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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!


An original story by Vile8r

A group of young boys discover their tomboy friend, Casey, is growing into a hottie!

 It was a beautiful, sunny, late August day in Cloverdale. Summer would soon be over and the kids would be heading back to school. A small group of teens out on an empty lot were enjoying their last few days of freedom before it was back to the classroom. They were tossing a football back and forth, playing a spirited game of keep-away.

   It was an unusual group. Four teen boys and a girl by the name of Casey Patterson! You might think it odd to see a young girl running around playing a rough-and-tumble game with a group of boys. But Casey was no girly-girl.
    She could run and catch a ball as well as any boy! In fact, she was even considering trying out that fall for the local football team, the Cloverdale Tigers.

   Casey had a reputation for being a tomboy. Her parents never had any boys. It was just Casey and her older sister, Clarissa. From a very early age, Casey just decided she liked boy things better than girl things. When Casey’s friends were going to dance class and figure skating, she was playing hockey and baseball. Her friends would be going to the mall to go clothes shopping; Casey would stay at home and help her Dad tune up his motorcycle.

   Most of the boys she knew looked at Casey as just one of the guys. It was the way it had been all her life. They never really thought of her as a girl. She was just…well…she was Casey! She could burp and fart and swear with the best of them. See her in a dress or a skirt? I doubt it! Denim jeans and t-shirts were her usual attire.

   But, as tomboyish as Casey was, she could not deny the irrefutable fact that, physically, she was indeed turning into a young woman. Her face was developing more feminine features and her body was getting more, well, let’s just say, like a girl’s!
    Casey stood at around 5’ 3” and weighed around 115 lbs. She had brunette hair that came down to about the middle of her back. She often wore it in ponytails or braids. Her breasts were beginning to grow and she noticed they were considerably larger than a lot of other girls her age. They were about the size of large grapefruits. Her hips and legs too, she noticed, were changing shape. The curves of her hips were becoming more pronounced and her butt was getting rounder and firmer. Casey would certainly never admit it, but she was becoming what boys her age refer to as a “hottie”!

     She was also starting to notice a few of the boys were looking at her in a different sort of way. Kind of how boys looked at her sister Clarissa, who was 16. It was a sort of hungry, wanting look. Like when a little kid is in a toy store.
   Casey didn’t understand it. All she knew was sometimes when she saw boys giving her that look, she just wanted to either puke or punch them in the face. Most of the time it ended up being the punch in the face. Casey could be quick with her fists if she had to be.
   The oldest boy in the group was a large dark-haired kid by the name of Jimmy Wilkinson. Jimmy was a big kid for his age, standing at around 5’ 8” and 170 lb. Casey thought he was a bit of an arrogant loud-mouth at times, but he was a good athlete. Also in the group were Kevin Kowalchuk, Steven Robinson, Murray Benjamin and Jackson Hunter.

   Kevin went by the interesting nickname, “Doubles”. Kevin had earned that name because of his love of double cheeseburgers. He wasn’t overly fat, but he was a big boy at around 5’ 6” and 150 lb. He had a chubby face with reddish-blonde hair.

  Steven was the shortest of the whole bunch. At only about 5’ 3”, the same height as Casey, and weighing around 130, he was kind of a scrawny kid. He had short, dark hair and glasses. He lived just two doors down from Casey and the two kids had known each other since first grade.

   Murray had the nickname “Worm”. He gained that
moniker from an incident that happened when he was six. On a dare, he ate an earthworm in the sandbox at the playground. The nickname Worm had stuck with him ever since. Worm was tall and skinny. He stood about 5’ 6” and weighed around 140. His hair was a sandy blonde color and he had pale blue eyes.

  Jackson stood around 5’ 7”, just a bit shorter than Jimmy, and weighed about 160 lb. With dark brown eyes and dark hair, he had a kind of pop star look about himself. He was very popular with the girls in school and, like Jimmy, was also a good athlete.
   Casey didn’t really care how good-looking he was. To her, Jackson was just a boy who lived across the street and liked to play sports. And he had a cool skateboard.
   The afternoon wore on and soon the kids had had enough for the day. The sun was high in the sky and it had become quite hot.

  “I say we go to 7-11 for Slurpees,” said Jackson.

  The kids had stopped their game and were lying in the grass, catching their breaths.

  “Yeah! That sounds like a plan to me,” said Doubles with a wide grin.

   “The 7-11 is way over on 7th Street,” Steven protested. “That’s like a hundred miles!”

  “No it isn’t Stevie, you retard,” scoffed Jimmy. He pointed off to the west toward a wooded area on the edge of the empty lot. “We’ll cut through The Ravine. It’ll be like half as far.”

 “Okay, let’s go,” said Casey.

   The Ravine was a rugged wooded area that cut through part of Cloverdale. It was about 2 miles long and a quarter mile wide. It had steep wooded banks and a small creek ran through it. In the bottom of the ravine was a small park with picnic tables and walking and bicycling paths.
    It was a popular hang-out spot for teenagers in the summertime. They would go down there and drink beer and smoke cigarettes and weed. You know, all the normal rebellious teenager kind of things. It was also a good spot for boys to take their girlfriends and make out.

  Casey and her friends often used the ravine as a shortcut from one side of town to the other. It was a nice scenic route. The steep path into the ravine and back up the other side was surrounded by big spruce and pine trees. It was peaceful walking in the shade of the large trees on a hot summer day and listening to the squirrels and chipmunks chattering away and the birds singing.

   As they walked along, Jimmy eyed up Casey who was walking in front of him. He was noticing that Casey was developing a nice body. Being a teenage boy, checking out girls was like a constant pastime with him now. Girls, who he never paid any attention to before, were now beginning to look damn good.
  Casey Patterson was a good example. He had known Casey for years and sure, she was a big tomboy, but suddenly she was starting to look more and more like an actual girl! Like her sister Clarissa.

