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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction. Any resemblance to real places, people, or events is purely coincidental. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Through a combination of different movies and TV shows the concept of this story came to me.  Imagine first hearing your sister being raped.  Might you be next?  Might something happen with your sister or father watching?  Might someone be forced to do something to the father?  Here is Chapter 1 hopefully I find the energy to write this farther.

Daddy's Debt 1 First Installment Amber

Over the last two years things changed from quite ordinary to very chaotic.  It followed a year of my parents arguing frequently to the point of screaming and throwing things at one another.  Eventually my mother left my father leaving him to raise my 17-year-old sister and me.  For the first six months after leaving our family we would see our mother on occasion but after those six months passed and she found a boyfriend we started seeing her even less.

Things seemed to be changing quite a bit with our father as well besides working long hours there were several evenings where he would be out and come home very late giving us no explanation. 

At first it seemed fun as we pretty much could do what we wanted, eat what we wanted, go to bed when we wanted and stay up watching movies as late as we wanted but eventually we started noticing other changes in the home.

At first there were times where we would run out of a few groceries and then we noticed the quality of the food he was buying was more processed and out of the box food.  Not that a couple teenage girls didn't enjoy a box of macaroni and cheese more than fresh vegetables but we still noticed that the amount of meat and fresh vegetables started to dwindle greatly.

Over a very short period of time we also moved from our family home that we used to share with our mother to an apartment and then to a second apartment that only had two bedrooms one for my father and one that my 17-year-old sister and I shared.

From the first day we were forced to start sharing a bedroom it really strained our relationship.  Amber, at 17, did not like having her 13 year old little sister constantly around her where I could listen to her telephone conversations or ask her who was sending her text messages and what she was sending to them in reply.

I don't think either of us intended ill will on the other but it was difficult for both of us to be around each other so many hours of the day.

Things only seemed to get worse as we started noticing items of value such as our video game system, the computer and other items of value disappearing from the home.  We tried asking our dad what was going on but he just told us not to worry that everything would be okay.

But our father was far from right as one evening there was a loud bang on our apartment door while the three of us were home eating dinner and when my father made the mistake of opening the apartment door three men forced their way inside.

My sister and I had no idea what was going on but my father seemed to know one of the three men as they began to engage in a very heated conversation. 

The man my father was talking to was the older and smaller of the three men.  He was a very dark tan man, maybe Italian or of Hispanic descent and had black and grey hair.  He stool somewhere around five foot eight inches tall.

The two other men both stood over six foot tall.  One of them was balding but had a mustache and beard.  He was a bit overweight and I noticed other then his bald head he appeared to be quite hairy even having noticeable hair on his hands and ears.  He appeared to be older then the third man.  The third man appeared to be the youngest of the three.  He had long stringy greasy looking hair, was the tallest of the three but appeared in much better shape if not even muscular. 

The two taller men stood by the front door seemingly to stop anyone from leaving or coming in.  My sister and I sat startled still at the dinner table. 

There was a lot of conversation regarding money and the shorter of the three men continued to ask our father over and over how much money he had available.  Regardless of what my father replied the older man seemed very unhappy and unsatisfied with his response.

At one point when the older man seemed unhappy with my father's reply he made a motion while looking at one the fatter of the two men who moved toward the dinner table where my sister and I were still seated.

As directed he walked over to the dinner table standing next to the chair where my sister was seated, picked up a dinner roll and ate the dinner roll.  He placed a hand on her shoulder and I watched her whole body tense.  She was wearing a floral tank top and a denim mini skirt and she had on a pair of white strappy flat sandals.  She shifted to move away from his touch but he kept his hand on her shoulder.

The old bald man asked our father for whatever money he had.  Our father dug in his pockets, emptied the change bowl and asked us both for the money we had in our purses.  After gathering all the money it added up to 123 dollars and 45 cents. 

The old man shook his head seemingly in disgust and told my father he should be well aware of the consequences of the debt. 

He nodded to the younger well built man who walked over to my father and escorted him to a chair.  He forced my father to sit in the chair and took out a pair of metal hand cuffs, cuffing our father's hands behind the back of the chair. 

My sister protested and begged, "Please don't hurt him."  But the younger man continued to work to secure our father to the chair using duct tape around his mid section and then also taping each ankle to the foot of the chair.

Amber and I watched in horror unsure of what was going to happen next.  Our curiosity was answered quickly when one of the dining table chairs was brought over next to where my father was bound and then the fat bald man grabbed my upper arm walking me over to the chair and sitting me next to my father.

It was not a school day so I was wearing white short shorts and a pink and white striped baby doll t-shirt.  I was not wearing any shoes.  He roughly walked me to the chair and like our father took out a pair of metal handcuffs securing my hands behind my back around the back of the chair. 

Unlike my father he didn't tape my ankles to the chair but instead took two more sets of cuffs and secured each ankle to a leg of the chair.  My sister watched looking terrified and I was pretty scared myself.

I had never been cuffed before and can tell you, it didn't feel good especially as the cuffs were tightened. 

The old man once again looked at my father and reminded him that this could have been avoided but he knew the consequences of having extended the loan. 

My father and I watched terrified as the younger fit man took the upper arm of my sister and walked down the hall to our bedroom.

My father tried begging the older man several times but he just reminded my father that he knew the consequences for extending the loan.

For what seemed like forever, but was probably a bit over an hour I heard cries of pain, begging weeping and other sounds that frightened me horribly what my sister was going through. 

I heard sounds that sounded like skin slapping skin followed quickly by my sister crying.  As the time continued to pass I heard her beg and plead for him to please stop.  I heard her cry out, "You're hurting me."  As well as many other phrases begging for it to stop.

I even tried begging the old man as well as my father for them to stop him from hurting my sister.  "Rose please stop you're just making this worse" my father said to me.

What scared me even more was when I heard the younger tall man making loud, lewd sounds from our bedroom even with the door closed. 

There was no doubt in my mind that he was raping my sister.  I knew she wasn't a virgin.  She had been sexually active for about two years but that was with guys she liked, always a boyfriend and by her choice. 

What was happening in our bedroom was not by her choice or with her consent and I never heard her cry like she was crying at that moment.

I hated the three of them for doing this to my sister Amber. 

It was strange because the sounds in the room where I was were completely quiet.  I could even hear the clicking of a second hand on a clock on the dining room wall.  It was like the four of us were listening to what was happening in the bedroom yet none of us did anything to stop it. 

I felt tears stream down my own cheeks but with my arms behind my own back couldn't wipe them.  What was worse, on occasion I saw the eyes of the bald fat man looking at my bare legs and body.  I never felt more like a sex object in my life.  I didn't like how that felt.

Unlike my sister I had only had one boyfriend and we had only done heavy kissing and him touching my breasts a bit on top of my clothing.  I was sure a boy or two had stared at me for a few seconds because they thought I was pretty and maybe even a male teacher or some older guy at a store, but I never felt anyone look at me like he was looking at me now.  The fact I was restrained with my wrists cuffed behind my back and my ankles each cuffed to a leg of the chair rendered me unable to cross my arms or even move my knees together to hide my legs more.

I loved the comfort of the white shorts I was wearing, a mix of spandex and cotton they were soft, comfortable but very form fitting.  Other then around my girlfriends or on a last second trip to a store I didn't typically wear them in public. 

He emerged from our bedroom first, fully dressed but his looking a bit disheveled.  No one said anything.

It felt like forever before my sister emerged from our bedroom. 

It broke my heart to see her.  Her lips looked swollen, her left cheek appeared very red and seemed to have a small abrasion.  Her neck was red and also appeared to have some bruising.  Her left eye also looked puffy and bruised. 

She was wearing an oversized sweatshirt that used to be our fathers.  I could not tell if she had anything on under it. 

I was horrified when I saw bruising on her inner thighs and was pretty sure I saw fluids and that made me look away. 

She was allowed to sit on the sofa but the minute she was there the fat man handcuffed her left wrist to the end table.

The tall bastard who had raped her went to the kitchen and took out two bottles of beer he opened them both walked back into the den and handed one to my sister.

I was surprised when she took a big sip, but no one had the right to question it. 

Her rapist leaned against the wall drinking his beer.

And then my blood turned to ice when his eyes started to look me up and down.

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One hell of a beginning brokenwing.  Can't wait for the next parts!

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One hell of a beginning brokenwing.  Can't wait for the next parts!


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Love the set up!

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Daddy's Debt 2 The Value of A Rose

It was devastating to see the look in my sister's face.  I of course have known her my whole life and I had seen her after a break up with a boyfriend she really loved and even remembered what we both felt like when out pet dog died when I was ten and she was fourteen.  But the look in her face was the most devastated, destroyed and vacant expression I had ever seen.

I felt myself lose more tears for her and it was strange because when I looked at her rapist even he looked different to me.  When he entered our home I had a sense that he might be cruel, tough and possibly violent.  His appearance seemed intimidating and his hair looked greasy.  But while he still looked the same as when he walked through the door there was now a more frightening look in his eyes.  He had a daunting look of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Yet when he looked in my direction there was also disturbing look of desire and hunger that made me squirm on my seat.

The balding but hairy body fat man seemed to stay more in the background.  He stood over in a corner and it seemed to me stared a lot at Amber.  I couldn't tell if he was looking at her with compassion for what his partner had dove to her or if it was a look of sexual desire as well.  I felt a tiny bit of relief that he didn't seem to look in my direction often and when he did if he noticed me looking at him he would look away.

For about the next hour the two men searched through our apartment apparently looking for anything of value.  There really wasn't much for them to find as over the last year our father had been "getting rid of old things" we suspected that meant pawning anything of value.  They did manage to find a few pieces of jewelry that Amber and I had.  Nothing of significant value but some of the jewelry were items our mother had gotten for us on special occasions so they had sentimental value.  But what could we do, they had already raped Amber.  It was exceedingly depressing to me that she showed no emotion at all even when I was pretty sure she saw a necklace that I know she valued because our grandmother had given it to her on her sweet sixteen birthday.  Her eyes were just vacant and she looked very hurt.

I'm not real sure if the way she was cuffed by one wrist to the end table by the sofa had her very security restrained but she sat there moving very little.

I on the other hand would never have imagined how uncomfortable it could feel to have your wrists handcuffed not only behind your back but behind a chair.  With each passing minute my shoulders and wrists grew more sore.  It wasn't very different for my ankles but at least they were not pulled into an awkward position. 

The older man then looked at our father shaking his head, "There is just little of value here.  I don't understand how you continued to extend yourself.  Did you not believe me when I explained the consequences of your actions. 

I felt a lump form in my throat when he once again looked at the greasy buff man, the same man who raped my sister, looked at me and then looked towards our bedroom again.

The tall greasy built man first walked into the kitchen and got himself a glass of water.  He then took a container from his pocket put something into his mouth and then drank from the glass of water. 

I was realizing that because the old man had looked at me and the greasy haired man and then my bedroom that I was next.

My eyes started to well up with tears and I looked at my father.  I looked at him with desperation.  Throughout my thirteen years he had always been there for me whether it was to protect me after a bad dream, to pick me up after a fall and a scraped knee, even after a hard fall and a broken arm.

But he sat there quiet and I couldn't understand that.  I took a moment to look at my sister's face and she still had a very blank look on her face.  I could see a bit of sympathy and concern in her eyes for me, but I also was pretty confident she wouldn't be willing to go back to our room to take my place.

What was about to happen didn't seem real until tall greasy hair walked over to wear I was sitting and began to unlock the handcuffs on my ankles.

The moment he did I began to cry and beg, "Please don't do this, Please.  I'm sorry!  Daddy, please give him what he wants."

As I continued to beg he methodically un-cuffed both ankles and then un-cuffed my wrists out from behind the chair.  As soon as my arms were free from the chair he once again cuffed my wrists.  But the way he did it caught me completely off guard, this time the cuffs were much tighter and were pinching hard into the flesh and bone in my wrists. 

When he had me free from the chair, I knew I was about to face the same fate as my older sister and I collapsed down to the floor crying.

I can't say if I was trying to change anyone's mind, the old man, the bald man or the greasy haired man, or even might I somehow convince my dad to do something to rescue me but I threw the biggest collapsing and crying fit that I could ever remember.

But my fit didn't matter or seem to matter to any of them.  My blood ran cold when I first felt, then saw the greasy haired man lift me up by the upper arms off the ground with a frightening grin on his face.  There was an evil expression in his face I had never seen in another human being. 

Within seconds while I continued to weep he walked me into my bedroom.  The sound of my bedroom door closing was the most ominous sound I ever heard my bedroom door make.

It was strange because at that moment the thoughts of what I had witnessed just about an hour earlier came back to my mind when my sister, Amber had been taken to our bedroom.  I remembered the look on her face as the greasy haired man walked her in the bedroom.  I remembered the sound of the bedroom door closing and I remembered hearing her crying. 

Now here I was alone in the bedroom with the same man who I was pretty sure had raped my sister crying as she had cried. 

