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These are one shot stories will only one thing connecting then and that "Any which way you" can will be in the story somewhere!

The first story features M/ underage female, rape, snuff

The author of this piece knows the difference between writing raping and killing a person, do you as the reader understand the difference. Please seek professional medical help if you don't before the legal establishment gets it for you along with a new place to live for a while!


“You’re sure this is safe Jay?”

“The the last time Ellen! I’ve been climbing the Chimney Rock since I was eight!”The pistons I use to tie the ropes to are still embedded in the rock. 
“And to the best of my knowledge I’m still in one piece!”

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“Well that good for you but I’ve never been outside of a city before, much less climbed down a rock chimney!” Ellen Regis, 16, an orphan who moved to Kamloops, British Columbia a little over a year ago from Vancouver to get over the sudden death of her parents and live with her only relation a distant cousin whom she never talks about. “And why do we have to climb down in the nude?”

“I’ve told you Ellen!, clothing give a greater risk of snagging on the rough outcropping!” tossing the ropes down into the opening “Beside why worry about being nude it not like anyone will spot us!” One big reason I chose this excuse to get out of the city!

“But! Jay this will be the first time you seen me naked since we started dating!” Trust me I was well aware of that it’s been over nine months since we hooked up at a dance. And I’ve had blue balls ever since. My dearly departed dad always said “Son when it comes to women, get it any which way you can!” Well today that the way it going to be!

Passing her the purple dyed rope after helping her into the harness.When were both ready I start her down first letting her get five feet down before I start my descent. Soon I’m right beside her as I encourage my city dweller to become one with Mother Nature. Down another ten feet we go!

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“Oh my god Jay this is so exhilarating!” Stopping to peer back the way she came “I came feel myself getting excited!” Damn the last statement was
starting to get me hard and I knew my planning was going to payoff. Getting more confident she kicks out and repels down another five feet , getting bolder she goes five feet further and I watch her going knowing that at any moment she was going to be crying out in distress. She stops suddenly and starts to turn in circles “Jay what did I do wrong?”

Going into my well rehearsed act “What wrong Ellen?” Going down slowly making it seem that everything was alright. “Grab a hold of the rock and steady yourself. She does and her momentum is arrested even though she shaking like a leaf. Repelling down, a fake look of concern on my face. “Try to release more rope and start down again!

She does but nothing happens just like I was well aware it would. To make it seem like I was worried “Okay Ellen stay steady and keep a tight hold, I’m going to swing in behind you!”  my first move places me right beside her, the second gets me right behind her ‘Okay Ellen Listen I don’t know why your caught but I want to to spread your legs and lean back into me!”

“W-w-w-hy-y-y!” She trembling and if I didn’t know better I think she might have pised herself, the air had that acrid tang of urine in it.

“So I can reach around you and hook my line to your carabiner, then we can both go down on my line!” The trusting twit bought it, leaning back into me, her legs opening enough that I was able to settle between them. My rock hard cock sticking straight out almost touching her undefended pussy. I couldn’t help it I want her to know just how stupid she was to trust me “Ellen do you what the native name for this chimney rock is called?”


“It’s called K’lpalekw which translates to ‘The Coyote’s Penis!” letting her digest before I make her well aware why I told her that. “That means that as of now you’re going down a coyote’s cock while going down on me!” that when I thrust up into her, filling your dry pussy in a complete thrust. Her scream of pain almost deafened me as it reverberated around the rock fissure walls.

It might be that she was dry but she was a hard cunt to fuck, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was finally in the little cock tease.

“Yo-u-u-u bastard-d-d-d!” trying to move away from me and the wall, only to find herself in my tight grasp.

“Oh relax and you might even enjoy it Ellen!” She beginning to produce enough moisture that it was getting easier to thrust in and out of her. I start fucking her faster grunting into her ear with each thrust in. I could feel myself getting closer “Damn Ellen I’m going to cum in your pussy!”

“No I don’t want to get pregnant by a bastard like you!” Crying now from both the shame of me fucking her and that fact how easy it was to trick her up here to begin with. Her next few words though sealed her fate! “When we get out of here I calling Uncle Victor and have him arrest you for raping me!”

“Oooh! I’m shaking in my harness!” will I wasn’t until she blurted out in rage!

“He’s a captain in the Kamloops R.C.M.P.!” Oh shit I didn’t know that “When I tell him that you brought me here and raped me he’ll kill you!”

“You mean he doesn’t know you here with me?”

“NO!” she cried out followed by an even longer “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” A bone jar thud reverbered up the shaft when her body finally met the floor of the cavern. My thumb coming off the release toggle!

“Ooops! Sorry Ellen!” Climbing back to the top of the Chimney. At the top, I recoil both ropes then dig in my pack for the little black book to write her name in it. Damn I count she was the fourteenth girl that planned to charge me with rape, Damn might have to find a new place to climb. The Parks Canada officers are bound to find the bones sooner or later! Then it hit me!

“Damn! Got to find another girl to fuck!” Walking the trail back to the SUV to return to Kamloops. You know maybe now would be a good time to relocate to Ontario, they say that Canadian shield makes great climbing!

                                                                                                                 The End!

The first photo is the actual K'lpalekw In British Columbia, Canada

February 28, 2019, 07:49:20 PM
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(2)                                                                                                How To Handle A Trouble Patient


The first thing I was told when I entered the emergency room all those years ago was and I quote “Treat the patient and get then to take the medication any which way you can!” So when nurse Levers came back to the station complaining about the patient in room twelve wouldn’t take the shot, I decided to do exactly that.

“Here give me the needle!” She does and I grab my smock and placed the needle in the  the pen holding slot of the breast pocket and trotted off to the bathroom. The snickering and comments from the nurses following me.

“Even through his arms and legs are strapped down  he’ll break her in half if he chomps down on her arms like he tired to do to me!”

And that’s where her problem lies, she didn’t approached him like I had in mind. For the one thing I learned in my tenure here, any male could be made to do anything with the right persuasion! Coming out of the bathroom, the smock buttoned right up to the top of my neck, showing off nothing but the calves of my vertically challenged legs. “Number twelve correct?”

“Yes Doctor!” More snickers and comment as I turn and make my way there “Hey I’ll bet a hundred dollars the next patient will be her with a bite wound!” Oh I’ll see that action and raise it to two hundred that it a bite and broken bone!” Another seemed to think that I had the situation well under control “Hey I’ll lay five hundred that she medicated him!”

I just shake my head as I read the name on the identification placard by the room number G. Marten then underneath that in erasable marker “Groucho!” Entering “Well Mr. Marten may I ask why you’re giving the nurse a hard time over your medication?”

“Hure verpissen Then he glares at me, like he was trying to intimidate me.

"Such language Mr. Marten!” Moving to the foot of the bed and drawing the robe, up and I walk to the midpoint of the bed. “Now we can do this one of two ways, you can let me administer the medication!” Patting my breast pocket, “Or I can relax you first!”

“Hure Abficken!”* Followed by an attempted bite!

“Right relax you it is!” my right hand going to the waistband of his boxers and pulling then down. A his cock came in sight  I was already anticipating what I was about to do. My hand returns to his cock and starts stroking it hard, as my mouth watered as it began to get hard!

“Was zum teufel machst du hure?”* As my mouth settled over his cock in my hand the next thing out of his mouth was “Das ist vergewaltigung!”*.