  Clarissa was a year older than Jimmy. She was a major babe, as far as he was concerned. Long, blonde hair, slender legs, big tits, a killer body. Every guy in school lusted for Clarissa Patterson.   
   She was not shy about obliging them either. Jimmy knew quite a few boys who had had make-out sessions with Clarissa. She was the complete opposite of her younger tomboy sister Casey.
   But now as he walked along, admiring how Casey’s jeans hugged the curves of her little round ass, he realized Casey was also turning into a hottie. He could feel his cock growing hard in his pants. He slowed up a bit and fell back to walk beside Jackson.

  “Hey,” he whispered. “You ever wonder what Patterson would look like naked?”

  Jackson snickered. “Yeah, I fuckin’ do all the time!”

  “So I ain’t the only one then who thinks she’s turning hot?” asked Jimmy.

  “I’ve been checking her out all summer,” replied Jackson. “But she acts so much like a guy, I don’t know if I could do anything
with her. She’d probably punch me in the head if I tried!”

   Jimmy laughed. “Yeah, I know what you mean. She sure isn’t like Clarissa!  But I’ll bet if you peeled away those clothes, she has got a smoking little body!”

   Jackson watched her breasts bouncing up and down under her t-shirt as they began to head down the shaded path into the ravine. He also felt himself growing hard.

  Earlier that summer, unbeknownst to Casey, Jackson had had the pleasure of getting into Clarissa Patterson’s panties. Hell, he hadn’t just felt her up! He had gone all the way, banging her right in his backyard up in his old treehouse. And she had given him a sweet, sweet blowjob. That girl had been something else!
   He had always thought Casey was kinda cute, but because she was so tomboyish, he had never looked at her like he did other girls. Heck, the most revealing thing he had ever seen her wear was a one-piece swimsuit. And even then, she always wore shorts over it. Clarissa would be out in the yard sunbathing in a skimpy bikini but you never saw Casey doing such things.
“Yeah, Jimmy, she probably does look damn good. But you’d never be able to know it!” he replied.

  “You just watch, Jackson. When we get down in the ravine where no one can see us, I’m gonna try and get her to show us her tits.”

  “Fuck man, she’ll never go for that!” Jackson whispered.

  “Like I say, just watch me,” Jimmy said. “One way or another, I’m gonna get Casey to show us those tits of hers!”

   They continued down the trail until they were at the park in the bottom of the ravine. They decided to take a short break before they began up the path on the other side.

  “Boy! That Slurpee is gonna taste good!” said Worm as he wiped sweat off his face.

  “Oh yeah! I am gonna have a large Mountain Dew,” said Casey. “They’re the best!”

  “No way, Orange Crush is better,” said Steven.

    Casey was sitting with her back against a tree, her legs spread
out in front of her. Her white t-shirt was damp with sweat and it clung tightly to her budding breasts. Jimmy noticed the outline of her bra could be seen through the shirt. He felt his cock stirring again.

  “Well, we should get going,” said Casey as she started to stand up. She paused and stretched, her t-shirt riding up and exposing a bit of her flat firm stomach. She turned towards the trail.

  “Goddamn it, Patterson,” said Jimmy suddenly. “Has anyone ever told you, you have a nice ass?”

  Casey whipped around, a pissed-off look on her face.
  “Wilkinson….fuck off!” she spat.

  “He’s right!” Jackson piped up. “You got a sweet ass, Casey!”

  “Do you pigs mind?” she asked. “I do not have a nice ass! Quit being so sick.”

  “I think before we go, you should show us your tits,” said Jimmy matter-of-factly.

  Casey was flabbergasted. “I am not doing that! Now come on, let’s go!”

  “Come on, just once,” insisted Jimmy. “We’re down here in the ravine, no one is gonna see you. It’ll just be our secret. I’ve been looking at them all day long and it’s driving me crazy. I just wanna see them.”

   “NO!” snapped Casey. “Quit being a sick weirdo. I’m not showing you my…my…boobs!”

  “Everybody put up their hands who want to see Casey’s boobs,” yelled Jackson.

  The other boys slowly put their hands up.


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What's that I smell in the air?- Ah yes instant classic!

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 “Yeah, Casey. Just for fun,” said Steven. He could feel his heart beginning to pound.

  Living only a couple doors down from the Patterson’s, Steven had made many late night forays into their backyard to peep in on Casey and Clarissa. Casey’s bedroom was on the far side of the house and she always kept her blinds closed at night. Steven had never had any success trying to spy on her. Not that he hadn’t tried many times.
  He had however, managed to catch a few glimpses of Clarissa.

Although Steven had never managed to catch her in the nude,
he had seen her in her bra a few times, through her bedroom window. One time, he got really lucky and even caught a view of her in her panties.   
  Casey stared at her friends with a look of astonishment.

  “You guys are all fucking sick! I’m not doing that!”

 “Clarissa would do it for us,” smiled Jimmy.

  “Yeah, let’s see if your tits are nicer than Clarissa’s!” said Jackson.

  “And how the hell would you know what Clarissa’s look like?” asked Casey, glaring at Jackson.

  He gave a little shrug. “I don’t know, just saying.”

  “Well, I don’t care what the hell my sister would do! I am not like her, okay? She’s a slut, I’m not! So just stop it you guys. You’re freaking me out. I thought you guys were my friends. Friends aren’t supposed to care what you look like! They’re just supposed to care about who you are!”

  “Well, we still like you for who you are,” said Jimmy. “But you have to admit, you’re starting to look good. We just wanna see! We’re curious!”

“I’ll bet she doesn’t even like boys! She’s probably a lesbian!” Doubles piped up. The other boys began to laugh.

 “I am NOT a lesbian!” shouted Casey. “I do so like boys!”

 “Hanging out with guys to play sports and go skateboarding doesn’t count,” Jackson retorted. “We mean do you like boys in like a boyfriend way?”

  “Yeah…I do!” said Casey hesitantly.

