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Note: This story is pure fantasy, no more. Many here share these fantasies, and that's okay. But if you consider bringing these fantasies to life, seek psychological help. The emotional and psychological effects on sexual assault Victims and their close ones are astounding. There are professionals out there to help people to keep these thoughts exclusively in the realm of fantasy, and out of reality. Don't become the nightmare of another persons life, because that IS the outcome of rape. Otherwise, enjoy!  ~Zare-Bear

Chapter one: Introductions

Ashley was excited, and her family assumed it was due to her upcoming birthday. In four days, Ashley would turn seventeen. But she was really excited because she would finally get to meet him. Her internet lover, Alexander, or Lex as she called him. In about a week, she knew her parents and brother were going on vacation, and she was gonna play sick and stay home, she also gave her adress to Lex. She chose online dating because she didn't have any other option. She was homeschooled, she lived out of city limits, and her parents didn't like taking her anywhere. Hence, she never had the chance to have a real life boyfriend. And what a waste it was, with the sexual appeal that Ashley had.

 Even when she was barely fifteen, Ashley had a very mature looking body, and moved like it too. Her round ass would sway back and forth when she walked, pivoting around her narrow waist, all sitting upon perfectly long slender legs. She was great eye candy to any guy that laid his gaze on her.
Not only that, but her features were gorgeous. Bright blue eyes, light creamy skin, and her fiery red locks all gave a wild beauty to her. Now that she had nearly two more years of growth, she was even more womanly.
Although not huge, her tits were large enough for her to show some cleavage, which she did as best she could whenever she sent Lex a cute picture of herself. She wore a C-cup bra, if she wore one at all. Since she never really went anywhere, she didn't have to worry much about covering herself up. When she went out of course, her mother and father made her dress very moderately. Tight jeans and a short sleeve shirt with a full bra was the most promiscuous outfit she could get away with.
When her parents weren't home though, Ashley loved to dress as skimpily as possible. Short shorts, yoga pants, and tank tops were her favorites. Once though, she even trot around the house all day in nothing but her bikini.
 The only person at home when she dressed like this was her twenty three year old step-brother, Marcus. She had felt his eyes on her whenever she'd wear clothes that were revealing, and would always try to get out of his creepy stare as soon as possible.
 Still, it made her kinda happy, knowing that she had a body that attractive. Still, there was no way she would let him touch her. She did not like him, and besides, she was saving herself for someone special…

As far as Ashley knew, Lex was the average eighteen year old city boy. She had been dating him a year, and he had told her many things about his life. He had just finished his last year of highschool, and as the varsity quarterback, had a love for football. But he always made it clear that his true passion was her. The pictures he sent were quite attractive, always capturing the way his handsome brown hair outlined his blue eyes, even more blue than Ashleys. His athletic body was six foot exactly, dwarfing her frame of 5’7. Although he was only five inches taller than her, Lex always made fun of her height. Every now and then he would send her a picture of his body in nothing but his boxer shorts. Her imagination ran wild a lot of the time, and she always felt herself get hot and weird whenever she started thinking about what was underneath the boxers. She also sent him playful pictures back sometimes. The most she has showed him though, was a picture of the day she wore a bikini. He had asked for more, but she never showed him all of her open skin. She always playfully said if he wanted to see so bad, he would have to remove the clothes personally.

Dressing like that made her feel free, but she once woke up to her twenty plus year old step brother groping her ass. At the time, she was frozen with a little bit of confusion and fear both, so she didn't do anything to stop him, scared of what he might do. While her ass was gently grabbed and squeezed with a single hand,she heard a zipper go down. For a moment she internally panicked, but thank god, all that happened was she felt the bed shaking slightly, and the sound of skin sliding against skin. After a few minutes, her step brother released a very relieved sigh and she felt his weight removed from her bed, and a second later her door shut, footsteps quietly echoing toward where she knew the bathroom was.

Ashley wasn't stupid, she had seen her fair share of porn and knew what just happened. The next morning she confronted her brother angrily, and he told her he thought she was wanting to do naughty stuff. She remembers his exact words. “Sis, wearing skimpy ass clothes like that around the house with just me, what else am I supposed to think besides you want me to teach you how to have fun?” She remembered the gross smirk she slapped off his face, stating clearly that she did not want anything to do with him in that way, and she would tell their parents immediately if she caught him touching her again. As if to prove it, Ashley hasn't worn any bit of clothing that one would consider adult since then.

It didn't work.

Chapter 2: her first time

A few nights before the family vaction

Ashleys lips curled up in a warm smile, she knew she was in a nice dream. Lex had his hand on her bare belly, and his lips were occasionally brushing her neck. She enjoyed the way her skin prickled at the gentle brush of his mouth. Lex moved his hand up Ashley's belly, and she felt his slender fingers slip under the the right cup of her bra. She shook her head gently, murming a quiet “nuh uh,” and tried pushing his hand away. It didn't budge. But that wasnt like Lex…

In her groggy, sleepy state, Ashley realized three things In a short order.
One: She wasn't asleep. That meant
Two: She was at her house. That meant
Three: The man touching her was not Alexander. That left a single option.

Her eyes snapped open, revealing the pitch black room and the figure of her brother next to her bed. She started pushing more at his hand, but he was much stronger than her. It didn't take long to tie her wrists with a pillowcase that he already had ready for just that. He also immediately moved his body on top her hers, straddling her at the hips. And while one hand held her tied wrists about her head, His other explored her tits, forcing its way around underneath her bra. She felt so helpless, but now she was fully aware, and panic was setting in. She tried to call out for help, but nothing more than a terrified croak came out. Then the sudden loud voice In the dark room startled her. It also confirmed her fears. Her stepbrothers voice and words rang in her ears.

“Did you say something, cunt? You better not be about to protest, cause I don't really care how I get what I want from you.”

What she heard next was even scarier. It wasnt just her brother who chuckled at his statement, but a couple other male voices who she didn't recognize. The fear brought her voice back, and she yelled out, loudly.

“MOM! DADDY! HELP ME! Marcus is going to rape me!”

Her mouth wasn't covered, nor her throat squeezed. The only reaction her assailants gave was another laugh, this one more energetic. For all the words she heard tonight that induced fear in her, the next were the ones that were truly horrendous. Marcus leaned down, so his lips were close to her ear. Quietly:

“Parents are out on a trip, they won't be back for...oh, about five hours. That's a lot of time to have fun, isn't it?”

“especially with such a beaut. Damn, Marc, why didn't you tell us your sis has legs like that? Are you sure she's only sixteen?”

As Marcus gave a nod and explained the closeness of her birthday, she started bucking her hips, squirming around, anything she could do to get away. She was no longer yelling out, but she did start begging him to stop.

“Marcus please, don't do this! I don't want this!”

She got no more than an amused ‘humph’ out of her brother, whose hand was groping, squeezing, and mauling it's way around her tits. she turned her head toward where she heard one of the voices, the one that hadn't made a comment about her. With tears in her eyes, and no more than a tiny shred of hope in her heart, she begged the silhouette in the black room.