Up and down I worked his cocm with both my mouth and hand. The next thing out of the big bad German was a low “Ohhh gut!”*
I knew from experience that now was the time to let go and swing up over him. Releasing his cock from my mouth and hand His eyes widen in shock until I climb up onto the gurney with him and tdrop my smock, revealing myself to him in all my naked glory! Swinging my leg up and over his prostrated form

“Kein verdammter weg!” as I grabbed him and lowered myself onto him. Even though he was bound down he tried to meet my downwards motion with an upwards thrust. For roughly five minutes I rode him until he cried out!

“Kleiner, ich werde abspritzen!”* One of the few words of German I knew abspritzen meaning hose down!. I’m off him like a shot and he sprays up like a fountain for about forty-five seconds. All over his legs the bedding around him and his lower half. But the effect was what I was hoping for, his eyes were drooping and a light snore was issuing from him. Getting down I grab my smock and takeout the needle and administering the medication into my newly docile patient.

Buttoning up I leave, “There he’s been medicated!” Walking over to the nurses station and depositing the empty needle onto the counter Now if you
all don’t mind I’m going for a cigarette break and a shower, he spat on me before I left!”

                                                                                                                   The End
German Translations in order of appearance

Hure verpissen-Piss off whore!
Hure Abficken- Fuck Off Whore
Was zum teufel machst du hure?-What The hell are you doing whore
Das ist vergewaltigung- This is Rape
Kein verdammter weg!-No Fucking way
Kleiner, ich werde abspritzen Little one I'm cumming

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(3)                                                                                   The Salesman

“You get a sale today any which way you can or your ass is outta here you understand me!”

Great just what I needed!, as if my self esteem wasn’t low enough, Mr. Lorde had to give the ultimatum that he threw at everyone who ever worked for him. Like it was my fault no one wanted to buy a used vehicles from his lot. Unlike the others I knew I was really under the gun, in the two months I been here I haven’t even been able to get a person beside a vehicle.

Looking out the small window I spot her, in a dark dress looking at the grey Hummer under the upper showroom. I was out the door in my head *Please lord let me sell her this one!* Getting nearer, she spots me and I go into my spiel “So what is a delicate little flower like you looking at a monstrosity like this?”

“A big brood who likes to go camping but don’t want to sleep under the stars!” A melodious voice that had me melting inside as she turned to look at the hummer again. I couldn’t help but stare at her slim fishnet stocking covered curvy legs, the looked more like a teenager’s than a lady of her age!

“Well then why Don’t I open her up and show you the interior then?” moving around her and  slipping the key into the lock “This one has an extra feature of a folding step up system so you don’t have to jump up into it!”, Up she goes crawling up onto the back seat on her hands and knees , giving me an amazing view of her ass and pussy. Hell she was going commando and I instantly had a hard on.

Before I thought about it I got in with her, as she moved to the other side of the seat I lifted her dress tail while unzipping my pant and taking my cock out. When it was free I grasp her by the waist and pulled her back hard against me,my cock already nudging her pussy lips.

“What are you doing?” then she gives a little gasp as I enter her

“Giving you a perfect demonstration of how big the space in here is!” Thrusting slowly into her until the flesh of her ass touches the flesh of my pelvis. On goddam she was tight and in my mind this was so right. I started speeding up making mer rock to and fro as I pounded into her. Not once did she hit her head against the side door. My left hand left her waist and moved under to cop a feel of her breast through her dress. Oh man she wasn’t wearing a bra either.

With my cock lodged up her pussy I turned us so I was spooning her on the back seat. Even with me hard against the backseat she was nowhere near the seat’s edge. I really start to pound her, me breathing hard, she oohing in pleasure with every thrust.

“Oh fuck I’ve never had a demonstration like this before, when buying a vehicle!”

Taking my hand off her breast moving it up to her hair, moving it so I could lean my head enough so my lips could place butterfly kisses along the side of her neck to the bottom of her ears. Oh god I knew this was going to cost me but right then and now I didn’t care. I could feel myself building,
I groan out loud and she answered me “Please if cum, don’t do it in me!”

I look around wonder where i was going to cum when I spot the ashtray on the door handle. Pulling it out of it’s space I bring it to our crotches  as I pull out and start to spray my cum into the aluminum, filling to near capacity. We lay back her rest hard against me as we both wait for our breathing to return to normal.

She gets her breath back first “Tell you what If you knock five thousand off the price I’ll take it and forget the way you struck the deal?”
“Deal!” I would would pay the five grand just to have another round with her pussy!

With a sly look on her face “Don’t suppose I could get a extended warranty package?”

“Well if you want I could drop by your place and explain the various plans we offer!

Oh that sound perfect to me! Tonight my roomie goes to her night school class so you can explain to me the what rear end rust proofing is!” Oh fuck my cock started hardening as i hoped she mean what i hope she did!

An hour later I’m walking her out to her vehicle as the boss comes back on the lot with a coffee. “Well any luck selling a vehicle

“Oh yes sir and if I explain our plans right I maybe able to sell an extended warranty package also!


I just smile and go on my break, thinking about tonight!

                                                                                                               The End

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(4)                                                                                     Message To The Mind

For all intent and purpose she was an everyday normal thirty year old. She needed money and I needed a guinea pig to prove my theory about the human subconscious. It seemed a perfect combination, I had ten thousand set aside to pay her if he would let me inject a subconscious scenario into her mind while she slept. And that’s why she in a room in a bed with wired strapped to her head.

An hour and a half later she begins to show physical signs of the scenario taking effect. Her nipples begin to harden and her breathing becomes more rapid “Doctor Cartier her sign are going off the chart!”

I expected they would but let’s not worry, it’s still earl!” Moving the monitor and checking for myself “Call me if her vital signs go into the danger zone!” Going into my private office with a smile on my face.


I’m walking the corridor of my school, night class was out for over an hour when i first laid eyes on him. He’s a strapping man barely out of his teens, one arm is a thick as my thigh. He’s wearing a wife beater and a pair of gym shorts, torn at the crotch, his balls dangling just under the material as it hung between his legs.

His brown eyes lock with mine and I begin to tremble as he closes nearer to me. His deep bass voice seems to reverberate from everywhere “Looks like it’s your lucky night bitch!” Reaching for the cloth hanging down, lifting showing me everything! His cock had to be at least six inches even before it hardened. Christ it looked liked one of those hoses that expands to three times their size!

He started running towards me and I turn and take off stupidly going deeper into the school instead to the nearest exit. I get about half a hallway from the classroom when I’m tackled to the floor, her bulk easily pinning me to the tiled floor. He lifts himself enough to turn me over onto my back, his giant hand grasping the front of my dress and ripping the fabric down from the neck to hem, exposing my bare body to him. “Oh yeah, just what I thought they would look like!”

His mouth closing on my right breast and nipple, taking the A cup completely in his mouth. My hand curl into fist and for all the good it did i pumped my fist against his head and shoulders, but it was like a feather hitting a sequoia trunk. His mouth moves to my left breast, sucking it in like it was nothing but a snack to him. His left arm comes across my throat, holding me down like a barbell with one hundred pound on it. His right hand moves to my crotch, his fingers penetrating me making it seem that a dolls arm ws just shoved into my pussy.

I cry out “No please don’t rape me!” i’m ignored and I feel his finger leave me then something a lot thicker and warmer jams in “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. It was like a was impaled by a two by four. I felt it as it pushed every inch of flesh out, making me feel like a can of pasta was being used to fuck me. Like all my insides was being pushed up into my stomach. Oh god it hurt so much!


