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A Few Too Many

I couldn't have possibly been in a worse mood. We had been pulling ridiculous overtime for almost a month.  I hadn't been eating well, had been getting little sleep. It really sucked. We had too few people doing way too much and it was starting to show in the overall performance. People were making mistakes.

It was a cool night, the chilly air whipped up by the wind brought a slight chill as I pulled my jacket zipper all the way up. I decided to take a shortcut through the park. Sure it was late, but this was a safe town. Technically it was a city but most people still referred to it as a town due to its size. It was a university town, with a few factories. Nothing bad really ever happened here. It was starting to grow, and bring in high tech industries, so that might change in the future, but at this point it was still a safe town.

Cutting through the park, I mused at how I would never have done this when living in the big city, so as much as I detested being in this town, it did have its perks. Nobody for miles, just me by myself, walking through the tree's at night admiring how bright the stars looked when something caught my peripheral vision. Pausing, I investigated and I saw what looked like a young woman crawling on her hands and knees barely conscious. As she looked well dressed and was not a street person, I naturally was concerned and approached to see if she was OK. She appeared to be in her late teens, asian, and was wearing a tight fitting stretch skirt, and a tight top, as she crawled before collapsing.

"Are you OK?" I inquired, shaking the girl lightly. She made a slight moan, and didn't move. Right away I could see the problem...or smell it is more like it. She had enough alcohol on her breath to knock over an elephant with the fumes. I find girls tend to do this more than guys. For some reasons guys tend to drink beer or straight liquor like bourbon, but girls always drink these fruity things where they don't realize how much booze they are consuming. Then they hit the shooters and by the time they started sensing how fucked up they are it's too late. What baffled me is that nobody made sure she got home OK. Nice friends.

I checked to see if she had a cell phone, maybe I could call someone, but when I did it was password protected. Great. I wasn't sure what to do. I figured I could probably leave her here, as this was a fairly safe town but still I had my reservations about that.

"Hey...wake up" I spoke loudly, shaking her. She almost seemed to register my voice, and mumbled something. I clearly had to be more proactive here. Grabbing her, I pulled her up into a sitting position as her head flopped around limply. Then coming around behind her, I wrapped my arms around her, trying to raise her onto her feet. As I did so, her shirt came up, and my hand contacted the soft skin of her abdomen, and while I was just trying to help I had to admit it was a nice sensation. I finally managed to manoeuvre her slightly into a standing position, even though she appeared to be asleep on her feet. I was going to bend over and pick her up over my shoulder, when her knees buckled, and she collapsed towards the bench like a rag doll. Reacting to prevent injury, I just grabbed her and one hand ended up on her inner thigh, which despite my intentions gave me a bit of a thrill, as my hand slid up, situating itself right by her panty line as I lowered her, the humid heat from her core radiating onto my hand as I brought her gently to the ground, and lay her on her back. She was out like a light, and not waking up any time soon. As I sat there beside her, contemplating what to do, I thought about that inner thigh I felt, and had a strange sexual urge. Looking to be sure she was still asleep, I looked down between her legs that were splayed apart, as her skirt had ridden right up.

I felt a guilty surge at what I was thinking, and took a careful look around to make sure nobody was coming, before I moved myself into a position where I could take a good look at her. Confirming I was alone, I took a good look between her legs, seeing the shape of her inner thighs while enjoying the outline of her pussy pressed through the fabric of her panties. I had never been much for porn, but for some reason, the voyeuristic pleasure of staring at a girls crotch through her panties was crazily exciting despite my normally mild demeanour.

An urge started to build inside me, a raging lust to take advantage of this girls unconscious state. It was crazy for me to even contemplate that, as doing so would be a serious offense and I had never even so much as shoplifted in my life. I was always Mr Straight Guy. I never cheated on girlfriends, I never took supplies from work.....I was a good person my whole life, but right now I had this insane urge to cross a very serious line. I'm not sure why, because I did fine with girls so it's not like I needed to do this. I had never gotten off on any violent porn, or even regular porn for that matter. It was just the idea that this girl was so vulnerable, and unaware of what was happening that just turned me on. I had never known this side of myself, thinking things like this.

