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Let it never be said I denied  giving you a further vision into a story! See "In The Card"  for the continuation DirtySerenity

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(27)                                                                                  Cavern
“A magnitude 5.2 earth tremor has open a previously unknown cavern under St. Leonard’s Church in Exeter. Parishioners are asked to be vigilant when attending services of any kind.There is no immediate danger to the parishioners  according to the Church Of England spokesman. BBC time is 10;15 GMT”

Chris did you hear that a new cavern that we haven’t been in and it’s right will be easy to get to since we’re going to the centerpoint meeting this morning! I was getting more excited by the moment. This was our last scheduled day in Exeter before we returned to Redhill and everyday life once more.

“Are you sure Rachel? Remember what happened the last time we went exploring a cavern? Leave it to Mr. Killjoy to bring up Father McKayeeh “It was all I could do to convince him not to call the police!”

“Christopher Madingford! I want something to tell people about Exeter and this might be my last chance and you know my father’s advice on how to get it- any which way you can!” Stopping long enough to finish my toast points with choconut spread and tuna! “I’m going to check out the cavern whether you come or not! He just shook his head but he did join me after the centerpoint meeting at the mouth of the newly open passage.

Digging into my purse I pull out the torch with a full lithium battery, going in walking straight ahead until the natural light dimmed far enough to require the torch be turned on. I would say we were a few hundred yards from the opening when we first saw what looked like a replica of Stonehenge. “Oh Chris look!” A Strange glow emanating from the circle of stones as the beam of my torch passed over them. “What is it?”

“I don’t know Rach but I think we should turn back!”  Just like Chris, wimp out when things were about to get really interesting. I don’t even look to see if he is going back I repceed forward and step into the ring of stones and a bright flash blinds me momentarily. Blinking my eyes to clear them I finally can see straight again, just in time to see several spear points pointed at me

‘Er Hello!”

“Quid est hoc stare Praecursator!” The spear point coming to the top of my jacket. The person holding the spear is very able with it as he hooks the point through the zipper pull and yanks it down “Daemon Magia!” {“What is this Spy, followed By “Magic Demon”}

“I can explain! My finger slips on the switch of the torch which I didn’t realize was off, As the beam of light is flashed into the face of the person in front of me i see for the first time a man standing there in a white tunic that ended in a skirt like with a belt holding what appears to be a sword and scabbard, just like the pictures of Roman soldiers in the history book and in the movies.

The spear is dropped and the sword comes flashing out “Hic Genuflectitur Daemonium!” {“kneel demon!”} I’m confused not knowing what he is saying until the sword is placed against the side of my neck and pressed until I sink to my knees if front of him. No sooner am I on the ground than “Gallus Daemonium lac filio meo!” {“Suck my cock demon!”} He raised the hem of his tunic and I see what looks like the dirtiest cock I’ve ever seen in my life! It approaches my lips at the same time the edge of the sword presses against the side of my neck.

With no choice I open my mouth and take the dirty cock inside my mouth. Then without warning the sword is slide between my skin and my top slicing it apart like it was a piece of paper.

A pair of hand grab the middle of my bra and pulls it out “Quae est haec res mala?” {What is this evil thing?} then another sword cuts it like a pat of butter, exposing my breast for all to see. The one in my throat getting rougher by the second, like he though his cock was a sword and was going to splice the back of my throat open! Then without warning he cums and I swallow what I can before pulling back and vomiting on the ground in front of me.

“Daemonium labore sudatum!” {“demon Scum!”}

I’m pushed away and another pair of hand grab me and before I can protest another dirty cock is shoved into my mouth. Being pulled onto my stomach I feel a sword slide between my flesh and my pants, slicing them open like my top, my thong was next. As I felt my legs being lifted and parted I tried to cry out “Noooooooooooooooooooo!” But The cock in my mouth muffled my word!

As I feel something at my slit “Leave he alone you bloody bastards!” My peripheral vision seeing something swish through the air and stop suddenly. A flash of something rising then “Touch Rachel again and I’ll kill you. Something whooshes over my head and the man throating fucking me collapses in a heap. I roll over onto my back and I see Chris with a shovel swinging like a madman “Get up Rachel fast and run behind me!”

I'm on shaky legs but succeed in getting up and Chris forces me behind him and into a weird light once more. Another bright flash and I’m blinded once more, Counting ten and blinking I see darkness all around until a beam of a torch from behind and two pointing to each side of me “Oh god Bless Child are you harmed?”

I grab my sliced top and pull it tight around me then A jacket comes from behind and wraps my front. Someone steps in front of me giving me time to put the jacket on properly “It’s over Rachel were back where we belong!”

I’m walked out into the church by the Chris and the two men. “I don’t know what happened my child but I’m going to have that cavern sealed as soon as possible. The a strong tremor hit, shaking us and the whole church, making the cavern collapse in on itself as if by divine intervention!

“That’s it Rachel, the only time we’re going into a church is for services or our wedding!” He got no fight out of me, If I don’t see another cavern for a long time it will be alright with me!

                                                                                                                                              The End

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(28)                                                                             And It Ends!

Mount Pleasantview Home For The Aged, 7:30 PM

My grandson sat across from as As Nurse Simon finished her nightly routine with me. “There Mr. Carver we are finished, remember medication in an hour then bedtime” How could I forget!, it’s been the same routine since I came into this place four weeks ago, after 86 years out in the real world. “Say Mr. Carver have you been following the serial rapist case that The Evening Standard has been writing about!”

“No interested in that kind of news Nurse Simon!”  Waiting until she was on her way to the door “I mostly read the comics and Obituaries!” I didn’t let on to anyone that for the last seventy-two years I was the person who was Neilson Falls greatest threat. A combination of health issues has almost forced me into retirement, After tonight I was gonna call it a career and give up for good. Looking to Charlie and winking at him after Nurse Simon left us.

He digs into his coat pocket and produces a small baggie with two blue pills in it. “Here you go grandpa, just like you asked me to get!”

“Ah Charlie you such a good boy to your grandpa!” Reaching for the book on the small table on my right, taking out a small package and handing it to Charlie. He looks at it and his eyes widens

“Really grandpa a condom?” Blushing  as he listens to me.

“Take my word, Charlie always be prepared to get it any which way you can!” We talk for another hour about the ladies we are interested in, he tells me of a transfer student he is crushing on. I nod in encouragement and tell him that he should go for it as soon as possible. Then the P.A. announces that visiting hours are over and i find myself looking forwards to my meds and then to my planned visit to One Mrs. Gigi Rotundo, the stuck up bitch who thinks she is a superstar. Bitch more like it!

Eight thirty the door opens and in comes the little blond who delivers my meds. Now normally I take them without any drama but tonight i had a slight change in plans. As she hands me the small paper container I shake the pills around until the red and yellow gel cap flipped out of the container, landing on the floor.

