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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  This story is fiction and does not depict any actual person, business or event.

Mf, ff, forced sex/rape, under age characters, lesbian

"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Surrender – Chapter 1 - To Friendship
What you are about to read is the first chapter in my story called Surrender.  The story is about me, my name is Megan, and my life starting when I was twelve years old and met the girl who would forever change my life.  Her name is Stormy and she is as unique a girl as a teenager can be and as I am pulled more into her world both of our lives begin to change.
I know it’s almost impossible to believe but you are about to read how I negotiated, no traded, no complied with my own rape.  You may think it impossible but if you read this story you can decide in the end for yourself.  Did I surrender to rape?
I stood looking at myself in the mirror and the only thing I recognized were my brown eyes starring back at me.  But even they were not the same as before because I could see the pain behind them along with the shame of what all I had done.  I’m not sure why I decided to color and cut my hair but either way it was now platinum blond and as short as most guys hair cuts.  The long brown hair that I had all my life was now gone.  The heavy makeup on my face including bright red wet-look lipstick, blush on my cheeks, eye shadow, heavy mascara and eye liner made me look different then the girl I had been.  But I wasn’t that girl anymore.  I was changed.
I wondered how many girls like me had ever ignored so many words of their mother’s advice like I had.  I wasn’t a virgin anymore, pure, innocent all that was gone.  I didn’t have safe sex.  Not only did he not use a condom but he came deep inside my body.  I wasn’t even on birth control. Worse was the fact that I didn’t do it for love or even with a boy my age.  He was old, old enough to be my father or even older.  Even worse it was not he alone.  I surrendered to his will and did the things he asked, things at my age I should not have done or even known about.
I was looking at the stranger in the mirror.  I wasn’t the same twelve year old girl I had been before.  He called me a slut and a whore, a tramp and a dirty girl.  Is that what I had become?  But he made me do it right?  He forced me?  He cuffed my wrists and made me have sex, right?  I. . . I said “NO” and “STOP.”  Yet he was with me, inside me and now forever inside my head.  It had to be different from other teenage girls as he wasn’t my age or my boyfriend and it wasn’t over in less then five minutes.  It was a multi hour ordeal.  It was rape, right?
Yet if it was rape I wasn’t going to tell my mother.  I wasn’t going to go to the hospital.  I wasn’t going to go to the police.  “Why?” you might ask because I went to him of my own free will.  I knew when he unlocked the door and I walked through it then I had agreed to do anything he wanted.  I made my choice.  I knew who he was and what he wanted.  I knew one thing for sure nothing I did from this point forward could undo or change what had been done.  I would never be the sweet innocent mousy long brown haired girl again.  You can’t get your virginity back. You can’t have another first time.
I finally stopped starring at myself in the mirror and walked back over to my bed.  My room felt so different like someone else’s room.  Like a little girl lost with stuffed animals and lots of friends pictures with a stranger (me) smiling at the camera.  But I wasn’t her anymore.  I was the new me the short haired blond, the slut, the whore the dirty girl.  I felt an unfamiliar ache between my legs, sore like I had been in a fight and had been kicked there and maybe punched in the stomach.  But I hadn’t been punched there the pain was inside.  Not only inside me physically but inside me mentally.  But how did I get here?  How did this all happen?  That’s what you need to know to understand.
* * *
It all started the first week of that summer.  School had just let out for summer one week and I thought this summer would be the same as every summer before.  But things changed just when I walked outside and saw the moving truck six houses down the street.  I was standing outside with no plan in mind hands on hips looking to go play with one of my friends from school yet there was this big moving truck and as I watched the men unloading it I saw her for the first time.
Her long red hair caught my attention as it blew in the wind.  Even I noticed her beauty and I also noticed how the movers looked at her.  Her short denim shorts accentuated her long beautiful legs.  Her pink tank top accentuating round perfect perky breasts that all young girls hope they have some day.  I looked at her for several minutes before she looked my direction and spotted me.  No sooner then she had she waived at me and then motioned for me to come over to her.  As I walked toward her she moved to the car in the drive and when I walked up she held a large box out to me to take from her.
“Be careful with that it has expensive breakables.”
I was stunned as she put the box into my arms.
She took hold of a box herself and then walked past me towards the house and I followed.
We walked upstairs and down the hall and then into a large room similar to my mother’s master bed room.
She put her box down and then took the box from me.
“Thank you.  My name is Stormy.”
She reached to shake my hand as she introduced herself.
“Megan.” I said back a little stunned at her self confidence.
I think Stormy was the most beautiful teenager I had ever seen in person who wasn’t a movie, music or TV star.  She was obviously a few years older then me and she had more self confidence then any girl I had ever met.  She bossed me around like I was her little sister or like a friend she had known for years.  But I didn’t complain because there was something about her so different then any of my friends. She had a self confidence and presence like no one I had ever met even close to my age.  Next thing I knew I was following her back and forth to the car helping her unload it up to her room.  I did what she told me and mostly listened to her as she told me about the things I carried for her.  To hear her talk everything was expensive and valuable.  I didn’t argue or question anything she said.  I simply just did as I was told.  I didn’t know it then but this was only the first day of our friendship.  From that day forward I would follow Stormy around everywhere she would go.  I cannot say why she would pick someone like me but I felt important and cool for the first time in my life.
Before I get too far ahead telling you about my friendship with Stormy, I should tell you who I was before that day.  If you asked my mother about me any day before that day she would probably have said I was the perfect little girl.  I was a straight A student with perfect attendance.  I never spoke back or lied to my mother and she could bring me to tears simply telling me she was disappointed in me.  I was the kid every school teacher wanted in their class and often got to help grade papers or to do special projects the teacher assigned me.  Even the school administration knew me by name and I was active in school organizations and everyone thought of me as the perfect kid.  The biggest thing I got into trouble for before that day was for accidentally knocking over and breaking a bottle of my mother’s favorite perfume.  I didn’t do it on purpose, it was sitting towards the edge of the vanity yet I felt so guilty for breaking it I cried.  Obviously my mother was upset but I didn’t do it on purpose so she wasn’t all that angry.  I think if you asked any adult at that time they would have told you I was close to the perfect child as any little girl could be.
But that started to change that very day, the day I met Stormy.  Part of it may have just been our age difference, she was 16 and was moving here with her father.  She never mentioned her mother and when I realized that and asked she just quickly responded that she didn’t have one.  I was too nervous to ask any further and with the way she jumped from one subject to another it wouldn’t have been easy to ask anyway.  What I can tell you is Stormy knew how to find trouble.  But at the time I didn’t see it that way.  I just saw her as this amazing, high energy, adventurous girl but she started changing me that very first day.
While in the process of bringing boxes into the house she made a point to flirt with the moving men.  She made sure we got into their path often and she would bat her eyes at them and make what I even recognized as sexy looks.  On one trip into the house she refreshed her lipstick and then realized I wasn’t wearing any at all.  I had never put any makeup on my face at all before that day.  But she didn’t even put the same lipstick on me that she was wearing instead she selected a red wet look.  She told me to hold still and pucker and she put it on my lips heavy.  She also used a little of it on her fingers and rubbed that on my cheeks making them look red.  She then pulled out eye liner and against my protests she applied that around my eyes for the first time.
She then un-tucked my t-shirt from my shorts and tied a knot in the small of my back exposing my midriff.  She even unbuttoned my shorts and rolled the top hem down twice.  She rolled up the hem of each leg as well making them very short shorts.  I protested but she said the words to me that day that she used on me thereafter that just seemed to get me to do what she wanted, “Don’t be a baby.”  And that was all that it took to get me to comply with her will.  I had never done anything like this before!  I had never even tried to look sexy.  As soon as she finished putting makeup on me she took me by the hand, led me to the kitchen and we filled glasses of lemonade for the moving men.
We took them each a glass and offered them a drink and they of course gladly accepted.  For the first time ever I felt guys look at me different then any male had ever before.  I felt a rush of exhilaration.  They didn’t look at me like the long brown mousy haired little goody two shoes girl everyone else always had.  Instead they looked at me like they looked at Stormy with lust and these were not even teenage boys.  They looked to be in their twenties yet Stormy flirted with them like it was no big deal.
Like most girls I had been told by my mother and grandparents and teachers on occasion that I was pretty. But even at twelve I could see the difference in how they looked at us.  Not only could I see the difference I could feel it.  At that moment with the three men looking us over up and down, I felt sexy for the first time in my life.  Now don’t get me wrong, like any girl I had thought about sex and all that stuff before and I had even had a few boys like me in the past.  But I knew at that moment the difference and I felt it somewhere I had never felt it before, between my legs.  Its no surprised that I did more that very day than I ever would have done before.
One of the men took out a cigarette and lit it taking a long drag.  As we were standing there making small talk to them Stormy reached up and gently took the cigarette from his mouth and took a long drag on it herself.  She even blew little smoke circles by pursing her lips and all the men laughed and smiled.  I was surprised she was smoking and seemed to know how.  But I was even more surprised when after two more puffs on the cigarette she looked at the guys then offered the cigarette to me.  I hesitated for a moment but all four of their eyes were looking at me encouraging me to take the cigarette.  Any other day before today I would not have even thought about it for a moment and would have flatly turned it down, but today I decided to give it a try.  I had guys looking at me like a woman, like a grown up girl, like a sexy girl.  I took the cigarette trying not to tremble and put it to my lips.  I very timidly drew in some smoke and then blew it out.  I of course coughed and they all chuckled but not in a laugh at me way, instead more of an understanding way.
Within seconds he had lit another cigarette handing it to Stormy and then another for himself.  I now held the first cigarette of my life feeling sexy for the first time in my life. I wasn’t about to stop those feelings and bravely took another drag on the cigarette.  I only made a little cough this time and no one acted like they thought anything of it. They just continued to smile and flirt with us, and more importantly with me.  Here were these men at least ten years older then me if not more then twice my age yet they looked at me only like I had ever seen men look at women in the movies and it felt even different from anything I had every imagined it to feel.  I was aroused by a guy’s lust for me for the first time.  Stormy told them that she was 20 and that I was 18 and I could see in their eyes that they didn’t believe it but that didn’t stop them from flirting.
To Stormy this was nothing.  She had obviously flirted like this many times.  I said very little only answering direct questions for the guys when asked and usually more with a nod or head shake then words.  But they still looked at my body just like they looked at hers and I loved every moment of it even though I knew it was so, so wrong.  It ended too quickly as they finished their lemonades and gave us back the glasses.  They had to get back to work.  We took the glasses back to the kitchen and as always Stormy was super hyper.  She was rambling on about the guys who had told us their names and she had told them ours.  She introduced me to them as Meg a nickname I had always hated and protested against whenever anyone else had tried to call me that but today it somehow sounded older and more mature. So to my new friend Stormy I was now Meg the name I had always told my mother I hated.  As we loaded the glasses into the dishwasher she made me gasp as she said something to me that I had never ever thought about any guy ever thinking about me, “I think Jim wanted to fuck you.”
I had never used or even thought such vulgarity let alone had never thought of a guy thinking of me in that manner. Yet she used it with ease and not as the curse word but to truly describe what he might have wanted to do. . . physically. . . with me.  I swallowed hard surprised she said it and she just laughed and added, “What. . . its true. .  .I could see it in his eyes he wanted you.”  I had never felt or been for that matter wanted before that day.  Yes this was the first day of the rest of my life.
I met my new friend that day my friend for the rest of the summer.  The girl who made me not want to be near let alone hang around any of the girls my own age in our neighborhood, the girls who had known me my whole life. But I had met Stormy and she liked me and made me feel different and more importantly older like most kids want to feel.  She had common sense too about adults and helped me look like the girl my mother new and loved before I headed home letting me use her cold cream to wash off the makeup.  Rolling my shorts up and down and untying the t-shirt.  Even her last words to me weren’t can you or will you but instead, “See you tomorrow.”  Practically commanding me to her presence the next day but I wanted it as much if not more then she did.
That also became the first day I ever lied to my mother since I had been really young and was first learning to lie. She must have seen me at Stormy’s house because she asked me had I been down the street at the house with the moving truck.  I didn’t deny that but the next few questions I did deny.  She asked me had I changed my shirt and I told her no.  She must have smelled the cigarette smoke because she asked me had I been smoking and again I denied it telling her the moving men were.  She believed me completely.  Why wouldn’t she I had never lied to her before.
That night I touched and rubbed myself between my legs more deliberately then I had ever done before.  Now don’t get me wrong like everyone I had on a few occasions found that it felt good to touch down there and I had played with myself secretly a few times looking for the good feeling. But this night was different.  I wasn’t just looking for that naughty good feeling.  This time I rubbed there looking for that feeling of arousal like I had felt earlier that day.  This time I rubbed down there because I wanted to feel sexy and it felt so good and very naughty.  I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of what I was doing and prayed my mother wouldn’t come in and catch me.  Yet at the same time I didn’t want to stop touching myself there and thought about Stormy and Jim and the other guys.  I thought about what Stormy had said that Jim wanted to fuck me and I wondered what that might feel like.  And for the first time in my life I wasn’t just touching and rubbing but I carefully pushed the tip of my finger inside myself.
I am not sure how many of you can understand but it is very hard when you’ve always been the good girl, the girl no one would even consider to do something bad or naughty.  I felt my face turn red as I thought of my mother or my friends down the street catching me touching myself like that.  Yet I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t quit thinking of Jim wanting to fuck me.  And I continued to touch myself down there not like before but now with a lustful dirty desire to know what it might feel like to have a man fuck me. 
It was the first time I masturbated.  The first time I rubbed down there with the purpose of sexual gratification.  I became more ashamed and felt dirtier as my body did what is only natural but it made me feel such guilt, I got wet.  I was so ashamed as my fingers became sticky with my own natural fluids yet I couldn’t stop feeling and rubbing and exploring my sex.  I kept thinking of the things that had happened that day as I rubbed myself more and more.  I thought of Stormy putting the lipstick on me so heavy and thick and her rolling up my shorts and rolling down my waistband.  I could feel her tying my t-shirt in the small of my back to expose my stomach to those men.  And I could see her take that first drag on the cigarette.
All of the events of that day replaying in my mind as I felt myself moving my hips on my bed, turning my knees out wider, and digging my heels into my bed as my fingers worked at my sex bringing me feelings I never imagined.  I couldn’t stop wondering if Stormy was right that Jim really wanted to fuck me.  I couldn’t stop imagining as I rubbed myself what it’d feel like if he really did it.
I struggled with my shame as more of my fingers on both hands grew sticky and the wetness seemed to spread everywhere down there making me feel that much more dirty and guilty.  My inner thighs got wet my lower belly got wet and I felt my sheets getting wet too getting sticky on my butt too yet I didn’t want it to stop.
I wiggled and squirmed in my bed.  Touching myself like I never had done before.  Needing to touch myself like I never had imagined.  Wanting to be the girl that Stormy had unleashed, wanting to be Meg.

