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OMG! This story is emotionally draining! I'm hard as granite, Brokenwing!

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Chapter 8  "It Defines Who You Are"

As Sammi stared out the windshield watching nothing in particular and petting Ol'Jack Joseph was driving and singing with his country and western music a practice he had that kept him awake and helped him keep his eyes on the road.

He was trying to let his passenger not feel like she was being interrogated but he also couldn't help question the things she did that seemed odd.  He took a deep breath and decided to ask something that was bothering him, "Did something happen back at the cafe...with you and Ben?"

It was strange the number of emotions that went through her mind while she thought about how to answer his question the strongest emotion shame.

She looked around and even squirmed in the seat before making a decision how to answer, "He uh...touched me, under the table."

A few minutes passed with no conversation other then the lyrics to the music playing before Joseph responded, "I'm sorry I didn't notice.  I should have, I thought it odd with all the questions he was asking me about old times.  Are you okay?"

She answered first with just a nod, then realized he had to watch the road, "Yeah, I'm okay."  After a few minutes pause she added, "It's not your fault.  You have nothing to apologize for."

She wanted to say she could take care of herself, but even she didn't believe that so she just left it at the apology.

Joseph struggled to avoid making it an interrogation so he decided to make a statement, "Whomever put those bruises on you..." he paused taking a deep breath then continued, "that's pretty messed up and I'm very sorry they did that to you.  There ain't nothing you could have done to deserve to be hurt like that."

After several minutes without conversation Sammi decided to ask him a question about something that was bothering her, "Joseph, when you first picked me um...introduced yourself as Joseph Willis."  She let that hang there for a moment then continued, "But this morning in the cafe Ben called you Joseph Johnson."

Joseph let out a long sigh but then responded, "Sammi, I'm very sorry about that.  But I'd imagine you have no idea how...dangerous...the type of people there are out here on the road.  Truckers have been robbed, injured and on rare occasion even killed.  There are a lot of con artists or just people looking to steal from you or hijack your load. Believe it or not even a few lovely young ladies like yourself.  Sometimes even when it's not about theft, there are some people who are just out to get everything from you they can. 

I had a friend who picked up a girl at a truck stop and just before a weigh station from what he says she tore her own clothing and scratched her neck and chest.  When he pulled in to get weighed she cried rape.  Shortly after she sued the truck company.  They were a big company with deep pockets.  It never even went to court, their insurance company settled for lots of money.  The police did not find enough evidence and never even filed charges but the trucking company fired the driver.  Three months later the police found two other cases in two other states where she filed similar claims.  None of that mattered to the trucking company, or other trucking companies and he couldn't get another job.  He had a wife and kids, a new house and quite a bit of debt.  He couldn't afford to buy his own truck so he lost his home. 

Sammi, I didn't know a thing about you.  Normally I don't pick up hitchhikers.  I can't even explain why I did, but I haven't regretted it for a moment.  But I wanted to be sure you weren't a con artist looking to rip me off.  It's a name I've used before when I've been approached by people I don't know until I know what their intentions are.  I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner my real name, but yes Joseph Johnson is my real name."

Sammi was shocked by everything Joseph said and most of all she was feeling sick to her stomach for asking him about his name when she was using a fake name herself.  She considered telling him the truth but she had no idea what her mom and Roger did after she ran away.  Did they call the police and report her missing?  Is there a police investigations?  She knew because of her age anyone who helped her might get in trouble and she'd likely be sent home.  She never wanted to see Roger again but she had little proof of what he had done.  She was pretty confident she would be sent home to her mom. 

After several minutes of consideration she decided to keep her secret.  Mostly to hopefully protect Joseph.  She was really starting to like him.  She knew he was way to old for her but she couldn't help the fact that she had feelings for him because how amazingly he treated her.  But if her mom reported her missing and the police were searching for her she knew she had to stay to her plan.  She would need to leave Joseph at some point and head in another direction.  She had been seen with him in public places, maybe even on surveillance cameras. 

The thought of leaving him made her sad and she pet Ol'Jack's head because she had become close to them both.  But she could only protect him by not being with him.  If she were found with him, he could get into trouble.  She even considered that maybe she had stayed with them too long already.  The story he just told her about the other trucker didn't make her feel any better.

Again the only sound in the truck for several minutes once again was only the sound of music. 

But Joseph decided to take the conversation in a different direction, "I remember the first time I kissed my wife.  I think I caught her off guard and she was stiff and didn't kiss me back at first.  I was so nervous and scared she was going to slap me, or run off and never talk to me again."

He took a pause gathering his thoughts then asked another question he wanted to know the answer to, "The kiss...before we pulled out at the truck caught me a little off guard."

Again he had to pause to find the right words to decide how to ask the right way, "Did I kiss back okay?"

Once again a little time passed and at first she answered with just a nod, but then remembered he had to watch the road, " kissed back nicely.  It was a really nice kiss."

After a few minutes passed he wanted to apologize again, "Again, I'm sorry about in the motel room, I was out of line."

This time she replied to him quickly, "No, you weren't!  It was the nicest kiss I ever had...until the kiss before we left the truck stop, that is."

He thought about her words and it brought up so many questions but he didn't want to act like a cop or investigator.  He decided to say something to ease the tension, "Your kiss was very nice too.  Ain't no one kissed me like that since my wife.  I'm a lucky man to have been kissed by two such very lovely women."

His words were perfect and did make her smile.

To continue to ease the tension he continued to share a few stories with her about his wife, fun times they had with their sons.  While sharing his stories he had Sammi open a small cooler.  Inside were two different sandwiches from the cafe she could tell based on the paper they were wrapped in.  He asked her to pick the one she wanted and then to fold back the paper wrapper on the other and hand it to him, he couldn't resist taking a chance to pull her leg asking, "Unless you want to take over and drive this old rig."

She shook her head no and said loudly, "Nuh uh.  I'll leave the driving to you."  They both laughed and she did as he asked and handed him one of the sandwiches.  She was surprised how much time had passed since they left the truck stop where Ben had felt her up through her shorts, her daydreaming about what Roger and Dale had done to her and Joseph's walk down memory lane about his wife and sons.  She was definitely hungry enough to eat at least half of the sandwich and with Joseph's approval shared some of the meat from her sandwich with Ol'Jack.

After eating it was pretty quiet in the truck cab for a while when Joseph decided to ask about something he thought would be a safe question, Sammi, I noticed you have some ink on your body, do they have significance to you?"

Joseph had spotted a tattoo on the inside of her right hand ring finger, another on the inside of her right wrist, one on the inside of her left arm close to her elbow and one on the outside of her left calf just above her ankle.  Her short height, barely over five foot, made him question her age but the fact she had at least four visible tattoos lifted his confidence that she could be a young adult. 

He assumed his question would not be an emotional question to answer so he was a bit surprised when he didn't gat a quick answer.  Instead she shifted nervously in the passenger seat thinking how to answer.  After a few moments of consideration she answered, "Yeah most of them."  She paused for just a moment and then lifted up her ring finger which had a cross, "I got this one for God's protection." 

She then held up her wrist and took a deep breath, "This one I got to hide a scar from um...trying to...hurt myself."  As she said the last part her voice tailed off."

Joseph felt guilty for asking what he thought was an innocent question.  The one thing he was now sure of, this girl had been through a lot in a fairly small number of years.

He in a soft tone said, "I'm glad I have had the opportunity to meet you."  He then paused and chose his words carefully, "Sammi, I think you've been through some tough times, in fact I'm pretty confident of that.  But the one thing I know for sure is that Ol'Jack is a good judge of character and normally he is sitting beside my seat and putting that old head of his in my lap. But since you've been in my truck my dog has been by your side every minute.  Ol'Jack knows good people, so I know you are good people."

He took a few moments to once again gather his thoughts then continued, "I'm going to do everything I can to help you and to make sure you're safe.  No matter how bad things were, they're going to get better.  OK?"

Sammi was struggling to hold back tears but at the same time felt better then she had in a long time since before Roger moved into their apartment.  She thought about how to answer Joseph and how to interpret what he was saying.  She replied, "Thank you."  She even made a tiny joke, "And thank you to Ol'Jack too." 

She then in a very soft voice said, "I got the tattoo not only to cover the scar but to remind me..."  She couldn't hold back tears, "That I wanted to keep going.  That I could survive.  I got it the day before I ran away."

Sammi could now no longer look out of the windshield and looked out the side window. 

Joseph gave her some time.  He realized this was all very fresh for her.  He knew he picked up a hitchhiker in a very complicated situation.  He questioned should he just drop her off at the next truck stop and keep going with his delivery with Sammi forever in the rear view mirror. But Ol'Jack took to her.  Usually he didn't like strangers.  Other then Joseph he hadn't spent much time with anyone other then Joseph's wife before she passed.  So at least for now that decision was made.

They rode without talking very much until night fall when Joseph suggested stopping for something to eat.  She quickly agreed and before long he pulled the truck off a highway exit and pulled into a truck stop with a diner.

Once in the diner the mood lightened and Sammi showed Joseph the tattoo's on her finger and wrist.  Joseph could tell it wasn't an easy conversation so he changed the subject to food and got Sammi talking about her favorite deserts.  The mood definitely lightened and they had a nice dinner together. 

Because of the amount of time they spent in the cafe that morning Joseph made a point to move dinner along.  At one point another trucker he knew walked up to the table greeting him, but after just a moment of being polite he told the other trucker they were having a personal discussion and asked could they catch up another time.  Of course the trucker quickly excused himself.

The moment they finished eating, Joseph took care of the check and they headed back to the truck and took Ol'Jack for a quick walk.  After Joseph lifted Ol'Jack up into the truck, he stood ready to help Sammi climb up but instead of facing the truck and starting to climb up she turned her back to the truck and faced Joseph, looking up at him.

It only took Joseph a moment or so for him to theorize why she turned her body towards him, at least he hoped he was right in his theory, he leaned down gently put his arms around her shoulders and as he hoped she turned her chin up, pushed up as high on her tip toes as she could and carefully slid her arms around his waist, although a bit timidly.  Her eyes closed as did his when he leaned just a bit closer and his lips found hers.

He was a bit surprised how quickly she opened her mouth moving quickly to French kissing.  But he loved the softness and wetness of her kiss and was not sure he ever found kissing anyone more passionate then kissing Sammi.  It did catch him a bit off guard but unless a man was willing to accept the risk of hooking up with the lot lizards there weren't too many opportunities for a long haul truck driver to meet respectable ladies to make out with and Joseph was never the type to engage in random hook ups, especially while his wife was alive.  Even since her passing the typical women he met at truck stops were not the type of women he was interested in.  But there was something different about this young woman.  He couldn't really explain it even to himself.  But he pushed the thoughts out of his mind and kissed the beautiful, voluptuous young woman who's arms were wrapped around his waist.

Joseph couldn't help feeling like a lucky adolescent boy.  Sammi excited him like he hadn't been excited in years.  For the first time in years he felt a kiss effect his cock and he was fully erect for the first time in quite a while.  His thoughts in getting the motel room were pure.  His decision to kiss her in the motel room was an impulse and because she was standing there in only a towel.  When she kissed him that morning at the truck stop after breakfast he took it for granted that it was just more of a thank you kiss.  But this kiss felt different.  This kiss felt natural and instinctual between male and female.

Despite needing to get back on the road, Joseph didn't rush to break the kiss, if anything he wanted it to last as long as possible.  Reluctantly he finally broke the kiss and to lighten the mood joked, "You're going to give this old man a heart attack but his smile let her know he was just joking.  "But despite my desire to keep kissing you, we'd better hit the road."

He couldn't resist watching the young woman use her body to climb up into the truck.  He quickly followed, got into his seat, started up the truck, went through his mental checklist and headed out back to the highway.  Joseph suggested to Sammi that she could go get some sleep if she wanted but she responded, "I don't want you sleeping sitting up again.  How long till your rest period?"

"Eleven o'clock" Joseph replied. 

"I'll wait till them.  I want you to have your bed."

For the next few hours it was pretty quiet in the truck other then the typical country and western music.  As it got later Sammi started dozing off now and then.  As it neared the hour he needed to get off the highway Joseph used the CB radio to find out where the next rest stop was or other option for stopping.  Sammi heard the chatter but didn't really listen to what was being said.  It wasn't long before she felt the truck slow, begin braking and pull off the highway. 

Joseph found what he thought was the best place to stop and they all took a quick restroom break.  They got back in the truck and Joseph offered her the sleeper one more time. 

He was a bit taken a back when she asked, "Is there room for me too?"  But without hesitation he quickly replied, "Sure." 

He crawled in first and took everything off except for his boxers and crawled under the covers.  Even though he wanted to be respectful and at first closed his eyes, he could t help peek and saw her take off her bra with her shirt still on and then took off her shoes and her denim shorts.  She then also got under the covers. 

He was lying on his back and she moved right beside him and laid facing him and placed her head on his shoulder and chest and asked, "Is that okay?"

He replied quickly, "Absolutely!"  Then added, "Good night."  To which she replied, "Good night."

Joseph was surprised but loved how it felt to have her rest her head on his shoulder.  He carefully and gently wrapped his arm around her and when she didn't react negatively to that he relaxed.  He hadn't just held a woman in a non-sexual way in years since his wife and it sure felt nice.  He thought about trying to kiss her again now that they were in bed together but he knew they were both tired and needed rest. 

He felt conflicted about the idea of messing around with this young woman.  He knew she was far to young for him and he was nervous she might just be too young.  But the road is a long lonely place and she had an amazing body and was very pretty.  He was definitely attracted to her but he didn't think now was the right time or place.

They were both tired enough sleep came fast.  But it wasn't long before the events of the day somehow came flooding back to Sammi's subconscious.  No matter how much she wanted to put everything that happened with Roger out of her mind, the memories just kept coming back. 

Holly was horrified by what had happened to her while her mom was at work and while Roger had his friend Dale over to watch the game.  Not only had Roger been beating and raping her but he now had invited his friend to rape her. 

When Dale had finished with her Roger let her retreat to her room and once again she couldn't take a shower soon enough.  But even that shower was incredibly humiliating.  The one thing Holly was forced to admit was that lots of fluids were draining from inside her sex.  Even after the water turned cold and she had to turn it off or stand under very cold water thick fluids continued to drain from her sex. 

She went back to her room after the shower with the intention of returning to her schoolwork but no sooner then she looked at her books she knew she had no desire to study. 

So she crawled in her bed and put on music hoping to clear her mind but despite listening to her favorite music she couldn't get what had been happening to her out of her mind.  The shame and humiliation were powerful emotions and despite having just taken a long shower and washing thoroughly she could feel wetness once again in the clean panties she had put on after the shower.  Fluids were obviously still draining from inside her. 

She just felt so much humiliation and shame even after she heard her mother come home from work she just stayed in her bed listening to music. 

Her mom prepared dinner and called from her to come eat but when she didn't Roger came to her room and roughly grabbed hold of one arm and her hair and pulled her out of bed.  Before walking her out of her room he pulled off his belt and swatted her with the belt on the butt three times as hard as he could swing before pushing her out of her room towards the kitchen.

As the two of them entered the kitchen where her mom was finishing dinner Roger swung the belt one more time saying, "Now you listen to your mother young lady and do what she says or you will be punished."

Holly, having already been hit very hard three times had no realization that this fourth hit was much less violent then the other three, but Roger swung the belt much less hard so her mother would not find the hit abusive.  He still held his breath for a few seconds hoping his girlfriend would not freak out at the punishment he enforced on her daughter. 

Holly starred at her mother knowing she had to at least heard the belt hit her bottom and see him holding it in his hand.  Both he and Holly looked at Rachel waiting her reaction. 

Rachel knew her daughter had not had a father figure in her life but she was a bit conflicted by his heavy handed physical punishment.  But through her early teen years, Holly had grown more defiant of her mother and much more mouthy.  With how she had seen Holly react so far to his corporal punishment, she was amazed how Holly seemed to show no defiance only showing maybe a bit of fear. 

Once again she held her reaction to see Holly's reaction, but Roger knew how to work this and put his hand on Holly's shoulder guiding her to one of the chairs at the dining table and said sternly, "Take a seat."  He very skillfully guided Holly over the seat of the chair and then with his hand still on her shoulder pushed her down onto the chair.  When she was just a few inches over the seat he skillfully pushed Holly very firmly down knowing her bottom was already very sore. 

As Rachel went back to finishing dinner and placing food on plates he held his hand on her shoulder pressing her on the chair with as much pressure as he could without it being too obvious.  He bent down next to her ear and whispered, "She made no objection to your punishment Holly."

He was delighted by Holly's reaction dropping her head, not understanding that her mother knew nothing of the first three severe hits.  He was pretty confident that Holly believed that her mother didn't disapprove of him spanking her with the belt. 

Holly stayed silent through dinner as Rachel told the two of them about her day at work.  He was delighted that Rachel was more focused on the stress of her work all but ignoring her daughter's suffering.

He even took the opportunity to praise Holly for helping him with lunch and for being very helpful, nice and polite to his friend Dale.  He stated three times, "She was a very good girl."  He then added, "Dale really thought she was a mature well behaved young lady." 

Hearing him say that Holly couldn't help think of the things Dale had done and how they made her feel, remembering those feelings and hearing him say she was a good girl was confusing.

They finished dinner with more talk of Rachel's work and he volunteered Holly and himself to clean up the kitchen.  Rachel very happily accepted and went to their bedroom to wind down.  He left the kitchen clean up long enough to make Rachel a drink and take it to her but at first she wasn't sure she wanted alcohol but finally to keep him happy took the drink.  In less then thirty minutes she was asleep.

The minute he was sure she was asleep he went to Holly's room and intentionally left the door open.  He then yelled at Holly loudly for disrespecting her mom.  He then grabbed hold of her, bared her bottom sat on the bed and bent her over his lap. 

He then reminded her that she had agreed yesterday to accepting more spanks.  The belt hit her bottom so loud and hard she couldn't help but cry out.  Despite having just gone to bed about a half hour earlier Holly was devastated her mother didn't at least come look into all the noises. 

After striking the same place on her bottom multiple times until it was very red, he started to swing the belt just under her bottom on her upper thighs.  He hit them until he could see the welts beginning to form and then he made his next strike on her lower back just at the top of her butt crack. 

"You're a dirty, filthy slut Holly, you need and deserve this punishment" he said sternly.  Then demanded, "Ask me to fuck your filthy cunt Holly and I'll stop spanking you the minute you do."

She was crying hysterically at the pain and because her mother was letting him do this but she relented and nodded.

He struck her butt three more times then stopped and said, "Holly, I know you want this punishment to stop and want to feel me inside that dirty, filthy cunt of yours again.  Just say 'Yes Please' and I won't spank you down here any more tonight."

She didn't think she could take the spanking anymore so reluctantly through heavy sobs she cried, "Yes please."

Roger lifted her up into his arms and strongly tossed her onto her bed.  Somehow with lightning speed he peeled off his pants and underwear and was immediately on top of her.  He moved his head so aggressively to kiss her their foreheads hit pretty hard, it even made him dizzy for a moment but it knocked her very woozy.  His mouth pressed hard to hers, she was so woozy she didn't open her mouth but it just took one punch into her side to get her to open her mouth instinctually needing air.  He jerked her pants and panties off and pushed her knees up towards her shoulders and thrust hard inside her. 

He took a moment to lay all his weight on her body trying to force his entire cock inside her on one stroke.  He thrust his tongue as deep in her mouth as he could.  He wanted her to feel like he'd pushed his entire body inside hers.  He held there a few moments then finally pulled his hips back and moved his arms under her upper body and from underneath clutched her shoulders.  He then used every ounce of his strength to thrust into her while at the same time pulling on her shoulders hard trying to pull her to him too.

He felt his hips ram hard into her thighs, but that made him realize with her legs pulled up towards her shoulders her thighs were in the way. 

Once again he pulled his hips back, brought his arms out from under her, grabbed hold of her legs and pushed them out as wide as he could not wanting anything between his and her pelvis.  Them again he worked his arms under her until he had hold of her shoulders and then again pushed down on her as hard as he could.  This time he felt his pelvis hit against hers.  It hurt him some so he hoped it hurt her more.  He defiantly felt like he penetrated her deeper. 

He loved that so he started fucking her like that with her legs pushed wide and slamming his hips as hard against hers as he could.  He couldn't remember enjoying fucking anyone as much as he did Holly.  He was sure if he had been this rough with any of his previous girlfriends they could have immediately broken up with him.  He even decided to slap her face a few times and that excited him very much.  He loved his ability to do whatever he wanted with his girlfriend's daughter and the feeling of power and control it gave him.

Fucking her that hard unfortunately made him cum faster then he hoped.  But he did have a great climax. 

He felt drained so he got up and out of bed before falling asleep.  He gave her a quick firm kiss and then went back to his room with his girlfriend who was still sound asleep. 

The next morning he came to Holly's room, she was awake but still in bed.  He stood next to her and said, "Get yourself cleaned up and ready for breakfast we have some things to take care of today."

When Holly got up she felt so sore, especially her hips.  She hated him for what he was doing but certainly her mother heard her cries yet never came to check on her.  She took a long shower but shorter then what she normally would because he seemed intense and got dressed then headed down for breakfast. 

He put a plate in front of her and then surprised her by saying, "Your mom tells me you want a tattoo but she said you couldn't get one until you're eighteen.  I have a friend who is a tattoo artist do you know what you want?"

She looked at him shocked and untrusting.  He continued, "You probably think I'm a monster but I'm just trying to teach you some discipline.  You were pretty good yesterday, Dale enjoyed meeting you and you accepted your punishment last night too.  I want to do something for you and I have a friend who does tattoos, now answer my question, do you know what you want?"

Holly nodded then said, "Yeah I want a dragonfly." 

"Where" he asked? 

She showed him on her leg where she wanted it.

