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A Better Girlfriend Through Chemistry (a sequel to Friday Happy Hour)

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.


My name is Steve.  At least that’s what I’m calling myself here as my ‘nom de plume’.  I’m a chemist by trade.  I make a decent salary in my position, but like nearly everyone, I would prefer more.  For a few years now I’ve been making some money, well a lot of money, manufacturing and selling a drug that makes a girl more susceptible to sexual arousal.  Girls given the drug have a difficult time resisting sex.  Not only does it make them suggestible and extremely horny, they orgasm very easily.  I used to tutor chemistry at the university to meet college girls, but eventually I had access to as many pliant girls as I wished.  I wrote about some of my exploits using this drug on girls and posted what I wrote on a forced sex site:

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I thought I was done with the drug’s development, but as a chemist I couldn’t help tinkering with numerous derivatives and structural analogs, adding various chemical groups and deleting others.  Many of my modifications had no effect at all, while a few had modest effects of getting the girl a little high but not overly aroused, at least not as aroused as my original formula.

One particular chemical compound had me take a second look.  It seemed to be weakly effective with some interesting results in the behavior of the girls.  It gave hints of something extraordinary.  Upon further examination, I determined there was a minor impurity from apparently an insufficiently blocked group becoming alkylated.  I further refined the compound removing the impurity, but any affects seem to vanish?  I took the impurity further refining and concentrating it.  It was the random chance impurity that was pharmacokinetically and psychotropically active.  Even I was not prepared for the effects of this drug.

Girls given the chemical compound become beyond aroused.  Soon after ingestion they not only develop a compulsive itching need for sex, they become fixated on the male closest to them.  Repeated exposure to the drug has the girl hopelessly addicted to both the drug and the male she perceives as being the source of her intense feelings.  She can refuse him nothing.  The humiliating thing for the girl is she knows how she is acting and wants to stop, but she can’t help herself.  She’ll often cry while performing filthy degrading sexual acts asking herself out loud why is she doing it.

While I had given up on being a chemistry tutor at the university, I still maintained my connections there.  It wasn’t hard to find a few geeky college guys with trouble meeting girls, a few moderately wealthy geeky guys.  There’s a perception a guy with money gets girls easily.  Well, if he’s good looking he does.  However, many guys are so geeky, nerdy and shy, they become dysfunctional around girls, especially pretty girls.  These guys and the objects of their affection became my initial test subjects.

This type of guy always has some girl he’s pining for, some unattainable girl.  Unattainable for them that is until they made a deal with me.  I mean how much would you pay to have the gorgeous girl of your dreams naked kissing your feet and submissively begging you for sex?

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The Jed Master at work! I can only imagine the things that are going to happen!

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The Student Journalist

That a few guys that normally couldn’t get a girl suddenly had one and an exquisitely beautiful one at that following them around like a puppy dog got noticed by a few people, but most shrugged and wondered how they got so lucky.  There was some open speculation that nerds must be the new ‘cool’.  A few girls not even given the drug briefly dated some nerdy guy thinking it must be the ‘in’ thing to do.  Soon it wasn’t just college guys with money getting subservient girls.  Once the testing with the college guys and girls showed the potential of the drug, I had customers all over the area and was branching out.

Older men with money have always kept mistresses that waited for them in apartments.  But now they had gorgeous young girls that were essentially their sex slaves waiting to serve their every whim and pleasure.  In the past, such girls got paid handsomely and were given lavish gifts for laying underneath their puffing clients pretending to enjoy it.  Now I was the one being paid for supplying the drug.  The girls were just being used by the men and often shared with friends and clients or anyone the man wanted to let fuck his new little sex slave.

While there was some talk, no one had figured out what was going on about the drug.  And especially, no one had traced anything to me.  No one did except some college journalist.  She wasn’t even any kind of investigative journalist.  She just wrote some stories about things going on around campus.  It seemed she noticed the change in behavior of one of her girlfriends, and followed a few people.  Some of those people she followed happened to be my people, people I was very unhappy with for letting some young girl follow them around and not noticing.  I would deal with them later, but first I needed to deal with this meddlesome nosy girl.

She asked to meet me on the pretense of an interview, university alum from the chemistry department doing well in industry sort of thing.  The restaurant was dark, even in the afternoon.  She chose the place, but I got there early and picked a secluded booth with a small round table and curved cushioned bench seat meant for intimacy.  She walked in and looked around squinting until she saw me.  I watched her warily approach tugging down a short black skirt as if she was unaccustomed to wearing skirts.  The skirt was so short, the hem was closer to her crotch than it was to her knee.  She didn’t seem particularly comfortable in the black blouse and heels either.  I got the impression she didn’t dress like this often.  I know she did it trying to look as attractive as possible thinking it might give her an advantage in our discussion.

I knew she was Asian, Korean actually, but she had been here most of her life and considered herself an American girl.  I knew several things about her, things she wouldn’t want me to know.  She was a cute little thing with very long dark hair hanging loose almost all the way to a shapely butt.  Her bare thighs under the skirt looked strong, not big or unattractive, just like thighs a tiny girl gymnast might have.  The blouse showed just a little cleavage made by what looked like a pushup bra designed to make a little look like a lot.  A hint of the black bra was visible in the V of the blouse.  Her breasts looked nice though, and I wondered what her nipples looked like.  As she got closer, her eyes were compelling.  It was obvious she spent a fair amount of time in front of a mirror getting dolled up for me, and I was flattered.

I stood and there was a brief uneasy handshake, and then she sat edging into the booth with obvious discomfort of how close she was to me.  She was at a right angle to me, so I was mostly looking at the side of her face with glances down her blouse and at her legs.  The waitress had already brought ice water.  She stared at the water as if a snake was crawling out of the top of the glass, and then with her index finger pushed the glass across the table as far as she could without it dropping to the floor.  It was then that I knew she knew about the drug.  Before we could really start any discussion, the waitress came back with menus and asked about drinks.

“Since you don’t seem to want water, would you care for a drink?”
“Vodka tonic.”
I nodded and spoke, “Carlsberg in a chilled glass.”
The waitress hesitated looking uncomfortable, and the Asian girl said, “I’m 21.”
“Get her the drink,” I told the waitress who lowered her eyes and left.

While we waited for our drinks, her red rouged lips parted a few times as if to speak, but she stared straight ahead not saying anything.  When the attractive blond waitress returned, I could see the Asian girl appraising her the way one girl might another.  There might have been a little more than casual interest in the glance she gave the waitress.  It was then she finally turned toward me drink in hand one finger sliding the swizzle stick aside taking a long drink of the vodka.  There was a hint of her lipstick on the glass when she lowered it.

“You looked practiced at drinking, too practiced for someone just barely 18?”
Her eyes got wide in surprise and losing a little composure she blurted, “How did you?……Never mind.”
“I’m a good judge of girls.  Have you been drinking long?”
“I bet you are,” she stated raising one immaculate eyebrow.
I stared into her eyes, and then continued, “You didn’t answer me about the drinking.”
“I’ve been drinking since I was 14.  It made things easier,” she said with a strange lost look on her face and then took another long sip.