 “Then prove it to us,” said Worm. “Show us your tits!”

  “Or we start telling all your friends you’re a lesbian,” Jackson threatened.

  “That’s a lie and you know it!” sobbed Casey. Tears were beginning to run down her face. Why were her friends acting like this?

  “Then prove it, like Worm said,” Jimmy smirked. “Show us your tits!”

 “NOOO!” Casey shouted. “I am outta here!”

She began to walk away. Jimmy was standing only a few feet away from her and he stepped in to block her path.
  He looked at her with lust in his eyes. Casey had never seen such a look on his face before.

  “Oh, cut the crap! I have just got to do this!” he said as he reached out to Casey and grabbed her breasts firmly with both hands. He squeezed them hard.

  Casey squealed with shock and surprise as his fingers dug into her tender flesh. She tried to jump back away from him and bring her fist up to hit him. As her fist came up, Jackson and Doubles jumped in behind her, each of them grabbing one of her arms.
  She fought back, trying to twist and turn her body.

 “LET GO OF ME, DAMMIT!” she snarled.

 Jackson and Doubles held her tightly. Casey’s face turned red as she continued to struggle. Jimmy kept on squeezing and mauling her tits. His cock was so hard it felt like it was ready to burst out of his pants.
  Casey opened her mouth to scream and as she did, Worm stepped in between Jackson and Doubles and clamped his hand over her mouth. All that came out from her was a loud muffled sound.


 “Good job, Worm,” said Jimmy. “We don’t want her making too much noise.”

  Jimmy squeezed Casey’s tits a little more.

 “Man, those feel nice,” Jimmy sighed.

 Casey tried to bring her knee up into Jimmy’s crotch, but he was ready and he was able to push her leg away. He stopped his mauling of her tender breasts and stepped back for a minute. Jimmy admired the young girl’s nubile body as she arched her back, trying to pull away from the boys holding her arms. Worm kept his hand tightly over her mouth.


  Jimmy motioned for the boys to pull her over to a large patch of grass beside some shrubs. He kneeled down on the ground in front of her. Casey tried to kick at him but he dodged her legs.

   “What are you guys doing?” asked Steven.

  “You wanna see her tits, then get over here and help us!” yelled Jimmy.

  He grabbed Casey behind the knees and wrapped his arms around her legs, holding them together so she could no longer kick.

  “Get her on the ground!” yelled Jimmy.
  With Casey kicking and squirming like a wildcat, they manhandled her down onto the grass. Jimmy ordered Doubles and Jackson to keep her arms pinned down. Worm took his hand off Casey’s mouth and he and Steven each grabbed one of her legs.
Casey let out a couple shrill screams before Doubles slapped a hand down on her mouth.
  Casey was amazingly strong and the boys had to place their knees on her arms and legs to help hold her down. Jimmy sat on her stomach and began to push her t-shirt up, exposing her flat tummy. He looked over his shoulder at Steven and Worm.

  “Hey you guys, get her shoes and socks off,” he yelled.

  Struggling to hold her legs still, Steven and Worm began pulling at her shoes. Steven, not being as big as the other boys, was having a difficult time trying to hold Casey’s left leg and at the same time pull off her shoe. Casey gave a hard kick and sent Steven flying backwards.

  “Stevie, ya little wimp!” scowled Worm. “Here, I’ll hold her legs, you get the shoes off!”

  Worm laid his weight onto Casey’s legs as Steven yanked her shoes and socks off.  As Steven pulled her socks off  he brushed his hand against the bottom of her foot. She squealed.

  “I think she has ticklish feet,“ said Jackson.

  “Well, let’s see,” said Worm.

  He began tickling the bottom of Casey’s feet. She yelled out, half giggling, half screaming.


  “Yeah, she does have ticklish feet!” said Steven.

  Worm tickled her some more. The boys laughed as she frantically tried to kick at Worm.

 “DON’T! STOP THAT! I’M GONNA PEE!” she yelled.

  “Hey guys, quit that now,” said Jimmy. “I don’t want her to pee herself.”

Jimmy pulled her t-shirt up over her bra. He continued to push up her shirt, until it was over her head. Doubles and Jackson helped him pull it down off her arms. Doubles had taken his hand off her mouth as he helped with the shirt.

  “ LET ME GOOOOO! LET ME GOOOO!” Casey screamed.

  “Shut up!” said Jimmy. He wadded up the t-shirt with one hand and jammed it into her mouth. Reaching under her arching back, Jimmy undid her white bra.


Casey squealed as Jimmy pulled it off her, allowing all the boys to see her milky white globes. Her young breasts had small quarter-sized nipples and they jiggled and shook as she fought to break loose.

  “Holy shit! Those are nice!” gasped Jackson.

“Fuckin’ suh-weet!” Jimmy smiled as he ran his hands over the silky flesh of Casey’s tits.

   Jimmy moved down her body and began to unsnap Casey’s jeans.

  “What are you doing now?” asked Worm.

  “Hey, we saw her tits now, might as well check out the rest!” said Jimmy.

   Casey twisted and bucked as Jimmy pulled down the zipper of her jeans and began pulling them down her smooth legs.

 Hysterical, muffled screams came out from around the t-shirt gagging Casey. Tears streamed down her face. Jimmy had her jeans down to her knees now, showing off her slender thighs. She was wearing plain cotton panties with pink and white stripes.
     Jimmy finished wrestling Casey’s jeans off her legs. Then he grabbed the waistband of Casey’s panties and yanked them down her body. The boys gasped in excitement as they saw the small wispy bush of light brown hair between her thighs and the tiny pink lips of her vagina.

 “MMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF!’ she squealed in fright.

 She could feel a cool breeze blowing across her bare skin. She was totally helpless and vulnerable as the boys held her pinned down to the ground.
  Jimmy slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. He looked at them with amusement and then stood up and stuffed them in his back pocket.

  “Those are mine now,” he laughed.