“Doctor Cartier she spasming!”

“Well nurse Jensen shouldn’t you be in the room with her?” She leaves my office door and rushes into the other room. Good thing I signed an
agreement that I wouldn’t be in the actual lab room with her in case she did what I hope would happen!


Oh god he finally bottomed out in my pussy, making it feel like my legs were in two different rooms. He starts to thrust in and out and I want to cry out but it felt like the contents of my abdomen were only being held in by my closed mouth. It felt like hours and for all i knew it was. Then I felt my worst nightmare become reality! A river of warm cum was gushing into my pussy and u to the top of my gag reflex!”  Oh god I was in my fertile period and this monster may have just inseminated every egg in my body!


“Oh god Dr. Cartier she either just pissed herself or she just cummed!”

“Well what does it smell like Nurse Jensen?”

“I don’t really want to find out!”

Then I see her eyes open  “Excuse me you wouldn’t happen to have a cigarette would you?”

Damn! Now I couldn't wait to get back into my office to read the scan!

                                                                                                                  The End

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These are great one shots. Looking forward to more

March 06, 2019, 04:16:44 PM
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(4)                                                                                                Really!

  It’s the fourth time this week that she called me up, crying about how she was being treated by her coworkers. Christ I left the same company only two weeks earlier cause I didn’t like the way I was being treated. As I kept trying to get through her thirty-seven year old head, “If you don’t like the way they’re treating you then give your notice and leave!”

Don’t know what pissed me off more that she would call or the fact when I came over to try to make her feel better she would touch me, press up against me with her 36C braless tits, getting me all fucking hot and bothered. God damn the amount of the water bill this month could be used to buy a cheap used car and four dinners at The Keg complete with two drinks each!

And yet here I was once more, her head on my shoulder, her tears soaking my shirt and her breasts pressed so hard into my the side of my rib cage through the robe she was wearing, that I though they were going to poke through the gaps in my ribs. Tonight rant was how they were talking about how she dresses and acts in the office. I knew that cause she deliberately left her office clothes on the chair in the living room while we were on the sofa.

I knew she finally stopped her little rant when I looked down and saw her one eye staring up at me, God damn it didn’t she fucking knew how hard
that look made me? She started talking again, “And then Larry said “I would fuck you hard but i’m not into cardigans and slacks!’, just what would he mean by that?” Like I would have any clue what a moron like Larry thought!

“Well I think he means that you could get get laid more if you dressed sexier!” And then for some unexplained reason I added. “And even you got to be aware of how those doelike gray eyes of yours turn guys on when there’s a vulnerable look in them?”

“But I only ever look that way around the house or you?”. As she moved off my shoulder I got a good glimpse down her open robe. Fuck I felt like I deserved a full viewing not just a glimpse. Then the comment that pushed me off the cliff into the abyss “I mean Neill you never been turned on by my eyes or how I was dressed!” Moving to the side “What would you do if I said I was naked under this robe?”

In a flash I had her on her back on the sofa, the back of her head hitting the wooden arm of it, Tearing open that robe, she wasn’t kidding she was naked as a jaybird. Her fist with tring to pummel me and I was getting even more turned on “Oh yeah Jess, try to fight me any which way you can!” Holding her down with my left hand while unzipping my pants with the right.

My knees fit between her legs forcing then apart, so I could settle myself into her sex easily. Like a child she hit in on the point of the jaw  “Oh that it’s Jess try to hurt me like I going to hurt you!” Another blow connected as I shoved my six incher home, She gasped out in pain and I caught a metallic tang in the air?  The first thing to the male mind *Naw it couldn’t be that?* But her words confirmed it to me!

“Oh god And I was saving myself for mister right!” More Tears began flowing  from the pain of a ruptured hymen. Who would have thought- a fucking virgin at thirty-seven! Oh man this was just too good to be true, but in a way it did explain a whole hell of a lot!

As I bottomed out in her now open passage I wait before pumping her good and hard. Bad enough the way I’m treating her but I didn’t want to turn her off cock for the rest of her life! When I thought she was good I pulled back and started the slow, deep thrusting that hopefully eventually she would come to adore. Her immediate reaction was to close her eyes and turn hr head towards the back of the sofa.

In a way that made it even easier for me, I didn’t have to look into her face a I basically raped her. Over and over I thrusted into her eventually switching to a rapid short fucking rhythm before I pull out until only the tip remained in. That when I felt myself cunning in her.

Oh yeah that it’s!” Jess only murmurs  to the  fabric in front of her face. As I pull out and get up , I tuck in a zip back up, she’s making no moves to move, even when I come back from the kitchen with a damp dishcloth to wipe her up with.  As I finish I toss the cloth into the kitchen sink and let myself out the back door. Almost home when my phone rings, taking it out seeing her number on the screen. Oh let me guess she calling to say she called the cops on me!


“Oh Neil I understand that you felt cheated by me and I don’t hold you to blame for what happened but can you tell me what you think Larry meant by his comment and what I should do about it?”

I just look at the screen in disbelief!
                                                                                                             And This One Is Over

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Glad You And Dirty Serenity are enjoying the quick hits. Makes them even more fun to write!

(6)                                                                       Before The Start

“Damn Coach says I’m going to be benched so the new guy can have his chance to lead us into the city wide playoffs!”

“Oh no Jason that just won’t do!”  Looked like mommy was going have to intervene once more. Leaning across the counter, Whispering to him, he backs up and looks at me “What you get him to the grocery store any which way you can and Mommy will take care of the rest” He’s just standing there  “Just do it tonight at eight thirty or do you want to be benched?”

Eight fifteen I see him and someone I don’t recognize out the main window. Jason makes eye contact with me and I leave the cash making my way to the produce section. Just as I start to stock. that dim bulb Mr. Howards calls me into the back.


“Are you sure this is alright Jason?”

“Yeah trust me Matt!, We all did it before we started a big game, it’s tradition for us quarterbacks!”

Well he should know after all he’s ben the starter for the last three years. He turns and leads me into the store, over to the head of the produce aisle, there I see her, a tall brunette with a wide ass and great bare legs that came out of her tight navy blue skirt. I swallowed thinking that if the front view matched the back view than i was going to ‘score’ here as well as on the field tomorrow night!

With a final look at Jason, I get two thumbs up and a giant grin. Turning back I see her bend over and the skirt started riding up showing me that she had nothing on under it. My heart started beating faster as my mouth filled with water. In my mind well who was i to turn down following in tradition.

Walking up to her I pretend to be looking at the heads of lettuce she was looking at. The closer I got to her the harder my cock became. When I was right up behind her I turned to make sure that Jason was still there, getting a thumbs up again I reach out and lift the hem of her skirt with my right hand. My left slides between her thighs from behind, contacting her vulva. It was already warm and I didn’t mind touching it to make it even hotter.
She gasps out a little but she doesn’t stop me physically or verbally. Getting bolder I let go of the skirt hem and reach up for a breast. I could feel the cold fabric of her bra through the fabric of her shirt. I step closer to her putting my right leg between hers until they parted. The hand already there going to my fly, releasing my throbbing cock which i make sure started pressing against her thigh.

Another shift left and I was in position to sink my cock into her pussy. As I started to move in she cries out “What are you doing?” More penetrates her and for some reason she cries out “Take it out or I scream Rape!”

“Oh right like you haven’t been expecting this!”

