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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and any resemblance to real persons, places or events is purely coincidental.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

MFF; nc; rape; oral; anal; violence; bondage

A Good Samaritan? Yeah, Right!

Two young college girls broken down on the road get help from a passing motorist. But he doesn't turn out to be much of a Good Samaritan!

An original story by Vile8r

They were lost! Darian was sure of it. The two pretty college girls had been invited for a weekend stay at their friend Rory’s family cabin in the mountains. Darian Peters and Eva Callahan  were city girls. They knew nothing about driving on country roads.
Rory had given them directions to get to the cabin. She wrote them on a piece of paper.

“Chances are, once you get into the mountains, your phone service is gonna be shitty,” she told them. “So you can’t use the GPS on your phone.”

Sure enough, as they got into the mountains, they discovered their phones weren’t working. Darian had an older car, that had no satellite GPS in it either, so they were totally relying on the written directions Rory had given them. Now it appears, they’d made a mistake and missed the turn-off they were supposed to take.

“I thought you said to turn left on Boulder Road,” Darian said with frustration, “ then go three miles and turn right on Cedar Tree Road?”

“I made a mistake!” Eva said. “I read it wrong and told you to turn right.”

“So all this time, we’ve been driving in the wrong direction!” Darian snapped. “No wonder we can’t find Cedar Tree Road!”

“I’m sorry, okay?” Eva pouted. “Rory doesn’t have the greatest handwriting. I couldn’t read it very well.”

“Well, we’ll have to find a place to get turned around and head back in the other direction.”

“It’s getting late,” Eva said. “We need to get to Rory’s cabin before dark, or we’ll really be fucked trying to find the place in the middle of the night.”

“I know,” Darian said. “Why the hell do people have to have cabins so far out in the sticks? You know, there are perfectly nice hotels we could have stayed in at the beach this weekend!”

“Rory told us it was so fucking nice out here. She just insisted we come,” Eva said, slouching down in the passenger seat.

“Yeah, and now we’re fucking lost in Buttfuck-nowhere!”

As the girls complained about their present state, Darian wasn’t paying attention to the large rock lying in the middle of the road. She did see at the last moment and tried to swerve to miss it, but it was too late. The rock struck the underside of the car with a sickening thuddddd!
“Oh my God! What the hell was that?” Eva cried out.

“I just hit a goddamned rock in the middle of the road,” Darian spat. “It hit pretty hard, I hope it didn’t break something.”

It was only a few seconds after she said that, the ‘oil’ light on her dashboard suddenly flashed red.
“Oh great! Now what?” Darian yelled, punching her steering wheel.

She pulled over to the shoulder of the road and popped open the hood. Immediately, the girls could smell hot engine oil and there, underneath the car, a small pool was forming.
“I don’t know what’s wrong, but it’s leaking oil from somewhere,” she said. “I think that rock hit something.”

 “Now what do we do?” Eva asked.  “We can’t even use our phones to call for help.”

“I have one bar,” Darian said. “I’ll give it a try.”

She was going to call their friend first and let her know what was going on. But as soon as she hit “Send”, the phone beeped and “Call Failed” flashed on the screen, followed by, ”No Service."

“Well, damn, that didn’t last very long.”

“What are we gonna do?” Eva asked. “This is not good! We’re miles from anywhere!”

They looked down the road in both directions. As far as they could see, it was just forest.
“I think I saw a sign about a mile back for a campground,” Darian said. “Maybe we should walk back there and see. If there is a campground there, someone could be able to help us.”

“Or not!” Eva shot back. “Then we’ve walked a mile for nothing!”

“Well, we have to do something!” Darian snapped at her.

Then they heard it. The sound of a vehicle coming down the road. Soon they could also see a plume of dust, and then what appeared to be an old pickup truck coming over the hill just a short distance away.
Both girls began jumping up and down and waving their arms to get the driver’s attention. Which was actually quite unnecessary. Any man seeing two cute brunettes, both with very nice, tight bodies, dressed in denim cut-offs and tank tops, would most surely stop.

The man driving this pickup truck was no exception. He pulled up beside the girls’ broke-down car and rolled down his window.
“Hey there, ladies! Are you having some troubles?” he asked.

“Oh, we are soooo glad you stopped,” Darian gushed. “Yes, we are having troubles! First off, we are lost. We’re looking for Cedar Tree Road and I think we went in the wrong direction. Then I hit a rock on the road and my car is leaking oil.”

“And we have no cell phone service!” Eva whined.

The man laughed. “Yeah, you girls do have some problems. Out here, it’s really hard to get good cell phone service. That’s why I don’t even own one. And as for Cedar Tree Road, yeah, you’re lost, all right! It’s way back that way about 10 miles.” He pointed with his index finger back in the direction he had come from.

He opened the truck door and stepped out. He held his hand out to Darian. “My name’s Lorne. If you’d like, I can take a look at your car and see what’s going on. I might be able to fix it for you.”

“I’m Darian,” she replied. “And this is my friend Eva.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintances, Darian and Eva,” Lorne said.

He was having a hard time not to stare too hard at the two 19 year year-olds. Both had long brunette hair, Darian’s a little darker than Eva’s. Both were also quite petite, standing at only around 5’ 1”. Lorne figured neither of the two girls could weigh much over 110 lb.

The two college girls also had killer bodies. Curvy, slender hips and waists, and flat stomachs, along with gorgeous tits. Eva was a bit bigger in that department than Darian, and she also had an exquisite bubble-butt, Lorne couldn’t help but notice.

Lorne, himself, was 29 years old. He wasn’t fit and buff, by any means, but wasn’t fat either. He stood about 5’ 10’, nearly a foot taller than either girl and weighed around 170.  His long, sandy-brown hair was in a ponytail, and he had about a week’s worth of stubble on his face. He had that slightly weathered look about him, that told you he spent a lot of time in the outdoors.

Darian and Eva had heard all the horror stories from their parents about accepting help from strangers on the road. Just a couple months ago, a girl they knew from campus had had a flat tire on her car and a Good Samaritan had stopped to help her. Except after he had changed the tire for her, he had then forced her into the backseat of her car, where he savagely raped her.

Everybody on campus had been very shocked about the whole thing. Now here Darian and Eva were, with a broken-down car and a strange man out in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t seem like the ideal situation, that was for sure, but what other choice did they have?
And Darian reckoned, the guy didn’t look all that threatening. A little rough around the edges, and looking like a redneck, dressed in an old plaid shirt and tattered jeans, but he was the only help they had at the moment. If he could help them from being stranded miles and miles away from home, they had to trust him!

Lorne took a look under the up-raised hood of the car. Then he was down on his hands and knees in the gravel, looking underneath the car. It was just as he figured, after hearing the dark-haired girl tell him she’d hit a rock.  You couldn’t see it from up above, but there was a good-sized gash in the bottom of the oil pan. It had caused all the engine oil to drain out onto the ground.

Lorne got back up to his feet, brushing the dust off his knees.

“Well girls, I got good news and bad news for you,” he said. “The bad news is, I can’t fix your car for you. The good news is, I know someone who can.”

“Who is that?” Darian asked.

“Rusty Carlin. He’s got a garage in Columbia Springs. Him and I, we’re good buddies. He’ll come, tow your car back to his shop, and get if fixed in no time flat! Betcha he won’t even charge you for the towin’. Rusty’s a pretty decent guy that way.”

Darian and Eva knew where Columbia Springs was. They had passed through the small town earlier. It was about a half hour drive away.
“Okay, well that’s all good,” Eva said. “But how do we get hold of your buddy? Remember we have no phone service!”

“I can give you girls a ride to my place, and you can use my telephone,” Lorne suggested.

“Where’s your place?” Darian asked.

“Oh, it ain’t far from here,” Lorne said, “back north, that way.”  He gave a dismissive wave with his hand in the general direction.

“Well……okay….I guess we could,” Darian said, giving Lorne a wary look.