  “So whaddaya think guys?” he said, looking down at Casey’s naked body spread-eagled on the ground. From her firm, round titties, down to her flat stomach, the curve of her hips and her athletic legs, the boys realized Casey had a very tight, sexy little body.

  “Sonuvabitch, Patterson!” Jimmy exclaimed. “You’ve been holding out on us. Here all this time, we were thinking you were just a plain old tomboy. But you’re a goddamn hottie! You’re almost hotter than Clarissa!”

   “Damn right she is,” said Jackson. “You are hot, Casey!”

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 Doubles, Worm and Stevie could only stare open-mouthed at the young girl. None of them had ever seen a naked girl before except on the internet or in magazines. All of them felt their cocks straining at the front of their pants.
  Steven’s heart was in his throat as he gazed at his cute neighbor’s body. He had masturbated many times wondering what Casey looked like under her clothes, never imagining in his wildest dreams he would ever actually get to see her naked.

  Doubles and Worm also shook with excitement. Neither of them had ever been very popular with girls and now getting to see one in the nude like this was a fantasy come true. It aroused them to know that a girl they had known for years, was so hot and pretty. Casey had always acted so much like a guy, they just never thought of her as being a desirable girl.

  “So we gonna do it?” asked Jimmy.

  “Do what?” asked Doubles.

  “Fuck Casey!” said Jimmy excitedly. “We got her naked now, let’s go for it! My cock is so damn hard, I gotta blow a load.”

  “Shit yeah! I’m game for it!” replied Jackson.

  “I don’t know….that’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?” said Steven, doubt written across his face. “What if we get her pregnant?”

  “We won't!” sneered Jimmy. “And anyways, don’t tell me you don’t wanna do her. I know you go in her backyard all the time, trying to peek through her windows, ya perv!”

  Steven’s face turned red. “Yeah, well so what?” he retorted.

  “So let’s do it then!” said Worm. “I’m getting tired of being a virgin. My brother is only a year older than me and he gets pussy all the time. He’s always bugging me about it.”

  “I wanna get fucked too,” said Doubles.

  “All right then!” said Jimmy as he began to undo his pants, his erection poking through his underwear. Casey’s eyes grew wide as she saw Jimmy’s seven-inch penis jutting out in front of him. She had never seen an erect cock before and it terrified her.

 “MMMMPPPPHHHH! MMMMMPPHHHHH!” she tried to scream through her gag.

  “Hold her tight you guys!” said Jimmy as he pushed her thighs apart. He inserted a finger into Casey’s vagina and slid it back and forth. The tightness excited him. Jimmy hadn’t felt a pussy this tight since last summer when he had fucked his younger sister’s best friend, Stacey Prentiss.
  It was Jimmy’s first time. He remembered the sensation as he had pushed his hard cock into her incredibly tight pussy, the way it had gripped and squeezed him. Jimmy knew it was going to be the same way with Casey.

  He rested the head of his cock up against her pussy lips. Casey bucked and squirmed, squealing hysterically as she realized what was happening to her. Her so-called friends were going to rape her! It was all the boys could do to hold her down.
  Jimmy placed his hands on either side of Casey and jammed his hips forward. His cock penetrated a couple inches and then stopped. He pulled back and rammed forward again. He felt her hymen tear but he kept pushing. He grunted loudly as his dick sunk into her, the tight walls closing around him. Casey threw her head back and screamed in intense pain.

“AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEMMMMMPPHHHHHHHH!” It was loud even through the gag.

  She tried to close her thighs, attempting to push him out of her but Steven and Worm managed to keep her legs pulled apart.

“Is she tight?” asked Jackson.

“Fuckin’ yeah, she’s tight!” said Jimmy.

 Jimmy began to slowly stroke in and out of the fighting girl. He laid his weight onto her, helping to hold her down. He panted and grunted with exertion as little by little he moved his dick inside
Casey. The friction created by her tight vagina was a bit painful to him at first but after a while her pussy walls began to stretch.

   Casey continued to scream and sob, tears streaking her face.

“I think we’re hurting her,” said Worm.

 “Nahhh,” said Jackson dismissively. “Chicks are always that way when you pop their cherry. After awhile it starts to feel good for them.”

  Jimmy was laying into her now, his ass bouncing up and down as he fucked her hard. He braced his knees against the ground as he drove his cock up into her. The sensation of her cunt wrapped around him was incredible. This was way better than when he had popped Stacey Prentiss’ cherry.
  She had been willing and had just kind of laid there like a dead fish. Casey was a fighter and as she bucked and writhed, her pussy clamped down onto his dick. It felt awesome!

  He had only fucked her for about five minutes and he felt his swollen balls beginning to tingle. He was gonna cum! He sped up his rhythm, sweat running down his face as he approached the finish line. He held himself inside her, his cock jerking and convulsing. It was such a feeling of relief as his warm semen spurted forth.


 Casey squealed non-stop as she felt Jimmy’s cum flood her vagina. She felt like throwing up at this horrible violation of her body.
  Jimmy slowly withdrew from her.

“Okay, who’s next?” he asked.

 “Me! I wanna go next!” said Doubles with intense excitement.

 “Awwww, I have to go after you stick your dick in her?” asked Jackson.

 “Shut up Jackson,” replied Doubles. “You’ve fucked girls before. I haven’t!”

  Doubles and Jimmy switched places as Doubles fumbled with the sweat pants he was wearing. He yanked them down along with his underwear. His penis was about the same size as Jimmy’s but a little thicker. Doubles gripped his dick by the shaft as he fed the head in between Casey’s pink pussy lips.

 “Ohhhhhhhhh,’ he sighed, a look of intense pleasure etched across his face.

He looked down as he watched his cock push slowly into Casey. She arched her back and screamed as the thick shaft made her pussy stretch open even more than before.

  “I’m finally….fucking….a girl!” exclaimed Doubles, his mouth hanging open as he started to pump in and out. “Man, it feels good!”

