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August 30, 2015, 12:14:18 AM

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So late in life it seems I’m getting married.  It’s taken me by surprise, and I’m trying to get used to the idea.  I’m in my late 30’s, and she’s a couple years older in her 40’s.  I don’t mind that she’s older, and everyone actually thinks she’s several years younger than me.  She’s a blond Swedish bombshell that has all the guys drooling.  She’s also a tiger in bed.  It’s the best sex I’ve ever had, so I’m definitely hooked on that.  I’ve never been married, but my wife to be has been married twice before.  That kind of worries me.  I knew about the first husband early on, because she told me about a daughter back in Sweden when we first started dating.  She didn’t tell me about the second husband until after I moved in with her.

She had also told me that she was not interested in getting married again.  I was fine with that, and it was part of the reason I agreed to give up my apartment.  Then I started to notice things.  We both like to read, and there are several bookshelves in her apartment.  I have my books on certain shelves, and hers are on other shelves.  I would come home from work, and the books would be mixed up, so I would reorganize them on the different shelves again, mine and hers.  The next day they would be mixed up again.  This kept happening and not just with books, and I knew it was on purpose.  She was turning my things and her things into our things.

A few months after living together, she announced that she did want to get married.  I pointed out that had not been our arrangement.  I did love her, but we said we weren’t getting married.  She had said she had tried marriage twice and it didn’t work out, so we would just live together.  Apparently, that attitude on her part changed, either that or she had been deceiving me.  After many arguments about it, I finally gave in.  I didn’t want to lose her.  She was way too much fun in bed.  So we’re getting married in a few months.

I wouldn’t call our sex all that kinky, but she does like it rough.  Her blowjobs are great and always end up with me humping her willing face.  I’ve also tied her up in about every way imaginable, and we role play various things like escaped convict and the warden’s daughter.  She has some sexy costumes, and they often get damaged from me ripping them from her body.  It’s great sex, and there’s no way I’m going to risk losing that by refusing to marry her.

She travels for work often, usually gone anywhere from 3 days to a week at a time.  I would say she’s gone about as much as she’s home, which is why she didn’t get a house yet.  It's a bit frustrating sometimes having to jerk off when she’s gone and missing her.  We both make good money, but she makes about 30% more than I do.  We’ll be getting a house as soon as we get married.  We’ll easily afford it.

Her daughter is coming from Sweden for the wedding and is going to stay a few months.  She had moved to the U.S. and lived here for a few years with her mother while she was in grade school, but she got homesick and went back to live with her father back in Sweden.  Most of the pictures around the house are of her as a baby or child.  There’s only a couple of her in her teens that are a couple years old, but none that are recent.  The pictures seem to show her as a pretty girl, but I didn’t think much about that.  The pictures show her with short blond hair and rather tomboyish looking.  I know she’s 18 now.

Her daughter Inga arrived at the airport.  I saw her first but didn’t know it was her.  All I knew was this gorgeous girl with long beautiful blond hair, luscious red lips, compelling blue eyes and a smoking hot body was undulating toward me.  I actually felt my cock jump in my pants and then get rigid while staring at her perfect face and full breasts jiggling slightly as she walked.  At that point my fiancée ran over to this vision of loveliness crying and hugging her.  I was dumbfounded realizing this girl was going to be my step-daughter.  As soon as the term ‘step-daughter’ floated through my head, all those sordid stories of men molesting their step-daughters filled my thoughts.  I knew I was going to have to be very careful around this girl.

When I’m introduced, I give Inga a chaste hug and a light kiss on the cheek.  The ride home consisted of mother and daughter sitting in the back seat chatting away in Swedish completely excluding me from the conversation.

She’s a very shy demure girl despite her impressive beauty.  Around the apartment she’s friendly enough with me but often looks down and is quiet and subdued.  I’ve seen her somewhat gregarious around other people these last few days she’s been in the U.S., so I don’t know why she seems so hesitant around me.  For my part it’s a constant struggle not to stare at her gorgeous body and face.  I’m worried she senses how attracted I am to her, and is uncomfortable about it and trying not to lead me on.  My fiancée is leaving tomorrow on one of her business trips.  I know it’s going to be awkward around the apartment with this shy little blond hottie around me constantly and no one else.

My fiancée seems to have no concerns about leaving us alone together.  Well, I damn well sure did.  I’m determined to behave myself, but I can’t help sneaking glances at the girl and having fantasies.  The last few times in bed with my fiancée, I kept picturing it was her daughter Inga and not her.  We drove to the airport to drop her off.  Inga wore a tight fitting nice blue dress.  I guess she wanted to see her mom off looking good.  I thought Inga looked beyond elegant.  She in that dress was driving me crazy the way it showed all her curves.

Returning from the airport, I made a modest dinner for Inga and myself.  She said it was very good and seemed to loosen up some around me.  I was drinking beer, but not heavily.  I offered Inga some, but she declined saying she rarely drank except wine on rare occasions.  I apologized for not having any wine around, and she said that was OK.

Inga asked about my science fiction book collection that was in the room she was sleeping in.  I said it was mostly from my youth.  She told me she read many of the books, and we started talking about the ones we both had read.  This led us to walking into the spare bedroom where she was staying, and where my science fiction book collection was located.  Our chatting about books got very animated.  It was the first time she opened up to me losing her shyness.  It must have been the beer and the way she was smiling at me, and how pretty she looked in the blue dress she wore when we took her mom to the airport.  I just leaned in and kissed her.

Before she could even react, I broke the kiss and began apologizing profusely telling her I loved her mother, and it was just the beer, and it would never happen again.  I begged her not to tell.  She looked at me very seriously, and reassured me she wouldn’t say a word.  She even resumed talking about which books of mine she had read as if nothing happened.  I was sitting on the bed, and she was standing and pointing at different books.

She got to the Gor series by John Norman, and we started talking about those stories.  This is where the conversation took an unexpected turn.  She started talking about how she read those books over and over and had fantasies about being on the planet Gor as a slave girl to a strong older man and being forced to do anything he wanted of her.  She seemed to be trembling as she talked about it, her head down again with shyness like when she first showed up to the apartment.  She seemed suddenly afraid, but then looking at her closely, I sensed something else was going on with her.  She was talking about imagining herself serving her Master’s pleasures and about dreaming about that constantly.  Looking up at me, she said in a quiet shaky voice, “My Master in those dreams and fantasies always looked a little like you, maybe more than just a little.”

I knew now why she had been acting shy and rather weird around me ever since she got here.  Thoughts of her mother popped into my head, and then vanished as I stared into Inga’s downcast blue eyes.  I didn’t even consider at all my next words before I said them.  The words just came out in a confident tone that couldn’t be interpreted as anything but an order.  I said to the girl that would soon be my new step-daughter, “Inga, take off your clothes.”

Inga reacted to my words as if I had slapped her in the face.  I had an immediate sense of panic thinking I had just ruined my life.  Inga’s face looked as if she was terrified.  Gazing at her face I just knew she would tell her mother I had kissed her, and that I then tried to seduce her, and even asked her to undress for me.  I actually did love her mother, and I didn’t want to lose what I had.

August 30, 2015, 12:27:07 AM
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Mmmmm, this is starting out good, Jed!

September 01, 2015, 05:55:32 AM
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There's actually a few autobiographical hints in this story.  I did meet my blond step-daughter to be at the airport and had a 'wow' moment when I saw how pretty she was.  She was 24 at the time though, not 18.  And her mom did go on a business trip soon after leaving her daughter and I all alone in the apartment.  And the step-daughter and I did talk about my science fiction book collection in the spare bedroom she was staying in, and it was our first long relaxed conversation.  But we never talked about the Gor books and the slave girls in them.  However during that conversation, I did drink too much beer and at one point, I really did have an uncontrollable urge to kiss her, except I didn't do it.  Instead I said, 'I think I need to go to bed.'  I don't think she ever knew I nearly grabbed her and kissed her.

In general people think I'm a nice guy, and I think I am too.  I did the right thing then, but I seem to like writing stories where I'm not so nice and don't do the right thing.  This story is complete fiction, but I am thinking of that time and what I if hadn't done the right thing and went to bed?  What if I had done something else?

