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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

This is another old gem I dug up from the vault. "Sports Bar Waitress's Nightmare" was my very first story I posted, this one was the second!

Annie' Bad Night

A story by Vile8r


Life was good for Adam! The last year had been a tough one but it was all over now. Final exams were finished and he had passed with flying colours. Come September, he would be entering his final year of college.

   The twenty-one year old was now back in his hometown for the summer. He was living in the apartment over his parent’s garage which gave him a certain degree of independence and he was  working at his uncle’s car dealership. It was good to be back home, he thought. Seeing old friends and familiar faces he hadn‘t seen in a long time.

  So now here it was, the first weekend of July. One of his old high school buddies, Mitch Wizniak, had decided to have a party. Back in high school, Mitch had had a reputation for always throwing the best parties. His parents were loaded and had owned a big place just outside of town. They had a pool and a huge yard.

  Mitch’s parties were definitely THE highlight of Adam’s social life during his high school years. Especially for the popular crowd, whom, fortunately, Adam had had the privilege of belonging to, being on the football team and all.
  Mitch always made sure there was LOTS of hot girls at his parties. If you wanted to get laid, it was the place to be! As a matter of fact, it was at one of  Mitch’s bashes where Adam lost his virginity. In a threesome with two hot blonde cheerleaders by the names of  Carrie and Amanda!

   Man, that was awesome, Adam mused to himself. A night he would certainly never forget as long as he lived. It proved to be one of many sexual adventures Adam would have at Mitch’s parties. But of course the golden rule always was, what happened at Mitch’s, stayed at Mitch’s!
   Mitch, like Adam, had went off to college but always came back home in the summer. He worked for his father, who owned a very successful contracting business. He was living in a house his father owned. Complete with a pool and a big backyard patio.

  So when he had phoned Adam and told him he was throwing a party that Friday, Adam was ready and rarin’ to go! He knew he would have a blast and, most likely, get lucky with a member of the opposite sex.
  Adam got to the party that night around 9:30 p.m. There was people wall to wall. Most of them already very drunk or in other states of altered consciousness. The haze and scent of marijuana smoke was pervasive. The stereo was blasting out AC/DC. Good ol’ Mitch, he chuckled. Some things just never changed.

But best of all, everywhere he looked, he saw cunt!  Adam saw a lot of college-age girls. A few he recognized from when he went to high school, but there was a lot of fresh faces too. He noticed  quite a bunch of high school seniors there, ready to party after just graduating. And all of them hot as hell! Adam smiled to himself. Mitch always did like the younger ones.

    A cute petite blonde smiled at him as she walked by in a tight tank top and a skimpy denim skirt that barely covered her ass. She had gorgeous tanned legs.
  “Hey man, what the fuck YOU looking at? That’s my little sister!”
 Adam spun around. There was Mitch Wizniak, holding out a plastic cup full of beer for Adam.

  “Thanks, dude,” said Adam taking a big swig from the cup. He jerked a thumb toward the little blonde. “That’s your fucking sister? Kendra?!”
  “Damn straight, man! She just turned 18 last week. Graduated this year! She’s one of the reasons I’m throwing the party. Kind of a late birthday gift,” laughed Mitch.

  “Holy shit!” exclaimed Adam. “Don’t mean to be a pig, but your little sister is a major hottie! I remember when she was just a scrawny little brat with braces.”
  “Yeah, they  grow up, don’t they?” chuckled Mitch. “ And now I gotta keep horn-dogs like YOU away from ‘er.”

  “Ahhh, don’t worry, Mitch,” Adam said over the loud music. “I’ll keep my hands off her. I’ll try anyways!”
  The two young men high-fived each other as they laughed.
  “Hey, speaking of hotties, where’s your sister, Brooke?” asked Mitch.
  “Oh, so who’s being the pig now?” Adam joked as he playfully punched Mitch in the shoulder.

   Adam had to admit Mitch was right. He too couldn’t help but notice that his younger sister Brooke had also turned from a gawky teenager into a bit of a hottie. She had just turned 18 earlier in the spring and, like Mitch’s sister Kendra, had graduated from Grade 12.

  She stood about 5’ 6” tall, and weighed around 115 lb. Brooke had long auburn hair and a very tight, athletic body, toned from cheerleading and playing high school sports. She was a very popular girl in her class.  Adam was pretty certain she had not graduated from high school as a virgin.

  So, he figured, if he looked at other peoples’ sisters and imagined what it would be like to have his dick sunk deep inside them, it was only natural that other guys were gonna look at HIS sister and think the same thing. Hell, he thought, blushing a bit, if Brooke wasn’t his sister he’d probably hit on her himself! He came back from his sick little daydream.

  “Oh, she had a date with some guy tonight,” Adam said to Mitch. “Tyler Maxwell. Remember Shaun Maxwell? That quarterback from Midland High? It’s his little brother.”
 “Fuck!” said Mitch disgustedly. “Shaun Maxwell was a douche-bag! His brother’s probably no better. You gotta give your sister a lecture about her taste in men.”
  “Yeah,” smiled Adam. “I told her she needed to raise her standards a bit.”
  “For sure!” said Mitch. “ Send her over to me! I’ll show her a good time!”
“Like you did the time you dated Arnie Brown’s sister? Ask her for a blowjob in the drive-thru at McDonald’s?” Adam said with a grin.
  “Hey,” said Mitch, with a shrug. “I let her order whatever she wanted that night!”

  The two friends burst into laughing again. Then something caught Adam’s attention from the corner of his eye. A young teenage girl walked by in a pair of insanely tight white denim jeans and a bright pink t-shirt. She looked over her shoulder as she brushed past and gave Adam a small wave.

  “Hi Adam! “ she called out, as she brushed her long brunette hair away from her extremely attractive face.
  “Annie?!” Adam yelled back. “Annie Harris?!”
“Yeah! Who did you think? Megan Fox?” the young girl laughed as she walked over and gave Adam a big hug, pressing her firm body against him.

  Adam stepped back, looking her up and down.
 “Wow, Annie! I didn’t recognize you at first. Excuse me for saying, but you look DAMN good!” he said.
  “Oh, thank you!” she giggled, blushing slightly. “I’m 18 now, you know.”
  “Well yeah, Brooke told me you’d had a birthday. But geez! I haven’t seen you since like Christmas. You’ve, uh, changed a bit since then!” Adam replied.
   It was absolutely true. She HAD changed a lot. And all for the better too! Adam had known Annie Harris since she was about 5 years old. That was when her family had moved into their neighbourhood, only 3 doors down from Adam’s family. Annie was the same age as his younger sister, Brooke, and the two girls had quickly become inseparable friends.
   Growing up, Annie had spent so much time at their house, Adam almost began to regard her as a second sister. He teased her relentlessly! But, as she grew older, he began to realize she was turning into a very beautiful girl. Annie was one of those lucky people blessed with natural beauty, and it only got better as she got older.

  Around the time she turned 14, Adam began to notice he was becoming very physically and sexually attracted to her. Of course, at this time he was 17, and as with most teenage boys, his hormones were constantly raging. He remembered one occasion, in particular.

   It was just after the memorable party where he had lost his virginity and his brain was on constant ‘sex mode’ as it was. One hot summer day, Adam’s mother asked him if he would give Brooke and Annie a ride to the swimming pool. He said he would as he was driving over to his buddy’s place anyway. He waited in the car for the two girls to come out of the house.

   They finally came running out to the car, and Adam’s lower jaw almost dropped into his lap! Both girls were wearing their swimsuits.  Annie was wearing a skimpy little yellow and black striped bikini, that BARELY covered the essentials. Adam could not believe what a body she was beginning to develop. He had seen hot girls his own age that didn’t look even HALF as good as Annie did that day! Both girls jumped in the backseat and Adam had proceeded to drive to the pool.

   The whole way there, he remembered glancing constantly in the rearview mirror, admiring Annie’s sweet little body, her long brunette hair in a cute ponytail. Her smooth tanned thighs, flat stomach, curvy ass, and budding breasts made him so hard, he could barely drive. All he could think about was how tight she would be with his raging hard-on deep inside her, her tanned legs wrapped around him.

  After he dropped the two giggling girls off at the pool, he had had to turn off into a back alley and furiously masturbate. He cleaned himself with some Kleenex he found in the glove compartment. The vision of Annie in that bikini had always stayed with him and even now, four years later, he could picture it in his mind like it was yesterday.

  After that, Adam no longer viewed Annie as an annoying little kid. He realized she was growing into an incredible hottie. And even though he was 3 years older than she was, he started to flirt with her a lot when she came over to the house. And the thing was, SHE flirted back! Adam hadn’t been surprised, though.

  As a teen, he was a very handsome and attractive young man. At 17, he had stood about 6 ft. tall, and very fit. With his curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes, he had kind of resembled Owen Wilson but without the shnozz.  He had developed a very muscular physique, made all the better from being involved in football and other high school sports. In high school lingo, Adam had definitely been someone the girls would say was ‘do-able’!

  Over time, he realized he had quite a crush on his cute dark-haired neighbour. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, he was reluctant to try and take things to the next level. Even though he had a good feeling Annie would probably not say no. It just felt weird to him, the idea of wanting to fuck a girl who he still kind of looked at as being more of a sister than just another sexual conquest. And also out of respect for his sister’s friendship with Annie, he never attempted anything.

   Not to say he never had his opportunities. It was hard, but he managed to keep things on a strictly platonic level. But in the privacy of his bedroom, Annie became the object of many masturbation fantasies!

   Then along came high school graduation and college and he didn’t see so much of  Annie anymore. But he never forgot about her. He would still run into her when he came home for things like Thanksgiving, and Christmas and summer vacation. Every time he did, she just got hotter and hotter! And the urge to fuck her became stronger and stronger!

 Now here he stood, finding it incredibly difficult to take his eyes off the pretty teenager. And the more he looked, the harder he could feel his cock growing. She had NO idea, he thought, how incredibly turned on she had just made him by telling him she was now 18! The long-time object of many of his sexual fantasies, now of legal age!

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 Annie only stood about 5 ft. tall and was lucky if she weighed 100 lb. soaking wet. But she had a body that ROCKED! Adam did a quick mental assessment of her measurements. Probably about 34B-24-30, he figured. Slender and awesomely toned!  Like his sister, Annie had also been very much into cheerleading and sports during high school.

    Being as petite as she was, she looked more like she was 15 or 16, rather than 18! But she exuded a sexiness that Adam could tell was ALL woman! In addition to her hot, tight athletic body, Annie had silky brunette hair that fell just past her shoulders and framed her gorgeous oval face. She had big, brown, sensuous eyes and full red lips. Adam also noticed the little mole on her left cheek. He used to tease her about that when she was younger. Now, however, it just made her that much sexier!

  To top it all off, she had a beautiful radiant smile that lit up her entire face. Her smooth, tanned complexion showed that even though it was early in the summer,  she had already been spending quite a bit of time in the sun.
   Adam wondered if she was still a virgin. He knew she’d had a few boyfriends in high school. God, he thought, if she WAS still a virgin, she shouldn’t be! Any guy with a set of balls and half a brain would have tapped that long ago. HE certainly would have, had he been dating her!

  It was funny. On the one hand, it made him kind of jealous, to think he hadn’t been the one to get  to pop Annie’s cherry. But on the other hand, it excited Adam, the idea of some guy banging the hell out of her tight pussy.
   Then an idea began to germinate in Adam’s brain. Maybe, just MAYBE, tonight could be the night! It was obvious she was  getting a bit hammered. And she was already being kind of flirty with him.

   He thought of the tight hug she had just given him a few minutes ago. Adam was experienced enough to know that it felt like a lot more than just a ‘say hello’ kind of hug. Annie was getting drunk and, he suspected, a bit horny!

    But Adam wasn’t going to jump into things. He didn’t want to scare her off. He would just play it cool and see where things led. Perhaps, if he played his cards just right, Adam would finally get a chance to make a fantasy come true. He continued his visual survey of Annie.

   She was wearing a pair of white denim jeans that Adam swore, HAD to be painted on! They tightly hugged EVERY curve and really accented her small, firm ass. Annie also wore a tight-fitting pink t-shirt. The thin cotton was stretched across her firm breasts. Printed on the shirt was the Playboy Bunny logo and underneath it in glittery letters, ‘Playmate-In-Training’. On her feet she had a pair of white Nike tennis shoes.