“I know you don’t want to talk about my job, so what do you want?” I asked getting to the point.
She jumped a little at my bluntness, but then responded assertively, “I want to know what happened to my friend Denise?”
“I don’t know any Denise.”
“But you know the guy….the guy she’s with now….that she’s been acting funny about.  She’s not Denise anymore.”
“Was this Denise your girlfriend….your lesbian lover?  I saw how you looked at the waitress.”
A little off balance, she replied in a low voice, “No, no Denise was just a good friend.  And now she follows around that dork like he’s some Adonis and has no time for any of her friends.”
To keep her off balance I asked, “But you do like girls?”
“I’m sort of bi.  I’ve been with guys a few times because of the equipment, but I prefer girls…yes.”
“Do you have sex with girls often?”
“I don’t have sex with anyone often.  I wish…, I don’t know.”

I knew it was already taking effect on her, otherwise she wouldn’t be so confused and answering my questions so honestly.  She was looking at me intently now instead of just glances and sipped her drink twice more rather quickly, and then looked down at it perplexed seeing it was nearly empty.  The blond waitress she admired was mine, one of my sex toys that obeyed my every command.  Other than being a bit jealous, she had no problem putting a significant dose of my drug in the Asian girl’s drink.

Noting her breathing getting deep and her eyes dilating open as she stared in my eyes, I asked, “You like the equipment on a guy do you?”
“Ummm, I just know I’m supposed to, but no not really.”
“You like sex with guys?”
“I think about sex all the time, but I don’t do so well with intimacy….with guys at all anyway….girls a little better.”
“Maybe you haven’t met the right person of my gender?”
Her breath quickened as I edged closer until our thighs were touching, and then she said nervously, “I feel funny.  I don’t feel right.”
“Are you sick?” I asked smiling knowing exactly what was going on with her.
“I don’t know?”

She was looking at my eyes so intently, she didn’t see my hand move and gasped when it cupped her cheek.  Closing her eyes, she let out a little moan pressing her cheek against my hand.
“You do feel a little warm.”
“Maybe you have a fever?”
“It’s not right.”
“What’s not right?” I asked still caressing her face.
“I didn’t drink the water?  You never touched my drink?”
“No I didn’t touch your drink.  I’m touching you, and you like it don’t you?”
“No, please don’t,” she pleaded barely above a whisper.

She gasped again when my hand slid down the neck of her blouse gently caressing a breast.  She pushed her breast against my hand and moaned.  Her hard nipple was straining to poke through the bra.  She was squirming in the booth, and I could smell why.  Even without reaching under her skirt, I knew her panties were drenched.  I probably didn’t take her small size into account with the dosage.  It would have been a large dose for any girl, but for one this tiny it was very excessive.  I had planned to reach up that short skirt of hers next, but based on her responses, it seemed unwise.  Nobody had noticed yet I was squeezing her tit, but a screaming orgasm would certainly draw some attention.

I released her breast eliciting a moan of disappointment, and dug into my pocket pulling out a $20.  I pulled the semi-willing girl to her feet and even had to make her clutch her purse or she would have left it.  I did get several looks while leading the small glassy-eyed stumbling Asian girl out of the restaurant, but most assumed she had gotten drunk.

Most girls receiving the drug got just enough to keep them submissive and fixated on the man supplying it to them.  They remained fully functional in their everyday lives, just unable to say no to the man that owns them.  Those receiving larger doses, they became sex slaves of varying degrees.  They were aware of their condition, even fighting it occasionally, but largely helpless.  At some level, they were functional and could do simple chores on their own like shopping.

While I was angry at some of my subordinates that this Asian girl had penetrated my network, it was nothing compared to my anger at the girl herself.  I had not experimented yet with truly massive doses of the drug.  Let’s see how this little interfering snoop of a girl with lesbian tendencies likes being a completely helpless wanton groveling Asian sex slave for men, unable to refuse even the most degrading and humiliating of sex acts.

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Thanks vile, and thank you Plaything.

Here's another post and new characters.

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A New Life

Around the same time I was steering a disoriented young Asian girl out of a restaurant, a recently divorced CEO was contemplating some life decisions, past, present and future and developing a plan for his happiness.  I would soon meet this man and sell him some happiness.  The $3.8 million 27 room home he shared with his wife went to her along with the condo in Barbados both of which he was still paying for.  She also got half his salary, half his stock, half his 401K holdings and other investments and half his stocks options when and if he sold them.  After moving out, he bought a house worth less than 15% of his former home and tried to move on with his life.  The new house was a modest four bedroom house on 2.5 acres similar to the one he bought when they first got married and he was an up and coming executive with a bright future.  The property also had a small two bedroom guesthouse.

His mistake in life was choosing a woman to marry entirely based on her looks.  At 35 he wanted a hot platinum blond trophy wife 13 years his junior, and she wanted his money.  Well, she finally got it.  Thankfully, they never had children, as the volatile environment of their home life would have screwed up any kids.  At pushing 40 she still looked good, but then keeping her looking that way wasn’t cheap either.  And the last time he was over there to retrieve some of his belongings, he noted she had hired a new pool boy of about 20 who was obviously servicing more than just the pool.

At least the serial cheating they did on each other was over, except now he didn’t have anyone at all.  He was still in very good shape and according to the doctor in perfect health, at least for a man at 50.  Despite a history of picking up woman and cheating on his now estranged wife, his abrupt transition from very wealthy to merely moderately comfortable had shaken his confidence around women.  Unable to meet women, he sought professional help.  But the two times he hired escorts, he was afraid to fuck them without a condom, and because he hated condoms, he had them blow him.  $400 for a 15 minute blowjob?  A friend knowing his predicament had him over one evening.  It wasn’t to the home the man shared with his wife.  It was to a small apartment he kept in town to sleep at when he ‘worked late’.

He knew his friend had a new mistress, but nothing quite prepared him for what he saw.  His friend let him in and they sat across from each other with drinks in hand.  Knowing he had a girl he kept there, he looked around not seeing her.  But then his friend called out, and that’s when a voluptuous vision of a lovely blond ran out of the bedroom.  The stunning girl was naked except for a transparent yellow silk tied around her waist flowing around her legs.  She ran with short rapid dainty little steps looking directly at his friend with worshipful eyes.  When she got to him, she knelt at his feet pressing her face against the side of his knee.  It was then the girl acknowledged his presence with a curious glance followed by a little smile and lowering her eyes.  Her face was a little red, but it didn’t seem to be from embarrassment at being naked in front of a stranger.  It almost seemed as if she was extremely aroused.