September 01, 2015, 10:25:01 PM
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I thought that sounded a little familiar . . .haha

September 07, 2015, 11:35:18 AM
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We just stared at each other for what had to be a couple minutes but felt like an hour.  Her gorgeous blue eyes were wide with fear and her chest was heaving in the tight blue dress.  The fear seemed to go on for a very long time, but then I saw a complex change in her expression.  She seemed still afraid, but also confused.  The fear and confusion seemed to give way to something else I couldn’t fathom.  Is that determination I see in her face, and maybe even arousal?

After what seemed like an eternity, she softly replied to me with, “Yes Master.”
With a trembling hand she reached back and began fumbling clumsily with the zipper behind her neck of her tight blue dress.  I was still trying to comprehend why I said what I did, while I watched her finally get the zipper moving.  Once she got it down as far as her lower back, she shrugged her shoulders causing the blue dress to slowly slide from her body.  The dress landed in a pile at her feet leaving her standing before me in plain white panties and bra.

She had discarded her shoes and socks just after dinner, and now stepped bare foot out of the dress.  She reached back and unhooked her bra.  The bra fell joining the blue dress on the carpet.  I stared in wonder at a magnificent pair of nubile perfectly formed breasts with erect pink nipples.  Leaning down, she worked the edges of her panties off her ample hips until they too fell at her feet leaving her before me in all her sweet 18 year old naked glory.  My eyes travelled the length of her young body from her blue eyes to her perfectly round firm gravity defying breasts and then to a neatly trimmed golden triangle of curly hair where her legs joined her body.

She stood their awkwardly now looking so appealingly fresh and innocent and getting very self-conscience under my gaze, so I knew I had to say something.  Remembering the Gor books, I said authoritatively, “Position!”
Again she reacted as if I slapped her.  There was only a very brief hesitation this time before she dropped to her knees.  Kneeling before me, she opened her knees as wide as she could, straightened her back placing her hands on her thighs and waited.

I stood and walked around her and gave her a slight nudge on her back, and she straightened it even more.  I began undressing in front of her, and I could see her breath quicken.  She kept her ‘Position’ staring straight ahead, but I saw brief glances towards me as I slowly disrobed.  Once naked as well, I knelt down at her side very close to her watching her tremble slightly.  Her lips parted in a faint gasp at my proximity.  I caught her glance towards my loins and touched her chin with my finger to indicate she should resume her ‘Position’.  Her eyes looked straight ahead again chin up, but I knew she wanted to look at me.

I began caressing her with both hands starting with her thighs and shoulders.  By the time my fingers brushed her breasts, her nipples were rock hard.  She was quaking and breathing very hard trying not to move.  Kneeling behind her, I cupped both her breasts teasing her nipples until she began writhing at my touch.  I could see her struggling to stay still in ‘Position’ as ordered, but her body was moving to my caresses.

I moved one hand down her flat tight belly.  Her breath quickened knowing where my hand was headed.  I brushed slowly past her very soft curly blond pubic hair and slid a finger along her slit abrading her hard little knob.  She let out a moan and tried unsuccessfully to suppress another moan as my finger moved.  When I slipped a finger inside her, I found her already wet and ready.  I finger fucked her feeling her hips move in rhythm to my finger, and then she spoke without permission, “Please Master, this slave needs you.”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.  Perhaps you need something shoved in your mouth to shut you up?”
Her lips parted as if to speak again, but she just nodded acceptance afraid to speak again without permission.  I knew she understood what I meant, and I removed my finger from her body and stood.  I walked around in front of her, and I hefted my cock aiming it at her mouth and moved forward.  Her lips parted accepting it inside.  This time it was me trying to suppress a moan, as I felt her warm mouth engulf me.  Her full red lips clung tightly to my cock, and her tongue began moving as she sucked voraciously on my flesh moving her head faster and faster.  I could sense some inexperience at doing this, but she made up for that unbridled enthusiasm.  It was as if it was her greatest wish to please me.

She wasn’t getting much of me in her mouth, so I decided to challenge her.  I would often hold her mother’s head and basically face-fuck her, so I grabbed a hold of her golden blond hair and started humping her mouth.  I got even rougher than I did with her mother.  I wanted to see how much she could take and forced it deep hearing her choking and heaving.  I kept forcing it deep as she gagged on it.  I expected her to try and push on my thighs the way her mother did when I went too deep, but she actually put her hands behind her back as it they were secured there and let me make her choke and gag.  Eventually, I pulled back some afraid I was going to make her throw up.

She worked on me some more, and I was thinking her mother is actually better than her at sucking cock, but I decided telling her that was not a good idea.  I wanted to fuck her, so I pulled out of her mouth and commented, “You need to improve your skills at that slave.  We will work on that.”
Looking a little crestfallen and shamefaced she said, “I know Master.  I’ve only done that a few times with my boyfriend in Sweden.  It was easier with him.  He’s not that big, and he doesn’t last very long.”

For some reason I was surprised to hear she has a boyfriend.  She’s gorgeous, so why wouldn’t she have one.  I asked her, “Do you miss your boyfriend?”
“Not really Master.  He’s too….he’s too…”
She stopped, so I demanded, “He’s too what?”
“He’s too gentle Master.  I couldn’t get him to treat me like I need to be treated.  I wanted a strong Gorean man who treats me roughly like the slave I want to be, and he is weak.”
“But you fucked him?”
“Only three times Master.  He was my first and only one.  He only lasted a couple minutes each time.  We’ve only been going out a couple months.  I’ve only had orgasms when I thought about being a slave for a strong man and masturbated.”
She got a look of disgust on her face and said, “He cried like a little girl, when I left for the United States.”

I still had my fist in her hair intentionally hurting her making sure she didn’t think I was weak and demanded, “You must get better at sucking me or you will feel the lash.”
I felt a little like an idiot threatening her like that, but she responded, “I will Master.  I will learn to take all of you and make it the very best.”
“I sense you are hoping for something else.  Would you like your Master to fuck you?”
“Oh my yes Master, and don’t be gentle with me!”
“Head to the floor slave,” I said watching her instantly obey.

I took her there on the floor.  I got behind her and pulled her hips up getting her on her knees.  I gazed down at a perfectly shaped butt and a pretty little pink slit all glistening and inviting me in.  I felt her opening, and it was even more soaking wet than it looked.  I knew she was aroused, but I hadn’t realized how aroused.  Aiming my cock, I pressed it against her slit and pushed.  I had to grip it hard to keep it from bending, my other hand wound in her hair holding her in place for leverage.  She was so incredibly tight and let out a little whimper of pain when I finally forced it inside her.  If she hadn’t told me she had sex before, I might have mistaken her for a virgin.  I have to admit, the whimper she made was a turn on, and I knew she wanted it rough.  I wanted it rough too, so after a few tentative thrusts getting a feel for her and how deep I could go, I started to pound into her as fast as I could go pulling her hair hard.  She let out a screech that worried me I was really hurting her bad, but then she screamed out, “That’s it my Master, fuck your slave!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, and slammed my cock inside her as hard as I could.  I knew it had to be hurting her, but she was moaning continuously driving her hips back at me meeting each of my thrusts. It was the most amazing fuck of my life.  Her pussy was pulsating on my cock clutching it on the out strokes like she didn’t want me to ever leave her body.  Her pussy was like a milking machine trying to pull the cum out of my balls, so I had to detach my mind to last longer.  Thinking of what she said of her weak boyfriend who never made her cum, I wanted to make her cum and cum really hard.

That thought had hardly left my brain before she started shaking severely.  She then began screaming and flopping around so violently, I almost lost my connection inside her.  I pounded into her body as her orgasm went on and on with astonishing passion.  With one last loud grasp, she went limp.  This lasted for perhaps a half a minute before she gathered herself and resumed pushing back at my thrusting and shouted, “Oh thank you Master!  I knew it would be good with you, but I had no idea it could be that good!”

She was still shuddering and quaking with aftershocks.  What I had been trying to hold back, I couldn’t hold back any longer.  My head felt like it was going to explode, so drilling inside her a few last times I groaned extremely loud and began cumming.  I could feel my semen pumping into her body, and she could feel it too yelling, “Yes Master, cum inside your slave!”

