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Chapter 14  "Separate Ways"

Joseph was so energized and excited.  He could hardly believe this was happening.  He couldn't even have every imagined being in a nice hotel room like this in bed with a young woman who could have been a model.  Just the smoothness of her skin and the shape of her body was feminine perfection.  By some standards her breasts could have been a little bigger but what they lacked in size was made up by their perky firmness and the beauty of her pink nipples and areolas.

Their day together was like no day he had experienced in a long time.  When she was happy and smiling it seemed like she could light up the world during a full eclipse and her energy was magnetic drawing him to her.

He felt like he was in a dream, she was returning his kisses, giggling when he kissed her nose and chin, letting out sighs and moans as he kissed her by her ear, neck and even on her shoulder and every time his eyes found hers he could see that same brightness and smile that he had seen at the amusement park.

She lifted her hips when he moved to remove her panties and despite what felt to him so incredibly awkward and seemed to take forever when he struggled to push his own boxer shorts down white trying to keep the sheet up and not accidentally kneel on her leg did not seem to draw a negative reaction from her.  Once he had them off he leaned down and gave her a kiss and felt her lips open and he kissed her deeply and moved his legs between hers nudging her legs to open now that they were both naked.

This was it, the moment he had fantasized about the last few nights when they had shared the bed.  This felt so different then any of the times with the lot lizards or with the woman looking for a man to support them financially while they stayed at home spending the hard earned money he worked for. 

This was the first time he felt not only a physical but an emotional attraction to the woman he was in bed with since his wife had passed.  He didn't understand how such a young beautiful woman would want an old trucker like him but she responded to him all day at the amusement park holding hands and stealing kisses like two young lovers.  This was the moment of romance novels and romantic movies.

He raised his hips up getting himself in position to share the most intimate physical exchange two people could share and positioned his arms just under hers so he could look into her eyes and kiss her incredibly soft and moist mouth. 

Just as he was about to penetrate her flower his eyes looked to her eyes but they weren't looking back at his eyes.  They were looking off what seemed just past his left ear.  He lifted his right hand and stroked her left cheek with his thumb but her eyes remained fixed.  He lowered his lips to her cheek and then softly whispered in her ear, "I've been waiting so long to meet someone like you."

After he whispered this he lifted his head back up and looked in her eyes but they were still in a blank stare.  His cock was raging hard, he wanted nothing more then to plunge into the pedals of the flower of the beautiful girl he was in bed with and for a moment he thought of closing his eyes and doing so.  But he needed her to want it as much as he did so he asked softly, "Sammi are you ready?"

She laid there motionless, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. 

"Sammi" he said a bit louder and lowered his body onto her but positioned his cock on top of her pubic mound.

He stroked her hair softly and pushed it out of her face, "Sammi, where are you?  What did he do to you?"

He carefully moved his body off from on top of her and lowered down beside her.  He kissed her lips and noticed the moment his mouth made contact with hers she opened her lips so he kissed for a moment and then stopped, "Are you okay?"  But she still didn't answer.

Finally he took hold of her shoulder shaking her just a bit, "Sammi, are you okay, you're scaring me. . ."

To his relief her eyes stopped staring straight ahead and looked at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she answered but her voice was shaky and he noticed she was trembling a little. 

He carefully pulled her slightly on his chest and stroked her hair, "You're safe Sammi, I'm not going to let anyone hurt you.  You're safe!"

She felt confused and didn't really understand but she could feel her mind was confused it was like she had just been in the bar with Roger and his 'friends" yet she knew she was here in the nice hotel room in bed with Joseph.  She kissed his cheek softly and quietly said, "Thank you."

Joseph's cock was still hard but slowly was softening.  Something horrible had happened to the young woman and his heart went out to her.  Not having achieved his desired bliss he realized he needed to relieve his bladder, "I'm just going to step to the boy's room a moment."

She lifted her head and arm off him letting him step to the restroom and he found his boxers on the way. 

As she lay there alone the events of earlier slowly filled her mind and she realized she probably hurt the first man to ever treat her with respect. 

When he came back from the rest room her face was red, covered in tears and her eyes puffy.  He quickly got into bed and pulled her to him and asked, "Sammi what's wrong."

She was sobbing a bit so it took her a moment to pull herself together enough to explain but she finally said, "I'm so sorry. . . . I really wanted. . . . To, you know. . . . With you. . . . I mean. . . . To do it with you."

Softly he said, "Shhh It's okay I understand.  You didn't do anything wrong.  You have nothing to apologize for."  He pulled her to his chest and began to stroke her hair again holding her as she sobbed a bit harder in his arms, "It's okay Sammi.  It's okay.  I understand and you're safe with me."  He held her and let her cry.  He could feel the pain in her cries and felt so relieved that he had notice that she wasn't there with him earlier, at least not mentally and while a bit sexually frustrated he was glad he realized something was wrong. 

He continued to hold her and she quieted down and the room got quiet and he was tired enough from the adventures of the day and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Sammi's mind had cleared enough she remembered the wonderful day they had together and the times they had gotten close to having sex and she knew it was what he wanted and she had wanted it too.  She hated the flashbacks and the powerful memories of the things that had been done to her. 

While she heard him begin to snore she was happy he felt okay to sleep she was ashamed of what had happened.  And partly she was afraid to go to sleep scared her mind would go back to the bar with the men who had done horrible things to her like she was just an object for their use. 

Eventually and out of exhaustion she drifted off to sleep.

When her eyes opened the next morning her mind woke in panic unsure where she was and who she was with, the thought of being with Roger terrified her but as her eyes darted around it took her mind a few minutes to recognize the nice hotel room that Joseph had rented for the evening and she was able to relax a bit.

But almost immediately she felt tremendous guilt for what had happened last night and even anger at herself for letting her mind fill with the flashback. 

She listened to the breathing of the so kind truck driver who not only picked her up on the side of the road but helped her get away from the horror of her past.  This amazing man who was so kind, providing her meals and friendship with both him and his loyal companion Ol'Jack.  She couldn't help giggle yet feel a bit of guilt knowing the poor dog was locked in the bathroom.

It was at that moment that she made the decision to make up for what had happened the previous night and she very slowly and carefully moved her head down Joseph's chest and onto his stomach.

Then very carefully she lifted her top arm, her left, and carefully felt on Joseph's boxers for his manhood.  She was relieved when she realized it was already stiff.  She carefully worked his cock out of the opening of the fly on the front of the boxers and once she had it out she carefully moved her head lower until she could reach his cock with her mouth. 

As quietly as she could she pushed her puckered warm lips to the tip of his cock and gave it a silent kiss, determine to fight against any flashback she was resolute in her will to keep her mind here in the present with Joseph.

She let her lips part and every so carefully slid them down the sides of the head of his cock.  Once her lips had reached the base of the head of his cock for just a moment she tightened her lips letting them lightly squeeze around the base of his cockhead. 

It was at that moment that she felt Joseph stir, his consciousness realizing that this wasn't a pleasant dream but a real physical sensation.  With her lips still tight at the base of his head she ever so slowly slid her tongue around the head in a circle three times. 

After the third circle she pushed her tongue to the opening of the head pressing lightly into the delicate hole.  She heard a soft pleasurable moan from Joseph and was pretty confident he was awake. 

She then exhaled fully through her nose and began to suck with her mouth and as she did she slowly took more of the cock into her mouth giving him the sensation that suction alone was pulling his cock deeper into her mouth.  Once again she used the muscles in her lips to squeeze firmly on the cock as she seemed to suck it deeper into her mouth. 

Joseph let out a loud sigh of pleasure.  He was shocked how her mouth just continued to move farther and farther down his cock her lips tight around the shaft as she seemed to suck it deeper.  Finally the suction stopped and she needed a moment to breath through her nose but after a few quick breaths her tongue once agains swirled around and around his cock.  With each circle of her tongue she used more pressure with her tongue to push it one direction then the other and then once again sucked fully using her lips.

Again Joseph moaned this time much louder as it felt amazing and not having had but a few blow jobs from lot lizards who were just in a hurry to get him off he almost slipped over the point of no return but did his best to resist the erotic sensations.

His chivalrous nature came to his mind and he said, "Sammi, you know you don't have to do this?"  He was relieved when he felt her nod, that letting him know she heard his question and was there with him mentally. 

She also took a moment and rubbed her hand from his cock up over his pubic bone onto his stomach and all the way as far as she could reach on his chest and then softly scratched wth her fingernails back down.   That immediately brought another moan.

Finally she started to move her mouth up and down on his shaft at first the grip with her lips not tight letting it slide easier but not in a way that would help him cum.

She moved her other hand between his legs and gently begin rubbing with her fingertips carefully on his balls and even extremely lightly let her nails graze across his nut sack. 

To his amazement on the next in-stroke she forced her mouth to take his entire shaft into her mouth and held there and sucked firmly once again drawing a deep moan from him. 

It was very obvious to Joseph this wasn't the first time she had done this.  It made him wonder if she didn't look younger then she really was. 

It felt so incredible he couldn't help but push his hips up with an intense desire to be deeper. 

She then slowly pulled her mouth towards the tip keeping her lips tight pulling towards the head.  She actually pulled her mouth off the tip and kissed down the side of the shaft and then licked and kissed on the balls.  She gently pulled the balls into her mouth and rubbed them with her tongue. 

Suddenly she moved her mouth off of his balls and back to the tip of his cock and pushed down onto his cock keeping her lips tight.  She then moved her head up and down quickly and hard feeling incredible to Joseph.  Just as he thought he was about to blow she pulled most of the way off and just help the head in her lips and sucked there and swirled her tongue around his cockhead again. 

She then once again pushed down hard on it taking it fully into her mouth till his entire shaft was in her mouth.  He groaned and felt her pull back to where only the head was in her mouth then back down as her fingernails scraped lightly on his balls.

It felt incredible and he let out a slow moan.  But she didn't stop there, she moved her head up and down quickly sliding along the shaft as far as she could taking it as deep as she could. Over and over she moved her head up and down on his cock occasionally pressing her tongue against it, occasionally scratching the ball sack lightly with her fingernails and using her mouth to suck firmly on the up strokes and tightening her lips to hold it really tight.

It had been quite a while since Joseph had done anything like this with a woman and this wasn't any woman this was young, beautiful Sammi.  He finally knew he was going to explode and as a warning he patted her head a few times and even said, "Going to..." Which was all he could get out but the young beautiful woman didn't pull off his cock instead she took it deeper and he shot load after load into her amazing mouth.

He grunted and groaned with pleasure and was amazed as her mouth stayed on his cock until he was completely soft.  He also felt delighted when she moved her head up, kissed his cheek and laid her head on his chest.  He stroked her hair and said, "Thank you.  You know you didn't have to do that."

"I know.  But I felt bad about last night and I probably wanted to do it more then you did" she said very softly.

He let out a chuckle and said, "I doubt that!"

But she just smiled up at him and kissed his chin and softly rubbed his chest. 

Suddenly they both heard scratching on the bathroom door and a whimper. 

Pretty sure she had more energy then Joseph she got up from the bed, pulling the blanket off the top of the bed but leaving Joseph the sheet she went to the bathroom door opening it and walked inside, "Ohhhh poor baby were you locked in here all night with no attention" Joseph heard her fawning all over his dog, "You poor baby.  We love you, yes we do" she said as she pet and scratched the dog.  Finally, while leaving that bathroom door partly open she used the toilet.

Once she had and washed her hands she asked Joseph, "Want me to take him out?"  While she was waiting for him to answer she put on her panties from the previous night, sweat pants and a t-shirt.

"You don't want me to go too" he asked?

She giggled and teased, "You look like you need to relax a little longer.  Ol'Jack will take good care of me."

"Sure if you don't mind but keep that ol'boy out of trouble" he chuckled.

"We'll be just fine, won't we boy" she said in a baby voice petting both sides of the dogs face and then got his leash and went out of the hotel room door. 

Joseph laid on the bed a few more minutes then decided he too needed to use the bathroom so he got up and went into the bathroom to use the toilet.  Once he was finished and had washed his hands his curiosity got the better of him and he walked to the closed hotel room curtain. 

When he first opened the curtain it was very bright outside and took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust.  But after they did he looked around and realized he could see just a part of the grass partition towards the back of the parking lot.  For a few minutes he didn't see anything but the green grass but after a couple minutes there came Ol'Jack into view and then his young hitchhiker.  He just stood there and watched them and she let him walk and do his business but also would pet and play with him and that gave Joseph a chuckle.  She certainly was more energetic then he was. 

Only a few minutes later she returned with Ol'Jack to the hotel room.  Joseph had almost decided to take a shower but decided to wait for her return he was glad he did because she didn't take her hotel key with her. 

He opened the door for her greeting her with a kiss and his dog let out a muffled bark which made them both laugh.  "Does someone want his own kiss" she asked the dog and kneeled down to pet him and let him lick her face.  Joseph just shook his head thinking how much she was spoiling his dog. 

Want to get cleaned up and then grab some breakfast" he asked?

"Definitely" she answered!

Joseph let her go first knowing women usually took longer getting ready then men.  When she opened the bathroom door after taking her shower he stood up and met her just outside the bathroom door giving her a hug and a kiss loving how she looked wrapped in only a towel.  He wanted to fool around more but he knew it had to be approaching check out time for the hotel. 

He took his turn in the shower while she used the blow dryer on her hair.  They both got dressed and he surprised her giving her a big military green duffle bag.  "What's this for" she asked?

"Well you have more things now so I wanted you to have a bag to carry your things in, that little backpack of yours doesn't carry much" he replied

"Are you sure" she said looking at him.

"Positive" he replied and gave her a kiss. 

He took their things and they headed down the elevator.  Joseph checked out with the hotel front desk and they headed to the truck.  He drove to a local diner that he knew had breakfast food he liked. 

They got a table and ordered food and settled into their seats.

At the breakfast table Joseph was pretty quiet as he built up to ask the question her really needed to know the answer to.

Finally after they had both eaten most of their food he took a deep breath and asked, "So Sammi as you know I have a load contracted to take back East and I very much hope you plan on accompanying me."

They were both silent for a couple minutes and then he watched as her eyes started to puff up with tears. 

She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before answering, "Joseph I don't think I'd better do that.  I ran away from home and I don't know if anyone is looking for me." 

She had to wipe and blow her nose then continued, "I'm scared I've already stayed with you too long and the last thing in the world I would want to do would be to get you into trouble.  My mother's boyfriend has gotten to know some bad people and I ran away because I was pretty sure something bad was going to happen to me anyway."

They sat there quiet a few minutes while she sipped water then continued, "But I'm afraid that some of those bad people might be looking for me and might cause you trouble you don't need."

"Sammi, I'm a big boy and can take pretty good care of myself and carry protection so you don't need to worry about that" he said confidently.

She set her hand on his, "I think I really need to ride with a few other people so if they find one they don't find them all.  I know you need to do your job and take a load East so I should go another direction and ride with a few other drivers."

He took a deep breath thinking about her words and if he should argue but he decided to respect her decision.  "Okay do you mind riding along while I pick up my load?

"Sure that's fine" she said trying to look positive but a few tears still escaped from her eyes.

He took care of the check and they headed back out to the truck.  Joseph stopped at the fuel depot before leaving and went into the convenient store to take care of the bill.  He seemed to be taking a while so Sammi put Ol'Jack on a leash and took him to the grass for a break.  She pet and cried with him a bit telling the dog, "I'm going to miss you so much.  You'd better take good care of Joseph for me."  The dog seemed to sense her emotion and just stood still next to her letting her hug his neck and pet him and occasionally licked her face.

Joseph walked up to the two and asked, "Ready?"

She nodded and walked back to the truck lifting the dog back up and then climbing in herself. 