“Maybe one of us should stay with the car?” Eva said.

“Nah, you don’t need to do that,” Lorne scoffed. “It’ll be perfectly safe here. Just grab whatever you want out of it, lock it up, and we’ll head to my place. You girls look like you could use a cold drink anyway.”

The two girls looked at each other and shrugged. They grabbed their purses out of the car and Darian locked the doors. It seemed a little risky, getting into a total stranger’s vehicle, but Darian knew they both carried pepper spray in their purses. If this guy decided he wanted to try something, she was confident they could deal with it.

They all three piled into Lorne’s dusty old truck. Eva sat in the middle, with Darian beside the passenger door. Lorne smiled to himself, noting he had a very nice view down the inside of Eva’s tank top.

Damn, these two are fuckin’ hot! He was thinking to himself.


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Lost in the middle of nowhere, bad cell service and a total stranger come out of nowhere and they think it's a good idea to go with him, two words for them- Dumb broads!. They deserve everything that going to come to them!

November 27, 2018, 11:59:19 AM
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He turned the truck around, and he headed back in the other direction. He went a couple miles before turning off onto a small side road, which soon degenerated into not much more than a narrow trail, barely wide enough for his truck. It was very rough and bumpy.
“Sorry, girls!” Lorne apologized. “I know this ain’t much of a road. Hell, when it rains, I can’t even get down it!”

Lorne didn’t mention that this was actually not even the usual road to his cabin. There was another much smoother, and better road to take, but he had done this deliberately.

“How much farther do we have to go?” Eva asked.

“Oh, not much farther,” Lorne said. “Another couple minutes and we’ll be there.”

They finally reached the end of the trail and  the girls found themselves pulling onto another gravel road.  This road was much better, but they only went a short way, then Lorne pulled into a tree-lined driveway and drove several hundred yards before stopping in a large clearing.
In front of them, they could see an old, run-down, two-storey wooden cabin. Smoke drifted from a brick chimney.  There was a  wide veranda on the front of the cabin. Also in the clearing, the girls could see several other old dilapidated out-buildings. Some old rusty cars and trucks and other garbage was scattered around in the tall grass. It was comforting to see a power line connected to the house. At least he had electricity.

To Darian, it reminded her of a scene from a horror movie. One where some crazed lunatic would come running out of the house carrying a chainsaw.

Lorne looked over at the two young women and laughed. “Yeah, I know, it ain’t much to look at, but hey, it’s home sweet home!”

As they got out of a truck, a large Rottweiler dog came running off the porch, barking and growling at the girls.
“Oh my God!” Eva cried out, as the sight of the black, snarling dog.

“Sarge!” Lorne yelled. “You shut the fuck up, dog! This is company, they’re allowed to be here!”

Her turned to Eva and Darian. “Don’t pay no attention to him. He looks mean, but he won’t do nothing, unless I tell him to.”

The dog backed away, but still followed at a distance, warily eyeing up the girls. They also kept a nervous eye on the vicious-looking dog as they walked up to the cabin.
They walked across the wide veranda and entered the cabin. It was not as messy as the girls anticipated it to be. It was obvious that a bachelor lived there. The curtains on the windows were rather tattered and the floor needed to be washed. But Lorne was actually quite tidy. Except for some dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, and some old newspapers piled on the table, the place was not too bad.
“So where’s your telephone?” Darian asked, looking around the kitchen.

“Oh, don’t need to be in a big hurry,” Lorne said. ”We’ll get a hold of ol’ Rusty in a bit.”

“We’d kinda like to get a hold of him now,” Darian said. “It’s getting late and we are supposed to be getting to our friend’s place before dark. I should at least call our friend and let her know what’s happening. Maybe you could give her directions and she can come pick us up?”

“What’s the big hurry?” Lorne grinned. “Hell, you could stay here for the night. Me, you, your cute friend, I think we could have one hell of a party, if you know what I mean?”

“Ummmm, no…..I don’t think we’ll be partying with you!” Darian said.

She cast a nervous glance over at Eva. This guy was starting to make her just a little anxious. Her hand went into her purse and she felt for the cylinder of pepper spray.

“Ohhhh, well, I hear you college girls like to party,” Lorne continued. “You are college girls, ain’t ya?”

“Yeah……yeah, we go to college,” Eva said.

“How old are you then?” Lorne inquired.

“We’re…..ummmm….we’re both 19,” Eva told him.

“Oh well, then what the hell? Nineteen is a great age! I had one hell of a blast when I was that age. Got laid a lot back then. Bet you two would be great fucks! Tell you what, I get your car fixed for you, you two can show me a good time, huh? I might be ten years older than ya, but hey, an older guy could make you two honeys pretty happy!”

“That will NOT be happening!” Darian snapped. “We are not partying with you, or fucking you, or anything else! We are not interested! Just let us use your damn phone so we can get the hell out of here!”

Lorne gave Darian a blank look. “That is really too damn bad, sweetie. I had hoped things wouldn’t get this way, but how about if I just tell you, you ain’t goddamn leaving…..until I get what I want!”

He reached behind him and from the waistband of his jeans pulled out a large pistol. A nasty-looking Smith & Wesson 629 .44 Magnum. He levelled it right at Eva, as he saw Darian’s hand go into her purse.

“Whatever the fuck you’re reaching for, I suggest you don’t!” he snarled. “Or little Eva’s brains get splattered across the wall! Now both of you…..throw your purses on the table and keep your hands up where I can see them.”

Darian and Eva tossed their purses onto the table, Lorne keeping a distance in case one of them tried something. They raised their arms into the air. Still aiming the gun at Eva, Lorne approached the table, dumped the contents of both purses on the table and grabbed the two cans of pepper spray. He jammed them both into his back pocket.

“You fucking bitches,” he scowled. “Always thinking you’re so goddamned tough when you got that damn spray in your purse. Well it ain’t gonna do a damn thing for you this time!”

“Pl-please….sir…..don’t hurt us…..please don’t!” Eva sobbed.

“Let us go……people are going to be looking for us….” Darian said. “Let us go…and we won’t tell anyone….we promise!”

“I told you two what I want…..and I plan on getting it!” he said. “Ain’t letting you go until I do!”

He waved the gun at both of them. “Now……I want you both in the middle of the room…get over there….come on!”

Darian and Eva moved so they were standing next to each other in the center of the kitchen floor. Both were trembling and shaking with fear. Darian was mad at herself. She’d had an uneasy feeling about this guy from the very beginning. Why, oh, why had they been so naïve and stupid to let him talk them into coming here?
Lorne licked his lips, as he gazed at the two pretty girls in their tight shorts. Each girl was wearing sandals on her feet. He told them to take them off.

“Okay……now it’s time to get some clothes off,” he ordered. “Eva…..I want you to take Darian’s shirt off her. Do it!”

Crying, Eva took hold of Darian’s shirt and pulled it up over her head and off her arms. She dropped it on the floor.
“Now the bra!” he said.

Eva reached behind Darian to undo the clasp on her white and pink bra and pulled it off her. Lorne’s cock throbbed in his pants as he now viewed Darian’s firm 34B tits, sitting high on her chest.

“Yeah…..yeah, that’s fucking sweet,” he said, rubbing his crotch with his free hand.

“Darian……you get Eva’s shirt off her now…..and her bra too. I wanna see those hot fun-bags!”

Darian was also crying now, as she tugged Eva’s skimpy tank top up over her head. Lorne could already see Eva’s large puffy nipples through her white bra. Her hands shaking, the pretty brunette undid Eva’s bra and let it fall off her.

“Ohhhh, I have died and gone to heaven!” Lorne exclaimed. Eva’s tits were very nice. They were much bigger than Darian’s and had large brown aureolas and nipples the size of pencil erasers.

“Now….both at the same time……undo each other’s shorts and get them off!” Lorne breathlessly instructed them.