I collapsed on her forcing her hard to the floor and lay there still inside her.  If my weight was too much, she didn’t seem to mind, as I heard her sigh with obvious contentment.  I didn’t move for a long time as my mind raced.  This young just barely legal unbelievably beautiful girl underneath me is supposed to be my new step-daughter to be, and I just shot a huge wad of sperm inside her womb.  What the fuck was I going to do when her mother, my fiancée comes home in a few days?

September 15, 2015, 10:51:37 PM
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Despite her lack of complaint, I knew my about 200 pounds must be crushing this girl that couldn’t weigh more than 110 pounds.  I lifted myself up and felt my flaccid cock pull from her body with a wet squishy feeling.  I looked down at that beautiful butt of hers with her slit oozing my lust.  Her slit looked more red than pink now from that awful pounding I just gave her.  I cringed thinking she must be very sore.

I stood up on shaky feet and sat on the edge of the bed.  Inga crawled around to my feet, and then kissed my feet head down and quiet.  I’m still trying to understand what just happened.  I’m getting married soon to this girl’s mother, and I just fucked the ever loving shit out of her daughter.  Looking down at her kissing my feet, I think to myself, that she loved every bit of it.  Or, every inch of it….haha.

I wasn’t entirely sure what the whole slave girl and Master thing was about.  Did I just help her fulfill a fantasy, and we’re done now?  Or, will this keep going, and for how long?  How much of a fantasy for her is this, and how much of it is something she just might be taking seriously?  And, how will she act when her mother comes home?

Inga lifts up looking at me and asks, “May this slave speak?”
“What is Master going to call this slave?”
I was confused, but then I remembered in the Gor books a master would often give a slave girl a new name.  Sometimes he would bestow the name she already had as a free girl if he liked it, but he would make it clear it was now a slave name.
“You are Inga.  That will be your slave name.”
“Thank you Master.  I always liked that name.  Where will I sleep Master?”

I’m confused again.  We’re in the spare room that we had made clear was hers, so I say, “You’ll sleep here.”
She responds with a look of yearning, “Where will Master sleep?”
I knew then she and I were not done having sex.  It was not a onetime thing.  I was spent and tired and it was now after 1:00AM, so to answer her question I got into the bed she was told she would sleep in and not the one I shared with her mother.  She was kneeling by the bed with that yearning look still on her face, and I knew she was waiting for instruction.  I patted the space next to me, and grinning she crawled in with me.  We spooned and were soon asleep.

I wake and feel a little confused.  I look to the clock, but it’s not there.  Looking around in the dark I see I’m not in my room.  A clock on the other side of the room says 5:12AM, and its Monday, a work day for me.  The naked softness sleeping next to me feels very familiar, but it suddenly dawns on me this is not the usual soft girl that sleeps next to me.  I’m always aroused when I wake in the night and especially in the morning.  On the weekends trying to have sex with my fiancée would usually result in an angry, ‘Why can’t you let me sleep!’  If it was a work day, she would already be up putting on her makeup for work.  I don’t know why she gets up so early, but she’s a workaholic.  It’s annoying as I would always like a good fuck in the morning before work, but she’s always already gone.

I observe the young girl sleeping next to me my usual morning arousal poking one of her butt cheeks.  Even in the dim light, she is so fresh and gorgeous.  I can’t help myself and explore her body with my hands.  She begins moving in response to my touch but doesn’t wake.  Her full breasts feels so good cupped in my hand, her nipples starting to harden to my touch.  It’s when I slip my fingers between her legs, she jumps and wakes.  I think she’s confused for a few seconds just as I was when I woke, but then her hand reaches back to confirm what is poking her butt.  She turns and I turn on my back, and she begins kissing my chest and whispers, “Does Master want to use his slave?”

In response to her question, I push her head down.  She understands immediately, and takes my cock in her mouth sucking softly on it.  I watch her in the dark a she struggles to get as much of it as possible in her mouth.  She gradually increases the speed of her head up and down.  With her mother, I would often turn at some point and hump her face until I finished, so I turn with Inga.  She doesn’t lose me in her mouth.  I then take her hand and have her grip the base.  I feel guilty, because that’s what her mother does.  As I begin pumping my cock in Inga’s mouth, I show her how to use her hand gripping my cock just outside her mouth.  Inga understands immediately and grips me just right, her saliva now coating her hand increasing the amount of my cock being stimulated as it plunges into her mouth.

I get a good grip on her blond hair and increase my speed fucking her mouth as fast as I can.  Inga is heaving some when I thrust deep, but offers no complaint.  Her hand squeezes on the out stroke just as I showed her, milking my cock.  She’s a fast learner.  I’m reveling with the reality that I’m face-fucking a gorgeous 18 year old girl who couldn’t be more willing to let me.  I pump my cock into her mouth repeatedly until I feel it building.  My hips jerk against her face losing some of the rhythm, and she senses its coming.  Suddenly, I groan very loud and begin cumming in her mouth.  Her mother at this point would let it pool in her mouth until I stop moving, and then run to the bathroom to spit it in the sink.  But I feel Inga swallowing as soon as my cum fills her mouth.  My hips are still slowly moving, and she continues sucking and swallowing.  Eventually I pull my cock from her mouth and she smiles and asks, “Is Master pleased?”
“Yes,” I respond.

We cuddle in bed for a little while.  I tell her about how girls can learn to get all of a cock completely in their mouths, and Inga says she knew of that and would keep trying until she could too.  I get up and think about how I’m supposed to leave for work in about 2 hours.  Looking down at the smiling lovely naked blond teenager in the bed, I make a decision not to go.  I call and leave a message at work that I don’t feel well and hopefully I’ll be in the next day.  I crawl back into bed with Inga, and she snuggles up with me again, and we go back to sleep.

I wake again in mid-morning to Inga stroking my hard cock with a yearning expression on her face.  I roll on top of her and explore those nice tits of hers.  Her areolas are large and light pink with pert little darker pink nipples.  Licking and sucking on her nipples, she begins writhing underneath me and moaning.  Using my knees, I force her legs wide apart.  I reach down checking her arousal.  She is very wet already, but she winces in pain at my touch.  She’s still very sore from the pounding I gave her last night.  Although not a virgin, she’s not used to sex.  I’m not sure this is a good idea right now.  But Inga reaches for my cock, pulling it towards her pleading, “Please Master.”

Given her obvious desire and lack of concern at her own soreness, I position myself and give a steady hard push.  Inga gasps in pain and then whimpers causing me to pause, but then she grabs both my butt cheeks pulling me in.  When I begin thrusting, she winces slightly at each thrust.  Despite the wincing and whimpering, she wraps her legs around me urging me to go faster.  It doesn’t take long before she has an orgasm clutching me and calling me ‘Master’ and thanking me.  It’s not as intense as the one last night, but I can tell that once she gets used to me, she will be banging them out.  She’s just sore now.  When I stiffen above her and fill her again with my sperm, I find it gratifying but still have feelings of guilt.

I can tell she’s really sore when I’m done, so I resolve myself not to fuck her again.  Well, at least not for another day or so.  When evening comes, I turn Monday Night Football on.  I arrange Inga kneeling on the floor in front of me.  I have her blow me, but tell her to do it slowly and not try to make me cum.  Except for a couple short breaks, I make her suck me off the entire game.  I tell her to practice getting more of me in her mouth.  Eventually late in the evening I face fuck her until I cum.

I go to work the rest of the week.  I have her blow me at least three times a day, but don’t fuck her again until Wednesday.  The passion in this girl is unbelievable.  By the end of the week, she has gotten used to my size and is not as sore any more.  She’s still so incredibly tight, that getting inside her still require a hard push, but once I’m in it’s pure heaven.

We never left the apartment, and I don’t think she put clothes on the entire week.  I never gave her permission to cloth herself, and she never asked.  After I got home from work she would have this ritual where she would offer me ‘wine’ like in the Gor books kneeling in front of me head down holding the glass out for me, except it was actually beer.  She served me dinner each night and knelt at my feet while I fed her by hand.  We would drench the sheets in her bed so bad with sweat, cum and her arousal juices, she was changing them every day and doing the wash every two days.

