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September 13, 2018, 01:34:31 AM

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After Hours

(Takes Place in a Third World Country....Asia, Latin America...etc, whatever your fetish)

It was getting late in the evening, and my shop would be closing soon. I ran a fine clothing shop in the city, tailoring fine suits for wealthy businessmen. All of my items were from the finest clothes, fine Italian shirts and suits, fine leather shoes. I catered to the wealthy elite of this country, and became quite wealthy in the process. My shop did not do sale promotions, or two for one deals. Every item was suited specifically for the client. Often they would pick the cloth they wanted, and I would have a suit made specifically for them, tailored exactly to fit, and pick shoes specifically for the suit. I catered to political leaders, bankers, lawyers, name it, but only those who could afford the top prices. Whenever a worthy client came into my shop (peasants were not welcome),  I treated them well. They would be seated in a nice comfy chair, offered very fine cognac or scotch and expensive cigars, as I showed them clothes I felt would suit them.

My assistant was a young seamstress’ daughter. Her mother was a fine seamstress, but still a peasant. The daughter helped in the shop late some nights, folding clothes, unloading new inventory and taking care of clients. She wore a very nice suit (which I made her wear), which had a matching skirt and jacket. Her family was very poor, and she was still a teen in school, but she needed to pitch in.  She had been working here for awhile, and was very shy, very submissive. She had a nice body, if somewhat slender with smallish boobs. She always looked down when I checked her out, feeling awkward as I looked at her. She was required to wear makeup on this job, so she would look pretty for my clients, as she fetched items. Like many peasants she knew her place, and never spoke out of place with me. That was the way it was in this country. Whenever I touched her back, ran my hand along her arms, she looked down embarrassed as I took liberties with her, inappropriately touching her at times. Nothing overtly sexual, just...innapropriate. I could tell she was a submissive.

As we closed up, she was in the back. I had been through a few clients today, and as I was dealing with one of my favourites, we had a few scotches, and I was feeling good, and maybe feeling a bit in the mood for a little tail. Going into the back area, I saw her bent over, picking something up near the comfort bench. The comfort bench was about six feet long and four feet wide, cushioned like a large black mattress, designed for sitting on. Oh my, her ass was fine to look at as she finally straightened up, turning to face me. It was no secret that I had been checking her out, but this was not North America. Here she was bloody lucky to have a job here, instead of selling fruit in the market, or crafts. If both her parents weren’t working long hours at their peasant jobs she wouldn’t have been able to go to school, and would have had to work full time. Many young ladies in this country are so desperate they end up in the sex trade. She however worked for me, and knew better than to blow this opportunity.

As she went to step around me to go out front, I stepped in her path, looking into her eyes, as she looked back nervously, and then looked down. I stepped in close, bringing my body close to hers as she looked up again, nervously. My intentions must have been obvious, but the timid young girl, knew her family depended on her having this job. Cupping my hand under her chin, I raise her mouth and brought my lips to hers, as she tensed up nervously. Kissing her on the lips, I felt a shiver of excitement go through me. I had to have her.

Putting my hands on her shoulders, I applied downward pressure, pushing her to sit down on the bench. She resisted for a second, before yielding and sitting down, looking up frightened. Her big brown eyes implored me, but the sight of her fear made me even more excited. I pushed her gently on to her back, and brought her legs up onto the bench, and lay on top of her, letting my weight press down on her petite young body, as I leaned in and started kissing her. She didn’t so much kiss back, as she allowed her mouth to open nervously as I explored it.

I started unbuttoning her shirt, exposing her abdomen, and her light tanned skin on her flat belly, perfect with no fat. Reaching underneath, I undid her bra, exposing her two tender young buds. They were small, barely a mouthful, and I couldn’t wait another second to take one in my mouth and start sucking on it.

My hands pulled up her skirt, and then looped, under her panties, starting to pull them down. Her hands grabbed them, resisting for  a second, as her pretty eyes, looked at me in fear, begging me not to do this. I pulled harder, and she gave up, closing her eyes as I slid the little panties down her slender light brown skinned legs. She moved to sit up, but I placed a hand on her chest, holding her in place, more with my authority than my strength. She was beautiful laid out like this, her soft tan skin, her watery brown eyes, her black hair splayed out behind her, and her soft fine little thatch of dark pubic hair, covering her untouched sex.