  Annie noticed Adam reading her t-shirt and gave him a teasing slap. “Like my shirt or what?” she asked. “You’ve been staring at it long enough!”
 “Uh…y-yeah! It’s cool!” Adam said sheepishly. “Playmate-In-Training, huh? I’d definitely buy ANY magazine YOU were in!”
   Annie gave a look of fake astonishment and slapped him on the arm again.

  “Adam Johnson! You are terrible!” she said.
  Adam looked around. Mitch had wandered off and was talking to a group of girls out by the pool. He looked at Annie’s beer cup and then his own. Both were nearly empty.
  “Hey, I think we need refills,” he said. “May I?” he asked as he took Annie’s cup from her hand.
  “You most certainly may!” she said, with a shy smile. “You’re such a gentleman.”

  Adam chuckled to himself as he walked to the kitchen where the beer keg was set up. A gentleman, huh? If Annie could have only seen inside his mind all the disgusting things he wanted to do to her, she wouldn’t be calling him a gentleman!
  He filled their beer cups and made his way through the crowd of people back to Annie.

  “Let’s go outside,” he suggested to her. “It’s too bloody hot in here.”
  “Good idea,” she said.
  The two of them walked outside and found a couple of open patio chairs. For a while, they just sat and talked and drank a couple more beers. Adam was enjoying talking about old times with her and slowly realized he was getting a bit drunk. And so was Annie! She was getting very touchy-feely, constantly putting her hand on Adam’s arm.
  He decided to test her and placed his hand on her left thigh. She pushed his hand away.
“ Now, now, Adam. What do you think you’re doing?” Annie asked with a coy smile
  “What am I doing?” he repeated. “I’m sitting here with a hot girl and finding it very hard to keep my hands to myself!”

  “Well, you’re gonna have to try harder,” she replied jokingly.
  Hmmm, Adam wondered to himself. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought.
  After a little while they began to mingle with other people at the party. But, he noticed, she never strayed too far away from his side.

  This was confusing him. On the one hand, she didn’t seem to want to do anything with him. But on the other hand, she wouldn’t let him out of her sight. And every time she needed a refill for her beer cup, she’d always come to Adam and ask if he’d get her another one.
   While she was away for a bathroom break, Mitch came staggering past. He was getting very inebriated.

  “Hey, man!” he slurred, putting an arm around Adam. “So, you gonna bang that little cutie? She been all over you like white on rice!”
  “I don’t know,” said Adam. “She kinda acts like she wants it, but kinda acts like not too.”
  “You just gotta be more forceful, Adam, my man,” slurred Mitch. “Ya just gotta lay down the rules to these chicks. Put out or get out! Ya know what I mean?”

  Adam looked at him with a puzzled look on his face.
  “I ain’t that kind of guy, Mitch”
  “Pppfffttt!” Mitch spat. “Bullshit, dude! Hey, you remember little Mandy Lassiter?”
  Adam nodded. “Yeah I remember her. Sweet little redhead. She’s good friends with your sister, isn’t she?”

  “Oh fuck yeah!” answered Mitch, leaning against Adam for support. “Well, I been getting weed for her and Kendra for the last couple years. Just last week, Mandy hits me up for a bit. I say to her, ‘Hey babe! I been getting weed for you for a while now, you gotta start doing favours for me!’ She asked me what the fuck I was talking about and so I told her. Next thing I know, I’m banging the hell outta some sweet 18 year old pussy!”

  “You fucked Mandy Lassiter?” Adam asked incredulously.
 “You got it, man!” grinned Mitch. “Fucked ‘er hard! The point is, I laid down the law to ‘er, man. She wanted to get stoned, I wanted to get fucked. So we both got what we wanted. You just gotta tell that little Annie, ‘you wanna hang with me, there’s things you gotta do.’ She don’t like it, well, give ‘er the punt!”

  “Fuck!” Adam said. “She’s kinda like a sister to me, though.”
  “Hey!” Mitch said impatiently. “She ain’t though, is she? I know you want to fuck her. You been telling me that for years!”
   “Oh man, in a fucking heartbeat!” replied Adam.
  “Then get past all that other bullshit and just slip her the old Adam-stick,” said Mitch. “I’ll betcha she wants it just as bad as you. Now, seeing as how we’re talking sisters, mind if I fuck yours?”

   Adam shoved Mitch away from him playfully, Mitch almost falling head over heels over the couch.
   “Fucking asshole!” Adam laughed.
  Mitch drunkenly pointed a finger at Adam as he staggered away towards the patio doors.

  “If I find out tomorrow, you didn’t do that little honey, I’ll be fuckin’ disappointed! Make me proud, dude! Make me proud!”
   “What’s he disappointed about?”
  Adam turned around to see Annie walking up.
  “Oh, nothing too important,” Adam replied. “Just Mitch being a drunken idiot.”

  “One of those, huh?” she laughed. “Well, there’s a house full of them right now.”
  “Including you!” Adam said, mussing up her hair. “You’re getting a pretty good glow!”
  Annie gave him a small slap on the chest.
 “Fuck you!” she laughed.
   “You know what,” said Adam. “ Now I gotta go to the can! I’ll be back in a minute.”
  “Okay,” said Annie. “I’ll be waiting.”
  She flashed him that beautiful smile that just made him melt. He walked upstairs to the bathroom, thinking about the things Mitch had said to him.

  Adam had never had to be the kind of guy who manipulated women to have sex with him. They were just naturally attracted to him. He never had to swing deals with someone to get what he wanted. But Annie was proving a little more difficult.
   He wanted her! BAD! But Annie kept sending him such mixed signals. Maybe he was going to have to just call her bluff and do what Mitch had said. Hey! It had worked for Mitch, who had managed to get his sister Kendra’s hot friend in the sack.

   Adam was getting the feeling he was being played and he didn’t like it! He had to do something about it. If Annie was going to play her little game, she had better start backing it up with some actions.
   Adam did his business in the washroom and came back downstairs. As she had said, Annie was waiting for him on the couch. Damn, she looked good, thought Adam. Her t-shirt had slid up a bit, showing off her tanned belly button.

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You just keep me wanting more n more

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 “Hey, big fella!” she said drunkenly as Adam came to sit down beside her. “Almost gave up on you!”
“Awww, come on, Annie. You know I’d never skip out on you,” joked Adam.
  He took a look around, The house suddenly seemed emptier and quieter than it had earlier.
  “Where the hell did everybody go?” asked Adam. “The place is half empty.”

  “Oh, somebody said there was a big party happening out at the lake, so everybody started leaving,” said Annie with a dismissive wave of her hand. “And apparently Mitch is passed out beside the pool.”
  Adam looked out the patio doors. Yep! He could see Mitch’s inert form stretched out in a deck chair. He wasn’t surprised.
  Suddenly a group of 4 guys came wandering into the living room. At the front of the group was a tall, very muscular guy. He was about the same height as Adam and sported a brush-cut. He also had a goatee.

  “Holy shit! Adam Johnson! I didn’t know you were here! How’s it been going, man?” he yelled.
  He and Adam high-fived each other.
 “Rodney Becker! Becker the Pecker!” Adam beamed.
  Rodney Becker was one of Adam’s old high school football team mates. They hadn’t been huge friends in school, but they got along pretty good. Rodney had developed a bit of a reputation in school of being rather, um, well-endowed. Hence the nickname, Becker the Pecker, or sometimes just Pecker. Rodney had always been quite good-spirited about it. After high school, Rodney hadn’t went to college, choosing instead to apprentice as a mechanic at his father’s repair shop.

   “What’s up, dawg?” Rodney asked.
  “I don’t know,” replied Adam. “Wizniak is passed out and it looks like everybody is kinda leaving.”
 “Well, me and a bunch of guys are heading over to my place. Why don’t you come on over? Haven’t talked to you in ages!”
  Adam shrugged his shoulders.

  “Yeah, what the hell? Might as well,” he said. “Where you living now?”
  Rodney gave him the address and he and the other 3 guys headed out the door.
  Adam looked over at Annie.

  “You wanna go?”
 “Sure,” she said. “I’ll go with you. This party has kinda died out. I got nowhere else to go tonight.”
   Adam had to help her as they walked out to his car. She was becoming quite wobbly on her feet, he noticed. The many beers she had consumed earlier that night were catching up to her.
  As he began driving, he glanced over at Annie. God, she looked good! She was sitting with her legs slightly apart. She looked over at him, smiling.  Adam thought about how sweet it would be to just unbutton her jeans and slide his hand down inside. Or to have those soft lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. He felt his cock growing hard.

  Just be patient, he told himself. One way or another, he was going to get some action from this hot little brunette before the night was out. Eventually, she’d drop her guard and he’d move in!   
   Soon he pulled up in front of Rodney’s house. It was a two-storey bungalow in an older part of town. He and Annie walked up to the front door.

  “We don’t have to go here if you don’t want to,” Adam said to her.
 “No, it’s fine,” she said. “Of course I want to go. I’m having fun hanging out with you.”
  “Okay,” he said. “Let’s go then.”

   They entered the house. It was a typical bachelor’s place. There was a couple of old couches and three recliner chairs scattered around the living room. In the middle of the room was a large wooden coffee table covered in empty beer cans and bottles and ash trays. Along one wall was a huge flat screen TV and a home entertainment system.

   Another wall was practically wallpapered with centerfolds of nude women from Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines. In the centre of the dining room, just off the living room, was a large pool table. 
  “Hmmm, interesting décor,” Annie mused sarcastically.
   Rodney and his three friends were sitting in the living room, watching a movie on the flat-screen. One of the men was in the process of rolling a joint on the big coffee table.

   Adam recognized one of the other guys. His name was Trevor, another old football buddy. He didn’t know the other two guys though, one of whom looked to be in his 30s. Adam made a bit of a mental note that they were the only ones there. There was no other people and certainly no other women.

  Rodney waved at them as they walked in.
  “Hey man, glad you made it! You know Trevor. These other two are Hugh and Greg. They work for my dad.”
   The two men looked up at Adam and nodded hello.
  “And that’s Adam,” said Rodney. “He’s an old high school buddy. Used to play football with me and Trevor. We had some pretty wild times, didn’t we?”
   “Oh yeah”, grinned Adam. “They were wild times, all right.”
  He pointed to Annie. “Hey guys, this is Annie. A friend of my sister’s.”
  “Hi Annie!” all four men said in unison.
  “Uh, hi!” Annie replied weakly. She had to lean against Adam for support. Adam couldn’t help but notice all four men’s eyes scanning across her body.
    “I saw your sister, Brooke, the other day,” said Rodney. “Man, has she grown up nice! I feel sorry for your old man. He must have to keep a shotgun by the front door to chase all the boys away!”

  “Only for guys like you, Rodney,” laughed Adam.
  “Hey, fuck you!” said Rodney good-naturedly. “Beer is in the fridge. Help yourself!”
  Annie and Adam went down the hallway to the kitchen. Adam opened the fridge, which was almost completely full of beer.
  “You want one?” he asked her. “Or you want some Pepsi?”

  “Yeah, I’ll have a beer,” she said. “And what are you, my mother? Think I’m getting too drunk or something?”
  She playfully slapped Adam on the arm.
  “No!” he protested. “It’s a little too late to worry about you getting drunk! You’ve done a pretty good job of that already!”
   “You are an asshole, Adam Johnson!” she laughed as she tried to slap him again. Adam sidestepped her and grabbed her by the arm. Pinning her against the kitchen counter, he began to tickle her under the ribs with his other hand. She squirmed and twisted against him trying to get away. She let out a little squeal.

“Adam! Let me go! You’re gonna make me pee!” she giggled.
   Her firm, toned body pressing back against him felt awesome. He suddenly let go of her as he felt himself growing hard. As he pulled his hand away, it inadvertently brushed against her right breast.
“Hey, bub! Watch that hand!” she said in mock outrage.
“It was an accident!” Adam said with an innocent grin.
Annie gave him a suspicious look out of the corner of her eye as she smiled.
 “Accident, my ass!”
  As they walked back to the living room with their beers, Adam grinned to himself. God, her body had felt SO fucking good against his. He HAD to fuck her! That was all there was to it!
   When they got back to the living room, Trevor and Hugh were having a game of pool. Rodney and Greg were smoking a large joint. Rodney passed it to Adam.