He walked me over to standing beside my bed, I was surprised he seemed to know which of the two twin beds was mine and I was shocked when no sooner were we standing there, when he started to ask me questions, "Rose you hate me, don't you?  You know I fucked your sister don't you?  You think I'm a monster don't you.  But I will make a deal with you.  If you are not aroused by what I do to you in the next 30 minutes, I will take you back into the other room and cuff you to the chair again without raping you."

He paused for a moment and then started talking again emphasizing his words, "BUT if I can demonstrate to you that you are aroused by what I do, I'm going to fuck you harder and longer then I did your sister and I'm going to do things to you that most woman twice your age have never had done to them."

He then started talking softly again, "Is it a deal?  If you aren't aroused by what the monster, me does to you in the next 30 minutes without touching you below your waist, I will walk you right out of that door in minutes.  BUT if I prove to you that you are turned on by the demeaning things I do to you I will do things to you that you never imagined.

I timidly and hesitantly nodded in agreement. 

I heard a few sobs of fear come up from my throat when he pulled my baby doll t-shirt up my stomach over my boobs and then up and over my head.  It wasn't easy to stretch my shirt over my head because the sleeves were trapped by my cuffed wrists.  But he worked at it and It hurt some the way he forced my neck to bend to allow him to pull my shirt up over my head.  He couldn't get it fully off so he worked it down my arms to my wrists.

I felt very humiliated standing there next to my bed in my bra and short shorts with my shirt bunched up around my wrists.  I had to wonder if my sister experienced the same humiliation.

Greasy haired man didn't seem in any hurry and really took time to look over my body.  His finger tips touched the lower arch in my bare back and my tummy.

When he unhooked my bra either the clasp got stuck or he intentionally fiddled with it to extend the fear and humiliation.  Because my arms were hand cuffed behind my back he also had to pull the bra up over my head since my arms were through the bra straps.  He actually had to loosen the straps so the bra could pull up enough to go over my head.

Other then my sister, my mother and my doctor no one else had ever seen my breasts.  But greasy haired man humiliated me.  He actually sat on the edge of my bed and softly traced his fingers over my 30 A cup breasts.  When I tried to turn to move away from his touch he grabbed at the bunched up shirt now at my wrists behind my back and lifted up my wrists.  They would only lift so much before it forced me to bend forward because of pain and as I bent forward his other hand was under one of my breasts and by bending forward to relieve the terrible strain in my shoulders I pushed my own breast into his hand. 

He held my wrists at the same level and cupped, rubbed and played with my breast.  When I tried to move my breast from his hand he just lifted my arms higher.  The higher he lifted my arms the more it hurt so I stopped resisting and stood partly bent forward as his other hand felt and rubbed my breast and his fingers began to play with my nipples.

He then very softly told me, "Stand still" and let go of my arms and brought his second hand under my chest and felt and rubbed both breasts and then pinched, tugged and rolled both my nipples with his fingers. 

I can't say before that moment I had ever felt so humiliated as I felt then.  It felt really strange to have a man I didn't know touch me there like that and felt so humiliating as I felt my nipples harden to what he was doing.  I'm pretty sure he noticed them harden because in a very soft voice he said, "That's a good girl" and continued to rub, pinch and pull on both my nipples. 

He caught me completely off guard when he stopped touching my breasts and I saw him pull his hands back and I heard him unfasten his belt.

My heart started to race and I was sure he was going to rape me that moment but instead he did something I never would have imagined.  He took the end of the belt and first hit one breast which made me jump but as I started to move to stand up he put his hand on my back keeping me bent over and then he hit my other breast with the end of his belt. 

The pain and shock of that had me crying again and I remembered hearing a slap sound followed by a cry when he was in the room with my sister and couldn't help wonder if the slap was from him hitting her with his belt and her crying after the hit.

I was so bewildered by him hitting my breasts with the belt I didn't realize the next thing he was doing until it was in place.  He put his belt around my neck and I'm pretty sure once it was around my neck he pushed the end through the buckle.  He did this very quickly and within just a second or two the belt was pulled firmly around my neck. 

He then made me feel extremely degraded as he pulled the belt over my head and began to walk me bent over around my room.  When I started to stand up from being bent over he quickly grabbed a hold of my shirt bunched around my wrists and lifted my wrists up away from my back straining my shoulders.

I was horrified as he walked me around like this but would switch between lifting my arms up which made me bend down and forward to relieve the pressure in my shoulders but when I bent lower he tugged on the belt making it tighten around my neck cutting off my air and choking me making me want to raise up hurting my own shoulders.

On two occasions he placed a hand on my shoulder and stopped me from walking and then while holding my shoulder where he wanted it he firmly tightened the pull on the belt until it completely cut off my ability to breath.  When he did this with a firm tug on the belt he said sternly in my ear, "Rose hold still.  Don't move.  Don't panic Rose, just hold very still."

As I did what I was told to do, holding still I felt the belt seem to pull tightening more around my neck and I could not speak or draw in air.  Once again he said firmly in my ear, "Don't you move Rose.  Just hold very still.  Don't panic."  As the pull on the belt stayed tight his other hand moved under me and cupped and rubbed my boob and his fingers pinched and pulled on my nipple.  Once again he said sternly, "Hold perfectly still for me Rose and it might be over very soon."

I felt my mouth open but that made no difference as I couldn't get any air.  I started feeling very strange needing air terribly but couldn't get any and I felt tingling in my body.  His hand underneath me went to my other breast and he massaged the boob and then played with that nipple.  That felt so very strange and my breasts felt extremely sensitive and it felt very intense when he pulled on the nipple.

I started to feel dizzy but he moved his hand under me back and forth from one breast to the other.  I felt my body rock on my feet and finally his hand went to my shoulder and the hand on the belt loosened its grip and he softly said, "Breath Rose." 

I finally felt air pull into my lungs and had to cough a few times.  His hand stayed on my shoulder and I took several deep breaths.  But once again he gently but firmly while holding my shoulder pulled the belt tight until I couldn't breath. 

Within moments of my inability to breath again he very quietly directed me, "Do...not...move!"  His hand then left my shoulder and returned to my left breast.  He squeezed my breast hard and it made it tingle like crazy and the nipple harden so much it hurt. 

Despite my inability to draw in a breath he seemed to patiently switch from one breast to the other.  My breasts ached and were more sensitive then I ever knew they could feel.  He continued to do this until I felt myself get dizzy and rocking back and forth and his hand left my breast went back to my shoulder and suddenly I was once again able to draw in breath.

After I had taken a few breaths he led me back to beside my bed still bent over at the waist. 

Once again he paused and pulled the belt tight again cutting off my ability to draw breath completely and again squeezed and rubbed my breasts and then pulled and pinched my nipples hard.  This time he held the belt tight longer then the two previous times.  My breasts ached more then they ever had during my period and they tingled and throbbed from what his hand was doing. 

It felt strange because the first time he cut off my ability to breath I was terrified.  The second time I was scared but this time I wasn't as scared because I was pretty sure he would eventually let me breath.

He held the belt tight longer then I expected and my whole body was tingling and my breasts and nipples felt like they were asleep like a person's leg sometimes goes asleep when you feel like needles and numbness. 

I thought I was about to pass out.  When suddenly I felt a rush of air pull into my lungs.

This time even as I pulled air in and breathed deep his hands continued to squeeze and rub my breasts and pinch, pull and roll my nipples and he softly said to me, "Good girl!"

After a few minutes of silence he started asking me weird questions, "Rose do you like me leading you around your room with my belt wrapped around your me neck?"  I shook my head no to that question but quickly another followed, "Do you like it when I pull my belt tight around your neck to where you can't breath Rose?"  Again I shook my head no.

"Do you feel humiliated and degraded with your shirt and bra bunched up around your wrists and your breasts exposed?"  This time I nodded to the affirmative to his question."  He asked another humiliating question, "Do you want me to touch, rub, squeeze and pinch your tits Rose?"  Once again I shook my head no.

"Good girl Rose, now we find out if we spend more time together and if I'm going to rape you like I did your sister" he said letting go of my breasts and pushing me upper body down on my bed.

"There is one thing remaining beautiful Rose.  Do you know how people can tell if a girl is turned on" he asked? 

Before I could answer he took firm hold of the stretchy white cotton and spandex shorts I was wearing and tugged them down my legs.  Once they were at my ankles he lifted first one foot pulling the shorts free from it then did the same with the second.

I had an idea I knew the answer to his question but just shook my head no.  He continued, "It's very easy beautiful Rose, they get wet between their legs."  As he said this he slowly and carefully pulled my panties down my legs again lifting one foot then the other to free the panties.

"So my lovely Rose, in just a moment both you and I will know if you were turned on by being led around your bedroom by my belt around your neck, by me choking you with my belt and with me touching, squeezing, pinching and pulling on your tits.  If your cute little panties here are not wet, I will let you put your clothes back on and take you back to your sister and father.  BUT if you were turned on by me, the monster, humiliating and degrading you, choking you and playing roughly with your tits I am going to rape you and do even more deviant things to your body.  Remember dear sweet Rose, you agreed earlier to these conditions" he said his voice very soft but serious.

He lifted my head off my bed by pulling my hair back and that hurt.  While holding my head up his other hand lifted my panties up to my face stopping just short of touching me.  He said so softly almost in a whisper, "Can you smell the beautiful fragrance beautiful Rose?" 

Very slowly he pushed the crotch of my panties to my nose and mouth.  I started to cry.  I was so very ashamed of the amount of wetness i felt smear onto my nose and lips from my panties. 

He let go of my hair but then took hold of his belt slowly tightening it around my neck and whispered, "Open your mouth sweet Rose I want you to taste your arousal and your wetness."

I couldn't have ever imagined being willing to do such a thing but it's amazing what a person will do when they can't breath so I opened my mouth. 

He pushed the crotch of my panties in my mouth first and I was ashamed how wet they were and how the wetness tasted.  His voice softly spoke in my ear and conscious, "Can you taste your arousal young Rose from being humiliated and degraded?"

His fingers continued to work the fabric of my panties into my mouth as he spoke, "You were turned on being led around your room like an animal, your wrists cuffed tightly and painfully behind your back as my hands painfully squeezed, pinched and pulled on your tits?"

"Breath through your nose." He said slowly loosening the grip on the belt but continuing to work my panties into my mouth.

"We are going to do so many deviant things together beautiful Rose.  Things only the dirtiest most disgusting porn starlets do.  I am going to rape you as I promised but it's the other things that you will remember forever" he said as he pushed the last of the fabric of my panties into my mouth. 

I wondered if he did any of this with Amber.  If that was why her eyes looked so vacant. 

What I knew for sure was that I was no longer the girl I had been till that day.

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Daddy's Debt 3 Deviant Use of a Rose

As he finished working all the fabric of my panties into my mouth I was sure he was going to rape me and I prepared myself for that feeling as if I deserved to be punished for being turned on and getting wet by all the disgusting things he had done to me. 

He then very quietly asked me, "Are you ready for me to rape you Rose as I did your sister Amber?"  I shook my head no feeling my entire body trembling with fear. 

He continued, "Don't be scared Rose.  I am going to hurt you in many ways, but if you promise to do any deviant act that I ask you to do for a little while longer I will hold off on raping you for now.  Will you promise to do as I ask?  If at any point you do not do what I ask you to do I WILL rape you.  Do you promise?"

I was so scared and trembling hard throughout my body so scared to be raped the prospect of doing anything he asked for now sounded better then being raped.  I nodded hard up and down hoping that made it more real. 

The moment I replied he tugged hard on his belt pulling me to my feet.  Once I was standing he took a moment to look at my now almost naked body.  Only my shirt and bra remained on my arms by my wrists.  He walked around me seeming to look at every inch of me.  When he was behind me I felt him pull my bunched up shirt up from my wrists to around my elbows.  Once there I felt him place his hands on my forearms and slowly push my elbows together tightening the strain on my shoulders. 

I felt him tug and twist on my shirt seeming to work it tight keeping my elbows together then I felt and heard him use what I was pretty sure was my bra to keep my shirt tight like he managed to work it holding my elbows tight together.

He softly stoked his fingers up and down my upper arms and I'm not sure if he was asking me a question or stating what he already knew, "That's far more uncomfortable isn't it Rose.  But with your elbows together it forces you to push out your breasts for me and I like that.  Is that okay with you Rose even though it's more uncomfortable?  I can take it loose again but then it will be time for your rape!"

He reached towards my mouth and pulled my panties out of my mouth.

I have to admit I felt dumbfounded by what he had done, how he seemed to make me feel more uncomfortable, yet how he knew I would agree to accept it to avoid being raped. 

I took a moment and thought about my words carefully before answering his question, he was truly a monster, "It's much more uncomfortable but it's okay if that's what you want."

He smiled and rubbed my upper arm more firmly and then took hold of both of my arms guided me with my back to my bed gently guiding me to sit on the bed. 

Once I was seated he stood up over me looking at me with a very smug smile.  He then wandered around my room almost like a TV detective he then walked towards the head of my bed reached under the mattress and pulled my journal out from under the mattress.

"Amber told me that you have been journaling for several years every day Rose, is that true" he asked?"  I nodded but my heart skipped a beat knowing I had written so many of my private thoughts and feelings into my journal. 

