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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, currently living, or has ever lived, is purely coincidental and unintentional. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Additional Disclaimer: Slavery, rape, and murder, in all their forms are evil and cruel. No human being has the right to treat another human being like property. This is simply a fantasy… my fantasy. The author neither condones nor endorses any practices mentioned herein.

I was so excited, I could hardly sleep. I kept waking up in the night smiling and hard. My fiancée’s alarm went off at 6:00, and as I was on the edge between awake and asleep, it woke me up as well. She showered while I struggled to give the appearance of calm, cool and collected. I turned on my coffee machine and decided to make her favourite breakfast; French toast. She came into the kitchen, dressed for work. The school where she taught started at 8:00, she had to be there for 7:00.
“Have a busy day babe?” I shook my head, “You rarely wake up this early.”
“Nah, just couldn’t sleep. Been hard to sleep the last few days,” I said.
“Well maybe I can help you sleep early tonight,” she said in her most seductive voice.
“I like how that sounds,” I said, “I’ll drive you in.” She agreed and she finished eating, we brushed our teeth and left the house. As I pulled into the school parking lot, I mentioned I was going to the cabin but I’d pick her up from work.
“Okay. Love ya’babe,” she said. We kissed and she got out. I watched her until she went into the building.

I headed out to the highway and soon arrived in a dark wood. I parked inside the tree line as far in as the trees would allow. I walked the rest of the way in carrying only my duffel bag. A small cabin stood in a clearing. The canopy was so thick here that the cabin was eternally covered in shadow. I opened the cabin and turned on the lights. After doing a few chores, I unlocked and opened the carefully constructed hidden trapdoor. I lit a lantern and descended the creaky steps. I approached the door in the corner. I unlocked it and opened it. The naked, beautiful, blue eyed, blonde, mother of two squinted at the first light she’d seen in two days.
“So, Amanda, how have your last two days been?” The red ball gag encased mouth was silent. The smell told me she was sitting in day or two of her own waste. I grabbed a handful of her wonderful, glorious blonde locks and yanked her out of the small room. In her cramped quarters, her muscles had cramped she fell to her knees. Her wrists were behind her so, when I forced her beautiful face into the puddle of cold urine, she couldn’t fight me.
“Didn’t your mother ever tell you to clean up after yourself?” I taunted as I forced her face into her own cold urine. I used my free hand to undo and take off my belt and drop my pants. I stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Moving both my hands to her sides, I grabbed her hips and lined up my cock to her sweet ass. I slowly pushed in.
“My god, Amanda, you’re so fucking tight. Are you really an anal virgin?” She nodded as well as she could.
“Not anymore,” I said. I forced myself in inch, by inch, making her scream with every thrust. I was halfway in, when I saw blood oozing out of her tight ass around my cock. Smiling, I started to give her harder and harder thrusts. My balls started slapping her hard as her cries and screams became louder and louder. I don’t know if it was her cries of pain, or her tightness or a combination but I had only been in her for a few minutes when I began to feel an orgasm building and rushing forward like a tsunami. With a grunt, I came hard as strand after ropy strand of my baby batter painted her bowels. My smile disappeared after my cock was pulled out. Cum, blood and shit coated the entire length of my cock. I smacked her ass as hard as I could, before I circled around to her face. Kneeling in front of her, I removed the ball gag.
“I guess your mother never did tell you to clean up after yourself?” I mocked again as my cock slid between her lips. I knew that her mouth wouldn’t close easily after being forced open for two days, but I made the threat anyway.
If I so much as feel a tooth, I’ll make you wish your whore mother kept her legs closed.” She nodded and ran her tongue up and down as she might do to a Popsicle on a warm summer day. The timid, shy, conservative, wife and mother of two, began to cry in abject misery. I pulled out and slapped her across the face and plunged back in. She began to choke and gag on both the taste and the cock. I pulled out, allowing Amanda a short breath, before driving back into her warm and inviting, mouth. As I did so, she redoubled her efforts, licking up and down while sucking.
“Eyes here bitch,” I exclaimed, grabbing a handful of beautiful blonde hair, I jerked it hard and my cock almost came out of her mouth. I stared into her beautiful blue eyes and smiled more broadly. After a few moments, I decided to check on her progress. I was pleased as it was well cleaned still having some of Amanda’s spit on it. I rose to my feet, pulling her around by her hair. She’d finally been able to close her mouth. I grabbed her around the face, squeezing her cheeks in a vice like grip.
“Say ‘ahh’ bitch,” I said. She looked at me with fear and a little defiance. I was pleased with her defiance more than her tears. Still grasping her blonde hair with my right, I savagely backhanded her with my left, following it up with a forehand.
“Open up a say ‘ahhh’, you stupid bitch,” I growled, punctuating the last three words with another stinging pair of slaps on each word. She submissively opened her mouth. I aimed my cock at her and let go of my bladder. I got most of it in her mouth, but she couldn’t swallow and spit most of it out. I also hosed down her pretty face.
“You better lick every damned drop or I swear you’ll beg God to kill you,” I said. She bent down and began to lick the filthy cement floor. I did up my pants and watched her for a few minutes. Turning aside I looked at the rafters of the ceiling wondering if they were sturdy enough for my plans. After hanging all my weight on two of them, I felt they were. I removed a long coil of rope and looking over at Amanda on her knees still licking up my piss, I passed one end over the first rafter

