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The author of the following doesn't condone any type of violence against women. The depiction of violence below are major crimes punishable by years in Prison.Seek professional help if you fail to recognize that!


“A little after 15:34  a man wearing a black jacket filled up his car with Petrol before going inside and robbing the attendant and the four people inside according to Eastbourne police. The robbery was shot by the attendant before he gunned down the man before fleeing He is considered armed and dangerous and the public is asked to stay away from him. If scene please call Eastbourne police or Crimestoppers. In other news, the government has…”

Turning the store’s radio down before turning it off for the night, Anne Morton, 26 year old clerk at Kamsons Pharmacy was just about to close up for the rest of the weekend when a man about 6 foot even slams his shoulder against the door. The door flies open and he rushes in , a gun in his left hand.

“Hey you I need bandages and painkillers and I need them now!” waving the gun in her face.

“B-B-B-b-ut sir I’m only a cashier!” praying that the man would turn and leave as fast as he came. Outside a police car passes by at a rapid rate of speed. The man notices her gaze and turns to see the car

Moving closer to Anne, putting the gun against the center of her forehead “Unless you want the walls painted with what passes for your brains GET ME WANT I WANT!”  Pushing her away “Five minutes then you get what that brownie got!” At that moment Mr. Swindon comes out of the back store room.

“Well Anne are we locked up for the night!” The gun goes off and Swindow crumples in a heap.

“MR. SWINDON!” rushing over to him, a pool of blood spreading out from the hole in his chest

“Four minutes and counting!”  turning the gun back onto Anne. She jumps up and darts to the aisle with the bandages and polysporin creams before swinging to grab a bottle of paracetamol  before return openly crying.

“Here!”  dropping the stuff at the guy’s feet before trying to go check on Mr. Swindon. The man grabs her pulling her tight to him.

“Oh no missy you’re coming with me! Now picked up that stuff and remember what I did to Mr. Swindon!”  Anne bends down and collects the bandages and the bottle of paracetamol missing the tube of polysporin. Going behind the counter grabbing a bag.

 “Come on make it quick!” Coming to the counter grabbing her by an arm trying to yank her across the counter.

All the counter displays are sweep over as her feet flail as she hauled over, landing on her front at his feet “Get the fuck up or I put one into you like I did that jerk!” Reaching down grabbing her arm and yanking her to her feet. A grimace of pain on his face makes him let go of her gripping his left arm. “You have a car? Biting his lower lip as she nods her head “What can’t you bloody well speak?”

“Y-y-y-es I  have a car, a Ford Verona outside across from the door!”  He grabs her and forces her towards the door “But it’s full of camping equipment for my trip to Pevensey Level Nature Reserve”

“You’re going camping in marshlands, what are you a bloody moron!” Thinking about what she said “Perfect the cops would never think to look there!”

“But I only have a permit for one to camp!”  The gun comes to the side off her head, making her instantly stop talking.

“I don’t a flaming fuck about a permit, get me away from the cops or I’ll put you in an unmarked grave!" Out the door, bolting across the parking lot to The only car still parked there. Making her open the passenger side first, training his gun on her as she walks in front  going to the driver’s side, once in, through gritted  teeth “Draw any attention to this car And you’ll be kissing the pavement with a bullet in your head!, now fucking drive!”

Shaking like a leaf, fumbling her key into the ignition, taking four tries to crank the engine to life.  Finally it starts and she backs out starting the fifteen minute drive to the reserve. At the reserve she hesitates to enter only to have the guy force his foot onto the gas pedal while jamming the barrel of the gun under her chin.  As the car shoot ahead off the paved section going hard into a tree bending around it like an accordion.

Inside both occupants are stunned as the airbags deploy. The guy‘s wounded arm blazes in pain. Anne is pinned against her seat a gash on her forehead slightly bleeding, her door open. A sharp ‘boom’ to her left and a sudden rush of air as the right side airbag tears open when a bullet rips through it. The another shot and her bag quickly deflates

“Get out you bloody moron!” climbing out his open door “Nice driving where did you get your license at Poundworld!” Remembering to grab the bag from the chemists, searching it for the paracetamol, opening it and popping two dry.  Coming over to Anne “Now start walking or I swear I’ll empty this into you!”

“But what about my tent?

“You want it you carry it!, but make it fast before someone comes to investigate the crash”

Anne reaches in and grabs the canvas bag with steel poles in it. Turning to the guy, swinging it as hard and fast as she can striking him in his wounded left arm. Dropping the bag of bandages and pills, gripping his arm, groaning in pain as Anna takes off back towards the road. A shot rings out freezing her

“One more bloody stunt like that and you’re going to be pushing up daisies!” Getting close enough to grab a handful of hair pulling her backwards “You’re coming with me, like it or not!” Setting off deeper into the reserve. As they get further away from the road, the guy finally pulls Anne in front of himself, releasing her hair, pushing her onwards. Before long a spot of bushes that blocks  the immediate view  is in front of them “Alright here is where we’ll stay for the night, set your bloody tent up!” Moving back a few steps, training the gun on her while she does as ordered.Removing the poles and a battery powered transistor radio, Anne goes about setting the tent up.