Joseph got into the cab started up the truck and put it into gear heading to his pickup location.  While he was talking to the customer and having the trailer loaded she searched the cab and found paper and a pen and wrote out a page, folded it and put it into her backpack.

Just as she pushed the page into her backpack Joseph got back into the truck and started it up, "Let's get some lunch" he stated and found a nearby chain restaurant with good street parking in the back.

After they ordered he surprised her pulling out a map.  He showed her on the map where they were and then he showed her on the map just under 100 miles further Southwest where several highways and interstates intersected, "There's a truck stop right here where you could potentially go in multiple directions."

"I have to ask one more time, are you sure you don't want to stay with me" he asked?

"If something happened to you...or Ol'Jack I'd never forgive myself.  I'd rather stay with you, but I should stay with my original plan, okay" she said with a determined look in her eyes.

"On that note, if I drop you here there are multiple directions you could go so if someone somehow managed to track that you came this far it would be difficult to determine which way you went next.  What do you think" he asked?

"It's better then any idea I would have come up with but aren't you headed in the opposite direction" she asked?

He replied with a mischievous smile, "Well if something happened to you because I left you here I'd never forgive myself."  Then he added, "It's not too far out of the way and would cover your tracks and besides I always build extra time in my quote for a delivery so it shouldn't set me too far back.  Plus if you are determined to keep going West I won't take no for an answer.  So do we have a deal?"  He asked offering his hand to shake.

"Deal" she replied and shook his hand.  "Here you can keep this map I have several of them" he said folding then handing her the map.  Just then the server brought their food and they kept to small talk both feeling emotional about the idea of going separate directions.  It wasn't long before they finished eating and needed to hit the road and before long they were back in the truck headed to the intersection of the highways he had shown her.

As he got closer to the drop off point he asked, "Now I guess I don't have to remind you how dangerous hitchhiking is, do I?  So be picky and if your instincts tell you not to accept a ride, trust them and decline and wait for another.

"Yes sir, I promise" she replied but her stomach did feel nervous. 

He navigated to an older fuel depot he knew of that had not upgraded to newer security equipment.  He pulled to the edge of the lot near grass but before turning off the engine or getting out he said, "Sammi, I'm going to give you a couple things I need to give you or I'll worry about you and you can't say no or I can't drop you off.  Is that okay?"

She looked down looking a little unsure but then nodded.

He pulled out a small plastic shopping bag and set it on his lap.  He reached in the bag and pulled out two plastic packages.  "These are two, what they call in the movies burner phones.  They are low tech without GPS.  They are both in their package and have not been turned on.  One has a Dallas Texas phone number and the other has a Chicago Illinois number.  If you get into trouble and you need me to come get you, you can just open the packaging, take out the phone and call or text me and I'll come get you as fast as I can.  Again, you promised, there's no discussion, they're not expensive and I'll feel better knowing you'll have them."

He reached into the sleeper and pulled the duffle bag forward he had given her then continued, "Here, under the handle, I have written 14 numbers.  The first two mean nothing and the last two mean nothing.  The middle ten numbers are my cell phone number.  Okay?"

She nodded looking at him a bit surprised. 

But then he added, "Here is my card.  This also has my cell phone number on it but I also wanted it in a less obvious place in case you run into trouble.  Okay?"

"Okay" she agreed.

He rubbed his hand over his head pushing back his hair nervously then added, "You might want to memorize it too.  No one can easily take away something you memorize."

She giggled but added, "Yes sir" and rolled her eyes.

"One last thing" he said, "I want you to take some extra cash" as he said this he held out $300 in twenty dollar bills.

This time she protested, "Joseph, no.  You've given me way too much already.  You work hard for your money, it's too much.  Please no!"  She held up her hands protesting.

"Okay" he said giving in on this putting away the money, "Ready to walk Ol'Jack?"

She nodded starting to feel emotional.

They both got out of the truck, he let her hold the leash and get the dog out of the truck.  They walked into the grassy area and like he did at the amusement park he held her hand.  Neither of them said much and they walked around longer then was necessary. 

Eventually she asked, "Can I put him back in the truck."

Joseph of course agreed.  He walked around to the other side of the cab got in and pulled the duffle bag out of the sleeper.  For a few minutes she sat on the pavement petting the dog but also crying and then weeping on him.  Joseph left her alone with the dog a few minutes before coming around to the passenger side again with the duffle. 

Poor Sammi was sobbing and holding around the dog's neck and petting and scratching him behind the ears.  Finally, while she still had the strength she got up off the pavement opened the passenger door and lifted the dog into the truck.  She unhooked the leash and curled it up placing it where Joseph normally kept it.  She grabbed her backpack tucked the page she had written under the leash and then and pulled her backpack out of the truck.

Like a father figure Joseph started giving her instructions where she could walk to get to whichever highway she wanted to take.  She started tearing up again and struggled to hear everything he was saying. 

Finally after he had given her every word of advice he  thought he should give her he bent down to her giving her a hug. 

Joseph struggled to hold his emotions not wanting to show her weakness and make it harder for her to leave. 

Sammi couldn't keep her emotions in check.  She cried like a baby and hugged him hard.  This was much harder then she thought and she hoped she wasn't making a mistake.  But Roger always managed to do things beyond anything she could imagine and she couldn't help worry he was trying to locate her.

Eventually Joseph kissed her lips softly and stroked her hair trying to calm her.  Then they hugged again. 

After a long hug he let go knowing if he didn't let go soon he would pick her up and put her back into the truck. 

He then moved behind her and pointed off in one direction, "If you walk that way you can get onto several of the highways now promise you'll be careful, okay?

She nodded and he helped her pull the backpack on her back and then lift the duffle bag over her shoulder.

She tried to pull herself together tears still rolling down her face, "See you later, okay" she asked and started walking in the direction he had pointed.

Sammi wanted so badly to turn around and walk back.  She couldn't even let herself look back out of fear shed start running in that direction. 

She kept walking slowly getting further and further from the truck, but not far enough that when Joseph started the engine she didn't recognize its sound and for a moment she stopped walking fighting against turning on her heels and running full speed back.  But she heard the breaks release and the sound of the engine moving and that gave her the strength to start walking again.

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Chapter 15  "The Letter Goodbye"

Joseph drove away from the fuel depot working through the gears to get his rig back up on the highway heading East.  He felt a lump in his throat and turned his favorite County and Western music up louder then usual.  Even with a song he knew well playing he couldn't push his thoughts of the beautiful young hitchhiker out of his mind. 

"I'm just being stupid aren't I Ol'Jack?  Lot lizards come and go and I'm too old to think a young woman like her would have feelings for an old goat like me.  It's just you and I again.  I'm sure you were ready to have all of your space back in the truck.  Hell that sleeper is barely big enough for one man, let alone an old trucker, a hitchhiker and a dog, don't ya think" he said to his long time best friend.

Ol'Jack let out a whine and rest his head on the passenger seat where Sammi had been sitting.

"Thanks a lot old friend you at least could pretend you don't miss her too."

He sat quiet a while turning the music down to a more reasonable level.  Occasionally a tear would escape from one of his eyes and he would sniffle and grab a tissue to wipe his nose or cheek.

After a few hours on the road he decided to take a pit stop to empty his bladder and maybe get a bite to eat.  He also figured his dog needed to do the same. 

When he bent down to pick up the leash Joseph spotted the white piece of paper folded under the leash.  He picked it up and began to read. . .

The only time Joseph had ever wept since being a kid was at the funeral home the first time he saw his long time wife in a casket, that was until now.  He sat parked in the cab of his truck holding Sammi's letter in his hand. His dog came and set his head in his master's lap as the trucker sat there and sobbed.  He questioned if he made the right decision to let Sammi go but she had the right to make her own decisions and if he didn't let her, he would have been no different then the people who abused her but even knowing that couldn't change how he felt.

He was mad at himself for letting himself believe he could fall in love in just a few days. 

He sat in the cab longer then he should have and wept on and off while petting his dog.

Eventually he took Ol' Jack for a walk, got himself a bite to eat, fed the dog and hit the road again.  But he couldn't help hope that one day he would see Sammi again.

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The boy scout in my loves that Joseph pull back, the perv wanted then to go all the way and I got a lump in my throat when she left and reading her note! Absolutely love this story and still don't want to see Sammi hurt!

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Brokenwing, I am not, as a man, ashamed to say that the ending of this story brought me to the verge of tears. What a story!

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Chapter 16  "Pleasing Others"

Sammi was struggling to keep her emotions in check especially after hearing Joseph's rig drive away.  She felt so unsure she had made the right decision so she knew the best thing to do was to just keep walking. 

She took another look at the map and made the decision to walk along a Northwest interstate.  It took her almost 45 minutes to get along the interstate she wanted where she thought she might get a ride. 

She continued to walk but also looked back at the cars and trucks and on occasion would put her thumb out.

Finally after another 45 minutes a sleek black big rig pulled over.  Sammi had to walk almost 100 yards as it took the truck time to pull over and stop after passing her.

Finally after walking up behind the truck she decided to walk up to the driver's side, "Hola Senorita, where are you heading this fine day" the driver asked having lowered his window?

"Hi, I'm Sammi, I'm trying to get Northwest, are you going that direction" she replied?

He replied, "Yes ma'am I am.  Walk on around and hop in, door's unlocked."

Sammy walked around to the passenger side of the cab and opened the door.  The driver was standing by the passenger seat and reached a hand out to take her bags.  Because it was bigger she handed him the duffle bag but she kept her backpack over her shoulder as she climbed in.

"Jose, Jose Reyes" he said introducing himself and shook her hand.

Once she was seated he moved back into the driver's seat setting her duffle bag on the floor between them.  He buckled his seat belt as did she and put the big rig into gear released the break and once again pulled out onto the highway.

"Where are you from" he asked.

His question caught her completely off guard.  She hadn't thought about the possibility of the person giving her a ride would make small talk.  Joseph had been so respectful and didn't ask her anything about her past so it took her a minute to answer his question trying to think of someplace besides where she had really lived but also someplace she knew something about. 

Finally after what felt like her to be a long delay she answered, "Atlanta."

"I'm from Texas" he said and added, "Nice to meet you Sammi."

Jose played what he called Tejano music on his truck sound system and while Sammi didn't understand most of the lyrics she was enjoying the upbeat rhythm of the music compared to most of the country and western music Joseph played. 

He asked her lots of questions about places she had been and what type of things she liked to do but she tried to limit her answers to yes, no or vague answers.

He then got her talking about food and she opened up a bit more about food knowing that likely would not reveal much about her past.

He made her a bit uncomfortable asking if she had a boyfriend.  When she indicated she didn't he said, "Such a beautiful girl like you I'm surprised you don't have lots of boyfriends."

She didn't know what to say so she said nothing and just looked down at the floorboard at her feet. 

Jose continued to make random conversation talking about traffic and how dumb driver's of four wheelers, the term he uses for cars, are and how they have no idea how long it can take an eighteen wheeler to stop and cut them off often too close.

He even whistles when a car, with two attractive blondes, drives bye blowing their horn and waiving.  Jose blows the truck horn in return. 

After a while he had Sammi laughing as he would say the most off the wall things about one vehicle or another.  Sometimes he would sing along in full voice with the Tejano music but very off key which got her laughing too at how bad it was but he obviously was having fun.

He didn't stop as often or long as Joseph and a few times he made her nervous as he was driving the truck very fast even passing other cars and trucks.  He was very proud of the sleek looking black cab and bragged how much power it had talking numbers about torque and horse power she didn't understand but all of it helped pass the time.

He did a quick drive through at a fast food restaurant and even took his food to go and ate it while driving which made her a bit nervous.  She paid for her own food in the drive through.

He drove the truck long into the night and she started finding herself drifting off to sleep on and off. 

Sammi woke startled her mind scrambling to determine where she was.  When her eyes opened and she saw the inside of a truck cab her left hand reached down to where Ol'Jack would lie between the two seats but she didn't find him.  Finally her mind woke enough to understand she wasn't in the Bar with Roger and his 'friends' and she wasn't in the truck with Joseph and Ol'Jack, she was with the truck driver whom she had met earlier that day, Jose.

As her mind woke more she looked around and realized the truck was stopped and Jose seemed to be shutting things down.  They appeared to be on the far end of a rest stop. 

"Welcome back.  Have a nice nap" Jose asked?

"Yeah, um sorry I fell asleep" she replied and yawned.

"No worries Senoriata.  I'm going to sit outside a few minutes, unwind and have a smoke.  You are welcome to join me if you'd like" he said getting out of the cab.

She took a few minutes to decide but getting out of the truck sounded good to her too. 

She got out of the truck and it felt good to stretch her legs.  She had been right about what she had seen out of the windshield of the truck, they had parked at the far end of a highway rest stop. 

He had taken two lounge chairs out of the truck and was already sitting down. 

She said "Hi" to Jose and then added, "I'm going to step to the ladies room."

She stepped to the ladies room and as she walked back towards him she could see he was smoking.  She walked directly towards him and sat down in the chair next to him, "Thanks for getting two chairs out."

As she sat down she realized the smell from what he was smoking wasn't a cigarette. 

But before she could think much about it he held the joint out to her and asked, "Would you like a toke?"

She waived her hand left and right and said, "No thank you."

He just smiled and took another hit on the joint. 

"Nice night out don't you think.  It's almost a full moon.  Crazy shit happens during the full moon" he joked.

"Yeah it's a nice night.  The moon is beautiful" she answered with a giggle avoiding his crazy shit happens comment.

"Yeah I just like to unwind before heading to bed, ya know Senorita" he asked?

"Yeah it's cool" she replied sounding sincere.

They sat quietly for the next several minute occasionally the sound of a car coming or going from the rest stop the only sounds besides the sounds of the night bugs in the nearby trees. 

When he was down to the smallest bit of pot left he asked one last time, "Sure you don't want a hit?  Last chance?"

With a smile and waive she replied, "I'm good."

With that he took his last few draws on the joint and then flicked it on the pavement and crushed it against the blacktop.

He then started folding up his chair and she watched what he was doing and did the same with the chair she sat on.  They got both chairs folded and he put them into the cab where he stored them and then gave her a boost up to the passenger door of the cab.  He then got in through the driver's door. 

She reclined the passenger seat as much as she could and took her shoes off.  He got back into the sleeper.  He then asked, "Would you like to join me in bed?  It's not to often I have the opportunity to share my bed with a beautiful woman."

She wondered if he meant just to sleep but this wasn't Joseph.  So after a moment of thinking about it she said, "Thank you for the offer but I'm okay here."

With that she heard him settle in the bed.  She was still tired and it wasn't very long before she was drifting off to sleep. 


She felt her body being lifted and then laid on a soft surface as her mind worked to lift the fog.  As she opened her eyes she saw a man with dark hair starring down at her with a subtle smile on his mouth but a hunger in his eyes, it was Jose and she was pretty confident he had carried her from the front of the truck to the sleeper. 

He was already on top of her and she regretted taking off her bra shortly before settling down to sleep.  He moved to kiss her but she turned her face to one side so instead his mouth kissed her cheek by her ear.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you" he said but still looked at her with a look of hunger.

She put her hands on his shoulders to try to push him off of her and for a moment she thought it worked because his upper body lifted up but she quickly realized that he cooperated so he could get her shorts off.  He had them unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts before she realized what he was doing.  She reached down and grabbed the waistband of the shorts but he used his strength and hit the inside of one of her arms first tugging the shorts partly down on one side and then within seconds did the same to her other arm and tugged the shorts onto her thighs. 

He pushed her shirt up until he exposed her breasts and when she used both hands to pull her shirt back down covering her boobs he used that moment to pull her shorts below her knees and onto her calves. 

