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This is a period piece set at the beginning of the great depression. Even then rape was a crime as was Chicken stealing. Once more learn the difference before the law seeks you!

Chazy, New York State 1929

July 23rd, 7:45 PM

This use to be a peaceful place to call home and work in but that was before them Simmonds came and settled. Now It was a never ending trip out to there place to inform them that their boys Dwayne and Ricky broke the hunting or fishing regulation once again. In the twenty years I’ve been defending the regulations of the state, the only time I had to get out the ticket book was to teach the Canadians that came down from Quebec, yet her I was for the tenth time this week alone to talk with their pa.

Turning off the road unto the dirt track that lead up to their place I noticed that their vegetable patch was looking real good this year. As I got to about ten feet from the front of the house I spot Dwayne rushing in then a second past before Donald Simmonds was out standing on his porch, his pitchfork in his right hand. As I got out “Evening Don, can we talk about what Maybelle Carter call about today!”

“I know all about it and have already told the boys to stay off her property in daylight!’

“Well that’s right neighbourly of you Don but what’s Maybelle going to about them missing chickens!” Helen Simmonds ventured out, standing behind her husband so I nod my head at her “Evening Mrs. Simmonds, here it’s going to be a warm one tonight!” She doesn’t let on she heard me and it really doesn’t bug me after all not everyone is up on their social graces around these parts!

“So what does she want from us now?” Don’s knuckles going white from the tight hold on the pitchfork, raising it up off the porch. His wife takes a few steps back from him, her hand coming to rest on his shoulder “Now Don Bob’s only doing his job!” Finally looking too me “How much she saying them chickens worth Bob?”

“Don’t know Mrs Simmonds, she complained to Harry when she saw him down at the general store and he said he would take care of the matter, I’m here to deliver the summons  for the boys to appear!” Getting the two pieces of paper out of my jacket pocket “with our permission I like to give these to you and leave it in your hands!”

“What happen to them if they don’t show?”

“Well that would he up to Harry but I’m pretty sure it would be Andy and Barry making the next call on you to take them away to the lock up in town for a while!” Her face blanches at that Don’s just reddens in anger.

“Long day in hell when a Simmonds will see the inside of that place!” his wife lowering her hand to his elbow “Now Don the boys did wrong and we can’t condone such action from them!”

“They only tried to make sure we had something besides vegetable on the table Helen!” Taking his eyes off me for the first time since I got out of the car “Ain’t a crime in that!”

“It is when the chicken they took don’t belong to them Don!” Slowly take a few steps towards the porch, holding out my hand with the orders to appear. Mrs Simmonds steps around Don and takes the papers from me. That’s when I notice their daughter Jess standing inside the screen door, the only thing visible was her right profile! Nodding my head towards her that was when Don made it known that I wasn’t welcomed there anymore.

“You delivered your paper now turn around and get your ass of my property!
Making my way back to my car “A word of advice, Make sure them boys are at the courthouse, might be a good ideato be there with them!” Getting in and starting the engine “Evening Don, Helen!” Then I reverse the way I came.


July 24th, 5:45 PM


“Well I given then all I plan to give!” The right honorable Harold F. Howard said banging the gravel down on the desk in front of him “I hereby empower Sheriff Murray and Deputy Stone to place Dwayne Simmonds and his brother Ricky Simmonds under arrest for theft and criminal trespass!” turning to them “You can deputize more ifn you feel the need to bring them in for justice!”

And with that Andy, Barry, me and four others were sent to the Simmonds place with a warrant for the apprehension of the boys. What should have only been a simple exercise for Andy and Barry turned into a melee that ended up with all the male members of the Simmonds family off to the county jail and some peace for me for at least the next two weeks. What fancy thinking on my behalf


August 3RD 11:23PM

“If you ask me Maybelle might be hearing a fox these past two night!”

I had to agree with Joe, after all we been in this barn for the last three hours and outside of a couple of horses whinnying and some hens clucking we haven’t seen nor heard anything at all. “Well we’ll give it a another hour and if nothing happens we’ll call it and report back to Harry in the morning!”

Joe Nixon and Sam Alten just shook their heads at my decision, as we continued to stake out the Carter’s barn. It was getting onto midnight when the sound of the door creaking came to our ears. A thin stream of moonlight creates a vee as the door widens open then a shadow of someone passing through the door, followed by it closing!. As me eyes readjusts to the dark I watch as the figure in black  makes it way to the side of the barn with the chickens, opening the screen door and walk in.

I hold up my hand slowly counting down from five. As the final finger drops, two matches are stuck and lanterns are lit, casting their glow over the henhouse. The figure in black makes a dash from the henhouse right into my arms as I block their way to the barn door. Wrestling the person to the floor, waiting for Joe and Sam to shine the light onto us. Just as they approach the person squirms out of my grasp , tearing whatever was around their upper torso.

With Sam blocking the door, Joe coming from the right, the left blocked by the henhouse door, I reach out and grabs the person by the ankle, yanking the leg out from under them.

“Eeee!” That stops the three of us in our tracks, for what guy cries out like that. Sam shine his lantern into the person and our eyes widen as we see the face of Jess Simmonds staring up at us from the floor. Sam closes in, Joe also as I let go of her ankle and get up then extend my hand down to help her up. Helping her upright

“So Miss Simmonds, want to explain?”