"But I want to make sure you understand that a tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life and defines who you are.  It also hurts to get one and once he starts you have to let him finish the tattoo or it'll look like shit.  Do you understand" he asked"

She nodded.

He then said something that left her unsure, "I'm willing to take you to get the tattoo you want where you want it, as long as I approve the design.  But you also have to get one I pick where I choose.  Deal?"

She wasn't sure of what she thought about that.

"Your mother told me this was something you've wanted for a while.  I'm trying to do something nice for you and I'll take the heat with your mom.  Deal" he asked.

Still unsure she nodded. 

He said, "Okay we leave in ten minutes."

She felt like she was in shock on the ride there in the car with him, she just didn't trust him.  But they pulled into the parking lot of a real tattoo shop.  She got out of the car and went in with him.  He immediately shook hands with a man who himself had multiple tattoos.  Roger introduced her to him, "John, this is the young lady I've been telling you about, this is Holly."

John shook hands with her then said, "Rog tells me you'd like a dragonfly tattoo can I show you some or did you bring your own artwork."  She shook her head no to having brought her own artwork so he went and grabbed two large binders.  He already had a few of the pages marked and flipped to a several of those pages until Holly saw one she liked.  He said, "That's one of my favorites I can do a real nice job for you."

She noticed another person in the shop.  He was in another room and she heard what she assumed was a tattoo gun. 

John then lightly took hold of her arm and walked her over to a padded table and patted it pulling out a step stool.  He told her to lie on her side and asked her to show him where she wanted it.  He used a special pen and sketched it on her leg where she wanted it and let her say if the position, angle and size were okay. 

Roger asked her one more time, "Now Holly, I want to make sure that this is defiantly what you want, where you want it and you understand it hurts but you are agree to allow John to complete the tattoo.  And he's going to do an additional tattoo of my choosing, where I want it.  Understand?"

She nodded her head feeling very unsure.

John cleaned her right calf where she wanted the tattoo and prepared his instruments.  Within minutes he started working on it with the tattoo gun. 

Roger watched and found himself getting turned on when Holly grimaced with pain.  She had no idea that Roger had arranged with John before hand to do a very detailed tattoo filled in so it would take longer and hurt longer and more.  John had promised Roger he would be satisfied with his work.

John worked pretty consistently allowing Holly very little pause from the steady rapid tapping of the tattoo gun.  She had picked a place on her body that was over bone which meant it would hurt a bit more.  He was a very skilled tattoo artist and did a very nice thorough tattoo. 

Roger stood on the other side of a small storage shelf and stroked his cock as he watched Holly take the pain. 

When John finished the tattoo he cleaned her leg, took a picture of it with his phone, showed it to Holly and then put a bandage over it and gave both her and Roger specific instructions how to take care of it.  She then noticed a man come out from the other tattoo artists room, pay and leave.

John then asked her to slide to the end of the padded table and helped her get there with her legs going off the end but she quickly felt a padded place to rest her knees and she was now kneeling bent over the padded table at the waist.

Roger them walked over to where she was and whispered in her ear, "Now remember you agreed.  Don't you misbehave or you will be punished severely.  If you understand nod your head and hold still."

Holly reluctantly nodded but almost immediately panicked. 

John reached under her unbuttoning her shorts.  He pulled her shorts partly down off her lower back and even down off her butt a little.  She was shocked when he started cleaning the top of her right butt cheek.  She was strongly considering saying no to this having no idea what tattoo Roger had chosen but as she was about to do so Roger took a full hand of her hair pulling her head up to look at him, "You're going to love it, it's who you are, just relax."

John finished cleaning the area and then she heard the tattoo gun once again start and felt it begin tattooing on her right butt cheek.  It didn't take as long nor hurt as much as the tattoo on her leg hurt because there was much more padding between her skin and bone on her bottom.  The longer he worked the more the shorts and panties seemed to inch down.  A few times it felt like John tugged them a little but she knew better then to protest.  John did take his time and was artistic with the tattoo using lots of color and fill. 

As he was finishing up the other tattoo artist walked over and stood by Roger behind Holly watching John work.  He said, "That's turning out really hot John, it's very expressive." 

"Thanks man" John replied. 

Holly felt embarrassed the other tattoo artist, a guy was now also able to see her bare ass.

Like before, John cleaned the tattoo, took a photo of the tattoo and then put a bandage on it.  She waited assuming John or Roger was going to show her a picture but neither did.

But as he was securing the bandage he said to Roger, "The payment as discussed?"  Roger replied immediately, "Yes definitely."  John pushed the cart he had all his instruments on away. 

Then Holly heard a sound that her mind recognized a second two late, the sound of a belt buckle unbuckling but as she was about to react she felt John's body press against hers and then felt his cock push inside her, she was once again being raped. 

The table was heavy and the padding thin and didn't budge no matter how firmly he thrusted over and over working his cock inside her.  She was horrified this was happening and cried, "No, no no" as John continued to stroke inside her sex from behind. 

Roger walked to the other end if the table and grabbed hold of her wrists holding her on the table.  He wanted to watch her face, see the fear, watch her experience the pain.  He was delighted when John reached and grabbed a handful of her long brown hair pulling her head up and her back to arch. 

The other tattoo artist stood there watching as John continued to bang Holly against the table. 

"Damn she's tight like you said" John said to Roger, "So very tight." 

Holly's mind was racing with horror and shame.  Only a few weeks earlier before her mother moved Roger in she had barely exchanged a quick peck on the cheek with a boy.  Now she was with a third man in just as many days.  A man she never met before just about an hour earlier yet he had part of his body inside her like it was no big deal.  Even with her protest crying out "No" loudly three times he continued using her.

The table under her despite being padded was hard and jamming against her thighs and hips.  Her sex was so sore from all the sex she had in just the last few days.  Why was Roger doing this to her?

But what troubled Holly even more was regardless of the fact that inside her sex she was swollen and raw from so much use the last few days, she could hear and feel her own heavy breathing and she could feel the familiar movement inside her slowly becoming easier as her body produced natural wetness even with the fact he was using her against his will.  She realized she had moved her legs wider trying to ease the pain but because of doing that she felt his cock touch and rub her deeper inside.  She even could hear her own uncontrollable grunts and groans and even though they had not been touched her breasts, areolas and nipples felt swollen. 

Finally to her relief she heard him grunt his loudest and felt him squirt fluids into her body.  He only made a few more strokes and she was relieved when he let go of her hair and pulled his cock free of her body.  She collapsed on the table. 

She foolishly closed her eyes exhausted and relieved he had finished.  But before her heartbeat returned to a normal rate Holly suddenly felt a bandage start to wrap around her eyes and the back of her head forcing her to keep her eyes closed.  She felt it wrap multiple times more and then the sensation of wrapping stopped but left her unable to see.

She then felt bare legs once again touch on the back of her butt and thighs.  Before her mind comprehended what was happening she felt a hard cock begin to push inside her.

"That's my good dirty filthy pain slut, you're not even close to sore enough to stop yet.  You need to hurt Holly.  You need to ache and be sore.  I know because your body responds.  You know your body continues to respond.  Feel him moving inside you Holly?  Listen to your voice moaning, feel your lungs breathing harder, feel your heart beating faster.  Your body's not ready to stop yet Holly."

"Don't think Holly, don't question just experience it Holly.  I know you're sore but your body is still responding.  Feel the cock stroking in and out of you deep.  You're swollen and raw but you're still responding even with the pain because you're a dirty, filthy, pain slut Holly and your body wants, no needs more.  Just accept it Holly, accept what you feel and who you are.  Your mom is happy and proud of how you have responded to my discipline. 

She told me you wanted a tattoo Holly.  You wanted it even though you knew they hurt just like you want the pain you're feeling now."

Holly was so sore and felt so swollen inside yet couldn't help anticipating feeling it penetrate on each stroke fully inside her.  She realized she wasn't even sure who was inside her.  She assumed and pictured in her mind it was the other tattoo artist but with the bandage around her eyes she couldn't see for sure. 

She was pretty sure she felt him cum and definitely felt the cock pull out.  She head and felt herself panting, tired catching her breath.  But suddenly she felt several hands flip her over onto her back.  She could feel the edge of the end of the table pressing against the top of her bottom.  She then felt hands grab and lift and widen her legs.

Then Roger's voice asked, "Your body needs to hurt more Holly."  The second she heard her name she felt a hard cock push back into her so very sore pussy.  She tried to kick and swing her arms but they were quickly grabbed and held by strong hands and despite her struggling she felt a cock working inside her once more. 

She felt so many emotions, anger, fear, frustration, horror and shame but none of it changed anything.  This time she was completely unsure who was raping her, it could be Roger or John, it was unlikely it would be the other tattoo artist as she believed he had just finished.  But what she feared most is that it might not be any of the three of them.  It could be another man who she had not seen.  But she had no way to know.

Her mind was suddenly taken away from those horrific thoughts when she felt her right breast being rubbed in the same way her leg and bottom had been rubbed when cleaned before getting the tattoo.  As she had thought she suddenly heard the tattoo gun and then felt it make contact with her right breast flesh.

She screamed in terror at the realization that while she was being raped by someone of who's identity she had no idea, her right breast was being tattooed with something which she did not know.  Roger almost bubbled over with delight at the look on her face. 

Her mind was confused with sensation with both the steady moving pain from the tattoo gun while at the same time she was experiencing the steady friction of the stroking in and out of the third cock to rape her in somewhere around an hour.

When the cock inside her withdrew she couldn't stop crying and was unsure if it was over or would continue.  She then felt the tattoo gun stop working on her breast and felt it cleaned and bandaged. 

She felt her clothing pulled back up into place.  Once it was in place the bandage around her eyes was removed and only she and Roger were in the room that she could see.  She was sore and exhausted from the physical exertion of sex with three men.  Roger helped her to the car and drove her home helping her to her room with her new ink. 

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Loving this! Maybe it just how a guy would write it  but have you considered having Roger and a friend  force Sammi to do both at once from different ends?. The tattoo parlour scene would have lent itself to that so well, the artists in her pussy and Roger shoving it down her throat.

April 10, 2018, 10:53:47 PM
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Whew! *wipes the sweat from my forehead and takes a drink of water.*  I made it through another chapter of Brokenwing's story.

April 11, 2018, 05:35:31 PM
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Whew! *wipes the sweat from my forehead and takes a drink of water.*  I made it through another chapter of Brokenwing's story.

Am I writing the chapters too late long?  Should I be breaking these up in smaller chapters?

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Whew! *wipes the sweat from my forehead and takes a drink of water.*  I made it through another chapter of Brokenwing's story.

I have been debating how and when to add each type of violation.  But since one of the topic areas is Gang Rape I thought my story fairly soon should live up to that.

I've been debating how to have him force oral in a unique way and debating anal.

Shhhh don't tell anyone, but if you read chapter one, she was actually on her way to establishing a new life, in a new town getting a job without identification in a pizza restaurant / bar.

But the characters have been so interesting that she hasn't gotten to her new town yet. 

Hoping I don't run out of steam before getting her there. 

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Whew! *wipes the sweat from my forehead and takes a drink of water.*  I made it through another chapter of Brokenwing's story.

Am I writing the chapters too late long?  Should I be breaking these up in smaller chapters?

I for one don't mind how long the chapters are. In my opinion make then as long as you feel you need to to tell the story you envisioned. If others find then too long then they have never read what a storyteller you are and they should stick to the two paragraphs people!

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Chapter 9  "Pushing The Limits"

The first few hours of the night Sammi woke up frequently.  The dim light coming into the cab and through the curtain between the truck seats and sleeper from the rest stop and highway lights were just enough to allow her to look at her most significant tattoo, the one on her right wrist, a puzzle piece.  The tattoo she got to cover the scar that she intentionally created hoping to end the pain of her daily life caused by her mother's latest boyfriend.  The puzzle piece a reminder that life was very complicated but with hard work, determination and tenacity someone could overcome the most difficult of circumstances as well as fit together the most minor of details to survive and succeed life just as one single puzzle piece at a time, placed with another and then another begins to show the image of what will eventually be a complete picture.

After staring at the one on her wrist she looked at the cross on her finger, the clover inside her arm by her elbow and the dragonfly that was paid for by her first gang rape.

For a few moments it was hard to breath.  Her very quickly planned decision to run away so far had gone pretty well, one puzzle piece at a time.

She thought about the dragonfly she had wanted.  Like many mothers and daughters she felt like her mother was too strict and was constantly changing the rules when she would try new things that before were not restricted by a rule, like getting a ride home with a boy named Luke in his car.  She was honest telling her mom she had done so and then suddenly she wasn't allowed to ride home with a boy from school any longer.  That same boy, when they were younger, who had captured fireflys in a jar with her so she could see them.  She had loved them since then for their ability to light up, fly and be free, even though Luke would catch them so they could both look at them closely he quickly once again set them free. 

But like so many other new rules when she knew it was the tattoo she wanted more then anything in the world and she saved the money to pay for it and then asked and even begged her mom for the tattoo, her mom set a new rule, no tattoos till she was eighteen. 

She pulled back the covers and pushed her leg out into the light, John had done a beautiful firefly tattoo and for a moment she touched the tattoo and thought about the first time Luke had caught a firefly in a jar and brought it to her to see and then even showed her how to catch, look at and them release them.  But even with all the positive memories the firefly could bring back to her mind, it now also brought back to her the memory of the first time not one, or two but three men had sex with her, gang raped her.  What was even more daunting was that she could not say for sure who the second and third men were to rape her.  She knew John was first, she suspected the second man was the other tattoo artist but she didn't even know his name and she hoped the third cock to push into her was Roger but she would never know for sure.

But the firefly tattoo that she had wanted so badly for so long would forever be a reminder of the day, three men gang raped her.  Men who she knew little or nothing about.  Now the permanent tattoo would likely forever be a reminder of having three men use her against her will. 

But even as she thought about that, Roger's words filled her thoughts,  ""Don't think Holly, don't question just experience it Holly.  I know you're sore but your body is still responding.  Feel the cock stroking in and out of you deep.  You're swollen and raw but you're still responding even with the pain because you're a dirty, filthy, pain slut Holly and your body wants, no needs more.  Just accept it Holly, accept what you feel and who you are."

Thinking about his words left tears streaming from her eyes.  She realized she was rubbing the tattoo on her calf.  Her biggest fear was what if any part of what Roger said was the truth?

To take her mind off of Roger's words she took a few minutes to watch the older trucker, on who's chest she was lying, watching, hearing and feeling the rise and fall of his chest with each breath.

After everything Roger had put her through she was amazed to have found a man whom so far she felt she could trust.  He could easily have overpowered her in the motel room when she walked out of the bathroom with only a motel towel wrapped around her body.  But even though he had been forward enough to kiss her, when her body trembled, he did not push further and try to take more, instead he walked out of the room.  It was only after that action she realized his kiss was soft and tender like she once had believed a kiss was supposed to be.  But before his kiss, every other kiss she had was from Roger or one of his friends or maybe she should call them associates.  Those kisses were not kind or gentle and definitely not loving. 

She looked at the trucker and wondered what it felt like to be his wife.  She couldn't help wonder how lonely his wife must have felt when he was gone on the road.  She couldn't help but be curious how often they had sex when he was home.  She blushed and felt some shame when she felt curious what it might feel like to have sex with him.  Only a few months ago she would have thought the idea of flirting let alone sex with a male much older then eighteen gross, that was before Roger arranged for multiple adult men of varying ages to have sex with her. 

Now here she lay with a man over fifty curious what it felt like for his wife to be married to him.  She thought about their three kisses, the one in the hotel room when she froze and trebled with nerves.  The one in the cab of the truck with him sitting in his seat where she felt like a school girl terrified he'd reject her.  And finally the kiss before getting into the truck just a few hours earlier, a kiss that for the first time in her life, felt both loving and romantic.  A kiss she wished didn't have to end. 

She stared at his face, looking at every detail the limited light would show.  The one thing she had no choice but to accept was that the moment Roger came into her life he forever changed who she was.  Had he never done so she most likely would not be in this truck now.

She finally laid her head back down trying once again to fall back asleep.  Eventually she did.

Only a few short hours later Joseph woke as the sun just started to ascend in the Eastern sky.  When he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was the lovely young woman who was now lying on her side facing away from him.  He woke also lying on his side facing her and her body was ever so slightly leaning back against him.  He realized that for the first time in a long time he had a raging hard erection. 

He couldn't help himself from looking her up and down.  He loved the light blue shirt she had on as it showed most of her bare shoulders and arms.  His eyes were reminded that she had removed her bra before she had gotten under the covers of the sleeper as he could easily make out the natural shape of one of her breasts including the nipple.  He loved the natural curves and the feminine shape of her body as he could distinguish her tiny waist and then the rise to her hips. 

With her body lightly pressed back against his, he couldn't resist ever so slightly letting his weight shift towards her.  He had not cuddled or spooned with a woman in so many years.  She felt amazing, so soft and feminine, she smelled much better then the last time they were there in the sleeper before she had showered. 

Joseph closed his eyes and imagined what it might be like to wake her with kisses and make sweet love with her.  Even with the fact he had already been a widower a few years he felt a bit guilty for the desires stirring inside him but that didn't stop him from imagining how amazing it might feel to be inside her.  He couldn't resist smelling her hair.  By inching closer to her he could feel the firmness of her bottom against his hard cock and she just felt incredible and warm.

Despite the sun continuing to rise and the minutes passing on time he could be driving he wanted to enjoy lying by her a bit longer. 

He couldn't stop himself from thinking about gently turning her on her back, kissing her and getting on top of her to made passionate love.

A few minutes passed as he enjoyed that fantasy, imagining what it might be like to have sex with the attractive curvaceous young woman.  The thought of her youthful energy invigorated him. 

But after enjoying the fantasy for several minutes his mind drifted back to the hotel room and his attempt at a simple kiss that was met by uncontrollable trembling.  His mind thought about the number of bruises he saw on her body.  Who had done that to her?  Certainly that was part of why she was hitchhiking with so few belongings. 

He took one last opportunity to think about his own needs before bending down and kissing her cheek, "Mind if I slip past you hear we need to hit the road, I hope we arrive before five o'clock today if so we get the delivery bonus" he said.

Sammi looked up at him with groggy eyes still sleepy.  But as he started to straddle her to crawl over her to get to the front of the truck she put a hand on his arm and asked, "Can I have a kiss first."

At that point to give him room to get past her she had rolled flat on her back, so she touched his arm to stop him when he was almost fully over her.  He quickly responded "Of course."

At first he lowered just his shoulders and head and pressed his lips against hers, his intention was to just give her a quick peck and then keep going but the moment he leaned down to kiss her she slid her arms around his neck, something that was so much easier for her to do when not standing up since his he was so much taller.  Like all her other kisses within moments of making lip contact her mouth opened.  He normally wouldn't initiate that with morning breath but how could he resist her.

Joseph's intension was just a quick peck but with her hands around his neck and her mouth open kissing more passionately he couldn't just break the kiss and pull away.  He was strong enough to hold his body over hers but without too much thought he slowly eased his weight onto her body.  It had been so long since he last had sex, just trapping his fully hard cock between his body and hers was almost enough to make him cum.  He managed not to but couldn't deny how amazing it felt to have it pressed against her soft body.

He was relived that she did not react negatively or begin to tremble because of feeling him lowering his weight more onto her.  The kiss, despite both of their morning breath, turned passionate quickly.  He used her arms around his neck as a gage that she was okay.  He thought as long as they remained around his neck, that was an affirmation that she was comfortable with his body lying on hers. 

As the kiss continued he stopped working at holding his body up and let himself carefully settle on top of her.  He put his own hands to the sides of her face holding her gently with the kiss. 

For a few minutes he let himself get lost in the kiss, he couldn't remember feeling so excited and aroused for a woman except shortly before marrying his wife.

Like a teen boy he moved his hips slightly dry humping the young woman under him to stroke his cock.  Neither of them were wearing much clothing.  He was just in his boxers and she was still in her blue top, panties and no bra. 

Every ounce of his being wanted to take advantage of the situation.  He loved kissing Sammi.  Her kisses were not timid at all, they were soft, wet and had a strange vulnerability to them, like she was inviting him to kiss her deeper. 

But making on time deliveries was part of his companies reputation.  It was a reputation he had worked hard to build that he only failed to deliver on when there were horrible weather conditions and even a few times despite bad road conditions he had found a way to make the deadline.

With the time they had wasted at breakfast the previous day he was nearing the point of not making the delivery before end of the business day.

He would still be paid for delivering the load, but the substantial on time bonus would be lost.  Was sex, now with Sammi worth that sacrifice.

Just as he was struggling with the decision she moved her arms to around his waist. 

He reluctantly broke the kiss and said, "Sammi, I'm so very sorry, but in order to keep my commitment to an on time delivery we really need to hit the road and with that he firmly pushed up and moved towards the front side of the sleeper and she let go of his waist saying, "Oh, of course."  She wasn't sure herself what she wanted but it felt incredible to be able to lie with someone who didn't then force sex on her.

He found his pants and a shirt and his flip flops.  Sammi, knowing she definitely needed a bathroom break also pulled her shorts and shoes on.  Joseph put the leash on Ol'Jake and the three of them departed the cab of the truck. 

On the walk to the restrooms, Roger's words echoed in her mind, "Dirty, filthy, pain slut. Your body needs to hurt more Holly."  She started to feel terrible shame and humiliation because her how her body had responded to kissing Joseph, her breasts felt swollen, her areolas puffy and her nipples were fully pointy and hard.  Inside her panties she was soaking wet, all symptoms of a dirty, filthy, pain slut.

Upon getting back in the cab after they all took care of their business Joseph got out a few breakfast bars he had and said, "If you don't mind we will skip stopping for breakfast and lunch, other then maybe a fast food drive through to hopefully get there on time.  If we're on time and get the bonus I'll take you out for a nice dinner to celebrate. That is after we get the truck cleaned up." He added with a wink.  He then slid off his flip flops and put on socks and shoes.