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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Mf, ff, forced sex/rape, under age characters, lesbian, lactation

Surrender – Chapter 2 - To Passion
But that first day with Stormy was just the beginning.  Right from the start when my mother met Stormy she did not like me being around her.  She kept making comments that I should be hanging out with the girls my age or saying I should be with the friends I had known my whole life.  But I wanted no part of that, Stormy was the most exciting person I had ever met. 

I was a little embarrassed the first time she saw my room because it was the room of a girl rather then a teen.  No sooner then she had walked through the door she stopped and just looked my room over.  “Wow,” she said, “its so pink and precious.”  My heart sunk and I got sick to my stomach for a few moments.  But she took a few minutes and looked around starting where I had my tea set setup sitting in the small chair and pretending to pour tea from the pot into a cup and taking a sip.  She then carefully set the cup back down and walked to my bed picking up my oldest and most prized stuffed animal which for a moment made me tense all over.  But she didn’t make fun of it or do anything mean, instead she hugged it to herself and pet it as if it were real.  I calmed down as I realized that she wasn’t going to put me down and she treated my belongings with respect.
Even though I could tell she didn’t like the idea my mom agreed to allow me to invite Stormy for a sleepover.  I’m not sure if Stormy had ever had a sleepover before because she seemed very excited to get the invitation and she kept asking me what she should bring and what we would do.  I told her to bring her favorite music and her favorite pajamas and that we would probably watch movies and paint our nails and style each other’s hair.  She shook her head in disbelief but when I asked what was wrong she said, “nothing.” 
No sooner then she arrived my mother began in a friendly way to grill her with questions.  I was so worried Stormy would get upset and turn around and march right back out of the front door.  But I had apparently forgotten who I was dealing with.  Stormy had a quick mature sounding answer to every one of my mother’s questions and used “Yes ma’am,” and “no ma’am” frequently.  She even danced around my mother’s inquiry about her mother smoothly simply replied, “It’s just me and my father now ma’am we’re an unstoppable team.”  She then made a point to compliment my mom’s milk glass bowl collection and the subject was as always jumping on to something else.   We suffered through a bit more of the inquiry but I cannot say I have ever seen any kid handle any adult better then Stormy handled my mom.  Finally we were free to head to my room.
I should have known that Stormy would find a way to make it a very different night then any sleepover I had ever had before.  My first surprise was with what she decided to wear.  When we changed for the night she stripped down to only her red thong underwear and put on a burgundy tank top.  In gym class all of last year only two girls I ever saw had on thong underwear everyone else still either would wear little girl panties or bikinis.  But without hesitation she sat in the smallest underwear I had ever seen.  I told her if we went downstairs for anything that she could put on a cover up skirt I had that had an elastic waistband that I would put on over a bathing suit but she wasn’t self conscious about it at all. 
I also was very surprised with the number of piercing she had.  Stormy had at least three piercing on each ear, she had a belly button ring, a nose ring and I even noticed a tongue ring.  When I asked her about it she even told me she had pierced her eyebrow and bottom lip.  She didn’t wear them tonight because she didn’t want to freak out my mom but she showed me the clear plug she used to keep the hole open.  Then she teased me and told me she wanted to get more piercings and maybe we could do them together.  I just laughed it off. 
But that was just the beginning of the surprises.  At a little after ten we decided to watch a movie and we watched one of my favorite movies "Bolt".  She teased me a little about watching a kid movie but she ended up laughing and said she liked it after it had finished.  When it finished I took a bathroom break and she had selected the next movie.  I was shocked as it started to play and it was a real porno.  I had twice seen a peek of a Playboy magazine and an ad on one of my friends home computer for a porn site on the internet but other then seeing those for less then two seconds each I had never seen porn.  But now I was here in the safety of my own room and on my TV in my DVD player a pornographic movie began to play.  I immediately turned the volume all the way down and told her I didn’t think we should be watching it. 
To my surprise she didn’t make fun of me or try to bully me into watching it, instead she softened her tone and asked me very sweetly had I ever seen porn.  When I shook my head no she pushed my hair from my face and told me it was just a movie like every other movie except it had sex.  “How else do you expect yourself to know how to do it if you’ve never seen what it looks like,” she said taking the remotes and starting the movie again turning the volume back on low.  Within a few minutes of starting with little dialog exchanged in the movie a guy and girl began having sex on the screen in front of us. 
Now I had to admit to myself that I had a rough idea of what sex was but it was truly the first time I really ever got a good look at the male body and understood how a man actually pushed his thing deep inside where I had rubbed the other night.  I was stunned to get a good look at it and we lay side by side on my bed as the couple had sex on the screen.  I noticed Stormy looking at my face often watching me watching the porn.  She even took hold of my hand as we watched the movie together.  I was horrified when I heard a knock on my door and then saw it open and my mom popped her head inside but Stormy must have held the DVD remote in her other hand because when my mother looked into the room and my eyes darted back to the TV thinking I was dead the cartoon channel was playing on the TV. 
When my mom was sure everything was okay she told us she was headed to bed and she again closed my door leaving us alone.  I looked at Stormy grateful my heart still pounding in my chest and told her “thank you.”  In response to me she said something that surprised me, “No problem I’ll always protect you.”  She then surprised me even more when she slid right beside me literally right up against me and put her arm around me and hit the power button on the DVD player again restarting the movie where it had left off.  Not only did I get to see intercourse for the first time but the movie had anal sex and oral sex to both his parts and her parts as well. 

