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September 13, 2018, 01:33:05 AM

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Tracy was following me around like a puppy dog and it was driving me nuts. She had always had a crush on me, since she was just a kid, but I never had any interest. She was the younger sister of one of my old friends who had passed away last year in a DUI accident. Truth was he wasn’t really even a good friend of mine, but he hung around in our group. When we were younger, she always tried to join us, and talk to me but I always blew her off. As we grew older in our teen years, we started going to parties where there was alcohol so she couldn’t come.

In the past few years she started to develop nicely, her smallish tits starting to bud nicely, as her waist and ass started to show some curves. She tried talking to me, hoping I would pay her attention, but I had no interest.  She was still kind of plain looking, and a bit of a geek. She had all kinds of self esteem issues, always seeing counsellors and stuff. I did well with the hot chicks in my school, so I didn’t have to settle for my Bill’s annoying younger sister.

She was here with a friend, and they both carried backpacks. It didn’t take loong to find out that they had each lied to their parents, claiming they were going to sleep over at the others place. They had worn conservative clothing, but carried more revealing clothing in their bags, getting changed after they left their homes. They were both trying to impress everyone at the party with what big girls they were, but Tracy was being particularly annoying with me, always talking to me, joining the conversation when she was not invited. I was trying to hit on one of the hottest girls on our school, when Tracy joined the conversation, and ruined things for me. Why the fuck did this idiot still have a crush on me? More importantly, why did she think I would ever go for her? She was cute, but I wanted someone my own age, not some annoying brat little sister of a guy I didn’t like very much. Either way, I just kept trying to ignore her; maybe she would get the hint.

As the party moved on, many of the people started hooking up, some left, others made out in the corner...etc. I wasn’t getting any tonight, and it kind of pissed me off as I sat there on the couch, drinking my beer. As if to further aggravate me, Tracy came and sat dwon next to me, chatting away with me. I sat there, giving her half hearted responses to her answers as I progressively got more drunk. She was drinking one of those disgusting sweet coolers, which her friends older sister had acquired for them. She was getting tipsy too, and as the evening progressed, she started to lean into me seeking a sense of closeness. Looking at her in annoyance, I felt like telling her to stop pestering me. As I looked down, I caught a glimpse down her blouse, and saw her small tender cleavage which I had to admit piqued my interest. Looking her over, I looked at her legs, coming out of her skirt; a skirt her parents never would have approved of her wearing. Of course they also wouldn’t approve of her being here. I felt a mild stirring in my pants. Over Tracy? The annoying kid sister of a casual acquaintance? Her face was only average, but looking down, her youthful body was blossoming nicely. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to tap this. I wasn’t getting any from anyone else tonight, so it was Tracy’s cunt or my hand. Easy decision.

I put my arm around her, pulling her in close. I could sense her excitement, as she had carried a crush on me since she was using training wheels. That is one very long standing crush. I cuddled her closer, giving her the attention she craved for me. She had been drinking and her judgement might already be impaired a bit. As we sat there, at the party, not saying anything, I gently rubbed her back and shoulders. Other guys and girls walking past, discretely smirked in my direction, knowing full well what I was up to. Taking advantage of younger girls has been a tradition amongst older males. It happens in every school and university. Young girls are smitten with older guys, and will be far more compliant in their hands than in those of a guy their own age. Most girls lose their cherry to an older guy in their school. The younger guys, only get the sloppy seconds after the cherry hunters have used and disposed of them. The young guys don’t get cherries until they are older and new batches of young pussy come to the school, ripe to be plucked. It’s an age old game, and the guys always win.

As the evening progressed, someone started passing around a joint. It came my way and I had a few tokes. Passing it to Tracy, I watched in amusement as she hesitated.

“Relax, it’s just weed”

She hesitantly took the joint to her mouth and did it all wrong. It took a little coaching, but she finally did it right, choking heavily after she held in her toke for a few seconds It got a few laughs, and in her embarrassment, she cuddled in closer, as I rubbed her shoulder reassuringly.

The party proceeded, and we ended up on the couch again, her in my arms. We chatted, made small talk as I pretended her immature babblings were of any interest to me. She was excited to be here, in my arms, after having held a crush on me for so many years. My hands roamed a little freely over her back and shoulders as I held her in close. I decided it was time to make a move.

“Want to go somewhere to be alone?” I asked casually as I rubbed her neck

“Okay!” she said a bit excitedly.

Standing, I took her hand and walked her downstairs, where I knew there was a spare bedroom. We immediately went there, and as we stepped in, her ahead of me I closed the door and reached out, putting my hand on her shoulder. Turning her around I pulled her in close, and in the typical fumbling in the dark scenario, we were instantly kissing as I held her against me.

As we kissed, I walked her back to the bed and sat her down, which she did compliantly. She was living her fantasy, making out with her childhood crush for all these years. Rolling her on her back, I started undoing her blouse as she kissed me, our tongues intertwining. Reaching underneath, I fumbled with the clasp on her bra, undoing it in the dark as we kissed urgently. I quickly removed her shirt and bra as she lifted her back, helping me. I felt up her tits for several minutes as we kissed in the dark, and she responded with excitement, thrusting her chest up at me. I started kissing and sucking her breasts, as she moaned with pleasure, and my hands started caressing her ass as my hands slid under her skirt. I quickly moved my hand to her pubic mound, rubbing it through her panties as she started breathing heavily.