Without any further delay he navigated the truck out of the rest stop and back onto the highway.  Ol'Jack was happy as Sammi was once again petting him. 

Sammi's mind was racing through so many thoughts.  She wondered if she should feel shame for what she did this morning.  She wondered if Joseph wasn't even interested in her that way.  Her logical mind told her she should be at school flirting with a boy around her age, yet she found herself waking sharing the bed with an over fifty year old man and thinking about having sex with him.  It was hard not to hate who she had become. 

She looked down at the puzzle piece tattoo on her wrist covering the scar she made using a knife from her mother's kitchen the night following her visit to the tattoo shop.  She touched it gently with her finger tips thinking about everything she had been through.

Holly walked back into her home numb.  Roger even helped her all the way to her room and to her bed.  Her body ached and her sex felt so raw, swollen and sore.  She crawled into her bed feeling more like an object then a person. 

She wasn't sure if she took a nap or slept at all but the hours seemed to crawl by before at some point Roger came to her room, when she didn't get up out of bed he walked over took a hand full of her hair and pulled her out of the bed to her feet.  He put his hand on her shoulder walking her towards the bedroom but spanking her bottom with the belt every two or three seconds.  "Get cleaned up" he commanded as he continued to walk her all the way in the bathroom striking her butt with the belt until they were standing by the shower.  She was moving slow and lethargic so he began pulling at her clothes helping her undress until she was naked.

He loved the feeling of power and control that gave him.  He even turned on the water for her and helped her get into the tub standing under the shower head.  Since she was still moving slow he gave her a command, "Wash."  She slowly added body wash to her hand and began washing her body.

Roger had never felt this much power and control over another person.  He had relationships in the past where he had become abusive and had his partner intimidated into being compliant but nothing near the way Holly had become and none of those women had a body half as gorgeous as Holly.

He couldn't resist staying in the bathroom with her and he took the time to look at her naked body.  For the young age she was he had to admit she had an amazing body.  Her bra size was a 32 B and he guessed her waist was about 24 inches and her hips appeared to be around 32 inches as well.  She looked like a model to him.  He delighted at the fresh red marks on her bottom caused by him just hitting her with the belt and the black and blue spots on her body excited him too.  He had to admit there was something sick about that. 

The bandages were still in place over her tattoos but he couldn't wait to remove them.  He found himself needing to push her to get her moving with her shower.

He finally left her to finish her shower and went to her room digging through her closet finding the highest heels he could and clothes he thought she would look sexy wearing. 

Like she had been doing lately, Holly took a very long hot shower until the water started getting cold.  When he heard the shower turn off he hurried into the bathroom and enjoyed watching her every move.  It made her very uncomfortable.  He told her to brush her teeth and to apply light makeup.  Once she had her teeth and hair brushed she applied light makeup and she was surprised when he pulled her towel off her hanging it on the rod.

"Your look beautiful natural, no reason to hide anything around me, I've seen all of you"  he said then guided her to her room. 

There lying on her bed was a think white blouse, a basic white bra, white lace bikini panties, a full white skirt with large red roses and on the floor next to the bed were red high heel shoes with ankle straps. 

She looked at the clothing and then looked at him oddly and asked, "Where are we going?"

He had an incredulous look on his face but then decided to give her a vague answer, "We're going to see a friend of mine, but I owe you no explanation, just do as you're told, get dressed.

Holly felt so uncomfortable because he just stood there watching her.  No one, not her mom or a girlfriend had ever just watched her get dressed.  Only after getting the bra and panties on did she feel a little less self conscious. 

Once she was dressed he looked her over with a look of satisfaction on his face apparently pleased with the clothes he had selected.

She followed him to his car and he opened the passenger door for her.  They took about a 45 minute drive when they pulled up in the circle driveway of a nice hotel.  Two men in uniforms opened both of the car doors and she was offered a hand as she stepped out of a car.  She was surprised when Roger walked over to her and offered her his elbow.  A doorman opened and held the door open for them.  He led the way through the lobby to the elevator, pressed the button and when one of the elevators opened he stepped in with her.  He pressed the button for the tenth floor. 

After just a few seconds the elevator bell rang and the doors opened on the tenth floor.  He led her down the hallway to room 1018 and knocked on the door.  After a few seconds a middle aged man, she thought to be in his forties, dressed in a blue button down dress shirt, a navy tie with light blue flowers and navy blue dress slacks and well as black men's dress shoes opened the door.  He motioned them in with his hand and said, "Welcome, come on in."

Once in the room the well dressed man with jet black short trimmed hair, offered her his hand and introduced himself to her, "Greetings, I'm Jim."

Very timidly she offered her hand to him and very softly said, "Holly."

He had just motioned towards a sofa in the hotel room suite when there was a knock at the door.  Jim quickly replied, "Excuse me that must be our dinner."  He opened the door and a room service person brought in a rolling table.  He unfolded the sides of the table making it larger and then showed Jim the food under covers over the plates.  He tipped the room service employee and then stepped back out of the door.  Jim moved three chairs to the rolling table and motioned for Holly to sit down in one.  He then motioned for Roger to take a seat.

Jim then removed the lids from all the plates and opened a bottle the cork shooting off hitting the ceiling and poured something to drink in all three of their glasses.  They also each had a glass of water. 

He asked Holly which of the plates she would like and she chose one where she saw chicken.  Roger took fish and Jim took a plate with a steak. 

With the fact that Roger said Jim was his friend Holly was surprised that Jim directed the conversation towards her, asking her about school, her favorite subject any extra curricular activities she participated in.  When she answered that she wasn't in any, Jim asked her about dance and gymnastics that she had taken in the past.  He asked her if she was flexible and could do the splits. 

The last thing Holly expected was for the visit to Roger's friend to become a discussion about her.  It felt very creepy to her that he seemed to know things about her.  The longer the meal lasted the more uncomfortable she felt. 

After finishing with their main dish, Jim pulled out three deserts and again let Holly pick which she wanted.  She picked a pretty red cake with white icing that Jim called Red Velvet Cake. 

She tried to be careful how much of the bubbling drink Jim had poured from the bottle she drank but both Jim and Roger kept telling her to take a sip.  While she knew it was alcohol and she was very unsure, she was pretty confident that there would be consequences for not doing as she was told. 

On occasion either Jim or Roger would pour more from the bottle into her glass so she lost track of how much she was drinking.  She ate most of her desert and noticed that Jim was starting to touch her hand and wrist more often. 

Once they finished eating, Jim said to Holly, "You need to see the view from here" and he stood up, pulled out her chair and guided her into another part of the room where the bed was and had her look out of the large window out to a balcony and over a beautiful park with a river. 

But when she finished looking at the view and turned back to the room she realized there was a door, now closed between the bedroom area of the hotel room and the part of the room where they ate and Roger was nowhere to be seen.  She felt her throat fall into her stomach.

The moment that Jim saw the realization in Holly's eyes that she understood they were alone he charged at her quickly pushing her towards the nearest wall, knocking her off balance with her in the high heels but using his strength to lift and hold her up until she was pressed against the wall. 

Holly was starring at him with her eyes wide, totally caught off guard by how quickly he rushed at her and pushed her against the wall.  His hands were initially placed under her arms since he knocked her off balance to keep her on her feet.  But once she got over the initial shock of being shoved into a wall she realized his right hand was feeling and squeezing her left breast through her blouse and bra.  Jim broke the silence in the room other then the sounds of their movements by saying, "Roger says you're turned on and into it rough.  I like it that way too.  He really understated how beautiful you were." 

As he was talking to her, he switched hands and used his left hand to feel and squeeze her right breast.  He then leaned in to give her a kiss, but when he did she turned her face to the right to avoid his kiss.

Roughly he grabbed her chin with his thumb and two fingers and forced her to face him again, but the moment her face was straight he used his right hand to slap her left cheek.  The slap was hard and left Holly stunned for a few seconds.  Once again he pushed his mouth to hers and of course this time she didn't turn away.  He was even pleased how quickly her mouth opened allowing him to kiss her deeply. 

She didn't realize it, until he broke the kiss that he had unbuttoned half of the buttons of her blouse from the top down.  But the second he broke the kiss she felt his left hand push into her shirt and push hard at the bra until his fingers forced their way under the bra cup covering her left breast. 

It didn't feel good in any way his fingers jammed hard against the firm breast flesh and his fingers pressed and probed until they found her nipple.  The second they did, they pinched and pulled on her nipple harder then she would have thought anyone could while still having a bra on. 

She tried to use her arms to push him away or at least to push that hand off her nipple as the pulling hurt pretty bad.

To her horror when she tried to push him away with her arms it made him smile and it seemed like the second she saw his smile, she felt his right hand once again slap her across the face.

The slap was hard enough it forced her head to turn to the side but the minute it did he pulled his left hand out from her breast and again used his thumb and two fingers to turn her head till she was once again facing him.

"Roger didn't tell me you fight back.  I love a girl who fights back.  Stop me Holly, don't let me hurt you, do your best to stop me, maybe, just maybe, I'll stop" he said with a strong voice his eyes locked with hers.

He then grabbed both of her wrists each with one of his hands and lifted them up pinning them just above her heard.  He then pushed his body against hers and kissed her once again.

Holly wasn't sure what to do, she wasn't sure he seriously would stop but she decided she at least had to try and turned her face the other way this time.

He repeated the process using his right hand to turn her face back to center by using his thumb and two fingers.  Once she was facing him again he slapped her a bit harder this time but with the same hand his right on her left cheek but this time he moved it fast and after slapping the left side of her face he brought his hand back across and backhanded her right cheek but also got her nose.  That immediately drew blood from her nose that dripped down onto her mouth chin and even her blouse.  She immediately started to cry making her makeup run

The look of satisfaction in his eyes terrified her.

Once again he grabbed firm hold of each of her wrists with each of his hands but this time he lifted them over her head until they were touching and he managed to grab hold of both wrists with one hand. 

Once he hand a firm hold of them both with his left, his right hand went down to her thigh and started tugging the long full skirt up until his hand had moved the skirt high enough to reach her bare thigh.  From there he worked his hand up to her panties.  He rubbed around on her white lace panties a bit until his fingers worked to between her legs.  Not very gently his finger rubbed and felt through her panties working to find her sex. 

He first used his right leg, to push her left leg out to the side a bit then did the same with his other leg pushing her right foot out.  Then once again his fingers started rubbing and probing over her panties on her sex. 

To the most part it was uncomfortable and didn't feel good to her but despite her hatred for what he was doing eventually all the finger probing at her sex started getting her panties wet.  Jim pushed his face to the side of hers and said softly by her ear, "Mmm, Roger was right you get turned on being hurt.  Can you feel it sweetie your panties are getting wet."

He then roughly pushed a finger inside the leg hem of her panties until his finger rubbed her bare sex.

He then pulled his finger out and smeared the wetness just under her bottom lip at the top of her chin. 

Out of nowhere he picked her up and quickly carried her over to the bed and like a tackle slammed her body hard against the mattress.  He then pounced on her body straddling her thighs.  He started very roughly grabbing and pulling at her breasts.  She realized her arms were free so she swung at him  with little skill one swing hitting his chest and another his left cheek.  "No, no stop, get off of me please" she begged.

As Jim had said before he loved that she was fighting back.  He intentionally pinched her breast, stomach and sides without trying to restrain her hands but as she swung her arms trying to hit and stop his pinches he quickly would hit her arms away.  Her wild swinging arms hardly made any contact with his body except for where his arms and fists struck her arms knocking them away. 

A few times she managed to hit his chest with her fist but he just used that as a reason to slap her across the face.  Slowly he worked to unbutton the last few buttons of her white blouse and knew he had them all unbuttoned when it pushed open. 

Out of nowhere he quickly used his legs to lift his body weight up off of her and grabbed a shoulder and hip and flipped her over onto her belly.  Once there he lowered his weigh back onto her sitting on her bottom. 

He could tell she was tired from the struggle so for a few minutes he didn't do much but stroke her hair playfully. 

Holly was full of anger, fear and confusion not sure of what to do or not do.  Only a few weeks ago she never would have even imagined something like this happening.

Once her breathing calmed a bit he very deliberately pushed her blouse up and unhooked her bra. 

"Please, don't.  I don't want this.  You're hurting me" she cried.

Her begging delighted him and made him want to defeat her mind more so he carefully reached under her shoulders grabbing hold of the now open blouse and slowly pulled it down her shoulders, arms, wrists and finally off her hands. 

He then firmly placed all eight of his finger tips just below her shoulders and scratched down her back with his fingernails, like a lover would do for their partner.  He scratched her back in different angles and directions several times especially where the bra had been slowly increasing the pressure until his nails were leaving scratch marks. 

Once again he caught her completely unprepared when he lifted his weight off her, grabbed a handful of her hair and her left forearm and lifted her back up to her feet.

He hurriedly pushed her over to the end of a dresser until her legs were up against the end then put his hand hard on the back of her neck pushing her upper body down onto the cold smooth stone top of the dresser. 

She didn't notice or feel when he unbuttoned the top of the skirt she was wearing but heard it as the zipper went down.  She tried to reach down to grab the material but he was too fast and it was down to just above her knees out of reach too quickly. 

This time from behind he reached up hard between her sex and forced his hand to her sex.  This time he pushed two fingers hard against the material of her panties forcing the material with the tips of his fingers slightly inside between her pussy lips and in a low menacing tone said, "Roger was so right about you Holly, despite all your begging for me to stop, your body is aroused and you're soaking wet."

Holly was too inexperienced and immature to understand her own body's natural responses and his words really cut into her mind and thoughts and her eyes poured tears. 

She didn't understand why her body was feeling and reacting to what was happening even though she was terrified of what was happening and who was doing this to her. 

She felt the skirt fall to her ankles and assumed he could have tugged it down as his hand slid up and down one leg and then the other him feeling the contour and muscles in each of her legs still well defined by the red high heels still on her feet.

She was suddenly horrified and shocked at the pain when rather the pulling her panties down her legs he grabbed firm hold of them and jerked up hard yanking the material hard up against her butt crack and sex.  His pull was hard enough it almost lifted her off her feet.  It took him two more hard yanks before the material of the panties tore free from her body and it was quite painful how it pulled against her tender flesh.  She was now standing there nude except for the red high heel shoes on her feet.

He then leaned over her pushing his hands under her until each hand found each breast. There was an eerie sound of glee in his voice when he pointed out, "Holly, these nipples are hard as can be you're loving this."  Her nipples having just been pressed against the cold stone now felt the warmth of his hands and fingers. He pinched and pulled on them over and over working the nipples and areolas. 

He then moved his right hand between her legs and found her sex and rubbed roughly at her pussy and clit.  Like he did with her nipples he pinched and pulled at her clit first softly working it fully from its hood and then once he had it between his fingers he squeezed it as hard as he could causing her to squeal out in pain.

The ache from her sex distracted her and she didn't recognize the sound of the top drawer of the dresser opening or his hand moved onto the back of her neck.  He used her neck to slide her body partway off the stone top of the dresser and then pressed his elbow down on her back pushing her shoulder down. 

The scream that came from her was much louder then he expected when just about at the same moment he slammed the dresser drawer closed trapping her breast, still with the bandage from the tattoo shop in the drawer and thrust his cock into her sex hard. 

His hard thrust also jammed her hips hard against the stone top of the dresser.  He held the drawer firmly closed trapping her breast for several seconds before she finally managed to pull it free from the drawer and stone top scraped her breast as she pulled it free all while he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her sex.  With the weight of the dresser it had no give and did not move at all so his thrusts cruelly slammed her pelvis over and over into the stone top. 

Holly was in shock from the pain in her breast and the building pain in her pelvis as he continued to slam his cock in and out of her sex.

Jim then once again grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her upper body up and her back against his chest.  He quickly wrapped his arm around her neck his elbow under her chin and all but drug her back to the bed.  He spun her by the shoulders facing him with her back to the bed and then pushed her onto her back, grabbing her under her knees pulling her legs up and then once again thrusting his cock inside her.

It was all happening so fast she could hardly think but could only react.  He was fucking her brutally and it felt as much as a physical attack as it did a rape.  As if he could read her mind his hand clutched and squeezed the breast he had trapped in the dresser drawer and it felt like the most intense squeezing she could imagine. Even as his hand held and squeezed her breast he continued to thrust his hips and pound his cock into her sex.  He also twice reached up and slapped her face hard. 

He used all of his strength and weight on his in thrusts and tried to push his cock as deep as he could.  It was the most intense, brutal assault Holly could have imagined.  She stopped struggling and just told herself to try to survive.  The way he was fucking her felt like it was from hate and anger.  Finally to her relief she heard his grunting change and he pressed down hard against her body and let out a loud long groan.  He held deep for a few seconds with that groan and then thrust his hips several more times making short quick groans and finally collapsed on top of her. 

She cried as he laid dead weight on her, exhausted from fucking her.  It took him a few minutes to find the strength to get up off of her.  He got dressed and then opened the doors leading into the sitting area of the suite where Roger was seated watching the TV.

"You were right Roger she is quite the pain slut" Jim said and Roger corrected him, "A dirty, filthy pain slut" he said with a chuckle. 

For a few seconds Holly curled up into a ball and cried but as she heard the two men talking and heard Roger say she was a dirty, filthy, pain slut she lifted her head slightly to look in their direction.  She saw something she didn't expect and it took a while to comprehend when Jim took money from his wallet and handed it to Roger.  Jim then excused himself and left the suite. 

Roger came to where she was lying on the bed, picked up her clothing and tossed it on the bed saying, "Get dressed."

When Holly didn't move fast enough for him, Roger started helping her get dressed.  He saw several fresh bruises on her body and it almost aroused him enough to want to rape her right then and there but he was ready to get home. 

He had her wash the blood off her face and had her wear her blouse inside out so the blood droplets would not be easily seen.  Her panties were torn so he just put them in his pocket, she would have to go without underwear.

He made sure they left nothing behind in the hotel room and then walked her to valet parking and gave them the ticket for his car.  Once again a man in a uniform opened the car door for her.  She felt such shame and humiliation as she felt fluids escape from her sex and run down her legs.

He drove them home with no conversation and she sat in the passenger seat hurting and mentally drained. 

He helped her get from the car into the apartment, into her bedroom and into her bed.

She laid there sobbing on and off, her body hurting and her mind overwhelmed and confused.  She thought about the fact that Roger introduced Jim to her as his friend but why did his friend hand him money before he left the hotel room and why did they even go to a hotel?  While she was young she knew the words whore and prostitute.  She had to question if Jim was actually Roger's friend or did he give money to Roger to have sex with her.  That thought terrified her.

As the night turned into morning Holly could not find sleep.  She hurt and felt dirty and filthy.  She continued to picture the passing of money between the two men and she felt nauseated at the thought that Jim simply paid to have sex with her making her a true whore. 

Her lack of ability to sleep led her to get to her feet and walk quietly to the kitchen to get something to drink.  She got a glass of water but out of the corner of her eye she saw the kitchen knife block.  She walked over to the counter where it sat and with her hands trembling one by one lifted each knife up looking at it's blade.  She took a few more sips of her water then set the glass down and slowly pulled one of the knives from the block as tears came pouring from her eyes. 

She quietly walked back to her room holding the knife in her hand closing the door behind her. 

Holly laid on her bed crying clutching the knife she had pulled from the block.  She wasn't sure if she had it in her to defend herself from Roger or if she even had the strength or nerve to even attempt to stab him with it or if she had the intent of trying to end her pain by ending her own life. 

She thought about her mother and her friends and her life before he came into their home but she knew she was not that girl anymore nor would she ever be that girl again.  He had changed that, he had changed her, through sex, pain and violence. 

Did she have the nerve to hurt him?  Or was it easier to hurt herself.  To end her own pain which might somehow end his pleasure.  With her hand trembling she lifted the knife and put the base of the blade to her wrist.  Then slowly with pressure she drew the blade across her own wrist and blood started to pour from the wound.  Within moments she passed out into darkness.

She woke somewhere unfamiliar to her.  At first glance she thought it might be a hospital but she soon realized there were only two other people there in addition to herself.  It took a few minutes before she realized what she had attempted to do and looked at her wrist which had a thick bandage taped over it and it was very sore.  Of the other two people there she recognized Roger but the woman there in blue scrubs she did not know. 

"You stupid girl, I knew you liked pain but I wouldn't have thought you were into cutting yourself.  You must be more careful, you almost cut too deep.  But I saved your life so it now belongs to me.  I've just begin to explore your potential.  I'm confident we can push your limits to even greater heights. 

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What a powerful flashback, making me hate Roger even more. Love the growing infatuations Joseph and Sammi are developing for each other

April 22, 2018, 11:35:58 PM
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Yes that flashback scene was very intense! Good work Brokenwing!

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Chapter 10  "Feeling The Pain"

While Joseph was focused on driving and delivering his load on time, Sammi got him talking more about himself, what it was like being married and having two sons.  Once he got to sharing stories there was pretty steady conversation and Joseph seemed to really enjoy reminiscing. 

Around midday they drove through a fast food restaurant right off the highway taking lunch to go.  Once back on the road Joseph was able to get Sammi talking about dance recitals and gymnastics competitions she did when she was younger.  He got her smiling and laughing sharing stories and that made him feel good.

As the afternoon grew later the conversation slowed as he focussed on traffic and trying to make the delivery on time.  The hours and then minutes ticked down as he got closer and closer to his delivery destination.

At 4:20 PM Joseph pulled the eighteen wheeler into the loading dock of his customer.  Sammi waited in the truck with Ol'Jack while Joseph hopped out to greet his client.  His driver's side window was open so Sammi could hear the two men talking.

"Greetings Joseph, cutting it a little bit close to closing there aren't ya" the customer asked?

Joseph quickly replied, "Were you doubting I'd make it Doug?  How are you doing?"  He asked as the two men shook hands and then embraced.

