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Chapter 23  "Trouble Finds Joseph and Ol'Jack"

Joseph was feeling down and lonely so he did something he had not done in a long time, he stopped by the liquor store and bought a bottle of whiskey.  There had been a time in his life that he had a problem with liquor but he had been clean for almost twenty years. 

He took the bottle home but didn't open it, instead he stared at the bottle and thought of his deceased wife and then on occasion the beautiful smile of the hitchhiker.  He couldn't stop thinking about the images of the water fight while washing the truck from his mind and that actually made him happy and he put the bottle of liquor up in the cabinet. 

His cupboards were bare and he had little to eat at home so he decided to go the the grocery store to at least get a few things for a couple days till he had his next trip. 

He could have taken his wife's car but it just felt wrong to do that even though it had been a few years since her passing.  So he got Ol'Jack into the cab of the truck and headed to pick up some groceries. 

After doing his shopping he parked in front of the house and left the doors of the cab of the truck open as he carried bags of groceries into the house. 

On his next trip out to the truck he heard and saw a long black sedan pull into his private drive.  He stood there watching and trying to think if anyone he knew had a car like that.  The only person he knew who drove a similar car to the black sedan was the wife of the man who owned the grain mill but her car was silver not black.

The car stopped a bit over ten yards away and two men got out of the front of the car and the driver opened the back door and a third man got out and started to walk in his direction. 

Joseph understood he was out numbered so he decided to walk towards them as well to put some distance between him and his home even though there was no one inside. 

The gentleman who got out of the back of the car spoke first, "Joseph Johnson?"

With a deep and defiant growl to his voice Joseph replied, "Whose asking?"

With a heavy accent the man answered, "My name is Viktor Volkov and it is my understanding that you may have assisted a young lady who belongs..." He hesitated thinking carefully of the word he wanted to use, " for me."

Viktor looked to his left toward one of the two men with him and motioned with his chin.  The man took a photo from his pocket and held it out to Joseph and Viktor said, "This young lady is Holly and my information is she was a passenger in your truck" he motioned with his head to Joseph's truck.

Joseph took a moment to look at the photograph and immediately recognized the girl he knew as Sammi.  He took his time looking at the photo but then replied, "I don't recall anyone named Holly."

The same man pulled out another photo, it was a photo of Sammi standing by Joseph's truck cab.  "Is that not your truck" Viktor asked?

Once again Joseph looked at the photo, "That looks like my truck but I can't say for sure."

"Where did you last see Holly" Viktor asked?

"Mister, I just told you I don't recall anyone named Holly" Joseph was shocked when his reply was responded to by the man who showed him the photos with a punch to his stomach.

Joseph was so caught off guard that the punch took his breath away and he bent forward in pain.

Immediately Ol'Jack barked several times and then started growling, Joseph not wanting anything to happen to him yelled, "Stay" to his dog who did as he was told but continued to growl and bare his teeth. 

"Mr. Johnson I know you were with Holly and we just need to know where you let her out of your truck as she is a valuable asset to my business" the Russian said and the three men moved closer to Joseph.

Joseph this time prepared himself for trouble but said, "I already told you I don't know anyone named Holly and lots of woman catch a ride on occasion."

Joseph was right to worry but wasn't ready for what happened, as the man who showed Joseph the photos moved towards Joseph the other man moved behind him and through himself at the back of Joseph's legs knocking him to the ground.  As they did that Ol'Jack charged but just before he got to them Viktor swung out a collapsible metal baton and hit the dog just below the left ear causing him to squeal and roll onto the ground. 

After lying there a moment Ol'Jack slowly scampered off dragging himself wimpering towards the truck. 

The other two men teamed up on Joseph and broke his right leg right below the knee and then Viktor pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Joseph's head, "Now I have asked you nicely twice but I will not ask you a fourth time.  Now where did you let the girl in the photo out of your truck?"

Joseph took a moment to catch his breath as his leg was in excruciating pain and he was worried about his long time companion as well he certainly had no desire to be shot, "She was headed to Las Angeles, Hollywood and I dropped her off Interstate 80 just short of Salt Lake."

The Russian put his weapon away, "You should have said that in the first place and we could have avoided the violence.  I apologize for your leg.  It appears to be a clean break so it should heal quickly."

The three men started walking back towards the black sedan.  Joseph was still groaning in pain but as he heard the sedan doors open he noticed his K9 travel companion dragging something towards him.  As the dog got closer Joseph opened his eyes wide.  Joseph realized and saw the doors of the truck cab were open.  Somehow Ol'Jack had gotten his pump shotgun from the truck. 

The sound of the doors of the sedan closing and the engine starting snapped Joseph's attention to the men who injured both him and his dog.  Ol'Jack made it to Joseph with the shotgun.  Without hesitation Joseph slid the pump on the shotgun.

He knew he had to quickly consider his options.  He knew at least one of the men was armed and it wasn't a reach to believe the others were as well.

He could shoot at the moving car and very likely hit the car but likely not injure and even less likely kill anyone in the car.  They might just stop the car and come back and try to kill him.

Everything inside him wanted to shoot at the car, maybe it would make it easier for the police to identify but it also could get him or Ol'Jack killed. 

Joseph was pissed that they had gotten the better of him, he knew he had eight shots, "Fuck it!"

He carefully aimed the shotgun at the back of the sedan knowing it would spray a pretty wide spread at the car.  The shot was loud and despite the fact that Joseph had not practiced too often with the shotgun his aim was good and the rear window of the car shattered.

He was pretty sure the left tail light was broken as well but he couldn't tell if any of the men were hit.  He pumped the shotgun again and fired one more shot.

To his relief he heard the tires spin and the car sped down his driveway and off his property. 

Joseph found his cell phone in his pocket and called 911.

Not only did Joseph call 911 but a neighbor who also heard the shotgun blast also called.  Three police cars came to Joseph's home.

Joseph was very careful with what he told the police.  He didn't want to mention Sammi or Holly if that was her name because he didn't know if the police might already be looking for her. 

He did tell the police they were looking for a hitchhiker that had ridden in his truck but he gave a vague description of her.  He also told the police about Interstate 80, that she was headed to Las Angeles and Hollywood.  He hoped his shotgun blast might help them find the black sedan.

The neighbor was kind and took Ol'Jack to the veterinary hospital and Joseph let the police send him by ambulance to the hospital.

He was relieved they didn't keep him over night and just set his leg and did a soft cast. 

He was really worried about Sammi but he knew unless she called him there was nothing he could do because he also had no idea where to find her except he knew she hadn't mentioned Hollywood.

The minute Joseph was discharged he went straight to the veterinary hospital to check on his dog.  The doctor wanted to keep Ol'Jack a few days to make sure he didn't have a concussion from the blow behind the ear.  Joseph spent several hours of the next two days at the veterinary hospital with his loyal friend so much the doctor released the dog the second day seeing how attentive Joseph was. 

Joseph called his neighbor who was kind enough to come pick them up and take them back to Joseph's home.  The minute he got there and they were both inside he reloaded the shotgun and kept it nearby. 

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Okay Joseph was a given, intimidation to get the information i get it, but why hit ol' Jack -animal abuse is just as wrong to me as abuse to women!

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Okay Joseph was a given, intimidation to get the information i get it, but why hit ol' Jack -animal abuse is just as wrong to me as abuse to women!

Just shows what a douche Viktor can be! He has no regard for living things, human or animal!

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Chapter 24  "Dirty Outside and In?"

Sammi woke in the middle of the night she could tell she had been dreaming.  She could feel dampness over most of her body, she had been sweating.  She also could tell she was aroused as her nipples were hard and she was wet down there.  She had heard about teenage raging hormones and she had felt them but never like this.  It didn't matter how hard she tried to keep them out but the memories of that night in the bar on the sofa with Dwayne were forcing into her thoughts.

There was just something about Dwayne so different then Roger or any of his friends.  What frightened her most about the difference was how much she wanted Roger to be wrong about her and most important the words tattooed on her body.

Dwayne had not done anything to hurt her except in one way, when he pushed his cock inside her.  His cock was huge and every movement even the smallest of movements stretched, pinched, pulled and hurt what seemed like everywhere it touched. 

Besides the size of his cock he was the tallest man who had been with her and everything from his arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet were bigger then anyone she had ever met.  He seemed to know how to use every inch of his height advantage when he had sex with her.  He wasn't in a hurry to force in her and that just extended the pain he caused when penetrating her body.

From the moment he laid her back on the sofa it felt like sone part of his body was touching almost every inch of hers.  While he was with her she could hardly think about anything else other then the experience of him working his body inside hers. 

Even the way his mouth opened seemed outside the lips of her mouth and when he pushed his tongue into her mouth his tongue felt thick and long.  She couldn't forget how Viktor coached her to lift her legs which helped him work deeper inside her.  Every movement inside her seemed to hurt yet touched her like nothing ever had. 

Yet as she lay there on her makeshift bed, a heavy quilt and sheets, she couldn't push the memory of him being inside of her out of her mind.  She then realized her hand was between her legs rubbing and occasionally pinching her sensitive clit as she continued to remember being taken on the sofa.

Her body had been so sore from the others but despite the soreness and pain she couldn't help anticipate feeling his cock penetrating her deeper.  She knew it would hurt but in a way she had never felt or could have imagined the intensity of those sensations.

As she laid there remembering that night she couldn't understand why the thoughts of being raped by a total stranger made her body feel so empty now and long to feel so full again.  She needed to feel something inside her so she plunged two of her finger inside her wet cunt but it didn't even come close to the physical sensations she experienced with Dwayne.

Every moment that night when she didn't think it could hurt any more intensely, she felt an even greater stretch and ache deeper then ever before.  But nothing she could do now with just her fingers would compare with how he felt inside her except the wetness her body was producing.

She remembered how after several minutes he finally began to move his cock both in and out.  The movement both ways hurt but again caused her sensations she couldn't have imagined, at least not like this.  With his height and the length of his arms, he was able to hold onto her so even though his cock didn't move easily, he somehow used leverage to make it do so.

He even seemed to not only use his hands and long fingers but she could even feel his forearms move under her shoulders, neck and head. 

Then at one point he touched her in a way and place none of the other men had and it felt like a punch inside her gut.  He seemed to know when he did it and she was pretty sure he could control and vary how much it hurt.  After the first extremely deep pain his next few thrusts still seemed to make contact so very deep but not as painfully as that first time.

But just as she was feeling relieved that it wasn't hurting as much, she felt his arms, hands and legs grip and squeeze her entire body then once again he thrust this time where it hurt much more then the first time.  But he didn't let up this time.  He held her body tight like no one had ever done and the pressure deep inside her loins and belly hurt like never before, long, steady and continuous pressure.  With the intensity of the pressure and the all encompassing way he seemed to grip her entire body she felt like he controlled her completely like no one ever had. 

She could hardly move and the pain and pressure, so very deep inside her, was an experience she only felt with him.  Even with the high degree of pain it felt uniquely intimate being gripped the way he was and hurting her deeper in a way nothing else ever had.  Her mind wanted nothing more in the world then for him to stop but with every second it continued it filled both her body and mind with ever growing heightening sensations. 

She had no idea that in the way he gripped her body he could feel her tightening every muscle in her hands, feet, legs, arms, back and her core.  He knew what he was doing was making her move like this as he had experienced this with consensual sex partners who later told him how mind blowing it felt.  So he used every ounce of his athletic training and strength to continue to force her body to tighten and even carefully worked to ever so slightly increase the pressure on her cervix stretching but not penetrating it.

The stretch, fullness and pain was nothing that she ever would have fantasized or dreamt about and there was definitely nothing romantic between them.  Yet she couldn't push those memories from her mind as she lie there on the makeshift pallet and rubbed between her legs desperate to simulate those feelings.

The one thing she did known as that it was definitely the most dominating physical experience of her life.  It was the most physically and emotionally draining one on one experience of her life.  It terrified her that it built up a need in her body she didn't understand and she was relieved when she heard him grunting and he finally finished inside her.

As she lay there in her new apartment bedroom she could once again feel that intense need in her body but she was terrified she was about to urinate in her new sheets so she stopped rubbing and fingering and tried to push the memories of that night out of her mind. 

She knew that it wouldn't be the last time she thought about it and she felt so very dirty and filthy and felt mild self inflicted pain from pinching and aggressively fingering herself while even letting her fingernails scrape at the sensitive flesh.

After using the bathroom she finally managed to drift off to sleep despite her fear of who she might be becoming.

After getting a little sleep even though she was tired, it did feel good to get up the next morning knowing she had her very first job to go to.  Roger had done such an effective job of destroying her self esteem that it was difficult to experience the emotion of feeling good about herself but she got up at 6:00 AM and had showered and dressed before 7:00 AM so she took a bit of time to hang up her clothes and empty what she could from her bags into the dresser and night stand that Maud and Herbert had gotten for her.  She knew today was their last day in town and they had promised they would stop by before heading out of town.

As she was going through the duffel bag she found some money wrapped in a note, as she started to read the note she couldn't help but cry, "My Dear Sammi, I cannot remember having more fun on the road then the days you honored Ol'Jack and I with your presence.  Ol'Jack has always been an incredible judge of people and won't have anything to do with bad people but before I had any idea about your bright spirit, he was resting his head on the seat with you.  I have to admit the day you told me that you thought you should continue on your adventure on your own I was saddened but I wanted you to do what you thought was right.  I know you didn't want me to give you money but I wanted to make sure you were okay so please accept this $300 as my gift to you for making me smile so many times.  Ol'Jack and I will miss you terribly and hope to see you again someday soon.  If you need us you need only call and we'll be there as quick as we can."

Sammi cried for a bit, he is such a kind and generous man she thought.  Once again she questioned not staying with him.  Maybe her mom didn't report her missing and no one was looking for her.  She counted the money to make sure none had been taken but it was all there.  She couldn't help but sniffle as she put away his note and the money hiding it carefully in an old pair of panties in an inner pocket in the duffel bag.

To make sure she was on time for work she walked to the salon.

Kat was already there but did have the door locked however the moment she saw Sammi there she let her in and relocked the door.  She then caught her new employee off guard giving her an excited hug, "So very glad you decided to come work here.  We'll have lots of fun together."

For the next hour Kat showed Sammi where all her products for sale were stored and stressed to her that while she was working there she was expected to keep the customer display shelves stocked with product and as each item was taken from the front of the display she wanted the product moved forward so it looked stocked until a few were sold, then it should be replenished from the store room when possible.

She also showed her new employee where the products she needed like hair spray, shampoo, hair color and many other products were kept.

She then showed her the laundry room where the capes were stored as well as the towels.  She taught her how to run the washer and dryer and told her it was important to have as little dirty laundry as possible. 

She then asked Sammi what she felt comfortable doing.  Not too much later the first client arrived.  Kat introduced Sammi and asked the customer would she mind if her new assistant washed her hair.  After the customer agreed Kat said to Sammi, "All yours."

Sammi felt a knot in her stomach but forced a nervous smile on her face and said to the customer, "Right this way."  She guided the customer towards the hair washing area, grabbed a clean cape, carefully placed it around the customer's neck to protect her clothes and guided her to sitting down.  Kat helped recline the chair since Sammi had not seen where it was and how to make sure it locked.  Then Sammi tested the water and began to wash the customer's hair.

