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October 11, 2017, 11:55:28 AM

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Can You Hear Butterflies Scream?

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features a character under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct ethnicities and races are portrayed, no racism implied or otherwise is intended and no offense is meant to anyone.  This story contains incest.


Dad said he and his two brothers had a fight was how he ended up with the ranch.  After grandpa and grandma died long before I was born, they were fighting over some savings.  Only Dad wanted the ranch, so his brothers took most of the money agreeing Dad could have the ranch saying it wasn’t worth much anyway.  Dad said his younger brothers were lazy and not cut out for ranch life.

That there wasn’t much money to hire hands is why he was never able to do much more than just get by.  There were no creeks with water unless we just had a storm, and only one well that was reliable, so we never had many head of cattle unlike the bigger ranches around us.

He was almost 40 when he married Mom.  Dad wasn’t bad looking, but his face was weathered from decades of hard work, the hot summer sun, and the cold winter air here up near the Canadian border.  Mom was almost 30 when they got married.  When I think on it, I guess neither of them had many choices.  Ranch life is hard, and not many women wanted that life.  And Mom, well Mom wasn’t what you would call pretty or skinny.

Mom didn’t seem to like me much, but she doted on my two older brothers and they doted on her.  They looked like her too, chubby with curly brown hair and unpleasant freckled faces that always seemed to be smirking.  I took after Dad some, not much, but I didn’t look at all like Mom.  My brothers Bowe and Creed worked hard though on the ranch.  While they might be a little chubby, there were strong muscles under that.  I worked hard too, just Dad was the only one that seemed to notice.

When I was real young Mom seemed to be nicer, but somewhere around when I was 7 or 8 she started getting mean for no reason.  She’d find fault in everything I did, and I never seemed to work hard enough for her.  She even told me I had been an accident, that she didn’t want any more kids after my brothers.

Around the time I was about 10, I asked Dad why she was that way, and he did something strange.  He dug in a drawer and got out an old picture.  It was of a beautiful young girl looking to be in her teens with long black hair flowing hair dressed in Native American regalia.  I asked who it was, and he told me it was my grandma.  I had only seen pictures of grandma when she was in her 60’s with grey braided hair and a weathered face.  I knew grandma was part Sioux Indian, maybe mostly Sioux, but only now seeing this picture could I see her heritage.  And then it hit me why Dad was showing me the picture, I looked just like grandma when she was young, except I was still a few years younger than this picture.  And then the second thing hit me, Mom didn’t like me because I was pretty.  I hadn’t thought of myself as pretty before I saw grandma’s picture.

My name is Kim, but it’s short for Kimimela.  Dad said he named me, but Mom thought the name was pretty so agreed.  At the time Dad showed me the picture or grandma, he told me my name means butterfly in Lakota Sioux.  He told me not to tell Mom, because she looked down on Native Americans.  That’s the other thing that hit me about why Mom didn’t seem to like me.  I looked Native American.

I was so different from my brothers.  When summer came I would get a nice dark tan and they would get more freckled and turn red.  I never completely lost the tan in winter, and my brothers would get pale white.  It was Dad, not Mom, that took me to the doctor.  I didn’t go often, just for the shots they make you get, but I had been feeling weird and my nipples hurt.  The doctor said everything was normal, I was just entering puberty.  I was 11 when I started to bleed.

That winter Dad was in the barn forking some hay down to the cattle.  It was way below zero that morning, and my brothers didn’t want to do it.  You have to experience cold like that to really understand it.  You can’t work but a few minutes before you have to cover your face with your gloved hands and breath hard through your scarf.  It’s because the water in your eyes starts to freeze, and you have to use your breath to keep that from happening.  By the time you come back in by the fire, the scarf is frozen to your face.  Well, Dad was gone way to long and finally Bowe went looking for him.  Dad was 57 when his heart just gave out from too many years of hard work.  He was already starting to freeze when Bowe found him.  I was 12.

Bowe was 16, so Mom had him quit high school.  She took me and Creed out of school too saying we would be home schooled.  They checked on that with tests and such.  Creed was 15 and did terrible on the tests.  They probably would have made us both go back to school, except I did really well on the tests.  Because I did so well, they figured Mom was doing a good job home schooling, it was just Creed wasn’t good at school.  Neither he or Bowe ever were, and the school records showed that.