Everything got different Friday evening when I got home, because we were going to the airport to pick up her mother.  Inga was fully and casually dressed and her demeanor had changed slightly.  She still welcomed me home calling me ‘Master’, but there was a change.  She was less subservient.

On the way to the airport, I have to do a sanity check.  At a stoplight I undo my belt, pants and pull my cock out.  Inga looks over with an unreadable expression.  When I grab her blond hair and force her face down to my lap, she begins blowing me with all the enthusiasm she has been showing all week.  I have to pull over at some point for her to finish me off afraid I’ll wreck if I don’t.  The whole ride beginning to end to the airport we were silent.  Well, except for those slurping sounds for several minutes.

At the airport we wait at the gate for her mother, my fiancée.  When she comes through the gate, Inga runs over and hugs her.  I give her a hug and kiss too.  While we are walking and chatting, Inga calls me by my first name and is pleasant, but all the subservient behavior is completely absent.  It was a relief actually; I’m not sure what I would have done if Inga called me ‘Master’ in front of my fiancée?  The ride from the airport is the same as when we picked Inga up.  The two women are in back chatting away in incomprehensible Swedish while I act as chauffeur.  It’s just so fucking surreal again.  Did this past week with Inga actually happen?

September 16, 2015, 12:31:02 AM
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I make love with my fiancée Friday night and even get morning sex on Saturday.  Inga continues to act like the past week never happened.  It’s not even awkward at all, except I feel like the whole thing is so bizarre.  The weekend passes with us going out to dinner on Saturday, and I’m forced to take the two women clothes shopping for hours on Sunday.  Sunday night I tie my fiancée up in the bedroom and get her very worked up and loud.  I know Inga can hear everything through the wall and wonder what she’s thinking about all this, this incredibly odd situation?  I wonder if she’s jealous or angry and hiding it?

I feel my fiancée get up for Monday work.  Glancing at the clock I see its 5:00AM and go back to sleep.  Later around 6:30AM I hear her leave the apartment and again go back to sleep with difficulty, as I have an erection.  I work 15 minutes away and don’t leave until around 8:30 to 8:45AM, and I only need about 20 minutes or so to bath, dress and go, so I get up around 8:00AM.  I start having an erotic dream.  In the middle of the dream I wake and look down.  Inga is softly sucking on my cock.  I glance at the clock, and its 7:20AM.  Inga takes her mouth off me and asks, “Does Master want to use his slave before work?”

The answer to Inga’s question was an obvious ‘Yes’.  This led to a week of sex with my fiancée most evenings, and sex with Inga every morning before I left for work.  I made Inga blow me Monday and Tuesday morning until she was begging me to fuck her.  I wanted her to simmer for a few days.  By the time I did fuck Inga on Wednesday morning, she was flopping around and spastic just like our first passionate fiery fuck.

Our evenings are the same as the weekend.  Inga acts like a future step-daughter and is chaste around me, but not particularly deferential at all.  In fact Thursday evening, we had a brief disagreement over what to have for dinner the following night, where Inga got snippy with me.  I wanted to grill steak for all of us, and she was insistent on fish for herself.  The following morning Inga was obedient and compliant to all my wishes, which was to suck me off before work.  There was no way I was going to fuck Inga and let her cum after she got snippy with me.  And since the weekend was coming, she would be waiting a few days before she got any cock in that tight pussy of hers.

Over Friday night dinner my fiancée is annoyed.  She has to fly out on Sunday evening overnight to London and will be gone all week again.  She was mad she didn’t find out until that very day with no time to prepare for the business trip.  When Inga heard her mother say she would be gone all week again, she gave me a hard significant stare and then lowered her eyes submissively.  My fiancée ended up working most of the weekend at home preparing for her business trip, so I decide to do a little shopping, and this time it wasn’t with those two women.

I was a little bewildered wandering around the sex shop.  My confusion must have been evident as the cute girl that worked there came over and pleasantly asked if I needed help.
“I seem to have recently acquired a slave.”
“Well, lucky you,” she said with a grin.
“She’s into the whole Gorean thing but mostly just from reading the books.”

This seemed to help as the girl began offering advice and showing me various things saying, ‘My Master likes this’ and other things like that.  I got a metal collar and had it engraved right there saying ‘Inga’ on it, and that she belonged to me.  I bought several other items including different restraints and a whip, and just before I was going to leave something caught my eye.  The package was a training kit I found intriguing as a plan developed in my head.

We delivered my fiancée to the airport uneventfully Sunday evening.  When we got home, I presented Inga with her slave collar proclaiming her mine, and she was as ecstatic as another girl would be getting diamonds.  She shuddered emotionally when I snapped it around her neck.  I then fucked her very hard which made her pleased, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual being distracted by my plans.  I had her suck me off in the morning, but I could tell she was puzzled at why I woke us over an hour earlier than I need to get up for work.  After she swallowed, I ordered her, “Go and relieve yourself, and I suggest you be thorough about it.”

Puzzled, Inga went to the bathroom and stayed a while.  I know she was confused about the order I gave, and I didn’t hurry her.  When she came out, I commented, “I hope for your sake you were thorough.  Get on the bed.”

She obeyed me, but I could see she was extremely nervous not understanding why I was so gruff.  Once she was on the bed, I ordered her in ‘position’.  She knelt with her knees spread.  I told her to lower her head and place her hands under her body between her legs.  I pulled her wrists under her and even with her ankles and ordered her not to move.  I retrieved one of the restraints I purchased and began securing her, while she trembled in obvious apprehension.  I applied leather cuffs that secured her ankle-to-wrist-to-wrist-to-ankle all together leaving her bent over with her ass up for display.  The vulnerable position pleased me.

With her head to the side, I showed her the training kit I bought letting her read, ‘Anal Training Kit’.  She was speechless, so I asked, “Have you ever thought about having anal sex?”
“No Master,” she whispered frightfully.
After pausing for a few seconds she softly says, “They don’t have anal sex on Gor.”
Annoyed, I respond, “They don’t have blowjobs either.  The Gor books barely mention sex at all.  They just talk about using the slaves.”

After asking Inga about anal sex and seeing her look of panic, I quickly shove a ball gag in her mouth and strap it behind her head.  At this point I only wanted her to listen and not speak.  Her eyes look terrified now as I speak again, “Just to set things straight Inga, we are not on Gor.  Gor doesn’t exist.  We are here in the United States, where real slavery is illegal.  Any time you want to stop playing this game, then we stop.  It’s your call, but you’re not going to be able to quit until tonight.”
I pause thinking about my next actions.

I still have to grip my cock to keep it from bending to get into her pussy.  Based on my explorations of her anus with my finger, it’s beyond tight.  She always squeals in surprise when I shove a finger in there, certainly the reason I do it.  I find her squeals amusing.  If I fucked her back there now, I could hurt her bad enough she might need to go to the hospital.

The vast majority of the butt plugs in the store were universally ridiculous in size.  Some were almost the size of telephone poles.  I didn’t even consider anal sex with Inga until I saw what was a completely reasonable set of three butt plugs of different sizes that were actually normal cock sized with the bigger one being a little bigger than me.  Based on comments from girls over the years, I’m bigger than average, but based on watching porn, I would not get that job.

With more excitement than I expected, I get the lube out smearing a generous portion on my fingers.  I begin applying it to Inga’s anus, as she shudders in absolute terror now.  I slip a finger inside her butt trying to get some in there too.  I coat the smallest butt plug with the lube.  For a few seconds, I admire the pink little rosebud of her anus all greased and ready while Inga quivers in fear.  I press the plug against her hole and give a push.  There’s significant resistance from her trying to clench it shut, so I know it’s going to hurt until she learns to relax.  With increasing force, I shove hard and feel her anal ring give way.  Inga screams into the gag, as I force the plug all the way in.

I come around to her tear soaked traumatized face and show her another purchase I made.  The slave whip is short, but I know it will really sting if used with force.  Her wide eyes stare at the whip in alarm.  I raise the whip up, and bring it down hard on her exposed back immediately raising a red welt.  Inga screams into the gag again.