Kat was a very good trainer.  She made soft spoken suggestions without coming across as criticisms.  The customer seemed to enjoy the scalp massage very much and Sammi said nothing about split ends but suggested the conditioner was good for healthy hair.  Once she finished washing the customer's hair Sammi walker her back to Kat's swivel chair to get her haircut.  She then went back to the sink area and cleaned up.

Kat only had Sammi work a few hours that day knowing she had plans to meet with her friends who were leaving town.  She thanked Sammi and paid her $30. 

Sammi felt happy by that and hurried back to her apartment for Herbert and Maud.  Even though she didn't know them very long she thought they were good people.  Without them she wouldn't have found her new town, her new apartment or her new job. 

They got to her apartment and took her to lunch to say goodbye.  They had a nice visit and it was sad when lunch was over.  It felt strange hugging Herbert goodbye.  The first period of time she spent with him he seemed to stare and seemed a bit creepy but since getting to town he was kind and supportive.  When he hugged her he did use his hands to rub her back and shoulders.  She had chosen to wear a halter top so her upper back and shoulders were mostly bare in back.  As they hugged she could feel his rough hands rubbing her bare skin. 

She couldn't help but think about Viktor and what he'd expect her to do.  Very carefully she moved one of her feet and slid it between Herbert's two feel and then she moved her other foot a few inches behind his outer leg.  That worked like she imagined, with his height it pressed much more of her body against his.  She intentionally squeezed her arms tighter so he could feel them tighten.  The side of her belly pressed against the front of his pants at his crotch.  She could feel a hardness in his pants and shifted her weight on her feet to lean against him there even more.

Herbert loved the soft feminine feel of her bare skin and was delighted she hugged him tighter and did not pull away immediately.  Herbert, like many seniors was older and lonely but he still liked to look at the beautiful young women.  He loved summer because they freely would wear short shorts and even tops that showed their shoulders, cleavage and some their stomachs.  He was delighted that he had been able to be there for her when they got to town and that seemed to make her more at ease around him.  The feel of his hands on her soft flesh was amazing for a moment he worried she might notice and pull away but instead she hugged him tighter and he felt her body press up against his.  To his embarrassment his cock had gotten hard.  He almost panicked because as she hugged him tighter he was afraid she'd notice and freak out but she didn't seem to notice and only leaned into him more pressing firmly against his wood.

He glanced over at Maud to make sure she wasn't giving him a strange look but she was preoccupied with something in her purse.  He wanted to be a gentlemen but he didn't get to feel the soft skin of a young attractive women very often.  Her tight hug felt amazing and his cock only hardened more. 

He looked down at her just as she happened to look up at him.  She pushed up on her tip toes her body stroking up his cock, "Thank you for picking me up and letting me ride all the way here with you Herbert.  I really appreciate it."

She made a little pucker and Herbert glanced towards Maud who was still preoccupied with her purse.  He bent down and kissed her lips and was stunned when within seconds she opened her mouth.  Herbert at 90 never could have imagined kissing such a beautiful young woman like this.  His cock grew as erect as it had been for years but he didn't forget Maud was right there and despite not having kissed anyone as gorgeous as Sammi in a very long time he broke the kiss quickly but hugged her tighter pushing his hips forward into her body.

They both looked through one another for a moment until Herbert broke the silence, "Take care of yourself Sammi." But he didn't break the hug till she did.

It took Sammi a moment to realize what she had just done and she felt ashamed for pushing her body against his and kissing the ninety year old man who had picked her up hitchhiking. 

When she broke the hug her face turned bright red and she was afraid to look at Maud or Herbert. 

Then Maud gave her a hug, "I'm going to miss you young lady.  You take care of yourself and be careful and use your head." 

"I'm going to miss you guys too.  Be safe driving back.  Keep Herbert's attention on the road" Sammi giggled, smiled and then tried not to cry.

Then within a few minutes they were driving off and gone.  Her journey across the country was definitely complete.  She had started making her new home and all the people who she had traveled with were gone. 

She took a deep breath and went back into her apartment and had a good cry.


The next day she made it in time for work and for the next week and a half she worked almost ever day for half a day.  Kat would quietly ask some of her customers if they had a business or knew of a business that might hire off the books and pay cash.  One of Kat's customers was a waitress at "Sal's Flyers & Suds" the locally owned pizza parlor and pub.  She said there had been rumors that Sal would employe family members and possibly illegal aliens and pay them cash under the table but she wasn't sure if the rumors were true or something he did in the past but not anymore but she said that Sammi should go to the pizza parlor and apply. 

Later that day Sammi talked to Kat asking her what she thought about the idea of Sal's Flyers & Suds.  Kat liked their pizza and knew Sal and thought it might be a good idea.  The bad thing she told Sammi was that the pizza place was not really in walking distance.  She pulled out a local tourist map and showed Sammi where her salon was and where Sal's place was. 

Kat offered to let Sammi borrow her bicycle if she wanted to use it to ride to Sal's Flyers & Suds.  That day Sammi declined but the next day when she came in for work she asked Kat if she could borrow the bicycle after work to go there.  Kat quickly said, "Sure, anytime."

After washing the hair of four customers Sammi finished for the day and decided to try to go see if she could apply at Sal's.  She brought a change of clothes, something more appropriate for an interview.  She changed into the outfit, Kat showed her where the bicycle was kept and Sammi headed to Sal's Flyers & Suds hoping for a better paying job.

When she got to the pizza parlor she was surprised since it was mid afternoon how busy it was.  She went inside and asked if she could fill out an application for employment.  As Kat had recommended she took her own pen so she would look prepared.

When she finished filling out the application she asked if Sal or a manager was available.  The counter employee asked her to take a seat and said she would check. 

After several minutes a sweaty overweight man with an apron with fresh food stains on it, came out and asked, "Are you Sammi Shepherd?"

"Yes sir" she said offering her hand to shake hands. 

"Please let's have a seat over here" he guided her to a table in the front room where no one was sitting, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Water would be fine thank you" and she sat where he directed her.

He stepped away a few minutes and came back with a beverage for himself and water for his young applicant.

For the next forty five minutes he went through a series of questions with Sammi asking her about her experience and school.  The only job she ever had was at Kat's Cuts and Salon and babysitting.  But she did pretty well with Sal's questions.

Towards the end of the interview he asked her about her identification and she told him she didn't have that paperwork.  He quickly responded, "I'm not looking to hire anyone off the books, I'm sorry."

Sammi was not ready to hear that and it felt like a punch in the stomach and a few tears began to stream down he cheeks.

Once more he said, "I'm sorry" and got up and headed back to the kitchen.

Sammi sat there and cried a little bit and then walked back outside, got on the bicycle and rode back to Kat's Cuts and Salon.

She didn't want to be asked how it went so she quickly put the bike where it belonged and walked back to her apartment. 

The next morning it was hard for Sammi to get up and out of bed but she knew Kat would be counting on her to be there on time so she got up, showered and headed to work.

When she got to the salon she was surprised because Kat had a huge smile on her face when she unlocked the door and let her in.  Sammi looked at her with a puzzled look on her face.

"Congratulations" Kat said and hugged Sammi. 

"For what" she answered hugging her boss back but feeling confused.

"On your new job at Sal's Flyers & Suds.  You are to report to work Monday at 10 AM sharp,  didn't Sal call you" Kat asked surprised.

"No" Sammi replied still confused, "Did he call you?"

"Yes.  He asked me about your work and I told him you were the hardest working person I had ever met and that anyone who wouldn't hire you was making a huge mistake" Kat answered.

Sammi pulled back from the hug looking at Kat in shock, then hugged her hard, "Thank you" she said and then explained what Sal had said the previous evening.  Sammi couldn't stop telling Kat thank you knowing it was her words that landed the job for her. 

Sammi worked the rest of the day floating on a cloud.  Later that day Kat told her she could use her bicycle any time she needed it.  They even talked about Sammi still working part time at the salon and that Kat would work around Sammi's schedule at the pizza place. 

The young runaway headed home that evening happier then she had been in a long time and she worked every day at the Salon except Sunday when it was closed.

She enjoyed her day off not doing much but a little grocery shopping knowing she really needed to budget carefully and mostly sat watching her apartment mate's television.  After eating around mid afternoon she headed to her bedroom.

She couldn't help think about Joseph and Ol'Jack.  She tried to imagine how things might have been different if she had stayed with them.  She couldn't help question what her feelings were for Joseph.  Were they just really good friends or did they have feelings for one another.

She regretted thinking about that because before long she found her hand between her legs rubbing on top of her clothes.  She didn't want to believe it but she had to acknowledge that Roger had changed her forever.  She couldn't help think about how it felt to kiss another person.  How intimate it felt to feel their tongue push into her mouth.  She had to acknowledge how much taller and stronger almost every guy was then her and she couldn't push the memory of Viktor standing over her fucking her against the wall.  Despite how much she believe she hated him there was an overwhelming feeling of surrender to his power and strength over her.  Even though she knew he was raping her it messed with her mind to know it was so arousing. 

Even her memory from the motel with Joseph, she knew she had frozen like she had been doing with Roger but she regretted doing so, so very much because she did have an emotional connection with the truck driver.

She wished she hadn't frozen and knew what it felt like to have sex with him and even more so in the nice hotel after the amazing dinner they had together.

She knew her hand was now inside her panties and she wondered what he might have felt like inside her.  But she got angry with herself because she couldn't stop her mind from flashing to Viktor fucking her standing against the wall, then Jose forcing himself on her in the sleeper of his truck, then Roger raping her at home on her own bed and finally to Dwayne filling her so painfully yet incredibly full in a way that hurt so much but also filled her body and soul in a way she had never imagined. 

Had these men ruined her life or changed her into those words now tattooed permanently on her bottom, Dirty, Filthy, Pain & Cum SLUT.

Maybe the words were not only tattooed on the outside of her body but somehow written deep below the surface, deeper inside her then even Dwayne had been.

She rubbed herself until she thought she was going to wet her bed then finally stopped, used the toilet, took a hot shower hoping the heat could wash away the filth and pain from her body and mind before getting back into bed to sleep before starting her new job the next day.

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Is Sammi in for a spell of good luck or are you just teasing our emotions? I know the answer, just waiting for the boot to drop in the form of Viktor!

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Chapter 25 "Proud of You"

Even though she had masturbated it took Sammi a while to drift off to sleep as she was unable to push the thoughts out of her mind of all the things Roger had her do.

It was getting harder and harder for Holly to sleep at all.  Even when she would drift off to sleep, any noise in the house would wake her up from fear that Roger was either going to rape her or arrange some other evil action.  She couldn't help wonder if he noticed as she felt like her eyes were always red and she felt exhausted and there were strange sounds in the house all hours of the day and night even on the days he did nothing to her sexually.

She didn't even bother to complain to her mother about him at all as her mother always seemed to be on his side.  It was strange because it seemed like he knew he was in the young teen's head and he was enjoying it.

What was most surprising was that as each moment awake passed, the anticipation that something was going to happen to her grew.

But what made that even worse was the more time that passed and the more the fear and anticipation built the more she found herself wishing he would just do something to get it over with.  Despite her fear and lack of sleep when she allowed her mind to experience the anticipation she realized she was aroused and wet between her legs and her nipples hardened and ached. 

Before she met Roger she might experience arousal once or twice a month but now, even when he was doing nothing it happened multiple times a day.

Those thoughts filled her with tremendous guilt.  While he kept himself busy with other things, she couldn't help wonder and worry what he would do next.  She wondered how much longer she could continue to function like this, terrified and exhausted.  It was no way to live. 

She loved her mom.  She believed they were close.  But her mom had brought Roger into their lives.  More and more Holly thought about running away.  Getting the hell away from Roger.  He had already changed everything about who she was.  But if she ran away what might he do to her mom.  She didn't believe he loved her mom.

She hardly slept for four days until one day after waking from a nap there were clothes sitting on the end of her bed and very high heel ankle boots at the foot of the bed.

It seemed strange to her because there wasn't a note nor did he give her any direction but on her own she took a shower, cleaned herself up, brushed her teeth and styled her hair, applied her makeup and put on the clothes he had set out and headed downstairs to the den.

He was sitting in his chair as if he had been waiting and didn't even look up at her and just started speaking, "Your mom had to go out of town for a day or two.  She asked me to tell you she loved you and to be good.  I told her you have been behaving well lately and doing what you've been asked to do.  She looked very relieved and even smiled and she told me that made her feel at ease about needing to go out of town."

He finally looked up at her and gave her a smile that sent chills down her spine.  He stood up and then pushed her hair from her face, loving that when he reached out to do so it made her flinch and tense.  He slowly and carefully stepped towards her and pulled her into a hug.

His cock hardened just from feeling how stiff and tense her entire body felt and how small she was compared to his larger and heavier frame, "You are going to do what you are told like your mother wanted aren't you Holly?"

He tightened his hug on her enjoying how much more it made her tense and when he pulled back and released the hug he looked into her eyes and smiled as she nodded.

"You look beautiful Holly.  We're going to have a good time tonight" once again he pushed the hair from her face and smiled with what she thought looked like an evil smile.

Roger was delighted that he didn't have to tell her anything that day, not to clean up, not to put on the clothes he had laid out for her, not to wear the boots he had chosen or even to put on makeup.  She did it all on her own.  He was proud how well he seemed to have her conditioned.

"Put your hair up too.  It'll look nice with that top" he said.

He walked her to a blank wall and took a picture of her with his phone then showed her the photo, "Sexy."

He took hold of her elbow and walked her out to the car opening the passenger door for her.  She got in letting out a long exhale knowing he likely wasn't taking her somewhere she'd want to go. 

They headed to the far edge of town, an area she had never been to before.  She was surprised when he pulled into a gravel parking area at what appeared to be a bar with many motorcycles parked there.  He parked and then walked around and opened her door for her.  He reached in, took her hand and had to use a bit of force to get her out of the car, "It's okay Holly like I told you we are going to have a good time."

Even without going inside Holly knew what she was wearing was not the right outfit for this bar.  A bare shoulder and arm top that showed quite a bit of cleavage and exposed a bit of bare midriff, as well as, a tight short skirt that was well above mid thigh allowed plenty of bare flesh to be seen by everyone in the bar.

As they walked through the door her eyes scanned the room and besides the fact that there were few women there not a one was in a skirt let alone a top showing bare shoulders and arms.  She immediately saw eyes looking back at her.  She was by far the youngest person there and she doubted there was even one person in their twenties.

Many of the men had facial hair, leather vests and other biker gear and the women were in either jeans or black leather pants and either t-shirts or western style shirts.

Roger guided her to a chair at a small table and then walked over to the bar and came back with two beers.  The music that was playing varied from country to rock.  On occasion one or two couples would dance.

Holly sipped slowly on the beer.  She knew she shouldn't even have been drinking and definitely not with Roger but she knew if she said no it would cause a problem so it was easier to just sip her beer slowly and avoid a confrontation.