I shook her gently, just to confirm she couldn't be woken, and then looking around once more I placed my hand on her thigh, and gently stroked it. I wasn't planning on going too far, I just wanted to feel her a bit, maybe to explore. Touching a girls thigh would not normally feel so erotic, but doing so to a young teen like this at my age in itself was a taboo thrill. If any of my co workers even saw me so much as staring at a girl her age they would look at me in disgust. Ok, maybe some of the guys would smile, thinking the same thing, but in general it would get some odd looks.

Her thigh was soft and smooth, no blemishes, no excess fat other than the normal youthful fleshiness for a girl her age. She was a perfect angel, laying there asleep, her young thighs splayed apart as I softly stroked her inner thigh, feeling guilty yet incredibly aroused as my hand made its way towards her sex. As my fingers brushed her inner thigh at the point where the slight indent occurred, allowing some space between her panty line and her flesh, I paused again to make sure she was still asleep. Intrigued by the sight of her labia pressing through her panties, I slid my fingers over the bulge in the soft material. It was a guilty pleasure, groping this girls crotch as she lay there blissfully unaware that her body was being groped by an older man. Now while I had seen prettier girls, even been with prettier girls, she was certainly cute enough that most guys would take notice. But it wasn't just the looks. It was to some extent the fact that she was so much younger than me which in itself would be scandalous, but even more so it was the sheer sense of just how wrong this was that had my body quivering with excitement. Sliding my fingers up and down over her panty covered pussy, I felt my breathing pick up as I sat there with my mouth open indulging myself in taking advantage of this girls state. The moist warmth emanating through the material was driving me wild. I didn't know how far I wanted to take this, and certainly had no intention of going beyond mere groping to actual rape, but  I was not content with merely feeling her through her panties. I had to actually touch the girls twat, just to feel it with my fingers. I looked around again, acutely aware of what the reaction would be if anyone happened upon my groping this unconscious teen.

Sliding my fingers underneath the waistband, I felt a shiver go through my body as the snoring girl remained out like a light. I felt the soft curls of her pubic hairs, as I made my way to her little quim. When my fingers touched the soft damp flesh, I struggled to control myself. Sliding my fingers up and down, I explored this young girls sex as she lay there defenceless in her state of unconsciousness. Due to my excitement, my other hand went to my own crotch, rubbing my hard erection through my pants as I fingered her tender little pussy. I started to probe into her, feeling her youthful tightness gripping my fingertip nicely as I explored and quickly met resistance, as something blocked my finger from penetrating further. What? a surge of excitement went through me as I probed again to confirm and again found a barrier of flesh blocking my fingers entrance. No way! A virgin? For real?. I was enthralled at finding she was a virgin. I had always dreamed of having sex with a virgin, but had never been fortunate enough to have the pleasure of fucking a virgin girl. I had never even seen a hymen. In high school the few girls I fingered who claimed to be virgins didn't have hymens which I knew was possible. I needed to actually see it for myself.

Looking around once more to be sure nobody was coming, I moved into a position where I could part her legs, and pull her panties to one side. Placing a thumb on each side, I pulled her labia apart and saw it, stretched nicely across just beyond the opening, with a very tiny hole in it for menstrual blood to pass. Holy shit! I couldn't get over the reality of this. A real live virgin, and I was looking at her hymen! Touching my fingertip to the little opening in her maidenhead, I tested it, as the tissue resisted. I noticed I was sweating quite a bit, as I toyed with her cherry. I was tempted to push my fingers through so I would be able to say to myself that I tore a girls hymen. Some lucky bastard is going to tear that with his cock I thought jealously. I envisioned her legs splayed like this, as some jerk lined his manhood up with that fleshy hole, and then pushed in. Would he be gentle or rough? Would she feel pleasure or pain? Would her face show fear as he prepared to penetrate or lust? Just thinking of the feel of that tight little hole around a cock, the look on her innocent looking face when her cherry was ripped had me breathing like I had ran a marathon. Other guys I knew had fucked virgins and they said it was incredible, always referring to how tight it was, and the thrill of knowing that no other cock had touched the vaginal walls that were gripping their flesh. In my 30's I had resigned myself at this stage to accepting that I would grow old and die without ever having that experience.