She spits in my face, swing a left hand towards Sam and is grabbed by Joe before she can make contact. Wiping my face I reach out for her coat “So let’s get the evidence and we can call it a night!”  Opening her coat we are once more stunned into inactiveness. Underneath her black ankle length duster she was wearing only a bra and panties!

                                                                                   To Be Continued

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Ooh gscmar64 I can't wait to see where you take this story. I'm ready for more. A great start.

December 19, 2018, 07:04:59 PM
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Well you'll just have to wait a bit longer DirtySerenity I've just got part two finished and not sure how long this one will be!

Part Two:

In the lantern light she appeared to be well endowed dressed like she was, and all of us couldn’t help but notice that. Closing the duster I tell Sam to go to Maybelle and tell he what we have found out tonight, reminding him to remain quiet about her choice of dress. Joe and I walked Miss Simmonds out to the car behind the barn and wait for Sam to join us. I get in the back with her while Joe gets in behind the wheel, when Sam joins us he gets in back with me.

“Where to boss?”

“Out to the Simmonds place!” Shocking everyone in the car, especially Jess

“Why there?” I don’t answer her! The rest of the drive is done in silence. As her place comes in focus, I notice that Jess is getting more and more antsy by the second. As we turn off the road and onto the dirt path I can’t help but notice that the light in the kitchen was on and in the doorway the form of Helen was waiting. Sam pulled the car up so that the headlights illuminated Helen, so we all saw the look on her face when we got out of the car, Jess between Joe and me.

“Mrs. Simmonds!” nodding my head to her “Don’t suppose I have to tell you where we found your daughter this morning?” Helen lowers her eyes to Jess then returns them to me.

“I don’t suppose you care to come inside Bob?” Holding the door open “Jessica you get on in and I’ll take care of this!”

“She’s going nowhere Mrs Simmonds but to the courthouse to await Harry’s verdict in the morning!”

“Really Bob you already took my boys and husband from me, now you want my daughter also!” Sagging in the doorway in such a way that her coat opens revealing that she was dressed similar to her daughter.  I wasn’t going to deny it, she like her daughter has a damn nice body, seems Sam and Joe thought so also!. With the men of the house already in the county lock up, I started wondering what I could get from them if i conveniently let this slide.

“Well I think we will come in Helen!”  Turning and winking at Joe and Sam “You too Miss Simmonds, inside!” Once we are all inside, sitting on the chairs of the dining room table, Joe and Sam to either side of Helen, Jess to my left, I begin.

“Now Mrs Simmonds I’ve had to put up with a lot from this family ever since you moved here and I sick of it!” That brought a shock to her eyes, she’s about to say something when I come to the point “Now you people think the laws doesn’t apply to you well then that means all the laws don’t!” Moving quickly I’m up off the chair, grabbing jess by the front of her duster, tearing it open “Well what’s keeping you two?”

In a flash Sam and Joe are on Helen tearing open the coat she had on, Sam grabbing her chin forcing her head up as his lips were coming down. Joe going for her panties, pulling them down her legs then his hand in all over her pussy rubbing it. Her eyes are wide in her head from the dual sexual assaults on her.

Meanwhile I have Jess trembling in front of me as I tell her to take the duster and brassiere off. She shrugs the duster off her shoulders, letting it fall to the chair behind her then with trembling hands she starts to unhook her brassiere,as i see it slip off her beasts I reach out and grab it off her, tossing it to the floor. Swatting her arms down to her sides “Well look at what you been hiding all this time.!” Her breasts had to be a 32c cup  and had my mouth watering looking at them.

Taking her by the arm I swing her around to my chest and started groping her breasts with my free hand. Joe and Sam stop groping Helen long enough to make comments of their own “Damn Bob bet she a true farmer’s daughter” from Sam, Joe Momma sure enough grew that one right!”
Helen seeing her daughter being molested at my hands tried to stop it “Please Bob I know what we did was wrong but please spare Jessica from this!” Trying to appeal to my better sense “Please she still a pure innocent girl to the way of the world, she don’t know right from wrong!”

“Well she’ll be taught well before we leave here Mrs Simmonds!” my right hand in her panties, tracing her outer pussy lips. “Just like the boys there will give you a lesson in right and wrong!” Slipping my middle finger into her pussy making the terrified teen cry out for the first time

“Please I’m only doing what daddy would have expected me to do?” tears flowing down her face like her juices were beginning to flow over my finger.  “Keep momma fed anyway I could!”

“Well don’t you fret none Jess!” Lifting her up against my chest “Me and the boys will make sure you both have lots to eat before we leave!” Winking at Sam and Joe as I carried her towards the living room, “Tell me young Jessica you ever take cum from the source?”

Hearing that she starts to kick and flail her arms and legs as i carried her over to what passed for a couch. Tossing her onto it, grabbing the sides of her panties, trying to take them down as she squirmed to try to knock my hands away from them.  A combination of stress and tension  caused the fabric to rip apart in my hands, leaving her exposed to the naked eye “Dear girl I have a feelin’ that your lesson are gonna be long ones!”
In the kitchen I heard Sam and Joe working their magic on Helen. A sound of a slap then “Gwwaaaccckkk!!!” Jess stops her squirming and wide eyed stuttering “Wwhat are theyyy doingg to mommaaaa!”