“Don't let Marcus rape me...please…”

As the figure sat there and said nothing, she felt that small shred burn away, and she realized that tonight, by her brother and two other guys, she was going to be raped. Tears flowed freely down her face, and she stopped struggling against Marcus as she started sobbing. She then felt a pair of gross lips press shortly against hers, and then her brothers voice.

“See? That's a good girl. Yo Jake, lights man! Let's get a good look at tonight's entertainment.”

At that, the shadow ‘Jake’  that Ashley had begged to help her reached out, and following a small ‘click’, light flooded both her room and her eyes. Her step brother was the only white guy there, the others were obviously of African heritage, and slightly older than her brother. And they weren't very nice looking. Both of them let their eyes run freely around her body, which was only clad in her sleep clothes. A thick blue cotton bra and matching panties. The greedy way their gaze moved over her figure gave her chills, and her crying intensified.

“damn, most girls her age don't even have tits, but she's got some good handles on her Marc.”
“yeah? Y'all two wanna check them out?”
The response was unanimous: “Fuck yeah”

With that, and to Ashley's dismay, he let his hand run slowly along her side, and around her back, leaving a trail of goosebumps on her skin. She clenched her jaw, quietly repeating “no, no, no... “ as her brother violated her. The back snap was undone, and the bra went loose on her chest. There was nothing she could do besides cry as he pulled the bra away from her, exposing her small pink nipples to all three men. They all made sounds that implied they were impressed, but Ashley knew what they planned. The other guy, whose name she hadn't heard, leaned off the wall and reached out to grab one of her teets. She was surprised by her brothers reaction, who grabbed that guys wrist, hard.

“Remember our deal, Matt. Nobody else gets to touch her until I've had all my fun. Then y'all get to have some, and you pay me afterwards.”

The idea that her brother would loan her out like a pimp would a street whore disturbed her. She thought that maybe he cared for her at least a little bit, but it was obvious that was not the case.

“Tch, fine. But I get at least an hour of alone time with her then.”

“We'll all get an hour of alone time with this little bitch. Won't we, Ash?”

She felt his fingers brush against her cheek as he asked, and when she didn't immediately respond, she felt the stinging welts they left behind as he slapped her. She quickly nodded, wanting to avoid another hit. But he gripped one of her nipples, just barely enough to hurt her. He started squeezing it harder.

“Nah, I want to hear you say it out loud, slut”

“Y-you can all have an hour of...A-Alone time...with me…”

Her words came out from behind sobs, and her brothers palm patted her cheek gently where he had slapped her.

“Good enough for me. But I ain't a watcher, so I'm gonna go check out the fridge. You coming Jake?”

“Yeah, I ain't much for it if I ain't part of it, you know?”

Ashley watched as they left the room and shut the door behind them. She was both relieved that they were gone, and terrified of being alone with her stepbrother. She felt Marcus's hand grab her chin and pull it so her gaze was locked in his greedy, lustful stare. He leaned in like he did before, this time reducing his voice so only she could hear.

“They won't be the last ones I sell you to, so if I were you, id learn to enjoy it bitch.”

Tonight would be a long night.

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This is my first time writing smut, as well as writing on a public site. I hope you all enjoy my writing style, and I shall have a conclusion out soon!

November 11, 2018, 10:27:47 AM
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Awesome story. Looking forward to seeing how you continue it.

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This is my first time writing smut, as well as writing on a public site. I hope you all enjoy my writing style, and I shall have a conclusion out soon!

In my opinion that wasn't smut! Smut would have been opening with her doing all three guys with a look of love on her face. This was Erotica- setting a story, drawing the reader into caring about a character. Giving said character a foil to play against. Making the read experience both joy and hate for the story!

Much like Dirty Serenity I'm looking forwards to reading more, and i don't just mean this story, If this is any indication of how you write then i look forwards to reading more from you in the future!

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Thank you both for the kind encouragement! It truly inspired me to write this sooner, as opposed to possibly never finishing it. So, without further adieu, part two;

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Part 2

With his friends gone, Marcus could really enjoy his little sister all he wanted for a whole hour. It was something he had thought about for quite a long time, but one thing had really made him make the decision to finally take her. He casually sneaked her phone a few days ago, and what he saw was quite interesting. It was a conversation between her and a contact named ‘Lex<3’.
Now, Marcus had caught glimpses and peeks of Ash in her bikini, but never at the best angle or for any amount of time. This picture he saw sent from her phone though, that was perfect. And her sexy ass comment about how Lex should come and removes her clothes himself. It made Marcus want her so much more. It was enough, Ashley was obviously grown enough if she was sending shit like that. Since she wasn't a little kid anymore, it was big brothers duty to teach her the birds an bees, wasn't it?

That's how he ended up here, his innocent sister struggling underneath the weight of his body. He wouldn't call himself overweight, but maybe “Thick-Boned” would be a good expression. He was abnormally strong however, for he had worked in a steel mill the last four years. He could overpower and take her at any time, but he wanted to savor the moment. He had taken her bra off of her earlier, and he couldn't stop marveling at the view. He had to admit, her tits were seriously prime, squeezing and feeling them would never get old, until she did.
 He valued a young girls tight body, and his almost 17 year old sister was absolutely perfect.
 But it wasn't her body that made it such a grand experience for him. It wasn't her tits responsible for his raging stiffness. It wasn't the idea of fucking his sister that he loved so was the idea of raping his step sis. He had always had a fetish for rape. So the way ash cried out for help earlier, begged Jake to stop him, and the way her cheeks were lined with tear trails now. It was almost intoxicating for Marcus. He smirked and looked her in the eyes, once again pulling her gaze by the chin to meet his own, more gentle this time. He also talked quieter, so that his voice wouldn't carry.

“I won't be so aggressive, as long as you listen. I had to play that part in front of my friends.”

 He stroked her cheek with his thumb. He loved rape, but he wasn't a big sadist. He'd decided to only cause pain if she didn't do what he said, or when he went to fuck her. That would hurt her regardless, but he planned to make it easier on her at least.

“Listen now, I'm gonna release your arms, but don't you hit me or I'll return the favor, understand?”

He became amused when he saw his sister swallow, a sign of fear. She looked away from him, but since she didn't protest, he took that as acceptance. So he let her tied wrists go, and almost immediately her arms went down so that her elbows covered her chest. Marcus gave a short laugh.

“pfft, well if you don't want me to touch you there, there are other places”

Before he was even able to reach toward his sisters crotch, she shook her head rapidly and he felt her press her legs tightly together. She obviously knew exactly what he meant. She also hesitantly removed her arms, her cheeks turning redder than before as she exposed herself. Marcus was continually amused by his sister, he just shook his smiling face at her.

“it's not that I don't appreciate it, but…”
He trailed his finger down her stomach
“it's too late for that now.”

