. Her family was watching her. She cried as she held her hand, finally where she belonged. Home.

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The perfect way to red this- binge reading it! Fantastic story!

April 26, 2017, 10:47:42 PM
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It's not quite done. I still have an epilouge and a choose your ending to do. But don't worry I'll post all those at once.

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It's not quite done. I still have an epilouge and a choose your ending to do. But don't worry I'll post all those at once.
We can be patient, knowing that good things will certainly follow.

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This story section is slightly different from what has been written previously. Chapter 8, which immediately follows, can be read as normal. After that will follow 4 chapters, which all end the characters story. Pick the chapter, pick the ending you want. I hope you enjoy!

PS: I want to thank an unnamed RU member for some ideas and assistance with Chapter 10.

Warning!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I don't promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Anyone who commits rape are despised everywhere. But fantasies are all right so long as no one is hurt.

Chasing the Thrill, Chapter 8, by Skygazer

Six months later

Donald looked at the array of screens before him. Among the 24  screens, 5 different women were displayed. One room was empty currently, although he had someone coming soon in the next couple of weeks. The 5 women on the screen were currently undergoing different levels of training, although currently he was only focused on Cunt #3. He glanced down at his personal monitor and saw the various streaming rates and views for the women on the screen. Number 3 had been steadily dropping but that was to be expected. Not only was she significantly older than the other 4, who were basically girls and not women, her training was done. The cunts he was in process of breaking always generated the most revenue and attention. Some just liked seeing them in pain and crying, some liked the process, and of course, that’s when the elite were deciding on who they might bid on. The elite often decided on their favorites during the breaking process. Then, of course, the cunts would be auctioned and sold, typically to those with more niche tastes.

He looked back to Cunt #3. She was a personal favorite of his. He rarely hunted new blood anymore but when he had found her online, begging to be taken and broken, he couldn’t resist. And there she was, beautiful on the screen, sucking a dildo that dispensed her “food”. It was actually more a gruel high in protein and calories, that was also laced with hormones, Addyi, cocaine, and THC. It helped them lose weight, stay energetic, horny, and spaced out. Number 3 was milking it for what it was worth, but obviously he controlled the amount of food she was allowed to have. Looking at her now, she was a beauty, though few people who had known her previously would have recognized her, even up close.

She was still the same height of course, but that was about the only thing that was the same about number 3. Her body was lithe and slim now. Under his care she had lost around 50 pounds and was now probably in the best shape of her life. She was 105 pounds tops, and probably only 100. Her body was almost pure muscles now, a literal, living, sex machine. Despite all the weight loss, her breasts were still impressive on her short frame. They were no longer DD’s, but they were still spectacular C’s and hung lovingly on her body. Each of her firm breasts were now pierced with small, but strong, steel rings through the nipples. Her face was more angular now, and thanks to a certain resident who assisted him with his work, her lips were full. Her nose now sported a steel ring through the middle of her nose. Her long beautiful hair had suffered however, but training in the use of wigs required an extremely short cut. His girls often were required to meet certain criteria and hair color was the most common one. He looked down her sleek frame, watching her feed and focused on the camera that filmed her from behind. Her ass and sex would now be unrecognizable to her one time husband. Despite the weight, her ass was still curvy, but firmer than it had ever been before. Her anal ring was significantly looser than before her training, and number 3’s brown eye now always slightly gaped. Not much, but enough. Thankfully she had gone through training without any prolapsed issues, something that many girls had trouble with. Her cunt, likewise was quite different. Her lips each had two steel rings through them, as did her clit. Her once meaty cunt had stayed fairly meaty, and her lips protruded even more than they once had. Like her ass, it seemed as if her cunt was both always wet and always gaping. Her legs were tight and firm.

He smiled as he watched her finish feeding on the screen and return to her spot. She mindlessly pushed herself against the wall, onto the dildo there and fucked herself furiously on it. He was so proud of her, and how far she had come. She had tried hard to obey at first, and thought she was doing a good job, but he doubt she realized just how much more she could be broken when he had brought her there. Fully giving up any trace of her old name had taken over a month. Now however, there was no flicker when her old name was brought up. He’d even found a young runaway whore that looked remarkably like her middle child and when presented with her to help him train, she hadn’t hesitated on any level to hurt and use the young thing. She went through each day now, feeding, fucking herself, or clients, all for his special clientele.  Some of the cunts he had trained learned the lessons, but never truly embraced their new life. They’d do the tasks, but they never looked happy. A month ago, however, he had known number 3 was ready. He had asked her for her hand and not only did she quickly offer it to him, she had humped her other hand, soaked in her juices, her eyes full of want as he had pulled it out of the socket. She had orgasmed as he did it. That was when he had known it was time.

Still, he had hesitated, himself. He glanced down at the auctions going on, and where she was currently standing at. She had been a favorite but he was always taking new girls in to break. So, slowly, he had finally agreed to put her on the auction house. Her entire history and videos and photos were available to all the bidders. Technically, anyone on the list could bid, but there were only a few that were consistently at the top. Since she was a novelty, she was bidding far higher than one would typically expect of a white woman of her age. Most cunts he sold were young, under 25 and the bulk were under 16. To have someone above 25, and to have one that was almost 41 was a first. His previous oldest had been a scant 32 years old. It wasn’t just that they liked young cunts either. They adapted faster and lasted longer, typically. Not that all of them lasted. Some went insane, some just got damaged, and some just went away in their head and never came back. The first two could often at least do one last film, but the last were hopeless and just became dog feed or were sold on the dark web to people who even gave him the willies. Number 3 had not only survived, she had eventually thrived. She no longer spoke much, but sexually she was voracious, constantly wanting to be used. He was so proud.