The CEO nearly dropped his drink at the girl’s entrance and could not take his eyes off her.  She seemed to be breathing a little rapidly her gorgeous ample bare breasts rising and falling.  While she seemed to be worshiping his friend, she would occasionally glance up at him with an almost yearning look, and then lower her eyes again.  That’s when his friend began telling him about me and the services I could provide with a magical odorless, tasteless and fast dissolving drug, a drug his friend was using at high doses keeping this girl at a sex starved level and a virtual sex slave craving male attention.  The dosage level was not anywhere near the massive dosages I had planned for a certain meddlesome Asian girl, but still quite high.

He listened while still staring at the exquisite shapely nude blond girl.  She looked no more than 22 and probably was younger than that.  Anyway, no more than half his friend’s age of early 40’s.  Her firm large breasts were defying gravity, but he found himself looking further down as well.  When she knelt, it was with her knees widely spread.  The yellow silk had parted giving him an unobstructed view of her pussy.  There was the barest hint of a blond fuzz landing strip, but otherwise it was bare and smooth looking.

His friend’s spiel about my drug was only being half paid attention to until the CEO heard his friend tell the girl to beg to suck his cock.  To the CEO’s astonishment, the girl began crawling over to him.  It wasn’t on her hands and knees but rather with her firm belly touching the carpet and her perfect ass pointed up and undulating back and forth as she crawled towards him.  When she got to his shoes she began kissing and lightly licking them.  After a few seconds of this, she looked up at the CEO’s face batting her dark eyelashes revealing deep blue eyes and begged and pleaded with him for permission to suck his cock.  He could detect nothing forced or acted, her pleas seemed to be genuine desire.  Unable to speak, he finally just nodded his head.

The girl actually gave a little squeal of delight and asked permission to open his pants.  He nodded again a little more assertively this time liking what was happening.  With practiced hands she undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled down his fly.  With his hands, he lifted allowing her to lower his pants to his ankles.  He did the same when she pulled down his boxers.  She laughed with pleasure seeing his cock spring free and wave about semi-rigid.  She grasped it with her hands and teased it a little with her fingernails stroking him expertly.

Looking directly into his eyes, she parted her ruby red lips licking them suggestively as if anticipating a delicious meal.  Watching him intently and grasping the base, she lowered her head until her lips touched his cock.  With a passionate moan, she pushed her head down enveloping his cock placing her hands on his thighs.  Moaning again with arousal she pushed her head all the way down to the base taking it into her throat.  He could feel her tongue lightly licking his balls, and then she began moving her head vigorously sucking fervently on his cock taking all of it each time her head moved down.

Then it was his turn to moan, and he closed his eyes in ecstasy.  It was as if the girl was devouring his cock with her hot wet mouth moving her head rapidly.  His hands were digging into the couch, and he could feel his hips moving pushing at the girl’s marvelous mouth.  He opened his eyes surprised to feel her delicate hands on his hands.  He let her move his hands to the back of her head.  Getting the idea, he gripped her blond locks and began forcing her.  She moaned around his cock, and sucked even more strongly on him.  Experimenting he thrust at her face, and she sighed around his cock lovingly accepting the face-fucking.

Feeling it build to excruciating heights, at the last second, he let go of the back of her head and automatically pushed at her shoulders to warn her it was coming.  She shook her head slightly still sucking, but then at the last split second did pull back a little reaching to stroke his cock with her hand.  It took only one stroke and he yelled out loud as his load blew.  The girl was still pulling on his cock with it embedded in her sucking mouth.  Just the tip was in her mouth, but her lips were firmly wrapped around it catching each spurt of his cum letting nothing escape.  Her hand milked his cock getting every drop.  He could feel it becoming flaccid when she finally released it from her mouth and hand.

The CEO stared at the girl astonished as she opened her mouth showing him the puddle of his semen on her tongue.  She was swirling her tongue around like she was savoring the best meal of her life.  She took a while before she closed her mouth and then closed her eyes as if she was in heaven still tasting his cum.  Eventually he could see her throat move as she swallowed it down.  It was the most amazing thing he ever saw, but then the next amazing thing happened as she began to thank him, “Oh thank you Master, thank you so much.  I love when men cum deep in my throat too, but when I can hold their cum in my mouth and taste all their love, it’s the very best.  Thank you so much Master!”

It was after that I was contacted by the CEO for an order of the new drug.  I met him and he told me his plan to hire a maid to live in the guest house, and then convert her with the drug.  I offered some advice and a few warnings, but I had no real concerns.  He was the perfect customer.  All he needed was a female target for his plan.

The Latina seated at a table across from the CEO talking nervously was extremely beautiful with tanned flawless skin and the face of a model framed by gorgeous long black hair.  The blue dress she wore was plain but pretty showing abundant cleavage above a slim waist.  If she had told him she was a former Miss Venezuela, Miss Peru or Miss Bolivia, he would have believed her.  It wasn’t that she was past her prime, if anything, she seemed to be at the peak of her looks.  It was just that after seeing his friend with a girl he found out was only 19, he had been obsessing about one around that young as a goal.  It was not just the youth, he wanted one that would be naïve and easy to manipulate, even before giving her the drug.  When he first saw the woman, he would have guessed she was 24 and something he would have compromised with on his youth goal, but she was 10 years older than that.

Despite how beautiful she was, far more beautiful than any of the girls he interviewed so far, he was still having trouble accepting a woman of 34 as his target.  She was only 3 years younger than his ex, although it didn’t seem she needed nearly as much help staying young as his ex-wife did.  In fact, he kept thinking this gorgeous beauty in front of him would stay young looking and hot for the next 25 years and beyond.

The woman was telling him about how badly she needed the job, and her voice choked a little.  She reached into her purse pulling her large billfold out of the way onto the table, then finding a tissue and dabbing her eyes.  The billfold opened a little on its own from being too full and then fully opened revealing her driver’s license and a picture of a young girl.  It was a picture of the gorgeous woman in front of him at what he speculated was about 19 or 20 in the full flower of her youth looking pure and innocent.  If only that girl was the one sitting in front of him now.  It was exactly what he was looking for, and he couldn’t help blurting out, “It’s you!”

Startled the woman replied, “Oh, that is not me Señor, um Sir.  It is my daughter Camila.  The picture was taken several months ago when she was 15.  She just turned 16.  She would stay with me in the guest house you spoke of as the maid’s residence.”
Seeing him still staring at the picture and then at her, she smiled and told him, “Yes, everyone says we look alike.  It’s very flattering when people think she is my younger sister, and we are only a few years apart.”

Mia’s life had been hard not long after a young marriage.  Eduardo was a very handsome and good man, but he was frivolous in many ways.  He was obsessed with street racing and sunk all their money into a sport’s car claiming he would win many bets.  He won some, and he lost some, never really getting very far ahead.  Their only reliable income was her job at the hotel changing the rooms.  And then there was the day he wrapped the expensive car around a tree.  There wasn’t much left of Eduardo or the car.