An upbeat song started playing and Holly was caught off guard when one of the women who had been dancing earlier came over to her and Roger's table reached down and took soft hold of Holly's wrist and said, "Come on let's dance."

Holly looked at Roger suspecting he had something to do with this but the woman said, "He won't care, it'll be fun and we'll be right there" and pointed where the couples had danced.

Roger in what sounded like an order said, "Go."

The woman gently continued to pull on Holly's wrist and led her to the area of the bar where the couples danced earlier.  "Ginger" she said introducing herself and offering a hand to shake. 

"I'm Holly" the young woman replied shaking hands with what appeared to be someone in their forties or maybe thirties.

Within seconds of getting there the other woman who had been dancing also joined them, "That's Claire" Ginger said introducing the slightly younger middle aged woman.

For the first half minute Holly moved very restrained knowing her skirt was short and every other woman in the bar had on either jeans or pants and western shirts.  But the other two women were dancing enthusiastically so it was hard for Holly not to do so as well especially when they would grab hold of her hand, lift it in the air and spin her around.

After dancing to three songs Ginger led Holly to an empty table and Claire disappeared for a few minutes then returned with three tall red frozen drinks with fruit and three shot glasses.  Claire handed the other two women their frozen red drink and toasted, "To great music!"

The two older women quickly tapped their drink glasses together and after a moment of hesitation Holly followed suit and they all took a sip of their drinks.  Ginger talked about her favorite bands and songs and while Holly wanted to be careful how much she drank, she was hot and thirsty from dancing and the frozen drink tasted similar to a slushy so she sucked several sips through the straw. 

After talking music for two songs when the next song came on Claire got excited, picked her shot glass to toast, "To dancing with great music" and lifted her shot glass over the table towards the other two women.

Ginger without delay did the same but Holly was a bit hesitant but finally followed suit.  They touched the glasses together and then Holly watched as first Claire then Ginger downed their shot in one big sip and slammed the shot glass on the table upside down.

Holly had never drank a shot before but didn't want to seem rude so she drank the shot.  It didn't taste great but it wasn't terrible either.  The moment she put her glass upside down on the table Ginger grabbed her hand pulling her towards where they were dancing earlier and Claire followed.

The three woman danced together for the next three songs.  Holly did not realize it but Roger and every other man in the bar looking at the women dancing could tell that Holly was dancing much more energetically.  The effects of the frozen drink and the shot were loosening her up more as each minute passed.  After the three songs the women returned to the same table where their frozen drinks were still sitting the empty shot glasses had also been removed and replaced with three fresh shots.

With no hesitation Holly grabbed her frozen drink the minute she got to the table she was feeling hot and thirsty.  The bartender brought three fresh frozen drinks to the table and cleared away the empty or almost empty glasses.  Holly was so thirsty she quickly drank one third of the frozen drink down through the straw.  She didn't rally noticed the taste of the drink did not seem quite as sweet and had more of an alcohol taste. 

Ginger shared about her favorite bands and concerts she had been to and then made a toast with a shot, "To great bands."  With less hesitation Holly drank her shot down.  After only two songs Ginger once again led Holly to dancing.  This time Claire did not follow so it was just the two women dancing.  With it just being the two of them Ginger who was a very good dancer kept hold of her young dance partner turning and spinning her around. 

After two more upbeat songs a slower song started to play and Holly started to head to the table but Ginger pulled her back and pulled her close and began to dance slow and close.  The effects of the alcohol were really impacting Holly more and she was a little tired so it helped to be held close by Ginger.  Holly was caught a bit by surprise when Ginger gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  The alcohol and dancing took her mind off Roger and everything she had been going through and she was having fun for the first time in a long time.

After two slower songs once again the music returned to an uptempo song.  Holly and Ginger were bouncing around having fun when the man who had been dancing with Ginger came out to dance.  Holly started to head back to where Roger was sitting but Ginger grabbed hold of her and yelled because of the music volume, "No, it's okay.  Dance with us."

At first Holly was hesitant but she was still having fun so she continued to dance.  Ginger's partner danced with both woman and held onto Holly as much as he did Ginger.  When the next song started Claire came and joined them along with two men. 

When the next song started two more men joined the dance group and another upbeat song played. 

At the start of the next song Ginger slipped away.  Holly started to follow but Claire grabbed onto her hand and so did the man who was dancing with Holly and Ginger.  Holly didn't notice at first as two more men joined in. 

There were now seven men dancing with the two women and hands and arms were grabbing, holding, turning and spinning them both around so much half of the time Holly had no idea who's arm was about her waist or holding her arm or hand.

Towards the end of that song, Holly started walking towards the table but two of the men held onto her and wouldn't let her walk away.  Ginger came back with a bottle of water and Claire once again slipped away.  Holly was so thirsty she quickly accepted the water bottle from Ginger and didn't realize two more men were around the two women.  After Holly drank almost the whole bottle Ginger and her dance partner got Holly dancing again.  Once again Ginger gave Holly a kiss and then even more to her shock Ginger's partner kissed Holly.

The ten people were crowded very close around Holly and so many hands seemed to be touching and grabbing on multiple places on her body.  To her complete shock once again Ginger kissed Holly, this time a longer deeper kiss and she wasn't sure she felt what she thought as two hands grabbed at her waist and then she felt a hard pull just above her knees.

Only if you were watching carefully would a person have realized the the grab at her waist was hands tugging her panties down and the quick hard pull was the fabric of her panties tearing and quickly they were thrown against a wall and under a table.

But if Holly noticed at all her mind was quickly distracted when she was pushed one way and then pulled another and she couldn't think about what she felt and had to focus on keeping her balance in the high heel ankle boots as she was pushed around.

Suddenly to her horror she was lifted off her feet and she felt something firm under the top of her bottom and lower back as multiple hands laid her back and other hands took hold of her legs and feet spreading them. 

Hands gripped both of her arms and legs and she immediately felt her legs at the knee lifted up and pulled towards her head.  She could feel the air between her legs.  It all seemed to happen so quickly and it seemed like the lights overhead were shining right on her face and body and it made it hard for her to distinguish one person from another.

Despite using all her strength she couldn't pull either arm or leg free and just as she felt a presence between her legs she felt a cock push inside her.

The music continued to thunder and the cock seemed to thrust deeper with the beat of the music. When she tried to lift her head to look at who was fucking her, she felt a tug in her hair keeping her head back. 

Within her field of vision she couldn't see either Ginger or Claire anywhere but with the light in her face she couldn't really make out any facing features.  As the cock was fully penetrating inside her sex she felt hands work her breasts free from her top and they were suddenly being pulled, squeezed and pinched.  It sickened her that her breasts still responded to the unwanted attention and her breasts swelled, her areolas puffed and her nipples hardened.

She was pretty sure there was still a hard object under her lower back at the top of her bottom but the rest of her weight was supported by hands and they controlled her arms and legs.  It didn't seem very long before the cock inside her pulled out and at first she wasn't sure if he came but she felt fluids escape from inside her before she felt another warm presence against her inner thighs and once again she felt a cock push inside her.

It felt humiliating how easily this one pushed fully inside her and begin stroking and the volume of the music seemed to be louder.  That was strange as every other time she had been raped she heard the grunts and groans of the man taking her but with her head pulled back by her hair and all the multiple hands holding on her body her only physical senses of the fact she was having sex was the movement of the cock inside her and the thrusting of the pelvis against her.

It was surreal to have no concept of who was inside her body and made it an almost exclusive physical sensation.  With her head pulled back like it was she had no idea who's hands were gripping, squeezing, pulling and pinching her breasts and nipples and that too made that purely physical sensation. 

She hated that even though they were so roughly handling her breasts nipples and areolas were darker red and had puffed and hardened even more.  It didn't seem like long before they seemed to know how to get them to respond. 

She also didn't realize that the hands gripping her legs were learning to feel her physical response to the thrusting of the cock inside her and had changed their grip from completely restraining her legs to just supporting their weight and keeping her from closing her legs. 

They also could see her leg muscles tightening and toes curling showing them her physical response to what was happening to her.

Holly also did not realize or understand that her level of intoxication was slowing her thoughts and lowering her inhibitions where she wasn't focusing on the fact that she was being fucked by men old enough to be her father.

She thought very little when the second cock withdrew from her and the short amount of time before another cock pushed inside her.

Roger was excited watching his latest girlfriend's daughter being raped again as he had arranged but he was overwhelmed when he realized Holly had her eyes closed and seemed to hardly be resisting, if she was resisting at all, the men restraining and raping her. 

When the third man finished and withdrew from her a stream of cum following his cock out of her body Roger saw activity by the men between her legs so he looked to see what was going on.  He realized quickly why they were acting odd the man moving between her legs had a huge cock like that of a porn star.

Almost everyone around watched as he slowly moved his thick and long cock against her sex.  From the moment he began to push his monster cock inside her she felt a much more intense stretch then the previous cocks.  No sooner then he worked the head inside her her physical reactions changed as she felt the girth of his cock stretch her.  She immediately arched her back, pushed her own head back a bit more, bit her lower lip and curled her toes and feet hard.

Roger was delighted when someone brought several metal tongs used for serving food from the bar area.  The tongs were passed to the men playing with her breasts.  The quickly began to pinch and pull on her nipples with the tongs.  Her body quickly responded and she turned her face to one side and grimaced in pain.  But her nipples seemed to harden just a bit more and reddened much more. 

It took the man inside her a couple minutes to work into her until he thought he might be bottoming out.  He took firm hold of her waist as her body moved away from his thrusts.

The men standing by her head struggled to keep her from moving up too much until they repositioned placing their thighs against her shoulders. 

Once they had worked that out well everyone noticed the difference as her entire body tensed and shook on ever thrust of his cock.  Her face contorted and she squirmed around more then ever.

Holly was struggling with the intense physical feelings so much she didn't even notice that when the song that was playing finished another song didn't immediately follow.  Instead the bar was filled with the sounds of her heavy breathing, grunts and groans as well as the man who was fucking her grunts and other sounds of sex. 

Shortly after another song started playing she felt the cock pull out of her sex and then the hands holding her lifted her up and turned her over onto her stomach.  She was again lowered onto the small hard surface that only made contact with her lower belly with most of her body supported by the hands holding her. 

Once they had her balanced now facing the floor the man with the huge cock once again began pushing inside her again.  Holly groaned as she felt him penetrate her again.  With her intoxicated state and feeling so disoriented by so many people holding onto her once again she had little ability to identify the person between her legs other then as a cock.  He forced his way back inside her until the head of his cock was pushing against her cervical well.  It felt like each thrust was a punch or kick in her stomach.  She also felt so incredibly stretched full. 

Her breasts were now hanging down underneath her so it was harder for those using the tongs to see or reach her breasts as easily but they still managed to pinch and grab at her breasts and nipples. 

It was much harder for them to hold her legs but with the huge cock thrusting in and out of her she couldn't really focus on kicking or fighting and they still held her upper body and they had her on a wooden stool so her feet couldn't reach the ground.  With him thrusting inside her she needed to draw her knees up to reduce the pain of the penetration so her legs were of little concern to them. 

With her on her belly he was able to take longer harder strokes and he pounded her unmercilessly.  Some of the people in the bar couldn't help wonder if this wasn't what she wanted but that couldn't be farther from the truth but the man's wide girth and incredible length forced her body to react to her body being punched and pummeled by what felt like a club or baseball bat thrust into her over and over. 

The man inside her had rarely found a woman who wouldn't complain or cry if he exerted much energy fucking them so he was very much enjoying pounding this young woman and the loud volume of music keeping him or anyone from hearing her cries of pain. 

Other the one time, when he was pretty intoxicated, did he get to just fuck a woman without holding back and he enjoyed Holly to the fullest. 

The only positive was it didn't take him much longer before he shot his load and pulled his cock out from inside her. 

With the intoxication from the alcohol and the too normal use of her body for sex Holly let her mind almost go numb. 

But suddenly her foggy state was interrupted by a hard slap first on one ass cheek and then the second.  Each cheek was struck three times. 

Then to her horror she felt a man move between her legs and once he was there he pushed his cock into her sex.  The cock was not as large as the previous cock so he slid inside her with little effort.  Her mind almost slipped back into being numb but after five strokes she felt the cock withdraw from her sex.  But the next thing she felt was the head of the cock against her anus and it began to force into her. 

She screamed, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!  PLEASE NO!"

But her cries could hardly be heard over the loud music once again thundering through the bar and slowly the cock began to work deeper into her forbidden hole.  For a few minutes her mind cold only focus on the pain in her ass from the deepening penetration.  But without warning she felt her head lowered down and a cock push into her mouth.

She was ashamed she felt little to no desire to resist and instead almost instinctually closed her lips around the cock in her mouth.  It was frightening how "normal" it felt to her to feel the cock moving in her mouth.  She was horrified how little she felt concerned who was attached to the cock.  The stretch and discomfort of the cock moving in her ass once again drew her attention other then an occasional thrust too deep into her throat making her gag or cough but most of her focus and attention was on the disgusting violation of her ass. 

She had no idea how tight her ass felt to him or how many times he had anal sex before.  He knew to keep his thrusts steady but short.  Despite her disgust and hatred towards how filthy and taboo it felt her desire to minimize the ache and stretch led her to avoid tightening or squeezing and simply to accept the penetration and use of her anus.

Holly wasn't sure if it was her intoxication or her lack of resistance to the violation of her taboo back door but after not too many minutes the discomfort and stretch seemed to change into an odd sexual sensation of surrender, possession and acceptance but also dirty and taboo. 

Only moments after those sensations she felt her body need to move with the rhythm of the men using her.  While it wasn't a pleasurable experience she thought she would never desire it felt more and more like a sexual act and she needed to breath and moan with the steady strokes.

Once again what seemed like a long pause between songs allowed her and everyone to hear her groans even with the cock filling her mouth.  She felt even more ashamed when she felt the cock in her mouth erupt filling her mouth and throat with cum.  It drew her attention away from the steady strange sensations in her dirty hole for several seconds but when another man did not quickly fill her mouth it allowed her body to focus on the one cock inside her.

She hated that she hoped he would not cum too quickly.  Once again she closed her eyes and pushed the thoughts of where she was and that she was being violated by men she'd never met out of her mind and tried to just push away any thought.

He lasted several strokes longer before he finally lost his load inside her anus and after a few more strokes pulled free of her.

The next man pushed into her sex and she felt humiliated that it actually felt good to have a cock in her sex once again.  She did her best to keep thoughts out of her mind and did her best not to resist or tighten and just accepted the cock raping her.  This one finished quickly and she wondered if her mind was numb as it seemed to feel unimportant as another cock pushed into her pussy.

It didn't seem like it took him that long before he shot inside her.  She was surprised how emotional she felt when the next cock pushed into her anus.  Her mind wanted to be angry and hate it but it felt strange to her that it seemed like it filled an emptiness.  She realized how gross, disgusting, filthy and most important taboo it felt.  Her mind could not conceive of the fact that people wanted to do something considered so forbidden and dirty.

There was definitely a difference between the skill of the man inside her ass earlier and the man now.  He thrust faster and in deeper strokes causing her pain off and on.  But after several minutes of him working his cock deeper she suddenly realized his cock was pushing and touching deeper.  It was definitely uncomfortable and often painful but as he pushed deeper she experienced sensation deeper in her anus then she ever would have thought another person could touch inside her.

