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Sorry I can only think and type with two fingers for so long before that nasty thing called life needs my attention.  I'll see if someone will let me share something I've been writing them on another site!

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Still waiting her reply but please feel free to read this

                                                                                                         The Recruiter

Montpellier Hospital was the last place in England I ever expected to find a goddess like the vision on the recruiting poster in my hand. The old bat didn’t do a thing for me but that younger one had me walking funny as I searched out a place to adjust myself in private. Finding a loo that was free I went in and has a good wank looking at the recruitment announcement In my free hand. Damn I had to get a face to face encounter with her if it was the last thing I did. And I knew I had to do it any which way I can?

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As my seed sprayed into the bowl the perfect plan came to mind and I was off to the hotel I was staying in to write a fake CV.  Once I was safely inside I looked up job placement ads in Montpellier Hospital finding one for a healthcare worker I knew the next step, surfing the net for a CV that I could memorize then alter it with my information. Fifteen minutes later I had my way into the door to hopefully meet her.

I sent my electronic CV through to the hospital human resources department in care of one Reichel Morton, who I prayed to god above was the hottie and not the old bat!. An hour later I received an email from her asking if we could meet on Wednesday at 14:35 hrs, two days from now, I email back “Perfect see you then!”

That was even better than I hoped for, now I had a day to memorize the CV backwards and forward


I’m at the hospital recruiting office wing an half hour before I need to be when I see her walking towards me as I sit in the pinkish hallway. She in a red blazer over a off white blouse, a navy blue pencil skirt with a pair of black three inch heels. Her brownish blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail held in place with a white scrunchie. Her lips were coated with a shade of red that made her blue eyes stand out. Oh god I wanted to push her to the wall and force her down to her knees and shove my cock into her mouth!

“Hallo sir can I help you?”

It took great effort to prevent any immoral comment from leaving my mouth “Oh hello I’m here for an interview at 14:35!” She looks at her watch and as i sneak a peek at mine it’s currently 14:05
"Well I’m the person who is going to conduct the interview and seeing as no one else is hear what say we begin know before the ret get here!”

“If your willing than I’m more than happy to start now!”

She unlocks the office and escorts me in before relocking the door “So we are not interrupted by anyone else!” Jesus just what i was hoping I would be able to do, convince her to lock us in together. Already I could feel my cock hardening as I sat down across from her.

“So mister???...

 “Cartier, Graeme Cartier” I go to pull out a copy of the fake CV when she pulls one off the pile on the right hand side of her desk.

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This was a scenario that I just had to write after my girlfriend asked me could it ever happen in real life!

                                                                                       Roofied By A Rapists

The Palomino Bar, the greatest place to be on a Saturday night for someone like me! I check my pocket and find the small vial of crushed GHB, pulling it out before going in, seeing it got one dose ready to go! I replace it then check my breath and appearance then it’s in I go. Checking out the room in general I spot her at the end of the bar, a five foot nine beauty with auburn hair, ample cleavage and legs to kill for. Damn she was going to be mine tonight and i knew i was going to get her any which way i can!


I been here for a while and tonight’s prospects were real slim pickings. I scan the front door every time it opens, after an hour he shows, got to be six foot if he’s an inch, blond wavy hair with a good build under his Brooks Brothers suit, just my type. Looking into me clutch I see the small baggie full of crushed Rohypnol. Now I all had to do was to get his attention and reel in my catch!


The broad at the end of the bar was known as was the guy who just came in, I signal to the Jan our waitress and to Jane my fellow bartender. Both take heed of my signal  so i knew this Saturday night was going to be one for the ages!


I bypass the ones close by making a beeline straight for my target. The look on her face was something else as I came right up to he “Hi Brick Mason and you are who gorgeous?”  Picking up her hand and kissing the knuckles

“Carin Mothers!”

“Well Miss Mothers can I have the distinct pleasure of buying you a drink!”

“Certainly Mr. Mason, Shall we go to a booth and have them delivered to us?”

“Oh most certainly, just let me place our order!” Watch her as she goes to the nearest booth “Damn what an ass!”


He comes to me and orders a scotch on the rocks and an olive martini with a lemon twist. When he turns his head to see his mark I slip a little something into each drink. A vigorous stir dissolves my little surprise for them. There wasn’t going to be any problems from this pair tonight!  “Here you go sir!” Smiling at him as I place the tray in front of him.

I watch him bringing our drinks back to the booth I chose, as he sits the tray down I fumble my clutch to the floor, hoping he would be a gentleman and drop to retrieve it for me. He see it and bends below the table and in a flash I pour my pouch into his scotch,stirring it with my finger. I pull back as he comes up, then as I thanking him then.


“Oh I say isn’t that Jim Gallows the star quarterback for the Hyenas?” She turns to gawk and I empty my vial into her drink, stirring it with the vial!” As it dissolves completely se turns back with a puzzled look on her face, I go into my patented routine “So sorry I could have sworn it was him over there!

As I sit she picks up her drink and takes a sip, I get mine and do the same! A bit of small talk later we both gulp down the remainder of our drinks . Her speech is slurred as I was hoping it would be, “My deer I inshit that I see you ome!” She tries to stand only to fall back to the seat of the booth. I try to get up to help her and everything goes black


2:30 AM

That’s everyone except for the sleeping beauties in booth six Mike!”  Jan say while Jane finished counting the till. What are we going to do with

“Give then a taste of their own medicine!” Taking my pants off, stroking my cock as I eye up the auburn hair bitch! Reaching down with my free hand to get a condom to wrap my cock in, Hell I didn’t want her to teach me a lesson of revenge!

“Ewww I’m not gonna fuck him!” Jan informs me as I swing the bitch so I could get under her skirt

“You don’t have to just give him a hand job!” As I glide the tip of my wrapped cock up and down the bitch’s slit. Well she isn’t going to remember this in the morning so I shove completely in, then preceded to fuck her long and hard.

Jane came over with a pair of gloves “Jan I’m a leftie are you a rightie?” Jan nods so Jane passes over a glove and then grabs the fly of their target, unzipping him. Fuck his cock looked like something that you see in those anatomy book in the library! Between the two of then they manage to get him off, his cum flowing over the gloves.

As I cum in the condom I instruct the girl to come over and wipe the glove against her pussy after I vacate it. When they are dome I have then look for the car keys while the cum begins to dry on her outer pussy lips and inner thighs. When they have them I have Jan go and open the back seat of the car then carry the bitch out leaving her on the backseat naked from the waist down. I return and get him after the girls have stripped his pants off, then carry him out placing him on top of her then closing the door.

We leave to go home!