We watched the rest of the movie together with me silent and amazed.  I think Stormy watched me as much as she did the movie and I realized she was even rubbing my back softly.  I'm also embarrassed to admit watching them having sex in the movie was beginning to turn me on and made me more self conscious of Stormy looking at me frequently I'm sure to see my reaction to what was happening on the screen. Eventually, to my relief the movie finished with rolling credits just like Hollywood movies.  But even that was just the beginning of the adventures of the night. 
After the movie she turned on my small bed side lamp and kept her eyes locked on mine as she asked me questions about what we had watched.  I felt shy and embarrassed but her questions came off supportive and not condescending at all.  So I answered her honestly and she slowly learned that I had never even kissed a boy let alone done anything close to what we had just seen.  Earlier in the evening my mother had told us about the food that was in the refrigerator if we got hungry and Stormy wanted to go look at the choices.  She didn’t bother with the skirt I had offered her and I couldn’t help looking at her incredible body with her wearing those tiny panties.  Her butt was round and firm with a small dimple on each cheek.  Her hips were flared out from her tiny waist.  Even the arch in her back was well defined and made her butt look as if she was pushing it out.  Her legs were shapely with well-defined muscles. 
We got a bowl of chips and some sodas to drink and she seemed very excited to find popsicles in the freezer.  We returned to my room with the food and hopped back on the bed ready to eat our snack. She opened the popsicle wrapper and handed me one of the two keeping the other for herself.  I was surprised at the next thing she said, “You can use this to practice giving a guy head.”  With that she then sucked the end of the popsicle into her mouth wrapping her lips around it and she pushed it slowly in and out just like we had seen in the move.
I giggled shyly at what she was saying and doing but she quickly replied, “I’m serious try it.”  So I didn’t want to let her down so I tried what she was doing and was again surprised when she began to coach me and guide me, “That’s it, in and out nice and slow.  Take it deeper try to open your throat.  Guys like that.  Lick around it then suck it.”  I was stunned when the entire focus became about me working my popsicle.  She was serious and focused on how I worked the popsicle with my mouth.  I didn’t even realize it until I had worked my whole popsicle until it had melted and I had eaten it all then she stopped sucking on hers and as soon as I finished mine she took the popsicle stick away and lifted her popsicle to my lips.  She was being very serous about this I could tell from her coaching.  And this time she controlled the popsicle pushing it deep into my mouth until I began to choke and gag. 
When I did she quickly pulled it back and then said, “Try to open your throat try again,” and again pushed the popsicle deep.  She was sincere and serious about teaching me how to suck off a guy.  When I had finished off her popsicle she even offered to go get two more for me to practice with but I told her I didn’t want to.  She told me that it was okay and gave me a hug holding me tightly. 
The next thing that happened I was hoping wouldn’t happen.  As she released me from the hug her eyes went to my left breast and she noticed a wet spot on my top.  “Oh I think we dripped on your shirt,” she said.  I wish my emotions were not always so visible on my face because I blushed intensely and my face must have turned very red and I became very self conscious and she realized that I was over reacting to a drop of popsicle on my shirt.  “What’s the matter?” she asked. 
I think everyone has something that they are self conscious about but to me it was a huge deal that only my mother, my doctor and my very best friend knew about.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to explain to Stormy or for her to know but my face was giving away that something was wrong.  She put a hand on the back of my head and held me close looking me in the eyes.  “Its okay you can tell me anything,” she said softly. 
I hesitated not sure if I was ready for her to know but I finally gave in and told her, “I have a medical condition where since puberty my hormones are high and it causes a discharge from my nipples.”  She looked back down at my shirt at the wet spot and suddenly her finger went to the wet spot and she gently touched there touching me right on my nipple.  I flinched and pulled back.  “Did that hurt?” she asked and I shook my head no so she touched it again. 
I was surprised as her finger went around the nipple touching the wet place with the pad of her finger.  “Is it like. . . milk?” she asked.  I made a funny face not really wanting to have to explain it but answered, “It’s more of just a liquid discharge that is mostly water and only a tiny bit milk.”  “Can I see?” she asked and started lifting my shirt but I grabbed it trying to stop her.  “Please?” she asked and she started pushing me to lie back on the bed.  “It's okay, come on.”  And again she started pulling my shirt up.  “Come on its okay,” she said in a whisper and pulled my shirt till I let her expose my breast.  I was even more shocked when she took her finger and circled around my bare nipple and then gently moved over it.  Then she took a second finger and softly squeezed my nipple and a drop of fluid escaped from the tip.  Stormy let out a gasp and a smile and rubbed the wetness around. 
I must have looked mortified because she looked at my eyes and said, “No Meg, its okay, its beautiful and natural and amazing.  Don’t cry I think its incredible.  Breasts are made to produce milk just usually not without a baby but yours are special.”  She took it even further and I saw her other hand go to my other breast.  She began to rub and pinch at that nipple.  “Don’t please,” I begged but she just told me, “Shhhh its okay just relax please.” 
I laid there in shock looking up at her playing with both my nipples.  Again I was embarrassed because my one breast always leaked more then the other but as she continued to manipulate each nipple she seemed delighted as tiny droplets of wetness escaped from each of them.  Suddenly she pulled my shirt back down, pulled me up to sitting by my arms and hugged me tight whispering in my ear, “It’s the most beautiful natural thing I have ever seen please never be embarrassed about it.  You’re special!  Okay?”  She pushed me back and looked me in the eyes and all I could do was cry.  She hugged me tightly and rocked with me a little again whispering, “Shhh it’s the most beautiful thing I could ever have imagined you are so lucky.” 
I have to say that out of all the people who I had ever talked to about it from my mother to my best friend to my doctor no one had ever made me feel even normal about the fact that I leaked milk from my breast.  But not only did Stormy make me feel better about my condition but she even made me feel special about it.  She stroked my hair from my face and then kissed my forehead and my nose and actually said, “Thank you so much for trusting me and letting me see that.”  With that she leaned her forehead against mine and closed her eyes so I did the same.
Like everything else with Stormy the subject completely changed to my relief but again I was made to feel shy about her next question, “Have you ever kissed a boy?” 
I shook my head no shyly and had to wipe away a sniffle but that didn’t even slow her down.  “Do you know how to kiss?” she asked.  I looked down not wanting to look dumb I mean I had read articles in teen magazines and online about how to kiss but had never really ever kissed anyone other then my mom.  “Its okay if you haven’t,” she added and I shook my head no acknowledging the fact I had never kissed anyone other than my mom. 
Like I was beginning to learn about Stormy she doesn’t ask if you want to do things too often instead she just gets you to do them.  The next thing she said was, “Let’s practice.” 
Before her words registered in my mind her lips kissed mine softly with a short closed lip kiss but that was just the beginning. 
No words were spoken for the next hour or so and I was overwhelmed with what we did the easiest way to describe it was, "we made out."  No sooner had the first kiss finished when it was followed up by another closed lip kiss then another before I felt her tongue gently lick at my lips. 
She used her lips to gently tug on mine one at a time first the lower and then the upper.  When my lips would pull between her lips her tongue would gently slide over my lip. It felt so sexy and incredible.  I can’t even say I can tell you how it happened but before long her tongue was in my mouth and I knew we were French kissing.  Her kisses were soft and warm.  They were slightly wet but not sloppy.  I hardly even realized it when she again laid me back on my bed and held me there fully controlling the kissing. 
It had all happened so quickly that I had not expected it or prepared for it.  I’m not sure what I would have said if she had asked me would I want to practice kissing as intensely as we were kissing but that didn’t matter now Stormy and I were making out as intensely as any movie I had ever seen.  I could hardly think.  She made it all feel so good.  Her hands rubbed and held my face as our tongues danced together in my mouth.  I even felt a little overwhelmed as she used her body to pin me to the bed her upper body firmly on mine.  I don’t think I could have pushed her off of me if I had wanted to.  Her chest was on my chest her arms above mine so she was completely in control. 
To be honest I wasn’t sure I would really have thought of this as practice.  It was an overwhelming make out session that she controlled completely.  I hardly knew what to think and I was a little bit afraid to think I mean she wasn’t a boy, she was another girl.  Yet here we were lying on my bed making out like a couple.  Yet I didn’t have the nerve or the confidence to stop her.  More importantly I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to.  She was Stormy the most intense ball of energy I had ever met.  She was like her namesake, like a severe thunderstorm full of electric lightning and powerful thunder.  I was so scared my mother would come in and catch us.  I was even more scared Stormy might notice that my body was aroused. 
And as instantaneous as it started it ended the same way she slowed the kisses finishing by little kisses on my nose, eye lids, forehead and chin.  She said, “Now you know how to kiss.”  And with that it stopped.  She opened a soda and took a sip and with that our make out session was over.  Neither of us said a word about it. 
After a few sips of her soda she took a bathroom break and I straightened out my room a little.  When she came back from the rest room she asked me if I was ready to get some sleep.  I told her yeah and headed to the bathroom myself to get ready for bed.  When I came back she was already under the covers and lifted them for me to get in next to her. 
Like with everything else about Stormy again she acted so different then anyone I had ever met.  I have shared my bed with other friends and have slept a few times in bed with my mother but with anyone else I had ever been in bed with there was always a little bit of space between them and me.  But not Stormy no sooner then I had gotten into bed under the covers she rolled onto her side putting her arm around me and held me as close as it seemed she could.  I looked at her a little surprised and I’m sure my facial expression showed I was a little confused but she looked at me with such a sweet smile.  She looked so happy and contented I didn’t have the heart to ask her for space.  She leaned over me gently giving me a soft kiss and then told me good night. 
I returned her smile and after the kiss told her good night also.  To try to get a little space from her I slowly rolled onto my side away from her.  But it didn’t work to get me space as I felt her body follow mine and she was behind me spooning me within seconds.  I let out a sigh to begin to unwind and just as I was thinking that the night would end with sleep she surprised me again by placing her hand on my hip and beginning to rub me.  Her hand quickly found the bare skin of my leg at the bottom edge of my pajama shorts and she very gently rubbed back and forth on my thigh.  But before very long her hand slid up onto my PJ bottoms as she rubbed one cheek of my butt. 
I started to roll back to where I could face her trying to think what to say so she wouldn’t do that but before I could find the words she said, “Shhhh its okay just relax.”  With that she continued to rub my butt through my bottoms.  She rubbed over and over on my bottom and I have to admit it felt good.  I wasn’t sure what I thought of this but like everything with Stormy she was so determined to get what she wanted and it did feel nice but I wasn’t sure it was okay.  Her hand moved so softly so gently around it did get me to relax more and more as it continued and before I realized it I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued. . .

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Wow! Megan and Stormy are a couple of the most interesting characters I've come across in a long time! Great job, brokenwing!

December 16, 2016, 12:17:55 AM
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I find myself guessing where this is going to go.  Stormy is obviously grooming Meg for herself, but I'm wondering when and how she's going to be given to a guy or guys too?

Looking forward to more.

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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Mf, ff, forced sex/rape, under age characters, lesbian, forced orgasm

Surrender – Chapter 3 - Control of My Own Body
How could I not be enamored by Stormy?  She just seemed to do what she wanted.  As the days continued and I got to know her better she pulled me more and more into her life.  Our next adventure came when shopping at the mall.  She as usual was so high energy and she had me try on so many different types of clothing.  Everything from tops to skirts to shorts just about everything girls wear.  I was a little embarrassed when we ended up in intimate apparel because Stormy became determined to get me thong underwear like she liked to wear.  She kept picking the tiny and lace panties that barely covered anything and she took them mixed in with other clothing into the changing room to try on.  Then I was surprised when she had me put on one, then another and then another pair on top of one another.  She then asked me to put on my clothes that I came in with.  When I asked her about it she just shushed me. 
I have to admit I’m way too naive about things and it took me a few minutes to get it into my head she was getting me to shoplift panties.  She had quite a fight on her hand as she walked me to exit the store.  I kept trying to go back to the dressing room to take off the stolen merchandise but she kept pulling me and telling me to shut up.  I was furious at her when we managed to get out of the store and walked far ahead of her not talking to her for a while.  But like everything with Stormy she did not give up she apologized and kissed me and begged me not to be a baby.  I was so ashamed and angry I kept thinking about turning myself in but she convinced me that would be really stupid because I would get arrested and it would get put on my record.  I finally gave in after she bought me some ice cream. 
I thought I had finally convinced her to quit stealing and I made sure to not let her put anything else on me as she shopped a bit more but I didn’t notice her big purse and I didn’t see it until we got back to her house that she had stuffed lots of clothing into it.  It was several of the things I had tried on that she wanted me to have and again we screamed and yelled at each other.  I kept telling her that she had to take it back which of course she told me was stupid.  We both got so angry we ended up wrestling to the ground but she was much taller and stronger then me. 

I couldn't believe this was happening.  I had never had a physical altercation with anyone.  As we wrestled she ended up on top and kept fighting with me till she got me rolled over onto my stomach.  Once she did she started spanking my bottom hard telling me to stop being such a baby.  She was spanking me seriously hard like an angry parent over and over on the butt until I stopped struggling and started crying.  She finally told me she didn’t want to hear anything more about the shoplifting and I agreed so she wouldn’t spank me anymore.  My butt was so sore.  I felt so angry.  Other then my mom swatting me as a little girl I had never been spanked by anyone.
She didn’t let go though and held me like I was.  She then started to rub my butt, lower back and thighs very softly.  I was still mad so I was quiet because I didn’t want her to start hitting me again so she just kept rubbing.  Then she surprised me more as she began to tug at my clothing slowly baring my bottom.  I was shocked when suddenly I felt air on my bare bottom and the skin of her hand rubbing me still.  I started to say her name in protest but the moment I made a sound she told me, “Shut up or I’ll spank your bare ass.”  So I did as I was told and she kept rubbing me still working the material away from my skin.  She just kept rubbing and any time I made a sound she shushed me.  I felt her move around and was surprised when she started rubbing and massaging my skin.  When I started to make a noise she swatted my bottom and that’s all it took to shut me up again.  I just laid there with her sitting on me straddling my back and let her rub my bare skin.  It did begin to feel very good but also felt weird. 
It got even stranger when her fingers started working from my bottom down towards my legs and more importantly where that all linked.  The room was dead silent when I felt her fingers slip under the material of my panties and touch someplace no one but me had ever touched before around my sex.  Again I started to say her name but before I got even the S out she again gave me a quick spank and shushed me.  But I felt I should at least protest and whined, "Stormy stop.  Get off of me!"  There was no doubt it wasn’t an accident.  Her fingers were now rubbing all around my sex.  But she just spanked me hard five quick spanks this time on my bare bottom and I felt her seem to shift more of her weight onto me making it a little harder to breath.  I was so nervous I wasn’t sure of what I thought of this.  But nothing was going to dissuade her she continued to rub all around me down there and my heart was pounding hoping it didn’t get even more intimate. 
But this was Stormy we were talking about and it wasn’t much longer after I had the thought that it became true and her fingers began to rub directly where I had rubbed only a few nights ago.  I was so nervous and unsure what to think yet at the same time it felt so good.  She very gently began to drag a finger softly through my lips and I heard myself let out a gasp.  Up and down my sex I felt her use three fingers one on each side of my lips and one through the center.  I felt very embarrassed when I felt her fingers find wetness and started to spread that wetness around.  I have known my other friends almost my whole life and I never got even close to doing anything like this with any of them.  Yet here I was with my new friend Stormy, having physically fought with her about stealing, now pinned on the floor on my belly with her straddling my back, bared my bottom, and now rubbing the most private intimate place on a person's body and feeling so embarrassed as I felt her fingers draw wetness from my body.