As I manage to get her onto her back, placing enough of my weigh onto her chest to hold her in place. “Don’t you fret none!” As I undo my pants and letting then slide down my legs quickly followed by my underwear, giving her her first up close look at a male’s hard cock “I’m going to give first hand experience in what they are doing to your momma!” Reaching out to grasp her by the back of her head, bending her face towards my crotch as my right hand was bringing my cock to her face. “Now you do what I tell you and tonight will go a whole lot better for you and us!”

Looking down at her, her lips trembling “Now open that pretty mouth and kiss my cock!” As the tip presses against her lips she tries to turn her head but my grip tightens on her flesh and she involuntarily opens her mouth to cry out in pain. As it opens I don’t bother waiting for her to kiss my cock, instead I thrust into her mouth “Now you slide your tongue all over my cock like it was one of them fruit juice ice treats you kids buy in the general store!”

Her inexperience shows as she scrapes the top of my cock with her teeth “ Watch your teeth or I’ll yank them out of your head one by one with a pair of pliers!” My threat must have work, she didn’t scrape my cock again, nor did she really make me want to cum in her mouth either. Oh well by the end of our stay she would be a whole lot better at sucking cock!

In the kitchen Joe was using Helen’s mouth while Sam was eating her out  while she was on her hands and knees like a dog would stand. When they felt she was ready  Sam called out “You bout ready for the main event Bob!”

“Yeah she ain’t much of a log muncher so let her find out how right this wrong can be!”

Joe and Sam comes in, Hellen half walking, half being dragged by them only to be stopped in front of the couch. Here eyes instantly attach themselves to Jessica and me as I swing my legs out and I lay on top of her daughter. One more she positioned on her hands and knees, this time Sam at her face, Joe behind her both of their cock standing straight out. Moving closer to her I let Jess watch as Sam’s cock goes into her mother’s mouth. As Joe gets ready to enter her pussy from behind I slide my legs between Jessica’s, spread them so I could get my cock to align with her pussy

As Joe entered her mom I thrust my cock into her pussy. I don’t know what her cry was for, her losing her virginity or what Joe was doing to her mom “MMMOOOMMMAAAAAAA!!!!” as I bottom out in her newly opened pussy I pause to be fair to her, after all every girl should get to understand just what tore her apart inside her most private place the lord made. When I think she ready for me to get down to giving her a good rutting I pull back and drive in and out of her like god intended!

Her head is still watching her mother getting fucked in both ends and I couldn’t help but to taunt her about it “Looks good doesn’t it Jess?” Speed up my fucking of her pussy “Soon that will be you  or would you rather have all of us use you?” That got her head to turn to me, through low moans of pleasure she tried to speak “Noooo I don’tttt wanttt thatttttt!”

“You say that now but this might change your mind!”  A good ten minutes pass before I feel my balls start to churm “Damn Jess I going to anoint your new pussy with it’s first batch of baby seed!” Like she was a mute she just looked up at me through tears as I empty my balls deep into her deflowered pussy!

Joe and Sam also cum in Helen, making her collapse to the floor in exhaustion “Well boys do you think they have learnt lesson in right and wrong!”

“Not sure Bob she didn’t seem to willing to learn!” Joe reported, Sam asking “What about your student?”

“Well you know how a student need the lesson to be repeated over and over before it sinks in!” Winking to them “The problem with modern education in my opinion they don’t take the proper time to make sure kids learn like they did in our days at school!”

“So we gonna stay to make sure she learnt her lesson Bob?” Joe eyeing Jess’s naked body like a flapjack covered in syrup

“Well that depends on the students!” Turning to mother and daughter “Think you need more lessons?”

                                                                                     To be continued

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Another great stroll through your vivid imagination!

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Part Three

Neither look up, Helen wraps her arms around Jessica’s shoulder tighter “Please you taught us that it was wrong to take!” Finally making eye contact with me “You already shamed Jessica so no one would want her, just g….”

I stop her quick “Now Mrs Simmonds how do you know she don’t want to stay with me?” Moving to them “After all I’ll forever be in the back of her mind until the day she dies!”

Like a deer caught in the light of a lantern Jessica looks up at me, understanding  the words I said. “You dirty me in the eyes of the lord!”

“Oh and what about you and the seventh and tenth commandant?” Not letting up “You covetted your neighbors chickens and stole them!” Moving towards the pair, “And you you knew what she was doing and you didn’t think any of her shaming herself then did you?” The nearer I got the more the clung to each other “You should be thankful that me and the boys are tryin’ to show you right from wrong instead of them at the courthouse!”

Turning back to Sam and Joe “You two in need of something to eat before reminding them of their lessons?” Both nod their heads  “Tell you what Mrs Simmonds why don’t we go into that kitchen and make us a little something!”  Both look up at me, fear in their eyes!
“What about Jessica?”  Helen’s eyes on me, Jessica’s eyes roving between Joe and Sam then me.

“She’s gonna sit in that chair and behave herself while Sam and Joe rests on the couch!” Forcing them apart then placing my right hand on Helen, the left on Jessica “You hear that guys, Jessica is to be left alone in the chair, you two on the couch!” Winking at them, as I lead Helen back into the kitchen. Walking over to the fridge, opening it see very little inside. “What do you have to eat in this house?”