With sunlight streaming through the back windshield the pair begin to stir as a strong hand taps the glass “Just what do you two think your doing!”
That’s when she comes too enough to find his body on her “I never say you could …!”

He stirs “Wha? Where my pants bitch!” he opens the door “Say are my pants out here?

“Not that I see!” the man in a blue uniform informs him “Tell you what why don’t the three of us go down to the station and check the lost and found for pants and just what the hell you two were doing here!”

                                                                                                                       The End

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Really enjoyed this one carhamgrater!

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I think you get a kick out of leaving me hanging. I love your writing

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How are self contained stories leaving you hanging?  Help the old guy to understand your needs!

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                                                                                                      Cresting The Waves

She was sitting on the dock awaiting me to show up to take her out to Graveyard Island in the strait.She was five foot seven, no more than one hundred and twelve pounds dressed in a white billowing top and a pair of cutoff faded jean shorts with white Converse sneakers on her feet. “Would you be Jessica Hawkes?”

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Lifting her large sunglasses up “I would and you would be Captain Cartier?” I nod my head as I check her out from head to toe. Liking what I saw in general and what my mind’s eyes envisioned under those clothes. Something in my evil conscious was saying that she would be an idea one to pull the old flooded engine trick with and get me some any which way you can!

“Is it a long trip?”

“Give or take about two hours if the current isn’t too strong!” Reaching my left hand out to help her aboard The Ravishing Lady. As our flesh touch I get goosebumps from the contact of her ultra smooth skin on my rough hands.When she safely aboard I start the engines and as five hundred horsepower comes to life the water by the dock starts to churn as I swing away and begin the trek out to Graveyard Island.

As we cleared the mouth of the harbour, the water gets a little choppy  so Jessica grabs onto the railing to keep herself stready. She’s far enough away that she doesn’t see me when I pull the fuse from the engine panel, effectively killing any power to the boat systems. Before long we are slowing down “Why are we slowing down Captain?”

“Ah the old girl is playing stubborn that’s all!” Pretending to look at the control “Say can I get your help with starting her engines again!” The trusting naive soul comes over.

“What do you want me to do?”

Oh what a loaded question I so badly wanted to say * Why not strip and screw me at the helm!* but instead I ask her to take the wheel while I try to restart the engines. As she does a big wave comes under us tossing the hull a good six inches over the surface of the water. “Damn! You better lash yourself to the wheel!” I hand her two pieces of rope with two loops, one at each end. “Slide one loop through the other after looping it around the wheel then place your hand into the feel lops and pull tight!”

The naive fool does and as soon as i see the ropes slide tight to her wrists I move in behind her and reach around her waist until I find her shorts button and fly, undoing then I slide her shorts down her tanned legs soon followed by her bikini bottoms. “What the hell are you doing?” Trying to mule kick me which made it easier for me to kick her legs shoulder width apart. All The while she is trying to get her wrists free. “Please! Don’t rape me!” Adding that she had access to more money than what she has already paid me.

“Oh relax I bet you done it like this many times before!”  Dropping my short  and stroking my already hardening cock with my left hand while my right hand works her pussy. Damn even her pussy lips felt like silk to my rough hand, And soon after a couple of fingers slipped inside she was wet enough that I wanted to take right there and then. As i moved closer to her, rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit I was just about to shove home when the damn coast guard just had to pop by.,

“You folk alright!” The helmsman calls out and I wave back while grasping Jessica’s waist hoping to block the fact the she was going to be raped soon!

“Perfectly alright!, The little Mrs just wanted to re-enact our elopement and I shut off the engine like I did two years ago!”

“Oh sorry to interfere with your re-enactment!” Moving away in the direction we just came from.

“Well since you didn’t give me away I’m going to make sure you get to Graveyard Island alive and satisfied!” Gently pushing my cock into her, holding it there so not to make her cry out in pain, incase the damn coast guard is on their seaward run once more. A coole of heartbeats later I thrusting in and out of a dejected Jessica. Damn she was dream fuck, so tight where it counted.

Ten minutes passes before I tense up and flood her pussy with my hot cum. Lowering my head to hr shoulders I kiss the skin of the back of her neck “What would you say about tossing it all away and sailing off to the spanish coast with me!” Releasing the slip knots she remains silent as I replace the fuse and get us underway once more. An hour later i come to the dock of Graveyard island “Once last chance sweetmeat!” Still silent she jumps overboard onto the dock and staggers silently staggers away inland.

As I make the return trip I head on the marine band radio “All boat be on the lookout for The Ravishing Lady and it’s captain, the coast guard wants to talk him about an acquisition of  wrongdoing being leveled against him by a young lady!"

That bitch, she ratted me out to the coast guard! Oh well I knew I had more horsepower than the coast guard cutter and I hear that the northern tip of Europe is really lovely this time of year! Funny I always loved long legged blonde, well no time like the present to go visit some!

                                                                                                             The End!

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                                                                                                           It Stop Him

There were five people at the podium, the mayor, his aide, the police commissioner, the officer who responded to my cries and me, Lucinda MacMillian the ladies the press was hailing as the person responsible for stopping the random attacks of women in the jogging park. I wasn’t a hero like they were making out, I was just an lucky/unlucky female who grossed out a potential rapist and caused him to run into the arms of Constable Morton who just happen to be after a graffiti artists through the jogger’s park.

Commissioner Fraiser was droning on “And so on behalf of all the females in this fair city I want to give you this commendation for stopping the reign of terror of the Jogging Rapist!” My mind drifted back a year ago this very day like it was just yesterday.

It was a semi chilly October night with Halloween a week away when I decided to get in my five mile run through the streets and the Runner’s Path system that ran through Conservation Park. With the moonlight and streetlights it was hard to tell It was ten as I enter the south end of Conversation Park, two miles of my run completed. I was jogging at a leisurely pace  making the wooden bridge over the small creek  with in a minute. Something put me on alert as I crossed the bridge, I paused and looked all around, seeing nothing so I continued.

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Another eighth of a mile passed then I turn around and start my jog back home. I still had the feeling that I was being watched from somewhere as I made my way back to the bridge. As I crossed it I caught a glint of moonlight reflecting off something, then I heard a can hitting something, goddamn teenagers were drinking in the park again. As my last foot cleared the bridge I saw a shape come from below it, lunging up and striking me foot hard enough to cause me to falter. I felt my other ankle turn under me as started falling to the tarred path.

That was when the shape spoke as he grabbed me legs tightly “Damn ain’t you a sight!” Pulling me back towards the wooded area just past the bridge where he been drinking. “Take my advice, Fight any which way you can but in the long run I‘m gonna get it from you!” He dragged me through the underbrush catching my sport bra in twigs, pulling it up my back as he continued deeper into a manmade clearing.
As we come into the clearing her jerks my legs over making me turn onto my stomach then  drops my legs and I feel him land on them pinning me to the ground. His hand reach for the waist of my short, pulling them down, lifting himself up then sliding my short completely off me. “No please
you don’t want to do this!”