I felt lust and excitement at having a virgin in my presence and jealousy at all those guys who had popped cherries, and the guy who would pop this one, when the obvious temptation came to my mind. Fuck her? I thought, No!.....that's rape!, I shook my head, knowing that I was already doing something very wrong, and that actually having sex with her would be crossing a more serious line. I realized I could probably slide my cock into her without her knowing. I tried to dismiss the idea, knowing that I would be taking a very serious risk. Getting caught would result in serious criminal charges and jail time. The only thing was...part of me knew that if I did this I would not get caught. It was like the proverbial devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, one telling me to pop her tight little cherry, and one telling me to stop this and leave. The angel was concerned slightly for the fact that doing that to the girl would be wrong, but was mostly concerned for the trouble I could get into. The devil simply taunted me with the fact that I would regret it for the rest of my life, tortured with the knowledge that I had a perfectly good virgin who's cherry I could have popped when I knew I could have gotten away with it. I knew if I did not take advantage of this opportunity that had been presented to me, I would never know the feeling of pushing my cock through a girls hymen and feeling a virgins tightness gripping my flesh. The Devil was making a more convincing argument at that moment.

Would she know when she woke up that she had been raped? I never really thought to ask a girl how her pussy felt the morning after sex. Also with her being a virgin, would there be a greater likelihood of her feeling soreness or even pain down there when she woke up. Of course even if she realized she had been raped, she would probably assume it happened at the party because that is usually how it happens, by somebody you know. Some questions would be asked, an investigation conducted, but nothing would lead to me. Assuming she became aware of her violation, the shame at having put herself in that situation could likely silence her. The only risk was getting caught, but people rarely ever came through this park at night, this was a weeknight, and the bars had already been closed for almost an hour. Nobody would be coming.

I think at that point my mind was made up, but there was still some lagging hesitation. Would she wake up? Sure, some light slaps failed to wake her, but there was a huge difference between a few light slaps and having your hymen torn and your virgin pussy stuffed. I did a few other quick checks. Some hard pinches in places where she wouldn't see bruises. Part of me was hoping she might respond, so I would have an excuse to back out. I bit a finger quite hard, and at one point stuck my hand inside her panties and gave her clitoris a pinch. No real response. She was out like a fucking light and would not be waking for some time. I had to....I just fucking had to!

I had never broken a law in my life, and now I was about to rape an unconscious virgin schoolgirl! I was trembling with both fear and excitement as I struggled to control my breathing.

Looking around carefully again, I reached for her panties, and started to pull, sliding them down her soft fleshy legs. I had to raise her butt slightly to get them past it, but quickly I had the little darlings panties off, and access to her undefended hymen. The excitement of seeing this virgin, naked from the waist down as she lay there unaware of her predicament was a thrill unlike any I had ever felt. Just looking at her hair covered mound, with her incapable of defending it drove me wild with a guilty excitement.  I wanted this to go right, so I decided to prepare her for penetration, as it would be more difficult of she was dry, and would increase the likelihood that she would feel pain in the morning. Parting her tender young legs, I lowered my face between them and started to use my tongue on her. Even though her unconscious state prevented her from being aroused (which would not be the reaction I would expect if she woke up) the body is designed to react to certain things, and very quickly her body's natural fluids started to secrete and it took very little time to get her ready for penetration.

Moving up again, I looked around cautiously one more time, before crossing the most serious line. Sliding her shirt and bra up, I exposed her tits. Then I undid my belt and unzipped my fly before sliding my pants down along with my boxers, releasing my tortured cock from it's prison I moved between her legs kneeling as the cool night air now attacked my naked pelvis. Grabbing her legs, I pulled them up and parted them, putting her in a position that gave me the best angle and leverage for penetration. I took my manhood in my hand, and lined it up with the girls delicate little flower, and touched the head to her soft wet petals as she remained blissfully unaware of her hymens pending fate. Sliding the head up and down between the folds, I kept having two thoughts going through my head. My first virgin....and the fact that I was about to rape someone. Oh yeah, she was also my first Asian, but in the grand scheme of things that seemed a bit secondary.