He enjoyed hearing the shiver in her breath, listening to it joyfully as his finger went best her belly button, and closer to her privates. He shifted his body so that he was straddling her thighs, and his fingers were able to go to her panties. She brought her arms down, getting in his way. The audacity of this cunt....He quickly grabbed her tied wrists and aggressively shoved them back above her, enough to hurt her just a bit

“I'll let go if you promise not to try and stop me again. But if you do, i'll fuck you right then and there, no matter how dry you are. Do we understand each other?”

 His sister only replied with a terrified nod, and she wasn't struggling against his hold anymore. His fingers then continued their journey downward. They slip beneath her panties and gently rub along her crotch. Marcus smiled, he was glad his sister still wasn't resisting. To reward her, he leaned down and gently kissed her collarbone a couple of times, then smirked as he said

“If you just accept it and roll with it, it might actually feel pretty good, Ash. Trust me, I know how to touch a girl just right.”


Ashley only whimpered underneath her brother as his fingers kept feeling her most intimate place. She had touched herself there a few times, but it was nothing like this. When she did it, she was relaxed and thinking about Lex. Now, she was petrified with fear. She had to let her brother do this, or she knew he'd hold true to his word and take her. So she lay there with her arms up and her body exposed to her brothers will. After what felt like forever of her brothers fingers moving about underneath her last article of clothing, she felt them wrap around the waistband and start to pull her panties down. Reflexively, she went to try and resist him, but stopped herself before she was able to get in his way. Her brother chuckled, and then kissed her again, noting that she was being a “good girl”

It wasn't long before her panties were pulled down her legs and tossed aside. Now Ashley was completely bare, and her brother returned to straddling her legs, which he had stopped so he could strip away her last defense. He also returned to playing with her crotch. He was getting close to…


Ashley let out a small sound of alarm. Her brothers finger had brushed against her really sensitive spot, the little area that felt really good when she touched there.

“There's the clit...Really ash, You should relax. You could really like this if you just let yourself go”

She turned her head away. She wasn't gonna give in to her brother, it wasn't happening. Her body stiffened as his rough, calloused finger made another run across her ‘clit’ as he called it. Her body stiffened at the stimulation.
 She could feel herself starting to get wet, despite how much she hated this. Her body was in disagreeance with her, it seemed. He touched her there again, and she clenched her jaw, barely stifling the embarrassing noise that would have left her throat, had she let it. He started steadily rubbing it, and it was too much, she held her breath.
 She didn't wanna moan for him, but she could only not breathe for so long. Eventually, she let out her breath, and couldn't stop the noise that came with it. It wasn't loud, but in the room with only her brother, she knew he had heard it. But he didn't say anything. He didn't even look up at her. And of course he didn't stop.
 She knew he was having an affect, it was obvious between her moan and the wetness between her legs, that her body was wanting the same thing her brother did. She was getting so sensitive, it was insane. She had never felt like this when she was doing it, why did it feel so powerful? It was like every movement on her clit was twice as sensitive as the last, and now at least every other breath had a sound of pleasure in it.
 She was purely ashamed, she couldn't deny that despite how wrong it felt, it was also feeling incredibly good. She wondered for a second what it would be like, if she did just give in. But she shook her head, shaking the thought away. In fact, she tried to pushed the whole situation out of her mind.
 She stared at the ceiling, imaging she was somewhere, anywhere else. But the feelings coming from her crotch wouldn't let her escape reality. She then noticed that her hips were moving of their own accord, and she had to stop them.
 It was shameful, the way her body was reacting. It wanted so much more, while all Ashley wanted was to leave, run away to a different reality. But the feelings were building up. Her body was getting hot, especially down there.
 Every part of her felt like it was getting warmer, and her insides felt like they were about to release. she had never felt this before, but despite the situation, she was excited. It felt so good, and somehow she knew it was about to feel so much better. she was on the verge of climax, that feeling was right there, so close when Marcus moved his fingers away from her. After she gasped, Ashley was surprised to find herself disappointed that he stopped touching her. She lay there breathing heavily while he talked softly to her.

“Ash, you had almost came just now. It's a great feeling that spreads through your whole body, like bliss. If you wanna cum, your gonna have to ask for it though. If not, well your sure as hell wet enough to fuck.”

Ashley had stopped crying a couple a minutes ago, around the same time she had first moaned. The tears were back. Her brother was making her act so shamefully, it was disgusting. She felt gross. Ash stayed quiet a few moments while she thought about it. She didn't want to ask her brother to touch her again, but she was so close to the feeling. If he was going to do it anyways, would it matter if she asked for it or not? Her privates were so sensitive, so tingly, and they were burning hot with a desire. She knew if he would have just rubbed a second or two longer, she would have been there. She was angry at herself, for she learned that she so wanted...needed him to keep going then. Besides, otherwise he would just fuck her. She let out a shakey breath, and a red warmth spread into her cheeks. Her next words were quiet, barely audible.

“Make me cum…”
“That's not good enough sis, ask like you want it.”

She but her lip. Her cheeks went redder. Although still quiet and shy, Her next words were so obscene, they surprised even herself.

“P-please rub my clit until I cum, make me feel...good”

Her brother leaned toward her, something he liked doing it seemed. This time, her neck felt unusually sensitive as he kissed it and whispered in her ear “I'd love to” his fingers returned to her crotch, this time with a renewed vigor. They pushed, squeezed, and gently pinched her clit over and over.
 It was so much feeling, and she was already close to the edge from before. As he kept on, she no longer stifled her moans, or resisted the primal urge to move her hips. She let go, and when she did, was pushed over the edge.
 Her fingers curled the sheets under them into her fist, her legs and tummy quivering from the sensation he was causing down there. It spread through her body like a warmth, and she loved it. In the back of her mind was a voice telling her not to give in, it was her older step brother with a finger between her legs. What would Lex think?
 But the voice was drowned out by the pleasure. As her climax reached its peak, she let out a long, loud moan. A few seconds later, she relaxed, breathing heavily from the ordeal. Now that she had cum, and was slightly more clear headed, shame washed over her.
 She realized what she had done. She begged her own step brother to make her cum, and he had obliged. But it had felt sooo good, she simply wasn't able to stop him, or herself for that matter. Maybe she had a rape fetish, and didn't know it? She shook her head. No, she didn't want that. But her bother did.
 He had gotten off of her legs after she had came, not that she really noticed until now. She heard a familiar noise, a Zipper going down. She turned her head toward it, And saw her brother casually undressing. She knew what was next, and she desperately wanted to get away. She was saving her first time for Lex. It couldn't go to her brother, it just couldn't.
 When he turned around to do something, she silently rolled out of bed, and made her way to the door. She turned the handle and pushed, but the door simply rattled, not budging an inch. Of course this caught her brothers attention. When she turned her head, he was staring at her, a cold anger in his eyes. He did nothing but stand and stare with that icy gaze.
 He motioned with his head toward the bed. She knew what he wanted, so she swallowed her fear and accepted her fate. Shaking, she walked back to the bed and lay down. On the way over, she got a look at it. Marcus’s cock. It was long. She didn't stare, but she guessed it was about eight inches long, and pretty thick too. She used the inside of her elbow to hide her face. Ashley heard footsteps approaching her, and felt the bed adjust as her brothers weight crawled on top of it.