“Yes I do so shut up and get ready for your fifteen minutes of infamy!” He had no idea what he was going to do and he refused to listen to me as I tried to tell him.

“Please I’m not a true female anymore!”

“You got a cunt right?, You got an asshole right? You got tits right?” Even on my stomach I could feel his leer on my back “Well that make you a female in my mind and able to do what I want from you!” He yanks me up onto my hand and knees, pulling me back hard onto his crotch which was still covered by pants. “Now you hold still while I open my pants!” The sound of his zipper opening and my tears started as I knew nothing was going to stop him from hurting me in a way like I’ve never been hurt before!

Seconds later I felt his cock as it touched my labia which was still stitched from my biopsy. I tried to pull away from him before he ruptured my stitches  but he reached under my waist and pulled me back to him “Oh no babe this is gonna happen!” his arm squishes both my flesh and the colostomy bag I had to wear until I was healed from my surgery!”

“Damn babe your warm on your left side!” He started breathing harder into me ear as he leaned onto my back “Damn bet you already wet just thinking about this ain’t you?”

“Noooo!” through tears. Something on his arm either tore the bag or dislodged it slipping some of the contents out

“Oh damn so warm!” then I hear him sniffing “Hey why do I smell piss and shit?”

“You-you damaged my colostomy bag!” Then instantly I was free from any weight  and I heard him crashing back towards the tarred path

“Damn I need to be disinfected!” I tried to find my shorts but in the dim light if was hard so I started to go to the path myself. Emerging just as I police officer  and my assailant slammed into each other “Officer I need to be taken to the hospital for disinfecting!” The officer getting back to his feet shaking his head.

“What the hell is going on?” As he shines his flashlight onto my assailant  then around catching me in my naked glory, the light reflecting off my colostomy bag.

“I tried to have sex with her and I touched her piss and shit!” my assailant then assured that he was going to get somewhere tonight “I’ve been raping bitches for the last four months throughout this park, now get me some medical help before her diseased germs kills me!”

Things happened fast after that, he was handcuffs and I was given Constable Morton’s coat while we waited for transportation, my assailant to the police station, me to the hospital. Constable Morton managed to find my clothes while we waited. All the while my assailant muttered to himself *Oh god I can feel it on my skin!” just loud enough that I got some satisfaction from his predicament

I was checked out and my colostomy bag was just slightly dislodged but they gave me a new one do to being rolled into the dirt to prevent me from getting an infection. My assailant was placed on trial where he was still claiming that he needed to be disinfected from contact with me. The roar of applause bring me back to reality as the commissioner is holding out a plaque to me waiting for me to take it “Say something to the assembled press Miss  Hero!"

I take the plaque as camera goes off then I’m in behind the mike  when a reporter calls out “So what stopped him?

“He didn’t like the bad I was carrying!”


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There are times when I don't think I'm playing with a full deck and this be one such time. The following is a little story I'm based around The B.J. Thomas hit (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song. it's told from the country redneck's perspective so the deliberate spelling mistakes are meant to be there to demonstrate his lack of education!

                                                                                     B.J. Done Something Wrong Song

While singing, Her bare breasts were mashed against the rough bark of the tree as I continued to thrust up into her pussy,each time lifting her up and off the ground by the upward momentum of my thust. Her cries for help echoing around the park like the lyrics of a bad country parody song. It wasn’t long before I felt myself tense up when it all went black after I heard, “What the fuck do you think your doing asshole?”


Nashville, Tennessee 1976

Mamma brought me here when I was eighteen saying I was gonna be a big star in the heart of country what with my singing and my way to sound like anyone I heard tawkin’. But something bad happened to mamma and me, no one wanted to hear me tawk or sing and mamma was put into a big place with lots of old people who keep leaving in a white truck with flashing red n blue lights!

“I still ‘member her saying “Now ya get yaself a record any which way you can boy ya hear boy!”

“Yes’m mamma!” Some time later she took that trip in the white truck and I never saw or tawked to  her agin! So I didicateed meself to getting a record just like mamma wanted me ta! Only problem I had was no one would show up to here me! The only one who even gave me a try was Miss Merna at her worehouse outside of Nashville.

She said that I enterteened her men folk who dropped in to see her. Some of the ladies though they made fun of me, sayin that I dedn’t have anything between my ears! They even made fun about the songs I sang and my voices I sang them in. So I concintrated on one song, practin it in the park so I had it down pat.

That was when I saw her running towards me, her udders sticking out as if she wanted me to shake them! It was all my eyes could do to keep up with the up and down motion of them! Something start growing in my pants the closer she got and I don’t even member  grabbing her as she was passing me swinging her to the tree.

Her top split open and she had nothing on under it. Something was very uncomfortable for me so I dropped the pants I was wearing, oh boy my winkie was straight out . I heard voices saying “She went this way!” the sound of my song coming through the air from somewhere. My winkie touch something on her when she parted her legs and I thought that I had cut her. I slip on something and my winkie went further into the cut I caused and it fell really good being in there!

She tried to get away from me by moving harder to the tree and i slipped back out only to sink back in when I took another step closer to her. Oh once more this was feeling even better to me, so I started moving in and out, “Oh this is good!”. She  is crying saying I was raping her then she starting asking me not to rape her.

I felt my winkie getting tighter and something inside my mind had me start singing, just like i’ve been practin’ even getting the voice right

“Hey won’t ya play another B.J. done something wrong song,
  And make me feel at home while I rape this lady, while I rape this lady!”

Then it went black


I woke in the police place, along with a few others they put me in a orange outfit and then into a room with a man wearing a black dress. I was standing there when the asked me Did you really sing “While I rape this lady!” I say “Yes’m” to him and he bangs a funny looking hammer on his table and he tell me he has no choice but to find B.J. Thomasson guilty of rape and to give me a ciminal record. He then asks me if I had anything to say to the court

I fall to my knees in front of him and Say “Mamma is gonna be prud of me I finally got me a record!” Then Two nice men help me up and take me with them to a new place that I would be livin’ for the next few years according to them!

                                                                                                                     It's done ya'll!

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“Alright People we have everything for this years yearbook except for the the picture of Mr. LaCognia, the janitor, so who wants to get that Picture for us?” The editor in Chief asked as he came into the spare classroom set aside for the yearbook staff to use. “How about you Andrea, since you and Mr. LaCognia seem to get along so well, why don’t you get the last picture for us any which way you can?”