He continued, "This particular journal only goes back a little over a month by the dates you've written in it, where are the rest of the journals Rose.  If you don't want to tell me you can just lie down on your bed and open your legs for me and we can get going on your rape."
I felt sick but wasn't ready to be raped so I replied to his question, "They're in that closet in the blue and red metal chests." I replied motioning towards the closet with my head.

As he walked towards my closet he continued to almost ramble in conversation, "Amber shared many of her and YOUR secrets Rose."  He opened the closet door taking out first the red and then the blue metal chest.  "The chests have locks on them Rose where are the keys" he asked?

"In the center drawer in a orange plastic cup in the desk" I replied once again motioning to the desk with my face. 

As he searched through the desk for the key he continued to speak, "Amber shared with me every deep dark secret you probably ever shared with her Rose."  He found the key taking several items out of the desk.  He took the keys over to the chests and unlocked both of them. He took a few of the journal books out of each chest and set them onto the desk.  He sat down on my bed and opened one of the journal books and started reading quietly to himself.

Finally after several minutes he got up  and then started walking around the room again like a TV detective.  He stopped by ambers night stand opened the drawer and took out her black sex toy and asked, "Who's is this Rose?"

"Amber's" I quickly replied.  As I did he walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me and asked, "Have you tried it too beautiful Rose?"  I couldn't hide my shame on my face and looked down with shame but out of the corner of my eye I saw him smile.

He quickly asked, "Amber said you never used it.  Did you sneak behind your sister's back Rose?  The greasy haired man who I'd never seen or met before today stared at me watching me squirm.  He had caught the lie I had told my sister.  He added, "I knew you were special Rose.  You're a very good girl!"

The smile on his face was frightening.  He took a moment and reached over to my desk where he had set the items he had taken out from the drawer.  I sat frozen when I saw what he had grabbed having no idea why he had picked them up.

He had picked up two black binder clips.

First he brought one to my left breast and clipped it onto my nipple.  It pinched and hurt like crazy.

"It's okay beautiful Rose, I'm not raping you right?  Your okay?  He took the second clip and moved it to my right breast clipping it on my nipple.  It hurt and with my hands cuffed behind my back I couldn't do anything about it.  I started crying and begged him, "Please, that hurts take them off me.  Please?"

"Not yet special girl.  Just don't focus on them.  Here focus on your Amber's black cock that you played with without her knowing" he said in a calm voice.

He moved the large black sex toy around in front of my face moving it around like a little boy would move a rocket ship playing with it.

He asked, "Can you small your sister on her toy Rose?  I put it inside her.  She got wet for me too Rose but not like you!"  He stroked my hair while he continued to move it in front of my face. 

The ache in my nipples seemed to intensify.  It really hurt.

But once again he tried to distract me from the nipple pain bribing my attention back to the black sex toy. "Smell her on it Rose, it got wet when I pushed it inside her."  As he said this he touched the black cock shaped toy across the base of my nose.  Instinctually I moved my head back from it.

"You promised Rose.  You agreed to do what I ask or it will be time for your rape." As he said this he moved a hand behind my head and gently guided my head back up where it had been.

"Inhale and smell Amber's fragrance Rose.  I know you're not ready to be raped...yet."  As he said this he once again pushed the black sex toy right under my nose.  He kept his hand on the back of my head and very slowly moved the black cock toy under my nose ever so lightly brushing it on the base of my nose. 

"It's a wonderful smell Rose but not as beautiful as your fragrance.  Now remember your promise or lie down on your back and open your legs.  Open you mouth for me Rose."

I couldn't believe he was asking me this but I knew he was clever reminding me of the consequences of not doing as he asked.  To my shame and horror I opened my lips.

"That's a good girl Rose I knew you were special."  He said as he turned the black cock sex toy and very slowly pushed the tip into my lips.

"You've never sucked a real cock so I just want you to taste and clean this off from being inside your sister. We're not going to teach you to deep throat yet.  Not on a toy, that's for sure.

I was both horrified and shocked by his words.  Had this been inside my sister, just over an hour ago?  I thought I was going to throw up for moment thinking about that.  And how did he know I hadn't ever given oral sex, my journals or my sister?

He moved the sex toy in and out of my lips a few times then pulled it from my mouth.  He flicked each of the binder clips on my nipples making them move.  He then ordered me to stick out my tongue, "Come on Rose be a good girl stick your tongue out for me."

I did as he asked and he slid the black sex toy cock back and forth over my tongue.

"How does it feel Rose to know that I pushed that in and out of your sister's sex and saved it for you so you could taste her?  It hasn't been cleaned!  Does it feel degrading?"  He asked with a smug look on his face. 

This time he first un-clipped one of the binder clips.  When he took it off my nipple it hurt more then when it was on it.  I felt it throb and swore I could feel my heartbeat in my nipple.  He clipped it back on my left nipple and then did the same on my right taking off the clip.  Again the pain in my right nipple intensified.  After a few moments he clipped it back on.

I just looked down feeling ashamed but he put two fingers under my chin lifting my head up.  He set the dildo down on the bed then stood up and walked over to the end of my sister's bed.  He picked up something and walked back and once again sat down next to me. 

He held up a pair of panties.  "These were on Amber earlier today.  I need you to keep your promise or lie down on your back and open your legs so I can rape you.  Ready to continue keeping your promise" he asked.  I nodded feeling ashamed.

He told me to open my mouth and I did so.  He held her panties up to my face and asked.  "First smell them, do you recognize her bouquet?"  I didn't want to but also didn't want to be raped so I smelled her panties.  "Open up for me beautiful Rose?" 

I very timidly opened my mouth, it was disgusting enough when he pushed my dirty panties into my mouth, but now he intended to push the panties my sister had been wearing today into my mouth?

He started to work the fabric into my mouth and he took a brief moment to show me he had turned the panties inside out and was inserting the fabric between the legs first.  He actually sniffed them first before beginning to push them in.  He worked them in slowly.

I started crying feeling so dirty and degraded.  It didn't effect him at all and he started working the material into my mouth saying softly, "You are so very special beautiful Rose.  You're such a good girl!  There's no rush just work them in slow.  Can you taste your sister?" 

Once he had them fully in my mouth he stood up and then pulled up on the belt pulling me to my feet.  He then quickly slapped off each of the binder clips.  That hurt and my nipples throbbed.  He then put a hand on my shoulder turning me facing the bed.  He then knelt partly on the bed pulling the belt to pull my upper body over the bed and down. 

He pulled the belt slowly and steadily until my upper body was on the bed.

I started to weep hard, sure he was about to rape me.  He used his feet to push my knees wider and then noticing my crying growing harder said, "Not yet beautiful Rose, not yet, but we are going to play a new game.

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What a nasty thing to do to her, reading her diaries! loving this story, like I do all of yours!

August 18, 2017, 02:19:26 PM
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Daddy's Debt 4 - Further Degradation of Rose

I laid on the bed trembling especially because I felt him use his feet to push my legs wider.  I was sure it was about to happen, he was going to rape me like he had my sister.

But he didn't.  Instead he continued to add to my humiliation.  He softly rubbed his hand on my bare shoulders and upper arms.  He took a minute to tug my shirt bunched around my lower arms just under my elbows and my bra tighter making sure my elbows were tight together.  My shoulders were so sore. 

After making sure they were bound tight he continued to rub his hand over my hands and then moved his hand onto my buttocks and thighs.  He moved his hand very slow and deliberate.  I cannot say I have ever felt another person except maybe my mother when she rubbed and looked at my hands look and touch so thoroughly any part of my body.  His finger traced over every inch of my bottom and even along the base of my butt where it met my thighs. 

I felt so incredibly self conscious as he continued to examine and explore the back and inside of my thighs with his eyes and fingers.  The room was quiet for quite a while until he broke the silence saying, "Beautiful Rose."

He continued to rub his fingers over my skin and it gave me chill bumps.  After a bit longer he asked me a question, "You didn't tell Amber what you did with this do you want to tell me?"  I wasn't sure if I could tell the truth so I just shook my head no not wanting to answer.  I was surprised when he replied, "That's okay Rose I can figure it out."  When he made eye contact with me and smiled it made me very nervous.

He first started moving the tip of the sex toy around my face including my nose, ears and mouth.  "This isn't what you did with it is it Rose"? he asked and I quickly shook my head no.

He then knelt down behind me and then started moving the black sex toy from my feet, even around my soul and toes then up on my ankles, on my calves both on the front and back of my legs, then around my knees front and back and then up onto my thighs.  Once again he came up by my ear and whispered, "That's not what you did with it is it Rose?"  I again shook my head no. 

"Open your mouth for me princess I want you to taste your sister on it one more time." He commanded and then offered me an alternative, "Or my lovely Rose you can quit and I can rape you now is that what you want?  If not open your mouth for me." 

I didn't want to be raped so I opened my mouth.  He pushed the black toy into my mouth again but spoke quietly for several seconds, "Taste your sisters sex and sex fluids.  It's a lovely taste.  Now use your tongue and saliva to really get that long thick black sex toy wet for me Rose." 

To my humiliation and degradation I did as I was told and got the toy very wet with my mouth.

Once I had he pulled hard on the belt until I followed lifting my upper body up off the mattress.  Then he started talking again, "Hmmm, Rose what's this....  There seems to be something odd at the very bottom end of the toy.  Wonder what this does?"

Suddenly next to my ear I hear a soft buzzing.  The sound was there a moment then it moved away and he moved his lips closer to my ear and whispered softly, "I bet you found that switch didn't you Rose, you figured out how to turn on your sister's toy so it could turn you on.  Didn't you"?

But before I could answer I felt the black cock shaped sex toy wet and slippery with my saliva touch the very tip point of my right nipple.  I couldn't help it and made a sound of a moan from my throat and mouth.  He moved it gently around my nipple and then my Areola then softly said, "That feels incredible doesn't it beautiful Rose?"  But his question didn't slow or stop the attention to my right nipple.  After a few minutes he circled it lower onto my breast. 

"This also isn't what you did with your sister's toy is it sweet Rose?"

He didn't wait for an answer.  He then touched it on my face on my right cheek and asked, "It's getting a little dry isn't it Rose?  But not to worry I know where I can find more wetness! 

To my horror and humiliation I once again heard the humming noise and he touched the toy to my lips, but not my mouth this time but the lips between my legs. 

"There's plenty of wetness here lovely rose!" He said confidently and I felt him slide the toy between my lips up and down but not pushing to penetrate but moving it lengthwise.

He then moved it to the very tip of my left nipple.  Again without thought I heard myself let out a moan.  I felt such shame because it felt good.  Ever so slowly he moved the very tip of the toy around my left nipple and then onto and around my Areola.  I felt my body squirm and the only thing that was difficult was that I had to hold up my upper body using the muscles in my stomach and back since my arms were cuffed and bound behind me. 

I was sure he noticed me struggling to hold up my upper body and I felt him carefully pull up on the belt.  I hated him for what he did.  His hand under me continued to circle the toy around and around my nipple, Areola and breast.  He used the belt to help hold me up off the mattress by my neck but doing so made it harder and harder to breath. 

He would circle and stimulate my breast and nipple until it felt so good I couldn't hold still but as my nipples hardened he carefully pulled up on the belt until it cut off my ability to breath.  He held it like that and then the stimulation in my nipples felt like more then I could stand and I felt wetness oozing from between my legs.

After a few minutes of no air he very slowly lowered the hold on the belt until once again I could breath.  He cycled and did that two more times, cutting off my breathing but stimulating my breasts and nipples.  I hated him for how he was making me feel.

I wondered if he made my sister feel like this.  Slowly he lowered me upper body back on the mattress.  Then once again he slowly moved the toy while vibrating up and down along my lips.  Eventually I couldn't hold still and I was shaking.  Eventually he did something that raised the intensity to a new level he moved the tip of the toy round and around at the top of my sex by that very sensitive place. 

As he moved it ever so slightly there he very quietly whispered in my ear, " Rose is where you played with your sister's toy except you did it only with your panties on.  I bet you had no idea how good her toy could feel did you beautiful Rose."

He used his legs to nudge my legs even wider and continued to move the toy all around my sex never penetrating me with it.  When I didn't think it could feel more intense he carefully took hold of the belt pulling it gently, not hard but slow and gentle until once again I couldn't draw air.

Trust me sweet Rose don't panic, experience the feelings between your legs as your blood moves through your body with less oxygen.  Let everything start to tingle more."  He continued to talk and as he did I thought I was about to pass out but suddenly I once again felt air rush back into my lungs as the tug and pressure on the belt eased.

As it did I felt a sensation so powerful I couldn't understand what was happening but I felt an explosion of wetness between my legs.  As I gushed the belt once again tightened around my neck and I squeezed every muscle inside my tummy and groin squeezing out even more fluid. 

"Good girl, special girl, beautiful Rose.  You're such a naughty, dirty, filthy girl and you just had an orgasm all over the edge of your bed and down onto your carpet by your bed as I humiliated and degraded you my spectacular Rose."