The auction itself was always going, as cunts from him, or others, became available. There were 2 bidders ahead of the others, as was typical. They didn’t buy the bulk, but they were the “regulars” of the group, besides him. The “Dog man” regularly bought young meat for his bestiality videos. These weren’t the ones you sometimes saw online though. They were hardcore films that were illegal in most every nation on the planet. But he provided HD quality. He treated his pets fairly well, they never went free, that was too risky, but he treated them well. He was currently the high bidder on number 3. Since almost all of his pets were very young, he had apparently decided to mix things up with someone much older.

The second highest bidder was the “Sandman”. His videos were perhaps the most sought out on entire dark web and he was wanted (not that they knew who “he” was) for murder on every major nation on the planet. He was very cautious and only popped up when someone intrigued him. He didn’t put out the volume of videos that some others did, but each of his videos brought in millions. Of course, due to their content, none of the cunts he bought had any significant shelf life, lasting only weeks to a year at most.

The rest of the bidding was surprisingly high, but nowhere near the top two bidders. They were most likely wealthy men or women looking for a toy, either public or private, for long term use. Sometimes there were fools that wanted them for other issues, but anyone who was too obvious was themselves taken care of. No one among the elite could afford a mistake, so outside of a few like the Sandman, they policed themselves very well.

However, the more he thought about it, the more he questioned if he should let number 3 go. There were so many more delicious ways he could have fun with her. Of course, it was too late to pull her from the auction. That simply wasn’t done. But he could bid on the cunt as well. Of course, for that money, what would he be getting for it? He could make her his permanent toy. He’d tire of her eventually and would have to deal with her one way or the other, but he could imagine getting several years more of enjoyment from her. Number 3 had shown great enthusiasm in helping him train and now seemed to lack any ability to empathize. That was always the risk when having cunts help with training, but after she had badly hurt the runaway, and had no reaction whatsoever from that until he had disciplined her, that was a very possible option. Whether he’d take her off her diet or not was a completely different decision.

Buying her for himself wasn’t the only option of course. He also had occasionally entertained thoughts on what would happen if he released her. To the outside world, she had disappeared half a year ago, no trace. Well, there were traces online, in amateur gangbang videos of her at the bar. But no one recognized her or put that wild, broken woman with the loving wife with three children who had gone shopping at Wal-Mart and simply disappeared. The world at large, those who cared, believed by now that she was dead. And in many ways that was true. The woman they had known as Tayna was indeed dead and gone for all intents and purposes. But maybe she could return. It would make for an interesting scientific experiment. He’d done it once before, with a 17 year old. Fully broken, and released, no one had been more surprised than him when she appeared back at his house. He had made the first choice for her, but she had made the second on all her own. Her return had also resulted in the creation of the diet. She had actually counted the turns, all 238 of them, to get back. She was broke and unable to function in the real world, yet had somehow had the clarity of thought on how to get retrace her steps, even though she was blindfolded in the trunk. If she had came back with the cops, she could have brought everything down. She had been amazing, but he had given her to the Sandman for free because she was simply too great a risk. It was the only time he had ever felt bad about a cunt.

Many people might call him a misogynist or a sadist, and the latter was absolutely true. But he wasn’t a misogynist, not really. He realized that there was ultimately two classes of women. Cunts and women. Most were cunts, though they never realized just what they truly were. Then sometimes, you find a special cunt who thought it was a woman, but fully becomes what it truly is when broken and shown the way. Would she be able to function if released back to her family? Better yet, what would happen if they were given all her videos the day before she was released. Yes. That would be interesting indeed. He smiled as he went downstairs. He wasn’t sure what would happen, but he knew on thing for certain. He needed to fuck number 3 one more time at the very least. Then what would happen, would happen.

If you want Tayna to be sold to the Dogman, go to Chapter 9

If you want Tayna to be sold to the Sandman, go to Chapter 10

If you want Tayna to be kept by her blackmailer, go to Chapter 11

If you want Tayna to be released, after her videos have been sent to her family, go to chapter 12

Thank you again for all the support and I hope you enjoy the conclusion, or at least one of them.

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Chapter 9 - Owned by Dog man

She woke in the middle of the night and stretched, being as careful as she could not to wake Owner. She carefully slid off the foot of the bed where she had been sleeping, put on her special “slippers”, and crawled to her bathroom down the hall. She climbed in her special litter box, smiled up at the camera as she went potty, and relieved herself. She covered and disposed of the litter, then wiped off any litter as not to track it anywhere. She was Owner’s Good Girl after all. She smiled at that and tried to wag her “tail” but failed. It was something that frustrated her. Some of Owner’s other pets, the young ones, mastered it. But no matter how hard she had tried over the past two years, she couldn’t get the hang of it. Despite that failure however, she got to sleep at Owner’s feet and some nights, like tonight, even on the bed.

She crawled down the hallway to the kitchen. She wore nothing but a heavy collar, which said “Good Girl”, her special slippers which protected her knees when she crawled, and her tail, which was firmly secured by a plug. She pressed down on the special bowl on the floor and some water sprouted up, and she lapped at it, the rest falling into the bowl under her. She wiped her face with her arm and sat down, before stretching again. It was quiet in the house, as it was most days during the winter. There were less bitches around then, less training going on. She liked the quiet. She loved her Owner.