Andrea tried not to blanch at the request, about to speak up when the editor said. “Well that’s settled, have the picture on my desk first thing tomorrow morning!” Her fellow yearbookers collect up their things and leave  as the clock on the wall above the door clicks onto the 5 pm hour. As she collects her things, her mind drifts back to the beginning of the day.


6:43 AM

My locker door has been bashed in again by the idiots who play soccer in the hallway. Lucky for me the janitor was coming back inside from collecting the garbage outside. Before he passes me “Excuse me Mr. LaCognia!” I wait to see if he was going to acknowledge me, he nods his head, his  right eyebrow arching as I continue “Could you possible get my locker open!” Motioning to the bottom corner that was pushed in

“Ah now that what the banging was earlier!” He moves closer to me “Well just let me and my trusty screwdriver get it back out for you my pretty. Going down on his knees and prying the door out with a metallic pop. Turning to me before getting Up again “There as good as new!” His empty hand reaching out and cupping the back of my left calf “Oh now aren’t this just a perfect curvy leg?” His hand gliding from the top of my Sketchers to the bottom of my Capri pants, making feel queasy at his touch!

As he stands up his hand follows the right side of my body until his hand came to read on my shoulder “You wouldn’t be up for showing me a little bit of gratification for what I did would you?” Pursing his lips and trying to lean in for a kiss from me. Oh god his breath reeked of Listerine and his lips were coated with what I could only hope was Chapstick. I squirmed out of his grasp and swung my backpack between him and me “Hmm didn’t think so!, not even a thank you!” Starting to walk away with the cart load of garbage

Before he was ten steps away “Errr Thank You Mr. LaCognia!” after swallowing a bit of acidic bile back down!


As I walk down the deserted hallways I can’t believe that I was going to do it, to be in the same place as that pervert alone once more.  Turning the hall into the wing that was considered the shop wing I make my way  to the janitor’s room, Knocking on the partial open door. At first there is nothing them “What do you want now?”

God he was still here “M-m-m-m-r-r Lacognia! I was wondering if I could get a picture of you for the yearbookk-k-k!” Slightly trembling, hoping that he would say No!

He’s behind his desk just inside the door to the right “Oh! course come in and close the door behind you!” Stupidly I do as told, “Oh it’s you they sent!” A big smile on his face as he gets up and comes around. “Do you have a preference or can I suggest something.

Thinking if I did what he wanted the picture to be I would be out of here faster “Sure how would you like to pose?”

“Why don’t you sit on my desk and take a picture of me coming through the door?” I say sure and take a position where only a quarter of my bum is on the desktop. He at the door and I hear a click that I don’t understand “How’s this” striking a pose standing straight his left hand on the door knob and the front of his pants open, his long dirty looking cock dangling out

I’m about to say something when he rushes my forcing me full on top of the desk. His hands undoing the top of my pants and lifting my up enough so he could slide my pants down my legs.  Oh I’m going get more than a thank you for being letting you take my picture!” Hir right hand sliding up my blouse and his left hand slides the crotch of my panties aside.

“No please I…" Turning my head I just catch a glimpse of a novel on his chair “High School Girl Gangbang” On it’s green cover a picture of a semi flat girl being felt up by a man behind her as a cock is pressed to her lips. Oh my god he was in here jerking off so he would be more than hard enough to fuck me!

I’ve only been with one boy ever and he was semi limp when we did it but Mr. LaCognia had a full hard on and he didn’t care as he shoves it complete into me. He didn’t give me anytime to adjust to his side and girth, sawing in and out of my pussy as if the big one was coming and we were at ground zero! God he lean into me licking on the flesh of my neck to the top of my shoulders leaving a smile trail that reeked of Listerine.

He didn’t say a word just thrusted in and out. It felt like an eternity passed before he grunted loud and I felt his cock spasming in me. On no I wasn’t on any form of birth control besides abstinence!.. He kept his cock in my until it naturally slipped out when flaccid, i could feel a bit a cum flowing out and down over towards my asshole.

“So how do you work this contraption?”  In a daze I didn’t realize that he had my camera in his hands. A small flash then “There if that turns out good I’ll expect you back here to let me congratulate you for a good picture!” The door opens and I hear him walk away talking aloud  “Mr. Enoch said some of the music stand needs screwing before Music Night on Thursday!”

Five minutes later I pull my pants back into place and pull up my pants and stagger out of his office, In my mind well you got it Andrea, I just hope that all I got!

                                                                                                 The End

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“Oh she was squealing well before I was done tearing her tiny little asshole apart!”

Fuck!, I had enough of his goddamn mouth! Pulling off the freeway going to the back of the derelict plaza. This asshole’s victim may never get justice but I was going to make sure he knew what i thought about him, as the thought “Any which way you can!” ran through my head. Getting between the two wings of the plaza making sure I was unable to be seen I got out and went to the back seat.

Opening the door, “Why are we stopping here?” Reaching in I force the fucking bastard over the seat, so he was laying on his stomach. I wasn’t gentle since he was handcuffed already, forcing his pants down to his bound ankles. “What the fuck is going on!” His voice rising an octave. Going back to the front seat I search around and find a bottle of hand sanitizer and some Blistex, more than what his victim got.

Returning to the back I apply as much Blistex as the small bottle held then some sanitizer to the tip of an already hard ebony rod that was going get a measure of revenge for his victim! “Jesus what the fuck are you going to do?” The tip pressing hard against his pucked opening. “Fuck this is police brutality and I’ll sue you!”


What a wrong choice of words before getting sodomized as I rammed in as hard and deep as I could get. He tried squirming to get away but his hands and legs being cuffed really provided no ways for him to get a decent grip on the soft plastic seat cover. For the next fifteen minutes i sawed the ebony shaft in and out of his ass, absolutely delighted with his screams of pain and tears. Only satisfied when the clock on the dashboard showed that I was at it for almost a half hour already!

“So how does it feel to get first hand experience what your victim felt asshole!” Emphasizing the ass part. “Just think of all the time when your found guilty that the cell mates will do the same thing!” Smirking as I pull back out and jam back in one more time. Looking at the opposite window for his reflection I see he’s passed out for my little demonstration, well at least the rest of the ride is going to be quiet!”

Pulling out I redress his lower half and fight him back into a seat position. His head lolling to the right so I prop him up against the window frame. Getting back in front I reverse out and make my way back to the highway, a wide smile on my face and thinking about a job well done!


I transfer the asshole to Officer’s O’Malley’s custody. He’s back with us crying out that he felt torn open down below “Bitch fucked me hard!” O’Malley just shook his head and led him off to booking and the holding cells. I’m about to go to my desk to write up my report when I'm stopped by John th fleet mechanic and cleaner!