"I'm still going to rape you Rose but not before I demean you, humiliate you and degrade you more until you completely understand that your father, in order to placed bets in a casino continued to gamble until he managed to lose every penny of his savings, his retirement, Amber's college fund, your college fund and then ten times more then those added together in debt."

"But Rose, notice he did nothing to stop me from raping your sister nor did he do anything to stop me from coming in here to humiliate and degrade you.  But Rose, I've just barely started.  I am going to continue to dehumanize you."

"Don't worry Rose we've just begun."

With that he moved the toy up and down through the lips of my sex and then brought it to my mouth saying one word, "Open."

When I did so he pushed the toy into my mouth and I waited for him to tell me to taste myself but he didn't.  He didn't because he knew I would think it myself and I couldn't help wonder if I wouldn't have been better off if he'd just raped me and I felt so ashamed and cried.

He said nothing but just stroked first my hair and then my back as I wept hard.  He said nothing and let me cry in self pity.

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Daddy's Debt 5 - Life Sucks

Greasy hair man let me cry for a while and as I did he once again moved the black sex toy between my legs.  He did turn the vibration off but moved it up and down through the lips between my legs and then finally stopped. 

He then pulled on the belt until I lifted up and he pulled me all the way to my feet, put his hand on my shoulder and turned me to face him.

He stooped down to my height and then addressed me with a very serious expression on his face, "Rose, this is very important, do you understand?"

I nodded and then he continued, "You and I are going to walk back into the other room again. You are to look down at the floor and not make eye contact with anyone. You WILL do everything I tell you to do in the other room or I am going to severely hurt your sister Amber.  Do you understand?"

Once again I nodded yes to his question but he still added a little more, "Regardless what I ask you to do, you WILL do it without hesitation.  If you do, I will not rape you or severely hurt your sister.  This time when you answer me you will say you understand and you promise."

As he instructed I answered, "I understand and I promise." 

I was still completely naked except for my bra and shirt binding my elbows together and of course the metal handcuffs around my wrists.  My shoulders and wrists hurt terribly but at least I had not been raped...yet.

He took hold of my upper arm, walked me to my bedroom door, opened it and walked me back into the other room where my sister and father were still being held by the older man and the bald, fat hairy man. 

He sat me in the same chair I had been sitting in earlier.  I did as he had instructed and looked down at the floor.  My assumption was that the purpose of that was for my father and sister to believe I had also been raped. 

He then walked over to where my sister was sitting and un cuffed her from the chair she was cuffed to.  He did keep her wrists handcuffed behind her body.  He then directed the bald man to take a seat where Amber had been sitting.  Once baldy sat there, greasy haired man pushed on my sister's shoulders and said, "kneel" and she did as she was told kneeling in front of Baldy.

Greasy then leaned down near Amber's ear and very softly said, "Amber unbuckle his belt, unfasten his pants, unzip his fly and take his cock out from his boxers!"

When she hesitated he walked over to me and slapped me across the face hard catching me completely off guard. 

That was all it took and she started doing as she had been told unbuckling his belt.  She did fumble with it but eventually got it unbuckled. She then unfastened his pants, and unzipped the fly.  Within just a few more seconds she managed to pull the bald fat man's cock out.  I could see it from where I was sitting and it looked hairy, big and gross. 

Greasy walked back over to where Amber was and pet her hair, "Good girl" he said to her reminding me how he degraded me, "Now take it into your mouth and suck that cock like you do Jeff's cock."  Jeff was the name of Amber's boyfriend which Greasy somehow knew. 

Amber did as she was told taking Baldy's cock into her mouth and began to work it.  Everyone watched a while and Baldy started to moan.  I was not expecting it when Greasy walked over to me grabbed hold of the end of the belt still around my neck and pulled me to my feet.  He guided me over to where Amber was kneeling in front of Baldy put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me also down on my knees. 

He then un cuffed and untied my elbows.  My wrists and shoulders were so sore it was a relief to have them finally unbound.

To my surprise he pulled the block sex toy from his pocket and it was in a plastic zip lock bag. He pulled the plastic back from the end of the sex toy turned the switch to on and offered me the bottom end and then said softly just to me, "Push that into one of Amber's holes or I will and if I do I will shove it all the way to the hilt.  You can pick which hole." He added with an evil chuckle.

I very nervously looked at my sister's round bottom.  I never would have thought about doing something like this.  Not that I hadn't seen my sister in little to no clothing but the idea of touching something to her bottom or between her legs would have been far from my thoughts.

I really didn't want to do this but I knew Greasy was serious and that if I didn't do it he would.  I tried to convince myself that it was okay.  Amber wasn't a virgin, she had been with her boyfriend and we all assumed Greasy had raped her but I couldn't help wonder what if he did the same things with her similar to what he had done with me.

I tried to calm myself and carefully placed my left hand on her lower back as she continued to give head to Baldy.  I knew it would be better to push it into her sex rather then her ass hole.  I leaned over some and found her sex with my eyes.  I could feel my hands shaking but tried to calm myself.  I knew my sister used this thing and was pretty sure she had pushed it into her sex herself. 

I accidentally touched it to her butt cheek and I felt her flinch.  I was really struggling to do it.  I had to say to myself over and over, "You can do this, she does this herself."

I finally moved it to her pussy lips.  God even the sound of that word, I knew guys liked to use it but it made me feel ashamed.  My hands were shaking so hard.  I felt nauseous doing this.  I tried to steady my hand and begin to push the sex toy between her pussy lips.

It just flat looked huge.  I'm not sure what was shaking more the vibrating sex toy or my hands.  It didn't take too long to find the right opening and to begin to push the sex toy inside my sister.  I was so scared it would hurt her and she did groan. 

She made the mistake of pulling her mouth of Baldy's cock and his response reminded me we were all here against our will.  He slapped her face hard and pushed her head hard back into his lap.  It scared me to hear his hand hit her face, her body moved hard to the other side but her knees and hips didn't move much.  Not only did it leave her a bit shaken up it also left me a bit traumatized too.

At thirteen, I was not the sweet and innocent little girl my father thought I was.  I had watched some porn on the Internet with my sister, a few of my friends and even on my own.  I had spied on my sister making out with her boyfriend, listened to them having sex through a closed door and masturbated myself on several occasions.  And yes, even as Greasy had probably read in my journal I had used my sisters sex toy on top of my panties to feel the incredible vibration on my own sex.

In a bit of the porn I had watched I have to admit to being turned on by seeing guys being rough with girls.  I had seen regular movies, Rated R, that had scenes of sex and even on TV on police shows had seen scenes of girls being raped.  I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of to admit that some of those scenes turned me on. 

But I wasn't turned on hearing and feeling Baldy hit my sister.  I wasn't turned on pushing her sex toy into her sex.  As I knelt here on the floor with my face by her bare bottom I only felt shame, degradation and humiliation. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Greasy yell at me from across the room his voice coming from the direction of where my father was, "Rose get that black cock up in Amber or I will do it for her in a way she won't like.  Now stop fucking around and do it.  Your daddy and I are enjoying the show."

For a moment I lost it.  I felt a heat flash rush through my body and thought for a moment I was going to pass out.  Instead I felt the food I had eaten a few hours ago come rushing up and fortunately I at least was able to turn away from Amber and Baldy and threw up onto the floor. 

I realized doing so I had dropped the sex toy under my sister because I was on my hands and knees still very naked as I spit the last of the nasty vomit from my mouth. 

I felt dizzy and light headed and scared too that Greasy would take this out on Amber. 

I felt fortunate that he did not.  He seemed to give me a minute to compose myself and then once again commanded me, "Beautiful Rose, I'm not telling you again, if you don't get that black cock up into your sister's hole, I'm going to slide it around in your puke and then shove it into Amber or maybe even your pussy.  Now get it done!"

He was yelling this from across the room.  I found the black sex toy, picked it up moved it between her legs.  I think the fear got the better of me and I was much less careful and less gentle and I moved it pretty quickly to her pussy lips started pushing and begin to penetrate her sex with the vibrating sex toy. 

It was not easy to push into her but I was embarrassed to discover she was wet and that did help it push into her sex.  "Work it in there girl, you don't want me helping you!" He yelled.

I couldn't help crying as I worked the vibrating sex toy deeper into my sister's sex.  When I started working it in, I heard her groan a sound of pain.  I felt dirty after a few minutes when I heard her groan seem to change to a moan.

I got caught off guard when I felt her body pull hard down and realized Baldy had pulled her hard down in his lap and heard him groaning loud himself. 

After a few seconds and a few loud groans from him he pushed her back slapped her across the face hard and she fell back down partly on me and then onto the floor. 

She also knocked me over but out of nowhere Greasy walked over to where I was lying, grabbed hold of his belt, pulled it up hard until I managed to get to my knees and then pulled me up to my feet.  He led me across the room over to where my dad was sitting and then right in front of my dad said to me, "Kneel down Rose."

I did as I was told and once again felt sick to my stomach and tried to push the thought I had out of my mind.

But to my horror Greasy said the words to me I wanted him least to say, "Open yer daddy's belt, unfasten his britches and unzip that fly and get his cock out, NOW."

I felt myself crying more but started to do as I had been told. Once again my hands were trembling hard.  It took me longer then it should and the hardest part was taking my father's cock out from his boxers.  But I somehow managed to do it. 

I felt heat in my face I was so embarrassed to touch my own father's sex.  It seemed to already be erect but it wasn't like I had touched or seen many cocks. 

Greasy was right behind me and tightened the pull on the belt until it cut off my air and at the same time pet the hair on top of my head like someone might pet the fur of a dog.  "Put your mouth on that cock Rose and taste it, lick it, inhale deeply and smell the bouquet of fragrance and then suck on it like you would your favorite pop sickle" Greasy said in a commanding voice.

I had the desire to breath more then I was worried about the shame so I lowered my mouth to my father's cock.  Without intending to I immediately got the smell of my father's sex and within moments could taste him as well.  It was embarrassing and shameful when I realized he also had oozed a bit of wetness.  I timidly took his cock in my lips the first time I ever did that with a guy's real cock. 

I did my best to push out of my mind who I was doing this with and even tried to push the what I was doing out of my mind as well.  I timidly sucked and hated when I felt my father's cock move because I assumed it felt good.  I hadn't even noticed at first the grip on the belt had lessened and I was able to breath again but of course that only made sense since i could smell. 

I tried to do the same as what my sister had done for Baldy and slowly began to move my mouth on the cock.  He was definitely erect which just added to my shame.  On occasion Greasy would stroke my hair as I held, licked and sucked the cock in my mouth.  Eventually he said what he had been saying to me pretty often now, "Good Girl!"  That only made me feel that much more ashamed.   

I tried to think about what I had seen Amber do when I had spied on her and also what she did with Baldy.  Before long I could hear my father's breathing change and I assumed he was liking how it felt.  I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind and just focus on the act of what I was doing. 

But the more I tried to push thoughts out of my mind the more they flooded my mind with thought.  I was doing a sex act not with a guy I liked from school.  I was "sucking cock" like I had heard my friends and even my sister call it plus all the other nicknames for it, "giving head, blow job, knob, Hoover, play the skin flute" and so many others I couldn't think of at the moment. 

But this wasn't again I boy I liked this was my father.  I felt so disgusted with myself and ashamed. 

I highly doubt that Greasy could read my mind but it seemed like he did because he added to my humiliation but saying, "That's a Good Girl Beautiful Rose.  Suck Daddy's cock.  He's a lucky man considering he couldn't control himself.  He couldn't pay his debts.  He couldn't stop gambling.  So Special Rose, we warned him.  You see, if we broke his legs he couldn't work but he couldn't pay his debt yet he continued to extend himself.  Do you know what he carried in his empty wallet, because it certainly wasn't money, it was a photograph of each of you, Amber and you."

He reached into my father's pants down around his knees and pulled out his wallet and pulled out a school picture of Amber and one of me.  He then showed them to me.  "We warned him Lovely Rose the consequences of not paying his debt and continuing to generate more and more debt.  What Amber did earlier and what you are doing now are some of those consequences. But Beautiful Rose it's far from over."

He then jerked me hard by the belt pulling me off my father's cock. "Did you think I was going to let her get you off you piece of shit?  A man who put his need to gamble before his two lovely daughters?  You don't deserve to cum in her mouth."

He then put another question to my father, "While your other little girl is a slut, has put out for plenty of boys, sucks cock with regularity did you know you worthless piece of shit that Rose here is pure?  YOU were the first man to violate and degrade her beautiful mouth with your filthy cock."

He used the belt to pull me standing right in front of him and looked me in the eyes then asked, "Special Rose, you have a very difficult decision to make right now.  I'm going to give you a very hard choice and I want you to think about it before answering.  Do you understand Lovely Rose?

He stopped pausing and waiting till I nodded then asked his question, "Rose I am going to give you a very hard decision to make.  I do not want you to take the decision lightly, okay?"