She felt so ashamed and started to cry as she couldn't help wonder what it'd feel like if he touched her deeper.  She didn't have to wonder long as he managed to push deeper inside her.  It was definitely painful but once he stroked out and then back in several more times she couldn't help feeling like her body had adjusted to his cock there and she couldn't help wonder if he could penetrate her even deeper.  He managed to do so and it was even more painful but more of a sensation of touching sensitive or raw flesh.  She hated that even when she felt him grip her tight and push his pelvis hard against her ass that once again she felt new pain deeper inside and she felt disappointed she didn't think he could touch even deeper. 

She felt relieved when he held her tight there and seemed to keep his cock touching deeper inside here in what felt like the most dirty, disgusting way anyone could.  But as the cock began to stroke in and out, its movements so deep felt like it quickly rubbed her raw so far inside her body.  Each stroke made her flesh ache more so far inside and it bothered her more that she knew nothing of the person touching her deeper inside her being in the most taboo, dirty and violating way. 

The tender flesh, having never had such steady continuous friction began to make his cock wet with warm blood.  Each stroke made the intensity of the pain grow yet she couldn't help yearn for him to last just a bit longer.  When he finally came and pulled out she had to pull her knees to her chest as she hurt in her tummy like never below.

After that there were several more cocks that used her but they blurred together and nothing else stayed in her memory.

That was until there was a very loud BANG which she realized later was a gunshot.  Viktor came over and scooped her up and shouted she assumed at Roger, "You are an idiot.  I should take her from you before you ruin her.  Or maybe I should purchase her from you?" 

With that last statement he carried her out of the bar. She wasn't even sure where he took her before he took her home.  It was somewhere with a woman who did not seem to speak English but she helped him give Holly a bath.  Holly was a bit frightened but they didn't seem to be doing anything other then cleaning her up. 

Only after they bathed her, washed her thoroughly, rinsed her off and then dried her with towels did he take a moment and kiss her then say, "You did very well Holly.  I'm proud of you!  You milked the cum from lots of cocks like you were born to do.  It's what you are best at.  What you were meant to do.  Nothing you can learn in school matters.  Your unique talent is using your body to please others."

He hugged her tight and stroked her hair with his hand.  Then gently but firmly pushed on her shoulders until she knelt down in front of him.  He took out his cock and touched it to her face but intentionally avoided her mouth.  He was delighted to see she opened her mouth anyway.  So he rewarded her by pushing his cock into her warm soft lips. 

"Such a good girl Holly" he said stroking her hair and thrusting his cock steady but not hard, "This is your talent.  Your reason for being.  What you do better then almost anyone.  I'm so very proud of you.  That's it, just like that.  That feels so good."

Once he came he helped her to her feet and then drove her home and walked her to the door and left once she was inside.

To be continued 

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Chapter 25 Continued

Sammi woke before her alarm went off because she was nervous about starting her new job.  She got up, took a shower, got dressed but packed a bag to change into before going to Sal's and headed to the salon to help Kat for a bit before she was supposed to report to the pizza place. 

It felt good to stock the products and do work that she had already done several days and helped calm her down.  She wasn't sure why but she was very apprehensive that Sal might not like her work and fire her after only a short time and since she needed that job to continue to pay her bills it was a terrifying thought. 

She changed clothes and borrowed Kat's bicycle and made sure to arrive at the pizza place ten minutes early. 

When she got there Sal had a folder waiting for her with paperwork with a note that said fill out everything you can.  She took the folder and did exactly that using her new name, Sammi Shepherd and her address at her new apartment.  She didn't have a phone number she could put down yet so she listed the salon number and hoped she would get one soon. 

After completing the paperwork and returning it Sal came out, told her hello and told her to work with Mary one of their long time servers.  He said that Mary would be training her. 

Mary seemed very nice and friendly and more important was a good teacher.  At first she just had Sammi watch for a few hours while she explained how things were done.  She then had Sammi start to help her carrying drinks and learning to use a tray and they worked together the rest of the shit.

Towards the end of the shift, Mary got Sammi an older menu that had several of the prices crossed out and written over with new pricing.  She explained that was one of the old menus and it had the old pricing and most of the menu items.  She told Sammi she should take it home and learn the name of every pizza and menu item and learn what came on those items.  The old menu had all the new prices written on it and while it didn't look nice, more important it had the correct pricing.  Sammi told her "Thank you."  They finished for the day and she put the menu in her bag and headed back to the salon and then home after a short visit with Kat telling her all about her first day. 

The second day Mary gave Sammi her own tables very close to her section and Sammi started waiting on her own customers using a lot of the same verbiage that Mary used.  When they weren't busy Mary quizzed Sammi on the menu items and was very happy she got most of the menu items and prices correct. 

When the lunch rush finished Sammi saw Sal take Mary in the back and shortly thereafter he came out and took his new employer into his office and told her he was very pleased with what Mary had told him about how she was doing.  He told her he would pay her once a week in cash based on hours and sales.  She of course could keep any cash tips and he would include her credit card tips in the weekly cash he paid her.  He then told Sammi the dishwasher wasn't feeling well and had gone home sick and he asked her would she wash dishes?

Sammi agreed without reservation and that pleased Sal.  He took her over to the dish wash station, handed her a clean apron and taught her how to load the racks, add the chemical and how to operate the machine as we'll as how to properly rinse and scrape the pizza platters prior to sending them through the machine. 

After sending a few racks through the machine he showed her where the clean items went to be used again and then left her to the station.  He left her there two hours before returning and then showed her how to ring up an employee meal, telling her that she could order anything on the menu with the exception of veal.  He had her ring up what she wanted to eat and closed the check to employee meal and showed her how to enter her name on the ticket. 

He asked her could she work till eight that evening and after she agreed he told her she could take a thirty minute lunch.

After lunch she was surprised to find out he had given her five tables of her own and that made her nervous.  Mary only worked from open till five so he introduced her to another senior server Beth for any questions. 

Before long Sammi was too busy to worry about if anyone was watching her but Sal was keeping an eye on how his new employee was doing.  He felt very satisfied as she seemed to be good with kids and had them smiling and happy which made the parents happy and he was relieved that Kat's recommendation seemed spot on. 

Beth also taught her how to do some of the grunt work like rolling silverware into paper napkins as well as refilling the salt, pepper and pizza pepper shakers. 

At one point Sammi noticed several men dressed in suits or at least business attire come into the restaurant and walk up set of stairs.  She asked Beth where the stairs led and Beth told her there was private dining and meeting area up there.  But she told Sammi that they were not supposed to go upstairs unless Sal specifically instructed them to do so. 

Sammi was pretty warn out when she finally looked at the time and she saw it was 8:28 PM.  She found Sal and let him know about the time and he showed her a folder hanging on his office door and instructed her to sign in and out of a sheet in a yellow folder with her name on it. 

He told her thank you for her hard work and then told her tomorrow when she came in he needed her to work the dish wash station during lunch.  She agreed without hesitation and that pleased him.  He told her good work and she headed back to the salon but Kat was already gone for the day so she placed the bicycle where it belonged and walked home. 

The minute she got home she took a hot shower to clean up from the hard day of work.  She had worked a bit over ten hours. 

The next morning Kat was excited and a bit surprised to see Sammi at her Salon just before 8:00 AM but quickly let her in.  Sammi started doing her stocking right away but her boss followed her around asking about how things went for her yesterday at her new job.  Sammi told her about the day and then out of nowhere Kat asked her if she ever thought of coloring her hair blond.  She told her she thought she would be very cute as a blond but Sammi was hesitant having never colored her hair before.  Kat eventually told her to think about it. 

Sammi arrived at Sal's Flyers & Suds on time and went to the kitchen, put on her apron and starting washing some pots and pans at the dish station.  Sal was delighted when he saw his new employee doing what he had asked her to do. 

He surprised her when after she had all the pots, pans and anything else dirty at the dishwash station cleaned up he took her behind the line and introduced her to the chef on duty, a tall black man named Dion. 

At first Dion was quiet and seemed annoyed she was there.  He did his work but said little.  But after he made a few pizzas, after he hand tossed the next pizza dough he handed her the sauce and the spoon he had been applying the sauce with.  When she began to spoon and spread the sauce he said the first word to her, "Good."

When she had the sauce on he asked, "Which cheese" making her select the container with cheese.  When she lifted the right container he said, "Good."

She was shocked that as he was having her place the ingredients on the pizzas he was tossing them faster and soon she was placing the ingredients on faster.  They worked as a team through most of lunch.  When the rush slowed he handed her a dough ball and said, "Now you throw the crust."

Sammi's eyes opened wide and she had a look of shock on her face but she tried using her hands like Dion had done to start to spread the dough.  For the first few minutes she was doing a good job.  She didn't notice that many of the kitchen staff had stopped what they were doing to watch her.  She actually spun the pizza dough around pretty well a couple times and Dion took another dough ball and started working the dough. 

She was trying to watch how he did it and as her dough started to spread she started losing control and she saw him toss his dough so she tried the same but as her dough came down her hand tore through the dough making a hole and it went straight down her arm until it got to her shoulder, hit her hair and her head by her ear.

"AHAHAHA" Dion roared in a loud full throated laugh and Sammi suddenly heard several other people laughing, "Damn good for your first time little girl."

He for a moment set his dough down lifted hers off her arm and tossed it into the trash.  He then picked up the dough he had been working and started spinning it, "Use three, no four fingers with your little hands" he instructed and with his free hand he took her wrist lifted her hand near his and passed her the dough as it spun. 

Sammi actually spun it three times before ounce again her hand tore through the dough.  Once again Dion laughed and then helped her take the dough off her wrist.  He grabbed another dough ball and quickly had it spinning and then placed it down, "You do the sauce, cheese, meat and vegetables well.  Make the pizza like the screen shows."   She looked up at the order on the monitor where he pointed and put the ingredients on.  "We practice spinning more later" he said with another big laugh. 

"Very good for first day making pizza" Dion said and had two more pizza crusts spread out ready for sauce and ingredients. She did pretty well putting the ingredients on the pizzas but quickly learned to carefully read each ticket.  Dion would quickly get upset if wrong ingredients were put onto a pizza.

After the dinner rush Sal had Sammi help with the dish wash station.  When her shift was over Sal asked her to step to his office, "Kat was right about you, you are a hard worker, keep it up and I won't regret my decision to hire you."  He handed her an envelope with cash for the days she had worked so far, "Can you wait tables again tomorrow?   I know that's where you would prefer to work because you can earn the more there but I wanted to make sure you were willing to work hard.  Dion typically does not usually work well with others but he only seemed to get mad at you once or twice" he said laughing.  "He actually seemed to like you and that's rare."

Sammi let out an exhale of relief.  When he asked her to his office she was worried he was upset with her about something.  She held up the envelope with the cash, "Thank you."

"You are welcome.  See you tomorrow" he said.

She turned, left his office and went out the back door, got the bicycle and headed back to the salon.  She parked the bike and then started walking home. 

She stopped at the market and bought some groceries and then headed home.  It felt good to know she had found a job, worked hard and earned some money and she could now buy groceries.  She for the first time in a long time felt good about herself. 

She went into the apartment put away the groceries and made herself something to eat.  The positive energy of the day carried into the night and she managed to get a pretty good night's sleep.

The next day she worked for just under two hours helping Kat with getting the shop ready and washing the hair of two customers.  Before the first customer arrived Kat looked at Sammi's hair and said, "You know I love your cut and style but I think something is missing.  You should let me color your hair blond.  I bet you'd love it."

Sammi quickly shook her head no and was relived when the first customer came in before Kat tried any more to convince her.  She finished doing the stocking and washed both customers' hair then headed to her other job.

She was excited to see that once again she would be working with Mary again.  The closer it got to lunch the busier it got.  Late in the lunch period once again she saw several men including a man in a police uniform head up the stairs to the private dining area but she didn't have enough time for much more then a quick glance as two more tables were seated in her section. 

Towards the end of lunch Sal asked Sammi if she could take a tray of drinks upstairs to the men in the private dining room.  He told her she only needed to deliver the drinks.  He let her know what each drink was and sent her upstairs. 

The men were in the middle of a conversation so she quietly lifted each drink off the tray and simply held it up until the person who ordered the drink reached up or made eye contact.  Once she had given out each drink she quietly backed away feeling all but invisible anyway. 

Sammi returned to downstairs and had two more tables before the end of her shift.  She couldn't help but be curious about the men wearing the business attire and the man in uniform but Mary just didn't say much about it other then it was the power politicians of the city. 

On her way home she stopped by the salon and visited and helped Kat clean up.  "Thank you.  You know you don't have to help me.  I know you worked all day" Kat said with a smile.

"I know.  But I wouldn't have either job without you" Sammi said knowing it was true.

"Well I'm very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself too.  You've worked very hard" Kat said and gave Sammi a hug.

They chit chatted about both of their day.  Once again Kat brought up the idea of coloring Sammi's hair blond.  With little thought Sammi turned Kat down.  And after more chit chat she headed home.

She was very proud of herself for everything that she had accomplished but was sad that no one important to her knew.  She went to the duffle bag and found the two phones Joseph had bought and given to her.  She remembered he had told her they were for emergencies but she missed her mom, Joseph and Ol' Jack.  She carefully opened the package and took out one of the phones.  She took a deep breath wondering if she was doing the right thing.  She keyed in her mother's cell number.  She knew if she called home Roger had answered the home phone anytime it rang. 

She stared at the phone and took a deep breath and hit send.  The phone rang three times and Holly was sure it was going to go to voicemail.  But after the third ring she heard a familiar voice but an annoyed tone, she hadn't thought about the number she was calling from being a strange number, "Yes" her mom's voice said.

"Hi mom.  I miss you soooo much!"

"Holly?  Are you okay?  Where are you?  I miss you too" her mother's questions came so fast she couldn't say anything until there was a pause.

Holly couldn't hold it together and immediately started to cry but it was great to hear her mom's voice, "Yeah mom, it's me I'm doing good.  I got a job and everything..."

She hadn't intended to stop but she heard a familiar voice that changed her tears to terror, "Is that Holly, give me that fucking phone."  His voice grew louder and she knew he took the phone from her mom, "Where the fuck are you?  We've been looking for you everywhere..."

Holly hit the end button and sobbed lying face down on her makeshift bed with her face buried in the pillow.  The phone rang several times, but she didn't answer.  She hoped if she did it would be her mom, but she knew who it would be, Roger.

She cried hard for several minutes.  Finally she had to turn off the phone to get it to stop ringing.

When she pulled herself together she debated making one more call.

She got out a piece of paper and pen and thought about the number he told her to memorize and wrote it down.  She wrote it several times to make sure she remembered it.  Then the fear of what if she didn't remember it correctly hit her and she felt so scared that she would never get to talk to him again.

It took her a bit more time to build up her nerve and she sat there holding the phone.  Finally she turned it back on hoping it didn't ring because she knew it would be Roger.

She looked at the paper where she had written the same number several times.