Facing each other, tears streaming down their cheeks, the two girls reached out and undid the snaps of their shorts. Darian began pushing Eva’s shorts down off her hips. Eva gripped Darian’s shorts and began to do the same.

“Darian! Push your hands right down into the back of Eva’s shorts……yeah…..yeah… that, push her shorts down…..oh yeah…fucking hot!”

Lorne was getting a real kick out of seeing Darian slip her hands right into the back of Eva’s shorts and slowly push them down. Eva had Darian’s shorts down past her hips now. He could see her black thong panties. Eva was wearing blue panties.

As each girl slipped the other’s shorts off, Lorne kept the gun trained on them the whole time. His cock felt like bursting out of his pants as he looked at their sweet, firm bodies now, clothed in only their panties.

“Now we’re gonna have some more fun,” he said, wiping slobber away from his lips with the back of his hand. “Darian…..on your knees in front of Eva! Move!”

“Noooo! Please…..enough of this….” Darian pleaded. “Let us go!”

“Listen cunt!” Lorne snarled. “If you don’t do as I say, I‘ll shoot your friend and fuck you on top of her dead body! You want that?”

“NOOOOO!” Eva cried. “Darian…..please…..listen to him…..please!”

“O-okay…..don’t hurt us!” Darian said, kneeling on the dirty floor in front of Eva.

“I want you to take her panties off now…..using your teeth,” Lorne said, with a sick grin. “And after you’re done…..she’ll do the same to you!”

Closing her eyes, Darian took the waistband of Eva’s blue panties in her teeth. She held her hands on Eva’s waist, as she began to pull the panties down using nothing but her mouth.
Lorne was getting more and more excited seeing Eva’s pussy slowly being exposed as the panties were pulled down. She had a small neatly trimmed bush of light brown pubes.

Farther and farther down, Darian tugged Eva’s panties. Finally she had them down to Eva’s ankles and released them from her mouth as Eva stepped out of them.

“Perfect……just fucking perfect,” Lorne said. “You did a good job, Darian. So now you’ll do the same, Eva.”

Darian stood up slowly and Eva knelt down. Her body trembled as she took the front of Darian’s panties into her teeth and started to tug them down. Lorne moved in a little closer so he could get a better view. The gun was only inches from Eva’s head.

“Oh fuck…..ohhhhh fuck……you don’t know how fucking hot that is…..mmmmm!” Lorne said, as Darian’s panties were pulled down. He was pleasantly surprised to see that she was completely shaved.

“Get ‘em down…yeah…..get ‘em down,” he said.

Soon Darian was also stepping out of her panties. Eva got back up to her feet.

“You two are…….oh wow……you’re just fucking awesome!” Lorne said, seeing the two naked 19 year-olds standing in his kitchen.

They had wrapped their arms around themselves in an attempt to cover their nakedness. “No, no, no!” Lorne said angrily.
“Arms above your heads! I wanna see those hot little bods.”

As the girls raised their arms high, he walked over to a closet. He reached inside and grabbed several short lengths of rope hanging on a hook and a roll of duct tape. Then he motioned to the girls to start walking up the stairs that led to the second floor.

“Go on…..we’re going upstairs,” he barked. 

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He takes them from the wild give them a place out of the elements and won't even give him a thank you blowjob, how ungrateful of them! Love where this is going to go. Will Rusty drop by unannounced like a good friend would do on occasions?

November 28, 2018, 11:03:29 AM
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He made Darian walk in front, with Eva in front of him. “And don’t try to be a hero, Darian,” he warned her. “Or Eva gets a bullet in the back of the head. And then you will wish you were the one who was dead!”

They walked up to the top of the short stairway, and he directed them to turn to the left and enter the bedroom at the top of the stairs. Once inside, he ordered Eva down on the floor.

“On your stomach…..face down…..hands on the floor beside your head……and don’t move!”

He waved the gun at Darian. “You, you black-haired bitch, on the bed! On your back!”

Darian obeyed him, laying on her back on the bed. It had no blankets, just an old stained mattress on a metal frame. He tucked the gun into the back of his pants and approached the bed, holding out a piece of the rope. He grabbed Darian’s right wrist and began wrapping the rope around it. He kept an eye on Eva, making sure she stayed on the floor.
That was when Darian tried to lash out, with her other hand, trying to scratch at Lorne’s face.

“Oh you’re fucking stupid!” he yelled.

He drove a hard fist into Darian’s stomach, hearing her scream in pain, as the wind was knocked out of her lungs.  Before she recovered from the first punch, he hit her again in the stomach.

“Noooooo! You’re hurting her!” Eva screamed.

“You shut up, little cunt!” Lorne warned, looking back at Eva. “Face down and be quiet!”

He turned back to Darian, who was dazed and groaning in pain. Quickly, he finished wrapping the rope around her right wrist, then tied it to the corner of the bed frame. He moved to the left wrist and did the same thing. After he was done with that, he ripped off a big chunk of duct tape and slapped it over Darian’s mouth.

“There, that’ll keep you quiet!”

Lorne came back over to Eva. He had pulled the gun out again.
“Get up!” he commanded. He stood back as Eva got back up on her feet. “Now walk!”

He directed her to go out the door and into the next bedroom. This bedroom was a little more furnished than the other one. It was Lorne’s bedroom. There was a thick quilt on the bed and pillows. There was also a small night stand beside the bed and a large dresser along one wall. In another corner, was a small desk and chair. A laptop sat on the desk.

Lorne ordered Eva to lay on the bed. He began to tie her wrists to the bed frame like he had with Darian.
“Please …….please sir……don’t do this…..!” Eva was sobbing.

Lorne put duct tape over her mouth and patted her on the cheek.
“The way this is gonna work….you’re gonna lay here……and listen to me fuck your friend! Yeah, you’ll get to hear everything, ‘cuz I’m gonna fuck her hard! And when I’m done……it’ll be your turn!”

Eva tried to scream but all that came out was muffled sounds.
“Oh, baby, just relax. I think you’re gonna enjoy it.”

Lorne went back to the other bedroom. Darian was still looking half-dazed from the punches she had received. Lorne just grinned and sat down on the edge of the bed, running his hand along her smooth leg. Darian flinched, trying to pull away from him.

“MMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFF…….MMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!” was all that came out of Darian’s mouth, muffled by the tape. Lorne gave her a kiss on the forehead, then stood up.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not gonna hit you again…..not unless you need it. I wouldn’t have hit you before, but you just had to go and be a little bitch, and you made me mad. Sorry, but you had it coming! And now for your punishment, I am gonna fuck you like the little slut that you are!”

He took off his boots, and began to unbuckle his pants. “Yes, sweetie, now we get down to business!”

Darian’s eyes grew big as she watched Lorne’s pants and underwear drop to the floor, exposing his erect cock. It was large and thick, at least eight and a half inches, with a fat purple head.
He took off his shirt too, showing off his hairy chest and arms. His chest was broad and he was developing a bit of a spare tire around the waist. Lorne stroked his cock to full hardness as he approached the bed and looked down at her.

“You’re fucking hot! I’m gonna have fun.”

He straddled Darian’s naked body, and she squirmed and thrashed as he moved up until his cock hovered over her face. He reached down and tore the tape off her mouth.
“Open your mouth, you hot little slut!” he ordered.

“NOOOOOOOO……NOOOOOOOO…….Don’t make me do that!” Darian sobbed, trying to turn her head away.
“You’re gonna suck my cock,” he growled.

He grabbed a handful of Darian’s hair, pulling her face towards him. At the same time, he held his dick with one hand as he tried to force it past her lips. She was stubborn and kept her lips pressed tightly together, feeling the moist, fat head pushing against them.
Lorne lost patience, and yanked on Darian’s hair. It felt to her like he was ripping it from her scalp. She let out a loud scream of pain, and at the same time, his hips pushed forward, feeding his meat between her lips.

“GAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”  Darian choked as her mouth was filled with Lorne’s throbbing cock. He gripped her by the sides of her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth. Darian’s nose was assaulted by the smell of his unwashed genitals.

“Ohhhhhh……ohhhhhhhh…….yeahhhh…..nice!” Lorne moaned, as he watched Darian’s pretty red lips wrapped around his shaft. It had been a while since Lorne had had his cock in a woman’s mouth. The last one had been that little blonde hitchhiker he’d picked up about a year ago.

A year ago? Wow, he didn’t realize it had been that long. She was really cute, he remembered that, with a very sweet body!  Just like the one he had now tied to his bed.
His cock was covered in her slobber, and it ran down her chin. Lorne pushed in deeper, hearing her choke and gag as he cut off her air. He wanted his meat right in her throat. Holding it there until her red face almost turned blue, Lorne then pulled out.  Darian coughed and gasped as she struggled for air.

“We’ll practice that some more later,” he said. “But right now, I need some cunt!”

Darian cried and begged for him to stop but it was no use. Lorne moved back down her body and forced her legs wide apart.
“Stoppppp……nooooooo……nooooooooo!” Darian frantically shook her head from side to side.
“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed as Lorne pushed his cock inside her.

“Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh……..fuck……you’re tight!” he grinned.  Not able to get himself all the way inside her in one thrust, he pulled back and slammed forward again.

“AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOWWWWWW!” the petite brunette screamed again as Lorne’s cock split her open.

He was all the way inside her now, feeling her tight snatch wrap around his shaft. Pulling his hips back, Lorne began a rough, hard fuck of the young woman. He was going to make her hurt.
Eva, in the room next door, tugged at her ropes and tried to call out to her friend, but it was futile. She could hear it all. Darian’s frenzied screams, the bed hitting the wall, Lorne’s loud grunts, and his heavy body slapping against Darian.

“OWWWAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Darian screamed. “STOP!......STOP!.........GET OFF ME!......IT HURTS!”

“Ohhhhhh, but I want it to hurt!” Lorne said, as his hips pumped in and out. “You are a fine piece of ass!.........a damn fine piece of ass……..gonna fuck you a lot!........mmmmmm…… having my dick inside this sweet cunt!”

Lorne was thoroughly enjoying the vigorous fuck he was giving to the pretty brunette. She had a very firm, tight, athletic body and it felt good to be pressed against her, grinding his body down onto hers.

With Darian tied to the bed, he was free to explore that hot body in any way that he wanted. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed her taut cheeks. A finger wormed into her tight little sphincter. Darian screamed out louder at this new invasion. Her hips involuntarily came up off the bed and thrust against Lorne.

“That’s it……that’s it! ………yeahhhhhh…….fuck me, you slut……..fuck me!” Lorne laughed. He pushed the finger in deeper, and smiled as Darian thrashed around on the bed, smashing her hips against his as she tried to escape the probing finger inside her.

Lorne started his own rhythm of sharp thrusts, loving how her pussy had now lubricated itself and he could drive in and out freely.  But this was no tender, gentle lovemaking. This was hard, brutal rape.
He pulled his finger out of her ass, gripped her hips and laid his weight into her. His body slapped noisily against her, his hips pumping hard.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH……OWWWWWW….AAHHHHHH……STOP……STOP…STOP!”  Darian was crying and begging.

Lorne threw his head back and his body went stiff, as he came inside her. Darian bucked her hips and tried to push him out of her, but she knew it was too late. His gross seed was spurting into her. She could feel the wetness of it sloshing inside her.

Lorne collapsed on top of her, panting and sweating.  It had been a long time since he’d cum inside a girl this hot-looking. The feeling was sensational.
“Oh….goddamn…..that was a good fuck…..” he said.

“Get the fuck off me…..y-you bastard!” Darian sobbed. “You raped me…..!”

“Yeah…..yeah, I did!” Lorne grinned. “Fuckin’ right I raped you. Raped you damn good! We’re gonna have a lot of fun, you and me…..and your little friend next door.”

Darian spit at him. He ignored it.

November 28, 2018, 12:55:09 PM
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Great to see she still had the desire to fight back even after being raped!

November 28, 2018, 02:20:18 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Love the story vile. Great to read something new. Looking forward to reading more.

December 05, 2018, 10:29:16 AM
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Great to see she still had the desire to fight back even after being raped!

Darian's insolence will get her in trouble!

December 05, 2018, 12:59:01 PM
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Great to see she still had the desire to fight back even after being raped!

Darian's insolence will get her in trouble!

Of course it will and I for one can't wait to read it when posted!

December 08, 2018, 01:31:16 PM
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Offline vile8r

Lorne pulled out of Darian’s pussy, noticing the blood and cum that oozed out of her. It always made him happy to see that.  He put another piece of tape across Darian’s mouth

In the next room, Eva had listened to it all. The sounds of her friend screaming and crying had been the hardest to take. She could only imagine what was happening in there. Now it was quiet, and she figured he was likely finished.

Eva tensed up as she heard footsteps. He was coming to her room! Lorne stuck his head inside the doorway.

“Hi Eva! I hope you enjoyed listening to that. Darian was a hell of a fuck. Now….I’m going downstairs to get myself a cigarette and a beer. When I come back……I’m gonna fuck you!”

Eva just screamed through the tape on her mouth and tried to pull on the ropes around her wrists.

Lorne laughed at her. “Take it easy, sweetie! Don’t wear yourself out. I want you to still have a bit of fight left when I go to stick my dick in you. It makes it more of a challenge.”

He walked down to the kitchen and got a cold beer out of the fridge. He found his pack of cigarettes on the counter and lit one up. As he puffed on his cigarette, he looked at the contents of the girl’s purses he had dumped out on the table.
Not anything too interesting. Their phones, some makeup, some condoms. He came across their wallets. He opened both. One wallet had $50 cash in it, the other one had $80. He also found their credit cards and ATM cards.

Lorne took the cash, but he didn’t worry about the rest. He wasn’t concerned with it. If credit cards and bank cards were used, they could be traced.

He noticed both of their phones were still turned on. He shut them off.  Both phones showed they had missed messages from some chick named Rory. Lorne guessed that was probably their friend they had mentioned earlier.

“Well, Darian and Eva ain’t able to talk to you at the moment, Rory,” Lorne said aloud. “They’re kinda…..tied up…..literally!”

He laughed at his own joke. Then he thought about Eva, tied up in the spare bedroom. The cute little brunette got his cock to twitching, and Lorne decided it was time to pound some more hot pussy. He put his cigarette out in an ashtray on the table and headed back upstairs.

Lorne entered the room and set his beer down on a dresser. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Eva was pulling and tugging at the ropes on her wrists, still hoping she could break loose. It wasn’t working.
He stroked his cock as he looked at the young woman on the bed. She had a gorgeous body, with tight curves and voluptuous tits.

She was very fit and toned, and had a body that Lorne figured likely gave all the boys hard-ons when she would walk down the hallways on campus. Darian had a pretty hot body too, but Eva, she was just perfect. A girl he could fuck over and over and over again!

She grew more frantic in her struggles as he came closer to the bed.

“Ohhhhh, don’t struggle so much,” Lorne said. “It’s just gonna make things harder on you. Unless that’s the way you want it……are you one of those kinky chicks that likes to get choked while they’re fucked, huh? Maybe you want me to slap you around? Yeah……maybe that’s you like.”

“MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH…..OWWWMMMMPPPHHHHH!” she screamed through the tape on her mouth.

Lorne climbed on to the bed and forced her smooth legs apart. He reached down and ripped the tape off her mouth.
“LET ME GO!.....LET ME GO!.....PLEASE!” she immediately begged.

“Oh, that would be no fun,” Lorne chuckled. “And how that would be fair to Darian? You let her get fucked and then you go free? No way! That’s kind of selfish of you, Eva.”

