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June 10, 2018, 07:45:34 PM

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The author of the following does not condone any type or violence towards women nor does he condone abuse of power of a teacher over a student! What follows is a fictional story of just such an abuse!

“I’m sorry Miss Brown but this is becoming totally unacceptable!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Cartier but lately all my teachers have been piling on the homework and i just can’t seem to stay on top or it all!”

“Really Miss Brown and who is your Geography teacher young lady?”

Swallowing knowing I caught her in a bold face lie “You are Mr. Cartier!”

“So if you can keep up with my piling on the geography homework why not the history homework?”
Waiting for a reply, not getting one. “In my opinion maybe you’re having problems with history but are too proud to ask for help!”. Once more waiting for some sort of reply and not getting one. “Maybe some personal tutoring will help you in the long run!”

“But sir I’ve got Volleyball practice after school four days a week!”

“Well how about  after after school, say at my home for n hour until your finally caught up to the rest of the class!” The look on her face is of confusion, so I use the last factor that I’ve been holding as a final argument. Grabbing up my register, holding it open page first to her eyes “Can you read what it says by your name Miss Brown?, out loud please!”

“Elizabeth Brown-  49%” looking up to me “I’m failing, i can’t fail they will throw me off the volleyball team if i this term!” Imploring me “Please Mr. Cartier, I’ll do anything to pass!”

“Well you have my suggestion, catch up on your own or by personal tutoring!”

“Alright Mr. Cartier,I’ll come to your house after dinner for tutoring!”

“All right very good!” writing my address on a sheet of paper, handing it to her.


Six forty-five, I find myself on the front porch of a one level ranch style house. Even through the white curtain i could see that the light is on in the living room. Shaking i reach out for the doorbell, pressing once, inside a three tone sound, then the sound of footsteps and the door opens a crack “Yes?”

“It’s Elizabeth, Mr. Cartier!” the door fully open and he steps aside letting me enter his house.
“As you see I’ve set up a study area by the couch, so we’ll be comfortable while working!” Taking me by the right elbow, leading my into the living room. “Can I take your coat Miss Brown?” I let him, before sitting down on his couch taking out my history binder and text book.


The doorbell rings, I can’t believe that she actually came. Opening the door a crack just to be sure “It’s Elizabeth, Mr. Cartier!” Opening the door fully, stepping aside then escorting her into the living room where I’ve sat up a study center “Can I take your coat Miss Brown?” She hands it to me giving me my first look at her in her volleyball uniform top and a pair of jean.  The top bore the name “Braydon Academy” with the face of a grizzly bear emblazoned on it. The eyes of the bear sticking out because of the swell of Elizabeth’s  modest breasts.

“Well shall we Start Miss Brown?” moving to the side of the couch with her, leaning down. “Why don’t you show me where you began having trouble?” Gently inhaling in her scent of nervous sweat and flower,up close I can’t help but notice the fabric around the bear’s eyes is pinkish white. God was she braless under her top?”

“I think it was with the end of the Middle ages Mr. Cartier!”

“Please in school it’s Mr. Cartier, here just call me Graeme!”, I’ve never noticed in the classroom that her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown that made you want to fall into them and sink deep. Coming back to the here and now “So the end of the middle ages began with the coming of the black plague!” Moving behind the couch “And can you tell me the actual name of the plague

“Bubonic plague?”

That’s correct but it was pronounced “Boobonic plague, do you know why Miss Brown?”

"Ah! If I can use your first name can you use mine Graeme?”

“Oh course I can Elizabeth!” startled by her directness “So do you know why it was called that?”

“No Graeme!”

"It was called that for the way the doctors back then detected it!” Deciding to get a little hand on with her

“The doctor would touch the breast of a potential victim. Reaching around her with my left hand, gently touching her left breast ‘Oh my god she is braless!” In my mind  I had to go for it.

“Oh course I can Elizabeth!” startled by her directness “So do you know why it was called that?”

“No Graeme!”

I feel him reach around and touch my left breast. Inside i stifle a gasp thinking that he was just making sure i understood what he was saying. Then I remember that in a rush to get home, I left my bra off and in my haste to get here i forgot to put one on. I tense up as he does a hand on demonstration of how they determined if a person had Bubonic plague.

But for some reason he doesn’t let go like I thought he would.Then i hear something that must be a joke. I’m sorry Elizabeth, if your this far behind, even personal tutoring won’t save your semester!” Finally he releases me breast “I’m afraid You’re going to fail history!”

“I can’t fail I’ll be kicked off the volleyball squad and my parents will be disappointed with me.!”  getting desperate “Isn’t there something I can do?” my eyes tearing up as I ask.


“Isn’t there something I can do?” Tears coming to her eyes. I decide to give her an option as a test

“Well If your very serious there is one way but it will change our teacher/ student relationship forever!”

"I’ll do it I swear.I’ll do whatever it takes to pass!” standing up coming around the couch to stand in front of me. “I’ll do anything you want!”