  Unlike Jimmy, Doubles had no rhythm at all. He just began bouncing on top of the poor girl, his cock jabbing and poking inside her. About every second or third stroke, it would pop out and he would have to stop and reposition himself.
  It didn’t take long and he was ready to cum. His flabby buttocks shuddered as he felt his cock shoot inside a girl for the first time ever.

  “Uhhhhh….uhhhhhhh…..uhhhhhhh!” he groaned as his balls unloaded.

  “Sure a lot better than cumming inside a sock, isn’t it?” laughed Jimmy.

  “That was…….GREAT!” Doubles said as he reluctantly pulled out of Casey.

 His cock made a loud slurping sound, eliciting juvenile giggles from the other boys. A string of cum still dangled from the head of his cock. He wiped it on Casey’s leg.

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Nice way to transition her from boyhood pal to teenage sex toy! for them!

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 “Doubles, grab her arm, I’m going next!” said Jackson.

  As Doubles took Jackson’s spot, Jackson moved around to get between Casey’s outstretched legs.

“All right,” Jackson sneered as he pulled down his pants. “I’ve already had your sister, Casey. Now I get to fuck you too!”

 Jackson’s pants came down, exposing a six and a half-inch erect dick. He stroked it, getting it harder. The purple head already glistened with pre-cum. Of all the boys, Jackson was probably the most sexually experienced.

   Jackson was a charmer. He had already been in the pants of several girls in his school. One of those, of course, had been Casey’s older sister Clarissa. In his view, that was one of Jackson’s most impressive conquests. Clarissa was one of the hottest girls in the neighborhood and he knew a lot of boys older than himself who had struck out with her. When he had talked her into coming up to the treehouse in his backyard, it had been a major coup for him. And an afternoon he wouldn’t soon forget.

   Now, as he gazed down at the slender body of Casey, he was feeling very smug that he would now have the bragging rights of banging both of the Patterson sisters. He leaned down and ran his tongue across Casey’s tender nipples. Her body arched and she let out a muffled squeal. Jackson ran his tongue up along her neck and kissed her ear.

  “Gonna feel good fucking you, Casey,” he whispered as he settled his body on top of her.

   He reached underneath himself and guided his erection inside her. He felt her body tense as he bucked his hips, pushing into her forcefully.

 “MMMMMMFFFFFFF! MMMMMMFFFFF!” Casey screamed helplessly. 

 She still tried to flail and kick as Jackson slid into her, but her energy was starting to sap in the summer heat. Jackson held himself inside her for a moment, relishing the feel of her warm tight cunt gripping him. Then he began to fuck her with hard vigorous strokes.

  He kissed and licked on her tits as he moved in and out of the young hottie. Her firm body felt good as she squirmed underneath him, her flat smooth tummy pressing up against him. Jackson was thoroughly enjoying it as he pumped in and out of her. He glanced down to look at her small pussy lips wrapped tightly around his hard shaft. It was too much for him to bear and soon he felt his cock stiffen and shoot a load of cum into her. Casey could do nothing but lay there and let her body be used as a receptacle for the boy’s slimy seed.

  He pulled out slowly and kissed Casey on the side of her face. She tried to turn her head away.

 “I just decided,” said Jackson. “You are better than Clarissa!”

  “Can I do her now?” asked Worm, his eyes wide with anticipation.

  “Break a leg!” said Jackson as he wiped his dick off with a handful of leaves.

   Worm let go of Casey’s leg and Jackson took his spot. His heart was in his throat as he looked down at the young naked girl. His first fuck! He couldn’t believe it was finally happening. He pulled down his pants and underwear and his erect cock sprung out. It was around six inches long and had an upward curve.
  The tall, lanky boy kneeled between Casey’s legs and guided his cock up to her pussy. He sucked in his breath as he felt the head of his cock enter her tight wetness. Slowly and hesitantly, he began to fuck her. He was awkward and clumsy. He used a couple fast strokes and slipped out of her. He pushed back into her and gave a few more jabs before slipping out again.

  Getting frustrated, he jammed into her again and this time was able to get a jerky rhythm going.

  “Worm, you’re like a dog humping a football,” chuckled Jimmy.

 “Fuck off, Wilkinson!” snapped Worm. “I’ve never done this before.”

  Sweat beaded on his face as his body bounced and slapped against Casey. Having his dick inside a cunt was the most exquisite sensation he had ever experienced. His sexual experience consisted of a few sessions of heavy petting with some girls from school. Once a pretty neighbor girl by the name of Annette gave him a hand job in a basement closet during a game of “Truth or Dare.” But this was a whole new level of pleasure!
  He didn’t want it to end but within a few minutes he felt his balls swelling and getting ready to release their load. Casey squirmed and whimpered as Worm orgasmed. A long string of slobber dripped out of his mouth as he grunted with ecstasy, his cock jerking and spasming inside her.

   “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh!” he sighed.

  He pulled out of Casey, a huge smile across his face. At last, he
could call himself a man! He turned to Stevie.

  “Well, Robinson. You ready?”

  “Yeah, I’m ready,” said Stevie in a small voice.

   As he and Worm switched places, Steven realized his hands were shaking. Steven had never laid his hands on a girl in his life. The only females he had ever been kissed by, were his mother and grandmothers and his aunts.

   Oh sure, he looked at his skin magazines and snuck into porn sites on his computer from time to time. He knew where his dad hid a cache of porno videos and sometimes when his parents weren’t home Steven would pull a couple out and watch them. And of course there were the nighttime visits into his neighbor’s backyard to spy on the Patterson girls.

  Casey had always thought Steven was a strange little kid. He was an only child. Other kids in the neighborhood had picked on him so Casey had made friends with him more out of pity than anything. She had no idea Steven had such a sick crush on her.
  Now his fantasy was coming true. He tried to remember how the guys in the porno videos did things. He pulled his pants down and his erect penis poked out. It was around five inches long.