It was almost 2 years ago she left her last owner and was taken in by Owner. Real people called him “Dog man” or Alexander, but to her he was simply Owner. And she wouldn’t call him anything, as she rarely spoke anymore. It wasn’t that she wasn’t capable, or that she had forgotten how, it just wasn’t needed. She no longer needed to think about anything, beyond existing for Owner. She hadn’t been Good Girl when she had arrived, she’d been just a common bitch, like the others. She’d had a lot of trouble at first, mostly because of what Owner called her “diet”. She was very confused and unruly and he’d had to punish her many times. Over time, however, she’d gone from “Cunt”, to “bitch”, to “Bitch”, then “Red”, and now she was “Good Girl”. Over the past two years things had separated in her mind, into “Before” and “Now”. All that mattered was “Now” and Owner. Her life started with him and would end with him. And that made her happy.

She knelt down and ate some of the food he had left out. If Owner had been up, he’d probably have wetted her food so it wasn’t so dry or crunchy, but it was fine. After she had chewed up the dog food, she crawled back and pressed the pedal for more water. After she was done, she stretched again, somewhat jealous at the puppy bitches. Their backs didn’t ache as much as hers, nor did their knees. But she was special, she knew that because Owner named her “Good Girl” and played and fucked her all the time. She still shot videos, but less than she used too. She still looked good, as Owner told her that too. She had gained back some of the weight she had lost and her hair hadn’t been cut once since she arrived from the Before. She cleaned herself and Owner groomed her regularly. He’d even grown her sex hairs, something she don’t remember having in the Before. Her body was still in good shape but she had gained some scratches and bite marks that wouldn’t fully go away. Most had though.

Those mostly came from being put in the pen. She was in a lot of special videos for Owner. Some were with another animal, usually a dog. But she’d had sex with others. A pony, a wolf, an eel had been in her and she had serviced larger animals like horses. When it was just her and one other animal, it was always careful time and no hurts happened. Pack time was different. Being in the pen, with her special perfume, drove the other dogs wild and they fought each other, nipping, to have a turn. Some nipped her and a few had fully bitten her. In the pen the dogs didn’t wear wraps to keep their claws from hurting her. Owner said it was ok though because those videos were the best. Everyone went in the pen, even Good Girl. But the better you were, the less you went and she was a very Good Girl.

The last time she had gone it, there had been 8 other dogs besides her. Two had nipped her sex, making her bleed but otherwise, she’d only gotten a bad scratch on her back. She’d taken care of all the dogs, with her mouth, her ass, or her pussy, their runny cum leaking out of her. She gaped from the knotting, was filthy from the dirt, and was exhausted, but when Owner had taken her out, cleaned her himself, and then fucked her, all was right in her world

She also liked watching puppy bitches in the pen, watching with Owner. He’d pet, and sometimes fuck her as one of the bitches being trained were taught their place. She understood the crying but she didn’t understand why they weren’t happy here. Here was best. Instead some fought, some went away in the head, and some had accidents. Sometimes the accidents were on accidents and sometimes the accidents were on purpose. But she was Good Girl so she didn’t have to worry about that. She didn’t worry about anything anymore other than Owner. She didn’t think about anything other than owner. She carefully crawled back in bed and curled up at his feet. She was going to pleasure a horse tomorrow. They always made big messes and she was always praised for doing such a good job with her mouth. That made her happy. She was a good doggie. She was a Good Girl.

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Chapter 10 - The Sandman

She woke, shaking, crying in the absolute dark of her cell. Every single part of her body hurt. Every movement was agony. She just didn’t understand why he wouldn’t kill her. She’d begged him, multiple times to just end it, but he wouldn’t. She had went away mentally for a while with her blackmailer. Between the haze of drugs and sex, she had accepted her new place in life. She had barely thought because the drugs left her confused. She had just reacted and accepted her place and while it wasn’t good, she was empty and just lived for the moment.

This, now, wasn’t living. She wasn’t hurt because she did something wrong. There was nothing right she could do. She existed and that was enough for the Sandman. He had explained everything to her not long after she had arrived. He had taken her off the diet that had drugged her, no drugs to make her horny, no hormones. He had even given her name back. After what she had been through, it had been difficult to not think of herself as cunt. He’d shown her pictures of her family, and worked with her on mind exercises. She had crossword puzzles and Sudoku that she had to do every day. He gave her Adderall to focus her mind. Every night, they had dinner at the table, elegant, dressed in the wonderful clothes. Sexy silky gowns, beautiful lingerie, tight and lush dresses. He kept her weight down and she had to exercise daily. They had sex multiple times a day, loving, gentle, but strong. She had no delusions that she was ever going to be free, but this life, even away from her family, was good. Or so she had thought.

After a month of “deprogramming” her as he called it, he pronounced her fit, in body and mind. And that’s when she finally met the Sandman. Everything he had done, was solely to build her up. And now, for the pleasure of everyone watching online, he started her destruction. Not like her blackmailer had performed. That had broken her mind, her soul. No. The Sandman wanted those as intact as possible. His viewers wanted her mind intact. The victims had to be aware of what was happening. That was part of the show.