  “You want some, man?” he said as he coughed harshly.
  “Sure!” said Adam. “Ain’t had a good puff in a long time!”
  He took a big drag from the joint, inhaling deeply. Looking at Annie, he held the joint out to her.
  She took it from him and also had a good pull off it before handing it back to Greg.

  “Whoa!” she said, her eyes wide. “That’s powerful stuff!”
  The party carried on and they smoked a couple more joints over the next hour or so, as well as downing more beers. Annie was having fun playing pool with the guys. Adam, Rodney and Trevor reminisced about their high school days.
  Annie had went to the washroom, when Rodney suddenly said to Adam, “So dude, what’s the deal there with you and little Annie? You two an item?”

  Adam blushed a bit as he replied, “No! We ain’t going out or anything like that. I just ran into her over at Mitch’s. But I AM hoping to get into those jeans before the night’s over!”
  Rodney high-fived him.

  “That’s the spirit, man! I wish you luck. Shit, I’d give my left nut to fuck her. That girl is KILLER! I can’t believe she’s 18! Looks younger to me!”
  “Holy crap, yeah!” piped up Trevor. “I’ll bet she is SO fucking tight! Makes my balls ache just thinking about it!”

  “All I can say is, after being married ten years, the old lady just don’t cut it like she used to,” added Hugh. “It would be a dream come true if I got myself some young cunt like that!”
  Something suddenly clicked inside Adam’s brain. A feeling he’d never had before. He wasn’t sure how to explain it. He felt like he should be mad and disgusted at these guys for the way they were treating Annie like a piece of meat. But he wasn’t! No, instead he was feeling….turned on. It was getting him hard hearing them talk about her.

  Adam’s body was filled with a rush of excitement, as he wondered what it would be like to watch this group of drunks fuck the hell out of her. It could be her just dessert for being such a little tease all night.
  He began to speak in a low voice, his heart pounding. He couldn’t believe what he was about to say.

  “Well guys, I’ve got a deal for you then. You let me fuck her first and get what I want, and then you guys can have her. And do WHATEVER the hell you want! All I ask is, I get first dibs on her pussy and ass, and after that, she’s yours!”
  A lascivious grin crept across Rodney’s face.
 “Buddy, you have got yourself a deal!” He slapped Adam on the back.

I know this story takes a little while to get to the action, but don't worry! It's coming!

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Offline vile8r

Just at that time, Annie came wobbling into the living room.
“So!” she yelled. “Whose ass am I gonna kick this time in pool?
  Greg stood up from his chair. “Hey honey, I’ll kick YOUR sweet little ass. Matter of fact, that’s not ALL I wanna do to it!”
  Annie gave him a strange look, but said nothing. As the two of them played pool, the other four men began to watch a movie.
Rodney called over to Annie, “You mind if we watch a porno?”
   Annie shrugged her shoulders.

  “I don’t care!” she said. “It’s your TV!”
  The guys began watching a porno video. It wasn’t long before they began making rude remarks about the girls in the movie.
  “That one kinda looks like Annie!” yelled Rodney.
  Annie looked up from taking a shot. “It does not!” she exclaimed.
 “Nah, you’re right, Annie,” said Adam. “You’re waaay hotter!”
   “Yeah, hot as hell!” said Rodney.
    Then a scene of a girl having a threesome with two guys came on.
  “Wow, that’d be awesome!” said Trevor. “You ever do something like that, Annie?”

   “No!” she said in a disgusted tone.
  “That’s a pity,” said Greg. “Me and Trev would love to have a threesome with ya!”

   Annie rolled her eyes. “Have one with Rodney!”
  “OH! Burrrrnnnn!” Adam laughed.
  “You just forget about those losers,” said Hugh. “You wanna be with a REAL man, like me!”

   Annie set her pool cue down and came over to sit by Adam.
 “Listen”, said Annie. “ Adam and I are together. So please leave me alone. I’m not interested in any of you!”
  “Awwww, that’s a shame,” said Trevor. “Ya don’t know what you’d be missing!”

  “Probably not much!” Annie retorted.
  “Shot you down hard, man!” chuckled Hugh.“ She’s a feisty one. Reminds me of my wife when she was younger.”
  Annie looked at him incredulously.

  “You’re married?! Why the HELL are you hitting on me then? That’s kind of sick!”
  “Hey, I might be married but I ain’t dead,” said Hugh. “I can still be attracted to pretty girls, can’t I?”

  “I guess, but just don’t do it around me, okay?” she said sliding a little closer to Adam. Hugh flashed her a stern glare.
  She asked Adam if he would like to have a game of pool and he agreed.
  “I just need to get away from these guys. They’re being pigs!”
  “Ahhh, they’re just getting drunk, Annie,” said Adam. “They’re having a bit of fun.”

  “They’re creeping me out”, she said, screwing up her face.
  “So”, said Adam hopefully, “we’re ‘together’, are we?”
  “Oh, don’t get yourself excited! I just said that to get these guys to leave me alone,” Annie explained. “Yeah, I like you, Adam, but not that way.  You’re like a big brother to me. I couldn’t imagine us doing anything. It’s just not something I would do. I respect my friendship with Brooke too much to fuck it up by sleeping with her brother! To tell you the truth, I hung around with you at Mitch’s because I thought it would get guys to stop hitting on me.”

  “Yeah, I can understand that, Annie,” he said.
  But Adam was rather taken aback by this. You little bitch! he thought. You fucking little manipulative prick tease! You have teased and flirted with me all night to the point of making me cum in my goddamn pants, and now you’re telling me you just like me as a big brother! You used me all night as a bodyguard? Well, this night ain’t over yet. You’re getting fucked, if I have anything to say about it!

  They started playing pool. As Annie was bent over taking a shot, Rodney walked by on the way to the kitchen to get a beer. He reached out with his left hand and grabbed one of Annie’s ass cheeks. She spun around, blushing.

  “Sorry,” Rodney said putting his hands up. “My hand slipped. It does that whenever it sees a nice ass. Bad hand!”
  He slapped himself on the hand, laughing as he walked away. The other guys in the room also erupted into laughter.

  When Rodney returned, Annie was taking another shot. Rodney leaned in close to her, his body pressing against hers.
 “Hey, if you like playing with balls, I got a couple you can have.”
 “Haha, funny!” she sneered.

 After the game was over, Adam and Annie walked back over to one of the couches to sit down. Trevor was sitting at the end of the couch and as Annie went to sit down, he quickly slid over so she inadvertently sat down on his lap. Trevor put his hands on her hips and bounced her up and down on top of him a couple times.
  “Yeehawww!” he yelled. “Ride the wild stallion! ”
 “Get away, you pig!” she said as she slapped his hands away.
 She looked over at Adam. “Are you going to let these guys get away with this shit?”

  Adam shrugged. “Okay. Trevor, quit being a pig!” he said with a grin.
  Annie got up from the couch. “I gotta pee!” she said.
 “You need some help with those pants?” asked Rodney. “I can pull ‘em down for you.”

  “No thank you!” she snapped. “I think I can manage myself!”
  “Well, can we at least come and watch?” asked Greg.
  “NO!” she said as she stomped off down the hallway.
  “I think she’s getting mad,” laughed Adam. “Better watch out, you guys.”

  “Oh, I like it when they get mad!” said Greg, licking his lips.
  Annie did her business in the washroom and was coming back down the hallway when she ran into Hugh who was coming out of the kitchen.
  He stood so he was blocking her path.

  “Well, well. If it isn’t little Annie!”
  “Would you mind moving, please?” she asked.
  “Tell ya what, sweetie,” he said with an evil smile. “You show me your tits and I will!”
 “I am NOT showing you my tits! Now, move!” she said indignantly.

  A little wobbly from all the beer she had drank, she tried to squeeze past and fell against him. Hugh reached out to steady her, his left hand closing around one of her breasts.
  “Oh baby! That feels nice! Just let me have a little suck on one!” he whispered in her ear. He tried pulling her closer to him, his hand squeezing tighter on her tit.

  Annie twisted around, slapping him across the face.
  “Let me go!” she yelled.
  Hugh released her and stepped back, rubbing his cheek where she had slapped him. He laughed.
  “Oh, a little wildcat! You like it rough, huh?”

  Annie stormed into the living room and grabbed Adam by the hand, pulling him up off the couch.
  “Come on Adam! Let’s get the fuck out of here!”
 “Why? What the hell happened?” he said with a confused look.

  “Because that PERVERT,” she said as she spun around, pointing a finger at Hugh, who stood in the entrance to the living room with a big grin on his face, “tried to molest me in the hallway! The fucking pig is married! I’ve had enough, I want to leave!”
  “But I thought we were having fun,” said Adam. “I don’t wanna leave!”

  “LET’S GO, Adam!” she insisted. “I don’t wanna be here anymore! I’m going home! If you won’t give me a ride, I’ll just walk then.”
  She turned away from Adam, but he grabbed her arm and spun her around.

  “NO! You ain’t leaving!” he blurted. “You owe me something first!”
 “Owe you something? What the hell do I owe YOU?” she asked angrily.
 “You’ve been teasing and flirting with me all night!” he snarled. “It’s time you put out for me! And you AIN’T leaving until you do!”

  Annie’s mouth hung open in a look of utter astonishment.
  “So that’s it, huh? I thought you were a nice guy, Adam! You’re as bad as the rest of these pigs. All night, that’s ALL you’ve wanted? Is to FUCK me?”

 “Maybe not ALL night, but yeah, that’s pretty well it in a nutshell,” Adam said with a shrug. “Can you blame me? Fuck, girl! You don’t know how goddamn turned on you’ve got me! My cock has been hard since the first time I saw you tonight!”
  Annie shook her head in disgust, tears welling up in her eyes.
“I thought you were a friend! You’re just as fucking sick as all the rest. Good-bye!”

  Annie spun around to leave. She came to a sudden stop as she saw Trevor and Greg blocking the door.
“Outta my way!” she ordered.
  Adam came up behind her grabbing both her arms.

“You AREN’T going anywhere!” he said, a tone of coldness in his voice. “You’re fucking me tonight, whether you want to or not! And ALL these guys too!”

  Annie had never heard Adam talk this way in her life. She felt a cold ball of terror form in her stomach at the sudden realization of what was going to happen to her. It hadn’t really sunk into her at first, when she arrived there, that she was the only girl amongst a group of men. Now, she was totally helpless, about to become the victim of a gang-rape!

  She tried to pull away from Adam but he had a firm grip on her arms.
  “Let me go, you son of a bitch!” she yelled.
 Adam wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides and easily picked up the petite girl, carrying her, legs flailing and kicking, into the center of the living room.

 “Get her pants off!” ordered Adam.
“NOOOOO! NOOOOOO! LET ME GO!” she screamed.
 “Oh yeah!” yelled Hugh, a look of sick anticipation on his face as he moved in towards Annie.

  “GET AWAY FROM MEEEE!” she shrieked, her left leg kicking out. She connected with Hugh’s crotch. He grabbed himself, yelping in agony.

  “Motherfucker!” he groaned. “That fuckin’ hurt!”
 He grabbed the front of Annie’s t-shirt, cocking his arm back as if to strike her. Annie’s eyes grew wide with terror.
  “You are gonna pay for that, you little bitch! I’ll knock every tooth out of your fucking mouth!”

  “Hugh!” Rodney yelled. “Back off! None of that bullshit, you hear me?”
   Hugh put his arm down and let go of her t-shirt. He leaned in close to her.
  “You want it rough, you’re gonna get it fucking rough!” he hissed. “You ain’t gonna forget my name after I’m done with you!”
  Annie spit in his face. “GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU SICK FUCK!” 

Hugh just smiled as he wiped it off. “That’s fine, bitch. You’ll get yours!” he said.
  “Jesus Christ, you gonna get her fucking pants off today or tomorrow!” yelled Adam impatiently.
  “Yeah, come on, dude!” said Trevor. “We’re waiting here!”
  “Okay, okay!” growled Hugh.

   Adam held her up, her feet off the floor, as Hugh grabbed the button on her jeans and undid it, while trying to dodge her kicking legs. He yanked down the zipper,  Annie bucking and twisting her body the whole time.