“I'll forgive you for trying to run away, since you came back. But I won't show that courtesy twice.”

 Ashley was laying on her back when she felt her knees pulled apart and then up, her calfs were set upon Marcus’s shoulders. She could do nothing but sob as he moved around. She continued to shamefully hide her face, and she felt something soft but firm press against her crotch. She started crying harder, but to her surprise her brother started stroking her cheek. He was even shushing her, the same way one would comfort a crying baby.

“it's okay Ash, it will only hurt at first. Just take a few breaths, calm down, and prepare yourself. It won't be so bad that way. Ill give you a minute.”

 As panic-y as she was, she still assumed he was right. So she nodded her head, and started trying to control her breathing. If she could just calm down, stop her emotions, it wouldn't hurt. But he didn't give her enough time. Without warning, she felt the tip of his large cock push into her. Letting out a groan of protest, her hands left her face and went against Marcus's chest

“S-stop! I'm not ready!”
“You could never be ready for this”

 A cruel smirk was the last thing she saw before she forced her eyes shut. Her insides were being stretched, something large was in her, and it just tore something inside. She couldn't stop the loud sound of pain she made, it was too surprising. His cock was deeper inside her now, she wasn't sure how far. He remained that way, unmoving for a few long seconds.
 It was during that moment that a thought crossed Ashley's mind. She was no longer a virgin. She was having sex, being raped, right now. Her tears flowed freely, she knew Lex would think She was some kind of whore. After tonight she would have slept with three men. It definitely hurt, but not as much as she thought it would.
 Truly, she was glad Marcus had played with her before, she read online that losing your virginity dry could be hell. With her hymen broken, her will followed suit. Her hands dropped from her brothers chest, only to return to covering her face. Then he started moving. The pain only got worse, he stretched more and more of her the deeper he pushed, and he went a little deeper every time he pushed into her.   
 After a few minutes, Ashley noticed a hand wrap around her tit, squeezing it gently. She ignored it, like she ignored the pounding cock that was tearing her apart. She continued crying, hating herself for her helplessness. Her brother never stopped fucking her, and she just wanted it to be over.


 Marcus was truly surprised at the reactions he was getting out of his sister. Especially when she begged him to make her cum. He had never known such a lewd virgin, perhaps this is what she was born to do. His last girlfriend was nowhere near that sensitive, it took forever to make her cum. And that was always consensual. He didn't even have to eat little Ash out. He would do that some other time, maybe he could turn her into some sort of sex junkie if she was this sensitive.
 He hoped so, her pussy was so tight, it was constantly squeezing his dick. It felt like her cunt was sucking his cock in and pushing it out at the same time. He truly did plan to give her a few minutes to breath at first, but the way she obediently followed his command and started calming herself down was too much. A perfect combination of cute, submissive, and sexy. So he pushed only the head in, so that he could just barely feel the resistance of the hymen he was pushing against.
 She had made an uncomfortable noise and pushed against his chest, revealing her red tear-stained face. The way she told him that she wasn't ready yet was too much for him. He couldn't resist any longer to let her prepare. So he told her the truth

“You'll never be ready for this”

 He knew he will, until the day he dies, remember the sensation of tearing through her hymen and pushing about half of his cock up into her little snatch. It was so tight, and the way she cried out was hot, and loud enough for Jake and Matt to hear, he was sure. It was pretty easy, too, since she was wet as hell from cumming earlier. He knew she was hurting, so while she was crying, he didn't move for a little bit. He would let her adjust for a few seconds.
 She didn't get long, because Marcus was more horny now than he had ever been. He started moving, stretching more of her insides to the size of his manhood with each thrust. He took notice of the erotic way her tits would barely sway with each thrust into her. He couldn't resist the urge to reach out and get a handful of one of them, so he did.
 He groped her continually, sometimes switching to the other side. Her nipples began stiffening after a bit of that play, so he started messing with them more. He would gently squeeze her nipple, then roll them between his rough fingers. She never showed him her face, but he didn't need to see it. Before long, he was able to fit the entire length of his cock in her. On his last outstroke, he remained with only the tip inside of her.

 He stayed that way until she raised her head to look at him, hoping he was done. When she did, he started slowly pushing into her, filling her up inch by agonizing inch. Ashley's body slowly tensed up, more and more as he went deeper. Once every bit of his manhood was crammed inside of her, he held still there as well. He leaned down and kissed her neck a few times, making sure to leave a hickey on her collarbone. He loved doing that, he knew how sensitive girls were around their neck and collarbone. He told her quietly, while his whole cock was buried deep in her.

 “Don't worry, thats as much as it will hurt, all of me is inside of you, and I can't push any deeper. If you let it, you can relax and before long...the pain will give way to a pleasure even greater than what you felt before.”

 She didn't respond, but simply lay there with her arm over her face. Every now and then her body would shake with a sob. What he didn't know is how scared she was of something that felt better than her previous climax, she simply didn't want to feel that good. She was afraid of losing herself. But Marcus didn't care, it really didn't matter to him. This tight cunt was just too damn good. He pulled out to just the head again, before forcefully burying his entire length inside of her. He was satisfied with the stifled squeal she made. He didn't want to hurt her too bad, he was afraid she might talk then. But just a little bit of pain would make her submissive to him.
 As he kept thrusting into her, he felt himself getting closer to cumming. He wanted so, so badly to empty his seed into her gut. He mentally kicked himself for not buying any birth control pills for her, as he knew he would have to pull out. Then an idea occurred to him. He slowed his pace, prolonging his climax.

“Hey Ash, you ever suck dick before?”

He smiled a bit as her body stiffened. So she knew what he meant, even if she said nothing.

“well if you don't wanna get a kid, I’d recommend letting me shoot it down your throat. I'm sure you know how baby-makin’ works.”

Her throat worked as she swallowed. Right now it was fear, but soon something much thicker would be making its way into her stomach. Even with her arm covering her face, he knew she was weighing her options.

“might wanna make a decision quick, I can't hold back too much longer”

“Fine! I will, just don't get me pregnant please!”

“good. As soon as I pull out, I want you on your back, with your head hanging over the bed. and if I feel a single tooth...well, there won't be any left for anybody to feel. You know what I mean.”

 And she did. Right before he reached the edge, he pulled his cock out of her. He wished she had gotten in position quicker, but he understood that she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about putting something in her mouth that had just been inside of her down there. He was already off the bed, moving to where his sister was. He stroked his cock while he waited, keeping himself somewhat close to cumming. As he stood in front of her, he frowned in annoyance.

“This is the part where you open up.”