Mom never taught me a thing.  About every two week we went into town, and I went to the library with a box of books exchanging them for more books.  Besides the home schooling books I always got on math, reading and writing, social studies and such, I read all sorts of things, and not just literature, but history, science and other stuff too.  I really liked reading about faraway places and the cultures.  Round trip to town was over 2 hours and the gas cost money, so we didn’t go often.

I woke one night with a strange feeling I wasn’t alone.  I wasn’t.  Bowe was sitting on the edge of my bed.  I suppose you folks reading this have figured out by now what might happen, but I didn’t at the time.  Bowe seemed to be talking to himself.  He was saying how unfair it was what the other guys got to do with girls, them bragging all the time in front of the drugstore and other places.  I wanted to tell him that was just bragging and those boys weren’t getting girls either, but then he looked at me and said, “It’s only a blowjob.  I promise it won’t be anything more, if you just do what I want.”

October 11, 2017, 10:15:47 PM
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Another fine classic from Jed!

October 15, 2017, 11:36:09 PM
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I've been traveling in New Mexico for two weeks now.  A few days ago and after I made the above post, I saw a billboard saying 1 in 3 Native American women are sexually abused.  It gave a number and said the people on the other end of that number would believe you if you called.  So many cases of abuse don't get reported because the women and girls don't think they will be believed.  Believe them.

October 16, 2017, 01:22:14 AM
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I knew what a blowjob was, and I suddenly knew what he wanted.  He was on me then, and that’s when I saw his pants were already open.  His thing was out looking pale and squishy.  He got me by the hair, but I was still fighting him.  I didn’t scream.  I fought him as quietly as I could.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t scream for Mom?  Well, for a little while leading up to that, Mom had been accusing me of teasing my brothers.  She didn’t mean making fun of them or anything.  She meant I was doing it with my body.  She said I was flaunting my body and trying to get them aroused.  No, I wasn’t.  It’s not my fault I’m developing so fast.

Even though summer had come and it was hot, I wore loose shirts so my breasts didn’t show so much, hand me downs from when Bowe and Creed were little.  And, I always wore a bra.  I knew my pants were too tight, but they weren’t last year and Mom wouldn’t let me get more saying they cost too much.  It’s not my fault my hips got wider.  You might wonder why I didn’t wear a dress more often.  There’s not much ranch work that can be done in a dress.  I had to ride to check on the cattle as often as my brothers.  Plus, the one nice dress I had was also too tight, and the last time I wore it I got looks from boys, and not just boys, men too.

She was right about one thing though.  Both my brothers looked at me a lot, at my butt in the tight pants and tried look inside my shirt if I bent over.  They tried to catch me dressing too and peeked in the outhouse.  I’d have to look and see what holes they made before I went and plugged them with something.  And yeah, in this day and age we were so poor we still only had indoor plumbing for the kitchen.  Even the bathtub had to be filled with buckets of water from the kitchen.  The water was heated on the stove and got cold quick in winter.

I kept twisting my head away from it, and Bowe kept trying to get his fingers in my mouth to force it open.  I figured if I kept fighting he would quit and go back to his room.  I was wrong.  He got really mad, and then he slapped me hard across the face.  It wasn’t how the slap stung my face that scared me, it was how loud it was.  I was afraid Mom would hear and come in my room.  I knew she would blame me for all this saying I was leading Bowe on.

I fought him for a few more seconds, but then he raised his hand to slap me again.  At that point, I just relaxed in his grip.  I was so terrified Mom would hear and come in.  He used his fingers to force my mouth open, and I heard myself whimper.  He got it pushed in my mouth, and then the sweaty taste of it hit me.  I really wish Bowe would take more baths.  He and Creed both stunk from working and only seemed to bathe when Mom made them.  And they wondered why no girl wanted to be with them?

Once Bowe got his thing in my mouth, I thought about biting it.  But then that thought scared me, because I knew he would beat me bad, and I knew it would be me not him in trouble.  I just kind of whimpered around it while he thrust it in my mouth.  And then Bowe grunted, “Suck on it you stupid squaw, or this is going to take all night.”

My brothers called me squaw because I looked so much like a Native American girl.  Mom said it too sometimes.  It was meant as an insult.