“If you hadn’t stopped Jessica we would have had eggs and chicken!” Barely looking at me, her left arm covering her breasts, her right hand trying to cover the hair patch between her legs.  When she thinks I’m not looking I notice her head turns back to the living room, as if she didn’t trust my men in with her daughter

“For Christ sakes Helen! I’m sure Sam and Joe got wore out by you in here!” Her head swing up to my eyes “Besides I told them to rest on the couch and they wouldn’t disobey a superior’s instruction!” She casted a look that told me that she didn’t believe me, which in a way proved that she’s not as stupid as she been acting.


Speaking of the living room, Jessica was in the chair her father normally sat in, her knees pulled up tight to her bare breast. Her head lowered so she was staring into the space between her legs and chest. Joe was on the couch, Sam sitting on the arm, trying to get her to talk with him.

“No Miss Simmonds you know that what you done to old Cartier was wrong don’t you?” getting no reply, he gets up and moves behind her chair, his left hand resting on the back of the chair, his right on her bare shoulder. That got her attention, nervously she started to speak.

“O-o-o-f-f-f-i-i-c-c-e-e-r-r-r Mur-r-r-r-a-y-y-y--y saidd-d-d you two  were to rest-t-t-t-t on the couch-h-h-h-h-h!”

“Oh I’ve done my resting, got me a hankering for some young honey!” sliding his hand down until it came to her right breast. “You want me to report to Officer Murray that you were cooperating with me don’t you?” Rolling her nipple between his thumb and first finger. Letting go her moves to the front of the chair “Say why don’t you put them feet on the floor?” Helping her by lifting her arms from around her knees. Jessica does as she says “now you’re cooperating nicely

Joe gets up and takes Sam’s former place, both of his hands coming around to grope Jessica’s breast “Damn Miss Simmonds it would be rude of me not to say that these are mighty fine titties you have!” Jessica says nothing, looking to the kitchen, praying that her mother or their boss would came back and stop them.

Sam caressing her legs, slowly parts them “Say Joe have you ever seen a prettier pussy before?” Kissing the insides of her thighs, going higher after kissing each side.  Then his lips brushes her sore pussy,still streaked with the blood of her burst hymen and the taste of her ad Bob’s cum. This wasn’t the first time Sam or joe would be tasting Bob’s cum on a girl, nor did they hope it would be the last.

“What she taste like Sam?”

Jokingly “Defiled innocence!”

Joe not one to waste his time came to her left and leaned in to take a taste of her young breasts, his cock hardening as he licked her breasts and nipples


“It’s quiet in there maybe I should go and check on Jessica! Turning to go to the living room

“You do and I’ll call out to team her just like you did her mom!”  That brought her to a dead halt, her eyes boring into mine.

“You wouldn’t do that!” Coming over to me “Please you know that Jessica is an innocent to something like that!”

“Then you better figure out how to please me or I won’t be held responsible for their action in there!”
Looking at me “Please they did things to me I’ve never had done before!” going on to tell me how Sam and Joe used her mouth and pussy while in here earlier.

“Then you haven’t been taken through the backway yet this morning?” Her eyes widen as she comprehended my meaning.

“No not even Don has ever tried that!” Damn here I thought it would only be one virgin ass that would get used before the sun rose.

"Well then this will be a real lesson you going to both get taught and help Jessica to understand!” Taking her hand leading her back into the living room. There the scene I thought would be further along than it was. Joe his cock in his hand slapping Jessica’s breasts while Sam was eating her young pussy.

“Hey Joe, Sam I said for you two to rest!” Just shaking my head muttering something about good help

“Now you two leave her alone and get this couch moved so we can teach young Jessica what happens to those you cause us a pain in the ass!” They instantly leave Jessica alone in the chair, getting to moving the couch out of the way.

“Now Jessica I want you to keep your eyes on what’s about to happen or I swear by all that’s right you’ll be getting a first hand lesson yourself!” Then to Sam and Joe, “You two make sure she watches everything!”

Pushing Helen down to the floor “Get on your stomach and open the asscheeks!” As she assumes the position I sink to the floor, working my way between her spread legs, pushing my hard cock into the crack of her ass. I could feel her squirming under me trying to prevent what I was going to do to her. The head of my cock begins to press against her tight sphincter muscle but it wasn’t getting any further than that

After three minutes of trying I roll off “Damn what do you know she ain’t kidding when she says she ain’t ever been taken in her ass before!” Changing tactics I try to stick my first finger into her asshole. Even that was a challenged but at last after about a minute i manage to get the tip then to the first knuckle inside her making her cry out in pain “Oh it hurts, Bob!” Five minutes pass before I manage to get my entire finger into her. As I start pulling it back I keep the first knuckle in then try to add the first finger of my other hand to her asshole.

When I finally manage to get it in her I begin to pull her sphincter open. Getting it open enough to insert my middle fingers. Widening her orifice, I stretch it enough that i once more try to insert my cock into her ass. As the tip enters then, the first half inch I pull my fingers out, letting the muscle settle around my shaft. Helen gasps in pain as I slowly sink more cock into her ass.

All the while Jessica is in the chair her eyes glued to her mother’s face as it contorted in pain as I began fucking her in the ass. Jessica’s hands are in her lap, her fingers working her new fucked opened passage, looking up I happen to catch her and signal Joe with my eyes. He  gets up, going over to her  whispering to her, “Is someone getting an urge to have something in her again?”