  “What are you gonna do with that”” laughed Jimmy.

  Steven, embarrassed at having his friends see him naked like this, blushed deeply.

  “Leave him alone, Jimmy,” said Jackson. “Let him do his thing.”

 Steven leaned down between Casey’s thighs, his erect cock sticking straight out. Guiding it between her pussy lips he slowly moved his hips forward. He gave a little grunt as he shoved it in as far as it would go.


Casey squealed as she squirmed her hips, more from revulsion at having her weird little neighbor’s dick inside her than from pain.

  “Fuck her good, Stevie!” yelled Doubles.

 Steven had his hips moving about a hundred miles an hour, his small dick slipping and sliding in and out of Casey. His scrawny knees dug into the grass and his pale butt bounced up and down like a little white ball. Steven was in heaven, fucking the girl of
his dreams.
   The other boys continued holding Casey’s arms and legs as Steven flopped around on top of her. The shirt jammed in her mouth was soaked with her slobber and small sticks and grass were stuck in her hair. Casey threw her head from side to side, but her fighting and struggling had slowed down as her energy drained. The boys were simply too strong for her to break free.

   Her face was streaked with perspiration and tears. Every time Steven’s penis stabbed into her, it felt like fire. At least he wasn’t quite as big as the other boys.

   Steven began to breath heavier as he prepared to cum. His balls ached like crazy. Suddenly he let out a grunt like a pig and his whole body shook. His cock went stiff inside Casey and spurts of cum shot into her. It felt like he would never stop.

“OH, OH, OH, OH! That feels sooooo good!” he yelled.

  He slipped out of Casey  and fell on the ground beside her. It would have taken a bulldozer to remove the smile from his face.
  A large puddle of cum mixed with some blood oozed out of Casey’s vagina and pooled in the grass between her legs. The boys let go of her and stood up. They looked down at the abused girl.

  “Holy shit, she was a good fuck!” said Jimmy.

  “Yeah, who would have thought Patterson would have such a hot body?” said Doubles with a chuckle.

   Jackson reached down and pulled the t-shirt out of her mouth.
 Immediately, she spat at him.

  “Y-you guys are in sooo much shit!” she hissed. “You r-raped me!”

September 27, 2017, 10:50:41 PM
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Offline vile8r

 She tried to sit up but her lower body hurt too much.

  “I told you we were hurting her,” said Worm as he looked at the blood on Casey’s thighs.

  “Ahhh fuck, all girls bleed when they get fucked the first time,” Jimmy scoffed. “She was probably starting to like it by the time we were done.”

  “I-I was not!” Casey feebly protested. “You-you guys a-are assholes!”

  Jimmy looked down at Casey. He looked back at the other boys. Jimmy walked over and grabbed her arm.

“L-L-Let me g-go, J-Jimmy,” she whimpered, barely audible.

 “We’re not done just yet, Casey,” he said. He knelt down and took her face in his hand.

 “Today, we’re turning you from a girl into a woman! But there’s one more thing you gotta learn how to do if you want guys to like you. You gotta learn how to suck cock! Plus, our dicks are all slimy from fucking you. They need cleaning!”

  Casey’s eyes grew big and she began to shake her head back and forth. She tried to say something but all that came out a raspy whimper. Jimmy pulled her up so she was on her knees. He looked around at the rest of the group.

 “Whaddaya say, guys? You up for getting your dicks sucked?”

 “Sure!” smiled Worm.

 “Damn right,” replied Jackson. He still had very fresh memories of the afternoon in the treehouse with Clarissa and her talented tongue.

  Jimmy looked back down at Casey.

 “You’re a popular girl, Patterson. Everybody wants you!”

  Jimmy held Casey by the shoulder with one hand and unzipped his pants with the other. He pulled his cock out, which was once again hard.

  “Open your mouth,” he ordered.

  Casey shook her head again, her eyes filling with tears.

 “N-N-No, I-I won’t,” she said defiantly.

 “Then we’ll make you,” Jimmy snarled at her.

 He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. He began pushing his cock against her lips. She tried to twist her head and push Jimmy away from her. Jimmy yelled to the other boys for some help.
  Jackson grabbed her arms and pulled them back. Jimmy was able to hold her head in both hands and began to force his dick between her lips.

  “And no biting, Casey!” said Jimmy.

  With Jackson holding her arms, Jimmy began fucking Casey’s mouth, sliding his cock back and forth. Casey was terrified as the horrid-tasting thing entered her mouth.

 “Ahhh, yeah, that feels good,” sighed Jimmy. “Just pretend it’s a big ol’ popsicle in your mouth, Casey.”

  She began to make small gagging noises as Jimmy tried pushing to the back of her throat. The boys stood around them in a circle, quickly getting hard again as they watched Jimmy with his dick in Casey’s mouth.
   Her saliva and slobber began to coat his shaft and it slid in and out effortlessly. Jimmy pulled his cock out and held it in front of her mouth.

  “Okay, I wanna see you lick it with your tongue,” he said.

  Her older sister had shown her once how to suck a dick, using a banana. Casey had been mortified and disgusted at the time, thinking her sister was a very sick person. Now she tried to remember some of the things her sister had shown her. Casey hesitated then slowly her tongue began to move around the head of his dick in small circles. 

 “That’s it, Patterson,” he said.

  Then he plunged his dick back into her mouth. He stroked vigorously as he felt himself getting ready to cum. Casey’s tongue rubbing along the underside of his shaft was too much and suddenly without warning, he came in her mouth.
  Casey coughed and retched as cum spurted down her throat. She had never tasted anything so gross in her life.
  Jimmy pulled out of her mouth, his dick glistening with her saliva. He had a very contented smile on his face. Casey was spitting and hacking, trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

 “Little Casey doesn’t suck cock too bad!” he said with a chuckle.

“Who’s next?”