Mia’s days from then on were spent focusing on her daughter and fending off advances from men.  The men were relentless asking her out, shouting indecent things at her, following her, and even trying to grope her.  On two occasions, she was nearly raped in one of the hotel rooms escaping only by scaring the attackers with her screams.  She never reported either instance.  She finally obtained a job as a maid for an elderly wealthy couple and did her best to spend most of her time at their house.  She was very protective of her daughter and used much of the money she made to send her to a girls only private school.  Her daughter led a sheltered existence of mostly school and home.  When the elderly woman passed, the husband sold the house and moved in with his son.  They already had a maid, so it left her desperately looking for work.

Thinking about the woman’s 8 years of experience as a maid and hotel experience before that, he began thinking about how a woman of 19 or 20 would never do as good a job with those duties.  And, she was as beautiful as he could possibly hope.  He was still looking at the photo of her daughter when he remembered something someone told him recently.  The age of consent varies from state to state ranging from 18 down to 16, and in this state, it was 16.  He lifted his eyes from the photo, and he smiled at the hopeful beauty in front of him telling her she had the job.

That was when the CEO as I call him texted me.  It seemed he wanted to double his order of the drug.

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Sometimes I feel as if was given this drug! More, please!

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The Wanton Groveling Little Asian Sex Slave

Tony my driver opened the door to the limousine, and I led the confused panting Asian girl over and shoved her inside.  Tony had barely shut the door, when I clutched the front of her blouse and tore it open.  She was crying and managed to blubber, “No…please…….no….please…no.”

Despite her protestations, when I yanked the torn blouse and her bra upwards, she lifted her arms unconsciously aiding me.  Having stripped her from the waist up, I tossed the clothes into a trash receptacle.  I needed to seal the connection immediately, so threw her face down on the seat.  I shoved the short tight skirt up above her waist, and yanked her soaked panties to her knees.  While she floundered on the seat moaning, I quickly opened my pants.  While she was peaking on the drug I had to get inside her, plus I was really turned on by the idea of fucking this prying little sneak who had been spying on me.

Awkwardly I pushed my pants down and fumbled to get my cock between her legs.  Using a trick, I leaned down and bit the little Asian girl on the nape of her neck where it meets her shoulder just like a male Tom cat would do with his conquest.  The Asian girl yowled just like a cat and instinctively thrust her hips up and back at me for mating.  If she had a tail, she would have swept it aside making her pussy more available.  Her tail bone muscles programed by her genes were undoubtedly trying to do just that for an absent tail.

One hand on her neck now, I shoved my cock at her pussy feeling it rebound from the outside of her entrance eliciting a screech from the girl.  Despite how drenched and ready she was, it took some working to get the head past her labial lips and just inside her extremely tight pussy.  I knew what was coming, but slammed my hips forward anyway drilling deep inside the little Asian girl.  I pressed it inside her and covered my ears with both hands.

I swear there’s nothing louder than the ear-splitting screams of a girl being fucked for the time on the drug.  It’s why I usually gag the girls first, and recommend that to my clients too.  I’m glad I could feel Tony accelerating through traffic.  I know her screams were heard by people, but hopefully they were unsure of the source.  I held it deep inside here feeling her tight pussy spasming squeezing me so hard I winced.  Her entire body was twitching already approaching an orgasm.  I moved back and forth a few times just to get her channel used to my size, and then I fucked her as hard as I could, hearing her high decibel screams change pitch in rhythm with my thrusts.  It only took about 8 or 10 thrusts for her shaking to get violent then then erupt.

I held on tight and tried to shove her down on the seat while she flopped all over the place screaming out her orgasm.  I know I weigh over twice what she does, but she still bucked herself off the seat in a feat of hysterical strength throwing us both in the air three times nearly hitting the car roof, before she finally went completely limp.  I have no idea how I stayed inside her, but it must have been her pussy clenching my cock so hard I wasn’t going anywhere.  She was quaking and giggled a little manically for several moments and then somehow managed a hushed, “Wow.”

I could feel her pussy relax, and smiling wide I began moving again slowly.  Predictably she began crying and begging, “Oooouuuu….…ooouuuucchh…..please it hurts.  Please, I’m not used to this.  It hurts.  Please stop.  It hurts!”
Picking up speed while she begged I grunted a response, “Your pussy loves cock and so will you.  It’s hurts now because you aren’t used to it, but soon you’ll beg all the time to be fucked.”
“Nnnnnnooooooooooo…” the little Asian girl whimpered.

She was right though.  I could tell I was hurting her for real, and it was not empty complaining like I heard from other girls.  Despite being about as naturally lubed as a pussy can get and the girl not being a virgin, this pussy was not handling my cock too well.  While winding my hand around the lengths of her long dark hair, I began searching my soul to see if I could summon some pity for this barely 18 year old very small girl.  My cock still moving slowly inside her I snickered at the thought of pity for this sniveling little snoop.  With a good grip on her hair, I yanked her head up and resumed slamming my cock as fast and deep as possible into her womb intentionally trying to inflict as much pain as possible.  I also knew that despite the pain, she was still incredibly turned on.

She was screaming again inarticulately both in agony and ecstasy at the hard rough fucking I was subjecting her to.  I rammed my cock into her raw aching pussy for maybe another minute or maybe two when I sensed it coming.  She did too, and her incoherent shrieks abruptly changed to a brief moment of lucidity and she yelled, “Oooohhhh NNnnooooo, not again!!!”

Her second orgasm peaked and washed over her every bit as intense as the first.  This time a few seconds into the little Asian girl flailing and thrashing wildly caused us to disengage.  My cock no longer inside her, I just held her down with my body weight to prevent her from injuring herself.  After a couple minutes, she went limp again.  Every few seconds she would tremble violently in post-orgasmic shock, but this time there were no giggles or comments of ‘Wow’.  The girl just breathed hard trying to understand what happened.

Both our bodies were covered in sweat, the one difference being I was still mostly dressed, while all she had on was a wadded up and soaked skirt around her waist.  I remedied that by tugging on the zipper until impatiently I just ripped the skirt until I got it off her hips.  Once I had her stripped completely naked, I roughly shoved her harshly off the seat onto the floor.  Other than a grunt of surprise at hitting the floor, the girl was silent.  I began removing my wrinkled and soiled clothes watching the girl staring at me in a mixture of terror and desire.  Probably at some level she realized I had not cum yet and knew I was not going to stop abusing her until I did.  I folded my clothes and set them aside, the girl staring at my nude body as I did.  I took her skirt and gathered up her panties, which had been flung across the other seat of the limo.  One of her heels was on the floor near her, but the other shoe must have fallen off her foot before I got her in the car.  Watching me push the last of her clothes down into the trash, she whimpered, “My clothes….”
“You won’t need clothes anymore.”

There was a stunned look on her face as she contemplated my statement about keeping her nude.  I knew she would be severely dehydrated after sweating and all that moisture gushing from her pussy, so I retrieved a bottle of water.  It was a bottle already dosed with the drug.  Despite that and in front of her so she could see, I opened the bottle and emptied a small baggie of more drug into the water.  Looking at her again, I took an additional baggie of the powdered drug and added it too.  It was more drug than I had ever added to liquid before.  Capping the bottle, I upended it and shook it to dissolve the drug wondering if I had over saturated the water.  It seemed to dissolve though after vigorous shaking.