  Rodney stepped in to give him a hand. With Adam holding her upper body, Hugh and Rodney each grabbed a leg, stretching her out between the three of them. They first pulled her shoes and socks off, then with an arm wrapped around each leg of the frantically struggling girl, hooked their fingers into the waistband of her jeans. Pulling and tugging from both sides, they slowly worked her pants down off her smooth hips.

  The men’s eyes lit up with excitement as they caught their first glimpse of panties. She was wearing pink thong underwear.
   “Fuck, she’s got nice legs!‘ said Greg breathlessly as more of her silky tanned thighs came into view.
Finally, Hugh and Rodney had Annie’s pants pulled completely off. They pulled her down to the floor, Annie violently twisting and thrashing her body in a vain attempt to break loose.

 “LET ME GO, YOU BASTARDS! ADAM! STOPPP!” she continued to scream, tears streaming down her face.
 Adam looked over at Greg and Trevor.
  “Come over here and hold her arms!” he said.
  The two men pinned her arms down to the floor on either side of her as Adam walked around to her feet. He began to unbuckle his pants.

  Annie looked up at him, fear in her eyes.
  “P-p-please, Adam!” she tearfully begged, shaking her head. “D-d-don’t do th-this! I beg you! You’re going t-t-to get in a-a l-lot of t-trouble!”
  “Only gonna get in a lot of trouble if you open your fucking mouth,” sneered Adam.

  He quickly undressed, exposing his thick 8 ½ inch circumcised cock as he stripped his underwear off.  Adam stood around 6 ft. and weighed around 200-205 lb., just a little heavier than when he had been in high school. He prided himself on keeping very fit, no spare tire or flab on his body! He still had the same curly blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes the girls had fallen so hard for in high school.
   Adam got down on his knees, between her outstretched legs. He grabbed her panties with both hands and with a single hard tug,  easily ripped them off her as she twisted and fought against him.

“NOOOOOOO!” screamed Annie.
   His heart jumped as he glanced down at the tight pink slit between her legs. She was shaved! Awesome!
  “Oh man, that is fucking sweet!” said Hugh, a small dribble of slobber on his lip.
  “PUSSY! PUSSY!” Greg and Trevor cheered in unison, like a couple of junior high schoolboys looking at a Playboy centrefold for the very first time.

   Adam looked around and spied a pair of scissors on the coffee table. He grabbed them and began cutting her “Playmate-In-Training” t-shirt up the middle, slowly exposing her flat stomach. He continued to slice open her shirt, right up to the collar, then pulled the two halves away from her body. She was wearing a pink bra to match her thong panties. It had a clasp in the front.                   Anna looked up at Adam. “NOOOO! DON’T DO THIS!” she pleaded.
   Adam looked down at her, his tongue running across his lips, and undid the clasp, letting her bra fall away from her tits.
   My God! They’re perfect, he thought as he ran his hands across the smooth roundness of her breasts.

  His breaths were coming in short gasps as he gazed down at the teen girl’s exquisite body. His mind went back to that summer day when he had seen her in that little black and yellow bikini. For years he had thought about what she looked like under that bikini. Now, he was finally finding out. It exceeded ALL his wildest dreams!

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I like this one to always good stories

March 05, 2015, 07:47:07 PM
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Offline vile8r

 Annie’s screaming and pleading brought him back from his reverie.
  Adam just gave her a smile as he positioned himself between her legs.
Sorry, Annie. But you brought this on yourself!” he said. He gripped his erect cock, guiding it up to the edge of her pussy. His whole body was shaking with anticipation.

  “COME ON, MAN! FUCK HER!” yelled Rodney.
 Adam pushed his hips forward, feeling the large purple head of his cock spreading her apart. She was dry and he had to twist his hips to work himself inside her. With the head of his cock inside her, he grabbed her firmly by the hips and powerfully thrust his entire length into her.

  “OHHHH!” he groaned with absolute ecstasy, as he felt the tight walls of Annie’s cunt close around his thick cock. Annie tried to twist and turn her body, but that only helped for him to push deeper into her.
    Adam was living his fantasy! Well, she isn’t a virgin, he said to himself. He hadn’t figured she was, but wondered who the lucky bastard was who had been given the golden opportunity to pop her cherry. Didn’t really matter, Adam decided. HE was deep inside her now, and that was all that mattered!

   Annie, feeling Adam drive his thick cock into her, threw her head back, her mouth wide open. A piercing shriek erupted from her.
“Yikes! She’s a screamer!” laughed Rodney.

  Annie let out a couple more sharp screams as Adam began pumping in and out, pulling back so he was almost out of her, then slamming his entire length back into her. Again and again.
  “PLEASE! STOPPPPPP! PLEASE!” she tearfully begged.
  But Adam just ignored her. His hands were wrapped around her silky thighs and he was in his own little world of bliss, his large cock pounding away at Annie’s incredibly tight vagina.

  The other men cheered him on as though they were at a sporting event.
  “Go, man, go!”
 “Slam her hard!”
 “Fuck the little bitch!”

  Adam could feel his balls tightening as he approached climax. He knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. Sweat ran down his face and back.
  “I’m ready to cum!” he panted.
 Annie cried out.

  His whole body suddenly went stiff, his buttocks clenching together as he came inside her. Annie’s face went white, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she felt the warm sticky jets of semen coating her insides.
  Adam held himself inside her, as the head of his cock twitched and pulsated. The sensation was unbelievable!

  He finally pulled out of her, a smile of utter contentment across his face.
  He looked down at the devastated, sobbing girl.
  “Oh Annie! I’ve been waiting since you were 14 to do that!”
 “You’re FUCKING sick, Adam!” she spat. “I FUCKING hate you!”
  “Ahhh, well,” said Rodney. “Pretty soon you’re gonna hate us all!”

  Rodney and Hugh let go of her legs as Rodney began to pull off his clothes. Adam saw again, why the nickname ‘Becker The Pecker’ had stuck with Rodney. His cock was about 9 ½ inches long, and very thick.

Physically, Rodney was very fit. He was shorter than Adam, standing only 5’ 8” and weighing about 200 lb.. But he had very broad shoulders and a thick muscular chest. Even though it was 3 years since he had played high school football, and he was now 21, Rodney still made a point of visiting the gym regularly and kept himself in good shape. Adam noted he didn’t look a lot older than he did when he was 18.
 His blonde hair, closely trimmed to his scalp and his square face made Adam think of a Marine recruit.

 “You two can let go of her,“ Rodney said to Trevor and Greg. They let go of her arms and stepped back.

 “This is gonna be good!” he said looking down at the teen hottie.
  Kneeling down on the floor, he grabbed Annie by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. She tried to crawl away but Rodney grabbed her by the waist, pulling her back towards him.
“NOOOOOOO! LET ME GOOOOO!” she continued to beg and plead as she looked fearfully over her shoulder at Rodney’s large member.

Pushing her legs apart and lifting her up by the hips, Rodney drove  into her effortlessly. She let out a painful scream as the thick penis spread her wide.
He immediately began to brutally fuck her. Annie’s body shook with every savage thrust.

Rodney reached under her and began squeezing and mauling Annie‘s breasts. She squealed and thrashed.
  “Goddamn!” Rodney said, panting heavily. “I ain’t fucked a girl this tight in ages!”

  As Rodney pounded into Annie from behind, the other men gathered around in a semi-circle, hooting and hollering and cheering him on. Annie’s sharp shrieks echoed around the room.
  Adam sat down on the couch, his heart pounding with excitement. He was still in awe at how great Annie’s tight pussy had felt around his cock. Why hadn’t he done this ages ago, he wondered to himself?

  He thought back to that wonderful night at Mitch Wizniak’s party when he was 17. The night he had lost his virginity to two of the hottest cheerleaders in his school. Until now, that night had been relegated to a place in his memory as ‘BEST NIGHT EVER!’
But, Adam thought, with a smile, I think I have a NEW winner!

  Finally getting to fuck the girl of his dreams had been an extremely exhilarating experience for Adam. Now he could not believe how incredibly turned on he was becoming as he watched the hot teenager being fucked by another man. Annie was drenched in sweat and tears ran down her face. Her tight body was being rocked back and forth by the violent assault.

  Rodney suddenly let out a pig-like grunt as he slammed his hips hard against the back of Annie’s thighs, dumping a large load of  cum into her. A thin trickle of slobber ran down his chin as he pulled out of her.
  “Sonuvabitch! That was AWESOME!” he whooped.

  Greg and Trevor had, by this time, also stripped naked. Both men, like Rodney and Adam, had fit, muscular bodies with little excess fat. Greg was 25, stood around 5’ 10” and weighed in at around 190 lb. He had short black hair and a matching goatee. He had a large tattoo of a naked woman on a motorcycle across his back. 
  Trevor was the same age as Adam, at 21. He stood at around the same height as Adam but was slightly heavier. Adam estimated him around 220 lb. But it was obvious he also visited the gym a lot too. His arms were like tree trunks and his pecs and abs rippled. He had short brown hair and was clean-shaven. He reminded Adam a little bit of a taller Brad Pitt.

 Barely had Rodney pulled out of Annie, when Greg had taken his place, kneeling behind her. Guiding his erect 8 inch cock up to her battered pussy lips, Greg slid inside her. She was well lubricated now with her own juices and the cum from Adam and Rodney still oozing out of her. His cock made a wet, SLOOSH! sound.

  Greg grabbed her firmly by the slender waist. His hips bucked as his cock drove deep into Annie. He began a rhythm of short, sharp thrusts, his muscular thighs flexing. Her body shook from Greg’s vicious pounding.

  Hugh was sitting back in one of the recliners, enjoyably watching the gang-rape of the attractive teen. He was also completely naked and was slowly stroking his 9 ½ inch penis. Although it was the same length as Rodney‘s monster shaft, it was much thicker. It was 6 inches in circumference!

   Hugh stood at around 6’ 6” tall but probably only around 175 lb. He had a very solid, wiry physique, though. He had a long, red scar across his mid-section, a result of a knife fight from his youth. The 35-year-old had long brown hair in a mullet-style hair-do that hung down to his shoulders, his hairline receding along his forehead.
  His fu Manchu moustache and pock-marked complexion reminded Adam of someone you would see in an old prison movie. For all Adam knew, maybe Hugh WAS an ex-con! He certainly had the disposition of somebody who took no shit from any one!

  “You gonna do something with that tree-trunk, Hugh, or just sit there and jack off,” laughed Rodney.
  “Oh, don’t worry,” he said quietly, staring at Annie with his intense blue eyes. “I have a score to settle with that little cunt. I’ll wait until you guys have your fun. Then I’ll have MY turn!”

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Offline vile8r

 It didn’t take Greg long before he climaxed. He ground his hips against Annie, revelling in the sensation of her tight cunt gripping him, his cock spurting hot jets of cum into her. He pulled out, giving Trevor, who was waiting next-in-line, a high-five as though they were in a tag-team wrestling match.

  “She’s all yours, dude! Pound her! She feels fucking great!” he said excitedly.
  Trevor was ready, his erect 9 inch cock at attention. The large purple head had a small bead of pre-cum oozing out the end. The young dark-haired man said excitedly, “I’m gonna make her ride me for REAL this time!”

   Trevor grabbed Annie as he lay on the floor on his back, pulling her over on top of him.
  “Oh God!” she sobbed. “P-please stop!”
  “We ain’t nowhere done with you, Annie! Hey, a couple of you guys wanna help?” Trevor said impatiently.

  Adam and Rodney stepped forward and grabbed Annie’s arms. They lifted her up as they positioned her over top of his erect cock. Annie defiantly twisted and fought back against the men holding her arms.
“LET ME GO, GODDAMN IT!” she screamed.
“Fuckin’ ride me!” Trevor ordered.

  Holding her arms tightly, as Annie continued to resist, they forced her onto his large shaft. As he felt the head of his cock enter her, Trevor gripped her by the ass cheeks and pulled her roughly down onto him.
“AHHHHHHH!” she gasped painfully.

  Trevor arched his back, forcing his thick cock deeper into her. Adam and Rodney began sliding Annie up and down on him, as she grimaced in pain.
  “That’s a good little bitch!” said Trevor. “Like I said before, ride the wild stallion! See what happens when you’re a little prick tease?”

  Adam was very aroused seeing her riding Trevor. Her back arched every time Trevor thrust up into her, her breasts jutting out. Her firm, athletic thighs were clamped tightly around him.
“Okay, you guys can let her go,” said Trevor.