He began to kiss along her neck, running his hands across her tits. She squealed and whimpered as he rolled and squeezed her large nipples between his fingers. He pressed his body against her and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her stomach. It terrified her to think of a strange man’s penis being forced inside her.

“No……..get off me……please…..don’t hurt me…..please……stop!”

“You want that cock……I know you do,” Lorne whispered in her ear. “All you college girls….the way you dress, the way you act……you all want cock!”

“NO!......No we don’t…….get off me…..y-you bastard!”

“Now, now, no need to be calling me names,” Lorne chided her.

He shifted his body, one hand taking a hold of his cock and bringing it to her entrance. She couldn’t move at all, only shaking her head in denial at what was coming. He reached down and used his other hand to spread her pussy lips, and then his hips pressed up.

“Aiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” Eva shrieked, as she felt his cock worming into her. He stopped with just the head inside her.

“Please, please, please, please, please, please! Stop!” she repeated, but knowing she was helpless to stop it. Eva cried as he pushed some more into her. She was tight and dry and there was some resistance.

“Mmmmmm…feels good,” he murmured, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her. “First Darian……and now you! Your pussy is all mine,” he told her before lunging forward.

Her body bucked as she screeched in pain.

He forced his cock all the way inside her, as her body shook and shuddered. He kept pressing it in, filling her as she sobbed in pain. Lorne moaned, enjoying the velvety feel of her pussy. He knew he had ripped her when he entered, and he could feel the warmth of her blood coating his cock.

Wordlessly, he pulled out to the entrance, looking into her eyes as he did so. She seemed to be relieved, but it was only the beginning for her. With a grunt, he rammed back in, his weight forcing her arching body down on the mattress, refusing to let her escape the deep penetration. He did it again and again, ramming and plundering, her body pinned down as her pussy took the relentless pounding.

The blood from her torn vagina seemed to help his movement, as did the slow secretion of moisture from her pussy. Her body’s attempt to prevent damage won, as she started to lubricate, making it easier for him to thrust in and out of her with increased fervor.
He filled the college girl again and again, pacing himself so he could enjoy this one a little longer than he had with Darian. Soon she was covered in sweat, panting and shaking weakly as he kept thrusting steadily. Her frantic screams wore down into painful whimpers and sobs.

Darian had tears running down her face as she heard the sounds in the next room. The sounds of her best friend being savagely raped. She realized, it was all the same sounds Eva had been forced to listen to as Lorne raped her earlier.

They had to escape, Darian knew. How, she didn’t know….but they had  to escape! God only knew what this man was going to do to them! Darian didn’t want her and Eva to be the dead girls on the 6 o’clock news, found in the bushes, naked and raped.

Eva was pressing her eyes shut, trying to ignore Lorne’s animalistic grunts as his hips slammed in steadily. Her body was weak, her arms were tired from struggling. Her thighs felt sore from his constant lunging but he kept on rocking into her harder and faster.

“Ohhhhh yeah… are one hot fuck!” Lorne said.  “Mmmmm, yeah, your pussy is so fucking hot…..mmmmm yeah, I could keep fucking you for a long time!”

Eva was scared of this brute of a man. He seemed to not care an iota for her pain and suffering. She knew she was just a piece of fuckmeat as far as he was concerned. He was going to use her hard and when he was tired of her, then what?

Lorne leered down at Eva. Fuck, he couldn’t get enough of this sweet little body! She and Darian were not the first girls he had ever picked up on that road, but damn, they were a couple of the hottest, that was for sure.

He roared, more like an animal than a man. He crushed her even harder, driving his pelvis down and his cock all the way up inside her. Then he roared even louder, his body jerking on top of her as if he was having a seizure. Eva felt his cock twitching inside of her, moving inside like his hips were sealed to hers. His cock throbbed and twitched wildly.

Her eyes shot open wide when she felt the flood of his seed being unleashed in her. She gurgled and gasped as he kept pumping it into her, occasionally moving out a fraction and thrusting deep again. She cringed and shook as he flooded her insides before crashing onto her completely.

The pretty brunette was mortified to realize he had cum inside her. Put his foul seed into her womb. The deed was done. She was used, raped and marked. Apart from her trembling lips and the tears rolling down her face, there was no movement from her. Lorne remained on top of her like a beached whale, his bulky body rising and falling with his deep breaths.

Darian noticed it had went quiet next door. That meant only thing, he was finished. And like her, she knew that pig had put his seed into Eva. The foul brute had probably impregnated both of them. Maybe…..just maybe, now he’d be satisfied, and would let them go. He’d had his fun…he’d gotten what he wanted. Darian didn’t know how wrong she was. The rest of the nightmare was about to begin.

December 08, 2018, 04:09:07 PM
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Loving the story. In need of more

December 08, 2018, 10:17:42 PM
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Love it, maybe he should call a couple for friends over to share the spoils with!

December 19, 2018, 01:23:56 AM
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Lorne climbed off Eva. She was staring up at the ceiling, barely moving. She seemed to be in a state of shock. He laughed.

“A lot of the girls I fuck have that look in their eyes after I’m done. Can’t help I’m so damn good! I’m gonna leave now for a little while, but don’t you worry. I’ll be back and we’re gonna have a whole lot more fun.”

Before he left he placed some duct tape back on Eva’s mouth. He went into the other room and put his pants back on. He left his shirt off, going bare-chested.

Lorne left the two girls tied and gagged. He went downstairs and it was then he noticed it was getting dark outside. He realized it was time to make himself some supper. The girls would need to be fed too, but that would happen later.

It was well over one and a half hours later that Lorne climbed the stairs back up to the bedrooms. He had made himself a nice little meal of deer sausage, fried potatoes and eggs, washed down with a couple cold beers. He was replenished and ready for action.
Lorne went to Darian’s room first. As soon as he entered, she looked up, fear and defiance in her eyes. She was a feisty one, all right, Lorne knew. Eva was a little more submissive, but this one…….she was gonna fight.

He didn’t have his pistol with him, but Lorne was figuring, at the moment he shouldn’t need it. Leaning over Darian, he untied one of the ropes on her wrists.

“Now….I’m untying you, but don’t be thinking you’ll be trying anything stupid. You do……and it’s your friend who gets punished. And you watch!”

Darian heard him, and she was aware that was likely  what would happen. But she was not going to lie there and let this man abuse them anymore. She was going to make an escape attempt. She had seen where he’d put the gun and all she had to do was somehow get past him and get hold of it.

Lorne untied her other wrist and pulled the tape off her mouth. She made her move. Darian had done some cheerleading and gymnastics in high school and was quite limber. Her left leg suddenly whipped up, hitting Lorne in the side of the head. He fell backwards.
Darian was up, and kicked out with her other foot, catching Lorne under the chin. He yelled out in anger.

“Owwwwwww! Sonuvabitch! You’re gonna pay, you cunt!”

Darian jumped over him and got to the dresser. She yanked the pistol out of the drawer and turned around, holding the gun unsteadily in front of her. It was the first time in her life, Darian had ever held a firearm.

“Stay on the floor, you bastard!” She screamed. “Or…..or…..I’ll kill you…..I will!”

Lorne slowly stood up, a wide grin on his face, rubbing his sore chin. “Ohhhh, little tough bitch is gonna shoot me, huh? Go on then, go for it! Shoot me and save your friend.”

Closing her eyes, Darian pointed the gun straight at Lorne……and pulled the trigger.
Nothing happened.

She pulled it again. Still nothing!

Lorne lunged at her, backhanding her across the chin. Everything went black as she was knocked unconscious.

“YOU FUCKING COW!” Lorne raged, as he grabbed the gun away from her. “Dumb cunt! The fucking safety was on! And now you’re in for a world of pain!”


Darian came to, and she was on her stomach. Her jaw throbbed, from where Lorne had struck her. Her wrists were tied to the headboard of the bed again and this time she could feel ropes around her ankles as well.