“Hey Sylvia can I ask you something?” he waits for a reply from me, instead of just asking!

“Sure what can I do for you?”

“Well first what did you get all over your nightstick?” giving me a funny look “It took SOS pad to get it off whatever it was!” I could kiss John for that!, he just saved me getting rid of evidence of what i did. Now I was feeling even more confident that I was going to get away with what I did until his next question stopped me dead cold.

“And how did you like being the first cop with a dash cam in your car?”

“What dash cam?

“You mean you didn’t notice the small camera about the size of a tennis ball sitting on top of the dashboard?”

Shit I thought the guys were getting even with me for eating burritos on duty by installing an air freshener dispenser. Oops!,  Well looks like I just “fucked” myself into a cell!

Wonder if I’ll enjoy my slit being eaten nightly?

                                                                                                                                        The End

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Found a picture that drove my imagination and this is the result. Hope you enjoy

M/F Oral

                                                                                                                                   Back Stage Pass

Great the hottest act in the world was getting ready to take the stage and I was selected to make sure no one entered the back door to get into the backstage area while they were performing on stage. Of course that also meant that I could also let anyone in as long as they gave me what I wanted and in my mind that equalled getting it any which way I can. Fuck I wasn’t even allowed to keep open the door so I could hear the music reverb through the building.

A flash of white caught my eye and drew my attention to the mouth of the alley. I couldn’t be sure but I swear I seen it before. It was quickly followed by a flash of gold, so there were at least two hanging around here. Then my ears caught “Tharah you can’t!”

Coming towards me a a brunette in a gold lame top “Hi I don’t suppose there anyway you would let us in is there?”  Nervously moving from foot to foot, her friend in the white top staying back in the shadows of the waste bin! “My friend and me really want to get in and I’m willing to do anything to get in!”

In my mind *I bet you are slut!* But unlike her this wasn’t my first rodeo on door duty, so i decided to have form fun with her “Can’t let you in unless you make it worth my while!” Moving closer to her  “What say you drop the top and show me how bad you willing to get to get in?”
Now she was super nervous looking from me to where her friend was “I don’t know mister what if some came and caught us?” Oh two could play this game Looking from her to the door !

“Well the only way that piece of metal is opening is you open something and let me in!” I fully expect her to run like anyone acting like her usually does when confronted with having to put out. Damn the last thing i expected was for her friend in white to come forward and sink to her knees in front of me. She reaches out, unzipping my Leve’s and fishing out my cock.

"Lori what are you doing, no show is worth degrading yourself like that!” her friend sounded so disgusted with Lori was it, actions

Lori looked back, “Hush I want in!” Oh let's put that to the really test shall we!

“Tell you what you blow me and drink it all down and you and your friend get in!” She doesn’t even flinch when I add. “But i warn you and teeth scraping and I’ll have both of you picked up by the cops for soliciting!”

She just nods her head and leans in, taking my cock to her lips, her hand working me hard as She parts her lips and engulfs me into her mouth. Oh god damn she had a sweet technique/ flicking the tip of her tongue all over the surface of my tip than all along the length of my shaft. Her friend just stood there staring at her while I started groaning low in my throat.

Done flicking her tongue, she slides it up and down my shaft taking me deep into her mouth, Damn not one did I even get a sensation of teeth touching the skin. The only sensation I experience was a gum like feeling. “Damn baby you a pro or what!” She keep on pleasuring me as her friend just snorted and blurted out “slut!” Finally turning away as I gripped the sides of Lori’s face and pulled her deep onto my cock.

Five minutes passed then I felt the tell tale sensation in my nuts “Oh damn her it comes Lori!” As I started to pull her to me I released a long stream of cum into her mouth. Like a pro she took as much as she could, only losing a few drops to the pavement in front of us. “Well looks like the pair of you will be inside after all!

Lori is up off her knees fast as I turn to open the door. She motions her friend to go in first, giving me a chance to find out something. As she went to go by me I stop her “Damn I got to know how you keep from scraping me?” her Blue eyes lock on mine as she breaks into what normally would be a wide smile of teeth “Fuck you scammed me!” The door closed behind her cutting off their giggles!

Burnt into my mind was her smiling face as I zipped back up

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Well you win some and lose some!

                                                                                                                                     The End

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                                                                                          To Get An Endorsement

She stormed down the steps completely naked and bust into the kitchenette with fire in her eyes “YOU FUCKING BASTARD WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!”

Looking up at her totally innocently “Nothing Karen! I spent the night in the guest bedroom just like you wanted told me to do!” Keeping the smile off my face, as the memory of last night came back to me!


9:41 PM  Magra Theatre

“An when I snap my fingers you’ll forget that you were on the stage under my spell!”


Her eyes flew open “What a fucking fake!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way miss!” Taking her hand and helping her down the steps of the small riser stage we were on “Maybe you will allow me to see you home to make up for the money you spent on the ticket to my show?” Making sure the video cam picked up her response
She’s a bit dazed but accepts me offer! Well part one was well accomplished, by morning I will have another convert to my abilities! I knew it was wrong but hey get them Any which way you can was my motto!


Her fist coming towards my face which I easily evade DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME I KNOW YOU RAPED ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”

Calmly!" If I did that then why am I still here?”  Manoverouring her onto a chair “Before you do something we’ll both regret why don’t you watch the video you made!”

“I DIDN’T MAKE ANY VIDEO!”  Getting up going back up stairs, returning a few minutes later with the video camera I gave her after last night performance. Setting the camcorder so we both could see the screen. She starts the only recording on the chip inside


“Let’s give Karen a great big hand folks!” Applause welcomes her as i help her up onto the stage and get her seated in the chair I provided. “Alright ready Karen?” She nods her head and i begin waving a gold coin like a pendulum back and forth pass her eyes “Karen just concentrate on the coin and drift off to sleep!” A few seconds pass then her eyes droop and a light snoring can be heard from her. The remaining audience giggle and some one cries out “Make her cluck like a chicken!”

I whisper my instructions into Karen’s ears only loud enough for the video cam to pick up, To the audience “Karen I want you when you wake up to say that I am a fake but accept my offer to take you home. I use the standard line about when I snap my finger. On screen she wakes and can be heard accepting my offer to take her home.

Cut to the interior of my limo “Sorry you didn’t get the experience from my show that I could use as an endorsement of my ability!”

“Sorry if I’m not as gullible as others who attend your show!”

Cut to the interior of her home “What a lovely house Karen, Woof!