He waited for me to nod my head, "You have to choose to whom you are willing to give your virginity and you have four choices.  A. You can give your virginity to your worthless piece of shit father.  B. You can give the old man there, your virginity.  C. You can give my bald headed friend over there your virginity or lastly D. You can give your virginity to me.  Yes that's right folks I didn't rape her earlier."

"Think about it special Rose whom do you want to be the man to take your virginity?"

He let the question hang in the air.  I was sickened by his question.  I wanted to answer none of the above.  He stared at me hard then added, "Don't forget sweet Rose that it was your father who brought us here today to you and Amber he's a disgusting piece of shit."

He then pet my hair holding onto the belt. 

"If you don't choose Rose, I'll choose for you." He added.

He gave me more time then said, "That's enough time decide now!  If it's me, just kneel down right in front of me."

I was horrified and didn't know what to do.  I looked at Amber, my father, the old man and then Baldy but none was a choice I wanted to make.  I just collapsed to my knees crying.  He just pet my hair, "Good Girl Rose, Good Girl."

He then moved towards my father quickly and punched him between the legs right into his sex yelling, "You think you deserve to cum inside a beautiful daughter you betrayed?"

He then grabbed my father's shirt by the collar making him sit up from being doubled over.  "You my friend also have one more choice for your debt.  The choice you knew you would be making today when you didn't have even part of the money you owed to us.  Which of your daughters do you give to us to settle 10% of your debt?"

Our father sat there with his head down sniffling a little. 

They waited a bit for the answer but one didn't come. To my horror Greasy once again pulled me up to my feet using the belt and took me back into my bedroom.  I was sure he was going to rape me there. 

Once we were in the room he dug through my and my sisters closet looking for something I'm not sure what.  He once again looked through our jewelry boxes everything of value they had already taken.  I watched in surprise when he pulled out of my sister's closet a chain belt.  He also pulled out a black leather choker she would wear on occasion and took the keys off a key ring.

He worked the key ring through the last chain link of the belt, and then put it over the choker.  He pulled his belt off from around my neck and buckled the leather choker around my neck the chain belt working as a leash. 

He then told me to find a button down shirt that showed my cleavage, a sexy bra and panties.  When I had done so he pulled out a short skirt of mine and tossed it to me and told me to put the clothes on.  He then told me to get out my highest set of heels and put them on.  I found a pair of black pump 4 inch heels I had warn to my friend's mother's wedding. 

He then told me to close each of the chests my journals were in and to carry them into the other room.  He had me put a few of my things, like an overnight bag in my backpack including my toothbrush, hairbrush and any makeup I wanted. 

We then went back into the other room.  He looked at my father and then asked him again, "Which of your daughters do you choose as payment for 10% of your debt?"

My father sat there and sobbed not wanting to make a choice.  Greasy offered him another choice, "We can take them both?" He had a horrible smile on his face when he suggested it.

I was dumbfounded when the older man opened a briefcase he brought with him and pulled out paperwork.  He then pulled out my birth certificate from a pile of papers they had brought into the room when they were searching the home.  I didn't expect to see my birth certificate.

The old man said to my father, "You can sign adoption paperwork over to us for Rose.  If you sign everything here we are prepared to release you from 45% of your debt but you also have to agree to never seek or look for Rose.  To you it is as if she never existed.  Should you refuse we will take both girls, relieve none of your debt and you will never see either of them again.  Or you can sign the paperwork we have and relinquish Rose to us."

I stood there dumbfounded.  My father was trembling but eventually picked up a pen and signed what they asked him to sign.  I watched with horror and butterflies in my belly.  All of the paperwork I could see had my name, he signed them and Baldy signed as a witness.  I wasn't shown the paperwork but looked at what I could. 

For the next several minutes or hour time seemed to fly by and before long I was being told to tell my sister good bye.  We cried in each other's arms.  It was extremely emotional between my sister and I.  We had shared a room together for a while and shared so much.

My father was one again warned that he still needed to work on coming up with more of the debt or Amber too would be in danger.  He was told that if I was good I could work off more of the debt. 

It was strange to be standing there with the choker and my sister's chain belt attached.  Greasy held onto the belt most of the time and I couldn't help think of a pet on a leash. 

I was stunned and overwhelmed as the men collected my backpack the chests containing my journals and we headed out of our home.  the old man had put the papers my father had signed into his brief case. 

I felt numb as I walked to the vehicle with the three men Greasy holding the makeshift leash.  Their vehicle was a white panel van and I was pulled into the back with Greasy and Baldy.  The older man drove. 

Now that we were in the van and on the road Greasy said very softly but sternly, "Take off all our clothes again, I like you naked."

I hesitated a little but then did as I was told.  Greasy also removed his belt again and once again put it around my neck.  He also took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my wrists again behind my back.  He pulled my upper body down onto my back putting my head in his lap and reached down to my left breast with his left hand. 

He massaged and played with my bare breasts and once in a while would pull the belt tight till I couldn't breath.  He reminded me not to panic and it wasn't very long before my breasts felt swollen and we're definitely red and my nipples hard. 

I didn't notice until it happened but Baldy moved over between my legs pushing them apart until they were pretty wide apart and he moved his hand to my sex and I was ashamed as he found wetness.  His fingers softly worked through the lips of my sex and at that very sensitive place at the top all while Greasy continued to alternate between letting me breath and cutting off my air. 

I hated him for it, but hated myself more for how it seemed to intensify my body's response.  It was only after a few minutes of Baldy touching that tiny spot at the top of my sex that it felt swollen and any touch sent sensations deep into my body. 

Baldy had said little in our apartment but he pointed out to Greasy saying, "She's soaking wet."  Greasy just smiled and nodded and said, "Yes she's a Good Girl.  She loves attention from men.  She'll be getting lots of that, more then she ever dreamed.  It's going to become her life."

His words left me feeling sick yet my body was so sensitive and tingling like crazy.  I could hardly hold still and I heard my breathing and throat letting out moans. 

I hated the two of them for what they were doing and the floor of the van was hard and hurt my body where it laid on the hard metal floor. 

As the two men continued to rub and stimulate my body and the belt continued to cycle in letting me breath and cutting off my air eventually I felt a strange powerful sensation deep inside me and once again felt my entire body begin to shake and felt fluids gush out from between my legs and once again I felt degraded and humiliated that despite being kidnapped from my own home, likely to never see my father or sister ever again I somehow allowed these two men to sexually stimulate my body and for that I felt such shame. 

As I gushed I felt unable to get air and while feeling fluids seem to escape from deep inside me uncontrollably the dizziness, anxiety and everything seemed to build and I knew I was going to pass out. 

August 23, 2017, 02:44:45 PM
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Another fantastic chapter, nasty to make her decide who gets her virginity then take her away from her sister and dad!

August 24, 2017, 12:20:28 AM
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I love the twist! What will happen to Poor Rosie next?

August 26, 2017, 08:34:08 AM
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When I read the first chapter a few days ago it seemed a little predictable and a little like a couple of my stories (also ones that were predictable).

I read the remaining chapters over the last couple evenings and found them to be incredibly arousing, so much so I actually 'saved' most of the last chapter to read last night (and I read it again this morning).

I saw somewhere someone calling you the master of psychological rape, and I couldn't agree more.  The inclusion of erotic asphyxiation as a means to both arouse and control the girl is genius (and very hot).  And she hasn't even been penetrated yet except for the interrupted oral on her father.

You know I get a little squeamish at girls under 14 in stories, but I'm not minding at all she's 13 in this one.  Please continue her training Brokenwing, looking forward to more even if it makes my lap try to make my laptop tip over. . . . again.

September 01, 2017, 04:57:14 PM
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Daddy's Debt 6 - Doing as I'm Told

I came out of my daze feeling my body bouncing around on the hard metal floorboard of the van.  As I opened my eyes, took a few minutes to let the fog clear and looked around I noticed that Baldy was now driving the van and the older man was in back with Greasy and I.  The makeshift leash made from Amber's belt was still attached to her black leather choker around my neck as well as Greasy's belt. 

Both the older man and Greasy appeared to be asleep and I took the time to think about if I could get out and run if the van came to a stop.  But I noticed no one was holding Greasy's belt but Amber's belt was around Greasy's wrist. God where were we headed and what were they planning?

When we hit the next bump Greasy was jostled and woke up.  For a moment he too looked groggy but after a fee seconds he looked down at my face, made eye contact, smiled with what looked to me to be a wicked smile and reached over and rubbed my bare hip.  I reacted without thought and shifted my hips away from his touch.  I immediately realized that was the wrong thing to do and he firmly pulled on Amber's belt increasing the pressure until I wiggled and moved my upper body and was lying over his legs.

He then once again looked into my eyes but this time with what looked to be a sadistic glare and very slowly pulled on his belt until it was cutting off my ability to breath and his expression turned to one of satisfaction.  I started to panic and began to wiggle my shoulders but without saying a word he simply started shaking his head no and I tried to calm myself and I felt his other hand move to my breast. 

Something made me believe he had choked girls many times like this before because he seemed to know when I was really struggling without air and felt on the verge of passing out and he would push the belt back and suddenly air would rush back into my lungs.  He continued to rub one breast then the other alternating tightening and releasing the belt. 

I hated how he seemed to know how my body would react and that made me believe he had done this many times before with others but before long my breasts and nipples were so sensitive, my nipples very hard and everything tingled.  Once again he looked in my eyes with a smile of satisfaction.

He then caught me off guard by turning me onto my side and opening his pants and taking his cock out from his boxers.  He took hold of a handful of my hair, pulled on Amber's belt and pulled my face towards his cock. 

I felt so incredibly degraded because without being told I put my mouth onto his cock like he made me do to my own father, the man who apparently owed these men lots of money.  I felt ashamed that because of what my friends had told me, watching porn and having sucked my first cock earlier that day I felt like I knew what to do.

It really felt humiliating to be doing this without being told or threatened.  It made me question myself and for a moment I couldn't help wonder if it was just somehow a natural instinct for girls, or maybe not all girls but maybe just girls like me.  I tried to push those thoughts out of my head.

I quickly realized the more I worked at moving my own neck up and down, my mouth sucked his cock and my tongue licked the disgusting flash the less he pulled my hair or forced my head to move.  By the sounds he was making I must have been doing okay.

I'm not sure how I did it but I somehow managed to push the thoughts of shame and humiliation out of my mind and just tried to focus on what I was doing.  I somehow kept working at it and must of been doing it right because other then have his hand on my head, his fingers pushed into my hair but he didn't force my head down until what I was pretty sure was going to happen and began to cum. 

When he did he whispered, "Swallow your nectar beautiful Rose."  I assumed he whispered to not wake the older man.  Despite the thought of swallowing the cum of the man who had terrorized my family and raped my sister I somehow managed to force myself to swallow much of the fluids he blasted into my mouth.  It appalled me that he squirted multiple times it seemed like 100 times but was only five times.

It was strange because once it was over he held my head in his lap and stroked my hair with his hand softly whispering, "Good girl Rose, such a good girl." Over and over more times then I could count.

I felt disgusted hearing the praise for doing what seemed to be to be a disgusting act but the continually repeated words felt like it was working into my psyche.

I foolishly let myself relax with the petting of my hair but was dumbfounded when suddenly Greasy tossed the far end of Amber's belt to the older man who must have woken up and I felt him pull hard on her belt pulling the leather choker around my neck along with my upper body towards him and he softly said, "Come pet."

Hearing those words just added to my dehumanization especially since I was pretty confident of what I was going to be asked to do.  With my hands still cuffed behind my back it wasn't easy for me to maneuver over to him as he pulled firmly on the belt but I eventually managed to get my upper body towards him and my head in his lap.  I hadn't even noticed until I was there he had already opened his pants and taken his cock out of his underwear.

Immediately when I was within a foot of his cock I noticed a strong not so pleasant sour, vinegary smell.  It made me nauseous and I wanted to throw up but he continued to tug on the leash pulling me closer and closer to the pungent smell and his very hairy cock.

I only wished I could slow or stop time but I couldn't and within seconds the very tip of his cock wet my lips with a drop of wetness.

The absolute last thing in the world I wanted to do was open my mouth and I debated doing exactly that.  Up until that moment I had pretty much done everything that Greasy had directed me to do under the fear of him raping me as I believed he had raped my sister but what other consequence might there be for not doing what they wanted.

I hesitated a moment and felt tears begin to pour from my eyes.  For just a few seconds I thought about my teachers at school always telling my parents I was a very well behaved girl and besides the almost straight A academic grades I received I had never gotten anything below an Excellent for conduct.  I thought about the teachers who had me take notes or envelopes to other teachers or to the office because they trusted me to do as I was told and then hurriedly returned to class.  I thought about my parents both when they were together and after they were divorced and how upset and frustrated they became at my sister for the naughty things she did like getting drunk at parties, smoking cigarettes with friends and for sneaking out to be with boys but it was so much easier now for her just with dad. 

But I wasn't Amber, I had never talked back to a teacher or cut class.  I had never tasted a cigarette or alcohol or tried to sneak out to meet a boy.  Yet only a little over an hour ago under the threat of being raped I had taken my own father's cock into my mouth and given him oral sex until I was stopped and less then fifteen minutes ago I had moved my upper body into one of the men who had terrorized my family and raped my sister, lap and without any threat had given him oral.