The first day had been brutal. Neither the Sandman nor anyone else there touched her. Instead, she was strapped to a bed and was shown videos. Some of the girls were children, 8 or 9. Some were probably as old as early 30s. Most however were teens. The videos went in depth on the girls. Where they came from, how they were found, what all they had done. Most of them were runaways. A few had been kidnapped. And, as she watched 24 hours straight, every single one of them was now dead. Every one had been killed differently. One had been strangled. One had been drowned. One was hanged. Stabbed, neck broken, beaten to death. The hardest had been a ten year old runaway whose dad had molested her and whored her for drug money. She died with the Sandman’s fist in her, shoved up to his elbow, her belly purple.

She learned two things that first day of her “real” stay there. The first was that she had no doubt that she was going to die there. The other was that it wasn’t going to be quick. The videos that she watched made that clear. Women and girls were beat, mutilated, raped, scarred and killed, but not in one day, or even likely one week. It was hard to tell. The people behind the cameras and online watched her cry as she finally understood why she had been sold to him. It wasn’t a myth or an urban legend. She was going to be in, star in, a snuff film.

After that, he began testing her. She was beat one day, just punched and kicked and choked. No one even touched her sexually as she was stripped nude and two men that were nude as well just used her for a punching bag. Despite the beating she received, they were careful to do no permanent damage to her. Indeed, they dragged her to the showers and cleaned and fixed her hair and dressed her so she’d be ready for her dinner.  She had barely talked that night at dinner, mostly just whimpered softly. For his part, he simply asked her if she understood. She had nodded and whispered yes. Her food was always served with a spoon. She was never allowed something sharp or breakable with which to hurt herself. No early exits were allowed.

One day not long after that she was gangraped all day. When the men were resting she was either tossed on a symbian and strapped to it, or strapped to a machine that shoved large dildos in her at insane speeds. Twice during the day, when she started to black out from exhaustion, she was injected with something that made her heart hurt but she was wide awake. The men didn’t beat her but they slapped and choked her again and again, never fully out, but so bad her head pounded and she lost the ability to think even simple thoughts. Then again, they cleaned her, gave her some Adderall, dressed her, and she had dinner with him. He told her of his films, and how he was the richest of the elite. That she would be the oldest in any of his videos and that she was special. He’d show her recent postings of her family, or video of them. And he explained what would happen if she tried anything foolish.

“I always get my final video. Always. If it’s not you, and I want you to think hard on this because you will answer me, otherwise I’ll just take them all, who will it be? I’m not joking. You have ten seconds,” he said. He then started counting down. She screamed, she wailed, she begged, as another number was counted down. She knew he was serious. She knew, despite how impossible the question was, that he meant every single word. Then he said two. Then one. And she hated herself as she screamed out a name.

“Sarah. God help me. Sarah”

He laughed at that. “The middle child always gets screwed, don’t they? Or in this case, killed. But only if you do something stupid. You aren’t going to do anything stupid are you, Tanya?”

“No sir,” she had said and then she had leaned over and vomited. He simply smiled at her.

“I don’t want you to fake anything. Just exist. Just suffer. And eventually, just die. Do that, and your family is safe. I promise you.”

So she did, and she had. She had been fisted with gloved hands coated in horseradish. She had been beat beaten and whipped with belts until she passed out. Needles had been shoved in every inch of her and her nails and toenails had been pulled out, all on camera. Other women had hurt her, in exchange for one more week of life. One had fisted her so bad she bled when she shit for a week. One day, they had simply set up cameras and played darts with her. Thankfully they were lighter and had thin needles for tips as opposed to traditional darts, but her body had still had over 200 in her by the time the day was over. People online begged to choose where the next might go. She had 2 dozen sprouting from her ass, and a few had pierced her sphincter. Her breasts, likewise had about a dozen each. The rest covered her all over except her face, with another dozed in her crotch. That had been the first day she’d begged him to kill her. He didn’t, of course. Instead, he’d fucked her hurting and bleeding body in front of the cameras and laughed as she’d cum on his cock.

One of the most painful was when he’d mounted her on a wooden horse covered in tacks. She’d been fucked repeatedly on it, shoved into and against it, till she was bleeding bad. Then one day he told her he’d give her the Sleepaway Camp special. She had begged again to die as he fucked her with curling irons and then turned them on. He didn’t let them do too much damage to her, but he and others enjoyed fucking her while burned and blistered internally.

One of the last times, which she couldn’t really remember how long ago it was, was the Donkey Punch show. A dozen men had brutally fucked her. A dozen men had finished in her, ramming deep and punching her head hard as they had came. She actually came from the pain with the first few men. But as more and more men fucked her, it almost felt like a slow death. By the 7th she was barely conscious. After the 8th, she didn’t remember a thing. It would, in fact, take over a week, she was told, before she remembered anything at all. He made her watch the video later, once she could function again. It had been one of the highest rated videos he’d ever made. She also understood why she had no memory after number 8. He was a larger man, fucking her ass roughly, regularly reaching around and slapping her face. Then he shoved in deep and punched her head so hard it had snapped forward and hit the floor. She had gone completely limp in the video as he pulled out of her gaped ass. In the video, the Sandman walked over as the cameraman zoomed in. She was rolled over by him and her nose was a bloody mess. They brought out some smelling salts and she woke up, but from that point on, she wasn’t really “there” anymore. The other guys fucked her however, and continued, but after 11 and 12, she was unconscious no matter what they did.