  Trevor pulled her down closer to him. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and ran across her small pink nipples. Annie tried to twist away but Trevor had his arms wrapped tight around her. She could do nothing as Trevor licked and sucked on her tits.

  “Come on, baby! Fuck me!” he grunted, pushing his hips up.
 “I’ll get her moving!” said Greg.
  He walked up behind Annie and slapped her hard across her butt cheeks. WHACK!
  Annie jumped, her hips jerking. Greg smacked her again. WHACK! He left a large red welt across her bottom.

  “AAAAIIEEE!” Annie painfully squealed.
  “YEAH!” yelled Trevor. “That got ’er moving!”
   The other men cheered him on as he vigorously fucked the petite teen, thrusting his cock into her. Annie had her arms braced against his chest for support.

 “Holy shit, girl, you are fucking great!” Trevor groaned as he approached orgasm.
  He pulled her down onto his cock and held her there as he furiously pumped his hips against her, shooting another sticky stream of cum into the sobbing girl.
   As he felt his cock stop twitching, Trevor pushed her off him and he stood up.

“Fuckin’ yeah!’” he whooped. “Best bitch I’ve fucked in a long time!”
   The group of men were all high-fiving each other as though they had just scored a touchdown.  They looked down at the pretty teen girl curled up on the floor. Cum and blood oozed out of her pussy and ran down her bruised thighs. Her hair hung loosely across her face and shoulders. Sweat glistened on her tanned skin.

   But the savage violation of Annie was far from over yet. Hugh suddenly stood up from the recliner where he had been sitting. His erect cock jutted out menacingly from between his legs, veins standing out along the engorged shaft.

  Pushing Trevor and Greg aside, he reached down and grabbed Annie by the arm, yanking her to her feet.
  “My turn, slut!” he growled. “Gonna fuck you HARD, you snotty little bitch!”
  But Annie’s spirit wasn’t broken yet. She lashed out with her other hand, raking her fingernails across Hugh’s cheek.

    Hugh grabbed her hand, squeezing her fingers inside his fist. He squeezed down hard, eliciting a scream of pain from the girl.
Hugh continued to squeeze, Annie’s face turning pale.

  “Try that again and I’ll bust your goddamn fingers!” Hugh said, finally releasing Annie’s hand from his fist, her fingers red and bruised. He pulled her towards him. Then he grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, clamping his mouth down hard onto hers.

“MMMMPPPHHH!” Annie tried to pull away as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. He made a grotesque noise in his chest as he hawked a huge gob of saliva down her throat. Hugh pulled away from her mouth, Annie choking on the vile spit.
  “There!” he sneered. “You wanna spit on me bitch, that’s what you get!”
   Pulling her by the arms, Hugh dragged Annie over to the nearest living room wall.

“GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEE!” screeched Annie.
    He slammed her up against the wall hard. Annie’s mouth flew open as the wind was driven out of her lungs.
   “Holy shit! Watch this!” said Rodney with a look of anticipation. “Hugh is gonna go wild on her. He’s a fucking animal!”

   Hugh lifted her up by the hips, her legs frantically kicking. In one fluid movement, Hugh impaled Annie on his stiff cock, the thick shaft spreading her pussy wide apart. Easily holding up the small teen with his powerful arms, Hugh began slamming in and out of her.

   Annie’s tiny fists pushed at his chest as she was sandwiched between the wall and the large man. The wall shook as Hugh drove his hips forward. The petite girl’s body shuddered with every violent thrust. Mashed against the wall, she was unable to scream.

  Her mouth hung open, emitting loud gasps of pain as the massive cock relentlessly assaulted her insides. Sweat ran down Hugh’s face and veins stood out on his forehead as the 34 year-old plowed his rock-hard dick in and out of the teen girl’s tight vagina.

   Adam sat on the couch, with a look of wild exhilaration. This was awesome! he thought. Watching Annie being so violently fucked by an older man was getting him very hard.
  Rodney had left the room for a few minutes and when he returned he was holding something in his hand. A video camera!
   “What the hell you gonna do with that?” asked Greg.

  “I’m gonna make us a little movie!” said Rodney with a sly grin. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t feel like going  to jail. After this is all over, we gotta keep this little slut’s mouth shut. So, we’re gonna need a bit of blackmail material.”
  “Great idea!” said Adam.
 He had to admit to himself, in all the excitement, he hadn’t really seriously considered the consequences of their actions. His mind had been concentrating so much on getting to fuck Annie, he had been blinded to all other rational thought. Now he was realizing this wasn’t just a high school party fuck-fest like they used to have when he was a teenager. And none of them were using condoms. Their DNA was all over her! This was a full-blown gang-rape!  A very serious offence that could put them all in jail, if Annie went to the police!

  So yes! They needed some kind of a plan to ensure the activities of tonight remained a secret. A home video would be the perfect blackmail tool!

  Adam turned back to the action. Hugh was still savagely fucking Annie, her body banging against the living room wall . Hugh was grunting and panting heavily as he increased his tempo of thrusts. Adam could see Hugh’s large balls slapping up against Annie’s thighs.

  Hugh’s whole body suddenly jerked, his hairy buttocks quivering as he came inside Annie. He continued to thrust his hips as his balls dumped their large load. The look of utter despair and humiliation on Annie’s tear-streaked face was priceless.

  Hugh continued to hold himself inside Annie for a few more seconds, before he finally pulled out, his cock making a sucking noise. He let go of her legs, her limp body sliding down the wall and onto the floor.
  In a final act of humiliation, Hugh leaned down and wiped his slimy cum and blood-streaked cock across her cheek.

  “I told ya, bitch!” he smirked. “Said I’d give you a fuckin’ ya wouldn’t soon forget! And I meant it! Us older guys ain’t so bad after all, are we? Better ‘n your tiny-dick high school boys!”

   Rodney noticed a large crack in the drywall where Hugh had been hammering Annie against the wall.
“Jesus Christ, Hugh!” exclaimed Rodney. “Look what you did to the wall. You’re wrecking the place!”

 “Woohoo!” yelled Trevor as he gave Hugh a high-five. “Man, you are a MACHINE!”
  “Fuckin’ right!” replied Hugh as he received high-fives from the rest of the group. “Ain’t fucked an 18 year-old in a long time. Felt pretty goddamn good! A lot better than the wife’s sloppy old hole, I’ll say that much!”

  The room erupted into laughter as Hugh headed to the kitchen to get himself a cold beer.
   Adam walked over to Annie, who was curled into a ball on the floor. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He looked down at her cum-streaked thighs, her brunette hair matted to the side of her face.

“Annie, you are a fucking mess!” he laughed.
 “P-p-please A-Adam! N-no more. P-p-please!” she pleaded, her voice barely audible.
  “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Annie,” said Adam. “And the night ain’t over yet. I’m having a lot of fun!”

March 09, 2015, 08:57:48 AM
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Offline vile8r


  He began to pull her by the arm towards the couch. The teen girl’s legs were weak and she had trouble walking. She collapsed to the floor.
  “Okay!” said Adam. “You don’t wanna walk, then crawl! Like a fucking dog!”

   “Yeah!” yelled Rodney as he turned on the camera and began filming Annie. “She’s our bitch tonight! Let’s see you crawl, bitch!”
   Adam grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked on it.
“Come on!” he ordered. “Crawl!”

Annie slowly crawled across the floor on her hands and knees.
  “Bring her over here, Adam!” Rodney said. He was stroking his erect cock as he trained the video camera on Annie.
   “Sit!” snapped Rodney as the girl approached his chair. Adam pulled on her hair, forcing her into a kneeling position.

  “Good little bitch,” said Rodney. “Now, repeat after me! ‘ I am a little cum-swallowing cocksucker. I love sucking cock and I love swallowing cum!’ SAY IT!”
   Annie shook her head in defiance. Adam motioned to Trevor to hand him an empty beer bottle off the coffee table.

  “Say it or I drive this beer bottle up your ass!” said Adam menacingly as he kneeled beside Annie and pressed the neck of the bottle between her ass cheeks. She jumped a bit as she felt the cool glass of the bottle touch her.
  “Okay! Okay!” she cried. “I-I’ll say it!”

“ I-I’m a-a cum-swallowing c-c-cocksucker and I l-love cum!” she stammered as tears rolled down her cheeks.
  “You like to SWALLOW cum!” Rodney corrected her. “Say it right, bitch!”
   “I-I LIKE TO SWALLOW CUM!” Annie said loudly as she felt Adam press the bottle harder against her anus.

  “Okay,” said Rodney contentedly. “Next I want you to say, ‘ Rodney, because I am such a cocksucking whore, may I suck your cock and swallow your cum!’”
   Taking a deep breath, Annie began speaking, her voice quavering.
“Rodney, b-because I-I am a cocksucking wh-whore, m-may I suck your, um, c-c-cock and sw-swallow your- c-cum?”
  Rodney laughed as he looked down at the teen. “Gee, I thought you’d never ask, Annie. Of course you may suck my cock, bitch!”
   He handed the video camera to Greg.
  “Here”, he said. “Make sure you get lots of close-ups.”
  Adam pulled Annie up so her face was in Rodney’s lap. As Rodney looked down at her with excited anticipation, he noticed she had a small silver tongue stud.

  “Well, well, a tongue stud! I’ve always heard girls with those are supposed to be good at sucking cock. Let’s find out! And don’t you DARE bite!”
Holding her by the hair, Adam pushed her mouth down onto Rodney’s erect penis. Rodney let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt Annie’s warm mouth close around him.

   Adam kept the beer bottle pressed against her anus as she began to move her head up and down on Rodney’s shaft. Greg had the camera zeroed in on her face.
  Adam realized he was getting incredibly hard as he watched Annie sucking on Rodney’s dick. He HAD to be inside her again!

He dropped the beer bottle and hurriedly gripping Annie by her slender hips, he plunged into her. Annie’s body jerked and twisted as she felt him enter her. Rodney put both his hands on the back of her head and held her there.
  “Don’t worry about him, bitch! Just concentrate on what YOU’RE doing.”

   Adam was in heaven. Annie’s vagina was more lubricated this time from the fuckings she had received from the other men. Adam worked his thick cock in and out effortlessly of her still tight but slick fuck-tunnel. As he pulled back, her pussy muscles involuntarily contracted around him.

Then he would drive his hips forward, feeling her vagina spreading apart to accommodate him. As he felt the head of his cock come up against her cervix, he would grind his hips hard against her. This second time felt even better than the first!

   Meanwhile, Rodney was timing the movement of his hips with Adam’s. Whenever Adam would thrust into Annie, he would also shove himself farther into Annie’s mouth. She choked and gagged as his cock pushed into her throat and then back out. Rodney’s fingers were tangled in her silky hair, holding her face down onto him.

  As Annie’s mouth and tongue moved along his entire length, Rodney felt his balls tighten and he knew he was ready to blow.
Adam looked at him, sweat running down his face.
 “Yo! You ready to cum?” he asked Rodney breathlessly.
 “Fuck yeah!” answered Rodney.

  “Okay on the count of three!” said Adam. “One……Two….. THREE!”
  Adam ground his hips against Annie as he felt his cock release deep inside her. He let out a sigh of pure ecstasy. “OHHHHHHHHH!”

  At the same time Annie felt Rodney’s cock jerk inside her mouth, as he sprayed a thick stream of cum into her mouth.
   She worked her throat muscles as she struggled to swallow as much as she could. Annie had never swallowed cum before. The vile, musky taste made her retch.

   As Adam came inside Annie, though, he suddenly had an evil idea. Grabbing the empty beer bottle off the floor, he quickly pulled out of Annie. Holding the beer bottle up to his dick, he squirted a stream of cum into the mouth of the bottle.
  Adam and Rodney high-fived each other.

 “Excellent job, old chap!” grinned Rodney. He looked down at Annie, a small trickle of cum running down her chin.
 “And you my little cum-bitch, YOU were great! Say ‘thank you, Rodney for allowing me the privilege of sucking your cock! Your cum tastes SO good!’”

  “Th-thank you Rodney, f-for allowing me t-t-to suck your c-c-cock and it tasted s-s-so g-good!”
  Rodney took the video camera back from Greg. “Okay bitch! Now you know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna suck us ALL!
   “You can do me next,” said Trevor, who was sitting on the couch, his legs apart and his nine-inch monster standing at attention. He reached out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her over in front of him.