I made the girl sit up and handed her the bottle ordering her to drink.  I had a hold of her other arm to steady her swaying body, and with my other hand I gripped the bottle with her to keep it from spilling.  She was looking at the bottle as if it contained poison.  She knew what was in it, a sex drug that would make her helpless.  She was already heavily under the influence of the drug, but fighting it more than any girl I’d seen yet.  She was extremely strong willed, but in the end, I would win.  I always do.

“Please no,” she whimpered as I force the bottle to her lips.
Moving my face close to hers and kissing her cheek I whispered, “Everything is going to be fine, just drink.”
Unable to resist me her mouth opened accepting the liquid.  As the water touched her tongue, thirst took over and she began gulping it down.  She was holding the bottle in both hands now swallowing mouth full after mouth full of the drug saturated water.  I let go of her hands and let her guzzle the water turning the bottle upside down.  I watched until she finish the water with a little moan of disappointment when it was empty.  She stared at the empty bottle and let out a cute little belch.

I pulled the unresisting little nude Asian girl up on the seat with me and into my lap.  She held onto me, and I knew she could feel the drug inside her making her whole body pulse with vitality and sexuality.  She wasn’t fighting it anymore, she was embracing it with every fiber of her being.  She pressed her face to my chest drinking in my smell.  I knew the natural male pheromones in my sweat drying on my body were captivating her.  These male chemicals evolved to elicit arousal and attraction in females.  Normally this would be subtle, but augmented by my drug the pheromones were driving her crazy with lust.  The little Asian girl was sniffing me like a dog in heat pressing her whole body against mine.  Her hand searched and found my cock pulling on it and moaning.

I slid one hand down her back and between her butt cheeks.  She gave a little squeal but no resistance when I pushed a finger into her butt forcing it in to the last knuckle.  Her butt was clenching on my finger, so I whispered in her ear to relax.  I feel her ass become accepting and began fucking her ass with my finger noting the tightness.  I pulled my finger form her butt hearing her give a little moan.  One arm around the tiny Asian girl in my lap, I leaned over opening a compartment.  It was filled with various sex toys, and I retrieved a small butt plug about the size of mid-way between my finger and my cock and also some lubricant.  It had a little furry white bunny tail on the end.  I told her to hold the butt plug.  I was with great reluctance she released my cock, and then obediently took the plug.  I squirted a little lube on it and ordered, “Put it in your butt.”
Looking fearfully at it, she whimpered, “Why?”
“Because I said so, and that’s enough.”
“You’re going to fuck me back there aren’t you?”
“Yes, eventually.”
“It hurts,” she whined.
“You’ve been fucked in the ass before?  It’s very tight.”
“Yes, not for a while.  Please, it always hurt.”
“Not in a while?  We’ll explore that later.  Push the plug in your ass, now.”

With me guiding her hand, she reached back.  I made sure she found her ass and not her pussy.  I knew aroused like she was now, she’s fuck herself raw with a dildo if I let her.  She found her little bunghole with the tip of the cone-shaped plug and held it there, so I ordered, “Shove it in your ass slut!”
“Do it!”

The helpless Asian girl then abruptly pushed.  With my held gently touching hers, I could feel the resistance.  She gave a long squeal as she pushed hard, and then a loud groan as it popped into her ass.  Leaning forward I could see the fuzzy furry bunny tail embedded in her ass.

That task completed, her hands found my cock again pulling on it with a yearning touch and a little whine coming from her lips.  I whispered in her ear, “Did you know that for now on cocks will taste delicious to you?”
“They will?”
Planting the suggestion deep in her consciousness I continued, “Yes, all cocks will taste wonderful, and you will love sucking cocks just to satisfy your craving for their taste.”
“I will?”
“Yes, you will.”

I gently removed her from my lap and arranged the tiny Asian girl on her knees in front of me.  She never lost her grip on my cock.  With the suggestion I planted in her mind, I didn’t even have to order her to do it.  She opened her mouth wide and took my cock into her warm wet mouth.  She only sucked briefly, before lifting her head and exclaiming, “It does taste delicious!”
Her face screw up in look confusion and humiliation, and she whined, “Why does it taste so delicious?  It makes no sense!”
“There’s only one thing that will taste better to you.”
“What’s that?” she asked with a tone of fascination.
“Semen, male cum, jizz, the seed of a man deposited in your mouth will taste like the finest ambrosia.”
“It will?”
“Yes, as you’re about to find out,” I stated and pushed her mouth back onto my cock.

She wasn’t particularly skillful compared to the girls I currently use, but I could tell this was not her first time and wondered some about that considering her preference for girls.  I would ask her later about her familiarity with cocksucking.  While not particularly skillful, she was making up for that with vigorous enthusiasm.  Trying very hard with that desperately sucking mouth of hers, she was barely getting half of it in her mouth using both her tiny hands on the base.  I decided to plant another suggestion into her head, and commented, “The more of it you get in your mouth, the better it tastes.”

The little Asian girl immediately began forcing her head down on it choking herself and making loud gagging noises.  The heaving and gagging kept getting worse, and I had to stifle my laughter at her efforts.  Afraid she was going to make herself vomit, with my hands in her long black hair I began guiding her movements saying a low voice, “There will be time enough for you to learn to take all of me and other men.  I know you will try very hard to learn to suppress your gag reflex, practicing all the time.”

She gave a little nod of her head and managed a muffled ‘uh huh’ around my cock and redoubled her efforts on sucking me off.  My hands in her hair I leaned back and enjoyed her lips and tongue desperately trying to please me.  I felt it coming, and I could tell she sensed it too and sucked even harder moaning around my flesh.  My balls contracted, and I pulled back a little.  She was ready when my cock began spurting into her mouth.  It squirted three times, and I let her suck at the tip and then withdrew saying, “It tastes delicious doesn’t it?”

The little Asian girl knelt in front of me eyes half open, her lips parted rolling her tongue around savoring my cum and moaning as if it really was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.  A little dribbled down her chin, and she caught it with her forefinger returning it to her mouth sucking on her finger.  I let her relish the flavor of my hot cum in her mouth for as long as she wanted.  With another moan of almost disappointment she finally swallowed it and then whined, “How can it be?  How can it really taste like that?  I want to be disgusted, but I can’t?”

The limo had stopped several minutes ago, and I could see we were in the garage at my home.  I picked up the phone and asked Tony my driver to come back.  A moment later Tony open the door and sat across from me eyeing the naked Asian girl with interest.  I said to her, “Now crawl on your belly over to Tony, kiss his feet and beg him to let you suck his cock.”

The little Asian girl let out a little sob, but then got on her belly and began crawling towards my driver.  The white furry butt plug in her raised up ass waved back and forth as she crawled.  As she began kissing Tony’s shoes I said to her, “That’s it my wanton groveling little Asian sex slave, this is the beginning of your new life.”