“That was just to let you know what the whip feels like.  I’m sure if you try, you could contort your hand up and maybe pull that butt plug out.  If you do that, I will give you 25 more lashes on your back.  I told you to relieve yourself earlier, so if you wet the bed, I will give you 15 lashes on your back.  If you do both, that’s 40 lashes.  You better be in exactly this position with that plug in place in a dry bed when I get home from work.”

As I leave the apartment for work, I feel unbelievably satisfied with what I’ve done and slightly curious if little 18 year old Inga will still want to be my slave when I get home this evening.  She has a long time to think about that and little else to do for the next 9 hours.

September 16, 2015, 09:19:47 PM
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Offline Plaything

I love that restraint .  . .great story!   ;)

September 25, 2015, 10:48:56 AM
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Offline Jed


As I put the apartment door key in the lock a little over 9 hours after I left her strapped and ball-gagged, I’m curious as to how Inga’s day went.  Strolling slowly into the bedroom, I find her exactly how I left her, head down and ass in the air facing me with that bright red plug still deeply embedded in her ass.  I’m not fooled.  I can see how rumpled the sheets are.  She has been moving in all sorts of positions trying to get comfortable.  She probably tried to get loose too.  I know she spent the whole day on the bed, because if she fell off, I don’t think she could have gotten back up.  She can’t see me, but she knows I’m here.  She’s trembling with anxiety wondering what I’m going to do.

I consider if she could have removed the plug and then reinserted it just before I got home, but I don’t think so.  It would have been difficult but not impossible to get it out, however I don’t see how she could have gotten it back in secured like this.  Her slit looks so inviting just under the plug.  I find myself getting an erection.  My plan is to give her a chance to decide not to be my slave any more.  But before I let her make that decision, I’m going to give her another hard fuck.  The straps and ball-gag will make it difficult for her to object.

I come around to the side so she can see me and begin undressing.  Her eyes have a piteous beseeching look, and she tries futilely to speak.  It comes out as inarticulate squeaks and grunts around the ball-gag.  Once naked I climb on the bed behind her and straddle her legs pushing her knees together and forcing her ass higher.  I grip her hips lifting her ass up even higher to the level I need.  I briefly consider then discard the idea of removing the butt plug.  I’ll fuck her with it still inside, so she’s doubly penetrated.

I check her pussy, and she’s dry.  She’s been drooling around the ball-gag based on the large wet spot where her face has been all day, so I bet she’s dehydrated.  Some of wet is from tears too, I can tell by her face.  I get a grip on the end of the plug, and twist it.  It’s sticking inside her and there’s resistance until it finally turns.  Inga groans feeling the plug move inside her.  I pull it part way out, and then fuck her ass in and out with the plug a few times listening to her muffled squeals through the gag.

There’s some residual lube around the plug and in her crack, so I rub a little of that on her slit.  It’s not much, but it will have to do.   I pull the butt plug part way out again, change my mind about removing it and shove it back in.  I slip two fingers inside Inga feeling the lube help a little with the dryness.  Impatient to get inside her, I heft my cock aiming it and nuzzle her labial lips aside.  Inga is quivering in anticipation as I work the head inside her.

With a steady hard shove, I force myself inside her feeling her rough dry vaginal walls.  Inga cries into the gag with pain as I begin moving.  She’s incredibly tight, and I realize the plug deep in her ass is making her already very tight pussy even tighter.  I wonder if I can generate some heat in this girl and reach under her searching until I find her clit where our bodies are joined.  She jumps startled at the contact but otherwise endures my fucking of her vulnerable body.

With one hand wrapped in her pretty blond hair and the other manipulating her clit, I slam my cock into the petite 18 year old.  I feel the end of the butt plug embedded in her ass hit my groin with each deep thrust.  I can feel her pussy moistening slightly and become less abrasive.  Inga begins breathing hard through her nostrils.  Her breath becomes rasping and laboring, and she seems to be struggling to get enough air.  I briefly let go of her hair to unbuckle the strap to the ball-gag.  As it falls from her mouth, Inga gasps for air.  She croaks a few times as if trying to speak, but then suddenly she starts having an orgasm moaning and flopping around pulling on the restraints.  She eventually goes limp.  I fuck her for another couple minutes, and then have a deeply satisfying orgasm of my own shooting my semen deep in her womb.

Inga makes a few more croaking sounds as if trying to speak, so I tell her, “Just keep quiet for now.  I’ll get you some water.”
I pull my softening cock from her body and go to the fridge.  Returning with a bottle of water, I move Inga around facing the side of the bed and start giving her sips of the water.  Her wrists cuffed to her ankles make her so appealingly helpless.  I just came in her pussy, but I find myself getting hard again seeing her so vulnerable.  Bent over like this, her mouth is at a perfect level to my rapidly hardening cock.

I abruptly pull the bottle from Inga’s mouth and before she can try and speak, I press my cock against her lips.  There’s some brief resistance, but then she surrenders and opens wide taking me in.  Her mouth feels strangely cold from the water, but I know I’ll heat her up momentarily.  She’s been getting better and better at this, but I decide it’s time she takes all of me.  Knowing that I’m risking her vomiting up the water, I push hard and deep feeling my cock enter her throat.  Both my hands are gripped in her blond hair, and I push until her nose is mashed against my dark pubic hair.  Inga heaves a few times then seems to settle into it her lips wrapped around the base of my cock.  There’s nothing more left of me to take, so I comment, “Well Inga, looks like I’ve turned you into a first rate cocksucker.”

Knowing she can’t breathe, I hold it deep in her mouth and throat looking at her pleading eyes until she’s about to panic, and then pull back letting her get some air.  She breathes through her nose several times catching her breath.  Once her breathing calms, I start fucking her mouth with deep strokes occasionally pressing it all the way into her throat again.  I just came in her pussy, so it takes a really long time.  Inga is desperately sucking on me trying to finish me off.  I know her mouth is getting very tired, but I keep plunging my cock into her throat.  I’m not sure how long it took, maybe a half hour, but I finally feel it building.  With my fists in her pretty blond hair I press deep and feel my cock spasming and spurting in her throat.  Inga swallows several times sucking me dry until I get soft and then fully spent slip from her mouth.

Inga chokes and tries to talk several times and finally gets out, “I have to pee.”
“Is that I have to pee step-dad, or I have to pee master?”
Inga looks at me with a face of furious thinking that lasts for nearly a minute, and finally she says, “Please Master, let Inga pee.”

At that point I know at least for the time being, I still have a slave.  I quickly unstrap her from the restraints, and then tell her, “You can pull that plug out of your ass.”
Inga reaches back and with a grimace twists and pulls gradually working the plug out.  She holds it unsure what to do, so I tell her, “Just put it in the sink and wash it later.”
Nodding Inga runs to the bathroom holding the plug.

I order a pizza, as Inga had no time to make dinner being restrained all day.  We have a rather uneventful evening.  I fuck her before we sleep and again in the middle of the night.  In the morning she blows me and then helps me get ready for work.  I see her glance several times at the restraints on the dresser, and I know she’s wondering if she will spend another long uncomfortable day in them while I’m at work.

“I’m not going to secure you this morning.  You have work around the house to do, cleaning, clothes washing and making my dinner.”
Inga looks relieved, so I continue, “And, I’m not going to push that plug in your ass this morning.”
Inga smiles again in relief, so I let my words hang in the air for a few seconds, and then I pull the plug out from behind my back and hand it to her saying, “You’re going to shove it in your own ass and wear it there all day.  I recommend lots of lube.”

November 07, 2015, 12:06:50 PM
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Offline Jed


Inga takes the plug by sheer reflex, but then holds it like I just handed her a snake.  She has a lost look in her eyes, and I know she wants to drop it on the floor but is afraid of what I would do if she did.  I hand her the lubricant next and say, “Turn around, I want a good view of that plug going in your ass.”

She stands there for a few seconds, but sees the hard look in my face and turns around.  She squirts some lube in her hand and slowly starts coating the plug.  She’s breathing hard and her hand is shaking as it reaches around.  Just as she places the tip against her anus, I say “Look back at me.  I want to see your face when you do it.”