After a few minutes of letting the anticipation build, I finally aligned my cock head with her entrance, and shifted my position. I paid close attention as I wanted to remember every detail, and every sensation. Leaning in, I pressed my swollen head against her opening and pushed against her resisting opening, luxuriating in the sensation of conquest, a I forced my way past the resisting yet doomed outer lips as her tightness slid over me, like a stretchy sock. When I came up against her rubbery hymen, and felt for the first time in my life the feel of the tip of my penis, already leaking some fluids pressing bareback against a virgins hymen I gasped in pleasure. Oh my god....this is it!. I thought it was a shame that I would only get to break it once actually. The only complaint I ever heard guys make about virgins, is that you have to penetrate real slow, because it hurts them and most guys want to fuck at their own pace. As she could not feel anything I did not need to worry about that. I would focus on my pleasure alone.

Leaning in real hard, I pressed against her resisting virgin barrier, feeling it valiantly defending her inner depths before my efforts won out and I tore through it, sliding several inches into her gripping tightness. The realization that I had just torn through a girls hymen, part of her vagina with my cock made me feel like Genghis Khan. I gasped at the sensation and immediately worked to bury my cock into her tight little tunnel, glad that she was out because you can't just force your way inside like this when they are awake or they will scream like hell. Once in, I paused, thrilling at the sensation of the little sweethearts inner flesh squeezing me, as my balls rested against her ass and her inner thighs pressed against my hips. I was balls deep inside a young virgin Asian teen, without even a condom....and I did not have consent!!! This was like the wildest ever sex fantasy coming true.

The fact that I was committing a horrible, shameful crime excited me beyond all reason and I started to fuck the little doll. I started pumping in and out, loving the feel of her tightness sliding over me again and again as I violated her in the darkness and the cold night air. I was pretty experienced, but this was by far the best sex I had ever experienced, hands down. I was not deliberately rough as I was not a sadist, and even if I had been there would be no point with her being unconscious, but I focussed on my pleasure without regard for her. I used her little body like a sex toy, pumping my hips rapidly between her outspread thighs as she lay there snoring, blissfully unaware of the rape being perpetrated on her body.

I fucked her for several more minutes, pumping my shaft into her tight cunt sheath, but knew I would not last long. I was too excited for that. This presented me with another moral dilemma. Should I pull out? I harboured no ill will towards this girl, so nothing would be served by leaving her to deal with an unplanned pregnancy (which in itself would make her aware that she was raped if she did not figure it out in the morning). Deep down, I just knew I wouldn't pull out. I would never forgive myself if I didn't have the full experience and come inside her. Instead I continued to violate the sleeping girl for another minute, pounding her with urgency until I achieved orgasm, and planted my shaft deep inside her, the head pressing against her cervix as I ejaculated, sending millions of little sperm cells inside her unprotected body to compete in an age old race for to her uterus. After the moment passed, I lay on top of her, indulging in the fact that I had finally popped a cherry! The other guys who popped cherry's all talked about having to either use a condom or pull out as most virgins are not in birth control. They also had to restrain themselves because the girl required them to be gentle. I had just busted a cherry bareback, pounded it hard and came deep inside her without worry!

Pulling out, I delighted in the sight of blood on my cock, and taking a monogrammed white cloth napkin out of my jacket, I wiped it on my cock, so I would have her virgin blood as a permanent memento of my first virgin. Of course I wasn't done, not by a long shot. We had all night. It wasn't long before I crawled between her tender thighs again, and stuffed myself into her youthful twat and pounded her again, this time going a bit slower to savour it, as I felt her up the whole time, even kissing her unconscious face and sucking on her nipples before again firing my seed into her unprotected depths.

I wanted to take her doggy style, so I placed her upper body on a bench with her legs hanging down and her butt exposed. I ran my hands over her soft buttocks, squeezing and massaging them, delighting in being able to touch this girl any way I want, without worrying about consent or pleasing her. She was a toy.