  Steven stepped up immediately. His heart was pounding with excitement. He had dreamed for ages of getting a blowjob from a girl. He had seen pictures of women giving blowjobs and had seen it in his dad’s porno vides. He thought it looked like the most awesome thing!
  He had his small dick pulled out and was jabbing it in Casey’s face. She opened her mouth for him and he pushed it in. He looked down with wonder as his dick disappeared between her lips.

 “What do I do now?’ he asked Jimmy.

 “Hell, you just fuck her mouth. Like it’s a pussy!” said Jimmy.

  The young boy began to rock his hips back and forth, his cock stabbing in and out of Casey’s mouth.


Casey made choking sounds as Steven pushed his cock farther into her moist mouth. A gob of snot blew out of her nose. The sensation of a mouth around his cock was exquisite. It was so warm and her lips wrapped around him felt so good! Steven placed his hands on top of her head as he thrust back and forth.
  It didn’t take long for him to cum. He tried to hold back but he couldn’t control himself. He came hard in mid-stroke. Casey gagged and choked as his dick jerked in her mouth, spraying cum across the roof of her mouth.

  Steven pulled out, cum and slobber dribbling down Casey’s chin.

  He high-fived Jimmy. “That was hot, man!” he exclaimed.

 “A lot funner than jacking off to porn, isn’t it Stevie?” asked Jimmy.

   Worm stepped up with his dick out of his pants. Casey looked up at him wearily. She just wanted this to all be over.

  “Come on, Casey,” said Worm. “Start suckin’.”

  Casey leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the head of Worm’s rod. He let out a small sigh of pleasure and pushed his hips forward. Casey worked her tongue around him.

  “Yeah, baby!” Worm moaned.

September 29, 2017, 06:04:25 PM
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Isn't it nasty what hormones makes boys do to friends! Love this story!

September 29, 2017, 08:13:49 PM
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Offline Plaything

Vile . . .I have been so busy and so far behind in my reading!  But this is so good it makes me want to just keep reading . . .As always . . .wonderfully done!

September 29, 2017, 11:50:01 PM
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Vile . . .I have been so busy and so far behind in my reading!  But this is so good it makes me want to just keep reading . . .As always . . .wonderfully done!

Good to hear from you Plaything! Thank you for the feedback.

September 29, 2017, 11:54:57 PM
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This too, was his first ever blowjob. His heart was in his throat as he looked down at the pretty brunette girl, her soft pink lips sliding back and forth on him. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that the first girl he would ever receive a blowjob from was Casey Patterson. A girl he used to go down to the creek with and catch frogs and salamanders.
    Jackson let go of Casey’s arms. He pulled his hard, throbbing cock out of his pants and placed her right hand on it. She tried to jerk her hand away but Jackson held onto her.

  “I want you to stroke me while you’re sucking Worm,” he instructed.

  Her head was bobbing up and down on Worm’s member, Casey began also stroking Jackson’s cock slowly. Jackson couldn’t believe how good it felt, her small warm hand wrapped around him.
    Worm arched his back as he listened to Casey make noisy slobbering sounds around his cock. Once in a while, she would gag a bit or cough as he pushed his dick farther into her mouth. Casey sped up her sucking motions on Worm. She wanted him to cum and be done.
  It seemed to work. Soon Worm could feel himself on the edge of an orgasm. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her face into his crotch as he released into her mouth. It felt like heaven as his cum washed down her gullet. Casey’s stomach roiled as she was forced to swallow more slimy semen.

 “UGGGHHAACCKKKKK!” she gagged.

  Worm pulled out and looked over at Doubles. “Your turn, Doubles!” he said.

  Doubles had his pants pulled down and his erect cock at the ready. He was also a blowjob virgin. Casey eyed him with disgust. She couldn’t believe she had to do this yet again. Her jaw ached horribly and her lips were sore.
   Doubles pushed into her mouth and placed his hands on the top of her head. He began humping her face.

  “Slow down, you moron!” Casey thought to herself.

 His fat balls slapped her in the chin as he pumped in and out of her mouth. All she could do was close her eyes and hope he would be done soon.
Jackson kept her hand on his erect dick, making her stroke him as she endured Doubles’ rough face-fuck.


Casey gagged as Doubles finally came, trying to force his cock into her throat. Halfway through spurting his load, he pulled out, shooting some onto her face. Casey recoiled in disgust as the gooey stuff ran down her chin. She tried wiping it off with her hand.

  Doubles laughed. “I think that looks good on you, Patterson,” he said.

  Jackson stepped around in front of Casey. His cock was hard as granite after having her stroke it. Now he was going to get what he had been waiting for. Sliding it in her mouth.
  He looked down at Casey.

 “Okay, I’m not going to be rough like Doubles and the others. I want you to suck me nice like if I was your boyfriend. To start with I want you to lick my balls.”

  He pulled his dick up out of the way, exposing his balls. He put his hand on the back of Casey’s head and pushed her face down towards him. She stuck her tongue out and began to lightly lick Jackson’s ball sac.
  He moaned pleasurably as he felt her soft tongue caress him.

“That’s right, just like that,” he whispered.

  Casey gagged a bit at the sweaty taste of his balls. Then she began to move up, licking the underside of his shaft. She felt so
degraded, but she knew Jackson was the last so maybe after this they would finally let her go.
 She reached his cock-head and swirled her tongue around like she had seen her sister do with the banana.

  Jackson even commented, “Whoa, you do that just like Clarissa! Been taking some lessons? Huh?”

Casey just ignored him as she slowly took him into her mouth. She was vaguely aware of the other boys gathered around in a circle watching as she pleasured Jackson. Jackson sucked in his breath as Casey wrapped her lips around him. He pushed his hips forward, his cock sliding in deeper.
  Casey let out a small gag as his cock pressed against her throat. Jackson held her tightly by the hair as he stroked in and out of her mouth.