Inga looks back, and knowing she has to obey me, begins applying pressure to her anus trying to get the plug in.  In addition to her grimace of pain, I see a look of abject humiliation growing on her face as her anal ring slowly opens and the plug begins sliding inside.  I watch it go in with an unusual amount of satisfaction.  Inga on the other hand looks extremely unhappy about the whole experience.

I help her straighten up and looking into her gorgeous blue eyes.  She averts her gaze obviously unhappy but still submissive.
“I won’t restrain you today, but I expect that plug to stay in all day until I get home and say you can take it out.”

Head down, Inga nods submissively so I continue, “I’m fucking you in your ass on Friday regardless if you’re ready or not.  The more you have that plug in, the easier it will be on you.”

The rest of the week goes relatively uneventfully with Inga wearing the smaller plug each day while I’m at work.  I did discover I liked having her lay on the couch with her head hanging upside down on the couch arm.  This way when I fuck her mouth, I can see her throat bulge when my cock fills it.  Inga drools horribly when I do this and her hair gets soaked.  She also panics sometimes when I cut off her air by holding it deep in her mouth, but I just love how her throat looks crammed full of my cock.  Sometimes I tease her by pinching her nose shut really cutting off all her air.

I sense a great deal of dread in Inga Friday morning.  She already knows I took the day off and what I have planned.  I used her during the night, but when morning came I just got up and left her in the bed.  I never leave the bed in the morning without using her again, and I could tell the omission terrified her.  I got some casual clothes out, but ordered her to stay naked in the bed.

When I returned to the bedroom, I had a new restraint she had never seen before and the middle sized butt plug.  This plug is nearly as big as I am.  So far Inga has only experienced the smaller one.  She was already very afraid but seeing what I have and knowing I intended to fuck her ass today, Inga snaps, she comes apart mentally and begins screaming incoherently scrambling away from me in the bed.

I know I said she could quit this master and slave thing any time she wanted, but I had an irrational compulsion to complete the act before I would consider letting her stop this.  The fact that she could successfully accuse me of rape was something I pushed into the back of my mind.  A man raping his step-daughter is such a cliché, but one very believable to a judge and jury.

I grabbed both of Inga’s kicking ankles with difficulty and twisted forcing her on her stomach.  Kneeling on her back, I secure each ankle to each wrist separately with the new restraint.  It was not easy with Inga struggling, kicking and screaming.  The room doesn’t share a wall with the neighbors, but still I was afraid it would bring the police.  I got the ball gag in place as quickly as possible.  Just to make sure I can explain the screaming, I leave and turn the TV up in the living room.  If the police do show, I’ll apologize about the horror movie I’ll claim to have been watching and tell them I’ll turn the TV down hopefully without them asking to come in.

Inga’s eyes still show terror when I lube the plug in front of her face.  I’m sure it looks huge to her.  I draw out the anticipation taking my time even whistling as I leisurely coat the plug.  I’m not sure why I keep pushing things so torturously with Inga.  It’s as if I want her to report me to the police, or worse, tell her mother everything.  I don’t get why I’m pushing Inga to the edge and beyond?

All my delays and overt cruelty finally culminate in me crawling on the bed and roughly forcing her knees wide apart to get her cuffed ankles to wrists out of the way.  I admire the little rosebud of her anus first, and then one little squirt of lude on it, followed by abruptly shoving the plug straight up that tight little hole.  Inga screams into ball gag and then breaths hard in obvious pain.  While she’s gasping into the gag, I lean down placing my mouth near her ear and whisper, “I’m going out for about two hours, but then I’ll be back to give that tiny little butt hole of yours a severe fucking.”

The errand I run is a mundane one of grocery shopping.  We’re picking up her mother, my fiancé, this evening from the airport.  While shopping I shake my head in wonder at my lunchtime plans for Inga juxtaposed with what will happen on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, I will marry Inga’s mother assuming I’m not in jail for ass-raping her daughter.

I make more noise than needed putting the groceries away again to draw out the anticipation of the impending anal rape.  Finally I come to the bedroom and look at Inga, her upturned ass plugged and waiting for me.  There’s a sheen of nervous sweat on her gorgeous nude body.  She can’t see me, but she hears me undressing shoes thumping on the floor, zipper being pulled down and clothes shucked to the floor.

I can see Inga trembling in apprehension as kneel onto the bed and begin crawling up and between her secured legs.  Forcing her knees wide apart, I then take hold of the plug filling her bowels.  I have to twist back and forth a few times before it breaks loose from her insides and turns freely.  I begin working it out of her ass, while she moans in anguish at what is coming.  When I pull it from her body, I watch her anus take a few seconds to slowly close.  I begin dribbling a little lube in her butt crack and coat my cock.

When I position my cock in her butt crack nuzzling it to her anus, Inga begins struggling again.  I slam her in the back with the palm of my hand briefly stunning her.  While she gasps and moans, I hold my cock steady and lift putting the weight of my body over it.  Despite trying to recover from me nearly knocking the wind out of her, I can feel Inga clench trying to keep me out.

Gripping my cock to keep it from bending, I have all my weight over it and I feel the tension in Inga’s anal ring slowly giving way.  Inga gives a loud moan of suffering and torment as my cock fills her rectum.  She’s breathing torturously through the ball gag feeling me fully penetrate her ass, and then I begin moving.

Inga grunts in pain each time I thrust into her bowels.  Her tight ass is gripping me exquisitely.  Inga hasn’t really been bad, but I feel compelled to punish her for some reason and intentionally fuck her extra hard.  Soon I’m slamming my cock into her ass as fast as I can trying to hurt her.  Inga is crying and moaning, and I’m sure trying to make sense out of why I’m hurting her like this.  It just feels so good to pound my cock into my new step-daughter’s ass.  I’m reveling in the sensation and even the fact that I’m going to marry her mother in a few days.  Take this you little bitch I think driving my cock deep in her rectum over and over.

I know I’m hurting Inga.  Again I wonder why I feel compelled to push her to the edge.  I have no idea what will happen when I let her go.  Will she call the police or tell her mother?  I don’t care, I just want to make her suffer and extract every little bit of pleasure I can from fucking her ass.  Damn her ass feels good, I’m in Nirvana.  Inga probably thinks this will kill her and may even be praying to die to end the misery, but I can’t stop myself from pounding relentlessly into her butt.  I hold back as long as I can to both draw out my pleasure and to increase Inga’s suffering.  Suddenly I scream out my joy and ejaculate over and over filling Inga’s bowels with my cum.

I’m not sure how long I lay on top of Inga before I finally rouse myself, let her loose and go clean my cock.  Without a word Inga brushes by me and begins filling the tub with water.  She’s quiet and doesn’t speak at all the rest of the morning.  She’s not walking so well either.

Retrieving my fiancé from the airport is uneventful.  The women as usual are chatting away in Swedish the whole way back from the airport, walking into the building and in the apartment.  I really need to learn more of that language.  When Inga sits down for dinner, she tries to stifle it but cries out in pain.  Her mother with great concern asks her if she is OK.  She replies that she fell in the shower, and she’s OK.  Just as I had been doing since we got to the airport, I get a feeling of relief Inga doesn’t just blurt out what’s going on.  I make love to her mother in the evening, but I can’t help wondering what Inga is thinking alone in the other bed nursing her sore ass.

Saturday morning my fiancé confronts me red-faced with an intense seemingly angry look and in a loud voice asks, “Did you think I wouldn’t find out!”

Of course she was going to find out.  How could I possibly think I could continue to get away with fucking her daughter right under her nose for weeks now.  The girl can barely sit down right now from the hard ass-fucking I gave her yesterday.  So this is how it all ends I think staring into my fiancé’s intense eyes.

November 08, 2015, 04:56:43 PM
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Offline vile8r

Really good, Jed! Love the buildup to Inga getting her ass plowed.

November 09, 2015, 07:29:57 AM
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Offline Jed

Thanks vile,

I have more of this ready but might add a little more to it.

November 21, 2015, 08:44:01 AM
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Offline Jed


Just when I think she’s about to scream at me for fucking her daughter, my soon to be wife holds up the box containing the anal training kit and asks intensely, “When were you going to tell me about this?”