The as loud as she could “RAPE! HELP HE’S RAPING ME.

I look where Jason said he would be waiting And I don’t see him! Oh shit what was going on? She was trying to force me off her, reaching behind her to scratch me with her fingernail  crying out that I was raping her. I pull out and step back, she spins and a solid right hook crashes into my jaw just as two burly guys dressed in store aprons grab me. From the front window I see flashing red and blue light pulling up.

Of fuck what has Jason got me into?

Ten minutes later I’m in handcuffs, the burnette was covered in a thermal blanket being led out of the store by a female offices to a cruiser

“So you want to tell me why?”

“It was my initiation to the starting quarterback position tomorrow!”Looking at the officer “Just ask Jason McCall he’ll tell you!” The officer looks at me strangely!

“Jason McCall!”  Speaking into his microphone waiting for a reply then “You mean the Jason McCall who is currently at the seniors home reading to the elderly along with other members of the football team?”

Shit I’ve been set up!


The door open and there’s Jason with the playbook in his hand “Well honey are you starting tomorrow?”

“Yeah mom but tell me why did you let Matt stick his dick into you?”

“Jason! I was in the back with Mr. Howard sorting out an order”  giving him a strange look

“Then who did Matt fuck?”

“I have no idea honey!” Sitting down on the couch beside him “When Mr. Howard and I came out of the back Mr. Kruger as with the police and told us he had the situation under control so we went to the office to send the order in!”

The morning news has the initial report of how Matt was arrested at the scene of the crime for sexually assault of the principal’s wife.  Jason was questioned but cleared since the other members of the team vouched that he was with them at the senior centre. In the end Jason lead the team into the playoffs while Matt spent the weekend in jail awaiting his bail hearing!


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(7)                                                                                Picking The Guess

*Come on Steve give her the fucking choice you bald headed bastard!* Then I hear him “So it simple you can go through the left door and be with his lying ass or the right door to a new life the choice is all yours!”

*Come to the right Jean, Come to me you sexy whore!* I can’t see her choice until she comes through the purple curtain *Yes!* Fist pumping, I rush over to her “Alright Miss Novak I guess you like to go back to the hotel now?"

“Can I change out of these clothes first!”

*Oh yeah let’s get you out of those clothes and right onto my cock!* “Of course Miss Novak!” Going into my smarmy routine  “You can feel free to change back at your hotel if you would be more comfortable there!” She looks at me a worried look on her face “Oh I’ll return the clothes back here when I pick up the next scheduled guess!” Jean Novak smiles at me totally unaware that I planned to give her something else to remember her “Steve Wilkos Show” experience.

“Well then I’ll just wait until I get to the hotel, Would it be possible to stop for something to eat first”

 “Absolutely what would you like a six incher?”

“Oh I would choke on a six incher!” Inwards *Well I’ll put that to the test, trust me on that Jean! “Could we stop for a burger and fries maybe!

“Anything Miss Novak” I walk her out the studio door to the waiting limo, more like a PT Cruiser but Steve considered it a limo!. Fifteen minutes later we’re at the Stamford Motor Lodge in room 269, kind of appropriate since soom the two of us would be sixty-nining even if one didn’t want to. She goes in to change out of the clothes the studio lent her so she would look proper for Steve.

“Oh damn!” Yes I knew exactly what was happening, got to love wonky zippers that pull apart easily!

“Problems Miss Novak?”

She comes out  “The Damn zipper won’t go down!”

“Here allow me!” She turns her back to my and I reach out and pull the zipper even further apart, allowing the dress to drop to the floor. Before she could getaway I reach my left arms around her pulling her tight to me “Oh yeah finally I’m gonna show you why your story was picked!” Grinding my hard-on against her asscheek.  “Trust me it had nothing to do with him cheating on you!”

“What are you talking about?” as the situation dawns on her “Is that you cock?” Swinging an elbow towards my head “I’ll tell your producer about this!I back up enough that she misses me. It gives more than enough leverage to lift her up off the floor and toss her onto the small settee. I’m on her in a heartbeat, hiking the hem of the dress up over her ass! Damn just as we suggested she commando, great makes it that much easier to take what I want from her.

Pinning her down with my weight, I get my pants open- god bless velcro, a sex fiends best friend next to Viagra! As we drivers say “be ready to get it any which way you can, wherever you can!” When I free I don’t waste time, shoving in as she shouting out “Help me he’s raping me!” From somewhere either above us or beside us “Do her one for me!”

Her cries becomes more choked by tears as I ream her pussy without a care in the world! “Oh yeah just as I thought you would be on the audition tape!’ Damn I just had to make her understand why this is happening “You see you Jean I was dating your sister when she dumped me while  interning on The Jerry Springer Show. So this is my way to get even with the bitch!”

“But I’m nothing like Claire!” Her voice choked by her sobbing “Dean cheated on me. The lie detector proved that!”

God it would only be a few more thrusts before I busted my balls into her, now would be the perfect time to tell her “Oh yeah about that, we switch the lie detector results, he’s totally innocent!” Thrusting in hard and holding it in deep “Unlike you Jean!” Unloading in to her!

She lays there like a limp rag doll when I get off her “Oh yeah Dan wanted me to ask who Ray was?” Closing the front of my pants, she doesn’t say anything as she curls up into a fetal position “Don’t want to admit anything?” Moving to the door “Well maybe Dean can get it out of you!” Opening the door and walking out into the hallway.

“She?” Dean standing against the wall.

“Nope!” Walking past him “But your right she got a damn tight pussy!” As I walk down the hall I hear the door open.

“Well you little liar who the fuck is Ray?” the door closes and I start whistling as I remember that tonight was another story trolling session. Wonder who’ll catch my interest tonight?


March 11, 2019, 10:55:08 PM
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March 12, 2019, 01:23:25 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Well usually an addict has to pay for a fix, but considering it way me that got you hooked I'll slip you one free! ;)

( 8 )                                                                                       Educating Smithson

She had to come to my office, she knew her grades were that bad. She had to be aware that only a face to face with me would be the solution to her lack of understanding on the subject. As she stood in front of my wide polished oak desk she was slightly trembling as I peered at her over the rim of my glasses. “What do you have to say for you paltry attempt to pass my course Miss Smithson?”

“Professor Cartier I don’t understand why I can’t seem to grasp what your teaching!”  Her gaze lowered to the top of my desk or to her shoes, I didn’t know which! “In high school Biology was my best subject!”

“At least have the common decency to look me in the face when talking to me!” Instantly her head snaps up, her eyes centered on my face, even as I begin to get out of my chair “Maybe you need a different approach to learn the subject Miss Smithson?”

Nervous, “A-a-a-a different approach-h-h-h sir?”

Coming around the desk and her, I have to say I never noticed how she filled out the women’s Levis jeans before. A compact round little ass that wasn’t hard on the eyes but was making a part of my biology respond to it’s apparent charms. The jacket she has on, arms folded across her chest makes it very hard for me to get a complete view of what she had to offer. Don’t get me wrong I knew from the start that she was a fresh face girl with blue eyes who usually wore a subtle shade of pink on her lips but the height of the desk and the fact that I looked up from the floor level to the tiers of seats made it impossible for me to determine anything else about her.

“Yes a different approach!” Reaching out to rest my hand on the curve of her right asscheek. “Maybe a more practical approach is required!” Gliding the palm from the top of her cheek to the top of her thigh, leaning close, lowering my voice “and I do mean practical!” Raising my voice a bit, "I want you to learn any which way you can!”