Once again she tried to push him off her and for a moment it felt like it was working as his body moved towards one side.  But he knew his truck better then she did, she hadn't even been in the sleeper till then.  Once he was to the side of her he grabbed her shirt and this time he grabbed hold of the base of her shirt pulled it and the head hole up over her head.  She didn't lift her arms and he took advantage of that pulling her shirt down behind her head and back but left the sleeves still on her arms which restricted her arm movements some.

With him on one side of her she tried to crawl away to the front of the truck but he used that to tug her shorts the rest of the way off of her legs.  She almost made it but suddenly she felt first one hand on one ankle and then a second hand on her other ankle.  She was shocked how easily her pulled her back into the sleeper.

"We're not finished yet" she heard Jose's voice say but with a strange intense sound in his voice.  Before she could think he was on top of her kissing her.

It felt strange as Jose's mouth was on her mouth and like so many times before she opened her mouth and let the man kissing her, kiss her deeply.  Her shirt was partly holding her arms or at least keeping her from fully extending them. That didn't stop her from trying and she pushed, grabbed and scratched at him with little or no affect.

He tore her panties from her body with only a minimal effort and then she felt him pull up one of her legs.  That was all it took for him to push his cock into her body and he kissed her mouth hard, pushed his tongue into her throat and she felt his cock penetrate her sex. 

Her mind struggled to separate the past from the present and she let her eyes close and simply accepted the man taking her body.  As far as Jose was concerned she seemed to be  responding to the sex he could feel his cock sliding easier and she raised her other leg. 

She almost thought she could hear Viktor's words in her mind telling her to accept and appreciate the cock using her.  Jose was just so much bigger and stronger then her and she lost her will to fight and let him use her body for his pleasure.  She even found herself thinking more about what Viktor said and moved her hips and tightened and released her vaginal muscles helping him to cum sooner which meant he would stop using her.

Viktor was right it seemed like less then a minute after she began to move her hips and squeeze and release her muscles, as Viktor called it Sammi milked the cum from Jose's cock.   

He moaned with great satisfaction, "Damn Chica, I thought maybe you didn't want it at first but you really got into it."  He kissed her cheek in gratitude and rolled off her body onto his side but kept his arm around her.  Within minutes he was asleep and snoring. 

Sammi lay there feeling like a dirty, filthy slut.  But worse she felt like trash for having had sex with Jose, a man she just met but not having slept with Joseph a man she believed she loved and a wave of guilt crashed through her entire being bringing sobs from deep down inside her.

Eventually she was able to fall asleep.  The next morning she woke feeling Jose moving around.  He told her he was going to take a shower in the rest stop.  She got her backpack together and went to the ladies room to do the same but she saw why Joseph avoided doing so, the showers were pretty filthy. 

She was glad she had a thin pair of flip flops in her bag because she had no desire to walk barefoot on the nasty concrete floor and she considered skipping taking a shower but she needed to wash the sex off her body.   

She hurried to take a quick shower because it felt dangerous to be naked in the public shower and she was nervous he might leave her there and take everything in the duffle bag.   But the truck was still there when she walked out and she actually had to wait for Jose to get back into the truck since he locked it up.   

Jose came out just a few minutes later and unlocked the truck and they both got in.  He very quickly got his things in order and had the truck on the road again.  He stopped long enough going through a fast food drive through for breakfast tacos.  Once again he played the Tejano music on his sound system.

He tried to make small talk asking, "You had a good time last night, no?"

But when she saw him glance over at her she shrugged and said softly, "Guess so."

He could tell she wasn't wanting to be chatty so he focused on the road.   

The two shared little conversation throughout the day and he didn't seem to mind as he made a few cell phone calls over the sound system in Spanish. 

He did make one stop at a truck stop for fuel and suggested, "Im going to get food to go from the cafe.  You can do the same if you want to."  So Sammi did as he suggested.  It wasn't very long before once again they were on the road. 

He drove into the night and once again she started drifting in and out of sleep. 

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Chapter 17 "Pain or Milking Cum"

Holly lay completely run down on the pool table amazed by how physically exhausting and draining sex could be.  She took for granted it was over until Hector and Vincent grabbed hold of her picked her up and laid her in the center of the pool table. 

Viktor walked over by her head and said softly by her ear, "You see Holly, men can be entertained by women in many ways, dancing, stripping, serving, submission, pain, sex and many more ways.  Typically sex is the end goal but there are a variety of things that stimulate men sexually.  If you want, you can entertain us more now by milking more cum from our cocks.  What do you think, Holly, do you want to use your body to milk more cum now?"

Feeling so overwhelmingly used Holly shook her head no, not wanting more sex.

Hey eyes opened wide when that seemed to make Viktor smile a frightening smile. 

He stepped away from the pool table over to the rack where there were several pool cue sticks and lifted two down walking back over to the table, "Like I said Holly there are many other ways men can be entertained."  As he said this he laid one cue stick across the base of her chest and a second across the top of her chest. 

He then gave a nod to Vincent who walked to the opposite side of the table from Viktor and placed his hands on the top end of the queue sticks while Viktor held the handles.  The two men slowly moved the two cue sticks towards one another sliding them along her flesh until they started pressing against her breast flesh.  Viktor then looked at Hector who understood what he wanted and walked over taking the handles of the pool cue sticks from Viktor.

Viktor then placed his hands first on one breast and firmly pulled the breast flesh up making sure the cue sticks were at the base of the breast, he then did the same with the other breast then said, "Tighten."  Hector and Vincent moved the cue sticks closer together.  The three men repeated the process until her breasts were getting very red and she let out a groan.

"Ahhhh Holly, it's starting to hurt, isn't it, but it's entertaining us too.  Look at your breasts Holly your nipples are already hard and we've not touched them, I was careful not to.  But your mind, it knows that your beautiful small tits are sexually stimulating so even though you didn't want us to do this, they still experience the sexual sensations." Viktor whispered by her ear.

She foolishly did what he asked and looked at her breasts, they were very red and irritated but the nipples were standing up hard, even the areolas were puffy.

"Now Holly, I know you didn't like Vincent, here.  This fat ass Italian man, older then your daddy would be more like a dirty grandpa but look at that gross hair on his chest sticking out of his buttoned up shirt, his beer gut stretching the buttons, he's gross and disgusting isn't he Holly" he asked watching her eyes.

She didn't want to answer his question and he knew it.

"You don't want him to kiss you Holly do you" he asked and looked over at Roger and then to Vincent.  Roger hesitated a moment but after thinking and Viktor looking at him and then at Vincent again he finally understood and moved over to where Vincent was and took hold of the pool cues. 

"Say No Holly, say you don't want Vincent to kiss you" he told her.

Looking down she said softly afraid he was setting her up, "No, please I don't want Vincent to kiss me."

"He's going to kiss you despite your objections and you'll let him or be hurt more" Viktor responded, looked at Vincent and Vincent moved to kiss Holly.

It was gross when the fat hairy Italian pushed his mouth against hers.  But like she had learned to do she still opened her mouth for him and let him push his tongue into her mouth.  He French kissed her for several minutes. 

When he finally broke the kiss Viktor started in again, "Now Holly I know probably the last thing in the would you would like is Vincent's disgusting mouth on your nipples and I want you to ask him not to suck your nipples."

She quickly looked at Vincent and said, "Please don't.  Please don't put your mouth on my nipples!"

But as soon as she finished Vincent moved his mouth to one of her nipples and encircled it with his lips sucking it into his mouth.  Viktor watched her other nipple and its texture changed slightly and he knew what Vincent was doing felt good. 

The room stayed quiet several minutes other then the sound of Vincent sucking her nipple and the sound of her breathing growing more intense. 

"You see Holly even though he disgusts you his mouth on your nipple still feels good doesn't it Holly.  It's because who you are.  You don't need a job Holly this is your career, using your body to please men, Vincent is loving the feel of your nipple in his mouth and even though you begged him not to suck it, you accepted letting him do it because you know it pleases us" Viktor said.

He then said to Hector and Roger, "Tighter."  The two men moved the two cue sticks tighter together and Holly let out a groan.

Viktor moved his hand down between Holly's legs and began rubbing her sex, "See Holly even though your breasts hurt and Vincent disgusts you his mouth sucking your nipples still has you soaking wet. 

Viktor then walked away for a few minutes and came back with a case like a briefcase.  He opened the case and took out a nice looking cue stick.  He took the two separate pieces and screwed them together where she could see.

"You don't like being hurt or raped do you Holly" he asked?

She shook her head no but then decided to answer verbally too, "No."  This time she answered with a much stronger voice. 

He then continued, "Holly I'm going to push this special cue inside you because it will entertain these men and me as well, but if you do as I ask you can keep it from hurting more.  Okay?"

He then lifted the cue stick and put it to her vaginal lips and slowly began to insert it, "Holly even though you already had a couple of my friends inside you and you're already sore down here you got wet with us playing with your boobs.  Feel how nicely its sliding inside you?"

She nodded yes not wanting to make them hurt her.  He continued, "Holly it's getting harder to push it deeper inside because your legs are down and straight, if you want, you can help it go deeper and not hurt as much.  I know you know how."  As he said this he pushed a bit harder on the cue.

She lifted her legs and pulled her knees up towards her chest. 

He began stroking the skin on her leg, "That's right Holly that makes us happy and you can feel the smooth cue stick touch deeper inside you.  Very good."

He started moving the cue stick in and out slowly on each in stroke putting a bit more pressure trying to work the perfectly straight and stiff cue stick inside her, "Arch your back Holly just a little and I bet it will touch you even deeper inside."

She hesitated to do so at first but when she didn't roll her hips to arch her back like he told her he pushed faster and harder on the cue.  Feeling it jab at her tender flesh inside a few times she tried what he suggested and rolled her hips arching her back.  The minute she did he slowed the strokes down again but he didn't reduce the pressure but he was right as she arched her back it allowed the cue to penetrate deeper.

After doing that a few minutes he stopped stroking in and out and just held it deep keeping pressure on the cue.  The pain from the steady pressure started hurting more so instinctually she lifted her knees a bit more and then turned them out some. 

Viktor smiled as she did and he felt the cue inch a bit deeper, "That's it naughty slut, if you work to help entertain us it can hurt less.  He pushed a bit more firmly on the cue and she let out a hard groan and jerked, "Now Holly, sometimes I like to change the entertainment and we are going to do that.  You see my special cue has reached your cervix.  I could push very hard and force it through your cervix but that would hurt lots but I don't want to do that right now but Hector's cock is very hard and his balls full and he'd like to have his cum milked by a dirty nasty slut's mouth.  It would be lots of fun to insert my cue through your cervix and see if it can touch your uterus and everyone would be entertained to watch that or we could watch your mouth milk Hector's cum.  If you keep your mouth closed I'm going to touch your uterus with my cue but if you open your mouth wide we'll know you want to milk Hector's cum from his cock.

Despite not wanting to, she opened her mouth knowing she was terrified at the thought of him penetrating her cervix.  Dwayne stepped in for Hector and took over holding the cue stick and Hector got up on the pool table over her head and lowered his cock into her mouth.

He began to move his hips up and down working it deeper into her mouth.  Holly once again felt the cue stick stroking in and out of her sex as Hector worked deeper into her mouth.  Not too long after Hector stared fucking her mouth Viktor worked to match Hector's strokes and noticed her legs and feet moving more as the cock and cue stroked in and out of her body. 

He pointed it out to the others.  Roger watched with amazement .

Hector continued to fuck her face hard but since he had already cum earlier he was lasting longer and enjoying that.  She gagged and coughed off and on as he did. 

While he continued she felt the cue pull out from between her legs but just a few seconds later she felt pressure against her pussy again.  The men watched as Viktor pushed the handle end of his custom cue stick at her sex.

He was delighted how wet she was because he knew it would not penetrate her easily.  It was not as large as the girth of Dwayne but it also was not human flesh like Dwayne either.  He knew the stretch would hurt and be intense but he loved the shape of the round metal end as it for a moment allowed relief before once again stretching what it penetrated. 

He intentionally worked to keep steady but slow pressure on the cue and as it began to penetrate they all heard her groan on Hector's cock.  Because of the heightened pain she pulled her knees higher and curled her feet.  "Try to open Holly, do your best not to tighten your muscles and it won't hurt so much.  Okay"

He kept the pressure steady until the metal ball at the end of the cue disappeared inside her and her vaginal lips closed at the base of the ball.  He stopped the pressure and just held it there letting her adjust. 

Suddenly Hector erupted into her mouth squirting his fluids deep into her mouth and throat. 

Holly had all but forgotten Vincent was sucking on her nipples and she didn't notice when Viktor let go of the cue and stepped away a moment. 

As Hector finished his last squirts into her mouth Viktor tapped Vincent on the shoulder and he moved away from her breasts.  Viktor quickly attached one nipple clamp to one nipple and then a second to the other.  She let out a loud groan as the teeth of the nipple clamps bit into the tender flesh of her nipples. 

Vincent now got up on the pool table kneeling over her face. 

As Vincent started pushing his cock to her mouth she debated opening for it but was afraid of what might happen if she didn't.  So after his cock poked at her face a couple times she opened her mouth and even moved her face to get his cock into her mouth. 

Viktor watched with delight as she moved her face to take his cock.  He waited till Vincent worked it deeper before he went back to his custom pool cue that was still inside her the length of the cue resting on the bumper and edge of the pool table.

He picked it up again and began to put pressure on the cue to work it deeper.  It took much more effort and pressure to work it deeper.  He heard her groan on Vincent's cock.

Holly was really struggling her nipples ached like crazy the cock in her mouth gagging and choking her and the hard rough cue pushing into her sex was stretching her and felt like so much pressure.  The metal ball was slowly working deeper but not only did Holly feel that but she felt rough frictions from the carving on the wood handle of the pool cue as it inched past her tender flesh. 

The intense stretch and pressure from the metal ball at the end of the handle had her constantly moving her feet, ankles, knees and thighs trying to ease the ache.  Viktor noticing her reactions motioned for Hector to come over and hold the cue stick.  Once he was holding it, Viktor went back to the side of the pool table and carefully made little adjustments on the nipple clamps causing them to tighten more, digging the metal teeth more into the sensitive nipple flesh increasing the pain there.

Once he finished adjusting the clamps he went back to the pool cue.  As soon as he had firm hold of it he increased the pressure forcing it deeper.  Once again she let out a loud groan the pain in her nipples and inside her sex fighting her for her attention. 

Viktor reached down with his left hand and used his thumb to softly rub her clit.  With his hand still on the cue stick he twisted it causing the grooves in the carved wooden handle to rub across the sensitive inner flesh.

He really focussed on giving gentle attention to her clit while keeping steady pressure on the cue stick.  He loved watching her struggle he could tell  as she continued to move her feet, knees, thighs and even her back. 

Finally Vincent began to cum in her mouth.  He thrust really hard and deep cutting off her air for a couple minutes.  Viktor watched close to make sure she wouldn't pass out or go without air too long but he enjoyed watching her struggle.

Once Vincent got off her he released the cue stick leaving it inside her and went up by her head whispering in her ear, "Holly we can keep this up having you entertain all of us and milk all of our cum if you want or I can give you an alternative.  Do you want to hear it?"

She nodded.

"Well like I said we can keep doing what you're doing, because you are doing amazing or you can use your dirty filthy body to milk cum from our friend Dwayne.  But I need you to understand the effort we expect from you.  We expect to see you use your entire body to milk the cum out of Dwayne's cock, your arms, hands, mouth, back, legs and most important your pussy.  If you do a good job Roger can take you home so you can get some rest.  But if you don't do a good job of using your entire being to milk Dwayne's cum I'll put my cue back inside you and you'll keep milking cum with your mouth.  What do you think?  Tell me what you want!"