But she wasn't grossed out or anything.  She just continued to work her fingers up and down until I felt an even more powerful sensations as her fingers found that oh so sensitive place, my clit.  I had always been so careful ever touching there because the feelings there were so sensitive but she never once made it hurt, rubbed too hard or scratched it.  Again her fingers seemed to trace perfectly around it rubbing it between her fingers ever so lightly and I felt my legs open more to give her easier access.  I'm not sure why I did it, if it was just an instinct or natural reaction but I felt so ashamed of myself for moving my legs wider especially when I felt it make a huge difference as her hand was no longer squeezed by my thighs and could move much easier.
So many thoughts and questions were racing through my mind:  Wasn’t this something you only did with a boyfriend?  Shouldn’t this only be done with someone that you are in a relationship with?  This never would have happened with any of my other friends.  I had never even come close to a kiss with anyone else, yet here I was lying on the floor with her and she was touching me on the most private part of my body.  Should this be happening at all.  But it was her, Stormy, the girl who was changing me, changing who I was changing me into Meg.
She was quiet, just focused on rubbing me there and the only sounds were from my moans that I didn’t make out of choice but out of need.  The feelings grew more and more intense and I felt my muscles beginning to tremble.  I was nervous and timid and didn’t fully understanding my own body but the rubbing on my most intimate place never slowed or stopped.  Then I had the most intense feeling I ever had and I yelled at her, “Stormy STOP I gotta pee.”  But she didn’t stop at all.  She kept rubbing and working on the tiny clit and I thought I was going to burst and then I heard her say something that surprised me, “Let go.  Let it go don’t fight it.” 

I could feel my body squirming and wiggling not by choice but by instinct and I was trembling harder and knew I was going to explode on her but I couldn’t fight it anymore and she wouldn’t stop rubbing.  I was stunned when I felt a release from inside me but from really deep in my stomach and I let out a loud moan.  As I did it felt like she pinched my clit and I felt a harder more intense release and I felt lots of wetness escape from inside me.  I felt that feeling three more times and I couldn’t control myself anymore and just let it go.  It felt so so intense to let go for those few minutes I didn’t think or care I just let go.  It was the most incredible unbelievable feeling I had ever had.  It was something I didn’t understand and had never expected to feel and she had given me that feeling.  I don't really know why but it also made me start to cry.  Maybe it was the shame or that she didn't stop when I told her to or maybe the anger for physically wrestling, pinning me and rubbing me like that, I didn't know but I cried.

Never once even for a moment did she stop.  She kept rubbing me down there until I laid completely still, dead weight.  I’m not sure when she stopped because I think I passed out for a few moments but when I could think again I realized she had rolled me onto my back, lying on and holding me tight with her arms around me and at that moment I felt so many emotions, anger shame, embarrassment, frustration yet I felt so very confused about how I should feel about her.  There we were alone in her house on the living room floor and for the first time in my life I had physically fought, well okay it was more like wrestling, out of anger over the shoplifting, with her eventually pinning me on the floor, spanking me, baring my bottom and then rubbing my bare butt and then rubbing between my legs, something only I had ever done, yet she completely ignored my protests. 

She kissed me on the lips but I turned my face away.  She kissed my cheek and tried to turn my face back to hers but I resisted.  So she tickled my side which I'm very ticklish so even though I tried not to it made me laugh.  Then she kissed my mouth again and I tried to not kiss back but she tickled me again for a moment then kissed me again.  I gave up and we kissed a few minutes and then just laid there and held one another.

Finally after lying there for a while she finally got up off of me and helped me get up and neither of us ever spoke about what we just did.  It was like it never happened yet I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling either.  It was quite a while before I learned that I didn’t pee myself but rather had my very first orgasm.  I guess that was the way with Stormy I was having so many firsts.  It was a secret that I would never tell to anyone and one I hoped Stormy would keep secret as well. 

To be continued. . .

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Brokenwing, you are a master. I simply cannot wait to read more. The tone, the feel, are just spot on.

December 17, 2016, 05:21:32 PM
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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Mf, ff, forced tickling, under age characters, lesbian, drug use, shoplifting

Surrender – Chapter 4 - My Will Power to Say No

Something did change for us after that and I’m not sure I can find the words to explain how it felt.  I don’t think it was a feeling of love like with two people madly and passionately in love with one another.  But it did change how we were with each other physically after that especially when we were alone.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen two girls who were totally in each other’s space but that’s how Stormy and I were after that.  We could not sit close enough to each other and it was common for us to put a leg or foot or hand on the others lap.  After that day when we were alone we kissed often, mostly non passionate kisses but kisses of caring, kindness and closeness for one another.  When I wasn’t with her all I did was wonder what she was doing.  It did do one other thing too though, after that day I had little will power to tell her no. 
Two days after that day when I went to her house she had a set of her father’s sweats sitting there.  She told me to change into only the sweats and that we were going to go shopping.  I looked at her confused but she said, “You don’t want me to spank you again do you.”  Of course I didn’t so I started undressing and got down to my panties and bra.  When I didn’t remove then she told me, “Everything but the sweat suit.”  I did what I was told and then we headed to the mall.  By the end of our shopping spree I looked like a fat girl under the sweat suit.  We started with intimate apparel and I think we stopped with 15 pairs of panties and 10 bras.  She didn’t have one piece of stolen merchandise on her by the end of the day I had close to 50. 

Thank God we didn’t get caught.  I felt horribly guilty and struggled with all the wrong it represented but when we got back to her home she had me take it all off and then made me try on each piece of clothing one piece at a time.  Each time I was changing she had me get completely naked and would then make out with me and rub me anywhere and everywhere.  My guilt of theft changed to a guilt of lust and I didn’t want it to end.  She changed my guilt for stealing to a reward of physical pleasure and it made the guilt fade away.  It made my time away from her feel so incredibly lonely that I didn’t think there was anything I wouldn’t do to be with her. 
It wasn’t too many days before our next big adventure.  An adventure that made me wish I had the power to tell Stormy no.  One day after lunch I went over to her house to visit and she asked me did I know how to play poker.  Of course the answer to that question was no.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had a few friends who invited her oven to play poker and that she asked if I could come and they said that was fine.  Of course I really would have preferred to be alone with her but since this is what she wanted how could I say no. 

She then told me that they usually keep the air conditioning on pretty cold there so we should put on layers of clothing.  She already had selected some clothes for me and besides the underwear I already had on she had me put on a camisole, a slip, a tank top, a t-shirt, a button down blouse and a sweater over that.  She also had me put on a skirt and two thigh high stockings.  I was surprised by all this but did so without too much question.  She also dressed in several layers but not as much as she got me to put on.  We then headed to her friends home. 
I got nervous when we got to their home because there were four guys and Stormy and I.  They all looked to be over 18 and maybe even over 21.  They all seemed pretty nice and they really fussed over us.  She introduced them to me there was Jim, Joe, Dave and Doug.  Jim looked to be the oldest he was tall and stocky and had a full beard.  He spoke with a soft voice but seemed to look at me more than I would have liked.  Joe was tall and skinny and wore glasses and seemed quite a nerd.  Dave was also a bit of a nerd but he was overweight.  Doug was the youngest I would guess around nineteen.  He was blond and handsome and his body chiseled.  His skin tanned easily and he dressed in preppy clothing. 

On the floor there was a green blanket and it had symbols on it along with pillows and cards.  They already had a pretty punch ready it was red and foamy and they told me it had orange sherbet in it. 
I was very surprised when they lit up marijuana cigarettes.  I could tell because the smell was very different then the cigarettes I had smoked with Stormy before and these didn’t look like the others.  They each took several hits and on a few occasions offered the joint to me but I refused every time. 
I was fully waiting for Stormy to call me a baby and prepared my argument that I didn’t want to do drugs but she didn’t say that to me.  Instead to my shock and to the shock and pleasure of the guys one time she took a big hit on the joint and she held it in her mouth for a few moments.  She then walked over to me, put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips.  Next thing I knew she opened her mouth and I foolishly did the same and suddenly she blew the smoke from her mouth into mine.  The guys all laughed and said things like awesome.  Not only did they like that Stormy had got smoke into me but they liked seeing her kiss me.  I was pissed at her but there wasn’t much I could do.  It didn’t take too long before I started feeling much more relaxed. 
We all then went and sat on the green blanket one of the guys started shuffling the cards and they asked me if I knew how to play poker.  When I said I didn’t they turned up a bunch of cards and started explaining the game to me.  I tried to pay attention but it all seemed confusing to me and I wasn’t sure I was getting it but they all said they would help me.  They then started talking about if we were going to bet on the card games.  They talked about betting money and if we had some to bet which we didn’t and then it changed to playing strip poker.  I looked at Stormy in surprise but she seemed excited by the idea.  They again went over the rules of strip poker with me and before long we began to play. 
The first few hands happened and I was excited as I was somehow winning.  I was also relieved I wasn’t losing any clothing.  After the forth hand I started to lose and lost both my shoes.  As the games continued I started losing more and more clothing.  Two of the guys were down without shirts early on but after the fifth hand I seemed to lose clothing on every new hand.  Sometimes I would lose three articles of clothing on one hand.  I just wasn’t getting the rules and only won the first few hands. 
I also wasn’t sure what was in the punch.  It tasted funny and after a while I felt giggly and a little tired.  After we had been there about an hour and a half I was down to my panties bra and my thigh high stockings.  I lost both stockings on the next hand.  I survived one more hand without losing anything and then on the next hand I lost and had to pay with two pieces of clothing.  I really was unsure and hesitated but Stormy told me it was okay and unhooked my bra strap.  The most humiliating part was having to take off my own panties while they all watched.  I felt more self-conscious then I ever had in my whole life.
They played two more hands without me leaving.  I sat there completely naked keeping my knees tight and arms folded before they decided to stop.  Stormy then started asking them if they thought I was pretty and I was shocked as they talked about how pretty I was almost like I wasn't there.  Stormy to my surprise pulled me by my upper arm into the middle of the blanket.  Within moments I was in the middle and they were all around me.  Suddenly the talk became all about me and how beautiful I was. 
I can hardly tell you how weird it feels to be the only person naked when there are five other people in the same room.  Even worse the whole focus was on my body and that made me feel so self-conscious.  Next thing I knew Stormy started tickling me on my side.  I unfortunately am very ticklish and I laughed and jerked.  To the guys she quickly said, “Help me.”  And they all suddenly began to tickle me.  One guy tickling each foot one on my knees, one on my sides and the other on my tummy.  Everyone was tickling me and I had to laugh and squirm.  There was nothing I could do to stop them.  No matter how much I begged them they didn’t stop and I just kept squirming and laughing hard.  I accidentally even lost it and let out a fart.  I was so embarrassed but that also was funny and just made me laugh and fart more.  They tickled me for a long time before stopping.  We were all there laughing and I think feeling the effects of the pot and the punch.
It wasn’t very long before I had my first kiss with a guy when Doug took a chance pulled me to him and planted me with a deep, long passionate French kiss. I must have turned very red in my face because I could feel the heat in my cheeks from both the surprise and excitement.  It did feel so very different then kissing Stormy because his lips and mouth were more stuff and firm.  I was so excited because of the four guys he was the youngest and best looking. 
As much as his kiss caught me off guard I did something I never would have ever even considered before meeting Stormy, I initiated two more kisses with him as we sat there together on the blanket.  I was slowly letting go of my anxiety and losing myself in the kisses with Doug.
Just as I starting to hope that maybe Doug might like me as a potential girlfriend again things changed as easily as the direction of the wind during a storm and Jim took hold of my wrist, turned me to him and kissed me.  Jim is about six foot four inches tall and has huge shoulders while I am not even five foot tall so even sitting he towered over me.  His full beard felt rough and was very prickly when he kissed me.  Just the size and weight difference made his kiss feel very powerful and I felt like a little girl so far out of her element.  I have to admit that him holding me close, me completely naked and him kissing me so deeply while feeling so physically overpowering, plus the fact that he was easily more than ten years older than me made me very nervous and unsure what was going on. 