“Thank you! Yawning “I’m going to bed why don’t you use my guest room for the night as my way of saying thanks for the ride home!” Taking my video camera from my hand she goes upstairs to her room

1:06 AM the camcorder picks up “Meow mewooorwww!” Followed by “Damn neighbour cat!” She up out of bed going to her top drawer in her dresser, returning to the bed with a vibrator. First she uses her fingers to excite herself then after her juices begin to come she switches to the vibtstor. Moving it into her slow and deep at first than working it faster. As the time stamp on the screen advances so doesn’t her speed until she rapidly sawing the vibrator in and out like a piston in a car’s motor.

1:28 she arches her back and pulls the vibrator completely out, spraying a stream of her juice clean down the length of the bed. “Oh god that’s just what The mentalists said I needed!” Going back to bed!

She shuts off the camcorder and turns to me “I remember it all now!” Backing away from me “What else did you do to me?”

“Nothing Karen!” Taking her hand  “All I want from you for this point on is an testimony of my abilities!”

“You, you have it!”

                                                                                                                    The End!

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“Oh another two, god someone up there hates me today!”

I sat across from her, three of my pieces already home, three of hers still in the starting position. Sure she though that her luck was bad, little did she realize what I was manipulating the die through the plastic bubble and the thin table top. A little steel ball in the die and a strong magnet on my knee was getting my all the high numbers I wanted. But it was her idea to play for the prize not mine. When it came to getting into a girl’s pant the
motto ‘Any which way you can!’ became my mantra!

As she reaches out to ‘pop’ the die, I bring my knee up catching the little ball as it was closest to the number one side. “That’s the fifteenth one in the last seventeen turns!” Sighing and leaning back into her chair “At this rate I might as well just spread my legs for you!"

“Well Rachel if you want to skip playing the next few games I wouldn’t object!” Popping the die getting a six to start my last man going from the start!

“Bloody hell here!” she reaches up under her blue floral skirt and takes off her panties, passing them to me “You’re going to win then anyways!”. After that I took a little pity and let the die pop as fate intended it too. A four got her first peg home, my pop got my last peg from the start. From that point I let the die pop ten pops later All my pegs were home and two of hers still to start.

I didn’t really care, part one of my plan was accomplished I got Rachel out of her underwear without her realizing what  was going to do! Her boyfriend Chris was at work and that pain in the ass Cartier was being shown around by my next target Jessica! Wonder if he was getting into her pants like I was about to do Rachel’s!

“Well Victor would you like to help me create a true Brit classic!” Pausing as she rose “Bangers and mash with onion gravy!”

Oh this was just too good a chance to pass up “Alright but I have to warn you, I cry when cutting onions!”

“Well I’ll have you prep the bangers then and I’ll cut the onions!”

“A deal!” She leads me into the quaint little kitchen which has enough room that the pair of us to work back to back. With her cutting the onions beside the cooker and me behind her back segmenting the bangers into decent lengths. In my mind, Cartier’s thoughts running through “Bang her, Bang her, I’ll get Jessica out of here and you bang her!’

I turn around and there in the skirt was her ass staring at me taunting me *You want to pound this don’t you Canack?*Graeme in my mind her ass in my face  couldn’t take it any longer. I swiftly reach out and yank the hem of the skirt up over her butt. The sight of those two white globes were magnificent and once my hand let go of her skirt I grabbed a handful of cheek and in each hand. Parting them, forcing her legs apart  , letting go of her left ass cheek, unzipping my pants and fishing out my hardened cock.

“Bloody Jesus what are you doing Victor?” I step closer and aim my cock into her outer pussy lips, rubbing it all over her passage! When she wet I enter her like I pictured myself doing since I first made contact with her on R.U.

Into her I thrust up into her. Oh god she was so tight that I felt I was about to lose a few layers of skin but I didn’t really care. I have my dream girl on my cock!

“Victor you bastard take it out right now!”  Her hand comes up with the skillet in it as if she planned to hit me with it!. Up and down I gave it to her, god her inner muscles were gripping me and I knew that it wouldn’t be long  before I gave me my baby seed. I was thinking that her guy mustn’t be able to satisfy her sexually.

Five more minutes pass before I get the feeling that I was going to cum. By now Rachel hands were on the counter and she was crying, the skillet in front of her when I delivered everything I had to her. When I was through I stepped back and wanted to say something to her when I saw the skillet coming towards me head. I moved but the swing still connected with my shoulder and forced me further back.

She turned around and came at me like a woman possessed and i ran towards the door, barely getting it open before a form crashed into me taking me to the floor!


“He forced himself onto me Rachel!”

Just like that prick did to me!” Once more then skillet coming towards me as I extricated myself from Jessica. I’m though the door somehow as the skillet comes crashing down. I roll along the front until I come to stop at the foot of someone bend over clutching himself “Graeme?”

“Vic Let’s get out of here before they come for us!” We made it to  a corner shop getting a bag of ice to deaden the pain Graeme was in. A few hours later at Heathrow on an Air Canada flight back home, my laptop open on the tray in front of me “How’s your balls Graeme?

“Last I seen them black, blue and purplish!” I’ve signed into R.U. and there a message waits me. A read and I groan and show it to Graeme

                 “Assholes we’re contacted the Canadian Embassy and they have contacted the R.C.M.P. who will meet you when you land and send you
                                 back here in handcuffs!”

Damn! Must have read their comments wrong then!

“Oh well look on the bright side. Well both have lots of time to write!” Graeme ever the optimist 

All I did was start a story
                “She had no idea just how frustrated I was becoming reading her words. All this time, I knew she wanted me, if only I could
                    get to her to prove it!”

"Well Vic looks Like you might have another chance to do just that someday!"

"What about Jessica do you want to see her again?

"No! She made it abundantly clear that she would make me a female if I came near her or in her ever again!"

We both plead guilty to save them an embarrassment  each of us receiving a five year sentence! After serving it we were both deported

                                                                                                              The End

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                                                                                                    Nature Walk

All the way over the Atlantic Victor and I talked about how we were finally going to score with the two brits that were out “Top Of the Pops!” Well here we are and Rachel had us getting ready to sit down to play “Frustration” I could tell jessica wanted out of here fast, Victor well he was so horny for Rachel that the pilot had to come over the P.A. “Would the guy thinks about a girl please quit, you’re steaming up the cockpit!”

Jessica caught my eye, which wasn’t hard at all- fuck she was a girl that was meant to be a Page Three girl if I ever saw one! Blonde hair, brown eyes and one hell of a body which I wanted to get to know! My inner perv hollering *Get to know it any which way you can Graeme!*

She leans closer to me and I could smell the gentle scent of Jean Coteau and what I imagined was desire to be alone with me! “There’s not a whole lot to see around here, but would you like to go for a nature walk so we don’t have to play!”