Funny she doesn’t squirms from my touch, nor is she responsive to it either. I decide then and there to test just what I could get Miss Smithson to do here. Taking my right hand along the side of her thigh to the zipper of her jeans, I would have sworn that she would have tried to get away from my advances. To my surprise as I slowly lowered her zipper down, she didn’t move or seemed to breathe either. With it fully down I reach up to undo the button to the front of her jeans, opening her jeans, giving me access to what was inside.

“Shall we start with, the parts of the female system?” Sliding my hand in over the front of what I thought would be her undergarment, but to my surprise was bare flesh. “Now Miss Smithson!  What is my hand currently touching?”

Only her speech betrays her nervousness “M-m-m-m-y moun-d-d-d-d-d sir!”


My right hand gently caressing the flesh “My Mons-s-s-s Pubis-s-s-s Professor Cartier-r-r-r-r”

“Well I must say I’m surprised that you knew that Miss Smithson!” my hand coming down to push the jeans down her legs. Stepping back so I could watch as the blue denim material gently slide down her shapely legs. The sight of her bare ass had me erecting even faster than my perceived image of what it would look like did. As my eyes took it all in, I wondered how it would look with big red hand prints over each cheek!

Getting a little bolder, I brought my hand back to the top of her mound. “Now can you tell me the next thing I’ll encounter?” my left hand going to the button of my pants, undoing it then opening the nylon zipper below it. To mask the sound of the zipper opening “Well Miss Smithson can you?” If she heard the zipper opening or not she didn’t reveal it to me, all she did was let out a small breath she apparently been holding.

“That would be the Labia Majora Sir!” Earning her the pleasure of my fingers tracing them as I told her she was correct.Up and down I moved my fingers all over the surface of her puffy pussy lips. Now I was starting to get turned on by how willing she seemed to be to my method of teaching her, getting bolder I penetrated her outer lips resting again the inside the covering flesh.

“And what am I now touching Miss Smithson?”

Now her breathing was becoming a bit strained “My labia Minora sir” The nervousness leaving her voice, being replaced with the hint of pleasure. A very low hiss escaping her lips as i trace her inner lips like I did the outer pair. At first she was dry but the longer I touched her the warmer and wetter she began to get.. As my middle finger and thumb penetrated her inner lips she let out a small “ohh!”

“Tell me what is the next part of the anatomy!”

Going to her toes “My clit sir!” A bit excited that would be my clit your thumb is touching sir!” Then realizing her mistake “Errr I mean my clitoris sir!”

“That’s better Miss Smithson!” My thumb tracing the infinity symbol all over the sensitive nerve bundle. Before I could say anything else

“Barbra Jean sir!" Squirming so more of her sex was in contact with the flesh of my hand “It’s Barbra Jean!”

“All Right Barbra Jean it will be!” Working my finger and thumb in her moistening passage “Where is my finger disappearing into Barbra Jean?”

“Into my cunthole Professor Cartier?

“Must you use such vulgar language Barbra Jean?”

Practically dancing in my finger “Sorry sir into my Vaginal Orifice sir!”

“That’s much better and pray tell what goes into the Vaginal Orifice?”

“Your coc… er the male penis!” Rewarding her correct answer by taking her left hand in mine and bringing it to my hardened cock. As her palm touched the warm flesh she started to stroke it up and down.

“Ahhh!” escapes my lips answered by her “Ohhh!’ Both of us dripping pre cum as I take her hand from my cock resting my chest on her back “Barbra Jean lean over my desk and spread your legs apart!”

She moves to the front of my desk, spreading her legs, a drop of pre cum running down the inside of her left leg. I step up and align myself, “And what are we about to do Barbra Jean?”

“Fuck sir I hope you are going to fuck me!”

I slap her right ass cheek “LANGUAGE!”  So she would learn faster I strike her right asscheek ten times in rapid succession. As the tenth one lifts off I switch to my left hand “Now once more What are we about to do Miss Smithson?” switching to her proper name to show how annoyed I was with her choice of words.

“Fornicate sir, we are going to fornicate!” Ten strikes to her left cheek lets her know that she was still wrong in her terminology

“Copulate we are going to copulate Miss Smithson!” Holding her down I shove in fast and short.

She raises her head and screams at the top of her lungs!  “Oh god yes copulate me professor Cartier!” Reaching so I could clap my left hand over her mouth before she attracted anyone’s attentions who may have been passing by.

My right Hand strikes her right asscheek again “Shut up!, If anyone comes to investigate I swear I’ll let them copulate with you also!” Letting go of her mouth I grab a handful of her long black hair, yanking on it as I thrusted in and out of her vaginal orifice. Starting fast and short I change to slow and deep stroking, making her whimper in pleasure. Her head moving side to side under the handful of hair I held onto.

Fifteen straight minutes pass before I feel my balls churn, sending a stream of cum through my penis. So she didn’t think I planned this “Barbra Jean!  I’m going to cum!”

“No not inside me!”

Hearing that I pull out and spray my hot cum over her back and asscheeks! Stepping to the side, I lean onto my desk right hand corner “Well Barbra Jean have I made the first lesson clear to you?”

She’s still draped over my desk, rolling her head so she was looking at me “Yes Professor Cartier!” A smile comes to her face as her breathing returns to some semblance of normalcy. “I understand so much better now!”. Getting up moving closer to me “But tell me why ten slaps? Wrapping her arms around me “Yesterday it was only two slaps!”

“Well I have to reinforce the lesson don’t I?” Kissing her on the lips  “So shall we go onto the next lesson?”

“Oh you mean the biblical immoral version of copulation?”

Smiling at her, my hands cupping her asscheeks “Well since it’s not taught at the University you can call it what it is ‘fucking your tight little ass!’ ”

                                                                                                                              The End!

March 12, 2019, 10:48:44 PM
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*Batting eyes* More please? I need more. 🙏

March 13, 2019, 08:15:36 PM
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so with this one I'm cementing my place in hell!

M/F, Rape, Implied Beastialty

(9)                                                                             The First Rape

And God saw what he hast created and and proclaimed it to be good! The seventh day he rested, preparing to start onto the next phase the next period of creation. God made Eden and placed man in it along with animals to tame and raise. But God found man had a certain problem, he would touch himself in impure ways. Especially when behind the wooly sheep! For the fourth time in the past sun cycle God caught him “AH DAMN! LEAVE THE SHEEP ALONE, THAT IS AMORAL!”

In his anger God placed man to sleep, taking from him a rib from and sealing up the flesh of man’s chest. In haste God placed the rib in the center of a shape similar to man’s but for some reason the outer flesh started to swell, little protrusions appearing. No matter what god tried the swollen flesh refused to return to normal “Must be time to rest but first let me educate man!

“This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” Of course man was so deep in sleep he failed to understand God’s words. God tried many times to convey his word before giving up “Oh well he’ll figure it out come morning!” Closing his eyes and resting believing that all was right!

The new persona wasn’t given the talk by god before being placed in Eden. In the new experience the new lifeform started to search the surrounding. Into the bushes the lifeform went, somehow causing a piece of a branch to fall, clipping man on the shoulder, instantly rousing man from slumber.

“Wha…?” Looking at the fallen branch seeing, scratching himself noticing that that part of him was once more extended, Man decided to go into the bushes to get relief. Just as he was about to penetrate the foliage the bush started to shake. Man became alarmed, gripping the extention so nothing could harm it, man started in only to jump when a slimy length of body passed over the ground in front.