After a second, Ashley slowly, hesitantly opened her mouth wide for him. Not that Marcus knew, but Ashley actually practiced on bananas, something she did to impress Lex she hoped.
 Marcus didn't wait to put his dick in her mouth, quickly getting the head past her lips. Immediately she coughed. She was probably surprised at the faint taste of blood, he assumed. He was moving his hips, but she wasn't doing anything. He reached underneath her and took a handful of hair.

“You're supposed to suck on it, not sit there ignoring it. If you do that, you'll wind up with my cock in there for the next thirty minutes. Or you can suck me off quick and we can be done.”

At first, she didn't do anything, and he was about to smack her when he felt her lips tighten around his shaft, wrapping his cock in her mouths warm embrace. he sighed, a very satisfied sound. Her mouth was so damn soft, and her lips were shaped just right for cock sucking. He started thrusting more, and was happy to find that she wasn't gagging as much as he thought she would be. He wasn't pushing into her throat yet, but he was bumping the back of it.
 He was also delighted to feel his sister voluntarily start moving her tongue along the bottom of his dick. That gave him an idea. He pulled his con back, so not much more than the head was in her mouth. It took her a moment, but she got the right idea.
 Her tongue started massaging all around the tip of his cock, gently and sometimes roughly circling and rubbing around it. It felt so good, Marcus simply stopped moving and let her do her thing. But it was bringing him back to climax, and he didn't have to stop this time.
 Without warning, as he was about to cum, he grabbed her by the sides of her head and pushed his dick completely down her throat. The benefit of having her upside down, in this position, was that it was so easy to deepthroat. That, and he loved seeing a woman's entire throat buldge out as his cock stretched it.
 Ashley, for what it's worth, tried to fight it. She was pounding at his thighs, wriggling and twisting her body many ways. But any attempts to get his cock out were futile against his iron grip on her head. He groaned as he finally released his seed inside of her, bypassing her throat and going straight into her stomach. This was definitely the best kind of deepthroat.
 He heard cries of alarm from beneath him, but it only made his cock feel that much better as he kept shooting loads into her. After his last one, he pulled it out of her throat, letting go of her. She immediately sat up and began coughing, gasping, and gagging at the same time.
 While Ashley was catching her breath, Marcus grabbed his phone to check the time. He still had half and hour with her. He got up and went to open the door, but was surprised to find it not opening. He knocked on it and shouted. “Who the hell barred the door?” before long, he heard a noise on the other side, and then someone pulled the door open. It was Jake. Beside him, was a wooden chair.

“hey man, sorry bout that. Thought maybe she might try an’ take off at some point. Didn't want her sneaking off, so I blocked it up with this.”

He tapped the chair with his foot, and then tried to look past Marcus, who stepped through the doorway and shut the door behind him before Jake could get a look.

“not done yet, just getting something to drink. Gonna rest a few minutes before I got back to pounding her Eh?

He and his friend laughed, and Marcus made hIs way to the kitchen. Ash would probably appreciate some water, and he wouldn't mind a beer.

November 13, 2018, 06:51:00 PM
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Offline gscmar64

No still not smut in my opinion. Loved how you had her beg her brother to make her cum. Can't wait until you have her ask to be gangbanged by him and his friends!

November 13, 2018, 09:49:30 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

I agree it's not smut. I'm looking forward to seeing how the other two guys enjoy her. Love your writing

November 13, 2018, 10:30:41 PM
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Offline Zaren

Question: Do y'all like how I switch perspectives occasionally, or should I just stick to a single viewpoint? If so, who?

November 14, 2018, 05:05:25 PM
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Offline vile8r

This is first-rate rape erotica Zaren! Very happy to have you on the site if you can put out top-notch writing like this!

November 14, 2018, 06:06:14 PM
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Offline gscmar64

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Question: Do y'all like how I switch perspectives occasionally, or should I just stick to a single viewpoint? If so, who?

I for one love the different perspectives, add to the tension between the characters!

November 14, 2018, 10:01:40 PM
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Question: Do y'all like how I switch perspectives occasionally, or should I just stick to a single viewpoint? If so, who?

I for one love the different perspectives, add to the tension between the characters!
I also love the different perspectives. I find stories told all from one perspective are monotonous. like someone is reading to me.

December 04, 2018, 02:18:37 PM
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Offline Zaren

Ashley was sitting on her bed, sniffling when she heard the handle of her door turning. She scampered off of the bed, as best she could in her current condition. It had only been a few minutes, and already she knew someone was going to come in to use her again. It was demoralizing, shameful, and made her feel subhuman. Once her puffy eyes settled on her brothers face, she looked away. He had closed the door, and was walking toward her with two glasses filled with drinks. One was clear, but the other had a golden hue. Marcus held out a glass toward her, the clear one, with a gentle smile on his face. He was so much different than her brother only several minutes ago, when he was pounding into her. He talked softly, so that his voice didn't carry out of the room.

“Don't worry, it's just some ice water. I figured you'd want some.”

Despite her current hatred toward him, Ashley wasn't gonna turn down the water. She was exhausted, if only from just thirty minutes of her brothers abuse. So she accepted it, saying nothing as she took a long cool drink. It was a little awkward, since her hands were still tied, but she was able to drink all of it anyways. And although she downed the whole thing, She never met his eyes even when she handed the empty glass back. She felt used and broken, and he was the one who did it. She shivered when Marcus placed a hand on her shoulder, and she felt him pulling her back toward the bed. She resisted, leaning toward the wall. But that got a bad reaction. Ashley was shoved against the wall, smushing her tits and cheek against it.

“I can fuck you here, or the soft comfortable bed. Your choice.”

Emphasizing his point, she felt him rub his crotch against her bare ass. She pushed away from the wall, pushing him back as well. He stepped away from Ashley, who was shaking slightly as she made her way slowly to the bed. When she hesitated, Marcus didn't wait for Ashley to lay down, and instead shoved her forward, so she landed on her bed. Ashley rolled over on her back, scooting away until she was sitting against the headboard.

“Please, please Marcus don't rape me again!”
He smirked at that
“don't worry, I'm not right now, but I am about to turn you into a total slut for us. Now spread your legs.”