She swallowed hard in fear, closing her eyes, and turning her head to one side as I pulled her resisting legs apart, and thrust my hand between them. Licking my finger, I slid it over her soft little pussy preparing her as my excitement build. I kissed her, slobber over her breasts and molested her as my fingers probed her young virgin opening. Probing, I found her hymen, stretched nicely across her inner opening. She was a good girl. Her family would be proud.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and I rolled on top of her, undoing my pants. Licking my fingers I wet my cock head and aligned it with her tender young virgin portal as she breathed loudly through her nose in fear, as her body trembled, and she tried to blink away water that was collecting in her eyes.

When I touched my cock head to that soft velvety opening of hers, I groaned in excitement. I needed to penetrate her right now. Leaning in, I started pressing myself against the young girls flower, preparing to breach her opening and make her a woman. She was tight, and clenching, but I had experience. Twisting and pushing, I managed to start working the head in, and forced her little labia apart as she hissed and whimpered in discomfort. It was quite the effort, but she opened up, and I slid in, meeting resistance as I encountered her maidenhead. Leaning in, I pushed hard, and tore the tender little membrane, making her cry out as her virginity was torn, and my cock slid several inches into her, forcing her young body open, spreading her apart as she whimpered and yelped. In her fear and pain, she was clenching, which made it rougher, but I was determined to fuck this sweet little dolly, so I kept twisting my hips, pushing, jerking them, forcing her pussy to yield and let me all the way in. She was gritting her teeth, shaking her head from side to side, trying not to scream as I slid my meat into her tightness, and when I finally got the whole thing in she gasped, and tried to catch her breath.

I can’t describe who delicious it was, to be buried in this pretty girls tight clenching pussy, as she squirmed and whimpered beneath me. I wanted to savour the moment, but my urges won out, and I pulled back only to thrust into her, causing another yelp, as I drove my hardness into her tight gripping flesh. I started fucking her, like a little street whore.  I did not have to satisfy her, so I just lay on top of her, thrusting my pelvis roughly between her legs, as she gritted her teeth, and weathered the storm beneath me. She was young, and her tight young body was not able to comfortably withstand the pounding, stretching and thrusting, but such was life. She was a peasant, and this was often how they became women.

I lay on top of the whimpering, little flower, fucking her tight little cunt as she gritted her teeth, closing her eyes, trying to endure this. Whenever I thrust too hard, she yelped out. As I felt my orgasm approaching I started speeding up, riding her hard as she whimpered beneath me, and I delighted in the feel of her tiny cunt, resisting me as it stretched repeatedly over my cock as I slammed it into her young body until I came. When it happened, I seized up, on top of her, planting my cock deep into her body as my semen sprayed inside her.

When it ended, I lay on top of her, my weight crushing her small body, as she struggled to breathe beneath my weight. As I felt my cock softening, I pulled out of her abruptly, causing a whimper as my slimy cock slid out of her and trailed across her inner thigh.

Standing, I pulled my pants up, and walked out front, to finish closing. I heard a few whimpers, followed by a burst of muffled sobs. I left her alone for a few minutes, to compose herself. Eventually, she dressed and made her way out front. Her eyes were red and puffy, as she walked awkwardly towards the door as though bow legged. She might be walking like that for a few days.

Reaching into my back pocket, I pulled out a thick wad of bills and held them out to her.

“Here, for your family”. She looked at the bills, barely making eye contact and slowly, weakly reached out and took the bills, placing them in her purse, as she hobbled towards the door. After she left, walking away in the darkness I locked the front door, and made my way to the client couches, where my mini bar was. I fixed myself a double scotch on the rocks, lit up a very expensive cigar and sat down to relax, contentedly.

Her family would not make a fuss. They and she would bear the shame in silence. I look foreword to teaching my little assistant more about the pleasures of sex in the future. Of course she would always receive a little “bonus” in cash like tonight, so she wouldn’t be able to afford to quit. If she conceived during our tumble in the dark, there would be ways of fixing that.