But no sooner that my fear began building I suddenly felt Stormy pull my shoulder, turn me to her and she kissed me next.  I was so relieved.  When she broke her kiss we all just kept sitting there giggling and they were just making funny comments.  I wasn’t overly surprised Dave pulled me to him and again I had a guy’s tongue pushed into my mouth.  I never would have imagined myself making out with an overweight guy but I wouldn’t have imagined myself kissing any guy so it really didn’t matter.  What I liked about kissing Dave is that he was far more gentle then Jim or Doug and it didn’t feel like he was trying to shove his tongue down my throat.  It just seemed to easy when Dave pulled me onto his lap and I felt like a rag doll so easily pulled into the arms of this big guy.  It scared me a little because I felt myself relax in his embrace as we kissed.  But I wanted to like Doug, I wanted the youngest cutest guy to like me, not this overweight older guy but his kisses were soft and gentle yet his body seemed to envelop me to him.  I almost forgot I was there completely naked with all the others watching us kiss. 
But to my chagrin there was still one more guy I hadn’t yet kissed and I should have known he would want his turn too.  Without warning I felt thin hard hands pull first one wrist and then the other towards him as Joe pulled me into his embrace.  Kissing Joe was very mechanical and I couldn’t wait to find a way out of his turn.  His boney hands touched and held me roughly and his kisses were stiff and hard.  He also made me more uncomfortable feeling me up first on my bottom and then squeezing one of my breasts with his skeleton hands.  Stormy must have noticed my discomfort because within a few minutes of him grabbing my boob she tapped him on the shoulder and said, “My turn.”  I think he thought she was going to kiss him but instead she pulled me to her and made out with me again. 
I was relieved as the kissing slowed to an end as Jim lit two more joints and they started smoking and passing them around.  Stormy took a hit for herself and then a second hit which she then shared with me through a kiss.  I was too tired to argue and just let her blow it in my mouth. 
We all just lounged around on the mat and got stoned and after a while I passed out asleep.  I woke up a bit later still naked but under a blanket with Stormy’s arm and leg draped over me.  I couldn’t wait to use the bathroom and took a shower without asking permission.  If I had been at any of my old friend’s home I would have asked their mom for a towel and if it was okay to use the shower, but this wasn’t little kids anymore.  These were older guys who had seen me completely naked so I didn’t think it a big deal to use their bathroom and shower.  It wasn’t too long after my shower that Stormy and I went back to her house. 
The walk there felt so surreal.  I felt like I was in a really weird dream and hardly knew what to think of what I had done.  How different a girl I had become.  Not only was I breaking the law, shoplifting and smoking pot, but I was doing things I never would have even thought of doing just a few weeks previous.  Things that would have freaked out my friends and terrified my mother.

To be continued. . .

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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Mf, ff, under age characters, lesbian, piercings

Surrender – Chapter 5 - To Deviant Behavior
I think Stormy realized that I was feeling a bit shaky about what had happened with the guys because for the next several days we hung out together we did more normal things.  Of course we did them Stormy’s way.  One day we went roller blading together and that was fun and it stayed innocent and fun.  The next day we went to see a movie but of course we had to go a little different then most people.  Stormy took us to a common exit door and she stood by the exit door talking on her cell phone making me wait.  As people left through the exit door she stuck her foot into the opening by the door and grabbed me by the wrist pulling me inside.  We had gotten into the theater without buying tickets.
I have to admit it is an adrenalin rush to sneak into a movie or to shoplift clothing.  But I of course struggle so much with the guilt of it.  I think Stormy forgets about it within ten seconds of walking through the door. 
The next day she again freaked me out a couple times.  We went to this house in a bad neighborhood.  The guy who answered the door I think was easily over 30 years old.  He led us into the house and unlike most people’s homes had all the blinds and curtains closed and had lots of lamps and lights on.  Stormy told him my name and they talked about me like I wasn’t there.  She told him I was a good girl and didn’t do bad things and they laughed about that.  He then asked her what she wanted and she said some terms I wasn’t familiar with but after he got her a couple baggies of stuff she handed him some money.  He joked and teased her about it telling her that she knew she didn’t have to pay him if she or I would do him “favors.”  But Stormy just laughed that off and said for him not to worry since she had the cash.  He asked me if I wanted some free candy and I just shook my head no, pretty sure he meant drugs.  He laughed and called me Princess Snow White.  After we left Stormy fussed at me for not accepting it saying I could have given it to her if I didn’t want it. 
She took me for a walk and we walked a long way almost to the point where I did not want to go any farther.  I started complaining more until she finally told me to shut up and said it wasn’t much farther.  She was right and we ended up deep in the park by a running stream.  She sat down on the ground and took off her shoes and told me to take mine off.  She then walked with her bare feet in the water and tugged at my wrist till I put my feet in as well.  The water was very cold even though it was a hot summer day.  Almost so cold it hurt the bones in my feet but it felt good too.  It was absolutely beautiful there.  I could hardly believe we were in such a pretty place.  We walked along the stream barefooted for a little ways till we got to a fallen tree where she stepped out of the river and sat on the tree trunk.  I followed and sat down beside her. 
We didn’t talk very much but I was surprised when she took a baggie out of her purse and pulled out a marijuana cigarette.  She then lit it and offered it to me.  Like the last time she offered me a hit I declined.  She didn’t say anything and just kept smoking it then she put her arm around my shoulder took a hit and moved to kiss me.  I can not explain to you why I didn’t avoid the kiss because this time I knew what she was going to do but I let her kiss me and let her blow the smoke into my mouth.  She broke the kiss took another hit and then kissed me again.  She did that three more times.  Then she smiled at me brushed the hair from my face.  She just looked at me like that for a few minutes before we kissed several more times this time without her taking a hit and blowing it into my mouth.  It’s strange even to me but I didn’t feel odd kissing her.  I guess it just felt comfortable to me.  After kissing she looked back at the stream and at her feet and smiled and laughed and hugged me to her.  It was weird and I didn’t really know what to think of it but I just sat there with her doing what she wanted to do like I normally did.  I felt the odd fog come over me and just relaxed letting the pot take over me. 
I think every time I got comfortable with Stormy she would always find a new way to surprise me.  The next day was no different.  I went to her house and we were hanging out and she put in a movie.  It was a new release from the local movie rental place so I didn’t get uncomfortable.  Stormy prepared popcorn and pop for the movie and as we watched she lit another joint.  I’m not sure why but I still refused to take a drag on it yet I would let her blow smoke into my mouth from a kiss.  So it wasn’t very long before we were both feeling stoned.  While the movie continued to play I noticed she was starring at me and I blushed when I realized she was looking at my chest and that my shirt had a tiny damp place that was visible.  When she saw that I knew where she was looking she put her hand on my breast and squeezed gently.  I whined for her not to do that but she didn’t listen and soon the spot on my shirt was more visible. 
She got up and left the room for a few minutes and then came back hiding something.  She then began to explain to me that she had done some research on the internet about my condition of leaking milk.  She told me that she had read that the way to reduce the seepage was to express milk from the breast.  I’m not sure why I let her but she then pushed my shirt and bra up exposing my breasts.  She then pulled out what she had hidden behind her back.  She put it to my breast and began to work the device, it was a breast pump.  Within a few minutes I felt my breast lactating into the pump.  I was embarrassed and nervous and protested but she shushed me and told me to relax and watch the movie.  She continued to work the pump and I felt more of the fluid draw into the device.  It didn’t feel very good and I protested and looked down and there was only a little milk in the pump.  She then changed sides of me and put the pump to my other breast.  I protested but she just didn’t listen and began to pump that breast.  She only got a little milk from that breast before I began to complain because it was hurting.  She finally stopped but told me we should do it again later that day.  I am embarrassed to admit that I let her use the pump one more time that afternoon before I went home.  This time she got less production but I did lactate some.  She suggested that we do it every day.
The next day she called me and invited me to go shopping so I headed over to her house.  As soon as I got there she wanted me to come to her room and when I did she had the pump out and ready.  I protested but she convinced me to let her pump me by pointing out that my shirt was dry and that by pumping it would not leak later that day.  I’m not sure why I’m so gullible but I gave in and let her pump each breast.  She seemed pleased when she got a bit of milk from each breast.  She pumped on each until they would not express any more and I complained that it hurt.  After she finished we headed off to go shopping as she promised. 
We went to a strip mall for a while and I was having fun and feeling more my age then I had in a while with her.  But then she opened a door to a shop I had never noticed before.  The shop sold incense, black light, all types of music t-shirts and all kinds of different products I never thought of before.  When we got into the store she asked the cashier where Jason was and she pointed us to the back of the store.  I followed Stormy back to where we were directed and this odd looking guy with black hair with blue streaks said hi to her and gave her a hug.  She introduced him to me and we shook hands.  She then asked him, “Are we all set?”  He replied yep and told me to take a seat in a chair in front of a blue background. 
Not sure what was going on I sat where I was told and he picked up a camera and took a picture of me.  He then rolled in his chair to a computer plugged the camera in and within seconds I saw the picture of me on the screen.  He clicked the mouse and hit some keys on the keyboard and within a few minutes a driver’s license from another state came out of the printer with the picture of me on it.  Stormy grabbed it from him and looked at it smiling looking very happy.  She then handed it to me and I looked at it wide eyed stunned to see the fake ID.  It had Meg as my first name and a fake last name and it listed my date of birth as 3 days and 21 years ago.  “Its awesome Jason thanks.”  She said and he replied quickly, “Don’t thank me lets have the C note.”  Stormy shifted around on her feet looking uncomfortable.  “Come on Jason I didn’t think you were serious about that, I don’t have that much.”  When she said that he grabbed the fake license back. 
Stormy is not one to give up quickly so she opened her purse looked inside and pulled out some money.  She then asked me if I had any money and I looked in my purse.  She had a little over 40 and I had a little over 20 and together she handed him $63.23 but he shook his head no offering the money back to her.  She looked at him contemplating and I was stunned with what she said next, “I’ll give you head.”  This time he looked at her thinking for a few minutes and he took the money back.  Within a minute he replied, “Okay.”  Stormy handed me the fake ID and told me to look around the shop for a little while.  I started to argue with her not wanting her to do that, but she just waived her hand at me for me to go away.  I looked around the shop nervously for several minutes looking back in the corner every once in a while. 
I was stunned what I saw next and that was Stormy on her knees half under the computer desk and his legs opened wide.  Her face was at his crotch and I saw his hands on her head guiding her to move up and down.  I couldn’t believe she was doing this.  It went on several more minutes and I was glad they were playing music in the store so I couldn’t hear the sounds of it.  Finally I saw her lift her face away from his lap and was stunned when I saw him squirt white milky stuff on her face.  I was frozen watching as four streams of white liquid squirted onto her face.  He handed her some tissue and she wiped her face off.  Then he backed up the chair and she get out from under the desk.  After a few moments she walked towards me looking a little amiss grabbed my hand and led me from the store.  I looked at her concerned and told her, “You didn’t have to do that.”  But she just replied, “Shut up.”  I felt bad for what she had done so I did what she said and didn’t say anything more about it. 
I thought the wild events of the day were over but it just kept going as we went around the corner and there was a tattoo / piercing shop.  We entered the shop and Stormy said hello to the receptionist and told her she had an appointment with Leslie.  The receptionist looked into the book and then told us to head to a room on the side of the store.  When we got to the room inside was a lady in her thirties with lots of tattoos and piercing everywhere I could see.  She wasn’t wearing any makeup and her body build was big and solid and until I heard her voice I wasn’t sure if she was a man or woman.
Stormy introduced herself and then me and we all shook hands.  Leslie asked what we wanted and I was shocked as Stormy told her we were there to get my belly button pierced.  I looked at Stormy like she was crazy but as I did Leslie asked me for my ID.  It took a minute for me to compose myself but then I got the fake ID out of my purse.  Leslie looked at it and looked up calculating the year and my age before handing me back the ID.  She then surprised me when she pushed my shirt up and unbuttoned my jean shorts exposing my belly button and a lot of my skin around it.  I wasn’t even sure I was really ready to do this but within a second Leslie pulled a handle and the chair laid back.
She seemed really weird to me because she rubbed her fingers over my belly and said, “very nice,” before she began to use an alcohol wipe to sterilize my belly.  She then showed us some jewelry and Stormy picked a belly ring that dangled a little lightning bolt charm from it.  Then Leslie asked if I minded if she pulled down my jean shorts so they wouldn’t get in the way but she didn’t really even wait for an answer before she tugged them down to just below my knees.  I blushed as both she and Stormy could see me in my red and white striped panties and I was relieved I didn’t have on any more childish.  She then put on rubber gloves and got out the piercing instruments.  It was only a few minutes later, leaving me little time to think this through, that I felt the pain of the piercing and it was done. 
As the fact that my belly button was now pierced filled my mind Leslie shocked me further when she tugged my panties down several inches and then asked, “Would you like your clitoral hood piercing as well?”  I was overwhelmed and embarrassed as both she and Stormy were looking at my sex.  “That would be awesome!” Stormy proclaimed.  I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say or do when to my horror Leslie began to sterilize my skin at the top of my sex.  “No wait!” I protested.  Stormy put a hand on my shoulder keeping from sitting up saying, “No it’ll be awesome.  Go ahead.”  I gasped in horror as I felt Leslie continue to pull and clean the skin around my clit and I felt so embarrassed as I felt that sooo sensitive place exposed to the air in the room as she pulled the hood back and away from it.
How was this happening?  I woke up this morning just thinking we were going shopping and now this stranger was wiping the most private place on my body.  She started out by thoroughly cleaning the area and pulling and feeling around down there.  She took out a marker and made two dots on my skin where to pierce.  Once they were marked she re-checked again and made sure the marks were dry and said, “they look great.” She then began pulling on the hood.  Once she was done she applied the forceps.  While it wasn't very painful there was a lot of pressure at this time. Leslie checked to make sure the forceps were in the correct place and the dots all lined up. "I don't know about this" I protested.  Stormy quickly answered, "It'll be okay Meg, we talked about this and you've wanted this for months."  I looked at her dumbfounded unsure what she was talking about since I hadn't even known her that long. 