Something else seemed weird and as she woke up, she realized what it was. Several pillows were shoved under her hips, lifting her ass up into the air. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Eva. Her friend was sitting in the corner of the bedroom, her arms and legs tied to a wooden chair.
Darian tried to call out to her, but noticed she was gagged with tape again. She heard something behind her.


A lightning bolt of white-hot pain shot through her body as what felt like a leather strap came smashing down on her bare ass.

The leather strap struck her again, her whole body jerking.

“You cunt!” she heard Lorne yell. He was right behind her, where she couldn’t see him. “You uppity cunt! You thought you were going to shoot me? HUH??? CUNT!”

The belt or strap or whatever it was, whipped across the backs of her thighs this time, causing fiery pain.
“I should whip your goddam ass until it’s hamburger!” he shouted.

THWACK!  Darian’s butt felt like someone was holding a blowtorch to it.

She pulled and tugged at the ropes holding her spread-eagled on the bed, but it was no use.
Two……three…..four more times, the strap came crashing down on her bruised keester. Tears of pain streamed down Darian’s face and she was in so much pain, she couldn’t even focus her eyes.
Finally he stopped, and she felt him climbing on the bed.

“Now……” she heard him say.  “Now……gonna rip this sweet fucking ass of yours open! Before, I might have been a little gentle. Now you’ve fucking pissed me off, and I’m just gonna rape it hard. And after I’m done……..little Eva over there is gonna clean my cock for me…..with her mouth! You get to watch your friend clean your shit off my cock!”

Darian frantically pulled at the ropes, her body bucking on the bed, as she felt the head of Lorne’s erect cock brush across her ass sphincter.
“NNNNUUUUUUMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHH!  She was trying to scream through the tape.

Lorne set his thick cock against her small, pink, dry asshole and pushed. It hurt, as his flesh ground against her shithole. He was punishing her, and no lube would be used to ease the passage.
The fucking cunt doesn't deserve lube! Lorne mused.

Darian screamed. He knew the pain for her must be unbearable. His cockhead was like a small fist and he just pushed, leaning his weight into it. Little by little, he tore into her hole, ripping it. Half the head was now in, as she screamed and jerked and flailed.
Darian had never experienced anal sex. A couple of her boyfriends had pressured her to do it, but she’d always refused. Now it was being forced upon her, Lorne’s filthy, disgusting cock savagely invading her.

He noticed she began to bleed. It didn't provide much lube, but enough. With all the pressure he was exerting, his cockhead shot inside her.

Lorne kept pushing as hard as he could, leaning his weight into the little whore, and the going was easier inside. In less than a second, all of his thick cock was buried in her bleeding, torn ass.

He was holding her by the hair and fucking her sweet, tight ass. Tears of pain were streaming down her face, while she was anxiously squirming on his cock. Darian was screaming so hard it was hurting her throat.

“Oh baby, your ass is beautiful,” Lorne said, as he pumped in and out.

Darian could feel his heavy body on top of her. It was unbearable as the pain tore through her body. He was forcing the whole length of his dick into her butt and it felt like he was tearing her apart. All she could do was sob and scream as the ass fucking continued on and on.
Lorne looked over at Eva and gave her an evil smile.  The look on her face as she was forced to witness the brutal display was priceless.

“Just you wait until it’s your turn, my dear!” he laughed.

For Darian, the rape of her ass could not end soon enough. Her throat had went hoarse and now she could do little more than cry.
The intense tightness wrapping around his shaft became too much for Lorne to bear and he let himself cum. He filled her intestines with jizz as another orgasm overtook him, even more powerful than the first two when he raped Darian and Eva’s pussies. It finally ended, and he was able to pull out and rolled off of her.

He collapsed on the bed, wiping sweat from his eyes.

“Whew!” he whooped. “I am a little out of shape for fucking some prime ass. Ain’t ripped open a sweet ass like that in a long time!”
Darian was catching her breath, her body still on fire from the savage sodomizing. She could feel the blood and cum oozing out of her ass.

“That was a punishment!” Lorne announced as he got up off the bed. “You tried to get away AND, you little bitch, you even thought you could shoot me! I ain’t gonna stand for shit like that……you two are gonna learn about consequences.”

He walked over to where Eva sat and began to untie her. 

“And now we get to the next part of the punishment,” he said, looking over his shoulder at Darian. “I sure hope Eva likes the taste of ass!”

December 19, 2018, 07:47:15 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

I've got goosebumps and I love it. Awesome job with this part. Now please don't leave us waiting to long for more

December 19, 2018, 10:55:15 AM
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Offline vile8r

She began shaking her head and making whimpering sounds through her tape gag. Lorne ripped the tape off her mouth.

“No……..please, sir……no! Don’t make me…….don’t make me do that!”

“What’s the matter, Eva?” Lorne sneered. “You never sucked cock?”

“Not a lot,” she said.

Lorne didn’t know it, but Eva wasn’t all that experienced at such things. Prior to college, she had led a very sheltered, protected life. Her parents were quite strict and never let her date in high school. They didn’t even want her to attend state university. They wanted her to go to a local Christian college. But in the end she’d won out and they allowed her to attend state.

It wasn’t long after she started university, Eva finally lost her virginity. Since then, she’d been with a couple other guys, but was still rather inexperienced when it came to sex. Oral sex was still something she wasn’t very good at.

“Well, we’ll get you practiced up, all right,” he smirked.

He pushed Eva down to her knees and retied her wrists, this time behind her back. Then he came around and stood in front of her. His cock was still limp, but looking down at Eva’s pretty face, her lips only inches from his meat, he felt himself begin to harden again.

“Please no……please no…..” she tearfully begged.

“Open up, baby,” he ordered her.  “And no teeth….I feel any teeth on me, you’ll get an ass-raping like Darian just did……but even harder!”

Eva closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth, as Lorne guided his cock up to her quivering lips. His dick smelled sour, and she knew why. It made her sick to her stomach.
His shaft pushed into her mouth. Lorne let out a sigh as he felt it slide along her warm tongue. He looked down and his cock grew harder as he saw how Eva’s pretty pink lips wrapped around it. He had at least three inches inside her and then he grabbed the sides of her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth.

With her hands tied behind her mouth, Eva was powerless to try and control his movements. She made loud gagging and choking sounds as his cock cut off her air.

Slobber ran out of her mouth and down her chin. It helped Lorne to slide in and out of her mouth easier. The teen’s mouth felt so good. He loved how her face turned red, as she fought for air.
Lorne pulled back for a few seconds, and watched Eva gulp in air, then he plunged his cock back into her warm oral cavity. Holding her head with both hands, pushing his hips into her face, her used her mouth like a cunt.

“That’s it……that’s it……get my cock nice and clean…..get all Darian’s ass-smell off it!”

He looked over at Darian, who was still tied face-down on the bed, watching with horror as Lorne assaulted Eva’s mouth.
Eva thought she was going to pass out.  Lorne’s meat filled her mouth and she could barely breathe. She felt the thick head pushing at the back of her mouth, trying to force its way into her throat. Her jaws ached and she struggled to keep her mouth open as wide as possible so she didn’t scrape him with her teeth.

Then Lorne wrapped a hand around the back of her head and pulled her in as close as he could. The head of his cock popped into her throat and she began to choke.  His smelly pubes were pressed against her face.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He groaned, and his cock jerked in her mouth.

“UUUUNNGGHHHHAAAACCCCCKKKKK!” she retched as she tasted his hot, foul semen shoot into her throat. He was cumming in her mouth!

“Swallow, bitch! Swallow!” he snarled. 

He pulled back a little bit, and Eva felt more jizz spurt into her mouth, coating her tongue. The taste was horrid! Lorne held himself in her mouth for a few more seconds, until his cock stopped twitching.
“Yeahhhhhh….” He sighed. “That’s the best! Shootin’ a load in some hot little bitch’s mouth!”