The video showed the watchers betting on if she’d die or not, or have brain damage. She had lived, but focusing or remembering now was problematic. Adderall didn’t help with it either. The Donkey Punch party had fucked her up. Not that the Sandman had cared. In fact, he had bluntly told her if she hadn’t died but her mind hadn’t returned, he’d have considered it a violation and would have taken her daughter. No one wants to see a brain dead cunt snuffed, he had said. After that though, her head was left alone. Not out of kindness, though.

“Ask me again,” he had said last night. He was looking down at her, stroking her face. He had to snap his fingers a couple times before she finally responded.

“Please, just kill me,” she said. She wasn’t even crying. She was just tired. She was ready to quit. She wanted it over. He ran his fingers through her hair and had kissed her. He had then left. That had been last night.

The door opened and light finally entered her dank prison. Sandman walked in and freed her, walking out and upstairs. His touch on her was gentle, and he kissed her tenderly as he brought her into the room.

“I want you to know something. I wanted you from the first time I saw you. Your pictures you took all around the house. Like most of the elite, we favor younger prey, but you, you were broken before we touched you. Yet you somehow made a decent life for yourself, until you threw it all away. But you did and here you are. Tell me, how many times have you came here these past few months? As we beat, raped, and broke you?”

She could only shrug, having no idea of the answer. “I don’t know”

“120ish times, by our count. I’ve destroyed many innocent cunts, but you are probably the most amazing and most worthless slut I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. You’ve always been wet for me. Be wet for me one last time.”

With that he pulled her into the middle of the room, which she had noticed was covered in plastic, she looked down at it and when she looked up, she barely had time before his fist connected with her chin, dropped her hard. She was dazed when he grabbed her by her neck and simply lifted her, squeezing as hard as he could. Her legs kicked futilely as strangled her. Her eyes were almost bulging as he threw her hard onto the floor. She hit so hard that she bounced and he laughed at her as she sobbed on the floor. He knelt down and pulled her up, slamming his cock into her soaked cunt. Even now, knowing all that she knew, she was wet. She hated herself, but bucked against him as he beat at her ass.

 "That's a good slut. Just let go and let nature take it's course. You were made to be used like this.” he said as he thrusted into her painfully. She then became aware of cold metal on her back and she began to cry a bit, even as her cunt was soaking wet. He pounded her, shoving her onto the floor as he ran the gun along her spine, by her ears, against her cheek, letting her see it as he fucked her with all his might, ramming into her cervix again and again, as he made her spasm with every push.

“See what I mean about being made for this?” he said as he tensed up and filled her pussy with cum. He pulled out and it leaked from her open lips, on the the plastic on the floor. She shuddered, still weak from everything he had done to her previously.

He traced the gun down her face again, as he flipped her over, between her chest, down her belly, then teased it along her meaty used cunt and her clit. She then gasped as he pushed the gun inside her, cold against her skin but strangely soothing. She closed her eyes, accepting it, and pushed and grinded against the cold steel as he fucked her with it. The barrel dug against her soft, damaged skin that still hadn’t fully recovered from the burns the curling iron had given her. She whimpered as the unyielding steel hit her cervix. She looked down at the gun pressed deep in her leaking cunt and she cried as her breathing grew more and more ragged. She locked eyes on Sandman as he grinned and clicked off the safety.

“Please, No...” she started to say but turned into a guttural gasp as the first bulled burst into her cunt, destroying her cervix and womb. She spasmed and clutched at her crotch and gut. He pulled the trigger again and she just mouthed unintelligible words, unable to speak. Even deep inside her, the sound of the gun was undeniable. She looked down blankly as the Sandman pulled the gun from her ruined pussy. Blood, cum, and smoke poured from her and dripped from the gun. She was frozen in agony, barely making an inhuman sound.

"See the thing Hollywood gets all wrong about silencers is that they are far from silent, The military term is suppressor. On a most guns the bullets themselves travel faster than the speed of sound so no matter how quiet the suppressor is the bullet makes a small sonic boom as it travels, defeating the purpose."

She looked from the her ruined crotch back up to her murderer as she futilely cupped her pussy as if that could stop the damage that had been done to her.

“Smaller bullets mean less noise but even then you have enough sound for the neighbors to hear. That is why I load my own ammo." With a casual gesture he fired another shot into the center of her stomach making her sit up and cry out again. "It has less powder in it so the bullets go slower but the trade off is that they do less damage. The ones you're feeling now only went a few inches deep before stopping. That last one didn't even go out your back."

She could feel the path of all three shots in her body and he was right. Before she could curse at him he fired again hitting her just below her left breast.
 "...please stop... no more.. " she whimpered. She had dreamed of this since her started hurting her, destroying her. To die. But now that the moment was here, she didn’t want to go. She was scared. She would give anything to live one more day. Two more sharp puffs meant two more hits in her abdomen. She fell flat on the floor with her hands frantically trying to hold in the blood leaking from too many holes to reach at once. She could feel air escaping from the one just under her tit and knew her lung was punctured.

"As impractical as it sounds none of this matters for a close shot to the head. These have more than enough energy to go through your skull and scramble the brain." He began circling her and making up his mind where to shoot her again before aiming carefully at her chest.

She gasped again as the impact forced the rest of her breath out along with a good amount of blood. She tried to beg again this time, to say he could have her daughter, her family, anything. Instead, the only thing that came out of her mouth was blood.