“Oh Mr. Carver your Parkinson’s is really acting up tonight, well don’t worry I’ll just go get you a replacement pill!” Handing me a glass of water to take my pills with. As soon as she’s out of the room I take them and the viagra Charlie brought me. When she returns I take the gel cap and turn onto my side, pretending to go to sleep. With my eyes partially open i stare at the digital clock across from me. Letting an hour pass before I begin to get out of bed.

With my walker I wheel my way to the door and open it, checking both ways to make sure no one is around. As quick as my shaky legs allow me to I make for Mrs. Bitch’s room next door to mine!. Opening her door I see her lying in bed a small tent where her old saggy tits forces the blankets to rise as she breathes. She doesn’t react when I enter, making my way to her bedside, lifting the blanket I see she’s only wearing a bralette and a Depends. The cheap bastards here buy the one that look and act like baby’s diapers, which is perfect for me right now as I climb in beside her and tear the tape off the front panel!. Taking my own Depends off, my cock is already as hard as it will get even with the aid of viagra, Shaking as I roll up onto her. Forcing her legs apart I settle in and don’t bother with any foreplay, hell at my age just thinking about it is foreplay!. Getting the first couple of inches of my six incher in her. I set about shaking and moving as much back and forth as I can.

Before my fifth movement is complete She opens her eyes and stares into mine before closing hers and going limp under me. I feel something warm flow from my cock. I look at down at her and notice her chest isn’t rising, no hissing comes from her mouth. I don’t move as I feel something isn’t right, closing my eyes I decide to pause before getting off her.


Midnight, Final Bed Check

Jesus just what I need to walk in on, two old geezers doing the nasty! Talk about wrong. Moving to the side of the bed I clap my hand onto Mr. lovers shoulder “Time to be in your own bed!” No response from him or her, I go to the standard procedure, check for a pulse and then for breathing. Nothing from either of them.

“Fuck now I‘ve got to do paperwork!” Hitting the code black button on the call board. The room instantly comes alive with Nurse Simon and two orderlies.

We separate them after Doctor Hyman declares then deceased. A few hours later we have contacted the relatives and we begin the procedures to empty their room of their belonging. Going through Mr. Carver’s papers I find a series of notebooks titles “This Year Rapes” it’s dated 1947 and the others go in order right up to 2019!” Oh my god Mr. Carver  was the Neilson Falls Rapist!

With his family’s permission, we turn the notebooks over to NFPD and they close the cold cases, hoping that the Rotundo family doesn’t figure out that their mother was the Neilson Fall Rapist last victim!

Jesus in the 72 years he was active he raped over 1775 women in and around Neilson Falls. Damn the only thing the bastard did was save the taxpayers the expense of a trial!

                                                                                                                    The End!

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(29)                                                                        From Ushered To Owned

Of course tell the boss that his elbow would fit perfectly up his ass without having to be removed from his arm was wrong but was that a reason to place me in the extended theater section at the “Any Which Way You Can! Retrospective. In the four hours I’ve  been parked here at the damn double door not a single person has shown me a ticket stub. Nor for that matter even a one finger salute. I mean who wanted to see “Dirty Harry and a monkey in a pickup truck!

An hour passes before someone finally seems to be walking towards me. “Ah fuck not that bitch!” The way her face scrunches up tells me that I said that out loud. Great as if I needed any more complaints about me to the boss, I’m sure his little bitch of a daughter won’t hesitate to shoot her mouth off to him about what I said! I move to the door and begin to open it when she started.

“Well if it isn’t Mister Mouth!” Just keep your cool and take whatever going to come out of her mouth “So what can you tell me about this film?”
I answer her without thinking “Well it clearly above your intellectual level Bitch! Or are you here to see the monkey?”

I never saw her fist coming but I felt it as it impacted my jaw “Keep your fucking mouth close and just show me to a damn good seat peon!”

Taking my flashlight out of my pocket I lead her into the theatre to the seat that I knew would fold out like a lazyboy chair. I watch her sprawl out “Oh peon go get me a drink and something to munch on and be quick about it! God Good help is so hard to find” waving away with flicks of her right hand. I turn to go but not before i head “Can’t wait to tell my father that you don’t know your place!”

I leave, going a few steps away before I slug her one. Looking at her ultra smug face makes me think the only thing she should be doing is begging me to show her her proper place! That’s when I decide that if I was going to get in more shit then Why not make it a shitstorm! No one is in here with us, nor do I expect anyone so why not go for it! Moving to the row directly behind her I take my pants off and stroke me cock hard. When it ready I move directly behind her laidback chair and grip both sides of her head and pull her towards me so that her head dangles over the back of the chair!

“Your straw bitch and if you bite or scrape it they’ll find your limp body in this place when I get home!” She has a perfect upside down view of my cock and balls “Open up bitch or I’m jerking your head around until it snaps off your spine!”  The anger in my voice scares her and I see it reflected in her eyes as she obeys me, When her mouth gapes enough I shove all six inches down her throat, making her gag before pulling back and establishing a rhythm that made her cry and me sigh in pleasure.Trapping a lot of her hair between the back of the chair and my knees I release her head and grip her top pulling it up out of a pair of jeans like it was paper. She braless underneath, not that she hand anything that needed support.
From my viewpoint a pair of nipples on baby bottles would make more of an impression that her tit ever would without surgery!

I could feel myself begin to churn below but  wasn’t just looking for oral from Miss Bitch I want hole! With one last thrust in I hold until I could see the tears in her eyes multiply and her body begin to twitch from lack of air. Pulling out I leap the chairs and land beside her as she gaps in large amounts of air.

Within seconds I have her jeans open and down her legs, Well what do you know not only braless but commando as well. Before she could recover enough I spread her legs and move between them. I was rock fucking hard and she knew it as I rammed straight into the pelvic bone. Her scream came just as the a wild roar from the fight crowd came. Talk about timing! I don’t act gentlemanly with her fucking in long and deep with every thrust. 

She’s still breathing funny as she rolls her head left and right from the pain in her pussy leaning down onto her, taking what passes for a nipple into my mouth and yanking it up like a rubber balloon, letting it snap back in place as I pulled back. Then Ifelt is come shooting up my cock and out into her pussy, The hardest cum I’ve ever had! She felt it too as she stopped rolling her head and buried it into the nook made by her shoulder and the back of the seat.

When I’m done I pull out and sneer at her “Hope you enjoyed you drink and meal!”  Going to retrieve my pants, dressing and leaving via the emergency exit. I didn’t need to hear her threats of getting my ass fired I knew I just earned that and a trip to prison to boot!


The boss scheduled me to only work the weekend so I wasn’t due in to work for another four days. Three has passed since I raped Miss Bitch and I haven’t heard anything about my actions!. Then my phone rang and I did recognize the number, ah this must be the police asking me to come in for a chat! Clicking on “Yes?”