 Casey’s face turned red as she fought for air. Jackson was trying to push in as far as he could. Her fists pounded on his legs. Jackson finally pulled back and let Casey catch her breath. He started stroking faster as he built up to an orgasm.
  His balls released a large load into her mouth. He held his cock inside her mouth as he forced her to swallow. Casey held back the urge to vomit but it was no use. Her chest heaved. Jackson pulled out and jumped back out of the way just in time.
  Casey was on her hands and knees, puking her guts out.

 “Whoa, she’s blowing chunks!” yelled Worm.

 “Guess she decided she didn’t like all that cum in her stomach,” said Jimmy as he laughed.

  Casey wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her whole body ached and hurt. She just wanted this all to end.

  The boys were giving each other a round of high-fives. They were all quite smug and cocky about what they had just done.

  “It’s getting kinda late,” said Stevie. “I gotta get home for supper.”

  “Yeah, it’s getting late,” agreed Jimmy. “But I just wanna do one more thing.”

  Casey was still on her hands and knees, trying to catch her
breath. Jimmy came around behind her and started pulling his pants down.

  “Just one more for the road,” he said.

  Casey looked over her shoulder and tried to stand up. Jimmy grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back down onto the grass. He kneeled behind her as he guided his cock up to her battered pussy entrance.

 “Gonna do ya doggy-style, Casey!” he said as he began to push his cock into her again.

  “NOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! GET AWAYYYYY!” Casey wailed helplessly.

  Jimmy shoved his cock up into Casey’s cunt as he grabbed her by the hips. He began to pump into her hard. Casey could not believe this was happening to her again.
  Jimmy reached down underneath her and began to squeeze and maul her tits.

  “Ohhhh, those feel good!” he whispered in her ear.

  Tears streamed down Casey’s face as Jimmy laid into her. It felt even better the second time around. Jimmy thrust hard up into Casey. In this position he was able to get full penetration.
  Casey squealed and squirmed as he continued to molest her titties. She begged him to stop but he just ignored her. He was enjoying it too much.
  Jimmy finally felt the pressure building in his balls and he slammed into Casey hard as he held himself inside her. His cock spurted another load into her.
  He slipped out of her, a string of cum dangling from the head of his cock. He wiped himself on the back of her leg. He stood up, buttoning up his pants.

  “Anyone else want another go?” he asked.

 Jackson spoke up. “Yeah, I’ll do her again. I wanna play with those tits too.”

  He pulled his pants down and got behind Casey. He drove into her effortlessly.

  “Yeahhhhhhh,” he sighed.

  Jackson pounded her as he reached down and pinched her tiny

  “AAAAHHHHH! STOP!” Casey pleaded.

 “No way, Patterson,” said Jackson. “You got nice tits!”

  He pulled on her nipples, making her squeal in pain and slammed his cock into her at the same time. Jackson thrust in and out, faster and faster.
  Suddenly, he pulled out of her pussy and in one swift motion, sunk himself into her tortured butt. Casey threw her head back and shrieked. Jackson quickly clamped a hand over mouth. He began thrusting in her ass, loving the tightness. With his free hand, Jackson resumed squeezing her tits.
  He sped up, knowing he was ready to cum.

 “Almost…almost…almost,” he panted.

  He gave a couple more powerful thrusts and felt the warm release of his cum deep inside her guts. He came hard.
  As Jackson pulled out. Casey collapsed on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. Jimmy threw her clothes on the ground beside her.

  “Here’s your clothes. Get dressed! I think we’ve had our fun now.”

  Casey slowly put her bra back on and her shirt.

 “Wh-where’s my panties?” she asked.

  “I got them right here,” said Jimmy as he patted his back pocket. “And I’m keeping them. A little memento of our afternoon!”

  The other boys laughed.

  Casey began to slip her pants back on. It was painful for her to move her legs.

  “So are you gonna tell anybody what happened to you?” asked Jackson.

  “I-I d-don’t kn-know,” replied Casey.

 “Well let me answer for you,” snapped Jimmy. “You’re not telling anybody what happened here! Because if you do, it’s your word against ours and we’ll say you started it.”

  “Maybe we’ll have to tell everybody that you’re a bigger slut than your sister,” Worm suggested.

 “NO!” said Casey.

 “Well your sister has never fucked 5 guys!” said Doubles.

  “Yeah,” sneered Jimmy. “We will spread the word around town that you are the biggest slut of all. And that the only reason you hang around with boys so much is so you can fuck them!”

  “That’s not tr-true!” protested Casey. “I’m not like my sister! I’m not  a slut!”

  “Like Jimmy said, your word against ours,” said Jackson. “Orrrr, we can tell everybody you’re a lesbian. Which would you prefer?”

  “None of that!” cried Casey. “I-I’ll be qu-quiet!”

  “I mean it was kinda your fault this happened,” said Jimmy. “Guys can only hold it in for so long when they’re around a cute girl. You’ve sort of been teasing us all summer.”

  Casey began crying with humiliation. She did not want to be thought of in the same way as her slutty older sister. She stood up, staggering a little bit. Her ass and pussy burned like fire.

  “So you’ll be quiet?” asked Jackson. “Because we can make life pretty miserable for you if you don’t. You’ll never have another friend in school and we’ll tell everyone you wanted to fuck us!”

 “Okay, okay!” sobbed Casey. “I promise, I won’t tell anybody!”

  “All right, then. We’ll see you around Casey,” said Jimmy. “Thanks for the good time.”

 “I look t-t-terrible,” said Casey. “What will I tell my mom?”

 “That’s kinda your problem,” said Jimmy. “Tell her you got in a fight with some other girls.”

  Casey began walking away, up the path out of the ravine. She walked slowly and unsteadily.
  The boys watched her for a bit then also began heading up the path. They all knew it was an afternoon they would never forget.


October 01, 2017, 01:10:30 PM
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A classic ending threatening to spread false stories while at the same time leaving the future open to get her back into the sack! Love it!

October 02, 2017, 02:03:49 PM
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That was great. I really enjoyed it  :)