Joe takes her by the back of the neck and makes her vacate the chair in favor of the couch. Sam is down on the floor his cock in the face of Helen “Here this will help you forget the pain in your ass!” As she cries out, he thrust forwards filling her throat with his cock as on the couch Joe has Jessica on her back kissing her as as he settled between her wide open legs.

Soon only the thing heard was my grunting as I fuck Helen’s ass, Sam groaning while stuffing her throat, her muffled cries of pleasure and pain. Sam’s body slapping against the flesh of a moaning Jessica.
I was the first to cum, filling Helen’s bowels with the latest load of cum she’s been forced to accept this morning.  Sam empties his balls into her throat, making her both gag and collapse from the dual abuse she suffered at our hands.  On The couch Jessica cries out ad arches up  “Damn Bob this little girl is cumming

“So what do you want me to do fill her pussy for you?” Sam burst out laughing at my comment. Five minutes Joe fills her pussy up with is baby juice! Leaving her on the couch her eyes closed as she comes down from her first orgasm, her mother on the floor barely moving, her eyes closed, her faced flushed

“Hey guys I saw the fixings for coffee why don’t we give those two time to rest before we show young Jessica the reason we work as a trio!”

                                                                                   To be Continued

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And now the end?

With the sound of Bloop, bloop, bloop permeating the air I return to the living room finding Jessica and Helen wrapped up in each other’s arms on the couch. Sam  in a chair to their right, Joe lying on his side in front of the couch looking up at then pair. “Where do you keep the coffee cups Helen?” While standing in the doorway  “I can only find one!”

“T-T-T-That’s all we have!” Looking to me “Don says we can only afford to make two cups a day and he has one with breakfast and one after dinner!” Damn I’ve heard he was controlling, now I was being given proof just how controlling! Leave it to Sam to drill home just how pathetic it sounded!

“Damn does he give it to you more than once in a while?”  getting up moving behind her “Or have we given you more than your monthly quota?” His hand coming to rest on her shoulder, earning a shudder from Helen

“Leave my mother alone please!”  A slim hand swatting his hand away.

“Oh is someone up to learn some more about right and wrong?”

“Please haven’t you three done enough to us already!” Helen drawing Jessica tighter to her.

“ENOUGH all of you!”  Looking straight to Sam “ You get back to that chair and zip the lip, I decide when she’s ready to learn more not you!” Taking back control of this situation “Jessica get in the kitchen and find things we can drink out of and call out when it’s ready to be brought in. Helen looks up to me and before she could get her mouth open to say something “And you just let her go and keep quiet or I’ll let them taking you the minute she’s in the kitchen!”

Helen lets go and Jessica bolts into the kitchen, her little pert ass bobbin up and down with each step, my eyes watch it all until she’s standing in front of the cabinets, rummaging around for containers. Damn that girl looked as good from behind, my cock hardening once more.

Helen seeing this “Please Bob!, I swear no one will ever find out about this, just don’t do anything else to my Jess. I beg you!”

“Tell you what Helen, I won’t if you let Sam and Joe here take you into the your bedroom until they are satisfied!” The look on her face was priceless and I swear I could see her thinking about my offer. I hope she didn’t think that I was trying to get her way from Jessica so I could put a proposal to her that I didn’t want her to interfere with.

Helen looks to me, then Sam and Joe then back to me  tears coming to her eyes “And Jessica won’t touched again?” I cross my heart with my right hand, my left behind me my fingers crossed praying she naive enough to believe me!” “Alright I'll do it!”

Joe is up off the floor in an instant, Sam jolts up and is at Helen’s side, his hand out to help her up. Joe on her other side to block her from running!. The three of then start for the stairs as I turn my attention back to Jessica in the kitchen. As I hear they going up I move to Jessica, who has found cereal bowls and was filling them with dark liquid from the cast iron coffee pot. Now was my time to proposition her.

Placing a hand on her left asscheek, “Now Jessica I’m sure you know that it’s just your word and your mothers about what we done to you and her don’t you?” She turns and looks at me “I mean Maybelle Cartier saw us driving off so she thinks we were going back to the court to put you the thief in a cell until Harry sees them in the morning!” The look in her eyes tell me she’s knows so I continue.

“Now these charges can be wiped clean if you agree to court me!” Her eyes widen at what I just said. From above the sound of bed spring creaking  makes her gasp “Now your mother is making a deal with Sam and Joe about getting all the food needed for you and her!"

“T-t-t-t-his coutin-n-n-n would it include us f-uck-i-n-n-n-g-g--g-g!” Pressing herself to the counter trying to escape me hand on her ass.

“Why that the main way the charges are going to disappear!”  stepping closer to her again pressing my hard cock against her thigh “All you have to do is lay me and I’ll make everything go away!” Then to make it more attractive to her “Including the charges against your father and brothers!”

That got her to press back against me, making me backup so she could turn around to look at me. “You would do that just to get me into your bed?”

I step closer to her again, my right hand sliding down her mound then between her legs into her newly fucked pussy. She gives out a sigh as I finger fuck her once more “What’s-s-s-s-s-s to stop-p-p-p-p me  from going back on this-s-s-s-s-s deal-l-l-l-l-l!”

“What I can make disappear, can reappear with even more evidence to send then from the jail to an upstate prison that’s what!” I don’t know what makes her stiffen more my threat of more evidence against her male relatives or me working two more fingers into her pussy. My guess was my fingers since a few seconds later she came over my fingers.