I guess I just gave up at that point, because I did like he said and started sucking on it.  It was awful and nasty, and he kept pushing it in way too deep making me heave and almost get sick.  I’m not sure how long it took, but it sure seemed like forever.  I guess that I’d never done it before, plus I really didn’t want to do it, made it last long that first time.  I thought he’d never stop pushing it in my mouth, and then he abruptly stopped.

I was always good in science including biology, so I knew what happens when a male ejaculates.  I guess I thought Bowe would pull it out of my mouth when that happened, but he didn’t.  I wasn’t expecting anything I guess, so when that slimy mess spurted in my throat, I got really sick.  We really only use the bedpans in winter, but there was still one under my bed.  I’m not sure how I was able to hold it back and crawl under my bed and get it in time, but I did and puked my guts out into the bed pan.  I didn’t even hear Bowe leave my room.

Bowe was back in the morning.  I didn’t fight him so much this time.  He was going to get what he wanted anyway, and he knew and I knew I would still be afraid to tell.  I begged him not to do it in my mouth again, let it spurt there.  I said he could do it on the floor, and I’d clean it up after.  Bowe is just mean that way, and he went ahead and did it in my mouth again.  I spit some of it in the bedpan, but most of it just went down.  I didn’t puke this time, but I wanted to.

I avoided Bowe all that day, and I knew he looked for me a few times.  I knew what he would make me do if he found me.  I couldn’t avoid him at night though, and he was back there in my bedroom that evening.  He had it out aimed at my face, and I stared at it hatefully.  He got his hands in my hair hurting bumping it against my lips, and I just gave up and opened my mouth.  I sucked on it while he humped my face.  I started to sense when it was coming and tried to pull back.  Bowe is just mean.  He pushed it deep and held my head hard while it spurted.  He told me he wasn’t letting go of my head until I swallowed it all down.  He’s just mean.

When Bowe did let go of my head and stepped away, Creed was there waiting with his thing out.  I guess Bowe told him.  I heard myself whimper and could feel tears streaming down my face, but I didn’t resist when Creed shoved it in my mouth.  So, I sucked on his too, and just like Bowe he held my head until he could feel me swallow it.  Both my brothers are mean.

That’s how it started.  I kept trying to think of a way to make it stop, but it went on and on.  I learned not to catch them with my teeth.  They would gut punch me if I did.  It was where the bruises wouldn’t show.  It became as often as 3 or 4 times a day for both of them.  My mouth got real tired the first couple weeks of that, but then I guess I just got used to doing it.

I suppose you’re wondering what else they did?  They played with my breasts a lot, pinching and twisting them.  My breasts were still growing and really sensitive, and both of them figured that out touching them all the time and make fun of me when my nipples got hard.  That first week Bowe tried to stick his fingers in my crotch, but I clamped my legs shut and threatened him.  I told them both I really would tell if they did anything below the waist.

Bowe and Creed never let up, never gave me a break from it.  And they were nasty about it too, making fun of me talking about how much of their cum I must have swallowed by now, and answering each other about how it must be gallons by now and laughing about it.

I kept telling myself there was worse things they could do.  I lived in terror of that.  I learned to suck their dicks as best I could, so they wouldn’t try anything else.  I also figured out the better I did it, the quicker it was over.  I just didn’t know how to make it stop, so I kept doing it for them.

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Returning my books and getting new ones, I couldn’t meet the librarian’s eye.  She was always friendly to me, and even with my head down I could see her looking at me quizzically, like her expression was asking me ‘what’s wrong’.  I knew she didn’t know, but it was like everyone in town that saw me knew what was happening.  I was terrified of them knowing.

I had this weird awful conversation going on in my head, while checking out my books.  It was the nice librarian lady talking to her husband:
“The home-schooled girl Kim was in today.  Everyone in town has heard she sucks her brother’s dicks.”
“Really, both of them?”
“That’s what they say, sucks their dicks sometimes as often as 3 or 4 times a day, both of them.”
“That’s an awful lot of dick sucking.  You would think the girl would be ashamed of doing that.”
“I expect she is ashamed, she couldn’t meet my eyes today.”
“I guess that’s what you can expect from a dirty dick sucking girl.”
“She swallows their semen too.”
“Really?  Now that is nasty.”
“I know.  They say she must have swallowed gallons of her brother’s semen by now.”
“I thought you said she was a nice girl?”
“She was, now she’s just a disgusting nasty dirty little dick sucker that swallows gallons of her brother’s semen.”