I smiled as I circled Amanda. She’d turned around to face me while I was fiddling with the rope. She’d screamed. I assumed she figured I was going to fashion a noose and hang her. Pretty good guess, but no. She was hanging, but from her ankles, not her neck. I’d savagely slapped her again for looking at me. Now, though, the blue-eyed, blonde, beauty was hanging a little off the floor. I’d tied a rope around her neck, let it trail down between her breasts, continuing to her lovely cleft between her legs, The rope sat in her pussy and her ass. It was pulled taut, causing her a great deal of discomfort. The rope ran up her back and tied around the neck rope. Another rope was wrapped around each breast three times, again, pulled as tight as I could, causing her to grunt behind into her panty gag, held in place by duct tape. Her wrists were bound behind her held in place as they were tied to the rope around her hips. I placed a large tub under her head. It was almost full of water. I walked to the rafter and began untying the rope around the rafter holding Amanda’s ankles. I grabbed the end of it and leaned back, surprised at how easily I could manipulate Amanda’s weight, then again, she was a petite girl. I slowly lowered the rope and her head dropped below the water. She struggled and writhed like a worm on a hook. I raised her out as she gasped for air. Tying off the end of the rope again, I made my way back to her and removed her .
“I wanna’ hear you,” I said. I untied the rope and again slowly lowered Amanda’s head into the water. Amanda took a deep breath as her forehead was submerged, then the rest of her pretty face. I held the rope there for thirty seconds. She started struggling at about fifteen seconds. I pulled her up; she greedily and hungrily gasped for air. Before she could catch her breath, I dunked her in again and smiled as she choked. I quickly pulled her up and just as quickly dropped her back in. I did this three or four times, then dunked her in for about fifteen seconds. I played with her head in the water for almost an hour. I finally pulled her up and tied the rope off to the rafter and pulled the water tub away.
“Please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone, I swear,” she begged. I said nothing to her but delivered her a stinging slap across her face that resounded in the rather small room. I released her hands and retied them in front of her, before blindfolding her. I left her hanging there before making my way to my duffel bag and removing a small leather whip. I approached the woman from the back and reaching around her, played with her breasts, pinching her nipples and kneading them as one would knead dough. She moaned in pain. I stepped back, and heaved forward, the leather tails making the adorable blue-eyed, blonde cry out. The leather wouldn’t break her skin, but it would leave angry red welts on her flawless skin. Again and again, I struck her, eventually, making her scream in pain. Still I continued my fun. Finally, she stopped screaming but her sobs and small grunts still gave me immense pleasure. When I was tired of my fun, I untied the rope and let her down.