The two men went to the loading dock and Sammi could not hear any more of the conversation.  But soon she was hearing noises in the back of the truck as the trailer was being unloaded.  It didn't take as long as she thought it would and before long she heard Joseph open the driver's door and get back into the cab of the truck.

He looked a bit nervous about something but after starting the truck he turned to Sammi and asked, "Normally once I deliver a load, I take the truck to the truck wash and get the trailer washed out and the exterior too, I know I mentioned a steak dinner but could we do that tomorrow and get the truck cleaned up and do some laundry too and just have a lighter dinner this evening?"

"Sure, that's fine with me" Sammi quickly agreed and he looked more relaxed. 

He drove the truck to a large truck stop and first parked along side of several other eighteen wheelers.  He then got into the sleeper and grabbed a bottle of laundry detergent and a big bag of dirty clothes.  He asked, "I assume you would like to do some laundry too?"

"Absolutely" she replied knowing she had runaway with very little.

After Joseph got out of the sleeper Sammi collected her dirty clothes from her backpack.  As if anticipating what she'd need as she came forward he offered her a shopping bag to put her clothes into.  He was surprised how few clothes she placed in the bag.

They walked to the building and there were more laundry machines then she would have expected.  He got change from a machine and then headed to a washer, "Want to just put your clothes in with mine" he asked.  She thought about it knowing how little she had and just tossed her clothes into the washer where he was placing his. 

As soon as they got the washer running he led the way back to the truck and he drove it over to the truck wash. 

Once parked they got out of the cab along with Ol'Jack and he got out a broom and opened the trailer.  Knowing that he had been paying for her meals Sammi grabbed hold of the broom and asked if she could sweep the trailer. 

Joseph smiled and said, "Sure" letting go of the broom.  His smile grew as he instructed Sammi where to hold and place her feet to crawl up into the back of the truck knowing he got to watch the attractive young woman in her short denim shorts.  He delighted in the fact she showed a bit of nervousness so he gently placed a hand on her bottom to support her and prevent her from falling.

Out of instinct when she felt the hand on her butt, and with everything she had been through with Roger, she looked back at the man who's hand was on her butt.  For a second her anxiety shot through the roof, but when she looked back and her eyes found Joseph and Ol'Jack and she knew it wasn't a touch of aggression but just to help her get into the truck she climbed the rest of the way in. 

Joseph couldn't help but watch the attractive young woman sweeping out the back of his truck trailer.  She did so with energy and he realized she had started to hum and even sing softly a few words to the pop song she was humming.  She even started to move her body with the rhythm of the song. 

Besides the almost dancing she appeared to be doing a good job sweeping so he decided to get other tasks done he usually took care of after delivering a load.  After a bit he checked on her again and she was sweeping the last of the trailer out closest to the door.  He watched her finish so she pretended to sweep a pile of debris at him but didn't so he stepped more to the side and a bit further back.

When she finished she squatted and lowered the broom to the ground and started to turn her back to prepare to climb down from the trailer but Joseph quickly said, "Come here, I'll lift you down" and walked right up the the trailer reaching up towards her.

She laughed and joked, stalling for time to think about it saying, "I'm too fat, you'll hurt yourself."

While she definitely didn't want to risk hurting Joseph, she realized how much everything that Roger had done to her effected her thoughts and trust of other people, especially men.  As nice as the truck driver had been to her she could feel the anxiety build in her body and thoughts of him grabbing her breasts or her sex pushed into her mind and she hated herself for that.

Joseph quickly replied, "Don't be silly, you might be a lot of things but fat is not one of them.  Now don't insult an old trucker I've lifted product much heavier then you down from there."  As he finished saying that he waived with his hands for her to come to him.

Her own mental internal dialog was in a debate but she decided to try not to let Roger win so she moved to the edge of the trailer, squatted and leaned down to Joseph's out stretched arms.  She was so anxious and unsure of herself she closed her eyes tight and let herself fall into his arms.

She felt Joseph take hold of her right under her arms and she felt her feet leave the trailer and he very slowly, smoothly and easily lowered her to the ground as she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on.  He did catch her completely off guard as the moment her feet touched the asphalt she felt Joseph touch his lips to hers.

It caught her so unprepared that for a moment sent her into a panic, but this wasn't Roger or one of his 'friends' this was the kind trucker who had picked her up hitchhiking.  It took her a moment to overcome the rush of anxiety and to kiss back, long enough that Joseph was about to break the kiss when she opened her lips and held tighter onto his neck so he wouldn't pull away.  He still could feel and sensed the difference in her kiss so he was careful to not kiss too deeply or passionately. 

He immediately felt an arousal in his pants but with the tenseness in her body he quickly controlled his own excitement.  He did feel better though when even as he broke this kiss, pulling his head back from hers she held onto his neck.  Being only inches from her face he softly asked, "Are you okay?"

As best as she could, she pushed a smile that she knew was not authentic to her face and quickly replied, "Of course."  It did give her a desire to calm her anxiousness as she realized his motives were pure.  But she couldn't help feel ashamed and feel like the words tattoo on her ass for anticipating that the kind man would do to her the same as Roger and his 'friends'. 

As always, Joseph seemed to know when to change the subject and he said, "Well let's get the truck washed."  And with that he closed up the back of the trailer and moved to the cab, got in and started the truck.  Sammi stepped over to where Ol'Jack was lying and then the two followed the truck as Joseph drove into the oversized truck wash. 

Once he got out of the cab he said he was going to go move the laundry to the dryer but Sammi quickly said she'd do it and put her hand out for coins.  He gave her the change for the machine and she ran to the laundry room while he put coins into the truck wash machine and started with the soap mode and began to spray the truck with the high pressure wand. 

Sammi went to the laundry mat and found the wash machine they had put their clothes into and it had finished running.  She found a nearby available dryer and started moving the clothes over to dry.  But it was strange as she again felt anxiety that he could simply drive away and leave her and his clothing behind and she couldn't help worry. 

She did her best to hurry and finished moving all of their garnents over and put in the required number of coins to run the dryer.  She then hurried back out to the truck wash and slowed a little when she saw Joseph's truck still there.

Joseph had finished the soap cycle while she was tending to the laundry.  As she was walking back to the truck wash she saw something she found odd and interesting.  Ol'Jack had always seemed to be the take it easy type of dog.  Knowing he was older that of course made sense.  But as Joseph was washing the truck the dog would move someplace where overspray from the water rinsing the truck would fall on his body like he loved the water. 

As Sammi approached when she made eye contact with the trucker, she pointed in the direction of the dog.  Joseph looked at his dog and then said, "You think that's funny watch this."

The wand had two different pressure settings, low and high.  While he sprayed the truck, Joseph had the pressure on the high setting but he changed the setting to low and then sprayed water directly in the direction of his dog.  Ol'Jack barked but then lifted his mouth and face towards the spray catching water in the air and drinking.  After drinking what he wanted he then continued to move his body under the direct low pressure spray. 

Then Joseph turned the pressure back on high but shot the water up high into the air letting it rain down onto the dog.  Again the dog delighted in getting into the falling water.  Sammi couldn't help but laugh it was hilarious seeing how much the old dog loved water. 

Then to her total shock Joseph pointed the wand in her direction first making it rain down water from up high and then as she tried covering her head from the falling water he changed to low pressure and pointed the wand directly at her. 

Sammi screamed but also laughed.  Suddenly Ol'Jack trotted towards her and with water spraying in her direction got into the spray and even part way lifted his front legs up onto her.  She couldn't stop laughing and neither could Joseph. 

She patted the dog on the head and scratched his chest and after a few moments he once again was back on all fours. 

Once he did Sammi made a dash towards Joseph she got to him pretty quickly but surprised him by what she did, she simply wrapped her arms tightly around him and hugged him.  As wet as she was her body wet his clothing anywhere she made contact.

Ol'Jack also trotted towards Joseph and lifted up his front paws placing them on Joseph.  That gave her a chance to grab hold of the wand.  When she did she hit the trigger and the wand sprayed them both with high pressure, blasting a good amount of water into Joseph's face and he got water up his nose and immediately coughed and choked.

Sammi started apologizing right away, but he then started laughing grabbed hold of the wand quickly making sure the pressure setting was on low and squeezed the trigger.  With them both holding the wand, and as close as they both were to one another, even on low the wand blasted them both with an incredible amount of water. 

Despite water now drenching them both, they continued to wrestle control of the wand.  Joseph made sure to keep his hand on the trigger and both of them erupted in laughter.  O'Jack even started barking and pushed between the two of them trying to get his body in the water too. 

Finally Joseph took advantage of his superior strength and muscled the wand away, but the moment he had it pulled free he dropped it and grabbed hold of Sammi under the arms, lifting her off her feet.  He then began to spin around pressing her up into the air, centrifugal force pushing her legs away from his body as he turned around and around like he would with a little kid. 

For just a moment she tensed when he lifted her off her feet and felt anxious but as he spun her around and around she once again started laughing although she did make a point to hold onto his arms tight.

He finally set her back down as he was starting to feel dizzy.  He couldn't resist and within seconds of setting her back on her feet he leaned down and kissed her.  One thing he was sure of was she made him feel young again. 

His clothes clung to his body as did hers and he loved having his arms around her.  He realized she had the most amazing body of any woman he had ever kissed.  His wife was more the girl next door but Sammi had such feminine curves and her petite size and shape felt amazing for him to hold.

Like with every other kiss he had given her she quickly opened her lips and this time he felt a greater pull and passion to kiss her.  There was something different about her kiss.  It felt like a strange invitation to consume her or at least that's how it felt to him. 

Sammi was caught off guard by how quickly the mood changed.  It went from child like laughter and playing in the water to a serious passionate kiss.  It was by far the most intense kiss she ever received from Joseph and she struggled to push the rush of memories of Roger's cruel dominance out of her mind. 

Joseph's arms were wrapped more fully around her then they had ever been and because of that she felt her body and kiss surrender to him out of fear of being punched, slapped, pinched or squeezed.  She felt the instinct and need to open her jaw as wide as she could and she let her body go limp like she'd learned to do with Roger with the fear that if he sensed any resistance he would hurt her immediately. 

She struggled to keep her mind in the present and not let it pull the entirety of her being back into Roger's world a place she left just a few days ago.

Holly still felt in a state of shock.  She wasn't sure where she was or who the woman in scrubs was.  The room had cabinets and the counter that she had been lying on and was now sitting on.  Her wrist hurt and she couldn't help look at the bandage.  The lady in scrubs handed him two pill bottles but Roger handed one back to her and said, "She won't need anything for pain, she enjoys it." 

The woman in scrubs brought Holly a pill and a paper cup of water, "Take one of these every four hours for the next week to prevent an infection" she said. 

She then addressed Roger, "Make sure you change that dressing at least twice a day till it looks better, you don't want it getting infected." 

"Ok" he agreed.

She then asked, "Let me take a look at this."  She pulled the bandage off of Holly's breast where the tattoo artist had used the tattoo gun.  It was very red and bruised but when Holly looked down she was shocked there was no ink there.  But the lady in scrubs looked concerned with the bruising and said, "This looks painful.  Does it hurt?"

Holly nodded and watched Roger have a look of satisfaction. 

He then said, "Check the one on her bottom." 

The lady gently rolled Holly onto her side and peeled the bandage off of Holly's butt and said out loud, "Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut."  "Not the tattoo I would choose" she added.

Roger quickly replied, "But it describes perfectly who she is."

The lady simply shook her head no in disbelief.

Holly was horrified to realize those words were tattooed on her body.

The lady then said, "That looks okay and doesn't need a bandage any longer.  But you really need to be careful bruising your breasts that much.  It can cause lumps also called fat necrosis.  So try to avoid doing that."

Roger walked over to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek.  To Holly it looked like the kiss on the cheek seemed awkward to the lady.  She watched her walk to a place where there were lots of white material covered in blood, she couldn't help assume it was her blood.

Roger walked over to where Holly was on the counter and lifted her to her feet.  When he did she felt dizzy but he held her up, "Let's get you home" he said walking her to the door to the room.  He told the woman, "Thank you" and hey walked out through what appeared to be an empty waiting room with a reception desk but there was no one anywhere to be seen. 

Roger walked her to his car opening the door for her and helping her into the car.  He made sure she buckled her seatbelt.  She told herself to pay attention to the direction he drove but she felt dizzy and her eyes felt heavy.  Before too long she fell asleep. 

She woke when he opened her car door, unbuckled her belt and helped her into the house and to her room.  He helped her into bed, stepped out a few minutes then returned with a glass of orange juice.  "Here drink this, it will help replenish your blood" he said and handed her the juice.  He sat on the edge of the bed and watched her drink the juice.  He put his hand under the covers and pushed it between her legs rubbing on her sex. 

Holly was so drained of energy but felt dirty and ashamed because she couldn't find the energy to resist him, it made tears start to run down her cheeks.  But he delighted in that and first pushed one leg out, then the other then once again started rubbing.  For a few minutes she couldn't help be surprised as he was rubbing softly.  She didn't comprehend why he would do that but she soon figured it out as her clit pushed out from out of its hood.

It was surreal how quickly he noticed and whispered, "That's my dirty, filthy, pain slut you need me to hurt you."  The minute he said the last word he started alternating between rubbing and pinching her clit.  She would tense and grimace with each pinch yet it sent sensation so deep in her body.  He began to whisper again, "That's a girl, feel how deep inside you, you can feel it when I hurt you.  It's who you are Holly, it's who you were born to be.  I knew it the first time I slapped your face, the first time I smacked your butt and the first time I pulled your hair.  You didn't wilt and sob and cry.  You accepted it despite your resistance.  The felt time I spanked you hard your entire body prepared for each additional spank.  You wanted to feel another, then another.  Just as right now you wait, anxious, even excited for the next pinch."

With that he squeezed her clit again, hard feeling her entire body jerk.  "Most people Holly, especially girls, cringe, curl up, cry and fight not to be hurt again, but not dirty, filthy, pain sluts like you Holly. Sluts like you anticipate the next pain, just like you are now, waiting for me to do it again and again because it feels like nothing else you've ever feel."

Then to her shock and horror she felt his hand squeeze where she cut herself.  Not too hard but even a soft squeeze hurt terribly.  When he let go of her wrist she realized something hard and metal had pushed into her sex.  He had moved her panties to the side and pushed something inside her.  "See Holly, your growing so accustomed to pain you hardly noticed I inserted something inside you, but now you feel it, don't your?  And Holly, before I do so, you anticipate feeling it push deeper, don't your?  There you go!  Don't worry Holly, I only want to feed your anticipation."

Holly wasn't mature enough to understand her anticipation was normal, that many people would experience the same thing.  Because she wasn't mature enough to understand his words were sinking in, convincing her she was dirty and filthy.  She didn't understand that most people would react the same way to pain.  He moved his other hand to her sex and rubbed her clit with his thumb while he started to push the hard metal object first in a little deeper, then out, then once again deeper and out again. 

When it pinched inside she out of instinct rotated her hips but again he used this against her, "That's a girl Holly, adjust for it so I can help you feel it even deeper.  You know you moved your hips so I could push it deeper inside you, don't you Holly?"

As he asked her this and she felt ashamed believing what he was saying his hand moved to her wounded wrist and squeezed just a bit, but as she had no choice but to react to that intense pain he pushed the hard metal object harder, forcing it to push against the natural curves of her sex but forcing it to push hard against the natural curves inside her.  The long hard metal rod forced the soft flesh of her vagina to adjust to its shape. 

He bent down over her putting his mouth next to her ear, "I love giving my dirty, filthy, pain slut what she wants and needs to feel Holly, I like hurting you." He said pushing hard on the metal rod inside her and at the same time biting her ear lobe. 

He then sat up and pulled the covers off her and pulled the bandage covering the tattoo on her leg off.  Look at it Holly, the tattoo you wanted for a long time, that your mother wouldn't let you get, but I did.  You knew tattoos hurt Holly but you wanted it anyway and I helped you get it, I helped you accept the pain for what you wanted."  As he said that he pushed hard on the metal rod and she groaned. 

"You are special Holly, I was meant to find you, to help you, to help you experience pain.  Especially here" he said and again pressed hard against the rod.  "Such a good girl.  Such a dirty, filthy, pain slut you are Holly.  Just like the tattoo on your bottom says and that will be with you for the rest of your life."

Suddenly he withdrew the metal rod from inside her and quickly got on top of her and pushed his cock into her sex.  He pushed his mouth hard to hers and when she hesitated to open his hand smacked her cheek.  She quickly opened her mouth and he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside her.  He continued to kiss her and grabbed firm hold of her hair with one hand moving his hips as hard and aggressive as he could, raping her with no protest at all.  Out of instinct and to relieve the pain of the angle his cock was penetrating her she lifted her knees, unintentionally helping him push deeper. 

He softened his kisses ever so slightly to reward her for pulling her knees up and softened the pull on her hair rewarding her instinctual physical response. 

Holly was so physically drained from the blood loss she had no energy to resist or struggle against him but it felt humiliating to her.  She was getting used to him raping her, she resisted so much less and felt the natural movements of sex more.  With the clit attention followed by the metal object her sex was wet and his cock much softer and less harsh then the metal rod.  But that confused her mind because the rod felt so different to the feeling of his cock inside her.  Her body was adjusting to him, growing used to him fucking her. 

This hurt nothing like the first few times he raped her or like the harsh metal rod.  She was getting used to being raped by him.  Her body started breathing in rhythm with his thrusting.  He softened his kissing more as he felt her body moving with the rhythm of his fucking her.  As he softened his kiss he felt the tension in her jaw and face ease so he softened the grip on her hair and began to stroke her hair on the side of her face as he continued to fuck her hard. 

The tenseness of her body softened she wasn't resisting him raping her so he slowed his pace slightly rewarding her for accepting him fucking her. 

He smiled to himself she was accepting him raping her resisting very little if at all.  He slowed his movement even more wanting to last longer wanting her to experience this longer since she wasn't resisting,  He even thought to work one hand to one of her breast but rather then maul it like he typically would do he gently squeezed and kneaded her breast and then more gently pulled and squeezed on her nipple. 

For the first time ever he wanted her to feel good sexual stimulation of her breast, associating that while he raped her.  He hoped she would feel shame for her bodies natural responses to breast stimulation while being raped.  He felt her body moving more with his stroking and changed hands giving attention to her other breast.  He slowed his hip movement even more wanting to last longer if he could. 

When she wasn't expecting it he moved his free hand to her wounded wrist again and squeezed it just a bit at the same time doing very hard energetic deep thrusts. He then once again released her wrist and slowed his thrusts again.  He then once again took hard hold of one of her breasts squeezing as hard as he could and once again intensified his thrusts.

He could feel he was getting close and slapped her face hard twice with each hand and then intensified his thrusts.  As his hands both gripped each of her breasts as hard as they could he thrust his hip hard several more times before exploding inside her. 

But even though he was exhausted he forced his body to roll onto one side of her removing his cock but quickly grabbed the metal rod and forced it immediately inside her sex.

With both his and her fluids inside her the rod too easily pushed into her and too easily he managed to force it as deep as his cock had been thrusting. 

He's very deliberate, trying to be careful not wanting to damage her sex but having the desire to force the object, not intended to penetrate a woman's vagina, deeper to where Holly never felt anything touch before.  His own relief and exhaustion helping him be a bit more careful and not over anxious.  He paid special attention to where on the rod his and her body fluids made it wet and very carefully tried to work the half inch diameter, straight, stiff rod just a little deeper.

As he worked it just a bit farther inside he carefully watched her body react, her facial expressions, her breathing, even how she moved her hips.   

He had had lots of opportunities now to learn her expressions of both minor discomfort and greater pain and he used what he'd learned to experiment more.  He delighted when he could tell she was experiencing new sensations inside her where nothing had ever touched before and studied her facing expressions closely. 

He carefully added a bit of pressure on the handle of the rod delighting when a little more disappeared inside her.  He even listened for familiar or new groans from her.  He watched with excitement as she needed to move her hips, the arch in her back and her legs adjusted to the new sensations deeper inside. 

He couldn't resist carefully easing her legs a little higher and wider apart again watching her face to determine if that increased or decreased the pressure inside.  He even told her when he could tell, "There that helped a little didn't it?  You need to feel it touch you deeper Holly" he added warning her he was going to push more.

As he increased the pressure once again he heard her groans intensify and he felt more resistance on the rod, but suddenly, out of instinct she rolled her hips more pulling her knees up and he felt the pressure give way and the rod ease a few millimeters deeper which caused her to let out a hard exhale.  He quickly replied, "That's a good pain slut, feel it touch you even deeper inside like you needed."

He held the pressure there but didn't push more watching her still moving and adjusting her body.  He delighted as she seemed to work her hips a little wider then push her knees a bit more towards her shoulders.

He gave her a few minutes to adjust and delighted as she seemed to constantly move her body trying to find comfort.  After she seemed to minimize her movements he began to carefully increase the pressure.

For the first several moments it does not seem to go any deeper and just before he's convinced it can't go farther he sees her bite her bottom lip and push her ankles and feet wider and that tiny adjustment suddenly allows the rod to penetrate a few more centimeters.

After the time he's spent with her he has been learning her sounds, expressions and reactions and when the rod worked that bit deeper he could tell it was causing her discomfort deep inside.  He didn't try to work it deeper but he kept his hand on it keeping pressure on it. 

It was at that moment, more then any moment before that Roger realized just how much he enjoyed power and control over another person and watching them struggle with pain he was causing.  She didn't even realize when he first made contact that fingers from his other hand had moved to her clit.  But unlike any time before his intention was to stimulate and pleasure her clit while she experienced pain in a place she had never felt anything before. 

Holly's body and mind were so confused.  She felt a painful pressure deep inside where she didn't even know she could feel anything, let alone pressure and pain.  Yet the stimulation at the top of her sex sent different sensations deep in her body but in a very different way. 