He then placed the gun in her mouth and she did what she knew he wanted. She sucked on it weakly, even as it burned her mouth. Even as she was dying she was still being what she always had been. A cunt, a whore. Somehow it felt right as she weakly bobbed on the hot steel in her mouth, sucking something for the last time. He then pulled it out of her mouth and placed it on her forehead. The report was loud and she shuddered one last time as the bullet bounced in her brain. She was still with a confused look on her face as the cameraman stepped close for a shot. The Sandman wiped the blood from her mouth and her forehead, then made sure they got a good look at her face. It almost looked pristine except for the neat hole right in the center of her head. He stepped out for a smoke while the cameraman set down camera and fucked her limp body, defiling it even in death. They’d later take all the plastic and the body to a nearby dump where he had an arrangement.

She had just made him millions and he had given her what she deserved. He’d made her nothing.

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Chapter 11 - Master and Sir

She screamed in pain once more. She struggled but it was no good, as he held her too tightly. It was just too much though as she pleaded “Mercy, Mercy” again and again. But he knew her to well and this wasn’t a relationship. Sometimes he listened to her, but today was not one of those days.

Cunt was on Master’s lap as he spanked her again and again. She thrashed helplessly as he held her, unrelenting as he continued to swat her bottom, harder and harder. Master had been spanking her now for almost five minutes and her ass showed it. It was a sea of bright red, exposed, with welts in the shape of hands rising up. Tears flowed from her eyes as he swatted her again. She kept crying for Mercy but today was not a day for it. She grabbed the blanket on the bed and chewed on it, needing to hold anything. Finally she felt Master slowing down and struggled to compose herself as he held her. The slightest touch on her ass brought fresh tears as he motioned for her to get on her knees, which she happily complied. It was clear how painful it was for her to kneel, her eyes were a puffy red and wet.

He’d kept her as he had her when we bought her those few years back. It had seemed rash and impulsive at the time, but he had grown attached to her. Not that he remotely loved her. He could never love a lesser being than him, but he did enjoy her. She was still as slim as ever, although he had taken her off the diet, at least the part that had helped turn her mind to mush. He nodded for her to start and she did, eagerly taking his cock into her mouth. She did so without hesitation as she did all things. He often wondered how far he could push it, but he never had the heart to pointlessly test her limits. If he told her to jump off the cliff behind the mansion, he fully believed she would. She expertly sucked his dick as he returned to his newspaper, thumbing through the Journal. He eventually came in her mouth, with she swallowed, but she never let up, simply slowing her pace to one that he  would enjoy without overstimulating him. Her ass, however, was, as she would whimper or cry out occasionally when her heels pressed against them. Eventually, he finished the paper and had her clean up and put away everything as he finished getting dressed. He slapped her ass hard one more time as he returned and she collapsed, looking at him. She then spread her legs and placed her face to the ground and he simply couldn't resist and she knew it. He fucked her, in his suit, her nude and moaning as he filled her cunt with cum. He then had her clean him once more, as he headed out.

She waved him goodbye, and walked around the mansion, naked. The staff and servants ignored her unless she asked for something. She rarely spoke anymore as Master preferred her silent in most cases. He said at one time he might have enjoyed conversing with her, but the drugs and trained had turned her slow. She wasn’t stupid, he had told her. She simply couldn’t think for herself anymore. She had shrugged at that. He let her sleep with him most of the time, though she had her own room. She knew she was Master’s favorite, though he would sometimes favor other cunts for a while until he grew bored with them. She regularly helped him with the training of new girls, being tender with them when needed, making them scream when necessary. She had not regularly enjoyed women before Master owned her, but now he used her often for aftercare, tending to the broken cunts as they sobbed for the life before. They always sobbed for the life before. She had once too. But Master was right. She didn’t belong there. She didn’t deserve it. She didn’t even deserve Master but she was grateful he owned her anyway.

She went downstairs to check on the cunts. Master was currently training/breaking 3 of them. Two were far along, deep into the diets. She sometimes wanted to taste the dildos they fed from. It called to her every time she was down there, but she had only tried it once, her first year living here. Her back still bore the scars from the whipping she had received from it. But Master had taught her well and she never needed lessons repeated. So she suppressed the itch and petted the cunts. She reached in and fingered one of them, a young girl, perhaps 13 or 14, watching with pleasure as the cunt bucked hard against her hand. She preferred the younger ones as they were easier to train, with many of them already being broken before they arrived. This one had been as such. She wouldn’t sell for much, though. While very eager, the cunts body was covered in cigarette burns. She would make one of the minor elite happy however, or if no one wanted her, would serve well in one of the special films some of them made. She hoped not as it always made her happy when the cunts were happy. She felt the young girl cum on her hand, then watched as the cunt curled up and went to sleep, She licked her fingers clean and walked over to the new one.

This one here was proving troublesome. She refused to eat, fought and bit at every chance, and had a look in her eye that Cunt couldn’t understand. Master had told her it was pure defiance and that meant she would likely never break. He had told her some never did. The girl looked at her, then spit at her through her cage.

“Let me go. Please you stupid sack of shit. We can get out of here,” the young girl said. She was beautiful, perhaps 16 or 17, she couldn’t remember. She had tried being nice to the cunt but that didn’t work. She did make the most wonderful sounds when she had fisted her though. She didn’t understand why some of them fought so hard. In a rare moment, she decided to speak to the cunt.

“Let me show you something,” Cunt said, and left but quickly came back with a tablet. She loaded up a  few videos and set them to autoplay. One showed a dog fucking a cunt. The next one showed the Sandman raping a 20ish year old girl with a knife. Another showed a girl at a some run down Mexican whorehouse, being ganged. The girl in the video was 15 but looked 30 and was already a fucked out cunt. Then she showed her multiple videos of cunts serving masters, pleasuring them. Some were full women, most were Cunts or cunts however. But all of them seemed happy. She looked at the defiant cunt once more and pointed at her feeding tube.