I would image conversations like that happening in my head all the time.  I figured the librarian would say semen instead of cum, so that’s how it was in my head.  I imagined everyone in town talking like that.

We weren’t even home 20 minutes from town, and Bowe and Creed drug me into the barn.  I had to get on my knees in front of Bowe and do it while he sat on a hay bale.  I didn’t mention before, but I’m about average size for a girl my age, maybe a little taller and I’m more developed than most girls my age.  I’m 5’3” and about 105 pounds.  Bowe is about 6’1” and Creed 6’0”, and they both haven’t stopped growing especially around the waist.  I think they both weigh almost 250 pounds now, so you can imagine me trying to resist them.  I don’t get very far.

As far as their dicks, Bowe is slightly bigger probably because he’s a year older.  I didn’t know then, but they were not just big in height and weight.  Things are proportional it seems in this case.  All I knew at the time was when they were in my mouth my lips were stretched wide around them.  They were too long to fit completely in my mouth, so I learned to use my hand to help them finish.  I would even spit on their dicks to get them slick for my hand.  I would work on them with my lips and tongue while pulling on the base with my hand.  They always had their hands in my hair usually hurting pulling my face onto it.  And, they always pushed deep when they finished.  I quickly learned to recognize when that was coming and would start swallowing.  If I swallowed fast enough I didn’t choke too bad.  I also didn’t have to taste it, not much anyway.

The morning I turned 13 Mom never said a word to me about my birthday.  She just got in the truck and went off to the store.  I knew that meant she would be gone half the day.  I was just hoping she would remember my birthday and get me something.

Not long after Mom left, my bothers came into the kitchen.
“Happy Birthday Kim!” shouted Bowe.
And then Creed copied him, “Happy Birthday Kim!”
And then Bowe said smiling in a nasty way, “We need to fuck the little squaw as her birthday present.”

I saw Creed had rope, and then I knew they had been planning this probably for days.  They were going to rape me on my 13th birthday.  They weren’t afraid of me telling any more.  I screamed and tried to run, but they caught me before I reached the door.

They took me to my room with me screaming the whole way.  They had my shirt and bra off before they got me on the bed.  Creed held me down, while Bowe tied my wrists together, and then he tied them to the metal bed frame.  On a ranch you know how to tie knots, and they tied me good.  They yanked my shoes and socks off, and then pulled on my pants and panties both, yanking and tugging until they had me naked.

I tried to kick at them, but they each got an ankle, and pulled my legs wide apart. They argued a little bit about how to tie my ankles.  It was loud, because they were shouting over my screams.  They ended up tying my ankles under the bed my feet nearly on the floor.  My bed is a single on an old rusting metal frame.  They stretched my legs way too wide apart, it was hurting they had my legs so wide.  I never felt so exposed and vulnerable as I did at that moment with my crotch wide open and them brothers of mine leering at it.

When they began undressing, I sort of stopped screaming and just watched in horror as they revealed their pudgy pale white freckled bodies, their all too familiar dicks sticking out.  Bowe always went first, so he knelt on the bed with his dick stiff and dangling and looking even more menacing than when he aimed it at my face.  He leaned down and looked real close at my crotch, then he began playing with it, rubbing and sliding his finger along my opening.

When he touched me down there, I began screaming again.  He spit on me down there and rubbed it around.  Soon he moved up, dropped his weight on me and was poking around with it while grunting.  He was cussing some too, I think because he couldn’t get a comfortable angle.  That’s when he took my pillow and lifted my butt up putting the pillow under me.  That pulled my legs even more, hurting like hell, and my crotch was lifted up completely helpless.  He was back on top of me poking again, and then he got it partly in me.  That’s when he jerked his hips forward, and my screams were the loudest yet.

It was a hot searing pain in my crotch when Bowe shoved it in me.  He grunted like a pig and kept jamming it up inside me until I felt it pressing my insides in.  He began humping me still grunting gleefully like a pig in slop.  I had stopped screaming, but I was yelping each time Bowe thrust into me and crying so bad my face was soaked in tears.  My rusty bed was squeaking something awful like it was going to fall apart.  It all seemed deafening, and underneath Bowe’s fat humping body with my face to the side, I could see Creed giggling and stroking himself waiting for his turn.

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Awesome new turn of events, Jed!

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This is great! Im looking forward to what happens next.