She entered each digit carefully on the phone and then used the fear of Roger calling to press 'Send.'

The phone rang twice before a deep familiar voice answered the phone.

"Joseph" she asked, "It's uhh..."

"Sammi?  Holy shit!  Sammi is that you?  I've...uh...I've been hoping you'd...I'd hear from you.  How are you?  I mean are you doing okay?  I mean are you safe" Joseph stuttered unsure what to say despite the fact he had been hoping she'd call.

"I'm doing okay.  I'm renting a room.  And I got...two jobs.  One helping a hairdresser and she's like...kind of a best friend and another job at a pizza place and that should pay the rent" she said then asked, "Are you and Ol'Jack doing okay?  I miss you both so much."

No matter how much she tried she couldn't keep herself from crying.

"Are you crying sweetheart is everything okay" he asked?

She sniffled and pulled herself together as much as she could, "Yeah, I'm really proud of myself for finding a place to live and getting a job to pay for it.  I just really miss you...both."

"We miss you too Sammi.  A whole bunch."  He took a deep breath and then sounded serious, "Sammi, I know it's none of my business but what kind of trouble are you in?  There was a Russian man and a couple goons who were looking for you and they had...weapons...and seemed pretty determined to find you."  He paused for a minute thinking, "How are you calling me?  I mean on what phone?"

Holly...Sammi thought for a moment, "I'm not sure.  But I'm so sorry.  They...asked you about me?  I mean um did they find you?  They didn't hurt you or Ol'Jack did they.  I used one of the phones you gave me."

He thought carefully about his answer not wanting to make her worry, "We're okay Sammi.  We can take care of ourselves.  We're old but we're pretty tough.  But these men seemed pretty determined Sammi.  Why don't you tell me where you are and I'll come and get you?"

She took a deep breath thinking about Viktor, how he acted, how Roger seemed nervous around him, "Joseph I...I can't um...put you...I mean I think I already put y'all in danger.  I didn't think they'd want to find me...I mean that much.  I'm sorry."  Once again she started crying.

"Shhh sweetheart it's not your fault.  You didn't do this.  You're not responsible for another's actions.  How long have you been using the phone?"

"I just turned it on today...for the first time" she answered.

"Are you sure you don't want us to come get you" he asked again a bit of disappointment in his voice?

"I...I think I'm safe here and I already feel bad my past found you."

"Okay" he agreed his voice dropping from disappointment, "Get rid of that phone Sammi not that you made a call.  Turn it off and drown it in a body of water like a lake, river or pond.  We miss you Sammi.  Have you used the other phone?"

"No" she quickly replied.

"Good save it for an emergency.  But if you change your mind, just call us we'll come get you.  Try to get yourself another throw away phone but not from where you live.  If you travel anywhere get one then.  I could send you a couple more too if you want me to."

"Okay" she said hearing the disappointment in his voice and feeling sad herself, "I miss you so much.  I'll try to get another phone when I can."

"I miss you too Sammi.  Don't forget to power off and drown that phone where it won't be found.  I don't want to scare you but that Russian seemed dangerous."

"I won't.  I promise" and she gathered her nerve and said the words she felt deep in her heart but didn't think she should say, "Love you."

But she didn't wait to hear his reaction and pressed 'End.'

Immediately she lowered her face into her hands and started sobbing.

Within just a few minutes of hanging up the phone once again rang.  She knew it wasn't Joseph calling her back he wouldn't take that type of risk.

It was Roger.

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Two fantastic parts Brokenwing!. The first made me want to go protect Sammi while the second one brought joy to me when she contacted Joseph. Love how he told her about Viktor but covered up what they did to him and old Jack

This just keeps getting better with each addition!

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All is well in the universe, when we get new chapters from Brokenwing!  ;D

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There are so many possible directions this story could go... Who finds her first, Roger or Victor? Does Does she call Jieseph to come save her? Whats really going on in the upstairs at the pizza place? Does Sammy end up on the menu? Omg I could go on and on..... Lol

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Chapter 26  "New Position"

To avoid any chance that Roger might call Sammi quickly turned off the phone.  It was hard because she wanted nothing more in the world then to call her mom and just talk about nothing important.  She missed her inconsequential conversations with her mom maybe about a project she was working on for art class or a new nail polish color at the nail salon. But thinking about that now wasn't helping.

So the next thing of course to fill her mind was Joseph and Ol'Jack, but this time it wasn't as much about fun times as it was about the things he said.  There was a Russian looking for her with weapons and goons.  Did that mean that he saw them in person?  How else would he know there were two goons with weapons?  The thought of that made her shiver.

But she spoke to him on the phone and he sounded okay.  Certainly he would have told her if anything had happened to Ol'Jack.  Then she remembered that he told her to get rid of the phone.  She looked at it sad.  Sad she had heard her mother's and Joseph's voice on it yet it also made her feel warm inside.  But she also knew it was getting late and she didn't want to be moving about town too much after dark.

She walked back to the Kat's hair salon and got the bike and rode to a park that has a small lake where people would layout, cookout, swim and fish. 

She was proud of herself for finding the park and the lake since she hadn't been there before.  She rode to one side of the lake where there were several trees away from where it looked like people entered to swim.  She set the bike down and walked further into the trees.  She took the phone out of her pocket and looked around her to see if she could see or hear anyone which she didn't. 

It was strange how emotional it felt to do something as simple as throw away a phone.  But it was the only way she had communicated with her mom in a very long time and it was incredible in this overwhelming runaway ordeal to talk to the person with whom she had a good time with despite the fear from running away. 

She had never been much of an athlete and hadn't played a sport where she threw a ball.  It was almost funny to her that she had no idea how far she could even throw the phone.  She felt stupid for doing so, but she hugged the phone to her chest trying to hear her mom's and Joseph's voices one last time. 

She finally stopped putting off what she needed to do and without any further delay she raised her arm and threw the phone out into the lake as far as she could throw it.  To the most part she was pleased with her throw and she starred at the water. 

The phone splashed when it hit the water it appeared to go under but then she thought she could see it.  But then once again it disappeared and she let out her breath she had been holding in a long slow exhale. 

As she stood there in the dark she remembered Joseph asking her what kind of trouble was she in and that men were looking for her.  Thinking about that made her shiver.  Since the day she ran away she had wondered if anyone had been looking for her.  Now there was no doubt someone was trying to find her.

So often she had questioned her decision not to stay with Joseph but the fact that he described a Russian with weapons and a couple goons pretty much meant he saw them.  She didn't want to even think about what might have happened if she had been with him and his dog.  Any of them could have been hurt or maybe killed? 

After everything she had been through with Roger she had wanted to be optimistic and believe that she left it all behind when she ran away but now knowing someone was looking for her was disheartening.  That made her think about Kat's offer to color her hair blond.

She couldn't imagine what her mother would think of that idea.  Her mother loved Holly's natural brown hair especially combined with her blue eyes.  She had never once colored her natural brown hair.  When Kat asked to color her hair Sammi didn't really even consider the idea.  But with the fact people were looking for her, could it really hurt to do so?

She slowly walked back to the bicycle and rode back to the salon and then walked home.

The next morning Sammi got up early and went to the salon to help Kat get ready to open and wash customer's hair.  Like almost all her time with Kat there was just light chit chat.  Then as she had rehearsed that morning in the mirror Sammi asked, "Ya know Kat, I've been thinking about your idea to color my hair blond.  I guess at first I was a bit immature and nervous because I've never colored my hair before.  But I think it might be an exciting change and after all they say blondes have more fun.  Would you still be willing to do it". She asked with the best fake smile she could make.

"Sure, I think you would look amazing" Kat answered, "But are you sure it's what you want if you've never had your hair colored before?"

Sammi took a long deep breath and then let it out slow, "Definitely, if you're still willing, I'd love to be blond."

Kat smiled a huge smile, "Then we'll do it tonight after you get off of work.  But that sounds like your customer coming into the shop now."

Sammi met the customer as she walked through the door and walked her back to the hair wash area.  She washed the customer's hair as well as one more before heading to Sal's. 

 When she got to Sal's she was happy she had her own section of tables and Mary had a section near by.  Lunch was busy and she served many tables and earned some good tips.  She really did like waiting tables much better then washing dishes or helping behind the line because of the tips.  She was relieved Sal didn't ask her to work late that way she could get her hair colored.  She still felt apprehensive but she was confident it was the right decision.  The moment her shift was over she hurried to get out of Sal's so he wouldn't see her and ask her to work late.

She hurried out of the employee entry and exit, unlocked the bicycle and road to Kat's salon.  Kat was finishing up with a customer so Sammi cleaned up the shop sweeping up hair, doing laundry and taking out the garbage.  When Kat's customer paid and left the two girls got to greet and hug and then Kat asked, "So are you excited to get your hair colored?"

"Yeah just a little bit nervous but I know it's what I want to do" Sammi replied.

With that answer Kat who had already prepared the color she wanted to use on Sammi's hair got started with the color, "I want it to look like your hair was kissed by the sun. So I'm going to leave some of your natural color underneath.  I don't want you to look like a bottle blond."

Sammi quickly agreed and once the color was applied the two girls talked about their respective days as the color set.  Once it had set, Kat took Sammi to the hair wash station and washed the chemical out of her young employees hair. 

Once she finished washing her hair she took her back to her chair and trimmed her hair just a touch and then dried it with the blow dryer. 

"What do you think" Kat asked as she finished styling Sammi's hair.

Sammi looked at herself in the mirror.  It felt like she was looking at someone else.  But that is exactly what she wanted but it was still strange looking at her reflection and not seeing the young brown haired girl who mostly had been photographed with school photos. 

"Thank you so much Kat I really, really appreciate it.  What do I owe you?"

"Don't be silly Sammi, you let me do what I wanted.  This was my idea."

Sammi stood up and gave Kat a hug.  Had she not met Kat she couldn't imagine what her life would be like.  She hugged Kat again and cried a little, "Thank.k.k you so much" Sammi said stuttering emotionally and then headed home.

The next day once again Sammi got to wait tables again in a section close to Mary's section.  Mary didn't recognize her at first.  She was totally shocked to see Sammi with blond hair.  She just keep staring at her when she wasn't busy and would tease her and ask, Where did Sammi go?"

About midway through the lunch rush Sal came out and also was surprised to see Sammi with blond hair but being her boss, other then just smiling and surprised by the change he didn't say anything other then to ask if she would help Dion on the line that he was getting backed up. 

Sammi quickly agreed and Mary took Sammi's remaining two tables.  The young newly blond girl went into the kitchen, grabbed an apron and walked behind the line and said, "Hey."

Dion seeing the blond hair quickly responded, "Can I help ya"?  Not recognizing her immediately, "Sammi, what the hell.  Girl did you stay out too long in the sun?  Was you trying to get dark like old Dion?"

He had Sammi laughing and feeling better, "You see all them tickets up there can you prep some pies get em in the oven.  I'll spin the dough.  Just read them tickets."

Sammi first finished some of the pizzas Chef had been working on but hadn't completed and quickly got a few in the oven while Dion got more pizza dough out and spun.  Once she had five pies in the oven she started to dress the fresh dough with ingredients, "There ya go Blondie.  You know that's your new name now don't ya girl."  He laughed for a few minutes with a big belly laugh.

Before long they were caught up on the orders and waiting for space in the oven.  To her surprise Dion gave her a firm smack on her bottom and said, "Now get that apron off and get your fine ass back on the floor and make you some tips Blondie.  Thank you baby girl."

For just a moment Sammi was caught off guard by Dion smacking her ass but after thinking a moment about his personality and the fun they had working together before she decided he didn't mean anything by it so she relaxed, took off the apron and headed back to the dining room.  She took care of four more tables before Sal released her for the day, "Thank you so much Sammi for helping chef.  It really made a difference and he doesn't work well with many people."

"No problem.  See you tomorrow" Sammi replied and rode the bicycle back to Kat's Cuts and Salon.  She got to the salon as Kat was working on a customer so she started cleaning the salon.  When Kat finished she invited Sammi to grab a bite to eat and the two girls went to a Chinese place in walking distance. 

Sammi tells Kat about her first day as a blond and her coworkers' reactions.  The two laugh together at the different reactions.  Kat shares stories from a couple of her customers and they enjoy dinner together.

After eating Sammi headed home and ran into her apartment mate Karen who also was struck by the hair color change.  The two girls sat on the sofa and talked for a couple hours sharing a bottle of red wine Karen opened.  They had a fun visit.

The next day Sammi helped Kat get the salon ready to open before heading to Sal's.

She was assigned a section close to Mary's section but Sal came and asked her to his office, "I need a favor, but before I ask you the favor I need to explain to you the rules and if you can't adhere or don't want to or don't understand the nature and importance of the rules then you should not agree to my request."

Sammi wasn't sure what to think or what to say so she just nodded.

Sal continued, "Valerie, my server who normally takes care of the private dining and meeting area up stairs broke her leg.  I need someone to cover upstairs.  Most of the other servers don't like working up there because they lose out on their regular customers.  The server assigned upstairs needs to be available even when no one is there.  And the toughest part is that the person needs to be very mature."

He took a sip of his water then continued, "What I mean by that is the power brokers of the city meet up there.  So the server has to be attentive and pay close attention to keeping the drinks and food available but at the same time ignore the conversation not related to service.  The server should ignore and forget any conversations overheard while taking care of the customers there.  Discretion is the most important factor of the job.  Do you understand?"

Sammi nodded but then asked, "What about tips?  I really need the income!"

"That's why I decided to ask you if you would be willing to work upstairs.  From what Valerie says the customers are pretty generous she really didn't want to give up the shifts but there are steps to get to and from the kitchen and with her broken leg she can't do it.  You have't built a regular clientele as of yet so I thought you would be perfect.  But can you do your best to ignore conversations unless it pertains to your job?  I'm pretty confident most days the tips are far better then slinging pizza."

Sammi smiled at her boss trying to look confident, "I'll do it thank you for the opportunity."

Sal smiled back, "It's only till Valerie is better and can walk the steps again.  They really like her upstairs but I need someone now and you've been doing an amazing job so far.  I um know you're pretty young, but do you think you can do it and most important be invisible when you need to be?"

Sammi was a little concerned about the steady tips but he said Valerie said they could be generous, "Are you sure one of the other servers wouldn't want to do it?  I don't want anyone to be mad at me."

"Don't worry about that Sammi.  It's my decision and I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't think you were the right person for the job, okay?"

"Yes sir." Sammi agreed.

Sal took Sammi upstairs and showed her the employee staircase directly into the kitchen.  He showed her the server station where extra silver wear and plates were and the bar.  More importantly he showed her the system where the purchases by the members were recorded and explained that they were not given checks and did not pay on the day of the orders but monthly. 

Sammi tried her best to focus on what he was saying.  But he encouraged her to come to him when she had any questions.  She got a lump in her throat when she realized he wanted her that day to work the private dining room. 

But before she knew it Sammi was upstairs alone cleaning places she could tell had not been cleaned in a while.  She hadn't spent much time cleaning before she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and she took a deep breath. 

Once the three men were seated she walked over giving each of them a glass of water.