Just the first syllable got my cock stirring  and screaming * I love nature walk between pussy lips so go dickhead!* “In a heartbeat Jessica!” Watching as she got up and made her way to the front door, my eyes and my body following every wiggle of her form the entire way! Before Rachel gets back Jessica has me out the door, breathing deep as she takes the light sweater off wrapping it around the blue jean skirt she was wearing. Across the street from 62 Atherfield Road was a grove of trees that just begged to be walked through.

“I know it’s not a big deal to a Canadian but we brits don’t have that much wooded spaces left so we kind of like to walk through them!” taking my right hand in her left leading me to the small opening between a pair of trees “There’s even a man made brook in the trees so the trees have nourishment!"

“I’ll willing go anywhere you want to go Jessica!” damn and I meant that, The deeper into the small wooded area we went the harder it was for me to keep my cock from tenting my pants. The site of her muscular legs didn’t help much either nor for that fact the gently swell of breast under her t-shirt. Suddenly she stops and lets go of my hand.

“Oh look Graeme it a hedgehog!” She points to something moving in the undergrowth of leaves and grass “Oh isn’t it cute. She moves to a tree trunk to see where the little rodent went. As she searches for it, I move behind her and drop my pants, freeing my hard cock. Reaching out i lift her sweater and skirt and nudge her ass cheeks with the tip of my cock.

“What the bloody hell are you doing!”  Pressing her tighter to the tree trunk I work her legs apart and try to thrust my cock up into her promise land!

“Oh god yes Jessica take it like I want you too!” Lodging my cock into her passage and beginning to move up and down

“You bloody bastard take it out now or you’ll live to regret ever making my acquaintance!”

“Take it out no way in hell am I going to do that!” I was so excited to be in her. That i lost control and came faster than I ever wanted too. As I popped out she swings her elbow, catching my just below the throat. I’m on the ground gasping for breath  “Oh… Damn… that… was… amazing!” Trying to get back to my feet I see her smooth the skirt and sweater down, tears in her eyes.

“I trusted you you asshole!” Storming off back the way we came, me doing everything I could to apologize to her

“I just couldn’t help myself Jessica you so bloody beautiful and besides I thought all you comment had an underlying current that said *I want you Graeme!*” Were back by the roadway when she turned and launched a kick that I failed to see coming until it connected with my balls. She lifted me up off the ground, as I came back down, my hand instantly gripping my balls, my eyes full of tears.

She across the road and into Rachel’s door, then i see through the tears Victor rushing out. He beside me helping me up “Vic Let’s get out of here before they come for us!” We made it to  a corner shop getting a bag of ice to deaden the pain I was in.

A few hours later at Heathrow on an Air Canada flight back home, “How’s your balls Graeme?

“Last I seen them black, blue and purplish!” Iwatch as Vic signs into R.U. and there a message waits , he groans and shows it to me
                 “Assholes we’re contacted the Canadian Embassy and they have contacted the R.C.M.P. who will meet you when you land and send you
                                    back here in handcuffs!”

Damn! Must have read the meaning in their comments wrong then! “Oh well look on the bright side. Well both have lots of time to write!” Vic just stares at me!

Then he starts a new story...
                “She had no idea just how frustrated I was becoming reading her words. All this time, I knew she wanted me, if only I could get to her to
                           prove it!”

"Well Vic looks Like you might have another chance to do just that someday!"

“What about Jessica do you want to see her again?”

“No! She made it abundantly clear that she would make me a female if I came near her or in her ever again!"

We both plead guilty to save them an embarrassment  each of us receiving a five year sentence! After serving it we were both deported

                                                                                                                              The End

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“Hello Piedmont Police Department, Officer Speakhearty speaking, how can I direct your call!”

“Hi I was just sexually assaulted by someone and I need a police officer and a clean up squad at number 69, 224 Overeasy Drive please!”

Alarm in the officer’s voice “Miss are you injured?God bless her I wonder how she was going to respond when I answer her

"No I’m not injured and yes he  is still here!” Pausing then “Puking his guts out in the locked bathroom!”

“Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that Hotel Rent My Rooms?”

“Yes that’s correct, now can I have an officer and a clean up squad?”

“They are on the way miss!”


The last couple of hours come back to me as i sit and wait for the police and cleanup squads to show up. It all started when my cousin Lara called me claiming to have been raped by one Chuck Uppington. Now I heard rumors about this asshole and how he loved to force any girl who wa lonely enough to date him!

My cousin Lara worked as a maid at the Hotel Rent My Rooms and unfortunately ran into that piece of garbage Chuck. I believed her so I ask her if the bastard is around. Her reply shocked me seems he a maintenance man at the Hotel so he was there as we speak.

“Well then no problem Cousin see you in a hour at most!”

No sooner did I get there with a sport gear bag of dirty laundry i planned to go to the laundromat with.  As I waited for the clerk to finish with his business i was approached by a guy.

“Now what is a lovely piece of womanhood like yourself doing in a place like this?”

My cousin comes into the lobby and we spot each other her mouthing *he raped me!*

Going into a southern accent “Well sugar  just got a divorce and I looking for a new place to sow my wild oats!”

“Well then little lady allow me to show you to a room!” he takes my bag and leads me up to the sixth floor ninth room and explained how each room is listed, that’s why he stops outside room 69 amd lets us in. Ending his talk with any you get a good night sleep any which way you can!”

“Oh I could sleep better if I had me a little… !”

No sooner did I start then he hit me with my bag, knocking me to the floor  and was tearing my top open, exposing my bare tits to his sight. “Who’s the little slut!”  His mouth then clamps down on my left tit. Hid hand undoing my pants and one slide inside, His mouth pops off my tit “Naughty little slut is commando and already wet at that!”

Inside I was smirking, *This is going to be even easier if he keeps acting with his little head!* Back acting “Please don’t do this I’m an innocent!”

“Innocent my ass!” Moving as he slide my pants down my legs Now you stay there and don’t move or you’ll regret it sugar!” He stands up on the mattress and takes off his pants, a five inch cock dangles between his legs, hardening as his pants lower, like it was on a string that ran between then and it! He lays back down his head going between my legs as his splits my head, his stubby cock by my lips .

His head turned just enough that he is unaware what he’s about to find! “Now I want you to suck me off while I eat you out!”

“Yeah that’ll be the day!” He ignores my comment and turns and a split second later starts screaming like i’ve stabbed him!

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU BITCH?” Jumping up off the bed and racing to the bathroom his hand flicking his tongue like he was trying to get it out of his mouth. I hear the lock slide home and i call the local police


I smoking in bed when the door bursts in and two male officers enter with gun drawn, a female office is close behind “Where is he ma’am?”