"You ready" Leslie asked?  But before I answered I braced myself, clinching the table, eyes shut tight, she told me to breathe in and out and OUCH it was over and done with. Another intense pressure and the jewelry was in. It was more of an intense burning feeling than anything else and when she placed the cool cloth on the piercing it instantly felt better. I laid there a few minutes catching my breath and she brought me a glass of water.  It was bleeding slightly so Leslie gave me a panty liner and went over the cleaning and after care procedures. 
Stormy was smiling and gave me a big kiss.  The next thing Leslie said really stunned me, “You two are a darling couple I hope you appreciate and enjoy her surprise.”   I looked at Stormy thinking about what Leslie had said and it took a moment for me to realize that Stormy must have arranged for this in advance and made Leslie think we were a couple.  I wasn’t sure what to think about either of those two things.  Had she arranged for both of the piercings?  Did she think of us as a couple? 
I didn’t know what to say at the time so I stayed quiet until after dressing and leaving.  More then anything I just wanted to go home and I told Stormy that after we left the shop.  My entire crotch felt like it was hot and all I could do was waddle around.  I had all but forgotten that I had my belly button pierced.   Leslie walked us to the door and just before we left Stormy hugged her and said to her, “Thank you so much Leslie, I owe you one.  Tell Heather I said hello.”  With that we left.  Stormy walked me home and we didn’t say very much except for me to ask who Heather was, Stormy told me Heather was Leslie’s partner.  Honestly I think I was still in shock.  The next few hours were less then pleasant and I was very careful of how I sat avoiding crossing my legs and I bled a good bit, but it wasn't heavy. 
I can say for sure I have never been so aware of my clit in my life and every time I forgot about the piercing for just a moment the minute I moved I was quickly reminded.  The discomfort changed to just heightened sensation after awhile with almost every movement providing stimulation down there.  I avoided my mom the rest of the day and spent most of the time in my bed.  I did soak in the tub in a sea salt as Leslie directed and that seemed to help ease any remaining discomfort.  I can hardly begin to tell you what a life change that piercing became. 
To be continued. . .

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don't know what to say brokenwing. It just keeps getting better and better.

December 17, 2016, 10:10:18 PM
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Thanks everyone for your kind commemts.

December 17, 2016, 11:55:36 PM
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Wow you are just on a whole other level brokenwing! Amazing

December 18, 2016, 11:31:04 AM
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Normally i don't read lesbian stories but your captured my imagination. You picked up  a fan here!

December 18, 2016, 12:20:59 PM
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Wow you are just on a whole other level brokenwing! Amazing

Thank you so very much Ararria that means so very much.

And also thank you GSCMAR64, Vile8r and Jed.

You all are my heroes.

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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

Mf, ff, under age characters, lesbian, lactation

Surrender – Chapter 6  Surrender of My Common Sense
It didn’t take me long to figure out why anyone would get a piercing down there where I had and I’m not talking about my belly button ring.  There were very few minutes of the day where any movement brought sensation between my legs directly to my clit.  Before then I think I could count on both hands the number of times I felt aroused and horny but my new piercing stimulated me frequently and made me aware of the secret place between my legs.  I wanted to pretend it didn’t affect me but the person it changed this with the most was the person I would have wanted it to influence the least. . . Stormy. 
Even though I wanted to be mad at her it didn’t take too much for her to get me to hang out with her again.  The very next day in the late afternoon she called me and after I avoided her for the first few calls when she got me on the phone I let her talk me into going over to her house to help her.  Apparently a lady from her father’s office had gotten her stuck baby sitting for an infant belonging to an employee with the firm.  Stormy was begging and pleading with me to come help her telling me she hardly knew what to do with a baby and I have to admit the vision of Stormy holding a baby, let alone actually taking care of one, made me laugh.  Not that I knew much about babies either but knowing how she couldn’t focus on one thing at a time left me feeling sorry for the infant so I agreed and headed over. 
I had just a little bit of doubt that Stormy was telling the truth and wondered if I would get to her house and there not be a baby but as soon as I walked through the door I heard him crying.  His name was Tommy and he was three months old.  Stormy was carrying him trying to get him to stop crying and she looked pretty frazzled.  Instinct made me take him from her right away, poor little boy having to depend on her, and I hugged him to me talking to him trying to get him to calm down.  No sooner then I was holding him and I knew why he was crying he had a dirty diaper.  “Stormy his diaper needs changed,” I said in a not very happy tone.  “I know, that’s why I called you,” she replied. 
I was furious at her she didn’t want to change a diaper so she called me.  The bad thing was I had only watched it done a couple times and had never done it myself for a real baby only for my dolls when I was younger.  “Where’s the diaper bag?” I asked.  Stormy took me over to where she had the diaper bag and I laid Tommy on the sofa next to it on a blanket.  I was nervous and unsure of myself but the poor kid was miserable so it didn’t leave me time to be nervous.  I got the fresh diaper out first to make sure I could figure it out and took a look at it then I remembered to get the wipes out and asked her to get me something for the dirty diaper and wipes.  She came back with a plastic bag and I took a deep breath and opened the old diaper, sure enough it was a mess and I wanted to be sick.  But I held myself together and pulled the dirty diaper out from under him and put it into the plastic bag.  Worse I had to then wipe away lots of mess and I gagged a few times but didn’t lose it.  I got him cleaned up and sprinkled some baby powder on him and then put the new diaper in place and fastened it quickly relieved I hadn’t been squirted. 
I then started talking to him and making silly noises and faces and he stopped crying and smiled at me and I felt good.  “You’re a natural,” Stormy proclaimed as I picked him up and hugged him to my shoulder.  She then came over to me and leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips.  Even as I was talking to and making more noises for Tommy I felt myself blush at her kiss.  I told myself that I should talk to her about it later because it seemed like she was wanting more then a friendship.  I didn’t even want to think about how I felt about that. 
For the next little while Tommy was happy and good and not being fussy but I guess like with all babies all good things must come to an end and he started being fussy again.  I checked his diaper and it was still okay so I started thinking about what else it could be.  Then I got to thinking and asked Stormy if he had a bottle with formula.  She told me he did and hurried off to the kitchen to get it.  It seemed like she was in there forever and he was getting more fussy so I walked into the kitchen to see her looking upset.  She showed me that she had tried to warm up the formula but somehow the bag broke and the formula escaped into the water in the pot.  I asked if there was more but she said no.  I carried him back into the living room not sure what to think. 
She came a few seconds behind me and sat down next to me. 
“What do we do now?” she asked. 
I looked at her mad at her for ruining the formula and not sure what to do. 
“I don’t know!  How could you do that?” I replied mad at her. 
She sat quiet a minute and then said, “I didn’t do it on purpose.”
 Several minutes passed and I managed to get him to laugh here and there but then he’d get fussy again. 

Then she spoke up again and said something that stunned me, “You could feed him!” 
I had to think about what she meant and even answered her before I understood what she meant, “How you ruined the formula?” 

But before she replied with what she meant I figured it out and as she said it I sat repulsed about the idea, “You could feed him from your boob.”

“No way,” I replied quickly and we sat quiet a few minutes. 

But the longer we sat the more fussy he got and soon fussy turned back to crying.  I tried bouncing him and making noises and faces but nothing was working. 
After a long period of not saying anything she asked, “But why?”

I didn’t know how to respond to that but I was sure there had to be a good reason and finally managed to say, “Because I’m not his mother.” 

She sat quietly a few minutes as we both listened to him cry and then replied, “That doesn’t matter I’ve heard that woman even donate their milk for other babies.” 

That thought hung in the air a while as again the only sound was of Tommy crying before I replied, “That’s gross and what would his mother think?” 

But Stormy had a quick answer to that, “You think she’d rather have him starve?”

She sat starring at me waiting for my reply but I was scared of the idea and didn’t know what to think.
“Please, can we at least try?” she asked starring at me, “Look how unhappy he is.  You don’t want him to starve do you?”

I’m probably the most gullible and weak person in the world because as I sat there unsure what to do I felt Stormy reach over and begin to unfasten the snaps on my blouse.  As fate would have it that day I had put on a bra that fastened in front and before I knew it my breasts were exposed. 

I gave one more weak objection, “I don’t know Stormy.  It's mostly just watery discharge with only a little milk.  Maybe it, I mean wouldn't be good for him" I protested one more time in hopes I could talk her out of the idea.

But I felt her take hold of him and move him toward my breast and she very softly said, “Please, just try, okay?” 

I felt myself shaking as I was soooo nervous but Stormy didn’t seem to notice and guided Tommy’s mouth to my nipple. 

Inside my head I was saying, “Please don’t work!  Please don’t work!” over and over but as I was thinking it I felt his lips find my nipple.  They weren’t there more then a second or two when I felt him begin to suckle.  It felt so weird. 

“That’s it, just relax,” I heard Stormy say and wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or me.  I suddenly felt sooo many emotions and closed my eyes for a moment as I began to feel liquid escape from my nipple.  I was nursing a baby. 
When I opened my eyes Stormy had a huge smile on her face and she pushed the hair from my face and whispered, “Shhhh, its okay, just let him nurse.” 

I’m not sure I can find the words to describe how this felt but I could feel that this wasn’t the tiny bit of fluids that normally escaped from me.  I was still trembling uncontrollably and didn’t know what to do or think.