  “OWWWW!” Annie squealed.

“Shut up and start sucking,” Trevor growled as he forced her bottom jaw open.  He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed the thick head of his cock between her lips. Trevor gave a loud sigh of pleasure as his large member disappeared into Annie’s mouth. Her eyes bulged out and her chest heaved as she struggled to breathe.

   She began to slide her mouth up and down on him as best as she was able. Annie could only manage about 3 or 4 inches of his girth. She wrapped her hands around the bottom of his shaft and stroked him as she sucked.

  “Oh, baby! That’s the way!“ moaned Trevor. His mouth hung open and his eyes were half-closed as he watched the pretty teen girl suck and lick on his thick cock. Feeling himself on the verge, he thrust his hips up into Annie’s face, the head of his cock pushing right into her throat. Her chest heaved and she gagged violently as Trevor tried to force her to swallow the entire load.
  “Fuckin’ yeah!” Trevor said. “That’s a good cum-whore. Swallow it all!”

   “Hold on!” yelled Adam. “I need a bit of that!”
  He pulled Annie’s head off Trevor’s cock and made her spit some of the cum into the beer bottle.
   “What the fuck are you doing?” asked Trevor, puzzled.
  “Oh, you’ll see later,” said Adam with a smirk.
  Trevor looked over at Rodney who still had the video camera running.

   “Hey man! You get all that?”
  “You bet!” replied Rodney. “In living colour!”
   After watching Annie suck on Trevor’s dick, Adam couldn’t take it anymore. His cock was hard again and he was ready for more action. He pulled Annie over to him and lifted her head up.

  “You know what I want, Annie!“ he said with an evil grin.
  She looked up at him through her blood-shot eyes.
“P-please st-st-stop them! Please, Adam!” Annie begged hoarsely. Her brunette hair hung down over her face and her eyes were red and swollen from crying. Her chin glistened with slobber and cum.

In spite of her dishevelled appearance, she was still amazingly hot, thought Adam.
 “You needed this, Annie!” Adam sneered. “Now suck me!”
He placed his hand on the back of her head as he pushed her mouth onto his erect cock. He sucked in his breath as he felt her soft lips close around him.

  Adam felt a shiver of excitement run down his spine at the sensation of Annie’s tongue stud sliding along the bottom side of his large shaft. Adam had both hands on the back of Annie’s head as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, her tongue sliding along his length. Her hair fell down over her shoulders and brushed against his thighs.

   He pushed his hips up, forcing his cock to the back of her throat. He closed his eyes and a soft moan escaped from his lips. Many times in his dreams, he had imagined what it would be like to have Annie’s sweet red lips clamped around him. He didn’t want it to end.

  “Oh Annie, that feels so fucking good!” he sighed.
 “Little bitch is definitely a championship cocksucker,” observed Rodney, licking his lips as the camera rolled.
   Adam felt his balls preparing to release. He wrapped his fingers tightly in Annie’s hair forcing her mouth down tighter onto him. Annie gagged and put her hands against his thighs, trying to push him away, but to no avail. His body shuddered as he felt his cock jerk inside her mouth, spraying cum against the back of her throat.

   He held himself inside her mouth as she frantically worked to swallow it all. He finally released her, his cock slipping free of her mouth. Annie coughed and gagged, spitting slobber and cum onto the floor.
   “Hey, bitch!” Rodney snapped. “Don’t you be puking on my floor. I’ll wipe it up with your fucking face!”

  “Thank you, Annie!” said Adam with a satisfied smile. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for that!”
  “You’re all a b-bunch of fucking p-perverts!” Annie said tearfully. “You’ll all go to jail for this, you know!”

   The men all began to laugh and jeer.
“I believe there are two people in this room who haven’t received the pleasure of your mouth on their cock yet, bitch!” said Rodney.
“As a cum-swallowing whore, you’re not leaving until the cum of every man here is deposited in your stomach!”
  Annie began to crawl over to Greg who was sitting in a recliner on the other side of the room.

 As Annie crawled on her hands and knees to him, the others threw potato chips and bottle caps at her.
   Greg sat in the chair, his cock at attention. He watched with anticipation as Annie wrapped her small hands around his shaft and began to slowly stroke him. Her lips parted and she slid her mouth over the head of his cock. Greg’s eyes opened wide as he watched Annie’s mouth engulf his hard cock.

   Rodney walked over with the video camera so he could get a good close-up as she slid her mouth up and down on Greg’s shaft. Greg was lying back in the chair, fully enjoying the experience, his fingers wrapped in Annie’s hair.
  Suddenly, he let out a sharp gasp and lifted his hips as he felt himself cumming in her warm mouth. He grabbed her head as his cock jerked and twitched, shooting a gooey steam of cum into her throat.

    Adam quickly ran over with the beer bottle. As Annie pulled her mouth away from Greg’s cock, Adam told her to spit some of the cum into the bottle. She did so, looking at Adam with disgust.

  “Well, gentlemen!” said Rodney as though he was an announcer at a baseball game. “It looks like it is the mighty Hugh’s turn to have his dick sucked by our little resident cum-whore!”
  He turned with the camera towards Hugh, who was slowly stroking his massive member.

  “Get over here, bitch,” said Hugh with a leering grin. “Gonna give you a GOOD throat-fuckin’!”
   Annie looked at the large man with fear in her eyes.
 “Go on! Get over there!” barked Rodney, giving her a little shove with his foot.

   Annie crawled towards Hugh’s chair. Hugh reached out and grabbed her by the arm dragging her closer. Wrapping a meaty hand around the back of her neck, he pressed her face into his crotch.
  “Suck my fuckin’ balls!” he ordered gruffly.

  Annie screwed up her face in revulsion as the tangy scent of bag-sweat filled her nostrils. She opened her mouth, taking one of Hugh’s balls into her mouth.
  The taste made her gag. His rough pubic hair rubbed against her chin and lips as she worked her tongue around the large testicle.

Hugh kept his hand on the back of her neck as he groaned loudly.
   Annie pulled her mouth off his ball and began to suck the other one. Hugh ground her face into his crotch, forcing the ball deep into her mouth.

 “I wanna feel that mouth ALL the way around my ball!” Hugh gasped. “This is one thing I can NEVER get the wife to do!”
  Annie grimaced with disgust as she rolled her tongue around the large hairy ball.
  “Okay, get to work on my dick now!” he said.

 As Annie ran her tongue up the underside of his thick shaft, Hugh leaned ahead in the chair so his body was hovering over hers. He reached down and Annie suddenly felt some thing probing at the entrance to her pussy. Something hard and cool.

  “Okay, bitch! This is how it’s gonna go!” said Hugh. “You are gonna suck me hard and fast! ‘Cause if you don’t, this beer bottle is going up your cunt! The WHOLE thing!”
  Annie let out a small squeal as she suddenly felt the neck of the beer bottle enter her. Hugh pressed it hard up into her and she could feel the wide part of the bottle just beginning to spread her apart when he stopped.

  “That’s where I’m stopping,” said Hugh. “But now you got THREE minutes to make me cum with your mouth or it goes the rest of the way. Starting NOW!”
  Annie quickly wrapped her mouth around the massive head of Hugh’s cock and began furiously sucking and licking. Hugh began to buck his hips, pushing his cock farther between her lips.

  She wrapped both hands around the base of Hugh’s shaft and vigorously stroked. Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead and began to run down her face. Her cheeks and eyes bulged out and the sound of her sucking air in through her nostrils was loud in the room.
  The other men hooted and hollered, cheering her on.
“SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!” they chanted.

  Rodney had the video camera zoomed in close, filming all the action.
  Annie twisted her body in discomfort as she felt Hugh press the bottle harder against her vagina.
 “ONE MINUTE TO GO!” he yelled.
  Annie tried moving her mouth faster along his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing rod. Her jaw muscles were on fire and she was drenched in sweat. Her hair was matted against her cheeks.

  “THIRTY SECONDS!” Hugh called out.
 Annie was ready to collapse. Her arms were starting to give out and her hands ached horribly as she stroked faster and faster.
Suddenly Hugh let out an animalistic roar as he lifted his hips up off the chair and his large penis slammed against the back of Annie’s throat, cutting off her air.

 “10...9...8...7...!” the men began counting down.
  Her body flailed and bucked as she fought for air. Hugh yanked her head backwards and off his cock as a huge spray of cum shot out of his cock. The stream of cum hit Annie squarely in the face, coating her mouth, cheeks and eyes in a slimy deluge. It dripped down her chin and neck. It was even in her hair.

  Hugh pulled the beer bottle out of her pussy and pushed her back. She collapsed in a heap on the floor in front of his chair, tears of humiliation mixing with the gobs of cum plastered to her face.
  “OHHHHH!” yelled Rodney excitedly. “Cum facial! Awesome, man, awesome!”

   He continued to film as Annie tried wiping the sticky substance away from her eyes and nose.
  Adam’s cock was hard as granite as he sat on the couch stroking it. Never had he thought he would be SO turned on by watching  Annie be sexually humiliated in this way. But he was! And it felt great!

March 09, 2015, 07:06:27 PM
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Offline bulldog1975

Great action.  Very hot.

March 09, 2015, 08:32:03 PM
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Offline vile8r

Thanks bulldog. More is coming.

March 10, 2015, 08:22:10 AM
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Offline vile8r


Then he remembered his beer bottle containing the cum. He jumped up and ran over to Annie. Holding the bottle down by her face, he told her to scrape some off her cheek and deposit it in the bottle. She did so, glaring at him with revulsion.

  “Y-you’re fucking s-s-sick!” she stuttered. “Y-you’ll p-pay for this,  Johnson!”
  Adam just ignored her as he stood up and went to the kitchen. He came back with a full beer. Cracking it open, he poured some of the beer into the bottle containing the cum and shook it up, mixing it all together.

  “Hey Rodney!” yelled Adam. “Watch this now! I‘ve got cum from everyone of us in this bottle!”
  He knelt down beside Annie on the floor and put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her up so her face was looking towards Rodney and the video camera.
  “Now, this is what you’re gonna say, Annie,” said Adam. “You’re gonna say, ‘I am a cum-loving prick-teasing slut. I love cum so much I let people cum all over my face. I even love cum so much, I’ll guzzle it like beer!’”
   Annie tried to turn her body away from the camera. Adam pulled her back.
  “Come on! Say it!” he ordered.

  “NO!” she cried. “I will not say s-something s-s-so sick!”
 “Say it, or I let Hugh finish what he wanted to do with that beer bottle,” Adam threatened.
  Hugh walked over behind Annie with the empty beer bottle clenched in his fist.

  “Yeah, bitch!” growled Hugh. “I would still love to see this shoved up your tight little cunt!”
  “OKAY!” said Annie, panic in her voice. “I’ll say it!”
  She looked up at the camera, patches of dried cum still clinging to her face, her lips red and swollen from the furious sucking she had had to give to Hugh’s cock.

 “I am a-a-a cum-loving……prick-teasing sl-slut. I l-love cum… m-much I-I let people cum all over m-my face. I e-even like to g-g-guzzle it ……like b-beer!” she said.
  Adam then held up the bottle containing the slimy mixture of beer and cum and pressed it to her lips.
  “Now drink this! Down it!” he said, wrapping Annie’s finger around the bottle.
  She shook her head. Hugh immediately pressed the neck of his empty beer bottle against her pussy lips.

  “He said, ‘Down it’!”
  Quickly Annie tipped the bottle and began drinking the disgusting contents.
  “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” the men all shouted.
 Annie swallowed down the beer and cum and let the bottle drop on the floor. Her stomach heaved as she fought the urge to vomit. It had tasted horrible.

  “Excellent!” gushed Rodney. “This is gonna be one HELL of a movie! Adam, you are one sick motherfucker, but I love it!”
  Greg stepped up holding a black Sharpie pen.
  “I think she needs a bit of graffiti,” he said with a grin. “ Hold her for me, Adam.”

  As Adam pulled her arms back, Greg began to write on the squirming girl’s stomach and chest. In big black letters he scribbled the words, ‘CUM DEPOSITS MADE HERE! TWO HOLES! NO WAITING!’ Then he drew arrows pointing towards her mouth and pussy.

  Greg motioned to Adam to flip her over on her stomach. Greg then also wrote across her lower back, ‘COCKS GO HERE!’ and drew an arrow pointing towards her ass. He drew circles on her ass cheeks to resemble a target, with the bulls-eye being  centred on her anus.