I laughed as Amanda lay on the cold cement floor crying, I stepped between her legs, kicking her feet apart, I knelt down and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward. Using a set of bolt cutters, I snipped away the rope that was embedded in her pussy. I lined up my cock to her pussy, and forced myself in, surprised, and pleased, at how tight she was.
“Wow, bitch, you’re pretty tight for having two kids,” I said looking at the pain in her face, “Am I bigger than your husband? I know I am,” I continued to mock. I continued to pump in and out, causing her to gasp every time I thrust forward. As I felt a world-shattering orgasm, approaching, I leaned over and grabbed Amanda around the neck. The sight of her face turning red and her struggling for air, made the orgasm bigger, and better. I exploded inside Amanda, painting her innards with my baby batter. I let go of her throat as she was on the verge of passing out. She continued gasping for air through her sobs. I stood over her and stepped forward, slamming my booted foot into her chest.
“Humppfff,” she grunted as I knocked what air she’d been able to accumulate thus far. I kept my foot there, letting her take shallow breaths. I rotated my heel so my toes were pointing towards her face, resting on her chin.
“You’re going to worship my feet,” I said, “Kiss the end of my boot. ´I lifted the boot from her and moved it, balanced on my left foot. The end of the boot hovered over her mouth. She lifted her head up and, to my surprise and delight, wrapped her lips around the toe my boot. She slowly, pulled away from my foot, stopping briefly, her tongue slowly trailing down the front. I watched entranced and overjoyed as her tongue swirled around and around the end making smaller and smaller circles. When she stopped her circles, I switched my feet. I didn’t need to repeat myself but she repeated her actions, wrapping her lips around the toe of my boot then trailed her lips off the end of the boot, her tongue swirling around it. I removed my foot and stood my feet just above her shoulders. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back taking her first deep breath since I pulled out of her. What she didn’t see, was I grabbed my semi-flaccid cock pointing it at her face. She gasped and choked as my warm piss washed over her pretty face. I waited until I was finished, before grabbing my boxers and pants and got dressed. I grabbed a handful her beautiful, blonde hair and dragged her back to her small room. I chained her neck to the back wall before going back to my bag, I took a can of dog food, a can opener and a small bowl. I dumped the contents of the can into the bowl placed it on the floor, kicked it across the floor into the small room.
“Be back later, little bitch,” I said, before slamming the door and walked out. I drove back home, showered and got changed and went to pick up my fiancée. On the drive over to her school, I couldn’t help but smile as the wretched woman on the floor kissing and licking my boots, played over in my head. After asking each other about our day, we digressed into meaningless babble.

We snuggled on the couch after dinner silently watching a movie, her head in the crook of my arm. My right hand running up and down her upper arm.
“I gotta’ use the restroom babe,” she said. She untangled herself from the blanket and my arms and headed upstairs. I snatched the home-phone and called my cell number. After I ‘answered’ my cell, I erased the call on my home-phone and put it back on it’s base and talked into my phone as if I was talking to someone as she came back into the room.
“That was an emergency call. A client has a problem and I have to deal with it. I’ll be a couple hours,” I said. It was greeted with a sigh of frustration. I changed and left, driving straight to the cabin with my steel toed boots. I entered the small downstairs and opened the door to the cell and yanking Amanda’s head up. I unlocked her from the wall. I removed my socks and shoes.
“Lick the soles then each toe,” I ordered her. She was slow and deliberate, and I got hard as her soft, velvety tongue trailed up and down my foot then sucking each toe. I thought as such a perfect cocksucker, sucking my toe would be easy for her. I was right. I switched feet and like a broken slave she was, I just watched her, not needing to instruct her. when I was done, I yanked her up on her knees and stuck my cock in her mouth.
“Eyes up her little bitch,” I said, slapping her face. Her pretty blue eyes flicked up to my green ones. I chased my cum down, with another warm piss. When I was finished, I dried myself off in her hair and began to get dressed. I put on my steel-toed boots. I slid her ball-gag into her mouth, before shackling her wrists behind her and forcing her forehead to the floor. As I took up my position behind her, I admired her ass. Such a nice ass, and such a shame. Sighing, I kicked as hard as I could. The ball-gag didn’t do much to muffle the sound of her scream of pain. I proceeded to spend the next few minutes, kicking, slapping and punching her.

Finally, the brutal abuse stopped and she lay on the floor whimpering in pain. I made my way over a few steps and approached the rope that was tied around her ankle earlier in the day. I untied it and retied the noose. Grabbing a handful of Amanda’s hair, I dragged the former beauty over to the noose. She screamed as I stood her up and slipped the noose around her neck, pulling her hair free of the noose.
“According to some recent movies and stories, and such, most people seem to think that the point of hanging is to strangle the victim. The drop, however, was meant to break the person’s neck. In your case however, it will serve to strangle you. Good-bye Amanda,” I said as I pulled the rope up, and tied it off, leaving her dangling. She kicked and struggled. With her wrists shackled behind her, she couldn’t grab at the rope. I watched, amused, as her kicks and gasping slowed then spasmed again. There was a sound of water hitting the cement floor as her bladder voided itself. Then there was silence. The blue eyed blonde beauty was dead hanging from a rope in my cabin basement. I changed into my dress shoes and left the cabin, hiding the hidden trap door. I drove home and smiled as I saw my lovely fiancée’s form in the kitchen. She always had a snack before going to bed. Something was wrong, I could tell just by the way her silhouette was moving. I turned off the car and went into the house. As I walked in, she ran to me and embraced me, her head against my chest sobbing.
“What’s the matter babe?” I asked.
“My brother in law called. Michelle called him. Apparently my sister didn’t show up for Lauren's bachlorette party. My sister’s missing," she sobbed, "Amanda is missing.”