Now I had to make the hardest decision of my life, I felt a hard tug of the metal belt pulling on the choker around my neck, would I be the good girl like I had always been?  What would the consequences be if I didn't do what he wanted? 

I stopped trying to think and did my best to push thought out of my head and took a deep breath and lowered my face into his lap and my mouth on his disgusting cock.

Even while holding my breath I still could taste such a nasty taste and I had to fight not to throw up in his lap.  But I somehow managed to close my lips around his cock and forced myself to push my tongue against its flesh.  I slowly worked to take it deeper and began to move on it like I had my own father's and Greasy's cock.  I closed my eyes tight and tried to push all thought out of my mind like I had when I had been given a difficult assignment in school and just focused on the task I had been assigned to do.  Up and down I moved my head in his lap and I heard him begin to moan.

For a few minutes I managed to keep the disgusting thoughts of what I was doing and the horrible taste and smell out of my head until he started to stroke my hair and said two words over and over three times, "Good Girl!"

A flood of tears came to her eyes as those words cut into every fiber of my being, "Good Girl!"

As I continued to service his cock the thought of all the anguish and stress my sister caused my parents came rushing into my thoughts as I remembered her strength, defiance and unwillingness to do as she was expected to do.

Her bull headedness likely caused her to get raped in our bedroom but put me in this van now.

I was the obedient, people pleasing good girl, who did what my teachers, school administrators, parents and friends wanted and expected without questioning the why they were asking.

I was the good girl who did as she was told without asking the why. 

I was the good girl who did everything Greasy asked me to do in my bedroom opening my mouth so he could push Amber's sex toy into my mouth even though he told me he had pushed it into her sex.  I didn't resist or complain as he slid the black cock like toy up and down along my own sex saturating it with my fluids.

I was the good girl who took the sex toy and pushed it into my sister's sex while she was forced to such Baldy's cock knowing it had been wet with my own fluids.

I was the good girl who put my mouth on my father's cock with virtually no resistance.

And now I was giving head to the third man within less then 24 hours but with no type of force, threat or impending consequence. 

I felt his hand stroking my hair as I moved my mouth and tongue on his disgusting cock, knowing if I continued to do so what it would eventually do.

Yet I was still the obedient good girl, doing what another wanted, doing as I had been told.

I couldn't help wonder if Amber would be doing what I was doing if she were in this van instead of me?  Would she be fighting and resisting, maybe even being raped for doing so?

Once again I had to close my eyes, to do my best to push the thoughts out of my mind because I wished I were more like Amber and had the guts to resist, to stand up to others, to not always do what was expected of me.

I was ashamed of not having at least once refused to do something every teacher, administrator, friend or even my parents asked me to do.

My thoughts were for just a moment interrupted as he began to cum in my mouth and I heard him groan very loud and Greasy's voice quickly say strongly, "Swallow his nectar special Rose.  Be a good girl "

I felt myself do as I was told and I swallowed over and over taking ounce after ounce of smelly sticky disgusting cum from the older guy down my throat and knew more then anything else the thing I was most ashamed of was ME.

September 03, 2017, 11:03:39 PM
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Daddy's Debt 7 - Locked in The Cage

It didn't seem like we traveled much longer after the old man came in my mouth.  But the nasty smell and taste seemed like it lasted for hours.

The van came to a stop and after sitting a few minutes pulled up a ramp and I heard the sound of a large metal door close and once the side door of the van was opened the old man once again handed the far end of my sister's belt back to Greasy.

He tugged gently but steadily on the belt until I managed to maneuver my body to the open door and managed to get up onto my bare feet still completely naked.

I couldn't help notice that Greasy wasn't holding the makeshift leash taught and that too made me feel demeaned because it meant he trusted me not to run. 

We appeared to be in a large warehouse I thought but could not say for sure since I had never been in one before.  The three men talked but I wasn't paying a great deal of attention because I was in such shock that I was here.  I had thought that maybe when we came to a stop on the road I might be able to somehow get out and run but if that didn't happen I hoped maybe when we got to where we were going I might be able to make a run for it but how could a stranger see me being held by a makeshift leash if the kidnap van pulls inside the bad guys lair.  My plan to try to run was a waste of time to consider.

After their brief conversation Greasy started walking in one direction and just simply gave two short tugs on the makeshift leash and still feeling in shock, followed like an obedient pet until I saw something that stopped me in my tracks as we went around a white cinder block wall corner.  There was a long chain link fence line with multiple gate openings.  As I looked more carefully between the long cinder block wall and the parallel chain link fence line with gates there were perpendicular chain link fence walls separating the line into what I would guess were five foot by five foot cages.  There was also chain link over the top of the cages about five foot high.

I quickly realized that in each cage there was one thin mattress none that had linens on them and a plastic bucket.  The moment my eyes focused on the contents of the cages I spotted two people lying naked on the mattresses in two of what I counted as eight cages. 

Greasy let me stand there and look processing it with my mind.  Once he had given me a few minutes he softly whispered, "Welcome to your new home beautiful Rose."

My eyes opened wide and I felt nauseous again.  Once again he tugged hard on the leash and I hesitantly followed till he went to the third cage in the line.

I stopped again and started weeping hard and fell to my knees and then began to beg, "Please, no, don't...p...put one of those...PLEASE!"

He moved to me quickly standing directly in front of me and pulled my head into his crotch and stroked my hair and whispered, "It'll be okay special Rose.  You'll be okay in here for now I promise now be a good girl."

He startled me by how quickly he had his leather belt off and around my neck, he worked it firmly tight around my neck but not to the point of choking me but rather then lifting me back to my feet he pressed down on the back of my neck bending me forward.  He then unlocked and removed the hand cuffs.  He then pushed on the back of my neck again and that made me put my hands on the floor so I wouldn't fall on my face.

He then pulled the leash and belt and guided me into the third chain link fence cage.  Once inside he pulled the gate closed most of the way behind us and took his belt out from around my neck.  He then unbuckled the leather choker and also took it off my neck. 

He then once again stroked my hair on my head and said, "It'll be okay special Rose.  This will be your new home for a little while but I promise you'll be okay here for now."

He then put his fingers under my chin, guided me up to kneeling again bent down and gave me a short soft kiss on the lips and then stroked my hair with his hand.  He then quickly stepped out of the gate, closed it and then locked it with a key.  I hadn't even noticed the locks but they were not like a standard pad lock but looked much more complex and heavy.

I was surprised when he stood there a moment looking at me through the gate and once again said, "You're okay beautiful Rose.  It'll be okay just be a good girl and do as you're told."

I watched him walk away and I quickly got onto the mattress because the floor of the building was concrete and felt cold on my naked skin.  But the mattress did not appear to be new or clean and left me feeling very grossed out. 

I was terrified.  I couldn't remember the last night I spent away from my sister certainly not under any other roof other then my mother's or father's place.

Now here I was on what appeared to be a dirty mattress on the concrete floor of a warehouse surrounded on two sides by chain link fence, one side cinder block and a chain link locked gate.

I sobbed uncontrollably for a while until one of the two other people locked in a cage yelled, "Would you please stop crying before you get us all beaten."  A second voice also female quickly but much more quietly responded to her, "Be quiet its your yelling that will get us beaten she's new she can't help it."  She then said softly to me, "It'll be okay sweetie try to calm down."

I tried to calm down and stop crying but I was so scared.  What was going to happen to me?  Why were these other women here?  Would I ever see my sister again?

September 04, 2017, 02:47:39 AM
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Very intriguing I can't wait to see what happens next!

September 04, 2017, 09:38:18 AM
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Another great chapter of degradation!

September 04, 2017, 10:45:27 PM
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This is a very powerful chapter.  I think this is one of the most intense twisted chapter's I've ever written.

Daddy's Debt 8 - Secrets in The Journal

I felt stupid for not realizing right away what the buckets were for until nature called.  I still stupidly asked to no one in particular, "I need to pee, how do I go to the bathroom?"

The girl who yelled at me earlier answered first, "In the white bucket stupid" and I did feel stupid for asking.  I tried holding it a bit longer till I didn't think I could any longer and I finally got up, squatted over the bucket, feeling very degraded and peed.

It was so embarrassing how loud it sounded to go and I felt such shame.  I didn't have toilet paper to wipe after and was scared what that meant if I had to go poo.

The stress made it hard to rest let alone sleep and I felt a little cold but just as I startled to doze I heard noise and saw two men come in with three other girls.

The girls were all dressed in very short sexy dresses and high heels but without being told stripped off everything they were wearing before going into their cage. 

I was surprised how little anyone spoke and wondered if it was a rule. 

Once the two men locked their cages and walked away I told the girl in the cage next to mine, "Hi, I'm Rose what's your name?"  The girl who yelled at me yelled again, "Shut up!"  Once again the nicer girl softly said, "We are not permitted to speak to one another unless we are told to do so or we'll be punished.  Please stay quiet,"

I did as I was told and went silent.  I laid there quite a while and sobbed a little and it took a while before I was able to fall asleep. 

I hadn't slept very long when I was woken by two of the chain link gates being opened and the girls in the cages begging not to be made to "go to work."  I pretended to be asleep to hopefully not be included in whatever was happening.  It wasn't long before the men had taken the girls away.  I laid there quietly but couldn't fall back asleep. 

I also realized that I could smell human waste, likely my own urine but the other scent as well.  It made me want to throw up but I did my best to push it out of my mind. 

The hours seemed to pass very slowly but I regretted feeling that emotion when I first heard footsteps walking once again towards the cages and then watched as legs walked up to my cage gate.  Regardless how much I hoped other wise my gate was unlocked and opened and I finally decided to stop pretending to be asleep and to look up at whomever was there. 

Baldy was stooping over slightly in my cage and when we made eye contact he said, "You didn't think I had forgotten about you did you Rose, I haven't had my turn yet.  He proceeded to take his shoes and then pants off and sat down on the mattress. 

For a moment I thought I was finally going to be raped but he quickly reached out grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head into his lap. 

I told myself to be brave and resist but then remembered the fear and sobbing of the other girls and with almost no encouragement I moved my mouth to his cock.  I have to admit I quickly noticed that when I saw all the hair around the old man's cock, I thought he was hairy but Baldy, while bald on top of his head, seemed to have hair everywhere else on his body and more than enough to make up for the bald spot on his head. 

No matter how much I tried I could not seem to manage to keep hair out of my mouth.  I did however, take his cock into my mouth and began to move my mouth and tongue on it.  The one thing I was happy about is that Baldy did not smell near as bad as the old man so at least I wasn't nauseated. 

I did feel depressed that with little fear or intimidation I just simply started giving Baldy oral sex.  I also felt embarrassed because I felt I was getting better at it now giving my fourth blow job ever.  I also felt a bit degraded yet lucky because Baldy was letting me do all the work.  He wasn't pulling my hair or gripping my head he simply leaned back on the mattress and let me suck his cock. 

Now and then he would moan or even say, "That's a girl.  Mmmmm, that feels good" and other compliments that didn't build my ego but made me feel like a dirty slut. 

It did take a while but eventually I did a good enough job and pleased Baldy enough that he began to cum in my mouth.  As he did, he rubbed his hand through my hair and softly said, "Swallow it all baby."  I did the best I could having already swallowed Greasy's and the most disgusting old man's cum and managed to swallow almost all of it down with little leaking from my lips. 

When he was done he pushed me off his lap, stood up but with the chain link top only five foot tall he had to stoop down some.  He quickly got dressed, said nothing else and exited and then locked the cage.

I felt so very dirty and trashy for giving oral with no specific threat of force but was surprised when a few minutes later he returned with a bowl of watery oatmeal and a bottle of water.  I had had nothing to eat since early yesterday so I was very hungry.  I didn't really care much for oatmeal especially without fresh fruit and a little bit of sugar sprinkled on it but I was so hungry I didn't say anything other than, "Thank you."

It also wasn't the best considering how watery it was but since I didn't have a spoon I could simply tilt the plastic bowl and let the oatmeal ooze into my mouth.  With his flavor of cum also still in my mouth it started feeling pretty gross and disgusting but being hungry I still managed to finish the entire bowl.  It certainly was not a large portion but I was thankful to have food.  I also downed the small plastic bottle of water quickly.

After about 20 minutes he returned saying nothing but just pointed at the plastic bowl and bottle.  He opened the gate wide enough to let me pass him the items, took them and then once again locked the gate. 

I laid back down on the mattress alone with my thoughts until another of the girls was approached by a man I hadn't seen up until that point.  He took her out from her cage and they both went out of sight. 

Not too long after he took her I felt ashamed that I needed to go number two and to my horror I got up and squatted over the bucket.  I peed first but also had a bowel movement.  I quietly ask in just above a whisper if they'll bring toilet paper.  The one girl who had answered me nicely before said sometimes but the best thing was to try to wait for one of the men to pass by, usually if they smelled it they would either decide to offer you toilet paper or not. 