Holly felt drained and exhausted and like she had been in the most physical fight of her life.  While she wasn't sure she could really trust Viktor she was exhausted and the thought of the pool cue continuing inside her, the nipple clips biting into her nipples and men fucking her mouth terrified her.  But of course she remembered how hung Dwayne was so the idea of having sex with him again was terrifying.  But at least it seemed to have an end, unless she was being lied to, "I'd like to milk Dwayne's cum" she said.

Viktor smiled and pulled the cue stick out from inside her, removed the nipple clamps from her breasts and then lifted the two pool cue sticks that had been trapping her breasts between them for quite a while now.  He helped her sit up and then picked her up and carried her over to the sofa and set her down.  He went to the bar and made her a fresh cosmopolitan and brought it back to her handing it to her, "Drink."

"You see Holly, little girls grow up dreaming of romance and Prince Charming, falling in love, and fairy tales but the divorce rate alone is fifty percent.  Many woman have the expensive fantasy wedding with the white dress, spend lots of money, make baby's and then their husbands cheat on them with other women, leave them with nothing other then lots of debt and children to take care of.  There are a few special girls who figure out the game early on and learn that the most valuable asset a girl owns and controls is her body and she can use that to please men and get what she needs from them.  I really believe you are such a women" he said looking in her eyes.

He continued, "Everyone of us are excited by you.  We all want nothing more in this room, not the alcohol, not the food, not the sports on TV, not even the fun games of darts or pool.  All of us just want to put our dicks into your body and to cum.  This I want you to understand."

He took a sip on his own drink, Vodka on the rocks then continued, "Roger, standing over there is and idiot.  But I have to give him some credit.  He got with your mom so he could have you.  He is an uncoordinated dope but he is right about a couple things."

He rubbed her tattoo, "He found you do respond to pain.  Not everyone does like you do but your body does respond.  He is right, this tattoo that will be with you for the rest of your life is right.  You are a Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut, but that's not a bad thing.  It just means you can please men and milk their cum in multiple ways.  Woman are sexual beings too Holly that's why you're body responds like it does.  There's nothing wrong with that, sex feels amazing.  You are becoming better and better at it. 

So a few minutes ago you made a decision and if you keep your word, I will keep mine.  When you are finished milking Dwayne's cum if he says you put in a good effort you can go home.  Is that still your choice or do you want to entertain everyone again.

Holly didn't have to think long.  She was relieved she had the time for their conversation to rest some.  "I'll milk Dwayne's cum."

"Finish your drink and then do your best to use your entire body to please Dwayne" he said and gave her a few minutes to drink her drink. 

It felt strange to sit there on the sofa naked with the older tall, tan, balding man who spoke with an accent.  There seemed to be two people looking out from his eyes, an almost tender sympathetic man and a man that seemed dangerous.  The type of man no one would likely want to cross. 

When she took the last few sips of her drink he motioned for Dwayne to come over to the sofa.  Before getting up from the sofa Viktor said, "Do your best Holly, pretend like he is the man of your dreams.  Use every ounce of your femininity to help him cum inside you.  I know you can do it and I know you don't want to milk the cum from Hector, Vince and especially Roger again so do your best."  He put his hand on hers and then got up off the sofa and walked away.

Dwayne sat down next to her and immediately leaned in to kiss her putting his hand around the back of her head.

Holly had a rush of thoughts and feelings, shame, fear, humiliation and others she couldn't even describe.  Could she do what Viktor described?

For the first few moments Dwayne kissed Holly she mostly sat limp other then letting him do what he wanted.  But after pulling herself together she timidly lifted her hands to his shoulders and then even slid one hand behind his head.  She slowly started moving her face and tried to return the kiss more and move with the kiss.  Dwayne could definitely tell the difference. 

It wasn't very long before he laid her back on the sofa and shifted his body on top of hers.  While she was definitely not experienced in consensual sex she realized with how she was lying on the sofa she needed to lift her knee by the back of the sofa and did so.  That was all the opening Dwayne needed with his monstrously long cock and she felt it touch her sex.  She winced and tensed as she felt it begin to enter her and all the men watching were also pretty sure what was about to happen.  There was no doubt when she let out an uncontrollable groan of discomfort.

But Viktor's words stayed in her mind and she lifted her other knee slightly helping the pull and stretch of her sex but also helping the cock to more easily penetrate her. 

As she felt his cock stretch her very sore flesh as it moved each millimeter deeper she again thought of Viktor's lecture so she slid her arms around Dwayne's back and rubbed and scratched his skin.  He rewarded her by pushing his cock hard deeper.  As a reaction to the pain that caused she pulled her other knee up more and that eased the pain some.

She couldn't help wonder if and at what point in her life might she have chosen to have sex with a random stranger.  So far all of her sexual partners had all raped her, she had to believe that.  Roger had definitely changed her life.  Thinking about that made her start to cry.  But then she remembered Viktor's threat, she had to respond to the sex.  If she just laid there and let him fuck her crying and didn't participate in the sex he would make her milk the cum from all of them again.  So she tried to push those thoughts out of her mind.

Once again she tried to focus on moving her body and moving with him.  She started moving her hips.  She tried not to tighten her vaginal muscles.  Doing both those things helped her relax more.

It was strange looking into the older black man's face.  All of these men, except Roger, were men she had never met before today yet they had all seen her the most vulnerable anyone could see another person naked.  For a moment she looked at the face of the man fucking her and couldn't help wonder, how old was he?  Was he married?  Did he have kids?  Might he even have a daughter around her age?  How many women had he been with sexually at least as a girl friend?  And how many woman like her had he just randomly fucked.  She was beginning to understand the difference. 

Dwayne continued to kiss her mouth, cheek, neck, collar bones and even her breasts.  He sucked on her earlobes and eventually her nipples which were extremely sensitive.  All of his attention helped her relax a little more.  And then she made a decision that changed things even more, she closed her eyes.  Not watching the person using her body helped it seem less of an assault.  It allowed her to experience the physical sensations without feeling so much like a violation.

Dwayne was incredibly skilled at intercourse and before long when Holly stopped thinking so much about what she should do and just let her body react she realized that she was instinctually responding to his actions and her feelings. 

It scared her how sensitive her nipples felt and how good his soft warm lips felt sucking on them after having the pointy teeth of the clamps on them earlier.  His sucking sent sensations throughout her body and even between her legs where his huge cock continued to stroke.

The more she allowed her body to experience the powerful feelings of what he was doing the less it felt like such a violation.  On occasion she found herself thinking about how to move and respond and she slid her hands and arms up his back and held onto his shoulders.  That seemed to help her move more with him.  With her eyes closed she realized she heard his breathing, grunts and groans much more.  He seemed like such a strong and physical man to her yet she could hear his sounds of exertion and effort and she could feel her body absorbing that physical effort too. 

Closing her eyes helped take away the fact she was being assaulted and by doing what Viktor asked, using her body seemed to also help make it feel less of an assault and even though his enormous cock hurt with how much it stretched her the more she moved and reacted to his movements the more natural things felt.  She even tried to image she was doing this with an actor from her favorite television program.  She realized her perception of what sex was before Roger moved into their home was nothing like what it really was.

It was humiliating and frightening that regardless of how horrified she was by what Dwayne was doing with her it was feeling more natural and more arousing then she ever would have imagined.  Against her own will she worked to push any thoughts from her mind and just tried to let her body respond instinctually.  The more she let go the more her body responded including her physical movements, her breathing and her audible sounds. 

Viktor sat there with a smug look on his face as the other men, including Roger, looked on with amazement, Holly was fucking Dwayne back.  Viktor let out a sarcastic laugh as Roger got up and walked away in a huff heading to the bar to get himself another drink.  Under his breath Viktor said любительский, the Russian word for amateur.

Dwayne was amazed by this young woman knowing everything she had been through that day yet she was still responding to him.  He carefully varied his pace knowing how to delay his orgasm and extend his love making.  Not often had he taken a Viagra to extend how long he could maintain an erection and he felt guilty for doing so today on Viktor's direction yet he was very much enjoying this tight young woman.  Viktor had correctly realized that Dwayne was bottoming out at Holly's cervix and had instructed him to pound it with the head of his cock so she would never forget this fuck.  But Dwayne was feeling a bit of sympathy for the pretty young woman and seemed to be doing her best to fuck him back so at least for the moment he had no desire to cause her unnecessary pain. 

Dwayne was close to ready to shoot his load so he wanted to find a way to keep it going. Then catching everyone off guard Dwayne did something that caught everyone unexpected he rolled almost to the edge of the sofa flipping her on top of him.  He then quickly squirmed back towards the back of the sofa so they wouldn't roll off.  Now she was on top and for a moment she seemed clueless what to do but he gave her bottom a quick smack and suddenly she began to move her hips again.

At first she moved apprehensive and timidly but when he started thrusting up from under her she slowly figured it out more and started moving better.  Now she was able to push her knees, shin and feet down on the sofa and use her legs to move her hips up and down.  Viktor was watching intently to determine if she would figure out how to use her body.  He was impressed by Dwayne having the idea to do this.

It was different then all the times before with the guy on top of her.  In face it was easier to move her body and she could breath so much easier but she also knew Viktor was watching and the prospect of having to milk the cum from all of them again was daunting.

So she moved her hips more figuring out how to ride him and used her arms and hands too to brace her upper body up.  To her it felt like it took forever to figure it out but Viktor was delighted how quickly she was riding Dwayne's cock.

Dwayne was delighted how quickly the she started riding his cock better and better.  Normally he very much enjoying pounding girls with his huge cock but he found it fun to feel this petite girl riding on his body.

In the background she could hear the men commenting and laughing and she knew it was about  her but the idea of being forced to do more with them all rather then just finishing with Dwayne kept her motivated to keep trying and she also quickly realized that by being on top she had more control of the pace and depth his cock penetrated her.  She even amazed them all by bending down and kissing him while still moving her hips up and down.  She just hoped that all this effort wasn't for nothing and Viktor wouldn't break his word.

She did her best to ignore what they were saying and their laughing and mostly kept her eyes closed and focused on pleasing the black man under her and it wasn't too much later that her efforts paid off and Dwayne shot his load inside her.  Everyone knew based on his grunts and moans.  She started to stop but he softly said, "Not quite yet baby milk it all just a few more strokes."

She immediately did as she was told moving her hips up and down milking out his last bit of cum.  He then grabbed hold of her pulling her down to him kissing her deeply.  Even though she wanted to she didn't resist and kissed him back.  She tried to push the fact that it was the same day she met him, that she only knew his first name and he was significantly older then her out of her mind.  She tried to pretend she knew him and liked him as she kissed him.  She could tell his kisses were different then while they were fucking but now they were far more gentle and appreciative. 

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Chapter 18 "Time Alone with Viktor"

After a few more minutes Viktor came over to her and helped her off of Dwayne and the sofa.  Everyone watched in shock as Viktor walked and guided Holly to an unmarked door.

Roger started to follow but the large Italian man Vincent grabbed hold of his arm, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Holly's eyes opened wide when she was guided through the unmarked door and Viktor locked it behind them it had a vanity with a sink basin, a toilet and a glass enclosed shower.

He sat her on the toilet and turned the water in the shower on.  She definitely needed to pee but it was embarrassing doing so with him in the restroom.  He kept his body and face pointed at the shower to give her confidence to pee.  Eventually she was able.  He asked, "Are you done?"

Holly nodded so he gently pushed her knees apart tore a piece of toilet paper and wiped between her legs.  He did it intentionally to communicate control and humiliation.  Once he wiped her he helped her to her feet, guided her naked body to the shower, checked the water temperature and when he could tell it wasn't too hot or cold he walked her into the shower.  He took hold of one wrist and turned the palm of her hand up and opened the lid of a bottle squirting fluid in her hand and said, "Shampoo.  Wash your hair."

She did as she was told and it was and it did feel good to wash.  He just stood there and watched her not saying a word and not rushing her.  Once she rinsed the shampoo from her hair he took another bottle and poured fluid into his hand, "Body wash."

He rubbed his hands together and took hold of one of her arms gently pulling her to the edge of the shower and then started washing that arm, "You did very well with Dwayne.  I'm very proud of you."  He continued to wash up her arm to her shoulder and then onto her back turning her facing away from him, "I knew if you would use your body and participate it could be less painful and even pleasurable for you." 

He washed her back and then onto her bottom, "With the size of Dwayne's cock I know it still hurt but despite the pain you also felt pleasure."  He was meticulous in washing her butt even working his soapy fingers into her butt crack and even probed at her butt hole, "All people have sex.  It's not a bad thing."

He started washing down the back of her legs, "It can even be pleasurable and bring you to orgasm.  It can blow your mind."

He gently guided her hips to turn her around facing him.  He then put more body wash in his hands and stood up and began to soap up the front of her shoulders, collar bone, upper chest and then breast having put an over abundance of body wash in his hands, "Sexual stimulation and pleasure is normal for people, both men and women.  You should not be ashamed that when you are touched and stimulated your body responds and gets aroused."

He used his hands to really focus on her breasts and nipples, "Holly you are a beautiful young woman.  Your body is incredible even naked, you should not be self conscious.  Any man, other than maybe gay men and maybe even a few of them would stare at you if they could see you naked and most would get aroused and want to fuck you.  It is you that has trepidation about that.  Fairy tales in books are just that make believe stories for children.  No man is going to come riding up on a white horse to take you away to live happily ever after.  More then half of all marriages end in divorce.  Many of the partners in a marriage cheat on their spouse.  There are a few special woman that are destined to please and receive pleasure from many men and even some women.  I believe, no, I know you are one of those special women.  Even though you believe you are embarrassed and ashamed standing here before me naked I can see and you can feel how much your breasts are responding to me washing you and that's okay"

He moved his washing down to her stomach and sides, "Roger is идиот um, an idiot I think the word is.  He knows nothing about women.  He doesn't know how to cultivate their womanhood and sexuality he just knows about brute force. 

After finishing washing her tummy, sides and hips he knelt down took hold of her wrist and placed her hand on his shoulder, put more body wash in his hand and began to wash down onto her pubic bone then between her legs talking very soft, "Roger does not value women.  He is a neanderthal no better then a cave man.  He does not understand how to use pleasure, pain or discipline with a woman.  He is идиот.  I talk to him.  Maybe I buy you."

"Close your eyes.  Hold onto my shoulders" he said and placed her other hand on his other shoulder and continued to rub her sex, "You work very hard today.  You do good job.  You pleased many men and milked much cum.  You are beautiful, feminine and you enjoy sex, even though you are very scared." 

He used his soapy fingers to rub her vaginal lips and clit for several minutes until he could tell from her reactions she was feeling aroused.  Only after she responded for several minutes by breathing harder moaning softly and leaning heavily on his shoulders, "I'm going to ask you a question, but if your too ashamed to answer I won't be mad, if you want you can just nod your head or of you really have confidence you can say your answer, Does this feel nice?"

At first Holly felt shame and didn't want to answer but his fingers using the water from the shower and the soap suds slid over her clit and pussy lips so smoothly, but after hesitating a few moments she nodded slightly.

He kept working his fingers around circling the clit and playing with her lips.  He kept doing it a while longer then softly asked, "Are you ready for me to stop?  If you want me to you have to say the word Yes strongly, or you can shake your head no or if your too timid then you can just stay quiet and I'll keep rubbing."

He was delighted when she didn't say Yes and kept rubbing.  He even then rinsed the soap off his hand and started using his hand and the water to rinse the soap off from between her legs.  Once he had the soap rinsed away he started pressing one finger at the opening to her vagina.  He would rub his hand back and forth over her vagina and drag one finger down the crack and gently press one finger between her lips.  He slowed the passing of his fingers to allow the finger to push a little deeper. 

"Your natural fluids are coming from inside you, they're more slippery them the soap" he said and smeared the juices up onto the lips and eventually onto her clit.  "I don't want to stop yet, I want to keep playing with you making you feel nice.  It makes me feel nice to make you feel good and I know it feels good to you or your body wouldn't be making the wetness, I'm not ready to stop yet but if you say the word Stop loud I will, or you can just keep your eyes closed and stay quiet."