“I want you to do that to me again!” I’m shocked Miss Bitch herself “I’m going to be at the library tonight can you meet me somewhere and take me by force again!

I was shocked but I remembered that I never took her ass “ Fine your ass will belong to me tonight Miss Bitch!” She hangs up and I plan where I can force fuck her as soon as I have her under control! Of course behind the theatre by the garbage cans!

                                                                                                           But! that's a tale for another time!

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Oh I do hope you continue this one. I'd like to read just how he does it

May 25, 2019, 06:18:02 PM
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I have a message to you from Miss Bitch- Don't ask for more I can't take it! 

(30)                                                                          Trashing Her Ass

So she wanted more did she, well let it never be said that I refused the offer to fuck someone. But I changed my mind as to when and where. Her next forced encounter was going to be a true forced encounter. I wanted her too terrified to asked for more, ever again! Going to my laptop I open my calendar and see that the annual conference of Movie Theatre  managera was to take place in three days time and I knew that the boss always took his wife to it as a paid vacation by the company.

A new plan came to my mind and  spent my day checking out that would be required to pull it off.  Later that Night I watch as Miss Bitch left for the library, turning my phone off I watch her well pass the time for the library to close. She walked home peering over her shoulder looking for me to jump out at any moment. She gets home unmolested and starts blowing up my phone.

The nest day passes with more angry message and missed calls. The day before the conference her parents pack the car and leave right on schedule I spent the night outside waiting for the light to go out . When it does I turn on my phone as see the latest messages.

“What the matter was I too much for your little cock Mister Mouth?” And what really sealed her fate “When my dad gets back i’m tell him everything that happened that day!” Sure you will Miss Bitch that is if your not hoarse from shout your lungs out! I knew her place was so heavily soundproof that I could get away with what I was planning to do to her. Making my way to the back patio door I noticed that Miss Bitch was mighty stupid about making sure it was locked at nights. Her downfall and my way in!

Once inside I creep along until I come to her room, she on the bed laying on her stomach naked as a jaybird! I was going find out if she was a deep sleeper or not. Creeping to her I get out the black hood I planned to put over her head. Gently sliding it onto her head she doesn’t move, taking my clothes off I gently climb on to the mattress with me, again she doesn’t wake, even when I position myself to take her ass!

I don’t bother with lube, I don’t even bother to shake her awake!. No she comes awake when I ram my entire length of rock hard cock into her asshole! The scream out of her mouth through the black hood is like a top forty hit to my ears as her head jolts off the pillow proving she was wide awake and in severe pain!

“Oh fuck you’re killing me!”  My fist hitting the back of her head to place it back on the pillow to her cries of “Take it out. Take it outttttttttttttttttttttt!” I don’t say anything the entire time I sodomize her. Only pulling out when I’m done cumming in her bowels.  As she lays there on the mattress leaking cum from her ass I get up and leave. Out in the hallway I angle a mirror so I could see her movements. She drags the hood off her head, streaks of tears down her face greets me. Se eases herself up and off the bed looking all around for her attacker. I hide half way down the stairs until I hear her return to the bed.

Hours later she eases herself once more and make her way to the bathroom, turning on the water in the shower she got spots of blood on the back of her thighs. As she steps into the shower I run at her pinning her to the wall and driving my hard cock back into her asshole. She screaming blue murder as I show her no mercy at all, plowing her ass like a farmer’s field!. After a few minutes of screaming she collapses into the wall only being held up by my cock in her ass and my hand around the back of her neck. As I continue to fuck her ass I once more remain silent, just like in her bedroom I flood her bowel and pull out leaving as she collapsed to the floor, water streaming all over her.

I stay where I could see her so she didn’t drown. As she finally starts to move, actually crawling her way from the bathroom back to her bedroom I strike once more but this time it’a a dildo I jam into her widen asshole, while ramming my cock into her pussy. Again I don’t speak or even grunt as I fuck her hard. This time she doesn’t cry out she just cries tears , her head hanging down to the floor as if she knew better than to raise it or say anything! I could feel myself ready to cum again so I let it flow all into her pussy, pulling out and watching her collapse to the floor with the dildo still in her asshole!.

Hours later I see her staggering her way to the kitchen making her way to the phone on the counter “Touch it and I’ll fuck your ass once more!” She freezes and needs the counter’s help to remain erect. “So Miss Bitch did I prove that my little cock was more than enough for you Miss Bitch!” She collapses on shaky legs to the floor of the kitchen. This time I help her stand and walk her into the living room to the couch! With her laying down on her back I drop my pants  “So since your not saying anything you might as well put that mouth to the use god intended it for!” She opens her mouth and keeps her eyes on mine the whole time I fuck her throat.

When I done she had a load in all her holes from me “Don’t ever call me and ask me to repeat my actions!” Going to the kitchen to get a glass of water .When i returned Remember I decide when you’ll have sex with me . You understand me! Moving back from here “Prove it any which way you can!”

She blinks twice and I take that to me yes she understood!

                                                                                                                          The End!

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I love it!! I would love to see more of him

May 26, 2019, 09:25:11 AM
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I might revisit him in the future! but for now...!

(31)                                                                      Purely Research

I’m like a upside down “Y” on the mattress, my legs spread as wide as possible, tied to the corresponding bed post. My arms directly out in front of me tied together then to a railing of the head board. I’m on my stomach, naked, my mouth stuffed with cloth which I try to push out but it won’t go past my lips, something preventing me forcing it out.

Then I feel a warm sensation on one of my ass cheeks pulling it to the side. The cold air of the air conditioner floods into the exposed crack and I shiver from it And from something cold and liquidity dropping into the exposed area.The next sensation left me wanting to scream, a sudden pressure of something cold pressing against the small hole that I expel shit out of! The pressure mounts and I can feel the hole part “AArrgghh!” into the cloth, muffling the vocalization of pain then a ‘thwack’ resounds in my ears and the flesh of my asscheek flares in it’s own pain.

More parting and what feels like a giant log of shit moving backwards, more muffled screams of pain. The hand holding my asscheek releases and a microsecond later It and another grab me by the hips and hold me in place. Slowly millimeter by millimeter I’m invaded in a way God never mean
Warm breath by my ear as I hear “Can you feel it!” in my left ear a second later in my right, “Does it hurt?” More cold liquid drips into my ass crack. “Let it never be said I wanted you in serious pain!” Then a comment that told me everything "Squirm any which way you can it won't help any!"

*Then take it out and let me go!* Runs through my mind as my captor and abuser continues forcing more into my ass. I was feeling totally full when my captor finally stopped, Christ this was even a worse sensation than being constipated. Seconds pass as my captor once more decides to play with my mind!

“Can you imagine what it would be like If I left you like this the rest of the night?”

*Nooooooooooooooooooooo! You wouldn’t dare!* in my mind through the cloth “mmmmmm UUU mumumum araararae!”