The small jump put man off balance, sending man forwards  and down towards the earth. Just as man though that the ground would hurt him something soft broke man’s fall! His extension falling into something warm and different feeling!

“Oh god that hurt! Take it out!” a high pitched voice speaking surprised man! Looking down man got the first glimpse of the other lifeform like man but it was different to man’s senses.

“Wo man! you feel so different from sheep! Man moving out, losing his balance then sinking back in,deeper than before “Oh this feel right!” Pulling back and sinking in over and over.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Wo man relax and you may enjoy this like I am!”

“No I’m not enjoying this!” Water coming to the new lifeforms eyes “Who are you?”

“The voice in the heavens keep saying Ah Damn!”

The life form in pain getting it wrong “Well Adam get that out of me!”

“ Wo man I feel funny!” the man tenses up and the man’s face scrunches up then and the other lifeform cries out!

“What are you doing? Why does it feel very warm inside me?”


The other lifeform crying out “I don’t want your coming in me!” The lifeform calls to god “God make Adam stop coming in me!” The water from the eyes streaming down the lifeforms face.

Suddenly  “WHO IS ADAM?” God screams through the heavens  “CAN I NOT GET THROUGH THE EVE WITHOUT SOMETHING WAKING ME!”

Man getting it wrong “Eve that what this is for I found it during the Eve! Starting to pump up and down once more

“Adam get out of me!” more wailing from the lifeform.


And that is the biblical story of the first rape and rapist and how came to be! Don’t you hate what the Catholic church had cut out of the Good Book!

                                                                                                The End!

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March 20, 2019, 08:32:27 PM
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(10)                                                                           The Pussy Fluffer

The guys all knew that dad was desperate when he rented the house out to a porn producer so he could shoot his latest scenes. As we were sitting in the backyard by the pool it was John who say “That this would be a great way to get it any which way you can Mike!” And I had to agree with him, especially after seeing Miliana Jovovich go to the basement.

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Fuck she was a hottie, long brown hair, brown eyes, a darling medium rack on a five foot seven frame that had me hard just picturing her riding a cock. And to think while the guys were watching I already had my plan to get me a piece of here before she was taken by those empty brained jocks the producer chose for his shoot.

Getting up “So pay attention guys and watch Mr. Smoothe in action!” As they called out their jealous insults I went to the hidden lawn covered shelter door that lead to a room just off the basement room where Miliana was currently. When I’m in I secure the hatch back in place and make my way to her room. I’m in the doorway as she is waving to the guys  through the small window at the ceiling

“Excuse me miss I’ve been sent to fluff you!”

“Pardont?” Looking at me strangely like she didn’t understand

Great her English was piss poor and I knew how to take advantage of that “Herr Black sent me to…” Gesturing with my hand how I was to spread her legs and part her pussy to make it easier for the guys upstairs to enter her. She must have been able to figure out my charade since she took me to the small divan that was in the room with her.

When her back was to me I flashed the guys a thumbs up and started taking my pants off. Going to her on the divan she was gorgeously splayed out on it’s pillowed surface, her long legs already parted the most inviting looking pussy that I’ve ever seen before with a small brown haired landing strip pointing the way to her sex.

Not knowing when she was going to be called upon I waste no time moving to her and mounting between her legs. To my surprise she already wet so I didn’t need to play with her long, just enough to get me hard cock wet enough to penetrate her easier. Aligning my cock I slide past her outer lips and into her warm passage moaning in pleasure as very quarter inch slide into her.

Good this felt great compared to the few girls I've been in at school. Oh yeah I could just imagine the faces on the guys as they watch me make it with Miliana. Got her pussy was gripping me like a vice she could control by thought alone. She locked her eyes on mine as we fucked and I was burning every pore in her face into my memory. I could feel myself getting ready to cum so I thrusted in and out a little faster.

Under me I didn’t realize that she has a smile on her face as she felt my cock tense up in her. In the sexiest voice I ever heard “Sho you empty moi?”  Oh shit that right I should pull out like that do in porn but the combination of her voice and pussy technique drove me past the point of pulling out! Spraying everything in her I heard her “oooh monsour!”

When I’m semi flaccid I’m off her “Damn that was the best fluffing I’ve had to do!” On my face a huge grin, only to be matched by the sexiest smile I ever seen a pair of lips curve into on her face. Lean down I kiss those lips before taking my leave. Before leaving the basement via the hidden entrance I take out the colour contacts that placed in earlier this morning.

Damn who knew dad being such a stickler for keeping out identity would come in handy to help me get laid!. I’m back with the guys when we hear from inside


We conveniently chose to be elsewhere when the cops go there!

                                                               Remember even duping a porn actress into sex is still rape in the eyes of the law!

March 20, 2019, 11:13:00 PM
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Like some kids in an '80s teen sex comedy! This was hilarious!

March 23, 2019, 07:56:43 PM
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(11)                                                                                  The Demonstration

I wanted notorority any which way I can get it but this stuck up bitch was really pissing me off!

“So do you understand what your to do or do I have to do it for you?” Grabbing the tube of Astroglide off the table in front of me “You squirt a small amount onto my back, pretending to rub it into my ass crack then some onto what passes for a cock on you and simulate having anal sex with me!” Dropping the tube into my lap “Don’t fuck it up, this is my big break to be on television!”

Some big break a local station afternoon waste of time before the national soap opera came on. Before I could reply Miss Snotty walked out of the small dressing room the show gave us to get ready. Her regular partner couldn’t make it and I was a very last second replacement sent by Margaret to fill in. If this was any indication of how she treated her regular partner it’s no wonder why he pulled a now show.

Something told me today was the day I was going to gain my notorority, even if it’s for walking out on that bitch’s segment. Picking up the tube opening it I sniffed it, from the hallway came “If’s for your cock not your nose moron!” Oh I was so looking forwards to ruining her TV debut!

It was at this point that the cheese theme music starting over the in house speaker system. The “Welcome to Tea Break with Julie and Justin!” A smattering of applause from the twenty people in the in house audience told me that they had taken the stage and was introducing the topics they were planning to cover today. According to the gopher our segment was to be shown at the twenty minute mark just after they returned from the second set of commercials.

The closer the segment got to air time the more bitchier she became. After brushing her brunette hair for the fifteenth time she She finally got up and took her bikini and went behind the screen and changed. A minute later she came out in a two piece grey bikini that revealed nothing,.not that I was looking at her.

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We were called by the gopher and out onto the stage we went during the commercial break. When the red light came on the audience clapped as our segment was introduced by Justin “This weekend is the annual sex show at the Greater Convention centre and we have Shirley Marple to tell us a little bit about the show and what’s being offered.

She launches into her spiel while the bitch and i drop our robes as the tube of Astroglide is shown to the camera the bitch had to get in the last shot at me “Remember by my ass crack, just think your lubing up your boyfriend!” FUCK that was that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and i knew instantly how i was going to get even with the bitch.

“So Darrell is going to demonstrate how to use Astroglide lube to help enhance the sexual pleasure for Helen. Sliding her bikini bottoms aside and applying a small daub of astroglide to the top of her asscrack, I watch it slowly enter as my cock began hardened.  Guiding the tip into her crack
Barely above a whisper came “Remember asshole simulated  touching me!” Oh I would remember this demonstration for a long time. No sooner did the camera position itself to see the small daub of lube touch her skin than I rammed forward into her dry asshole.