He smiled when she said nothing.  She felt him shifting around and at one point she felt him take hold of her waist and pulled her onto his knee.  He had one foot on the floor and his other knee on the floor.  He sat her bottom on the edge of his leg.  He then carefully nudged her knees apart and returned to rubbing between her legs. 

He didn't say anything for a while and just focused on slowly easing her legs wider open and gently rubbing her sex.  He continued to rub until her breathing was heavier and she let out little moans. 

"Just keep those pretty blue eyes closed" he said as he softly rubbed between her legs, "Just relax.  I'm not going to hurt you I want you to learn to let your body feel good."  He continued to play with her sex until he felt her more and more wetness.  Finally he helped her stand up.  He got out a towel and dried her body some with it and then wrapped it around her.  He shut the toilet lid and gently guided her to sitting on the closed toilet. 

He looked through the cabinet and found a hairbrush and began to brush her hair, "Roger is идиот.  He teaches you nothing about not only pleasing the man but enjoying yourself.  You want to make the man believe that you are enjoying as much as he is."

He was gently brushing her hair wanting it to feel nice.  He then pulled firmly but not hard tilting her head back and kissed her.  Like she had with the other men she immediately opened her mouth.  Within seconds he broke the kiss, "You must relax your jaw.  Kissing is not painful it is meant to be pleasurable.  You want every man to believe you want him to kiss you!  He must believe he is the best kiss you have ever had.  Now let's try again, soften your mouth."

Once again he kissed her.  For the first few seconds her kiss was stiff but just before he broke the kiss again he felt her jaw relax, her mouth soften and the kiss felt more genuine.  He used his hands and ran his fingers through her hair then broke the kiss, "That's it just relax.  You want nothing more this moment then to kiss.  You want the man to believe that."

He started kissing her again and caught her off guard putting his hands under her armpits and lifting her to her feet.  He gently turned her around then backed her against the wall, slowly and gently.  He changed to multiple shorter deep kisses, "Pretend you these are the most magical kisses you have ever had.  Pretend the man kissing you is the man you've been dreaming of, the musician who's concert you want to see more then any other, the actor who's movie you saw multiple times just because he was in it."

He kissed her more and softly rubbed her butt through the towel.  Standing barefoot at five foot one inch he towered over her so when he kissed her she had to tilt her head back and turn her face up and he crouched down a little and tilted his face down.  He interlaced his fingers with hers, "Hold my hands like I'm your first crush.  It's about making the man believe he is the only man you are thinking about.  I'm old, Russian and ugly, but you must make me feel like I'm the man of your dreams.  You must push all thoughts of ugly, fat, smelly and gross out of your mind."

He kissed her softly and gently and took advantage of their fingers being laced together to lift her arms over her head and pinned her against the wall, "You must make him believe you are vulnerable.  The damsel in distress.  Sometimes a little resistance will excite him more but it also can get you hit." 

He held her pinned against the wall and moved her hands together so he could hold both her wrists with one hand, "Use the emotions Holly.  Use the fear, think of it as excitement, you don't know what I'm planning.  Your heart is beating faster, it's adrenalin.  Use that adrenalin too."

He kissed her harder but was careful to not push her too hard.  He rubbed the bare skin of her arms and shoulders, "Even if he repulses you imagine it's your dream man, close your eyes if you need to."

"I'm going to pull the towel down now, believe you are the most beautiful actress or model you know.  You want men to see your naked body.  Imagine your breasts are huge, you want his hands on them.  Let your body react and communicate to him what feels good and what doesn't.  The more real your reaction the more believable."  As he warned her pulled the towel down her body till it fell at her feet, "You are beautiful naked Holly.  If you believe that the men will.  Men are not choosy they just want a woman to milk their cum."

He rubbed the bare skin on her back and then rubbed to the front cupping her breasts using his thumb to gently flick over her nipple, "Your body already knows how to react to what feels good.  Your nipples are hardening nicely."

She could feel her body responding and she felt so self conscious for responding to the strange intense Russian man yet she couldn't stop her body from doing so.  Once again he started kissing her moving his hands back and forth between her face and breasts, "Relax your jaw, relax your body just close your eyes, push the thoughts out of your mind and let your body respond."

He kissed her mouth again and her kiss was far more relaxed.  He then kissed her cheek, nose, chin, back to her cheek, then to right by her ear and then gently licked and sucked her ear lobe.  As he sucked her ear lobe his left hand fingers found her right breast nipple and rolled, lightly pinched and pulled on it.

"Your body is excited.  You are aroused" he lightly traced his right hand fingers down the back of her left arm.  "Open your eyes Holly.  Look at me.  Look into my eyes.  I want you Holly."

He kissed the tip of her nose making her blink and then switched to his right hand and fingers playing with her left nipple. "You don't have to answer my questions.  If you don't answer I take it as a yes.  What I'm doing feels good?  Your body is turned on?"  She didn't answer.

He continued, "If you tell me to stop I will!  Close your eyes Holly."  She closed her eyes as he instructed.  She heard his belt buckle jingle and a few more seconds passed as he pushed his slacks and boxer shorts down and off.  He kissed her softly then broke the kiss, "If this doesn't feel nice and you want me to stop then tell me to stop Holly."  Again he gave her short soft kisses.  Then carefully and gently he slid an arm behind her shoulders and his other hand behind her head and eased her fully against the wall.

He reached down with his left hand and lifted her right knee up, "Just relax Holly it's okay."  He kissed her softly and she felt his cock touch her sex and then start to push inside her as they stood there him pinning her against the bathroom wall.  As he pushed in a little deeper he reached down and grabbed her right thigh and lifted her fully off the floor and then shifted his hands under her bottom.  He continued to give her short soft kisses as he began to fuck her against the wall, "Let go Holly.  Let your body enjoy sex.  It's not something bad, it's natural. 

Holly couldn't believe once again she was having sex but worse he told her she could say no and she didn't. She stayed quiet and said nothing.  He spoke so differently to her and physically was different too.  She felt ashamed yet so vulnerable.  It felt crazy to not be supporting her weight at all.  He held her up completely, well except for the wall.

Suddenly she heard his voice say, "Use your body Holly.  Wrap your legs around me.  Put your arms around my neck."  She timidly did as he asked as she felt him exert effort to thrust in and out of her.  He continued to whisper in her ear, "Move you body and hips Holly.  Make love with me.  Relax, feel it, experience it."

For the next many minutes it was silent in the bathroom other then the sounds of sex, two bodies slapping together, heaving breathing, grunts and groans both feminine and masculine.

He was delighted because she was trying, participating, moving and most important seemed to be enjoying it.

He made a point to use his hands to gently rub and stroke her skin.  He rubbed her breasts some but was careful for it not to be perceived as an attack.  He focused on sensuality.  He wanted her to learn that even devoid of love and emotional attachment sex could be pleasurable. 

"It doesn't have to be about love, Holly.  It's not about size, I'm much smaller then Dwayne, but misunderstand me, Dwayne knows how to fuck.  It's about moving your body, enjoying the best of the person you are with.  You have to make them believe they are the best.  Right now Holly you are the best woman I've ever fucked and you have to use your body to convince me that I'm the best" he whispered.  If you surrender you will learn to cum Holly but the best gift you can give your partner is to milk their cum inside your body.  You deserve my cum Holly.  You are earning it.  I'm going to squirt it deep inside you.  It will ooze back out from inside you into your panties later tonight."

He tried to delay his orgasm but he had wanted her since he saw her after arriving at the bar.  It wasn't much later before he began to cum inside her.  He kissed her harder then, harder then he had the entire day.  Finally after squirting every drop inside her he leaned against her against the wall.  He slowly let go of her bottom and she lowered her feet back to the floor, "You did very well проститутка."  He kissed her forehead gently and then bent down to pull his pants back up and then took hold of her face gently kissed her forehead and said, "I'm going to step out for a moment to get your clothes.  Lock the door behind me and when I knock and say, проститутка let me back in and I will give you your clothing and drive you home.  Understand?"

She nodded and he walked out of the bathroom door closing it behind him.  She used the toilet again with him gone to relieve her bladder.  She hoped he was being honest she couldn't help wonder if he might take her somewhere and kill her or maybe never take her home.  But the alternative was to trust Roger and she knew everything he had done to her.

She could hear voices talking but couldn't understand what they were saying.  After only a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Viktor's voice said, "It's just me проститутка."

She had thought about her options and there wasn't another way out nor would it do her any good even if there was so she unlocked the door when she heard his voice.  He handed her the clothes and pulled the door shut staying outside the bathroom.

She quickly got dressed, washed her hands and opened the bathroom door.  Viktor was standing right outside the door.  He put his arm around her shoulder and they walked past three of the other men including Roger. 

They exited the bar and walked behind another warehouse looking building and for a moment she thought she was going to be killed but then she saw a long black car sitting running with its parking lights on.  As they got close to the car a man in all black got out of the driver's door and opened the back door where Viktor guided her.  The driver in the dark clothing walked Viktor to the other opened the door for him and Viktor got in the backseat with Holly.

He asked Holly her address and she told him her address and Viktor repeated it to the driver and the car pulled out from behind the warehouse.

They rode in mostly silence until they got to her home.  When the car stopped he placed a hand firmly on her shoulder and slowly pulled her to him, "Relax" he said then massaged her jaw then pulled her closer and kissed her slow and gentle.

When he finally broke the kiss he said, "Your kiss must make me believe you are having the best kiss of your life.  Every time with every man.  Men are not complicated, good food, good sports, success with work and important good sex with exceptional woman.  You can be exceptional if you want to be.  You think about and believe that.  Yes проститутка?"

He reached in his jacket and pulled out five twenty dollar bills, "You tell Roger nothing about this.  This is yours."  He then pushed the money into her bra, "Good night проститутка.  Get some rest!"

When he said that the driver got out of the car and opened her car door.  She got out of the car so very confused and overwhelmed.

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Chapter 19 "Toke and Relax"

She woke when she felt him bring the truck to a stop glad she wasn't still in her nightmare and after looking through the windshield saw they were once again in another rest stop. 

"I see you are awake Sleeping beauty.  Time for a stop, smoke and a couple hours of sleep don't you think Senorita" he asked?

"Sure" she agreed with a yawn.  They both got out of the truck and she headed to the ladies room for a potty break.

When she got back he had the two chairs out and he was seated smoking a joint and also had a cooler out and a beer in his hand, "Would you like Cerveza" he asked holding up a green can with two large green letter X?

Sammi wasn't sure what it was but assumed it was beer.  She considered telling him no but thought that might come across as rude so instead, knowing she could just drink a little she said, "Sure."

Jose quickly opened the cooler, took out another green can, set his beer on top of the cooler, opened the can he just took out and handed it to her.

"Thank you" she said, took a sip of the beer and sat down.

"Denada" he said and winked at her then asked, "Would you like a hit?"

He held out the joint to her offering it to her.

She didn't want to smoke dope so she answered, "No thank you."

She sipped her beer and let out a sigh relaxing and enjoying the night air.

At one point, completely unexpectedly, Jose stood up, walked around the two chairs and then when standing behind and to one side of Sammi he took hold of her hair on the back of her head, with two fingers of his other hand under her chin he used the handful of her hair and her chin and tilted her head back and pushed his lips to her mouth.  Like she always did she instinctually opened her mouth to let him French kiss her.  He started French kissing her but within a second of the kiss starting he blew a full toke of the pot smoke into her mouth. 

He broke the kiss when she coughed and he laughed trying to make it a light moment but she wasn't very happy about it.  But he stayed on his feet and massaged her shoulders and after just a few minutes did the same thing again pulling her head, lifting her chin and then kissing her and blowing a mouth full of smoke into her mouth. 

Again only when she coughed did he break the kiss.  He then moved behind her, gave her a minute to catch her breath but then once again forced her head back.  But this time once he had her head tilted back he put the joint to her mouth and carefully pinched her nose closed. 

Sammi didn't want to smoke the pot but with everything she had been through with Roger and his 'friends' she had learned to be compliant to men.  Jose was trying to get the young woman to try smoking the pot after she had already resisted his verbal offers but he was more trying to encourage her rather then to force her.  If she has fought back at all he would not have forced her, but she had no way to know that.  So to his delight she did what he wanted and inhaled on the joint. 

The moment she did he let go of her nose and she coughed a little bit after getting a good hit on the joint.  He kissed her forehead and said, "Now that's better."

He let go of her and walked back to his chair and sat down and took a big drink of his beer. 

She gave him an annoyed glare but after several minutes she felt a waive of relaxation come over her.  The joint down to a tiny nub and one more time he offered it to Sammi.

Sammi thought about how much she missed Joseph and Ol'Jack and thought about many of the things that she had done with so many men and she was tired of fighting and resisting.  Jose wanted her to take another hit on the joint so that's exactly what she did before passing it back to him.

He took a few more draws on the joint before smashing it into the pavement and they sat a bit longer till he finished one more beer. 

He then asked her, "Ready to head to bed?"

She replied, "Sure" and they both got up and folded up their chairs and he loaded them into the truck where he kept them.  They both then got into the truck.

Once they were up in the truck he put a sunscreen in his windshield to minimize the lights from the rest stop.  He then stated moving towards the sleeper but as he did he took hold of first one of her wrists and then the other.

She quickly replied, "No Jose, I'll sleep out here."

But Jose did not take no for an answer.  He wasn't aggressive, but he was relentless and used his weight advantage to keep pulling her into the sleeper.  He didn't stop until she was in the sleeper.

Once he had her there he started pulling at her clothes to undress her.

"Jose, stop.  Don't, I don't want to do this" she protested.

"Shhhh It's okay.  Just relax" he replied continuing to pull at her clothing. 

She was resisting passively but didn't find the energy to fight hard.  Before not too long he had her shoes, shirt and shorts off.  Once he had her down to her bra and panties he started kissing her again. 

Sammi tried to resist the kiss at first turning her face away but he just kissed her cheek and ear and then firmly with a few fingers tried to turn her face back to his.

She whined, "Jose, don't" but again he was unrelenting until she gave up and let him kiss her mouth.  He was very smooth and at some point unhooked her bra and she didn't realize it till her bra was part way down one arm. 

Soon after getting her bra off her arms he quickly tugged her panties down.

"Jose I just want to get some sleep please stop" she protested but he continued to kiss her face and mouth and his hands gently rubbed her breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples.

Sammi was feeling the effects of the marijuana and was tired.  Unlike Roger and his 'friends', Jose wasn't hitting or hurting her.  While she was trying to push him away with her arms and legs she wasn't in full flight mode and his superior size, strength and persistence just continued to wear her down.

She knew what he wanted to do so as a last ditch effort she tried to keep her legs together but he worked to get first one knee and then his other between her legs. He then surprised her by kneeling and lifting his upper body off hers, using his hands to lift her hips up and suddenly she felt his cock push against and then begin to penetrate her.

One last time she begged him but not in a loud voice, "Jose, please stop.  I don't want to do this."

But despite her protest he continued to push inside her and once he was partway in he let go of her hips and once again laid on top of her and began kissing her face, "Shhhh it's okay baby.  It'll help us sleep better" he whispered in her ear and kissed all around her ear, cheek, neck and all around her face.

What bothered Sammi more then knowing another man was raping her was the fact that with all the kissing of her face, neck, ear and lips, with all the breast caressing and gentle pinching and pulling, his cock penetrating her sex felt good.  Despite all her protests and no emotion connection to Jose whatsoever his penetration inside her seemed to fill a desire or need she had and without thought or conscious decision she felt herself pull both her knees up.  Doing so allowed his cock to penetrate quite a bit deeper on his next thrust and horrified her with how satisfying that penetration felt. 