I did my business and then watched.  I squatted there longer then I wanted to but it wasn't too long before Greasy walked nearby and saw me squatting over the bucket.  He said nothing but gave me a devious smile and just walked away.  I felt myself lose a few tears down my cheeks but was relieved when a few minutes later he returned with a partial roll of toilet paper. 

He stood at the gate and didn't unlock the gate right away and started to speak, "Beautiful Rose, you have soiled your body and are now filthy.  I have paper you can use to clean yourself with, but NOTHING here comes without a cost.  Do you understand?" 

I nodded my head and that seemed enough for him and he unlocked the gate and came into the cage.  He pushed the gate closed again, but stayed inside with me.  He handed me the toilet paper and stooped there watching me. 

It was really weird wiping with him watching but the alternative was not to wipe and I certainly didn't want that.

Once again he smiled at me a very unnerving smile but I tried not to react to it afraid he might get upset at me. 

He let himself out of the cage and locked the gate behind him.  I carefully sat on the edge of the mattress wishing I had panties to wear even though I had wiped carefully.  I was surprised when he returned in what seemed to be less then 30 minutes with a leather collar and a much more sturdy looking leash with a latch and a handle.  He once again unlocked the gate and my apprehension increased like crazy but regardless of my fear he walked in the gate and put the collar around my neck buckling it and attaching the leash.

He then stooped over, his face right by my face and said to me, "It would please me greatly if you crawled behind me as I led you with the leash.  Will you do that for me stunning Rose?  You may like where I take you."

I nodded and he opened the gate and tugged lightly on the leash and I got on my hands and knees and followed him out of the cage.  It was not fun crawling on the concrete floor but I did the best that I could do.  I don't think we went that far but being on my hands and knees on a concrete floor it felt like we went a long ways.  He led me down a corridor to the third door and when he unlocked and opened the door and inside was a shower. 

He led me inside and closed the door behind us.  He reached in and turned on the water and undressed himself.  He used the key to lock us inside and then unbuckled the collar and took it off my neck and softly said, "Please stay on your hands and knees." 

He appeared to check the temperature of the water with his hand and then firmly but not hard took hold of my hair at the base of the back of my neck.  He then guided me into the shower by my hair. 

While that made me nervous it did feel good to be in the warm water.  I was surprised when he put shampoo into his hands and began to wash my hair.  I have to say he did almost as well as the lady at the hair salon using his fingertips to scrub my scalp. 

He then guided me to rinse the shampoo from my hair and once again rubbed my scalp working the water through it and getting the shampoo out.  He then guided my head to the far corner and then took body wash and put it into his hands and began to wash my body starting with my back.

He then washed my shoulders and down my arms and then eventually reached under and washed my breast.  I know as a kid my mom used to give me bath's but I couldn't remember that being done.  It felt really strange for another person to wash my body.  It felt especially strange for his hands to rub the soap over my breasts.  His hands rubbed and massaged the soap all around my breasts and onto my nipples and it seemed longer then it should take, but what was I going to do about it?

It felt strange when he put a leg on each side of me standing over me almost like he was going to do a horsey ride like a little kid.  His hands firmly rubbed the soap over my shoulders, sides back and underneath me on my breasts and tummy.  It felt strange and I started feeling more ashamed as it also started feeling good. 

His hands continued to wash further down my body going to my waist and lower back.  Slowly he continued to work further down my body onto my hips.  His hands just kept rubbing the slippery soap and water all over my body.  His hands moved down onto my feet, between my toes and then started working up onto my ankles and legs.  He pushed my knees wider apart and kept washing up to my knees and then onto my thighs. 

I knew where his hands would be washing next and I was right as I felt his hand reach down between my legs.  Almost immediately his hand found my pubic bone and worked lower.  Within seconds his fingers were rubbing lots of soap on that so sensitive place at the top of my sex and I felt such shame as it felt humiliating yet so stimulating.

While he rubbed there he grabbed a hand full of my hair pulling it hard pulling my head back as his fingers continued to rub and pinch my clit.  I was so ashamed and humiliated for how I felt and that even thought my mind told me I should be begging him to stop it was the last thing I wanted him to do.  He carefully began to work his fingers farther around until his fingers were rubbing over and over the hole between my lips.  His fingers then worked around farther and even rubbed the sticky soap on my poop hole.

Out of nowhere he once again grabbed me by the hair at the base of my hair and this time pulled me up to my feet, pushed me against the shower wall hard and kissed me hard. 

While he kissed me his hand once again went between my legs and rubbed my sex.  His fingers teasing rubbing my tiny clit.  They then moved to my breasts and squeezed my breasts and then pinched my nipples.

He then whispered to me, "What will your write in your journal about this delicate rose?"  Will you write how despite your fear I was making you feel like a woman?  Will you write that I was making you feel like your sister when she played with her toy or when she fucked her boyfriend?"

He stopped speaking for a moment and let his words sink in then continued, "Or will you write that you felt like Amber the day she lost her virginity Rose?  You remember that day don't you Rose?  You stayed in the closet like you were told?   Was Amber trying to protect you from losing your virginity too when she put you there Rose?"

I shivered from my head to my toes.  Why was he asking me about those?  How did he know about all those?  He stopped talking for a moment, kissed me again and rubbed between my legs on my sex, "Don't you feel revolting Rose because you couldn't stop listening?  You didn't come out of the closet and tell him to stop did you?  You let him rape Amber didn't you Rose?  Just like you let me rape Amber?  I read about it Rose.  Every word in your journal."

His voice changed almost to a whisper, "You did nothing to stop it Rose?  You didn't tell anyone what was happening?  Just like you're not going to stop me now Rose!  You're going to be a good girl like you always have been doing as you're told.  Aren't you?"

I looked down in shame and didn't answer but he didn't stop, "Do as you're told Rose, kneel down for me."

He put his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me down onto my knees and the warm water continued to run over my body.  His hand continued to stroke my wet hair.  He carefully pushed his fingers through my hair careful to not pull tangles. 

His fingers lightly pressed down on my chin a couple times till I realized what he wanted and opened my mouth.  The moment I did he pushed his cock into my mouth and said, "That's it Rose be the good obedient girl, like you always have been."

He stroked my hair and began to move his cock in my mouth.  He used his fingers to carefully lift my chin and I closed my lips around his cock, "That's it special Rose.  Always the good obedient girl, doing as your told.  Never acting out, smoking, getting drunk, sneaking out and especially having sex.  But look at you now beautiful Rose obediently sucking cock.  Maybe if you had done this sooner Amber wouldn't have been the bad girl.  What do you think Rose?"

I started crying but continued to suck cock.  His conversation slowed as he got into fucking my face.  His words however continued to echo in my ears.  He put his hands on both sides of my head and began to fuck my mouth and throat hard.  It didn't take him very long before he exploded in my mouth.

Without being told I swallowed when he shot his load.  He stroked my hair long soft strokes. 

After he shot his cum he pulled from my mouth and rinsed himself off and then pulled me up standing and then made sure to rinse all of the body wash off my body. 

He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower first and got a towel for himself and began to dry off.  After he had completely dried himself off he got another towel and rubbed my body dry with the towel. 

He took the collar and put it around my neck and firmly pushed down on my shoulder until I went to my knees and then put my hands on the floor too. 

"Your father is a peace of shit Rose.  He lost so much money, he lost his wife, your mother, he lost his house and eventually he was willing to give more Rose.  He wanted to give us Amber, Rose but she's 17 and has been with at least a few guys.  Amber protected you Rose.  She hid you from your piece of shit father didn't she Rose?  She let him fuck her so he wouldn't touch you.  She let him do lot's of things Rose?"

He started stroking my hair again with his hand and continued, "Those things you suspected that you wrote about in your journal?  Remember writing about the night she could hardly sit down on her bed?  You know what he did Rose, he fucked her tiny butt hole, right?  I know you believe he did."

Once again he spoke softly, "But you didn't do anything delicate Rose other then write in your journal and that let me read every word.  But even though you were worried about Amber you didn't do anything or tell anyone.  And you couldn't help wonder what it felt like but you were scared delicate Rose.  You did nothing while you heard your sister cry and beg him to stop at first.  But then she stopped begging stopped asking him to stop so he would do it to her, not to you.  And you couldn't help wonder what it felt like.

Just like you wondered what it was like for her when I took her into your bedroom.  Do you know why I didn't rape you too Rose? Do you?  Because you wanted me to.  You wanted me to take away all your guilt for never trying to stop your piece of shit daddy."

Once again he stroked my hair with his hand then said, "Let's get you back in your cage.  We have so many more things to talk about.  So many things to share.  I want you to know you are going to suck EVERY man who works with us and swallow their cum.  You have to if you want food, water, toilet paper, or other things.  And you may be asked to do some chores, like empty the buckets.  It's degrading work, but that's what you need Rose to elevate the guilt.  You know what though Rose, I'm not sure who is safer now, Amber still with your piece of shit father or you here with us.  What do you think?"

I didn't answer and I'm not sure he expected an answer.  He opened the door to the shower room and made two quick tugs on the leash and I crawled on my hands and knees behind him as he walked me back to my cage. At least my skin felt clean from the shower.

But I felt anything but clean.  I felt degraded, humiliated, filthy, dirty and disgusting.  Because I never tried to stop him, I never told anyone that my father raped my sister Amber.

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Wow very twisted! I cannot wait to see what mind games he has for her

September 24, 2017, 09:50:21 PM
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Thanks for your work so far.  I especially enjoyed the twists playing with the uncertainty of what happened to Amber in the first chapter, the subsequent discovery of everything Greasy has on Rose and the double manipulation of the young girls.

October 01, 2017, 11:03:16 PM
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Daddy's Debt 9 - the big O

I felt so ashamed of myself that someone had read my journal and knew what Amber had been doing and that I had tried nothing to stop it.  I knew she didn't want me to do anything but that didn't take away my guilt for staying silent.  She and I didn't talk about what he was doing but that didn't change the fact I knew he was hurting her. 

As I laid in my cage feeling the shame of my guilt men came and took girls from their cage one by one and I was terrified at one point they would come for me. 

That kind of happened when a man came to my cage but he brought a mop bucket in with him.   When he took me from my cage he placed a thick heavy collar around my neck.  It had a lock and a chain attached to it and the chain went down to leather restraints he placed around my ankles and locked them to the chain as well.  The chain between my neck and ankles was not long enough to let me fully stand up, I had to bend at the knees or waist.  There was an additional long chain he attached to the other chain that limited how far I could go from the cage.

He instructed me that I was to empty each of the cage white buckets into a toilet in a small bathroom nearby within range the chain would reach and then mop each of the cage floors.  He told me to make sure I did a good job as I would be rewarded with something to eat, but I would be eating off the cage floor of his choice. 

it was demeaning and disgusting to have to enter the cages and carry the buckets of human waste to the toilet and empty them especially because some of the smells were powerful and without being able to stand up straight when a bucket was more then half full they were heavy and strained my body to carry them. 

After I emptied and washed out each bucket I then mopped each cage one by one.  The fact that I was naked and barefoot also make it degrading knowing that the men seemed to perform sexual acts in the cages just as had already been done with me.  But what else was I going to do.  It was hard work and even being naked and the temperature being cool I still worked up a sweat. 

Once I had finished cleaning each of the cages he put away the mop and bucket and then came back with a bowl.  He took me into a different cage them the one that I had been sleeping in and had me kneel down on the mattress.  The mattress looked pretty dingy and dirty but he had me kneel on it, he then took his cock from his pants, pulled on the chain attached to the heavy leather collar around my neck and pulled me to his cock. 

I didn't want to but was afraid to not do what he wanted and opened my mouth and began to suck his cock.  He alternated between using the chain to pull me to his groin and putting his hand roughly on the back of my head and moved his hips aggressively pounding my mouth with his face. I coughed and gagged multiple times but it didn't seem to dissuade him in any way.  The only good thing about it is he didn't last very long.

But like everything with these men he seemed to find a way to degrade me, I was caught completely off guard when he quickly pulled away, picked up the bowl he brought with him and stroked his cock and ejaculated the last few strokes into the bowl.

With a sadistic look on his face after shooting his load into the bowl he put his hand into the bowl and scooped its contents onto the floor near the mattress.  I looked at it disgusted as it appeared to be dog food or raw hamburger or something.

When he saw the disgusted look on my face he said, "What's the matter, has the little princess never had steak tartare before?  Try it."

He watched me for several seconds but despite being hungry the idea of eating dog food or raw hamburger with his cum on it was not appetizing at all. 

I was surprised that he knelt down next to where he had placed the food, took hold of the chain attached to the collar around my neck and pulled my face down to the bowl and then said, "Now listen you little princess, for no reason that I agree with, your ass is being held back and your not having to go out with your fellow sluts and fuck our clients.   On top of that I was told I can't tap that ass or pussy of yours and that only your mouth is available for use.  I don't agree with any of that.  Then I was told to come to work with steak tartare from the French restaurant down the street so despite what you might think it looks like it's actually quite good gourmet food."