When he pulled out of Eva’s mouth, a long string of cum still dangled from the tip of his dick and he wiped it in her hair. The young woman was spitting and coughing, trying desperately to get the residue of his cock out of her mouth.
Lorne pulled his pants back on and went to untie Darian.  She barely moved this time.

“I think you two have earned some supper. Let’s go downstairs,” he said.


He tied Darian’s wrists behind her like Eva’s and peeled the tape off her mouth. He tied another rope from Eva’s wrists to Darian’s, connecting the two girls.
“I-I r-really need to go to the b-bathroom, please?” Darian begged.

“Yeah, okay, well bathroom’s downstairs,” Lorne said.

“Let’s go then, girls! I’ll follow.”  He pushed them ahead of him, towards the stairs going down to the kitchen. “And don’t try doing anything stupid. If you wanna try to run away I don’t suggest it. Ol’ Sarge is outside, and he’s trained to kill on command. You wouldn’t make it halfway across the yard, and he’d be on you! Have your throats ripped out of you before you even hit the ground!”

They made it to the bottom of the stairs and Lorne pointed them towards a small bathroom at the end of the hallway off the kitchen. Darian noted there was an old telephone hanging on the wall in the hallway. The bathroom wasn’t very big and wasn’t very clean, but the girls were relieved to see that there was at least a flush toilet.

Each girl took a turn doing their business, as Lorne watched. He had given enough rope between the two of them, that one could sit on the toilet as the other one stood beside her. Lorne wiped each girl clean as they finished up.

“You just remember though,” he said, “I do this for you, I’m gonna expect the same in return.”

He then took them back down the hallway and instructed them to both kneel in the center of the kitchen. The sobbing, whimpering girls watched as he walked over to the counter and picked up two plastic dog bowls. He set them down in front of them. Darian and Eva had looks of disgust as they realized it was real dog food.

“Yeah, I know, it don’t look that good, but Sarge’s food ain’t too bad,” Lorne smirked. “He survives on it. I’m sure you can too. You see, if you want good food…’re gonna have to earn it! Tonight, you start out with this, but tomorrow, I’ll let you have something better……IF you can show me you deserve it!”

“Now…..get eatin’!”

With their wrists tied behind their backs, the girls had to bend down to the bowls and could only use their mouths to eat. The dog food smelled disgusting, and didn’t taste much better, but the two girls began to slowly nibble away at it.
Darian and Eva coughed and retched a few times, as they swallowed the dog food. Well, choked down was more like it. Eva wasn’t sure what was worse…..swallowing Lorne’s cum or eating the dogfood?

Darian was sure she would vomit. But she did her best to hold it back. She was terrified of what Lorne would do if she puked on his kitchen floor.
“Oh, by the way, girls,” Lorne said, as they ate. “Was looking at your phones. I see someone named Rory has been looking for you. That your friend?”

Darian nodded. “Y-yes… is…..she’ll b-be worried about us…..we were supposed to be there…..hours ago.”

“A ‘she’, huh?” Lorne mused. “She good-looking like you two?”

Eva looked up and shrugged. “Y-yeah…..I guess she is.”

“Hmmmm…..maybe I should call her, tell her to come over and join the party? Damn, wouldn’t that be sweet? Having three hot cunts to fuck!”

Darian glared at him. “She’s probably already called the police to tell them we’re missing. You know…..they’re gonna find my car….and they’ll be looking for us.”

“They might be, I suppose,” Lorne said. “But in the meantime, we are gonna have a lot of fun. I’ll worry about the cops later.”

The girls finally managed to get all the dog food down. It sat in their stomachs like a heavy ball. Lorne untied the rope between the two girls. Then he walked over to a small square door set in the floor of the kitchen. He opened it, and the girls could see a ladder that led down into a dark hole. A cool breeze wafted up from the hole.

Lorne grabbed Darian and began to lead her toward the hole.
“Now for the rest of your punishment, little cunt! You’re spending the night in the cellar! Eva……she gets to spend the night with me……and we’re gonna have a really good time!”

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Darian screamed, looking down at the darkness at the bottom of the ladder.

“Get down that ladder, or I throw you down there!” Lorne snapped.

Sobbing heavily, Darian set her foot on the top rung and began to descend the ladder as Lorne held onto her arm. It was difficult, with her wrists behind her, but she managed to do it. It was only about four steps down into the dirt-floored cellar.
It was more of a crawlspace than an actual cellar, as she quickly discovered. It was a square hole about six feet by six feet, and not quite high enough to stand up in. it had a dirt floor and dirt walls. The place smelled very musty and foul.

“There’s a pail over in the corner if you need to use the biffy. Have a good night!” Lorne laughed as he began to close the door.

“NOOOOOO! OH GOD DON’T LEAVE ME DOWN HERE! NOOOOOOOO!” Darian screamed and cried, as the light above her was shut out.
Lorne closed the small door and slid across a heavy deadbolt. He also locked it with a padlock.  “She won’t be getting out of there,” he said, turning to Eva, who still knelt on the floor.

They could still hear Darian’s cries from down in the cellar, but they sounded far away, muffled by the wooden floor of the cabin. Then they could hear sounds of her kicking at the door. It didn’t even budge.
“She’ll tire herself out after awhile,” Lorne said casually. “In the meantime, you and me got business to attend to.”

He pulled her to her feet and cupped his hands around her ass. At the same time he pressed his mouth down on hers, forcing her to kiss him.
“What should we do first, baby? Should we fuck, or maybe you can use that sweet mouth on me again? You don’t have to worry, I won’t do your ass tonight. I’ll save that for tomorrow, when Darian can watch!”

“Please……please….n-no more……please!” Eva bawled.

“Just shut up!” Lorne snarled. “You’re mine tonight!” He pressed his mouth down again, his thick tongue pushing at her lips.
As she cried and struggled, he dragged Eva towards the stairs and up to his bedroom. He pushed her facedown onto the top of his dresser and kicked her legs apart. Quickly, he had his pants down, guiding his hard cock up to her sweet, tight opening.

He thrust his hips forward, penetrating her in one rough stroke. Lorne pulled back a little and slammed in again and again. The dresser banged against the wall.

“Gonna fuck you good, Eva!” Lorne panted. “Gonna have my cock inside you a lot tonight. By the time I’m done……you’re gonna be sore….but you’re gonna love my cock!”

“Noooooo……ohhhhhhhhh…….nooooooooo…….stopppppp… hurtsssssss!” Eva begged, but it all fell on deaf ears.

December 19, 2018, 12:10:22 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Love the way he treats the girls. Will Rory be joining her friends??

December 19, 2018, 12:25:23 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Rory should be contacted, Lorne should contact some friends after enjoying them both. After all it good to share! Love how this one is progressing!

December 19, 2018, 07:37:37 PM
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Offline vile8r

His heavy body slapped against hers, his rough skin chafing the back of her thighs as he powered his dick in and out of her.  He pulled back, then wedged the head of his cock into Eva's tight cunt. Holding his body completely still, he then plowed all the way up into her tender pussy, listening to her squeal.

"No!...... oh no!...stop..... that hurts, take it out of me... oh! it hurts, don't push in me like that!"

"Oh Baby Cakes, you've wanted this ever since you got here. I saw how you looked at me, getting your little twat all wet."

"No…..don't! It hurts!...... aughhhhh! No more, it hurts!"

"Just shut the hell up!” he yelled. “Or I’ll tape your mouth shut again!”

Eva cried as Lorne's thick cock continued battering away at her. Until he finally dumped another load of his slimy jizz into her young womb.
 "NOOOOO...... AUGHHHHH!" Eva sobbed.

Lorne pulled her off the dresser and threw her onto the bed.
“I’m going to the shitter,” he said. “You just lay there and wait for me. I come back and you’re not on this bed, I’ll drag Darian out of the hole and you’ll go in there!”