Then I begin to feel slight relief as it is moving in the direction that God meant things to flow. It’s coming back out just as slow as it went in only it never leaves my ass. A reversal of movement and a gradual increase in speed and I’m being filled again. Then the nightmare really begins as over and over the thing in me is moved in and out of my ass.

The whole time the only thing I had to concentrate on was the glowing red numbers of a digital clock. The numbers agonizing changing slowly 9:15, 9:16 and so on. I close my eyes and try to think pleasant thoughts to block out the pain. Opening my eyes I see that only three minutes has agonizingly pass. The fucking of my ass was a full speed ahead project now  and I was constantly screaming into the cloth.

The alarm rings and the fucking stops, the thing in my ass leaving letting the cold air flow inside as my asshole dilated closed again. Once more the voice comes to my ears “Okay this is also gonna hurt but you wanted the full experience!” A hand touches the left side of my face “A quick pull on three!” Then all I hear is “Three!”  A ripping sound followed by finger pulling the cloth out of my mouth. A quick squirt of water to moisten my ultra dry mouth helps me to speak in a couple of minutes. I'm untied  and helped to sit up on the mattress.

“Jesus Fucking Christ did you leave my mustache and lips!” My right hand covering my upper lip,  “Jesus Tammy! Why do you let me do that to you?”

“Graham you know why!”

Oh shit that’s right “Forget I asked!” Taking her in my arms offering as much comfort my burning ass and lip would allow.

"Hey thanks for helping me get first hand experience about anal sex!”

She looks at me “You know there’s time when you take your story research a little too far right?”

“Well what can I say I want accuracy in my stories!” Wanting to kiss her lips but mine were still stingingly burning “Remind me though never to ask for a whipping lesson!”

“Ah damn! I was looking forward to that part of your education!” Giggling as she got up  and went into the ensuite

“You would you little sadist!”

                                                                                                           The End

May 28, 2019, 09:26:14 PM
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(32)                                                                             Designer Roofie

God Damn fucking internet and news sweep month because of the exposé on ‘Roofies’ I been made to up my game. Thanks to those so called reporters trying to make the city a better place I been having a rotten time trying to get it any which way you can from some unsuspecting broad in the club. Most of them out there are now having their friends monitor their drinks when they go to the ladies room that perverted guys like me can’t get them anymore.

And don’t even get me started about how the fucking internet shows video showing how easy it was for guys like me to slip something into drinks and then slip my cock into their snatch later. Oh but this is for the benefit of society that they alert everyone of what I’ve been doing. Well instead of sitting in my apartment fuming, I just researched what would make my little sideline as easy as it was in the past.

Then it came to me how I could still slip it to the broad of my choice! And tonight I was going to test my new method. Going to get my black leather jacket and my comb I make my way to the Club 101 and the broad of the night. As I stand in the line to get in, I get up to the front of the line only for the piece of man mountain to block my way until I slip him a thousand dollar bill. When I’m in I scan the room and spot the ideal candidate for my first test of the new method.

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She’s blonde, about five foot seven, slim build wearing a purple sequin top and black tights. What drew me to her was her purple lipstick and the way her eyes were following mine. Almost as if our eyes were magnetically stuck to the others. I walk up to her “Hey gorgeous can Ii get you something to drink?’ She not stupid this one, she stops a passing waitress and orders a Sprite with an extra twist of lemon in it.
I try to get her to talk to me while she waits for her drink. “So you come here often?”

"Oh yes I’m here every other night!” Her favorite song comes on and We go to the dance floor and move to the groove, all the while I’m feeling my new roofie in my pocket! The song ends and she leans in and thanks me for the dance, now was my chance “Want a piece of chocolate?” Her eyes light up and snatches the offered chocolate from my hand and downs it without even chewing it. Damn I had her now if I figured it out right she had five minutes before it was going to be lights out for her and balls deep for me!

Almost right to the final second I was as her legs became rubbery, her speech becoming something that reminded me of someone with an speech impediment. “Oh let me help you outside!” she tries to speak “A Rit !” I walk her out the side entrance over to the bushes and get out an x-acto knife and cut the seams of her tights in her crotch area. Opps! I may have gone a little too dep cutting the seam, as I peel back the tights I also peel back the thong revealing her slit and my prize for the night.

My mouth starts to water, so I transfer it to her pussy lips to get rid of it.. Well at least her outer part was wet when my cock as rock hard. Getting it out I enter her dry pussy and begin to fuck her like an animal. I take out all the frustration from the damn internet and news stories on her. Belong I can feel my cum erupting out of me cock, launching itself deep into her pussy.

When I’m finished I notice something funny in in hr top, just under the strap of her bra on the right side. I’m so intrigued that I fish it out and drop it instantly- a police badge Lt. Carmela Diogrio, 53th division

I start to laugh at the irony of a cop being the first victim of my designer roofie! After my breathing is back to normal and my cock is away, I pound on the side door. Getting someone’s attention, they come and open the door And i point to the bushes, they go looks and goes screaming around to the front for the bouncers, while I walk away  into the night mentally patting myself on the back!

                                                                                                                                     The End

May 29, 2019, 05:41:08 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

You sure do know how to keep a girl's attention. I loved it and would love to see you do more with this one

May 29, 2019, 08:23:28 PM
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Offline gscmar64

I'll add it to my expand folder and try to get to it soon! Can't promise when!

May 29, 2019, 08:23:57 PM
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Offline gscmar64

 (33)                                                                                  WHAT!

It’s his birthday today and I’m on the bed totally naked just waiting for Martin in his room to come home from his day of work. My 36c breasts sticking up like a scaled down model of the hills outside the bedroom window, a g string unsuccessfully covering my vulva.  All was ready, Barry White was on the cd player read to spin, the electric candle were on the clapper. Down in the fridge I had a bucket of ice and the bottle of his favorite Chianti was chilling! Who knows maybe tonight I would even try some with him.

Martin hasn’t been the same since Belinda died in the courtroom during questioning in their divorce case. One minute she was calling him all the bastards she could lay her tongue to, the next grabbing her chest slumping over the desk stiffening like a doorstop. We all thought she was being dramatic since the last thing she said was “Only over my dead body will he get a divorce from me!” Apparently God wanted Martin free from her also!

But even before that happened the motto around the house was “get some any which way you can!” I lost count of how many times I heard door slamming  and footsteps stomping down the hallway, while I lay here trying to get some sleep. I swear I didn’t want to hear them fighting but there were times it was just impossible not to waken to the sounds from the pair of them

I vividly remember waking up to “GET THAT FUCKING THING OUT OF ME!”