“It doesn’t have to be bad. You can serve, or you can be in the special videos. It’s up to you.” With that she walked off. She didn’t know if the cunt would listen to her or not, but she hoped she would. She was too pretty to go to the Sandman, although a hunt was a strong possibility for her, Master had said. She couldn’t understand the defiance. She understood the word, but not the meaning. Master had explained that she’d never understand it. Broken ones can’t. She shrugged her shoulders and went upstairs to shower and get ready for the visitors coming tonight. She was the oldest among the true elite but she still gave her best. She wondered one day if Master would put her up for the special videos. If he did, she was OK with that. She knew she would do anything the Master said. It was her place.

As time went on, and as the Cunt grew older, her Master did think about it. He liked her, but as she turned 45, he didn’t like gray hairs. He didn’t like the, despite the exercise, she was sagging. He didn’t like that no matter how many keigals he ordered her to do, she was always too loose. On the night of her 45th birthday, after a long party and heavy use, he entered her room. She rarely slept with him anymore, but she still helped out. But she was getting old, and he didn’t want her loose in the world. He figured this would be gentler than anything the Sandman might do to her. She wasn’t fit for a hunt, and she was too old for any whorehouse. A permanent sleep would be best for the Cunt.

He stepped up beside her, stroking her hair, as he pulled out a needle. He stuck it in her arm and kissed her softly, but when he went to push the plunger, he couldn’t do it. He needed to, as being soft within this group could prove fatal. But he couldn’t kill her. He sat beside her and instead pulled the needle out and mounted her and they fucked, her half asleep but well trained to take it in any mood. Though she was looser than he liked, her wetness pleased him as he pulled out and fucked her ass, driving it in as hard as he could. Used as much as she was, it still hurt some, mostly dry. Cunt rubbed her swollen clit and tugged on her rings in it as he pulled hard on her nipple rings. He shuddered and filled her, then pulled out. He slept, for the first time, in her room as they went to sleep together as she stared at the needle, wondering.

She hadn’t known it then, but that was the last night they would ever spend together. Later the next day, she almost broke down as he told her the news. She was being sold, immediately, to a minor member of the elite he knew. The truth was she wasn’t even being sold, but he had to tell her that for her own good. She would have had a harder time if she knew that Master had decided to give her, freely, to an older gentleman. While the mid 60 year old member of the elite often preferred younger, but fully developed cunts, he had decided that he wanted someone more experienced for day to day use. But of course, Cunt knew none of this. She just hurt, truly hurt for the first time as she knew why she was being carted off. Part of her wished Master had used the need and killed her.

But in time, her new Master who preferred Sir, took her in and made her his own. Like Master, Sir also enjoyed spanking and her ass was often red. Most days she had to sit so her bottom didn’t touch the couch. She had more freedoms as well, though she was never free. No Cunt, even if she was now called Tayna by Sir, was ever truly free. She didn’t even knew why he called her that. It was a name, in fact it was a name she once had, but it never felt right. She eventually trained herself to hear “Cunt” when he said Tayna and that was good enough for her. Sir also eventually bought pretty, if plain, 17 year old that she helped train along with Sir. The young cunt he called Lacy, and often was dressed younger than she looked with pigtails. Sir said they were his special family and they were. She often worked outside in his garden, and was happy to help midwife, after being taught, when Lacy got pregnant. Their special family had expanded and that brought more joy into her life. The years bled by, as both her and Sir got older, and Lacy and her daughter matured. Eventually, Allison, when she turned 10, was brought into their special family and the ladies taught her the way of the elite and the cunts that served them. Tayna found herself serving sexually less and less, but Sir always wanted her, and no others to sleep with him.

One day, several years later, as Sir struggled to get out of bed, he asked Tayna to help him. She often slept deeply these days and so he buzzed for Patty, Allison’s daughter, also by him. She smiled and helped her daddy up and then set about waking up Aunt Tayna who was the matriarch of their very special family. It was then they discovered the truth. She had passed away in the night, at the age of 66. They were sad of course, but she looked happy and she had passed away holding her Sir. If she had been capable of true love, and her Sir believed she was, then she had loved him and their unique family. They buried her in her garden, so she would always be close to her family.

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Chapter 12 - Catch and Release

She didn’t understand anything anymore. Her life had been a confusing hell for the past 8 months and though she struggled to think like her old self, she had finally been allowed to go home. She had done most every depraved sex act possible, and sadly had came to most of them, but she was let go and she had thought she was free. But it was just the start of a different hell.

When she had found her way home, after being dumped, she had expected looks of joy on the faces of her family. Fear, yes, of what had happened to her. They all probably had believed she was dead, after all. But when she had rang the door, and it had been opened, the look she had received had been disgust. When she had reached for them, they had recoiled.

She quickly learned the truth of course. Their emails, their social media, their mailbox, had all been flooded with videos of her. Not videos of her being raped. Videos of her actively being degraded. The bar, her training, the pictures she took, the videos she took, all of it. Everyone had seen them. Her children, her husband, anyone on their Facebook had seen at least some of the pictures or videos. She tried to explain but it had been useless. Everything that could have been said was summed up when her husband, tears in his eyes had said but once sentence to her.

“It would have been better if you were dead.”