“Godddddd its beautiful!  This is beautiful!  You’re beautiful” Stormy said and leaned in for a kiss.  I’m embarrassed to admit that the kiss felt very sensual and for a few seconds I stopped worrying and got lost in it.  Stormy held Tommy perfectly still there and I felt him continue to nurse from me. 
The room was silent other then the soft sound of Tommy suckling and our kisses.  In between kisses we both watched him nurse from my breast and I slowly started letting go of some of the anxiety from this.  Although I still wasn’t sure what his mother would think of his babysitter’s friend nursing him. 
Stormy broke the silence saying, “It’s the most beautiful, natural thing I have ever seen!”  I was surprised when I felt her pull him from my breast and he made a little noise but she then switched him to the other breast.  As soon as his lips touched my other nipple he again began to suckle.  It hurt just a tiny bit at his first few suckles but the discomfort quickly went away and I felt milk begin to escape from that nipple. 
Stormy said one word to that and it stayed in my brain a while, “Beautiful!”  I then felt her do something I wasn’t expecting and she slid down my body placed her hands around my other breast, put her lips to my nipple and sucked it into her lips. 
“Stormy dontttttttttttt,” I whined quietly not to disturb Tommy but she didn’t stop until she had drawn milk from my breast.  As she pulled away she had a huge smile on her face and I was embarrassed but she seemed delighted.  She suckled a few more times and I’m pretty sure she swallowed some milk before She then rested her head on my chest and just watched him nurse.  It wasn’t much longer before his suckling grew weak and he began to drift off to sleep.  The three of us just stayed there quiet like that for a while. 
There was something so very different about Stormy after that I’m not sure how to explain other than to say that when we found time to be alone together where we weren’t on some adventure she became very gentle and affectionate always seeming to need to be in contact with me and at the least holding my hand.
I am ashamed to admit that it wasn’t the only time we babysat for Tommy and we argued intensely the next time because she again wanted me to nurse him.  I argued feverishly that it was wrong but like with everything she always won.  She simply got out his formula and poured it out onto the floor.
I shiver when I write this but she convinced me by imploring me, “Do what you were born to do Megan you’re not going to let him starve instead are you”?  The fact that she used my full name not Meg like she usually did and the fact was he had nothing else to eat made me feel I had no choice.  I have little will power when it comes to her and it never took that much persuasion after that and it became “normal” for me to nurse him when we babysat with him.  I worried something bad would come from it but no one other than Tommy, Stormy and I ever seemed to know what I was doing and he wasn’t going to talk.  Somehow she managed to get us booked to watch him almost once a week for the next couple months and I should not be surprised that she managed to keep all the babysitting money.
My mother often told me when she thought I did something she didn’t think I should do that I didn’t have common sense.  I had for so long been embarrassed about my medical condition with the breast discharge feeling so self-conscious that someone would notice wetness on my clothing.  How after all of my worrying could I not have had more common sense about not intentionally expressing milk but not only had I let Stormy talk me into letting Tommy nurse from me but I let her convince me to let her pump milk daily so that I could continue to feed him.  Like nature’s design once I had begun nursing and pumping my breasts began to fill and produce.  I now was having more incidents of leaking than ever and let her convinced me to pump and it wasn’t too hard of an argument for her as they soon began to ache if I didn’t. 

It’s odd because it never felt weird or dirty or perverted in anyway as it was one of the things she seemed to slow down to do and even the tone of her voice changed while we did it and she spoke so softly to me and told me how beautiful and special I was.  It also resulted in an increase in my breast size and she often brought it to my attention when guys noticed.  She even convinced me on one of our shoplifting trips to get new bras and it didn’t take a lot of persuasion as the bras I had weren’t fitting anymore and were very uncomfortable.  She even picked out a couple nursing bras so if we had a busy day she could help me pump without us having to go home.  Ironically it wasn’t very long after our shoplifting trip for new bras that my mom mentioned to me that she had noticed I was looking a little bit more mature and asked me if I needed to get more bras.  My heart just about stopped when she asked and it took me a moment of panic before I thought about the fact that this could be a normal problem for any pre-teen so I nervously agreed with my mom that I probably should get more bras.  The shopping trip with mom was so nerve racking because I was terrified that she might notice how much more I was leaking but to my relief she never noticed or at least mentioned it. 

To keep me from getting caught with the pump Stormy willingly carried it in her purse and I have to give her credit for being responsible as she didn’t seem to ever forget.  The worst part was that once we started this as each day passed it quickly became a necessity to pump or my breasts would become engorged and really begin to feel swollen and tender.  I was terrified but had no choice but to take a pump home and hide it in my room.  If it went much more than six hours it felt like I had a rock in my breast.  It didn’t take very long before it became part of my daily routine to express milk by either pump, letting Tommy nurse or simply by hand. 

To my amazement Stormy never once complained when we had to interrupt an activity to relieve my breasts.  If anything she seemed excited and would quickly find someplace out of site where we could relieve my ache.  I find it shameful that on occasion I let her convince me to let her either just use her hand or sometimes would let her use her mouth.  She would have done that every time if I let her.  At first I wouldn’t allow that except for a few times when we were relaxing at her house and started being affectionate.  Somehow a few kisses grew into deeper kisses and before long she would have my breast out and begin nursing.  I felt guilty for doing it because it’s not something friends do together but neither was much of anything Stormy and I did. 

She just had this magical power over me and I dare not say it didn’t feel good to me.  My relationship with her felt so different than any relationship I had with anyone else from my mom to my other friends.  Stormy got into my head, my heart and my soul and her attention electrified me and I wanted and needed more.  She became my addiction and every moment I spent away from her I spent wondering what she was doing and wanting to be with her again.  The longer we spent apart the more easily I would let her get her way when we were back together.  When Stormy wanted something she never gave up and that tenacity would wear me down. She got her way more then I will ever admit.  That didn’t change the fact that the medical condition I had tried so hard for so long to hide and was so self-conscious about was now exponentially worse and Stormy and I were the cause of that.  Where was my common sense?

The one thing I was beginning to realize was that unlike me who had lots of rules that I was supposed to follow, and did so without fail before meeting Stormy, she seemed to have none.  Her father only seemed to be home to sleep.  He spent few daytime hours at their house even on the weekends leaving a house without adult supervision for Stormy and I to hang out in.  My lying to my mother was increasing and I frequently said he was home when he wasn’t.  He parked in the garage so my mom couldn’t tell if his car was there or not.  Stormy could just easily get him on the phone if she called and asked to speak to him telling her to hang on a minute and then just conferencing him in on his cell.  She simply would say to him that my mom wanted to make sure I was okay and he either didn’t pay attention to my mother’s questions or simply just lied for Stormy but he just always said everything was fine or no problems. 
It was towards the end of one of our babysitting sessions where I began to understand why she had been keeping all the money.  We were in the kitchen with Tommy getting ourselves something to eat when we heard the garage door open.  Her father normally came into the house directly from the garage but that door never opened.  Instead we were surprised when we heard the front door open and close and heard her father talking with another man. 
“Why are you here” her father shouted?  We could not hear the man’s response.  “But I told you I was working on getting it you don’t need to come to my home,” her father exclaimed sounding very upset.  Again we heard a muffled man’s voice but could not hear the words.  “I’ll get you your money I just need more time,” her father protested and with that we heard a few more garbled words and the front door open and close.  We stayed in the kitchen quite a bit longer hoping her dad did not think we were trying to overhear.  I couldn’t get home fast enough as it felt so awkward being there.

To be continued. . .

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"Surrender"  by brokenwing 

MMMMff, ff, forced oral sex, under age characters, lesbian

Surrender – Chapter 7 - to Pleasing Others
I cannot begin to explain to you how different I felt on a daily basis since the day I met Stormy.  Prior to the day she started moving in I cannot remember a time where I felt sexually aroused.  But from the moment she first had me roll up my shorts for the moving men I started feeling more grown up and for the first time ever felt attractive to guys.  Don’t get me wrong I had on a few occasions thought I liked a boy but I cannot imagine a time where I felt one would have even considered having sex with me. 
From the moment of that first kiss at our first sleepover I felt electricity run through my body whenever Stormy touched me.  It wasn’t about being a girl or being a guy, it wasn’t about being straight or being gay all I knew was that from that first kiss I felt electrified any time I came in contact with her physically. 
I am not sure about how other girls are and I can’t say that I have seen any two girls act as we do but Stormy and I continued to become more and more affectionate with one another.  I could hardly stand when we were together to not be in constant contact with her physically. 
My lying continued to grow with my mother and I was amazed at how good I was getting to be at it and at learning to use my mother’s beliefs in fairness to my own benefit.  A perfect example of this was when Stormy spent the night sleeping over at our house, by my mother’s own fairness standard it made sense for me to then sleep over at her house.  I was amazed how easily Stormy could get her father to call my mother and say he would be home and most of the time he wasn’t.  The first few times we lied about this I was sure my mom would call her dad and he would admit to having to work late or whatever but any time my mom called him he just seemed to cover for Stormy.  Obviously our time at my house was very restricted and at Stormy’s we could do anything we wanted. 
The sleepovers at my house I think were harder on me than they were on Stormy.  Once I started to experience the feeling of affection I craved it all the time.  It was very hard for me to not kiss her as much as I wanted to.  I was always relieved when I thought my mother had gone to bed because it meant we could make out and cuddle tightly for a while before going to sleep.  I had to be very careful to not get caught and like typical Stormy loved to tease me one way or another doing sexy things like if my mom’s back was turned she would run her tongue across her top teeth.  She had fun teasing me at my house. 
At her house it was just the opposite, we were in some type of physical contact most of the time.  Even sometimes in front of her dad which at first I was very self-conscious about.  Like with everything Stormy did, I slowly got more comfortable with her ways.  Eventually sitting around in front of the TV in the living room in something like bra and panties.  When I first argued with Stormy about this she reminded me that girls wear smaller swimsuits all the time and I was being a prude.  She suggested that I just wear a bikini if I was all that worried about it but I didn’t want her to show me up so after a few days of hanging out there in my bra and panties I got more comfortable that way and it was often all I had on when hanging out there.  I usually kept some type of blanket close for if I heard her dad around but sometimes she would put her leg or something on my blanket just to make it hard for me to cover up.  It was typical Stormy.  On a few occasions her dad would be there watching TV with us and I would blush and try to cover my body but Stormy found it funny to try to keep my body visible to him.  It wasn’t about her wanting him to see me, but more her having fun making me blush.  When he didn’t react much she then would start to kiss me and usually he would then get frustrated and get up and go to his room. 
I cannot say that I had ever thought about kissing any of the girls I had ever been friends with before Stormy, nor can I say that I ever have known any girls to kiss as much as Stormy and I kissed, but as each day passed we kissed and made out more and more.  I remember days when I was younger sitting with my mom and her just holding me for a while but Stormy and I sat and held one another on the sofa all the time.
One of the new adventures she started at her house was either wrestling with me or tickling me.  She was taller and stronger than I was and out of nowhere she would grab my arms and use her legs to try to take me to the ground.  She then would wrestle with me until she had me pinned on the floor under her typically pinning my arms above my head.  Then she would kiss me hard on the lips, sometimes on the cheeks and then down onto my neck 
Other times she would wrestle me down to the ground and then tickle me.  She would be relentless and tickle me for a long time.  Unfortunately I’m very ticklish and no matter how much I would squirm and beg her to stop she didn’t stop until she wanted to.  One time when she wouldn’t stop I lost my bladder and made a mess.  I was so ashamed but she got the biggest kick out of it and thought it was funny. 
Nighttime at Stormy’s house was like nothing I ever could have imagined.  I am not sure I can even explain to you how different being with her made me feel.  As most girls growing up I certainly had times where I spent the night in my mother’s room in her bed maybe after a nightmare or something.  As a lot of little girls do I would snuggle up to my mother and feel a supportive gentle hold from her as she would wrap her arm around me to comfort me after a bad dream. 
If you can imagine that feeling raised to the tenth power that is how it felt being in bed with Stormy.  Somehow once we were in bed our bodies seemed to get tangled with legs wound together and arms all around each other.  Some days she would be more aggressive and other days she’d be gentle.  Either way we spent the night in each other’s arms.  There were nights she would wake me up in the middle of the night kissing softly on my skin or just rubbing me here or there. 
It is so hard for me to explain to you how I had lived my life up to that point so embarrassed and ashamed of my breast discharge.  Now on a few of those nights I would wake to Stormy very gently caressing and lightly squeezing my breast.  As she did this it did not take long before lactation would begin and milk would escape from my nipples.  When I felt it leak onto my skin I would say her name and try to convince her to stop it.  In a voice and energy that was so the opposite of her normal persona she would in the most faint whisper say, “Shhhh its okay, just relax and close your eyes you’re beautiful.”
Maybe you think I’m crazy or think she’s insane but something about her tone and calmness and the fact that she referred to my most embarrassing trait as something beautiful somehow made it feel special and unique.  I would just lay there still and let her work the milk from my breast.  If I tried to speak just one word to try to convince her to stop she would just tell me, “Shush” and continue what she was doing.  The fact of the matter was it felt good to me to release the swelling and pressure of the milk so I didn’t feel anymore shame or apprehension and would lay there till she stopped.  She would continue until neither breast would produce another drop and then cuddle up to me and tell me one more time, “Beautiful.” Then she would drift back off to sleep. 
After the first few times it became a silent ritual that I no longer protested and the only word spoken was, “beautiful.”  I cannot tell you that I knew what the word love meant I just know that she had woken feelings in me that I did not know existed.  I hated every moment away from her and thought of nothing else other than when we would be together again. 
It was this freedom that allowed me to join Stormy and the guys we played poker with at my first ever house party.  I could hardly believe the dress and shoes that Stormy had gotten for me to wear to the party.  The dress was a beautiful royal blue sequence dress with spaghetti straps and barely reached my upper thighs and barely covered my bottom.  The matching royal blue pumps were by far the highest heels I had ever had on and had a four inch heel.  I had on a strapless bra for the first time in my life and sequin royal blue G-string panties to match.
It was the most amazing and loud event I had ever been to up to that point.  I was very nervous and held on to Stormy as if letting go of her meant she would disappear.  It did make me very nervous as I am sure I was the youngest person there by far.  Most of the guests looked to be 18 or older.  They were drinking everything from beer to punch and even doing shots and some people were smoking joints.  At no point did Stormy offer me weed nor did she even take it into her mouth and blow it into mine like she had that time before.  When anyone else offered me alcohol or dope she quickly told them a strong “No.”  I guess I should not have been surprised but it was amazing to see how people listened to what she said.  When I asked her about it later she said I couldn’t smoke dope as long as I was nursing Tommy.  I was shocked she even thought of this 
While I was afraid it would happen she did not leave me there alone for one moment.  The music was amazing and we danced together song after song.  We hung out most of the night with the guys we played cards with, Jim, Joe, Dave and Doug and I was terrified and excited more than ever in my life when again they made me the center of attention.  I cannot describe it in words if you have not ever experienced it yourself what it feels like to have five people’s hand touching and rubbing all over your body.  At least this time it wasn’t just me the whole time as they surrounded both Stormy and I while dancing and rubbed and touched all over our bodies. 
We all danced song after song, it was crazy.  My heart was pounding and it felt so hot as there were a lot of people at the party so it was body on body.  Before meeting Stormy I never would have experienced anything like this but it was incredible and so high energy.  As the night continued I got more used to the heels although my feet were killing me.  A few times I felt like I was losing my balance but I don’t think I could have fallen over if I wanted to as it just got to be more crowded and more people as the party continued.  Even with the very high heels on I still felt tiny compared to Joe and Jim as they both still towered over me. 
Its funny to me that as the more you do things the more your limits get pushed further.  As we danced the first few songs I felt a hand grab my butt and I would reach back and push it away. This happened several times and several times I would find a way to reach back and push against an arm or wrist and get the hand off me.  But as the night continued and the dance floor got more crowded it happened more often.  During one song I had Doug on one side of me and Stormy on the other and had my arms around them so when I felt a hand rest on my butt I couldn’t reach back to push it away.  It bothered me for a while but that hand left and two songs later it happened again. 