“JESUS CHRIST TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!!” Helen screamed out drawing a look of surprised from Julie, Justin and Shirley. The Audience gasped as they realized that I wasn’t pretending to have anal sex with Helen. Only the camera man moved to do anything and that was to try to get a better angle on my fucking her ass!, the fucking pervert!

All around the stage people were standing in shock not sure what to do As i got a good ten thrust into her ass. The tears of pain and humiliation streaming down her face with every thrust. Finally two stage hands got the bright idea to rush the stage and try to pull me off her.

As their hands grabbed me I felt my cock tense and I started spraying her insides. Still they pulled us apart and I sprayed a good long stream over the back of her legs and the immediate stage. Helen collapsed onto the stage in a crying heap, the monitors were showing a white message “Experiencing technical difficulties”

Bet this show makes the local headline and maybe the states as well! As for me I was held until the local police came to collect me. A year later I had my nototority when I was sentenced to the state pen for eight years for my heinous actions in the eyes of the judge.

                                                                                       The End

March 28, 2019, 11:53:20 AM
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(12)                                                                                                 The WREN

Cocinboul University or as we members of the WRENS called it Cockinyou and we lived up to that name for We Rape Every Newbie Soon, any which way you can!. The campus police thought that they had us well under control but when the head Wren was Dean Mathers things couldn’t have been further from the truth. Sure the only reason girls came to Cocinboul was the attraction of having Gloria Steinem and Marjorie Gainor as the head of Women’s studies department.

Our Activities really picked up in October, don’t get me wrong a lot of the members of the Wrens used the freshman mixer to get into the pants of the newbies but we long time members knew it was easier to accomplish that during the NARC. Considering that was when we Wrens stuck the most it seemed kind of appropo that the run was called Newbie Against Rape Culture.

I picked out my girl of choice during the Freshmen mixer, Claire Jennings a tall brown hair beauty with an ample chest. As a senior Wren I had the first choice of the newbies and could reserve them for myself. My strategy was simple, let her get accustomed to life on campus since she came from Stanley, Idaho with a whopping population of 63 people and Boise had a population of over 230,000 people, watch her activities then strike when she felt comfortable.

The weeks that followed me deciding on her was filled with basically stalking her around the campus and town and attending my classes so I didn’t flunk out! It was during the second week that Claire became interested in the activities or NARC and i figured out when i was going to strike! With help of Jamie Launder a previous victim of the WRENS, I learned the course this year’s run was going to cover and slipped in a special map to be given to Claire. Seems Claire was a little too outspoken about her views on Lesbianism and Jamie in particular!

The day of the event proved what an athlete Claire was, as the pack left together but within a matter of minutes she was well in the lead on the way to check point one, where Jamie waited with a electrolyte drink, energy bar and special instructions for the runner. By the fifteen minute mark Claire arrived at the checkpoint and got her package, the minute she passed out of sight Jamie was on her phone to me “She on her way to you, make sure you thrust deep for me John!”

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“Oh believe me I plan on thrusting her very deep and hard!” a smile coming to my face as my anticipation built. All of the runners except Claire was going to go through the slight valley of the old forest, but Claire she was directed to run around the lip of the valley, over the terrain that was so conducive to hiding places for evil guys like me. I watched her coming towards me her tits bouncing up and down in time with her foal like strides. I let her pass since I knew she was going to be no match for my two hundred pound bulk, I wasn’t fat nor solid muscle. I worked out just enough to be toned and a little too much for most newbie too handle when they weren’t expecting it.

Before she took the first turn I was off after her, my choice because of the low wire fence that she would have to vault over to continue. As she came to it I was only a few feet behind her so when she decided to hurdle the fence i knew a flying tackle would carry us both over the fence to the ground. She left her feet and a second later I was airborne, connecting with her knees as she cleared the fence. Like a ton of bricks I brought her to the ground, winding her as she struck the ground.

In an instant I was pulling her up onto her hands and elbows, my left hand forcing her head down into the dirt “Hello Claire!” Ripping the velcro fly of my shorts open, my hardened cock spring out like a coiled spring ready to be used. “Did you think you were going to escape the attentions of the WRENS?”

While still winded I forced her legs apart and thrust myself into her pussy. Her mouth shots open in a gasp as I bury my cock completely to the pelvic bone in her dry cunt. She finally manages to find a voice “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” But it was far too late

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” my reply before pulling back and thrusting in over and over, In the distance the voices of her fellow runners,laughing and talking as they took the trail to the valley. “Why don’t you call out to them for help Claire?” Taunting her “I’m sure some of them would come to your rescue unless my fellow WRENS have come to roost in them!”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because it what we WRENS do!” turning her question back onto her “So tell me Why are you a NARC?” Pulling my hips back so only the tip of my cock remains in her, then in the quickest thrust yet is plow her cunt “Oh this is from someone you pissed off!” In deep holding it there praying that it was hurting her. “Bet your days of being a NARC is soon going to be over since you’re gonna belong to we WRENS from this point on!”

Pulling back again then going in with quick short thrust, I begin to feel my cum building. Not to be a total asshole i warn her “Here comes identifier number one Claire, spraying her insides with my cum as the final syllable of her name left my mouth.

“No not in me!!!!” A good long stream flooded out of my cock into her drilled cunt and she collapsed to the ground as i pulled completely out, crying from the pain and humiliation of being used like a piece of meat.

"Now for maker two!” taking the top off my ring and striking the front of it against a nearby rock. A flare of light and heat happen and She starts to scream as I press the top of the ring to the inside of her left thigh, leaving a burn mark on her flesh in the shape of a small bird. She’s been given the WREN mark, a permanent ign to my fellow WRENS that she can be used whenever they please! “When a WREN calls you Claire you better show, or today will be like a bad nightmare compared to a WREN meeting.

I leave her there crying , in pain from her branding. Another week passes before I see her again. I catch her eye and motion for her to come over, shaking she does ans as I open the door to my pickup she climbs in “So what you been up to?”

In a quiet voice “WREN Watching!”

                                                                                                            The End

March 30, 2019, 04:02:12 PM
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A slightly different tale than my normal ones.

(13)                                                                                       This Time I'm Innocent!

The front door burst open and four burly cops rush into my apartment, two coming to me the other two along with a slim blonde hair female officer rush into the bedroom

“I swear I didn’t do anything officer!” expecting at any second a nightstick to my head, back or worse the balls. Neither say anything to me as they march me into the kitchenette, closing both set of door

“Stay here and keep your mouth shut!” I’m shoved down into a chair pulled out from the small table
I’m terrified that this was going to get me sent back inside. Both officers leave me there alone with my thoughts, my insides turning to liquid.


Forty five minutes earlier

A knock came to my door out of the blue, scaring me right to the bone. There was no spyhole for me to look out so I open the door, forgetting that I didn’t put the chain on. She stood there with wearing a jean jacket that barely covered what past for her tits, a skirt that wouldn’t even be able to act a napkin if something fell in her lap. Her lips and fingernails were red and I broke out in a sweat just looking at her.

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I’m speechless as she pushes her way past me “Wow Billy said I was gonna be with a looker and he wasn’t kidding!” moving to the small window that I keep the blind closes and pressing herself back hard to the wall

“Please I’m n…”

“On nonsense Billy said I was your type and I can see that you just dying to tear this jacket and skirt off my flesh and use me like a total little whore!” 