"I can see the fluids just gushing out from you Holly.  Do you feel then oozing down to your bottom?  It hurts but you more.  I won't let you down Holly" he said his voice soft and for the first time he really focused on stimulating her clit wanting to fill her body and mind with confusing, contrasting sensation.  While he had zero desire for her to feel pleasure he hoped he could convince her that the pain was pleasurable or sexually stimulating. 

Just to have a bit more fun after he was confident his clit stimulation was working at making her feel pressure even with the painful pressure deep inside her sex, he decided to try one more thing he thought to be cruel and he stopped rubbing her clit and used that hand to tap, tap, tap, over and over on the end of the metal rod.  Doing so made her immediately let out groans, winces and cries and he knew he achieved his goal of wanting her to hurt and suffer.

"NO, NO, NO..." she cried and then begged, "PLEASE, PLEASE STOP" and her crying intensified.  He watched in delight as she wiggled and squirmed appearing to be unable to hold still. 

He smiled and decided he had done enough not wanting to do something that might require medical attention so he quickly pulled the rod out from inside her, stood up, bent down to kiss her forehead and told her, "Get some rest.  I have a special day planned for us tomorrow."

Holly without thought, the minute he walked away, rolled onto her side and curled into the fetal position.  But it hurt too much to have her knees together so she straightened her top leg partly.  Doing that only added to her humiliation as she could feel fluids escaping from her sex. 

Holly cried, but it wasn't a typical frightened, or upset cry, it was the a low deep wail from the center of her being.  How had she gotten here?  How had her mother brought this man into their lives?  How could her mother be right there when he hit the daughter she was supposed to love and say nothing. 

The pain deep inside her tummy and between her legs was bad, but there was an overwhelming feeling of despair in her soul.  She put her fingers on the bandage on her wrist over the wound she made trying to take her own life.   She couldn't help wonder if she would have been better off if she had died from cutting her wrist, but she wanted to believe that wasn't the answer. 

She had known of a girl at school who was a cutter and most of the students thought she was a freak.  But when Holly pressed on the bandage on her wrist, it distracted her mind from the pain in her soul, at least for a few seconds.  She had always wondered why there were people who would cut themselves but now she understood that it took away a deeper pain.  Maybe she too was a freak, or what Roger called her a dirty, filthy, pain slut. 

Why had that man given Roger money after he raped her before he left the hotel room?  Why had Roger let those men rape her at the tattoo shop? 

Things only seemed to be getting worse and Roger already said he had plans for tomorrow.  The thought of that was horrifying.

She knew she had to come up with an alternative plan of action.

She occasionally over the next several minutes would press on the bandage until the exhaustion from the day was enough to take control and she finally despite the physical and mental pain drifted into sleep.

Sammi was startled back to the present as Joseph broke the kiss and immediately asked her, "Are you okay?" 

She looked up at him her mind feeling glazed over.  "Yeah...I'm sorry" she said.

"Nothing to apologize for" he added then continued, "I guess I should finish rinsing the truck.

But as he stepped back he couldn't help looking at her standing there in soaking wet clothing.  He continued, "You know you look amazing, even soaking wet."  He couldn't help chuckle knowing it was his fault. 

Sammi blushed feeling a bit self conscious.  She knew her clothes were clinging to her body and was pretty confident her nipples were visible even though she was wearing a padded bra.  Besides feeling self conscious she couldn't help feeling shame as well,

She remembered the clothes were in the dryer and decided that might be a perfect moment to go get the clothes from the laundry mat hoping he didn't see her for that and said, "I'm...going to run get the clothes" and pointed towards the laundry mat and quickly jogged in that direction.

Joseph couldn't help watch her jog off enjoying watching her from any angle.  He did notice she seemed a bit off but told himself not to worry about it too much. 

He finished rinsing the truck and trailer trying to minimize how often Ol'Jack got into the water knowing that they would soon be getting in the truck.  He could hardly believe how much he desired and anticipated her return.  He felt like a silly old man because he was smitten by this young woman.

He couldn't remember the last time he laughed so much or had so much childish fun.  The water fight was a blast.  He kept watching for her return and he felt himself smile when he saw her walking in his direction carrying their laundry.  He helped her put it up in the truck and asked, "So why don't we move the truck, grab some clean clothes and I think they have shower facilities here.  We can take a shower and then get something to eat.  What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me" Sammi agreed and crawled up in the truck.  She was so grateful that Joseph did not seem to dwell on her strange mood swings.  She was amazed by his calm and cool demeanor. 

He moved the truck from the truck wash area and parked it beside many other tractor trailers.  He grabbed clean clothes and she did also and they walked into the building.  They were fortitude that the truck stop had large shower facilities and each headed to the appropriate shower for their gender. 

Sammi had not been in a communal shower since before Roger met her mom on occasion showering at school.  She felt extremely uncomfortable and hurried as much as she could, especially knowing on her bottom the words, Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut were permanently tattooed.

She was relieved when she didn't think any of the other woman noticed.  But she felt ashamed and humiliated not being sure.

She quickly dressed and waited for Joseph by the entry to the shower area.  He arrived not too long after her.

"Hungry" he asked? 

"Starving" she quickly replied and they headed to the truck stop restaurant for dinner.

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From this part
                         "He felt like a silly old man because he was smitten by this young woman."

What a prefect way to intro the main story.Loved the playfulness of the trucking washing scene. Brings back memories of watering the lawn in the backyard and  dousing the girl who lived next door if she was out tanning. Had a border collie take would jump at the water spray every chance he got like ole jack!

This keeps getting better with every chapter added!

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Chapter 11  "The Person in The Mirror"

Sammi and Joseph were quickly seated in the truck stop restaurant.  They were both hungry, quickly picked something from the menu and placed their order with the server.

Joseph noticed that Sammi was smiling and seemed more upbeat.  Before long they were talking about the truck wash, how much Ol'Jack loved water and how much fun they had playing in the water.  They were both laughing really hard about it when the waitress brought their food.

As they were eating he said, "There's something I need to make sure you are aware of.  Now that I've made my delivery what I typically do is pick up a load and transport it back East and after dropping it I try to make it home a few days if I can.  I have a run that will be ready to go East day after tomorrow.  I know you said you were heading West but..."

He hesitated nervousness coming into his voice, "'re welcome to stay with me...actually I'd really like it and so would Ol'Jack if you stay on the road with us."  He hoped adding in the old dog's wishes would lighten the seriousness of the decision Sammi would have to make.

Sammi was dumbfounded by the question.  For a couple minutes she hardly knew what to think let alone how to answer.  She just stared blankly at Joseph a few moments before she started to think about the question.

She was angry at herself for not thinking of the reality that at some point he would turn his truck around and drive back from where he had started.  She knew that eventually there was an end to the road and land.  One could not indefinitely drive West.

So now that she accepted that reality the next thing she had to consider was could she stay longer with Joseph and even head back East.

Her original plan was to first ride the bus and then to catch rides with at least a few different people.  There was certainly danger in every ride she hitched.  But the one thing she had no knowledge of was if her mother or Roger were looking for her or worse if they had called the police and reported her missing.  The last thing she wanted to do was bring her problems to Joseph.

He noticed her long hesitation in answering so he decided to let her off the hook for now, "Sammi, you don't need to decide right now.  But you are most definitely invited and wanted to stay on the road with Ol'Jack and me.  I know the road is not the best place for everyone."

She was relieved she didn't have to give him an answer right then and there.

He then changed the subject, "I still will keep my commitment to you for a nice dinner tomorrow night.  But I noticed you didn't have much clothing with you and I wondered if you would let me take you shopping tomorrow morning and get you a nice outfit for dinner tomorrow.  I know you ladies like to do that for special occasions because my wife always did.  Will you let me do that for you?"

"Joseph, you've done so much for me already.  You haven't even let me pay for my own meals.  You don't need to do that.  We can just eat here again, I don't need a nice restaurant" she answered.

"Well Sammi, you see, it's tradition.  I celebrate the delivery of each load with a nice dinner and Ol'Jack expects a good leftover doggy bag" he added with a smile then added, "You can't deny an old dog a chance at good leftovers now can you?"

His silly argument made her laugh. "No, we can't let down Ol'Jack" she replied laughter in her voice.

Taking advantage of her laughter he asked, "So you'll let me take you shopping for an outfit in the morning?"

"Ok" she agreed and shook her head hardly believing him using the dog to persuade her.

As they both finish their dinner they both started yawning.  It had been a long day.  The waitress brought the check and Joseph took care of it and they walked back to the truck.  They got up in the truck and because of the bright lights of the truck stop parking lot he put a large window shade up in the windshield.  It made Sammi laugh and ask, "Is the sun coming up early?"

He let her get into the sleeper first and change into what she wanted to sleep in and get into bed then he did the same.  He got in on the back side up against the wall.  Once he was there he gently put his hand on her shoulder and rolled her on her back and leaned down for a kiss.  All of his moves were so and deliberate so not to scare her.  Within just a few seconds the kiss turned to a French kiss and became passionate quickly.

Kissing Joseph to Sammi was so much more like TV and the movies loving and consensual compared to kissing Roger and his 'friends' which always felt aggressive and dominant by them.  Joseph often would break the long passionate kiss and change to short quick pecks and kiss the tip of her nose or chin.  Even more important the old trucker didn't grab and squeeze or breasts and had not so far raped her.  She hated the fact that was how she thought and was prepared to be raped. 

It had been so many years since Joseph had courted a woman hooking up with a lot lizard was very different and both parties knew it was just for the sex.  Part of him felt like a dirty old man, Sammi was quite obviously too young for him.  But it was pretty obvious to him that something horrible had happened to this young woman and that was what put her on the side of the highway.  It had been a while since the last time he had sex and he wanted it very much but there was something about this girl.  He knew he shouldn't rush things but that didn't stop the yearning in his crotch. 

He decided this wasn't the time or place so he slowed the kissing and eventually laid back on his back.  He held onto her arm on the opposite side of her body and gently pulled her facing him and then gently pulled guided her to lying her head on his chest.  He then softly wrapped his arm around her.  Kissed her on the forehead and told her, "Goodnight."

She was a little surprised that he rolled onto his back, pulled her onto his chest told her goodnight but she was also tired, it had been a long day.  Now that she was lying on her side with her head on his chest she placed one hand on his chest and patted it softly and replied, "Goodnight."

She closed her eyes and wanted to push all thought out of her mind but since she met Roger that had become an impossibility.  Once again her mind betrayed her and went back to the day after he raped her and then forced the rod inside her.  The first time she saw herself in the mirror and she didn't recognize the person looking back at her.

The next morning Holly was woken by Roger coming into her room.  He walked over to her closet and looked through it picking the clothes he wanted her to wear.  He picked blue denim cutoff shorts, a black satin looking padded bra and black satin and lace trimmed thongs and a beige sweater.  He said, "I've called in sick for you to school, we have better things to do.  Now take a shower and put those on."  He then walked out of her room.

Holly woke the second he entered her room.  The minute her mind cleared from sleep her body reminded everything she had been through the previous day.  When she moved she realized she hurt more then she had at first realized.  It hurt more then her worst period ever and she realized she didn't want to move or at least not fast.  She struggled to get up out of bed and it really hurt to stand up and walk. 

She took her time getting in and out of the shower and then reluctantly put on the clothes he set out for her and headed out of her room.  It bothered and scared her that he had called in sick to school for her.  He was waiting for her in the living room and the moment she entered the room he told her her he had her breakfast ready for her. 

She was surprised when she went into the kitchen there was French toast, with powdered sugar on the table with maple syrup and orange juice and hot chocolate.  She wondered what was going on and then couldn't help think maybe her mom left it for her so she sat down to eat.

He stood in the doorway just watching and didn't do anything to antagonize her which made her even more nervous.  She finished most of her breakfast except the glass of orange juice.  When he thought she was done he asked her, "Are you finished with your breakfast?"  When she nodded he told her, "Clean up your dishes and then meet me in the living room."

Again she took her time to clean of the table and wash the dishes, for one it hurt to move around and she was scared of what Roger was planning.  But she knew if she took too long her might get violent again so it wasn't too long before she went to the living room.

He was sitting there on the recliner and when she entered the room he pointed at the floor directly in front of him.  Without too much thought she walked over and stood where he had pointed.

"You've been wearing that sweater a lot, is it one of your favorites" he asked?

At first she just nodded but saw an unhappy look on his face.  Not wanting to get hit she quickly answered, "Yes."

But that still wasn't good enough for him and he asked, "Yes what?"

She couldn't resist rolling her eyes but then said, "Yes sir."

He saw the eye roll but decided to ignore it for now and keep working his plan and asked, "Why do you like that sweater so much, because it hides your body?"

She wasn't sure why since he picked it for her to put on today why he would be asking that, although it was a sweater she put on often and her first reaction was to shrug but again his facial expression showed that wasn't good enough.  She quickly said, "I don't know I just like it."

With a stern voice he said, "Take it off!"

Her eyes opened wide but again his expression and the pain in her belly took any thoughts of resisting out of her mind and she slowly pulled her sweater up and off over her head.

He immediately asked her another question, "Why do you wear shorts and jeans all the time?  Aren't you a girl?  You look like a fucking tomboy.  Now take those off too."

She looked at him very frustrated but not wanting to get hit again she complied.

As Holly unbuttoned, unzipped and then pushed her shorts down her legs she felt weak and ashamed.  She couldn't believe how compliant she was becoming to avoid getting slapped or punched.  She got her shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

She started feeling uncomfortable and self conscious as she saw Roger look up and down her body.

"You ate every bite of that breakfast, every bite of French toast, powdered sugar, lots of syrup and drank all the hot chocolate like a fat hungry pig.  Is that what you are Holly" he asked his tone sounding cruel and intense.

"No" she answered quickly.

"Do you not mean yes sir" he corrected.

She didn't like what he said so she decided to try to have a little back bone, "No sir."

He must have anticipated her reply because within less then a second after she got the "r" out of her mouth his hand slapped her face hard and he quickly retorted, "say, Yes sir I ate like a hungry fat pig."  As he finished saying it he raised the same hand he had slapped her with and lifted it toward his opposition shoulder ready to backhand her other cheek.

She looked down and very softly said, "Yes sir I ate like a hungry fat pig."

He lowered his hand and smiled a satisfied smile.  Then he took a red marker and drew almost like a smile on her tummy the center bottom at the base of her stomach towards her pubic bone and said, "You have a bit of a pooch here" as he touched her tummy with all five of his finger tips his palm centered over her belly button and then wrote one word, 'FAT".

Then he said, "Turn your back to me."

She did as she was told and once she had her back to him he unhooked her bra and then told her, "Turn back around."

Once again she followed directions while holding her arms hard against her sides to keep her bra from falling.  But he simply reached up to the base of the bra and pulled hard on it tugging it away from her.  She didn't resist knowing the consequences.

"You know, those are small tits really.  You look like a little kid.  They're inadequate just like you are" as he finished saying it he took the red marker and wrote starting on the inside of her right breast into her cleavage and then on the inside of the left, ""SLUT".

He then drew a similar smile shape line at the base of each breast saying, "Such little tits, useless and inadequate.

He stood up from his chair and put his hand on her shoulder turning her to the side then moved behind her and pushed her towards the master bedroom saying, "Walk!"

As they got to the entry to the master bedroom, the room he and her mother shared, her entire body tensed, it was bad enough he or his 'friends' had already raped her multiple times the idea of him doing that on the bed that he shared with her mother made her sick.  But it didn't matter to him that she stopped at the doorway he just lifted his foot placed it on the top of her butt and the base of her back and kicked his leg out hard shoving her hard forward into the room.

It thrust her so hard and fast forward she lost her balance and fell to her hands and knees but before she could even begin to compose herself he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back up to her feet using his strength and a handful of her hair. 

Her hands, her right wrist and both knees hurt but what hurt the most was her scalp from him tugging her hair hard enough to bring her once again on her feet.  He guided her by the shoulder to one side of the bed raising her anxiety.  Then he flipped a switch on the dresser and bright overhead lights turned on and Holly realized the two bright lights were aimed directly at her and he had guided her to standing before a full length mirror.

"Do you see it Holly, do you see how little shadow those tiny tits of your cast on your body even with such bright lights shining on you?  They're tiny, boy like, useless and worthless.  Can you see it in the mirror" he exclaimed with intense enthusiasm pausing for a moment to let his words sink in then continued, "What do those red letters across your tits spell Holly?"

She looked at herself in the mirror, bruises still very visible on her breasts but the red marker also made the letters easily distinguishable even in the mirror image she softly answered, "SLUT."

"What" he asked.

With a bit more volume she replied, "SLUT."

Once again he asked, "Slut who?"

It took her just a moment to understand what he meant, "It says SLUT, sir."

"Again" he ordered!

She answered her voice sounding more defeated, "It says SLUT, sir."

But he was unrelentlng with his determination to break her spirit, "Who is a slut Holly."

Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she even needed to sniffle and wiped her nose with her hand, "Me"

"That's right you ARE a slut Holly.  Think how many guys have fucked you already" he said.

He then continued to degrade her, "Look at your belly Holly, see the shadow under your belly, it's bigger then the shadow from your tits."

What he was saying wasn't true but he was getting in her head and she had no idea how hard he had worked to get the right alignment with the lights and to make sure exactly where she needed to stand in order to create the shadows he wanted under her boobs and belly.

He then asked, "What word is written in red on your belly?"

While more tears streamed down her cheeks Holly softly answered, "FAT."

He continued to degrade, "That's right you chowed down on that breakfast like a fat little pig and look at that fat belly, it's what you are, FAT.

He then caught her completely off guard and used his foot to push on the back of her knee but did hold onto her shoulder to keep her from falling into the mirror but she did drop to her knees. 

Even though he held her shoulder supporting her fall to her knees considering she had just fallen to her hands and knees a bit earlier it really hurt.  But the sound of his belt unbuckling and his fly unzipping took her mind off the pain bringing her focus to fear.

Roger used her shoulder to turn her facing him and immediately touched her nose, cheek, chin and lips with his cock which started to harden. He then rotated his hips side to side making his cock slap against each of her cheeks.  The first few hits didn't hurt but still felt degrading to her but after he continued to do this several times he could tell it was getting in her head as she began to flinch and even lean back a bit.  He quickly addressed that by grabbing a handful of hair on each side of her head with both of his hands using her hair to stop her from pulling away.

He continued cock slapping her face until his cock was hard and he noticed a tiny bit of wetness on her face as he began to leak a bit of precum.  He now moved his hips back and forth a bit pressing the head of his cock to her nose, lips and chin getting them sticky with his fluids. 

"You're not opening those pretty lips of yours, I know you know what a blow job is slut now get that mouth open unless you want me to smack that mouth" he said anger in his voice.

Holly had not sucked a guys cock yet, but she of course knew what a blow job was.  She knew he was serious and if she didn't open her mouth he would very likely hit her but the scent of his cock and the precum was already filling her sinuses and making her nauseous.  But she knew she had no choice and slowly opened her lips for him.

It felt more disgusting then she imagined when his cock began to push into her mouth.  The taste was powerfully salty and she cringed and gagged but he only continued to push it deeper and deeper using his grip on her hair to keep her from pulling back.  It disgusted her that she could feel the texture and odd shape of the head of his cock, the opening at the bottom side of the cockhead as well as the indentation at the base of the head. 

The feeling of the cockhead sliding over her tongue was horrifying to her and she tried to push her tongue down as much as she could but that just seemed to encourage him to push it deeper on the in strokes and made her gag even more. 

Only after pushing the full head of his cock and part of his shaft into her mouth did he start moving it in and out.  Again she could feel the texture of veins on the shaft and felt hair slide across her tongue making her want to throw up.

Her inexperience and the revulsion showing on her face excited him even more and only helped his cock to harden more. He continued to work it deeper delighting every time it made her gag.  When he could feel the saliva and precum building he pulled his cock out of her mouth pulling a thick string of sticky spit behind it almost like a long string of pizza cheese.  He intentionally pushed his hips higher to move the long string of spit into her line of sight and then pushed his cock to one side of her nose and dabbed his cock against her face smearing the wetness around.

She felt humiliated.

Within moments his cock once again pushed at her lips and into her mouth.  Her fear built when she felt him move his hands from her hair to holding her head right behind her ears.  Suddenly he began to push his cock hard forcing deeper into her mouth.  Her eyes shot open wide as it made her gag hard and struggle to not throw up. 

He continued to ram his cock hard over and over forcing her to gag until she coughed and brought up fluids.  When she did he quickly pulled his cock out and the fluids followed sliding down her chin onto her chest, tummy and legs.  As soon as the fluids stopped coming from her mouth he once again pushed in and began stroking again. For a few minutes and multiple thrusts he stroked in and out just a bit.  But the moment she seemed to adjust and accept it he once again held hard onto her head and pushed hard and deep and this time held there. 

Again her eyes shot wide open and she felt herself gag and she reached up in panic grabbing hold of his forearms trying to get him to let go so she could pull back but he held hard onto her head and kept his cock deep in her mouth.  Eventually she coughed up more fluids and when she did he quickly pulled his cock free from her mouth and the fluids followed his cock out of her mouth and spilled down onto her body. 

She was so focused on coughing and gagging that she didn't notice he was rapidly stroking his cock as she finally stopped spitting up fluids his cock began to squirt shot after shot of cum onto her face, hair and then breasts.  He shot six streams of cum and then let a few last drops drip onto her as he grunted with pleasure. 

He then pushed his cock to her lips one more time and at first she did not want to open for it but he slapped each cheek a few times until she opened her lips and let him push in again.  His cock quickly returned to flaccid but he wanted to make sure she at least got a taste of the fluids. 

Tears again began to stream down her cheeks and he pulled his cock free of her mouth, placed his hand on her shoulder turning her back towards the mirror and said, "You're just a dirty, filthy worthless slut.  Your only redeeming quality is your ability to milk cum from a cock."