“Still in the bathroom puking to my knowledge? They go to the door and try it

“Police open this door!” It opens a crack and then he throws it open “Oh god get me out of here!” Starting to confess to everything “She the nastiest broad I’ve ever tried to take to bed and damn it there n=been at least ten here in this hotel that I did without asking!”

“Sir I have to caution you Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law!”

“Fuck the court of law shit that bitch’s pussy is  swollen red with white puss coming out of it!” Moving to the door “Just get me the fuck away from it!”

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The male officers takes him out while the female questions me and my cousin about his allegations. When she is satisfied she leaves after i tell her i have medication at home and will use it!

When it’s just me and my cousin “Hey Cuz did I tell you that bastard Norman gave me Chlamydia again!” 

                                                                                                               Back Soon to non gross stories!

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And i return to the type of story that doesn't grosses anyone out a little story I like to call

                                                                                                                            The Card

8:00 AM

“WHAT THE FUCK!” She screamed it out loud that her mother came racing from the kitchen to see what was wrong with Sindi. In her hand a folded piece of paper  and a plain brown envelope.

“What is it Sindi?” The paper card is passed over to her, she reads it and drops it to the floor. The printed words in flowing Blue ink “On this Day I want you to feel great, then in large blood red letter “For by the end of this day you will be raped!” Sindi’s mother grips her daughter in a tight bear hug “Who would send this sick joke to you Sindi?”

They both look at the envelope and see no writing on it at all! “Sindi I think you should stay home where I can keep an eye on you!”
“I can’t mom today Mr. Tomas is expecting me to work with him until inventory is over, so I’ve got to go in!”

“Then you be extra careful and call me the minute your able to come home and I’ll go get you!” Kissing her daughter on the cheek. “In fact why don’t I drive you to work so I will know you made it there safely!”

“If it makes you feel better okay mom!” They go to the garage and the drive to Smart House Appliances is done in silence!


8:00 PM

Most of the day both of the guys watched the way Sindi’s ass wiggles as she walked or climbed the ladder to count the inventory. A little before eight Mr. Tomas and Sindi were taking a break while Raymond continued on counting the skid of Blenders “64...65...66...67...68...69...and 70!”  Stopping to write down the amount “And with that we have only two wrapped skids of food processors and the skid of defective merchandise to go!”

“Well kids why don’t this old man get out of your hair and leave the last skid to you to count!” Raymond readily agreed, Sindi replying that Mr. Tomas isn’t that old or in their hair, making Raymond shake his head at her comment. “I know the two of you will be done faster alone than with me helping so I’ll see you tomorrow. He reminds then to lock up then leaves. Raymond immediately show Sindi that the skids of food processors are rows of ten four high, so both agree that there is forty  per skid and eighty in total.

The two get the ten products on the defective skid counted and recorded  “Well that’s it I might as well call mom and tell her she can pick me up!”

“Why you afraid of being here with me?”

“No Raymond!, mom’s freaked over somebody idea of a joke!’ Continuing on to tell him of how she found an envelope containing a two sentence card “On this day I want you to feel great because by the end…” Raymond presses a hand over her mouth as he pushes her against the wall

“Of this day you will be raped!” A evil grin on his face “and so far it’s coming just like I planned it so far!” his free hand going to her sweatpants drawstring and undoing it! “Man how cooperative of you to wear sweats!” His hand slide in between her flesh and the sweatpants, “Hot damn I was right your commando!” before taking his hand off her mouth “Now if you continue to cooperate we’ll see if you really are a Sindi!”

With both hands he spins her against the wall and forces her new bared legs apart. With one hand on her neck, his chest hard onto her back her pins her against the wall while his free hand takes his hardening cock out of his sweatpants. “Please Raymond I’ve never done anything to you!”

“Oh no what do you call those tight pants and miniskirts!” Aligning his cock to her slit after rubbing it up and down her pussy lips “And lets not even talk about those flirty lines to get me to do things for you” Shoving in right to the hilt Lifting Sindi up onto her toes to accommodate the extra inches that has been shafted into her.

“OWWWWW! You bastard I hope your cock falls off for this!” Tears from the painful fucking streaming down her cheeks along with dust from the wall

“Damn Mr. Tomas isn’t going to believe how tight your pussy is!” Thrusting up and down like a piston in a V6 engine. His breathe coming out in short pants as he . Ten minutes later he cums into her, pulling out and watches as she sags to the floor, her tears leaving a wet streak down the wall. “Hey remember to lock up before you leave!” dressed he leaves her there crying ,cum dripping on the floor.


Mr Tomas sits in his car eyeing the door when he sees Raymond bolt out and tear off like a ghost was chasing him. *Good she alone,nows my chance!*  Looking around seeing no one he enters the store and makes his way to find Sindi. Entering the stock room he see her on the floor crying!

“Sindi what happened?”

She looks up “Raymond raped me Mr. Tomas!”

“Well I can’t allow him to do that!” Helping Sindi getting her up, stepping on her sweatpants  so they comes completely off, leading her to his office. Inside there is one one chair and it’s behind the virtually empty desk, as they come equal with the left side Mr. Tomas spins her and pins her to the desktop. “I was the one to do you not him!” on top of the desk by her head another card “You been a valuable member of Smart House crew. Don’t think for a minute that i’m not going keep fucking you!”

His hard cock thrust into her anal opening making her scream long and loud. Without mercy he used her ass, reaching under her to grip her tits and squeeze then like he was testing their firmness. “Oh damn!, Bet Raymond didn’t do this with you?”

Much like Raymond Mr.Tomas used Sindi like a sex doll, eventually cumming deep in her ass. Unlike Raymond, Mr. Tomas made her clean up his shit streaked cock with her mouth. When he figured she was finished “Now get yourself dressed and I’ll drive you home!”

Dazed Sindi does as she’s told. In the car it was silent the whole trip until they pulled onto her street then Mr. Tomas pulled over and took her chin in his right hand. Turning her head towards him “Don’t try telling anyone what happen our the little file of miscounted cash till receipts will be turned over to the police the same time you are!” Letting go of her chin, starting to drive again, pulling into her driveway “See you at work tomorrow Sindi, eight sharp!”

Finally she speaks “But I don’t start  to ten!”

“Just thought you want to take a shower before starting work. I’ve still have to inventory two holes!” He reaches over and unlatches her door, letting her out!”


She enters to find her mom and Raymond waiting for her “About time Sindi!” Mer mom coming over to take her by the shoulders leading her deeper into the room “Poor Raymond been waiting to take your anal cherry all this time!”

Sindi is confused deeper, Raymond grinning like an idiot and her mom was looking sternly at her. “Just what keep you all this time and who drove you home!”

Sindi collapsed to the floor like a ragdoll!

                                                                                                                                 The End?

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I hope you continue this. I'd like to see where you take it