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A New Life in Leather

Mia and her daughter were thrilled with the guest house, but he made it clear they were welcome in the main house at all time.  In the first few days of her employment Mia was hesitant about being in the main house unless she was specifically working.  It only took a few days for her to relax and also allow her daughter to move more freely around the property.  Her previous employer was more stringent about such things, and they hadn’t lived on the property before.

It was difficult for him to pretend he wasn’t lusting after the woman and her daughter.  He had speculated she was from South America imagining Venezuela, Peru or Bolivia.  He was close, as Mia was born in Columbia and emigrated to the United States with her family when she was 11.  Her daughter was born a US citizen.  Mother and daughter were both about 5’3” and maybe around 105 pounds.  It was like seeing double when they were together.  Instead of 34 and 16, most would guess they were about 25 and 19.  They had essentially identical figures probably around 34-22-34 and what looked like C-cups.  There might have been slightly more sag in Mia’s breasts, but more accurately it could be said that Camila’s breasts had the gravity defying attribute of youth.  Mia occasionally wore a top that showed a hint of her ample cleavage, whereas her daughter Camila always dressed in the same sort of chaste clothes required by her school and wore less makeup.

It took a week before Mia was comfortable enough to have a cup of evening tea with him.  He was only able to slip a small amount of the drug in her tea while she was getting him a slice of lemon.  He wasn’t sure it was enough, but then Mia started looking flushed and fanning herself.  She kept staring at him with dilated eyes, and when she stood and was acting a little confused and anxious, he took a chance and grabbed her hand.

She gasped but offered no resistance when he pulled her into his lap and asked her, “Are you OK?  You seem agitated.”
“I feel funny.”
“How does it feel being in my lap?”
“I’m in your lap?  Wait, I am.  That’s not proper.”
“Does it really feel that bad being in my lap?”
“No Señor, um no Sir.  It’s been…been a very long time……. I was with a man,” the beautiful woman stammered looking both ashamed and aroused.

The gorgeous Latina in his lap was staring with a look of fascination directly into his eyes, so thinking things were going well he decided to get bolder.  He gripped her curvaceous butt and one leg and pulled her in closer.  She gasped again and reflexively put her arm around his neck.  He leaned in and began kissing her, and she returned the kiss with a low moan.  A squeeze on her breast made her moan louder and open her mouth to accept his tongue.  It was then her maternal instinct kicked in, and she broke the kiss and panted, “My daughter, she will come look for me.”
“We’ll go check on her, and then come back here.”
“I come back here?”
“Yes, and then I will make love to you.  You want that don’t you?” he asked.
“I do?….I do?  I think I really do.  I don’t know why.”

He walked with his arm possessively around the beautiful woman.  She needed some steadying as they walked and entered the guest house.  She talked briefly with her daughter.  It was obvious both girls were confused, Mia due to the drug, and Camila due to the strange way her mother was acting.  He hurried them along on parting, and practically dragged Mia back to the house.  He had her make some more tea, and this time made sure she got a good dose of the drug in it.

Once in the bedroom, the drugged woman was panting with arousal.  He took my advice and used a cloth gag to muffle her screams from being roughly penetrated.  Her hot molten pussy welcomed his cock with exquisitely pleasurable contractions, and her arms and legs were wrapped around his body as he fucked her hard.  Less than ten thrusts into the beautiful woman, he realized a gag was insufficient to restrain her.  Mia began cumming with her back arching off the bed, and then her nails began to shred his back.  As he continued to slam his cock into her body, he could actually feel blood running down his sides.  Mia strained and moved under him until he could sense her close again.  This time he seized her wrists in one hand to save his back from more damage.  Her second orgasm was even more intense; she thrashed under him so violently they both nearly fell out of the bed.

Later that night as he lay on an aching back and Mia kissed his chest, he felt a contentment exceeding any in his life.  That shrew of an ex-wife of his never made him feel like this, so in control.  He looked at Mia’s beautiful submissive face and feeling her soft breasts sliding on his stomach, and found himself aroused again.  He took hold of her hair forcing her face down.  She instantly understood, and her mouth enveloped his cock.  He let her work noting she wasn’t bad, but there was significant room for improvement.  There was no resistance when he turned her sideways, and despite the gagging and choking sounds she made, there was nothing but abject submission to the face-fucking.

He went into the shop more out of curiosity rather than feeling a ball gag and restraints were actually needed, but it was like a flash went off in his head.  He began gathering up items ranging from several types of restraints to various dildos, nipple clamps, plugs and even floggers and whips.  The woman at the counter watched him with increasing interest as more and more items piled up in front of her.  When he finally stopped gathering merchandise, the rough looking woman of probably in her late 30’s with way too many piercings for his comfort was chuckling and commented, “Maybe I’ll close early today, and if I didn’t already have a Master, I’d ask you to take me home with you.”
She then howled with laughter after that comment.

From that point on Mia rarely wore regular clothes while performing her maid duties.  If not naked, she wore leathers, chains and harnesses that accentuated her figure rather than hid it.  She was also frequently required to wear a butt plug and nipple clamps while performing menial tasks.  Other times she was restrained with leather cuffs and ball-gagged waiting to be used.  While he liked tying her up with rope for fucking or merely securing her for later use, he found the leather gear much more erotic.  While she still cried at anal, she was showing vast improvement in suppressing her gag reflex.  In addition to the drug, the frequent use of floggers and whips encouraged desperately eager performance.

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Pushing the door open to her room he asked, “Camila, are you awake?”
The young girl was sitting up in bed with covers pulled up to her neck looking a little afraid, and replied, “Yes sir, what are you doing in my room?”
He couldn’t help looking at her shoulders, bare except for the thin straps of her white night gown and replied, “I felt I needed to explain about your mother.”
“I know sir, that she is your girlfriend now, but she has been acting so strange, like you are all that exists for her now.  I never see her any more, and when I do she looks…,” the 16 year old’s face flushed red with embarrassment.
He sat on the edge of her bed noting how uncomfortable that made her, and then handed her a cup saying, “I made you some tea, and I thought we could talk about your mother and the relationship we’re in now.”

Reflectively, Camila took the tea watching him close.  He gestured for her to drink, and she began sipping the tea.  For Camila, the silence was getting awkward.  Every time she stopped drinking the tea, he gestured again for her to have some more.  Finally, he began speaking about her mother and the relationship they were in.  The girl was looking very confused, but he wasn’t surprised.  He wasn’t really trying to tell her anything, it was more a distraction and delay to give the drug time to take effect.  And as he was talking about her momma, he said, “You lost your real daddy so young, that you barely remember him.  So, for now on, I want you to call me Daddy.”
“You do?”
“Yes, and the proper response is ‘Yes Daddy’.”
“Um, yes Daddy.”
“Good girl.  For now on you’ll be my good little baby girl.”