Spotting the radio the guy reaches for it, turning it on, spinning the dial until a news broadcast is heard coming out of the speaker.

“Police say that Herman Grouse is still on the run this evening. Grouse is suspected in a robbery and murder of Ali Monsoure a petrol attendant in Pevensey earlier today, they reiterate that Grouse is considered armed and dangerous, anyone with information about Grouse is urged to call Eastbourne Police or Crimestoppers!"

“Mr Grouse?” Anne trembling as he turns and gazes at her “Please let me go I’ll tell no one where you are?”

“Damn right you won’t, get in the bloody tent!” Going over to the opening flap and tossing in the bag from the chemists and the radio, gently placing the gun on the tent’s floor. Anne uses that moment to try another escape,  back the way they came. Herman Rushes after her, easily catching her by the collar of her shirt, pulling it back as she fights to move forwards. The tension on the buttons is too much as they pop off  opening the shirt wide then off her as Herman gives one hard yank trying to get her to stop .

Anne stumbles and Herman is one her in an instant, forcing her to the ground. Rolling her over onto her back,her raven straight hair fanning out under her milky white skin. Up close he can see the tell tale scars of teenage acne, under the lightly applied makeup. A loud crack renders in immediate air as the black of his right hand strikes Anne across the left cheek rocking her head to the right.

“That all I”m  going to take bitch! Reaching down to her peach coloured bra, wrenching the thin fabric from the cup, tearing it asunder from the straps, exposing her milky flesh topped with a  pinkish areola and nipple. Taking the heel of his palm ramming it into the soft flesh of her right breast, mashing it onto her breastbone. She cries out in pain earning her another slap, rocking her head to the left this time  her hand scoops out a handful  of loose dirt, tossing it into Herman’s face.

Blocking most of it “Bitch just for that!” he sits on her chest backwards pressing her into the ground as he reaches for the button on her black pants undoing it sliding the zipper down sliding his hand under her panties which turned out to be a black thong. Trying to wrench it up making it strain as it cut into Anne’s ass like dental floss. Then the tell tale sound of the fabric tearing apart.

“Oh God NO!!!!!” flailing at his hack with her fists “Don’t rape me please!” Connecting with his left arm,, pain shooting up the length of it

Aiming his right elbow “Bitch!” striking her in the cheek, driving her head further into the loose dirt, stunning her enough that the fight goes out of her momentarily. He gets up evil leer on his face as he lowers himself onto her. Undoing his jeans, taking his cock out rubbing his hand up and down until he’s hard. Spreading her legs with his knees and ramming into her dry pussy, her eyes fly open and a scream of agony shatters the solitude of the immediate area.

Tears flooding down her face “Please you’re hurting me!” Crying as Herman continues pounding her without mercy “Oh God it like you’re tearing me apart!” Bawling,  her fists pounding into the loose dirt. Herman to add injury to his rape of her lowers his head to her right breast, the flesh already showing the sign of bruising and bits the nipple  leaving teeth marks. Louder wails of pain and agony  joins his groans of pleasure as he fucks her. Tensing up firing some cum into her, grabbing his cock squeezing it to pull out
then sprays the rest over Anne face and chest.

Rising up to his knees, then to a full standing position, moving so he’s standing directly over her head before starting to piss on her head and breasts! “You’re not even a good fuck!” Anne soaked in piss and cum just lies there staring at the sky  crying as Herman reaches down grabbing a fist full of hair, dragging her back to the tent “Get you bloody ass in there and thank god you’re still alive bitch!”

                                                                  To be Concluded

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A nice little violent bit of action! Thanks gsc!

June 13, 2018, 02:17:18 PM
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Pleased that you like it, Because I'm posting the ending now!

Part Two

Everything is a daze as she’s lying on the  super thin nylon of the tent,. The only thing penetrating to her the newsreader’s voice coming from the small portable radio “As of 21:00 hrs Herman Grouse is still a large. Police are convinced that Grouse is still in the Pevensey Area. Police reminds the general public that Grouse is considered armed and dangerous and to contact Eastbourne police or Crimestoppers if spotted!”


God only three hours has passed since he entered my world.  In those hours, I seen Mr. Swindon
murdered in front of me, taken hostage, shot at, beaten and raped. My only hope is that Grouse falls asleep or passes out from blood loss  so I can make my escape!

In the tent Grouse is labouring to take his jacket off, his left arm is basically useless to him. “Bitch! Get over here and help me!” Grimacing in pain as the weight of the jacket tries to pull the rest off. 
I hesitantly move closer, not wanting to touch this bastard. Then I get my first look at the gaping hole in his bicep,  strands of the torn jacket sticking to the torn flesh. Blobs of blackish blood congealing turns my stomach at the sight of it! A slight odour of unwashed skin and something metallic wafts up to my nostrils, making me gag!