Spreading her cheeks, I got a nice look at her swollen pussy from behind, and her tight little butthole. Eager to get stuck in, I lined up my cock with her wet soppy opening, and without any preamble I buried myself to the hilt in her wet little cunt, barely controlling a load groan of pleasure. She was still quite tight, I hadn't felt anything like that in years. I had done doggy style, but my sex partners still wanted it to be lovemaking with kissing on the neck, breast play and such. I couldn't just grab their hips and pound them like a bitch dog porn star. This little sweetie however, I could fuck like a sex doll, or a prostitute. I pounded her pussy from behind fucking her like a bitch, as I delivered the occasional slap to the ass.

After a few minutes of this, I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them roughly exposing her anus as I watched my hardness sliding in and out of her little cunt. I placed a thumb on each side of her anus and started spreading it as I pummelled her twat with a vengeance. Having always wanted to talk dirty to a girl while fucking her from behind, so indulged myself by referring to her with words like slut, cockwhore, bitch and a few other colourful descriptive. I'm not sure why I found that so exciting but I did. My thumbs were now probing into her butthole, pulling it open as I battered her pussy from behind.

I felt my climax approaching and increased the intensity of my thrusts, jerking her unconscious body as I pounded my pelvis into her buttocks until I again reached climax, releasing myself into her body. As soon as I started to pump my fluids into her fertile young womb from behind, I plunged my thumb into her butt, delighting in the perversion of such a violation. As this was the third load I pumped into her, I suspect her likelihood of conceiving was increased. Pulling out, I was surprised to find out how hard I still was. It must have been the sheer nastiness of what I was doing. Once or twice in a row was fine, three times sure, but usually after a third I wasn't still rock hard.

I looked at my watch, and realized I still had plenty of darkness left. Furthermore, if nobody had come by bye now, nobody would until dawn. Of course I had already been thinking about her ass. Virgins were not the only thing I had never experienced. I had never taken a girl in the ass. In many cases I didn't dare ask, particularly if it was a co-worker or someone I deemed as being too classy to allow me to do that. Of the ones I did suggest it to most said no. Some I did convince to let me try, but each time before I could even achieve any real penetration they usually stopped me saying it hurt too much. I was wondering if anal sex even happened that often for real, since no matter how much lube I used, and how gentle I tried, they always squealed and stopped me. Now however, I had a girl who was so passed out she couldn't feel anything.

Grabbing some hand cream from my briefcase, I moved back to the unconscious girl laying face down on the bench, and moved into position. Greasing my cock, I quivered in excitement at the ultimate fantasy I had already experienced tonight, and the experience I was about to have. Aligning my cock with the tight little ring, all clean and soft looking, I touched the end to her tender little rosebud and held my shaft in my hand, while placing another on her butt.

I hoped this wouldn't cause any serious damage, because I had nothing against her. I just wanted to experience the thrill of plunging my cock into a girls ass. Pressing against her tight little anus, I felt her body resisting me, protecting her rectum from penetration by clenching even while she was out cold. I guess the human body has some automatic reactions. Pushing harder, I leaned in and to my satisfaction I felt her flesh yield as the ring opened allowing my cockhead to slide in. This was the stage where girls usually went apeshit, crying "stop" or "pull it out" to which I as a nice guy always did. She wasn't saying anything, just snoring, and occasionally moaning or grunting. Leaning in harder, I slowly slid myself into the sleeping girls rectum, feeling the ring of her sphincter sliding over my sensitive organ, gripping it tightly. It was the most incredible sensation due to the tightness, and the fact that even doing something like this consensually was incredibly taboo. Doing this to an unconscious teen however was sheer ecstasy!

By the time I got balls deep in her I paused, amazed at the fact that I actually had my cock buried in a girls asshole for real. Looking down, I amazed at the sight of the tight hole gripping my manhood, trying to strangle it. After a moment or two of gawking in amazement, I gave in to my urges, and started slowly fucking the cute little sweethearts ass. I moved my hips slowly, not wanting to tear her or cause some sort of injury that would require medical attention and subsequent questions. I just wanted to experience my cock buried deep in her gut. I pumped in and out of her tight little shitter, and again started talking dirty to the sleeping girl, pulling her hair and slapping her ass as I pumped my swollen member in and out of her gripping butthole with increased speed. After a bit, I found I could start fucking her harder, so I increased my speed, my pelvis beating a nice rhythm against her butt cheeks as I violated her rear passage without her knowledge.