Oh god she didn’t know just how true her statement was, but then images of Kim came back vividly! How he would hold me against the shower and indulge in a rape of my ass! The sound of my screaming and crying as he laugh and called out “Get use to it you sick bastard!’ Oh christ I promised God I would do anything he asked if I never had to return to that place ever again.

She moves off the wall “So big boy lets go and have our way like we both want!” Licking her lips making the red colour glisten under her saliva. I could feel myself responding below. As she neared me the scent of “Cotton Candy” penetrating my nasal passage making me even harder.To the bedroom with unerring accuracy she takes me by the hand.

As we pass through the door she pulls me close and starts to strip me. When I’m naked my cock sticking out like a flagpole “Wow bet you ripped that little one apart with that big bad boy!” She was in reference to the little teenager that I molested in the local high school four years ago! Placing a foot behind me she shoves me and i fall onto my back onto the single mattress on the twin bed.

She opens the jacket  and lifts the skirt exposing her breasts and pussy to me. Before I could say anything she on me in a flash riding my stiff cock like a cowgirl, Oh fuck she felt so right  and so wrong at the same time but in the back of my mind Kim’s leering face a he would ride me like this made me deflate fast.

‘Oh no mister I want what you gave Little Caprice under the bleachers!”

A hear something strange and I force hr off me and run out towards the front door stopping a the door splinters at the deadbolt and bursts inwards.


“Let me go I’m just protecting the neighbourhood from that sick bastard!” I hear through the slats in the doors to the kitchenette. Burst of static then muffled voices which I can’t understand, I can feel the pressure building in my bladder and bowels as footsteps come closer then leave.

The doors open and before I’m spoken to i rush out to the bathroom, just making it in time as everything evacuates from me! Three flushes later a knock comes to the bathroom door “Everything alright in there!”

Washing my face with a facecloth I exit  to find the two burly officers standing one on each side of the door

“I swear officers I didn’t invite that girl into my apartment!” Thinking that me legs were going to give out until I heard a voice in the lining room.

“We are well aware of that Neill!” It was my parole officer, Bob Gagon! “But this place has been compromised so we have to move you out!”
I collapse back onto the wall “You knew… How?”

“The camera in the light by the front door and in each room of this place!” Cameras I did know they had the place full of cameras! “How else could we have got here so fast?” Moving towards me holding out his hand to help support me “Go and collect what you think you’ll need tonight and We’ll get you to a new safe house!

In my mind *Oh good maybe the new place will have a view of either a park or school that I can see!*

                                                                                   See some pedophiles do learn in prison!

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(14)                                                                         Pol Puller, Public Defender/Rapists

First our participants!

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“Oh yeah just like that!” Damn this girl may not have had that much brains but she sure as hell knew how to love that tongue. Fuck if she ever found out that i was supplied free of charge to her by the court she would be screaming rape in seconds. But you know what the say “Blondes aren’t known for brains!”

But I digress, I should start back at the beginning of how I met Barbara June (B.J.) Sockett!”


Davisville District  Court

“Well Miss Sockett I’ll hold you over until you have spoken with a public defendant, since you can’t afford one,this court will provide one."

I was in my office wanking to the memory of the last poor person that was saddles with me as a lawyer. Sure I graduated dead last in my class at  Elmer’s college but that didn’t mean I didn’t know the law any worse than the next guy. So what if none of the established legal offices would even consider me to empty the waste baskets out back but at 15 bucks per client I was the cheapest public defender the court had.

She walked in and promptly tripped over her own feet. Getting gave me the most perfect view down her barely buttoned top and the round pink pearls under the blue material. I was licking my lips from the sight and hoping she was just as dumb as she was clumsy!”

“Mr. Puller! Pud Puller!”

“That’s Pol Puller” Forcing my eyes off her cleavage onto her bluish grey eyes “Miss…!”

“B.J. Sockett!” And I had to admit she had a damn nice one on her “Err…!I I mean Barbara June Sockett!” She finally managed to stand upright she was barely over the five foot mark and she was slim with a decent rack on her. My mouth was watering just thinking what it would be like in her mouth. “I was sent here by Judge Wankins, he said you would defend me!”

Ah good old Judge Wanks, means this one wasn’t a bright crayon. “Well why don’t you start by telling me just what you have been charged with

“Pubic indecency at the mall!”

“I think that would Public Indecency Miss Sockett!” If she was that stupid I bet I could get her to demonstrate just what she was caught doing. “Better yet if you don’t mind why don’t you show me what you were doing when the police officer caught you!"

“Okay!” And before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me fishing my chubby out of my pants and wrapping her sockett around it like it was her last meal! And that’s where you first entered this after about five minutes ago! Damn I so near cumming in her mouth, I had to start thing of a way to get into her pants any which way I can before we had to return to court. Before I could come up with a gem I came in her mouth, and like a pro she drank down every spurt!

“Well Miss Sockett I have to say that I fail to see anything wrong with what you did!” Change tact  “The arresting officer must have been gay that has to be it!” Helping her up off her knee, realizing that the old payment scheme was a tried and true method to get inside her!. “Now I know I can get you off but i don’t come cheap!”

“Oh Mr, Puller I don’t have a lot of money but I would do anything if you could get me off!”

With what I had in mind I couldn’t guarantee her getting off but I knew I would get off! “Tell you what If your keep your money and I’m sure we can come to a hard agreement that will benefit both of us! I think she knew what I was talking about since I saw her eyes drift down and a smile came to her face at the sight of my rehardening cock.

I didn’t wait for a response,  gently I turned her towards my desk and made her lean over it. Holding her shaking form with one hand I reach around and undo her jeans. As they drop my eyes were glued to the tanned flesh they revealed, I was expecting at the very least a thong but she was commando and I was silently blessing god for making her ass worth going commando for.

Grabbing my cock I rub it up and down her slit then enter her and groan out loud as the velvety warmth encapsulated my flesh. I hear her mew as she adjusted to my girth before I started sawing in and out of the tightest pussy I’ve had in the last couple of days. Fuck she was matching my thrust with thrusts of her own and I’ve never heads a girl squeal in delight like she was.

“Oh damn B.J. I’m going to get off  then I’m gonna get you off that silly charge!” It was then that I cummed in her deep “God as my witness!” We were both breathing hard as we uncoupled.


Monday 10:45 AM Davisville District Court

Before we enter the court I tell Barbara June that the charges were going to be dismissed of my name was Pol Puller. As we enter I almost shit myself, in the judge’s chair wasn’t Judge Wankins but a female judge who I’ve never seen before. The bailiff called our case And i had a sinking feeling that I should hightail it before things got underway. Unfortunately the judge had other ideas.

“Well Miss Sockett!, The court has already seen the video evidence from the mall’s security camera and feel a five hundred dollar fine is sufficient penalty!” Banging her gavel and calling for the next case.

To bad Barbara June didn’t accept the ruling “Wait a minute judge you meant I fucked him!” pointing at me “To pay his bill and now i’ve got to pay the court also?”

“Pardon me Miss Sockett, are you insunuating that Mr. Puller made you have sex with him for his services?”

“Yeah and now he fucked me over twice!”

“Well let the court handle fucking him over!” Turning to the bailiff “Detain Mr. Puller on charges of unprofessional misconduct and Sexually Assault!”

As I'm led away “But I still owe him one payment for my defence!” Proving that she was an airhead “Where do I have to go to make good on that?”

                                                                                                 Finished In more ways than one!