Kneeling I looped a thumb under each side of her panties, and pulled them down, as she got a slightly concerned look on her face, but said nothing. She wasn’t sure she was ready for this, but wasn’t willing to risk being rejected by me. I quickly thrust my hand between her legs, and pressed my fingers against her tender youthful flower, all soft and tight in its virginal innocence.  She whimpered and moaned as I slid my finger along her slit, and caused her to lubricate quickly. Pushing my finger into her tightness, I pressed in a bit, and felt her intact hymen. I pressed gently, causing a very slight gasp of discomfort.

I wanted to pop that right now. Rolling on top of her, I undid my belt, and my jeans, taking down the zipper I quickly pulled my pants down, releasing my straining cock. Spreading her legs, I grabbed it, aligning it with her tight little pussy, eager to pop her tight little cherry. Pressing my head against her, I tried to press in as she winced, but she was too tight and dry. I quickly licked my fingers and spread the saliva around on the head of my cock and linded it up again.

I a trembly voice she spoke. “I’ve....I’ve never done this before” she said, looking at me with nervous eyes.

“It’s OK. You’ll be fine. I’ll be gentle, you’ll love it”, I said quickly.

Her eyes looked around nervously as she prepared herself for what was about to happen. She then looked up at me and spoke again.

“I love you” she said in a quivering voice.

“I love you to”. Whatever.

Pressing my cock head against her tender little folds, I parted them a bit and started sliding the head up and down, spreading the wetness around a bit. Then I started to push in. It was tough going, as she was tight, but I had her held tight, and pushed with determination.

“Ahh....yii.....ow...mmmph” she whimpered as I pressed hard, trying to get my cock into her. Once her gate yielded, I slid right up against her hymen as she yelped in discomfort. She opened her mouth as though to say something, but I didn’t give her the chance. Thrusting my hips forward, I tore through her cherry and forced several inches of my cock into her delightfully tight little quim, as she arched her back and cried out from the pain of being split open.

Before she could recover, I started working the rest in, twisting and thrusting with my hips as I forced her tiny little fuck-tube to open up and accept my cock. She was gritting her teeth the whole time, shaking her head from side to side as her small hands clenched in fists, grasping the sheets. I didn’t really give a fuck. She was an annoying nuisance, who volunteered her cunt for my use, that’s all.

Once I was in, I started fucking her. Pulling all the way out, I would thrust in all the way, causing her to yelp, or whimper with each thrust. The whole time her teeth were clenched, as she breathed through her nose, trying to relax her body and cope with the pain of the hardened flesh that was repeatedly being forced into her tightness, splitting her. The dumb cunt, thought I had feelings for her, and would endure this to avoid ruining what she thought we had. I on the other hand, just wanted to enjoy fucking a tight young virgin cunt, and she happened to have one that was available. To be frank, if this hurt her, it might help prevent her from becoming clingy afterwards. So...focussing on my enjoyment, I fucked her pussy rapidly, driving my length into her tightness repeatedly as she yelped with each painful violation of her inner tissues.

I fucked her for several more minutes, and then started to speed up, really slamming the cock into her sensing my orgasm was near. This increase was a bit too much for her, and she started to whimper quietly to me. hurts.....Rick it hurts...ow”, as I kept pounding myself into her. For another minute or so, I slaughtered her cunt with my manhood as she whimpered and begged me to take it easy, and then my orgasm happened. I plunged into full depth, and held myself there, my body tensing as I released my seed into her, pumping into her depths. When I collapsed on top of her, my body heaving and sweating, she gasped from relief. I lay on top of her a few minutes, as her beaten twat convulsed a few times around my cock. Pulling out abruptly as she winced, I rolled on my back catching my breath.

We lay there for a few minutes beside each other. Then she had to ruin everything by opening her fucking mouth.

‘I always knew we would be together someday...I could just sense it” she said dreamily. I had to set the record straight right away so as to manage expectations

“Hey, look Tracy, it was a good time, I’m glad we had the chance, but let’s not get too serious....I mean, you know...let’s not rush into anything”. She looked at me carefully, trying to hide the hurt, looking at me with imploring eyes.

Standing, I started to dress. I looked down at her on the bed, looking al bewildered and vulnerable.

“Hey Tracy, it’s OK, you were great. Look, I’m going to get a beer. Maybe I can get you a drink?”

She lay there, unable to speak, blinking her eyes rapidly, pursing her lips.

“OK, well maybe I’ll check up on you later”, as I turned and left the room.

Walking back upstairs, I went to the kitchen to get a beer.

“Hey Rick, how was she?”, someone asked, as they all listened attentively.

‘She was not bad. Tight one, made a bit of noise when I split her open! She might be walking a little funny for awhile”

The back slapping and cheers started. Karen, and Rebecca, looked at me in amusement. “You should have a sign on your forehead warning the young girls to stay away”, said Karen as Rebecca chuckled.

We all decided to head down to another party two blocks away. As we gathered to leave, I saw Tracy, approaching assuming she was invited to the other party. As she reached for my hand I quickly set her straight.

“Hey Tracy” I said sympathetically,  “It’s invitation only to this other party, but hey, maybe I’ll see you around sometime” as she looked at me, crushed.

We turned and walked away, Greg looked back and said, “Hey Rick, your young lover is crying” with a chuckle. Cupping his hands together, he yelled back, “Hey Sweetheart, at least he showed you a good time”, as members of my group, and people back at the other party started laughing. She walked quickly away, covering her face as people laughed.

Whatever. Her cunt was nice and tight though.

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Nicely done!

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Mean and manipulative. Love it!!! Such a fan of your stories!!