As with all good things this was doomed to end, so I gripped her hair and pulled her head back hard, and started talking filthy to her, fantasizing that she could hear the degrading remarks I was making as my cock drilled her rectum, seeking release before I finally climaxed. It was the first time in my life I had ever been in a woman's ass, so I made sure to savour the moment as my semen pumped into her bowels, as her rectum still convulsed, trying to expel me. When finished, I slowly slid my hardness out of her butthole. I was a bit concerned when I saw it didn't fully close after I pulled out, and did worry that maybe something was wrong. Dressing, I double checked to make sure I had everything, as I did not want to leave any incriminating evidence. Then using some tissues, I did my best to clean her up, and was relieved to see that her butthole eventually closed. Having wiped away any secretions on and around her holes, I pulled her underwear back up, and rearranged her clothes to look like they did before I saw her.

I worried she might get sick and choke on it, so I put her in the recovery position which I learned during a first aid course. This of course allows any vomit or fluids to drain out of the mouth. Doing one last quick check, I proceeded to leave the area, looking around carefully to make sure I hadn't been seen.
I tried to get in a couple of hours of sleep before getting up in the morning and heading in to work but my mind was working overtime. Would she know? Would she make a complaint? Did I leave a trail? I eventually just got up and went into the office, feeling exhausted. All day I was distracted, worrying about what I had done. All I could think about was what would happen if everyone I knew found out. Ending up on the six o'clock news, being taken away in handcuffs.

The next few days were stressful, as I scoured the media, checking for reports of a sexual assault. Every time there was an unexpected knock on the door, my heart skipped a beat as I expected to open it and find cops and reporters. Sure enough one morning cops did come. When they mentioned there had been a break and enter in the neighborhood and asked if I had seen or heard anything, I could barely disguise my relief. I wonder if they sensed something was wrong, because I was sweating bullets when I asked if something was wrong, and almost gasped audibly in relief when finding out that it wasn't about me. Later in the week when my boss came in and said there were some people in the outer office who wanted to speak to me, again I almost had a heart attack, only to find out it was a compliance officer from one of our clients.

Eventually I was able to relax. I had gotten away with it. I wondered, was she completely unaware? Did she know but feel too ashamed to report it? Would she get pregnant? Part of me wished I could cross her path again so I might find out if she had a kid.

Once the danger period had passed, it was all I could think about. That sex...ok rape, was the hottest sexual experience of my life! Nothing had ever come close to that. After that, whenever I had sex (I was casually seeing a co-worker) I thought about the drunk girl, passed out while I abused her. It was all I could think about. Night and day, I had fantasies of that moment, plunging my hardness into the unconscious girls flesh. Regular sex just didn't quite satisfy any more.

After a few months of mental torment, I finally made a decision......roofies. I travelled all over the country seeing clients, and we had several clients in the US also. I experimented with the roofies a few times first, spiking a few drinks here and there, just to observe the effects until I got a good understanding of the amount of time they would give me. I started thinking about how I would go about this. I didn't want to be flying around with quantities of roofies in my possession for obvious reason. I would have to find local sources. Also I needed a kit for cleaning up afterwards, which included a douche. Paid cash for a quick crash course in lock smithing and voila.....I started banging unconscious chicks everywhere. Granted almost none were virgins, but there were some. Also here were some older business women in hotels too. I started doing a lot of research in sexual assault to find a profile for the kind of girl who would be too ashamed to report it if she suspected something had happened. I found out that foreign exchange students were most likely to keep quiet  about a rape. Granted I was careful not to leave to much evidence that a rape had occurred, but still why not hedge my bets. Sometimes I would scout my victims, and make sure to see them the next day, by sitting in whatever coffee shops they liked, or sitting near them in the library. Most looked like they were just tired, and had no signs of emotional distress. I still paid close attention to the news after taking a girl.

I found my niche. There was just something so delicious about having sex with a girl who didn't even know it was happening, and the thrill of knowing she would likely wake up without suspecting a thing. I was now a predator.

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Why was this so hot and terribly well written! ugh

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Loved this! The detail was awesome!