It took a moment before she looked up at the mirror and saw her body naked except for the small black panties.  She looked disgusting with the cum and fluids all over her face and body.  She couldn't stop crying and he enjoyed watching her misery. 

He slowly tugged his underwear and pants back up, buttoned and zipped the fly and buckled his belt but never took his eyes off the reflection of her kneeling covered in cum, saliva and other fluids. 

He delighted at the look of terror and humiliation in her face and how even her posture communicated surrender.

He waited there several minutes delighting in the fact she waited for him to maybe do more but he after watching her break down for several minutes he told her, "Go clean up" and turned and walked out of the room. 

He walked back into the living room knowing they had just started the day, sat in his recliner and thought how much controlling and degrading another person like this was the most exciting thing he had ever done.

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From this part
                         "He felt like a silly old man because he was smitten by this young woman."

What a prefect way to intro the main story.Loved the playfulness of the trucking washing scene. Brings back memories of watering the lawn in the backyard and  dousing the girl who lived next door if she was out tanning. Had a border collie take would jump at the water spray every chance he got like ole jack!

This keeps getting better with every chapter added!

Thank you gscmar64!!!

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Why are you giving us readers who want them to become lovers Blue balls like you are. Please  give Sammi something to prove that not all males are evil. I beg you!

Oh and if you can see it- Give Roger some form of godly punishment like a erectile dysfunction!

Another great chapter to what is already a classic story!

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Chapter 12  "Date Night"

Sammi woke up twice during the night sitting up crying and it woke Joseph up both times.  He just said to her, "It's okay.  It's okay.  You're safe."  He even noticed she was trembling.  He just rubbed her back softly till she laid back down then he repeated, "You're safe."  Somehow they both managed to get back to sleep. 

The next morning even with the sunshade in the windshield once the sun was up it pushed light back into the sleeper.  He was delighted when he woke up she was already awake, smiled up at him, said, "Hi" and them kissed him on the cheek. 

"Hi" he replied and put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her down to him and kissed her.  It was the strongest approach the truck driver had used and he didn't notice the change in her at first.  Sammi felt his hand firmly on her neck pull her down to a kiss.  Immediately she opened her mouth as soon as their lips made contact surrendering to the stronger man. 

He had morning wood and let his arousal drive the passion.  He let the heat of the moment control him for several minutes and was kissing her harder then he had before.  He even used one of his hands to pull her shirt up above her waist until he could slip his hand under her shirt and rub the bare skin on her back. 

He could hardly believe this young woman was in bed with him and how velvety soft her skin felt.  Her long hair loose falling around his face he could feel and smell it.  He slowly worked his hand higher and higher on her back loving the smoothness of her flesh.  He couldn't resist running the fingers of his other hand through her hair. 

It was the first time a guy had ever played with her hair gently and it helped pull her mind back to the present to where she was and who she was with.  Her kisses became softer and more sultry. 

Joseph noticed the difference and started working her t-shirt up more.

But suddenly there was a loud whine from Ol'Jack.

Joseph could not help but groan in frustration.  Sammi was worried and quickly asked, "Is he okay?"

"Yeah, he's fine, he's just gotta piss" he said disheartened with his dog then added, I'll take him out."

Sammi couldn't help giggle as she overheard Joseph lecturing his dog as if he could understand every word as he walked away from the truck, "Damn dog!  You just remember this next time you smell a dog in heat.  Don't get pissed at me when I keep you on the leash and cock block..."  The rest she could not hear as they got further from the truck but she couldn't stop giggling at the great relationship between the trucker and his loyal companion. 

She too needed to take care of her own full bladder so she just pulled a pair of shorts and shoes, on, grabbed her bag and hurried to get out of the cab and scurried to the truck stop rest rooms.  She washed up, brushed her teeth and changed into clean clothes.  When she got back to the truck she saw Joseph there with Ol'Jack tied by the leash to the truck front bumper.  She walked up to the trucker, pushed up on her toes and gave him a quick kiss and he excused himself to the restroom.  She squatted down to the dog, petting and scratching him behind the ears and intentionally said loudly, "You're such a good boy, aren't you" in a baby voice as Joseph walked away and she couldn't help but to giggle more.

When he came back from the restroom he quickly worked to separate the cab from the trailer as Sammi looked on with interest how fast he could do that.  He then asked her, "Ready to go shopping?"

For the first time Sammi seemed to have a continuous smile on her face and it took a bit before Joseph noticed.  She couldn't help notice that even as he was disconnecting everything between the trailer and cab he would shoot his dog an occasional 'stink eye.'

So she dared not disappoint him and replied quickly, "Sure."

It took a few minutes before he noticed her smile as he walked to the front of the cab and untied the leash, walked the dog to the passenger door, opened it and lifted him up in the cab saying, "Get on up in there you old mutt" but now he also had a smile on his face.  He then looked back at Sammi to watch her reaction. 

She was definitely watching so he quickly added, "You too young lass" and proceeded to take hold of her waist and lift her up to the truck cab as well.  He then closed the passenger door, walked around the cab and got into the driver's seat and then asked, "Can I get a kiss?"

She giggled and teased, "Only after you apologize to the fur baby!"

He shook his head but couldn't keep a grin off his face and reluctantly said, "I'm sorry old boy.  Now may I have a kiss?"

She couldn't resist teasing a bit more but could hardly keep from laughing, "Ol'Jack, Ol'Jack, be a good boy and go give daddy a big kiss!"

Joseph shaking his head said, "Not from him silly girl, you, now get your cute self over here and give your chauffeur a kiss!"

With a big grin she got up from her seat, sat on the outside edge of his right leg, put her arms around his neck and kissed him.  He quickly slid his hands around her waist and returned her kiss.  The kiss lasted a few minutes but never got too headed and was more soft, gentle and loving.

He let her break the kiss when she was ready and she then hopped up and got into her seat and buckled her seatbelt and they were off to go shipping. 

He drove to the nearby mall where he had gone on a few occasions when waiting for a load to transport back East.  He quickly got into the sleeper and put on clean clothes and then they walked into the mall.

Joseph was careful to start slow, he didn't want her to feel pressured so they just went to the women's section of the first department store they approached and he just encouraged her to look for something she'd like. 

At first Sammi was apprehensive, he had already done so much for her the last thing she expected him to do was to purchase her clothing.  But he had a smile on his face and was persistent with encouragement that she should just find something she'd like. 

Before meeting Roger, her mother as a single working mom, survived on a limited income and mostly only when school started did her mother take her shopping for clothes.  She kept looking at the price tags and he just kept telling her not to worry about it.

The amount of money her was spending just seemed to keep growing and it made her worry to the point Sammi kept asking him about how nice a restaurant it was where he wanted to take her for dinner and she suggested that she didn't need to eat at a fancy restaurant. 

But he just teased back that they couldn't let Ol'Jack down. 

She didn't find anything in the first department store but in the second one the clothing was less expensive and a nice sales consultant started assisting her and before long she had a couple items she decided to try on.  She was struggling to choose between the two choices so he suggested she think about it and in the meantime look at any other tops or bottoms that she might like to get for everyday wear. 

Sammi was hesitant and protested, "Joseph, that's too much you don't need to buy me anything else."

But he quickly replied, "Sammi, you don't have very much to wear with you and it's not always so easy to find a laundry mat in a safe area.  Trust me, I know, I've had to go without clean clothes on a few occasions and you're traveling with less then I have with me.  Now let's just pick up a few extra items for you please.  It'll make me worry much less."

So reluctantly she gave in and looked at some tops and bottoms, selecting just a few items.  He then paid the sales consultant and Sammi didn't realize at first that he purchased both options she tried on and liked for dinner that evening.  They then went into the food court area of the mall and each got ice cream. 

While eating the ice cream she notice something seemed off with him.  Finally she asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah" he answered and let out a long exhale then continued, "I want to make you another offer but am concerned that you won't want to, but hope you'll consider it anyway."

"What is it" she asked?

"Just like the rest of your clothing, you don't seem like you have many underthings, I'd like to get you some nice ones from the lingerie store just down that way a bit" he said pointing to the right then added, "And maybe you will let me see you in some of it later?"

Sammi's first instinct was to look at what he was suggesting as if it was Roger or one of his 'friends' asking her to consider it and she felt her entire body tense and felt anxiety rush through her body, but she tried to calm herself, remind herself where she was, no longer with Roger, and who she was with, Joseph, not Roger or one of his 'friends.'

She struggled to look him in the eyes and hated herself for it, "Okay, we can do that" she replied.

Joseph watched her body language and expression change and was sure she was going to say no so when she agreed he was relieved.  He caught her off guard, her eyes looking away and moved his ice cream cone to her nose getting just a drop on the tip of her nose and he chuckled. 

For a moment she felt a rush of humiliation thinking of the nasty fluids Roger squirted on her face, hair and body, but hearing Joseph's chuckle snapped her mind back to the present.  She saw the ice cream on the tip of her nose and let out a little giggle but her past was fighting for control of her emotions.  She managed to blush and forced out a giggle and used a napkin to wipe the ice cream off her nose.  She was relieved when Joseph stood up and asked, "Ready?"

She nodded, stood up and followed him to the well known, national lingerie store.

She felt very timid and self conscious when first entering the store because all of the underthings she owned before Roger moved in came from discount stores.  Roger had purchased items for her from fetish websites.

She was quickly greeted by a sales associate who helped her with sizing and styles.  Before long the sales associate was learning Sammi's taste and was putting together sets of bras and panties for her to consider. 

Before long there was a collection of bras and panties Sammi liked that the sales associate assembled.  Joseph knew based on the size of her bag and what she had put in the laundry that she must have runaway in a hurry and when she was still looking at garments he told the sales associate that he would take all the items she had assembled that Sammi liked. 

He was happy when the sales associate discretely handed the items to another employee and they went with him to the register.  Once Joseph settled the bill he walked back over to Sammi and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, where are the items we set aside I need to pick a few to purchase" she asked?

Joseph lifted up a bag, "Here."

Sammi's eyes opened wide and she reached for the bag and he handed it to her. 

She looked in the bag and quickly replied, "Joseph that's too much!  How much did all that cost?  I don't need that much underwear."

He gently took hold of her hand and slowly moved towards the exit of the store despite her protests. 

She reluctantly followed and only after they walked back into the mall he did stop and say, "Sammi, you need more then just a few pairs of undies and I'll feel better knowing you don't have to do laundry every three or four days.  Okay?"

She felt determined not be told what to do but when she looked up at him standing so much taller then her 5 foot 1 inch height thinking how much he had helped her she just couldn't be mad at him, "Okay, okay, you win."

"Thank you" he replied and bent down and kissed her.  She pushed up on her tip toes putting her hands around his neck and they kissed for a few minutes right there in the mall. 

He made one more stop in the mall with her in a shoe store.  She tried to argue at first but it wasn't hard for him to convince her she couldn't dine in a nice restaurant in canvas sneakers.  Next thing she knew he had purchased her a couple pairs of shoes and they left the mall. 

They stopped in a park to let Ol'Jack do his business and she was shocked when Joseph told her he had another surprise for her.  "Joseph, you've done far too much already" she protested!

But he quickly replied, "I think you'll really enjoy this one, if not you can say no and we won't go in."

She just rolled her eyes but got back in the truck when the trucker and his loyal companion were ready.  They traveled just under forty five minutes before she could see a roller coaster in the distance and watched as it grew larger as they got closer. 

Joseph had discovered the amusement park after his last trip to this city.  He laughed at himself for noticing it and thinking it'd be fun to go but not alone he never dreamed that the next time he came to the city he would have a beautiful young woman with him. 

He pulled the truck into the parking lot double parking just inside the gate surrounding the parking lot for the amusement park, "I hope you don't mind walking a bit businesses sometimes frown on us if we take up more then one parking spot close up."

With her eyes and smile showing disbelief, she quickly replied, "That's fine!  Are we going to the amusement park?"

He answered with a mischievous smile on his face, "Well, as I told you, you can say no and we can stand outside the gate and just watch those inside have fun if you think it's too much!"

She grabbed hold of his hand and started jogging towards the entry to the amusement park.  He followed feeling like a kid. 

They got in line at the ticket booth and after just a few minutes, once they had their tickets they walked through the entry. 

They rode multiple rides, made out at the top of a Farris Wheel and held one another tight on the big roller coaster.  They played some of the carnival style games together and he won a stuffed animal teddy bear that he immediately gave her. 

They laughed and had an incredible time together, kissed often and ran around holding hands.

Joseph was astonished by the young woman he was with.  It was like being with a different person then who he had been with the last several days, she had hardly stopped smiling that day, her energy seemed unending.  Even he could feel himself smiling and having a good time. 

He couldn't help wonder if people were looking at them funny because of the age difference but he didn't care it was the most fun he had had in years. 

The time passed too fast for both of them and Sammi was disappointed when Joseph told her they needed to get going to leave time to get cleaned up. 

As they were driving back towards town he decided to ask her a question to which he was unsure how she would react, "So Sammi, there's a nice hotel two doors over from the place where we are eating tonight.  Ol'Jack and I have stayed there before and we like it because it's in walking distance of the restaurant and has plenty of green grass where he can do his business.  I'd like to get a room there tonight so we can get cleaned up in a private bathroom and their beds are incredibly comfortable, much better then the sleeper so we can get a good nights sleep before picking up the load to take East.  We can get two rooms if you want or share we share the sleeper."

His words were few but asked so many things.  Was she okay staying in a hotel?  Was she willing to share a room or did she want him to pay for two?  If they shared a room was she okay using the same bathroom to clean up.  And the toughest question he was once again asking her to travel back East, towards her mom's house and more importantly Roger.

There was silence in the cab for a couple minutes while she considered what she thought she wanted. 

She tried to answer in as few words as she could, "Thank you so much for taking me to the amusement park, I had an incredible time!" 

She paused, took a deep breath then continued, "You've already spent enough money on me so I'm fine if we share a room."

She intentionally said nothing about going back East because she wasn't sure what she wanted to do.  She thought she might be falling in love with Joseph and of course she loved Ol'Jack, but she had no idea if Roger was looking for her, something made her suspect he was.  She knew she had not followed her original plan to ride the bus then take multiple rides so even if anyone looking figured out one person she road with they would have to track the next ride and the next.

But she had been with Joseph several days.  They had stopped at several public places and several people saw them together.  She already worried she might have gotten him in trouble but she didn't want to think about that, or about Roger when she had just had one of the most fun days of her life. 

To lift the mood Joseph started talking about some of the rides and joked, "I was terrified on the roller coaster and am lucky I didn't have a heart attack, the only thing that saved my life was you holding my hand."

His reflection back to the fun on the rides got her smiling and laughing again and before long he pulled back into the truck stop and said, "Will you walk Ol'Jack while I hook up the trailer again I can park the tracker trailer at the hotel."

"Sure" she said, grabbed the leash from where she saw him put it before, opened the passenger door, crawled down from the truck and helped lift the dog down.  While she took the dog to the grass to do his business Joseph hooked the truck back up to the trailer. 

Before long they were back in the truck and headed to the hotel.  Joseph was right this hotel was much nicer then the motel where he had rented a room for them to take a shower just a few days ago.  He parked on the side of the hotel on the street and they walked together to the front entry along with the dog on a leash with her. 

The hotel lobby had a high cathedral ceiling and live piano music.  It was overwhelming to Sammi because it reminder her of the hotel where Roger had taken her to meet his 'friend' who gave Roger money after raping her.  She followed Joseph to the front desk in a daze the sound of the piano in the background. 

He got a room with a king sized bed and they headed up to the room.  Her mind was spinning with so many thoughts.  She had just had an amazing time with Joseph but it was hard to push the horrible things that had happened not too long ago out of her mind. 

He opened the door to their room and handed her one of the key cards.  He asked, "Do you want to shower first?"  She nodded and he said, "Go right ahead."

She took a shower and used pretty hot water struggling ho push her past out of her mind.  Finally she finished, turned off the water and wrapped herself in a towel. 

With the shower off she head Joseph's voice and he was talking to her through the door, "Sammi, I didn't tell you how amazing a time I had with you and you I know you thanked me but I didn't tell you thank you.  I had more fun today then I've had in a very long time if ever, so thank you!"

She opened the door wrapped in a towel her hair and skin still wet and a cute smile on her face. 

He took gentle hold of each of her hands with his and gently pulled her to him and kissed her.  The kiss caught her a bit off guard but she was having so much fun with him she let herself kiss him back quickly. 

When he let go of her hands she raised them to his neck and he slid his arms around her waist.  Her tongue, lips and hands moved and responded more then in any previous kiss and he felt his excitement intensify. 

Sammi was nervous but she kept reminder herself who she was with.  It didn't hurt that the old dog had followed its master towards the bathroom and was sitting five feet behind him watching the two of them and she could hear him and see him occasionally in the periphery. 

The kiss was an active make out session and Joseph was delighted how active Sammi was with her mouth, arms and hands. 

He carefully slid his hand up her back and onto the back of her bare shoulders.  Her bare skin felt incredible to him and it took all his will power to not tug the towel down.  He took the opportunity to rub and feel the silky smooth skin on the back of her neck.  He wanted nothing more then to pick her up and carry her to the bed especially with how much she was responding.

But eventually the realism of the time hit him and he realized if they didn't hurry they would miss their dinner reservation.  He broke the kiss and told her, "Sammi, we need to get ready or we'll miss our reservation.  She took a deep breath and then reluctantly let go of his neck. 

She stepped out of the bathroom and went to get ready letting him have his turn in the shower. 

He quickly showered, brushed his teeth and combed the little bit of hair he still had on his head.

He knocked on the bathroom door before coming back out into the bedroom not wanting to scare her.  She answered, "Come in" and when he entered she was standing in one of the new bra and pantie sets they had purchased earlier that day.  He though she looked amazing and he still couldn't help wonder if he should have just taken her straight to bed and blown off getting dinner.

"So which should I wear, choice A or choice B" she asked first holding up a black top and gold skirt, and then a black and white dress?

"Whichever you would feel more comfortable wearing my dear" he answered very diplomatically. 

After looking at the two choices a few minutes she decided on the black and white dress.

They both hurried to finish getting ready and then quickly walked to the restaurant as fast as she could walking in high heels. 

They got to the restaurant thirteen minutes after the time of their reservation, fortunately the restaurant had a fifteen minute grace period.

Joseph had reserved a private booth that was behind a partition so other then from one end of the table there was a wall or partition on three sides.  The booth was U-Shaped so they both slid towards the center sitting side by side. 

Once seated and settled Joseph said, "You'll have to excuse me for my poor manners, but because we were running late I haven't yet taken the opportunity to tell you how incredibly beautiful you look." 

Sammi was a bit taken aback, other then maybe her mom, she had not ever really been told she looked beautiful, in fact she hadn't felt anything other then, fat, dirty, filthy or disgusting in quite a while.  Despite her will to feel otherwise Roger had effectively diminished her self-esteem from the first day she met him and with each day she spent with him and his 'friends' it only seemed to get worse.  So when Joseph gave her a compliment it was hard to accept, let alone believe and it made her blush, drop her head and eyes and question if he meant it.

But he saw her reaction, put his hand softly on hers, said, "I'm serious, you look beautiful" then released her hand, moved his hand gently under her chin, turned her face towards his and gave her a short, tender kiss. 

Her face only reddened more but she smiled and that made him happy.

The server brought them menus, handed Joseph the wine list and poured them water.  Joseph ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and then picked up his menu.

"So I hope you like red meat, this is the best steakhouse in the area, it's one of my favorite restaurants because it's also not overpriced" he said.

Sammi had not considered the possibility that he might order anything with alcohol.  Now she had to decide if she should drink any wine or not.  What she didn't want to think about was how Roger and his 'friends' used alcohol to use and degrade her.

She let the memories of the past fill her mind for a moment then realized she had not yet answered his question, "Sure, I'm definitely hungry" and looked through the menu for something she wanted.

The server brought the bottle of wine and let Joseph taste and approve it, then poured each of them a glass. 

Joseph made a toast, "To my beautiful travel companion."

She responded with a smile and a chuckle, "To Ol'Jack the best travel companion anyone could have."

The trucker laughed so hard he almost spilled his glass of wine.

Only after he regained his composure he added, "I was referring to you young lady.  Ol'Jack is a lot of things but beautiful is not one of them."  He shook his head and continued to chuckle.

They both laughed a few minutes before the server returned and took their order. 

While waiting for the food to come Joseph held Sammi's hand.  Before that moment she hadn't realized that she had never had a normal boyfriend who just wanted to hold hands. 

Joseph felt like a young man so excited to be with a pretty girl.  As a man who was married for so many years he had not dated for years.  Even after his wife passed he used work to keep his mind off his grief.

Sammi was careful to drink more water then wine not wanting to lose control of her thoughts.  As the first then second courses came the conversation slowed a bit as they started enjoying their food.  After enjoying their appetizer and then their main dish they decided to share a dessert and got a doggy bag for left over meat.

Once they finished their dessert Joseph took care of the check and then asked, "Ready to head back to the hotel?"

"Sure" she responded standing up and after exiting the Steakhouse they slowly walked back to the hotel holding hands.

They walked through the lobby, rode up in the elevator and went up to the room.  Joseph quickly said, "I need to take Ol'Jack for a walk want to come?"

"Sure" she replied and once again they went back outside to the back lot and walked the dog in the grass.

"It sure is a nice night, the sky is clear and stars are beautiful but not in comparison to your beauty" he said and held her hand and pulled her to him for a kiss.

Her kiss felt soft and gentle and she rested her hands on his shoulders.  Once again he was delighted by how responsive she was to the kiss.  It felt so difference then their first several kisses when she felt quite stiff.  For several minutes and with no one around they give into the passion of the kiss and it grew more intense, until Ol'Jack laid down in the grass but leaned his body firmly against both of their legs and feet.