She very softly one more time begged, "Please stop!"

But he just thrust harder and whispered, "Not yet Mija" and continued to thrust in and out working deeper with each thrust.

Sammi felt an overwhelming awareness of shame.  Not because she was being raped again but because she felt her body responding to the sex.  It bothered her even more that she wanted to do this with Joseph so badly yet the flashbacks she had caused her to freeze up and because of that he stopped. 

Jose was not the type of man who ever thought about raping a woman.  He had certainly had his share of sexual encounters with woman who played hard to get but none like with this young woman.  It was not only the fact that she verbally said , "No. Stop and Don't" but also the way that she used her legs, arms and hands to push him away to try to stop him from advancing yet at the same time while her resistance seemed genuine she didn't have the strength to keep him from taking what he wanted.  But the physical exertion he expelled to overcome her limited strength was invigorating and stimulating. 

He never experienced such a powerful aphrodisiac like the physical sexual battle with her and despite his Catholic upbringing and his respect for his mother he never experienced anything so erotic and arousing like overpowering this young woman.  He was confident her body was also responding to what he was doing but she was still saying no, stop and don't but he was already inside her and it was the best sex he ever had so he continued to fuck the beautiful young woman. 

Regardless of the fact that Sammi felt such shame she couldn't fully keep the thoughts of her past out of her mind.  Viktor had gotten into her head and had broken down her pride to the point where she understood that she could use her body to pleasure men.  By doing so they would be less entertained by hurting her because in the end all they truly wanted was to cum somewhere inside her body.  What frightened her even more was that even with pain she could still experience physical pleasure even if she didn't choose to have sex and was being raped.

She didn't fully understand it till now.  Viktor had whispered so many things into her ear while Dwayne was fucking her for the second time and regardless of being so sore they stimulated her body in ways  that caused her to respond just as Jose was doing now.  She even learned that by moving and tightening her muscles she could help the man inside her cum sooner, it was at this moment she also realized that she could also delay his orgasm to extend the physical sensations and desires she was experiencing. 

She hated herself for doing exactly that with Jose now delaying his orgasm as she continued to feel him moving inside her while kissing her neck, cheek and ear.  She knew she had told him no, stop and don't yet he did it anyway and was still inside her and she hated him for that but she hated herself even more because like Viktor had helped teach her, if she responded it could satisfy a need in her body too no matter who the man was or if she wanted it.

She could feel him moving harder and faster to cum but just by moving her hips back with his in thrusts and forward when he pulled his hips back it reduced the friction on his cock and delayed his orgasm.  He lasted much longer then he would have thought until he started using more of his weight and strength to pound her into the mattress in the sleeper.  She finally stopped moving to delay his orgasm and the force and effort he used hurt her hips and lower back but caused him to penetrate her more then he ever had and despite the pain it felt incredible and she drew her knees up higher curling and pointing her toes as he pounded her against the thin sleeper mattress.

He sudden took hold of her arms and pinned her to the mattress and kissed her as hard and aggressive as she had ever been and he used every ounce of his weight and strength to pound her into the mattress.  Finally his balls tightened and he began to cum over and over inside the beautiful young hitchhiker.  They were both breathing hard and sweaty from the physical exertion. 

Within just a few minutes after he came he rolled off her to the side and fell asleep.

Sammi felt such shame and anger with herself and the fact that it felt sexually stimulating made her feel even worse and dirty and filthy.  And she cried feeling guilty about not being with Joseph.  Eventually tiredness won out and she fell asleep.

She had barely slept just under three hours when she woke and realized he was not in the sleeper and that the truck was on the road moving.  She found her clothes and got dressed and came back into the front of the cab. 

She was caught off guard when she looked out the windows it was still dark outside, "What time is it?"

He looked at the clock on his dash, "Just a bit after 3 AM.  I'm getting close to my turn off towards the South to my customer's location but it's about two hours off the highway Northwest.  You're welcome to stay with me, Mija but I know you said you were going Northwest so if you want to continue in that direction I can drop you before turning South."

She was a bit taken-a-back by how suddenly he sprung it on her so it took her a moment to think about what he said.  She didn't really want to head South with him and get off the major highway, if she had wanted to do something like that she could have stayed with Joseph. 

So after thinking about it a couple minutes she responded, "I definitely want to continue Northwest so if you can drop me somewhere safe on the highway that'd be great."

"You got it Senorita" he replied.

He drove for another hour and a half before pulling over on the side of the highway by several gas stations, "This look okay my turn off is the next exit?"

She looked out of the windshield distressed that it wasn't daylight yet and she hadn't had a shower since they had sex.  "Sure" she replied not sure what else to say. 

She gathered her duffel beg and backpack and then climbed down out of the truck, waiving as he put the truck back into gear and pulled away leaving her there standing alone in the dark.

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very few authors can evoke my emotions like you do Want to beat the guy with those pool cues. Ram ViKtor's up Roger's ass and run over Jose with his own truck!. On Top of that I was late for work ! Need i say Looking forwardto the next installment!

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Chapter 20  "Joseph Arrives Home"

Joseph was finally getting close to home.  He had to drop his load with the customer first and once that was complete he would only be two hours from his home.

As usual he had his familiar Country and Western music playing in his truck.  But for the first time ever it frustrated him occasionally when it was a song about love or losing a woman.  Ol'Jack wasn't helping much either he would whine and groan now again and rested his head on the passenger seat where Sammi sat. 

Joseph couldn't get to his delivery destination soon enough he was ready to get home and get into his own bed.  Finally after what felt like forever he was backing the big rig to the loading dock.  The one good thing for Joseph was he had very good relationships with his customers.  As an independent operator rather then a driver for a big corporation he maintained those relationships, negotiated fair and reasonable prices and set the deadlines that he considered reasonable and most importantly safe timelines. 

Like with almost every customer a smile filled handshake, greeting and even hug was exchanged with the two men.  They worked together to get the trailer unloaded and after a bit more hard work Joseph was back on the road on his way home.

As he headed home he let out a big exhale and said to Ol'Jack, "Ol' friend, back in the day it just took a phone call and the wife would have had a good home cooked meal on the table.  But we both know that can't happen anymore."  The loving faithful friend listened to his master as if he understood every word. 

Joseph continued, "You know a lot of times we would stop at a cafe or diner and get a bit to eat.  Who knows if any of the food at home hasn't spoiled yet, but I don't feel much like stopping and especially having to talk to people."

Ol'Jack let out a whine that was likely a yawn, but Joseph took it as a statement, "Yeah, I miss Sammi too.  If she were with us, I'd probably want to stop at a good restaurant for a good meal.  But I'm tired.  I'm ready to get home.  Think maybe we could do fast food old friend?  I know it's not healthy but I'm tired."

Ol'Jack barked and Joseph took that as an agreement for fast food.  As they got near home Joseph pulled through a fried chicken fast food place, "Mary used to make the best fried chicken didn't she boy.  We'll get this in honor of her and sone mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob."

He pulled up to the order board and placed his order, picked up the food at the window and drove home.  He was frustrated that he knew he needed to disconnect his trailer like he always did and that made his mind flash back to washing the trailer with Sammi.  Before that day he couldn't remember the previous time he had a water fight.  The smile on her face was so beautiful and energetic and made him feel like a kid again.

He backed the trailer right off the circle drive where he always did.  He helped Ol'Jack down from the truck now that they were on their property.  He was surprise the dog didn't run around but instead laid down and watched Joseph unhook the trailer. 

He had it unhooked pretty quickly and then drove the cab to its normal parking spot under an oversized car port.  He then shut the truck down, got his bag out and the fried chicken as well.

He walked towards the house with his dog right behind him up onto the front porch and up to the front door and then noticed it was slightly open, "What the fuck?"

Joseph carefully pushed the door open.  As he could see farther into the house he saw many things lying on the floor.  He realized his fifty inch television screen was shattered, "Son-of-a-bitch Ol'Jack, we've been broken into."

He walked over by his recliner picking up the house phone and dialed 911 and asked for the police.  The operator confirmed his address and said she would dispatch the county sheriffs office. 

After hanging up the phone he looked around a little more.  As he got closer to his deceased wife's favorite chair he saw the book case with her special knickknacks most knocked over and several broken.

Ol'Jack watched his over six foot tall master, the man that had fended off high jackers trying to steal his truck, the man who worked long hard hours but always took him along, only ever seeing him crying at the funeral home the first time he saw his wife in her casket.  But when Joseph's eyes and mind saw his wife's favorite items knocked down and several broken he hurriedly sat down in her chair, a place he never sat before and started sobbing in his hands, loud hart tearful sobs. 

Ol'Jack walked slowly over to his master resting his head on his leg. 

They were home, but home had been violated.

It took a while before a sheriff's deputy arrived.  Joseph pulled himself together and met the deputy at the door.  They walked around together and the deputy asked Joseph what was missing.  Some electronics including Joseph's computer and his wife's laptop he realized we're missing as well as jewelry.  To the most part it appeared that the house was searched and trashed and a lot of items damaged and broken. 

The deputy noticed the fried chicken bag and asked about it and Joseph confirmed he had just gotten home and it was his food.

The deputy suggested that he get a hotel for a day or two and they would gather any evidence they could find.  Joseph wasn't happy but he did want them to try to collect evidence.

So after spending a bit more time with the deputy Joseph and Ol'Jack got back up in the truck and headed to a hotel.  Joseph went to one with a restaurant and through the chicken now cold into the garbage, mostly out of anger and the violation.

After eating and getting his clothes and toiletries out of his bag he was stunned to see a small black shirt with bright colors in his bag.  It was the shirt Sammi had on the day he first picked her up.  He felt like a ridiculous teen boy and lifted it to his nose and was happy he could smell her scent on it.  He held it to his chest and didn't even get mad when Ol'Jack got up on the bed and laid down by him.  Again he found his eyes filling with tears, he really missed the attractive young woman with so many secrets.  He sat in silence for a long time holding her shirt, missing his wife and the young hitchhiker.  Eventually he laid down and went to sleep mad it wasn't in his own bed or with the lovely young woman he had gotten so attached to.

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Oh tell me he's about to ride to find her! She deserves happiness!

July 11, 2018, 07:59:17 AM
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This may very well be the best story I have read on this site. Your writing is phenomenal, keep it up!

July 11, 2018, 05:36:07 PM
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Chapter 21 "Things Are About To Change"

Within just a few minutes and a few steps of walking down the highway she realized besides being dark it was much cooler not really appropriate temperature for shorts.  She took a deep breath not very comfortable she was outside walking along side the highway alone in the dark.

An old green pickup truck pulled alongside where she was walking and an older red haired man with a full beard asked her if she needed a ride.  Immediately she answered, No thanks I'm just about where I was going."

She was very relieved when he pulled away and she didn't see him hit the brakes on the truck in front of her.  A few semi trucks went by not slowing down but she didn't have her thumb out either.  After walking for about forty minutes an old four door Chevy slowed as it was passing her and pulled over on the shoulder in the direction she was walking so either she had to stop walking or walk past the car.

She slowed her pace but didn't want to stop completely and she was pretty sure she could see two people in the car.  Finally as she approached the car a grey haired old woman popped her head out of the window, "Young lady please tell me you're not hitch hiking?"

The age of the woman, definitely in her sixties and the manner in which she asked the question caught Sammi by surprise and made her feel like a bad child being scolded by her grandmother, "Ummm Yes ma'am I ummm am trying to get farther Northwest."

"Young lady do you not know how dangerous hitchhiking is?  Especially for a pretty girl like you" the woman asked?

Sammi didn't intend to but rolled her eyes a bit, "Yes ma'am I'm sorry. My umm boyfriend and I had an argument and he kicked me out of his car" she lied.

The old woman reached to the back door and unlocked it, "Get in here young lady."

Sammi opened the back door and put her duffel bag and backpack in the car and sat down on the seat, "Thank you.  It was a bit colder out then I expected."

The old woman looked in the back seat and saw Sammi was in shorts, "Oh my goodness you're going to catch a death of cold.  This is Herbert and I'm Maud.  What's your name young lady?"

"I'm Sammi, nice to meet you" she replied and shook Maud's hand.

"Herbert, this is Sammi" the old woman said loudly to the old man driving, "He's a bit hard of hearing.  Where are you headed" Maud asked?

"What's her name" Herbert asked loudly?

"Sammi" Maud said again.

Sammi couldn't help giggle a little then answered, "Northwest."

You can go now" Maud said to Herbert loudly.  Then she looked back at Sammi, "Sammi, honey Northwest can mean a lot of things do you have a specific place you're going?"

Sammi thought about her answer a moment then decided to be honest, "No Ma'am I'm just trying to find a nice Northwest small town."

Maud responded enthusiastically, "Well we are headed up North to visit my daughter.  She says it's a nice small town she lives in.  I guess there is no problem if you want to ride there with us."

Sammi had to think about it a minute.  She wondered if she should try to get another ride or two but she was tired of the stress.  It was just too good an opportunity to pass up, "That sounds okay to me.  Are you and Herbert married?"

Maud laughed, "No, no, We met at the senior retirement community where we live.  We're just really good friends and Herbert has a car and still has his driver's license.  His vision isn't too bad but he's just a bit hard of hearing especially if his hearing aids are acting up."

"Huh, what'd she say?  I didn't get that" Herbert asked?

Maud answered, "Sammi said thank you for the ride."

Sammi giggled at Maud's interpretation of the conversation.  She looked around and looked at the road.  She highly doubted that they were going to sexually assault her so in that area she was safe.  But it would have been funny if it wasn't scary that his vision wasn't too bad and she knew his hearing was bad.  Would he hear an emergency vehicle approaching or a horn from another car or truck.  She couldn't help nervously giggle when she thought about Jose talking about all the bad drivers on the road including senior citizens.  She shook her head in disbelief that she was now in a car with maybe one of those drivers.

Fortunately the traffic didn't seem too bad so there weren't any incidents.  After a few hours when Sammi was just about drifting off to sleep she heard the old couple talking about stopping for breakfast.  She couldn't help but hear as they both spoke loud.  Within just a few more minutes they made a stop at one of the chain breakfast places.  It felt good to stretch her legs and she felt pretty relaxed and safe with them. 

The breakfast conversation was light and Sammi was relieved that Maud really liked to talk about herself.  She revealed that they were heading to the Northwest because her daughter had given birth to her first grandchild.  She even had several pictures with her and showed them to Sammi and Herbert.

Sammi felt bad because Herbert couldn't understand her high pitched voice very well.  But they all seemed to have a good time.  She wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't hear her well of if he just normally did that but Herbert seemed to stare at her quite a bit but Maud kept the conversation going and Sammi just blew it off. 

Herbert and Maud both got senior citizen discounts on their breakfast so Sammi decided to buy breakfast.  She knew she really needed to watch her money but after everything Joseph did for her she thought she should pay it forward.  With the discount the total check for all three of them wasn't much.

Soon they were once again on the road and Maud was the type of woman who could talk about anything and everything.  One of the things that Maud talked about was how much her daughter seemed to like the town where she lived.  She shared it was a pretty small town that had good schools and a low crime rate.  She said her daughter had even met the mayor and chief of police.  Maud even suggested it might be a good place for Sammi if she didn't have a more specific destination in mind besides Northwest. 

The conversation moved on to Maud's excitement to see her grandchild.  After what had happened with Jose, Sammi found herself more relaxed with this old couple then she had felt in a long time.  After going on an on about the her grandchild Maud started talking about the senior community where they lived. 

She talked about the multiple events they had, the trips they would take and the games they played.  She then bragged on Herbert saying he was the best at playing games everything from dominos, bridge, gin rummy and many more, so much that a lot of the other seniors wouldn't play if he was playing.  She said "Herbert is as sharp as a tack even at 90 years old and his vision is good too.  He wins at all the games of skill or math almost every time.  Don't you Herbert?"