He pulled the chain tight and pulled my face close to the food on the ground and continued, "If you do not eat every bite of that meat, I will do everything I can with my influence with these men to deny you food AND water for the next four days.  So you'd better start eating that food."  His face got red and he seemed to get angry and he quickly grabbed my arms pulled them behind my back and wrapped the chain around wrists tying them together and yelled, "NOW and you can eat without the use of your hands little bitch."

He screamed directly within inches from my face and I could tell he was genuinely angry and put my mouth to the raw meat and took a bite.  The texture of it felt so gross, I thought I'd remembered hearing of steak tartare but certainly had not ever eaten any.  It felt gross in my mouth but didn't taste too bad. It did bring me to tears once again. 

He continued his yelling, You will eat EVERY bite and lick the floor clean or no food or water for you for FOUR days do you understand me you little BITCH."

I nodded and pushed my mouth down again into the steak tartare.  I was trying and could feel my body trembling and was scared I was going to melt down. The second bite didn't taste any worse then the first and despite how gross it looked, it didn't taste bad but the texture was just disgusting. 

My anxiety was building when I suddenly heard a familiar voice and Greasy approached the cage we were in, "Everything okay here?"

"Yeah this stuck up little bitch thinks she gets to be picky about what we feed her" he told Greasy.

Greasy replied with a calming tone, "Yeah she's been a bit overprotected.  I'll make sure she laps up every bite, I got this." 

Greasy's calm tone seemed to satisfy the other man and he turned and stormed away.

But I was a bit surprised by what he said to me next, "You need to eat every bit of that beautiful Rose or you might not have anything to eat for a few days.  It is real food though, so stop worrying about what it is.  It's actually a quite expensive delicacy.  But they assumed you wouldn't know what it was and wanted to degrade you."

He also unwound the chain around my wrists and added, "Do NOT use your hands to eat with but you can use them to brace yourself against the floor now get that eaten quickly and I'll get you cleaned up and I have something else for you to do. 

Other then the mushy texture it didn't taste bad but on a few occasions I was pretty sure I could  feel and taste his slimy cum over the meat and couldn't help but gag.  But I tried to not think about him cumming in the bowl and focused on eating the raw meat. 

Greasy did make me lick every bit of scrap meat off the floor and I was glad I mopped out each cage thoroughly.  It wasn't the first time I had ever mopped the floor.  I used to mop the floors in the bathroom in our apartment.

Once I finished eating the food off the cage floor Greasy took me back to my cage and unhooked the chain and collar from around my neck. He locked me in my cage and told me he'd be back in a minute. 

Greasy was back after just a few minutes with a chain collar and leash.  He came into my cage and had me face away from him and placed it around my neck.  Once he had it secured he without saying a word tugged on it and walked out of the cage and I followed with no hesitation. 

He walked me into what seemed like a locker room type shower facility with multiple shower heads and knobs.  He turned on the water and then looped the hand hold of the leash over one of the water knobs.  He stepped to the edge of the shower room leaving me in the shower alone for a moment and he undressed taking off everything until he was nude.

He came back into the shower reached into the running water and then adjusted the temperature.  He pushed on my shoulder pushing me to my knees and then took the shampoo and washed his own hair.  When he finished washing his hair he started washing mine.  Once he had thoroughly washed my hair he used the leash to pull me to my feet and eased me back under the shower head. 

He used his hands to help rinse the shampoo from my hair and then began to wash my body with body wash.  He took his time and spent much more time then needed first washing my breasts kneading them and rubbing, pinching and pulling on my nipples.  I was embarrassed that it made them harden and saw a smile of satisfaction on his face as they responded to what he was doing. 

He quickly washed my back, arms, hands and stomach and them started washing my bottom.  Once again he washed it much longer then necessary squeezing and pinching each butt cheek.  He also really worked his fingers up and down my butt crack and then pushed and played with my tiny butt hole.  He re-soaped his fingers and thoroughly pushed and rubbed the hole.

He then once again pushed me down to my knees pressing on my shoulder and washed his own body.  When he rinsed off I made the assumption that we would be finishing up in the shower but he then once again tugged on the leash pulling me back up to my feet and backed me against the shower wall and leaned down and kissed my mouth with his mouth. 

I had never had a boyfriend and had not really kissed a boy, yet here i was naked in the shower with a grown man now kissing my lips. 

For a moment he stopped kissing me and said, "Be a good girl for me special Rose and this can be nice for you, or I could go get your friend who fed you and let him play with you for a while if you prefer.  Now kiss me and then French kiss me and open your mouth."

Once again he started kissing my lips and I felt my whole body trembling.  Timidly I puckered just a little bit and his lips kissed mine. "That's it my beautiful Rose, it'll be okay if you do as I say this might even be a little bit nice for you" he said softly and then immediately started kissing my mouth again. 

If felt strange how his lips kissed and even pulled at my lips but before long his tongue was pushing at my lips.  I knew he was wanting me to open my mouth for him and I was hesitant but thought about the man who served me the food earlier and how angry he had gotten.  With that memory I let my lips part and within moments I was French kissing Greasy. 

He used his body to push me against the shower wall but not forcefully or hard.  I thought about watching my sister Amber kiss her boyfriend and not wanting Greasy to go get Angry-man I started kissing him back. 

It was very strange for me to kiss him.  This wasn't a boy I liked from school.  This was one of the three men who terrorized my family and took me from my own home.  I was pretty sure this was the man who raped my sister and here I was, in a building somewhere I didn't even know, being kept in a cage and expected to kiss a man around if not older then my father. 

I was so mixed with emotion because his kisses were gentle.  He wasn't shoving his tongue down my throat, it was gently moving around in my mouth and touching my tongue over and over.  His right hand held my head and guided me to tilt slightly to the left and his left hand rubbed my shoulder and back. 

He kissed me for several minutes under the running water like that and I felt more shame because I allowed myself to kiss him back.  I'm not sure if my kissing was any good but I moved my lips and tongue a little like I assumed I was supposed to do. 

One thing I noticed was the more I tried to return his kiss the more gentle he became.  He then stopped kissing my lips and kissed first my check, then by my ear and then his hand gently turned my face to the side and he kissed my neck. 

It felt pretty creepy but what was I going to do.  While kissing my neck and shoulder his free hand went to my breast rubbing in firmly but not hard and then he played with the nipple. 

After doing that for a few minutes which seemed quite long he then started kissing onto my chest. His mouth was open and was sucking the flesh of my breast into his mouth.  After kissing around my breast on multiple places his mouth then found my nipple.

I hated how it felt for him to suck on my nipple because it felt good.  It was even more degrading when his fingers on one hand went between my legs and began rubbing softly on my sex.  His sucking continued and then his mouth moved from one breast nipple to the other while his fingers continued to rub between my legs on my sex. 

Slowly his finger traced up and down along my vaginal lips and after doing that a bit his fingers found that oh so sensitive place at the top of my sex.  I felt my breath matching the rhythm of his fingers movement along my sex and was ashamed it felt good and I felt so very dirty. 

I couldn't forget this was the man who had raped my sister yet here I was becoming aroused because his mouth was kissing and sucking on my breasts and nipples and his fingers were rubbing between my legs.  I wasn't sure who was more sick, then men who invaded my home, terrorized my family and took me away with them or me for getting turned on by one of the men who did all that. 

Somehow he managed to nudge my feet wider to give him greater access between my legs.  His fingers continued to rub my sex and that sensitive place and I felt his fingers start to get wet with something I knew wasn't water.  He started moving his kisses down onto my tummy. 

I was caught completely off guard when he then somehow managed to flip the leash up over the shower head.  He then kissed his way down my tummy and to my astonishment got onto his knees.  He then lifted my right leg up onto his shoulder and with a sudden move pulled hard on the leash.  With it being up over the shower head it pulled my head up high because of thin metal chain around my neck. 

He only pulled it hard enough to get me to lengthen my body tall even with my right leg up on his shoulder.  He then did something I was not prepared for, his mouth went to my sex.  His warm tongue licked directly on that tiny sensitive button at the top of my sex and I almost lost it and thought I would pee.  His lips and tongue really focused there and he even began to suck on that tiny place.  My left leg supporting my weight felt like jelly. 

When I didn't think I could keep my leg straight I felt the sudden pull of the leash making me have no choice but to push myself taller to reduce the pull on my neck. 

I felt so ashamed of how his mouth licking and sucking there made me feel and I heard myself making odd sounds that I couldn't control. But to my horror he once again like he had at the house began to use the metal collar around my neck and the leash to pull it tight cutting off my air for a few seconds while his lips and tongue continued to suck and lick my tiny clit.

I felt such shame and self hatred for how wildly my body was stimulated.  I tried to remember that he had raped my sister but that just raised my humiliation as I couldn't help wonder what it felt like for her to have him inside her.  I felt more disgusting and dirty then I had in my entire life.  I was a dirty slut, who was being turned on by the man who kidnapped me from my own home, raped my sister and was holding keeping me in a cage in a building I didn't know.  What type of animal was I?  I was disgusting.  Amber would hate me if she knew how my body was responding to the monster who had raped her.

He continued to suck and lick on my clit while tightening and loosening the tightness of the collar and leash around my neck.  My breath would be taken away for several seconds over and over and it really distracted any ability I had to ignore the sensations between my legs.  It was odd to me that even though he would take away my ability to breath I didn't feel the need to panic.

The loss of the ability to breath only seemed to heighten the sensations between my legs.  I hated his ability to control my body, my sensations, my arousal and my ability to breath.

I was ashamed when I suddenly felt my body tighten and then felt an incredible release from deep inside my sex.  I felt him have to use his strength to stop my body from collapsing and putting all the weight of my body on the thin chain around my neck as I felt intense squirting of fluid from deep inside. 

I felt my entire body collapse and felt the tightness of the chain around my neck release and he slowly lowered me onto the floor of the shower. 

He straddled my body his hips over my sex and smiled down at me.  He leaned down over me like a conqueror over his victim with a smug smile on his face.  He moved down and kissed me hard on the lips and I felt like a worthless whore as my mouth opened to let him kiss me deeply.  I tasted the same taste on his mouth the same taste when I had tasted my own fluids at my our apartment. 

I hated how the way his hips were almost fully sitting on my pelvis pinning me with most of his weight easily more then twice if not three times my weight and his upper body leaned on top of me his hands on either side of my head keeping me from turning my face away and his mouth pressed hard against mine as he thrust his tongue into my mouth like he owned me.  What I hated more was that I felt powerless to do anything about it except to participate in the kiss.

I hated how drained my body felt from gushing the fluids from deep inside my body.  I hated how I felt like a doll he knew how to play with and could make my body do what HE wanted. 

As if he read my mind he started saying words that just made me think even less of myself, "Beautiful Rose, that was amazing wasn't it?  You came for me?  You're my Good Girl Rose."

He then sat up and started stroking his cock while his eyes locked on my eyes.  I laid there doing nothing while he sat on me stroking himself.  It didn't take him long before he started to squirt his fluids onto my body the first stream landed from my belly button all the way up onto my chest, the second managed to squirt on my face including my forehead, my left eyelid, my nose and left cheek.  His third shot hit between my eyes, on my nose, on my mouth and my chin.  The last stream managed to squirt thoroughly onto my chest. 

He looked down at me with a smile of satisfaction.  "My so special Rose I love how you do as you're told.  You're such a good girl Rose.  You're father shouldn't have been fucking Amber, you are the naughty dirty daughter.  Look at yourself Rose.  You take pleasure in pleasing men.  You are a special girl Rose" he said to me bringing tears to my eyes.  As I started crying he very softly stated, "I bet it felt amazing to have that squirting orgasm for me didn't it dirty girl."

I had to turn my face away from him.  I still could feel the cum all over my face, tummy and chest.  He very soft and slowly said, "Naughty...dirty...Rose."

He finally got up off me and he helped lift me back to my feet.  The water was still running and still warm.  I thought it interesting that he never took his hands off of me, it wasn't like I was going to try to run, I was naked and there were other men, some that seemed more volatile then Greasy but he kept at least one hand on me at all times and he seemed to control the direction I faced, he once again washed my face, stomach and chest with body wash he then guided me directly under the running water when he wanted and guided me back out from under the water.

Once he washed me and himself off he finally turned off the water pulled on the leash and walked me to the edge of the shower room.  He pushed on my shoulder making me kneel and then dried himself off with a towel and then dressed. 

He took a moment to put his cock to my mouth before buttoning or zipping up his pants.  Without being told I opened my mouth and he pushed it in my mouth, "Good girl Rose" he said took his cock back out and then into his pants and zipped and buttoned up. 

He rubbed a towel on me drying off my long hair some and my chest and back and then walked me back to my cage.  He unhooked the collar and nudged me and I went into my cage and told me, "Be right back."

Within a few minutes he returned with a new journal book similar to the ones I've been writing in at home.  He pushed it into my cage as well as a ball point pen. 

He added, "If I find out you try to use that pen for anything other then writing in that journal you will highly regret it, do you understands?"

I nodded and he accepted that as an answer. 

"That's my special Rose.  Write about your day today before you go to sleep.  I can't wait to read about your orgasm" with that command he walked away.