Then they both quietened down and all I heard was the sound of the bed shaking, crying moans from one and grunts from the other Minutes would pass then “AND THAT SHOULD KEEP YOU THE FUCK OFF ME FOR ANOTHER MONTH OR MORE BITCH!”  Followed quickly by the sound of their bedroom door opening and footsteps leading away to the stairs. At times I would get up and go peek into their room, only to see her laying on the bed, facedown, something liquidity rolling down her flesh before it was absorbed into the sheet. All the time I wanted to call out but the sound of crying broke my heart so i just returned to my room before Martin returned.

Another time, about a month before the divorce proceedings, I was just coming to bed when I heard in the bathroom “IF YOU DO I’LL CALL THE GODDAMN COPS ON YOUR ASS YOU BASTARD!” Like usually this was quickly followed by cries of pain and the sound of tears, minutes later grunts then he comes storming out, going to the bedroom and slamming the door behind him!

From outside I can hear the sound of a car pulling up the driveway. His car door slams and with in a few seconds the front door opens and slams, I start the cd player and clap on the candles.


Thank god she gone this will be the first time I’m actually looking forward to my birthday night being all alone. Going upstairs I hear the soft music coming from my bedroom. Damn it did I forget to turn the radio off this morning!

I turn the knob and swing the door open “Happy Birthday Martin!”  There she was my wife’s identical twin sister Melinda in all her glory in the middle of my bed, Barry White playing soft and flickering candles

“What the fuck!”

“I wanted you to have a Happy Birthday Martin, so I’m your present!”

Oh god I can feel the burrito I had for lunch start to rise! “My present, Fuck that’s what Belinda would say and I never wanted to open that either on my birthday!”


“Well what I married your sister when she was sweet and look at how she turned out!” Moving back to the hallway “Now Melinda if you don’t mine get out of my bed and strip the bedding and disinfect the mattress while I go throw up and shower!"

                                                                                                                        The End

May 31, 2019, 12:14:26 PM
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(34)                                                                                  The KPD

“So Mister Calum tell us what happened from your perspective!” The cop sitting across from me said while his partner hovered by the door

A light came on overhead bathing me in it’s amber glow and for some reason the jumbled thoughts in my head became lucid. “It all started Friday morning, Moira was giving her usual “any which you you can” motivational speech to us when the top three buttons of her skin tight blouse popped off, exposing her beige coloured bra and the creamy white tit it was covering. She grabbed the sides of the bloused and pulled then together then bolted from the conference room blushing and for the rest of the day All I saw when I looked at anything round was her tits”

“How about we flash forward to the beginning of the incident?”

“Alright!. I managed to break into her house by jimming the lock on the door in the garage. Inside it was so quiet that I could hear the water running in the bathroom. I didn’t want too easy of a time, I loved when they struggled to prevent me seeing what I wanted! I went into her living room, admiring how it was furnished a long couch with a wooden coffee table in front of it, it was bookend by two identical chairs  one which faced the door the other with it’s back to it. I took the hidden view and waited for my prize to comedown.”

I stop to take a drink of what was the best coffee I’ve ever taster “Hey this is heavenly!” The pair across from me just smirked and motioned me to continue. “Eventually she came down in an old threadbare knee length t-shirt, you know the kind some broads used to sleep in! I can’t say I was thrilled by her appearance but then it was her tits I wanted to see more of not her and I even let her know that as she passed me “Christ you can afford to dress better than that?”

She spun around!, “Paul!, How did you get in here and what do you want?”

“Oh come on now Moria you know what me and every guy in the office wants!” Getting up “We almost had it this morning but since you refused us the pleasure I decided to come and take what I want!” Moving towards her, cutting off the only route of escape for her, dressed as she was I was banking that she wouldn’t want to run outside for all her neighbours to see! She pushes me back, catching me off guard and I fell hitting the side of my head on the corner of the table, stunning me temporarily.

“Moria bolts but I manage to grab the hem of the threadbear shirt a quick yank and she on the floor just off the back corner of the chair. I get up woozy but able to move to her. Reaching out to spin her around, then taking the t-shirt in my hands I pull it apart like a piece of paper. Underneath she naked and there the site i’ve been thinking of the entire day- her 44c tits in all their naked glory. My eyes traverse down her body to the cleft between her legs and it was an equally impressive site and I thought “Well I’m her and she isn’t saying no so...!”

“Spreading her legs then undoing my pants I get me cock out and jerk it to complete hardness, which believe me was long as I gazed between her tits and cunt. Mounting her I hear a moan from her even before I thrusted home into her tight cunt!”

"So let me see if I’m understanding you right Mister Calum!” The one standing by the door comes over “You knew what you were doing was morally wrong and yet you did it anyway?”

“Hey you should get pussy any which way you can!” Wondering what was his fucking problem, after all it wasn’t him I raped! “So should I continue or are do you know everything from there to the end?”

“Continue please!” the one sitting said,

‘Man her cunt was something else and I couldn’t wait to insinuate that I’ve been in it when talking at the watercooler come Monday morning! I was able to keep track of how many times I thrusted in and out of her tight cunt  even when I was sucling on them tits! Fifty Fives times I thrusted before I flooded her cunt with my man juice!”

I stop at that point only for the one sitting to take up “Mister Calum, er Paul didn’t you think it was funny that Miss MacIntosh,er... Moria  never moaned or talked to you after she landed on the floor much?”

“She might have but I was concentrating on counting than listening to !”

Stander took over “In case you’re wondering she was found a little after you were and she’s gonna make it physically, mentally is anything!” Moving to the back of my chair “Unlike you you piece of garbage!”

“What do you mean by that?”

Sitter looks me dead in the eyes “Didn’t you happen to read the name of the destination your at? “ Pausing for a second before “KPD- Karmic Police Department, surely you heard of us we decide who goes to see Saint Peter unless it totally obvious like John Wayne Gacy was!”

“Shit you mean i’m dead?”

"Yes of a brain hemorrhage cause when you hit your head on the table!” Pausing to look at his partner, getting a nod before continuing “You remember running back through the garage and collapsing on the driveway don’t you?”

I flop back in the chair “I’m dead!” letting it set in then looking up “Oh well at least I got to suck on those tits and got a bonus of some cunt before going tits up myself!”

“To hell with Peter let’s just throw him into purgatory and let Xavier deal with him!” And that’s what they did, dragging me to a door marked Purgatory , opened it and kicked my ass over the threshold hollering “One for you Xavier!”

                                                                                                                     Another One Over

June 05, 2019, 07:54:56 PM
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(35)                                                                                  The Beach Babe

I’ve been watching her most of the afternoon as she was digging up the beach a few feet from my hiding spot. She was a total babe to say the very least about her at best guess I would say about five foot six with a slight athletic build to her all under a head of blonde hair. In my mind she was blue eye and already deep in lust for me! I couldn’t get close enough to be sure about the eye colour but I already damn sure she was lusting for me and I swore in my mind I was hearing “Get her any which way you can Howard!”

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Most of the afternoon I watch that dynamite ass shake as she dug whatever she was after. With each shake her the bottom of her one piece got further into the crack of her ass! Man my cock was hard but they were still a few people on the bench so I put in my earbuds and listened to the news to prevent any premature ejaculation!