He took the empty cup from her hand and asked, “Have you heard of BDSM or bondage relationships?”
“No sir, um Daddy?  I feel funny.”
“Well my baby girl, let’s ask you something different then.  Have you been alone with a man before?”
“No, ah Daddy, not really.  I think something’s wrong.  I don’t feel right.”
“You don’t need to be uncomfortable around me.  Here, let’s pull these covers down.  No need to be shy around your new Daddy,” he said and gently tugged the blanket and sheet down from up around her shoulders revealing more of her nightgown.  In the shear material of her nightgown he had the best view of her breasts since the girl arrived.  Her chest was heaving as the drug surged through her system.  Her hardening nipples looked as if they were going to poke holes through the thin nightgown.

“Since I’m your new Daddy, let’s go back to the house and see your momma.  I can also show you what our new Daddy/daughter relationship will be like.”
“I do want to see momma.  She’s never here in the guest house anymore.”
“I know you are lonely these days.”
“Momma took me out of school last week.  She didn’t say why.”
“She thought you didn’t need school any more being a big girl now.”
“I miss my friends.  I’m lonely.”
“I’ll make sure you’re not lonely any more my baby girl.”

He pulled the unresisting young girl out of bed, and seeing her young form in the nightgown couldn’t help murmuring, “Wow.”
Even in the dim light, her perfect breasts were gorgeous straining at the thin material.  A hint of plain white panties was visible through the nightgown accentuating an exquisitely shapely butt.  His arm around the young girl, he began leading her out of the bedroom.  As they approached the exit to the guest house, Camila gasped and shivered and then asked softly as they walked, “Um Daddy, should you be touching my breast like that?”
“Does it feel good when I do that my baby girl?”
“It does feel good, it just doesn’t seem right.  But it’s hard to think about that?”
“Don’t worry your pretty little head about such things.  You’ve never really had a Daddy before.”

He led the gorgeous young girl up the stairs taking her to the master bedroom.  Once inside she gasped at what she saw.  Her mother was naked except for straps of leather connected by metal rings, that really didn’t cover her nudity.  Her wrists and ankles were secured to each other with leather cuffs.  A red ball was in her mouth preventing her from speaking.  At the sight of her daughter, tears began rolling down Mia’s cheeks.

Camila was too stunned to resist, as he bent her over a padded waist high rail.  He attached the same sort of leather cuffs to Camila that Mia wore securing wrists to ankles effectively immobilizing her.  Young Camila was facing her mother and asking her what was happening, at least she was until a red ball gag was forced into her mouth and fastened around her head.  He quickly lifted the hem of nightgown pulling and tugging it past the rail under her belly and let it drop past her lowered head to gather around her secured wrists near the floor.  Her panties were yanked to her ankles baring her completely.  He undressed slowly between the young nubile naked gorgeous girl and her beautiful nude mother letting them both see his cock noting them staring in fascination at it.  He reached down and squeezing Camila’s full hard breasts feeling her straining to willingly press them against his hands, and then moved around behind her.  He settled his erect cock between her butt cheeks and slid the tip down until it was nestled in her soaked virginal cleft.

“Later tonight your momma will show my baby girl how to blow her new Daddy.”
With that comment, he dug his fingers into Camila’s exquisite taut ass and rammed his hips forward penetrating the young girl and ripping her virginity from her.  Her head jerked up, and she tried to scream through the ball gag making a horrific groan.  As he repeatedly thrust hard into the beautiful nubile 16 year old girl making her shake and quiver, he saw Mia’s face was distraught and drenched in tears.  He wondered how much of her distress was due to seeing her daughter being deflowered and how much of it was envy wishing it was her being fucked.

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The Men’s Club

My little Asian girl was emitting little yelps and squeals of both pleasure and pain.  I had her bent over the couch and was drilling into her tight ass nearly getting all my cock inside her rectum with each ramming thrust.  The wanton little slut couldn’t help herself despite the pain and was pushing back at me meeting my lunges.  Moments ago she had been begging me to fuck her pussy, but would accept my cock in any of her holes with enthusiasm.  She still had moments of lucidity where she hated the sex and was humiliated at what she had become, but then the drug would overwhelm her again.

My business associates began filing in looking with interest at the cute petite Asian girl getting reamed by me.  She saw them and let out a moan of misery and mortification.  The first to come close was a burly overweight biker.  I could already smell him and never understood why he couldn’t bathe at least once in a while.  Watching me bugger the little Asian girl, he raised an eyebrow as a question, so I responded, “Yes, anyone who wants can use this little slut while we talk.”

Getting very close to the Asian girl, the biker bumped his crotch towards her face and looked at me again.
“Yes, go ahead if you’re that impatient.” I replied to his unspoken question.
He wasted no time opening his pants pulling out a huge filthy looking semi-erect cock.  When he aimed it at the little Asian girl’s mouth, she couldn’t help herself and eagerly opened wide accepting it.  With the typical impatience of a biker, he gripped her long black hair and jerked his hips forward slamming his dirty cock deep into her mouth.

By now the little Asian was used to cocks in her throat, but she began to gag and retch at the taste of this one.  The burly biker ignored the awful sounds she made and crammed his entire enormous cock into her mouth and throat until her nose was mashed against his greasy pubic hair.  He held it there purposely cutting off her air until she began to panic.  Even while still fucking her ass, I began to worry he was going to suffocate the little Asian slut to death.  She began to panic and futilely push at his hips.  When her attempts to push him away became feeble, he finally laughed gruffly and pulled out of her throat letting the slut breath desperately for a few seconds before filling her throat again.  This time he began throat fucking her in rhythm to me ass fucking the little Asian slut.

I needed to finish and begin the meeting, so I rapidly slammed my cock into the little Asian’s ass bringing me to the edge.  With a grunt, I felt my balls contract and my cock spurt filling the Asian slut’s bowels with my cum.  I had barely pulled out and moved aside, when one of my associates quickly replace me behind her.  He took a look at her gaping ass now lubricated by my cum, and drilled his cock in the same hole eliciting a loud moan of anguish from the girl around the cock in her mouth.  Absently wiping my cock with a tissue, I began talking to my business associates while two of them used the little Asian at both ends.

The subject of our discussion was a situation that had developed I did previously expect, I just didn’t anticipate the scale of the issue until it surfaced.  It was inevitable that once a man had made the hot girl of his dreams his eager and willing fuck toy, his eyes would start wandering to other girls.  It wasn’t so much they were bored with the one they had, but they would see another girl and want her too.  While a few could afford enough drug for more than one girl like a CEO of my acquaintance, that was rare especially among my male college customers.

So, some college guy with an adoring hot girl sees a new gorgeous co-ed he just had to have and begins giving that girl the drug instead of his initial prize.  By this time the initial girl is hooked on the drug and the sex.  She is incapable of just going away even when the drug has worn off.  In fact, she’s so hooked, she begs the guy to take her back and becomes an annoyance to him.  It was a potential problem, but ever the opportunist, I formulated a solution.