I’m not sure if I just gave up, or was just having too much fun dancing but I tried to stop thinking about it so much and tried not to worry about it.  It continued to happen more and even seemed to feel more deliberate.  I could feel a hand rub and cup my butt cheek and fingers even seemed to pull at the bottom hem of the dress.  But with the energy of the music and how much fun everyone was having I just did my best to ignore it and just let it happen.  It scares me to think now that I just stopped caring and just accepted it as okay something the old Megan would never have done but the new Meg was caught up in the new found excitement and just went with the rush.  It scares me even more that sometimes I could tell by where my friends were and what they were doing that it wasn’t any of them.  The old Megan would have gone into a panic and had a fit but the new me, Meg was terrified yet excited to realize a complete stranger who I didn’t know wanted to touch and feel my body.  I knew nothing of the hand copping a feel and felt so much not myself for not fighting it.  But I just kept doing my best to ignore it and accepted the fact that people wanted to grope me
Finally after dancing to the point I felt soaked in perspiration and physically exhausted our group moved out of the middle of the dance area and moved into another room a little away from the crowd which made me happy.  We got some drinks and Stormy somehow managed to get me a new bottle of Diet Coke.  I think it was the most refreshing thing I had drank in a long time.  There was a big sofa and the Jim, Joe and Dave sat on the sofa and Doug sat on the coffee table in front of the sofa.  Jim pulled Stormy onto his lap and to my chagrin Joe pulled me onto his boney lap.  We were all hot and sweaty and happy to have something to drink.  The guys all had beers and Stormy had a glass of punch and a bottle of water.  Even though I had my Diet Coke when she offered me her water bottle I happily took a big drink.  She finished off her punch and set the empty glass on the bottom shelf of the coffee table since Doug sat on the table.  When she did this she had to get onto the floor to reach the lower shelf and got onto her knees on the floor. 
Once she was there she started to rub Jim’s legs.  My eyes shot open more when I saw her unbuckle his belt and open his pants.  She started rubbing him on his boxers on his stomach and thigh.  He leaned back more to let her rub him easier and gasped in shock when I saw her take his cock out.  I thought I had seen everything when we watched the porn but it was even more surreal to see it in person.  I lost focus on everything as I watched her rub all over his cock.  His face had an expression of pleasure and he looked to be breathing heavily.  I’m not sure why it surprised me but the next thing she did caught me off guard, she smiled at me and then leaned over and kissed and licked the head of his cock.  Within a few seconds she was beginning to give him head and the rest of us just all watched.  His cock got bigger and bigger it seemed really amazing to me and the expressions of pleasure grew on his face.  I was watching more and more intensely when she pulled off of it and motioned for me.
“Come on Meg, give it a try.”  I sat there looking dumbfounded not wanting to move but I should have known that Stormy would get what she wanted.  She took hold of both my wrists and pulled me onto the floor with her in front of him and next thing I knew my face with inches away from his sex.  I think I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I stared at his cock.  I know I could smell his scent and that just made me that much more nervous.  “Come on Meg you can do it.  Just do like we did with the popsicle.”
She said a little softer, “Come on just a tiny lick.”  As usual I had no will power against her and finally took a deep breath and leaned in and timidly licked the head of his cock.  I was surprised how soft the skin felt I expected it to feel different.  On my own I gave it two other licks and as I did I heard her coach, “That’s it now kiss it.”  I think my face must have turned red because I could feel heat in my face but I did as I was told and kissed the head of his cock.  “That’s it,” she encouraged, “now just take it in your mouth.  Use your hand too.”
Next thing I knew I was sucking on the head of his cock with my lips wrapped around it as they all watched. Then I felt Stormy begin to stroke my hair.  “That’s a girl take it in a little more.” She encouraged.  The scent seemed powerful at first and the taste seemed to match that scent and slowly I began to work the cock with my mouth and hand like I had seen them do in the porno.  I was doing this several minutes before I noticed her rubbing Dave’s cock. 
It slowly began to feel more natural and I started to get over some of the timidness when I got my next big surprise and he began to squirt cum from his cock.  I quickly pulled off of his cock and heard Stormy fuss, “No, no, no, keep going.”  But she quickly reached over grabbing his cock since I had released it and kept stroking him.  He squirted four more squirts and I had been kneeling in front of him so quite a bit of it go onto my face, hair and shoulder. 
I knelt there feeling a bit stunned but then noticed she had started rubbing Dave’s cock again and then said to me, “Now this one.”  Instructing me to suck Dave’s cock.  “Stormy, no.” I protested.  But she pulled me by the shoulder in front of Dave and pushed me pretty hard towards his cock.  I’m not sure why I didn’t put up much more of a fuss but next thing I knew I was sucking his cock as I had Jim’s.  “That a girl.” She encouraged and again began to stroke my hair.  When I looked up at her out of the corner of my eye she had taken out Joe’s cock and was stroking it.  “You’re doing great, try to take it deeper.” She encouraged. 
I kept sucking it and tried to take it a little further into my mouth.  Dave’s cock smelled different and was thinner but longer than Jim’s.  He also make louder grunts and they seemed more intense.  “This time keep your mouth on it when he cums and try to swallow it down like in the movie.”  I could hardly believe I was doing this or listening to this.  I saw her a few times suck on Joe’s cock while I was sucking Dave’s but she only did so off and on. 
Sooner than I had expected I felt the squirt spray into my mouth and I tried to stay on his cock but it was kind of gross.  I stayed on it for two squirts before it made me gag and I coughed.  They all chuckled a little when I coughed some of it out onto him.  Within seconds of that I felt Stormy pull my arm and pull me over to Joe’s cock and she just said one word, “Next.”  I should have argued but I didn’t and just took it into my mouth and began sucking.  I was shocked when Joe uttered, “Oh shit. . . yesssss.”  I guess it was feeling good.  Joe surprised me more then I felt him take hold of my head and he began to move me head up and down on his sex.  It made me nervous as he was making me go deeper then I had been but I avoided panic.  I hated the feel of his boney hands holding my head and moving me so aggressively.  I also got mad when I noticed Stormy go down on Doug and suck his cock while I was sucking Joe’s.  It wasn’t very long before I felt Joe explode in my mouth and I didn’t choke this time.  It felt so warm and thick and still gross but I somehow managed to swallow.  I felt myself gag a little a couple times but didn’t throw up or anything.  I was really surprised this time when Stormy pulled me up to her and kissed me very hard and deep, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth like she wanted to taste his cum.  I also noticed she was stroking Doug’s cock while she kissed me. 
She kept kissing me while stroking his cock and then she pushed me right in front of Doug’s lap as she kept stroking him.  I feel stupid for not having thought about what she was doing but I got a big surprise within a few minutes of kneeling there when suddenly I felt his cum squirt onto my face, hair, shoulders and chest.  It got everywhere.  They all laughed except me.  I got pissed.  “Stormy what the…” I yelled.  “Say it Meg,” she encouraged, “cuss, it feels good.”  I just looked at her mad so she just bent over and kissed me again.  Smearing his cum on both our faces.  I couldn’t believe how crazy she could be.
Dave took out his handkerchief and was helping me wipe my face, especially my eyes so I didn’t realize what Stormy was doing.  I had not noticed that a couple other guys had approached our group and the minute I finished wiping my eyes Stormy pulled my arm and pulled me facing another guy standing there with her hand stroking his cock. 
I didn’t seem to have a moment to think before I found my mouth wrapped around another cock.  It was only after his cock was in my mouth that I realized I had no idea who this guy was.  “That a girl.” Stormy encouraged as I smelled, tasted and felt the cock of a complete stranger in my mouth. 
I was ashamed and embarrassed of what I was doing but just not mature enough to know how to get out of it.  My mind was racing and I knew I didn’t want to do this but I just didn’t know how to stop it.  I kept hearing Stormy and then Jim and Joe encouraging me to take it deeper and not to stop.  “Swallow it when he cums Meg.” I heard her say shortly before I felt him begin to squirt his cum into my mouth. 
I swallowed a few times before I pulled off choking and gagging.  It felt so disgusting and gross as I felt myself cough some of the cum out of my nose.  I then felt Stormy and one of the guys pull me up to sitting on the sofa.  I’m so ashamed to admit I never really got a good look at that guy.  He walked away from our group while I was still coughing.  After I stopped coughing I was handed my Diet Coke again and took several big drinks.  Before long we all went back out onto the dance floor again.
I needed and wanted to be very mad at Stormy but once we started dancing and having fun again my humiliation seemed less important.  Other than lots of dancing the rest of the party was pretty normal other that when we left my ears were ringing just from the sheer volume of the music. 
The one last odd ending to that night happened when we got back to Stormy’s house where we had planned to spend the night.  A large black car was parked in the driveway one I had not seen before.  When we came into the house two large men quickly departed and when we went into the living room I think both of our hearts almost stopped when we saw Stormy’s father.  He was bloody and it was obvious he had been beaten.  She of course freaked out and I quickly got wet towels and ice to stop the bleeding of his nose and face.  She was pretty much a basket case and I worried she was having a nervous breakdown.  But after we got the bleeding slowed and he told her many times he was okay she seemed to calm down.
It was a few more hours before any of us went to bed and I didn’t have the heart to argue with her about pushing me into the oral sex.  At that point it seemed very unimportant. 
I’m not sure any of us slept very well that night.

To be continued. . .

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After reading this i finally realize that my writing appears that english is a second language to me. now where as good as yours!

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F....U.....C....K...I.....N....G    H.....O.....T!!!!!!!!!

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Very well written. Ditto what Vile8r said. Hope there will be more soon......