Her eyes lowers to the floor  “No-o-o-o-o-o please not that!”  Squirming against the palm of my hand “I’ll court you!” Words streaming out of her mouth like tears out of her eyes “I’ll fuck you every time!” Spreading her legs wide “Even now!” reaching down to grasp my cock and take it towards her newly wet slit “Please let me fuck you Mister Murray!”

“Well most certainly Miss Simmonds!” Thrusting hard and deep up into her pussy “Now that we’re a courtin you call me Bob!” Footsteps above then from the top of the stairs.

“Hey how’s that coffee comin?”

Putting my left hand across Jessica’s mouth “Just find! But Jessica needs cream before she can drink it!” Thrusting faster in and out of her, making her shake.

“Oh I bet she does!” Sam the smartass yells back “Well when your done creamin’ her, We’re in here waiting for our coffee!”

Letting go of her mouth she moans as I fuck her and I don’t even try to make her shut up. As I cum in her for the second time this morning She cries out alerting everyone! Pulling out, I  move her to the side to get a tray to carry out the make do coffee cups to them. Joe and Sam was sitting on the couch a used looking Helen between then as I passed the tray in front of them. When all the bowls were handed out I took a seat in the wing back chair, Jessica taking a seat on my lap then with false confidence.

“Momma!, Bob has asked if he could court me!” A tear running down her right cheek “And I would like that!” Helen head comes up, eyes glaring at me, probably figuring out what I done to Jessica to make her ask that of her.

“Only your daddy can allow that Jessica!”

“But he’s not here and might not be for a long time to come!” Helen gasps hearing those words from her daughter’s mouth, her eyes swing to my face.

“You bastard!” Tears flowing down her face “That’s why you had then take me up there and do that to me!” Hmmm! Maybe she’s not that naive, wiping her eyes “Yes you can court him!” Then to me “May the good lord make you rot in hell you bastard!”

As Helen and Jessica stand to embrace each other Sam and Joe shake my hand, congratulating me on my courtship! With that settled we leave the ladies to commiserate with each other over our treatment of them.


September 1ST 7:45PM

I pull up to the Simmonds farm, Don, Dwayne and Ricky are sitting on the porch, still dressed in the clothes they were released from the jail house in. The boys just glare at me, which I promptly ignore “Evenin’ Simmonds, nice night isn’t it!”

Don looks up “The only thing keeping me from gunning you down is the threat your holding over my Jessica!” Behind then the door opens and out comes jessica dressed in a blue checkered shirt and a skirt, Helen just behind her!

“Now Don! you got it all wrong I’m not holding anything over Jessica, I’m holding it over you three!” As she comes to me side I move behind her and slide one hand up under her skirt, the other into her shirt “She just ticket out of the big house in Utica!” Nudging Jessica and Whispering to her "Tell them our plans darling!"

“Bob is taking me down to the lake where I’m going to beg him to fuck me hard daddy!” tears coming to her face as she continues “Maybe Dwayne and Ricky would like to join us so you and momma can have the house to yourselves!”

Don glares at me “You fucking bastard!”

“And damn proud of it Don!” Turning my back to him and the rest of his family  “Now you boys stay out of trouble you hear!” A few step to the car, seeing Jessica into the passenger side “Oh and I’ll fuck her extra hard and dedicate it to you Don!”

Helen hand comes down onto Don’s shoulder “Oh and Joe and Sam sends their Hello’s to you Mrs Simmonds, they hope your doing alright!” More glaring from Don and Helen joins in as I get in behind the wheel and reverse off the property!

                                                                                              The End?

January 03, 2019, 04:16:11 PM
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No don't end it yet. You could get more out of this story I believe....but that might just be because I'm not ready for the end.

January 10, 2019, 02:53:37 AM
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This story still has a lot of potential! Don't end it yet, I wanna know what happens afterward!

January 10, 2019, 10:00:07 PM
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More is coming can't guarantee when though!

January 10, 2019, 10:40:21 PM
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Why must you torment me by making me wait....

January 11, 2019, 08:12:36 AM
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I will apologize and lay some of the blame on you also! Asking for more but not giving me an idea of how to extend it, like I'm full of ideas! ;D

January 11, 2019, 04:50:04 PM
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How am I to blame??? Lol

January 11, 2019, 07:38:42 PM
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By wanting this continued! Now I got to come up with new ideas! and I just thought of something!

January 11, 2019, 11:37:34 PM
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Well get to writing and posting lol. It's not my fault you got me hooked on your stories

January 15, 2019, 05:00:54 PM
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Please mistress don't be beating this tired old soul! I'se get to writing likes you want!

Part Five

The car pulled off the property and Don couldn’t control his anger any more, standing up , kicking the chair he was in away “Goddamn bastard got me baby girl doing immoral things so me and my boys can be free it not right!”

“Now Don! Jessica did her best to get clear of the barn before anyone showed!” Helen righting the chair “But that Carter had Bob and his men in the barn the whole time!"

“Don’t be trying to make this seem like it anyone fault but Bob’s, though I do agree that that Carter deserved to be taught a lesson and real soon at that!” Looking around for Dwayne and Ricky “Now where has those two good for nothin’s got too?” Moving to the end of the porch “Dwayne, Ricky come here!”