“Bloody bitch, what are you waiting for?” grabbing my arm, pulling me closer. Jesus the stench grew a thousand fold, making me dry heave. My hands shaking as I grasp the jacket trying not to pull too hard, finally getting it free  “Now clean it and bandage it!”

“With what?” shocked at what he wanted “We’ve no water or alcohol!”

“Then use your tongue moron!”  grabbing the back of her head forcing it to his wounded arm.
Oh god I can feel everything in my stomach starting to  come north. My mouth watering helping me to swallow it back down. Keeping my mouth closed breathing through my nose I get a face full of the stench radiating off the wound. Like spoiling meat “hrwwwrk”, more  swallowing needed  before I feel something cold and metallic pressed onto the top of my head. The gun, no he’s going to kill me if I don't tongue the wound.

Opening  my mouth a bit  so the tip of my tongue  touched the flesh torn asunder. There’s a instant taste of copper and something grainy . “hrwwwrk” , getting harder to control the desire to vomit. Then it's over, Grouse pushes me away, spitting into his right hand and wiping his left arm “Unhrrr” his face contorted in pain.

When he can speak “Now do you think you can bandage me or should i just put you out of my misery!”  I see the bag on the floor, reaching out with a shaky hand, removing a box  “Plasters you fucking grabbed plasters!” taking the bag and dumping it onto the nylon floor. “All fucking plasters! What the fuck did you think I had a scrape from falling off a bike!”

Striking out smacking me across the face with his right hand!  “You’ve proven to be nothing but a pain in my ass since I met you, Ripping open a box of plasters taking the largest he could find, applying it to the arm.  “Nothing but a bloody pain in the ass!” Repeating it as he leers at her, moving closer  “Time to give you a pain in the ass!”

I understand what he mean even through the pain in my cheek “No please no one has every been inside my arse” Turning trying to make a break for the tent flap, only to have Grouse grab my arm, pulling me back so hard that it felt like my arm popped out of the socket. Spinning me around, punching me in the chin, snapping my head back as I fall to the floor of the tent, landing on my back.

Semi- conscious I feel him roll me over, then a heavy weight and the familiar stench of him. A searing pain makes me scream out, then a hand mashing my face into the nylon flooring covered dirt.My ass is on fire, I can barely breath as Grouse makes good on his words. What feels like hours, becomes a memory as I pass out from lack of breath.

Slowly sensations return to me, a burning feeling in my ass, an ache in my shoulder a numb feeling chin. The sweet flow of air into my nostrils,the overall coldness of the air inside the tent. Slowly opening my right eye, a sheet of thin green nylon obscuring the scent of dirt under it. Opening the left, a similar scene, low moans of pain escaping from somewhere, realizing it was me! I was still alive!

Gently rolling onto my back, wincing in pain,lying there staring at the nylon ceiling. Turning my head as gently as I can I spot Grouse, on his back , his jacket covering his chest, while I was stark naked. I was shivering from being naked in the cold, but Grouse was shivering while covered. For some reason I knew this might be my chance to get away from him. Reaching out, touching his forehead, he’s fevered. Slowly moving the coat off his left arm,the plastered discoloured in what little light was available.

Crawling as slow as a snail does, inch by inch i make towards the unfastened flaps of the tent. My head out then my shoulders, followed by my upper torso then my full legs. Even when out i still crawl for a bit before trying to stand. Making it to my feet, then going as fast as i dared to in the darkened sky.  I don’t know how far I went before light shone into my face.

“Eastbourne Police halt and identify yourself!”

The police, I was saved  “I’m Anne Morten I was forced to help Herman Grouse to hide out!”

“Grouse, Is he near?” A female office coming to me taking her jacket off, handing it to me.

“He’s back that way in a tent with a high fever” Pointing the way I came!” A group of people follow my finger until they out of the immediate light. The female officer escorting me to the cantina van and ambulance. Wrapping me in a thermal blanket with a cup of tea loading me onto a gurney then into the ambulance.

Over the wireless “We found him, he’s in a bad way, we need a board to get his out of here!” I didn’t care, I was free, warm and most importantly safe! The door close and I driven off to the Eastbourne District General Hospital, praying I never her about Herman Grouse again.


Two years have passed by since the night of hell. Two years that I was in limbo over  what he put me through. After the examination at the hospital and the police questioning, I was released in time to attend Mr. Swindon’s funeral. A month passed by before I could get up the nerve to go back to work, only to quit within the week, the smallest bang bringing back memories of the gunshot!.

Then the notification came of the trial of Grouse on two counts murder two, sexually assault, forcible confinement, kidnapping, robbery and possession of a restricted weapon. I was the crown’s star witness,that’s why I was in the same room as Grouse once more.

He changed drastically, his left arm amputated from the shoulder, long drawn out face. Throughout the trial while I was  there he just stared at the floor, only looking up when his name was mentioned. No surprised he was found guilty of all charges, sent away for life!

Good because outside of my nightmares I never wanted to see that bastard ever again!

                                                                        The End

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A great ending. You let him live so he can suffer in prison.