She bit her lip in shame, following his orders as another tear ran down her cheek. He was gonna touch her down there again. She didn't want his gross fingers feeling her again, but it was still better than his large dick. But as he crawled to her, and lowered his face toward her crotch, she realized he wasn't going to finger her at all.
 She looked down, at at she same time she saw it, she felt his warm soft tongue run up the length of her pussy. Her whole body shivered, that gentle lick alone was making her remember the feeling of climaxing earlier.
Ashley wanted to cry, and she didn't want to be here. But it was as if her body was done producing tears, nothing came out of her eyes. However, the same couldn't be said of down there. She couldn't deny that her body was ready for it, even though her head wasn't.
 She looked away, only to feel the touch of his tongue rub her again. This time it drug a small gasp from her as it barely brushed her clit. He did it again, slowing down and dragging the rough part of his tongue slowly over her most sensitive place, and she wanted to scream from the amount of stimulation it was causing.
 Instead, her tied hands repeatedly clenched and unclenched, her attempt at remaining clear headed. But she could only hold out for so long before her voice betrayed her again. As he worked his mouth over her slightly sore pussy, much like last time she couldn't stop her voice.
 After already being fucked, Ashley's will wasn't the strongest. She was already broken once, the second time wouldn't take as long. After only a few minutes, she let out a sigh, and her body relaxed. She stopped hiding her moans, instead letting them out freely. She blushed as she realized that Matt and Jake could probably hear every sound she made, the walls were pretty thin in this house.
 After she had started moaning, she felt Marcus pull away from her, and hated herself for her new desire to have his face back between her legs. But he was getting off the bed, moving to where he had left his pants. As he pulled the pocket knife out, Ashley's heart started racing. He wouldn't stab her, would he? Her fears were soon put to rest as Marcus walked over and held out his free hand, opening the pocket knife with the other.

“Give me your hands. You've been good, earned a little bit of freedom. Just don't make me regret it.”

Ashley nodded, offering her wrists. With a quick upward pull, Marcus split the pillowcase and freed her hands. She didn't know why he didn't just untie them, but she had a bigger problem.
 Her body was still very hot, and the need between her legs was still unfilled. She was too ashamed to say anything, but she did widen her legs just a little bit. She was appalled at her own attempt to get her brothers attention back on her pussy, but did it really matter?
 She knew now, from last time, that if she let it happen it would feel amazing. And if she resisted, bad things would happen. So why not? Marcus apparently noticed, cause he smirked.

“oh, so now you want it, do ya? I told you it would feel good.”

The words drilled a stake of shame through her chest, and she tried to close her legs again, but her brother didn't let her. He repositioned himself to where he was before, but Ashley found herself excited about it this time. As Marcus's mouth touched her again, She heard that voice in her head again, saying something or another about how this is wrong, but she just ignored it. Wrong or not, it was going to happen to her, she couldn't stop it.
 Might as well give in and enjoy it too. And she was really enjoying it. Every single movement on her clitoris sent small electric shocks through her body, and her now free hands moved on their own.
 They made their way into her brothers hair, ever so slightly pushing his head close to her. He responded enthusiastically, speeding up the movement of his tongue and using his whole mouth to rub against all of her pussy at the same time. She moaned in ecstasy, letting her fingers move around in his hair as he pleasured her.
 But then she gasped as she felt something new. Something small was pushing inside of her, and when she looked down, she saw her brother with his finger pushed up into her. It was still sore, but the combination of the stimulation on her clit and her pussy being spread by something that wasn't so big and painful...Well, it was damn good.
 Her moans continued, louder and louder as Marcus kept up his assault. His finger was now pistoning back and forth, and her hips  were responding by moving up and down slightly, but this time she didn't even think about stopping them. She started feeling hot again, and she knew she was getting close to cumming. Her moans became louder as she felt it building up, but as she got close, Marcus let her down again. He didn't let her cum, and she was getting tired of him doing that. Before she could complain though, he was crawling up between her legs. Blush spread across Ashley's face as she made a decision. She wouldn't fight him this time.

• • •

Marcus loved his little sisters moans. He knew his tongue was driving her crazy, she was so much more sensitive than normal girls. But as he felt her pussy twitching on his finger, about to cum, he decided he wanted her to cum on his cock. It wasnt long before he made his way between her legs. He thought he might have trouble with her again, but was pleasantly surprised when she looked away from him, cheeks red as cherries as she spread her legs open before him. God damn, she knew exactly what to do to make him turned on.

“you're so sweet sis, I'll let you cum on my cock this time, you'll love it.”

His sister only replied with a nod, and he put himself close to her. Using a hand to hold his member steady, he pushed it into her. It went in alot easier than the first time, and when he pushed his cock in as far as he could he received a squeal from Ashley. It could have been pain, pleasure, or both, he couldn't tell. Her pussy was so tight, like it wrapped around his cock perfectly. He gave her thigh a light smack as close to her ass he could reach, and she let out a surprised sound that Marcus thought was a moan. But he wasn't sure, so he did it again, harder. The response was the same, and now Marcus knew it was a pleasured sigh escaping her lips each time he did it. As he pulled his hips back, he rubbed the spot he slapped. He plunged his dick into her again, simultaneously slapping her thigh in the same spot he did last time. Not only did she moan loudly, but he felt her pussy quiver around his cock. He smirked slightly

“You like that, do ya?”

After a second of hesitation, she nodded again, biting her lip as Marcus penetrated her. He started speeding up, and with it, Ashley's moans became louder. He occasionally would slap one of her thighs, sometimes alternating. After a couple minutes, her legs went up and wrapped around his waist. Pleased, Marcus’ hands went to her tits, alternating between squeezing the entire thing, and pinching the nipple, which caused the moans to intensify slightly. Every now and then he would switch off that with slapping her thigh, sometimes having one hand doing each task as he continually rammed into her. He loved her pussy and the way it squeezed his cock each time it penetrated her. He felt her pussy start to clench on him, and he knew she was about to cum. So he sped up for her. Relentlessly pounding her pussy, he let a hand go down to get crotch, where his thumb starts rapidly rubbing her clit as she starts to climax. Ashley slowly let out a squeal, her hands against Marcus's chest as she gasped to try and talk.

“Please...its too much!”

She was biting her lip, and her back was arched high as she pushed herself onto Marcus's large cock. A loud moan followed as she used her legs to pull Marcus all the way inside of her. The warmth of her spasming pussy causes Marcus to feel a warmth in his balls growing, and he stops caring about not getting her pregnant. At the end of her climax, while she was still sensitive, he quickly started fucking her wildly, slamming into her repeatedly. She simply lay there with her mouth open, mind going blank. She could feel his cock growing, she knew he was gonna cum. In her intoxicated lust, she pulled him into her again. She didn't care about getting pregnant, her body needed him right then.

Marcus was surprised to find his sister using her legs to pull him deeper into her, when she knew he was about to cum. He wasnt gonna pass that chance up, and pushed all the way inside of her as he started shooting his seed, putting it right into her womb. He laid down on top of her while he did, and she wrapped her arms around him. She was using not only her legs, but now her arms to pull Marcus tighter against her bare body. Letting out a loud groan, he heard his sister quietly say “oh god yes” under her breath, and he smirked. He had turned her into a slut for him. As his last few loads shot into her, ending his waves of ecstasy, he pulled out of her, Ashley opening her arms and legs to let him go. She lay there breathing heavily, her legs flattening out on the bed as she rests. She looks up to marcus, and says between breaths.

“Is it supposed to feel that intense?”

He responded with a chuckle, and nodded.

“yeah, it's normal for you to feel that good. “

It actually wasn't, she had gone mind blank on him there for a minute, and he found it quite hot.
Then he heard her next question, which made him blink in surprise. It was quiet, barely audible, but he knew what he heard.