Like a pair loyal dogs the bolt around the house and immediate take a seat on the top step. Almost as one “You call paw!

“Yeah I called you idiots!” Swinging his left hand clipping both in the back of the head “Tell me the god honest truth, when you all got caught by Carter what were you doing?”

Ricky looks to the ground and starts confessing “Dwayne was choking a chicken while I was watching Mrs. Carter in her room!”

Don getting madder by the second “Boy look at me and tell me what she was doing?”

Ricky raises his head “She was changin’ from her overall into a dress when I first saw her!” Swallowing before continuing as he noticed a small vein on his father’s forehead begin to throb. “She had just dropped the bib of her overall down and there was nothing but skin showin’ and I hit my head on the pane of glass I was staring in!”Lowering his head again as if ashamed “That when she spotted me and started making a fuss!”
Don couldn’t believe what he was hearing, turning to his oldest “And you what were you doing?"

Dwayne stood up and looked his paw in the eyes “As Ricky said I just started to choke a chicken, it dies real fast paw. Then I grabbed some eggs and was placing them in my pocket when Ricky holler to run!” Lowering his head to look at his feet “That’s when I dropped the chicken and bolted for the woods!"

“So let me get this straight your brother said run because he got anxious over seeing some tits and you like a complete moron dropped food never even got to see these suppose tits yourself?”

“Yes Em sir!” from Dwayne while Ricky waited then added “But paw they weren’t like Jessie’s tits at all, nor maw’s either!”

That incensed Don “What in the name of hell are you doing looking at you maw’s and sisters tits for!” Slapping the back of Ricky’s head while spraying flecks of spittle  from his mouth. “Don’t you know you’ll go to hell for that?” Turning to Dwayne “Now tell me you haven’t been alooking also at your maw and sister’s tits?”

“Well paw not intentionally like Ricky has been!”

“Jesus that’s all we need in this house!”  Turning to Helen “I’m going to take these two over to Cartier’s and get her to apologize for her action!”  motioning her to the door “You might as well go in and wait for us and Jessica to get back!”

Helen knew better than to argue with Don when he was incensed like this. Getting up and opening the door, stepping inside as Don told the boys “You two come with me and you do whatever I tell ya to do!” Rushing to the side window Helen see the trio disappear into the woods leading to Carter’s


“Jesus I wonder where those three are off to?” Sam posed out loud

“Who cares I been wondering how i was going to get Mrs. Simmonds alone again and this is the perfect way!”was Joe’s reply

“You ain’t gonna try to fuck her again?” Sam incredulous

“Why not if Bob can have Jessica at his beck and call why can’t I have her mother!”

“One Bob got a deal with Jessica and you know it and two old man Simmonds would kill you if he ever found out what we did to his wife!”

“But what if we use the same kinda deal on her as Bob used on Jessica!” Turning a wide smile to Sam “You think she wouldn’t do it to keep her husband out of the state slammer?”

“Well now Joe!”  a big smile coming to his face “I do believe that she would at that!” Getting up from the ditch they were in “So why are we sitting here when we could be in there with her between us moaning in pleasure!” Both are going up the long dirt path with a smile on their face and a hardon growing between their legs.

At the door Joe knocks, hearing inside a timid voice “Coming!” then the door opens a crack!

“Evening Mrs Simmonds me and my partner would like to talk to you about menfolk!” Looking to Joe then to sam her face blanches as she understood why there are here “Now we can do it out here or you can be neighbourly and invite us in!”


The closer to the river I get the more Jessica starts to get tense, “Daddy says that I shouldn’t let you fuck me!” Turning to me “He says you are no better than an rapists when you make me do that!”

"Well let it never say that Bob Murray is a rapists!” Pulling the car over “If you want I can turn around and drive you back home Jessica!”

Her eyes widen a slight twinkle comes to her eyes “Really you would do that?”

“Sure I would!” Letting her think the best about me, then I make her remember what’s at stake. “After all I would have to drive out there to get you dad and brothers so Judge Howard can pass full judgement on them!” Then just to make sure she knew what I meant “I hear Utica is really lovely at this time of year, your mom and you should have fun visiting them there!” turning my body towards her “So how do I pull back onto the road Jessica?”

I barely hear her “To the river bank Bob!” My right hand reaching over to grope her left breast through her checkered shirt.

“Your wish is my command Miss Simmonds!” After releasing her breast I put the car into drive and merge back on the road  going twenty so I could enjoy her being beside me “Oh did I tell you I’ve got something special for you in the trunk?”

                                                                                                                    More To Come!

January 15, 2019, 10:57:02 PM
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See you go and add that and expect me not to beg for more?? And you said I was to blame

January 15, 2019, 11:27:25 PM
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Love the continuation of this! Dwayne and Ricky.......what a couple of dingbats!

January 16, 2019, 11:31:22 AM
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Interesting, very interesting.

More please

January 26, 2019, 06:02:54 PM
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Finally some more

Part six

Simmonds place

They have me and they know it, I step aside, “Please come in won’t you?” They’re both pass me in an instant”” Is there something about my husband and boys that I can help you with?”

"Why yes Mrs. Simmonds!, Can you tell them we’re here for their probation check in?” Joe asks me and i have no idea what he’s talking about

“Probation check?!”