Lorne was gone for about 15-20 minutes. He was carrying a bottle of whiskey and a cigarette hung from his mouth. Eva was still on the bed. She had been too terrified to even move while he was gone.

“Well, it’s pretty quiet downstairs,” he chuckled. “I think Darian finally wore herself out.”

“You can’t leave her down there,” Eva pouted. “She’ll die!”

“Oh, she won’t die,” he guffawed. “Hell, I’ve left girls down there for days! Tell you what though! When they come back out, they’re like putty in my hands. They do whatever the hell I tell them, ‘cuz they ain’t gonna want to go back in again!”

He laid down on the bed beside Eva, running his hand along her back and down across her ass. “In fact, tell you what, Sweet Cunt, you suck me off really good, take a load in your mouth, and maybe……just maybe…..I’ll take Darian out of the hole. But it’s up to you.”

“I-I’ll do it……I’ll suck you really good……but you have to untie me,” Eva said.

“Nope….no can do,” Lorne replied, puffing on his cigarette.  He took a swig of whiskey from the bottle. “Your wrists stay tied up. You use your mouth.”

He propped two pillows up behind him and leaned back against the headboard. He placed the bottle of whiskey between his legs.
“Before you do me…..I want you to practice on this bottle. I wanna see you give this whiskey bottle a blowjob.”

Eva maneuvered herself so she was kneeling between Lorne’s legs on the bed. Opening her mouth, she bent down and slid her lips around the long neck of the bottle. She began to bob her head up and down, sucking on the bottle.

Watching her red lips locked around the bottleneck, Lorne could feel his cock growing hard. It was even better, when she pulled her mouth off it and he saw her flick her tongue around the top. Then open wide and slide her mouth down it again.

“Yeah……yeah……that’s it sweetie……just like that……just remember…..when you got my cock in your mouth, you do it just like that!”
Eva pushed her mouth down onto the neck of the bottle, taking it all in.  She gagged a bit and pulled back, then took it in again. She did that several times, coating the bottle with her slobber.

Then Lorne pulled the bottle away from her. “Okay, angel-mouth, let’s see you do the real thing!”

Eva took his member in her hand and examined it closely, noting the fat veins that ran along the shaft. She reached below to cradle his balls in her palm with her other hand. She stroked his cock and it began to swell in her hand. She leaned in and kissed the head and the side of his shaft.
She squeezed the shaft and let her hand slide from the top to the base and back. A drop of precum formed at the tip and as she stroked again, another drop formed.

“Lick that up,” Lorne instructed her.

Eva touched the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock. She gave it a lick and then she licked around the head several times.
“Was that good, sir?” Eva asked.

“You are doing fine, sweetheart,” Lorne answered.  “But you need to know, for me to consider this a good blowjob, you gotta put it in your mouth as far as you can fuckin’ go! I expect you to get it all in. If you gag, too damn bad, you try until you get it in!”

“I-I’ll try,” Eva whimpered.

“No! You’ll do it or you’ll end up in that hole tonight!”

Eva didn’t want that. She knew she had to do the absolute best job she could sucking Lorne’s dick. With that, she began to put his cock into her mouth. At first it was only the head but as she gained confidence, she worked it in deeper. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft to get it wet and then she sucked more and more of his shaft into her hot wet mouth.

“Ohhhhhh,” Lorne sighed, closing his eyes. “You’re getting the right idea.”

The man had to resist every urge not to just grab her hair and face-fuck her like he did earlier. He wanted Eva to take her time, he had all night.
She was bobbing her head up and down and cradling his hairy balls in her palm, gently rolling them around.

“Yeah, you can suck on them too,” Lorne said.

Eva screwed up her face, at the thought of sucking on his balls. But she did it, pulling each one into her mouth.
Eva was getting close to taking more than half of Lorne’s penis into her mouth, before she felt the gag reflex begin. She swallowed as she sucked and the feeling passed, as she continued to bob up and down his shaft. She began to force herself to see how much she could get into her mouth.

By breathing through her nose and swallowing, she was finally able to take about six of his inches into her, until it reached the beginning of her throat. Eva stroked his shaft as she sucked as much as she could get into her mouth. With her other hand, she held his balls. He soon was meeting her lips with thrusting hips.
Lorne was trying to be patient, but he wanted all of his cock in her mouth. He put his hand on the back of her head and forced her mouth down on him.

“Come on, little bitch. You can do it…..I know you can……come on……get all that cock in your mouth!”

His hips lifted off the bed and he pushed the last little bit of his cock into her mouth. Eva’s eyes grew large and her cheeks bulged out, as she felt the head lodge into her throat. Her nostrils flared, trying to suck in more air.
The sensation of his cock all the way in her mouth was incredible. Eva could feel his cock begin to swell as he warned her that he was going to cum. She tried her best to swallow the blast after blast of cum that jetted into her mouth. She coughed at first when the first spurt surprised her but she held on and managed to swallow most of his load.

“Ohhhhhh……ohhhhhhhh……OHHHHHHHHHH!” Lorne groaned. “I love your mouth Eva!”

Some escaped her lips to drip down her chin onto his balls. She continued to suck and swallow until he started to go soft in her mouth. As his cock slipped from her mouth, she gulped in air, cum and slobber dripping from her mouth.

“Clean up your mess!” he barked.

Eva licked up all of the cum that had escaped before. She licked his balls and his shaft clean.
“Sweetheart, that was a wonderful blowjob. You are a natural born cock sucker!” Lorne said, with a contented smile on his face.

“Will…..will you let Darian out now?” Eva asked.

“No,” Lorne plainly stated.

“B-but….you told me…” Eva started to cry.

“I know what I told you…..but it ain’t gonna happen. Your friend has a really bad attitude, and she’s being punished. That’s the end of it! Now I need a smoke.”

He pushed Eva away from him and got up off the bed, taking another swig of whiskey. Lorne went back downstairs, looking for his cigarettes.
He was gone for nearly half an hour. During that time, Eva had fallen asleep. Lorne woke her up and pulled her off the bed. Eva gave a little jump as she saw that Lorne’s dog was also in the bedroom.

“Yep, I brought Sarge in here tonight. He usually sleeps outside, but tonight, he’s gonna be my guard.”

He untied her wrists, but next slipped another piece of rope around her neck. It had been made into a small noose. He pulled it tight, but not too tight so she couldn’t breathe.
Lorne pulled back the covers on the bed  and told her to get on the bed again. He tied the other end of the rope to the corner post of the headboard.

“I’ll let you have your hands free tonight, but you’re gonna keep this rope around your neck. You try anything stupid, you’ll have to get past Sarge. Would be a real shame to see him rip out that pretty throat of yours, and believe me…..he would!”

 Lorne climbed in beside Eva, pulled the covers up over them and turned off the bedside lamp. “Better get some sleep, sweetie. We got a busy day tomorrow.”

Eva laid in the bed, looking up at the dark ceiling. She could hear the breathing of the large dog as he lay on the floor beside the bed. Lorne rolled over, a heavy arm falling across her chest. His face was only inches from hers and she could smell cigarettes and booze on his breath. His hand cupped one of her breasts as he fell asleep.

She couldn’t sleep, worrying about Darian down in that filthy hole under the kitchen floor. Wondering about what other abuse and torment this despicable man was going to put them through. And on top of it all…….what was he going to do with them?

Keep them here as his sex slaves? Eva had heard so many sickening stories over the years about such things happening, she couldn’t believe it was actually happening to her and Darian! Or would he kill them? Leave their bodies in shallow graves out in the woods…..never to be found?

Eva tried to push these horrible thoughts out of her head and eventually, she fell asleep, totally exhausted.

December 19, 2018, 08:25:32 PM
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What a bastard to go back on his word like that. Hope Eva wrings his flaccid cock while he sleeps! Damn though he might like that! CAn't wait to see what he does next to them!

December 20, 2018, 01:07:54 PM
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Ooh I can't wait for the next update. This is a fantastic story.