It felt very different from downstairs because they didn't let her finish her normal routine.  Once the first man ordered a drink the moment she looked at one of the other men he said what he wanted to drink. 

Luckily one of the drinks was a beer, one was whiskey and soda and the last was a vodka rocks.  She quickly got the drinks and when she delivered them one of the men ordered a fried calamari. 

She entered the food order and checked with the kitchen until it was ready.  When she took it to the table two other men had joined the others and rather then her typical sales pitch she simply asked, "What can I get you?"

The two other men, mid conversation said what they wanted and then continued the conversation as if it had never paused.

She quickly brought them water and then made their drinks.  She delivered the drinks and realized they were in mid conversation so she said nothing and just quietly set the drinks on the table. 

They ordered no other food although a few of then had additional drinks.  After two hours three of the men left.  As Sammi brought each of them a fresh drink one of the men knocked a shinny metal pen off the table and it bounced and rolled under his chair. 

Instinctually she quickly got down on her hands and knees and looked under the chair until she spotted the gold metal pen she had to crawl right by the man's leg in order to reach the pen as she slowly moved back she felt a touch on her shoulder.  Once she was sure she wouldn't hit her head she raised it to look at the man by whom she was crawling.

Their eyes met and he smiled down at her his hand on her shoulder, "You're not Valerie" he stated confidently.  Is she off today"

No.  I mean yes.  She's going to be out a bit" Sammi replied not sure if she was supposed to say anything about Valerie's broken leg, "I'm Sammi.  Sal asked me to work up here till she comes back."

He kept his hand firmly on her shoulder, "Nice to meet you Sammi.  I'm Richard Long, but everyone calls me Rich.  I'm the Mayor.  That's Seth Gelt.  He is the Comptroller.  Did you find my pen Sammi?"

She lifted her hand holding the pen out to him, "Here you go."

He took the pen from her, "Thank you Sammi" he took the pen and placed it on the table then took a a small tendril of her hair and twirled it for a moment then slid his hand on her shoulder down her arm taking firm hold of it and offered her his other hand, "Let me help you up dear."

She reached the hand that handed him the pen up to him.  He took hold of her hand and helped her to her feet, "You're a tiny little thing aren't you?  What five foot three?"

"Five foot one, actually but usually wear something with a heel" she replied.

"Tiny, like I said" he let out a satisfied smile, "You've provided great service today.  Thank you."

"You're welcome." She said, "Let me get out of your hair" and walked away. 

The men went back to their conversation and Sammi stayed mostly in the server station and refreshed their water and drinks when they got low.  Eventually they got up and left heading down the stairs.  As Sammi started cleaning up behind them she noticed a white envelope, inside was a $100 bill.  Her eyes opened wide she couldn't remember if she ever had seen one before. 

She cleaned up the private dining area made sure all the glasses were washed and then took the calamari plate and the appetizer plates and flatware downstairs to the dish wash station.

There was a dishwasher working that day so she just had to bring the dishes down.

She thought she was about to finish for the day when to her surprise Dion saw her, "Hey Blondie can you help me prep the line for tonight?"

"Sure" she quickly agreed and she helped him stock the line. 

On one of the trips into the walk in freezer Dion suggested, "Sammi why don't you have a seat on that case while I put together some things we need.

Sammi sat on the case as Dion asked and he put several items into a stainless steel bowel.  But Chef caught her off guard when he turned around and walked toward her and his cock was hanging out of his pants.

Sammi's eyes opened wide as he quickly walked towards her and she felt frozen, unsure what to think but with the case of food she was sitting on her face was at the same height with his hips.

He brought his cock right to her face and reached out and gently stroked her hair, "I know I wasn't wrong about you Blondie help an old man out.

Sammi looked up at him with her blue eyes not sure what to think.

But within a moment and with little thought she slowly opened her mouth for the cock in her face and felt it push between her lips.

She hated how unique yet familiar the taste and smell were.  She just closed her eyes resigned she was meant to do this.  It was quite obvious he did not lack for experience with this either.  He skillfully worked his cock deeper his strokes slow but deliberate.  He took hold of her head but somehow managed to stroke her hair in an appreciative manner. 

He was pleased how deep he was able to work his cock.  Most women whose mouth he had used would already have been coughing and gagging but he barely felt an occasional brief gag.  Her mouth felt warm and delightful but she made him just want more.

He caught her completely off guard by unbuttoning her shirt and when he was down to the last few buttons he pulled his cock from her mouth, finished unbuttoning her shirt, quickly pulled it down and off her shoulders and skillfully unhooked her bra.  Within seconds she was topless and with the fact they were in the walk in freezer she immediately felt ice cold.

His mouth suddenly went to one of her nipples and he pulled it into warmth sucking hard to draw it deeper.  The warmth of his mouth felt incredible compared to the ice cold feel of the freezer.  Unlike anyone before he used his tongue to swirl around and flick her nipple, along with the suction it felt incredible.  He then switched to her other nipple doing the same to it but leaving the first nipple wet from his saliva and exposed to the icy chill of the freezer.  He took his time with the second nipple before pulling his mouth off her nipples and bringing his cock back to her mouth.

Sammi blushed and felt shame for how drawn she was to take Dion's cock into her mouth.  She wanted to convince herself that he was making her do it but she knew that wasn't true.  She could tell he was more horny because he was holding tighter onto her head and thrusting harder.

She kept her eyes closed and tried to push her thoughts out of her mind.  She did her best to hold her lips tight around the cock in her mouth but let her body relax so he could pull and push her away at will.

Dion thought she might be the best he'd ever deep throated.  While she was gagging and and coughing a little it was much less then most if not all the woman who's mouth he had fucked like this before.  He was trying to hold back but his young cooking protégé was amazing and not resisting at all.

He couldn't resist pulling his cock out to see how much stringy saliva would follow and he was delighted with the result.  Without hesitation he smeared his cock covered in his pre-cum and her saliva around her face.  He was delighted that when he pushed his cock back to her mouth her lips parted to once again allow him to push back in. 

This time his grip on her head and hair was hard and he couldn't hold back anymore.  He knew if he did not get behind the line soon someone might come looking for him.  So this time with a girl who didn't seem scared of sucking cock, he held tight on her head and started stroking in and out quickly and couldn't resist pushing the limits on depth.

It only excited him more as she gagged and coughed more as he pounded her mouth.  It turned him on more when he felt her cough up fluids and they ran down her chin onto his shaft and balls.  Finally he achieved what he brought her in here for and began to spew his juices into her mouth.  He thrust deep and to his delight he could feel her swallow.  He couldn't help question her age and experience because she seemed so good at this. 

After squirting several loads he pulled out and let the sticky cum drop onto her chest and then he rubbed his cock around her face.  He stepped back and looked her over and even looked in her eyes, "Thank you Blondie its been a while since I've had the pleasure.  You're amazing."

He then stepped towards her helping her put her bra on.  It excited him that he was putting her bra on over her cum covered tits.  Just before he put it back into place he gave each nipple a warm suck and then pulled the bra against her breasts and clasped it in the back.

He then slid a sleeve of the blouse over one hand, wrist, arm and then the other buttoning the blouse from the bottom up.

Where cum had pooled in a few places on her face he gently smeared it around to blend it into her skin.

He then kissed the tip of her nose and then pulled her to her feet by her hands, "Thank you" he said one more time looking her in the eyes, picked up the stainless steel bowl and exited the walk in freezer returning to the line.  He washed his hands before placing the items where they belonged.

Sammi followed right behind him out of the walk in and headed straight to where her sign in and out sheet was and signed out.  Just as she signed out Sal walked by, How did it go today?" 

The last thing Sammi wanted to do was to look anyone in the eyes and talk to them, "It went fine.  No problems."

"Great" her boss replied.  Then looked at her strangely, "Are you sure, you look . . . You sure everything's okay?"

Sammi nodded and put on a fake smile, "Just ready to head home."  She couldn't really look him in his eyes.  She was sure he knew there was cum on her face, neck and upper chest.

"Okay.  Well thank you again and I'll see you tomorrow.  You're okay to work up there again tomorrow?" 

"Yes Sir" Sammi agreed quickly, "See you tomorrow."

She was relieved the conversation was over and quickly left Sal's Flyers and Suds.  She quickly unlocked the bicycle and rode back to the salon placing the bike where it was kept as quietly as she could.  It was early enough she knew Kat would still be there but she didn't want to see anyone else.

She was glad she didn't run into Karen when she got into the apartment.  She quickly headed into the bathroom avoiding looking at her own reflection in the mirror and took a long hot shower washing the filth, or that was at least what she felt off of her body. 

After drying off she put on a long t-shirt and panties.  She turned out the light, got into bed and thought about her day.  She couldn't help feel dirty for what she did with Chef and it only got worse when she ran into Sal.  She couldn't help believe he knew what was on her face.  She only felt worse when she found her hand down between her legs inside her panties as she thought about how it felt to have the thick black cock in her mouth.

Despite crying and feeling tremendous guilt for who she had become she played with herself until she couldn't stand it anymore and drifted off to sleep. 

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First Absolutely love the eyes of the model- god I could lose myself in them!

Now my tirade which you have heard before! Can she have a complete chapter of happiness without someone using her as their pleasure toy?  This one was going so well then a hardon made it appearance and wham bam cum on you ma'am Sammie is back depressed once more. Thanks for the emotional ride once more, God can't wait to read what's in store for her!

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I was just waiting for Dion to use her! I knew it! Great chapter Brokenwing!

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This chapter does not contain rape or erotica.  It is not intended to be but is an important chapter if you are following the story.  If you are looking for a stroke story, this is probably not a chapter for you.  But I think it's an important chapter in this story and builds to more 'adventures' for Sammi in the story "Runaway."

Chapter 27 "Upstairs Service"

Sammi woke early in the morning, a couple hours before work, her mind racing.  The events of the previous day rushing through her mind.  She wasn't even sure if her job change was a promotion or how she should look at it.

Then waiting on the businessmen in the private dining room and meeting Rich and Seth.  It felt weird for her to call them by their first names.  Maybe she should refer to them by Mayor Long and Mr. Geld.  She didn't know but it was nice to get the $100 bill.

There had been some days she made a bit over that with tables downstairs.  It was strange to her waiting on a group of business men all dressed so professionally.  Most of her customers downstairs were families or teens or couples or on rare occasion a man by himself dressed for business but that was the exception.

Then the capper on the night was Chef.  Every time she had worked with him she had a good time but nothing that would have made her think he would do what he did in the walk in. 

Sammi felt ashamed for what she did.  She couldn't even remember if she protested at all.  She didn't think she did.  She liked Dion as a coworker.  He made her laugh often but she hadn't really thought of him as anything more than a coworker.  She never would have imagined doing anything romantic or sexual with him.  She was pretty sure he was older then her mom. 

But she sucked his cock in the freezer.  It was so cold.  She remembered shivering.  But despite the cold temperature in the freezer his mouth felt so crazy hot on her nipples.  It felt incredible, nothing like she would have expected. 

Then on top of everything she ran into Sal with cum on her face.  She had no way to know what he could see.  But it felt to her like he had to know.  But she had to hope he didn't notice.

Finally enough time passed and she was ready to get out of bed and take a shower and get ready for work.

Sammi couldn't help feel strange in the shower.  No matter how much she washed, soaped and scrubbed her face, neck and chest continued to seem sticky.  It was like she couldn't wash the filth off herself.  She washed and scrubbed for multiple minutes. 

After managing to get ready for work she headed to the salon to help Kat get ready to open.  Kat had two early appointments and Sammi washed both customer's hair.  After doing so she headed to Flyers and Suds.

For a full hour and a half Sammi was board because no one came up to the private dining room.  Once she was sure no one was there she went down to the kitchen.  She was relieved that Chef Dion seemed like his normal self, "Good morning Blondie, you doin all right?  Can you grab me a fresh can of tomato sauce?"

"Sure" she agreed and headed into the storeroom for the tomato sauce.  She couldn't help giggle at the size difference in the little cans she might buy for home barely as big as her hand while the one she was getting for Chef she could barely carry. 

When she brought the large can to him he said, "Thank you Blondie.  Will you open it and put it on the line please?"

"Sure" she agreed and did as he asked.  Placing the tomato sauce on the line.  Then she headed back upstairs to check and sure enough as she made it to top of the stairs from the kitchen she heard shoes coming up the stairs from the downstairs dining room.

She saw there were four men, including the Mayor and brought four glasses of water.  She waited for a pause in the conversation, "Good day, what can I get ya?"

The men ordered one by one based on who the Mayor looked at and she replied, "Coming up right away" and she hustled to the bar to make the drinks.  She called down to Sal's office and when he answered she simply said, "I need a Bloody Mary please."

He was able to figure out she didn't know how to make one, "Coming right up."  Sal quickly got the downstairs bartender to make him one and took it upstairs and waited for Sammi to make eye contact, he lifted the drink where she could see it then set it down so she could deliver it to the customer. 

Sammi quickly retrieved the Bloody Mary and delivered it to the table.  The men were in the middle of a discussion so she quietly gave the man the drink and walked away.

She kept an eye on the table and refreshed the water as needed and got them additional drinks and some food when they ordered it. Eventually the men left one by one and when the last two men were about to leave Mayor Long called, "Sammi, I think your name is..."

Sammi hurried over to the table next to him, "Yes Sir?"

He reached his hand below the height of the table top so the other man wouldn't see towards Sammi.  It took a moment before she noticed his hand reaching towards her and reached hers back towards his a bit unsure what he was doing.

Once she reached her hand towards his he placed his hand under hers, lifted up slightly turning his hand on top.  She could feel a piece of paper between their hands and he carefully lifted his hand up leaving the paper in her hand, "Sammi thank you for the service today.  I appreciate you knowing when we were speaking not to interrupt.  It's a bit different waiting tables up here then downstairs but you recognized that quickly, thank you."

Sammi smiled shyly, "You're welcome and Thank You Mayor Long."

"Rich when it's an informal setting" he said with a wink and turned and headed down the stairs as did the other man.

She put the slip of paper into her pocket and cleared the table, washing the glasses and taking any plates or flatware to the dishwasher downstairs.

She hurriedly returned upstairs and cleaned the tables.

When she had a moment she looked in her pocket at the piece of paper and it was a fifty dollar bill.

Another group of men enough for two tables came in early afternoon just getting drinks.  They were there for about forty five minutes and had a few drinks each before heading out.

Sal came up and helped Sammi clean up also showing her how to make a Bloody Mary.  He showed her how to make one, walked her step by step through making a second and then had her make a third on her own.  He then gave her a cup and told her it was a spit cup.  He had her taste each of the three drinks they made and after tasting spit it into the spit cup.

He asked her which she liked best and told her if she wanted it she could drink it since her shift was over.  She turned it down but thanked him. 

She then showed him the fifty dollar bill and told him that several days downstairs she made better tips.  He laughed for a moment, "Sammi, I'm sorry, I neglected to tell you.  For everything they order that you put in the system it automatically adds a twenty percent tip that is yours that I will pay you at the end of each week.  So you've not even gotten the tip money yet.  That fifty is extra.  Any cash you're given is on top of the automatic twenty percent of sales as long as you put it all in the system.  Okay?"