Finally around according the the radio station it’s a little after eight and the beach is pretty well deserted except for my dream girl. Now was my chance to talk to her and to cement our lust for each other  gathering up my courage I come out from my hiding spots and for the first time since I spotted her I see her lips curl into a smile. I try to play it cool but inside I’m fist pumping!

Before I could get the words to my mouth “Well I wondered if you were ever going to get the nerve to come over and talk to me?” Turning to me so I could see that she did have blue eyes Oh man my cock started stirring in my trunks. “Well I can guess what you want to ask me?” her eyes drilling holes through my trunks as she came closer.

Her hands reach out and unties my trunks “Well let see if this was worth the wait!” Pulling my cock out “Oh my aren’t you a big one!”  looking up to my face “Well it’s only fair that I help reduce this swelling don’t you think?”

Oh my god she was hot for me, it wasn’t just my imagination this time! A blonde goddess was willing to go down on me and I didn’t even have to pay her!  And the best part she didn’t have to wait for me to get hard because my cock was so hard I could split a boulder with it! She’s down on her knees with her lips wrapped around the tip of my cock her tongue flicking into my piss slit like a tongue of a snake.

I couldn’t help it if I said anything out loud this was a dream come true for me “Jesus I swear you’re not of this earth!” Her lips leaves my cock and I swear she had a forked tongue, one dirty look later she back with my cock in her mouth making me moan in great pleasure. I  couldn’t think enough gross thoughts to prevent myself from cumming but she must have sensed it! In a flash her mouth leaves my cock and a finger is all she needs to push me to the sand!

The her entire suit seems to just disappear as she swings one gorgeous leg over my torso and she mounted me with ease! As her pussy gripped me I began to cry, it was that fucking good for me! God it felt like a million little fingers were jerking me off as she rode me back towards orgams. About the only thing I can fully remember was seeing her eyes suddenly turn from blue to red!

I knew I should have been freaked out by that but the way she was fucking my cock was the only thing I could really comprehend at the moment! The moment I started cumming I felt a biting sensation in my crotch. As she lifts up my cock and balls going with her then I watch in horror as she presses on her stomach and turns into a blonde hair lizard woman like from that crappy 80’s show “V” The only difference her crotch snapped of like a specimen bottle filling up with my sperm and my genitalia.

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That’s when I pass out slowly to “Sakitra to Home ship I’ve collected another!” She looks down at me “I swear these human males think more with their crotches than with what the call a brain!”

She leaves in a shimmering haze and all goes black and cold for me!

                                                                                                                  The End!

June 08, 2019, 10:13:46 PM
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THIS STORY COMES WITH AN IDENTIFIABLE WARNING CONTAINS BEASTALITY IF THIS OFFENDS YOU I SUGGEST YOU READ NO FURTHER. You have been warned- gscmar64                                                             

(36)                                                                            Servicing The Pack


The howl of the coyote split the  twilight sky. I have no idea how long I’ve been stakes out her in the desert on my stomach. I should have listened to Maria and never hitchhiked in the middle of the Mojave Desert . An hour in and my determination was screaming through my head *GET A RIDE ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN!”

Just outside of  San Bernardino along the dusty highway I see what I think is a mirage, a little pink car . The closer it gets the more I can make out about it, on the front grill is “Kia” in chrome letters. Though the windshiI can see only one person in the car, a man! But it’s too hot out here so if he’s willing to stop I’m willing to get in the car!. The car nears and I open my shirt  revealing my bare breasts to the driver along with my thumb high in the air.

The car passes by and I’m dejected, then I hear the screeching of the brakes, turning I see the car reversing back towards me. I ran to meet it  on the passenger side, as we come abreast of each other the car stop I wait until the window is rolled down. Looking in I see a big man staring out at me, disbelief on his face. “Well Jesus H. Christ I wasn’t seeing a mirage, those were tits I was staring at!”

I blush at that, grabbing my shirt and closing it as best as I could, if only I hadn’t taken my bra off and packed it in my backpack!

“So where are you going?

“Trying to make it to Kelso!”

“Must be your lucky day I’m heading there also, hop in if you want to, I promise I don’t bite!”’

The air conditioning wafting out the window made my mind up for me quickly, i’m getting in and rolling up the window before anymore of the cool air escapes! As I settle into the seat “I’m Barry and that there is Coyote Jack in the back!” Not understanding I look over my left shoulder her and see a giant gray dog sprawled out on the back seat, that was the time the electronic door locks clicked in and I was trapped inside the vehicle. As it started moving I was relieved when Barry started talking

“I got old Coyote Jack when he was a pup, when his mother was hit by a semi just outside of Kelso, raised him like a son and he’s been with me ever since!” He turns his head away from the road to me “You have any pets or family?”

“My parents are back east in Philly!” That must have been what he was waiting to hear, for the car swerved off the road and into a side canyon. I try
the door only to hear Barry call out “Scalp boy!” Then the jaws of the coyote is snapped and pulling my hair almost ripping it off me scalp “Now you do what old barry wants and Coyote Jack with let go, you displease me and he’ll skin you faster than an Indian drinks his liquor!

I watch in terror as Barry reaches over opens my shirt, playing with my nipples and breasts My these are god’s gift to old Barry. He stops and calls out “release her jack but keep her still. Then he gets out of the car as Jack growls just behind my head. The passenger door opens and Barry tugs me out “Get them clothes off!” Coyote jack coming out obey his master, jumping onto the roof of the Kia. “Scalp Boy as I’m pushed over the side of the front of the car. Jack obeys and between then they have me trapped.

Then I feel it, something small and short penetrating my pussy lips finding my clit and rubbing itself all over it. Minutes later something thicker parting my pussy lips and shafting up into me. Fuck he’s raping me while a coyote helps control me. Over and over he thrusts up into me, I don’t dare cry out in case Jack gets the wrong idea. Then I hear “Unnnh!” sand I feel his cum sploshing up into my pussy.

Jack releases me and jumps down then I feel a weight on my back and something entering my fucked pussy. Barry starts laughing “Well old Coyote Jack isn’t that old now is he?” Moving to the other side of the car staring right at me. “You like being his bitch?” Jack isn’t kind to me, fucking me hard and fast, then after what feels like an hour I feel something big being forced into my pussy. “Damn he gone and Knotted you!” moving to get into the car “Might as well get comfortable you’re  there for a while”

Eventually Coyote Jack’s cock slips out of me and Barry comes out as I slid to the floor of the desert. I thought that was going to be it but he takes me deeper into the canyon and stakes me on the ground “Seeing as how much you like coyote cock you might as well service the pack as well!”  With me secure he leaves and I don’t know how long it is before I hear the howls of coyotes getting nearer.