"What's that" he quickly asked?

And both women chuckled and Maud added "He doesn't play Bingo unless he gets a seat where he can easily see what's called. 

With all the conversation the time passed quickly and before long they stopped for fast food.  They got out of the car and went in and each paid for their own food.  While standing in line Sammi first noticed that like a gentleman Herbert held the door for both Maud and her.  But he stood behind Sammi and she felt him 'accidentally' brush against her bottom.  After it happened two more times she started questioning how accidentally it really was.  But they all got their food and took a seat at a table.

Herbert sat next to Maud and directly across from Sammi and his eyes seemed to watch her every move.  But as always Maud kept the conversation going and had them all laughing.

After lunch once again they were on the highway Northwest.  Once on the road there was a bit of conversation but it only lasted about an hour before Sammi started finding herself nodding off to sleep.  She had hardly gotten a few hours of sleep and started with a very early day so it wasn't surprising to her that she was drifting in and out of sleep.  Maud recognized this and the conversation ceased for a few hours. 

Sammi woke again mid afternoon and immediately noticed Maud was sleeping so she sat silent in the backseat but watched the scenery passing by and the road.  Herbert had the oldies playing softly on the car radio.  She thought she saw him looking in the rear view mirror at her a few times. 

Maud woke a little before dark and pretty quickly started chatting about the senior community where they lived.  As the sun continued to set she started talking about watching for a place to eat dinner.  They drove almost another hour and it became fully dark before they found a place to stop for dinner. 

It felt good to get up and out of the car.  They stopped at a chain restaurant that served breakfast all day and had a gift shop.  They were seated again with Herbert and Maud side by side and Sammi tried to sit across from Maud but at the last second Herbert changed seats with Maud. 

After looking at the menus they ordered their food and mostly sat quietly all seeming tired.  The food came and all ate their food pretty quickly.  They talked about finding a hotel for the night soon to avoid Herbert having to drive too much in the dark. 

Maud asked Sammi if she wanted to just share a hotel room with two beds with them.  She said her and Herbert could share one bed and Sammi could have her own bed.  She said they could all save money that way rather then what it would cost to get two room.  Knowing she really needed to watch her money the young hitchhiker agreed.

After finishing eating and splitting the check they loaded back into the four door car and got back onto the highway.  They drove a bit longer then Maud would have liked but after just under two hours she spotted a road sign for one of the road side motels and they pulled off the highway. 

Herbert checked into the motel and got a room with two beds and they all carried in their own bags.  When they set their bags on the bed they were going to sleep in Maud picked the bed closest to the bathroom so Sammi sat her bags on the bed closest to the door.  Herbert waited on the two women to put their bags down then the 90 year old, with a huge smile on his face set his bags on the same bed where the young hitchhiker set her bags. 

Sammi stood there with her mouth wide open and Herbert had a mischievous grin on his face, "Want to share a bed young lady?"

But before Sammi had to find a delicate way to talk her way out of it the old woman swatted her travel companion and friend on his butt, "Behave yourself old man or you'll be sleeping on the floor" and she picked up his bags and put them on the bed with her bags.

"I was just funnin with you all.  Can't an old man make a joke?  Besides she might of said it was fine" he said waiting and after a few seconds the two women burst out in laughter, "Besides, I'm in the sexual prime of my life!  I'm hot to trot in the community.  I still got all my teeth" he smiled an exaggerated grin making the two woman laugh more, "Are you sure you don't want the Casanova of the Community to share your bed tonight" he asked Sammi with a huge smile on his face?

Maud got an extra blanket down from the closet tossed it on the floor and also grabbed his smallest bag setting it on the floor next to the blanket, keep it up Casanova of the Community and you'll be sleeping alone on the floor."

They all broke into laughter and he picked his small bag up setting it on the nightstand next to the bed close to the bathroom.

They then all proceeded to get ready for bed and before long they had all showered and brushed their teeth and we're ready for bed.

They turned most of the lights off and had the television on for a little while until everyone settled into bed.  As soon as the first person seemed to be sleeping the television and light were turned off.   It wasn't too long before they all had drifted into slumber.

Holly was absolutely exhausted from her experience at the bar.  She couldn't help be surprised by the fact that Viktor had brought her home instead of Roger and it almost felt liberating that someone besides Roger set the rules.  What she didn't think about was the fact she provided Viktor her address and even guided him finding her home.  She had no idea how Roger had met or knew any of his 'friends' or if any of them knew where Roger lived.

But it was a relief being away from Roger if even for a short time and more importantly out of his control.  Even though Viktor didn't treat her much if any better it was a bit fun to watch someone else tell Roger what to do. If course Viktor was no angel.  He had subjected her to the pool cue sticks squeezing her breasts, penetrating her sex and being used on the pool table.

He even broke his promise that if she participated with Dwayne during sex she would not have to have sex with anyone else but then after his promise Viktor fucked her against the wall in the bathroom.

But there was something different about what Viktor had her do with Dwayne and with him in the bathroom.  Before those two sexual experiences she pretty much had submitted and surrendered to sex with the men and did little more then just lie there and take it.

But somehow on the sofa with Dwayne, Viktor had convinced her to use her body and participate in the sex.  She never could have imagined how much a difference that made and she wasn't sure how to feel about that.  The difference between every other time and her last two sexual experiences were highly different.  By doing what Viktor asked and using her body to participate in the sex felt so incredibly different. 

While they had made a point on the pool table how her body naturally responded to stimulation, even pain by moving with the sexual stimulation and using her energy to participate it changed how EVERYTHING felt. 

That made Holly question everything about herself. Was she sick and twisted and turned on but strange me doing horrible things to her?  Was she a dirty, filthy pain slut like Roger had tattooed on her body? She knew her body responded to both Dwayne and Viktor but she had just met both men that day and knew virtually nothing about them.  She felt ashamed and depressed that her body responded and if she was honest with herself it might have even been pleasurable.

Like every little girl, Holly dreamt of romance and fairy tales and believed in true love and white weddings.  She knew about the butterflies a kiss on the cheek or lips from a boy could bring but she never would have imagined not being repulsed by complete stranger sex that felt something other then horrific. 

She realized she had no understanding of the power of shame and low self esteem.  While deep in her thoughts she heard Roger come home and her entire body tensed.

It was just a few minutes before he opened her door.  He walked in her room and every muscle in her body tightened.  He walked over to the bed where she was lying under the covers and stood over her.  He starred down in her eyes and she was frightened by what he thought.

Finally he spoke, "Did you have a nice time?"

"No" Sammi quickly but softly replied.

"Sure looked like you did to me.  You might say you didn't but your body said otherwise.  But not to worry more fun to come tomorrow" he said with a strange look on his face and turned and left the room. 

Holly laid there quite a while before going to sleep terrified about what was yet to come.

Sammi woke in the night several times because of her nightmares so when she heard Maud up and around before daylight she just felt that much more exhausted.  Maud was happy to find a coffee maker in the room and started coffee brewing.  It wasn't very long before Herbert was up as well as soon as the coffee was ready. 

Maud and Herbert after having their first cup of Joe started getting cleaned up to get back on the road.  When Sammi realized that she finally drug herself out of bed, used the toilet, cleaned up and got dressed as well.  She had a small cup of coffee not being much of a morning Joe drinker.

Before long they were packed up and once again on the road.  After a stop for breakfast Maud once again invites Sammi to travel all the way with her and Herbert to the town where her daughter and new grandchild live.

Sammi can't help but question should she stay on the main highway and catch one or two more rides, but each ride came with risks and she didn't even know if anyone was looking for her or even if her mom was worried about her or more important safe with Roger but she chose him.

She made her decision and told them she would like to travel the rest of the way with them to Maud's daughter's home town.  Maud seemed pleased about that decision and replied, Well we should be there in about eight hours or so.

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Even what most would consider a throwaway chapter, you make me try to figure out where it's going to go, The idea of O.A.P. Sex with Sammi would have been wrong to me but then you're the writer all i can do is read what you post!

July 11, 2018, 09:37:35 PM
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This may very well be the best story I have read on this site. Your writing is phenomenal, keep it up!

Take my word for it Zaren, anything with "Written By brokenwing" is a must read story on this site.
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In my honest opinion she, Vile8r, jed and Emily are the best writers on this site!

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Brokenwing never has a "throwaway" chapter. They are all part of a bigger picture!

July 20, 2018, 01:42:46 PM
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The irony of the next chapter you are about to read is that when I first wrote Chapter 1 this is where the story was headed but it took me 22 chapters to get there.

Thank you very much for reading this story.  I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I do.

A special thank you to everyone who leaves a comment.  You make it worth the time and effort it takes to write the story.

July 20, 2018, 01:47:03 PM
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Chapter 22  "Meeting New Friends"

It wasn't very long after dark that Maud said with excitement, "Oh Herbert we're almost there.  I'm finally going to meet my grand baby."  "Yep I think we are just about there" he replied.  Sammi sat up straight in the backseat, after dark it was hard to see out of the car and even with what she could see, she had no idea where she was anyway but the anticipation of arriving somewhere to maybe someplace maybe the end of the journey away from Roger exciting.

Herbert slowed the car down as the GPS indicated they were closer and finally pulled the car into a driveway at a house.  He parked the car and Maud could hardly wait to take her seatbelt off and get the car door open.  Sammi watched as Maud hurried up to the door of the house.  Within minutes of her walking to the door it opened and a woman opened the door and they hugged excitedly.

Herbert got out of the car and slowly walked towards the door.  He shook hands with the woman and Sammi could see they were all talking.

The gravity of everything that had happened since Roger had moved into her mother's home hit Sammi hard.  She was watching Maud happily hug her daughter ecstatic to meet her granddaughter.  But Sammi didn't know if she would ever see her mother again.  She realized she had run away from everyone she knew from her mother, her friends and even the teachers at school.  To get away from the rape and abuse from Roger her mother's boyfriend she left everything she knew.

It was mind boggling how after a journey of walking, bus service and rides with complete strangers she was now thousands of miles away from everything and everyone she had ever known.  Spending the amount of time she did with Joseph and his faithful friend Ol'Jack was a good distraction for the life she had left behind.  And even though he had forced himself upon her even Jose was a distraction from what she had left behind. 

But now she had arrived, in a small Northwestern town but realized it wasn't like she was going home to a room in her mother's house where the rent and all the bills were paid by her mom.   It would never be that way again.

Now that she arrived in the new town she had to find someplace to live and a job and that wouldn't be easy with an assumed name and more importantly without identification.  She had achieved the new start she wanted but the realization hit her hard that she had no idea if she was ready for it or even how to do it.

She found herself frozen in the backseat of the car, overwhelmed by everything and started to cry. 

Her fear and self pity were interrupted when Herbert opened the car door and sat down on the edge of the backseat by her putting an arm around her and pulling her into his chest, "It'll be okay young lady.  It's okay."

He had always seemed perverted in the manner he looked and stared at her but this felt very different.  Despite her anxiety at being truly on her own for the first time everything about the manner he held, comforted and spoke to her seemed genuine. His voice was much softer and his arm was just around her shoulder.

When she calmed down a bit he guided her to get out of the car and head into the house, "Maud is already inside with her daughter meeting the grand baby.  Let's get inside too okay Sammy?"

He slowly guided Sammi into the living room after locking up the car with all their belongings.

Once inside he had her sit on the sofa and he got her a glass of water from the kitchen.  She could hear Maud's voice talking excitedly in the other room.

Eventually Maud and her daughter came back to the living room and Maud introduced Sammi to her daughter, Gail.  They all visited a while but Sammi was mostly quiet.

Maud's daughter, after hearing that Sammi would need a place to live, thought of a friend of a friend of hers who needed a roommate in an apartment.  She offered to get Sammi the information tomorrow. 

The conversation went on a bit longer before everyone wound down and started to head to rooms to go to bed.  Sammi was told she could sleep on the sofa and Gail got her pillows and linens.

The next morning Sammi heard people up moving around and quickly recognized Maud's voice and the smell of coffee.  She realized her bags, both the backpack and duffel bag were lying on the floor near the sofa where she had slept. 

It wasn't long before she could smell breakfast cooking and she got up, got clean clothes and toiletries out of her bag and then went to the restroom she used the previous evening before going to bed.

Everyone had breakfast and Sammi finally got to meet Maud's grand baby.  It was difficult seeing the emotion shared with Maud, her daughter and grandchild because it reminded Sammi how alone she was and made her question if she should have stayed with Joseph and Ol'Jack or maybe even her mom and Roget but she knew she couldn't change that now.

After breakfast Sammi helped clean up the breakfast dishes and Maud's daughter, Gail, said she would call her friend to see if the other friend still was looking for a room mate.

Sammi watched TV a while with Herbert and it was a little annoying because her needed it so loud.  But a few hours and a few game shows later Gail gave Sammi a name, Karen Winters, phone number and address and told her she could call her after five that evening since Karen would be at work till then. 

At half past five Sammi called the number and was able to reach Karen.  She was still looking for a room mate and Gail offered to drive Sammi to the address to meet her and see the place. 

They got to the apartment and Sammi invited Gail to go in with her so they went in and both met Karen.  She showed the apartment, it was small but was a two bedroom and Karen worked and was also a student at the local College.  The rent would be half of the $600 rent plus half the utilities.  Sammi was honest with Karen that she only had money for one months rent and still had to find a job. 

Karen seemed a bit hesitant knowing that she might find another student from the college.  They shook hands and Karen told Sammi she would let her know and she and Gail headed back to Gail's home. 

On the way back home Gail did drive Sammi around the area showing her they were close to a fun area of town with lots of shops.  They got back to the house and Gail told her mom about the apartment and Karen's concerns. 

It left Gail stressed out since her mom told her that they had picked up Sammi hitchhiking.  But Maud told her everything would be okay and that she was pretty confident Sammi was a nice girl.  Gail was worried because what was she supposed to do if Sammi didn't find a place to live.  She didn't really want a stranger in her home with a new baby and Maud and Herbert were only staying just under a week.

Sammi was pretty down but two days later Karen called and said she would take the chance as long as Sammi paid the full $300 up front.  The next day Gail drove Sammi to her new apartment.  She signed a month to month agreement with Karen and paid her for one month. 

Once she finalized things with Karen she looked through her bag and found a nice dress to wear to start looking for a job.  Sammi was thankful that Joseph had insisted she get a few nice things to wear.  She walked to the nearby shops and started filling out applications.  She immediately found a few places with jobs available and even had two interviews that day and one of those offered her a job immediately but they told her they would need identification and a social security card. 

By the end of the business day Sammi walked back to the apartment dejected.  Without ID she was very unlikely to find a job. 

The only good news was when she got back to the apartment Maud and Herbert were there and they had done some yard sale shopping for inexpensive furniture for her room.  They found a small desk and a night stand and dresser.  Maud bragged that Herbert had negotiated them down to $50 for all three pieces.  Maud also got an old heavy quilt she had given Gail that she was not using that Sammi could use for a pallet and bought a new set of twin sheets and two pillows.  That made Sammi feel a bit better about the day she had had and she gave each of them a big hug. 

For the next few days Sammi went to business after business getting a few more interviews but everyone said they needed identification.  She was feeling more stressed and demoralized.

Sammi had worked really hard to establish her life on her own as a runaway thousands of miles from  her mom, Rachel, and her mom's latest boyfriend Roger.

It had not been easy traveling across multiple states with limited money she had earned babysitting.  It didn't take her long to realize it also wasn't easy to find even the most basic job without any type of identification or a birth certificate. She didn't know if her mom had reported her missing but not wanting to take a chance she had taken the first name of her beloved childhood dog, Sammi, and thought herself clever to take the sir name Shepherd.  Sammi was a chocolate lab but she had never heard of anyone with the last name Labrador so why not have a last name with the same initial as her fictitious first name and one she could easily remember and hopefully quickly learn to respond to, so now she was Sammi Shepherd.  But she had no identification with that name.