  “All right, time for ass-fucking!” whooped Hugh.
 “NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Annie hoarsely. “NOT THAT!”
  Adam and Hugh grabbed Annie’s arms and legs and hoisted her off the floor. Suddenly finding a new reserve of energy, the teenager frantically bucked and twisted her body.
 “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!“ she screamed hysterically.
 “Throw her on the pool table!” yelled Hugh.

  Adam and Hugh flopped her down, stomach-first on the pool table. Greg and Trevor stepped in to help hold her down. Greg grabbed her wrists and held her arms down as Hugh and Trevor each grabbed a leg. They spread her thighs wide apart.
 “Here, Adam! You might need this!” yelled Rodney, handing him a roll of duct tape.
  Adam grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. As she opened her mouth to scream, he began wrapping duct tape across her mouth and around her head.

“MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!” she tried to scream through the tape. Her eyes were filled with wild terror. She fought and struggled against the three men holding her down.
 “Goddamn, she’s a wild little tiger!” exclaimed Trevor.
 “Yeah, she sure is!” said Hugh. “I thought we might have fucked the fight out of ‘er by now, but I guess not.”

  Adam climbed onto the pool table between Annie’s spread-eagled thighs. He looked down hungrily at the tight little rosebud of her anus. His heart was in his throat. Fucking her tight pussy had been a dream come true, for sure. But now, he was finally going to get to fuck the tight little ass she had teased him with for so many years.

   He thought back to all the times he had seen her in tight jeans or shorts. When she had paraded around in front of him in a short skirt or a bathing suit. Wiggling her round, firm little ass, flashing him that cute smile, probably knowing full well she was getting him hard as hell!

  Hell, even tonight when he saw her at Mitch’s party, that was the FIRST thing he had noticed. That beautiful tight little ass wrapped up in those white jeans. Now, tonight the teasing would come to an end! He was ready!
He forced two fingers into her swollen pussy, covering them with her pussy juices. Then pulling out of her pussy, he forced his two fingers into the tight entrance of her ass. He slid his fingers back and forth, lubricating the inside of her anus.

   Guiding his cock up to her ass entrance, Adam wrapped both hands around her hips. He took a deep breath and braced his knees against the surface of the pool table. He leaned his weight into Annie, feeling his cock-head begin to push into her. She was unbelievably tight, but the lubrication from her pussy helped a little bit.

   Adam felt beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead as his body shook with nervous excitement. He could feel the walls of her sphincter gradually spreading apart, gripping his cock in a vise-like embrace. Annie continued to buck and twist as the other men held her legs and arms. Rodney focussed the camera intently on the action.

 “MMMMMPPPPPHHHH! MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!” Annie squealed through the tape over her mouth.
   Adam pulled back until the head of his cock was almost out. Then, working the powerful muscles in his hips, he drove himself all the way into her!  Annie’s body went stiff as he rammed himself  deep inside her ass. Her head flew back, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

 “MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHH!“ she screamed. It was like the cry of a wounded animal.
  Adam dug his fingers into Annie‘s hips as he thrust back and forth, feeling her ass squeeze around his hard cock. He grunted, his eyes shut tightly and a dribble of slobber running down his chin.

  “Fuck, man! She must be tight!” yelled Greg.
 “Oh…..Yeah!” panted Adam.
“Tight like……you….wouldn’t….believe!” he said between powerful thrusts.

   All the frustrations of the past years, as this pretty, petite friend of his sister had teased and flirted with him, as she had shown off her hot body, flashed him those innocent smiles, was now being focussed squarely on one small but beautiful part of her anatomy.  And all that frustration was draining out of him through the iron-hard shaft of his cock buried inside her tight anus.

  As Adam continued driving in and out of her, her could feel her sphincter slowly loosening up. It was still tight as hell, but he was finding it a little easier to stroke in and out.
  Adam felt himself ready to cum. He began increasing the tempo of his thrusts, gyrating his hips to push as deep as he possibly could. He let out a deep groan as he felt his balls release, flooding the inside of her ass with cum. He stared straight up at the ceiling as his hips involuntarily jerked.

 Annie let out more painful screams as she felt his cock spasm inside her ass.
    He slowly pulled out of Annie, looking down to see his cock streaked in blood and cum. Blood was also smeared along the inside of her thighs.

  “WHOA!” said Adam as he climbed down off the pool table. His legs felt weak. “That was fucking awesome! You guys don’t know how long I’ve dreamt about fucking that ass!”
  “Well, all I know is, I’M NEXT!” yelled Hugh as he climbed onto the pool table. He straddled Annie’s thighs and began pushing his massive cock between her ass cheeks.

  Hugh grabbed two handfuls of her hair as he began to ride her like a horse. His hips made a loud FWAP! as he drove his length into her tight opening. Snot flew out of her nose as her body was shoved violently across the pool table.

  By this time, Greg and Trevor had released their holds on Annie and were just standing back, watching with awe. The whole pool table shook with the force of Hugh’s assault on the hapless girl.
Tears streamed down her face, her whole body racked with intense pain.

  Mercifully, Hugh came after a few minutes, pulling out of her and letting his cock spray its load across her ass cheeks and lower back. Annie lay completely still on the table, her eyes staring straight ahead, her body drenched in sweat.

  Adam looked at her and smiled. He could tell. She was broken. The teasing little bitch was broken! He felt a small twinge of sympathy for her, but he also felt that she had learned a lesson and it was a lesson she needed to learn.
   Watching her get ass-fucked was even more of a turn-on than watching her get fucked in the pussy!

  He heard a loud grunt and turned to see Trevor mounting Annie from behind. Trevor lifted her up by the hips as his cock slid into her effortlessly. The muscles in his arms and shoulders stood out as he drove his body savagely against hers. Annie gripped the edge of the pool table tightly, her knuckles white with exertion. She had ceased her screaming and the only sound coming from her now was painful groans and whimpers.

   Adam peeled the tape away from her mouth. It dropped open, slobber running down her chin.
   “Ad-Ad-Adam! P-p-please! Make it s-stop. I-It hu-hurts so b-b-bad!” she said, her voice a barely audible whisper.
  “I’m sorry this had to happen, Annie,” said Adam. “But you kinda brought it on yourself.”
    He looked up as Trevor let out a loud grunt and ground his hips hard against the back of Annie’s thighs. He pulled out of her ass, a long string of cum still dangling from the end of his dick.
  Trevor climbed off her, a huge grin on his face.
  He high-fived Hugh and Greg.
“BEST ASS EVER!” he hollered.

March 11, 2015, 08:38:49 AM
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Now it was Greg’s turn. Kneeling on the table, he pulled Annie up into a semi-sitting position on his lap. He began pushing his erect penis into her tight opening. Grabbing her arms he yanked her back against him. Greg wrapped his arms around her and began moving her up and down on his cock.

  Annie let out a sharp gasp as she felt Greg penetrate her, but she had given up on struggling. Her energy was spent and her head flopped forward like a rag doll’s. Her arms hung limply at her sides.
   Greg pumped vigorously into her, sweat running in rivulets down his face. The sensation of the girl’s tight ass-tunnel around his cock sent him into seventh heaven. He arched his back as he felt himself approaching orgasm.

   He ran his tongue up along the side of her neck and across her cheek as he held her tight against him. His cock jerked and spasmed as his balls ejected another load of semen into the teenage girl. Greg’s body shook with the force of his orgasm.
He pulled Annie off him, his cock making a wet SLOOOSH! as it slid out of her.

  “Goddamn, honey!” Greg said. “By the time we’re done here, you’re gonna have so much cum in you, you’re gonna slosh when you walk!”
   Rodney handed the video camera to Adam.
  “All right!” he grinned. “My turn! It’s about time. All you bastards gonna have her ass worn out!”

  “Oh, it’s still plenty tight!” laughed Greg.
  Rodney pulled Annie down off the pool table. He bent her at the waist over the edge of the pool table and kicked her legs wide apart. Putting his hand on the back of her head to hold her down, he guided his large cock up to the battered entrance of her ass.
   Annie was not fighting back in the least. She just stared straight ahead with a look of anguish on her face as she felt herself violated yet again.
  Rodney plowed into her viciously, driving her thighs against the side of the table. He gasped in ecstasy as his thick cock was enveloped in her tight hole. Annie’s ass was very well lubricated now and Rodney’s cock pistoned in and out of her with ease. He began a rhythm of long, powerful strokes.

   Rodney brought his hand down on Annie’s ass cheek, making a loud SMACK!
   “Yeah! Spank the little bitch!” cheered Hugh.

  Rodney let her have three more sharp slaps, bright red welts springing up. Annie let out a painful squeal.
  “Let me have a turn!” said Hugh. He reached in and gave Annie three quick hard slaps across the buttoocks.

  “OWWWWWWW!” Annie shrieked.
  “She’s still got a bit of life in her!” exclaimed Trevor as he also gave Annie a good whack on the bottom. SMAAACCCCKKK!
Annie’s butt cheeks were now a bright shade of red.

   Adam zoomed the camera in on Rodney as he pounded away at Annie. Each thrust lifted her feet off the floor and her knees banged against the table. Her arms were spread out in front of her, her fingers scrabbling at the green fabric of the pool table.
  Rodney grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back as he grunted and groaned.

   “HERE I CUM!” he yelled. He slammed his hips forward and held himself deep inside Annie as his sperm shot into the deep recesses of her ass. He continued to hold himself inside her until he felt his cock stop spurting.

   He slipped out of her, his chest still heaving from exertion.
“Man, oh, man! That was some prime ass-fuckin’!” he panted.   Looking down, he began to laugh.
  “Adam! Get a shot of this! We wrecked this bitch! She’s gonna have trouble walkin’ for a while!”

  Rodney continued to hold Annie down, bent over the pool table as Adam zeroed in on Annie’s destroyed ass. It was no longer the tight little opening it had once been. It now gaped open, red and bleeding, gobs of cum oozing out and running down the back of her thighs. Adam also panned between her legs to get a shot of her battered and swollen pussy. Her inner thighs were a mass of dark bruises with streaks of dried blood and cum.

  “Hey boys, I say we cap off the night with some 3-way action!” yelled Hugh.
  “Fuckin’ right!” said Trevor. “Let’s drench this little slut! Cover her in cum!”
   Hugh grabbed Annie by the arms and dragged her back into the center of the living room. She was limp, her legs barely able to move.

 Hugh laid on his back on the floor and pulled her on top of him.
  “AAAAAHHHHHHH!” Annie gasped in pain as Hugh lifted his hips up, shoving his cock deep into her pussy.
   “Oh yeah!” grunted Hugh. “Feels even better the second time!”
  As he dug his hands into her ass cheeks, moving her up and down on his thick shaft, Adam handed the video camera back to Rodney. He got on his knees behind Annie.

   “I’m tapping this ass again!” he said, his cock standing at attention.
   He slowly slid himself again into Annie’s rectum, his mouth hanging open as he revelled in the sensation of the tight walls gripping his cock. He began furiously pumping in and out.
  Annie’s body was being rocked back and forth between the two men. Trevor walked up in front of her.

  “Looks like there’s one hole ain’t being used,” he grinned. “Little cum-whores need ALL their holes filled!”
   Pushing her jaw open, he began to feed his cock between her lips. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he started fucking her mouth.

   Annie’s eyes were half-closed, her eyebrows arched in despair. She had resigned herself to the realization that, as far as these men were concerned, she was just an object. To be used for their sick pleasure. Her whole body had went numb and she just wanted them to finish and be done.

   Adam approached orgasm. He pulled out at the last minute and let himself spray all over Annie’s buttocks and back. Soon after, Hugh ceased slamming into Annie’s cunt and also pulled out. His cock jerked and spewed, shooting cum up against her stomach.

  As Hugh slid out from under Annie, Trevor also reached climax. He pulled out of Annie’s warm mouth and shot gobs of gooey spunk across her face and into her hair.
  “Awesome footage, guys!” exclaimed Rodney as he handed the camera back to Adam.

  Rodney got behind Annie and quickly rammed himself inside her pussy, lifting her knees off the floor. Greg replaced Trevor at her mouth, shoving his cock to the back of her throat. She let out a loud gagging sound.
  “Jeez! Thought you might be used to swallowing cock by now without choking!” joked Greg.