If men are just paying dues to be a member of a club, and the girls receive no money at all, then it’s not really prostitution or illegal.  I made the acquaintance of a member of a gentleman’s club frequented by many of the elite of the city.  It was a well-known club where business men meet to drink scotch and smoke cigars and unwind in evenings and on weekends.  What was not well-known was the basement room where strippers and groups of prostitutes would be brought in to entertain the men.  The acquaintance I met prominent in the club complained about the quality of the girls saying they would be willing to pay more for prettier and cleaner girls, they just didn’t know where to get such girls.

A few of the club members were already customers and had a little slave they used whenever they wanted, but most of the men were married and had no place to keep a girl.  They also didn’t want an expensive divorce from being caught keeping a mistress.  Visiting a club where men gather was less suspicious and less expensive than keeping a girl in an apartment some place.  I was toying with the idea of opening my own sex clubs, but for now entering into a lucrative arrangement with this existing club seemed like a good test of the concept.

The gross biker using the little Asian’s mouth and my other associate fucking her ass both groaned within seconds of each other dumping their loads in her respective holes.  They left the Asian girl hung over the couch gasping with cum leaking from her ass.  The biker had cum so deep in her throat no cum escaped her lips.  Another man sat on the couch and yanking her down arranging her on his lap facing him.  She eagerly grasped his cock and guided it into her pussy with visible relief he didn’t insist on fucking her raw aching ass.  She began happily bouncing on his cock emitting little moans and squeaks of delight.

By now you may be wondering why I never use a name for the little Asian slut.  It’s because I haven’t given her a name yet even after possessing her a couple weeks now.  I made it clear to her as a sex slave she has no name, and I certainly would not allow the name she was given at birth to be used.  She was nothing but a little Asian sex slave slut to be used by men, and she really didn’t need a name.  I usually just called her slut, or if other girls were around, Asian slut to distinguish her.  It was intentional to demean her even more than the effects of the drug were already doing.

The wanton little Asian slut was blissfully grinding on my associate’s cock, until his brother came other and slowed her movements.  The two brothers had traveled over 200 miles from where they are helping establish the business in another major city.  Apparently as brothers they were comfortable around each other, as the second one began forcing his cock into the little Asian slut’s tight and very sore ass making her screech.  This was the third cock in her aching ass in less than half an hour, and to my knowledge the first time she’d been DP’d.  As both brothers began rocking her up and down on their cocks, I could see the astonished look in her eyes at being double penetrated.  She couldn’t help herself and made little squeals and moans as she cooperated at being roughly fucked in both holes.

We were discussing how a few of us would go out and collect the girls that were being a nuisance.  All the discarded girls I knew of were very high quality, but if there were any we couldn’t use at the club, we’d have to figure something else out.  Getting a dose of the drug after such a long withdrawal would have them eager to do anything we ask.

By the time we were wrapping up our discussion the little Asian slut was on her hands and knees on the floor getting spit-roasted with cocks in her mouth and pussy.  She wasn’t used to all this cock in such a short time, and I could tell it was wearing her out.  She was struggling to suck on the one in her mouth and wincing each time the guy behind her lunged into her pussy.  The discussion was over and all the men had used the little Asian slut by this time, but a few were hanging around to use her again before leaving.  She was going to be one exhausted, extremely sore and very used little slut before they would be done with her, but the little slut better get accustomed to such heavy usage.  There’s not much else in store for her future.

With the Asian slut in tow, I entered the downstairs of the gentlemen’s club.  The first thing we see is two gentlemen that looked to be in their early 60’s seated in lounge chairs smoking cigars and drinking what had to be excellent Scotch.  They were chatting casually with each other, and if you kept your gaze high, they were impeccably dressed in suits and ties.  Lower down their pants and underwear were around their ankles, while two very young naked blond girls knelt at their feet giving them very vigorous blow jobs.  The two matching blonds could have been sisters, although you only caught brief glimpses of their faces each time their heads lifted, just to bury them again in the old men’s crotches.  They were also probably young enough to be the granddaughters of the men they were blowing.

A petit gorgeous brunette seemed to be part of a show on her hands and knees on cushions in the middle of the room being fucked at both ends by two men.  The men began cumming at the same time, and then pulled out of the young girl’s mouth and pussy, only to be replaced by two more men within a few seconds.  The girl eagerly opened her mouth to accept the next cock and squealed around it in delight at another shoved in her pussy.
“That’s 8 loads the slut’s taken!  She’s going for ten!” announced someone.

The Asian slut clinging to my arm was staring at the girl and in an anguished tone cried out, “It’s Denise!”
Crying openly now the little Asian slut answered softly, “My friend.”
“When I first came to see you in the restaurant about my friend,” she explained haltingly.
“Oh her, well she seems to be getting along nicely now that her boyfriend dumped her.”
We continued watching while men slammed their cocks into Denise’s open mouth and willing body.

A man came by eyeing the little Asian slut and asked, “Are you using this?”
“Be my guest I answered,” and shoved her into his grasp.
He got a grip of the Asian slut’s hair and began dragging her towards one of the back rooms.  She kept trying to look back at me with tears streaming down her face.  She didn’t know yet, but when I leave I was not taking her with me.  This was her new home now.

One of my associates came in with a very young dark-haired girl in tow.  She was tall and voluptuous and looked very scared at what was going on around her, but then any girl being led into a sex club for the first time is scared, but also a little fascinated by what they see.  She had on a top showing a little cleavage and tight shorts.  I always have a thing for long dark hair especially when it’s hung around what look like C-cups.

“What’s her story?” I asked my associate.
“Boyfriend dosed her a few times, but then he ran out of money.  They both came looking for more from me, and still had no money.  So, I took the girl from him.”
Admiring the girl and seeing her start to fixate on me, I said, “I see.  Nice catch.”
“I know your tastes.  I got her for you. I dosed her just a little while ago, pretty heavily.”
“Very nice of you,” I replied.
I looked closely at the girl and asked, “She’s young.  How old?”
“17, but remember the age of consent here is 16.  And besides, she’s close to 18.”

I had a rule the girls needed to be at least 18, more to avoid angry fathers than for the legal aspects.  Thinking about my client with the mother and her 16 year old daughter, I began deciding it didn’t need to be a hard rule.  I could feel her hand on my crotch very delicately tracing the outline of my cock in my pants.  She was breathing hard and began gently kneading my cock to hardness.  She leaned up and whispered in my ear, “Please Sir.  I really need it.”
“Do you want to be my new plaything?”
“Yes Sir.”

I took the pretty new girl by the arm and began leading her to one of the back rooms.  The first room I came to wasn’t empty.  The pretty nude brunette inside was changing the sheets.  Obviously, she had just been used on them.  I stared at her hard while fondling the tit of the 17 year old.  The girl changing the sheets was very nervous with me impatiently waiting, but eventually she got it done and quickly left to see if anyone else was going to use her.  I looked at my new plaything and ordered, “Strip.”

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Right on Jed! Good to see more of this story.

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Yes, I agree . . .good to see more of this story!