I’m at a loss for words staring at the butt plugs I’ve been using on her daughter.  I’m sure she knows now I’ve not only been fucking Inga, I just anal raped her.  Seeming to calm some, my fiancé looks curiously at the three butt plugs and says, “I’ll see if I can get the smaller one in tonight, but it’s going to take some time before we can actually try anal.”

I breathe a huge sigh of relief, and she looks at me strangely and continues, “I mean I did tell you I tried it before, but the guy was much smaller than you.”

My fiancé gets a mischievous look of her face and sets the anal training kit aside.  She gets down on her knees and opens my pants.  Soon she’s gripping my butt pulling me in sucking voraciously on my cock.  I can’t help but wonder if she would be sucking me this eagerly if she knew about 24 hours ago my cock was in her daughter’s ass?

The guys from work are taking me out for my bachelor party.  Inga finds out that after the bachelor party dinner, we are going to a strip club.  She asks me if she can go, and I say no.  I’m surprised at how much she pouts at my decision?  I don’t want to have to explain to the guys why my step-daughter has tagged along.  It would just be weird.

Knowing my plans, my fiancé arranges to be with some friends of hers from work and even staying over with one until just before the wedding.  She invites Inga, but her daughter says she would rather stay home.  When my fiancé isn’t looking, Inga gives me a sultry look.  Inga and I haven’t talked hardly at all since I fucked her ass, so I’m intrigued by that look and later whisper to her asking why she won’t go with her mother.  Inga whispers back, “You’re going to be really horny when you get back from that strip club, and I’ll be here waiting Master.”

The Brazilian barbeque restaurant the guys take me too features 17 different kinds of meat including things like rabbit and beef heart.  You turn your wooden thingy to green when you want more meat.  I manage to try all 17 kinds of meat.  Later at the strip club I shove most of my dollar bills in the g-string of a blond girl that looks the most like Inga thinking of fucking Inga when I get home.  There’s a tall dark haired girl that also gets a lot of bills from me; she’s pretty hot too.  The guys buy me so many drinks, and I get really drunk and end up puking in the bathroom.

I have only a vague memory of them dropping me off at the apartment.  I crawled into bed with Inga and remember getting on top of her and fucking, but then everything is hazy.  I wake in the morning to Inga blowing me.  With a grin she stops and asks if I want to finish what I started last night.  The answer to that is a profound yes.

Inga starts wheedling me again about the strip club even though that was last night, so I say ‘what the fuck’ and take her there on a Sunday early afternoon.  The place seems even darker during the day, but the quality of girls was as good as last night.  Inga and I watch the girls, and I slip a dollar here and there in a g-string.  I even give Inga some singles, and to my surprise the strippers are fawning all over her.  I could tell at least two of the strippers were getting hot having Inga touch them and slip a dollar in an intimate place.  One of them is the hot tall dark haired girl from last night.

I hear a young guy say to Inga, “I think it’s really cool guys take their girlfriends here.”
Inga replies, “He’s not my boyfriend.  He’s my new step-dad.”
The guy gets a strange look on his face, but manages to say, “That’s even more cool.”
I think to myself, Buddy you have no idea.

The interaction with the strippers has got Inga hot and bothered some I can see by looking at her flushed face and heaving chest.  Under the table I feel her hand on my thigh, and then she starts kneading my cock through my pants making me hard.  I notice the guy that spoke to Inga looking, and he can see what she’s doing under the table.  Maybe he does know how cool it is now to take your young hot step-daughter to a strip club.  Inga whispers in my ear, “Inga needs her Master’s cock, please Master.”
With that I pay the waitress, and we leave.

I don’t even make it out of the parking lot and fuck Inga in the back seat.  At least I parked in the back against a concrete wall and no one even noticed.  While we’re getting dressed, Inga shows me a phone number she got from one of the strippers.  I ask her which stripper gave it to her, and she says it was the tall girl with long dark hair.  That girl is really hot with nice 36C breasts.  I remember her from the bachelor party too as one I was slipping bill to, so it gets me thinking.

I have Inga call the girl Sunday evening, and she agrees to meet at a motel Monday early evening.  It seems Mondays are a slow day at strip clubs.  The stripper doesn’t seem surprised to see I’m there too, but she still looks with suspicion at me.  I make a noncommittal comment of, “I want to watch.”
She responds with, “Yeah, there’s a shocker.”
“I didn’t get your name at the club.”
“My name is Luscious.”
“I’m sure that’s on your birth certificate.”

The stripper Luscious just glares briefly at me then looks at Inga with a different expression, so I order my slave, “Inga, strip for Luscious.”
Inga turns beet red, but she does begin taking her clothes off.  Luscious starts undressing too with the lack of embarrassment that a stripper would have.  Once the girls are naked I admire the body on the stripper once more having seen her yesterday and during my bachelor party.  Those are I’m guessing 36C tits she’s got, and I would guess her age at 21.  I noticed her during my bachelor party as being one of the girls that was real among the obvious boob jobs strutting around the place.  That’s why she got some bills from me.

It’s Luscious that takes the initiative and approaches Inga putting her arms around her pulling her in.  Luscious is probably around 5’7” and she leans down kissing 5’4” Inga.  Inga glances towards me during the kiss, and I nod that it’s OK.  Inga is trembling, so Luscious whispers to her, “Don’t worry about him little bird.  You and I are going to have a nice time.”

It takes more kissing and caressing before Inga begins to relax.  Soon Inga is breathing hard and responding and has her hands on the stripper’s body too.  Sitting in a chair, I comment as if to the ceiling, “If Luscious would sit on the edge of the bed, I’m sure Inga will lick her pussy.”

Inga breaks the kiss with Luscious and looks at me with shock.  Grinning the stripper sits at the foot of the bed and spreads her legs wide.  Inga swallows hard and looks at me with a pleading expression hoping for a way out.  She sees my stern expression and knows she has to do it.  Inga kneels on the carpet and leans down still unsure.  Luscious rolls her eyes and takes two fists full of Inga’s blond locks and shoves her face right against her crotch.  To make sure she does it, I say, “Lick her good or you can expect to feel the slave whip later.”

At those words, I see a little respect for me in the eyes of Luscious until Inga’s tongue gets her full attention.  Inga tries to pull back a few times, but Luscious yanks her face back down flush against her crotch moaning.  I get very close to get a good view, and Inga seeing me redoubles the efforts of her tongue on the stripper’s clit.  Inga begins lapping even faster rasping her tongue the entire length of Luscious’s slit.  I reach under Inga’s chin feeling how soaked Inga’s saliva and Luscious’s juices are making their bodily contact.

My finger touches the stripper’s crack soaked with juices, and I maneuver a finger until I feel her anus.  Slowly I press breaking the seal, and I hear Luscious moan out in surprise, “OH!”
Before she can object, I force a second finger in her ass beside the first making her groan out again, “OOOHHH!”

I begin working my two fingers in the stripper’s ass just under Inga’s lapping mouth.  Luscious makes no more objections and is responding to both Inga’s tongue and my fingers.  There’s no way this hole hasn’t been invaded before and often I think feeling how easily I’m shoving two fingers in the stripper’s butt.  Just then Luscious arches off the bed as she cums really hard.  She’s still pulling Inga’s face against her pussy, but she’s also flopping around so much my fingers slip from her ass.  It takes a full minute before Luscious relaxes and begins chuckling with sexual satisfaction.

Inga her head released leans back in bewilderment.  Her face is drenched in her own saliva and Luscious’s cum, and she wipes at it with her hand.  I pull Inga to her feet, and then Luscious up and to her unsteady feet as well.  I have Inga sit in the exact spot Luscious had been in, and force her legs wide apart.  Turning to Luscious I say, “It’s only fair you return the favor.”
“Sure,” offers Luscious with no objection and a lopsided grin at me.
Luscious kneels between Inga’s widely spread legs and begins doing some licking of her own.  This time it’s Inga who exclaims, “OOOHHH!”