“Will the others feel like that, too?”
“long as you relax, they’ll all please you pretty good.”

She didn't say anything after that, simply looking away. As he started getting dressed again, he also gave Ashley a smile.

“I'll give you a couple minutes, and then Matt's gonna come in, okay?”

She looked hesitant, but not reluctant. She wasn't complaining, either. Marcus, who had now gotten dressed, took another drink of his beer before heading toward the door. He didn't even look back at Ashley before leaving and closing the door behind him. He had turned her into a slut for his friend, and even Ashley was gonna enjoy this. He pat Matt on the back, who was watching basketball on the TV.

“Your turn bud. “
“hell yeah, man.”
The black man smiled, raising from his seat without delay and making his way to the young girls room.

December 04, 2018, 02:22:55 PM
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Offline Zaren

Apologies for the third part taking so long, as well as the relatively short length of it. College finals kinda coming up, so haven't spent as much time here. But there it is! I really appreciate all the support from everyone who's commented on here. Its probably the only reason I ever got past the first part.

I originally didn't intend for her to turn slutty about it all, but it seems many of you want her to, and there's nothing I love (and hate lol) more than writing outside of my comfort zone! So please, enjoy!

December 04, 2018, 07:40:29 PM
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Offline gscmar64

You never have to apologize to us for life interfering with your time here, we've all be there and know what it like.

Love the latest part, easy to see how she could develop  a slight liking to be fucked, Been known to happen to virgins. As for how fast well only you the author can decide that!. Do consider that Marcus was taking her and teaching her how it can be, will others?

Can't wait to read more when it's ready. Until then Good luck with your finals and if your not on before the holidays- all the best to you and yours!

January 04, 2019, 02:21:09 PM
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Offline Zaren

Part 4

Ashely was still breathing heavy from the orgasm she just had. She had never even imagined anything like it. It was the most intense experience she had ever felt. Shamefully, she had to admit it was the most pleasurable one as well. With the amazing feeling it brought, Ashley started worrying if sex was like a drug, could she get addicted?
  Well, she knew she sure as hell still wanted some more. As much as she hated her brother, she wanted nothing more than for him to come in here and put his head between her thighs. Either head would be fine, she supposed. Her pussy was so hot, along with the rest of her body.
  That's when she remembered that her brother just came inside of her. She had to clean it somehow, she could not get pregnant, especially not with her old step brothers kid. But as she was getting up off the bed, the door to her room opened and the large black man called Matt came through her door.

“No, please, I have to clean myself up!”
“I don't give a shit, you're a dirty slut anyways. You think we couldn't hear you in there? I lost count of how many times I got a hard on out there. Get back on the fucking bed”

  She could already tell he was gonna be way more forceful than even her brother, and he was a large man. He could really hurt her, and she wouldn't put it past him to do it. With a sigh of defeat, she pulled her nude body back onto the bed. She didn't know when she stopped being embarrassed about it, but she was starting to be now.
  Matt was undoing his pants, but he didn't need to for Ashley to see how massive his package was. It made a large bulge that showed through his pants, and even started to run down his leg. Her brothers cock was big, but this was unnatural. As his pants fell, his underwear went with it, revealing his length to Ashley. It was at least eleven inches long, and as thick as her wrist. She started shaking her head, she was scared of how big it was.

“t-that won't fit inside me!”
“sure it will, i'll just have to force it in Eh? Now get over here and give me some head”

  She wasn't going to fight him, he looked stronger than her brother. This man was going to get whatever he wanted out of her, she couldn't say no. She got in the same position her brother put her in the first time, but quickly her head was jerked violently to the side, and her cheek started stinging. Alot. He slapped her incredibly hard, and she was dazed by it.

“not like that, on your knees bitch.”

  She followed his orders, and was quickly kneeling in front of him while he finished removing his shirt. When he was done, he looked down at her, smirking. He grabbed the base of his long manhood and turned his hips. Ashley frowned as the large black cock struck her face, the same side he slapped earlier. This wasn't gentle either, his cock was heavy, and it hurt when it hit her cheek. He did it again, leaving a small red mark the shape of his dick head.

“you ain't gonna cry? Fight me? Tell me no? What a slut, you must really enjoy this. Open up”

She wanted to shake her head, tell him no, she wasn't a slut. But she was afraid of him hitting her again, so she opened her mouth and leaned toward his cock like she was supposed to. His large hands went into her hair, making a fist once they weaved through alot of her hair. Ashley wanted to scream, it hurt like hell. It felt like he was trying to rip her hair out! He wasn't, but he did accomplish his goal.
  With his fingers having so much of Ashley's hair tangled in them, she had absolutely zero control over what she did with her head. He could move her around however he wanted to, and she was helpless again. Her head was moved toward the tip of his cock, and she obediently opened her mouth.
  She was barely able to open her jaw wide enough for him to fit in her mouth. The head alone filled up her entire mouth, it seemed like. But he wanted more than a headjob, and she knew it. She dreaded this, but it was going to happen. It started pushing into her throat, and she couldn't help but freak out. It stretched her esophagus, enough so that it was incredibly painful. He kept sliding deeper, slowly, but it was as if there was no end of it. Her eyes had already screwed shut, and she was gagging horribly. The worst part was he wasn't even moving his hips at all. He was instead forcing her head onto him, and it was so huge. She could barely breathe through her nose, but at least she wasn't suffocating. Until he pulled her the rest of the way down, about the last two inches of his cock.
  His pleasured groan was disgusting, and the way her lungs were pulling in absolutely no air made her panic. It felt like someone poured cement down her throat and let it harden. She was using her hands to push at his thighs, and trying to pull her head back. It was useless, his grip was so overwhelmingly strong that she couldn't even move her mouth a single centimeter.

“Gad-dayum that's a nice throat pussy. Girl I hope your as tight down there as you are up here, i'll have some damn good fun.”

  He simply stayed like that, and after several seconds Ashely started beating on his thighs, and tried screaming on his cock, but no noise came out. Her eyes snapped open and looked up at him, terror was flooding her entire body. She tried to show him by looking in his eyes that he was gonna kill her. But an animalistic lust filled his own eyes, and she could tell he didn't care if she dies. She found herself able to cry again, and the tears were definitely coming out.
  Was she gonna suffocate and die here, her last moments having a massive cock shoved down her throat? Her vision started to darken, and she couldn't keep hitting his thighs. It was like she had no strength, her muscles were becoming even more weak. She knew she was going to black out, but not being able to think, couldn't stop it. But then air flooded her lungs, and her vision normalized. She began pushing on his thighs again, but her head was still immobile. His cock was halfway down her throat, but not far enough that she couldn't suck air through her nose at least. He had given her a little room to breath, literally.
  Now that she realized she wasnt gonna suffocate and die, she calmed down a bit. Well, as much as she could. She was still gagging, and coughing through her nose, which was weird. But at least she could breath. But once she felt like her breathing had returned to normal, her head was forced once again to take his entire length. It was so sudden that her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she gagged again, pretty hard. He held her there again, and she tried to shake her head no, but her slight movements probably only made it better for him.
  As she felt her air supply being gone again, she tried not to freak out. He would eventually let her breath again right? Thankfully, he didn't wait until she nearly blacked out to give her some relief. But this time she didn't get a break. He started thrusting into her face, causing her throat to continually contract to normal size before expanding to the width of Matt's cock. The constant thrusting was too much, and her body started to wretch. She didn't know how Matt knew she was about to puke, but he did.