“Well to prove you serious about that, I’ll need you to take your clothes off!” The look on her face is of shock. To egg her on “Remember you said anything!” She lowers her eyes, looking to the floor whispering

“I understand!” trembling hands undoing her pants, letting them fall to her ankles before stepping out of them, With her hands on the hem of her top, slowly lifting it up, revealing her smooth pinkish skin and the hint of under cleavage, then almost half of her  34b breasts, then it completely off, with her right arm covering her breast and her left hand covering her Venus mound.

Clad in only her panties I lead her back around the couch “Lay down Elizabeth!” More trembling but she does as I say laying down trying everything to cover herself from my eyes! Moving her right arm “Oh those look so precious!” Going to my knees in front of her prostrated form, leaning in and kissing and licking her breasts until her nipples stood erect,

Taking her hand bringing it to my hardening cock making her touch it “Get me hard Elizabeth!”


I’m shaking as he has me strip in front of him, his eyes glued to my trembling body. Trying to cover my exposed breast and pussy he leads me to the front of the couch,”Lay Down Elizabeth!’ I do and he moves my arm and starts to kiss and lick my breasts, making me touch his semi hard cock “Get me hard Elizabeth!”

It feel warm in my hand as I move my palm up and down it like i seen in porno videos on the internet. His mouth leaves my breasts going my pussy., his tongue licking the top of my mound, making me unwittingly open my legs a bit wide, He moves so his head is between my pussy, his tongue traversing over it inside and out. He finds my clitoris and orally attacks it making me open my legs wider for him, even though i didn’t want to. My body responding to what he’s doing to me.

He removes my hand, moving so he laying completely between my legs, orally pleasuring me to the point that I let a low moan escape my lips. He heard me, working his tongue into my along with two fingers. Oh god nothing ever been in there bigger than a sharpie marker. I squirm as he continue then to my shame I gasp loud and feel liquid run down my passage onto Graeme’s lips, tongue and the fabric of the pillow on the couch.


She creams my face and the surface of the couch. Yes she ready to fuck! Taking some of her cream I cat my cock with it then moving up onto her I align my cock. Looking her in the eye “Relax Elizabeth, so far you earned a “C” let me prove to you that you deserve an “A”!”

Slowly entering her coming to her maiden head- god yes she a virgin !Looking at her, Waiting inside until she seems to have adjusted to having my cock in her pussy. Her eyes tell me first, pulling back a bit then thrusting in tearing her hymen apart

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!” and I through into the tightest pussy I had in a long time.


I feel him enter my, stopping, then after a few seconds pass pulling back then moving forward. I feel something rip apart “Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!” And i knew i just lost the right to call myself a virgin! I feel him deep inside me, then he pulls back and starts to rhythmically move in and out of my newly open pussy passage. God it was nothing like the girls on the team told me it would be like. They claim it hurt and felt like you were being pushed into the surface you were on.

But all i felt was his cock moving in and out, touching me in places my fingers never touched before. It felt like an eternity but it was in reality a short time, when I became aware of what was going on I had my legs wrapped around his “Oh god it in so deep!”

“You know what I’m doing to you right Elizabeth?”

“Yessssss Fuckkkking meeeee!” slowly the sense of pain was replaced by a pleasant feeling deep inside. “Pp-p-p-p-p-pleaseeee don’t cummmmmm in meeee!” Then i feel really funny inside and i arch my back and cryout “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!”


After she taking me I begin to really fuck her pussy with in a few thrust i hear “Oh god it in so deep!”, Smiling Knowing it was time to ask her, “You know what I’m doing to you right Elizabeth?”

“Yessssss Fuckkkking meeeee!”  On her face  her lips soften from a hard painful expression to a sly smile yes she beginning to get into being fucked by me. She calls out  “Pp-p-p-p-p-pleaseeee don’t cummmmmm in meeee!” followed by proving she was cumming for me “YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!”
Oh god that was all it too for me, Thrusting in deep and holding then spraying rope after rope of my cum into her unprotected pussy.  After pulling out I grab a Kleenex to clean her up as she laid there dazed from her first fucking.

“Oh Elizabeth I can assure you! You just earned an “A” in history but kissing your virginity goodbye!” for a half hour I sit with her, playing with her nipples, when she ready, I let her dress “Why don’t I drive you home to make sure nothing happens to you before getting there!


After I came I could feel my insides getting very warm as he cums in me. Letting me recover he plays with my nipples then offers to drive me home. The drive was a quick silent trip. As he pulls into my driveway, “See you in class tomorrow Miss Brown!”

As I open the front door he pulls away  “Mom I’m home!”

“How was your tutoring Elizabeth?”

“I learned a hard lesson tonight but earned an “A” for it!” Going to her kissing her on the cheek “I think I’m going to take a hot bath then call it a night!” Walking out to do just that so mom doesn’t see how wet my jeans  in the crotch!

                                                                     The End For Now!