The day before Maud and Herbert were due to go back home she went into a hair salon by the name of Kat's Cuts and Salon.  There were only two people there, a customer and the hairdresser.  The moment she walked in the door the hair dresser simply said, "Take a seat, I'll be right with you."

Sammi didn't want to be rude and interrupt so she did as she was asked.  It wasn't very long before the hairdresser was finished and the customer got up out of the chair.  Sammi quickly complimented the cut and style saying, "Your hair looks so beautiful."  The customer quickly said, "Oh thank you!  Kat is the best, you really like it?

Sammi quickly replied, "Absolutely!"

She paid Kat for the haircut and then walked out of the door.

Sammi immediately held out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Sammi Shepherd and I was wondering..."

Kat, rather then shaking her hand took hold of her wrist and guided her next to the swivel chair where she had worked on the other customers hair.  She used a spray bottle on it and a towel to clean it then said, "Have a seat.  You have lovely hair!"  She was running her fingers through Sammi's hair flipping it this way and that, "Can I cut and style it for you?"

Sammi giggled but then said, "I was wondering if you have any job openings?"

"Unfortunately it's a one girl show here but I'd still like to cut and style your hair for you, you have a few split ends" Kat said still moving Sammi's hair this way and that, even showing the ends of some hair to her, then grabbed a fresh cape and put it over Sammi to protect her clothes.

"I um don't have a job.  I don't have the money for a style or cut right now" as she said the words the fact that what she had said was true sent Sammi into an emotional tail spin and tears filled her eyes and then began to run down her cheeks.

Kat was a very high energy, happy go lucky person but the moment she saw that Sammi was crying she moved in front of her and took hold of both of her hands, "You poor dear, are you okay?  I didn't mean to upset you."  She then grabbed a tissue box holding it where Sammi could grab tissues, "I'm going to do your hair, for no charge and you just tell me what's worrying you."

She brushed Sammi's hair and parted it multiple different ways.

Sammi wiped her tears and pulled herself together, "I just moved here by myself but I don't have very much money.  I found a place to live but if I can't find a job I'll have to go home to my mother and new step father and I can't stand him, he really creeps me out.  The worst part is I don't have all the identification stuff I'm supposed to so even though I had a few places interested I couldn't get the job."

It made Sammi nervous when Kat started cutting her hair.  It had certainly been some time since her last haircut but she was already cutting and styling so there wasn't much she could do now.  Kat continued to carefully snip here and there.  Then she took her young customer to the back to wash her hair. 

Kat adjusted the water temperature then wet Sammi's hair and then began to scrub her hair and scalp with shampoo.  Despite all her stress the young runaway couldn't help but relax and enjoy how good it felt to have her scalp massaged.  Kat smiled when she saw the young woman close her eyes and relax. 

After working the shampoo in Sammi's hair really well Kat then rinsed it really well continuing to scrub and massage the scalp.  She then squirted conditioner in her hair, "This is my favorite conditioner and will help with the split ends."

After massaging the conditioner around she stepped away for a moment and came back with a stool and sat down, "So I think I have a proposal for you that might help you or you might turn me down.  To the most part, I prefer to do everything for my customers myself but that can cost me money.  Now and then I have had an assistant to wash, shampoo and condition clients hair and when they were willing do color.  Color isn't the most pleasant because of the smell.  My art is how I cut and style hair.  But if you would be interested I would be willing to have you assist with washing hair, cleaning the floor, doing the laundry and if you want to learn it, color.  I can pay you cash for only the work you do without all the paperwork, what you pay taxes on is between you and the IRS.  I doubt it would be enough to pay your rent but it will give you some income and I have more customers then I can give full service to on most days.  So it would allow me to book more cuts and styles.  The side benefit is that my customers are from all over town and vary from college kids to rich old ladies, I only mention this because one of my customers might know of a better job prospect then working for me.  The only thing I ask is that you let me bring up that question.  I know my clients so I'd know who is okay to ask and who would not be the right person to ask.  Why don't you think about my proposal while I rinse that conditioner from your hair."

Kat got up from the stool, put it away and began rinsing the conditioner from Sammi's hair once again scrubbing and massaging Sammi's scalp, "This is how I always wash my customer's hair.  It feels terrific to have your scalp massaged.  It makes them want to come back.  If you decide to become my assistant I would expect the same type of service from you."

Sammi was overwhelmed by the scalp massage, how kind Kat was giving her a free cut and style and by her offer that at least would bring in some money, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

Kat smiled, "Of course I'm sure or I wouldn't have suggested it.  That way too if you have an interview we can just move things around on the schedule."

After rinsing all the conditioner from Sammi's hair she once again guided her back to the swivel chair and began brushing, blow drying, styling and a few more snips with scissors.  Before long she turned Sammi to the mirror and asked, "What do you think?"

Sammi started to cry again.

"Please tell me those are happy tears" Kat asked concerned.

Sammi hugged her and nodded and still with the slight sound of crying in her voice said, "It's the first time I've felt pretty in a very long time."

Kat handed her a tissue, grabbed her phone and walked Sammi over to a portion of mirrored wall, "Now smile and look here at me!" 

Sammi smiled a big smile and looked both in the mirror and at Kat.  It was the first time she felt pretty, girly and feminine, but not like a sex object

She hugged her new employer one more time, "Thank you so much."

"You are very welcome.  Will I see you tomorrow at 8 AM" Kat asked?

Sammi raised her eye brows, "You want me here then?"

"If you want to work and get paid!  Yeppers!"

"I'll be here then" Sammi replied and turned to leave, "Thanks again."

She walked back to her new apartment feeling better than she had felt in a long time.  She was proud of herself and the hair cut and style felt nice. 

When she got to her room in the apartment there was no one home so she laid down on the floor on her quilt and sheet pallet.

She thought about how nice it was for Kat to cut her hair but also to give her a temporary job where at least she could earn a bit of money to get her through and at least pay for a few things like food. 

As she lay there she thought about how pretty she felt after the hair cut until she made the mistake of thinking about the day after the horrific day at the bar.

Early the next morning after the day at the bar Roger came to her bedroom.  She was already awake worrying about what he had in mind the night before but pretended she was asleep.  "Get your ass up out of bed and get cleaned up.  I'll have the clothes I want you to wear on your bed when you come out of the bathroom.  Your mother already left for work."

After Holly got out of the shower she saw the clothes he had on the bed and put them on and looked in the mirror.  It wasn't something she might not have put together herself but she somehow thought the school girl look had ulterior motives.

Once she was dressed she headed down to the living room she knew he would be waiting there for her.  He just smiled at her and got up out of his chair and she followed him out to the car.

She felt pathetic simply following him out to his car but she didn't think she had any fight left in her.  He opened the car door for her and she got in. 

She was surprised when he drove back to the tattoo shop.  He got out and opened her door for her and she got out as well hesitantly.  "Would you like any new ink?  I'm getting something" he said as he led her inside.

When they got inside the shop she recognized the two tattoo artists who worked there and who had raped her before.  Immediately Roger pushed her towards one of them and told her, "Kiss them like you're happy to see them. 

The thought made her nauseous but she did as she was told.

It felt strange to her because she realized she had learned from Viktor, "Kiss like you mean it" she thought.  But she did exactly that not only opening her mouth after their lips made contact but by placing her hands on them, tilting her head and returning first one man's then the other's kiss.

They both were surprised but pleased.  The man who had tattooed her before John, took hold of her hand after the kiss and guided her to his station.  He sat her in his chair, smiled at her, lifted her pleated skirt up, grabbed hold of her panties and pulled them down and off.

Then what just seemed strange like in the natural course of business he asked, So do you know what tattoo you'd like.  While she took a moment to pull her thoughts together especially with what he'd just done he rubbed the bare flesh on her thighs above her knee socks he was slowly nudging her legs apart.

Sammi was massaging her scar on her wrist where she tried to kill herself, "Can you do something here to cover this a little but remind me it's not something I ever want to do again."

He looked at her wrist and showed her a few he thought might be good and then found a puzzle piece representing that life is a puzzle.  While she was looking his fingers slid up between her legs and started rubbing her lips and clit.

He stopped rubbing her and bent down kissing her which caught her off guard but she kissed back.  When he finally broke the kiss he started making adjustments to his tattoo lounge chair.  First he pulled her arm above her head on a vertical arm rest.  Once he had that arm there he used velcro to strap around her hand and the arm of the chair lightly restraining it.

He then walked to the other side of the table, lifted her other arm and strapped it around the wrist much harder to pull free from.  He then took one more leather belt and lopped it around her waist joking, "So you don't fall off."

He partly got on top of her and started kissing her again but to her surprise she felt his bare cock touch between her legs as he continued to kiss her he pushed his cock inside her.  She tried to protest but he just kept kissing her and working his cock deeper. 

She hated herself because the way he had pulled off her panties, kissed her, bound her wrists and then waist for some reason aroused her.  He wasn't rough or large so it didn't hurt but instead just seemed to fill an emptiness in her soul.  He was amazed that she didn't continue to resist and even moved her hips. 

Holly couldn't help think of Viktor's advice if she went along and participated it would finish quicker.  His advice was right and within just a few minutes she felt him cum inside her.  He only laid on her a minute or two then got up, secured his pants, washed his hands and gloved up and started tattooing her wrist.

When he was part way through the other tattoo artist came over and looked at the ongoing tattoo but then while Holly was distracted by a sensitive place on her wrist he got between her legs and started pushing his cock inside her.  The artist tattooing her wrist said, "Don't tense up, stay relaxed or you might mess up your tattoo. 

She hated that in her mind it seemed logical that it was more important that a tattoo that would be on her body the rest of her life was more important then a man she had only met once before raping her.  She almost didn't notice that John was paying attention to how the man fucking her moved her body and was careful not to mess up the tattoo making sure his business partner got to fuck her.

She never would have imagined that the two men had done this several times before.  After not too long the second man finished inside her and a few short minutes later the wrist tattoo was complete, "What do you think" he asked both Holly and his business partner.

"Show me the other tattoos you did on her" the second artist asked.  The first artist unstrapped her and lifted her other arm and showed him that tattoo.  He then flipped her onto her tummy, pushed up her shirt and tugged the skirt down and showed him, "Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut" the words stacked on top of one another.  "You didn't accentuate them with flowers or anything, may I" the partner asked and before she could say a word the tattoo gun touched her upper bottom. 

Her first tattoo artist kissed her cheek and whispered, he really can do artistic flowers around script, please let him improve it."  As he said this he strapped her left wrist, kissing her left hand, then right wrist, kissing it as well.  She then felt him pull a wide leather belt over her back just below her arm pits and then she felt one more strap wrap over her calves.

He then came up and sat on a stool by her face.  He's done amazing work it will be beautiful. 

The partner was surrounding the four words with ivy and flowers but as he worked on the flowers and ivy he occasionally also added to the word Slut. 

She never had really ever gotten a good look at the tattoo being on her bottom and had not noticed there was spacing both above and between each letter.  While doing the ivy above the word Dirty he was also thickening darkening and increasing the size of the word Slut. 

Both Roger and John watched in awe as the thickness, darkness and size of each letter was increased but still stylish. 

At one point he also added an & to the right of Pain while still working on the Ivy and flowers. 

John was showing her his portfolio to distract her as his partner worked longer and longer to enhance the tattoo.

Suddenly to the right of the & a capital letter C was added.

Roger was blown away how each letter of Slut darkened, got thicker and even added shading.

As each letter of Slut intensified Roger couldn't help wonder if it was getting dark enough it might even show through white fabric of a skirt or pants and panties.

Holly was surprised when a man she had not seen brought her a small champagne flute.

After two sips Holly whined, "It's really starting to hurt are you almost finished?"

Her original artist said, "It's looking beautiful Holly just hang in there, you just don't want those words there."

Even Roger nicely added, "It really is looking pretty."

The Ivy was weaving all around the words and more flowers were being added but he also had greatly intensified the size and darkness of the word Slut and was now working on darkening the other words and had & CU after Pain.

Two additional men had come into the shop and all were standing or leaning around the artist tattooing Holly.  Roger was blown away how much more the tattoo showed. 

Until he saw the last new letter Roger was a bit upset he wasn't asked about the change but it now read;
Pain & CUM

Roger was delighted that the already degrading tattoo was being enhanced and intensified.

The Ivy and flowers also very nicely surrounded the letters.

Everyone was a bit caught off guard when while watching one of the men took out his cock and began to stroke it while watching her be tattooed. 

No one objected and he continued to stroke his cock.

Roger was watching so turned on.  He could see her skin was getting more and more red. 

The partner would alternate by working on Ivy or a flower in one place or on one of the letters of the five words. At one point John pulled Roger aside and explained he was working with a longer needle getting the ink deeper.  Making it virtually impossible for anyone to ever try to use laser to remove the words.

The original tattoo artist even turned the temperature up in the shop until he noticed Holly was sweating.  Eventually he was delighted when he offered to take off her sweater and she was so hot she agreed. She had no idea who it was but she felt someone first take off one of her shoes and socks and then the other.  All as the tattoo gun continued to permanently tattoo her skin.   

The pain from the steady poking at her buttocks really had her attention and she didn't notice until the first stream if jism squirted across her face and hair, "Hey, No gross" she whined but stream after stream of cum squirted her face and hair. She didn't even initially realize another one of the men had taken his cock out and was also stroking his hard on.

While she was distracted by the cum raining down on her head someone unhooked the clasp of the bra releasing her breasts.  With two quick snips of a sharp heavy duty pair of scissors on the shoulder straps of the bra it was pulled out from under her body the skirt and choker now the only articles left on her almost naked body. 

A third man opened his pants and started stroking his cock and while she didn't hear the entire conversation she heard the word Bukkake mentioned as well as cum slut but it mostly was background conversation.

Just then Roger bent down and took hold of her chin turning it up and the second man erupted multiple streams of warm jism onto her face. 

The moment he put his cock back in his pants and stepped away another man opened his pants and began to stroke. 

The tattoo on her hip was looking very nice, the partner was very talented at letters and every word was not only in a fancier heavier font but visible and readable from quite a distance;
Pain & CUM

It wasn't much longer till the tattoo artist was satisfied with his work and started cleaning and protecting the tattoo just as he had it protected the third man squirted his cum all over Holly's face and hair. 

Once the tattoo was protected they unstrapped her and rolled her onto her back and then once again strapped her down.  Roger got between her legs took out his cock and began to fuck her as two men stood over her face stroking their cocks. 

Holly couldn't open her eyes without risking the salty fluids getting in so she laid there angry, bound and simply just accepted her fate. 

When it was finally over and two more men had fucked her in addition to Roger and she had lost count of how many times cum had squirted on her face and hair she was finally unstrapped, helped up and walked over to a mirror meant to look at a new tattoo.  But instead after Roger carefully wiped only the cum on her eyes off he told her, "Look at yourself Holly you have cum oozing from inside you and all over your face and hair.  You look beautiful.  This is who you are and what you were born to be.[/i]

Sammi got angry with herself for thinking about that day and got up and walked over to the mirror.  The image of her face and hair covered in cum filled her mind first and she had to push those thoughts out of her mind to see the nice cut and style that had been done by Kat.

Despite her efforts to forget Sammi easily imagined any smudges on the mirror as cum on her face.  She wondered would she ever have good self esteem again.

But no matter how hard she tried to see the pretty young girl she used to be, or the pretty girl with the stylish haircut and style the image that reflected back into her mind the most was the Dirty, Filthy, Pain & CUM SLUT. 

What scared her even more was that it had now been several days since Jose had been inside her and she was feeling a strange new emptiness and longing that she had not experienced before.

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