  Annie seesawed back and forth on her hands and knees between Rodney and Greg as they relentlessly pounded her from both ends. Hugh grabbed a handful of Annie’s hair and used it to wipe off his slimy cock.
  “Ready?” called out Rodney to Greg.
  “Almost!” he answered.
 Rodney sped up, his hips a blur as he slammed against the back of Annie’s thighs. FWAP! FWAP! FWAP!

  Suddenly he pulled out, cum spurting from the head of his cock and depositing itself across Annie’s back. Greg also pulled out of her mouth and holding her head, shot more sticky strings of cum onto her face. It stuck to her eyelids and nose and dripped down from her chin.

  Adam let out a whoop as he filmed it all. Annie was a mess! Her face was smeared with cum, strings of it stuck in her hair. Her back and stomach and ass also glistened with gobs and pools of semen stuck to her.
  “See!” shouted Rodney. “Told ya she was a little cum-whore!”
   “Fuck, boys! I don’t know about you, but I need a beer!” said Hugh.

  “Yeah!” agreed Trevor. “I worked up one hell of a thirst!
   Hugh went to the kitchen and came back with a round of cold beers for everyone. As they all cracked their beers open, Hugh raised his bottle in the air.
  “A toast, boys! To one of the finest pieces of ass I’ve ever fucked in my life!”

March 11, 2015, 01:47:20 PM
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Offline bulldog1975

After the gang rape, It's Miller Time. ;D

Great story!

March 11, 2015, 07:59:45 PM
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I have to agree . . .this is another great one Vile!  You never disappoint!

March 12, 2015, 09:25:08 AM
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Offline vile8r


“Amen to that!” said Adam. “CHEERS!”
   The five men clinked their bottles together and all took a big swig of beer.
   Annie in an almost catatonic state, had collapsed onto the floor and was curled into a fetal position.
   Rodney walked over to her and propped her up. Her eyes suddenly flew open, looking at him with wild fear, she pulled back from him.

  “GET AWAY FROM ME!” she shrieked hysterically. “GET AWAY!”
   “Oh don’t worry, honey. I think we got what we wanted from you. We’ll leave you alone now,” Rodney chuckled. “But let’s get you cleaned up.”

   Helping her to her feet, Adam and Trevor took her down the hallway to the bathroom. They placed her in the tub and turned on the shower. The jet of warm water cascaded across her body. Grabbing washcloths, Adam and Trevor, scrubbed the dried cum from her body and out of her hair. The shower seemed to revitalize her a bit and she seemed not so lifeless.

  After they had given her a good wash, they dried her off with a couple big towels. Then they took her back out to the living room. The other three men had put their clothes back on and were sitting down, enjoying another beer.

  “If it isn’t Annie,” laughed Hugh sarcastically. “Couldn’t recognize her with all that cum on her face!”
  “I-I want to go home!” Annie sobbed uncontrollably.
   “Well, you see, first we need to talk,” said Rodney in a patronizing tone.

   “You can go home, but you WILL not, and I repeat NOT, be telling anybody what happened here tonight. Because we have our little video here!” Rodney patted the video camera sitting in his lap. “I don’t think you’d like to become an internet sensation, would you? What would your mom and dad say or your friends if suddenly a video of you doing five guys showed up in their inbox?”

   “I didn’t do anything! YOU RAPED ME!” she cried.
  Rodney smiled.
  “For your information, girlie, Greg here is a bit of a computer geek. You wouldn’t believe the things he can do. He can take this video and with a bit of very creative editing and overdubbing, he can make it into anything he wants! Remember when you said you were a cum-loving whore? And all those nice things you had written all over your body. Hmmmm?”

  Annie’s face went white.
 “Y-you m-made me s-say that!”
  “That don’t matter. We can make a video that will make YOU look like the biggest slut in town! And we’ll make sure a LOT of people see it. By the time we’d be done with you, you’d have to move to a convent in Tibet!” Rodney smirked.

“And there are plenty of witnesses from Mitch’s party to say you were shit-faced tonight!” Greg added.
“Another good point!” said Rodney.
  “So? Do we have a deal? You gonna keep your mouth shut?” asked Adam.

  “Fuck off, Adam!” spat Annie. “I HATE your fucking guts!”
  “Now, now,” chided Rodney. “That ain’t no way to talk. So we’re gonna ask you again. Do we have a deal?”
   Annie looked around at the five men, tears streaming down her face, her once soft red lips cracked and swollen. Her bottom lip quivered.

   Hugh stepped in close to her. She backed away from him.
  “NOOOO! GET AWAY! GET AWAY! DON’T TOUCH ME!” she pleaded frantically.
   The other four men began laughing.
  “Jesus Christ, Hugh!” said Trevor. “Why is she so scared of you?
  A cold evil smile crept across Hugh’s face.

  “I’m just puttin’ the fear of God into this little slut!” he growled. He gripped her chin with a big hand and looked into her eyes.
  “You listen and listen good, bitch! You will do as we tell you and not be blabbin’ to a bunch of people about what we did here. And especially not the cops! I got a good job and a good wife and if you do ANYTHING to fuck it up, I will make sure you pay. I have friends who can make you disappear, just like THAT!”

  Hugh snapped his fingers for effect, making Annie jump.
“But before you disappear, my friends would do things to you, you can’t even imagine! You think we worked you over bad tonight? Fuck! This was nothing compared to what will happen to you if you open your mouth!”

    Hugh looked straight into Annie’s eyes. The look of malice on his face turned her blood cold.
  “So! Do we have an understanding…..bitch?” Hugh asked.
  “Y-y-yes! I-I-I under…st-stand! I w-won’t tell a-a-anyone!” Annie stammered, her voice barely a whisper.
   “Good!” exclaimed Rodney. “Now, are you gonna look after getting her home, Adam?”

  “Yeah, I’ll take her home,” said Adam. “She’s gonna need some clothes, though.”
  “Just a sec,” said Rodney.
  He went down the hallway to his bedroom and came back with a big over-sized t-shirt.
  “Here! She can wear this,” said Rodney.

 Adam slipped it over her head and helped her put her arms in the sleeves. Then he put his own pants back on. He spied Annie’s pink thong panties that he had ripped off her earlier still lying on the living room floor. He picked them up and stuck them in his pocket. A little souvenir, he told himself.

  He also gathered up her white jeans and her socks and shoes. Rodney spotted her pink bra.
  “Hey, I’m keeping that!” he said. “I’ll put it with the rest of my collection.”
   Adam helped Annie to the door. She could barely walk. As he went out the door with her, the rest of the men waved and yelled to them.

  “Good-bye Annie! Have a good sleep! Make sure you dream about me!”
  “Thanks for coming over! We’ll have to do it again sometime!”
 “Goodnight Annie! You go straight home now, you hear!”
 “Thanks for being our cum-whore! Call me sometime! We’ll do lunch!”

   As Adam and Annie disappeared out the door, Trevor turned to Rodney.
  “You really think she’s gonna keep her mouth shut? We worked her over pretty hard!”
   “Oh, I think we have nothing to worry about, Trevor, old bud,” replied Rodney.

  “She’ll keep her mouth shut,” stated Hugh matter-of-factly. “I GUARANTEE she will!”
  “You REALLY know guys who would make her disappear?” asked Greg incredulously.
  “You bet!” said Hugh as he took a swig of beer. He let out a loud burp. “I’M one of them!”

  The first rays of dawn were appearing in the sky as Adam walked with Annie out to his car and placed her in the passenger seat. He got in the car and they headed off down the street.

   Adam looked over at Annie as he drove. She sat with her legs curled up under her, her arms wrapped around herself. In spite of everything that had happened tonight, Annie still looked damn hot. He felt himself getting hard again.
  “Annie, what happened tonight wasn’t my fault. It was YOUR teasing that started it all,” he said.

  Annie stared straight ahead.
  “Don’t talk to me!” she whispered, her voice devoid of emotion.
  “You no longer exist to me, Adam Johnson. You are a piece of shit! I will never forget what you did to me. I want nothing to do with you!”
  They drove the rest of the way in silence.

   As they pulled up into the driveway of her house, Adam asked, “Are you gonna be okay getting into your house?”
  “My parents aren’t home,” said Annie. “They’re gone for a week on vacation. I’ll be okay. Just stay the fuck away from me!”
  Something popped in Adam’s head. Parents not home, huh? Perfect!

  He watched as Annie staggered uneasily towards her front door. He jumped out of the car and ran to her side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and helped her up the steps.
  “Get away from me!” she hissed as she tried to push him away.
  “I’m just gonna help you in the house, okay?” he said.
  He knew her parents kept a key under the planter by the front door. He found it and opened the door.

  He helped Annie inside and ,suddenly, slammed the door behind them. He spun her around and pushed her up against the wall.
  “Okay, you mouthy little bitch! Time for a night-cap! It’s just you and me now!”

   Annie tried to swing her fist at him but she was too slow. Adam knocked it away. He pulled her down the hallway to where he knew her bedroom was.
  “Adam! P-please! NO!” she cried. “Haven’t you done enough?”
“Annie, I could NEVER get enough of your tight little pussy!” Adam snarled.

 He threw her down onto her bed and pinned her arms above her head. Holding her wrists together with one hand, he quickly pulled down his pants with his other. He pushed the large t-shirt up over her stomach, so it was out of the way.

    This was gonna be good, he thought. He had always fantasized about fucking Annie in her bedroom and now it was happening!

    Annie was too weak to even fight back. She feebly tried to scream but all that came out was a hoarse whimper. But Adam didn’t rape her like he had before, hard and fast. Guiding himself up to her pussy, Adam gently entered her. Annie let out a low gasp of pain as her tortured pussy was once again penetrated.

  Adam slid his hips back and forth slowly, relishing in her tight vagina surrounding him. Even after the severe abuse it had received earlier in the night, it was remarkably resilient and still retained its tightness. He twisted his hips, feeling the head push against her cervix.
   Adam pushed the t-shirt farther up, exposing her breasts. He licked and sucked at her firm nipples. Moving up, he kissed and nibbled at the side of her neck.
   Annie lay completely still, staring up at the ceiling, her eyes devoid of emotion. Let the pig do what he wants and then maybe he’ll leave me alone, she thought to herself.

   Adam thrust himself harder against Annie as he felt his balls begin to swell. He pulled almost completely out and then pushed back inside her. Oh Heaven! He felt like he could do this for hours.

    He grabbed behind her knees and lifted her legs up, bending them back so her knees were almost on either side of her head. He plunged himself into her, his balls slapping against her. The feeling was incredible!

   Increasing his tempo, Adam knew he couldn’t hold back much longer. He looked down at Annie and smiled. WOW! he thought. He still couldn’t believe he had finally got to fuck Annie. It had been wonderful, and now this was the perfect end to the night.
Feeling the pressure in his balls building, Adam ground his hips hard into Annie and let himself release. It was about the fifth or sixth time he had came, and yet still he had a large load built up.
 He held himself inside her as he felt his cock spasm and jerk.

   As he pulled out of Annie, she suddenly spoke after remaining silent during the whole time.
  “Are you done now? Are you happy that you finally got what you wanted?”
  “Yeah,” said Adam. “I’m happy.”“I can’t believe all these years you’ve just looked at me as an object. Just something to fuck!” Annie said, her voice flat and cold.
“If only your sister knew what a fucking pig she has for a brother. You probably want to fuck her too!”

   Adam blushed slightly. He didn’t want to admit to Annie how close she was to the truth.
  “Give it a rest, Annie!” Adam said defiantly. “I told you before, this was your fault. You started out using ME! A guy can only take so much teasing and manipulating before he gets tired of it! Yeah, I have looked at you as just somebody to fuck. Like Rodney said, you’re just a little cum-whore!”
  “Get the fuck out of my room and never talk to me again,” cried Annie, tears running down her face.
  “You remember what Rodney and Hugh told you. Keep your mouth shut!” Adam snarled as he zipped up his pants and began to leave the room.
“Don’t worry! I will!” sobbed Annie.
   Adam left the house and got in his car. He looked in his rearview mirror and smiled. Yeah, it had been a great night!


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One word...outstanding!

March 14, 2015, 10:10:55 PM
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A classic from a master story teller :)

March 15, 2015, 11:34:10 AM
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Very very very very good story vile8r