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I can see behind me but I can feel something warm and rubbery. Then I feel penetration and hear growls all around me. That’s when I black out


“Well judging by the gape of your asshole I say old Lobo himself had you during the night!” Barry returned to release me, helping me back to the car where I find my backpack and Coyote Jack. He lets me dress and get in then he drives me to roughly five miles from Kelso. I go to get out when
Barry  stops me “Oh no you owe Coyote Jack a thank you with that mouth of your.

I’m in such a daze that I don’t resist , moving into the back foot wells and leaning in and sucking Coyote’s Jack cock, knot and all. When he cums in my mouth I return to the front seat and see Barry’s cock out and without being told I suck it until he cums in my mouth also, Then I hear the electronic lock release And I get out staggering my way away from the car towards Kelso, Barry I notice going the other way in a hurry!

Four hours later I make it into town and collapse on the steps of the police station. Coming too as an K-9 Officer and his dog finds me. Still dazed I reach for the dogs cock, only to be stopped by the officer!

                                                                                                                            The End

June 10, 2019, 03:01:40 PM
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(37)                                                                              Raping A Bun Into Her Oven

We talked about having a child for a year, tried every day to make one, been to all the specialists we could afford. We were both given a clean bill of health by all of them but in a year we were never blessed with the joyous news we wanted to hear.  Well honey we’ll keep trying sooner or later God will answer our prayers.. One day at work on lunchtime A coworker told us how his sister’s cousin was raped and it led to a child being born and that got my thinking! A week later I decided to give it a try!

I planned my attack so I didn’t have to hurt June , picking the 11th of June to pop the fuse out of the air conditioner unit and to disconnect the phone line to our place. June was like me she didn’t believe in cell phones, having to use phones all day at her job at the 911 call center. Me I took the day off work to wait for the best opportunity to strike. Looking at my watch I saw it was going onto 5 o’clock- time she would be preparing dinner! Looking in through a crack in the door of the garage I knew I had chosen the right day!

June was wearing an black apron and nothing else as she prepared dinner for her and me. With her back to me I managed to make it inside before she turned around. God even in an apron she was a vision to see from behind but when she turned to the side and the apron swirled around my heart skipped a beat and I started drooling like Niagara Falls! God what an ass and the side shot of boob would make any guy’s cock harden!

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Moving fast I pin June against the stove and place a knife to her throat! “Please don’t kill me, me and my husband has access to money!” I knew that as untied the waist strings to the apron and began wrapping it around her throat, tightening it slightly to make her shut up. I kicked her legs apart and dropped my pants letting my hard cock out! Stepping in close to her and aligning my cock to her opening I ram home to the hilt!

June gasps and tries to move away from me but pressing the knife a little harder to her throat stopped that. She begged me to move us to the counter top, the combined heat of the day and the stove, so without puling out I stepped us five steps to the left and continued fucking her. Damn I though she was tight when she was ready for sex, being raped seemed to make her even tighter as she tried to prevent me cumming in her.
Fuck I had to plan doing this even more often to her in the future if her pussy was going to react like this. The clock on the stove changes to 05:23, and I could feel the load in my surging up the length of my shaft. She must have felt me tense up, No please don’t cum in me!” I ignore her, thrusting in tight to her cervix I hold as spray everything I just produced into her.

Hitching up my pants  I get ready to leave before she finds out it was me. The only time I talked to her I grabbed my throat pressing the flesh tight altering my voice. “I’m going now if you turn around before I slam the door I’ll throw this knife like a dagger into your chest!” She must have believed me, as I made it to the garage door , slamming it  then hightailing it out through the front yard. I stayed away for the next half hour, before returning home like I was coming home from work.

Going in I find June on the kitchen floor crying “What’s Wrong June?” like I didn’t know already. I play the charade to the hilt acting all hostile when she told me what had her crying. Hell I even called the cops to report it. I take her to the hospital and wait as they do a rape kit on her. Every chance I got I told June that this wouldn’t change anything, that I loved her and always would. She came to accept this right up until we got the announcement  from the doctor that June was pregnant! Jesus it worked I raped a child into my wife! Nine months later a beautiful 7 pound 6 ounce baby girl came into our life which we named Claire Denise Cartier.

Ten months later June was at the doctor who said there was a DNA test that could tell if our daughter was going to face any future health issues, so June had her tested. The doctor must have forgot that June was supposed to have been raped got he had me swabbed the same day. That’s when my sham came to light!

“Well Mrs. Cartier I not sure how to tell you this but we have found your baby’s father for you!” Hesitating to say it right out, making me squirm in my seat as June perked up “ the test shows that your husband Graeme is the father with an accuracy rate of 99.999%” June swerves to me and just glares as my face reddens!

“What the hell! You Raped me!”

“Now honey it did succeed in giving us a child!” Then I swear I never saw her fist coming but my shattered lower jaw sure did feel it!” While my broken jaw mended I fed out little Claire her meals since it was easier to have one giant bowl for the both of us to eat out of! Eventually June did forgive me and to date I have even tried to bring up rape playing sex nights with her!

                                                                                                           The End

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(38)                                                                             Silently Seething

I’m in handcuffs, the detective was sitting across from me, as he was awaiting my lawyer, just staring at me after asking me “Want to tell me about what happened?”

In my mind the replay of the last two hours were looping from the time I got on this floor to now.


7: 26 PM, 12th Floor, Ross Building

The elevator door opens and JIm moves so I could get out of the elevator without spilling any water. I was one of the three night janitors in the Ross building, currently I was assigned floors eight through twelve. Now most nights I’m the only one on the floor, at times there may be someone else but not usually. Tonight the bitch was still on the floor when I got here. I ignored her for the most part, tonight though she had something up her ass and decided to take it out on me.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing her!” Rushing up in her cream coloured blouse and navy blue skirt “Have you no idea just how much work I have to get down before my presentation tomorrow morning at nine?”

I just look at her and shrug my shoulders and go to collect the garbage cans on the west side of the floor. “DON’T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!”  I turn back to her just in time to receive the full bucket of water splashed all over me. “TAKE YOUR SORRY WET ASS AND GET THIS SHIT OFF THE FLOOR BEFORE I CALL DOWN  AND HAVE YOUR ASS FIRED!”

The bitch is all I can think as I flick water off my arms and face. A red mist settles over my vision and flames ignite in my mind. She gets closer to me. Stupidest thing she could have done at this time. “GET THE FUCK OFF THE FLOO......!” my fist connects to her jaw spinning her around over the welcome desk behind her!

Fucking bitch!, I’ll fuck off alright! Right after I fuck whatever is up your ass further up it! In an instant I’ve got her skirt up over her back and with my utility knife slices the crotch of her nude pantyhose open.  Putting it away I fish my cock out and start stroking it hard , thinking about how I was going to teach the bitch her lesson!