This time she had a genuine smile on her face realizing that the alcohol must make the checks pretty high, "Yes Sir!"  With that she headed home for the night.

The next day like always she stopped by the salon on her way to work at Sal's and helped Kat get the shop ready to open.  Sammi told Kat what Sal said about the 20% gratuity and how excited she was.  Kat gave her a hug and told her it was fate smiling on her.  Sammi's asked Kat if she minded if she headed to the pizza place early.  She wanted to talk to Mary to make sure none of the other servers were mad at her for getting the upstairs server station.  Kat quickly encouraged her to get going.

Sammi headed to Sal's Flyers & Suds getting there earlier then usual hoping Mary would also be there early.  Mary, as usual came into work early so Sammi didn't beat around the bush, "Mary do you have a minute, I'd like to ask you about something?"

"Sure" Mary said and took Sammi's hand and walked her to a corner table away from any walkways, "So what's up kiddo?"

Sammi sat down across from Mary and was fidgeting nervously, "I'm sure you know Sal asked me to cover upstairs while, um, Valerie, can't um, walk the steps."

"Of course, I've worked here a long time so I know almost everything that's going on."

"I um" Sammi wiped sweat from her forehead, "The uh, tips are, uh, pretty good and I, uh, just wanted to make sure that, um, no one, um, none of the other servers are mad at me, cause I'm working, up, there?"

Mary took a deep breath and thought about her answer before saying anything, "Sammi, no one is upset at you, or should be upset with you.  You're just doing your job and what your boss asked you."  She took a deep breath and then just let it out slow, "Sammi, just be careful up there.  Those people have lots of money and power.  And some people with money and power are not always good people.  Just stay out of their business, okay kiddo?"

"Okay.  Thank you" Sammi said, stood up, gave Mary a hug and then headed upstairs.

Sammi was surprised when Sal came upstairs to see her, for a minute she thought she was in trouble, "Sammi, now that you've gotten your feet wet, I want to go over the members with you so you know to who's accounts you should post the charges.  He had a book even with photographs of the cities movers and shakers, police chief, fire chief, fire inspectors, the mayor, city controller and even other local politicians and influential citizens including hospital directors, doctors, attorneys and judges.

He explained that their position wasn't as important as their name.  He wanted her to do her best to learn their names and photos. He made her a small book she could take home and also showed her where the big book was kept.

He explained to her that in most cases at a table checks were not split.  Typically the higher ranking person picked up the check.  But for any question he told her, "Just ask on who's account the charges will go?  And again don't stress about it.  Just if you have any questions ask.  You're doing a fantastic job.  I've already heard good things about your service."

"Yes Sir.  Thank you" and with that he headed back downstairs leaving Sammi to prep the private dining room.

It was the busiest day she had so far.  There was actually a period when she had three separate groups at one time including a table of all woman.  She was relieved when Sal came up and confirmed each account to bill to. 

Even between lunch and the afternoon cocktails she was pretty busy washing the glasses and clearing the plates and flatware in bus bins to the dishwasher.  When the Mayor and someone she was pretty sure was a police officer were the only two left at the Mayor's usual table, Rich looked up at her and in a pretty soft tone asked, "Sammi, what type of work out do you do, you appear quite fit?"

Sammi was dumbfounded by the question and thought about it a few moments and realized she hadn't done much since she stopped going to school and participating in gym.  Then once Roger moved in her only 'exercise' was sex.  She hadn't done anything since running away so she replied, "Not too much lately."

"There are a couple of us who run every morning right at 5 AM we meet by the Church at the end of town, if you'd like to join us" he said.

Sammi took a minute to think about it and then remembered her conversation with Mary that morning and then responded, "Thank you for the offer, but I'm um probably not in good enough shape and would slow you down."

"You certainly appear to be physically fit, you look terrific" he said with a crooked slight smile, "Well you know where we meet and what time so feel free to join us anytime."  The two men left the private dining room and Sammi got back to work.

Just as she thought she might catch her breath after cleaning up from lunch the first group came in for afternoon cocktails.  She even managed to make two drinks she didn't know looking at a  drink recipe guide.

She was surprised how busy it felt so different then the norm when a bunch of men in suits talked business over lunch but this was more people and more festive and the minute she finished replacing one cocktail it was time to replace a few more. 

When it had gotten to almost 7:30 PM Sal apologized to her for it running late and asked was she okay working later, "Don't worry I'm good" she said.

The last people didn't leave till an hour after Sal's apology.  Sammi cleaned up as fast as she could and Sal sent two of the bus boys up to help her get it ready.  After a few more minutes he told her to go home that he and the bus boys would take care of it.  She took him up on it without hesitation, she was tired and it had been a long day.

She rode the bicycle back to Kat's Cuts and Salon and then walked home.  She took a hot shower and headed straight to bed it was exhausting.

To her relief the next day was back to normal.  At lunch time she had two four tops of course including Mayor Long and his group of colleagues.  At the end of lunch he handed Sammi three twenty dollar bills and told her, "Thank you."

Once the lunch rush was over Sal came up and asked if she could work a double shift Friday.  "The Mayor is hosting a party that could go as late as 1 AM or even 2 AM."

He said she would have help from other servers.  He told her she could start at 11:30 AM or later if she wanted and then offered her the weekend off. 

That sounded really nice so Sammi told him she would do it. 

Only two men came in that afternoon it was a local attorney and his guest and Sal sent her home at 4:00 PM. 

Like usual Sammi stopped by the salon and was early enough Kat had her wash the color out of one customers hair and then she stocked and tidied up the shop.  Kat invited her young employee to grab a bite, She accepted so Kat locked up her salon and they went to a nearby tea house.  They had a fun visit and both talked about their day and Sammi told her about the weekend off and her expected thirteen or fourteen hour work day the next day. 

Kat thought her employee was out of her mind when she told her boss she wanted to come work with her Saturday morning.  At first Kat didn't want her to do so but when she realized Sammi wanted to because she missed spending time with her she agreed.  They had a good time together over dinner and were there over two hours before they both headed home.

After getting home Sammi watched a bit of television before heading to bed.  She actually had a good night of sleep. 

Sammi hoped to sleep in but couldn't. Once she was awake she couldn't get back to sleep, so she got up, ate some oatmeal and headed to the salon.  Kat was shocked to see her but knew better then to argue with her young determined part time employee.  She had to admit she was enjoying their friendship. It made Kat feel good to help her young protege who seemed to be so much more bubbly lately. 

Sammi worked at the salon washing hair for a couple customers and folding and putting away some towels from the dryer until 11 AM and then headed to Sal's Flyers & Suds. 

Once she was there she checked the private dining room and made sure everything was stocked and ready to go and then popped down to the kitchen. 

She was immediately greeted by Dion, "Hey Blondie, how you doing?"

She was a little nervous about how he was going to act so in a manner that felt timid she replied softly, "I'm doing okay Dion how are you?"

"I woke up with air in my lungs and hunger in my belly.  Not too much more a man can hope for right Blondie?"

"I guess not" she replied with a giggle.

"That is unless you got some extra time to help me in the walk in cooler Blondie" he asked with a wink?

"Ummmm, not today Dion, not today" she replied feeling a little uncomfortable.

With a big smile he replied, "Alright, alright Blondie if you get bored you know where to find me."

She shook her head in disbelief and headed back upstairs.

Not too long after she got there Mayor Long and five other people came upstairs and pulled two tables together and she got them water and they ordered iced teas.  Sammi was surprised when they also placed a food order but she took the order and put it in the system and when the kitchen had it ready she delivered it to the table. 

One other table of four came in and she served them beverages and food as well. 

The afternoon was pretty quiet except for two men who came in for drinks just before 5 PM.

The minute they left Sal came up with one of the busboys and the three of them arranged the private dining area for the party that evening. 

The first people started coming in around 8:30 PM and Sammi was surprised there was a nice sound system and popular music was playing pretty loud.  The crowd quickly grew and by 9:30 there were about 35 people there. 

The crowd was an odd mix of young people even teens Sammi thought as well as older professional looking adults.  Sammi was really surprised how nicely the young people were dressed, the young guys in button down dress shirts and slacks and all the girls in dresses and heels.  She noticed there were more young girls then young guys and most of the older people were men other then four women. 

When she had a chance she asked Sal if it was okay that some of the people drinking looked under age and Sal told her it was fine because it was a private event and no one drinking would drive.  She barely had a moment to ask Sal about that as she was very buy as were the two other staff, a busboy and a server. 

Sammi had never felt competitive with girls in school especially when it came to clothing.  But there was something about the way the girls at the party were talking with attitude towards her and looking at her in a way that made her feel like they looked down on her.  She had no way to know that they were from wealthy powerful families in the community and she was a server in a pizza parlor. 

Some of the young guys picked up on the girls attitude and thought it was funny but before long started to join in. 

Out of nowhere one of the guys, when Sammi brought him a drink he requested said, "Want to slip away for a few minutes and give me a blowjob?"

"No.  Sorry.  I have bigger priorities" she said and walked away.  But she had to fight back her emotion.  She couldn't help notice a small group of a couple girls and a couple guys including the guy who asked her for a blowjob standing together talking and laughing. 

She tried to avoid that group for a while but at one point one of the girls raised an empty glass so Sammi felt obligated to go offer to get her another drink. 

Sammi was pretty sure the girl said, "Vodka Martini, Skank you" but she just took the empty glass and didn't say anything.

Then one of the other guys handed her an almost empty glass and asked, "How much for sex on the beach" and laughed?

Sammi's face turned red because she knew the answer she should give, "There's no charge for drinks.  Everything goes to an account."

The group all chuckled and then another guy added, "I want a Screaming Orgasm.  You can do that can't you?" 

Sammi just nodded took his glass and walked away.  As she walked to the bar to make the drinks she glanced back at the group and was surprised Mayor Long was standing by the group.  Her eyes opened wide when she saw the group hand him the rest of the glasses and he started walking to the bar.

He set the mostly empty glasses on the bar and asked what they ordered.

Sammi blushing and wiping her cheek to hide any tears answered, "Vodka martini, sex on the beach and screaming orgasm."

"You can cancel those drink orders but can you check with them one more time?  They have something they want to tell you before they head home" Rich stated.

Sammi came out from behind the bar and walked over to the group and sensed he was walking right behind her.  Each of the two boys said, "I'm sorry" and then the group walked towards the stairs leading to the first floor and headed down. 

She turned and looked at Rich, "Thank you."

He placed his hand on her wrist then said, "No problem.  You didn't deserve that.  They were acting immature so they didn't need to stay here any longer."

She couldn't help drop her head, but he put a finger under her chin and gently pushed it up until she was looking in his eyes, "Are you okay?"

She did her best to force a smile on her face, nodded and then turned and walked away because she knew she was going to cry.  She went into the Women's bathroom.  There were two young women standing there talking so she went into a stall, had a quick cry, blew her nose. 

When she came out of the stall one of the woman put something back into her purse.  Sammi washed her hands and then got back to work.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and ended shortly after 1 AM.  After Sammi, the busboy, the other server and Sal finished cleaning up they all headed home just before 2 AM.

As she promised Sammi made it to the salon before noon and even came in with lunch for both Kat and herself.  She placed it in the refrigerator and then started restocking the products.  Before long Kat had her young employee wash a customer's hair. 

After a few customers Kat and Sammi were able to take ten minutes to eat the lunch she had brought in but then they got right back to work.  Kat was pretty busy so they didn't have much time to talk but once the last customer left she turned up the music and they finished cleaning up the shop and were both dancing around.  Once they finished cleaning up the shop the owner told her young employee she wanted to take her out to dinner.  After a bit of debate she convinced her she had no choice. 

They ate at another local restaurant, a small Italian one and the food was amazing.  Sammi told her a bit more about working in the private dining room.  She also told her about the group of young people last night and Kat said,  "Sometimes people can be cruel and immature."

Sammi then told her boss about Mary's warning to be careful with the regular customers but that she also had been invited to go run with a couple of the guys who went running most days early.  The two women laughed when Sammi admitted she hadn't run much other then in school gym but she wanted to make friends other then just Kat and Karen her apartment mate.

Kat joked, "Well there can't be much harm from running unless you can't keep up and collapse from exhaustion."  They both laughed.  She then said, "If you are just going running I can't imagine there's any issue.  Do you expect anything more out of it other then exercise?"

"No" Sammi shrugged, "I was just invited to go running."

"Then if you want to why not go" Kat asked. 

They then talked about other things for a while but Kat asked her something she hadn't even thought about, "What are you going to wear for your run?"

Sammi sat there dumbfounded realizing she hadn't even thought about it, "I have no idea what to wear."

"That's what you have me for" Kat said with a smile, "I know the perfect place where I think you'll find something."

After finishing eating Kat took her young employee to a small boutique shop that she knew carried some workout ware.  The alternative was driving almost an hour away but Kat was confident that they would find something Sammi could wear.

They finished eating and then went to the boutique. 

Pretty quickly they found some black spandex leggings that felt comfortable and fit when Sammi tried them on.  They then looked at tops.  Sammi thought most of the tops looked designed for mature women with large floral patterns and showed very little flesh.  Some of the other tops left little to the imagination so finally Sammi settled on a light blue sports bra that zipped up the front.

To the most part Kat was in agreement with Sammi but couldn't help but say, "If that's what you wear, if they're male they're going to look you over twice." 

Sammi found a cute women's sweatshirt with the name of the local community college on it.  She pulled the sweatshirt on over the cute blue sports bra and asked, "Better?"

Kat laughed and mussed her young friends hair then nodded, "Yeah as long as you keep that on!"  She couldn't help but laugh.

Sammi took the black leggings, blue sports bra and sweatshirt to the sales agent and made the purchase.

"Well I'd better get home.  Thanks for joining me for dinner and have fun with your run" Kat gave Sammi a hug.

"Thanks for asking what I planned to wear and bringing me here.  I really appreciate it" Sammi smiled at Kat looking a little unsure of herself.

"You're welcome.  Have a good time and keep that sweatshirt on" Kat winked and they went their separate ways.

Sammi took a long hot shower when she got home but her mind was spinning.  She couldn't help think about what Mary had told her but she also wanted to have more friends.  Mayor Long had defended her at the party when those snooty kids treated her like they did.  He had been nice and tipped her generously.  Of course she also had doubts about how well she'd be able to run.  With everything that had happened with Roger and the amount of time that had passed since it had been quite a while since she had done any running and it wasn't like she was ever on any type of running team. 

But it was a chance to do something not work related with local people.  The one thing she didn't know was if they ran weekend mornings.  She debated trying to meet them at the church tomorrow or waiting till Monday.  But her workdays were already pretty long.  On the other hand, the idea of getting up early enough to be at the church at 5 AM on her day off wasn't very appealing either.  She had no idea if they ran on Sunday. 

She decided to put everything together for the morning and to set her alarm and make a final decision then.  If she changed her mind she could always just silence her alarm and go back to sleep. 

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Does this foreshadow the events of upcoming  chapters. Possible new attacks on our heroine by Sal, The mayor and his cronies?  Love to find out!

December 11, 2018, 11:15:52 PM
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 Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this story. I absolutely love it.