At first it scared Sammi so she broke the kiss but when she realized what it was she started laughing.  Joseph knew what it was so he just grumbled once the kiss was broken and muttered, "You're going to be sleeping on the bathroom tile ya old ornery dog."

And that just made her laugh that much more. 

The trucker then yanked on the leash firmly two times, "Cone on you old mutt" and the dog got to his feet.  The three of them started walking through the parking lot back to the hotel as she still giggled and swung her arms back and forth still holding his hand.

With her light hearted giggling and swinging her arm pulling him along, he couldn't stay mad and started to laugh shaking his head in disbelief.

The dog seeming oblivious that he did anything wrong trotting along at the young woman's energetic pace and wagging his tail, through the lobby, up the elevator and and into the hotel room, but Joseph wasn't joking about putting Ol'Jack in the bathroom, he put a plush towel on the floor, said, "lay down" and closed the bathroom door behind him coming back to Sammi.

She quickly whined, "Awww" and put a pretend frown on her face.

But Joseph didn't fall for it and walked quickly up to her asking, "Now where were we?"  And once again pulled her to him. 

It didn't take long before they were affectionately kissing again to the point they almost didn't notice that housekeeping had come, turned down the bed, lowered the lights leaving only the bedside table lamps on as well as soft music. 

While kissing her he slowly and carefully not to pull her hair removed the hair tie and pins she had used to put her hair up.  Once it was down and loose he once again stroked her hair softly. 

He also managed to step out of his shoes and then began to remove his blazer and unbutton his button down shirt.

He decided to break the kiss to ask, "You are so beautiful.  Is this okay?"

When she nodded her head, he knelt down on one knee and said, "Hang onto my shoulder" took hold of one ankle carefully lifting it off the floor and then slid off one of her high heel shoes and softly for a moment massaged her bare foot.  He then did the same with the other shoe and foot.

He had no idea that in Sammi's mind there was a struggle to keep memories of the past out.  But she worked hard to hold it together.

Once again he rose to his feet sliding a hand gently on the inside of one leg just up to her knee.  Once he was standing he softly asked, "Turn around" and motioned to her with his finger to face the other direction.

Once she was facing the other way he pushed her hair to the side, massaged the back of her neck for a few minutes until she let out a sigh, then her massaged her shoulders for a few minutes. 

He deliberately stopped for a second to make sure she noticed, took hold of the zipper pull at the top of the back of the dress and very slowly inched it down making sure she understood what he was doing giving her ample time to say no or stop. 

He also traced three fingers from his other hand down her back right behind the zipper sending chills down her spine.  The zipper went just down to the top of her bottom and he very slowly pulled it all the way down without hearing any protest.

Once the zipper was fully down he kissed at the top of the back of her neck and then once again massaged her shoulders.  Slowly he worked his hands to the center of her back until they were no longer touching the fabric of her dress and touched her bare skin.  He started rubbing there and slowly pushed the fabric out a bit until each of his hands could massage just inside her shoulder blades. 

After massaging her back several minutes he took hold of the top corners of the dress by each side of the open zipper and slowly pulled the fabric towards the front of her body.  Again her was going very slow in case she showed any nervousness.

As the front of the dress inched forward the sleeves of the dress were full enough they started to slide down her arms.  Joseph just needed to tug lightly on the fabric to pull it away from her upper body.  Once the sleeves were free of her finger tips the bodice fell forward.

Once again Joseph massaged her neck, shoulders and more of her back now that it was bare.  He took his time enjoying the soft, silky feel of her skin.  Occasionally he would run his fingers through her hair and lift it up then let it fall.  He had not spoiled a woman like this since his wife, so he was enjoying himself greatly although he felt incredibly horny.

Sammi was nervous but trying to control her emotions.  What he was doing felt so good but her self-esteem was still low so it felt shameful for the top of the dress to now be hanging around her waist. 

After massaging her neck, shoulders and back he finally took hold of the top of her dress, slid his fingers around to each side of her waist and then very slowly and carefully started inching the dress down onto her hips.  He went slow enough again to make sure she didn't seem uncomfortable. 

It wasn't very long before the dress was sliding over the widest part of her hips.  Once the fabric was pulled a bit past that point and mostly past her panties it fell down to the floor at her feet.

Joseph moved from behind her to in front of her, gave her a soft kiss on the lips which she returned and tilted her head to the side, and then once again he kneeled down on one knee.  He took hold of the base of her right calf and gently lifted that foot off the floor making sure to move the dress away from her foot, massaged her foot gently and even bent lower to kiss the top of her foot, which made her giggle, before he gently guiding it back to the floor then did the same with her left leg and foot and then carefully tossed the dress onto a chair nearly. 

He then rubbed his hand slowly up the outsides of both of her smooth sultry legs all the way up to the base of her panties as he stood back up.  He then wrapped his arms around her and gave her a long passionate kiss that she responded to by pushing up on her toes, put her arms around his neck and swirled her tongue around his.

They stood together kissing for quite a while.  His desire to have the beautiful young woman was growing and he was more aroused then he could remember ever being.  She was responding to his advances and kisses and did not freak out when he removed the dress so he made the decision to do what he had been wanting for the last two nights and he broke the kiss, picked her up under the knees and around her back but only had to carry her a few steps to one side of the bed.

Unfortunately even though the bed had been turned down he still needed to pull the covers down more if they wanted to be under covers so he set her down on one side of the bed in the seated position.  He then quickly tugged the covers further down and then once again kissed her wrapping his arms behind her back for a moment and tried carefully to unhook her bra.

Once he got the bra unclasped he moved one arm behind her neck and one under her knees and rotated and guided her to lying on her back with the bra straps still on her shoulders. 

He broke the kiss and hurried to the other side of the bed unbuckling his belt on the way.  He quickly unfastened his trousers and pushed them down and removed his shirt before he also got into bed under the covers and moved over next to her now in only his boxer shorts.

Sammi wasn't naive, she had felt the attraction growing between them and knew they had already come close to having sex but had managed to stop.  She knew exactly what he wanted the minute he began to unzip her dress.  She certainly was not a virgin, in fact she felt like what the tattoo at the top of her bottom said, "Dirty, Filthy, Pain Slut."

She didn't believe she was good enough for him.  She suspected she had already been with more men then his wife had been with in her lifetime.  But she was trying her best to hold it together. 

Once Joseph was beside her again he started kissing her.  He moved one hand to the left side of her face and used his thumb to lightly stroke her left cheek.  He eventually broke the kiss and then began to kiss her cheek working more towards the side of her face by her ear. 

He lightly licked at her earlobe and then gently sucked on it for a few seconds before gently taking hold of her chin and turned her face to the side so he could kiss her neck.  He kissed all around the side of her neck kissing near her ear and then working more towards her shoulder. 

He was pleased when he noticed a change in her breathing she was taking longer slower breaths and they were becoming more audible so he felt she liked how it felt to be kissed on her neck.  He continued to work towards her collarbone not kissing strong enough to create marks but lightly sucking her flesh. 

He took a moment to reach down and pull the sheet up over their bodies hoping to give her comfort that her body was not fully exposed even though he was under the sheet with her.  Then he very carefully used a finger to work the bra strap onto her shoulder and then onto her arm.  As he was doing this he moved one of his legs up, over then lowered it once again on the bed between her legs. 

For the moment he left his other leg to the outside of her body but he moved his hips slowly over her hips trying to still support his own weight. 

He once again tugged the sheet up his back as high as he could and moved to kiss her mouth again.  He first gave her short quick playful kisses on the lips, chin, nose and cheek.  At the same time he looked into her eyes and slowly used one hand to pull her bra away from her body.  He first worked it off one arm and hand and then he changed hands pulling it off her completely.

Once the bra was completely off he slowly lowered his weight onto her more and began kissing her once more.  His cock was harder then ever and he realized he wanted her more then he ever could remember wanting anyone. 

He didn't think he could wait any longer and he moved up onto his knees hooking a finger from each of his hands into the sides of her panties and pulled them down her legs.  Once the panties were off the beautiful young woman was naked underneath him. 

His desire was becoming more and more intense and he hurriedly struggled to push his own boxers down his legs freeing his rock hard cock.

He once again lowered his weight onto her body and pushed his mouth to hers kissing her.

Sammi opened her mouth feeling his mouth on hers.  She realized she was completely naked and could feel his bare hips and legs against hers.  Despite fighting to push the past to the back of her mind she was losing the battle and slowly her anxiety grew and she succumb to the foreboding emotions....

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Brokenwing is as cruel as Roger leaving me hanging like this, LOL!  But wow! Way to amp up the sexual tension!

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Are ours fantasies about to be made reality or are you going to pull the carpet out from under us? (Like Lucy does to Charlie Brown wit the football!). This part may seem funny, but i missed not having any background Roger memories in this chapter. I know this was meant to be the pivotal point in the relationship between Sammi and Joseph but i become use to leaving the chapters with my emotions wavering between love and hate!

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Chapter 13  "Consequences"

As Holly was stepping out of the shower, only after running out of hot water, she heard the doorbell ring.  Hearing that made her whole body tense worrying who might be showing up at her mom's home.  She listened carefully and heard the door both open and close but after it closed she didn't hear any voices. 

But within a few minutes of hearing it close Roger opened the bathroom door, "Come with me" he ordered and with her following he turned and walked back to her mom and his bedroom.  She followed behind him wrapped only in a towel and noticed he was carrying a black skirt of hers as well as her black high heel pumps and a medium sized cardboard box.  When they got into his room he set the skirt on the bed, the shoes on the floor and then set the box on the bed as well. 

Immediately she noticed that the top of the box had been cut open.  He reached in the box and pulled out a few bagged items.  He looked at them and lifted them where he could see them but not clearly in her view until he found the item he wanted.  First he opened a clear bag with thin sheer boy short panties.  The white mesh material was a loose enough weave it was mostly see through. 

He set the panties down on the bed next to him as well as the skirt.  He then once again reached into the box and pulled another clear bag out holding it up so he could see it.  He then removed it from the bag and held it up so he could examine it.  A subtle smile came to his face.

He then pointed to the floor in front of the full length mirror and told her, "Stand there." 

She walked to where he had pointed and once again she could see herself in the mirror.  Even though she had showered when she looked at her reflection her mind envisioned the nasty fluids still on her flesh. 

He grabbed and jerked hard removing the towel from around her leaving her standing there naked.  He moved behind her slightly to one side looking at her in the mirror over her left shoulder. 

"Your bruises are beginning to heal.  Can you tell" he said but then reached around her from each side taking hold of her breasts with both of his hands and squeezed then hard working his finger and thumb tips into the soft breast flesh. 

She let out a cry of pain as his hands gripped her breasts, "AAAAHHOOOOOOWWWW."

She was in too much pain to notice but he let out an odd type of hum of satisfaction, "mmmmmuuuhhhmmm yes."

When he let go of her breasts he grabbed hold of her neck with his right hand, her chin just in the crook at the base of his thumb and hand but the base of his hand by his pinky finger he used to press hard on her airway.  By standing behind her he was able to squat enough to where her head would pull back over his shoulder. 

Roger delighted in the power and control he had to restrict or allow her to breath.  He had been doing research on choke holds on the Internet and with their weight and height difference this position was working better then he hoped. 

His desire for dominance and degradation was rewarded more when he suddenly heard the sound of liquid falling to the floor in a steady stream.  Out of fear of not being able to breath she lost her bladder and began to urinate on her own legs, feet and the floor.  Only once the stream was fully flowing did he lift the base of his hand off her neck but he continued to grip her jaw and chin letting her draw in air but still holding her tightly, her upper back against his chest and his other arm around her chest his left hand still squeezing one of her tits. 

"Dirty, filthy, pain slut, you just pissed yourself and the floor, you liked it when I squeezed your tits and throat didn't you" he asked softening the grip on her chin so she could talk, nod or shake her head. 

She started shaking her head no but the moment she did he pushed the base of his hand hard against her throat, "Try again."

"Yes sir" she replied in tears.

"That's better" he said and let go of her.  He then grabbed a towel and tossed it to her, "Clean up your mess dirty, filthy, pain slut."

Once she wiped the pee from the floor, between her legs, off each of her legs and feet he took the towel from her, walked her into the master bedroom bath and pushed her into the tub.  He turned on only the cold water but put his hand on her hip forcing her to stand under the shower head from the waist down.  Once he felt she had washed off well enough he turned off the water and handed her a clean towel. 

He then pulled her out of the tub by one arm and the back of her neck.  He walked her to the foot of the bed through another towel over the place on the floor where she had urinated and handed her the white sheer panties telling her, "Put these on."

Once she had the panties on he tossed the skirt at her.  She put it on without being told and that made him smile.  Once she had it on he picked up the other item he had ordered walked over to her and softly spoke to her as he started lacing up the black corset, "This will help create some cleavage for those inadequate titties of yours."

He continued to lace the corset up pulling hard on the laces to make sure it closed tightly, "It will also suck in that fat disgusting belly of yours."

Once he had it fully laced up he walked her around to the side of the bed being careful to not guide her to step where she had peed.  He walked her a bit closer to the mirror then he had that morning facing her to look at herself. 

"Look at that dirty, filthy, pain slut there Holly.  Look at that pale colorless flesh, the freckles and moles.  That girl has no natural color in her lips or cheeks, she looks dead Holly, you look dead.  You should thank me for finding men who are willing to use that inadequate, dirty, filthy body.  Thank me Holly!"

"Thank you sir" she replied fighting to not let the horrible things he was saying get into her head but it was difficult.  Roger was taking advantage of the fact she had on no makeup and had no time to brush her hair.  Her self-esteem was already rock bottom because her mom seemed to back him up.  While she tried to ignore the horrible things he said about her some were getting through to her.  It was hard to ignore it all.

"Here Holly, take a picture with my phone.  I want to remember the day you threw up all over yourself and pissed yourself and how horrid you look" he said handing her his phone.  That corset hides your fat and helps make cleavage with those inadequate tits doesn't it Holly?"

"Yes sir" she replied.

As she took the photograph he picked up her black high heel pumps and set them down beside her, "Put these on and let's get going.  I have a few more surprises for you."

Before she knew it they were in the car going somewhere of which she had no idea.  He pulled into the driveway of a house in a neighborhood that didn't appear to be in a good part of town. 

Roger parked the car, got out and then walked around opening her door.  He guided her to the side door to the house and just as they walked up to the door it opened.

An older woman with grey hair put up in a bun greeted them at the door waiving for them to come in without saying a word.  Once she closed the door she led the way into a small room with an odd looking table, covered in a black sheet.  The old woman looked and pointed at Holly and then patted the table.

Holly hesitated but one look at Roger was all she needed to know she'd better get up on the table.  The grey hair woman slid a plastic step out from under the table for her to use to get up on the table.  Once she was sitting on the table the woman guided her to lie back and placed a pillow under her head.  Holly was terrified about what was about to happen.

The woman went towards the wall and there was a cart covered by a black vinyl cover that she removed and rolled the cart closer.  She then came back to the table, lifted Holly's skirt and pulled it up from underneath her bottom pulling it down and off.  The look of fear of the unexpected on Roger's young slut was that of sheer terror. 

The old woman then removed Holly's shoes, took hold of her panties and very firmly and quickly pulled them down and off her feet.  She then reached under one side of the table and pulled out a metal arm and then did the same on the other side of the table.  Each metal arm, once rotated to a 45 degree angle from the table, seemed to be spring loaded and popped up into place. 

The grey haired woman then took hold of one of Holly's left calf and foot and lifted it up onto the spring loaded arm resting the back side of her knee over a rubber coated pipe and placed her heel into a rubber coated metal ring.  She then quickly did the same with the other leg. 

Holly's legs were now lifted and open similar to during a gynecologist exam.  She felt so vulnerable and exposed to both the woman and Roger.

She then walked over to the cart and returned to the table and began to lightly dust Holly's left leg with just a bit of powder from the ankle to the knee.  She then very quickly took a wooden stick, similar to a tongue depressor, dipped it into a small electric appliance with hot wax and smeared the hot wax onto Holly starting at the base of her ankle by her foot.  Holly let out a gasp at the warm temperature of the wax but the powder kept it from burning her skin.

Once the old woman had the wax smeared in a small area she placed a white cloth over the wax and pressed it against Holly's leg.  Then very quickly she pulled the cloth away from her leg the cloth and wax pulling the hair from her leg where it made contact.  Holly let out a grunt of pain almost like that of a woman tennis player when she hits the ball, "HUHHHHH."

But no sooner then she let the grunt out of her body the grey haired woman once again had a fresh wooden applicator and was smearing hot wax on her leg next to where she had a few seconds early.  Then once again she used the cloth to pull the hair from her leg and another grunt, "HUHHHHH."

The process was repeated over and over and occasionally the old grey haired woman changed to the other leg.  Poor Holly continued to let out grunts and groan as the hair was pulled from her legs.  She had shaved her legs many times and even used the cream that makes the hair wash away but she had never waxed her legs before.  It was quite obvious that the woman doing this had done it many times before as she was fast and efficient.  It wasn't very long before the grey haired woman was waxing Holly's thighs. 

Roger was enjoying hearing the grunts and groans of mild pain, but his anticipation was growing as he knew everything he had arranged to be done.  As the process moved off her legs onto her bikini area her groans began to grow louder.  His heart beat faster when he saw the look on Holly's face as the old woman began to smear wax with the wooden applicator to his young toy's bikini area and he was delighted when her reaction was louder then it had been.

The skin in her pubic area was much more sensitive then the flesh on her legs and the groans turned more into higher pitched cries.  Then to Holly's surprise the old woman adjusted the spring loaded brackets holding her legs higher and wider.  Once it was adjusted she moved from the side to between Holly's legs and immediately started waxing more to the center of her pubic area. 

The closer to her sex the more painful it was when the old woman pulled the fabric with the wax and hair off the young girls flesh.  Roger's heart was pounding and he watched intently enjoying Holly's cries as the hair was pulled out with its root.  He moved right next to the grey haired woman as she placed the cloth right over Holly's sex ripping the hair from the so sensitive place on her body.  She let out an intense cry of pain and Roger almost had an orgasm from knowing where she felt the pain and the sound of her cry.  He was delighted to see an increased redness to the flesh and it appeared that it was possible that even her vaginal lips had been pulled by the hot wax stuck on the cloth because they too were very red.

But it wasn't over the grey haired woman continued to take advantage of Holly's position with her legs wide open and lifted up and used another wooden applicator to apply was at the base of her young customer's sex and down into her ass crack.  Once again her cry was intense and tears streamed down her face.  Roger couldn't resist touching her red smooth flesh but the moment he did the old woman swatted his hand away.  She wasn't quite done. 

Fortunately that was the last of the waxing of her lady bits and the woman moved to first one then the other of Holly's underarms.  Once she had pulled the underarm hair she went back to her cart and got some type of cream.  She put on gloves and then began to rub the cream starting at Holly's ankles and worked all the way up her body. 

The cool cream did help to relieve some of the sting and ache from the waxing and it felt strange to feel the grey haired woman rub cream in such intimate and sensitive places on her body.  But relief was needed more then the embarrassment and shame the young woman felt.

Holly was so relieved when the woman finishing applying the cream and cleaned up and put away her things.  The woman then moved to the end of the table and put Holly's panties and skirt back on her body and assisted her to sit up and get down off the table.

Roger then handed the grey haired woman an envelope and took hold of Holly's arm and headed back to his car.


Holly was hopeful that Roger's plans for the day were complete but it didn't take long before she realized that he was not driving in the direction of home.  In fact the car headed to the outskirts of town to old plants and factories that had been shut down.  Her apprehension grew as she saw less traffic around.  Eventually he pulled the car into an alley between buildings, parked, walked around to her side of the car, opened her door and then put his hand out for her to take.

She couldn't help think about the offer of a hand to a girl to get out of the car would be polite from most guys, but not her mother's boyfriend who had been raping her.  She took his hand reluctantly, knowing there would be consequences if she didn't. 

He led her on a pretty long walk around the end of the building and then passed one other building before walking just through an opening in a chain link fence and then another 100 yards to a large piece of plywood that had been pried open.

Roger held it open for her to walk through in her black high heel pumps, black skirt and the black corset.  On the backside of the plywood was a heavy door that was ajar and she pushed it a bit further open, heard him pull the plywood back mostly closed and followed her though the heavy door.

She couldn't believe what she saw inside when she walked through the door.  It was strange that in this all but deserted part of town, where all the plants, factories, warehouses and other businesses had closed their doors several years back was a brightly lit bar that's door was boarded up by plywood. 

Just inside the door was cherry wood highly buffed floor that led to an old style thirty foot bar wth multiple bar stools.  Behind the bar were multiple bottles of liquor lit up by lighting.  On the wall opposite side of the bar were sofas as well as wing back chairs.  At the far end of the bar there were several tables as well as more sofas and comfortable chairs facing a large screen TV and across from the television seating area was a full sized billiard table.

As Holly looked towards the far end of the bar around the television she felt her entire body tighten as she saw three men sitting there by the TV that was broadcasting sports.

Roger startled her from her thoughts taking hold of her elbow and walking her towards where the men were sitting. 

Once they reached there he introduced her one by one to each of the men.  The first was Dwayne a tall, athletic black man, then there was Vincent an older, obese hairy Italian man and Hector, a shorter younger Hispanic man with a few visible tattoos on his arms. Roger then said to the men, "Gentlemen, this is Holly, she will be servicing, I mean serving us for the next few hours."  He laughed, as did they, at his slip of the tongue but she didn't laugh.  He then said to her, "Ask them what they'll have."

Hector ordered a Corona with lime, Dwayne asked for a whiskey on the rocks, Vincent ordered a Scotch neat and Roger then told her I'll take a Cape Cod and a Bud.