“oh no ya, don't, disgusting bitch”
  As he said this, he pulled his cock out and let her go. Sarah rushed to the bathroom that was connected to her room. She barely made it to the toilet as she threw up, hurling into it. After leaning over that for a second, she turned to the sink and started washing her mouth out. She hated that taste, and thankfully it only took a few mouthfuls of water to get most of it out.
  Out of the corner of her eye, Ashley saw Matt walk into the bathroom. She looked up at him, and he had walked closer to her. She tried to move away, but his hands were on her before she could. He was pressing down on her back, leaning her partially over the sink. She shivered as the cold ceramic touched her sensitive belly.

  “oh god, p-please don't, I'm not ready yet and it's so huge!”

  Matt replied only with a “humph” while his free hand held his massive member, guiding it to the entrance of Ashley's pussy. She was biting her lip, and her hands were clenched as she felt it press against her. The head alone felt so much larger as it was pushing at her entrance.
  Ashley was still pretty wet from earlier, so Matt's cock started going in without too much effort. She groaned in pain. it was tearing her open, it felt like. It was a lot bigger than Marcus's cock was, and she knew it was a lot longer, as well. She really hoped he didn't try to fit all of that into her.
  “Damn, girl, you is tight as fuck. Now, try screaming for me.”

  Matt laughed as he bucked his hips forward, his large cock sliding a few inches into her. Ashley did indeed scream, loudly. It felt like her vagina was just stretched to its limits, and so deep too. But he didn't stop there. She felt him slide out about an inch, before ramming her again. It hurt so much that She was breathless, silently staring into the sink mirror at herself.
  Her face was stained with tears, which she didn't even realize were coming down until now. Matt then started moving his hips back and forth, repeatedly filling her insides and then leaving them empty, only to stretch her out again a half-second later.
  With each stroke in, it hurt her again. But over time, it stopped hurting so much. She instead started feeling...incredibly filled up down there. After that, it wasn't long before she started feeling a little good. He was currently reaching a little farther than her brother had, and was touching parts of her that hadnt felt a dick yet.
  Ashley felt relieved that it was finally feeling good. She could get into it now, she thought. She was about to start moving her hips, when the guilt hit het. She had a boyfriend who she promised herself to, and here she was, looking forward to enjoying a strangers cock. She had to close her eyes, not wanting to see herself in the mirror any longer. She was ashamed, because she was liking it.
  But she couldn't help it. It didn't really hurt anymore, and now all Ashley could feel was the pleasure. And his cock filled her up so much, each thrust now produced a small wave of ecstasy throughout her. Her voice was coming out again, and she had to stifle her moans as best she could.
  Matt, behind her, was grunting with each thrust. His hand ran down Ashley's back, where he grabbed her ass. She knew if she wanted, she could stand up and struggle, and for a moment she thought about it. She let that moment of thought draw into a longer amount of time, until Matt's cock pounded it out of her mind. Every thrust was pulling a moan from her, and she decided she didn't want him to stop.
  Ashley knew Matt could hear her, but she had stopped caring. She was moving her hips, too. His cock was so good, better than her brothers was. It filled her up so much, the most perfect amount she could dream of. She even started loving the feeling of his hands fondling her asscheeks, it felt like it was making her pussy react more.
  She moaned again as she felt him spank her, enough to sting just a little. After hearing Matt chuckle, he slapped her ass again, harder. Ashley moaned louder when he did, she didn't understand why it felt so damn good when he did that, but she loved it.
  Her eyes opened slowly, and the sight that she was met with was much different than last time she was watching her reflection. She looked like...well, a bitch in heat, being given everything she could ever want.
  Now, her mouth was hanging open, a small but obvious grin was plastered on her face as she continually moaned. Every now and then, she would be pleasantly surprised with another spankinging, which she responded by letting out a happy squeak. Then ashley felt her asscheeks being squeezed, and Matt was finally pushing his cock deeper into her, stretching more of her pussy out. Her jaw clenched up and her body shivered. The sensation was confusing. It hurt deep inside her, but most of her pussy was sending waves of pleasure through her body.
  She clenched her fists a little bit, he was still going deeper, it felt like he was pushing into her stomach now, and it definitely hurt. Then, he stopped. Ashley was breathing heavily, and it was uncomfortable and painful how deep it was, but not unbearable.
  “Oh have one tight fuck hole. I told you it would all fit.”
Sarah could only quietly manage “there's so much of it…”

  After that, he was moving again. She waited fearfully for the cock to go all the way in, but was glad to feel him stopping before he pushed his full length into her. As Ashley slowly relaxed again, she became more of a slut. Matt sped up, quickly ramming her tight snatch, and Ashley responded by shaking her ass in time with his cock.
  She felt herself getting close to that wonderful feeling again, and then Matt shoved as deep as he could, roughly. She felt like he bumped the entrance to her womb. It made her let out a loud moan/gasp as it made Ashley finally cum on his massive cock. Her mind thought of nothing else as she felt her whole body start to feel so good that it was like floating. It only got better as Matt started furiously pounding her, each time sending a brand new, even better feeling throughout all of her. She could only focus on the sensation of pleasure coming from her pussy, her mind officially sex blanked as she was hammered into.
  Matt didn't ever stop, either. She kept climaxing for at least a half a minute while his eleven inch cock repeatedly hit her deepest part, making her feel like she was going to black out. Eventually, Ashley came partially to her senses. She felt exhausted from cumming, but she was still getting fucked, and filled completely with a massive cock. And his grunts were getting louder.
  Even though she just came, she was already moaning again, and moving her hips to his rhythm. But then, Ashley felt him plunge fully into her again, the head of his cock pressing on her womb. Her eyes rolled up, as Matt squeezed her ass painfully tight and stopped moving as he let out a groan, starting to cum.
  As deep as he was, Ashley could feel his warm seed being deposited straight into her womb, coating her deepest insides. If felt blissful, and she half collapsed on the sink. She herself was already cumming again, she realized as her mind started to go blank again, feeling even better than before.

Before she passed out, Ashley only had one thought go through her mind, and she even said it out loud the second before she went limp.

“I love cock…”

January 04, 2019, 07:53:07 PM
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Easily one of the hottest sex scenes I've read here in a long time! See that the long time off hasn't dampened your ability to write a damn hot scene!