The words had crushed her. But despite that, she tried. They did too. But everywhere they or she went, people looked, they talked, they pointed. People like Jason, or people from the bar or the mall confirmed the stories going around about her. No matter how she tried to return to a normal life she was denied.

She tried to get her job back, hoping they would understand and take her back. Her former boss, the head of the small business that she had once managed part of had stroked her back in his office and told her he might be persuaded to take her back. She had meekly stripped as he inspected her body. He had bent her over his desk and fucked her ass like he had seen others in the video, savoring a dirty act that he had never experienced. He fucked her for long minutes before cumming deep in her, then pulled out and told her to suck him clean. Defeated, cum dripping out of her, she had. With no prep, it was earthy and gross, but she did it as he looked down at her. When she was done, he gave her a tissue to clean up and told her there were no positions available for someone of her talents.
At home, life wasn’t much better. No one understood her actions. Her children were repulsed by her, and despite believing her dead, her husband hadn’t touched her once since she had returned. He wouldn’t cuddle her, nor have sex with her. Strange men texted her, sending her dick pics along with lewd messages. She was alone, exposed for what she truly was to her family.

It was no surprise then, when she found herself outside an adult theater. The itch was more a fire now, stronger than it had ever been before. She told herself it would be just this one time, then once calm, she could keep on working on bringing her family together. She went in, and the man there smiled at her and told her the booths would cost her but she could go to the theater for free. So she had. She had told herself that she would just give some blowjobs while fingering herself. That’s all she would do. She told herself that lie and believed it until the third man she had sucked off as the porn played offered her a popper. Soon she was nude, one man fucking her ass, one fucking her mouth, as she jerked off two more. Euphoria rushed through her as she felt alive again as she fucked twelve men that night, one way or another. She came home that night and slept on the bed and no one even asked her where she had been. She wanted to believe that she had been sneaky but she feared she knew the truth. No one at home simply cared. Her return had ruined their lives as the taint on her spread to them.

Two weeks later, she found herself at a bar, different from the one she had visited before. No one recognized her at first, though a later man started showing the patrons some videos he had of her as she fucked me in the stalls. She drank their piss without even being asked, and drank heavily all night. It was the bump of coke that someone gave her that reminded her vaguely of a feeling she had while she was away. She fucked 15 or 16 men that night, cum leaking from every hole and reeking of piss. This time she found the door was locked. None of the keys worked and when she tried to call to be let in, she found her number was blocked. She knew they knew she was out there. They just didn’t want her there. Or in. She got the hint and left.

She found herself at a motel, with no money, but the manager was kind enough to let her earn he keep short term. Every night before she went to bed he came in and rutted in her, spilling his seed in her. She was alone, shunned by everyone not seeking sex. Eventually she gave up trying to be accepted. She went to a few strip clubs, but she was too old, though two of the places didn’t inform her until they had “tested” her. A vile load down her throat and another up her ass. If she’d had money, she might have had tried cam whoring, but instead she went to the library and set up work on craigslist. Soon, she didn’t have to get fucked by the manager of the hotel. She simply gave him a piece of the cut.

Her 41st birthday came and went as she snorted a line of coke and followed it up with a shot of whiskey to celebrate it. She had a list of regulars, though she saved little money, spending it more and more on her growing cocaine habit. What weight she had gained back after being released was soon lost. This went on for a few months until the motel was raided and she was caught fucking a john while having some poppers and coke on her. Her lawyer argued extenuating circumstances for her and got her out until the trial but she disappeared after that. No one in that town, or state, ever heard from her again. No one there missed her either, except for the occasional bachelor who wanted to nut into a cheap whore.

Two years later, a man walked into a dingy Mexican bar. He ordered a whiskey sour and sat as the show began. An older woman, who looked over 50 came out with a donkey. She looked strung out and the tracks on her arm confirmed the reason for her appearance. She smiled a cheap smile, her large chest sagging a bit as she played with the animal. She stroked the donkey’s cock, and sucked it to the cheers of the men in the bar. She could barely get her mouth around the head as she pumped it, sucking it eagerly. She then took a modified stool and braced herself on it as she guided the donkey into pussy. The animal humped and fucked against her as her pussy dripped onto the filthy floor. She was clearly into the depraved act, as she pulled it out of her now gaping pussy and helped the donkey into her heavily greased ass. Inch after inch disappeared into her ass as the animal fucked, men throwing dollar bills and pesos at her as she squirted as she came. The donkey whinnied as it thrust, clearly hurting her as it pulled off her and a flood of cum gushed out of her ass. She sucked off the donkey, cleaning its cock as cum dripped out of her ruined holes, clearly used to heavy abuse. She then gathered her money and soon after, men regularly headed back, typically only staying a few minutes. He got in line and went in after paying a man. The woman was wiping cum off her and looked at him. For a second he thought she might have recognized him, but no, she spread her legs and he put on a condom and fucked her. He zipped up after he came after some rather unsatisfying sex. She was simply too fucked out to enjoy. His experiment concluded, he left her, wondering how long till she overdosed or was simply too used up. It didn’t matter. He’d never release a cunt again. Death would be better than what she now. He left the room and yet another man walked it. All she had was her drugs and cheap sex, chasing a thrill that would never be fulfilled.

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Of all four endings i like chapter 11 the most

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From what I've been told, it seems 9-11 are all the liked ones, with 12 being the only one I haven't been told as one that was liked or not.

Glad you like it gscmar64