Poor Holly looked clueless but Roger grabbed her wrist and walked her behind the bar.  For the next several minutes he was nicer to her then he had ever been without her mom around.  In almost a teacher type voice he showed her behind the bar and told her what on the rocks meant, what neat meant and how to use the shot glass to pour the drinks.  He then placed five empty glasses on a tray and showed her how to lift and hold the tray and had her walk around with it a few minutes and then once she did okay with that he had her put the drinks on the tray that everyone ordered and carry it back over to the TV area. 

Holly did okay carrying the drinks and did okay giving each of the men their drink.  When she got to Roger, he returned to his cruel self when she started to give him the two drinks he ordered and said, "The Cape Cod is for you stupid, I wouldn't drink a girly drink the Bud is mine."

His 'friends' laugh at the insult but Dwayne broke the laughter making a toast, "To a good game."  Again they all laugh.  When Holly hesitates to drink when the others did with the toast Roger quickly corrected her, "Don't insult everyone, when someone makes a toast, everyone drinks that includes you dumb girl."

Holly, scared of his tone of voice, quickly sipped the Cape Cod and was surprised it didn't taste bad at all.  For the first hour things seemed pretty normal and she actually was starting to let her guard down as she continued to serve the men getting them nuts, nachos and more drinks. 

Things changed after one more man arrived, a very rough looking man with a heavy accent named Viktor.  Viktor was very stocky and just a few inches shorter then Dwayne.  He had very tan skin that looked very leather like and was partially balding.

Only a few minutes after his arrival and she had gotten Viktor a vodka rocks, Roger summoned her over to him.  He pointed at the floor in front of his chair and told her to kneel. 

Holly felt a lump in her throat that fell into her stomach.  She knew things were going to take a turn for the worst.  She stood where Roger pointed but didn't realize or didn't want to believe that he wanted her to kneel there.  He caught her unprepared and punched her in her lower belly and it worked like he wanted and made her drop to her knees. 

She let out a loud exhale of pain and it took the air from her lungs for a moment but she thought she heard a few chuckles but she couldn't tell from whom they came. 

It took her a moment to catch her breath and her composure but once she did she realized Roger had taken his cock out of his pants.  She could still hear the game on the TV but she couldn't help but to look out of the corner of her eyes and to the left she didn't see anyone but to the right she saw Dwayne and he definitely was watching.

Roger didn't give her a chance to move her mouth to his cock before he grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled her head to his groin.  She knew better then to resist so she immediately opened her mouth, took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it. 

Like that morning Roger was cruel and aggressive intentionally thrusting his hips and forcing her head down with his hands onto his cock forcing her to cough and gag.  The sounds were loud enough that even with the volume of the game pretty loud the men could hear her coughing and gagging.  Roger had been very aroused watching the old grey haired woman wax Holly so he was quickly fully hard and working towards exploding in her mouth. 

The other men watched the action on and off making a few comments that she could hear things like "cock sucker" "slut" and "cum slut" but she couldn't tell who said what except when Viktor spoke with his heavy accent. 

It wasn't long before Roger shot his load but unlike that morning when he had fun humiliating her squirting it all over her face this time he gripped her head as hard as he could, forced his cock deep into her mouth and squirted over and over into her mouth and throat. 

To poor Holly it felt like gobs of cum and to her horror she quickly accidentally took a breath pulling part of the cum into her sinuses making her cough and gag harder but he held her head tight and continued to squirt another load and out of reflex she swallowed rather then pull more of his cum into her sinuses and lungs.  She was still coughing and gagging and the smell and taste was overwhelming and she almost lost it and threw up but somehow maintained her composure gagging down more cum.  Finally Roger finishes and withdrew his cock from her mouth, handed her the Cape Cod drink and then asked loudly to his 'friends', "Who's next?"

Hector stood up and came and sat down next to where Roger had been sitting and Holly was kneeling.  He didn't hesitate at all and opened his shorts and pulled his cock and balls out from his boxers.  The moment they were hanging out he reached out his arm hard and fast and caught her by the hair yanking her face to his groin.

Holly was horrified.  It was so gross having Roger's cock in her face but at least she had known him for a while.  It was embarrassing enough when Roger made her suck him in front of these men but having her head and face pulled to the groin of someone she had never met before was very humiliating.  His smell and taste and even the feel of his cock in her mouth was different from Roger and made her gag more from a psychological aspect. 

Hector was not thrusting as hard and deep as Roger had but was disappointed that Holly did not seem skilled at giving head.  He had no idea that this was only the third time she had a cock in her mouth.  But to make it better for himself for a moment he pulled his cock out of her mouth.  He then grabbed hold of her shoulders spun her around with her back facing the sofa.  He then pushed her shoulders back against the sofa and then pushed her head down where the back of her head was flat against the sofa cushion. 

He quickly straddled her shoulders and leaned on the sofa over her head and pushed his cock to her face.  Before pushing it into her mouth he poked his cock around her face and even drug his balls all over her face including her chin, mouth, nose and even over her eyes but finally after amusing himself degrading her he pushed his cock to her lips.  When she didn't immediately open her mouth he simply grabbed a handful of hair on each side of her head and yanked hard.  She quickly let out a painful groan opening her mouth.

He thrust his hips hard pushing into her inexperienced mouth.  Holly was horrified because with her head on the sofa cushion she had no ability to pull her head back much at all.  Hector quickly started moving his hips, his cock pistoning over and over her tongue.  His movements were steady and to her shame she somehow adjusted to the disgusting steady strokes in her mouth.  Hector's cock wasn't very long but that also allowed him to push fully into her mouth and eventually his pubic hair was brushing against the tip of her nose and his balls were slapping just under her chin.  She felt very dirty and filthy and very much a slut.

It only took a few more thrusts before he exploded into her mouth.  As he felt his cum ready to release he thrust his cock fully into her mouth and the fluids gushed into the back of her mouth.  Rather then rush pulling the fluids into her sinuses and lungs she intentionally swallowed.  It felt to her like she drank a gallon of cum but in reality it was barely a spoonful.  It was thick and salty and felt degrading swallowing it.  She was relieved when after five squirts he finally withdrew his cock from her mouth.

It was only then that she realized they were all watching Hector fuck her face and she felt even more ashamed.  Roger grabbed hold of her lifted her back up on the sofa and handed Holly her drink and said, "Have a drink!"

She didn't really want to drink more alcohol but the texture of goo in her mouth was disgusting and tasted nauseating.  She took a few sips and regardless of the fruity taste of the cranberry juice or the antiseptic properties of the vodka she couldn't get the taste or stickiness of the cum out of her mouth.

Suddenly the obese man with chest hair hanging out above the top button of his button down shirt walked over to her, took hold of her hand and pulled her to her feet walking her over to the pool table.  He led her to the end of the pool table turned her back to it and leaned over and kissed her. 

Holly felt demeaned by the overweight late middle aged man she never met kissing her like she was his girlfriend.  It felt gross for his mouth to be on hers and his rough hands to touch all over her bare shoulders.  He kissed her hard and rough and even pushed her upper body back over the pool table forcing her to arch her back.  She didn't realize what he was doing when he turned her slightly to one side until she felt her skirt tugged down and it fell to her ankles, realizing he had unzipped her skirt. 

She had foolishly grabbed for the skirt trying to stop it from falling but Vincent, the older Italian used his arms to block her arms like a fighter might block punches and then slapped her face, not very hard but first with one hand and then the other.  Her cheeks stung from the slaps and she barely noticed the other men had moved over to the tables closest to the pool table to watch. 

Abruptly Vincent grabbed and tugged hard at her panties.  He pulled so hard her entire body moved into his body but he just shoved her back and yanked on the panties again this time tearing the fabric more.  On the next hard pull they tore away from her body the fabric causing painful friction as it ripped off her soft skin. 

Out of nowhere the obese man lifted her off her feet, causing her shoes to fall off her feet, spun around to the side of the pool table and tossed Holly on her back her head close to the near end.  His eyes opened wide when he saw the smooth pale white pubic area between her legs and his hand immediately went there and he gasped, "She's as bare and smooth as a baby's bottom" he said rubbing his hand all over between her legs feeling from her pubic bone down over her smooth slit all the way around till his finger found her butt hole. 

He grabbed firmly onto her leg on the side of the pool table where he was standing and pulled her hips up on the bumper and then slammed his mouth on her sex.  His facial hair poking at the very sensitive flesh of her sex as he licked and sucked at her pussy until his tongue worked between her lips.  She felt shame and humiliation as his wet mouth moved all over her sex and the poky facial hair scratched the tender flesh.

"Damn she taste sweet" he proclaimed but then walked to the end of the table grabbing one arm and then the second pulling her head to the bumper.  Once he had her there he lifted her head up and onto the bumper and then took hold of her under the arms and eased her to the end of the table until her head hung slightly over the edge. 

She wasn't even sure how or when he took his cock out of his pants but it poked at her forehead, nose, eyes and finally her mouth and once again a stranger was pushing his cock into her mouth this time with her head hanging slightly off the end of a pool table.  She was alarmed when she felt fingers groping between her legs as the hairy mans cock pushed into her mouth. 

Not only did the fat man have hairy arms and chest his groin including the shaft of his cock was covered in long hair and she could feel hair on her lips and tongue.  Fingers roughly felt and explored her sex even pinching and pulling on her vaginal lips and clit as the obese Italian worked his cock in and out of her mouth.  It felt like hairs were loose in her mouth and made her cough and gag.

The edge of the pool table was hard and held her head firmly while the fat man fucked her face as the fingers continued to torment her sex.  Vincent caught her completely off guard when he pulled his cock out of her mouth and smeared the fluids from her mouth all around her face and then pushed it once again into her mouth making her face feel disgusting. 

It seemed like the fat hairy man would last forever as it seemed like she had a mouthful of his hair and his cock continued to move in her mouth.  It was extremely uncomfortable to have her head hanging off the end of the pool table while his hips kept thrusting against her face. 

She had almost forgotten that she was still wearing the corset until she felt it loosen its tight grip on her body.  It was a relief to feel her lungs once again be able to fill fully as the corset loosened more and more eventually opening.  But the relief quickly changed to fear as she felt hands begin to grope, squeeze, pinch and pull at her breasts and nipples while fingers continued to pull and poke at her pussy.  She heard one of them say, "Look at those tiny tits, that corset made them look much bigger."

Finally as the attention to her breasts was growing more intense the overweight Italian squirted his first few squirts into her mouth and then pulled out and shot the last few loads on her now bare tits.

Roger then grabbed hold of one arm and one leg pulling her to one side of the pool table until her could pull her legs off the side and help her sit up the corset fell off onto the felt.  He then handed her another Cape Cod and she took a few sips but not wanting to drink too much alcohol she set it back down.  She noticed that all the men were watching.  She had to cough a few times trying to expel pubic hair from her mouth.

Then for a moment Viktor, the tall, tan, stocky man with the heavy accent walked to the bar and then returned with a bucket with a beer logo on the outside and a bottle of vodka.  He opened the vodka bottle and poured it straight into an empty glass and then held it out to her, "Drink."

She took the glass and brought it to her face and she could smell the vodka.  Once again she just set the glass on the edge of the pool table.

"You are a brave but stupid girl" Victor said in his heavy accent.

He looked at Roger and asked, "Where's her bag?"

Roger stood up and walked over to where they had first been seated by the TV, found her small clutch purse, brought it back over and handed it to Viktor. 

Viktor opened Holly's purse and dumped the contents of it on one of nearby tables.  There wasn't anything of significance in the bag, loose change a key chain with just a few keys, three tampons, a school ID badge and a wallet. 

Everyone was watching out of curiosity and Hector even with a chuckle asked, "What are you doing, ripping off the high schooler?"

Viktor let out a sarcastic chuckle, rolled his eyes and poured about two inches of vodka into the beer promotional bucket.  He then took one of the tampons and pulled the protective paper wrapper off of it and dropped the tampon still in the applicator into the bucket and used his fingers to hold it under the fluids.

Viktor then looked at Roger and said, "Lay her back."  Roger stepped over to the pool table took hold of Holly's shoulders and pushed her down across the table. 

Viktor looked at Hector and Dwayne and added, "Lift and open her legs."

Since she had been sitting on the side of the pool table her bottom was still near the edge.  Despite the fact she resisted with each man grabbing, lifting and holding one leg each neither man had to exert too much effort.  She still struggled in fear terrified of what was happening.

Viktor then carried the bucket and walked up between Holly's legs, "You see young lady, when you are told to do something by your superior, you must do as you are told or you risk consequences for your disobedience.  You needed only drink a glass of good Russian vodka, something I truly enjoy every day.  But you chose to deny our offer, which you may do, but every choice has its consequences.  So now you will have some good Russian vodka in a manner I choose."

With that Viktor lifted the tampon from the bucket, used his left hand to open her pussy lips, pushed the tip of the plastic applicator to her sex and then slowly inserted it.  Once he had the outer part of the applicator fully inserted he said, "This might hurt a bit but Roger said you respond nicely to pain."  As he said this he pushed the the inner part of the applicator inserting the vodka soaked tampon inside her.

She immediately started to sense the wetness inside her and then it started to sting and she let out a little whimper.  The three men stopped holding her and Viktor pulled her back up in a seated position.  He picked up his drink and pushed his fingers into the drink pulling out an ice cube.  He moved the ice cube to her breast and started circling it just outside the pink flesh of her Areola.  He then moved the ice cube to her other breast and did the same delighting as her nipples quickly began to harden.

With the alcohol Holly had already drank having finished her first drink and also having sipped part of her second as the vodka began to absorb into her bloodstream from the tampon inside her she started feeling a bit more of a buzz.  Viktor continued alternating from one breast to the other but now was circling the ice cube directly on the pink Areola slowly working to her nipples.  "You see young slut, it is difficult for a pain slut such as yourself to focus on more then one sensation at a time" he said in a low voice to her. 

He then picked up metal ice tongs and pinched her right nipple that was already hard from the ice.  "Now your mind has to choose what hurts more, the acidic alcohol inside you or the pinch and squeeze of the tongs" he added squeezing harder with the tongs.

He then set the tongs down stepped right in front of her took hold of her head and gently stroked her hair with his hand.  He even pulled her head to his chest, held her close and stroked her hair.  While holding her to his chest he made eye contact with Roger and said, "Lie on your back on the end of the table."

Roger did as Viktor asked but did so hesitantly wondering what Viktor had in mind.  Holly pulled her head back thinking the tall, tan man might have been talking to her.  He bent down and gave her a short gentle kiss giving Roger a little longer to get in position.  When he broke the kiss he picked her up around the back and under her knees and carried her to where Roger was lying at the end of the pool table.

Victor then set Holly on top of Roger on her back using his knees to separate hers, her bottom directly over Roger's groin and he felt her butt cheeks against his cock and understood what Viktor intended.  Viktor quickly gripped her butt cheeks opening her to Roger who's cock was already hard.  The moment she felt his cock poke at her butt hole she tried to push her hips up.

But Viktor gripped her butt cheeks firmly and starred in her eyes and said, "Keep your hips down young lady or there will be consequences for disobedience!"

She did as she was told and felt her mother's boyfriend begin to push his cock into her previously un-penetrated ass.  It hurt like nothing she had ever imagined or would have chosen to do.  As Roger started working his cock into her virgin anus Viktor grabbed the string and pulled the tampon out of her sex.  He then looked over to where Dwayne was sitting, made eye contact and then glanced at Holly.

Dwayne got what he meant by his look and stood up walking over to the end of the pool table.  Viktor moved out of the way and the tall African American man moved between her legs as Roger continued to work his cock deeper into her ass.  The black man opened his pants and pulled his underwear down enough to release his cock and balls.  His cock looked enormous and without hesitation he leaned down over Roger and Holly. 

With the height of the pool table few men would be tall enough to stand and then lean over a woman lying on top of a man lying on a pool table but Dwayne did so easily.  Without hesitation he leaned down and began to push his cock into Holly's pussy. 

The intense stretch from Roger's cock forcing into her ass was already very painful for Holly, then she suddenly felt the tall black man Dwayne begin to penetrate her vagina at the same time her mother's boyfriend was forcing deeper into her ass.  The stretch and ache were so intense and painful she let out cries and even screams.

"Yes my young friend there are always consequences for not doing as you are told by your superiors" Victor stated in a calm resolute tone.

Roger could hardly believe how incredibly tight Holly's ass felt on his cock.  It felt incredible and he needed to push deeper and deeper into her.  He was amazed at the effort it took to do so and at first it was hard to do so as her hips moved back some.  But once Dwayne started lying on top of her it kept her body from moving away. 

Not only did it feel amazing to his cock, but watching the black man, someone Holly had never met before lying on top of her and obviously beginning to take her against her will only excited Roger that much more. 

When he first met his girlfriend Rachel and then saw her beautiful daughter he never would have imagined wanting another man to touch her.  But he was discovering so many new things about himself, mostly that he loved to control, degrade and humiliate another person and treat them as something less then a person.  Now he was lying underneath her as a stranger was pushing into her cunt.

Dwayne was amazed how tight this girl felt and he had never fucked a girl while another man fucked that girl's ass.  He tried to time his down thrusts as Roger thrust up so they would both push at the same time.

Holly felt like she was being ripped in half with her anus being raped for the first time and a second man forcing into her sex.  The tightness and stretch was something she could not have imagined.

To her horror suddenly Viktor got up on the side of the table and came over to her and once again started stroking her hair, "Can you feel them Holly?  Can you feel the two men inside you that you are servicing?  I know it hurts right now but it will get better.  This is what girls like you were born to do Holly.  I have known many girls like you.  Girls who men cannot resist.  Girls who become good at this.  Girls who do this everyday.  Girls who can't stop thinking about how this feels, how you are feeling right now.  You will be good at this Holly!"

He was starring in her eyes as the two men were both working their cocks in and out.  Roger had finally worked his cock almost fully in her ass.  Dwayne's enormous cock was thrusting just short of fully in her pussy occasionally striking her cervix with the head of his cock.

Lying underneath her Roger heard Viktor's words and loved how he was trying to get in her head.  But he didn't anticipate what Viktor would do next.  "You can service more cocks Holly.  Your body was meant to service multiple men" as Viktor said this he got over her head on his hands and feet and then lowered his cock to her face. 

Holly was already aching and in pain feeling a cock in her pussy and a second in her ass with every ounce of her being she wanted to turn her face away from the cock in her face but she remembered that there would be consequences for what she chose to do and reluctantly she opened her mouth and the man who pushed a vodka soaked tampon into her sex lowered his cock into her mouth.  Her head was spinning but it didn't seem to help with the stretch or pain.  Holly was now servicing three cocks in her body at one time.

With the fact she was on her back Viktor had all of the control.  Her body felt like a piece of meat being shoved this way and that by the three men.  Dwayne's cock was brutal even in her vagina his thrusts seemed to fill her fully on every stroke and almost every movement of Roger's cock felt painful pulling on the flesh inside her butt hole. 

The cock in her mouth moved at will causing her to gag and cough often saliva and his precum coating his cock and plunging onto her lips and face.  The physical exertion her body was expending was tremendous as the three men pushed her this way and that.  Finally Roger erupted in her ass.  He could hardly believe how deviant things had become with his girlfriend's daughter and it excited him like nothing ever in his life.  He just laid and relaxed under her feeling the other two men push her body this way and that.

Viktor was the second to squirt his fluids into the young naked woman.  His body control holding his hips over her face exhausting but he enjoyed tormenting the exhausted girl.  He quickly got off the pool table to watch the dark skinned tall athletic man fuck her smooth and steady.

Dwayne was skilled at sex and had been with multiple partners.  He could tell Holly had only had sex a few times and with Roger inside her anus she felt incredibly tight.  He was enjoying fucking the young woman and had varied his pace to allow him to last longer.  He was cocky and had a big ego and he loved the idea that women remembered what it felt like when he fucked them. 

Assuming the other two men had cum, since Viktor had gotten up and off her and Roger was not thrusting any longer beneath her he picked up his pace but tried to stay focused on long strokes pulling his cock just to the point only his cock head was still inside her and then pushing almost every inch into her that he could. 

The black man caught everyone off guard when he slid his hands behind Holly's back and lifted her up to him, keeping his cock inside her it standing up her body impaled on his cock.  He walked slowly to the side of the pool table away from Roger and then slowly lowered her back down onto her back, "There you go young lady.  Now it's just you and me.  I want you to remember me inside you.  Look in my eyes baby girl.  I want you to remember what it feels like to have me inside you."

As Dwayne said this he slowly pushed his cock until it was pressing against her cervix and held it there, leaning over her but supporting his own weight as his eyes locked with hers.  He then pulled back slowly and then back in till his cock head again pressed against her cervix.  He used his hands to pull her knees up some and said, "Move your body baby girl.  Move to how it feels better.  Let your body moves how it needs to as Dwayne's dick fills you with what you need."

Holly was so sore and exhausted but when he lifted her legs it relieved some of the pressure in her back and made it less painful and she couldn't help but move her legs wider, higher, moving them around trying to lesson the pain.  The men watched as her feet bounced a bit with Dwayne's rhythm and she ended up pointing her feet and curling her toes.  "That's it baby girl, just move like you need to move feel me stroking inside your body so so deep" he said to her softly in a deep sultry voice. 

"You're a natural baby girl.  You needed Dwayne's cock didn't you.  Ain't no body fucked you like this before have they?  Close them eyes just feel me inside you" she was just so exhausted and sore yet his body kept moving and his voice kept getting in her head.  She closed her eyes not wanting to be here, not wanting Roger or his 'friends' to be watching.

Suddenly Dwayne grunted loud, in a strong almost painful sounding grunts as he shot his load of cum inside her.  As he shot the last load he pushed his cock deep inside her pressing against her cervix and collapsed on top of her for a few minutes

When she opened her eyes she realized she wasn't in the bar in the abandoned industrial area of her hometown she was in the hotel with Joseph, he was starring at her with a concerned look in his eyes his lips moving a few times before she heard the words, "Sammi, are you okay, you're scaring me. . ."

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