She was moaning in pain as she returned to reality! With my thumbs hooked into the crack of her ass I pull her cheeks apart and spit onto the puckered hole found between them. I knew it was going to hurt her when I shoved home but I didn’t care, goddamn bitch deserved everything I did to her tonight for her fucking attitude and actions towards me tonight!

A weak “You hit me, HowoWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” The last syllable coming out as an ear shattering scream as I rammed my hard cock into her tight asshole right to my pelvic bone! Tears in her eyes as she rolled her head over the blotter on the desk, knocking the pens and folders to the side of the desk, on the floor. Then a sobby “Please take it out!” another rolling then “It hurts, I can feel you tearing my asshole!”

All I was thinking was tough shit bitch! And how I could fuck her even harder. For the next few minutes the air was assaulted with the sounds of my thighs slapping the ass cheeks. Then I felt myself tense up and shower her bowels with rope after rope of cum. There is still some more to come when I choke my cock after I pull it out of her ass and with one hand spin her off the desk to the floor then launching the last of my cum over her face on the floor!

She curls up like an armadillo about to be touched, sobbing when the elevator door open and outcomes Jim. “Hey Pete you about done?”

I turn to him with my cock just hanging limp before I put it back into my pants., Jim stares at me and to the bitch on the floor!

“Jesus Pete what have you done?” then he’s on the inter building talkie to Wally “Wally we need the police and an ambulance on twelve stat!”


“Well are you going to say anything?” As the elevator opens and I see Don Hewitt come out

“Hardly sir since his hands are cuffed! Before he could go on

“And he needs his hands to talk why?” Then a racist remark “Is he Italian or something?”

“No officer he’s a mute!” The detective’s jaw drops to the floor!

                                                                                                           The End

June 14, 2019, 02:34:36 PM
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Offline gscmar64

I love the old time detective shows of the forties from the radio days . This is my attempt at one using rape as a questioning technique by a P.I.!   

(39)                                                                                      Sentenced!

He was sitting across from his hands covering his face as the tried to hide the fact that he was crying over the fact that his girlfriend was cheating on him with someone else. I felt sorry for the palooka but what guy hasn’t been taken in by a doll like that before. I know for one I was taken and it changed my outlook on dames!

“No problem Mr. Morille, i find proof that she’s been untrue to you!’ he wipes his eyes and gives me the address and gets up and leaves. Noticing the time on the wall clock I look up the address up in the phone book and find out it’s only a block away from my place on Eight Street. I’ll pay a little visit to it on the way home.

I locked the door to my office and leave taking my usual route home, only different this time i stop and turn left at Eight Street and look for number twenty three. It was you typical place, two levels with a small patch of grass split by a brick pathway to the front door all surrounded by a white picket fence.  Some call this the American dream, I call it a cheaters paradise!

I go up to the door and knock on it, it’s opened by a dame dressed in a yellow sun dress that proved that sunshine was an essential vitamin in the development of chest pillows! “Hello Is there something I can do for you sir?”

“Save the sweet talk doll, I know all about you and your beau!”  She’s stand there shocked as I push pass her into the place. I knew I was packing and wouldn’t hesitate to use it to get the truth if that’s what it took, after all as the motto on my white pages ad says “Get I get what you need any which way you can!”. She closes the door and just stares at me.

“My father isn’t going to like hearing how you…”

I had to admit there was something familiar about her but I was here on a job “Save it toots, I only want the truth for my client!” Taking a seat on the couch  , waiting for her to sit down before I speak up. “Want to tell me why?” She looks at the bottle on the table in front of her then to the glass beside it. Eyeing it then me I let her know it wouldn’t be advised to do that. “I wouldn’t if I were you doll!"

She grabs the glass and tosses it into my face to bad she stayed within arms reach of me. A quick left hook caught her on the point of the chin and she was down and out like Palooka Joe in the comics!. I collect her off the floor and take her up to the bedroom where i strip her and tie her to the bed. Awaiting her to revive naturally  I look around, on the bedside table is a photo of here and a man and women, it’s creased  and flaking but the guy does look vaguely familiar to me.

 “Wha…” Great she back “Now sweetheart it’s time you tell me the god honest truth or pay the price!”

"You bastard my father will crucify you for this!”

“And what’s he toots!”

“Paul Bernard the commissioner of the police!”

That’s why they both look familiar to me! Bernard then this has to be his daughter Helen. But Morille said he was dating a Margret. Something wasn’t adding up here! “This is Twenty -three Eigth Street Right?”

“Twenty-one Eight street, twenty-three is behind here!” Looking up at me like I was already inside the cell watching the door swing close on me “Daddy will have your balls for this!”

She wasn’t lying!, Her father already had it in for me. We’ve had out run ins for months ever since I got my P.I. card and there was no way he would accept that this was a mistake in identity. No he would convince whatever judge got the case that I abused his daughter sexually! Looking down as she laid there with a smile on her face I had to admit she had the kind of body that drives guys wild.

Long curvy legs, a hairy mound that made seeking the jewel hidden in it’s foliage pleasurable and a set of tits that rose high and proud off her chest. The longer I look the more my cock responded and my morals changed their tune from get out of here to well you’re going down anyway! She gasped out loud as I started undressing in front of her. “You wouldn’t!”

As my pants and boxers landed on the floor on top of my suit jacket and shirt “Well as you said ‘He’s gonna have my balls for this!’, so it’s only fair that they go for an actual reason!” With that I climb on the bed on top of her, my right hand stroking my already hardening cock, aligning it as I surge forwards into her.

She screams as I shaft her fast and deep “Oh god it hurts!”  Well considering what I could look forward to I hope this did hurt!” Buried deep into her i saw the tears bubbling up ad over her lower eyelid “Oh god is this what the mean by being shived!”

Over and over I grunt as I pull back only to surge forwards once more. Then I cum as she weeping about how no man will want her damaged body!” I pull out and a slight stream of  cum with a bit of blood followed. “Damn you were a virgin!” Getting up and dressed, untying one hand before I hightail it out of there!. I bypass my place and hail cab “Take me to the train station!” I knew if I was to have any chance to remain a virgin i had to get out of town and fast.

Little did I know that fate decided to intervene by having a train jump the tracks coming into the station.  An hour later and I was standing in front of a height chart holding a little plaque in front of me. *Well goodbye ass cherry!”.


The trial was fast and the ending I never saw coming! I was found guilty of rape but Helen didn’t want to see me go to jail, no she has a even more dastardly evil plan for me! In front of the judge and her father she made her wishes know to all "Since no man wants damaged goods...."

“Hurry up Helen is ready and the justice of the peace needs to get back to the court for the afternoon session!” Bernard standing in the doorway of the bathroom, preventing me from escaping my court approved sentence, the bastard!

                                                                                                                     The End

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Your prolific story writing seems to know no bounds, gsc! And each one a little better and more imaginative than the last! I don't know how you do it!  ;D  But keep it up!