December 17, 2018, 05:45:47 PM
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Chapter 28  "Going for A Run"

Sammi awoke to the sound of her alarm and it felt way too early.  She rolled on her back the temptation to stay warm in her bed working on her mind.  She didn't even know for sure that they were going to run today.

But after thinking about giving into the desire to sleep the will to do something not to earn money or not some other area of responsibility but purely for fun, or at least she hoped and the need to pee was enough to get her out of bed.

After using the toilet she washed her face, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair before pulling it into a ponytail.  As she looked at herself in the mirror getting ready to go exercise she saw every flaw and imperfection on her face.  Within seconds she found herself reaching for makeup, "What are you doing Holly?  This is crazy.  They're old enough to be your dad but you're worried how you look.  What are you doing up out of bed at 4 AM?"

She kept telling herself to stop but applied foundation, concealer, lipstick, and a little eyeliner. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt and with logic it didn't make sense to her.  As she dressed in the clothes she bought at the boutique she kept looking at herself in the mirror, "Girl, you're so crazy."  She looked at her face in the mirror, "You're hiding behind that makeup.  Dirty. . .Filthy. . .Ugh. . .Stop it Holly, eh uh Sammi."  But she couldn't stop herself from believing that without makeup people could see the dirty, filthy girl she was with every imperfection.

She took a deep breath and pulled the sweatshirt over the rest of her outfit.  The one thing she hadn't bought at the boutique were socks or sneakers but she had those already so she put those on and headed out of her apartment.

Her plan was to get there early to make sure she was on time so she got there ten minutes before five o'clock.  At six minutes after she was still alone by the church at the end of town, "Oh my gosh, do I feel stupid.  I wonder if I'm at the wrong church or maybe they don't run on..."

Just as she was about to say Sunday two vehicles pulled into the church parking area.  Sammi couldn't help be a bit nervous in case it wasn't who she expected but as she saw three men approaching she recognized the Mayor even not wearing business attire. 

The expression on his face also changed quickly when he saw someone at the church and then he realized it was a female and then he realized he recognized her, "Sammi, I take it you decided to join us on our run?"

"Yes sir" she quickly replied.

He quickly reminded her, "Rich, remember" then he continued, "Gentlemen this lovely young lady is Sammi Shepherd.  Sammi you've served Lieutenant Tony Valentine, aka LT or TonyV as we call him and this younger Buck is Sergeant Buck Travers also known as Sarge."

Sammi took a moment to look over each man.  The Lieutenant was older but was tall and fit, he had a bit of a receding hairline and touches of grey but something about his mannerisms exuded confidence.  In her mind the Serge looked young for such a rank and was very buff but he seemed to have too much confidence if not arrogance. 

Each of the police officers shook Sammi's hand.  Then as part of their routine began to stretch and warm up to run.  Sammi tried to remember what she used to do in gym to warm up so she decided to do a bit of stretching.  After a few minutes of warm up Rich said, "LT why don't you take us out and set the pace Serge can bring up the rear."

The police lieutenant simply nodded and then jogged off down the side walk.  Rich motioned for Sammi to go next so she took off behind him.  His legs were long so she immediately realized at five foot one she needed to jog faster then Tony.  She also felt Rich start out right behind her.  She wasn't sure how far back Buck was since he was behind her and she didn't see him start.

While dark they stayed on paved surfaces either on sidewalk or roads but once the sun started to rise and provide daylight TonyV went off onto a trail followed by Sammi, Rich and then Buck.

The mayor was enjoying running behind the young petite woman.  Her lower body looked amazing in the black spandex leggings.  He couldn't help thinking what it might be like to grab and feel her ass. 

Sammi was relieved when at the top of a small hill TonyV slowed and then stopped.  She didn't realize why at first but as they came to a clearing she realized they had run uphill enough to a place on the trail where you could see most of the small town below.

In a confident deep voice LT asked, "Everyone okay with the pace?"

His question was mostly directed to Sammi as he ran with the other two men almost every day.  Even though it was a cool morning Sammi was perspiring but the view of the town below was pretty cool, "I'm hanging in there but you have much longer strides, I swear I have to take five steps to your every three" she laughed.

The Mayor walked up behind her at six foot two inches he could stand directly behind her and look over her head. 

He pointed from behind her, "There is the steeple of the church where we started our run.  That bright neon light there is Sal's Flyers & Suds where you work.  That boring white building right there is City Hall and over there with all the black and white cars and SUVs is where Tony and Buck work."

He was standing right behind her one of his hand on her shoulder and the other over her other shoulder pointing to what he was discussing.  His body was lightly pressed against her and considering she was wet from perspiration and it was a bit cool she could feel his body warmth, "There is Baker park and lake where we will end up as well as the footbridge."

He let go of her shoulder and stepped beside her, "Aren't you getting hot running in that sweatshirt?"

Because she could feel the wetness of her perspiration she knew she had been sweating, "A little bit but I'm okay."

In his deep sultry voice LT said, "If you change your mind I have a soft pack where I can put your sweatshirt just let me know" he lifted a soft small backpack where Sammi could see it, "On that note, everyone ready?"

Sammi couldn't help roll her eyes, she was glad they had stopped when the had and her legs and feet were still aching a bit from the run, "Ready as I'll ever be" she replied with a laugh.

Once again LT started out and Sammi followed, then Rich and Buck was last to start running again.

While the guys all had a pretty good idea as to the path TonyV would take, Sammi was clueless and quickly realized that while a great deal of the run before the stop at the overlook was uphill now most of the run was downhill.  She quickly realized that she needed to be careful about her footing running down hill. 

Rich noticed her pace slowing and her eyes looking down at her feet.  He loved he had the chance to be chivalrous.  He picked up his pace till he was beside her and first took hold of her hand and then her forearm, "Be careful here the footing isn't the best."

Richard Long had always loved power in both business and his personal life.  At six foot two he wasn't always the tallest man in the room but he had made the point to learn body language and about people's personal space.  The more he learned about those things the more he understood their importance.  He also was a handsome man who had learned the right times to smile and the right times to be serious.  While he was not as cut as Serge he kept in shape and was careful what he ate.  He was also the type of person who never forgot a name especially when it came to an attractive women.

But like many men Rich liked women, especially petite women.  He enjoyed nothing more then women of small stature.  Like Darwin's survival of the fittest there was just something about being around someone who he knew he could physically overpower and dominate. 

Not only had he learned about body language and personal space but he had studied psychology.  He could identify someone with little self confidence and low self esteem and whether in business or in person and he enjoyed toying with them. 

He loved the feel of Sammi's soft small hand and arm, her skin was smooth almost like satin at barely over five foot tall he couldn't imagine she weighed much over 100 pounds.

He noticed her blond hair and loved her reaction when he dropped his pen.  Without hesitation she had gotten on her hands and knees and reached under his chair all while wearing her uniform skirt. 

Her service was good and she paid attention to her customers and he loved the excitement in her eyes when he handed her a cash tip in addition to the auto gratuity applied to the check.  She obviously needed and appreciated the money but he sensed more then just a need for money behind her eyes but he wasn't sure what it was yet.

To his delight not only did she not pull her hand away she used his hand and arm for balance and support. 

The sun had worked its way up more in the sky and with running down hill on the more rugged terrain she was sweating more.  She finally slowed down and asked, "Hang on, hang on" and slowed to a walk.  TonyV heard and slowed. 

Rich held onto her hand just a little longer as she walked around tired, breathing hard and sweaty, "I'm sorry" she said feeling embarrassed.

There's nothing to apologize for we're not in a race and Tony can set a fast pace.  She felt a bit self conscious knowing what Kat said about the blue top and the sweatshirt but she didn't want to get too hot.

Buck got a water bottle from his soft pack and handed her one and then offered one to the other two men.  Sammi felt better when both Rich and Buck also drank water.  She sipped her water and walked around and made the decision to take off the sweatshirt despite thinking about what Kat had said, "If that's what you wear, if they're male they're going to look you over twice." 

She pulled the sweatshirt up and off over her head.  She was very happy her yoga pants were high waisted making her confident he wouldn't see the words tattooed on her bottom.  Kat was right they all looked.

"Are you alright" Rich asked? 

"Yes sir I just got too hot" Sammi replied.

With a huge smile on his face Buck joked, "Yes you did girl sizzling hot" and he winked and everyone laughed including Sammi but that also made her face turn red as she blushed.

Rich took the sweatshirt and handed it to Buck to put in his soft pack.

After drinking a bit more water Sammi said, "All better!"

With that LT started jogging again but at a slower pace.  Rich lagged back a bit to get a good look before catching up and running beside Sammi. 

It wasn't much longer before they reached the park.  Sammi was relieved when TonyV slowed back to a walk again as they walked on the sidewalk around the lake.  Rich told Sammi all about the lake, the type of fish it was stocked with when it was dug and its history.

When they made it to one side of the lake the guys walked towards a Deli, "Ready for some breakfast" Rich asked?

Sammi was caught off guard but quickly agreed, "Sure."

The Mayor bought breakfast tacos for each of them as well as gourmet coffee something Sammi never had before.  The deli had outside tables so they sat at one of the tables.  She was surprised when the Serge didn't sit with the rest of them, "Is Buck mad at us?"

Rich laughed, "No Sammi he's not upset.  LT and Serge are my security detail."

The men delighted in her expression of surprise and all chuckled.

They all ate and enjoyed their coffees and breakfast tacos.  Now without the sweatshirt covering her the Mayor was able to see more of the young woman's flesh.  She was really an attractive young lady.  Even the men who were part of security detail knew the mayor had a weakness for petite beautiful women.  Sammi wasn't the first pretty girl that he fixated on nor did they imagine she'd be the last.  There had been the college coed who worked in the campaign office but the more involved he became with her the more he realized she was a gossip and determined to climb the social ladder. 

There had also been the office intern but she quickly became very serious about their relationship and that wasn't what he wanted.  It took quite a while to fix that mess.

But as usual his eye and curiosity were once again drawing him to a young woman.  LT and Serge quite often had to provide cover but just like at the party the mayor would draw young attractive women around and many women were attracted to cops. 

All three men took the opportunity to look over Sammi when her attention was somewhere else. 

After eating and visiting the four of them started walking back to the church.  On the way through the park Rich fell behind and took out his phone.  He then called to Sammi and when she stopped and looked he took her photo.

She felt self conscious.  She wasn't sure how she felt about him taking her photo.  But what could she do?  Once again they started heading back to the church.

Once they reached the church Rich told Sammi, "Well you know where we meet to run.  You're welcome to join us any morning you'd like to."

"Thanks" Sammi said with a smile. 

Each of the men one by one gave Sammi a hug.  They all seemed to be really nice guys. 

LT TonyV was first, Sammi loved his self confidence and the manner in which he stood.  She was pretty sure he had been in the military because in both his standing and sitting posture he always looked to be at attention.  She understood why the mayor would want him in his security detail.  Even when he gave her a hug he still felt stiff but she believed he was the type of man most women wanted because he was so manly.

Sergeant Buck was not at stiff as LT but even when not flexing you could see and feel his muscles.  She was confident if people rushed the mayor Serge could hold off more then one.  He was the youngest out of the three men and she found him to be hot.  But she also found herself watching LT often because of how he carried himself. 

While LT had moved his hands over her bare skin Serge seemed to slide his hand over every inch of her back but he did it in a way that felt nice so she didn't pull away until he released the hug.

After they all said their goodbyes, Sammi went straight home and took a nap.  It was her weekend off and she had gotten up at 4 AM to go running with friends.  But she did have fun.

She debated showing up Monday morning to run but she was sore. 

As was becoming routine Monday morning Sammi stopped by and helped Kat open and told her she had a good time on the run.  They laughed together when Sammi said, "I got too hot and had to take off the sweatshirt.  You were right, they looked me over...twice, probably more.  I think I was sweating too much and got dehydrated.  I started feeling sick and had to stop and drink water.  Thank goodness they brought some." 

"Always be prepared!" Kat joked and again they both laughed, "You wanted them to see you in that blue top."

Sammi blushed and laughed.  She knew Kat was right and loved she could be honest with her first boss of her first ever job.  It felt good to have a friend.

Suddenly Sammi's mind was spinning.  She felt embarrassed for the thought that she wanted them to see her in the blue sports bra even though both TonyV and Rich were likely older then her mom and even Buck was probably in his thirties most likely twice her age. 

But why did she want men that old to look at her really?  Why did she feel like she had been in love with Joseph?  Why, despite the fact Roger did such horrible things she couldn't stop dreaming and thinking about them.  Why when she thought about those things did it arouse her body and make her want to masturbate?  Why did she often masturbate thinking about those things?  How and why could she get off to those thoughts?  Was she sick and twisted?

She couldn't help wondering if she never met Roger would she be thinking about Rich, TonyV and Buck?  Would she wish that when they looked at her they felt attracted to her?  Would she like how it felt when each of them hugged her?  Would she have wished they had touched more of her body and held her longer.  Would she have hoped one of them liked her?  Would she be hoping all of them did?

She was glad they had to get the shop ready to open cause it felt like Kat could hear her every thought.  She didn't want Kat to know that she not only found one of the men who she ran with hot she thought they all were hot.  Worse she hoped they all found her hot. 

She was relieved when a customer came in and she took that opportunity to head to her other job at Sal's. 

Things felt pretty normal even when the Mayor came in with his normal group.  Sammi thought Rich was acting like any other day but she felt so different.  Every time she took anything to the table she watched to see if he looked at her.

She was happy when she spotted LT and felt pleased when he smiled up at her. She didn't see Serge that day. 

She worked a little late and that made it easier for her because she didn't run into Kat when she dropped off the bicycle. 

Tuesday morning she met the guys at the church at 5 AM.  Like Sunday LT took them out, Sammi was second followed by Rich and Serge brought up the rear.  After a short break at the overlook and after drinking water Rich took hold of her hand for the rougher terrain on the downhill side.

He was delighted that she didn't resist or try to pull away.  From the overlook to the park Rich held onto Sammi's forearm and hand.  She was a little caught off guard since it was a workday when they did a quick turnaround and all headed back to the church. 

Rich managed to hold her hand all the way back to the church.  Once there he softly released her hand and said, "See you at lunch time." 

She watched as LT opened the back door for Rich and he got into the back of the car.  When they pulled out she headed back to her apartment to get ready to head to the salon followed by Sal's. 

After helping Kat open the salon Sammi headed to Sal's and the private dining room.  The lunch service was no different then any other day but shortly before the end of her shift Rich came upstairs by himself and ordered a drink.

When Sammi brought him the drink he reached towards her arm.  She could have pulled away but didn't.  He spoke in a soft tone, "Tomorrow after work I'd like you to put on a nice dress and join me for dinner.  Sound good?"

Sammi was overwhelmed how direct he was and the way he asked she wasn't sure she could say no but she wanted to go out anyway so she said, "Sure."

He raised his glass to her, "I look forward to it."

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Love this chapter how it sets into motion the mayor making his move on Sammie Wonder if one of those lunches will turn into a gangbang of her?

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I agree with gscmar64. And I think a gang bang lunch should definitely be on the menu