“Oh I’m sure that your husband told you that he and the boys were released under the condition that they stay here unless they ask the permission of their probation officers to leave the property!” I blanch hearing that, praying to god that these two aren’t the probation officers. The look on my face must have given me away “They are here aren’t they Mrs. Simmonds?”

The look on their faces told me that they knew that they weren’t “Just say they aren’t here what will happen?”

Sam takes over “Well we would have to carry out Judge Howard’s instructions and take them back to the courthouse to await transfer to Utica!” Joe the bastard takes over putting me on the spot.

“But there no need for that since they are here aren’t they?” The smirk on his face makes me sick as he continues “So you just be a good wife and go fetch them for their check in and we’ll be gone in no time!” He looks to Sam and they both smirk!

“You both are more than aware that they ain’t here, so what are you going to do?”

“Well then we have no choice but to go find then and arrest them for probation violations!”

“What if I…!” Lowering my eyes at what I was contemplating letting them do. Beginning to lift the hem of my dress up past my mid thighs.

“Well why don’t we just go upstairs in case they come back anytime soon?” Joe reaches out his left hand to me, Sam moving to the door, locking it then joining us a Joe gently pulls me to the stairs. Up to the bedroom they take me making comments about how I was looking tonight.

Into the room we go, the sight of the bed already turned down drawing the comment “Damn were you hoping to get it tonight?” Both burst out laughing as they start to undress. Me! I’m trembling praying to god inside that Don and the boys don’t return before these two are gone! Taking my dress off then my undergarments I sit on the edge of the bed waiting to be told what they wanted from me.

“You get into the middle of the bed and take Sam in your mouth while I take you!”

I do what I’m told, getting on my hands and knees only to have Joe climb on behind me and pull my legs out from under me. As I fall prone onto the mattress Sam grabs the sides of my head lifting it as he climbs on the mattress, his cock already beginning to rise towards my face. Without being told I open my mouth and await his cock being shoved in. As it enters I feel Joe spread my legs and mount me from behind after laying on my legs, his hard cock between my fold before I was ready to take it.


River side

I can’t begin to imagine what Bob is talking about! What could there be in the trunk for me? As I gaze out the windshield I see the view of the small river get closer by the second. I was dreading Bob fucking me again, since daddy told me that it was morally wrong for him to do that when we weren’t man and wife but I was also feeling the special tingling in between my legs thinking about it.

We pull in behind the feed store, parking beside a car I never seen before. As he pulls to a stop we get out and he goes to the trunk getting out a blanket and something that clanks together wrapped in cloth “Well are you excited for your doubling date?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, what was a doubling date! He passes me the blanket then places his free hand on the small of my back and propels me forwards towards the river bank through some trees. As we emerge onto the bank I spot someone already there and stop dead in my tracks.

“Now Jessica don’t keep his honour and me waiting!” Turning to Bob I blanch at the idea that he expected me to… then I see what was wrapped in the cloth, handcuffs  two pair!

“Why?...” looking to Judge Howard who was taking his pants off, his skin wrinkled and spotted. On his face a smile as he started towards me.

“Well hello Miss Simmonds I hear from Bob here that you do love your daddy and brothers!’ his wrinkled hand takes my left “I hope that you’ll consider me a daddy worth loving also!”

I feel the night air on my chest as my shirt is slide down my arms, then the extra cold sensation of the cuff being closed around one wrist. The other cuff the Judge takes and closes around his arm, cuffing us together. The night air gently flows over my legs as my pants are slide down my legs, The judge’s eyes travels down my body, he whistles softly!

“Damn Bob if’n you ain’t been understating her beauty!” I blush  at that, wondering what’s he said and to who he said it. I want to curl up and hide under a rock as Judge Howard wrinkled free hand slides up under my bra, moving it up and over my breasts “Bob why don’t you take that bra off before cuffing yourself to her!”

Inside I don’t know what going on, all I knew for sure was I wanted to be free “Please I’ll do what you want me to do, just take these cuffs off please!”

Oh you’ll do what we want and then some!” Bob and Judge Howard laugh at that


Maybelle Carter’s Farm

Me and the boys come out at the bottom of the field by the henhouse. Looking to the house the light were off and there seemed to be no movement.
“All right Ricky you go see if she’s in her bedroom!”

“Why me paw?”

"Cause you see it the most!” Swiping the back of my hand towards him “And I’m telling you to!”

He goes quickly and as quiet as he could looking into one window I see him go up on tip toe then sink down and turns towards where Dwayne and I hid.  He waves and we make our way just as quickly and quietly. When we join him, I take the chance and look in. biting my lower lips at the sight if Maybelle Carter in her bed, the blankets tented from her breasts sticking up like a pair of mountains.

“Dwight! You go see if’n you can find a way in without breaking anything!

“Yes em paw!” Taking off, returning as I’m telling Ricky that I wanted him to go find some rope or something that could be used to tie her up with. He leaves and I turn back to eyeing Maybelle thinking *Damn she must be built more than Helen and Jessica combine.

Ricky returns with a small coil of fencing wire and pliers. The Dwayne is back “Paw the coal chute is open and the slide is sticking out!”

“Must be expecting some heating coal right paw?” Ricky proven what a genius he is

“No she left it open expecting us to come and warm her up!” Once more clipping him in the back of the head with my hand.  “Now here’s what we are going to do…!

                                                                                                          More To Come!

January 27, 2019, 09:21:07 AM
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Oh tingles of excitement waiting for the next update.