While Luscious works at arousing Inga even more, I begin undressing.  I need to do something with this raging erection I have, and pull a surprised luscious off Inga’s pussy.  A whimper of disappointment comes from Inga’s mouth, but soon I force Luscious to the other side of Inga’s leg.  Luscious is looking at me and is obviously not pleased with my interruption or my nudity, but I push her face back down to Inga’s pussy.  It’s an awkward angle for Luscious to lick, but she does it.  I heft my cock and aim it between Inga’s legs and order Luscious, “Keep licking her clit.”

My cock makes contact with Inga’s slit and slides easily in her tight hole.  Luscious tries to move back, but I have both hands in her long dark hair and force her face down to where my body is joined with Inga’s.  Luscious hesitates for several seconds while my hands intentionally hurts her hair, but then I feel the stripper’s tongue licking and brushing my cock as I fuck Inga.  The combination of my cock pumping inside her, and Luscious lapping at her clit has Inga delirious with passion in no time at all.

I keep fucking Inga, and Luscious licks Inga’s clit which I can feel on my cock.  I can tell Inga is close, but I want to draw this out.  I also get an idea, and pull my cock out of Inga’s pussy and press it against Luscious’s lips.  Luscious seals her mouth shut resisting my entry, but with both hands I pull on her hair hard hurting her.  The pain has its affect, and Luscious opens her mouth accepting my cock inside.  I begin pumping my cock in the stripper’s mouth.  At first there’s no reaction, but then I feel her tongue sliding on me and her lips grip as she starts sucking.  Satisfied I obtained some surrender from the stripper, I pull my cock from her mouth and plunge it back in Inga’s pussy.  Luscious goes back to licking Inga’s clit.

Inga is shaking and then begins thrashing around screaming out her orgasm.  I pull out and bump Luscious’s lips again.  This time there’s no resistance, and she opens up letting me in.  As her head rests on Inga’s belly, I fuck the mouth of the stripper for a couple minutes until I feel it building.  The stripper can tell it’s coming too and tries to push me out of her mouth.  I’m having none of that and hold her head hard as I thrust in her mouth a few more time and then start cumming.  Luscious groans around my cock in protest as it spurts in her mouth.  I hold her head in place as I spurt again.  Eventually I feel Luscious concede and swallow what I deposited in her mouth and throat.

I can sense a slight change in Luscious regarding her demeanor toward me.  She hasn’t gotten subservient yet by any means, but she’s no longer glaring at me or has an attitude that she’s in control.  Both girls are still turned on, so after a short rest I order them into a 69 position with Luscious on top.  I have Luscious face the head board.  Luscious’s knees are on the bed, but her ass is in the air at the edge of the foot of the bed as she hunches her crotch down on Inga’s face.  Luscious has her face buried between Inga’s legs as the girls eat each other.

It’s no accident the stripper’s ass is at waist level.  When I had my fingers in that butt of hers, I was already planning it wouldn’t just be my fingers.  While the girls are busy lapping each other, I squirt some lube on my cock and spread it around while staring at Luscious’s inviting anus.  I get real close, my cockhead almost touching it.  Gripping my cock with my right hand, I grab Luscious by one hip and plunge hard inside her ass getting a couple inches in before she can clench.  Her head pops up, and she screams in surprise.  Turning around to look back at me, she yells, “HEY!!!!”

Both hands on her hips now, I drill deeper getting most of my cock in her bowels.  Luscious yowls inarticulately in loud protest at my deep invasion.  My cock firmly embedded in her ass now, I take both hands grabbing her on each side of her head and get a firm grip on her dark hair and ears.  I turn her head around and shove it down hard right back in Inga’s crotch and say, “Shut up and get that mouth of yours back to working on her pussy.”

Luscious tries a few times unsuccessfully to lift her head back up, but I hold it firm between Inga’s legs while doing my very best to fuck her ass as hard as I can.  Eventually in defeat, Luscious resumes licking Inga.  I have to hand it to Inga.  She never once stopped tonguing Luscious’s pussy except for a few laps at my balls, and I swear I heard her faintly giggle at recent events.  I was right about the ass of this stripper.  She’s been butt fucked frequently, and I can’t help but wonder at the history around that.  I’ll have to make her tell me that story one day.

Several minutes into reaming out Luscious’s rectum, I can feel both girls shaking and know they are close.  It’s Luscious that cums first moaning the loudest I heard either girl yet and collapses prostrate on Inga gasping for breath.  I’m still ramming my cock deep in her ass, but she gives no more protest.  I hear Inga whimpering in frustration still shaking on the edge of cumming, so I push Luscious’s head back down between her legs.  I can feel Luscious obediently resume licking Inga, who moans in obvious relief.  It takes only a few more seconds before Inga too screams out an orgasm.  Both girls are as limp as wet noodles and completely drained, but I’m still fucking Luscious in what must be a raw aching ass by now.  Regaining some composure Luscious manages to whimper, “Please…..please, just cum already.”

I was getting close, but her pleading was enough to send me over the edge.  I grit my teeth and hammer her ass a few more times and then just explode.  Despite cumming very recently in her mouth, I can feel spurt after spurt of semen filling the stripper’s bowels, while she moans in degradation at being used like this.  Luscious may be acting like she’s humiliated at my use of her body, but I sense she’s also getting off on that humiliation.

I get Inga ready to leave and speak to Luscious saying we would be calling her again.  Eyes downcast Luscious nods in agreement, and I know the stripper will do anything I want now.  It seems my cum residing in her belly and rectum has shown her who is in charge.

It’s Tuesday and my wedding day.  We’re at the courthouse.  There is some of my family here, a couple of close friends and of course Inga.  It’s really short, but I keep looking at Inga to see how she feels about this.  She’s smiling and looking at both of us.  We have people over to the apartment for some food after, but nobody stays long which is a relief.  We decided a while back that we would honeymoon in a month or so and didn’t even make plans for that yet.  I’m going to get a cabin in the woods I think.

For the rest of the week we return to the routine of me fucking my new wife in the evening and Inga in the morning.  It’s still so very surreal for me.  Eating dinner on a Friday night, Inga seems a couple times as if she wants to say something.  Finally, Inga takes a bite of food chews and just after swallowing calmly says as if discussing the food, “I’m pregnant.”

My stomach does a flip-flop, and I feel light headed as my mind races.  There’s no doubt it’s mine.  She’s not been in the presence of any other man without me and never goes out alone.  It will be obvious to my new wife it’s mine too.  How did this happen?  I just assumed Inga was on some sort of Swedish birth control having a boyfriend there and all, but I never bothered to ask.  Suddenly, I remember Inga piling some things on the counter at the drug store a couple days ago and me paying for them.  There was something in that pile I’m just now seeing in my mind.  Yeah, pee on a stick and look for how many lines of color, one or God forbid, two?  My new wife is staring at me, and I realize she knows who the father is.  OH FUCKING SHIT!!!!!

November 21, 2015, 10:20:30 AM
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Offline vile8r

What a delicious turn of events! Loved the episode with the stripper! Very well done.

November 21, 2015, 08:30:36 PM
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Offline Plaything

Great addition to the story Jed!

November 22, 2015, 12:44:24 AM
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Offline Jed

Thank you vile and Plaything.  There is something familiar about that stripper Luscious.........

This is a complete work of fiction, but I did go to a Brazilian restaurant for my bachelor party, and I did go to a strip bar after and vomit in the bathroom there.  And, my step-daughter was upset she didn't get to go to the strip bar, so I actually did take her there the next day and the following conversation actually did happen:

“I think it’s really cool guys take their girlfriends here.”
“He’s not my boyfriend.  He’s my new step-dad.”
“That’s even more cool.”

No, nothing ever happened between me and my step-daughter.  I can't say I never had any fantasies involving her, but really no more than any other pretty girl I see.

I'm just using a few minor details of my real life to write a work of fiction and hoping people like it.

November 22, 2015, 06:20:09 PM
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Yikes! Can't wait for more!

January 18, 2016, 11:28:12 PM
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My favorite story on the site so far. Good job!

January 19, 2016, 03:11:01 AM
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Offline Jed

Thanks Shanny and Sinni, another one I gotta wrap up some day soon.

January 19, 2016, 10:39:11 AM
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Offline Plaything

Gots to agree . . .this is a good one!  ;)